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Lauralee Lightwood-Mater, CD(DONA)

Lightwood Maternity

Point Pleasant, PA Service range 50 miles I typically do not take clients more than one hour from my home zip 18950 (travel fee added when over one hour)

Birth Fee


Birth Fee


Medicaid and Third Party Insurers

Currently approved to receive payments from the following programs:

Birth Doula Experience

5 years

Doula Training

  • DONA International-Approved Workshop, April 2019

Type of practice: Solo practice

Clients per month: 1 to 4

Attends hospital births? All Hospitals
I have attended births at 16 different hospitals. Some hospitals I prefer not to attend anymore, and will gladly explain why over the phone, to help you get the best birth experience possible. Some of the hospitals at which I have attended births (not all of which I recommend) include: Penn Med Princeton, Capital Health, Morristown Medical, Einstein Montgomery, Hunterdon Medical Center, Doylestown, Abington Jefferson, Jefferson, Pennsylvania, Paoli, St. Luke's Anderson, St. Luke's Upper Bucks, Virtua Vorhees, Lankenau, Lehigh Valley Cedar Crest, and Chester County

Attends birth center births? All Birth Centers

Attends home births? Some Home Births
I attend home births for clients planning midwife assisted deliveries. I will not attend unassisted home births/ freebirths, although I completely respect and honor people's choice and right to have them!

College Education


Special Services Offered

  • Abortion support
  • Aromatherapy
  • Baby-led weaning
  • Childbirth education services
  • Cloth diapering education
  • LGBTQIA+ Support
  • Military families support
  • Miscarriage support
  • Photography - Birth
  • Reduced rates for women considering adoption
  • Satellite doula (for remote and rural clients)
  • Sibling support (for your older children at the birth)
  • Surrogates and intended parents
  • TENS units rental
  • Virtual and remote doula support

Training Documentation


Relevant volunteer or advocacy work

•Doula Trained, DONA Int. (April 2019) •Rebozo Trained (June 2019) •VBAC Certified with The VBAC Link (January 2020) •Pelvic Dynamics, Fetal Positioning and Rebozo trained (October 2020) •TENS Certified (January 2021) •CPR: Adult, Child, Infant & AED Training (BLS) (September 2022) •Breech Without Borders Trained (October 2023)

Languages Spoken

  • Spanish

Fee Details

$1,950 is my flat rate charge per birth. I do have a sliding scale, which is need-based for those who really cannot afford full fee. I am sometimes open to bartering for partial payment. $75 Travel Fee added for hospitals over one hour from Doula’s home (Philadelphia Hospitals like Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania, Pennsylvania Hospital, Lankenau Medical Center, Paoli Hospital, etc.) Please feel free to email me to find out more about my pricing and services available. (Consultations via phone, FaceTime, or in-person are always free!) After a brief consultation, I will email you more detailed info about my services.

Service Area

Point Pleasant, PA Service range 50 miles I typically do not take clients more than one hour from my home zip 18950 (travel fee added when over one hour)

Client Testimonials for Lauralee Lightwood-Mater, CD(DONA)

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Gabriella Bittner


Lauralee was an integral part of the pre/post natal and birth process. From start to finish she dedicated the time to go through each and every detail/preference we had of our ideal birth to ensure we were all aligned. She also spent the time to educate us on so much that would/could come into play as we moved though the process (birth, the body, interventions, etc.). When birth came about she was the loudest cheerleader AND advocate in the room. Lauralee was there to support me as the laboring mama, but also my husband which really helped to make us a team. Thank you Lauralee for everything. We couldn't have done it without you and I mean that. 

Carrley H


It's difficult to put words to Lauralee's gifts as a doula. Of course, she is extremely passionate and knowledgable about birth. Her positivity was infectious during our prenatal appointments, wherein she offered childbirth education and talked to my fiance and I about our feelings and wishes surrounding the birth. She didn't foist any expectations on us about decisions we should make or how birth should look. That said, her candid and informed perspective helped us to better articulate our own beliefs and plans. I ended up having a very long early labor. Lauralee checked in often and offered lots of helpful advice and encouragement... including a recipe for a delcious and fortifying "laborade" drink! Before the "5-1-1" point when support people are generally called in, she even offered to stop by our house (late at night, I might add) to provide us with a TENS unit as well as some practical tips for handling contractions. It was a great relief to see her after so many hours spent in labor. She returned promptly as soon as things were picking up and her support was needed. Lauralee's warm, attentive presence was deeply comforting. I felt as if my needs were being anticipated without any sense of pestering or intrusion. She remained quiet and calm, but also ready to crack a joke just when I needed some levity in the room. She offered gentle suggestions on movements to help labor progress. There were multiple instances when I'd communicate a fear to Lauralee, she'd offer words of wisdom, and I'd progress dramatically just minutes later (lost mucus plug, broken waters, etc.). I felt truly cared for as a first time mom journeying into the unknown. Oh, and somehow in the midst of this she was capturing pricless photos + videos and taking notes. She was a "teammate" in every sense of the word--trustworthy, friendly, and truly present. I can't speak highly enough about Lauralee!



Having Lauralee as our doula was the gift that kept on giving. Not only is she incredibly knowledgable about the birth world, but she is exceptionally emotionally intelligent - which meant the world to me!! An absolute comforting joy to talk to and the best listener I have ever come across. What a pleasure to share the most intimate time of your life with someone who embodies these characteristics.

Lauralee contributed vast amounts to the entire pregnancy and birth of our first baby born on New Year's Day this year.

First and foremost, her physical presence at the birth was very comforting to me and my husband. She helped keep an eye on the birth plans (that she suggested I make and edited for me). She was there to suggest positions that no one else would think of. She was there for massage or aromatherapy or a gently delivered life changing suggestion ie. "Go low with your sounds". Lauralee even managed to fully document the entire birth with photos, a video & detailed notes - which have been paramount in my processing of the experience.

Almost equally significant to me was the fantastic text message support available the whole time while pregnant and during my mulitple days long induction. INVALUABLE! Like a warm hearted friend that knows all the ins and outs of something you don't fully understand yet who is there to hold your hand. Also, through several facetimes and an in person meeting, you come to feel close and comfortable - all while being supplied priceless insider info to help you through the whole experience.

Whenever I think back to my birth, I will also think back happily to my experience with Lauralee. Very grateful.

Meg and Roland


Hiring Lauralee as our doula was the best thing we could have done for our pregnancy. She was an integral and essential part of our birth experience.

