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Evana Cooper, CD AMANI, CAM Black Sisters Midwifery


Cherry Hill, NJ Service range 50 miles



Birth Fee

$1000 to $1650

Postpartum Rate

$35 to $50

Black Doula

Birth Fee

$1000 to $1650

Postpartum Rate

$35 to $50

Birth Doula Certifications

  • Amani Birth - Certified Labor & Birth Doula

Birth Doula Experience

3 years and 35 births attended

Postpartum Doula Experience

4 years and 25 families served

Doula Training

  • Amani Birth, March 2019

Type of practice: Solo practice

Clients per month: 1 to 4 births and 1 to 2 postpartum families

Attends hospital births? All Hospitals

Attends birth center births? All Birth Centers

Attends home births? Any Home Birth
I am a certified Assistant Midwife.

College Education


Special Services Offered

  • Acupressure
  • Antepartum doula support
  • Aromatherapy
  • Baby-led weaning
  • Babywearing education
  • Belly binding
  • Bereavement doula (pregnancy & infant loss)
  • Childbirth education services
  • First Aid and CPR
  • Lactation consultant/counselor services
  • LGBTQIA+ Support
  • Miscarriage support
  • Parenting consulting
  • Prenatal or postnatal massage
  • Reduced rates for women considering adoption
  • Satellite doula (for remote and rural clients)
  • Sibling support (for your older children at the birth)
  • Surrogates and intended parents
  • Virtual and remote doula support

Relevant volunteer or advocacy work

I love being involved in my local community of Cherry Hill, New Jersey. Spending much of my time as a community leader, organizing youth groups, community events and helping with refugees. My commitment to empowering and educating families has even seen me featured in regional press like the ‘Philadelphia Inquirer’. I have also been booked to speak at institutions such as Rutgers University on topics such as doula work, motherhood, teenage development, and community outreach. In addition I recently took the position of the USA AMANI Workshop Coordinator assisting with training new doulas and childbirth educator.

Languages Spoken

  • Arabic

Cherry Hill, NJ Service range 50 miles

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Client Testimonials for Evana Cooper, CD AMANI, CAM Black Sisters Midwifery

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Aviva I


We used Evana for nighttime care for our newborn for a few nights a week. She was amazing! Our baby loved her and was much better behaved for her than she was for us at night. Evana also had lots of good advice and tips for first time parents like us. She was also great with our dog. We were totally comfortable leaving our baby with her overnight so we could sleep, and we will continue to use her services in the future. 

Shamaya Grant


Evana actually was a backup doula at as I went into labor prematurely and my original doula was unable to make it. At first I was skeptical having to work with a doula that I never met or spoke to before on the most important day of my life. After meeting Evana my feelings of apprehension quickly changed. She made me feel extremely comfortable and I felt like I knew her forever. She has a real warmth about her that you can't buy you just have to born with it. She made me feel comfortable and relaxed by providing messages throughout my labor. She encouraged different positions which allowed me to deal with my contractions. What I loved most is her corny jokes lol they really helped relax me and even though I was in too much pain to laugh at the time it really helped with the experience. She took really great pictures and videos of the whole experience. Overall I would recommend her and would use her again in my next birth. Thank you Evana! 

Ayisha L.


My husband and I welcomed our first child on July 30, with Evana by our side. As a woman of color, it was very important to me to have a doula who would advocate for me and educate me. There are so many "standard practices" that are pushed on pregnant women and Evana gave me the power to choose what was right for me. "Standard" doesn't mean right and throughout my birthing experience I felt so empowered to make those decisions for myself. 

Day or night Evana made herself available for questions and concerns. It takes a special person to serve others and Evana is that kind of special. 



As first time parents, hiring Evana was the best decision we made! Evana was not only helpful during labor and delivery, but she was extremely helpful in prepping us in advance for what to expect. Her experience helped us research and make decisions on our birth plan, and her confidence motivated us to become more confident in our choices. And when things didn't go as planned, she was by our side every step of the way, exploring all options while continuing to calm our nerves. I would highly recommend Evana for first time parents who are new to all of this!

