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Jodi Utter

Walpole, MA Service range 50 miles Parking fees are paid for by client

Birth Fee


Postpartum Rate

$45 to $50

Availability Remarks: Postpartum care: four hour minimum. Overnight care: 8 hour minimum, hourly after 8 hours.

Birth Fee


Postpartum Rate

$45 to $50

Birth Doula Experience

10 years and 224 births attended

Postpartum Doula Experience

8 years and 250 families served

Postpartum Doula Certifications

  • Childbirth and Postpartum Professional Association (CAPPA) - Certified Postpartum Doula

Doula Training

  • CAPPA - Childbirth and Postpartum Professional Association, June 2020

Type of practice: Solo practice

Clients per month: 1 to 4 births and 1 to 4 postpartum families

Postpartum limits/restrictions: No smokers, I have asthma

Attends hospital births? All Hospitals

Attends birth center births? All Birth Centers

Attends home births? Any Home Birth
With Support of Midwife

College Education


Special Services Offered

  • Antepartum doula support
  • Aromatherapy
  • Baby-led weaning
  • Babywearing education
  • Bereavement doula (pregnancy & infant loss)
  • Childbirth education services
  • First Aid and CPR
  • Lactation consultant/counselor services
  • LGBTQIA+ Support
  • Military families support
  • Miscarriage support
  • Newborn care and parenting classes
  • Newborn care specialist
  • Parenting consulting
  • Reduced rates for women considering adoption
  • Satellite doula (for remote and rural clients)
  • Sibling support (for your older children at the birth)
  • Sleep educator
  • Sleep support consulting
  • Stillbirth and infant loss support
  • Surrogates and intended parents
  • TENS units rental
  • Virtual and remote doula support

Training Documentation


Relevant volunteer or advocacy work

Adolescent Reproductive Health Services Volunteer Boston Center for Pregnancy Choices Volunteer Pregnancy & Infant Loss Support Advocate Childbirth Educator Lactation Educator

Languages Spoken

  • English

Fee Details

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Service Area

Walpole, MA Service range 50 miles Parking fees are paid for by client

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G Levy


We feel super lucky to have found Jodi to help guide us through this pregnancy and birth journey. Jodi is warm, knowledgable, prepared, encouraging and a steady presence. Our pre-birth visits were very informative - Jodi provided great resources, suggestions, answered any and all questions. While laboring, Jodi was a calming presence. She helped with some hands on adjustments to get baby in optimal position. I'll never forget her attentiveness with cold compresses and constant hydration in the final stretch. Our postpartum visit was also lovely and a wonderful opportunity to reflect on this monumental time we shared together. Would highly recommend!

Jill J


I hired Jodi to be my birth doula this past winter and was really happy with the support and education she provided. She's such a kind and thoughtful person -- qualities you definitely want in a doula! The pre-meetings were really helpful to prepare us for what would happen during labor and she also provided tips and information for creating a birth preferences document. From the beginning, I felt like I could ask her anything and appreciated her evidence-based and anecdotal input. She was available to chat when I needed it and was quick to respond to questions. I really liked that Jodi also had so much experience as a nurse and mom, and that she put in the effort to get additional trainings and certifications.

When labor started, Jodi picked up the phone right away late at night and gave some helpful advice. We ended up going into the hospital in the middle of the night and coordinated with her on when the right time to meet us there was. When she arrived, she really focused on helping me to be comfortable and when I had painful contractions she helped me through it. I was so glad she was there! Throughout the entire process, she was focused on supporting me and making sure I was comfortable. If you have the opportunity to work with Jodi, I highly recommend her.

Morgan Fazio


Jodi is amazing and I had my ideal birth experience thanks to her support! My husband and I chose Jodi as our birth doula for our first child. Jodi was there every step of the way... she helped us navigate early pregnancy concerns and anxieties, taught us the tools to help create the birth experience we wanted, and took the time to learn the needs of both my husband and I.  She supported us through the entirety of my labor (24hrs!) and it's because of her that I kept the strength to stick to my natural birth plan. She knew exactly what I would need in each moment. Can't recommend her enough! We will forever be grateful for her.