Lauralee is incredibly knowledgeable, patient, clear, and encouraging. She provides a very thorough and balanced presentation of information to help you make an informed decision. I was so grateful for this, because as a first time mom, I was learning a lot through my pregnancy, and Lauralee was a wealth of knowledge who was more than willing to answer our questions and point us to resources.

Before the birth, I felt supported and empowered learning from Lauralee. She offered several zoom calls and a home visit that taught us about the birth experience and helped us understand decisions we’d have to make along the way. Between visits and check ins, she was very responsive via text and always willing to help. Her sense of humor, kindness, calm energy, and nurturing presence were a balm to any anxiety I felt. 

My water broke before I went into labor. Lauralee guided us through every step along the way, and helped out with some ideas to get labor going again when it stalled. During the birth, she was there armed with knowledge, a calming presence, and a TENS unit that helped me through the pain.

She also took detailed notes during the labor and took wonderful photos that we’ll treasure forever. Lauralee stayed with us after the birth to get us situated, and then did a follow up visit where she shared the photos and notes and we could process everything and reflect on the experience.

She helped me and my husband feel encouraged, supported, and empowered, and my pregnancy, labor, and birth would not have been the same without her guidance. I highly recommend Lauralee’s doula services for any pregnancy. She is also a lovely person and I am so glad we’ve been able to get to know her!


Miranda M


I cannot stress enough how important having doula support was during my pre-natal and birth experience. We hired Lauralee for both myself and my birth partner and I am SO glad we did. The pre-natal birthing session we did to prepare was significantly helpful, answered so many questions, and eased anxiety going into my first birth experience. We made a plan together, I learned how to advocate for myself more, and I felt much more prepared going into my birth experience. I had an induction and felt Lauralee's guidance was critical in helping make it a positive experience. The text/call support before birth was such a nice tool to have. My birth was different than planned because it went much faster than anticipated. Lauralee provided vital support yo my birth partner via phone and made it just in time to start pushing! She spent time with us for several hours afterwards to help with skin to skin and breastfeeding. She also took the most amazing pictures. Lauralee was a key person in our first few weeks post-natal when stress was at its highest point. We had an incredible visit several weeks later, got to review the whole experience and share snuggles with our new baby! I would highly recommend Lauralee as a doula, for whatever type of birth experience you're planning!

Kirsty Tsalyuk


I cannot say enough positive words about Lauralee and my home birth experience, from the first initial call to our visit post baby! During our initial call, Lauralee was so informative and I felt an instant connection with her and knew I wanted her to be my doula! When meeting Lauralee, she had an instant calmness about her, is extremely genuine and easy going. Throughout my pregnancy, Lauralee was very responsive with any questions I had which made me feel at ease. When my contractions started and became consistant, Lauralee was by my side every step of the way. My contractions were extremely painful and Lauralee and my husband were my guiding light, helping me with my breathwork and reminding me that I got this. After 36 hours of painful contractions at home, my birth team decided it was best for me to transfer to the hospital because I wasn't progressing past 7cm. My husband and I weren't happy about having to transfer, but my birth team, husband and I felt like it was the right call for our healthy baby boy Jacob. I had all the confindence in Lauralee and my birth team that we made the right decision. Lauralee followed us to the hospital and continued to work her magic while I was there every step of the way. She gave me the extra boost of confidence that I can do this and the importance of advocating for myself in what I wanted if we ended up at the hospital. Even though sometimes your birth plan doesn't always go with what you envision, Lauralee is your girl getting you through Plan A, B or C. Lauralee also made my husband feel confident in his role as my birth partner during my pregnancy and when it was go time. He couldn't agree more with this review :) Thank you again Lauralee! We are so grateful for you and we know who to call for baby #2 :)

Helia Jacobson


When you need someone to advocate for what you want out of your labor and delivery, Lauralee is the person to have in your corner. With her calm and firm demeanor, she helped my husband and I  navigate through our L&D journey, providing us with knowledge and resources along the way to make the best informed decisions. 

My water broke on a Thursday evening, however, I wasn’t in active labor. She was there with us every step of the way, explaining what I was going through and what we could expect. Lauralee came once I was in active labor and was with us for close to 24 hours! She was the best support for me and my husband, helping get through contractions, think of pushing positions and making sure we were both cared for.

It was a challenging delivery. My baby was in OP position, however the hospital wasn’t able to inform us of this until after she arrived. Lauralee knew how much we wanted a vaginal birth and even when our provider had pretty much given up, she was the one pushing to figure out how we could make it happen. Ultimately, we made the decision to get a C-section after almost 48 hours. Until the last minute, Lauralee helped me think through different pushing positions and did not give up. She was an amazing coach and helped us focus in the moment and gave us confidence and comfort in a really stressful experience. Lauralee also caught things my providers had missed/ were not paying close attention to- like the fact that I hadn’t used the restroom the entire time I was at the hospital, even though I was constantly drinking water. Turns out my daughter was pushing against my bladder in such a way that I wasn’t able to go. Her close attention and experience is what enabled her to catch on to things that were otherwise missed.

Lauralee truly could not be more caring and supportive in her role as an advocate and she is steadfast to ensure you get as close to your birth plan as possible.

Wesley Barnes


Lauralee was recommended to us by our previous Doula for the birth of our second child (the Doula we had used for our first child’s birth was on maternity leave). We were really anxious bc we had such a great connection with our first Doula and a traumatic birth, we wanted to make sure we found the right support. Lauralee was exactly who we needed. She is encouraging, informative, and supportive. She provided the right amount of communication. She was always there when we needed her to answer questions; mostly there to check in & make sure the birthing parent was feeling good throughout pregnancy. When we were in labor, she supported both myself & my partner asking questions to understand what phase we were in physically & understanding cues of where we were at emotionally so she could provide the proper support. She brought a light, calm but fun energy to the birth space. Lauralee did a great job of holding the space to think about things, worked as a sounding board to talk it out, provided information if we needed it, so we could make decisions as a team. She did a tremendous job of assisting the team throughout the birth; they commented on how amazing she was at my postpartum visit. She encouraged different movement changes and actions to help with pain management & to keep things progressing. She is very knowledgeable & did a great job of reading the nonverbal cues of the birthing parent. We were very impressed with how dynamic she is. She provided us with a written play-by-play of our child’s birth along with pictures that we had given her permission to take; we didn't know how meaningful it would be. It was so nice to be able to relive the day because from my perspective, I was in labor, La La Land & didnt remember all the details. We were grateful to have her as part of our team. She knew what to say, and when to say it, to best support all of us. Anyone would be lucky to have her by their side.