Nicole C


My pregnancy journey was a very long and difficult one. I ended up going through multiple IVF cycles and never dreamed I'd end up pregnant during a pandemic in an unfamiliar area. After some unfortunate encounters with an OB practice i hated we decided to look into doulas. We had a couple of interviews, but Evana clicked. I needed someone strong enough to advocate on my behalf when I didn't have the strength to do it myself. We needed someone to not only support me, but also support my husband. We didn't have the opportunity to get into classes to prepare for the delivery, but Evana did give us resources and a crash course into what to expect. I ended up needing to be induced 3 weeks early. My husband and I were very scared. Evana checked in throughout the entire induction process and even visited to see how we were holding up. She caught on to my white coat syndrome really quick and made me feel at ease. When the time came that I was moved to the L&D room, Evana brought us food and kept us from losing our minds. I had the worse sciatic pains and pelvic pains. Evana did the hip pressure move that had me happy ugly crying from the instant relief. As the time got closer to meet my little one, the more anxious and painful everything was. Evana meet me where I needed and it was great being able to check to see if what I was feeling was normal. Had we not had Evana there, I don't think we would have had the courage to call the drs in to check on us as frequently. We just finished the postpartum visit and it was great to just have a couple of hours to ourselves. We came home to a very sleepy baby. Evana is not only amazing with L&D, but she's amazing with children too. Her presence is calming and she responds to your needs. From someone who never wanted or thought of a doula as part of their birth plan, I am a true believer. If we decide to have another child, Evana will be a part of it too.



Near the end of my wife's pregnancy, we hired Evana because our OB/GYN team encouraged us to get a doula. We had been planning on meeting with her to discuss the birthing plan when we found out that we lost our soon-to-be-born son. We had to go to the hospital to induce birth, and we called Evana to let her know. She met us at the hospital and stayed with us through the night and into the morning for the delivery of our son, helping manage not just my wife's physical pain, but also helping us both navigate the emotional pain of what we were going through. In the following weeks, she kept checking in with us to see how we were doing, and also came to our son's funeral to support us. Evana was an invaluable part of our experience with the loss of our son, and we can't imagine a better person to be there with us when we try again.



Where do I begin!!! I found out about Evana around 20 weeks in my pregnant and I'm so glad I did. This was my fourth pregnancy but my first time having a doula. This was also my first time going to a midwife which you can imagine is a completely different experience than going to an OBGYN. I wanted to make this pregnancy more natural than I have with my others in the past. Evana came and gave me all the education and support that I needed during my pregnancy. She gave me all the tools I needed in order to be successful in labor. From knowing the different positions to labor in to helping me as an advocate in knowing my rights. Evana answered any questions that I had no matter how crazy they were.

My labor came very unexpected and Evana was not able to attend, however she made it her priority to make sure her back up doula Lauren was able to be there for me. I honestly do not know where I would be without Evana and her support. She made sure I was good during my pregnancy, laboring, and birthing process. I completely recommend her services. I felt so comfortable being myself when I was around her. She even brought my kids and I donuts for a prental visit! Lol AMAZING! 
I would for sure hire Evana again for my next pregnancy. She was awesome! 



Giving birth in the context of the modern medical system, in which even your doctor may have to pick and choose with extreme limits what they tell you and what they advise you to do to protect themselves from liability, can be terrifying and make you feel powerless and alone. You need someone on your team in the room, someone who knows you and your wishes and can advocate for you but also has a realistic perspective and understanding of the situation. Evana is that person, and so much more. She has the impossible combination of gentle care and kindness with the utmost respect for your preferences and tough as nails fierceness to withstand whatever may come while staying calm and collected and to tell it to you straight if need be that is so needed in the room when a woman is giving birth (and will almost certainly not be provided by doctors and nurses, however great at their jobs they may be). There is quite simply no one like her, no one I can imagine who could better live up to the ideal of all that a doula is called to be and to provide, and the only one I would ever want. There is nothing I can say to adequately capture what Evana does but suffice to say if you want a doula at all, she's the one. 

Rama laib


Where do I I get begin? Evana was truly one of the best decisions I made for myself and for my pregnancy. Without her (especially while in labor in the hospital) I wouldn't have known what to do and just got freaked out by everything the hospital staff and doctors threw at me. She was there to explain everything thoroughly, reassure me, listen to me, validate me and as a FTM it was very much needed. 

