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Evana Cooper, BA, CD AMANI


Cherry Hill, NJ Service range 40 miles



Birth Fee

$1800 to $2400

Postpartum Rate

$40 to $50

Black Doula Indigenous/Aboriginal Doula

Birth Fee

$1800 to $2400

Postpartum Rate

$40 to $50

Birth Doula Experience

5 years and 242 births attended

Postpartum Doula Experience

6 years and 171 families served

Birth Doula Certifications

  • Amani Birth - Certified Labor & Birth Doula

Doula Training

  • Amani Birth, March 2019

Type of practice: Solo practice

Clients per month: 1 to 5 births and 2 postpartum families

Attends hospital births? Some Hospitals
I don't support at HUP or Abington

Attends birth center births? All Birth Centers

Attends home births? Any Home Birth
I am a certified Assistant Midwife.

College Education


Special Services Offered

  • Acupressure
  • Antepartum doula support
  • Aromatherapy
  • Baby-led weaning
  • Babywearing education
  • Belly binding
  • Bereavement doula (pregnancy & infant loss)
  • Childbirth education services
  • First Aid and CPR
  • Lactation consultant/counselor services
  • LGBTQIA+ Support
  • Miscarriage support
  • Monitrice services
  • Newborn care and parenting classes
  • Parenting consulting
  • Prenatal or postnatal massage
  • Reduced rates for women considering adoption
  • Satellite doula (for remote and rural clients)
  • Sibling support (for your older children at the birth)
  • Surrogates and intended parents
  • Virtual and remote doula support

Relevant volunteer or advocacy work

Evana Cooper is a highly accomplished and certified Midwives Assistant, Labor and Postpartum Doula, and Childbirth Educator. With her certification in doula and childbirth education from AMANIBIRTH in 2019, she has established herself as a trusted expert in the field. With a strong background in youth education, Evana is dedicated to advocating for empowered birth experiences for families. Drawing from her own personal journey as a mother of four, she understands the challenges and importance of having support during childbirth. This firsthand experience has fueled her passion to share her knowledge and support other mothers on their birthing journeys. Evana's expertise extends to central and south Jersey, as well as the greater Philadelphia area. She holds various certifications in blood-borne pathogens, neonatal resuscitation, adult and infant CPR, Rebozo use, labor acupressure, and pelvic biomechanics, among others. Her goal is to ensure that every family she works with has the most comfortable and positive birth and postpartum experience possible. In addition to her impressive qualifications, Evana has also contributed to the field as a community researcher for ideo.org. Recently, she had the privilege of participating in the NJ Doula Dialogues program, which aimed to digitally archive the stories and experiences of doulas working during the challenging times of COVID-19. Evana Cooper's dedication, expertise, and commitment to empowering families make her an invaluable resource for anyone seeking support and guidance throughout their childbirth journey.

Languages Spoken

  • Arabic

Service Area

Cherry Hill, NJ Service range 40 miles

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Client Testimonials for Evana Cooper, BA, CD AMANI

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Evana was absolutely amazing! I do not know how I ever could have managed without her.  I felt super safe and reassured in her presence. She knew just how to calm me down and get me to refocus. I felt as though she was loaning me a bit of her own strength. She gave me the consistent attention I needed in order to feel secure during the vulnerable labor process. I never felt like a burden to her and she quickly fulfilled any request I made and allowed me to weigh in on decisions throughout the process. She helped me to feel empowered and in control. She even made me laugh a bit which is incredibly surprising considering the circumstance. Overall 10/10, must recommend!



I can confidently say that Evana is the best there is! She has been so supportive throughout the whole pregnancy, labor and delivery, and continues to be there for you even during postpartum! She stays ready to advocate for you and your family like it was her own. She is super respectful and knowledgeable, if there's any issues with anyone or anything, she will make solutions happen. Evana is the perfect doula and I would personally recommend her to everyone 

Chelsea Watts-Brown


Evana is the best! This is the second time my husband and I have used Evana’s doula services and she is nothing short of amazing! Not only has she become a personal friend to my family but she continually advocated and educated me on anything I was unsure about. My first pregnancy ended in me having preeclampsia and prenatal hypertension, so it was safe to say I was very cautious about my heart this pregnancy. I was not able to use the midwife practice that I used before so Evana referred me to an OBGYN am I absolutely love them to this day! She was very reassuring throughout my entire pregnancy and I cannot thank her enough!

Roseanne Milanes


Loved Evana! This is my second pregnancy and my first doula was having a baby so couldn't be my doula this time around. Evana was recommended by her and other doulas in the community. 

I had a high risk pregnancy and Evana knew how to navigate this with me. She was very communicative throughout my pregnancy and made sure to check on me.

During labor, Evana provided options and respected my decisions each step of the way. She kept in mind what I wanted, but also understood my fears in delivering what medical staff considered a "big baby." I delivered a 9 lb baby vaginally and I attribute most of what I was able to do with her! She gave me confidence, coached me, and provided a sunny, happy disposition throughout it all. 

Definitely recommend her -- she is such a great support system throughout the journey. 






I hired Evana due to her extensive experience, her knowledge and her good vibe. She brings great positive energy to the room when she walks in, she’s confident in what she’s doing and will make it known that you are in good hands. Evana is very knowledgeable and informative for any circumstance that has come up and was able to explain to me my options/choices in order for me to make an informed decision. My baby was breech and after talking with Evana I decided an ECV was a good option for me. I did the ECV and am glad that I did because I was able to have a natural birth instead of a C-section. Since this was my 2nd birth, my labor progressed much quicker than I expected so I was not able to get the epidural. Evana was able to help distract and coach me through contractions and stood by my side with positive reinforcement during the whole process. I would recommend any mom who’s looking for a doula to hire Evana. She’s a great asset to add to any birth team! 

Ayisha Williams


I have used Evana as my doula for both of my pregnancies and have recommended her to 3 other moms-to-be since meeting her. I love her and the love and energy she brings to every conversation. 

My second labor progressed much more quickly than I expected and I delivered six minutes after my water broke in the middle of the living room. I called Evana as soon as my water broke and when we realized I wouldn't make it to the hospital and there wasn't enough time for her to get to me, she coached me through my breathing and provided instructions to myself and my family over the phone.

Just because she wasn't there in person, doesn't mean she took her role as my doula any less serious. When the EMTs arrived, Evana continued to advocate for me and my newborn baby and asked questions and made sure they we were being properly cared for. After we were transported to the hospital, she met us there and jumped right into action checking on me, as well as baby. 

Evana knows me so well and based on this delivery and how my first labor went, we joked that the next pregnancy will be a planned home delivery and I can't wait! I look forward to using Evana again! 

Jordan & Mike


From a first time nervous mom terrified of labor, HIRE EVANA! 

We are still in awe of how amazing and lucky we were to have found Evana. From our first phone call we felt so comfortable with her and her support is unmatched. 

Evana's experience, support, and demeanor is the only reason we got through labor and delivery despite complications. She was there not only for myself but also my husband. Having a support team and having Evana lead the charge was what we needed. 

She's forever apart of our baby's story and we couldn't be happier. 

Saisuma Scheff


Evana was our doula recently, for the birth of my 1st child in late January. She was easy to reach most of the time, via text. And she always answered my phone calls. She provided 2 educational sessions before birth, 1 about childbirth and 1 about childcare. The content of both sessions decreased my anxiety about what was to come. Evana has good emotional intelligence, which helps in stressful situations that came up. She is also a clear and efficient communicator. I ended up having an unplanned C-section at my scheduled induction, and thus Evana was not an active part of the birth. Nonetheless, when we called her she arrived quickly and did what she could to help! At the time, I was distraught over the situation. Evana listened, advocated and was just present for our family. I would reccomend her as a doula to anyone. Especially first time mothers! 

Emma and Edwyn Edwards


As soon as we got pregnant with our second child, we know we wanted to ask Evana to accompany us again! She was such an anchor of support for us with our first son and this time around was no different. Evana consistently checked in throughout the pregnancy to make sure we had space and time for questions and all the information and encouragement we needed. We had some complications with our first delivery and Evana gave so much support in easing anxiety and helping us go into this delivery feeling informed and empowered. Postpartum check ins and conversations are a huge part of her care and offer so much valuable insight in taking care of mom and baby. We consider Evana part of our family and would highly recommend her to anyone welcoming a new member to theirs. 



We had such a wonderful experience working with Evana. Her energy and straightforwardedness were exactly what I was looking for in a doula to help me feel comfortable, knowledgeable, and empowered to have a successful birthing experience. Evana would regularly check in on me throughout my pregnancy to offer any support, guidance, or advice we needed leading up to the big day. At our prenatal house visit, she was incredibly insightful, personable, and flexible while we had a toddler running around the house during our meeting. Even though we had already been through this before with our older daughter, Evana still had so much new information to share with us including how different movements could help position the baby to come out more easily. She also helped empower us to make informed decisions about our birth plan in the days leading up to birth and once we were at the hospital. Unfortunately Evana did not make it to the hospital in time for the actual birth of our daughter because we ended up having a SHOCKINGLY quick delivery this time, but she provided my husband with ongoing support by phone and was able to share the post-partum experience with us in the hospital moments after she was delivered. I could tell by the way that Evana was so attentive to the various steps that the medical providers were doing in the delivery room that she would have been an asset during the labor and delivery process had we had a more traditional longer stay. She has continued to check-in on us and baby and help us problem-solve minor issues that arise. We strongly recommend Evana!



From our very first meeting with Evana we knew that we were in good hands! You never know what the experience of labor and delivery will be, but my husband and I felt empowered and confident to tackle any challenges that came our way thanks to Evana's, support, understanding, communication, and empathy. My labor and delivery experience was perfect, all thanks to Evana. She helped me to set intentions, helped me to think things through, helped me to understand more about the beauty of the whole experience. During labor I was able to stick to my wishes and when needing to make decisions during labor Evana helped guide me to make the right choice for me, not the choice that was convenient for everyone else. She also is amazing at reading the room and was able to make suggestions to make me feel more comfortable and happy. My birth story is one that is incredibly positive, powerful, and perfect, all thanks to Evana. My husband and I could not have had the same experience without her there. Thank you Evana! You're the best!

