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Sheri Zobrist

Faith Over Fear Doula Services

Congerville, IL Service range 80 miles Travel rate added for over 50 miles of Congerville

Birth Fee

$1500 to $2000

Postpartum Rate

$40 to $60

Birth Fee

$1500 to $2000

Postpartum Rate

$40 to $60

Birth Doula Experience

3 years and 51 births attended

Postpartum Doula Experience

3 years and 1 families served

Doula Training

  • DONA International-Approved Workshop, October 2019

Type of practice: Solo practice

Clients per month: 2 to 4 births and 2 postpartum families

Attends hospital births? All Hospitals

Attends birth center births? Some Birth Centers

Attends home births? Some Home Births

Special Services Offered

  • Photography - Birth

Languages Spoken

  • English

Fee Details

Sibling care, light house work, laundry, overnight child care.

Service Area

Congerville, IL Service range 80 miles Travel rate added for over 50 miles of Congerville

Client Testimonials for Sheri Zobrist

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Autumn Olowo


Sheri is an absolutely incredible doula. She was a top referral from my Chiropractor during pregnancy and from the second we talked she radiared a warm, caring, and intentional demeanor. With this being our first baby and very strongly wanting a natural birth, we knew and valued the role of a doula. Sheri came alongside us in the journey to learn about our needs and wants, provide a ton of education, help us lay out a birth plan we felt excited for, and feel comfortable navigating a natural hospital birth. With unexpected prospects for an induction, she had insight from seeing many births to help us make informed decisions and not feel pressured by medical agendas. My labor came on extremely fast and if it wasn't for her support and insight we may have waited too long to go to the hospital. She was at the hospital before we were and instantly was there by our side the entire process. She brought a calming and extremely supportive presence. She knew exactly what ways to help ease contraction pain and keep me enduring when I wanted to give up. It was incredible to have a person in the room on our side for us who was familiar with the process and can bring ease to the million uncertainties. I attribute our incredible and memorable natural birth strongly to her presence. The wonderful photos and videos she takes to capture these one time moments are just the cherry on top. Sheri feels like family now and has the personality that allows her to connect so greatly with anyone. She was our most visited guest in the hospital after our son was born. She truly cares for families and shows it genuinely. We will use Sheri for every future birth we have and refer her to any and all! ??

Brianna and J.D.


Sheri is an absolute gem, and we can't recommend her enough for anyone navigating the journey of childbirth. From the moment we met her, we knew we were in capable hands. As first-time parents with no family nearby, we were seeking not just support, but guidance and reassurance.

One of the things that immediately struck us about Sheri was her warmth and genuine care. She took the time to get to know us, our hopes, and our fears surrounding childbirth. Her wealth of knowledge and experience put us at ease, and she patiently walked us through various scenarios, helping us feel more prepared and empowered as the big day approached. Living far from family, having her readily available for any questions, concerns, or simply for encouragement was a tremendous comfort.

Not only did she help decorate the room, but she was a constant source of strength and advocacy. When the medical staff made an error regarding medication, Sheri was there to catch it and ensure that the proper course of action was taken. Throughout the labor process, Sheri was a calming presence, offering words of encouragement and guidance when we needed it most. When it came time to push, she was our biggest advocate, ensuring that the medical staff listened to my body and respected our wishes.

But Sheri's support didn't end with the birth. She continued to check in on us in the days, weeks, and months that followed, providing invaluable postpartum care and guidance. The incredible gift of photos and videos that Sheri provided captured those precious moments from labor and birth, which is something we will treasure for a lifetime.

In conclusion, Sheri is more than just a doula – she's a trusted confidante and a cherished member of our family's story. We are forever grateful for her unwavering support and guidance throughout our journey into parenthood. If you're considering hiring a doula, look no further than Sheri.



I don't even know where to begin. My appreciation for Sheri is so great. First, she took me on as a client late in my pregnancy after I had planned a home birth with a midwife but ended up being high risk and had to deliver at the hospital. I was due around Thanksgiving even but she did not hesitate.

