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LeNay Graham CD(DONA), CLD Woven With Grace LLC

Member of Emboldened Life Wellness

Mequon, WI Service range 60 miles


Birth Fee


Postpartum Rate

Not specified

Birth Fee


Postpartum Rate

Not specified

Birth Doula Experience

5 years and 109 births attended

Postpartum Doula Experience

5 years and 3 families served

Birth Doula Certifications

  • DONA International - Certified Birth Doula
  • Doulaing the Doula - Certified Birth Doula

Doula Training

  • DONA International-Approved Workshop, December 2018
  • CAPPA - Childbirth and Postpartum Professional Association, January 2021

Type of practice: Solo practice

Clients per month: 1 to 3 births and 0 postpartum families

Attends hospital births? All Hospitals

Attends birth center births? All Birth Centers

Attends home births? Any Home Birth
Will not attend planned unassisted births, where it is the mother's intention to not have a certified midwife present.

College Education


Special Services Offered

  • Acupressure
  • Birth pool rental
  • Military families support
  • Pelvic floor health education & support
  • Reduced rates for women considering adoption
  • Satellite doula (for remote and rural clients)
  • Surrogates and intended parents
  • Virtual and remote doula support

Languages Spoken

  • English

Fee Details

Free introductory consultation Prenatal meetings prior to your birth with the option of one home visit prior to labor if you choose E-mail, phone, and texting support from the time of contract signing On-call 24/7 for you from 37 – 42 weeks of your due date Help with creating a birth plan Guidance on prenatal exercises, comfort measures and coping strategies Guidance on postpartum planning and preparation Access to various resources and referrals Continual physical, emotional, and educational support during your labor and birth Immediate postpartum support after the birth A postpartum gift given to you to take home Frequent text/phone check-ins post birth 1 postpartum follow-up visit in your home

Service Area

Mequon, WI Service range 60 miles

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Client Testimonials for LeNay Graham CD(DONA), CLD Woven With Grace LLC

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Sarah Krabbe


LeNay was a wonderful support to my husband and I from the minute we talked to her on the phone when we inquired about her services. As first time parents, we were inexperienced and unsure about pregnancy, birth, and postpartum. LeNay was the perfect amount of informative, supportive, and a great listening ear. She gave us good information, but allowed us to form our own opinions on things. LeNay was particularly supportive in the 2 weeks leading up to our sons birth. She made herself available over the phone to us on numerous occasions to talk through different options. We felt listened to, supported, and she gave us great advice and wisdom. Her support those 2 weeks is something I will never forget. When it came time for labor, LeNay was invaluable for talking through things and helping us through. The doctors would suggest something and LeNay would help us process through if that would be supportive to progressing labor. She helped empower us to make informed decisions that we felt confident with. When it was time for the birth, having LeNay there felt like having a close friend there. I would recommend LeNay to anyone! 

Alannah Jackson


LeNay gave me the absolute best experience I could have asked for as a first time mom. She was extremely supportive of my husband and I before the birth and made my husband feel at ease about having another person in the room. She gave advice on what supplements/foods etc to take ahead of time and talked through all possible interventions. She helped me decide on when I could go to the hospital and arrived there in time to help me through the painful parts of active labor and delivery. She gave me different positions to try to get the baby to come down. She help me fulfill my dream of a fully natural labor. I could not ask for anything more and will definitely be contacting her for my second.

Cami G


After my first two children I was left with a lot of disappointment following each of their births. When I found out I was pregnant a third time I immediately knew I needed to do something different and found LeNay. I knew from our phone interview that she would be incredible to work with, but it was reassuring when I mentioned it to my midwife and she immediately exclaimed "Oh my goodness, LeNay! We LOVE her!"

She had amazing resources like a healthier alternative to the glucose drink, stretches, ways to keep my rotating baby head down and was a constant source of affirmation when I had doubts. Still, I wasn’t quite sure I would make through the height of labor. I deeply hoped for an unmedicated birth, but still had quite a bit of fear about it. 

When the time came, labor progressed in a similar way as before. Contractions went from uncomfortable to breathtaking to debilitating and suddenly I was certain what I wanted was impossible. I was in a place I had never made it to in labor before but LeNay had no doubts at all. She knew how disappointed I was to have had an epidural in the past and offered what I had always hoped for, which was total confidence and faith through the hardest moments until the euphoria of holding my daughter in my arms. There is no way to accurately describe completely subsisting on someone else’s faith (or to thank them for it) but LeNay was absolutely the only reason I didn’t give up, and beyond that, discover that I was far, far more able than I ever imagined. She is a gifted and amazing woman who held me by the hand through a wholly redemptive birth experience.

If you are looking for someone who will listen to your goals and guard them with you, you will find that in LeNay, along with so much gentleness and care along the way. I cannot speak highly of her enough and hope anyone considering her will know what a gift she is. Do not even think twice about hiring her <3



I don't know what I would have done without LeNay!  It felt like she played all the roles--coach, friend, mom, nurse--she was always there for me leading up to labor, during, and after.  She helped me to feel prepared with knowledge about how things work and exercises to help prepare my body for labor.  I went through a week of prodromal labor and she was there for me in the late nights, coaching me through my next steps.  During labor was when I needed her the most--I was so in the "zone" that I don't think I would have thought straight to change locations or positions, but she patiently guided me through different positions that helped baby move down appropriately.  This was my first baby, and my labor was intense but short!  And then during the postpartum stage she would periodically check in with me and was able to help me process my birth story on a much deeper level so I could find a lot of healing and peace.  I felt like I could trust her with anything and she would follow-through!  While this was my first baby, I truly feel like LeNay would be invaluable with any future babies as well!



I am so beyond grateful that I had LeNay to guide me through the pregnancy and birthing process. When I found out I was pregnant, I was so excited and couldn’t wait to secure LeNay as my doula, however the thought of giving birth and pushing out a baby left me fearful. As I met with LeNay in person, chatted on the phone, and texted weekly with her my fear slowly shifted into anticipation! She recommended the Labor Nurse Mama birth classes that went hand in hand with her wisdom and support to shift everything in my mindset! In my 2nd trimester I started to wake up daily actually excited to give birth. When I went in for my induction I felt prepared and empowered to speak up for what was best for me! LeNay is also the best encourager, especially when I needed it most during the waiting of 41 weeks carrying this baby. When I felt discouraged by waiting, or frustrated by my body, she was there to remind me of the truths and beauty of each step of the journey!
LeNay was excellent at educated me to make decisions about my induction process, Pitocin dosage, breaking my water, position changes, pain management, and much more! I truly felt in control, prepared, and empowered each moment of my labor and delivery. The best decision I ever made in stepping into motherhood was choosing to have LeNay as my doula! I had the most incredible birth experience not because everything went the way I expected, but because I had been educated to make the best decisions for my body and my baby! I have never felt more proud and empowered to be a woman and a mama! LeNay was the biggest part of preparing me for this new transition of bringing my baby into the world!!!