Nabiha Chowdhury


Evana is an absolute force, and exactly what we needed. Being pregnant for the first time, I was naturally anxious about many things, but Evana was always there to provide confident advice and reassurance. During labor and delivery, her ability to command the room put us at ease to just listen to her instructions and have the birth we hoped and planned for. We are so grateful for all of her love and knowledge, and cannot recommend her enough! 



I don't know how I would have gotten through labor without Evana (nothing went as expected!) - she was my advocate to get the pain relief I so desperately needed for my body to rest enough to make progress and was there with me to provide the encouragement and support I needed to keep going. I can't recommend her strongly enough!

Megan Ward


#1 Doula!!! Evana joined my birth team towards the very end of my pregnancy. She came into the group with the understanding that my husband and I wanted to protect our right to a natural home birth as much as possible. A hospital trip during labor was only to happen if and when we said it was necessary. After a successful early labor one morning in my 42nd week; my water finally broke, contractions were coming closer together and I was about fully dilated. It looked like we had it in the bag!

Unfortunately, my labor progress continued to stall over the remainder of that day and overnight. We had promising moments when contractions would speed back up, but by morning we knew it was time the get some help.  Evana helped explain to us some of our options and what to expect at the hospital. Once checked in and settled, Evana stayed with us the entire time while my body prepared to push again with Pitocin and an epidural. We had issues with the baby's heart rate staying level so I was put on-off-and-back on Pitocin the see how it affected things. During this time Evana calmly explained to me and my family what was happening and also what could happen if the contractions did not pick up again.

Luckily, we got going and I was able to finally push again. With some struggles we got the baby out vaginally. That was when we discovered I had been fighting a short umbilical chord the entire time and it tore moments before birth. The chord also grew irregularly from the membrane of the placenta which lead to further issues for baby and placenta removal.  These things were handled by hospital staff quickly, however, this scenario at home could have ended very differently. 

Evana never left our sides and remained a pillar of strength, a wealth of knowledge and a calming energy for myself and my family during this scary experience. We are so grateful for her and pray everyone has a doula like Evana in their corner!!

Brittany Phillips


So grateful I had Evana as my doula. Personally, I went past 40 weeks and everything in me didn't want to be induced. She supported me, kept me informed, and helped ease my anxiety. My husband even made a point to say everyone who gives birth should have someone like her with them. One of the main reasons I consider my birth a positive experience is because of her. I had a hospital birth and while I was pushing my baby out, her voice was the one I focused on because it was the only one telling me to trust myself and listen to my own body. I went from feeling scared and unsure before she got there to feeling like an actual warrior (she would tell you it was all me, but she is so powerful with her presence!). She is a very special soul who cares deeply about what she does. Seriously cannot recommend her enough.

Judy and Fred


Evana's commitment to her clients is unwavering. It's evident in the late night texts or calls, the frequent check-ins, and the extra time devoted to preparing for the labor process. No matter what, she makes sure you are comfortable with the decisions that you make for your labor and delivery. That's just as true in the lead up while developing a birth plan as it is in the delivery room, where she tirelessly provides the guidance, support, and distractions that you need to get through the process. Our experience was markedly different and much more positive and enriching because she was there. It's hard to believe that anyone else can provide a more meaningful and rewarding experience. Despite supporting hundreds of births, Evana shared in our experience as if it were her first, as it was for us, and the emotional investment was undeniable. There isn't another person I would want in the room with us and sharing that journey. She is our doula, and friend, for life.



WHERE DO I START?! If you ever was considering a doula this is your one! Evana was not just a doula she became family! Evana was there morning noon and night she never made me feel like I was a bother she made sure all of me and my husbands questions were answered and prepared me for the most easy and safe labor. She captured pictures and videos that I will cherish forever, she was my voice for my unmedicated natural labor, she was way more than my family could ask for. I will continue to hire Evana for anymore pregnancies and refer Evana to anyone who wants a doula (well add a new family member). During my laboring she made sure to keep me comfortable and suggested positions and different things to ease any pain and tension. All I can say is words can NEVER express my gratitude let alone my comfort strength and love I have for Evana and the support and dedication she shows, it is not "just a job" it is love that she brings. 

Brittanie Boyd


Evana was such an incredible resource and support system during my second pregnancy! Not only did she help prepare me for my preferred birth plan, she educated me on what to expect if things didn't go according to plan, which was super helpful since my son had his own plan. She was also extremely informative about my hospital care options for baby and me since many of the 'norms' are actually optional. Lastly, she was SO helpful with pointing me in the right direction for anything I needed for pre or postnatal care rather that was an OB or pediatrician, herbal teas, or swimming pools for the achiness. She is super responsive (any time, day or night), very professional, and brings joy and a few jokes during stressful times throughout the process. Would highly recommend!

Austin & Natalie


HIRE EVANA. Let me tell you -- we overanalyzed and set up interviews with over 10 doulas. It so happened that Evana went first -- which then meant that for the other nine, we would finish the call, look at each other, and ask "were they better than Evana?" :) Seriously, it was love at first sight -- Evana has a unique combo of warmth, relatability, and expertise. It's a combo you don't even realize you need until you encounter it for the first time, and you're so thankful. She made our birth prep, birth, and postpartum so seamless, and she's also incredibly responsive and resourceful, connecting you if needed to other providers (placenta, lactation etc) she trusts. We are hiring Evana for every birth we will be blessed to have. HIRE HER!!

Laura Simmons


I selected Evana as my doula upon the referral of my cousin, who had delivered a baby girl a little over a year ago.  She emphasized Evana's skill, craft, and professionalism.  As I inquired about her services, it was clear that she was meant to also help me in delivering my baby at some point in August.  I am writing this review days after the delivery of my first child, a baby girl named Audrey Jane.  Evana was the best every step of the way - if I ever had questions during my pregnancy, she was there to answer them and constantly check up on me.  On the day of my baby's delivery, she reached out several times to be aware of what I was experiencing and informed me to drive to where I was expecting to deliver - and just in time because unbeknownst to me, I would have my baby girl within an hour of my arrival.  I am extremely happy with her services and would proudly recommend her to anyone who is expecting and is searching for the absolute best doula in the South Jersey region. 

C Noble


Evana was there when I needed her the most. This was my first pregnancy and I had tons of anxiety, worries, and questions. Evana put to rest many of my fears with her own extensive knowledge and experience birthing and raising babies. I appreciated how available she was for a text and/or phone call and NEVER made me feel like I was bothering her. My pregnancy was generally great - Evana came to our home twice to help my husband and I prepare for the big day and create a birth plan. Everything was smooth sailing ... or so I thought.

Fast forward to 6/7/23. Evana stayed in contact with my husband and I during the induction process. We thought we had time, and I would labor through the day. 11:37am and my OBGYN tells me due to baby's declining heart rate they are recommending an emergency c-section. There went my birth plan! I called Evana panicked and scared. I had 20 minutes before surgery and things were moving fast. I'll never know how she did it, but I'm convinced Evana flew on angel wings to the hospital to be with me. Any woman who's delivered via c-section can relate to the experience being all about the safe delivery of the baby- but through the flurry of doctors and nurses in the operating room focused on my little one Evana stayed focused on me. I'll always remember her gently brushing my hair, telling me what was happening around me, and reminding me everything was okay. Evana never left my side until I was in recovery and reunited with my new healthy and beautiful baby boy.

Evana checked in with us following the birth, came to our home and made us dinner(!), and remained available until she knew I was okay. Evana took care of me during one of the most vulnerable times of my life – she will always have my gratitude and a special place in my heart.

Laura and Ben


Every pregnancy journey should include a doula, and we would absolutely recommend that Evana be yours!

Evana was recommended to us by my OBGYN and it was the best suggestion!  After reviewing her website, the testimonials and speaking to her on our consultation call, we knew she was exactly what we had been looking for in our pregnancy journey.  Evana has such an amazing, warm, fun and loving personality that exudes through the phone, so you feel like family before you even meet her. 

Staffing issues and arbitrary hospital policies made our labor and delivery experience challenging, but having Evana there made all the difference! She gave us the confidence and support that we needed to advocate for ourselves and helped us talk through our options. More than that, she gave us her undivided attention and care, something the hospital is incapable of providing.  We don’t know what we would have done without her! 

Her assistance doesn’t end there - Postpartum, she has been checking in regularly to make sure we are recovering and adjusting to life with a newborn, making sure we still feel supported and are getting the assistance that we need.  Evana is responsive and thorough, and an amazing resource and friend.



Evana helped me achieve my dream of having a very peaceful & stress free labor/delivery. I was extremely nervous to give birth, I didn't want to be anxious & scared through labor. She sent me so many resources such as meditations, affirmations, tips for long labors, laboring at home, etc! It helped me tremendously to calm my nerves, along with her being very attentive & validating all of my emotions/feelings. She's great at teaching you to advocate for yourself as well. Looking back, birth was the best/most stress free experience I've ever had, and I don't think I wouldn't have been able to do it without her. 



Run, don't walk! Seriously. 

After hearing too many stories from women who felt stressed and pressured by the healthcare system, it was very important to me to find warm, non-clinical support. A friend recommended we connect with Evana, who she'd worked with as a labor doula and to provide overnight support postpartum. 

Since my intro phonecall, Evana has been prompt, responsive, caring and supportive. Evana has shown a deep understanding of the physical, mental and emotional processes of pregnancy, labor, and delivery. Most importantly, she's shared clear, meaningful tips that center her clients (especially mom!). She's taken time to answer any and all questions, explain (with props, readings, and digital resources), be an affirmer and a coach. It's been so reassuring to know Evana is in my, my husband, and now our 2 week old daughter's corner - and I've probably not even begun to scratch the surface of picking her brain!

Our family is looking forward to working with Evana for overnight support starting this week. For now, here's my birthing expierience with her: When my water broke at home, I felt prepared on what to expect. She was supportive, and communicative (even as she was literally getting off of a plane!). I rapidly progressed from water breaking to brief labor at home to running to the hospital. Evana arrived at the hospital shortly after I received my epidural, and quickly joined my care team, had snacks and much needed bedside social support for me and my husband. Best of all - when I was describing my pain, she deduced that I was experiencing back labor, and repositioned me to alleviate it. It was a short matter of time before I started active labor, which lasted only 16 minutes, and I thank Evana for lovingly coaching me through delivery. Bonus: I heard our midwife comment that she'd welcome working with Evana any time in the future. I concur! 

