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Amanda Hoyle, CD(DONA), CLC, CBE

Anchor & Calm

Fairfax, VA Service range 20 miles

Birth Fee

$2200 to $2500

Postpartum Rate

$35 to $45

Availability Remarks: I limit postpartum availability to a smaller drive radius. Day Time Rate: $35 (booked in 4-hour blocks) Night Time Rate: $45 (booked in 8-10 hour blocks)

Birth Fee

$2200 to $2500

Postpartum Rate

$35 to $45

Medicaid and Third Party Insurers

Currently approved to receive payments from the following programs:

Birth Doula Experience

5 years and 203 births attended

Postpartum Doula Experience

1 years and 6 families served

Birth Doula Certifications

  • DONA International - Certified Birth Doula

Doula Training

  • DONA International-Approved Workshop, July 2019

Type of practice: Solo practice

Clients per month: 1 to 2 births and 1 postpartum families

Postpartum limits/restrictions: Non-smoking Priority booking for birth clients.

Attends hospital births? All Hospitals

Attends birth center births? All Birth Centers

Attends home births? Some Home Births
Only home births attended by a midwife. No unassisted births.

College Education


Special Services Offered

  • Bereavement doula (pregnancy & infant loss)
  • Cloth diapering education
  • First Aid and CPR
  • Lactation consultant/counselor services
  • Military families support
  • Miscarriage support
  • Reduced rates for women considering adoption
  • Satellite doula (for remote and rural clients)
  • Stillbirth and infant loss support
  • Surrogates and intended parents
  • Virtual and remote doula support

Training Documentation


Relevant volunteer or advocacy work

Operation Doula (doula support for military families) Military Birth Resource Network Certified Lactation Counselor Certified GentleBirth Childbirth Educator

Languages Spoken

  • English

Fee Details

I fell in love with birth work when I was 6 & witnessed the birth of my brother. It impacted me forever. I believe birth is a natural & beautiful process, but also honor the times that risk factors necessitate medical expertise. Regardless of where on the spectrum your birth occurs — at home, birth center, hospital, surgical birth — I seek to bring a spirit of calm, empowerment, & confidence to each birth. I’d love the opportunity to share my love for birthwork with you. My birth package includes two prenatal visits, weekly check-ins, 24/7 labor & birth coverage for weeks 37-42, & one postpartum visit. I provide my clients with a Birth Plan Packet, Reading/Resource list, Early Labor Packet, & Postpartum Checklist/Plan, as well as access to my Lending Library & Spinning Babies DVDs. Due to the current restrictions of many birthing locations, both in-person & virtual support services are available. Military discount available.

Service Area

Fairfax, VA Service range 20 miles

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Client Testimonials for Amanda Hoyle, CD(DONA), CLC, CBE

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Amanda is amazing! She is friendly, knowledgeable, professional and was the calming and comforting doula we needed to be an active participant throughout our birth journey! Even though our journey ended in a C-section unexpectedly Amanda was in the operating room to capture photos of the birth, she stayed with me overnight in the recovery room and even took time to visit our family when I had to be re-admitted to the hospital for complications. I highly recommend choosing Amanda as your doula. It was one of the best decisions my husband and I made!

Heather Batson-Mead


Having the best birth experience was a priority for me. From the reading and research I had done: a mother will remember their birth experience likely more than anything else. Amanda was fabulous with resources and insight, never passing judgment or feeling as if you're asking a "silly" question. While we had a birth plan and had planned for birth one way, we had to pivot a few weeks before delivery. Amanda was right there with us allowing us space and reminded me to give myself grace to make a decision that worked for mom and family. We can't thank Amanda enough and we would highly recommend her for your doula needs. 

Maggie McGuire


We had an amazing birth experience with Amanda! After using a doula for our first, we knew we wanted one for our second but didn't start the process of looking until around 36 weeks! We found Amanda and even after a short period, we were extremely comfortable having her as part of our birth. I really wanted to give birth without an epidural, even knowing I had to have an induction. Amanda was with us through the whole thing and kept our eyes on the prize. She helped move me into different laboring positions, did hip squeezes, etc, all to make laboring more comfortable. If it wasn't for her, I don't think I would have made it through without an epidural! I'm so happy we had the birth experience we wanted and that Amanda was a part of it. Would highly recommend her to anyone and will use her again if/when we have another. Bonus points that she is incredibly familiar with our hospital and the staff there and has access to the military base (makes things easier!). 



Amanda was an outstanding doula. I originally hired Amanda as a birth doula. She was very helpful in assisting me with preparing for birth and creating my birth plan, and was very sensitive and attentive to my preferences. As it happened, I wound up having a c-section, so we wound up using the hours she would have been with me at the hospital to postpartum services instead. I cannot overstate what a relief it was to have her with me in those difficult first days home while I recovered from surgery and learned to care for a newborn. She helped me with everything from working through the baby blues to small chores around the house to helping me get to appointments and so much more. She brought a much-needed sense of calm to a chaotic time and really helped ease the transition. I highly recommend Amanda to anyone who needs doula services before or after giving birth.

Kristin Summers


Amanda was such an amazing doula and support. My husband and decided to look for a doula since we are first time parents and wanted an advocate and reassurance along the way. We took a hypnobirting class and I have read a lot, but we wanted someone on our side in the time-sensitive moments during birth. Amanda helped me find a provider that was a better fit for me at the end of my pregnancy. I was very nervous to make the change, but so thankful I did. She reassured me when I was in labor making decisions to have the epidural, go to the hospital etc. while it was always my decision, it was nice having someone make me feel like I was doing what was right for me and my family. Amanda is very warm, knowledgeable and passionate about her work. 

Anne M.


I highly recommend Amanda to anyone considering a birth doula, especially a military family delivering at Augusta (Fort Belvoir) or Walter Reed! Amanda supported me for the planned C-section of my second child. From our first meeting, she brought no agenda beyond answering my questions and supporting my preferences and goals--no judgment or pressure to pursue her preferences. She checked in regularly during my pregnancy and responded quickly to all questions. At the hospital, many of the providers and staff knew her and clearly respected her. Her knowledge and experience gave her the confidence that make a doula such a valuable companion during this process. She is also very personable and easy to talk to, on a substantive, not just a superficial level. After my daughter was born, she was able to stay two nights in the hospital with me. That extra help from her is such a gift. Amanda was absolutely central to my very positive experience throughout the birth of my second child. You want her on your team!



I cannot say enough about Amanda. I have had her as my doula for my last two unmedicated births in the hospital and we had such great experiences. I love that she listens to your needs and wants with gentleness, then helps you accomplish that goal based on your individual vision. My husband did not understand the need of a doula and just thought she would take his place, but she enhanced the experience for him as well. We are so thankful for her as she was there before, during, and after birth with resources and as a resource for anything we needed or were concerned about. I have a nurisng background, but really felt like she was so helpful with our labor and delivery as I was not the nurse, but the patient. I was able to have confidence and encouragement going into my unmedicated births with a sense of pride after being able to accomplish what I wanted. She is also very personalized and warm. She gave us a sweet gift after each birth that was personalized to each kid. We are very grateful for her role in our births especially with helping my husband with ideas to decrease the pain and increase the connection between us. 