She made me feel so safe in our initial meet up as I discussed my past deliveries and the traumas I had and the goals I had for this one. She checked in on me regularly and knew when I had appointments and reminded me things to discuss with my provider. During the delivery she helped me get into good positions that moved baby above and beyond what hospital staff usually recommend. She cheered me on, encouraged me and my husband. She brought LED candles, string lights and birth affirmations to create a beautiful birth space. She even French braided my hair for me when I expressed I had a friend do them when I initially was to come in but my induction was delayed and I no longer had.

After i delivered she held my hand as they stitched me for 45 minutes while my husband did skin to skin with baby and kept an eye on her. Sheri not only provided emotional and physical support but took pictures of the labor and delivery. She created a sweet video montage of it all. I did not get my homebirth but I did have a healing unmedicated hospital VBAC. I am so thankful for her support during my delivery. 



Sheri was incredible! I truly believe I could not have had the amazing natural birth experience I had without her support. From our first meeting, my husband and I appreciated Sheri's warm and supportive nature. She took the time to get to know us as a couple and understand what we wanted out of our birth experience. She answered our questions, referred us to helpful resources and made sure we had all the information we needed to make decisions about our birth and our baby. When things didn't go as planned (I ended up being induced with very little notice), Sheri calmly met me where I was and let me decide what kind of support I needed. During my labor and birth, she was a steady, reassuring presence, only getting involved as much as I wanted her to and otherwise just providing encouragement as I breathed through each contraction. She also provided helpful suggestions to my husband about ways to support me without directly telling him what to do. I had a second degree tear and hematoma that resulted in a lengthy repair process after birth, and Sheri held my hand through the whole thing. She even continued to check in on me for several weeks postpartum. It meant the world to us to have Sheri be a part of bringing our sweet baby boy into the world. I would recommend her services to any soon-to-be parents in a heartbeat!



When Sheri is your doula, you become part of her family. She is highly relational and extremely empathetic, like a trusted friend who's always there for you no matter what. And truly, any time of day or night (or wee hours of the morning!), Sheri was there, ready to talk me through anything. She made my husband and me feel both comfortable and empowered to be a great birthing team. After delivering at the birth center, Sheri even came with us to the hotel where we were staying during recovery to make sure I got settled in okay. She really goes above and beyond!

And the cherry on top? Somehow she was able to also capture INCREDIBLE photos and video of the birth. They're photos I didn't even know I wanted and now am so, so thankful I have.

It was also important for my husband and me to have a doula who shared our Christian faith. We were able to connect with Sheri on this deeper level. And knowing that Sheri was praying for us and our baby meant so much.


Jill and JD Andrews


If you’re considering having Sheri be your doula, just do it! Partway through our pregnancy, my husband and I were contemplating getting a doula and looking back, I can honestly say I have no idea what we would have done without Sheri! This was our first pregnancy, so the pre-birth meetings were so informative and eased our minds so much! When the day came for the birth of our son, Sheri was right there throughout it all. Her love, compassion, encouragement, and guidance was so evident. The pictures and videos are something we treasure more than ever. We cannot thank you enough, Sheri for pouring so much time and care info our family??

Morgan Stong


My husband and I feel so thankful that we were able to have Sheri throughout our journey through the first pregnancy. Sheri was so helpful in educating us throughout the pregnancy on birth/labor. She was patient with us and helped us feel informed on making a birth plan. Sheri was so supportive in helping us figure out what was best for our growing family. My first experience with labor was tough. Having Sheri there to support us was such a blessing. She was so encouraging throughout the process and made us feel comforted through the most challenging times. I could not imagine going into labor without having Sheri there to ask questions and for her unconditional support. Despite a challenging labor, Sheri captured the beauty of birth/ labor through pictures that we will cherish forever. 



