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Kari Yazejian, CPLD, BA

Carry You Through Doula Services, Inc.

Pompano Beach, FL Service range 25 miles


Birth Fee

Not specified

Postpartum Rate

Not specified

Availability Remarks: Accept Medicaid client via The Doula Network

Birth Fee

Not specified

Postpartum Rate

Not specified

Medicaid and Third Party Insurers

Currently approved to receive payments from the following programs:

Birth Doula Experience

6 years

Postpartum Doula Experience

6 years

Birth Doula Certifications

  • The Doula Network - Certified Birth Doula

Doula Training

  • Birth Arts International, November 2018
  • Women Honoring Women, March 2021

Type of practice: Solo practice

Clients per month: 1 to 4

Attends hospital births? Some Hospitals

Attends birth center births? All Birth Centers

Attends home births? Any Home Birth

Special Services Offered

  • Antepartum doula support
  • Aromatherapy
  • Babywearing education
  • Belly binding
  • Cloth diapering education
  • Full spectrum doula services
  • Military families support
  • Reiki
  • Virtual and remote doula support

Training Documentation


Relevant volunteer or advocacy work

I am a Certified Doula (CPLD) who is passionate about helping others have the most rewarding birth possible. My goal is to help you navigate and protect your birth and postpartum journey. My mission is to hold space for birthing women as they step into their power, intuition and ancestral knowledge during the sacred experience of birth. My approach is holistic, compassionate and evidence based. I believe that everyone should have access to support and whether you choose to birth at the hospital, a birth center or at home I am ready to support you. I wholeheartedly trust every woman's abilities and right to birth her baby between science and sacred. I rely on evidence-based information while valuing the wisdom of the women before us. I firmly believe in building a supportive village, whole body wellness and the mind/body connection. I am also a Reiki practitioner and Certified Birth Assistant (BA) who is CPR and NRP certified. I look forward to helping you achieve your ideal birth.

Languages Spoken

  • English

Service Area

Pompano Beach, FL Service range 25 miles

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Flavia Torres


Kari is such a blessing! If your looking for a doula stop and look no further get her services ASAP! She is so thoughtful and really genuinely cared about what we wanted for our delivery.
She was so supportive and gave my husband and I great information on so much which really helped us make decisions. Even though my birth didn’t go as planned she was there at the hospital supporting us through it all. Even after it was such a joy having her. She served us well and really made a difference. I would get her for every single pregnancy that I have she really had our backs. I recommend her to my closest friends which tells you that you should book her today!

Finding someone who truly cares about you and your family during what can feel like a tough season in your life is so important. Kari was present through it all. We really loved having her as our doula!! ????

Nicole Browne


Kari was my rock through pregnancy and labor/delivery. She is a wealth of information and available for inquiries through call or text anytime. She gives you all the evidence and proven studies available to help you make your own decision on what's best for you and your baby, plus she's ready when asked to give her educated opinion on the best natural methods to conquer any common or unforeseen issues with pregnancy and labor. She's there to make sure your birth plan goes as "according to plan" as possible, but more than that, she's just a kind-hearted, genuine individual and a mom who can relate. When my husband pulled up to the hospital with me in active labor in the passenger seat, and Kari was there to open my door and help me inside, seeing her face was such a comfort and relief. My only regret is that I did not find her for my first two babies!

Lauren G


Kari is a wonderful doula!

She worked with me for an unmediated hospital birth and for a home birth and she was great with both! Showed up at the perfect times with both births and jumped right in to help me and help my partner help me.

Kari is very knowledgeable, comforting and caring with an abundance of recommendations, resources and tools in her birth tool kit!

Every birthing person should be lucky enough to have a Doula Kari by their side!

Kimberly Kozlov


If you are considering using a doula, just do it! Kari was an integral part of my birth team. Being a first time mom, there were a lot of unknowns and Kari does a great job at walking you through EVERYTHING and providing LOTS of resources. I was very impressed with how willing and responsive she was during my pregnancy. She had also been a great support for me during the fourth trimester and did not leave me “high and dry” post-partum (a more sensitive time than prenatal IMO). She is the calm you need in the crazy journey of pregnancy and postpartum. Best of luck to anyone who reads this review; a decision like moving forward with a doula is the start of you building your own village! ??