Jenna gainer


When people ask me how I succeed in my birth plan, my first response is “well first I had LeNay as doula…” LeNay is the best doula I could have asked for! Not only did she go the extra mile and checked in on me frequently during pregnancy, but she also still checks in on me post partum as well. She helped me create my birth plan with educated decisions that made me feel comfortable and empowered in giving birth. During my birth, she was calm and confident and reminded me of my “why”. It was so comforting to know that LeNay, who cared for me and wanted to see me succeed, was in the delivery room cheering me on and helping me with different pain techniques. LeNay helped me achieve my birth goals and I could not have done it without her!



LeNay is an absolute gift! Through my time working with and getting to know her, it became apparent that she is made for doula work. Throughout my time with her, I felt genuinely cared for. LeNay is very responsive, collaborative, and has a wealth of knowledge. I was always so impressed by her problem solving and willingness to personalize my care.

I give LeNay my highest recommendation. She is highly trained, reliable, responsive, and compassionate. It was a joy to have her as a part of our journey, and I fully believe she was the key to having the birth we envisioned!

Mary Kelly Mackay


LeNay was an integral part of my redemptive, healing, and successful vbac! From her very first message, I felt listened to, cared for, and affirmed in my desire for a beautiful and empowering birth. She was quick to answer all my questions throughout the pregnancy and went out of her way to send me resources in regards to providers, the process of labor, and how to best prepare my body. Her endless words of encouragement and prayers gave me the confidence I needed to have a positive mindset. Throughout labor, her calm and joyful presence, in addition to her gentle touch and smile, greatly helped me ride through the contractions. She was extremely helpful to guide my husband in how he could best support me as well.  Our nurses and OB told us multiples times that LeNay was one of the best doulas they’ve seen; she was completely tireless. Reflecting on the labor and birth as a whole, I could see there were multiple points, that without LeNay, could have easily taken an unwanted path. Having her support helped me achieve redemptive moments that I will treasure forever! It truly was special victoriously bringing our baby to this side of earth with LeNay. I still tear up just thinking about it. My husband and I already plan on having her with us for the next birth! I promise you, you will be blessed if you choose LeNay as your doula!

Natalie Webb


LeNay was beyond amazing to work with and we would not have gotten through the birth without her. Unfortuately, my original doula I chose had a birth at the same time so LeNay came to the rescue as a back-up and we had not met before the labor and delivery, however, she treated my husband and I as if we were close friends. My water had broken the night before and I decided to receive an epidural before she arrived, Right away she helped me jump into various positions to continue to progress labor. After 26 hours of laboring and no progress passed 8cm we decided on a c-section. We would have never comfortably arrived at this decision if it wasn't for LeNay's guidance. LeNay stayed with us in the hospital for close to 30 hours with the best energy the whole time. More importantly was LeNay's postpartum support after the birth that was just as invaluable. She sent us many resources on c-section recovery and lactation services. Our baby ended up having a tongue tie as well and she was able to assist us with getting to the right resources to get it fixed. She responded to all of our questions and concerns at all hours and was very helpful in the first few days as a first time mom. We will definitely use LeNay in the future if we are blessed with more children. 

Janean D


LeNay was my birth angel. After working with many doulas over the years as a hospital L&D RN, I had a sour taste in my mouth about doulas. Most of my experiences with doulas in the hospitals were negative. They usually came with their fists drawn, as if I was on the "opposing team." This usually ensued in a "battle" between me trying to provide safe care/follow doctor's orders, and the doulas giving unsafe recommendations or flat out being unreasonable. I am a very natural person and patient advocate and my nursing practice reflects these principles, however birth in a hospital setting must still follow some guidelines and safety measures. It wasn't until I had a patient who had LeNay as their doula that I had a positive experience with a birth doula. I knew after our first delivery together that I wanted her to be my doula someday. I didn't even have any kids yet but I knew. We clicked and were on the same page and both recognized that our teamwork helped give these mothers beautiful birth experiences. Fast-forward to my own pregnancy, we hired LeNay as soon as possible. I had no idea how much support she would provide throughout my pregnancy before I even gave birth. It was so amazing to have someone to guide me through, check in on me, and give me evidence-based tips and tricks. This took so much pressure off of me! Come time for me to have my baby, we met LeNay at the hospital and she just supported me until the bitter end. I attemped to VBAC after my first being a C-Section, however it ended in an emergency C-S.  Though LeNay was unable to be in the OR with me, she waited, prayed, and celebrated me and my new baby. My husband and I literally could not have done it without her. She helped me through each moment I wanted to give up, and helped my husband best support me, while keeping us both fed/hydrated. And as I navigated this traumatic birth and PPD/PPA that followed, she kept checking in on me. I cannot sing enough praises about LeNay Graham.



lenay was an absolute blessing to work with!! from the moment we first spoke with her on the phone, we could tell just how kind, compassionate & genuine she was! she has the biggest heart & pours so much love into the clients she works with. she truly made us feel so loved, supported, and cared for throughout my entire pregnancy, labor & birth! she always thoroughly answered my many questions via voice text, which i loved, and was the most incredible resource! she was such a great listening ear & validated my many emotions and fears ... always providing me with the most encouraging words & reminding me i was doing a great job to prepare for our little one's arrival! lenay has been such a light in our lives over these past 9 months, and i know we'll remain friends & cherish the part she played in welcoming our sweet baby girl into our family. she would oftentimes check in just to see how i was feeling/doing as we were nearing the birth of our daughter, which meant so much! she prayed over me on the days i felt overwhelmed & always offered a listening ear when needed. i cannot imagine not having her there for our birth. she was SO supportive & present. she spoke encouraging words over me through each contraction & was so great at getting my husband involved! she encouraged me to try different supportive positions & movements throughout labor to move baby down, and stayed right by my side the entire time! she always seemed to know just the thing to have me try! she helped us have the unmedicated, natural birth we desired! we will most definitely recommend lenay to all of our friends & plan to use her for future births! we can't thank her enough/put into words how much it meant to us having her as our doula! even now being postpartum, she continues to check-in to see how baby & i are doing! we absolutely love lenay, feel so blessed to know her & to now call her a dear friend! we can't thank you enough, lenay!!