Our experience with Sheri was so great! She met with us in our home and educated us on all we needed to know and be prepared for, for the arrival of our son. She talked us through when to go to the hospital when I started contractions at home. Then met us at the hospital when it was go time. She was awesome support and never left our side. She was very encouraging and never once said a thing when I squeezed her hand painfully tight with every push. I wanted my husband to be my main support and Sheri did an awesome job letting him be that for me and only stepping in when necessary. We highly recommend Sheri!! 

Sabrina and Stephen


I don't know where to begin about the amazing support that Sheri provided for both us. We initially weren't sure if hiring a doula was going to be worth the cost but after our experience hiring Sheri was the best decision we made for our birth experience. We had a long and rather traumatic labor experience and Sheri ended up being with us for nearly 24 hours. I had a difficult induction process and did not want an epidural if at all possible. Sheri worked with the nursing team to assist with as many position changes and labor tricks to try to help my labor progress and stick to my natural birth plan as much as possible. After over 24 hours into the labor process I was exhausted and got the epidural and Sheri still continued to work with the nurses to keep changing positions to assist progressing. She provided just as much if not more support for my husband Stephen throughout the whole experience. When I had to go completely under general anesthesia for my C-section which was not planned she was there to support and comfort him during that terrifying time. She checked in on us frequently after our little girl was here to see how we were adjusting and how I was recovering. I cannot sing her praises enough and have recommended her to all of my pregnant friends. Also the birth pictures and video are something that I will cherish forever! 

Aleaha Perhach


This was my first pregnancy, and I decided I was going to do a home birth. I researched a lot of doulas, but once I found Sheri, I knew I wanted her to be our doula. Sheri was such a blessing to have at our birth. Sheri stepped in any time my husband had to use the restroom, and she showed him how to effectively apply counterpressure to my lower back since I was having back labor. I remember her words of encouragement when my contractions started to ramp up. She was so supportive when I decided I wanted to move from my bed to the birthing tub, and she encouraged me to change positions frequently but always followed my lead. Sheri took the most beautiful pictures and videos of my birth. I’m still beyond amazed at how she got some of the photos and videos because she was so discreet. After I gave birth to my son, I really wanted a Jimmy John’s sandwich and a McDonald’s sweet tea, and Sheri was more than happy to run out and grab them for me so my husband could stay with me and our son. I absolutely loved chatting with her during my postpartum visit. You can tell how much she cares about the families she works with. Even now, several months after giving birth, I still send Sheri updates about my sweet little man, and we have a wonderful connection! Sheri was definitely blessed with a wonderful gift from God, and I’m so glad she was a part of my birth experience!

Aleaha P. 



Sheri's services are worth their weight in gold. She literally and figuratively held our hands through the entire progress - pregnancy through the delivery of our little girl. I had to be induced unexpectedly and without Sheri's guidance, we would have felt lost. The postpartum care was also a game changer. Sheri's basically a part of our family now! 

Couldn't recommend her services enough! 

Ambria Bauman


I don’t even know how to begin sharing the deepest gratitude and love I hold for Sheri. Words don’t do justice to express the dedication and care she devotes to each and every one of her clients. Even going as far as putting her own well-being aside to cater to them to the best of her ability. God has given Sheri such a gift to touch the hearts of expecting parents and make them feel so safe, loved, educated and special. She was an answered prayer for my husband and I as first time parents. She went so above and beyond for us that it was easy to be at peace even when everything went the opposite way we thought it would. And I seriously mean everything. (If you are ever bored, she will gladly tell the story if you ask ;)). I even had to go to the emergency room on two separate occasions after being released from the hospital, and Sheri came and waited with us both times even if she had just gotten done with a long birth. There is no doubt God put Sheri right where we needed her and because of that, we don't look back and only see the trauma but blessing after blessing. Praise the Lord. We love Sheri so much and highly recommend you choose her as your doula.