Kifany Consagra


I have been meaning to write this review for so many months now. My name is Kifany and I am a Physician Assistant. While going through my OB rotation in school, I unfortunately saw and heard many things that made me very nervous. C-sections were far too common and actually preferred while I was there. So many things made me see many red flags in the system of traditional hospital births. It was after that rotation that I decided if I was ever going to be pregnant and give birth, that I would hire a midwife or a Doula. I found Lauralee when I was far into my pregnancy. I wanted to have a natural birth with no interventions if possible, and that is exactly what I was able to have. My birthing experience for my very first time was incredible! Lauralee is very easy-going, which just makes it even better to have her by your side throughout one of the most challenging things you will ever do. The last hour up until Avyanna arrived, Lauralee was right there by my side, helping me through.  My mind started to give up towards the end, and I was questioning whether or not I could do it. She was there to reassure me that I got this and reminded me to keep breathing. She gave me a sense of comfort. She helped me get into different positions during active labor that helped me keep progressing. On top of all of this, she was also there for my husband and helped him, help me. It can be challenging for your significant other to know exactly what to do in these times and she made him feel very comfortable as well. She also helped me heal faster post-partum with her tips and tricks! She is absolutely incredible and I would recommend her to absolutely anyone and everyone. I recently moved out of the area, and I told her I would literally drive closer to her to have have her help me have my second baby when that time comes lol! She is a true gift in the Doula world and I will forever be grateful to her for allowing me to have the exact birthing experience that I dreamed of!

Lauren D


The most magical doula that gave me the most magical birth!!! My first pregnancy ended with the cascade of interventions & a csection followed by complications and readmission. As a nurse I thought I knew enough about pregnancy & birth that I could just go with the flow and my water will break and I'll go into labor and be fine, I was sadly mistaken especially since I did not have the best birth team at the time. I was determined to have the birth of my dreams with my second and hiring the perfect doula was part of that plan! I found Lauralee through a friend and when I found out she was a vbac doula I was even more excited! Lauralee is a wealth of knowledge when it comes to all things pregnancy, birth and vbac and if she doesn't know something she will find a way to know it! From the start she helped me find a supportive OBGYN/midwife group, to round out my birth team. No matter how impatient I became she never did with me, she was always so patient and calming. When I went into labor we suspected baby was op & I somehow made it through a 14 hr labor unmedicated, like I planned because of Lauralee!! I cannot recommend her enough, I will forever talk about how magical my experience was with Lauralee and will always be grateful she was the one by my side! I still struggle to find the words for how amazing she is. At first my husband was very skeptical and wasn't sure about hiring a doula but after our first conversation with her he was sold! I hope and pray everyone gets to have their perfect birth & I know Lauralee can help deliver that!!

Joey Consagra


10 out of 10 experience! I am so thankful that we had Lauralee as our Doula throughout our 1st pregnancy. As a guy, I have to admit I thought it was going to be like the movies where eventually my wife’s water would break, we rush to the hospital, and then they deliver the baby. That is not the case at all as I would learn. Lauralee educated my wife and I so much about the process, how it works, and how you can choose your birth plan rather than follow the lead of someone else. My wife wanted to do a natural birth and we were able to do that thanks to Lauralee and her expertise. We were 100% completely prepared for everything that was going to happen come active labor. I knew the different stages my wife was going to go through (especially the stages when she would question herself and if she could do it), and most importantly - how I can support her through those times to make sure she delivered our baby exactly the way she wanted to. I do have to say, I don't think we would have stuck to our plan if it wasn't for Lauralee and her help. Without proper education and expectations, my wife probably would have got an epidural and it most likely would have turned into a C-Section, which she absolutely did not want. The time came where my wife went through the “I don't think I can do this” phase and I knew exactly how to help her through that and Lauralee was there to help us BOTH. There were so many little things that I could have never done - there were moments where Lauralee was helping my wife's hips by swaying her back and forth to ease the pressure, she helped her with positioning, she helped her manage her emotions and ultimately it led to a 100% natural and healthy birth of our first baby. We nailed our birth plan 100%. Not 99% or 90%... 100%. Nothing was compromised and she did it exactly the way she wanted to. Thank you Lauralee for all your help and for such a wonderful experience! I highly recommend her if you are looking for a Doula!



I can't say enough positive things about my birth and the support I received before, during and after my pregnancy. LauraLee helped me and my partner feel prepared before labor even started. I knew exactly what to ask my care team in the last few appointments and had a flexible but defined birth plan that her guidance helped me articulate. She helped me know what was happening in my body as labor began and progressed and when it was time to go to the hospital. When I got there, I was already five centimeters dialated. I never would have felt comfortable enough laboring at home for as long as I did without her guidance. She gave me invaluable feedback throughout my labor and birth that helped me make informed decisions. She helped ease my partners anxiety by answering his questions and coaching him through what might be helpful to me throughout each stage of labor. After my son arrived she was available for practical and emotional support, which was definitely needed the first week or two postpartum. She shot the most beautiful photos of our birth that I will treasure forever! & came over for our postpartum visit with the most delicious lactation cookies that I'm still making four months into breastfeeding! 

As a people pleaser, I was hesitant to hire a doula. I was afraid that this person would unintentionally take over my birth and it wouldn't be mine. I never felt pressured to do anything I wasn't comfortable with. LauraLee gave me the tools to feel confident to ask for what I want and advocate for myself and my baby.  This experience changed me, and I will carry it into my entire parenting journey. 

Hire her. Birthworkers are heroes and LauraLee is the best of the best! 

Christine Emge


It's hard to put into only 2000 words how important Lauralee's presence was during the birth of our daughter, Maddison. I'll start from the very beginning. Hiring a doula, and Lauralee specifically, meant that we were educated, informed, and had a plan months before our daughter arrived. We had one on one time dedicated to teaching us about the phases of labor, about the role of a doula, but more importantly: an individualized plan based on our preferences as a family. Leading up to our due date, Lauralee was so diligent about checking in to see how I was doing both physically and mentally. When I started laboring, she calmly coached me through 13 hours of laboring at home. At the hospital, Lauralee was a gentle adovcate for my space being both peaceful and relaxed. As a first time Mom, I can overstate how important just that alone was to our birth. When people ask me about what having an unmedicated birth was like, the first thing I tell them is how important/integral Lauralee was. She kept me as calm as possible through the transition phase of labor, she looked me calmly in the eyes when I yelled I couldn't do it anymore and reminded me how strong I was, and how everything I was feeling was my daughter and I working together. She coached my husband through positioning to help me labor. And when the pushing phase of labor came, she calmly (are you picking up on a theme here?) reminded the resident to allow me the second push vs pulling on my daughter, a crucial ten second moment that yielded NO TEARING, and a uncomplicated postpartum recovery for me. She is worth every minute, dollar, and ounce of energy you can give her. If you are searching for the right person, you have found her. As the secret of Lauralee's skill and presence becomes more well-known, I imagine she will be hard to book. Did I mention she documented my whole birth and then stayed to love on my daughter and I after? We have quotes, a timeline, and photos. Moments we will treasure forever.