Katie Guiney


I cannot say enough about Jodi. We hired her for support during my labor and she was absolutely incredible. She provided a wealth of knowledge during sessions before labor which helped both myself and my husband feel more at ease and prepared. Our delivery did not go as planned (as can happen to so many) and Jodi was incredibly helpful through each twist and turn. She has a calming presence and is truly so skilled at what she does. I am so grateful we had her by our side as we welcomed our daughter into the world.

Jean Harnish


My husband & I immediately fell in love with Jodi. I learned more from her in her first 45 minutes than I did 5 days in the hospital. Jodi is professional, always on time, calm, eager to work/stay busy, easy to talk to, knowledgeable & an absolute pleasure to have in our home. She was amazing with our son. I wrote her a list of things for her to do during her visits. It usually included tasks like washing bottles & pump parts, refilling diaper changing station, folding laundry, tummy time, filing my sons nails, taking my son for a walk weather permitting, helping me bathe my son, etc. She fed him, changed his diapers & attended to him the entire length of her visit. She was unbelievable with him. Always talking to him, so gentle & worked on helping him reach milestones. She also followed our desired schedule in regard to wake windows & sleep. On top of all this we got unlimited advice & guidance from her on eating to sleep & everything in between. She was always just a text away. I could go on & on! I’m sure there isn’t much she wouldn’t do, but this is how we utilized her. When Jodi was at our home I would do whatever I needed or wanted to do. Workout, take a nice long shower, nap, eat, get groceries or go to appointments. It was such a nice break. Sometimes I would just sit & talk with her. I truly just enjoyed her company. I could ask or tell her anything without fear of judgment or sounding stupid. I can’t tell you how many times I cried in front of her only to be comforted, validated & reassured that everything would be alright. All that being said, don’t even question it. Just do yourself the favor & hire Jodi. She’s an angel sent from heaven & you truly won’t regret it. I am more confident, knowledgeable & a better Mom because of her & am forever grateful for all her love & support.

Candice and Ben L.


We could not be any happier with our birth Doula, Jodi! She was an amazing help before, during, and after the birth of our first child this past February. Jodi made sure we were aware of all of the risks and potential things that would come up during the birth with the two at home sessions before delivery. This was especially comforting, because it was the first time we were going through everything related to pregnancy and delivery. When I finally went into labor, Jodi was able to answer questions and phone calls right away and ended up meeting us at the hospital, because our little girl was ready to come into the world a bit faster than we anticipated. In the hospital, Jodi helped advocate for everything on our birth plan and comfort for me as the mom. We definitely wouldn't have known to ask for a birth stool during the birth, and probably would've had a longer labor without her helping coach me through the breathing piece. I was able to have a natural birth without any medication as planned, and owe a special think you to Jodi for this. Then, a few days after the birth, Jodi came to visit us at home and gave us some advice on caring for our newborn and breastfeeding. We cannot thank you enough, Jodi and would be lucky to have you with us for the birth of our next child! Highly recommend her as both a birth and postpartum Doula!

Mia S.


Hiring Jodi was easily the best decision my husband and I made for our postpartum journey.  She started working with us within days of arriving home from the hospital and immediately jumped right in. She helped with the challenges of breastfeeding, postpartum recovery, and adjusting to being new parents all while creating a safe, nonjudgmental space during a fragile time. We trusted her right away and our baby adored her from the start. Jodi was equally valuable to me and my husband, patiently teaching us both the skills we needed in taking care of our newborn. Due to her incredible knowledge and expertise I was always put at ease knowing she would be able to answer anything in respect to us and our baby. Jodi's guidance helped us to become more confident parents and we are constantly asking ourselves “what would Jodi do?” As our baby got older she helped guide us with her sleep schedule, tummy time and other developmental milestones we were hitting. Her compassionate demeanor made me feel like there was nothing I couldn’t ask. Jodi helped me gain time to do the things I wanted to do in order to feel settled as a new mom and for that I’m eternally grateful. We can’t recommend her enough! 