Alisa Fowler


It has taken me far too long to write this review (my baby turns 4 months next week and I can't believe it!). Amanda was absolutely incredible through my pregnancy, delivery, and postpartum. I was on the fence about having a doula because of things I had seen on social media, but after meeting Amanda and learning her approach toward pregnancy and delivery- I knew it was the right choice for me. Amanda is not pushy and she will advocate for what you want and what you feel is best. She was always a quick text or phone call away when I had questions. My baby was breeched at one point and she gave me resources to help turn her on my own. I ended up having a hard labor and ultimately a c-section- Amanda was with me and my husband every step of the way. She is a calming, warm presence with an incredible wealth of knowledge. When I found out my neighbor was pregnant - I recommended Amanda immediately! She will be one of my first phone calls if we are ever blessed with another pregnancy. 



Amanda was so helpful throughout pregnancy as a resource and calming influence in addition to during labor and delivery! It was a pleasure working with her. She is warm, fun, and knowledgeable -- having her on our birth team did so much in terms of making the entire experience more calm and joyful and helping myself and my partner feel confident and prepared.

Her prenatal visits were really in-depth and helpful, she gave us so much of her time and energy and served as an endless resource for whatever random question I had throughout the process!

When I went in to labor, she and my husband communicated and she had suggestions that helped me labor at home comfortably before heading to the hospital. She helped us gauge when it was time to go in, and met us at L&D at 4 in the morning ready to jump in and help! She had great rapport with the nurses and OB and everything went so smoothly.

I feel very lucky that I got to have the birth experience that I wanted and prepared for, and Amanda was a big part of that.




I can’t say enough positive things about Amanda. I had the best birth experience I could because of her. She was responsive and always available anytime for help. She was kind and caring and judgement free. She truly wants what is best for you. Amanda came to the hospital at 3am when I needed her and advocated for me and my needs. She was fast and jumped right in to help! It was a huge weight off my shoulders knowing she was there. It made me able to relax and focus on just giving birth which I believe helped me have a shorter labor. My only regret was not having her for the birth of my first child.



I can’t say enough positive things about Amanda. I had the best birth experience I could because of her. She was responsive and always available anytime for help. She was kind and caring and judgement free. She truly wants what is best for you. Amanda came to the hospital at 3am when I needed her and advocated for me and my needs. She was fast and jumped right in to help! It was a huge weight off my shoulders knowing she was there. It made me able to relax and focus on just giving birth which I believe helped me have a shorter labor. My only regret was not having her for the birth of my first child.



I can't say enough about how much we loved Amanda. Her approach is so tailored to you/your partner and your personalities, and she is such a kind, funny, and encouraging person! For context, this was our first baby and we are in our 30s; we wanted help navigating the hospital staff/experience with a goal of unmedicated labor and use of evidence-based practice. She also helped before birth to find local chiro/acupuncture, use strategies to encourage on-time labor, think through BH and the “am I in labor yet”, and navigate a pre-eclampsia scare. Think of it like a crazy educated friend that just wants the best for you (what YOU want, not what she wants).

We had a great hospital experience, but it was still invaluable having Amanda as our advocate and friend. The small stuff like bringing tape to keep the automatic lights from turning on in the bathroom, knowing where to find a cup or food after hours, not to mention the big stuff like movement strategies in labor that helped us get through 19 hours of unmedicated labor/pushing and avoid a c-section for an OP presentation. She made sure I stayed hydrated, and helped us think through a few decisions we had to make during labor (making decisions in labor sucks, but we knew she understood our preferences and could help us make informed decisions). She also knew many of the hospital staff and had immediate rapport (INOVA Alex). Finally, she brought my husband into the process in a way that worked with our styles, enabling him to be my rock through the most humbling, intimate, and amazing experience we’ve ever had. 

She works with mothers seeking all types of birth, but I don’t think I could have done unmedicated labor without the help of a doula, particularly Amanda. If you’re on the fence, set up an interview and meet her …then hire her :) You’ll be so happy you did.




I do not have enough positive things to say about my experience with Amanda! From our initial meeting, my husband and I immediately felt at ease and that we were talking to someone with a ton of experience and a deep network of resources. She connected us to a birth class that prepared us beyond our expectations, she helped us write up a birth plan that accounted specifically for the hospital we were birthing in, and when the rare but unfortunate situation arose in which she was unable to attend our birth, she connected us with another doula who was able to step in. My birth experience exceeded my wildest expectations, and I owe all of that to Amanda and Amy who listened to me, prepared me and advocated for me at every step of the way. I can't believe I'm saying this, but I'm actually looking forward to giving birth again, whereas before I was terrified about what labor would look like. Highly recommend hiring Amanda!! 


Rebecca Felmeten


Amanda Truly is the best Doula out there! Not only did she make multiple trips out to where i live multiple times for appointments, she stayed right by my side during a 24 hour Labor! She was the perfect advocate and every decision that was made she educated us on the options available and My partner and I are truly grateful for her. Thank you so much for being apart of my birth team Amanda! ♥?

Amanda R


I'm so grateful for Amanda's assistance with our birth. She listened intently to all my hopes, fears, plans, and thoughts on how I wanted things to go and was a wonderful and patient sounding board as we worked through all the options. I had a traumatic birth with my first and my biggest goal was to avoid that for my second and Amanda was with us every step of the way. When I ultimately decided to pursue a surgical birth to avoid the complications of a VBAC, Amanda was still able to support us, particularly in recovery. I am incredibly grateful for her presence on our birth team and I would absolutely recommend her services to any other expectant family. 



I became pregnant a second time shortly after a missed miscarriage and D&C procedure. My husband and I knew that we wanted more support through the journey especially in the third trimester and delivery. Amanda was incredible to work with. She was able to provide so much support and care. She was able to provide reassurance and professional care when I was admitted to the hospital for delivery and stayed with us even through my labor began slowly. I had unexpected postpartum complications and her postpartum visit and support made such a difference in how I am working to process everything. We couldn't imagine doing all of this without Amanda by our side. 



Amanda Hoyle is a knowledgeable, experienced, and excellent doula! I am a mother of four and have been blessed to have had Amanda at the last two of my births. Her experience and assistance at both of these births was unmatched and irreplaceable!  She is compassionate, encouraging, and so helpful during labor!

Amanda Rebhi


Amanda was an AMAZING doula. We initially found her two years ago with my first pregnancy, but I lost my daughter at 20 weeks. With this second pregnancy being so emotionally charged, stressful, and mixed with joy and grief we knew we wanted to have a doula to help us navigate another birth experience. Amanda was exactly what we needed. From the get-go she was compassionate, understanding, and always left us feeling like our feelings were validated. She helped me navigate the PTSD triggers, and ultimately when the day came was such a great supportive coach responsive to my unique needs. Amanda provided great support to both my husband and I, showing him where and how he could help when we were in the hospital. While we were still at home Amanda sent us instructions on what I should be doing to keep labor progressing. While I had a long labor, our time at the hospital went quick and I think it did so because Amanda's support for me while I stayed home and her coaching through the late stages of labor made for a smooth delivery. For our situation and the fear, anxiety and complexity of emotions going in, I couldn't be happier with my labor story, with the outcome, and with the support she gave us. 



