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Rachel Andre

Birth Doula, NY

Brooklyn, NY Serves families in Brooklyn, Manhattan, and Queens I support all birthing people in Brooklyn and Manhattan. I also support homebirths inThe Bronx, Queens, Long Island and New Jersey


Birth Fee


Postpartum Rate

$75 to $100

Birth Fee


Postpartum Rate

$75 to $100

Birth Doula Experience

5 years and 130 births attended

Postpartum Doula Experience

4 years and 130 families served

Doula Training

  • CAPPA - Childbirth and Postpartum Professional Association, June 2018

Type of practice: Partnership with 1 other doula

Clients per month: 1 to 3 births and 1 postpartum families

Postpartum limits/restrictions: Currently only accepting clients in the 11217 and 11226 zip codes.

Attends hospital births? All Hospitals
I support where ever you choose to birth and what feels most comfortable for you, because that is what is most important. Most of my professional experience as a doula in NYC is within a hospital setting with both OBGYNs and Midwifery centered care. I have experiences at Maimonides, LOMA, NYU Tisch, Brooklyn NYU Langone, Mount Sinai West & East, Metropolitan, Columbia, Woodhull, Lennox Hill, Weill Cornell, Methodist, New Jersey Morristown Medical Center & NYP Queens

Attends birth center births? All Birth Centers
My own birth was with the Brooklyn Birthing Center Midwives back in 2014. I have supported births at the Brooklyn Birthing Center, Manhattan Jazz Center (currently closed) and Midwives of NJ Birthing Center

Attends home births? Any Home Birth
My roots have been deeply ingrained in home birth and grew-up in a space where this was considered the common practice for giving birth. As a child and throughout my life prior to being a doula, I had witnessed over a dozen homebirths. As a doula, I have training and experience in all spaces including home birth. I have supported births with Andrea Diamond, Shawna King, TLC Midwifery and Wildroot Midwifery

College Education


Special Services Offered

  • Baby-led weaning
  • Babywearing education
  • Belly casting
  • Lactation consultant/counselor services
  • LGBTQIA+ Support
  • Miscarriage support
  • Newborn care specialist
  • Placenta encapsulation
  • Stillbirth and infant loss support
  • Vaginal steam/peristeam services
  • Virtual and remote doula support

Training Documentation


Relevant volunteer or advocacy work

I am currently earning my clinical hours as a voulnteer at Jamaica Hospital to become a board certified lactation consultant and advance my knowledge in lactation. Please reach out to me if you have a Specta pump you'd like to donate to a parent in need. My child is trans and I work in various spaces to help amplify his own voice with gender affirming care. Happy to speak more on this. Please ask.

Fee Details

My fee is $3,200; however, I offer sliding scale community support in the following situations: single parents, teen parents and members of BIPOC and/or LGBTQIA2S+ community. When you pay my standard fees, you are supporting a fair, living wage aligned with my level of experience and education. When you pay with sliding scale, you are allowing your community to hold and support you. Both are acceptable ways of participating and I am honored to be a part of your journey. Everyone deserves a doula’s support and care.

Service Area

Brooklyn, NY Serves families in Brooklyn, Manhattan, and Queens I support all birthing people in Brooklyn and Manhattan. I also support homebirths inThe Bronx, Queens, Long Island and New Jersey

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Helen Waters


Rachel is a magical doula and someone we reccommmed enthusiastically with all our hearts. Rachel prepared us for labor and delivery with informative prenatal visits, and supported us through my nearly 4 (!) day labor with grace, strength, sensitivity, care, kindness, and creativity. She is an excellent listener, a responsive communicator, and a generous thinking partner. She also provided very essential postpartum lactation support, easing my anxitey and teaching me new skills. We had a truly special birth experience due in large part to Rachel's wonderful care. 

Sarah & Justin


Rachel and Vickie were an incredible doula team. I decided to work with a doula pretty late in pregnancy (around 35 wks) and they made the process so easy! I experimented a prenatal complication (PUPPPS) and felt so supported and genuinely heard throughout this experience. The prenatal sessions were extensive and made me feel empowered and ready to tackle the experience. Rachel was also extremely helpful to us in the postpartum stage while we worked to establish breastfeeding. I am SO grateful to have found Rachel and Vickie and I would HIGHLY recommend them to anyone looking for a knowledgeable, empathetic, and experienced doula team. Thank you both so much!!!!