Our VBAC experience with Lauralee has been nothing short of exceptional! From our first conversation on the phone, I felt heard. She asked questions to not only understand where I was coming from but also to challenge my own why's. 

As of relationship grew through our meetings, both my husband and I learned so much about pregnancy, the birthing process and how we could advocate for ourselves and our daughter. She provided resources, education and support completely individualized to our needs.

Lauralee's nurturing presence, unwavering support, & empowering knowledge truly led us to the transformative journey of childbirth. We achieved a beautiful unmedicated hospital VBAC together as a team.

Both my husband and I are extremely grateful for the experience we've had. We would definitely recommend her services a million times over! :)


Amy Rothstein


Before Lauralee was my doula, I had the benefit of knowing her as a trusted doula colleague and a dear friend. In all of those relationships, she has never made me feel anything other than confident and capable and supported. As my doula for my third birth, she provided exactly what I needed: a calm presence, a complete awareness and trust in what I wanted, and a teammate for my husband as I moved through all the sensations birth brought me. I had prepared for birth using HypnoBabies, and while Lauralee hadn't supported clients who had used that program before, she took all the materials I gave her to prepare and made sure she could support me in the ways I needed while I used my hypnosis techniques. 

She never once made me doubt my choices, she offered reassurance whenever it was needed (especially prenatally), and she helped me to feel safe and powerful. She took beautiful photos that I will forever be grateful for, she made me feel grounded and supported even in the most intense moments, and she fed me while I soaked in that first hour with my new baby. Lauralee is a stellar doula and a special person. She respects her clients, advocates for their desires, educates them on their options, and honors their experiences. Having worked as a doula myself and having given birth twice before, I did feel confident in myself and my ability to birth, and I still believe there was tremendous value to having Lauralee's support throughout pregnancy, during birth, and into postpartum. So does a doula need a doula? I can't answer that question for all doulas, but I can say with total certainty that having Lauralee as my doula made my pregnany and birth journey better. I am so thankful she was part of the final chapter of my birth stories. 

Brittany Madera


I hired Lauralee to consult with me to process my birth experience. I cannot say enough good about her and her abilities. She's so knowledgeable. She brings evidence, honesty, and kindness to her clients. I feel tremendous peace after talking with her. If I lived closer to her and had another child, I would 100% hire her for my birth team!

Jamie Quinn


I am so happy with our decision to have Lauralee as our Doula. I knew there were going to be things I learned from her that I wouldn't learn from my doctors appointments- I just never could have imagined HOW MUCH. Touché to all doctors bringing babies into this world- but everything before and especially after is where I really found the most value having Lauralee. I feel as though I was able to make decisions regarding my breast feeding journey with the help of lauralee, I was able  to avoid clogged ducts and other horror stories, again in thanks to Lauralee. She never once made me feel guilty for choosing one decision over another when determining what I wanted for my birth plan etc. She is continuing to help, add value and just be a good friend and check in even 7 weeks after the birth of my daughter. 10/10 would reccomend and will definitely be bringing her on board if/ when we have more children ??

Dan Kassel


I can't say enough good things about Lauralee's doula services. From the getgo, she was very respectful of our desired birthing experience and took it upon herself to schedule Facetime chats at time-appropriate intervals in the months leading up to labor. These meetings typically flew by as we discussed our vision and she posed many questions for me and my wife to get a firm understanding of what we wanted and how she could best help facilitate a meaningful and smooth birthing experience. She also educated us on many anatomical and experiential points of which we were either unaware or lacked a firm understanding, all while maintaining warmth and good humor. 

When labor came, she was immediately responsive and coached us through the beginning contractions while urging us to wait to go to the hospital. We were extremely grateful for this, as its all too common for people to panic and head to the hospital before its necessary and have long, unpleasant labors in that environment. She calmed our worries and when contractions were picking up enough, she calmly recommended that we leave for the hospital. Once there, she met us quickly, even persuading staff to let her into triage where she technically wasn't allowed. We were grateful for her tenactiy and insistence, and once she got to our room she immediately helped ease the pain of contractions with counter-pressure techniques that she trained me to apply, as well. 

Lauralee was amazing during the 18 hours of labor, offering unceasing encouragement and strength throughout the whole process. The experience would have been so much harder without her there. She worked with us tirelessly the whole time, only breaking for a few minutes here and there. Her calming words of strength helped Kaitlin get through to the end when she didn't think she could push anymore. When the baby finally came, we shared tears of joy together. We love Lauralee and can't thank her enough!!



I am so thankful to have had Lauralee’s guidance both during my pregnancy and even a year later. Though I did not use her services personally, she taught me a great deal through her social media content. When I would have questions about what she posted, she would always take the time to respond in great detail. She would provide resources, facts and visuals. The more I learned from her, the more my expectations of birth began to change and I began to feel more educated with what my body needed and could do. Thanks to Lauralee, I was able to feel empowered entering the birthing suite at my local hospital. Lauralee taught me not only to speak up for my body and my child but provided me with the information as to why it was important to do so. Her knowledge about pregnancy and birth is unmatched. It is apparent that Lauralee loves what she does and was born to do so. I can only imagine what a wonderful member of the birth team Lauralee makes. Thank you, you are truly magnificent.



Since our first interaction with Lauralee, she demonstrated passion and superior knowledge as an experienced doula. She really cared to understand the kind of experience we were hoping to have.


We exchanged multiple text messages during the months precedinng birth. She provided reassurance and lots of great resources for birth education, podcasts and books.


Few weeks before my due date, my partner and I attended her birth preparatory class. She tailored the educational content to help us navigate the wealth of information and support informed decision making for birth.


It was a great pleasure having Lauralee as part of our birth team. We felt supported and empowered in every step of this journey. I highly recommend hiring her.




We had the pleasure of having Lauralee as our doula. She was key in helping us feel and be prepared for a VBACK. We attended her birth preparatory class remotely and couldn't be happier with her preparedness, knowledge, and material. As a birth partner, she took the time to prepare me to better support my partner for and during labor. We loved having Lauralee in our team.