Amanda is a treasure. I went into precipitous labor in the middle of the night, and the doula I had hired was unable to make it to the hospital in time. She asked Amanda to step in, and Amanda was at my side as soon as humanly possible. Despite never having met her, I felt so much calmer and more confident in her presence. She is soothing, compassionate, and knowledgable. She supported me with compassion and good humor through the relatively quick birth of my daughter, and then she stayed by my side as long as she could during the difficult delivery of my placenta. When the doctors determined that I had to be taken to the OR, I was scared, but Amanda helped me through it with empathy, clear explanations of what was happening, and an incredible sense of calm. She stayed with my husband and daughter while I was in the OR, and I know my husband was also incredibly appreciative of her soothing presence. Though my experience with Amanda was under unusual circumstances and was limited to the night I gave birth, I would not hesitate to recommend her services. 

Jake and Alisa


From Dad: As a 1st time Dad, I felt overwhelmed by the amount of things I needed to learn & despite having read books, felt unprepared. I shared with Amanda my goals of being an engaged & supportive partner as well as my concerns around not knowing what to do or say during labor. With Amanda's guidance, I learned comfort techniques, how to advocate for my wife, & what to expect during the process. Amanda provided me with a myriad of resources including one that combined two of my favorite things - Dads & beer. She also helped me learn tips & tricks to create a comfortable birth environment including, lowering the sounds of the hospital machines, lowering the lights in the delivery room & adjusting the thermostat.  I can say with 100% confidence, Amanda strengthened my role & gave me the tools to feel confident throughout the L&D process.


From Mom: Amanda was quite literally the anchor during our pregnancy & the calm we needed during an unpredictable labor. Amanda is knowledgeable, personable & passionate about her job. During our pregnancy she answered every text - making me feel like I had an advocate who respected my decisions and never judged me. When my water broke, Amanda immediately picked up my call. She was at another birth but took the time to quickly guide me through next steps. My labor sped up quicker than expected & during our drive to the hospital Amanda quickly arranged her backup to meet us. My biggest fear was not having Amanda available (a fear you may share). Fear not - Amanda's backup was amazing. Amanda brought her up to speed & it was a seamless transition. Amanda continued to checkin & an hour after I began pushing, ran into my room & jumped into action. My husband & I were shocked. We didn't expect her to come after the birth to join ours (at 4am!) with her amazing fan and encouraging words in tow. I cannot recommend Amanda enough.

Steve Pachol


If having a child is like experiencing a moment with God, Amanda is the equivalent of the guardian angel in the process.  My wife was in labor for several hours and experiencing a good deal of pain.  Then, Amanda, as if floating in from the sky, arrived and the whole process seemed so much easier.  Amanda was able to help my wife with specific positions to alleveiate a significant amount of pain, and provided an aura of calm during the (nearly) 20 hours of labor.

At the end of the process, my wife and I were sad to say goodbye to Amanda because she was our guide for so much of it.  I highly recommend Amanda and, if we decide to have another child ever, hope to take advantage of her services again!

Jena Kozacek


Amanda was by far the most helpful and necessary person at the hospital, other than my husband, during my labor. She was immediately helpful, hands on and put me at ease when she arrived. I think her encouragement, advice, physical support and calming presence were what made it possible for me to deliver unmedicated. Amanda was an answer to prayer. She was 100% committed and fully present in the room with us and impressed nurses who had a ton of experience. Amanda was very good at interacting with the medical staff on my behalf and advocating for my desired plan, while being respectful of their roles and responsibilities. She was professional and easy to communicate with for my husband while I was in labor and for me when I was not. She was capable, responsible, timely, personable and so caring. We are so incredibly thankful that Amanda was with us during the most challenging day of my life and we have already recommended her to friends. 

Kyler Kozacek


Amanda was an amazing member of our birth team. She was very up front about asking about our hopes and plans for the birthing process, prompting with follow-up questions we didn't even consider. When game day arrived she was very quick to meet us at the hospital and immediately jumped in to continue the hip compressions I was doing while we were still in triage. Throughout the whole night she continually reminded my wife how strong she was, sang hymns with her and prayed for her, all while constantly guiding us through different positions and techniques as they were needed. We can't imagine having done it without her. When we were getting discharged, an RN of 30+ years of practice said that Amanda was the best she's seen. While I personally only have this one experience, I can't think of a single thing I would have asked her to do/not do differently. She's an incredible doula and will be an invaluable member to any birthing team who brings her on board. 

Jena Kozacek


Amanda was by far the most helpful and necessary person at the hospital, other than my husband, during my labor. She was immediately helpful, hands on and put me at ease when she arrived. I think her encouragement, advice, physical support and calming presence were what made it possible for me to deliver unmedicated. Amanda was an answer to prayer. She was 100% committed and fully present in the room with us and impressed nurses who had a ton of experience. Amanda was very good at interacting with the medical staff on my behalf and advocating for my desired plan, while being respectful of their roles and responsibilities. She was professional and easy to communicate with for my husband while I was in labor and for me when I was not. She was capable, responsible, timely, personable and so caring. We are so incredibly thankful that Amanda was with us during the most challenging day of my life and we have already recommended her to friends. 

Samantha Sandidge


Hiring Amanda for our second birth was the best decision we could have ever made. She helped give us the positive birth story we didn't get to have with our first child. She was very attentive and responded quickly  to every call and text message throughout my pregnancy. She remained flexible and balanced with the entire process from pregnancy, through labor and delivery. My husband was very impressed with her attention to detail while I was in labor as she kept copious notes of the comings and going's of each and every person who interacted with us in the hospital while in labor. She managed to help me stay completely relaxed and calm throughout the entire labor process and ensured my birth plan was followed to a T. She truly is amazing and hiring her will always be one of the best decisions my husband and I could have made. She is knowledgeable beyond her years, patient, kind and passionate about her job. You won't find a better or more effective educated doula. Thank you Amanda, I will forever be grateful for you helping to give us the positive birth story that we deserved. 

Kate McCord


Amanda was absolutely wonderful to work with! We had her support during the birth of our second son at Ft Belvoir and she was incredibly experienced and responsive! We are a military family so having Amanda's knowledge about different hospital policies and practices in the area was extremely helpful. Amanda was intimately familiar with my birth plan and helped me understand my options during my induction, which helped me feel in control and confident during the experience. Amanda was initially at another birth when I found out I was going to be induced and she also immediately put us in touch with her back-up doula just in case. We loved working with Amanda and I would highly recommend her to anyone looking for amazing doula support!



Amanda is such an amazing person! I admire her for the work she does to provide support to military families in need. When I reached out to Amanda for doula support, she took me on as a client in spite of already having a fully booked calendar for my due date. She introduced me to her colleague and friend who was able to attend our birth, but Amanda still stayed present and involved in our entire birth process. The education that she provided us during my pregnancy and support leading up to and after my birth were phenomenal. She welcomed us into her home and made us feel like family, even loaned us books from her expansive collection. Although Amanda did not attend our birth directly, I can say without a doubt that she is someone you should have on your birth team. I am so grateful for Amanda and everything she has done for my family. I could not recommend her enough as the doula to provide support for you and your spouse as you welcome a child into this world!



 I highly recommend Amanda! My birth went differently than I anticipated (don't they always?) and Amanda supported me through a breech pregnancy and helped me understand what to expect and how to advocate for myself through a C-section. She checked in regularly and talked us through a birth plan, and when we ultimately decided we didn't need a doula support for a C-section, she was flexible with us to figure out the contract implications. If I get a chance for a future VBAC, I absolutely plan to reach out to Amanda again for full support!