Evana always checked on me during pregnancy and post.. she stayed with me from the minute we called her (even though my hospital was almost 2 hour away from her) while in labor until I was transferred to my room after delivery and if it wasn't for COVID and they allowed her to be present, I know she would've. 

I can't thank her enough for all she did and still does with texts, calls, check ins, helpful material, wisdom and advice and would 100% recommend her to anyone that's looking for a knowledgeable journey and if I have another baby she will definitely be one of my first calls. 

Jade Hebbon


My husband and I were so happy that we hired Evana as our doula. As a FTM, I felt educated and prepared for whatever came my way. She was a great support for me, and had a ton of great resources to help me make the best decisions for myself, and my baby. She checked in frequently on me during the pregnancy, and post partum to make sure I was ok physically and emotionally. I would highly recommend her services. Evana was a part of one of the most important moments in my life, and we are forever grateful for her. 




Evana was my doula during the birth of my first baby. She was a wonderful help and encouragement throughout the process.

In our first meeting Evana explained  every little detail of labor  process and we built the birth plan together. I wasn't  able to get such help from my OBGYN. Evana educated my husband  and I about various techniques  to cope with pain of contractions. 

I was scheduled  for an induction. Evana arrived at the hospital in the middle of the night with a very short notice during really bad icy snowstorm. 

Throughout the labor, my husband was by my side to support me through the contractions, but when i was distracted by the nursing staff or fatigue, Evana was always right there to fill in the gaps that they could not see. She saw my needs without requiring me to find the strength to communicate them.

Not only was she an intuitive coach, but she had an amazing ability to find ways of massaging sore muscles. Her skills were a significant source of relief. She created an atmosphere that was spiritual and calming: candles and essential  oils. 

Finally, and most importantly in a hospital birth, she was a great advocate. She was able to help us effectively communicate with the hospital staff, gave us suggestions regarding what our options were, and helped us navigate the waters of a nursing staff.

Again, Evana was such a wonderful help and encouragement. It was a privilege to have her at my birth. Every laboring woman needs a doula, but it is a lucky woman who is able to have a doula as skilled and experienced as Evana.


Joy Rasmussen


Where do I even begin to share how wonderful Evana is and how lovingly she supported our labor and delivery?! Evana was the exact person we needed to attend our birth. Her strength and confidence helped us to carry on and push through the challenges of our labor. When our labor took a turn and we realized we needed to transfer to the hospital, Evana helped us better understand the situation and our options. Even though the hospital wouldn't allow her to come with us, she still provided help from a distance. Her knowledge gave us confidence going into labor and our pre-birth meetings helped us prepare for what was ahead. I would whole heartily recommend her. She is prepared for anything and made sure we were too. 

Sarwat Hasan


I hired Evana as a post-partum doula. She has been incredibly helpful, friendly, and very caring. She always made sure that I was resting or eating/drinking since I kept forgetting to do so haha! She would cook delicious meals for my family, which even my toddler loved. She is very knowledgeable and has always answered all of my questions and gave me a piece of mind whenever she came over. She would even make me take a nap when she can tell I really needed it while she took care of the baby. I like how she's been very flexible with my schedule. I would definitely hire her again in the future if I were to have another baby! She is awesome!



Evanna was a God sent, there's no other explanation for her services. She came to my hospital room on a last minute request. I didn't know what to fully expect but the level of warmth she possessed made me feel like family from the time she walked through the door until she departed. Giving birth brought on such an indescribable vulnerability that I was not prepared for, but Evanna was my calm. I'm forever grateful for the great amount of genuineness & compassion she showed me not to mention her professionalism! There wasn't an emotion of mine that she wasn't I tuned with. She's truly a gem & would recommend her a thousand times over!! 