I hired a doula because I had to have a c-section with my firstborn and wanted to attempt a VBAC for my second. LeNay helped me navigate finding a VBAC friendly provider, sent me tons of resources to guide me along the way, and gave me body ready method exercises to do to get my body ready to birth my baby. 

During labor, I felt so guided and every position she had me in was so purposeful - my labor in the hospital was only 5 hours. My nurse LOVED LeNay and said she was absolutely amazing to work alongside. She helped me stick to my birth plan for an unmedicated vaginal birth. My birth team was the best and my experience was absolutely wonderful. I could not have done it without her! 

If you're considering her for a doula, just pick her. You won't regret it. ??



I reached out to LeNay after my midwife recommended her services, and I'm so grateful I did. Hiring her was the by far best thing I did to prepare for labor + delivery, and I felt so supported by her wisdom, kindness, and expertise.

Two words come to mind when I think about my time working with LeNay: competence + care.

Throughout the process, I was so impressed by her depth of knowledge + experience. She had suggestions + wisdom to share through every stage of the journey -- everything from creating a birth plan to preparing my body for labor to assembling supplies for the postpartum stage to helping me get labor started (after 2 nights of prodromal labor), and so much more.

During labor, LeNay coached me through the whole thing, suggesting positions based on where I was in the process + where baby was stationed. I was able to have an unmedicated vaginal birth, but I came close a c-section due to a cord compression/heartbeat deceleration issue. And I think without her support + coaching, there is a very real possibility my labor would have progressed more slowly, resulting in a different outcome.

But even more than this practical support, I felt LeNay's deep care throughout the process. She was with me the whole time, deeply present throughout. She held my hand, wiped away my sweat, and shared encouraging words throughout the whole 10-hour labor, and I definitely leaned on her nurturing energy + felt so supported by the love she poured into me + my baby.

If I end up doing this all again, my first call will be to LeNay. I can't imagine doing this without her in my corner, and I would 100% recommend her to anyone looking for doula support.

Megan Maser


After a traumatic birth of my first born, I decided I wanted an unmedicated birth for my second baby, and searched for a doula. I am beyond grateful and blessed that I was able to have LeNay as my doula. Prenatally she offered a tremendous amount of support and education. She gave me excercises that helped me turn my baby out of breech position. Her encouragement, positivity, and calmness helped reduce a lot of fear and anxiety I had going into going my second birth. I was induced and assumed I would have a fast induction because I had a fast induction with my first. However, the induction was very long and LeNay kept supporting me and helping me every step of the way. She always knew the right words of encouragement to get me through each contraction. She helped me get into optimal positions to provide comfort and help my baby engage in my pelvis. My birth ended up being one of the best experiences of my life because of LeNay. I wouldn't have been able to keep my goal of going unmedicated if it hadn't been for LeNay. I could never thank her enough for all she's done for me and my family! LeNay is such a special person that I will always hold dear to my heart.

Ali Eddy


Choosing to hire LeNay to join our birth team was the best decision we made as my husband and I started on our parenthood journey. From our very first conversation, I was so impressed with LeNay's thoroughness and professionalism. It was clear she cared deeply about her work in guiding mamas and families. Her support during my pregnancy, labor, delivery and post partum included a wealth of education and encouragement that set us up to feel confident and calm as we brought our baby into the world. We will have her join our team again for future pregnancies!

Mary Catherine


My husband and I have been overwhelmed with gratitude for the presence of LeNay in our lives. We were expecting our first child and contacted LeNay during my first trimester about doula services. We consider ourselves so fortunate to have found LeNay and brought her onboard as our doula. She helped prepare us for the birth journey, worked with us to build our birth plan (with no judgement, only advice and expertise!), helped guide me throughout delivery, and met with us after the birth to address any post-partum questions. LeNay educated us on the stages of birth, provided me with exercises and advice during my pregnancy, and was readily available for any questions along the way. I especially appreciated LeNay’s guidance and calm presence throughout our son's delivery, allowing my husband to focus on being encouraging and supportive. LeNay’s presence along our birth journey made all the difference and we couldn’t imagine our first birth journey without her. We recommend LeNay with the highest regard! She is a true blessing.

Ashley Thomas


Where to begin. From the first phone call with LeNay, I knew I wanted her to be by my side as I maneuvered through my first pregnancy and birth. From the very beginning she made it clear that no question was off limits, and when I sought out information she never made me feel silly or dumb for asking. She is well informed, gracious, patient, empathetic, bold and so kind. As a FTM there was so much I knew I didn't know and so much information to work through - LeNay helped with all of that by meeting with us leading up to the birth to cover different important topics from exercises, to what to pack in your hospital bag to postpartum and so much more. I felt so prepared for the birth of our baby boy. Which leads to the actual birth. It was my favorite part of this whole experience. LeNay was present and involved from the moment I started having contractions until the first moments of holding my new baby. She helped me feel strong, confident and cared for. She helped my husband and I stick to our birth plan, and encouraged me in the moments where it began to feel like too much. I cannot say enough about who she is and how much her support blessed us. 

Last but certainly not least for us, faith. It was our mutual faith in Jesus that I believe drew us all together and made the whole experience what it was: full of peace, love and joy. 

If and when my husband and I decide to grow our family, LeNay would be one of the first to know, and we would want her to join us on the journey again. 



I can't recommend LeNay highly enough! Not only is she a wealth of knowledge for both prenatal and postpartum, she holds your hand through every stage. And in labor, she is there as a hand of calm and peace, even in the hardest of times, and your biggest cheerleader during pushing. Because of my birth experience with LeNay, I not only managed to VBAC, but I feel empowered to give birth again! 



Lenays compassion for her work was so clear from the very first meeting we had with her in the early stages of my pregnancy. She was so precise in her care for me and had so much information to offer for every question I had. Being a first time mom I had A LOT of questions! We had a home water birth planned, but things didn't go according to plan and we had to transfer to the hospital. I was so blessed to have Lenay there with us. She advocated for me and made sure my birth plan was understood and not ignored. Her presence during that time of uncertainty gave my husband and I a sense of protection, and comfort that we would not have had if we hadn't hired her as our doula. She was my biggest comfort and caretaker during labor. I will have Lenay as my doula for every pregnancy/birth that I have in the future, couldn't imagine doing it without her!  Thank you for your amazing support Lenay! 