Jodi was a God send for us!

She was our birth and postpartum doula. Her knowledge and experience are so rich. She was such great support before, during and after the labor and we are so so happy that we found her! She is very easy going and funny, very empathetic, kind and warm hearted. Jodi educated us on what to expect and how to handle different situations and she was a great sounding board when decisions had to be made during the labor. She also guided my husband how to support me the best. 

When our baby was born, Jodi was a great resource on how to take care of him and she also did take care of him a couple of nights a week so we could get some sleep.

I absolutely recommend Jodi to anyone who is interested in having a doula support them during such special time.



We were absolutely lucky to have Jodi as our postpartum doula. She took care of our daughter with so much attention, dedication and love. Jodi didn’t just take care of her basic needs like feeding or changing diapers, but also spent ours teaching her to roll, talking to her in baby language (to encourage language development) or just walking with her around neighborhood. Jodi’s expertise in newborn care, understanding baby’s needs and developmental stages as well as mother’s postpartum challenges was very helpful for me as a first-time mother. On the top of it, Jodi is very cheerful and easygoing person, it was very nice to have her around.   

Emily murphy


Jodi has been a godsend for this mama. I was pregnant with my second child and knew I would struggle with the newborn stage again, so I really wanted help this time around. I found her through a recommendation of another doula that told me Jodi was the absolute best, and she wasn’t wrong. I hired Jodi as a postpartum doula only (I was having a scheduled cesarean) to come to our house post-birth. She came three days a week, two overnights (9pm-5am) to let me sleep longer and one daytime (8am-12noon). She helped me with washing baby bottles, fold laundry, breast feeding, checking baby’s latch, helping with bottle feeding, changing diapers, rocking baby, advice/expertise with newborn questions, fixing mom a snack and filling water, and so much more. She even spent time playing with my 2.5 year old son so I could nurse in peace. Her calm, warm and gentle presence always put me and my whole household at ease. She truly is a source of comfort for both mom and baby. She always went above and beyond and was supportive of every choice I made for my newborn. My only regret is not finding her sooner so I could have hired her for my first child! She will be the first call I make if/when I get pregnant with a third. Jodi is a wonderful person and doula and we have been so blessed to have had the time with her that we did.

Ashley Dowling


Jodi is by far an Angel sent to me! I hired her for both birth and postpartum care. She came into my life and made me feel so comfortable and confident as I became a first time mom. She is gentle and kind and comes with no judgement but 100% support. She empowered me to have the birth of my dreams, and I did! I knew having her at my side anything was possible. I will forever love and cherish Jodi as a friend and family member. During my postpartum time, she assisted me with my breastfeeding struggles promptly. She again was non invasive, and comfortable to have around during this very vulnerable time.I can’t count the number of times I’ve cried in her presence. She is truly the best thing I’ve invested in. You will not be disappointed.



We hired Jodi as a birth doula for the birth of our second son on 1/22/22.  My first birth involved a lot of interventions and initial breastfeeding difficulties.  I looked for a doula to help provide support for the birth I hoped to have (and emotional support in case unforseen issues arose) and for breastfeeding support.  Jodi was a wonderful!  She was the perfect mix of professional and knowledgeable as well as warm and kind.  She was so supportive of my birth preferences.  She answered all of my questions leading up to delivery, helped me find positions to help my labor progress, and provided gentle comfort and support throughout my labor and delivery.  She also helped my baby latch propery after birth.  I highly recommend Jodi!