Sharlene Dougan


I feel like words cannot convey the amount of, gratitude, appreciation and love I have for Evana! Evana was designated to be my back up doula. My bf and I already knew we vibed with her from the one time we met so we were more than comfortable if a situation could arise. And as circumstance would have it she was called into action after my first doula had a family emergency. Evana made her way in despite Covid regulations to ensure I had support for the delivery of my first child. She came in with so much energy, joy and laughter. I had already been in labor for 40+ hours and her energy was exactly what I needed. I wasn't progressing and the dreaded talk of a c section was starting to be introduced. But Evana, kept saying it's not happening, not to focus on it and that I would have the vaginal delivery I worked and labored so hard for. After a very cathartic/emotional moment between my bf and I that she helped facilitate I was found to be fully dialated. I swear whatever tension or feelings that I had was released and my body was finally able to relax. Thank goodness because the doctor said this was my last check and if I wasn't fully dilated they were going to prep me for a c section! Even with an epidural I had intense hip pain from the babies position. Not only did she hold my leg, but she massaged it and would provide passive movement between my pushes. After I delivered she showed my bf how to handle a newborn as this was his first time. And he still says almost two weeks later that her teaching allowed him to be comfortable handling his son. We are eternally grateful for her support and love! I can't say enough about her! After a 60 hour labor and 1.5 hr of pushing. I can say I honestly look back at my labor and delivery as enjoyable because of her and my first doula! 

Jared Willmann


My wife and I highly recommend working with our Doula, Evana. She was a wealth of information and very responsive in the pre-labor process and was truly amazing during the birth of our baby girl. She was great at recommending helpful ideas and positions to help increase the comfort of my wife and to help move the labor along. She was also a great advocate for my wife and I as a liaison with the nursing staff and doctors, always helping us to understand what was happening. What we also loved about Evana is that she doesn't have an agenda that she pushes - she provided information without judgement and made sure to understand the preferences of my wife. Last, but not least, she was an amazing support person for my wife during labor, giving positive feedback and helpful updates so that my wife felt supported and clued in at all times. For anyone remotely interested in working with a doula, we would absolutely recommend it, and we would absolutely recommend working with Evana! - Jared & Ashley

Amelia Kaselaan


Evana and I connected immediately and the moment I met her I knew I wanted her to be part of our birth team. Being first time parents, my husband and I really didn’t know what to expect. What I thought I knew about birth and “what to expect” was formed by what I saw on TV or from other women’s stories which mostly created this idea that birth was scary and chaotic. Evana helped me change my perspective immediately that my birth was going to be amazing, exciting and peaceful. She was very flexible and understanding when our birth plans changed from going to the hospital to doing a home birth. At every stage in pregnancy and labor she was comforting, reassuring and calming. She is extremely knowledgeable about all things related to pregnancy, birth and postpartum. She was available to us for every question or concern we had, and if she didn't have an immediate answer she never left us hanging and always followed up with educational and evidence-based information.  After our daughter was born Evana checked up on us frequently and even came for a late-night visit when I was struggling with nursing. She has an amazing ability to read people, bring lightness and humor into any conversation you have with her and she will make you feel supported, heard and honored with every decision you make for your family. She is more than our amazing Doula, she is part of our family now too, because we couldn’t have entered this new chapter as parents without her!

Wendy Romero


I do not even know where to start on how amazing my experience was with Evana. From the moment i met her i felt very comfortable and knew i wanted her there for my birth. I was going for a VBAC and i knew having her there i will be successful with that.She is very attentive and i was able to reach out to her at any moment i needed to and even when i had questions. a week before my birth i was in prodromal labor and she was with me the whole entire time, funny part is little baby decided it wasnt time for her to come yet. as the week went on she was checking me at every moment. the big day finally came, the experience at the hospital was amazing. from every contration i was feeling she made sure i was comfortable. she did not let me give up at any moment even when i wanted to. my experience was so great i even made my daughter after her. Thank you so much EVANA YOU ROCK !

Mohammad Amir


Evana, was a wonderful person to work with. My wife went into labor in the middle of the night. Evana showed up at the hospital at the right moment and mentored my wife for a natural labour. She was very knowledgeable and knew exactly how to deal with the doctor's and nurses who had a preterdermined mind set for a cesarean section. Having her support by our side made us feel so much better. She constantly followed up afterwards to ensure the mother and the baby were doing ok. 

Lina Rouab


As a first time mom, being diagnosed with cholestasis of pregnancy and GPS made me worried and I needed more information than just what my gynecologist was telling me. As a result, I  contacted Evana who lives in different country, different continent about 7800 miles away to help me out. Indeed, Evana was always ready to answer my phone and video calls despite the 9 hour difference. Obviously, because she couldn’t be in the labor room with me, she made sure both my husband and mother are aware of whatever they needed to know to be as supportive as possible. She also made sure to check up on me post delivery. I can tell that Evana is really passionate and enthusiastic about what she does. 