Jolene K


My failed VBAC was empowering. Even though I had all my ducks in a row. Even after I fought to let my body go into labor on my own 5 days later than my doctor wanted to induce; after months of pulling information out of my provider that she wouldnt readily give up, and after 27 hours of progressive labor that brought me to 8 cm dilation. But at the 8 cm dilation, the staff noticed my baby was brow-presentation. Then the real work began and I fought for two more hours to back it up and flip it. And yet with all that work- my vback still failed. And I still think it was a successful birth and I felt so strong afterwards.  I acclaim all these empowering feelings to the efforts that LeNay, my doula! I would have never gotten to do any of that 27 hours of labor or have the courage to stand up for my wants, without her help. I was determined to not have surgery again. LeNay gave me the best advice all throught my pregnancy; helped me become an expert with MY pregnancy. NOT a textbook pregnancy. She taught me that my pregnancy is unique; that I can infact listen to it to tell me what I should do. She gave me approprate information and a tremendous amount of love. We realized half way through my pregnancy that my provider was not exactly VBAC accepting, had no faith in me and it became obvious. LeNay kept my hopes up. She laughed and cried with me. In active labor, doing fantastic, dilating, making great progress all thanks to LeNays help repositioning my body and my mind. LeNay kept us positive. I made it to 8 cm and something stalled. My baby was browfacing. VBAC's in my hospital cannot be abnormal presenting- cesearan it was. LeNay stayed through the whole proceedure and helped welcome our son! It was a long day of tears, laughter and new life. Without LeNay I would have never realized how healing a failed VBAC could be. Going through all the labor motions and emotions was exactly what I needed. I am so glad I hired her!! 



LeNay was truly an invaluable part of our birth team! Her educational resources and emotional support throughout pregnancy to prepare for both birth and postpartum helped us feel reassured and confident. My labor and delivery ended up being abnormally fast and intense for a first time mom, and if it weren't for LeNay and her support, encouragement, and knowledge, I truly believe I wouldn't have been able to have the wonderful natural birth that I did. Without hesitation she met us at home during active labor to help us get to the birth center, she encouraged both my husband and I to stay nourished during labor, she provided steadfast and unwavering words of support, and she even used her Spinning Babies expertise to help us overcome a cervical lip ultimately leading to delivery of our beautiful baby girl! Her postpartum visit was incredibly appreciated to allow me to discuss certain aspects of my birth that I needed to process and reflect on. I truly believe LeNay's role as a doula is not just a profession, but a ministry she is called to. I would recommend LeNay to absolutely anyone looking for educational and emotional support throughtout their pregnancy, labor, and postpartum period!



Let me start out by saying that I truly believe LeNay to be one of the kindest and most giving human beings I've ever met. The story of my husband and me hiring her was definitely not the norm. We initially had a different doula who ended up being an awful fit for us. After firing that doula, we had a lot of built-up stress to deal with due to the prior doulas toxic advice. We were very much in need of a top notch doula to help us turn our situation around and contacted LeNay who was able to quickly figure out a plan to help us in our 11th hour.  Her support was far beyond our expectations and she had such a huge positive impact on my delivery that it's hard to appropriately state in a few paragraphs.  I only wish I had gone with LeNay from the very beginning, but in the end we still ended up with a very positive birth experience and I attribute much of that to having LeNay as our doula.

Sarah McCutcheon


I spoke with a few doulas before choosing LeNay Graham, and I am so glad I did! My husband and I left our first meeting with LeNay feeling as though we were already good friends. She has a joyful and fun, yet calming presence. She is genuine and cares deeply for her clients. She is kind and I always felt respected and heard while creating my birth plan. She is knowledgeable and helps to instill confidence and strength in her mamas by answering questions, guiding them to make informed choices for their pregnancy, birth and postpartum journey, and by always making herself available for texts, calls, and meet ups. My favorite thing about LeNay is that she is a woman of faith and she is an encourager! What I needed most was to be encouraged and affirmed along the way through the many decisions that needed to be made. LeNay seemed to intuitively know exactly what I needed to hear when I needed to hear it. She helped to prepare me and my husband before the birth of our daughter, but she was also a wonderful comforter and advocate during my labor. I can't imagine doing it without her - I needed her there more than I knew I would. LeNay gently, yet confidently coached me through contractions and purposeful position changes. She kept my water cup full and made sure I was hydrated. She advocated for me, she encouraged me and uplifted me the whole way - through laboring, pushing, and then as I held my baby for the first time she helped me to help my baby latch to breastfeed. My experience as a first time mom has been wonderful, exciting and empowering with her help. I can't wait to do it all again, and I know I will want LeNay by my side.

Emily J


LeNay was integral to our birth experience right from the very beginning. Her home visits were so educational both before and after birth. She was so supportive during labor, whether it was in person or on the phone. She was always available for questions no matter the time of day and was there to guide not only me as the mama but also my husband throughout the entire laboring process. She brought all of her amazing birth supports like her fan, snacks, and supports for different birthing positions, which she was extremely well-versed in and used wel to progress my labor as needed. LeNay was such an important part in our birthing experience that she will absolutely be a part of every future birth we have! 



When we found out we were pregnant with twins, we were overjoyed and yet a bit overwhelmed, especially after we were told all the potential problem that could come as a result of twins. The stress was heightened since I wouldn't be able to use the midwives that I usedvwith my first daughter and although my OB was fine, I just didn't get the sense that she would fight for my desires. Randomly I saw a Facebook post advertising dula recommendations and LeNay's name was the first recommendation that I researched and from the moment we met, I knew she was perfect. My labor went quickly, within 2 hours of starting labor I gave birth, and at the most difficult part, LeNay's soothing voice was next to me encouraging me that I could do this. She has such a welcoming and loving spirit; she will make you feel so empowered in your own strength. I was so impressed watching her partner alongside the hospital staff with such character and respect. I truly valued the open communication and education she provided throughout the process. LeNay has been an answer to prayer in so many ways and I am so grateful that she was my dula. I could not recommend her more!! 

Rhia Holden


My husband, Josh, and I had a wonderful experience with LeNay as our doula.

I was able to give birth to my first baby at 36 years old, completely un-medicated with the support of LeNay. I was nervous about selecting a stranger to be part of something so intimate, but she was so sweet and reassuring. She was so supportive and encouraging to me and was such a help to my husband as well.

He was hesitant when I first brought up using a doula during birth. He was sold, however, after our first meeting with LeNay.  Josh now says that she is worth every penny and that she solidified thee importance of having a doula during your birth, no matter how you birth. He believes so strongly in the benefits of having a doula that he's said multiple times that if money were no issue, he would get everyone we know doula services for any future babies.  