Call her today. You won't regret it. 



This was the second time using Evana and I would never give birth without her by our side. She listens and helps to advocate for me every step of the way. I wanted to wait for as long as I could before getting an epidural. The hospital kept making it seem like my window for one would close if i kept waiting. They also wanted to insert a monitor because baby kept disconnecting. Had Evana not been there I would have caved and been miserable. Even with the epidural I was able to move with Evana's assist. This helped bring my little one in to the world quicker. I fully trust Evana and would never give birth without her!

Alyssa H


I would pick Evana as my doula a hundred times over! From the very first phone call, Evana was wonderful to work with - she was knowledgable, easy to chat with, honest (in the best way) and had such an optimistic perspective about pregnancy and birth. Throughout my pregnancy and birth she was supportive, checked in, and listened to my concerns/worries as a first time mom and offered evidence based information/thoughts about my questions and fears. At my birth, she was exactly what my husband and I needed and helped me experience the labor and delivery I hoped to the greatest extent possible. My husband and I have said countless times since our daughter's birth that having Evana as our doula was one of the best decisions we made for our pregnancy and delivery. 

Doreen Morris


Hiring Evana was the best thing that we could have done for my labor experience. Evana is knowledgeable, provided evidence base information to help my husband and I make informed decisions, and was our number one advocate. She made my labor experience a pleasant one and included my husband so that he felt a part of the process. I felt extremely supported as a first-time mom. I highly recommend Evana and plan on using her for all future pregnancies! 

Katiria Rios


From our initial phone call with Evana we knew she was the best fit for us ! Me and my partner felt extremely confident after our first call that we were going to work well as a team. Evana made us feel heard and answered and question that we had along the way. She made sure that we had all the necessary information. During the laboring process, Evana kept communicating with my partner to ensure that we were okay. Evana also heard my partners concerns and was able to provide him with reassurance throughout the laboring process. When things took a turn in my labor, Evana asked me how I was feeling and helped me process my feelings. I am beyond greatful that she was part of my laboring process and I would recommend Evana to anyone. Evana will always have a special place in our hearts !



Evana came recommended by a neighbor, and I wholeheartedly would recommend her, too. I interviewed a couple of doulas, and Evana was the only one that had me laughing on that first phone call. She was wonderful - accessible, patient, knowledgable, and made both me and my husband feel at ease throughout my preganancy and labor. As soon as she met us at the labor and delivery unit, she changed the dynamic for the better. She helped me change my breathing, which was like night and day during my strongest contractions. She took the time to explain some options to me and my husband during the delivery, and helped me find new positions to help the baby move down. As someone who was on the fence about hiring a doula in the first place, I am so glad that we had Evana there for our first child's birth and would recommend her to anyone. 

Lauren and Jeff


There are only tremendously good things we can say about our experience with Evana. From her confident and reassuring presence to her absolute calm in dealing with a highly opinionated grandma; Evana embodies all of the qualities we were looking for in a birth partner. Her recommendations throughout pregnancy were very valuable. And her professionalism in the hospital had the staff there looking to her for guidance. My husband and I felt empowered to have the experience that we wanted, and frankly have trouble imagining what the experience would've been like bringing our beautiful son into this world without her.

Having Evana be a part of our birth team was one of the best decisions we made (probably close second to deciding to become parents in the first place).



Evana was a great support and absolute pleasure to have as my doula for my first pregnancy. She is extremely knowlegable and provides an upbeat and calming presence. I suffer with anxiety but felt immediate relief upon first meeting Evana in person. She listened to and understood all of my concerns and was able to advise in a way that made me feel more in control and empowered throughout my pregnancy and once I was in labor. As is common with pregnancy, things did not go according to my original plan - I ended up having to be induced for hypertension. Evana was there every step of the way to help guide me as to what to expect with the new course of events. She was extremely helpful during labor and delivery. Even post the birth of my daughter, she has been a wealth of knowledge and support by answering all of my postpartum questions and concerns. 

I can attest that my pregnancy and birth experience would not have been as positive as they were without Evana's guidance and support. I would highly reccomend her to anyone who is considering hiring a doula. 

Rachel and Max Gross


Evana was the recommended doula by my OB/GYN, and I am so glad we could work with her. Her calming presence and evidence-backed methods made my husband and I feel so supported and as prepared as we could be ahead of the birth of our first child. From our first phone call we felt trust in her. She provided us with articles so we could be fully informed on making decisions on my prenatal care, birth plan, and care for our baby once she was born. She shared her own opinions without bias, so we felt any decision we made would be supported. For example, I especially felt supported by her in my decision to have an epidural - she let me know what I could expect and both the potential pros and cons of getting one. When I had to schedule an induction, I felt so much more prepared with Evana's walkthrough of what to expect than I did when I asked my OB. My husband and I felt empowered in making decisions about my care, the birth experience, and our baby's care thanks to Evana's understanding of and experience with hospital births.

Due to my due date being close to when Evana would be traveling, from the beginning she set us up with a backup doula, Vanessa, so we could be comfortable with another doula as well in the event that Evana couldn't make it. We could not express our appreciation more of Evana being so proactive in preparing us for that possibility, and we ended up having a doula 'team' ahead of the birth where we felt like a priority for both of them. It turned out that baby came while Evana was away, and the transition to Vanessa felt completely natural and seamless. Both Evana and Vanessa came to our home a few days after our daughter's birth for our postpartum followup, and were an incredible resource and moral support as I struggled with breastfeeding. I would absolutely recommend Evana as a doula to any of my friends in the future. Thank you so much!

Zaharah Moore


Evana has been a huge asset to me and my family from birth to postpartum. Evana helped me deliver a beautiful baby girl in August and hasn't left my side yet. She's a wealth of information and extremely pleasant to work with. I highly recommend her services as Doula. 

Taylor Wegmann


Evana was truly a godsend during my pregnancy! From the moment we spoke on the phone, I felt an instant connection. She was supportive, compassionate, and genuine from day one, and I knew she was someone I wanted supporting me during my delivery. Throughout my pregnancy, she provided so much wisdom, knowledge, and insight, and having prenatal prep sessions with her really helped me to feel prepared for my birth. I had an unmedicated birth and Evana was there at the hospital with us for the entire 12+ hour delivery. She was able to help me through managing my pain level and repositioning my baby through movement, various pushing positions, and breath work. Since the birth of my baby, she has been attentive and available for even the smallest of questions. I am so glad that I found Evana. Her support and guidance were paramount in my decision and confidence in having an unmedicated birth, and she has been so wonderful in helping me embrace all of the newness of having my first child.



Evana was absolutely exceptional! I needed her doing my pregnancy and she showed up. I had no family or friends in this new city and my partner wasn't on board with things, this is why I decided to seek out doula support and I'm so happy I did!  She will show up for you during your delivery and she knows what she's talking about. Highly recommend this beautiful soul!

Matthew Schwarz


Evana was super flexible with our needs during an emergency situation that resulted in a nearly month long hospitalization for my wife.  She was able to coordinate with other doulas to ensure that we had the support, especially overnight, that we needed with a toddler and a newborn in the house.

I would recommend Evana and her team in a heartbeat.

Amanda and Matthew Warrington


We hired Evana for the birth of our daughter 10/1/22. She provided us with a lot of knowledge and peace of mind leading up to our delivery. She taught us how to advocate for ourselves as well. She was always available to answer questions (unless in a birth obviously) and made us feel more confident and excited. When I was struggling with working at the end of my pregnancy she took the time to talk me through leaving work early to focus on getting ready for the baby. Since giving birth she has been available to answer our questions or concerns and again ease our fears. She is very positive and uplifting and a good person to have in your corner through this crazy journey. 



My husband and I have said multiple times over the first week with our baby that we could not have gone through the birth experience without Evana.  Even before the birth, Evana's caring (yet also tell-it-to-you-straight) nature calmed our anxieties and made birth feel like an experience, not a medical procedure or emergency.  Throughout my pregnancy, Evana answered all my questions and provided tips and resources when I asked for them, providing a listening ear when I didn't ask for them.  During the birth, she helped us understand what was normal and what wasn't, positions to try, and also just provided conversation and comfort to get us through the long hours (oxytocin boost!).  Her steady calmness added to the overall experience but I also really appreciated how well she worked with our doctor and nurses, becoming part of the birthing team rather than just another person in the room.  She helped us push for what we wanted but also guided us when it was time to deviate from the plan.  Now, after birth, she is still there for us - answering questions and telling us it's time to enlist additional support or just cheering for us from afar that we got this.  There are no words for the value that holds for us as first time parents.

Evana feels at once both like a caring and nurturing mother and your best friend you just want to chat with.  If we are ever able to have a second child, she will be my first call - our family is so fortunate to have found her and we will never forget the impact she had on this moment of our lives.



Evana was our incredible birthing doula. We met with her twice before our due date where she guided us through the entire birthing "process" and helped us create a birth plan. We inevitably had to depart from our original plan when I had to be induced at 41w5d, but Evana was with us every step of the way. When the due date came and went, Evana checked in every day to make sure I was doing ok and to discuss what the induction would entail.

My labor was around 48 hours, and Evana's presence over the phone and in person was invaluable. Evana made sure that the doctors and nurses explained everything they were doing with her confidence, knowledge, and hands-on approach. She was direct and asked every question with a smile, and the doctors and nurses knew that we had a strong doula and that we wanted to continue with a vaginal birth as long as everyone was healthy.

Throughout labor Evana helped reposition me, talked me through contractions, distracted me when I needed distracting, and kept us all calm during some challenging moments. Towards the end of labor, we had about 10-15 people in the room, and Evana made sure I knew who every single one of them was and what they were doing! 

I cannot recommend Evana enough--she is the best of the best. 

Jason and Carly


Evana was impressive from the moment she arrived until we hugged goodbye nearly 20 hours later. Her confidence, warmth, expertise, and her rapport with the staff at Virtua Voorhees made us feel like we were in great hands the whole way. We feel immensely grateful to have been guided through this life-changing experience with Evana at the helm.