Hanna S


We hired Kari for our second birth center birth after talking to multiple other doulas. She has the personality that I was looking for - calm, informative, and just overall pleasant to be around. She was great at listening to my and my husband's concerns, helping me create a birth plan (and walking through what each thing meant), and just being a compassionate listening ear. Truly Kari was a missing piece to our wonderful birth team.

We ended up in a hospital post delivery as baby was super fast. It was such relief to know that we will have Kari to help us navigate hospital settings as it was not part of our plan.

Now it has been a few weeks postpartum for us and she still continues to check in, and I couldn't be happier with my choice to work with her!



I don’t even know where to begin ???? Kari is AMAZING!! It was truly a blessing to have her by myself as I had a home birth after 2 c sections. She is nurturing, knowledgeable, sweet, soft spoken and everything I needed. She gave me constant reminders that I am capable and able to have the birth of my dreams. She came prepared too. She had everything from soft lights to essential oils and even tools to help me get my baby out. Thank you Kari, see you on the next baby ??????



Hiring Kari as my doula was the single best thing I did for myself during my pregnancy. Her knowledge and experience was everything I needed as a first time mom. When I unexpectedly went into preterm labor Kari didn’t flinch and was there every step of the way as a calming and nurturing force. My husband and I have said a hundred times at this point that we don’t know if we would have gotten through my labor and delivery without her. We cannot recommend her enough.



Kari is the absolute best! I feel so fortunate I found her. I’m so grateful for all the support, personalised care and attention she gave me during my pregnancy, labor and postpartum. I felt so safe and strong during the whole process because I had her right by my side with all her incredible knowledge and calmness.

Kari you’ll always be in my heart ?? thank you for making me believe in myself ??

Mary Coughlin


After finding out we were expecting our third child, and I was determined to not go through another cesarean(after having 2. I knew I needed informed support to be able to get through having the birth that I have been envisioning with my other two pregnancies. With all the information avaible, it was truly overwhelming; so I was advised to find support through a Doula.

After finally landing with Kari, from the moment I spoke with her for the first time she was extremely helpful with making sure I understood everything about the process of what she does, and how she’s there to be an extension of what I was looking for in my birth. I always felt empowered, she gave me the all tools to deal with everything; but was always available if I needed her. Fast forward to the big day, I knew I did the best thing for our baby and myself.

The moment I said I was ready, she handled herself so calmly that I not once felt rushed, or anxious. With a few hiccups along the way,(due to hospital) I was still able to maintain calm and successfully got the birth I dreamed of. I can never thank Kari enough for her gentle, caring and amazing nature. She helped me see what I was capable of, and was a helping hand all the way through. Even if Kari is not available, I will always recommend a doula for anyone expecting, or thinking of getting pregnant. She was truly the biggest blessing in this pregnancy.

Sarah Silva


Choosing a good doula for me was an essential part of my journey and finding Kari was a blessing. From the beginning I felt I could trust her and I wasn't wrong! She was present the whole time not only when I went to the Birth Center, but at all the visits to my house explaining about the labor process, asking how I was doing and clarifying things we usually worry about as new parents. During my labor she always checked to see if I needed anything, offered me water and gave me the space I needed to face the challenge of giving birth. It was a beautiful and powerful afternoon that started at the birth center and ended with an emergency c-section due to a prolapsed cord, and all the time Kari was by my side helping my husband and me. I couldn't ask for a better doula! Thanks Kari for being there for me!

Ravit Allen


Kari was amazing. She guided me the whole process and kept me calm and focused. She offered an extremely personalized service and her knowledge of birth is top level. I would recommend her to any woman going through birth.