Evana helped me as a postpartum doula and she was AMAZING!! She worked hard and efficiently to help with whatever I needed around the house. Each day I would come up with a long list of things she could do, far more than I thought she could do in the time she'd be here. Each day, she'd finish the list in half of her time (or less) and ask what else she could do!! Evana was wonderful with my new baby, soothing and entertaining her when I needed to rest, and helping me and building my confidence in myself as I cared for the baby. As a mother of a large family, she was a great source of advice. I appreciated that she only offered advice when I asked for it, so that I didn't feel judged or questioned, but totally supported in the decisions I was making. During a time when my adult interactions were nil, she was also a friend, a great listener and so fun to chat with! I'm so grateful Evana was my postpartum doula and I continue to turn to her for advice when new challenges arise. She's exceptional!

Michael and Heather Lewis


Evana exceeded all expectations. I was a bit hesitant for my wife with this pregnancy as she had really bad experiences with her past two pregnancies. Evana was able to provide a relaxing experience and coached my wife through everything. She is super responsive and follows up regularly to check on every one. She taught us  things that we never would of thought of and she provided us information that truley was a blessing. I could not say anything bad, I feel we have gained a friend through this amazing experience. We HIGHLY recommend Evana

Claudia Joy Demitro


Evana is absolutely amazing! She did not waste a second to help me. She came right in and started cleaning and making me food without me even asking. She does so much to make sure that new moms are taken care of so they can recover. And in addition to organizing my house and cooking for me and for the family, she of course helped me with the baby. She took care of the baby so I could sleep. And helped me take care of my toddler. She taught me so much and she is an amazing advocate for women. I highly recommend her as she is very knowledgeable, confident, and caring. She saved me during those first difficult weeks and she can't for you too. 

Hannah Alsouqi


Having a doula makes all the difference. And Evana...her confidence is so assuring; but more than that, contagious. She enlightened me to so many things I didn't know with my 1st. Birthing classes opened my eyes. Allah (swt) in all His mercy, created our bodies exactly perfect for the tests it meant to bare. I don't want to sound cliche even though I mean every word of it. I just want whoever is reading this to understand that sometimes its hard to give yourself credit and care for yourself the same way we would care for others... especially your baby. Having a doula will give you support & peace of mind that someone completely understands what youre hoping for during your labor and delivery; and will advocate for you. Another thing that Evana helped me with was planning a full plan; which to be completely honest with you, isnt my forte. Her giving ideas of what to organize & plan really helped me and the people around me know roles and responsibilities. I especially appreciate the fact that she educated me on options I never knew existed and helped me plan accordingly. Lastly, Evana can read your emotions and is amazingly flexible. She helped me especially when I needed a distraction from the very painful contractions. Just ask her to tell you a story. 

My husband's comment about Evana is that he was happy that I was getting what I needed and that he could see a big difference between my births. He was there for all the birthing/prep classes and felt better informed thus more involved and included in decisions. You and your husband being calm and present in the moment; it builds trust & love like nothing else.

So yeah, Evana helped me realize my potential and supprted me through it all. I consider her amazing to say the least.



Evana was a life saver in a time when I needed one most. After an extremely traumatic experience related to the birth of my first baby, I suffered from PPD and PPA. Evana’s energy, positivity, and helpfulness was a breath of fresh air that lifted my spirits and gave me hope that things would get better. They absolutely did. Most importantly, Evana treated my baby like her own. My baby loved her and you know babies are the best judges of character! Thank you, Evana, for being the most wonderful gift I could ever receive in my time of need!



Evana was the most incredible doula I have ever worked with! First off she was flexible about the timing that I requested and also reached out to me a few days before her first visit to see if I needed anything. Then she showed up early and texted instead of ringing the bell in case my other kids were sleeping, which was so considerate of her. She was extremely enthusiastic and caring from the moment I met her. She went above and beyond in terms of taking care of me with meal preparation and doing dishes too! I can't say enough positive things about her attitude and willingness to help. She was so proactive and took the best care of my baby, talking to him and treating him like her own. I would highly recommend her to anyone and happy to answer any questions.

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