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Amanda Hoyle, CD(DONA)

Anchor & Calm

Oceanside, CA Service range 40 miles


Birth Fee

$500 to $600

Birth Fee

$500 to $600

Birth Doula Certifications

  • DONA International - Certified Birth Doula

Birth Doula Experience

4 years

Doula Training

  • DONA International, July 2019

Type of practice: Solo practice

Clients per month: 1 to 2

Attends hospital births? All Hospitals

Attends birth center births? All Birth Centers

Attends home births? Some Home Births
Only home births attended by a midwife. No unassisted births.

College Education


Special Services Offered

  • Military families support
  • Reduced rates for women considering adoption
  • Satellite doula (for remote and rural clients)
  • Surrogates and intended parents
  • Virtual and remote doula support

Relevant volunteer or advocacy work

Operation Doula (doula support for military families) Military Birth Resource Network

Fee Details

I fell in love with birth work when I was 6 & witnessed the birth of my brother. It impacted me forever. I believe birth is a natural & beautiful process, but also honor the times that risk factors necessitate medical expertise. Regardless of where on the spectrum your birth occurs — at home, birth center, hospital, surgical birth — I seek to bring a spirit of calm, empowerment, & confidence to each birth. I’d love the opportunity to share my love for birthwork with you & see if I’m a good fit for your needs. My birth package includes two prenatal visits, weekly check-ins, 24/7 labor & birth coverage for weeks 37-42, & one postpartum visit. I provide my clients with a Birth Plan Packet, Reading/Resource list, Early Labor Packet, & Postpartum Checklist/Plan, as well as access to my Lending Library & Spinning Babies DVDs. Due to the current restrictions of many birthing locations, both in-person & virtual support services are available.

Oceanside, CA Service range 40 miles

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Client Testimonials for Amanda Hoyle, CD(DONA)

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Arianna T.


We were due April 1, 2020 with our first baby. We knew we wanted an unmedicated vaginal birth and we needed someone who could guide us in achieving that, to the extent that’s in our control of course.

Right away after the interview, we knew Amanda was the right doula for us. She was friendly, kind, and peaceful.

In the weeks leading up to my due date, we met twice to go over my birth plan, birth pain management, and just to chat. She would check up with me every Monday over text to see how I’m doing. Amanda’s support meant so much to me.

At exactly 41 weeks, I went into labor in the morning. I gave Amanda a heads up that my contractions started and weren’t ceasing. She checked in every so often over the phone to see how I’m doing. When it came to the point that I needed her to help me labor, she arrived quickly. I learned that during labor, I like to keep to myself, with no touching or talking. Amanda respected that and kept track of my contractions and was ready to jump in whenever needed. She worked as a team with my husband.

When I was stuck at 3cm, Amanda helped me with a few techniques to position my baby better. My baby came 4 hours after those techniques. When I started pushing before we left to the birth center, she showed me how to breathe to slow the pushing so I could make it. She even went in the car with us to help me during the drive.

Once at the birth center, I pushed our baby out roughly 15 minutes after arriving. Amanda took pictures and videos, which I greatly appreciate. She stayed for a while after just in case to help.

She never panicked but remained calm and took the lead in the next steps to take during my entire labor. We highly recommend Amanda!

Autumn Farlow


I did not know my hospital, Balboa, offered Doula services on a volunteer basis so I didn't know Amanda until I was already in labor with my epidural in. Her calming presence was exactly what I didn't even know I needed! As things got more intense and labor progressed she was there every step of the way providing mental and physical support. When contractions would stall, she was right there suggesting a new position or calm breathing to help bring down my anxiety. As the final stage of labor approached, Amanda was right by my side and helped me through the last few hard pushes. She even was able to capture his first few minutes in the world for me since my birth photographer couldn't make it. I absolutely believe I could not have labored as quickly and easily as I did without Amanda's support. Even after baby was cleaned up and all the nurses and doctors were done, Amanda stayed with us an extra hour so Daddy could go get me my first real meal. I cannot sing her praises loud enough, thank you for making my birth experience the best Valentines Day of my life, you are amazing!

Kerstin Redlin


What a blessing Amanda was for me, and truly she felt more like a friend than anything else. Being a doula myself, I thought it might be difficult to find a doula. I almost gave up searching, after several interviews with others, I thought I just couldn't get it right- I was wrong, my doula was out there, and it was Amanda. From our first meeting, I was just so thrilled to work with her. Amanda's energy is so calm yet knowing, she is so wise and confident in what she does without being overbearing in the slightest. She put so much effort into making sure she understood how I envisioned every detail of my birth- truly I think she put more thought into it than even I did! In the weeks leading up to my delivery, Amanda was so generous with her advice, and always willing to go above and beyond for anything I may have needed. When the time came for by daughter to come earthside(conveniently in the middle of the night), Amanda was there for me the minute I texted her, she was so quick and came to support me at just the right time. She was so patient, held space for me when I needed, and was hands on when needed too. I don't think I even spoke a word to her regarding what I needed, her help was almost instinctual, she just observed me and reacted to my needs perfectly in tune with me. Her voice was my focal point while laboring, her touch brought so much comfort. I truly could not have done it without her. I cannot sing enough praises for Amanda, who is truly passionate about what she does. Amanda is the embodiment of what you could only hope for in a doula; she is so organized while still versatile, so professional yet warm, so incredibly kind and so incredibly knowledgeable. It was such an honor to have her in my birth space and to be able to have had such a wonderful woman share in my experience and have empowered me on such an incredible journey. 