Jonelle Hinnen


Having Sheri by our sides for the birth of our baby girl was the biggest blessing! She is very kind and encouraging, she is the person you want beside you when you don't know what is going on. She is very good at reading situations and people, so she knows how to make the best of every moment. If/When we have another child, we will definitely be asking Sheri to be our doula again. We love you Sheri and are so thankful to have you beside us in the best and biggest life change! <3



So grateful we selected Sheri to support us through our birth experience. She was knowledgeable, supportive, calm, and instilled confidence in myself and my partner as first time parents. She met with us on 2 occasions to discuss birth preferences. Having the time to discuss and reflect were vital to preparing and gave us time to consider any options we weren't aware of. Sheri's support via text was vital the few weeks leading up to delivery. I was reassured knowing if I had any questions about interventions or when to go to the hospital that she would be able to give me good advice. Sheri was prompt at getting to the hospital. Because of the circumstance, she actually beat my husband and instantly put me at ease. It provided peace of mind to have her in the room when a nurse was not present, and on a couple occasions, she knew when to grab someone to help. My labor and delivery were quick, smooth, and beautiful; everything I hoped for. I contribute the beauty and relatively comfortable labor & delivery to her instilling a confidence in me that I could deliver baby without medication and with minimal interventions. Educating myself through the education Sheri provided or resources she emailed were vital to me being comfortable and knowing what to expect. Sheri captured the most heartwarming and beautiful pictures and videos of our little family in the making. These memories will be looked upon fondly for many years as we remember the special day our son was born. Finally, we had Sheri out for a few postpartum visits as well. It was great to have her around as my husband transitioned back to work. She helped me with whatever odds-n-ends housework and provided some baby care tips. It was nice having someone around who is easy to talk to and who is excellent with babies. I knew our son was in safe hands if I needed to do a task baby-free. I would encourage any mother and father that there are infinite benefits to having the support of a doula like Sheri.



I had an incredible, intense, beautiful, natural vaginal birth and I don't think I could have done it without Sheri's calm, encouraging presence that provided just the right amount of push I needed to keep progressing through labor. She was amazing! I highly recommend her. She is sweet, calming, and very knowledgeable on all things birth. She helped walk us through all the stages of labor and helped my husband know how to help and be there for me during the labor. She was always available to text and checked in with me frequently post partum providing me encouragement and support. I'm so thankful for her big part in my labor and helping me to deliver our beautiful healthy baby boy. 



Sheri was amazing. She educated us on all the different medical options we had for me as the mother as well as for our little boy once he was born. She provided information for my husband on how he could help during labor as well as what to expect once we arrived at the hospital. Once we were admitted and Sheri arrived, our birth did not go to plan, but Sheri was with us the entire time. My husband and I cannot say enought good things about the support she provided us during that emotional time. She stayed with us until after our little boy was born and continued to follow up with me after we were released from the hosptial. Without Sheri, both my husband and I would have had a much more difficult experience. Sheri enabled us to go into the birth experience confident and then when things changed, she was there to support us and our decisions and offer her insights. I highly recommend Sheri as a doula and if we have another baby in the future, I want her there with me. 

Kait P


Sheri is a fantastic and kind human and an incredible doula. 

I initially sought her out because I found out that I would have to be induced at 39 weeks if my baby had not come naturally by that time. Having gone through an induction with my previous pregnancy, I knew that I wanted a trained doula this time around to help support my husband and I during labor. 

Sheri was everything we wanted/needed and more - before labor, during, and even after. Even know, 4 months postpartum, I am having difficulty putting the words together to express how grateful I am for her. 

Practically - I appreciated that Sheri helped me think through what my goals were and what was important for me, especially since we knew I would be "limited" in a hospital setting. She asked great questions and was never assertive with her own thoughts/opinions, but would offer them if I asked. 

I ended up being induced at 39 weeks and Sheri was the biggest advocate and supporter for me and my husband all during labor. She utliized many techniques with me to help baby descend and engage and was easily able to sense when I needed help finding something new to try in labor. 

My labor unexpectedly ended in a c-section, but I honestly can say I still wouldn't have changed hiring Sheri or having her be there. I had an incredibly empowered (and exhausting ;) day of labor with her before the c-section occurred and it made me feel strong and capable in ways I didn't know I could feel strong and capable. 