Isabella Colatti


Our experience with Kari as our birth doula was amazing! Our first birth experience with our daughter was very difficult and quite traumatic for me & I knew that with our second child I wanted something different with a birth team and real support. Kari was an incredible support for us as soon as we began working with her. From our first meeting, she provided us with so much important information and was patient in listening to us and hearing about what we envisioned for the birth of our son. As we approached the day of his birth, Kari was in constant communication with us and helped me with decisions that I believe ultimately led to the birth experience I dreamed of! During delivery I felt secure and supported with Kari present. She was by my side the entire time helping me with encouraging words and psychical support. She brought different materials to aid with pain management and make me more comfortable. She helped advocating for us and making sure our birth plan was followed as much as possible. My labor and delivery was fast , furious , and incredible! My husband and I felt a HUGE and amazing difference in comparison to our first birth experience and we know that Kari was one big reason for that. We are extremely thankful to Kari and fully recommend her to anyone looking for birth support and an awesome doula!

Caroline Byne


No question my labor experience was improved by having Doula Kari. She protected my space by ensuring lights were lowered, essential oil diffuser was on, and hospital staff voices were low. She ensured I was hydrated by literally holding the drink straw to my lips throughout my labor. She was familiar with the hospital room, knowing were the throw-up bags were and how to quickly request supplies from nurses.  She physically supported me by providing counter pressure during surges, and massaging my body when I felt numbness or was cold.  Knowing my Doctor was not going to be at my delivery it was comforting knowing I’d have her familiar face at my delivery. I could also tell my husband was more engaged, comfortable, and focused as he used Doula Kari as his guide to better support me throughout the process. Having her to call throughout the pregnancy and especially during labor at home was invaluable because my husband had support to know when to exactly get me in the car to head to the hospital.



I wholeheartedly, and without hesitation, recommend Kari as an incredible birth Doula! I knew even before I became pregnant that I would want to have a Doula for my birth. I had been following Kari on Instagram for a while and liked what she posted and believed in. Once my pregnancy was confirmed, I reached out to her to see if she would be a good fit for my birth team - and we hit it off right away. She is extremely knowledgable and was always available to answer questions. We also had two in person meetings which helped me to be as prepared as I could be - though childbirth is so unpredictable that one can never truly be ready lol. When I went into labor, I was grateful to have her by my side with all of her knowledge and expertise…along with her calming demeanor. Do yourself a favor and hire Kari as your Doula…you will be so glad that you did!

Rachael Canzona


When I became pregnant, I knew that I wanted to have my baby outside of the hospital setting and in a birth center. Due to working with 2 great midwives and knowing that I wouldn’t have to fight to have my preferences regarding care and the birth, I wasn’t sure I needed a doula. As I was getting closer to my due date I was getting more nervous and felt like something was missing. I was encouraged by several people and my midwives to work with a doula. Once I met Kari, it was clear she was the missing piece to my puzzle. She spent a great deal of time with myself and my partner, getting to know us and how to best support the birth I envisioned. She was a calm presence, giving support and sharing suggestions to help me through my labor. Although, my birth was smooth and very quick, my baby ended up needing to be transported to the hospital. Kari was by my side helping me process the situation until I was able to get to the hospital myself. It was once Kari and I arrived at the hospital, that Kari became absolutely priceless. She was an amazing advocate for myself and my family, (while my partner and I were in a post birth haze) as we navigated a hostile hospital system that we very unexpectedly found ourselves dealing with. She checked in regularly and shared her vast library of resources both before and after my son’s birth. Kari truly cares about the the families that she works with and honors the sacred space of birth. I cannot emphasize how valuable Kari’s service was during my transition into motherhood.

Kristyn Vorster


After finding out I was pregnant, I remember thinking wow, I have so much to research and feeling very overwhelmed. Then a girlfriend informed me about what a Doula was (because I had no idea), and I never thought twice about getting one!!

I met Kari through multiple women, and now I know why she was so highly recommended in the South Florida community!

She's amazing in every way possible!! From the moment we met, she was on top of everything, including:
- helping me find the right match for my birth experience
- providing so much information
- referrals for pretty much everything

And most importantly was so timely in responding to all my needs! My husband and I just thought the world of Kari and could not recommend her enough!!



