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Roseanne Ebert CD(DONA)


Ridgewood, NJ Service range 36 miles I do not travel to Connecticut, Long Island, or to Westchester County.

(848) 250-1528

Birth Fee

$1550 to $2500

Birth Fee

$1550 to $2500

Birth Doula Experience

15 years and 475 births attended

Doula Training

  • DONA International, October 2004

Type of practice: Solo practice

Clients per month: 2 to 4

Attends hospital births? All Hospitals

Attends birth center births? All Birth Centers

Attends home births? Any Home Birth
Client must have hired a Midwife to attend her at home.

College Education


Special Services Offered

  • Abortion support
  • American Red Cross First Aid and CPR
  • Antepartum doula support
  • Aromatherapy
  • Belly casting
  • Birth pool rental
  • Childbirth education services
  • Military families support
  • Miscarriage support
  • Reduced rates for women considering adoption
  • Satellite doula (for remote and rural clients)
  • Virtual and remote doula support

Languages Spoken

  • English

Fee Details

Starting fee is for clients who live and birth within Bergen County NJ and increase with distance travelled. Fees can also change based on the the need for additional prenatal or postpartum consultations. Discounts provided for Military Families and for Ridgewood NJ School District Teachers and Staff.

Ridgewood, NJ Service range 36 miles I do not travel to Connecticut, Long Island, or to Westchester County.

Client Testimonials for Roseanne Ebert CD(DONA)

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Hiring Roseanne was one of the best decisions I could have made.  As an anxious person, I wanted to surround myself with a great team of people and knew that working with a doula would help alleviate some of my stress and questions about my labor. We spoke after several OB appointments about how baby and I were doing and any concerns I had.  When we met weeks before my due date, the relationship felt natural and like I had known her for years.   I wanted to go into labor naturally but after I was past my due date, she supported me when I chose to get induced.  We texted during early labor and when I couldn’t get comfortable and knew it was time for help, she was there in minutes. She helped me find different positions for labor, encouraged me to walk down the hallway and rock on the birthing ball. Roseanne showed my husband things he could do and make him feel a part of the process without making him feel like she was taking over. And while my nurses were amazing, having Roseanne in the room with me the whole time calmed me and made me feel cared for every single minute. I labored for about 10 hours and all night long we chatted which helped to distract me from the pain and pass the time until I was ready to push. She suggested new positions that helped and was the positive voice that I needed when I felt like I couldn’t push any longer. When my daughter was born, my husband announced whether we had a boy or a girl which was another of Roseanne’s suggestions. I held my daughter for a couple of minutes before the nurses took her to the nursery to help her breath.  My husband left with our daughter and Roseanne stayed at my side. I am forever grateful to her for everything she did for me during my labor but especially for sitting with me in the middle of the night after a long day when I was all alone and waiting for my daughter.  I couldn’t imagine that day without her!

Bracha Katz


Working with Roseanne during the delivery of our son was the absolute best decision! As first time parents we were so nervous about the delivery process and wanted it to go as smoothly as possible. We felt that it was really important to begin the journey of parenting from a place of strength, positivity and excitement, and didn’t want any negative experiences during labor to hinder that. Since I was planning on having an epidural, we debated for a while about wether we really “ needed” a doula. We are so glad we decided to work with her!  After speaking to her for the first time, I immediately felt comfortable and knew that she was someone I wanted with me during labor. She was warm, compassionate, understanding and supportive. During the last few weeks she would text and call to check in - you could tell that she really cared about how I was feeling! Roseanne answered all of our nervous first time parent questions and helped us feel really at ease, excited, and calm before the delivery. On the day I went into labor Roseanne answered our call immediately and helped guide us through the process. She met us at the hospital and didn’t leave my side until our baby boy was born. Roseanne helped keep me calm and at ease throughout my entire labor. We danced together in the hallways and chatted like old friends all through my worst contractions. She had AMAZING techniques to help me work through some really bad contractions and also brought wonderful smelling essential oils that helped keep my body relaxed. Roseanne was also a great asset to my husband who wanted to be there for me but didn’t necessarily know intuitively what to do. She helped my husband be there for me in a way that made him feel so much a part of the delivery process. I cannot recommend Roseanne highly enough! Having her by our side was an amazing andjoyous way to welcome our son into the world! We are so grateful to have worked with her!