Paige Conover


Amanda is truly incredible. She is so so knowledgeable, encouraging, empowering, comforting and the list goes on! Anchor and calm perfectly describes what she brings to the birth experience and i am forever thankful to have her as part of my birth team. She became more like a wonderful friend then just a hired doula. She brought so much peace and confidence to me during my labor and I cannot express enough how much i truly appreciate everything she did for us. Thank you, Amanda! We love you!

Lauren Battle


Working with Amanda was truly amazing! I had never hired a doula before and honestly wasn’t sure what I was looking for exactly. I interviewed 2 doulas total and after our initial meeting, I was confident in moving forward with having her as a part of my birthing team.

I desperately wanted a VBAx2C. And being a woman of color, I had additional concerns regarding maternal health care prenatal and postpartum. I felt she listened to my concerns and helped create a plan that supported them. She provided evidence based data and resources regarding VBACs. In preparation for delivery, Amanda made several trips to me to practice exercises to incorporate prior and during labor.

I felt at ease (outside of normal anticipation) prior to delivery knowing that I had her support, along with my husband and OB.

I felt her dedication and passion is truly a calling. I am forever grateful for her! I feel that she was God sent and I highly recommend her to anyone seeking a doula who loves the work she does.

Destinee Smith


As I sit here and hold my baby girl I know my labor and my delivery would have been a completely different experience if it wasn't for Amanda. She grounded me when I was at the end of myself and not only was she there for me but she helped guide my husband to support and guide me during one of the most    difficult but beautiful moment in our lives. I can't thank her enough for being the constant support we needed. My husband and I weren't sure if having a doula during labor and delivery would make a difference but having Amanda there made all the difference in the world and I would recommend her to anyone!

Hannah Santos


Amanda was an absolute blessing during my pregnancy, birth and postpartum. I sensed right away that her calm presence would help me through my birth. I hired her at 25 weeks and she provided text support until our first prenatal visit, where she got to know my husband and I and went over our birth plan with us and provided insight and advice. She provided so many resources for positioning the baby and creating a birth plan. We were due to have another prenatal visit but my son came before that could happen. She trusted her intuition and came over to our apartment even though my contractions were irregular, and active labor started soon after she arrived. She helped me breathe through each contraction and pushed my hips together, which really helped the pain, and encouraged my husband to do so as well. My labor progressed quickly and she recommended we head to the birth center. She rode in the car with us and helped me by continuing to push my hips together and reminding me to breathe through the entire ride. She even prevented me from pushing on the freeway by changing my breathing exervises. When we got to the birthing center, the midwife's assistant hadn't arrived so Amanda voluntarily acted in that role and recorded everything about the birth while continuing to support me. The midwife was so impressed with her that she tried to recruit her! She stayed with us after the birth until we went home and has continued to provide postpartum support through a visit and through text, and has sent me resources to help me write my birth story. I would not have made it through my birth without her, she was an absolute rock for my husband and I and treated us like family, which means so much to us since we did not have any family present at our birth since they all live far away. I cannot recommend Amanda enough;she truly has a gift, loves what she does and cares deeply about her clients. 



I don’t think I can fully explain what a key player Amanda was in my late pregnancy and ESPECIALLY my birth. I was one of those “didn’t know if I ‘needed’ a doula” types, and now that I’ve had one with me I can honestly say that I had no idea I needed her until I NEEDED her. In the final weeks of my pregnancy Amanda was always ready and willing to be a balanced and unbiased ear and help me think things through. She helped me realize a handfull of times that I was NOT overreacting and she always came to me with positive, compassionate energy, even when I was frustrated and overwhelmed. At the end, I had no idea what I wanted while I was laboring, I was completely out of body and my brain shut OFF. But Amanda’s intuition and experience were tuned IN and it was the best thing for my whole experience! Amanda saw my body’s cues and read them like a book. She had me laughing in between pushes. She was equipped with comfort techniques that I had no idea how to teach someone else to do. My daughter had a shoulder dystocia that required my midwife to reach in and pull her out, and the one who I was bracing my weight on through that was Amanda, and I truly can not think of anyone who could’ve handled it better.

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