Evana was impressive!  I was so happy she was referred to me by my doctor,  as her presence made a huge difference in my outcome.  Evana was extremely down-to-earth, calming, and very skilled in birth/delivery.  She went above and beyond to give me the birth experience I desired.  I really feel like she amplified my delivery journey in the most beautiful way.  I cannot say enough good things about her and look forward to having her with me for any future deliveries.



As a first time parents my husband and I wanted to have someone that would guide us through our birth experience. Someone that was knowledgeable, calming and would guide me trying natural birth but also understand that epidural was an option. From our very first conversation with Evana we felt at ease that she was the right fit for us! When we met in person she came fully prepared with evidence based articles for us to read, props for visual explanations and answered all of our questions. During labor she was even more above and beyond amazing not only coaching me through breathing but making sure dad was involved the entire time. She made sure to keep the room dim and smelling great, which was very soothing for me.  Trying different positions and even story telling to help with the contractions. If it wasn't for Evana I'm sure my delivery would've ended up in csection after some complications turned up but thanks to her great communication skills with nurses and doctors we were able to deliver. Besides being a great coach through labor i was beyond impressed with her medical knowledge, she was always two steps ahead of the nurses and constantly keeping her eyes on monitors. The way she's able to communicate with staff letting them know what we wanted without comming off pushy and really creating a calm environment all around is trully admirable. Its been little over a week since our delivery and she's still checked up on us making sure were doing okay. I would highly highly recommend her services for such special occasion she is the absolute best all around!

Sallymatu Mansaray


Having Evana as my doula was such a great experience for me ... being pregnant with my first child will make you really nervous and anxious at the same time ... but nope in all honesty she was the best person to show and give support that you or your body needed. In my situation I was already going through contractions and tried to wait at home as much as possible .. just made sure to communicate when I decided to go to the hospital ...and when I did decided to go she showed up ready with a big welcoming smile on her face ready to get baby down  ...and the energy she came in with was like bright sun well ...Evana is the truth and knows how to maneuver when it comes to helping you position right into dealing with contractions as well I was very shocked ...it was very similar to going to a training session and being hit with all new workouts she will have you question like what are we doing but no doubt I trusted her and the best part I'm not confined to a bed because that's what I wanted and made sure my needs were being met ... she was everything and more and if  I do have more children she will be right there as well ...gotta love her ...Evana is the best and would not change my experience for anything.

Chelsea Capps


Evana has been such a great part to my journey of becoming a first time parent. Evan has continued to keep communication open with me and my partner and I cannnot recoomend her services more. 

From the intial intake meeting Evana greeted me and my partner with open arms and made us feel very comfortable with any questions that we had. As time progressed, Evana was very responsive in any sort of question or cocnern that I had. My partner and I chose the service that includes child birthing classes and we were very happy with the ample amount of infomation that we received. Not only did we receive great information, but she broke it down to help us understand everything in laymens terms. 

My labor was very interesting (being induced and it took 4 days). When it was time for me to be inducted, Evana was at my every need and advocated for me in every aspect. Anything that was not clear on our burth pkan was further discussed, she was such an amazing support through my delivery and continues to provide services after my delivery. Thank you so much Evan for your positive energy, professionalism, and incredible services! She has definitely became apart of the village for our daugther and we could not be more happy with everything she has done!!!!

-Chelsea anf Tyler 

Cecily Bland-Quarterman


Evana was recommended to my husband and I through a friend and needless to say that was one of the most solid recommendations ever! Having Evana on our team, made this a phenomenal experience for us. We loved not only how educated she is on this process, but how passionate she is and how you can tell that she loves what she does! She puts her whole heart into her work! My husband and I didn’t know what to expect during pregnancy but Evana held our hand the entire way and stayed on call with us answering questions by phone, text or meeting up in person to help us. She even took into account how dissatisfied and uncomfortable I was at my previous practice and recommended a new practice with doctors that listened to me, embraced me and treated me like family. My new practice had an outstanding relationship with Evana from previously working with her and my new doctor and Evana working together was the ultimate dream team. I never felt more prepared for something I never experienced before! My overall L&D birthing experience was AMAZING because of Evana and I trust her with every ounce in me. She was at my bedside from the minute I had my first contraction until I got to the mother baby room after I delivered my baby girl. My husband and I didn’t know much of what was going on in L&D without Evana, if we didn’t have her I’m not sure what our experience would have been like….It’s almost frightening to imagine! She was my bodyguard, she advocated for me, she protected me, she was patient with me, she understand me, she respected me, she gave me strength, she guided me, I can go on and on honestly but I felt so safe and still feel safe with her. My daughter ADORES Evana! She is the baby whisperer in real life. Evana is not only my L&D and postpartum doula but she is now my friend & sister. She is family. I will most certainly have her by our side throughout each of our pregnancies in the future.

Melissa Rautenberg


Miss Evana has been everything  we needed,  and everything I didn't know we needed throughout my postpartum experience. She has been by my side since my little boy was 10 days old. Not only has she been amazing support for my babe, but she's been amazing support for me, as well, while I navigate being a new mom, and the ups and downs that come with it, emotional, mentally, and physically. Evana's outside,  non judgemental perspective is exactly what I needed while I figured out what works best for our family. I am forever grateful she entered our lives. Miss Evana has been everything I needed,  and everything I didn't know my family needed throughout my postpartum experience. She has been by my side since my little boy was 10 days old. Not only has she been amazing support for my babe, but she's been amazing support for me, as well, while I navigate being a new mom, and the ups and downs that come with it, emotional, mentally, and physically. Evana's outside,  non judgemental perspective is exactly what I was looking while I figured out what works best for our family. I am forever grateful she entered our lives.



Cannot reccomend Evana enough, we loved working with her and she played a huge part in helping our new family transition home. She has an energy and a sense of humor that took some of the edge off of first-time parenting, and we quickly watched our son start to respond to her sweet presence. 

We engaged Evana primarly in overnight doula care so we could try to get a little extra sleep in the first few months with our first newborn. She immediately became familiar with the details of our home and our approach to childcare and made us feel very comfortable with her caring for our child. She is very experienced with helping families with many different needs - and her experience allowed her to offer specific suggestions and ideas for us and helped us feel more confident in parenting. Although we didn't work with her in a birthing capacity - we know this is where her true passion lies and her love for her own kids and her many clients kids' is very clear in everything she does. 

Aubrey Montgomery


We loved having Evana as our night doula after the birth of our son, Noah. We are first time parents and having the extra help at night gave us a much needed break and a lot of post partum support. Evana was great about checking in on how I was feeling in addition to how Noah was doing. She kept us updated overnight on Noah's feeds and diapers and took great care of him so we could get a block of uninterrupted sleep. Evana was always on time and prepared to keep watch all night. We were lucky enough to have her for the first few months until Noah was sleeping well on his own. One of the best support systems we had after baby - we'd highly reccomend Evana to help you with your little one overnight. 



I am so happy I worked with Evana for my second birth, which was very different from my first. She was so supportive via text/ call during WEEKS of on and off prodromal labor. Once admitted Evana helped me make more positioning choices and offered calming strategies I wouldn’t have thought of. She worked along side the Midwife and nurses, advocating for me but never stepping on their toes. Postpartum she followed up and offered her encouragement and support. Evana is funny and caring and was a wonderful addition to my birth experience.

Megan M


Evana was magical!

I had a lot of personal issues going on towards the end of my pregnancy which lead me towards researching and hiring a doula. I stumble upon Evana's website and took a shot by spilling my guts with all my issues in hopes she would accept me as a client at 35/36 weeks. 

From our first phone conversation I felt she genuinely cared about me, my situation and making sure I felt safe with her. Within 30 minutes we had plans A, B and C and was there to answer any questions I had. 

When my water broke unexpectedly (but when is it really expected?), she was there ASAP and guided me through the entire experience. I swear I only pushed for 20 minutes because of her! (I pushed for 4 hours with my first after 4 days of labor and no doula). She's magical

If you're looking for a doula go with Evana! She's caring, knowledgeable, down to earth and magical ?I hope/can't wait to work with her again. 



Evana was essential to my second baby’s safe arrival through VBAC delivery. She is a kind, intuititive, and knowledgeable doula. As I navigated this pregnancy in a new area (we moved from DC to PA), she helped me find the right doctor, figure out the birth plan and create a mix of pre-delivery activities that would facilitate a VBAC. As a result, and with some luck, I had a successful VBAC this past June 2022. During the birth she was our coach, guiding us through when to head to the hospital, holding me during the worse contractions and helping me stay strong to my original goal to deliver unmedicated. In the time I spent with Evana over text, phone and in-person, I felt supported and important. I wish everybody could have that in their birth and those who get to work with her are very fortunate.

Asmaa Abdusshakur


Evana was such a blessing throughout my pregnancy and labor, mainly because she met me wherever I was emotionally. Alhamdulilah she was able to rationalize and validate everything that I was saying and feeling every step of the way. She constantly reminded me that I have options throughout my pregnancy and delivery. I'm so thankful to Allah that she was apart of my pregnancy and birth. 

Asmaa Abdusshakur


Evana was such a blessing throughout my pregnancy and labor, mainly because she met me wherever I was emotionally. Alhamdulilah she was able to rationalize and validate everything that I was saying and feeling every step of the way. She constantly reminded me that I have options throughout my pregnancy and delivery. I'm so thankful to Allah that she was apart of my pregnancy and birth. 

qian c.


I am so glad the stars aligned so that Evana could support me as my doula. This was my first pregnancy and I was wrought with anxiety and felt like I had no idea what I was doing. Evana was always incredibly helpful and knowledgeable and I trusted her completely. Evana felt like my best friend and advocate, with all the expertise in the world to help me achieve an unmedicated birth, which I never thought I could do. She guided me and my husband through my contractions at home and met us at the hospital. Evana came into the delivery room like a ray of sunshine and the vibe changed completely. She rallied the nurses and doctors to help support me during my labor. Her presence was an absolute gamechanger! She didn't leave my side and hung out with me after I gave birth and had the best snacks on standby. Evana is truly gifted and is an absolute blessing. I will sing her praises to anyone and everyone I know!

qian c.