We feel so fortunate to have had a Rachel as our doula. Since having our first baby in November 2022 my partner and I have reflected so many times on how happy we were that Rachel was part of our journey from pregnancy to postpartum. Our positive birth experience was largely a result of working with Rachel. She offered us reassurance, encouragement and tactics for staying home and laboring, worked as a team with the nurses / doctors, looked out for our comfort, helped with feeding our new baby, and checked in and found ways to help / teach us during postpartum visits. She offered things we didn't even know to ask for, and now that we are humming along with a 4 month old we miss her!

Maddy & Ben McCallum


I truly feel I can't write enough about how wonderful our experience was with Rachel. She supported and taught us so much throughout our pregnancy and birth of our daughter, helping us to take agency in the process where the hospital system tends to operate on autopilot, helping us to make informed decisions, advocating for us in the hospital, and softening our landing at home. She's incredibly knowledgeable and imparted a sense of confidence and control when we felt overwhelmed by the challenges facing us. 

I would absolutely recommend Rachel - she was wonderful to us and she was everything we needed to get through our pregnancy. 

Rachel Worrell


Supportive, knowledgeable, and kind. Having Rachel as a doula was one of the best decisions we made. I needed an induction and was in labor for 38 hours. Rachel explained every step of what was happening. When she arrived in the delivery room, she brought calm to an increasingly exhausting experience. For the last hours of my labor, I got an amazing foot rub and my husband got a break from sleeping in a fold-out chair for two nights. The three of us highly recommend her!

Lyn Wenzel


It was so wonderful having Rachel as our doula for my daughter's birth.  At every turn - prenatal, labor and postpartum - we have often thought about Rachel as a stable rock that has steadied the often overwhelming waves that come along with birth, especially as first-time parents. At our prenatal appointments, Rachel deeply listened to our questions and concerns and gave us great prompts to think about surrounding how we were each feeling about the upcoming birth. This allowed us to have conversations we wouldn't have otherwise had and feel aligned and ready to support each other when I did go into labor. During early labor we called Rachel multiple times for her thoughts and encouragement about how things were progressing. I wanted to labor at home for as long as possible and having her to reach out to gave my husband confidence to support me until we were ready to head to the hospital. At the hospital, Rachel made our labor and delivery room dark and put on background music to help keep me calm. She completely focused the mood of the room and made sure that my comfort and wishes were taken seriously at every turn. This allowed me to continue to labor unmedicated as I had hoped. She was so physically supportive as I wanted to move around the bed and try different positions. But it was her calm, quiet emotional support that amazed me the most. Her words helped me to feel safe trusting my body and my baby. In our immediate days postpartum, Rachel came to our home and helped with everything. She taught me new, more comfortable feeding positions and how to take care of my nipples so I could continue to breastfeed. She gave me pelvic floor specialist recommendations and made sure I was aware of my body’s healing process. She listened to my husband and I and made us feel confident in our new role as parents. I highly recommend Rachel as a birth and postpartum doula - her support is truly life changing.

Cynthia Gonzalez


Words cannot explain how grateful we were to have Rachel as our Doula. As a couple having our first child, we couldn’t have asked for a better person to support us through pregnancy, birth, & postpartum. From the very beginning, Rachel explained to us what a doulas role was since we were un-familar. Without oversimplifying all of Rachel’s hard work in getting us ready to be parents, we could sum up our experience working with a Doula with the word "support". From Day 1 Rachel emphasizes the point that despite whatever her personal views are on things, she was here to help advocate for us to have the labor experience that we wanted. She educated us on what to expect, but more importantly what not to. She then broke down the various stages of delivering a baby and all the medical logistics surrounding them. She always stressed that during labor, she was there to support us in anything we needed and she did just that. I could not picture giving birth again without Rachel there, she did such meaningful tasks that eased the stress for me and my husband. She was available by text prior to her arrival and helped keep me calm by sending reassuring and calming texts to me. Then, once she arrived she helped make my labor and delivery into a PERFECT experience in the hospital. It was obvious that Rachel was very experienced and knew so many little tips & tricks to keep me comfortable and relaxed. She also took so many beautiful photos and videos of me and my husband that we are forever grateful for. Me and my husband were also so thankful that she came to our home for a postpartum visit. During that visit, my husband was finally able to get some sleep and she helped me put together my breast pump and learn how to use it finally! As a first time mom, I was stressing about doing everything perfect and it helped having a Doula come visit and assist/reassure me. She even walked my dog! Rachel is the best!