Darja Schabad (DARJASMUSIC)


I was debating back and forth if we should have a doula for the delivery of our first baby and I am beyond happy and grateful that we found Roseanne to help us turn our birth into a truly magical and beautiful experience. As first time parents my husband and I both weren't sure what to expect and I was definitely nervous. As soon as we had our first meeting with Roseanne I knew we would be in very good hands. Roseanne is a warm hearted, kind person who was also amazing at giving us the reassurance and confidence we needed to feel like we are ready for this. Her warm and yet confident and supportive manner as well as her ability to answer all my questions made me feel empowered and definitly less nervous about my upcoming delivery. 

During my delivery Roseanne was an absolute rock and she was amazing at keeping my husband involved, which was very important to me. During my entire labour I felt like we were a well oiled machine, working towards the most amazing goal. Roseanne knew when to give extra support and knew exactly what to say to me to help me through every contraction. I always felt safe and supported. Roseanne was incredible at walking me through every step of the process never letting me succumb to fear. She also never stopped advocating for me and helped decipher and put into perspective what my doctor was saying throughout my labour. 

My husband and I are beyond grateful she was at our side creating a beautiful peaceful and magical environment for our baby boy to be born into. Hiring Roseanne was the best decision we made in preparation for the birth of our little one and I truly cannot recommend her highly enough. 

Elizabeth s


I can’t recommend Roseanne highly enough! She joined us for the birth of our second baby and I can truly say I would not have had the incredible birth experience I did if I hadn’t had Roseanne by my side. She radiated positive and calming energy and was so intuitive while helping me labor. Getting a chance to connect with her prior to the birth helped me to establish a relationship with her that felt natural and supportive. Roseanne worked from my cues and ideas about birth while giving feedback based on her knowledge and experience that helped me to have a realistic idea about birth and continue to trust and even celebrate the strength of my own body. I will always remember laboring at home and leaning on Roseanne (figuratively and literally!) through a big contraction. My husband also felt supported by our doula when she helped him to support me. He shared that, while he wanted to be helpful during the labor, he was unsure about what to do. Having Roseanne there to guide him was so important. Finally, having a toddler at home also pulled us in two directions. With our doula beside me, my husband could tend to our big guy and I was able to relax, let go and focus on my labor without worrying. I truly believe that removing that stress allowed my body to open and my labor to progress so naturally. If we ever have a third child, I know we will want Roseanne with us again!

Kara Dmytriw


Roseanne is like an angel on earth. As soon as we met Roseanne, my husband and I felt connected to her in a way that gave us so much peace of mind. She answered my many first-time-mom pregnancy questions before our daughter arrived, which made me feel so supported. The day I went into labor, Roseanne met us at the hospital (after checking in on the phone and by text while we were still home), and then we really received the full amount of support and care that Roseanne is so wonderful for! She helped my husband help me find different positions to labor in, and walked the hallways with us. With every contraction she was right by our sides, helping us through. As the day went on, my dad and sisters also arrived, and Roseanne felt like a member of our family. She was able to keep my family updated, and as my labor intensified, she gave us more and more things to try. She helped me and my husband as I got in and out of the shower and in and out of the hydrotherapy tub, she held my hand and comforted me in ways I never knew I needed. When I had really intense moments, she held all of me! Her wonderful, happy, positive demeanor is contagious and helped us all through my long labor. She also made us laugh a lot! When the time came to push, she was able to give my husband and sisters jobs to help me. Between my doctor, midwife, husband, dad, sisters, and Roseanne I was surrounded by so much love and support, and Roseanne kept me calm. She also worked so wonderfully with my doctor and midwives and the nurses. I’ll always remember how she was able to help everyone help me. I really can’t say enough how much we appreciate and love Roseanne. My husband and I are forever thankful to Roseanne for helping us bring our little girl into the world!

Holly Anderson


Roseanne is truly a gift, and my husband and I are so incredibly grateful that she helped us to bring our two daughters into this world. I met Roseanne through my sister who had hired Roseanne as her doula for the birth of her first child. When I first met Roseanne, I felt immediately at ease. She has the most calming presence, and I was so impressed at the care and support she offered my sister throughout her labor.

A few months after meeting Roseanne at the birth of my niece, I found out I was pregnant with my first child. I knew immediately that I wanted Roseanne to help support my husband and me during my pregnancy, labor and delivery. Roseanne was there for us every step of the way. Prior to the birth, she was always available to answer questions, provide support, and calm any anxiety that I had. On the day that I went into labor, Roseanne came to our house to help me labor at home for as long as possible. She walked with me in the rain, stopping to help me through contractions. She did yoga with me in my living room. It was beautiful, and it helped to put me in a calm state of mind before delivery. Once we arrived at the hospital, she helped me through three intense hours of pushing until our beautiful daughter was born.