I am so glad the stars aligned so that Evana could support me as my doula. This was my first pregnancy and I was wrought with anxiety and felt like I had no idea what I was doing. Evana was always incredibly helpful and knowledgeable and I trusted her completely. Evana felt like my best friend and advocate, with all the expertise in the world to help me achieve an unmedicated birth, which I never thought I could do. She guided me and my husband through my contractions at home and met us at the hospital. Evana came into the delivery room like a ray of sunshine and the vibe changed completely. She rallied the nurses and doctors to help support me during my labor. Her presence was an absolute gamechanger! She didn't leave my side and hung out with me after I gave birth and had the best snacks on standby. Evana is truly gifted and is an absolute blessing. I will sing her praises to anyone and everyone I know!

Jennifer A.


I knew I wanted an unmedicated birth and being a first-time mom I really wanted someone there who knew what to expect.  When searching for a doula I decided on Evana because of her reviews.  I learned first hand her support and knowledge really hold up to all the hype. 

Not only was she a huge help to me but my husband loved having her there.  Evana helped me know what to expect and helped me stay on track with my birth plan when I was wavering.  Evana helped my husband by being a resource on what to do to support me, when to go to the hospital, and how to support me while at the hospital.  

She has such a calming presence when needed while simultaneously being assertive when needed to make sure my birth plan was followed. That combination is such a hard balance to master and Evana has.  10 out of 10 would recommend Evana to anyone and everyone I come in contact with.  See you again for Baby #2! ;) 

Lakeisha Faulkner Jenkins


Evana is truly gifted! As my post-partum doula she was caring and nurturing not just towards the baby but for me too as a new mom. She is extremely intuitive and and has a way of making you feel like "she's got everything covered." 

My son also really responded well to her (which was uncommon for him as a newborn). She has such an infectious positive spirit, I have and will continue to recommend her services! 

Allesan Palumbo


Having Evana as a postpartum doula for overnight help was such a blessing! As a first time mom, I was sleep deprived taking care of my newborn but also very nervous to bring someone into the home to watch her overnight. Evana eased all my worries within the first 10 minutes, and I haven’t slept more soundly as when she was watching the baby!  She was extremely nurturing and empathetic to me as I was dealing with my postpartum recovery, and she was amazing with my little girl while I got much needed sleep.  As a new mom, I felt very unsure about everything I was doing, and Evana was like a super woman swooping in to save the day! If I’m lucky enough to have another baby in the future I will absolutely use Evana again- assuming she could make availability for us when the time comes!

Jessica Johnson


As first-time parents, my husband and I literally had no idea what to expect regarding giving birth to our son – aside from what all of our friends told us. More importantly, I was absolutely terrified to give birth and was nervous about EVERYTHING. I knew I wanted a Doula for our birthing experience, but my husband did not understand what a Doula was or how a Doula could be supportive in ways he could not. We met Evana and there was extreme calm to her – she made both of us feel at ease and we knew we would be in good hands. Evana has vast experience and knowledge of all things pregnancy, birthing, and postpartum (and everything in between) – she was quick to answer all of our questions (and there were many)! During the birth of our son, Evana continually encouraged, reassured, supported, and comforted me throughout the entire process always making sure I was as comfortable as possible and relaxed. Immediately after our son was born, he was rushed to the NICU with my husband. As you can imagine as a new mom, I was really confused, upset, and concerned. Evana quickly consoled me and eased all my concerns by explaining what was happening in an easy way to understand.  She stayed with me while baby and dad were in the NICU and hours after delivery to make sure all was ok. Evana continued to check up on us days and even months after. We truly are thankful to have Evana as our Doula!

Nahdiyyah Hogue


Evana was there every step of the way. Whenever I was unsure or worried she was a text away! She was very informative and a great addition to my pregnancy. I enjoyed her personality and her encouraging words. I was worried about labor but she made me feel better and calmed my nerves by providing information and coming up with a plan to make it as smooth as possible. Even though she was not able to make it to my delivery (two delivers the same day) I still felt like she was there. She sent someone to take her spot who was also excellent and checked on me throughout the process. Overall experience a 10/10. I was blessed to have have along the way.

Gina Lingham


Evana was our postpartum doula who stepped in when our original doula went away on vacation. She seamlessly entered the picture and immediately got to work. She is an Excellent cook and made sure that my husband and I had eaten (shocker, we hadn't) She also cooked a meal that lasted us a few days and was delicious. I called her the baby and dog whisperer because of how quickly she soothed our baby and our dog (who hates everyone!) She has something special that made us feel so comfortable having her caring for our baby and also somehow made us feel more at ease with how we took care of the baby as well. Evana is a natural nurturer and was a shoulder for me to cry on and talk to as I dealt with postpartum depression. She is a must have resource for all things postpartum and I highly recommend her to anyone looking for support during this very exciting and vulnerable time in the first few weeks after the birth of your child. 



I had an incredible experience with Evana. Going into the due date, she was incredibly compassionate, knowledgeable, understanding or multicultural nuances, and made herself available 24/7. When she arrived at the hospital for what was a long, difficult labor, she immediately knew what to do. She was able to balance working with the hospital staff and working with me and my partner. The nurses and doctors made it known that they were so impressed. As the baby was in a bad position; She moved me into different positions, breathing, and pushing patterns for hours. Keeping up the encouragement the whole time. At first, I was hesitant to hire a doula. But I am so grateful I did, and grateful for Evana. Highly recommend. 

Salima Suswell


Evana Cooper's doula services are quite exceptional. She gave me great care during my last trimester, helped me prepare my birthing plan, and helped me to feel calm and comfortable as I prepared to give labor. And afterbirth her postpartum doula services helped me to transition tremendously. Evana would stop at nothing to ensure that me and the baby were absolutely comfortable. She went above and beyond, and my family is so grateful for Evana's outstanding services. I highly recommend Evana to families that are expecting a new addition. Five stars! 

Ashley Van Rees


Evana was a wonderful doula and partner in our pregnancy and labor. She's an excellent advocate for what a momma wants, always making sure that I was comfortable (as reasonably possible!), confident, and relaxed. We loved working with Evana for both of our daughters births and highly recommend her!

Sarah Bowers


When I found out I was pregnant, I was pretty much going into it blindly. By the actual grace of God, I was set up with Evana through a mutual friend when I was about 20 weeks pregnant. She told me "Evana will take care of you, trust me she's the best." Little did I know that was a huge understatement. The first time I spoke to Evana, she made me feel so at ease, so accepted, and I immediately trusted her to walk me through this experience. Evana was transparent and compassionate from our first conversation, throughout our whole time together. Any resource or info I needed or was interested in she provided. From links to articles, affordable Hypnobirthing courses, to a new OB/ midwife at 36 weeks. As my Doula, Evana provided me with everything I could ask for, all while still being a phone call away if I ever needed her. Evana also set me up with another doula, Asma, just in case she was ever unavailable, which was extremely helpful. I went from having 0 support to an amazing support system. Evana and Asma made sure I was comfortable and supported during my labor and birth. I labored all day at home. In the evening, Asma came to my house , made sure I had everything I needed and talked me through my contractions. Once my contractions got to be back to back, Evana came with my partner and I to the hospital. When we arrived Evana advocated for me from the second we stepped into OB Triage letting them know I was ready to push. I was unable to talk through my contractions, so Evana communicated all my birth preferrences to hospital staff. Everything was a blur but one thing I can remember clearly was Evana's voice reassuring me and my partner every step of the way. Through every contraction, every push, I heard her voice. Moral of the story is, Evana was my saving grace during my pregnancy, she brought a calm to my storm and really exceeded any expectation I had of a Doula. If I ever have another baby, I'm not having it without Evana!



We loved having Evana for postpartum support! She helped give us relief so we could get some much needed sleep, and also provided advice and helpful hints on caring for our newborn that were crucial as first-time parents. Evana also lent us an ear to hear out our newborn growing pains and was able to reassure us. We also appreciated that she was able to adapt to our needs and preferences so that we were always within our comfort zone. Hiring Evana was one of the best decisions we made for us and our baby and we highly recommend her!

Kira Garaguso


What can I say about Evana? Not only is she’s super professional, but she’s super friendly and treats you like family. My birth experience was fabulous and it had a lot to do with her. She kept me informed, educated, and calm. She made the hospital room feel like a home, she respected all of my wishes, and she made sure the nurses and doctors did too. She had such a good chemistry with every single nurse that came in the room and that changed everything! It made conversations easy, and took away a lot of my stress. She is always available to talk, whether that’s through email text or phone call. The best part about her if she understands that life can get crazy. I never had to over explain anything to her whether that was my financial situation or stress that I was under or anything, she understood and worked with me through every situation that I needed. And that is rare to come by! She never looked at me like I was just a customer, I’m so thankful that I had a Doula like this, and I’m thankful I can call her friend. I will always be using her, If I ever have more children in the future. I’m so happy to have her as a part of me and my family’s life, so if you’re looking for a Doula that you can trust, that is affordable, that will work with you, I can’t recommend her enough. Love her!



Evana is very knowledgeable, intuitive and caring. She helped us with our second son postpartum after my c-section. She did overnights and gave me the chance to have the much needed sleep I needed in order to heal and function.  She was the only one that really made me put my feet up and not do too much! She also pinpointed some stomach issues with my son and encouraged me to get him to the doctor to figure it out. She is very confident in what she knows and tells you her opinion when asked. I took a lot of her advice and even my husband listened to her! She was a very calming figure in our home in those early days. I'm grateful for her. Highly recommend Evana if you are looking for a postpartum doula, you won't be sorry. 

Katherine Engel


We were looking for someone to help us navigate taking care of our newborn, support me as a new mom and give us a break from the sleepless nights we've had. Evana fulfilled that need as our postpartum doula. She immediately made us feel everything's taken care of. She is so great and nurturing with our then 2 month year old son, Noah. Not only that she gave us tips and strategies in taking care of him that saved us precious hours in putting him to sleep and we slept more too -an example rocking baby to sleep by the window. Evana was very flexible with our needs and enabled us to get some really good night sleep which filled our tank to care of our little one. She was also great with the daytime and early evenings- allowing my husband and I for some much needed date nights. Every time our baby is with her, he turns to a little angel and she anticipates his every need. It was great even watching her with our baby because it taught me to better take care of him. As a multicultural family, Our values also aligned because Evana is very culturally aware and respectful of diverse backgrounds having traveled and lived in many different countries . I highly recommend Evana. 