She comforted me while I processed the news of the needed c-section, helped me to focus on the main goal of having a healthy baby, and then she even stayed at the hospital during the c-section and after to encourage and help/guide. I'm crying right now just thinking about how special that was. 

Sheri became a great friend and supporter to us. I would hire her again and again.



Sheri was absolutely wonderful! We were going for a VBAC and while I ultimately ended up with a repeat C section, she was still incredibly helpful! This was our third birth and we had lost our second child about a year and a half prior. She was able to help us navigate that with sincere sensitivity. I'd highly recommend Sheri for anyone in search of a doula!

Danee Miskimen.


Words cannot describe how amazing Sheri is. We would recommend her 1000% to any momma! Her knowledge, love and her passion for what she does is above and beyond anything I could have asked for. She helped us tremendously with preparing for birth and eased all of my anxieties as a first time mom. She fully advocated for the birth that I planned for and helped me through every part of labor. She fully prepared and helped my boyfriend on how to support me during labor and he cannot get over how helpful she was for him as well. We thank God that Sheri was with us before, during and after our journey and will definitely be working with her for our next child. 

If you are looking for a rockstar doula, Sheri is the one to hire! Also, don't forget to add photos and videos to your package as the moments she captured for us are beyond words! 

Lindsay Wier


When my husband and I began our journey of starting a family I had a lot of anxiety about labor and delivery. Then when we got pregnant I knew I wanted a doula to help us through that part of our journey. I asked my OB about doula's they have worked with or where to find one and they suggested Sheri. How fitting is it that her practice is called "Faith Over Fear". Sheri was exactly what I needed in a doula. She gave really great unbiased advice and information on things I had questions about. When it came time for delivery, she was the perfect support to both me and my husband. Without her I would not have had the knowledge or confindence to advocate/communicate for myself in the moment. We knew the things we wanted and didn't want and we were able to ask good questions to have the birth that we wanted or at least as close as possible. I am so grateful to have found her as our doula and would absolutely recommend her to anyone else looking. 

Juliet McClintock


Our knowledge of a doula was very limited before Sheri. We knew we wanted somebody to educate us and support us through this journey as first time parents. We found Sheri and after meeting with her the first time, we knew in our hearts she was the perfect fit. Sheri provided education, resources, and and support through each and every step - from carrying a baby all the way through postpartum. Sheri exceeded our expectations in every way.  She took our wishes to heart and knew exactly what we wanted throughout. She quickly became a part of our new family, and we could not imagine going through this without her. She helped support the father as well and educated him on how he can be involved with the birth plan. Sheri was always available for us when we needed her. She stayed by our side for an extremely long and hard labor, advocating for myself and the baby, and making sure we were staying healthy and on track. She was the perfect emotional and physical support i needed. Sheri also came to our home after the birth to stay overnight. When we were in need of last minute help, Sheri was there for us.
Sheri has a very special place in our hearts, and we will always be grateful for her. Her love and her passion for being a Doula was a gift to us from God. She captured the birth of our baby boy that we can look back on forever. We will use Sheri in the future and recommend her to anyone who is considering the help of a doula.



My husband and I are beyond thankful for Sheri. I had quite a wild experience towards the end of my pregnancy. Sheri was there for me every step of the way. She helped calm every nerve and worry I had, with her gently spirit. She is someone you definitely want on your side throughout your journey, but especially during the birthing process. We cannot imagine going through the process without her. She is very knowledgeable and will support all of your decisions. Not only does she support you, but she helps you make informed decisions and her education shows. Sheri fulfilled our hopes and expectations, we were beyond blessed to have her along for our journey. 