When our first daughter was 17 months old, we found out that we were expecting another baby. We called Roseanne right away and asked her to be by our side as we welcomed our second child into this world. She was, once again, an amazing support to both my husband and me. She makes it so that you don't have to think about anything except birthing your baby. She knows when you need an extra pillow under your head. She knows when you need to change positions. She strives to give you the birth experience that you desire, and she did just that for us during the births of both of our daughters. Roseanne helped to make labor and delivery so incredibly beautiful, loving, and empowering. I cannot recommend her highly enough.

Mariel Lennon


My husband and I had the pleasure of having Roseann as our doula this summer. As first time parents, we were completely clueless and to be honest, totally scared!! Words that come to mind when I think of my birth experience with Roseann include: loving, supportive, empowering, comforting, reassuring and unforgettable! Being on the other side of what was a long, tiring labor, I truly can't imagine having anyone else but Roseann by my side. My husband is forever thankful for her knowledge, her amazing strength and support to help get me through each and every contraction... She truly is an incredible birth worker, we are so blessed to have welcomed our son into this world with her by our sides. For a woman, childbirth is a life changing experience. As natural as it is, it's also important to have positive, calming people surrounding you. Mamas need a team of experienced people who make her feel safe and capable of bringing her little one into the world... Roseann offers all of this and more. We are forever grateful for her!



Heather Grymes


I can honestly say that hiring Roseanne was the best decision my husband and I made when preparing for the birth of our first child. Roseanne is a warm, kind-hearted woman who truly cares about every mother and child she helps bring into the world. She is a wonderful source of support in the weeks leading up to the birth and such a comfort to have at your side through labor and delivery. She is a wealth of knowledge on all matters concerning pregnancy, childbirth, newborn care and breastfeeding. I cannot recommend her highly enough. She was at the birth of both of my daughters and my two nieces. My sister and I feel very fortunate to have been in Roseanne’s capable, loving hands on the most important days of our lives. Roseanne will become more than your doula- after she helps bring your precious child into the world, you will consider her family!  

Stella Lee


Having Roseanne as our doula was the best decision my husband and I ever made. I first came to know who she was through a spotlight video Valley Hospital had produced as a way for potential clients to "meet" their doulas before scheduling in-person interviews. And as soon as I watched the video, it was love at first sight: She described herself as "happy and hyper and silly...yet calm and quiet and centered and focused as the situation warrants". The moment I met her, I knew all of those descriptions were true. She has such an air to her that makes you want to be her best friend, yet she also possesses a strength of character and expertise that immediately makes you trust her.

I had a lot of silly odds stacked against me when I went into labor and I wasn't sure how everything would pan out in the hospital. It was only because of Roseanne that my husband and I felt in total control as we progressed through the 30 hour marathon labor. Roseanne never left my side and never stopped advocating for me in all the right ways with the utmost professionalism. She understands that pregnancy and labor are initimate, unique experiences for each of her clients and she will fight tooth and nail to ensure your ideal birth within a complete safety net.

The day my daughter was born was the single most sacred day of my life and it was empowering in every way even though things didn't go "exactly" as planned (but that's why you have a doula! So she can help navigate you through all the unexpected twists and turns that sometimes arise). I've said it numerous times to all of my friends - I couldn't imagine going through labor without Roseane. She always says it's an honor to serve her clients as they bring their babies earth side but really, it is our honor to have connected with such an incredibly gifted person who remains by your side through such a life-changing moment. Please feel free to reach out to me with any questions, I cannot recommend her enough.

Jessica Sanchez


It's so hard to put into words the incredible prescence and support that Roseanne provided before and during the birth of our son. I wasn't sure about the need for hiring a doula during most of my pregnancy. I read about the benefits of having one, but I teetered until almost the very end! I got in touch with Roseanne when I was about 35 weeks, and from that point on, she was completley available for whatever I wanted to talk about, and whenever! The way I describe her to my friends is that it's like having a best friend who just happens to know a whole lot about birth and babies! She was my first call after doctors appointments. She was my ray of sunshine when someone told me a horrible birth story and scared me. Ultimatley, she was the ROCK during my labor, helping me through each contraction, and helping me decipher what the doctor said throughout my labor. Roseanne helped my husband support me, and gave him breaks to grab food during our mini marathon (I didn't even know he was gone!). I remember her sweet cheerful voice even when I vomitted once, "Yes!! This is great! It's really pushing the baby down now!" She is such a positive force throughout the entire experience! Roseanne's energy is calm, confident, and assuring. She is truly there for her clients in a way that cannot be accurately described in words. My gratitude runs deep for this woman. She will always be a major part of the best day of my life! We often say that she will be one of our first phone calls when we get pregnant with #2! Thank you so much for all you did to help Antonio into this world Roseanne, we cannot wait to bring another baby into the world with you! 