She is so sweet and genuine. I was able to have my beautiful, magical, empowering dream birth because of my carefully selected birth team and she was central to that team. I am forever grateful to her and if we decide to try for another baby I will be contacting her again without a doubt. 



LeNay went above and beyond for me during my pregnancy.  She is an outstanding doula who took the time to answer all my questions.  Because of her, I was able to walk confidently into my birth and walk away empowered and proud.  She was an incredible advocate for my birth plan and any expecting mama would be lucky to have her in their corner.



As first time parents, my husband and I knew we'd feel more comfortable with the support of someone who has been through many births before.  When I first started researching doulas, I was impressed by LeNay's background and testimonials from clients who had worked with LeNay in the past.  We scheduled an introductory phone call with LeNay and as soon as we started talking, I knew we'd hire her as our doula!  LeNay has such a comforting, knowledgeable, reassuring presence that just "clicked" with us right away.  A few weeks later we met up with LeNay and it was such a natural, easy conversation that helped put our minds at ease.  We learned so much from her in that conversation alone, and she followed up in the weeks leading up to birth with lots of informative tips/advice, articles, videos, etc. and answers to our questions.  When I went into labor, LeNay was in constant contact with recommended positions, breathing, techniques, and advice based on my contraction patterns.  I wanted to labor at home as long as possible before going to the hospital, so having this kind of constant support was so helpful to me.  At the hospital, LeNay was by my side the entire time helping me through contractions, making sure I was hydrated, and being supportive through any decisions that had to be made.  Looking back now, my husband and I realize how clueless we would've been if we didn't have LeNay by our side.  While my husband was so actively involved in supporting me throughout labor and delivery, having LeNay with us allowed him to have extra support too.  When we had our little girl in our arms after a long labor and delivery, I told LeNay it was such an amazing experience, and I truly would not have felt as comfortable and at ease without her there.  We would hire LeNay again in a heartbeat and recommend her to everyone!



Being a first time mom and not having any experience or knowledge with labor/delivery/postpartum I knew that having a doula would help both myself and my husband. I had a phone call with LeNay to get to know her and hear more about her services when I was about 20 weeks pregnant (maybe less). Her voice was so comforting on the phone and I instantly knew I was going to hire her as my doula. Fast forward a few weeks and we had our first in person meeting in our home. It was about 1.5 hours and my husband and I learned more in those 1.5 hours than I can even explain. LeNay is so knowledgable and had an answer to almost every question. If she was unsure on something I asked she would research it and send me articles/podcasts about the topic. As we got closer to my due date I would text her with any questions that came up and she was so quick to respond. When it came to my delivery, she showed up just when I needed her. She was so comforting the whole time and really calmed me down when I was in the heat of labor. She was right next to me through every contraction, coaching me through it and making me feel strong and confident. LeNay was making sure I was drinking water, changing positions, and just being a support throughout the entire process. The moment my husband and I got home from the hopsital we both said to each other that having LeNay as our doula made our experience so much better. We will absolutey hire her again! I cannot recommend her enough.



I honestly didn't even know I wanted a doula until I met LeNay. Our youngest was born February 2020 so just before Covid stuff. I found out I was pregnant again in Nov. I wanted to avoid unecessary appts & interventions as much as possible as long as I knew me & baby were healthy.This time I wanted to go without an epidural or meds. Completely different than all 3 of my other kids. I was going to be delivering at the same hospital I found they had a midwife team instead of drs. I switched care at 35wks. I found LeNay through a Fb response she replied to a question I had posted but didn't think anything of it till a couple weeks later.I had to look my post up & reach out to her.I knew that if I wanted to try to have a natural labor/delivery I would need some support & education from someone who knew more than me.It was late in my pregnancy but was available for my due date & said she would love to work with me & my husband. I loved how including of him she was & made sure any questions he had were answered. I found at 36 weeks my baby was transverse. She introduced me to spinning baby techniques & following her recommendations the baby turned on his own. It was neat to know that she was a Christian, I didn't know if I could share such an personal experience with anyone else besides my husband in the labor room. It made our connection stronger & confirmed she was the perfect fit for us. She takes such care in what she does down to the smallest details of providing chocolate & chapstick for me at the hospital. So glad we met & I wish I would of known her for my other kids. Even though this was one of the most traumatic births for me because his shoulders got stuck for 2 minutes during the delivery she helped me accomplish my goal of getting through the contractions with no epidural. He ended up being over 9 lbs. I'm still amazed as to how she helped me through the delivery. She has become more like a lifelong friend.



I met LeNay at a clients labor in June of 2021. What a refreshing experience. LeNay epitomizes my definition of a doula!

As a home birth midwife, I "doula' my clients and unfortunately it has not been my experience that the doula's other clients have hired (certified or not) actually "doula'd" the laboring mother. For this reason I have not encouraged clients to pay the extra money to have another body at a birth, except with Primips. I DO see the benefit with first time mom's who's labors might be longer and might need ongoig support. Even if that benefit is to keep me from getting worn out.  

It is my hope that LeNay is a new breed of doula, and would take other doula's under her wing and direct them to BE WITH the laboring woman.

I would be happy to work with LeNay again and even refer her to my clients. THANK YOU LeNay!




As a first time mom, when my birth didn't go as expected, I could have been scared and anxious. But with LeNay as my doula, I felt prepared and stable.


LeNay took the time in the months leading up to my due date to meet regularly with me and my husband to go over key information to get us through pregnancy, birth, and beyond. She was always just a text message away whenever I wondered if a pregnancy symptom was normal.


LeNay always answered all my questions, gave me helpful tips, and sent me links to products that would help me out. Because of this, I was usually prepared for things before they happened, even when I didn't fully grasp what she was telling me until later.


When my baby was breech at 35 weeks, LeNay gave me advice (in conjunction with my midwife) to encourage my baby to flip. In less than a week, things were back on track!


LeNay was by my side throughout my long labor at home. When complications made it clear to my midwife that a home delivery would no longer be safe, LeNay followed my husband and me to the hospital. She was so encouraging. she prayed with us and supported us through it all. She led the nurse through the process of helping position me in a way that likely saved me from needing a C-section. LeNay's depth of knowlege of natural childbirth and pregnancy practices is truly astounding.


LeNay even followed up with us postpartum. As new parents, we are sometimes overwhelmed, but LeNay's soft voice of guidance helps us stay grounded, and she reminds us that we can do this. And we did!