Christina M


Jodi is an absolutely wonderful person and marvelous Doula. We were lucky to have Jodi support us as a post-partum Doula for our second child. She is incredibly knowledgeable about childbirth, post-partum healing, infants, and breastfeeding. She put me at ease the moment she arrived to our home and gave me wonderful tips with our son. She listened attentively as I described the difficulties I had nursing our first child, and although we ultimately had a successful nursing relationship, it was a bumpy road. Jodi knew that nursing our second son was an important goal for our family and she expertly helped me with his latch and positioning. She helped me rest, while preserving my supply and it was been a completely different and positive experience this time around. The relief I felt watching my son grow and thrive under Jodi’s guidance was priceless. In sum, Jodi is an expert doula who works with compassion, expertise, and professionalism and I cannot recommend her highly enough!



We started working with Jodi shortly before the birth of our second child. My first delivery was pretty traumatic due to a number of complications and I realized that I had a lot of anxiety about my second delivery as I neared the end of my pregnancy and certain complications came up. Jodi sat down with us and talked through what had happened with the first delivery and helped us make a plan for the induction as well as think through certain medical decisions that may need to be made as labor progressed. The second induction and delivery went much more smoothly and I was able to go into it much more confident and calm thanks to Jodi.



Having Jodi as our doula was such an incredible blessing. We were new parents, and so there were many aspects of childbirth that were fuzzy, or altogether unknown, to us. Jodi is a wealth of knowledge, and will readily answer any and all questions along the way. We took a birthing course with her, which significantly helped me (husband) to understand ways in which I could support my wife during child birth. I was beyond thankful for this, as the birthing process was a whopping 100+ hrs. Jodi was there for every minute of it.

I could not have asked for a more loving, knowledgeable, gentle, and enjoyable person to be there for the birth of our first child. To say that we are thankful to Jodi for all that she has done for us is an understatement. Our little one positively loves her, and we do as well.

I cannot say enough positive things about Utter Comfort- it certainly was a great comfort to us to have Jodi coach us through pregnancy and birth. More than simply being a coach for an unknown stage of life, Jodi has become a dear friend, even family, to us. I absolutely recommend her services to any looking for an excellent Doula!



Having Jodi as our labor doula was a godsend! she is such a kind and helpful soul, which is exactly what we needed as we began the next adventure of our life -- parenthood! Her childbirth education class was invaluable, and as with everything she does, Jodi brings a personal touch to her work and interactions with clients. She offers great advice and answers and and all questions. Her support during labor was especially wonderful -- helping me remember the birth I wanted, but still guided by what I needed in the moment. She was especially good at getting me to relax and breather through contractions. Perhaps her greatest skill, though, is helping birth partners to support the birthing person! My husband and I are truly grateful for her support and would 100% use Jodi's services again if we have another child!

Rebecca Kazakoff


We used Jodi as our postpartum doula and I can’t recommend her enough! She took such great care of both me and my baby (and really my whole family in general). Her knowledge of infant care and the postpartum period is unmatched. She’s very experienced; she intuits which tasks are helpful to a family and does them with warmth and love. Most importantly, she is a truly kind, sensitive, and loving person and she’s become part of our family. 

Vidya B


To say that we were grateful to have had Jodi as our postpartum doula this summer would be the understatement of the century. In addition to being our doula, she also quickly became my guide, counselor, therapist, and friend. Given it was our firstborn, we didn't quite understand what to expect and how to cope, even though we had intellectually attacked these questions by doing a lot of reading and research. We did not have family around, and our parents could not visit due to COVID. As a result, after an unexpectedly hard labor and delivery process, we were quickly overwhelmed - with my physical recovery, breastfeeding issues, persistent jaundice, need for supplementation, multiple pediatrician visits a week and the usual crying/sleeping/exhaustion. Jodi helped us navigate all of these, and she was particularly skilled at leading us through it step by step, with what made most sense at that time, without hurrying or putting undue pressure, and balancing what Western medicine said vs. the traditional practices our families would recommend. I often felt judged by the other providers we interacted with and Jodi was instrumental in talking through how I felt and helping me build confidence in myself as a parent and the decisions I was making.