Elizabeth Kosobucki


We love Amanda. She went above and beyond on the day of my son's birth to make sure that I was comfortable, informed, and felt safe and supported. My labor was very long and she was with me the whole time, helping to foresee upcoming decisions I would have to make and making sure my husband also had what he needed. 

Leading up to my due date, Amanda was incredibly responsive. She checked in with me frequently and when I had questions, responded knowledgably within minutes. Even when my water broke in the middle of the night she was available immediately via text - I really don't know how she does it!

Overall, our birth experience would not have been the same without Amanda's calm, expertise, and loving compassion. We are so lucky to have been able to work with her and will do so again if we have another baby!


Laura Morgan


Amanda is wonderful. Bottom line is I wanted an unmedicated VBAC and achieved it with her support. It will forever be one of the best experiences of my life. My husband and I agree it would have been impossible without her. She was in constant text communication with me from the moment I thought my water broke until we all arrived at the hospital 8 hours later. As soon as we got into L&D room, she knew just how to help, and did so in a calm/supportive/unassuming way. Based on my contraction timing, she thought baby was trying to move, so she helped me get into different positions with the peanut ball that also let me rest (it was 2am). Knowing that we should rest for a few hours through contractions was vital. She knew how to turn off the loud alarm to my heart monitor when I was falling asleep and consulted the nurses about lowering the threshold for the alarm, which they did. When the OB got concerned about baby’s flat heart rate, she calmly told me baby was probably sleeping and gave me some juice. Within minutes, the heart rate was good. The nurses/OB kept pressuring me to get an IV, and she helped me feel confident in my decision not to (there was no medical reason for it). She knew exactly what time the new OB (my fave) would take over, and that gave me needed hope. Once the contractions got stronger, she was there with hip squeezes/swaying/encouragement for every contraction (or helping my husband). When my water REALLY broke, she knew to suggest the shower (with fairy lights in the bathroom). This is when transition started, and her presence was essential for the next two hours (I was losing it!) I had never pushed before (first baby was breech), but Amanda knew exactly the right counter pressure technique when I was on hands and knees to help me figure it out. I only pushed for 24 minutes and know it was because of this technique, which she used for every pushing contraction. In sum, Amanda is amazing and I will always be grateful for her!



As a first time parent whose family lives far away, I really wanted to have someone with me during labor and delivery to keep me calm.  I had such a positive experience with our birth doula, Amanda, and highly recommend working with her!  She was calm, funny, and incredibly consciencious about my birthing preferences throughout labor and delivery. Thank you, Amanda!

Dulce Stack


I want to start off my saying that every woman going through childbirth NEEDS a doula. I didn’t have a very positive experience with my first childbirth and I knew I needed to try something different for my second one. I had a lot of anxiety and fears about how well it could possibly go the second time around. After much research, I found Amanda. From our first interaction to the last, she has gone above and beyond to make me feel at ease and comfortable. She never judged or pushed for me to do anything I didn’t want to and helped me every step of the way to guide me when I was in labor at the hospital. I truly believe that my second childbirth experience has healed me from the past traumatic birth experience. I couldn’t have done it without Amanda by our side and it means the world to me. Amanda has a calming presence about her and she is passionate about her work. She truly is meant to be a doula and anyone would be so blessed to have her on their team. I should also mention that the days following my baby’s birth, my partner couldn’t stop mentioning how glad HE was that we had hired Amanda. He had been hesitant about it at first but when the time came, he was so glad we had her to explain all the unexpected situations at the hospital. Our experience has been life changing and if we are ever blessed with another child, I wouldn’t even consider going without Amanda. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts, for being there with us and for your compassionate care.



When we did our initial consult with Amanda we knew we wanted her to be our doula. This was our first baby and we wanted a doula to be present to assist with our unmedicated birth. There is so much to learn about childbirth that we knew we could not go alone. From the beginning, Amanda offered us resources on topics we were interested in. What we especially liked about Amanda was that she is very familiar with both of the hospitals we could give birth at. At 37 weeks, my water broke but I was not sure. When this happened, I immediately texted Amanda and let her know we could be in labor. Amanda continued to keep in communication with us while we were in triage and in early labor. She gave us tips on how to continue to advocate for an unmedicated birth since we were now on a time clock. When active labor started, Amanda was there for every contraction. The counterpressure was a God send and kept me from asking for the epidural. I loved how Amanda was there to answer questions about what was happening with my body at the moment. In the end, I was able to have an unmedicated birth with a short labor time. Amanda truly prepares and advocates for the birth that you envision. The doctor in the room had a traditional delivery in mind by Amanda was there to reinforce my wishes of my birth plan in a kind and gentle manner. 

Allison Chancey


Amanda was great! She made me feel reassured to have her on my team from our first zoom meeting. She clearly communicated with me on a regular basis. She came with me to the hospital twice since my baby tried to come too early. She helped me understand the doctor's recommendations when circumstances changed and we needed to change course. She knew my preferences and helped me make the best decision with the information I was given. I highly recommend her! She was sweet, professional, reassuring and vital to our labor experience. Without her, it would not have gone as smoothly. 



Amanda was such an important and critical part of my birth plan and it ultimately resulting in the positive experience I desired, which included not using pain killer drugs (epidural.) The preparation ahead of time started me and my husband off on the right foot by realizing some of the choices we didn't even know we had before we met with Amanda. I felt empowered and educated after understanding our choices and thinking about our values and preferences. The tools she provided incuding the templates to write a birth plan were very helpful, not becuase it went according to the plan exactly, but becuase it drew out what was the priority to me and allowed all of us (my husband, Amanda and me) to all be on the same page. I felt incredibly supported like my team had my back and would help communicate that if and when needed. 


The actual birth of our son was incredibly impacted by Amanda. I chose not to use any pain killings drugs and Amanda's calm and confident presence, as well as her expertise in the areas of pressure points, labor and delivery in general and the importance of breath and mindset were crucial to me. There were times I was scared or would start to panic or falter and she was able to recognize where I was at both physically and mentally and knew exactly what to do or say that would help. I was with Amanda for about 5-6 hours with the last 90 minutes the most intense physical experiecne I've ever had. I'm so proud of the work we did together and that I was able to deliver a healthy baby boy without any use of pain killing drugs in what I would consider a fast delivery. Amanda is a true expert and will forever be a significant part of my memories for the rest of my life. She helped me have the birth experience I wanted, despite not everything going accroding to plan, and was a true advocate for us. I am so grateful I met her and decided it was worth it. It was one of the best decisions I've ever made. 

Jennifer Brewer Stone


Amanda was a great doula. She provided wonderful support to my husband and I. She helped encourage us to switch to Inova Fair Oaks Hospital and to change Obstetricians to get a lower intervention birth experience. I feel good about all of our switches. I did end up needing to be induced since my water broke at 39 weeks and I didn't go into labor for 12 hours. Once we arrived at the hospital, my labor went on for 20 hours. Amanda was a huge help both over the phone and when she arrived to assist in-person. I was surprised how much hands on hips and being in the shower helped my labor pains; I'd say about a 70% reduction in pain. I did end up doing an opioid shot and then an epidural, largely because the contractions went on so long and I was exhausted. Amanda helped advocate for my needs when my voice was weak exactly as I'd hoped for, and also helped keep me abreast of what was happening, and questions from the staff.  I was impressed with how she helped to advocate for my needs while still staying out of the way of staff/being available if they needed her. It's a fine line to navigate and she did it well. She was an invaluable help in our birth experience, and also helped to give my husband peace of mind that we had someone with us with so much more birth knowledge than we had. I highly recommend her! 