Rebekah Kind


LeNay Graham is a wonderful doula. She makes you feel like you matter, and even that you are loved. She is very supportive and is definitely a great person to have on your team when you are going through labor. She always encouraged me to contact her with any questions I had, and she consistently offered solutions when I mentioned problems I had. The day I gave birth to my daughter (I had an unmedicated vbac), LeNay was a wonderful help. From the time she arrived at the hospital to the time she left after the birth, her warmth and caring and strength and encouragement helped me so much through everything. I felt like crying when she left because I didn't want to see her go, actually. Would I hire her again? Absolutely. She is worth every penny and more. My doctor had high praise for her too, telling me that he thinks she is the best doula in the Milwaukee area, if not all of southeastern Wisconsin.

Resl Okruhlica


LeNay was absolutely wonderful to work with. As a first time mom with a lot of information swirling in my head, she was the exact grounding support we needed. I had a natural birth in a hospital with a midwife so I knew my preferences were unique (not totally all in on western medicine, but not 100% granola either). LeNay asked all the right questions beforehand and advocated so well for us during labor and delivery. I felt comfortable with her advice and knew she understood what I wanted even if I couldn't communicate it. She was a blessing! 



LeNay has a sharp mind, a caring heart, and experience to make her an excellent doula.

This was my third birth - I had a doula each time, but this was the first with LeNay. These are some examples of how her expertise benefited me.

She served me primarily, but she also cared for and respected everyone else in my family. I knew she understood how important their experiences also were as we welcomed this third baby.

From 20 weeks on, I suffered from pretty severe pelvic pain. Whenever LeNay gave me resources for ways to physically prepare to carry and deliver Baby well, she always did so with an awareness of my pain and gave modifications. MOST helpful of all to me: When I became anxious that I couldn't have a smooth delivery because of my prenatal limitations, she consistently affirmed me in the efforts that I could make, and expressed confidence that my body knew what it was doing. This mindset is so valuable in preparing for birth!

During the last month of pregnancy, I had a lot of contractions and pre-labor. It is physically and mentally exhausting!! LeNay was always encouraging to me and never downplayed the difficulty. She was available for support and often checked in on me via text.

When it came to labor and delivery, she gave very specific directions for movement and activity throughout the different stages to help progress labor and make me more comfortable. This was my easiest and smoothest delivery yet and it's because of her absolute dedication to me during the process - think counterpressure during, and sips of water after, EVERY contraction at 8+cm until delivery!!

Her postpartum care was phenomenal as well, and the birth story is SUCH a beautiful, personal touch on top of everything else she does as a doula.

This is just the surface of my appreciation for LeNay and her excellent care. I can't speak highly enough of her!

Sarah R.


Choosing LeNay to be our doula was the best decision for my pregnancy and labor & delivery. I had a challenging csection experience for my firstborn, and wanted to make sure I had support going for a VBAC with this pregnancy. My entire pregnancy, LeNay was an amazing resource with information, suggestions and emotional support. I went a week past due and she was so encouraging while I had false labor contractions and tried to kickstart real labor. When I did go into labor, she answered the phone at 2am and offered encouragement and guidance for early labor. She came over to our house to help me labor at home since I wanted to wait as long as possible before going to the hospital. Her presence is so calming and encouraging. I had a lot of lower back pain with contractions and she did counter pressure for hours to ease the pain and help me achieve my goal of an unmedicated birth. LeNay helped us perfectly time our trip to the hospital and continued her support as soon as we got there. I can’t imagine having such a calm, smooth labor and delivery experience without LeNay. My husband and I are so grateful that she was part of our pregnancy journey. 



Lenay is possibly the sweetest person you will ever meet, extremely knowledgeable about all things labor/birth related and will do the research in anything beyond her expertise to provide you with evidence-based information.  She applied her training in Spinning Babies techniques to help me position my baby into the most optimal position (from right occipital transverse - a posterior position - to a left anterior position) for birth during my pregnancy and labor.  Lenay was a phenomenal coach for me by suggesting movements and positions to help me focus, encouraging/offering hydration often, and supporting me in my ever-evolving birth plan as labor progressed or seemed stagnant.  She met with me and my husband several times prenatally, checked in with me often prenatally and postpartum to see if I needed support/had questions, and followed up with me after the birth to help me process the whole journey.  I am eternally indebted to Lenay and full of gratitude for her for the part she played in such an incredibly positive birth experience of my second daughter.  Thank you, Lenay!

Leah McCown


Lenay was more than just a doula to us, she became a friend! I knew as soon as I got pregnant that I wanted to have a doula, but I didn't know the process or exactly what she would offer us. She sat down with my husband and I numerous times before our birth to assure that we were going into our birth with a wealth of knowledge, and most of all, confidence! We are a nurse and firefighter couple, so we knew what this birth would entail, but we had no idea what to expect on the emotional side of it all. LeNay gave us so much support. She talked us through the entire journey from the very beginning. She checked in on me every hour at home and gave me exercises to do that sent our labor Into full force! Everyone was so surprised when we got to the hospital how far along we already were, and that was greatly due to the support she gave us at home. Throughout the hospital stay her and my husband never left my side. She encouraged breathing techniques, helped me switch positions, and gave words of encouragement during every step of the way. What touched my heart the most was how she reminded me what an amazing mom I was, even when I got down on myself for not following my birth plan as I had hoped. This was very hard on me emotionally, but she made me get my mind back on track and enjoy the miracle birth of my son. She made me feel strong and powerful as a Mom, and to me, that's what makes a wonderful doula! We can't wait to have her join us on our next childbirth journey! 

Carli Reuteler


LeNay was absolutely wonderful to work with. She provided my husband  and I with so much information and knowledge about birth & pregnancy. She was always available via text at any hour of the day and thorough and supportive with her responses and advice. She was encouraging & always reminded me how amazing I was doing. During my labor, LeNay stayed long past what she promised in her contract and never left my side. She was so helpful the whole time & has continued to offer support and advice after our contract was up. I could truly tell how much she loves helping mom's and thier babies. LeNay never over stepped on the doctors and nurses and always was supportive of my medical decisions no matter what. I would 100% recommend LeNay as anyone's birth doula! 