Needless to say, she was amazing with our baby. Her decades of experience show through clearly - our baby loved her, and she brought so much warmth, love, and adoration to her every interaction with him. And to top it all off, her little acts of incredible kindness or thoughtfulness still took us by surprise ever so often (even when we knew she was this amazing) - you will know this if you work with her :)

I could go on and on, but still not be able to adequately convey how much we love Jodi! Thank you for being our guide and our champion!

Anuja S


Choosing a doula is a very personal and important decision. I had a tough time choosing a postpartum doula after the birth of my second child as my mama bear instinct kicked in and I wanted someone who I could trust with my precious little one. From the moment I spoke to Jodi, I felt that I could trust her.

Jodi is the perfect person to transition to the fourth trimester. Jodi is a mix of Mary Poppins and your grandmother. She is loving and caring of both me and my baby. She helped me recover from my C section. She supported my breast feeding journey. She brought sunshine to our lives….allowing me to balance taking care of myself and my baby.

I’ve never felt more comfortable leaving my baby with anyone — Jodi is a baby whisper. She emitted warmth, baby guru, and offers guidance in a non judgmental and welcoming manner. Since this was our second time on the rodeo ride with a baby, we thought we were more confident. However, there were thinks like bathing her and swaddling that we needed help with and Jodi helped us with such grace. She is a lifesaver for our family. Our time with her was special and we consider her family now!

Jodi is truly passionate about what she does and being a doula is her calling. She is incredibly caring and compassionate person. I don't know how we would have managed without her. I don't think I have words to express my gratitude towards her. I would recommend her to anybody who wants a doula as I am confident that you are in great hands.

Shilpa N


My husband and I engaged Jodi Utter as our birth doula for the birth of our baby in 2020. She came highly recommended from a friend of mine who had engaged Jodi as her postpartum doula.

Jodi was very kind, compassionate and understanding as she guided us through our prenatal appointments and newborn care class to help us prepare for our baby's birth . We definitely felt that she was the right person for us.

We were hoping for a natural birth, but our doctors ended up recommending a c-section due to the circumstances. Jodi helped us make informed decisions on how we should proceed. We felt greatly relieved to have her looking out for us, especially as this was our first and things did not go according to plan. Due to the pandemic, she was not allowed to be with us in the room as it was a c-section (she would have been allowed in during the labor and delivery portion had it not been a c-section), which was a bummer for us. But, we were able to stay in touch with her on the phone and via text, which was tremendously helpful.

She helped me work out some breastfeeding issues as well, and also recommended a very good IBCLC with whom I had a further consultation.

I have stayed in touch with her even after her postpartum visit and she has been kind enough to answer quick questions via text that I have asked her from time to time. I have also had a phone consultation with her to go over my baby's progress and tips for how to better support baby's needs.

I would absolutely recommend her to my family and friends.

Tim Murphy


Working with Jodi Utter as our doula was an amazing experience for us! She was very helpful through everything, from the months leading up to the birth, answering all of our questions on the whole process, and spending so much time to make us comfortable. She had great recommendations for books, baby items to purchase/not purchase, and shared many specific stories that helped us to understand what was ahead of us. Most importantly she was there for the whole birthing process, from massaging and working different contraction positions with my wife, at our house and then the hospital, for over 24 hours! She kept us informed of all of our options in labor, and helped us to talk through the best decisions, in sticking with our birth plan, and weighing out the benefits and risks of what needed to happen next. With Jodi’s help, and the amazing hard work from my wife, we welcomed Madison an very alert, healthy, beautiful, and happy baby girl.  Jodi was incredible through everything and we can’t imagine how our experience would have been without her! We recommend utilizing a doula to anyone we speak with, and if you are lucky enough to have the opportunity to work with Jodi, please jump at the chance!
-Tim, Lauren, and Madison

Priscilla Kwok


Jodi is an amazing woman that I am grateful to have known during the past few months, first as my postpartum doula and now a friend. Knowing that I would need help to recover and heal from childbirth, my husband and I decided to hire a postpartum doula to help us transition into parenthood. I remember meeting Jodi for the first time when we came back home with the baby from the hospital. I went into labor a few weeks early and our baby was jaundiced. We had just recently moved and our house was still in a mess. I was struggling with breastfeeding. To say that I was unprepared and anxious is an understatement.