Chelsea Lee


Evana was very sweet and warm. Well educated, she helped me prepare mentally and by giving me the tools for a positive birth experience. This was my first child and I gave birth naturally to a beautiful baby girl.

Thank you, we are blessed.

Michelle D.


We loved having Evana home with us! We don't have family nearby nor any close friends since we moved during the pandemic, so it was essential for us to have someone to lean on as we transitioned to parenthood. Our daughter took to her immediately and Evana was willing to do anything we asked as well as take initiative on things beyond our to-do list. I especially appreciated her candor with my mental health and ensuring my spouse and I both had alone time and got out of the house regularly. We would have loved to steal her as a nanny and were so sorry to age out of needing her postpartum services!

Costenah G



During my first trimester I knew I wanted a minimally medically intervened birth and would want the support of a doula to help me achieve this. I found Evana after researching doulas in my area and from the first conversation we had on the phone I knew she would be a great support throughout my journey. She was happy to offer her perspective and education on childbirth while showing her outgoing  personality She offered ongoing support, check ins, and unbiased education regarding pregnancy, nutrition, labor and delivery, my birth plan, medical interventions and postpartum. She ensured that I was caring for myself throughout the entire process and during my labor all of her skills made my birth a success. She is intuitive, aware, funny, and supportive. Evana advocated for my birth plan, assisted my spouse in supporting me, and used interventions to manage my labor surges. I am so thankful to have had Evana alongside myself and my spouse to welcome our son into the world



I 150% endorse Evana. Her breadth of experience with pre/partum doula services + network of connections with the medical community in South Jersey are unmatched. But, Evana has much more than experience and a network. Evana is compassionate and caring. She goes above and beyond in order to make sure her clients are safe, healthy, and happy. She helped me navigate through a crisis and is still helping me to this day. Her expertise helped me and my son, and I'm confident I that she will do everything in her power to help you, too. 

Lauren B


After my first birth experience,I knew I wanted things to be different with my second child. I knew I wanted support from both my partner and a doula. I interviewed many doulas, but knew I found the right one when Evana and I spoke for over an hour on the phone and I shared my traumatic birth experience. I felt so comfortable. Evana was with me every step through my pregnancy and even through the awfully long prodromal labor for more than a weekend. Flash forward to being in the hospital... She helped me regain control as I was able to labor in many different positions. The most memorable part of my labor process was laboring through contractions in the shower while listening to Lil' Dicky as Evana and my husband came in and out to help me breathe through the contractions. She helped me be present throughout labor and the birth process so my husband could be a support and focus on distracting me. I could go on and on about how amazing it was to have Evana this time around. I wish I could turn back time and have Evana with me during my first birth, but I'm so so glad I had her during this birth. I felt so empowered and that was exactly why I chose Evana.

Josie Castaldo


My water broke unexpectedly just a few days shy of being full term. I was rushed to the hospital in an ambulance because my contractions quickly went to 2 minutes apart. Evana arrived just minutes after I did, despite the change in hospital location. The atmosphere was tense before she arrived because I felt like the nurses were not listening to me. But Evana seemed to quickly assess the situation and I felt much more at ease once she was there. When the medical staff and Evana realized that something wasn’t quite right, Evana held my hand and channeled all of her power into me so that I could push my frank breech baby safely into this world. As a first time mom, I didn’t anticipate how emotional I would be directly following the birth. But Evana stayed with me and held my hand as I cried. She reassured me that I did amazing and that everything I was feeling was natural. At my home follow-up visit, Evana encouraged me to talk through my emotions as a way to help process the whirlwind birth that I experienced.  Evana is who you want in the room with you. She has a gentle touch but yet a powerful presence and I instantly felt comfortable with her.

Margarita Tarkalanova


Evana knows what she's doing. She is very very knowledgeable, took amazing care and researched my specific (and a bit rare) medical conditions and made sure I have the best birth possible. She was there to educate my husband and I about childbirth, inducing labor, c-sections, etc., and answered any and all questions I had. I went from being downright terrified and hopeless to feeling confident, educated, and prepared. She was, of course, there during the hospital birth, not just for me but also for my spouse. We are extremely grateful for her presence and expertise. We 100% recommend her to anyone looking for a doula. I honestly don't want to think how it would have gone without her. Thank you Evana!

Jen VanBarriger


Not being a huge fan of the traditional healthcare model of care, I always knew having a doula was a huge priority of mine when getting ready to bring a human into this world. Having someone to advocate for ME and my wishes was a necessity. I had reached out to multiple doulas to see who was available during my estimated due date and while I had a couple of "interviews" set up, as soon as I chatted with Evana, I canceled the rest because I just knew she was the right fit. From our very first meeting, she just felt like an old trusted friend. Hubby and I are very laid back and go with the flow, but get a little stressed under pressure so knowing Evana had our back thru it all gave me instant relief.

While my birth did NOT go as planned (unexpected emergency c-section) which ultimately Evana missed due to the nature of the situation, she arrived as quickly as possible and was there with hubby and baby when I arrived in recovery and stayed with us until we were all settled. Of course I'm disappointed that I didn't get to experience the magic of all Evana has to offer, I hands down am still happy with my decision to hire her. She proved to be an invaluable resource throughout the pregnancy and since returning home with our little man! She will hands down be my first call after finding out I'm pregnant again ????

Emma Edwards


My husband and I welcomed our first child in November 2021. We both were new to the idea of a doula and did some research into what a doula provides and how they support new parents. We, especially my husband, weren't convinced we needed a doula but since it was out first child, we decided to go for it. I have to say that it was the best investment we have ever made as a couple. Evana made us feel comfortable from the start, answering all our questions and checking in throughout the pregnancy. It was amazing to have someone so informed and invested in us that we could contact anytime for support. Opposed to be rushed through a doctor's appointment, Evana's home visits made us feel at ease to ask questions and much more prepared to deliver our son. While Evana's help pre-birth was wonderful, the support she offered during and after labor and delivery is really what was invaluable to our family. Evana's experience and ability to listen and connect personally with her clients makes her a huge asset to any expecting parent. She brings a calm, humorous, and confident presence to any situation and offers the unconditional and informed support a birthing mother needs. Our midwife (who works within a large hospital system) told on us multiple occasions that Evana was the best doula she had ever worked with and we couldn't agree more. From our family to yours, hire Evana- you'll be happy you did!!! 

Andrea & Eugene Ross


With this being my first pregnancy and the fear of uncertainty and anxiousness of being pregnant with epilepsy, I knew from the beginning I wanted to hire a doula. Evana was referred to us and there was an instant connection from the very first phone call. Her depth of knowledge and relatable spirit made an otherwise anxiety  driven time, stress free. She educated us on every step of the process, was available anytime to answer any crazy question we had and always encouraged us to advocate for ourselves and the birth we wanted. When our birth plan didn’t go the way we expected, Evana was right there to encourage us and help us make the necessary decisions. I lived through the things I feared the most during this pregnancy but we made it through those moments because we had God and Evana on our side. I really don’t know how we would have done this without her and I really can’t find the words to express how grateful we are to have had her with us during this journey to parenthood.

Chris & Irem Wizmerski


My wife and I recently had the pleasure of hiring Evana as our doula for the birth of our son Westley. I will admit, though I had heard my sister mention the term doula during the birth of her children, I wasn’t exactly sure what to expect. I might even go as far as to say I was doubtful if a doula was needed for our birth. Being the “completely understanding man of her dreams” I agreed to meet this “Doula” if she felt it was necessary. Upon meeting Evana it became apparent that she was a complete professional. She was a comforting mix of both knowledgeable and personable that made our 3hr meeting seem more like a visit from an old friend than an obligation. She had several tips and suggestions we hadn’t ever considered. After our first meeting, my wife and I agreed that Evana’s “no-nonsense” approach to achieving your best birthing experience, might be exactly what we would want against pushy hospital staff. If that’s what it came to. A week prior to our due date my wife started having contractions. At 11:30 pm we were admitted into the hospital and found out we were already 8cm dilated. I called Evana and she said she was on her way to our hospital despite only just getting home moments before. When Evana arrived it was nice to have someone in the room we felt was on our side. I could tell by the way she interacted with the hospital staff that she approved of the way they were proceeding. This was a big relief to me, this being our first child and being out of my comfort zone. She gave me some easy tasks to keep me occupied and focused and suggested ways I could help my wife feel better. With Evana’s help, our son was born at 2:39 am. The delivery was described by nurses as both quick and easy. I have no doubt that Evana played a major role in that! I plan on calling her again in 2years when we have our second child. Thanks again Evana, it couldn’t have gone better. He’s perfect!

Camar Shanti


It's truly amazing what can be accomplished when you have the right support system in place. My labor wasn't anything like my first pregnancy, and I was feeling a bit confused. Evana gave me the reassurance and professional advice I needed to stay in control of my body. I could hardly believe I was 9cm dilated upon arrival to hospital: that's truly the power of the mind and what you can be capable of-with the right support. Evana gave me the confidence I needed to not panic. She was super supportive and loving, and cares a lot about her clients. I'm sure I surprised her by how fast it all came to and end, but nonetheless, it was a beautiful success and I'm so glad she was here for me and my son. I would recommend her to anyone needing strength and advocacy during their most vulnerable moment. Thank you love! 

Manshuk Karassayeva


I had an amazing  experience with Evana as my doula. In my search for a doula for my 2nd child VBac, my hope was that I could have someone for additional moral support as well as some who would advocate for my desires when pursuing my birthing plan. She exceeded these expectations. Evana was a great listener from the start and offered insight with research. I am really thankful that I had her by my side and I had as gentle as possible  natural birth after csection. 