Aileen Gilroy


To say that I was lucky to have LeNay as my doula would be an understatement. My husband and I feel beyond blessed that LeNay was willing and able to be a part of my labor and delivery journey.  From my initial meeting with LeNay, she was incredibly warm and welcoming, and I could tell she had so much love to give; that sort of love emanated through every encounter with her, and also toward every interaction with my family members (I applaud you for your patience, LeNay!). Before meeting LeNay, I knew she had five children of her own so she could strongly relate to what I was experiencing. I was determined to have a natural birth, which I laid out in a birth plan that LeNay helped me create. Unfortunately, the way my baby was positioned in utero caused me to have a long, grueling labor and my birth plan was begrudgingly modified. LeNay was present, in all forms, to be an advocate and resource for me when I had to make decisions to assist in the progression of my labor. She gave me the strength I needed to carry on despite the unrelenting, paralyzing back pain I was experiencing. LeNay provided guidance at a time in my life where fear and anxiety were starting to take over and showed me how capable I was to push through despite extreme exhaustion.  I can’t convey in words how much I appreciated her determination to do whatever it took, emotionally and physically, to help me get through the labor and delivery of my beautiful daughter. Thank you, LeNay, for being the anchor for my husband and me during such a momentous time of our lives.

Love, Aileen



Lenay is an incredible doula. She is very thorough and supportive and was present throughout my entire pregancy -- her texts and check-ins with resources and encouragement always came at a time when I needed it most. When I met Lenay I was immediately impressed by her breadth of knowledge, her character and her genuine caring nature. I knew that with her support I could achieve my goal of having an unmedicated labor, and I did! During my labor she was always ready with ideas to cope with the pain and provided incredible support for me and my husband in my over 24+ hr labor! She went above and beyond and stayed with me when my new daughter was whisked away to the NICU and my husband had to leave as well. I felt so safe, supported and confident about labor and delivery with her by my side.

It is clear that Lenay pours her heart and soul into her work as a doula. I am so grateful to have met her. I love that we share our Christian faith and I was able to connect with her on a spiritual level as well. 

I have no doubt that I will have her as my doula for all my future births. I highly recommend her to any mom-to-be. Lenay is strong, caring and a true advocate for her clients. She is one of the most genuine and kind people I know! Not only was she my doula for my first birth but I now consider her a dear friend. If you are looking for a great doula, one who will care for your heart, body, and soul - look no further!!  



I had met Lenay previously to using her as my doula, at the time she was training to become one little did I know that I would eventually be using her as my support for my own birth. I truly believe that people are put in your life for a reason, when I met Lenay we immediately connected. She has an auora about her that makes you want to be around her, she is so calm and caring. When I became pregnant I knew right away that I wanted her to guide me through this pregnancy. I have two older children and never had a doula, I wanted to have a natural childbirth this time and new I needed to have support. She helpede find a good midwife because I didn't really know who to go with since my OB retired, I'm so glad I went with a midwife instead! Lenay taught me so many things about our bodies in order to have a smooth delivery, so many things I had no clue about. At one point late in my pregnancy my baby went transverse and I was told I should get an EVC, I called Lenay right away and she told me exactly what I should do and helped keep me calm. We were able to flip the baby naturally just over the weekend. When I went into labor at 40 weeks and 1 day, I called Lenay and we stayed in contact until I really felt that I couldn't take it anymore, she was at the hospital as soon as my husband and I were. From that moment she was my guiding light, helping me through, comforting me just showing me absolute love and care. So many times in my head I wanted an epidural but her guidance and care helped me through one of the most extreme experiences of my life. I know that I couldn't have done this without her and I will never ever forget how she supported me. As a woman having her and other women surrounding me, comforting me and cheering me on through my birth was one of the greatest experiences of my life and I hope for any woman to be able to experience that during their birth as well. I would recommend Lenay to anyone and everyone that is pregnant she truly is amazing.

Amy Thomas


My husband and I hired LeNay when we found out I was pregnant with our first. That was the best decision as she ended up being our rock throughout the entire experience. 

During my pregnancy, LeNay was absolutely essential. I brought many questions and concerns and was met with calm, confident responses. She recommended evidence-based practices which ended up making all the difference during pregnancy and labor. When COVID hit, I was in my first trimester. Things were very unsure but LeNay came up with a plan for how we would handle each scenario. Not only was she knowledgeable but also confident and reassuring. 

I decided a birthing center would be the perfect place to deliver as I am terrified of hospitals. Halfway through my 56 hour labor, I ended up having to transfer to the hospital. LeNay had previously discussed with me how to handle this possibility. She made me feel safe, calm and confident in my ability to handle the situation. She made sure I knew my rights and advocated for me while in the hospital. The staff was blown away by how good LeNay was. They said she was the best doula they had worked with.

If not for LeNay, my birth experience would have been quite traumatic and probably would have ended with a C-section. However, with her by my side, I was still able to have a beautiful birth in spite of the unexpected changes. 




LeNay has been such a blessing!  From the moment I initially called her to see if she was the right fit, I felt a connection with her and I knew she was going to be just what I needed.  This was my first pregnancy and there were some complications, not to mention it being during covid.  Although we only hired LeNay for postpartum support, she still checked in on me during my pregnancy and offered such great advice!!!  LeNay is such a kind, sweet, genuine person that WANTS to support you and has a servant heart.  She provided practical new mom and baby advice, a wonderful listening ear, and she was a great help with meal prep and light household chores.  Having LeNay in our home was a blessing to us, and I feel like I gained a wonderful friend in the process.  I truly feel every mom should have a postpartum doula.  LeNay took so much stress off of us during such a huge life transition, and always provided words of encouragement.  If we have any more children, I would love to have LeNay for labor and delivery as well.  You will not regret the investment in yourself and your family by hiring LeNay - she is a treasure!  

Charlene Polyock


This was my first pregnancy, and I decided to hire Lenay after searching for Christian doulas near us. From the first time we met, we immediately had a great rapport. Lenay was non-judge mental, supportive, warm and professional. We met a total of three times before our labor for our initial meeting and two prenatal appointments. It was great to talk to her, vent, and ask questions throughout the whole process. She gave us exercises to prepare for labor, and some great tips and recipes on peri-labor snacks! The morning I went into labor, I was at ease speaking to Lenay. Her calm voice and reassurance always made me feel prepared and in charge to take on this race. Lenay was at the hospital waiting for us by the door before we even pulled up. She was a strong advocate for us with the healthcare team, while at the same time very gentle in her delivery of suggestions. At one point during the transition period, I felt that I couldn't go on naturally, but I really wanted to . Least knew that, and encouraged me on. "Char you are so close. You CAN do this. By the time anesthesia comes, you probably will have already had your baby." That was everything I needed to hear. When I was about to push and very scared, Lenay said a prayer, and I immediately gained the strength and courage from the Lord. After we welcomed our sweet baby girl, Lenay gave me a dark chocolate bar to help stimulate contractions of my uterus, and hand delivered our placenta to our encapsulation specialist. She always went above and beyond for our family. We received 12 hours of postpartum care with Lenay. It was great to have her as a helper and someone to lean on. She came to the doctor with me and my daughter,  helped with meal prep, baby care, and light household chores. I'm so glad she recommended the Haaka, and creating a diaper changing station downstairs. I will definitely be using Lenay for subsequent pregnancies. She is a joy and has a peaceful presence that she carries with her.