Without hesitation would recommend Kari. She was such a positive force not only on delivery day but also while pregnant and postpartum. She provided so much support to both my husband and I, we could never thank her enough. She was easy to contact, provided so many resources and education without bias, helped me feel confident in my choices and encouraged me to advocate for myself. Before deciding to have a doula, I was hesitant to have another person in the delivery room, and now I can’t imagine not having her there. She was perfectly present yet in the background. I trusted her completely to hold our space with the energy we worked so hard for and whole heartedly felt her warm energy and caring nature. I never would have realized how vital it was in my transition to motherhood to have Kari at the hospital to solely look after me and my comfort. I tell others my birth story and they are amazed (and envious!) at just how nurturing she was. She has impacted me in so many ways, even beyond my birth, and for that I am forever grateful.

Jen Kohnert


I hired Kari for my 6th delivery, a homebirth. This wasn't my 1st rodeo, but with age comes wisdom. I knew hiring a doula was a MUST! Hiring Kari meant ALL bases were covered in my birth plan. She knew my wishes inside and out, and no matter what she would be advocating for me. The peace of mind this brought into my pregnancy and delivery was priceless! Her support before, during, and after my delivery will never be forgotten. The passion she bring to her work is evident after our first conversation.
I wish every women had a doula, and if you're looking for the BEST then Kari's your doula.

Genesis Brown


Kari will "Carry You Through" your dream birth! Like a wedding, you can plan and plan and never does everything go to plan EXACTLY, but Kari helps to prepare you mentally for your birth's journey as it is meant to unfold.

I hired Kari for my second child's birth, a Vaginal Birth After C-Section (VBAC). She provided us with resources to ensure we made informed decisions for the pregnancy and birth. A lot of information we knew, but learned a lot more about other things. She answered my texts, calls, and concerns in such a loving and kind manner. It really didn't feel like we "hired her"... it just felt like she was a friend / resource / advisor.

My birth wasn't 100% to plan in that we "had to" be induced, but as soon as my water broke at the hospital, she was there and she was all hands on deck with assisting my husband to assist me or just assisting me. I hired a photographer (check her out Paulina Splechta) and I have some beautiful shots of me resting on Kari while in the pushing phase, she had a fan on me, helped me with water, hip squeezes, hand holding and most importantly whispering what I needed to hear "lean into it" (contractions).

I had what I wanted thanks to Kari's support and help! A successful and empowering VBAC without an epidural

Jennifer Hinerman


I don't even know where to start because Kari was such an important part of my birth story. She is so caring, patient and a wealth of knowledge. She got me through my 30 something hour labor and made my husband and I feel safe and confident through it all. We wouldn't have been able to do it without her! If you're looking for a doula Kari is your girl! 

Jessica Pichardo


Kari was recommended to me by a friend of mine and I’m so glad that she was! I didn’t realize how much I really needed a doula until we hired Kari. She helped us with finding our midwife, providing us with valuable education and resources, and being a constant support during labor and delivery time. I can’t rave enough about how great Kari is. She truly is an angel and I couldn’t have made it through labor without her kind presence and attention. I’m truly thankful for such an amazing birth experience as a first time mom and will be using Kari for all our future births <3

rachel perraud


Kari is a special person. Having her at my side during my labor and delivery made the world of difference. It was my first child and had its share of difficulties but Kari really was an extra comfort and her level of expertise helped keep me calm throughout. Hire a doula and hire Kari she will change your experience!



Kari is an amazing doula and I cannot recommend her enough. She is loving caring and truly amazing g at what she does. I am so grateful for her and for everything she has done for me and my baby during my beautiful labor at home. She made me comfortable and reassured me and made me. You will not be disappointed with Kari at your side. 



From my first phone call with Kari, I was positive I wanted her to be my doula. I was pregnant with my 4th baby and it was my first time using a doula for a birth. All I knew is that I wanted this experience to be different. I opened up to Kari over the phone and she was so understanding and supportive about everything I explained regarding my previous births, and I felt confident that this time would be different. Kari was available for me whenever i wanted to just shoot a text during my pregnancy to ask a question, always responding in a supportive and reassuring way. At the hospital, she provided the comfort and support that I now can say was sorely missing from my first three births- I wish I could have had her with me for all of them! My birth went beautifully and I can honestly say I can look back on my birth feeling positive and joyful. Without Kari's help, literally walking along with me during labor and providing me emotional and physical support, I truly don't think I would have had such a wonderful birthing experience. 