When we met Lauralee there was instant chemistry, she has a wonderfully calming presence that is part of her natural being as well as being an extremely well informed, articulate and compassionate professional. Her ability to articulate the entire process and ensure we were comfortable and prepared at every step was like a breath of fresh air. The lessons before birth, the pamphlets, regular contact, and the reassuring presence right up to and after the moment our daugher was born was exactly what we were hoping for. She was an advocate for us in the delivery room, ensuring that we always understood our choices and our rights. We had a challenging birth with several complications and she helped steer us through the emotional storm, I can't recommend her strongly enough. Even post birth when she delivered the pictures that we had added onto our package with her made the experience come back to life and we have memories we can cherish always. Thank you Lauralee! A wonderful Doula and wonderful person!



This was our first child and working with Lauralee had a huge impact on my expectations going into the birth and the actual experience.  We had a fairly challenging delivery and she was a huge help - offering encouragement, guidance and support.  The homework during the pre-labor meetings also helped a great deal with expectation management and preparation for the labor/delivery and the potential complications that can arise.  I learned a lot about my role as the support person and was more able to mentally prepare for one of the biggest experiences of my life.  Having someone in there as an advocate who has been through a lot of deliveries really helped diminish the stress and concerns about doing things that were not in accordance with our values or birth plan.  It was also nice to have someone to take photos and other documentation to remember that day.

To be completely up front, I was not initially on-board with the idea of Doula services while delivering at a highly ranked hospital.  Luckily, my wife advocated for it and I viewed it kind of as "insurance."  If everything goes smoothly, then it's just some additional expense (I appreciate that comfort with additional costs may vary) and preparation for the event.  However, if things went poorly, I'd always be upset with myself for being against it.  In retrospect, Lauralee made a huge impact on a day that really brought my partner and I together while bringing our child into the world on our terms.  I'm really happy that we went with her and can't recommend her enough.



Lauralee is an exceptionally compassionate and well-informed doula with a clear commitment to her clients. She was a wonderful source of support and information before, during, and after the birth of our first child. 

In our initial conversations, Lauralee asked thoughtful questions, took the time to thoroughly understand our circumstances, and helped us think through our goals and options. 

In the weeks leading up to the birth, Lauralee shared tailored educational materials and resource recommendations that helped us manage preparatory work, navigate various sources of information, and make informed decisions both before and during the birth. 

During labor, Lauralee’s guidance, expertise, and hands on support were critical to helping us navigate unexpected incidents and to ensuring a positive outcome. She also captured the birth beautifully through thorough notes, photos, and videos. 

Even after the birth, Lauralee has continued to check in and has been generous in providing advice and support as needed, which is great source of comfort.

I highly recommend working with Lauralee!

Maya Bass


I cannot recommend Lauralee enough. She was amazing and supportive throughout the entire experience. Before the labor we had a few visits. During the first visit, she asked some insightful questions that led to great conversations between my partner and me. She had another great visit where she detailed the entire labor process and answered our questions in a clear and evidence-based manner that I really appreciated. Before we headed to the hospital, she was there to answer my questions and help support me in deciding that it was time to go. At the hospital she was a consistent source of helpful management options. It seemed like she had everything you could think of in her bag. Who would've thought that holding combs would be so helpful?  The crucial part for me was that she was there to help when we had to make decisions about how to continue and support a healthy birth. Without her asking the right questions and making me feel validated I don't think I would've been as able to make those decisions in a way that felt right for me. She was also great at making sure that my partner felt confident in his ability to assist me. After delivery, she was there again as a resource for asking questions about those first few days at home. Her postpartum visit was amazing. She brought treats and a photo album as well as her notes from the delivery. It was so helpful to be able to look over those images and read her notes as I had already started to forget some of the experience. Lauralee is caring, empathetic, and a fierce advocate for her clients. Again, you can't go wrong hiring her as your Doula. 

Jesse Elliot


Lauralee went BEYOND above and beyond for my wife and me. Without her guidance, advocacy, and support, we wouldn’t have had the positive birth experience we hoped for. I’ve met few people in my life more capable in their profession than Lauralee. She is a master of her craft. Hers is an act of love. We can’t recommend enough having her as a member of your birth team.

Kaitlin Deering


We are three weeks postpartum now and I cannot begin to place a dollar amount on the value of Lauralee’s support throughout my pregnancy and delivery. I entered into this pregnancy, my second, with PTSD from my first birth experience. This time around I was adamant that I wanted as little intervention as possible. Lauralee empowered me with science based education, so that every step of the way I felt confident and firm in my choices. Lauralee was always super responsive with any questions I had, and it felt so reassuring to have my concerns addressed with information that isn’t outdated or based on fear. Lauralee’s support during labor and delivery is steadfast and comforting without ever being imposing. She is incredibly intuitive and anticipated my needs with an innate understanding of where I was at, without me ever having to ask. I was able to turn inward and focus on my journey without feeling pressured by time or my progress. When I doubted myself she reassured me that I was capable and strong, and provided emotional support that helped me mentally traverse seriously difficult hurdles, let go of my past experiences and ultimately have the birth experience i wanted. I will forever be grateful to Lauralee and cannot recommend her services more. I wish every birthing person had access to this level of excellent care throughout their pregnancies. 

Kaitlyn Wells


After interviewing Lauralee, my husband and I immediately knew she was the perfect doula for us. When it came to supporting me during labor, Lauralee in no way replaced my husband. They worked together as a seamless team. As an experienced birth worker, Lauralee knew exactly when she was needed hands-on and when to be a quiet bystander. Yet, she was never idle. Lauralee took copious notes and captured beautifully raw pictures of my labor and birth. I am so overjoyed to have these treasures.

On top of her thoughtfulness, she was able to anticipate my needs, apply counter pressure in the exact right spots, aided us in advocating for my birth plan, and remained a calming presence throughout all the ups and downs of labor and birth. Many times, she was already supporting me in the exact way I needed before I even had to ask. She arrived prepared with all sorts of tricks in her doula bag. She pumped up the partially deflated hospital birth ball, had choices of different chapstick flavors and essential oil scents.  She picked up food from the cafeteria for us. Between the support from Lauralee and my husband, I never had to be alone. 

Lauralee always encouraged me to reach out during my pregnancy with anything. She prompted deeper level conversations with specific and insightful questions about mine and my husband's feelings, questions no one else had asked me. She provided encouraging words at the right times. Lauralee is a compassionate person. She communicates in a clear and firm, yet gentle and loving manner. 

I can confidently say I needed both my husband and Lauralee with me to guide me through labor, to let me go when it was time to bring my baby into the world, and to catch me on my way back to earth. 