Jacqueline Baudouin


We had a wonderful experience with Amanda Hoyle as our doula. She was super helpful in getting us prepared for the birth of our son, and answering all of our questions and providing us with resources. We found our assistance invaluable leading up to my delivery, especially as a military wife who understood our situation with my husband being posted abroad.

When I went to the hospital, she was calm and was a great support person for not only me, but for my spouse as well. She helped me with different relief measures and when it came to actively labor, gave me positions to try and was invaluable during the pushing. My husband really appreciated the support and backup she provided, giving him short breaks so that he could also recharge. He never once felt that she was taking over his role or dismissing his presence, indeed he felt that she gave him a lot of tools and information, both before and during labor, to better support me.

She was a great coach throughout the whole process, and we appreciated her checking in with us after we had our baby as well. I would recommend Amanda wholeheartedly to anyone thinking about hiring a doula when having a baby. 

Kristin Mesidor


I shudder to think what our birth experience would have been like without Amanda. From pregnancy and our prenatal meetings with her she was an invaluable member of my "team", alongside my wonderful husband. Her knowledge and expertise was so helpful as she patiently answered all our many questions, translating and demystifying terms and procedures and many things that were unfamiliar to us. As first time parents we relied heavily on her past experience and she never made us feel silly for any of the questions we asked. My labor was LONG and she was with us every step of the way, offering moral support, verbal encouragements, and much [literal] hands on support (those hip squeezes are legendary!!). During our follow up visit post-delivery she blessed us with a written timeline of my entire labor and delivery. This is SO special to have as I've forgotten many of the details and times of things and will be so helpful as I plan to write out my birth story. Her care and attention to detail served us so well. I highly recommend inviting Amanda to be a part of your child's birth, whether it's your first or fifth.

Klaire Sabbagh


Amanda was an incredible advocate for our labor and delivery journey! We were much better prepared having met with her several times beforehand, and felt confident knowing what all of our options were for each step. I had a complicated back labor, and without her Spinning Babies know-how, it's very possible it would have ended in an unplanned C Section. If you want to have a positive, well informed labor and delivery experience, work with Amanda! 

A and B


Where do I begin!? Amanda deserves more than 5 stars and way more than her going rate! We booked her around week 28 and my pregnancy lasted until week 42. Every week, Amanda would check in and keep notes on how my pregnancy/doctor visits were going. She'd diligently answered all the questions I had (regardless of how basic they were sometimes). However, Amanda really came through for us during the medical induction. She spent hours conducting counter pressure techniques on me regardless of feeling pain in her shoulder. I never once felt like I couldn't count on her. She was supportive and knowledgeable on every medical term that was thrown at us and guided us through the right path for my adjusted birth plan. During the active labor, I would just look at Amanda and she knew instantly what I needed due to all the experience she has being a doula. If I have a second child, I will definitely be going back to Amanda. Despite having a 3 day induction (which really felt like torture with all the different induction techniques I tried), I left with such a positive experience because I felt very supported by Amanda.  Don't hesistate to hire her! 



Amanda was exceptional. She made me and my husband feel supported every step of the birthing process. She checked in weekly during my pregnancy to answer questions. During labor, she explained to us our options and supported each decision we made. Afterwards, she continued to check in and make sure we were doing well adjusting to parenthood. We really enjoyed working with Amanda and would highly recommend her support for anyone considering a doula

Julianne Hendricks


Having Amanda as our doula for our first pregnancy was the best decision we made.  In our initial meeting via Zoom, there was something very comforting about Amanda and that remained true throughout our experience with her as our doula. We also learned so much from her! She was such a great resource and provided us many tools to manage labor. I don't think I could have pulled off an unmedicated birth without everything she provided us. She is absolutely the person you want with you in the delivery room-- confident, calm, knowledgeable, and comforting. We were so thankful to have her.



If you are on the fence about getting a doula, hire Amanda! My husband and I weren’t 100% sure if we were going to get a doula, but after our first interaction with Amanda, we felt so comfortable and now I couldn’t imagine having gone through the birth process without her. When my birth “plan” didn’t go as I envisioned, it was so helpful to have Amanda there to talk through my options so I could make an informed decision. She was hands on during my (very long) labor and recommending certain positions when it was apparent I needed to switch it up.  After birth, she was so supportive and always there to answer my messages or just to let me talk about my feelings and how I was adjusting. I will definitely be recommending her to my friends- Thank you Amanda!



I can't even begin to say enough positive things about Amanda! She is amazingly supportive, caring, knowledgable, and professional. She was always there to answer any questions I had before I had my baby as well as postpartum and always made me feel comfortable and safe. I didn't realize how beneficial it would be to have a doula until I worked with Amanda and I now recommend her to all of my friends and loved ones. 



Amanda was truly a Godsend to our family! Amanda went above and beyond in working with us where we wouldn't have been able to have a doula otherwise. She was more than willing to answer my mountain load of questions, and I never felt stupid for any of the questions I asked. When preeclampsia complications arose and I had to be induced 6 weeks early at a different hospital and further away from where I had planned, Amanda was still able to work her schedule to be there and drove the extra distance, well over an hour away. Amanda was extremely helpful explaining my options and what to expect and really helped keep my mind (as well as my husband's) at ease. Even though the birth didn't go as planned as my sweet baby flipped breech during labor, Amanda was extremely supportive and encouraging as we had to suddenly navigate through the disappointment of having a c-section. Amanda continued to be a major help, answering my many questions about infant care, breastfeeding, and life after having a baby. We could not have done this without her! 



Amanda was incredibly helpful with providing me with useful information every step of the way. She answered all my questions as best as she could, and always spoke from an open mind. Although she wasn't physically able to attend the birth, due to protocol reasons, she offered to help in every way she could. Honestly, her checking in weekly, and sending me creditable information to read about was enough for me. It truly helped ease my concerns and made me feel like I wasn't alone. 
thank you, Amanda. I truly appreciate you. ?? 

Megan Donley


Amanda was tremendously helpful throughout the entire birthing experience. Beforehand, she answered so many questions and pointed me to the best informative resources that enabled me to learn about labor and delivery.

As labor started, Amanda was hands-on to ease the discomfort of contractions. She coached me, helped me to cope, and encouraged my partner with when and how to engage.

Then, my son's birth didn't go according to plan. Amanda was there every step of the way explaining the options and working to secure my comfort. Without Amanda, my son's birth would have been nightmareish (everything went wrong), but because of Amanda's constant support, knowledge, and calm presence, I was able to navigate the disapointment of having a C-section after laboring for a very very long time, knowing that Amanda, my partner, and I did everything we could to bring my son into the world through a vaginal birth.

My partner said that he couldn't have imagined going through the whole process without Amanda's coaching and support. Amanda enabled him to be an active participant in the birth by signaling to him when and how to help. My partner and I would highly recommend working with Amanda, especially if you have anxiety about all the unknowns that are present with labor/delivery and would like an expert as part of your team! 