Mariana Wagner


Giving birth demands so much, especially as immigrant first time parents with no family around to support. We felt overwhelmed by everything that it entails so my husband felt that we would have peace of mind if we have a back up person just in case he couldn't be there for me or also in case of an emergency transfer to the hospital.
It was the best decision ever to hire Kari's help! She has this amazing calm, positive, sweet, kind and soothing manner before, during and after birth that every mom needs. She is VERY informative and resourceful. She understood exactly my needs and made sure everything was done the way I expected.
We are forever grateful for Kari and recommend her to anyone!!

Juli Huth


Kari provided me with empowerment as a woman, evidence based information, and emotional support from the moment we hired her through postpartum. I was planning a VBAC and her confidence in my ability to do so never wavered. During labor, it became apparent to everyone that a c-section was necessary for baby's safety. Kari ensured that my voice was heard, that my emotions were validated, and she reassured me that this decision had no reflection on my power and strength during labor. Her presence in the recovery room was calming and allowed me to process my daughter's birth. During our postpartum visit, she brought my husband and I a delicious meal, which was so appreciated!



If you are looking for a doula, debating about using a doula, or unsure about a doula all together - stop right here, you found your doula - Kari! I was debating about using a doula for the birth of my first baby boy, but Kari came highly recommended from family friends - BEST decision I have ever made. I decided to work with Kari and did the full doula support package - she was beyond amazing. During pregnancy, Kari spent the time with my husband and I to completely go over our birth plan, preferences and preparation for birth. It really grounded us and helped us prepare for the transition into parenthood. Kari was a steady support during the entire birthing process and a great coach during the birth! I would not have been able to keep my mental focus without her. Her presence is calming yet unwavering; encouraging but loving, and offers strength but also tenderness, After the birth of our son, Kari came to offer further support postpartum, I was never so happy to see a source of comfort at my doorstep post baby. As a new mother she makes you feel supported - she is there to hold a new mother and not just the baby.

Valerie Magner


Supportive. Genuine. Passionate. Kari helped facilitate the exact birth experience I envisioned for my 2nd birth. Knowing Kari was just a text away throughout my pregnancy put my mind at ease. Her calm and confident energy allowed me to trust the birth process. She effortlessly worked along side the hospital staff and it felt like one supportive team by my side. My husband felt more confident in his role with Kari there. I’ll never forget when I had a slight complication after birth, I caught Kari’s gaze and I cannot put into words the amount of support I felt in an otherwise scary moment. Kari, thank you from the bottom of our hearts for guiding us through the most magical hospital birth.

Joy B


Truly grateful for Kari’s support and guidance throughout the journey of having our first child. From the first meeting at our home to the late hours of delivery she was a calming and supportive presence. When she met us at the hospital I finally felt seen and heard by the doctors and nurses because Kari was there to advocate for me and my baby. Everyone should be lucky enough to have Kari by your side, she is an amazing Doula!



I had an amazing experience with Kari overall she is the best doula who supported throughout the whole way . Thankful for her ??Wouldn't have been so well balanced out if it wasn't for her. 

Melannie Blandon


As a first time mom, I am so grateful we choose to go with Kari as our doula. Not only was she professional but we felt like we gained a friend forever. We are so grateful to have her apart of our birth experience. From the very beginning of pregnacy all the way to labor she was so informative and supportive, answering any questions we may had. She is very knowledagle with evidence based information which makes you feel very confident in the decisions you end up choosing. On our big day she was amazing, so supportive and loving. I truly wouldn't have been able to have had the natural birth I wanted if she wasn't there encouraging me, helping me cope through contractions, the fears, the doubts that can arise for some of us when you are in that moment. Not only was she a vital person for me but also for my husband. I couldn't reccomend her enough. Thank you Kari for changing our lives forever! I will view birth with new eyes forever. 