Rose Marcus


I attended Laura-Lee's birth education course as a new doula and without question, her knowledge, commitment, high standard of care, and pure effortlessness was astounding. I cannot imagine embarking on the doula path without our meeting. In a simple format, Lauralee taught me about expectations of the hospital birth environment, epidurals, common fetal positions, and the steps toward birth. Specifically for doulas she defined the best birth bag and business guidelines. She gave hands-on tutorials for body work, comfort measures, rebozos, and business guidelines. Laurelee is simply magic. 



From the moment we met Lauralee, we felt comfortable and excited to have her as part of our birth team. She felt like an old friend who happened to be a birth expert and advocate for birthing people. 

Having worked with a different doula for our first (c-section) birth, Lauralee's attention to education and relationship building during pregnancy really stood out; both made a big difference in helping us feel prepared. She guided our preparation physically and emotionally so that my husband and I both felt like we had the knowledge, skills, and mental readiness for this birth. Meeting with her was great time for my hubby and I to focus on the new baby and bond about our excitement. 

During my first pregnancy, I pretended that a csection could not happen if I prepared and avoided thinking about it. Lauralee’s encouragement to make a backup csection birth plan built my confidence that I would have an empowering birth regardless of the specifics. Between dealing with the experiences I had during our first birth and the stress of COVID, being able to share my feelings with Lauralee was essential to go into our birth with lots of oxytocin flowing! 

On the big day, her communication helped reassure us that we were doing everything possible to birth our baby vaginally. The suggestions she made during early and active labor helped me progress quickly and cope well with the experiences I had. I coped so well with labor that I only needed the first few comfort measures we planned; I was able to have an unmedicated birth with her support. Seeing her at the hospital made me feel at home and at ease. Her compassion, skills, knowledge, sense of humor, and listening ability helped us through pregnancy, birth, and postpartum. We cherish the pictures from her, as we were both so immersed in birthing that we didn’t take any. Lauralee played a huge role is our beautiful birth story, for which we are very deeply thankful!

Camille and Stevey


We can't say enough how much we enjoyed Lauralee as our doula. She brought so much knowledge to us and comfort, her passion for her job is something everyone should hope for in their doula. I was confident going into labor and delivery, just because I was excited for the experience of giving birth. My husband and I had talked it over,I told him I wanted to attempt an epidural free labor, and to have a doula at our birth. In our search for a doula we stumbled upon Lauralee, after our interview with her, we knew she was the perfect fit for us. Lauralee provided us with childbirth education before the big day, she taught us in a way that made talking about our birth fear-free, and prepared (as prepared as we could be ;)) When the big day came, shortly after arriving at the hospital, the pain of contractions really started to kick in, Lauralee assisted me via phone call to get through the beginning phases of birth. After some time in the laboring tub, Lauralee joined Stevey and I at the hospital to get through the rest of our birth. Lauralee was essential to getting our little man earth side. She not only was our doula but became our friend through the process. We felt like Lauralee was just such a comfort to have during this huge moment in our life, which is something that you truly can't put a pricetag on. I was able to go without an epidural, but when I was ready for some relief, Lauralee helped to explain all of my options to assist with pain management. Once it was time to push, Lauralee reminded me of all of the different positions I can birth in, which helped bring my baby to me sooner. We are so thankful to Lauralee for her services, our family will always be thankful for your help in making the experience of becoming parents be enjoyable and memorable. We will always remember our first birthing experience as positive, and we have to give a huge amount of credit to Lauralee!

Melanie and Blake


Lauralee is a delightful doula as she has a seamless way of incorporating laughter, learning, and support. My partner and I are currently preparing for our first child, due in November 2021. Visits to the Maternal Fetal Medicine office left us feeling frustrated and inadequate. The final straw came when our OB-GYN informed us the baby was transverse and a C-section would be a likely outcome.  I reached out to Lauralee see if she could help with turning the baby using movement and other non-surgical techniques. She met with me and my partner via zoom for over an hour to discuss a multipronged approach to turning a transverse or breech baby. She also wrote up all her recommendations and emailed them so we wouldn’t have to remember everything and take extensive notes during the meeting. Instead we were able to focus on her as she demonstrated many of the exercises and provided background on why she had made certain recommendations.

After speaking with Lauralee we felt the excitement and strength that was lacking after a visit to Maternal Fetal Medicine. Although we were discussing a serious matter, we laughed together and marveled at the capacity of the human body. For me and my partner, working with Lauralee was the dream birthing education experience.  We have been doing out exercises and truly believe the baby will be in the correct position for a vaginal birth when the time comes, because not only did Lauralee educate us and make us laugh, she helped us believe in ourselves.     

Faith and Teddy


We had a deeply gratifying experience with Lauralee.  For weeks leading up to as well as following the birth of our daughter, Lauralee was a trusted friend, advocate, and supporter.  We were impressed with how Lauralee was able to care for us so intimately, even as she kept our family safe through careful Covid protocols.  Having gone through our pregancy and labor at a time when we weren't able to have the same level of support from friends and family, Lauralee picked up the slack in our support system and helped us to have a truly joyful birth experience.  We cannot recommend her services highly enough.

Kate & Tom


We could not be more grateful that we hired Lauralee to support the birth of our son! She is a wonderful person to be around - for us she was the perfect mix of warmth, enthusiasm, knowledge, and friendly assertiveness that we were looking for. At every step of the way she went above and beyond. I ended up having a (somewhat unexpectedly) long labor and she stuck it out with us. She had no problem coaching me through labor in the hospital courtyard when I was trying to avoid being admitted too early. She had various coping mechanisms throughout, always offering something new to try. She was nonjudgmental when I decided after 24 hours of contractions that I wanted an epidural. She very likely helped us to avoid a vaccum extraction or c-section by encouraging my husband to get in the mix with the midwives and do some coached breathing so I could push better. She put together amazing notes, photos, and videos that we will cherish forever. I can't recommend her strongly enough! 



I could gush about Lauralee for hours. If you're looking for an experienced, intelligent doula who is kind to her core, hire Lauralee. You won't regret it. 

Lauralee is that unicorn of a person who is both knowledgeable and humble. Our conversations felt like a safe space where any concern, emotion, or question was fair game. I learned more from her during two hours of childbirth education than I had in my months of googling. Her creativity, preparation, and sense of humor made the content so approachable. 

Lauralee made me feel so seen, heard, and taken care of. She is a superstar doula who was made for this work. 

Marisa & Fiona


Lauralee is an amazing doula. My spouse had a marathon induction, labor and birth that lasted over 4 days. Lauralee was there through every step of the (very long) process, offering evidence-based advice and emotional support. As a non-binary birthing parent, my spouse felt affirmed and respected when interacting with Lauralee. She is a class act and I'm incredibly grateful for the excellence in care she provided my family.  When it's my turn to carry a pregnancy, we plan to hire her again without hesitation. 