Nyla Payton


My experience with Evana was one of the best decisions I made. The level of comfort peace and knowledge she brings during the pregnancy process is a breath of fresh air. Her ability to answer any questions, concerns, or clarification you need with facts and urgency is one of my favorite parts. Being a first time mom she provided me with the knowledge of what to expect during the pregnancy and labor. I couldn't have imagined my labor without her there. Even though i received a epidural she provided me with anything I needed, encouraging words and support the whole time. I definitely will be referring and using with the many babies to follow??

Michelle Revy


As we were preparing for the birth of our second child, my husband and I decided to look into Doula services because I was going to be attempting a VBAC and I knew I would need support if I also wanted to have a natural labor. Evana came highly recommended by my OB and the recommendation did not disappoint. From the time we had our intake phone call until after delivery I felt an immediate connection to Evana and she always knew exactly how to provide support at any given moment. She even won my husband over with her genuine nature and willingness to help advocate for the birth we wanted. The end of my pregnancy was very difficult and she helped keep me positive and was there to support me and answer all of my questions about what labor could and would feel like. 

I didn’t go into labor until the day before my scheduled C-section at 41 weeks and 5 days, and I labored for two full days in the hospital before ultimately needing to have another C-section. Evana was there the entire journey first helping me through contractions, then helping to keep me calm and positive, and then supporting my husband and I in our decision to have a C-section, and in the surgical suite during my surgery. She stayed with me when my husband left with the baby and went with me into recovery because I was afraid of being alone during the time my husband would be attending to our newborn. She made sure that we were comfortable, safe and supported in our mother baby suite before she left the hospital. Nothing went as planned over the course of the birth of my second baby, which was very difficult, but Evana provided the information and emotional support my husband and I needed to change course along the way.

Aviva I


We used Evana for nighttime care for our newborn for a few nights a week. She was amazing! Our baby loved her and was much better behaved for her than she was for us at night. Evana also had lots of good advice and tips for first time parents like us. She was also great with our dog. We were totally comfortable leaving our baby with her overnight so we could sleep, and we will continue to use her services in the future. 

Shamaya Grant


Evana actually was a backup doula at as I went into labor prematurely and my original doula was unable to make it. At first I was skeptical having to work with a doula that I never met or spoke to before on the most important day of my life. After meeting Evana my feelings of apprehension quickly changed. She made me feel extremely comfortable and I felt like I knew her forever. She has a real warmth about her that you can't buy you just have to born with it. She made me feel comfortable and relaxed by providing messages throughout my labor. She encouraged different positions which allowed me to deal with my contractions. What I loved most is her corny jokes lol they really helped relax me and even though I was in too much pain to laugh at the time it really helped with the experience. She took really great pictures and videos of the whole experience. Overall I would recommend her and would use her again in my next birth. Thank you Evana! 

Ayisha L.


My husband and I welcomed our first child on July 30, with Evana by our side. As a woman of color, it was very important to me to have a doula who would advocate for me and educate me. There are so many "standard practices" that are pushed on pregnant women and Evana gave me the power to choose what was right for me. "Standard" doesn't mean right and throughout my birthing experience I felt so empowered to make those decisions for myself. 

Day or night Evana made herself available for questions and concerns. It takes a special person to serve others and Evana is that kind of special. 



As first time parents, hiring Evana was the best decision we made! Evana was not only helpful during labor and delivery, but she was extremely helpful in prepping us in advance for what to expect. Her experience helped us research and make decisions on our birth plan, and her confidence motivated us to become more confident in our choices. And when things didn't go as planned, she was by our side every step of the way, exploring all options while continuing to calm our nerves. I would highly recommend Evana for first time parents who are new to all of this!

Nicole C


My pregnancy journey was a very long and difficult one. I ended up going through multiple IVF cycles and never dreamed I'd end up pregnant during a pandemic in an unfamiliar area. After some unfortunate encounters with an OB practice i hated we decided to look into doulas. We had a couple of interviews, but Evana clicked. I needed someone strong enough to advocate on my behalf when I didn't have the strength to do it myself. We needed someone to not only support me, but also support my husband. We didn't have the opportunity to get into classes to prepare for the delivery, but Evana did give us resources and a crash course into what to expect. I ended up needing to be induced 3 weeks early. My husband and I were very scared. Evana checked in throughout the entire induction process and even visited to see how we were holding up. She caught on to my white coat syndrome really quick and made me feel at ease. When the time came that I was moved to the L&D room, Evana brought us food and kept us from losing our minds. I had the worse sciatic pains and pelvic pains. Evana did the hip pressure move that had me happy ugly crying from the instant relief. As the time got closer to meet my little one, the more anxious and painful everything was. Evana meet me where I needed and it was great being able to check to see if what I was feeling was normal. Had we not had Evana there, I don't think we would have had the courage to call the drs in to check on us as frequently. We just finished the postpartum visit and it was great to just have a couple of hours to ourselves. We came home to a very sleepy baby. Evana is not only amazing with L&D, but she's amazing with children too. Her presence is calming and she responds to your needs. From someone who never wanted or thought of a doula as part of their birth plan, I am a true believer. If we decide to have another child, Evana will be a part of it too.



Near the end of my wife's pregnancy, we hired Evana because our OB/GYN team encouraged us to get a doula. We had been planning on meeting with her to discuss the birthing plan when we found out that we lost our soon-to-be-born son. We had to go to the hospital to induce birth, and we called Evana to let her know. She met us at the hospital and stayed with us through the night and into the morning for the delivery of our son, helping manage not just my wife's physical pain, but also helping us both navigate the emotional pain of what we were going through. In the following weeks, she kept checking in with us to see how we were doing, and also came to our son's funeral to support us. Evana was an invaluable part of our experience with the loss of our son, and we can't imagine a better person to be there with us when we try again.



Where do I begin!!! I found out about Evana around 20 weeks in my pregnant and I'm so glad I did. This was my fourth pregnancy but my first time having a doula. This was also my first time going to a midwife which you can imagine is a completely different experience than going to an OBGYN. I wanted to make this pregnancy more natural than I have with my others in the past. Evana came and gave me all the education and support that I needed during my pregnancy. She gave me all the tools I needed in order to be successful in labor. From knowing the different positions to labor in to helping me as an advocate in knowing my rights. Evana answered any questions that I had no matter how crazy they were.

My labor came very unexpected and Evana was not able to attend, however she made it her priority to make sure her back up doula Lauren was able to be there for me. I honestly do not know where I would be without Evana and her support. She made sure I was good during my pregnancy, laboring, and birthing process. I completely recommend her services. I felt so comfortable being myself when I was around her. She even brought my kids and I donuts for a prental visit! Lol AMAZING! 
I would for sure hire Evana again for my next pregnancy. She was awesome! 



Giving birth in the context of the modern medical system, in which even your doctor may have to pick and choose with extreme limits what they tell you and what they advise you to do to protect themselves from liability, can be terrifying and make you feel powerless and alone. You need someone on your team in the room, someone who knows you and your wishes and can advocate for you but also has a realistic perspective and understanding of the situation. Evana is that person, and so much more. She has the impossible combination of gentle care and kindness with the utmost respect for your preferences and tough as nails fierceness to withstand whatever may come while staying calm and collected and to tell it to you straight if need be that is so needed in the room when a woman is giving birth (and will almost certainly not be provided by doctors and nurses, however great at their jobs they may be). There is quite simply no one like her, no one I can imagine who could better live up to the ideal of all that a doula is called to be and to provide, and the only one I would ever want. There is nothing I can say to adequately capture what Evana does but suffice to say if you want a doula at all, she's the one. 

Rama laib


Where do I I get begin? Evana was truly one of the best decisions I made for myself and for my pregnancy. Without her (especially while in labor in the hospital) I wouldn't have known what to do and just got freaked out by everything the hospital staff and doctors threw at me. She was there to explain everything thoroughly, reassure me, listen to me, validate me and as a FTM it was very much needed. 

Evana always checked on me during pregnancy and post.. she stayed with me from the minute we called her (even though my hospital was almost 2 hour away from her) while in labor until I was transferred to my room after delivery and if it wasn't for COVID and they allowed her to be present, I know she would've. 

I can't thank her enough for all she did and still does with texts, calls, check ins, helpful material, wisdom and advice and would 100% recommend her to anyone that's looking for a knowledgeable journey and if I have another baby she will definitely be one of my first calls. 

Jade Hebbon


My husband and I were so happy that we hired Evana as our doula. As a FTM, I felt educated and prepared for whatever came my way. She was a great support for me, and had a ton of great resources to help me make the best decisions for myself, and my baby. She checked in frequently on me during the pregnancy, and post partum to make sure I was ok physically and emotionally. I would highly recommend her services. Evana was a part of one of the most important moments in my life, and we are forever grateful for her. 




Evana was my doula during the birth of my first baby. She was a wonderful help and encouragement throughout the process.

In our first meeting Evana explained  every little detail of labor  process and we built the birth plan together. I wasn't  able to get such help from my OBGYN. Evana educated my husband  and I about various techniques  to cope with pain of contractions. 

I was scheduled  for an induction. Evana arrived at the hospital in the middle of the night with a very short notice during really bad icy snowstorm. 

Throughout the labor, my husband was by my side to support me through the contractions, but when i was distracted by the nursing staff or fatigue, Evana was always right there to fill in the gaps that they could not see. She saw my needs without requiring me to find the strength to communicate them.

Not only was she an intuitive coach, but she had an amazing ability to find ways of massaging sore muscles. Her skills were a significant source of relief. She created an atmosphere that was spiritual and calming: candles and essential  oils. 

Finally, and most importantly in a hospital birth, she was a great advocate. She was able to help us effectively communicate with the hospital staff, gave us suggestions regarding what our options were, and helped us navigate the waters of a nursing staff.

Again, Evana was such a wonderful help and encouragement. It was a privilege to have her at my birth. Every laboring woman needs a doula, but it is a lucky woman who is able to have a doula as skilled and experienced as Evana.


Joy Rasmussen


Where do I even begin to share how wonderful Evana is and how lovingly she supported our labor and delivery?! Evana was the exact person we needed to attend our birth. Her strength and confidence helped us to carry on and push through the challenges of our labor. When our labor took a turn and we realized we needed to transfer to the hospital, Evana helped us better understand the situation and our options. Even though the hospital wouldn't allow her to come with us, she still provided help from a distance. Her knowledge gave us confidence going into labor and our pre-birth meetings helped us prepare for what was ahead. I would whole heartily recommend her. She is prepared for anything and made sure we were too. 