Ellen Wolf


Sheri was an excellent addition to our journey to bring into the world baby 2! I was very unsure of a birth plan and was having a lot of anxiety and concerns with this pregnancy. She was very knowledgeable from her experiences as a doula and as a mother. Sheri was a kind, experienced soul to confide in and speak all the things that were weighing on my mind. Just one part of what I wanted in a doula - couch therapy. She was easy to talk to and could tell when I needed to just say it out loud and when I needed words of comfort and reassurance. She supported me while I figured out what birth plan was best for baby and I and was able to help gently guide me through that decision process. She was available whenever I needed her. She was there to help get me to the hospital. She helped my husband and I get everything together and kept us focused but comfortable. She was the advocate at the hospital that I needed but knew when to step into the background to keep the space for my husband and I and then Baby! Sheri stayed after we were back in our room with baby to take more pictures, congratulate us, go over the whole crazy event and then she left us with many reassurances and a promise to come see us a few days after we got home when we were ready. She helped me find someone to preserve the placenta and even played the role of courier for us! She took beautiful photos and videos. We were so pleased with our time with Sheri. She was an excellent doula!

Lindsay Michael


Sheri was, in a word, a Godsend. 

I was not able to have a doula with my first pregnancy and it ended in a C-section.  This time around I knew I wanted to try for a VBAC.  I knew having a doula would increase my chances of success. However, this second pregnancy was a (welcome) "surprise", so we didn't even know we were expecting until the pregnancy was half over.  By the time the shock wore off and we got around to searching for a doula, we were only 8 weeks away from our due date.  Fortunately, Sheri was available and when we met her, I felt instantly comfortable. She was encouraging and really knows her stuff.  The few times I asked her obscure questions, she quickly and thoroughly researched the topic and put together TONS of information so that my husband and I could make informed decisions. 

I was especially happy to have Sheri when I went into labor. I had been diagnosed with COVID a few days before (I was out of quarantine but still masking) and my husband and 2 year old were still in the middle of their quarantine.  So when my water broke, I was not able to have my support person (hubby) in the hospital.  Sheri graciously agreed to take the risk and be my support person.  She even drove the 40 minutes in the middle of the night to my home to pick me up and take me to the hospital when my contractions hit suddenly and were too strong for me to drive. She coached me as I pushed for 5 hours.  When my doc suggested we consider a Csecton to ensure the baby's safety, Sheri talked me through my fears and called my husband and mother to update them.  She held my hand through the Csection and waited with me after the sugery until my mother could get into town. 

Baby Scarlett was born May 10, 2022.  Although Scarlett's birth story is not what I had planned for, Sheri was a huge blessing. She was exactly what my family needed! Thank you, Sheri!

Tiffany Lovings


Having Sheri with us during my labor and delivery of my 4th baby was such an amazing experience. She was so supportive in every decision I made about my experience. She was always right there to make sure I was comfortable and have everything I needed! She also captured some amazing photos I never got to have despite Huxton being my 4th baby! Sheri is dedicated to her mission before, during, and after labor and delivery! 



Sheri has been present at all 3 of my vaginal deliveries. She was attentive, invested in my birth plan and advocated for me when I was too tired to speak up for myself.  Her presence was calming and encouraging and she was always right there to do whatever I needed. The photographs she captured are a true treasure and I am delighted I have them to look back on. Sheri was a pleasure to work with and I recommend her services to any expectant mother. 


Samantha Pellerin


Sheri and I met when I was about 30 weeks pregnant. My first pregnancy was a twin pregnancy and ended up in a C-Section, and I was determined to have a VBAC for my singleton. When we met, I was surprised at how easily the relationship came, Sheri is a very caring person who is passionate about guiding women through their journey. As things got closer she checked in on me, answered questions, and helped to give me tools to decide what I wanted from my birth. I was confident and excited for our birth plan, but unfortunately baby had other ideas at 41w pregnant and was measuring 11lb, so we chose a repeat CS. I was torn by the decision and Sheri was there for me. She came to the hospital and stayed with us through recovery, and helped to get me through the initial stages of emotional recovery as I mourned the loss of my birth vision.
I highly recommend Sheri as a birth partner - she will be there with you every step of the way!

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