Tanya and Tyson Clark


Kari was an absolute dream come true. I was pretty skeptical to hire a Doula. Being a second time mama, and hearing some unsavory stories from friends about their Doula experiences... I kinda just hired her and prayed! Well, my prayers were answered. Kari is exactly what you want in a supportive birth companion. She gently guides, but ultimately allows you to be the conductor of your own birth experience. She supported and nurtured without ever pushing her own agenda. She helped to make our birth experience beautiful. Even our Midwives commented on how she was one of the best Doulas they have ever worked with. Kari is truly a gem in a world that can often be filled with stones. I am blessed to have worked with her, and now truly know her. 

Laura Vaughn


Kari was a vital member of our birth team. On the day of our babies birth she was at my side, cheering me on. When I felt lost in the waves of labor, she was a guiding light. But more than anything, she was there for my husband, as we navigated through a hospital birth in the time of Covid. During times when we were separated she kept him calm and reassured. And when he needed rest, he could with her by my side. Labor can be unpredictable. As a first time mom, I wasn't sure if I needed a doula or not. I am so glad that we had Kari on our birth team.



Kari provides excellent professional and personal services. She cares for you, your birth experience, and your baby. Kari helped me learn what preferences I had. I learned so much on my pregnancy journey. I started out fearful of birth and then once I was educated and supported I was confident. I learned my body and baby would work together and with the support of my amazing birth team I am beyond thankful for our birth story! Kari provided and still provides excellent resources and also offers postpartum doula services which I highly recommend! My family lives out of town so I truly appreciated Kari's postpartum services and so did my husband! If you are looking for a Doula, search no further because you found her right here! Call her today so that you can get the best of the best support!

Victoria Kaiser


We cannot put into words how grateful we are for Kari. From pregnancy through postpartum; her knowledge, resources, support, and kindness were overflowing. She was there for us during a rough delivery and hospital experience and we know we couldn’t have gotten through it without her. She not only supported us as a doula, but she had the expertise of a nurse, the gentle care of a mother and the encouragement of a friend. We are certain God put her in our lives for a reason and we are so incredibly thankful.

Ashley Bluestein


Kari was an angel. She was everything I needed during my pregnancy, labor, and postpartum. She helped to calm all my fears and anxieties while I was pregnant. During my labor she was flexible to my changing needs and comforting to my husband when he got nervous. She was everything and anything we needed her to be. Postpartum she was so thoughtful. She had a meal delivered for my whole family. It was delicious and we all appreciated it. I am also a birth worker myself and I would 100% highly recommend Kari to anyone in search of a phenomenal doula. 



Kari was so vital to our birthing journey. As first time parents, we didn't know what to expect and having her present through it all was such a huge difference. From the in-depth discussions prior to birth, the physical and emotional support during birth and the frequent check ups post birth, she was a constant support and we can't thank her enough. Adding her to our journey was one of the best decisions we made! 

Ariadna F


Kari was very informative and met with us to discuss what to expect before the delivery. Having her there during labor and delivery definitely added to our experience. We felt more at ease knowing we had an advocate in the room. It helped us both focus our energy on bringing our son safely into the world. We also had a post natal visit which was very helpful being first time parents.

Elise Swartwood


We loved having Kari as our doula! She has such a warm & calming energy and provided my partner and I such great support during the birth of our first baby. She has so much knowledge and information to share and was so great at checking in and staying connected before and after the birth. ??

Claudia calzada


 Kari has been heaven sent to us during our journey. Me and my partner could not be happier with our decision to have her as our doula. When our birth plan dramatically changed at the last second due to uncontrollable circumstances; she was there one hundred percent of the way. She was our guiding light in a moment of confusion, and uncertainty. She made sure our birth preferences were being prioritized while I was in labor. And provided us with above and beyond emotional support. She went out of her way many times to make sure we had everything we needed, and stayed on top of everything without missing a thing. She is very knowledgeable, and resourceful. And very quickly became a caring friend to us. Our birth journey would not have been the same without her. And we are forever grateful for her loving service.

Erin Povlitz


I’m so grateful that Kari was the Doula for the birth of my second child. When my “plan” for an epidural was no longer possible, she was a calming force that helped me achieve a stress free, unmedicated delivery. She was so helpful throughout the whole process and kept us well informed before, during, and after birth. Hire Kari for your doula services, you won’t regret it!