I am so grateful to have had Rachel in my trusted circle throughout my pregnancy, birth and postpartum experience.

As a birth doula, Rachel provided calm and insightful virtual and in-person support to me and my husband. I really appreciated how accessible she was, and the frequent check-ins put us at ease. Throughout my pregnancy, she provided evidence-based resources and thoughtful advice for my 10 million what-if questions about having an unmedicated hospital birth, managing my toddler while having a baby and exclusive breastfeeding.

When some early contractions seemed to have stalled out, Rachel popped over to my house to check the baby's alignment and walk me through some exercises that ended up leading to a quick and uncomplicated delivery a few days later. (Note that Rachel's doula partner at the time ended up attending our birth, but we were in frequent contact with Rachel throughout the delivery.)

As a postpartum doula, Rachel whipped up veggie broths and sitz bath soaks from her garden, provided guidance to get babywearing and breastfeeding started on the right foot and spent hours playing games with and reading stories to my toddler. She improvised a chamomile bath soak for my baby's first bath, stocked my fridge with healthy breakfasts and stepped in wherever was needed to help me and my new family of four get back on our feet. As I felt stronger, she helped me go on outings to the playground with both kids, taking turns connecting and playing with each of them so I could do the same.

Five months later, we are all happy, healthy and thriving - I can't thank Rachel enough for being such a calm, supportive and special presence throughout this journey.


Maayan Irvine


We reached out to Rachel when we were 28 weeks into our first pregnancy with our identical twin boys. We were scared and stressed as expected, but with every meeting we had with Rachel we felt less scared and more educated and empowered. Since I was a high risk pregnancy (identical twins) I was scheduled to be induced when I reached ‘week 37’ and arranged for Rachel to meet us at the hospital 12 hours after we were admitted. 

When Rachel arrived she immediately improved my comfort level in a significant way. It was an unusual hot day in March in NYC and we were in a small room that was hot and uncomfortable. Rachel literally brought fresh air with her. She opened the windows, something we didn't think about (our brains didn't work..) and had a small fan pointed at me the whole time. She then pulled a small jar of lavender magic rub and massaged my feet and legs that were so swollen from all the drugs and IV fluids. The massage felt so good as I was lying there and waiting for things to progress. 

Unfortunately we have had a few unforeseen complications which made us choose the c-section route. Having Rachel there helped us feel more in control of the situation and empowered to advocate for our needs. We went into the OR and were able to bring Rachel with us which allowed Rachel to take the most amazing photos and videos of our first moments as parents. She was there to whisper in my ear that I was doing great and hugged my husband when he was shivering from excitement. It was such an intimate moment and I felt so comfortable sharing it with Rachel.

Rachel was there the ENTIRE time we needed her, from around 10am in the morning until midnight. She was the one who made sure I got to do skin to skin with my babies right after and helped me with my first breastfeeding experience. I never felt like Rachel needed to be anywhere else. She was 100% in it with us.

I highly recommend Rachel as a birth Doula.

Rachel Goodfriend


Rachel provided me with prenatal and postpartum support both virtually and in-person. She was such an incredible calming and supportive energy in our home during those first few raw postpartum weeks. I had somewhat of a rough recovery but Rachel supported me both emotionally and physically in ways I did not even know I needed. She is also a great cook for those needed nutritional postpartum meals! She helped us learn how to babywear, soothe our baby, and gave us advice on bottle feeding pumped milk. She also showed me ways to breastfeed in comfortable positions that helped me to rest while feeding. Rachel made sure to help me heal physically with lovely herbal sits baths and iron rich teas. Rachel was also extremely responsive and supportive during my pregnancy when I had 1000+ questions! I highly recommend her if you are trying to find a supportive and highly knowledgeable doula. 