Jodi’s presence immediately brought a sense of calm and reassurance to our home. She helped me with breastfeeding by suggesting I try different positions along with a nipple shield to improve baby’s latch. She helped us set up and organize our nursery and changing station. She showed us how to calm and soothe our baby. Jodi also helped us with chores around the house like folding laundry and tidying up the kitchen, giving us time to rest and focus on the baby.

Not only is Jodi a great help with everything baby, she’s also a wonderful person who has a wealth of knowledge and experience as a mother of six. I have learned so much about motherhood from talking to her. She is wise, genuine and humorous. I always felt encouraged and uplifted every time I talked to her. Hiring Jodi as our postpartum doula is likely the best investment we’ve made. She has helped us learn and grow into confident parents. Thank you, Jodi! I highly recommend Jodi for anyone looking for a calm and meaningful transition into parenthood.



I contacted Jodi for help shortly after we brought our baby home from the hospital as we were so exhausted and in need of support. Jodi put me at ease immediately with her compassion and expertise--she knew everything about taking care of babies but also had such a gentle, unassuming manner that I didn't feel intimidated by her expertise. My baby was hospitalized for an extended period of time from birth with some health issues, and she ended up coming home with a feeding tube. I feared that no doula would want to take us on a client due to the atypical circumstances, but in fact Jodi said that our daughter's situation made her want to help us even more. She didn't blink an eye at her feeding tube and in fact told us she had prior experience with them. Such a non-judgmental, warm, caring person. I had not a single worry leaving my baby in her care and that is saying a lot given her health issues. I recommend Jodi without reservation.



Jodi of Utter Comfort Doula Services had such a large, positive impact on our family in the first weeks of our daughter’s life. As first time parents we were struggling with sleep deprivation and Jodi’s support and expertise made such a difference. In addition to in-person support, she provided very helpful information when it came to breastfeeding, soothing, and newborn care. Thank you, Jodi!

Amber Khalil


Jodi is a dream doula saving us from guesswork & stress! I wish we had her from the beginning! I had 2 days before my due date (1/9/20) & I reached out, placing a tremendous amount of pressure on any doula, w/my specific requests for delivery (vbac, unmedicated/ alternative methods, delay cord clamping, etc) & my own personal stressors!

She is the perfect bridge for a family connecting to the medical side & receiving best possible experience. Jodi’s encouraging, empowering & inspiring. An investment for the long term with time, family, experience for any complication/pregnancy. (Yes I interviewed & researched other doulas) 

Jodi handled every difficulty from my part before/during & postpartum with grace. Very respectful, great judgement & approach w/medical team. I will be calling her for our next pregnancy! 

Hearing my husband say “Jodi can cut our son’s cord”, & “our baby is 4weeks already! I’m so glad Jodi was with us that night. She was unbelievable, so much knowledge- she knew what to do for you. I wish we knew her from the beginning.” Showed me I made the right decision for myself & family. 

Jodi balanced all personalities /situations to ease everything. (not all doulas can handle or will choose this) - only 2 days before due date, exchanging emails/texts & a couple calls.. only meeting at delivery time- we achieved the best birth I experienced.

Highly educated, skilled, trained, with comforting & professional manner.. like having your team of bests- friend, sister, mother/grandma, medical professional & translator rolled into one Super Cheerleader customized for you!

My thanks will never end, I am grateful we have Jodi as a bonus to our family now & in the future. Truly amazing person to be a doula!

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