Julia Mullins


Amanda went above and beyond to make sure my husband and I felt heard and comfortable when it came to the delivery of our first baby. When we hired Amanda we were planning for a vaginal birth, however, at 36 weeks we found out that our baby was breech. Amanda walked us through all our options to get the baby to turn on his own including spinning babies, chiropractic adjustments, and acupuncture. Although these methods didnt work for me personally, Amanda was able to make us feel confident in our choice to try an external cephalic version to get the baby head down. Amanda even offered to be there for the version to support us but the hospital would not allow it due to covid. When the version did not work  and a csection had to be scheduled, Amanda met with us to change and discuss our birth preferences to make sure I still felt heard and safe even though our birth plans had changed. The hospital would not let doulas in the OR due to covid but Amanda still offered to drive and hour and a half just to meet us in the parking lot before the csection. She truly went above and beyond even when it seemed like the hospital was doing everything to block her from supporting us in the hosptial. Amanda was able to fully support us over the phone and in our home and gave us all the tools abd information to be confident in our decisions at the hosptial. Amanda has excelent communication skills and connects with each of her clients during Monday Mama check ins, which I loved! Amanda is a very sincere, compasionate, and knowledgeable doula. We would hire her again in a heart beat!

Tiffany P.


We were beyond blessed having Amanda as our doula! I couldn't have asked for more for my first pregnancy and will def be hiring again for the next! She made me feel heard, respected, comforted, reassured, safe, confident and informed! Originally I planned a home water birth, due to health complications I had to be induced, and Amanda was there every step of the way advocating for my husband and I in a hospital environment that we didn't predict. She went above and beyond and is so incredibly knowledgeable. She made us feel so prepared and reassured with each decision that needed to be made. She was so hands on during labor and birth helping my husband support me and he also feels we couldn't have done so well with out her. It was great to have both of them using techniques to help me through the pain as I chose to go pain med/epidural free. The amount of clarity she was able to give about all the details that I was too exhausted to note during labor was amazing. This woman was meant to be a doula and is the best doula. You will never regret hiring her I can assure you. If I can give any advice that actually matters during pregnancy it's to get yourself a doula who cares the way she does and who is so incredibly skilled and knowledgeable! We thank God for her. 



Choosing Amanda as our doula was one of the best choices we made during my pregancy. From the first time we talked on Zoom, Amanda was calm, helpful, and full of great information that benefitted us.

We had multiple conversations and visits before labor where Amanda provided information about laboring, positioning, and pain management techniques. All her recommendations were evidence-based, which I greatly appreciated. She had lots of great articles/papers for us to read in the weeks leading up to the birth. She was also always available by text, which I appreciated.

During labor, Amanda helped me advocate and ask questions about recommendations my provider was making. She made sure I was hydrated, and made suggestions about positioning to help labor and pushing along. I was able to deliver an almost nine-pound baby without medication in no small part thanks to Amanda! 

After baby was born, Amanda came over once to help with nursing issues I was having, and a second time just to check in. She was also a great resource for validating and explaining a lot of the hormonal flucuations/emotional changes happening.

I would absolutely recommend Amanda as a doula, and would 100% use her again for future pregnancies. She was a wonderful resource for us!

Alicia Wiygul


We had such a great experience with Amanda and I would definitely recommend her to other pregnant women / couples looking for a sense of calm and a wealth of knowlege during their birth experience. She is kind, experienced and super helpful! We started looking for a Doula quite late, but Amanda was never pushy or rushed us. We ended up signing the contract on a Sunday (when I was 36 weeks) and my water broke just a few hours later. We immediately got in touch with Amanda and let her know what was happening. She was very calm and just asked what our plan was and she met us soon thereafter at the hospital entrance. Our baby was born just 6 hours later (about 12 hours after signing the contract with Amanda). Even though I didn't get to spend much time chatting with Amanda about my birthing experience priorities, she was able to key into me right away and was the perfect extra layer of support for the whole process. Also, since we didn't get the prenatal education sessions prior to having our baby, Amanda offered to come to our home after the baby was born and basically baby sit for 4 hours while I went out and got some things done. It was super helpful and I felt good knowing our newborn baby was in good hands during that time. I felt extremely comfortable having Amanda at the birth of my child and honestly can't imaging it happening any other way! My husband also really appreciated having Amanda there, as he could then take cues from her and be the ultimate support I needed! What a relief for us both!! Thank you, Amanda!

Ariel Rios


Amanda truly gave us the birth we desired! I can’t say enough about her, but here are a few qualities we loved about Amanda. She is professional, organized, punctual, a great communicator, personal, loving, and warm! At first my husband was skeptical about the need for a Doula or her role in the birth, but he was so pleased with the whole experience and recommends her himself. We were blessed to have her be a part of our journey and would definitely have her for the next one!



My husband and I are the type that are self-sufficient and tend to only rely on each other in times of absolute need.  All things considered, my husband severely sprained his ankle and was literally immobile. I was expecting April 15th and the prospects of my husband being there for the delivery looked stark and slim.  We laid out all our options and decided to retain a doula.  The only problem was timing as we started searching 2 weeks before the projected delivery date (optimistically hoping that my husband's leg would get better).

We contacted multiple doula agencies, and independent doulas -- all of which were either unavailable on such short notice, or we just didn't feel right about them.  It wasn't until we stumbled on Doulamatch and found Amanda.  After reading her reviews, we decided to contact her. 

We contacted Amanda and right from the start, she made us both feel at ease after explaining our current dilemma/mitigating circumstances.  She not only took the time to absorb and listen, but also gave us multiple pointers and explained the procedures of a doula with the current conditions i.e. Covid etc.  

Unfortunately, the day after retaining Amanda, I was having multiple contractions keeping in mind that I was still two weeks out from delivery.  I notified Amanda of my circumstances and she immediately dropped everything and indicated she would meet us at emergency care at the womens hospital.  During the 10 hours of active labor, Amanda not only was my support system, but her demeanor assured me that everything was going to be okay again keeping in mind I just met her the day before!

I had a successful delivery with Amanda by my side.  This isn't just a job for Amanda but rather, this is something that she is truly passionate about.  We are truly indebted to Amanda and consider her an extension of our family.  Thank you Amanda!



It was toward the end of my pregnancy that my partner and I were considering working with a doula. We weren't sure whether it was the right choice for us or not... but after working with Amanda, we believe strongly in the importance of having a great doula by your side.

Amanda was absolutely wonderful, from prenatal check-ins, and answering all our questions, to the physical and mental support she gave us at the hospital.

If you are looking for a doula, I 100% highly recommend contacting Amanda!



Amanda was truly an answer to many prayers. Being first time parents, we had no idea what to expect, and was not even aware of how little we knew about the process of giving birth. It was only after a consultation with Amanda that we realized how much there was to the labor process. Amanda patiently answered all of our questions, provided us with important resources and walked us through every step of the way. She was ready to support us immediately when our little one made her entrance two weeks early to the world. It was evident that being a doula was not just a job for Amanda; it is clearly a passion and a calling; she exuded grace and joy in doing her work.

Not only did Amanda help me have the fastest, most optimal labor ever, she took meticulous notes and also provided us with some beautiful photos of our little one being born that we did not have the bandwidth to capture in the frenzy of the moment despite being prepared with a fancy camera! She was always kind, upbeat, and professional, not just to us, but also all the medical staff we worked with, while also knowing how to remain firm in upholding what we asked for. We appreciated the post-birth visit Amanda provided us with, too, where she answered so many questions we had about lactation (which she is certified in!), postpartum care, and child-rearing. We especially appreciated Amanda walking us through our daughter's birthing story -- so many details we had missed were recaptured, thanks to Amanda!