When I found out that I was expecting my third child, I knew immediately that I would want a VBA2C. I also knew that I would need a Doula on my team to help achieve this goal. The first time I spoke with Lauralee I knew immediately that I wanted her on my team. She was warm, unassuming, knowledgeable and supportive right off the bat. We met once in person, had a couple zoom sessions that included my husband, a few conversations and exchanged tons of texts. She demonstrated exercises, provided manuals and questionnaires to review and had lots of ways interact with us and address out specific situation. Due to a few important factors, I decided to have another C-section. Lauralee was a huge part of that decision making process helping to address my questions, concerns and fears each time they came up. She supported my husband during the process, gave us questions to consider for ourselves and to pose to our providers, and offered support throughout the entire process. I am so happy that I chose to work with Lauralee as she is a big part of the reason that I am comfortable with my decision to have a repeat C-section. It has been a very redeeming experience. 

Matt Kurteson


Lauralee (LL) is an absolutely amazing doula and we simply could not imagine doing it all without her. My wife and I were blessed to have her participate in the delivery of our first daughter. From the moment we met, LL made great effort to get to know us by first visiting our home for a social-distanced consultation. We pushed forward with an immediate strong connection. There are many things that I believe set her apart from other doulas, but I'll list those most important factors. Communication: From the onset the correspondence between the 3 of us was free flowing and clear. LL made herself available to us literally, any time of the day and night. She was willing to receive calls/texts on a 24 hr window and always prompt with her responses. Questions were encouraged, LL wanted to ensure we were comfortable and confident throughout the entire process from start to finish and also given the time and space to process. Labor Process: We went deep into our birth preferences going into the hospital, but of course there is no true “plan” when it comes to birth. During the heat of a few intense moments where medical decisions needed to be made, LL encouraged us to take a moment in private and discuss each of those options and their potential outcomes. This was key in the labor process and brought a sense of calm into the delivery room that led to the best outcome for a healthy delivery of our baby. Documentation: LL allows you to be fully present during the entire labor process and captures more than you would ever imagine. Not only did she take many amazing photos for us but she also documented the entire day with copious notes & timed quotes with vivid details, which is something we've already referenced a few times to relive the day. You will not regret moving forward with LL, she is truly a beautiful person inside and out. We hope to have the opportunity to work with her again.

Steve Ball


Lauralee helped us welcome our first child to the world 14 months ago & she was extremely knowledgeable and helpful. Let her know your needs & wishes & she will advocate for you 100% she's extremely passionate about what she does & due to all the births she's been present for she great at spotting irregularities & issues during the birth process nobody else would catch. My wife's birth had some complications due to the position of our daughter & she kept us confident walking us through everything each step of the way. Leading up to the birth she was also a phenomenal resource. When my wife initially told me she wanted to hire a Doula, I thought it was a complete waste of money but I supported her regardless. I have to say after going through the experience it was a great investment and we would still do it again even if the cost was double. Don't hesitate to set up a consultation at the very least to learn more. 

Ian Reusch


Being a bit older with our first child on the way was immensely stressful, scary, and unknown.  Lauralee treated us with concern, caring, and knowledge. I learned more from 2 hours with her than I have in most of the things I have read. My fears have been lessened and my anxiety about being a new father has been lessened, too.  In the days of Covid, I have not been allowed to most of my wife's appointments, so I know only what I read about.  Hearing ways to advocate for my spouse and our soon-to-be child was so nice to know and learn with her.  She teaches in such a loving way.  I feel like her approach is to assume that each child being born is going to be in her life forever, therefore she treats each client like a lifelong member of her family.  


I appreciate all that she has done.  The doula class over zoom could have been boring, unfulfilling, or misinformed, but it was fun, educational, and engaging the entire time.  I would recommend Lauralee if you are looking for a caring and knowledgeable new friend to go through the birthing process with you.



When we met Lauralee, we liked her so much that we didn't even have to interview other doulas. She is nice, easygoing, friendly and calm . She gives advice but she respects what you want ! She respect your feelings and she does not judge. She is there to make you feel comfortable and instructed about the labor process and your wishes, which is great. We had meetings with her where she clarified our doubts and taught us a lot . she was also avaiable by text.

My labor was long and painful and she was there for me and my husband at home and in the hospital. Her presence helped us not to freak out ! Also she guided us about the procedures that were suggested in the hospital , I felt much better and comfortable having her there . 

I truly recommend Lauralee as a Doula and also a friend ! 

Rashawn and Suzelle


We didn't know what to expect from a Doula, but after our experience with Lauralee, I rave that everyone should have a Lauralee to support them in their pregnancy journey. Our objective walking into this was to have a successful VBAC and thanks to Lauralee and those above we were fortunate enough to have just that!

From our first meeting with Lauralee, we knew she was the Doula for a family. The information she armed us with regarding birthing process gave us the ability to walk into labor feeling truly empowered. She is extremely knowledgeable and passionate about childbirth. Her warm energy, and compassionate nature made it easy to trust the process. 

She's supported all of our emotional and physical needs.  Always making my wife feel just as important as I was through the entire process. We worked as a team to bring our beautiful daughter into this world.

Lauralee holds a very special place in our hearts and we are forever grateful that our paths crossed. Highly recommend!



Lauralee has an obvious passion for birthing and for her work as a doula. It is clear that she truly loves helping her clients. She is knowledgeable, experienced, calming, and extremely caring. During the quarantine period of the pandemic, we found out that our baby was lying in a transverse breech position. We asked Lauralee if she would be comfortable meeting with us virtually over the internet (rather than in person), to help us encourage our baby to turn head down. Our online sessions with Lauralee were incredibly helpful and reassuring. She taught us spinning babies positions and Rebozo methods, and taught us how to properly and safely support them. She taught us how to encourage a meditative atmosphere for positive thought during our practice. She provided us with some very helpful detailed instructions to reference between our sessions, and she was available to answer our questions when they arose. She has been an invaluable resource of knowledge and support for us. We highly recommend this passionate and caring doula!

Marietta G


Lauralee is an amazing doula. Her support through my difficult labor was invaluable. I could not have gotten through it the way I did without her. She took care of me and my husband like we were family. She got me through labor with talking me through breathing exercises and different positions to deal with pain. She helped me make hard decisions without trying to pressure me in any way. Lauralee has such a huge heart and a passion for her work as a doula I would highly recommend her to anyone having a baby. If you are looking for someone knowledgeable, supportive, gentle and yet full of strength go with Lauralee as your doula. You won’t regret a minute of it. We love you Lauralee and thanks for everything!