Monica Brown


I can't believe I'm about to say this, but I actually enjoyed labor and giving birth. I was literally making jokes in between surges. I know I was in a good headspace because of the work I did with Rachel. She had such a relaxed, calming and fun presence. My dream was to have a birthing center birth-- but we decided to birth at the hospital instead. Rachel really helped me advocate for myself at the hospital and make it a similar experience to a birthing center. We labored at home for as long as possible. She sat in the backseat of the car with me while my husband drove the half hour to the hospital and made that unbearable carride manageable. When I arrived, I was already 7 centimeters dialated. The midwives were really impressed, saying they rarely see a first time birther already that far along when they first arrive. Again, this was because Rachel did exercises that helped me relax and progress. She was also supportive to my husband-- making sure he was rested, hydrated and fed. There was a moment at the hospital where things got scary. While the staff seemed to be alarmed, Rachel whispered in my ear something very soothing that normalized the situation and calmed my fears. I can honestly say that she helped prepare me for any birth situation.

Jeannine H.


Working with Rachel as our doula was the best decision I have made as a parent. She is simply the kindest, most patient, most giving person I have ever been lucky enough to meet. She is also just really fun and goofy, you definitely will want her to be your new best friend! 
I was very anxious about giving birth, but Rachel was so positive and excited for us, it really did help with my mindset. I needed someone to hold my hand through it all, and she did that, plus a million other things. Even while I was still in labor, my husband was saying he didn't know how we would have gotten through it without her. Hour after hour she was still 100% hands-on. And post-partum she was equally amazing.
Maybe the highest recommendation I can give, is that my Obstetrician asked for her contact! She said she was the most active doula she had ever worked with. 
We love Rachel!!




The process of finding a doula felt like a daunting task to me. To find someone to support you through one of the most intense and important and personal experiences in life is hard but the thought that this person will start out as a stranger made it feel even more stressful. It takes a lot for me to trust someone and I'm not very easy to win over. I interviewed 8 doulas before finding Rachel and she was by far the person I felt was not only trustworthy but empathetic, knowledgeable, and balanced. I am happy to report that she was not only these attributes but also fun and natural. She knew what to do when and what to say and how. She gave us the style of support we needed and made sure we felt up to this most important event. I am so grateful that Rachel was a part of our team and do not want to even think about a scenario where she was not with us. 

Lauren Silbert


I do not want to imagine what my birth process would have been without Rachel. Our hospital and doctors recommended a doula, and during COVID as first time parents, the idea of having someone experienced on our side was a real comfort. We had two pre-natal visits with Rachel where we went over what we wanted, and what we should be thinking about that we didnt know we should be. Rachel immediately got our "vibe" and made sure we knew that we were in control of the experience and gave us the keys to know when to ask questions and be our own best advocates. I ended up laboring at home for several hours (Rachel was on the phone with me for a good portion of it) before going to the hospital in the middle of the night, where we confirmed my water broke, and Rachel met us shortly after. It happened to be a particularly busy night and we were stuck in triage for a while. Rachel was a godsend. She was able to stand in when my husband needed a little break, and came supplied with snacks, ginger candies and face wipes to help stave off the early labor side effects. After 20 hours in labor, Rachel coached me through breathing and dealing with the pain, all while helping my husband provide the best support (physically and emotionally). She identified when I needed to take deep breaths to help the baby's heart rate, and connected with the nurses/doctors when she knew I needed their attention. She gave me the tools to be my own advocate, and when I said I was ready to push, she backed me up even if the nurse didn't think I was. Turns out we were right, and the baby ended up coming out before the doctor even got into the room! Rachel stuck around, took some great pictures of our new family and kept us in the loop with everything that was happening to me and the baby after birth. Rachel was the perfect combination of a guide map and friend to make us feel supported and as much in the know as possible. 10/10 would recommend and wouldn't have another baby without her. 