Amanda was our doula for the birth of our second child, and we were so happy to have her support. Amanda is incredibly kind, knowledgeable, and thoughtful, and she was so helpful before, during, and after the birth of our son. Before the birth, Amanda checked in every week to see how things were going and provided advice on things to expect during my prenatal visits with the midwives. She came over to our house three weeks before my due date to make sure we were all on the same page regarding our birth plan and help us learn labor positions. When I was a week past my due date, Amanda came over again to show us some exercises I could do to help naturally induce labor, which I really appreciated. When I finally went into labor, Amanda was really helpful in suggesting different techniques to help manage the contractions and also providing information to help us make various decisions during the labor process. She has the perfect personality to be in the delivery room with us – she’s very calming, knowledgeable, nurturing, and not pushy with opinions. Finally, Amanda was so thoughtful when she came to our house two weeks after our son was born. She provided us with helpful tips on breastfeeding and how to handle a newborn plus toddler, and she gave us a really beautiful and personal gift for our son. We feel so lucky to have had Amanda as our doula and highly recommend her to anybody who is expecting!



Amanda was such a wonderful & insightful resource throughout our birth experience. As a first-time parents who were struggling to navigate the bombardment of information & choices that come with labor & birth practices, Amanda skillfully provided us with her years of experience and evidence-based practice. She walked us through possible birth scenarios related to my case, helped us create a pragmatic birth plan, coached us through the birth process, provided us with tangible resources such as DVDs & illustrated handouts that we utilized during our baby's birth & continues to provide helpful consult services postpartum. Amanda is a passionate, certified doula who wants you to be confident about your birth experience and will make sure you have everything you need to feel that way!



Amanda was so supportive from the very start and she truly has a spirit of  wanting to help women.  Amanda was readily available whenever I had questions or concerns and was so prompt in responding. Being pregnant with my first child and during a pandemic Amanda made my experience so unnerving. She was so supportive and collaborated with my Doctor during labor and I truly felt safe and empowered. If you want a caring, compassionate and supportive Doula, Amanda is the right person. She's amazing. 



Skeptical partners: You will not be disappointed. When I told my husband I was hiring a doula he rolled his eyes and asked me if it was necessary. After our experience with Amanda during the delivery, he has become one of the biggest advocates for doulas. She helped make our birth story EXACTLY what we wanted. 

Moms: I knew she was the perfect match when I interviewed her and she asked if I was interviewing other doulas to find the best match. This said to me that my birth experience and doula match was more important to her than hiring another client. She checked in every Monday to see how we were doing and provided us with any resources necessary. As I got closer to my due date, I had two appointments with her. One virtual, to go over the birth plan and another in person to begin discussing laboring strategies and a plan for the day of. Amanda was so patient with me as I constantly asked, “what contractions would feel like.” On the day of delivery I woke up at 2am with contractions 4min apart lasting about a minute. I was worried about not getting a response because it was so late but she immediately responded and asked us to call so she could get a better understanding of how labor was progressing. We agreed to meet at the hospital and when we arrived Amanda was waiting for us outside, offering to park our car so my husband could walk in with me. Amanda was so supportive to us, including when she had to facetime in waiting for the negative COVID results. Once she was with us, she was constantly evaluating my body and our needs to guide my husband and I through relief techniques. Amanda made sure that the hospital understood our desires and requests even when my husband felt that we were not being listened to by the hospital. Without Amanda I could have ended up having a traumatic birth story, and I am forever thankful that she was there to advocate for us. YOU WILL NOT BE DISSAPOINTED!

Kaitlin Blackborow


We hired Amanda about 2 months before baby was born and it was the best decision! Amanda is so knowledgeable and a pro at what she does, I felt so supported the entire time. Amanda was always available before, during, and even the weeks after labor to answer a question or just check in. My labor started out slowly but got it rocking and rolling at home with her suggestions. My husband loved the support as it took a lot of pressure off of him. I would highly recommend Amanda if you need a doula!

Melissa M


We love Amanda! She was the first doula we interviewed, and we knew before we interviewed anyone else that she was the doula for us. She radiated a sense of calm and compassion, which drew us to her. We couldn’t have made a better choice.


My pregnancy was physically easy, but emotionally difficult for me. Since this was my first baby, I was very anxious about giving birth, especially in the middle of the COVID-19 pandemic. Throughout pregnancy, Amanda provided us with all of the resources and information we needed to make informed decisions, without pushing any one birth philosophy. Most importantly to me, Amanda checked in on me frequently and gave me pep talks and encouragement throughout my pregnancy. Somehow she always knew when I needed her support and what I needed to hear.


Unfortunately, because of hospital policies around COVID, Amanda was not able to accompany me to my birth, but I so wish she could have. I think my hospital experience would have been far better had she been there in person. That being said, she provided us with virtual support throughout our entire labor, recommending different positions to try and helping us evaluate our options when unexpected obstacles arose.


In summary, Amanda is incredibly knowledgeable about the entire birth process and techniques for labor (she’s DONA and spinning babies certified!). She goes above and beyond for her clients and genuinely cares about them and their birth experience. She made me feel loved and respected and gave me the confidence I needed to give birth. She will forever hold a very special place in our hearts for helping us bring our son into the world. I don’t know if another pregnancy is in the cards for us, but if it is, our first call will be to Amanda!

Melissa M


We love Amanda! She was the first doula we interviewed, and we knew before we interviewed anyone else that she was the doula for us. She radiated a sense of calm and compassion, which drew us to her. We couldn’t have made a better choice.


My pregnancy was physically easy, but emotionally difficult for me. Since this was my first baby, I was very anxious about giving birth, especially in the middle of the COVID-19 pandemic. Throughout pregnancy, Amanda provided us with all of the resources and information we needed to make informed decisions, without pushing any one birth philosophy. Most importantly to me, Amanda checked in on me frequently and gave me pep talks and encouragement throughout my pregnancy. Somehow she always knew when I needed her support and what I needed to hear.


Unfortunately, because of hospital policies around COVID, Amanda was not able to accompany me to my birth, but I so wish she could have. I think my hospital experience would have been far better had she been there in person. That being said, she provided us with virtual support throughout our entire labor, recommending different positions to try and helping us evaluate our options when unexpected obstacles arose.


In summary, Amanda is incredibly knowledgeable about the entire birth process and techniques for labor (she’s DONA and spinning babies certified!). She goes above and beyond for her clients and genuinely cares about them and their birth experience. She made me feel loved and respected and gave me the confidence I needed to give birth. She will forever hold a very special place in our hearts for helping us bring our son into the world. I don’t know if another pregnancy is in the cards for us, but if it is, our first call will be to Amanda!

Arianna T.


We were due April 1, 2020 with our first baby. We knew we wanted an unmedicated vaginal birth and we needed someone who could guide us in achieving that, to the extent that’s in our control of course.

Right away after the interview, we knew Amanda was the right doula for us. She was friendly, kind, and peaceful.

In the weeks leading up to my due date, we met twice to go over my birth plan, birth pain management, and just to chat. She would check up with me every Monday over text to see how I’m doing. Amanda’s support meant so much to me.