Katie Craighead


Because of Lauralee, I am able to look back at my birth story with joy, gratitude and love. While I was pregnant, Lauralee met with me to go over what I wanted, and after our conversations, I felt prepared and confident in my decisions, knowing that even if everything didn't go as planned, we would all get through it together. Having Lauralee as my doula was empowering. Given that it was my first child, I had no idea what to expect and navigating the experience felt a bit overwhelming. She anticipates your every need, often before you even know you need it. Lauralee makes the person giving birth the main priority. She knew lavendar was a calming scent for me, so she made sure I had a room spray, linen spray, and sachets permeating the air the entire time. Because Lauralee took care of EVERYTHING around me while I was in labor (medical staff, family members, my partner, the monitors and cords, PHOTOS, everyone eating and resting, my hair, you NAME it), I could leave the physical realm to go deep within, tapping into my innermost power and strength to get through childbirth. Without Lauralee applying counterpressure during each contraction and supporting me in my space, I genuinely don't think I would have stuck to my birthplan. While she applied counterpressure, my partner was able to focus on coaching me through my breaths. She is a calming and powerful presence, both spiritually and physically. When I wanted to just give up on my plan, she was firm and compassionate, getting me mentally right back on track.

After I gave birth, Lauralee came back a few hours later with food, snacks and coffee for my entire family and bonus treats for hospital staff. She helped me through latching and breastfeeding. She even came to my house during the first week for a beautiful photoshoot. She does it ALL. She continues to hold an incredibly special place in our family for all she did for us. I can't recommend Lauralee more highly. 500/5 stars.

George Flayer


If there's anyone meant to be a doula it is most definitely Lauralee. As a father, I truly couldn't have asked for a better support person.  Lauralee was meant to be a doula.  Many people in-fact are but few are truly as special as Lauralee. My  partner and I had gone to LeMaz classes, hours of  baby preparation from hospital visits but once it was time for baby, it all went ou the window. There is NO GREATER FEELING than having someone as knowledgeable, patient, kind and thoughtful as  Lauralee.  There were a few times where I was overwhelmed with what was going on and she was quick to calm me down and keep ME focused so I could be a better support partner for my wife. Lauralee was extremely positive and a wonderful cheerleader, so to speak.  She inquired about  our needs and went above and beyond.  She arrived every single morning, hours early at times to guide us through the day, practicing breathing, going through birthing positions, massages all with a loving heart and smile.   Lauralee was the biggest reason why the birth of our child was as successful as it was.   She knew my partners goals and never let her give up.  She was gentle, kind but firm and solid in her energy and love.  I couldn't have asked for a better doula than Lauralee.  I remember just as my son was coming into the world, everything hit me and I began to cry.  She said" get up over there and see your boy!  He's here!" I say that to say, she was there for the both of us.  I was able to support my partner better beciase of what Lauralee was able to do for my partner as well as myself.  I can't express in words how special this woman is and what a blessing it was to have her as our doula.  She will always have a special place in our family for the attention to detail, patience, love and knowledge, support and strength she blessed us with.   



Everyone births differently, but everyone should have a doula to support them. If you are lucky enough to be near Lauralee, do yourself a favor and let her be your doula!

Lauralee was an incredible support person during my pregnancy, my birthing day, and post partum. She went above and beyond to be a friend because she genuinely cared about me and my family. She came to a number of my prenatal appointments, getting to know my daughter and midwife in the process, so we were all very comfortable with each other. She was always available by text and we would send each other pregnancy memes and updates.

On my birthing day (which was a homebirth) she was an incredible support person and comfort. I am a very internal birther so I didn't need all her comfort tools but she knew exactly when to touch me and talk to me, supporting me in some of the most difficult moments before birth. She was unintrusive and intuitively knew when to give me space and when to be there. She acted as an extra set of hands for the midwives, never in the way, always helpful and professional. All the while, she was taking photos and videos. The images she captured are so beautiful, preserving the memory of my daughter's birth so I can cherish the moments forever. My birth was so smooth and positive, in part due to Lauralee.

Post partum, Lauralee continues to check in and remembers our milestones. She's still someone I reach out to you share photos and updates.

Everyone deserves a doula by her side, I was lucky to have Lauralee by mine.



I need to start by saying words CANNOT do Lauralee justice. Lauralee started working with me towards the end of my pregnancy. Even though we got a late start, she did not miss a beat in helping my husband and I feel informed, empowered, and well taken care of. I was very nervous going into a VBAC, but Lauralee made sure she was as informed as possible about the process and made me feel like we were part of a team.During my labor, Lauralee held my hand (which I'm sure I almost broke squeezing- sorry LL!) and reassured me I’d be ok when I was scared, tired and in immense pain. She spoke affirming words to me.When things took a turn and I needed a c-section she supported my choice and assured me everything would be ok. She wasn't allowed in the OR but she would've been there in a heartbeat if possible.The first night in the hospital my husband couldn’t stay - Lauralee stayed. She held my daughter. She rocked her. She sang to her. She cuddled her all night and into the morning. I woke up drowsy and in pain but when I looked over and saw Lauralee whispering quietly to my daughter holding her so lovingly as if she were her own - my heart skipped a beat and nothing in the world seemed important but that moment. All that mattered was that my daughter was so loved in that moment and all those moments while I had been asleep.True to form, Lauralee nurtured my sweet little girl in a way only Lauralee could.I am almost 8 months postpartum. Lauralee still checks in on us, congratulates us on milestones, and honestly feels like part of my family. I can't imagine going through another pregnancy without this amazing human by our side. Hiring Lauralee isn't just about hiring a doula and birthing a baby- it's about becoming and creating the most magical relationships- with your partner and your kids.Lauralee, I wish there were words that could truly express my deep gratitude for all you've done and continue to do for us. We love you!



This was our first time using a doula and having a home birth. As the husband I'll admit I had my reservations, but no more. Our little one was born 11/10/19 with the assistance of Lauralee.  We are truly happy to have had her as part of our birth experience. She came to many prenatal appointments and on the day of the birth provided tons of support. She stayed with my wife, helping her with whatever she needed, including: providing counter pressure, fluids, aroma therapy, and words of encouragement. She also took photos and videos of the experience and it didn't feel intrusive at all. It's like they cameras weren't there and we have the memories forever. Thank you Lauralee. 



Lauralee's work with our birth experience was incredibly valuable to everyone involved.  From pre-birth planning, to effective and timely communication, to the day-of performance, she handled everything with exceptional professionalism and grace.  Highly recommend!

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