We absolutely loved having LeNay as our birth doula for our second baby. We were looking for someone to support my husband in the labor process as well as to provide encouragement and guidance in our pregnancy. LeNay was exactly the perfect fit. She provided excellent, personal prenatal doula care with teaching us the spinning babies exercises, offering her listening ear and words of encouragement, and always made herself available to us regardless of time of day. In the labor process she was an incredible asset to our team. She made us feel so at home and at ease with her tender words of affirmation, assertiveness to keep us well energized and hydrated, and provided such a sense of calm to the  birthing environment. After our birth, she was present and fully engaged with us to make sure we were confident in nursing and had adequate nourishment before she left us to enjoy our new baby for the night. She was diligent to keep checking in with us in the days and weeks to follow with the same grace and kindness that she was exhibited the entirety of our pregnancy and labor. The bonus gift for us was a personal letter written to our baby accounting their birth story from her eyes. We couldn't have asked for a better doula for our family and 10/10 we would have her all over again! 



LeNay was such an incredible addition to our birth team. Both my husband and myself felt loved and supported through the entire experience. LeNay educated us in our prenatal visits and so graciously answered our every question. She cared for us so lovingly through the birth of our son. As a new mom, post partum was a challenge filled with big emotions and many questions. LeNay ALWAYS made me feel safe and supported, answering all of my questions and always expressing an encouraging word. We would hire LeNay a million times over again!!

Bree Hafer


There are so many words that I could use to describe LeNay and her character not only as a doula, but also as a fellow mama and now friend. She is truly passionate about what she does and is full of so much love. My expereince with LeNay during the birth of our second daughter was one I will never forget. She knew every thing my husband and I wanted when we were planning on going with a natural child birth at a birth center. She met with us while I was still pregnant and gave us numerous educational material and hands on practice with different pain relieving techniques and birthing techniques. She was always available via texting or calling, no matter the time or day. She listened to my concerns leading up to the birth of my daughter and helped couch my husband and I through the hardest parts of labor. She was there when my husband needed a break to get some rest while I was laboring. She was reassuring that I was doing the best job I could do. She stayed with my husband and I after our daughter was born and even made me a smoothie at the birth center before leaving. She followed up with us immediatley. I cannot wait to have another baby and have LeNay be apart of our birth. She is worth her weight in gold. She was my doula, but now I consider her a friend. We still stay in contact and my daughter is now 10 months old. Thank you, LeNay, for being someone I could lean on before, during, and after the birth of our daughter!



It was truly a blessing to work with LeNay! I knew she would be a great resource for me during my pregnancy, but I couldn't even begin to fathom what an amazing support she would be during labor/delivery for myself and more importantly my husband. Any anxiety that either of us had was instantly put at ease with her constant encouragement. We could not and would not have wanted to have welcomed our son without her!



LeNay is an amazing doula! She is very kind and caring. She provided so much support before, during, and after my sons birth. At first I didn't think I needed a doula, but after thinking about it, I decided I wanted someone, in addition to my husband, by my side to help me through the birth of our first child. I am so glad we made the decision to hire her, I know for a fact that if she wasn't there, my birth would have been way more stressful. Her calm nature kept me calm. The nurses are in and out, but having LeNay by my side the entire time made me feel less stressed as well. When I first got there, I requested pain management drugs, but after a bit, I realized I didn't need them. I truely believe that your mindset has a lot to do with how you interpret pain. I believe staying as calm as I could be during the birth made all the difference in the world! I will definitely hire LeNay again for any future births!



LeNay was an amazing support during my pregnancy and 19 hours of labor. She was by my side and gently encouraged me to relax throughout every contraction. She is a true servant of women. I can't express enough that LeNay was an amazing support system for me. She always made sure I was hydrated and had enough nutrition throughout my labor. She also worked well along side the rest of the staff. LeNay's training in spinning babies was extremely beneficial during my pregnancy and labor as well. She taught me a lot of exercises that I could do during the third trimester and throughout labor that was really helpful in getting baby in the right position for labor. I highly recommend LeNay to anyone expecting a baby. I plan to use her again if I we ever were to expect another baby in the future. 

Alissa Nicholas


How do I even begin to explain LeNay,

This woman is incredible! 
she is supportive, patient, extremely knowledgeable, respectful, and just as sweet as can be! She is very intentive to what you desire for you birth and is determined to make those requests a reality anyway she can. The love and support I received from her was beyond words. She empowers women and is always reasurring that you know what's best for you and your baby and to trust your morherly instinct. Every birth is beautiful no matter how a baby is brought into this world! I can't recommend her enough! She has been such a blessing to me and my family. LeNay is more than a doula, she is a friend and will now and forever hold a very special place in my heart. 




I was so happy with LeNay as my doula and would absolutely recommend her to anybody and everybody! I LOVED how she was so sensitive to me getting the birth that I wanted; no judgment; just support and encouragement. I was massively impressed by how detailed she was, and how much she was willing and able to do for my husband and me before, during, and after the birth! It meant the world to me that she was able to capture the moments (both through journaling and photography) that I missed during birth; and I knew I would miss (this was my 3rd birth). My husband was wonderfully supportive too, but with LeNay also being a mom, she had more “tools in her tool belt” than he did on how to help me through the birthing process; after all, not every birth is the same! Our nurses were also wonderful, but we weren’t their only patients. LeNay was able to stay with us the entire time, and there is immeasurable comfort in that. Then, reliving it all with her later (minus the struggle) was such a joy to me! I’ve honestly never met anybody as sweet and encouraging as her, but what sets her apart from the rest is her steadfast faith in Jesus and knowing what a true miracle these babies are to us; gifts from the Lord!

Alyssa Tietz


I had thought that I did everything right during my pregnancy & that my labor would be picture perfect. I ended up having a c-section because little miss was stubborn. Through my entire birth experience LeNay never left my side. She was there coaching me through every brutal contraction, feeding me honey & making sure that I was hydrated. She took me, swept me up and made me feel safe & empowered. My husband has never been through anything like that before and she wasn't just there supporting me she helped my husband when he was lost and didn't know how much more  he could take. He's never seen me in that amount of pain and exhaustion before. ANYONE would be extremely blessed to have her support. She is everything that kept me together when all i wanted was to break. We love & cherish LeNay. We know you will to??

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