At exactly 41 weeks, I went into labor in the morning. I gave Amanda a heads up that my contractions started and weren’t ceasing. She checked in every so often over the phone to see how I’m doing. When it came to the point that I needed her to help me labor, she arrived quickly. I learned that during labor, I like to keep to myself, with no touching or talking. Amanda respected that and kept track of my contractions and was ready to jump in whenever needed. She worked as a team with my husband.

When I was stuck at 3cm, Amanda helped me with a few techniques to position my baby better. My baby came 4 hours after those techniques. When I started pushing before we left to the birth center, she showed me how to breathe to slow the pushing so I could make it. She even went in the car with us to help me during the drive.

Once at the birth center, I pushed our baby out roughly 15 minutes after arriving. Amanda took pictures and videos, which I greatly appreciate. She stayed for a while after just in case to help.

She never panicked but remained calm and took the lead in the next steps to take during my entire labor. We highly recommend Amanda!

Autumn Farlow


I did not know my hospital, Balboa, offered Doula services on a volunteer basis so I didn't know Amanda until I was already in labor with my epidural in. Her calming presence was exactly what I didn't even know I needed! As things got more intense and labor progressed she was there every step of the way providing mental and physical support. When contractions would stall, she was right there suggesting a new position or calm breathing to help bring down my anxiety. As the final stage of labor approached, Amanda was right by my side and helped me through the last few hard pushes. She even was able to capture his first few minutes in the world for me since my birth photographer couldn't make it. I absolutely believe I could not have labored as quickly and easily as I did without Amanda's support. Even after baby was cleaned up and all the nurses and doctors were done, Amanda stayed with us an extra hour so Daddy could go get me my first real meal. I cannot sing her praises loud enough, thank you for making my birth experience the best Valentines Day of my life, you are amazing!

Kerstin Redlin


What a blessing Amanda was for me, and truly she felt more like a friend than anything else. Being a doula myself, I thought it might be difficult to find a doula. I almost gave up searching, after several interviews with others, I thought I just couldn't get it right- I was wrong, my doula was out there, and it was Amanda. From our first meeting, I was just so thrilled to work with her. Amanda's energy is so calm yet knowing, she is so wise and confident in what she does without being overbearing in the slightest. She put so much effort into making sure she understood how I envisioned every detail of my birth- truly I think she put more thought into it than even I did! In the weeks leading up to my delivery, Amanda was so generous with her advice, and always willing to go above and beyond for anything I may have needed. When the time came for by daughter to come earthside(conveniently in the middle of the night), Amanda was there for me the minute I texted her, she was so quick and came to support me at just the right time. She was so patient, held space for me when I needed, and was hands on when needed too. I don't think I even spoke a word to her regarding what I needed, her help was almost instinctual, she just observed me and reacted to my needs perfectly in tune with me. Her voice was my focal point while laboring, her touch brought so much comfort. I truly could not have done it without her. I cannot sing enough praises for Amanda, who is truly passionate about what she does. Amanda is the embodiment of what you could only hope for in a doula; she is so organized while still versatile, so professional yet warm, so incredibly kind and so incredibly knowledgeable. It was such an honor to have her in my birth space and to be able to have had such a wonderful woman share in my experience and have empowered me on such an incredible journey. 

Paige Conover


Amanda is truly incredible. She is so so knowledgeable, encouraging, empowering, comforting and the list goes on! Anchor and calm perfectly describes what she brings to the birth experience and i am forever thankful to have her as part of my birth team. She became more like a wonderful friend then just a hired doula. She brought so much peace and confidence to me during my labor and I cannot express enough how much i truly appreciate everything she did for us. Thank you, Amanda! We love you!

Lauren Battle


Working with Amanda was truly amazing! I had never hired a doula before and honestly wasn’t sure what I was looking for exactly. I interviewed 2 doulas total and after our initial meeting, I was confident in moving forward with having her as a part of my birthing team.

I desperately wanted a VBAx2C. And being a woman of color, I had additional concerns regarding maternal health care prenatal and postpartum. I felt she listened to my concerns and helped create a plan that supported them. She provided evidence based data and resources regarding VBACs. In preparation for delivery, Amanda made several trips to me to practice exercises to incorporate prior and during labor.

I felt at ease (outside of normal anticipation) prior to delivery knowing that I had her support, along with my husband and OB.

I felt her dedication and passion is truly a calling. I am forever grateful for her! I feel that she was God sent and I highly recommend her to anyone seeking a doula who loves the work she does.

Destinee Smith


As I sit here and hold my baby girl I know my labor and my delivery would have been a completely different experience if it wasn't for Amanda. She grounded me when I was at the end of myself and not only was she there for me but she helped guide my husband to support and guide me during one of the most    difficult but beautiful moment in our lives. I can't thank her enough for being the constant support we needed. My husband and I weren't sure if having a doula during labor and delivery would make a difference but having Amanda there made all the difference in the world and I would recommend her to anyone!

Hannah Santos


Amanda was an absolute blessing during my pregnancy, birth and postpartum. I sensed right away that her calm presence would help me through my birth. I hired her at 25 weeks and she provided text support until our first prenatal visit, where she got to know my husband and I and went over our birth plan with us and provided insight and advice. She provided so many resources for positioning the baby and creating a birth plan. We were due to have another prenatal visit but my son came before that could happen. She trusted her intuition and came over to our apartment even though my contractions were irregular, and active labor started soon after she arrived. She helped me breathe through each contraction and pushed my hips together, which really helped the pain, and encouraged my husband to do so as well. My labor progressed quickly and she recommended we head to the birth center. She rode in the car with us and helped me by continuing to push my hips together and reminding me to breathe through the entire ride. She even prevented me from pushing on the freeway by changing my breathing exervises. When we got to the birthing center, the midwife's assistant hadn't arrived so Amanda voluntarily acted in that role and recorded everything about the birth while continuing to support me. The midwife was so impressed with her that she tried to recruit her! She stayed with us after the birth until we went home and has continued to provide postpartum support through a visit and through text, and has sent me resources to help me write my birth story. I would not have made it through my birth without her, she was an absolute rock for my husband and I and treated us like family, which means so much to us since we did not have any family present at our birth since they all live far away. I cannot recommend Amanda enough;she truly has a gift, loves what she does and cares deeply about her clients. 



I don’t think I can fully explain what a key player Amanda was in my late pregnancy and ESPECIALLY my birth. I was one of those “didn’t know if I ‘needed’ a doula” types, and now that I’ve had one with me I can honestly say that I had no idea I needed her until I NEEDED her. In the final weeks of my pregnancy Amanda was always ready and willing to be a balanced and unbiased ear and help me think things through. She helped me realize a handfull of times that I was NOT overreacting and she always came to me with positive, compassionate energy, even when I was frustrated and overwhelmed. At the end, I had no idea what I wanted while I was laboring, I was completely out of body and my brain shut OFF. But Amanda’s intuition and experience were tuned IN and it was the best thing for my whole experience! Amanda saw my body’s cues and read them like a book. She had me laughing in between pushes. She was equipped with comfort techniques that I had no idea how to teach someone else to do. My daughter had a shoulder dystocia that required my midwife to reach in and pull her out, and the one who I was bracing my weight on through that was Amanda, and I truly can not think of anyone who could’ve handled it better.

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