Sarwat Hasan


I hired Evana as a post-partum doula. She has been incredibly helpful, friendly, and very caring. She always made sure that I was resting or eating/drinking since I kept forgetting to do so haha! She would cook delicious meals for my family, which even my toddler loved. She is very knowledgeable and has always answered all of my questions and gave me a piece of mind whenever she came over. She would even make me take a nap when she can tell I really needed it while she took care of the baby. I like how she's been very flexible with my schedule. I would definitely hire her again in the future if I were to have another baby! She is awesome!



Evanna was a God sent, there's no other explanation for her services. She came to my hospital room on a last minute request. I didn't know what to fully expect but the level of warmth she possessed made me feel like family from the time she walked through the door until she departed. Giving birth brought on such an indescribable vulnerability that I was not prepared for, but Evanna was my calm. I'm forever grateful for the great amount of genuineness & compassion she showed me not to mention her professionalism! There wasn't an emotion of mine that she wasn't I tuned with. She's truly a gem & would recommend her a thousand times over!! 

Sharlene Dougan


I feel like words cannot convey the amount of, gratitude, appreciation and love I have for Evana! Evana was designated to be my back up doula. My bf and I already knew we vibed with her from the one time we met so we were more than comfortable if a situation could arise. And as circumstance would have it she was called into action after my first doula had a family emergency. Evana made her way in despite Covid regulations to ensure I had support for the delivery of my first child. She came in with so much energy, joy and laughter. I had already been in labor for 40+ hours and her energy was exactly what I needed. I wasn't progressing and the dreaded talk of a c section was starting to be introduced. But Evana, kept saying it's not happening, not to focus on it and that I would have the vaginal delivery I worked and labored so hard for. After a very cathartic/emotional moment between my bf and I that she helped facilitate I was found to be fully dialated. I swear whatever tension or feelings that I had was released and my body was finally able to relax. Thank goodness because the doctor said this was my last check and if I wasn't fully dilated they were going to prep me for a c section! Even with an epidural I had intense hip pain from the babies position. Not only did she hold my leg, but she massaged it and would provide passive movement between my pushes. After I delivered she showed my bf how to handle a newborn as this was his first time. And he still says almost two weeks later that her teaching allowed him to be comfortable handling his son. We are eternally grateful for her support and love! I can't say enough about her! After a 60 hour labor and 1.5 hr of pushing. I can say I honestly look back at my labor and delivery as enjoyable because of her and my first doula! 

Jared Willmann


My wife and I highly recommend working with our Doula, Evana. She was a wealth of information and very responsive in the pre-labor process and was truly amazing during the birth of our baby girl. She was great at recommending helpful ideas and positions to help increase the comfort of my wife and to help move the labor along. She was also a great advocate for my wife and I as a liaison with the nursing staff and doctors, always helping us to understand what was happening. What we also loved about Evana is that she doesn't have an agenda that she pushes - she provided information without judgement and made sure to understand the preferences of my wife. Last, but not least, she was an amazing support person for my wife during labor, giving positive feedback and helpful updates so that my wife felt supported and clued in at all times. For anyone remotely interested in working with a doula, we would absolutely recommend it, and we would absolutely recommend working with Evana! - Jared & Ashley

Amelia Kaselaan


Evana and I connected immediately and the moment I met her I knew I wanted her to be part of our birth team. Being first time parents, my husband and I really didn’t know what to expect. What I thought I knew about birth and “what to expect” was formed by what I saw on TV or from other women’s stories which mostly created this idea that birth was scary and chaotic. Evana helped me change my perspective immediately that my birth was going to be amazing, exciting and peaceful. She was very flexible and understanding when our birth plans changed from going to the hospital to doing a home birth. At every stage in pregnancy and labor she was comforting, reassuring and calming. She is extremely knowledgeable about all things related to pregnancy, birth and postpartum. She was available to us for every question or concern we had, and if she didn't have an immediate answer she never left us hanging and always followed up with educational and evidence-based information.  After our daughter was born Evana checked up on us frequently and even came for a late-night visit when I was struggling with nursing. She has an amazing ability to read people, bring lightness and humor into any conversation you have with her and she will make you feel supported, heard and honored with every decision you make for your family. She is more than our amazing Doula, she is part of our family now too, because we couldn’t have entered this new chapter as parents without her!

Wendy Romero


I do not even know where to start on how amazing my experience was with Evana. From the moment i met her i felt very comfortable and knew i wanted her there for my birth. I was going for a VBAC and i knew having her there i will be successful with that.She is very attentive and i was able to reach out to her at any moment i needed to and even when i had questions. a week before my birth i was in prodromal labor and she was with me the whole entire time, funny part is little baby decided it wasnt time for her to come yet. as the week went on she was checking me at every moment. the big day finally came, the experience at the hospital was amazing. from every contration i was feeling she made sure i was comfortable. she did not let me give up at any moment even when i wanted to. my experience was so great i even made my daughter after her. Thank you so much EVANA YOU ROCK !

Mohammad Amir


Evana, was a wonderful person to work with. My wife went into labor in the middle of the night. Evana showed up at the hospital at the right moment and mentored my wife for a natural labour. She was very knowledgeable and knew exactly how to deal with the doctor's and nurses who had a preterdermined mind set for a cesarean section. Having her support by our side made us feel so much better. She constantly followed up afterwards to ensure the mother and the baby were doing ok. 

Lina Rouab


As a first time mom, being diagnosed with cholestasis of pregnancy and GPS made me worried and I needed more information than just what my gynecologist was telling me. As a result, I  contacted Evana who lives in different country, different continent about 7800 miles away to help me out. Indeed, Evana was always ready to answer my phone and video calls despite the 9 hour difference. Obviously, because she couldn’t be in the labor room with me, she made sure both my husband and mother are aware of whatever they needed to know to be as supportive as possible. She also made sure to check up on me post delivery. I can tell that Evana is really passionate and enthusiastic about what she does. 



Evana helped me as a postpartum doula and she was AMAZING!! She worked hard and efficiently to help with whatever I needed around the house. Each day I would come up with a long list of things she could do, far more than I thought she could do in the time she'd be here. Each day, she'd finish the list in half of her time (or less) and ask what else she could do!! Evana was wonderful with my new baby, soothing and entertaining her when I needed to rest, and helping me and building my confidence in myself as I cared for the baby. As a mother of a large family, she was a great source of advice. I appreciated that she only offered advice when I asked for it, so that I didn't feel judged or questioned, but totally supported in the decisions I was making. During a time when my adult interactions were nil, she was also a friend, a great listener and so fun to chat with! I'm so grateful Evana was my postpartum doula and I continue to turn to her for advice when new challenges arise. She's exceptional!

Michael and Heather Lewis


Evana exceeded all expectations. I was a bit hesitant for my wife with this pregnancy as she had really bad experiences with her past two pregnancies. Evana was able to provide a relaxing experience and coached my wife through everything. She is super responsive and follows up regularly to check on every one. She taught us  things that we never would of thought of and she provided us information that truley was a blessing. I could not say anything bad, I feel we have gained a friend through this amazing experience. We HIGHLY recommend Evana

Claudia Joy Demitro


Evana is absolutely amazing! She did not waste a second to help me. She came right in and started cleaning and making me food without me even asking. She does so much to make sure that new moms are taken care of so they can recover. And in addition to organizing my house and cooking for me and for the family, she of course helped me with the baby. She took care of the baby so I could sleep. And helped me take care of my toddler. She taught me so much and she is an amazing advocate for women. I highly recommend her as she is very knowledgeable, confident, and caring. She saved me during those first difficult weeks and she can't for you too. 

Hannah Alsouqi


Having a doula makes all the difference. And Evana...her confidence is so assuring; but more than that, contagious. She enlightened me to so many things I didn't know with my 1st. Birthing classes opened my eyes. Allah (swt) in all His mercy, created our bodies exactly perfect for the tests it meant to bare. I don't want to sound cliche even though I mean every word of it. I just want whoever is reading this to understand that sometimes its hard to give yourself credit and care for yourself the same way we would care for others... especially your baby. Having a doula will give you support & peace of mind that someone completely understands what youre hoping for during your labor and delivery; and will advocate for you. Another thing that Evana helped me with was planning a full plan; which to be completely honest with you, isnt my forte. Her giving ideas of what to organize & plan really helped me and the people around me know roles and responsibilities. I especially appreciate the fact that she educated me on options I never knew existed and helped me plan accordingly. Lastly, Evana can read your emotions and is amazingly flexible. She helped me especially when I needed a distraction from the very painful contractions. Just ask her to tell you a story. 

My husband's comment about Evana is that he was happy that I was getting what I needed and that he could see a big difference between my births. He was there for all the birthing/prep classes and felt better informed thus more involved and included in decisions. You and your husband being calm and present in the moment; it builds trust & love like nothing else.

So yeah, Evana helped me realize my potential and supprted me through it all. I consider her amazing to say the least.



Evana was a life saver in a time when I needed one most. After an extremely traumatic experience related to the birth of my first baby, I suffered from PPD and PPA. Evana’s energy, positivity, and helpfulness was a breath of fresh air that lifted my spirits and gave me hope that things would get better. They absolutely did. Most importantly, Evana treated my baby like her own. My baby loved her and you know babies are the best judges of character! Thank you, Evana, for being the most wonderful gift I could ever receive in my time of need!



Evana was the most incredible doula I have ever worked with! First off she was flexible about the timing that I requested and also reached out to me a few days before her first visit to see if I needed anything. Then she showed up early and texted instead of ringing the bell in case my other kids were sleeping, which was so considerate of her. She was extremely enthusiastic and caring from the moment I met her. She went above and beyond in terms of taking care of me with meal preparation and doing dishes too! I can't say enough positive things about her attitude and willingness to help. She was so proactive and took the best care of my baby, talking to him and treating him like her own. I would highly recommend her to anyone and happy to answer any questions.

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