Emily alexander and Michael Nwosu


Rachel went above and beyond in her support and loving kindness in helping bring our baby girl, Frida, into the world. As a first time mother I had concerns and expectations about what my labor experience would be like. Rachel, first and foremost, listened to our needs and goals and reinforced confidence that I had the strength and focus I would need for whatever my labor would entail. She did not force her own agenda but gently made informed suggestions and always with a wonderful warm energy. Needless to say I had a long and difficult labor experience and I can't imagine having the strength to endure it if it wasn't for Rachel. When I was confronting my greatest challenge and felt stressed by just being in the hospital she made space for me to refocus and assure me I had the strength to continue. This was just what I needed. I felt overwhelmed by all that was happening around me in the hospital and she was there to remind me to breathe and center myself. She also made sure my partner had everything he needed. After the labor and delivery she was there to follow up several times postpartum. Rachel went above and beyond our expectations and we consider her family.

Cassie Tweten Delaney


When I got pregnant, I wasn't sure I wanted to hire a doula. But because my husband doesn't do well in medical situations, I was looking for additional emotional support. A friend put me in touch with Rachel, and I'm so glad she did. Hiring a doula was one of the best decisions I've ever made, and I'm very happy to have had Rachel as mine.

Rachel knew I wasn't 100% sure I wanted to hire someone, but she was open and understanding during our initial call. She never pressured me or tried to sell herself. Instead, we had a friendly conversation and she gave me the information I needed to make my decision. 

Because of the pandemic, our first meeting was via video chat. Again, she made me feel comfortable, even though I was nervous about having such a personal meeting not in person. She addressed my concerns and even sent me helpful articles and videos. When we were able to meet in person, she brought along resources to help me prepare for labor and having a new baby at home. 

The birth didn't go as "planned"- but I think it's fair to say they rarely do. I was induced, and it was a very long process. Rachel was calm and patient. She helped me stay relaxed and comfortable, and provided emotional support for both me and my husband. She talked through our questions for the medical staff with us and helped me stay grounded when I was starting to feel very out of it after many hours in the hospital. I ended up getting a cesarean, but went into it feeling prepared and ready to finally meet my little guy. 

I opted to have a postpartum meeting with Rachel as well, and I recommend the follow-up visit. It was a chance for her to meet the baby she helped bring into the world, and let me talk through my feelings about the experience, learn more about what to expect while breastfeeding and caring for a newborn, and thank her in person for being an important part of such a special moment in my life.

Amanda Jordan


Rachel Andre is a an expectional doula I was so blessed to come into contact with her during my pregnancy. I wasn't planning on having my baby in a hospital, but  Rachel made it possible to follow my birth plan as close as humanly possible. She provided excellent care going the extra mile even encouraging me to voice my concerns on anything that I was unsure about . What ever was asked and things that didn't seem to be the role of a doula Rachel preformed above and beyond. She provided me with all around superior support during  prenatal, labor and postpartum. I want to thank Rachel for loving what she does and sharing her love of her craft with me and my partner. We both learned so much and we greatly appreciate it. 

Amanda Jordan


Rachel Andre is a an expectional doula I was so blessed to come into contact with her during my pregnancy. I wasn't planning on having my baby in a hospital, but  Rachel made it possible to follow my birth plan as close as humanly possible. She provided excellent care going the extra mile even encouraging me to voice my concerns on anything that I was unsure about . What ever was asked and things that didn't seem to be the role of a doula Rachel preformed above and beyond. She provided me with all around superior support during  prenatal, labor and postpartum. I want to thank Rachel for loving what she does and sharing her love of her craft with me and my partner. We both learned so much and we greatly appreciate it. 

Taisiia Smekalenkova


It is hard to describe the debt of gratitude I feel towards Rachel. I can't imagine the labor without her. My labor lasted for 3 days and she stayed on top of it the whole way through. When we freaked out every couple of hours, she was there to soothe our worries. When we contacted her at odd hours requesting her presence, she was there. When we wanted strange foods at odd times, she came through. By day 2 when the labor was not progressing, Rachel had us over her place and let us use all the facilities as needed. Without her calming presence and excellent recommendations/massages, the labor would have ended much worse. She was stalwart through the whole process and I want to thank her so much for all she did for me and my now growing family!



Rachel was genuinely caring and invested in my birth from the moment we invited her to be our doula. Her calming and compassionate nature towards me, and her specifically inclusive attitude towards my husband made the birth process so much more comfortable for my family. Having Rachel present for such a important day in our lives was a decision we’d gladly make again!

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