Katelynn Velez


From the very beginning, Kari helped ease and make our approaching labor experience a joyous and peaceful time. She is knowledgeable, was easily accessible, and available leading up to birth and post birth. My husband and I couldn't imagine having gone through the birth process without Kari. She prepped both of us with what to expect. On the day of delivery she was not only there to support me but was also a huge support to my husband and helped guide him through how to best support me as well as provided him with breaks when he needed them. Kari helped keep me on track during my labor and calmed me down during my transition. I felt empowered during labor and like I could conquer a natural birth and that was because of Kari telling me I could do it and I was strong when I felt like I couldn't. After baby came, she checked in on me nearly every day and answered all my questions. I highly recommend Kari. She is sensitive to the needs of her clients and works well in all types of environments. She is able to be whatever she is needed to be from moment to moment during labor and I truly believe having her was what helped me have such a quick first labor. 



I had my first baby October 2020, and a pandemic pregnancy isn’t easy! But Doula Kari made us feel so safe and supported. Although last minute, I was no longer able to deliver at a birthing center like originally planned, Doula Kari came to my home and assisted me over the phone whenever I needed her. She also recommended a wonderful holistic pediatrician for me to take my baby to once she was born. So sweet, kind, and respectful! She will forever be someone I can trust with future pregnancies and I highly recommend a calming presence like hers!



I would like to officially thank Kari for her love and support as my Doula and a truly special human being. 

Kari geniuinely cared about mine and the babies well being during our journey together.  She proactivly shared information with me to ensure I knew I was empowered to make informed decisions when it came to my labor and delivery.

Although my delivery did not go as expected and things became a bit rushed (no fault of Kari's), Kari never waivered in her support for me.  I thought I would see her after my c-section, however she drove like a bat out of hell to make it to the hosiptal before the procedure was complete.  She came in like Wonder Woman, literally all suited up and ready to be by my side during the procedure, I was so happy to her smiling face.  She made sure to keep my family members informed and shared real time pics with them.

On top of her being an awesome human being, Kari is organized and was always professional.mThank you again, Kari.
















Julissa Dejo


I met Kari because God had a plan. I knew her sister, when I was pregnant I asked her for advice and more info about Doulas, she gave me Kari's number and I texted her. We met at a coffee shop. This was our first baby and we didn't know what to plan for or expect, other than go to our doctor's appointments and follow what they told us. We met with Kari, and from the moment we met, I felt an instant connection, she was kind and patient. We ask her to be my doula the very next day, we didn’t want to chance not having her on our birth date. She came to our house a few times before my due date and we talked, she gave me advise and she would always check on me. Fast-forward a few months and on my due date we were all at the hospital, I loved that she was always so calming and she would always guide my husband for him to be my main support, my husband appreciated everything Kari taught him because instead of feeling like he was unable to help, he was able to be there with me through the contractions, the tears, the OMG I can’t do this, and Kari was right there to jump in, to calm me down and help me focus. She was open to medicine and explained what the nurses didn’t, I was able to get to 7 cm and then got the epidural, she was on top of it, she would make sure I was rotating every now and then, checking mine and babies’ heartbeat, and when it came down to pushing, man was there to cheer me on, to help me focus on my breathing and to take some pictures, we didn’t even think about that because you don’t think about that at the very moment. I was happy to have a natural birth (the same day there were 4 c-sections at the same time I was in labor) and I wish they would have had Kari by their side, on their team, to help them like she helped us. Our son was born, healthy, and I was up and walking the very next day. Kari came to the house a few days after and help with breastfeeding, she was our guardian angel. We love her!!

Kaitlin Trent


Where do I begin. Kari was the perfect support for my husband and I during the entire pregnancy, during labor and postpartum. I have a very supportive husband, but there is just some thing that a Doula provides that your husband can’t. Kari has such a peaceful and kind presence. She is also very knowledgeable and informed us about many things we did not know. I highly recommend you interview with her if you are looking for a doula!



I was so happy to have found Kari to be my doula for my second birth. She is very reliable, patient, and caring. She has empowered me throughout the whole process. She still continues to offer me and my family her support. So grateful for all she does. Simply amazing!

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