Liz Mariotti


Having Roseanne as my doula was probably the one of the best decisions I have ever made. Although my husband strongly doubted my desire for a doula, after Roseanne helped bring our first baby into the world, he now considers her family and agrees it was probably the single most important thing we did for us and our daughter. Roseanne was available 24/7 for all of my crazy questions and eased my concerns when my doctor was not always clear about what we were doing or why. To have someone by my side who was so knowledgable, and has been a part of so many births, made me feel like I could take some of the weight and worry off my shoulders, which is likely why my entire pregnancy was pretty smooth. I look back now and wonder how I managed to have a completely natural birth, and it's clear - it was because of Roseanne. If it wasn't for her I would have thrown in the towel when I had false labor pains for days. I differed to her when I was trying to decide to stay in my apartment or go to my parents' house. She was the one who got things moving using spinning babies techniques, went with me to the doctor for my weekly visit that same day, came back to my parents' house as we waited out going to the hospital, eased my moms fears in the process:), and showed my husband how to best support me while I labored. She made sure I was comfortable, and not overly exposed (which was something I told her I deeply dreaded). She was my coach, my cheerleader, and also my voice when the dr. asked a question. If it wasn't for her, I also would have thrown in the towel with breastfeeding! Her visit after my daughters birth was a huge help in getting us into the swing of nursing. I'll be honest and admit I selfishly fear everyone using her and realizing what a blessing it is to have her, because then she might not be available for the birth of any future children I may have!! I guess I should share the love though...truly a gifted doula, but more importantly, an amazing person.

Ashley McGinnis


Where do I start to explain the immense support that Roseanne gave me throughout my pregnancy, during the birthing process and now after the birth! She was a true godsend. She alleviated all my fears about being induced, no question was off limits, and she made herself available whenever I needed her. She was like the all encompassing mom/sister/doula all wrapped in one that you want to be with you on this journey. She knew just what to do to get me through the hard contractions, let me labor alone when I needed to, was there to massage me when I needed to be, kept me calm (and still) as I got my epidural, got me in different positions to speed up my labor, and and kept me entertained with her amazing personality and awesome stories. She didn't make me feel guilty when I ended up not having a natural child birth like I had wanted and when I ended up not breast-feeding. Roseanne is so warm and you just want to hug (which I did...even upon first meeting). My only regret through this whole experience is that I didn't take a photo with her. She is part of my son's birth story and now part of my life forever. There will hopefully be a next time to get my photo (and to have a water birth!) and of course Roseanne will be by my side because I couldn't imagine doing it without her.

Heather Pacic


Roseanne was my birth doula for the birth of my daughter in July of 2014; I hired her through the Valley Hospital.  She has an amazing reputation that proceeds her in the hospital and in the community. The doctors and nurses trust her instinct and take her advice.  From our first meeting onward Roseanne made me feel confident in myself and in her as well.  My goal was a natural birth and she helped me create a birth plan and get myself ready for the big event.  When my water broke shortly before midnight I was anxious because I knew I wasnt in active labor.  I was very scared I would be pushed into pitocin or induction.  Roseanne was actually assisting with a VBAC down the hall when I arrived at the hospital.  In the end she ended up going home, sleeping for maybe an hour or two and then came back to the hospital for me.  She encouraged me to use the therapy tub because she knew it was something I really wanted and I was able to slow down my breathing and center myself right before pushing.  She has amazing instincts - she could tell which position would work best for me to labor, push and to deliver in (each one different).  She ended up crawling behind my hospital bed so that she stand behind the head of the bed and could hold my hands as I kneeled on the bed.  I remember looking straight into her eyes between contractions and I just knew that I could trust her completely and that everything was going to be ok.  I ended up delivering my daughter after a powerful 3.5 hours of labor and pushing - completely drug and IV free.  I know that having Roseanne, as well as my husband there as my support group helped me make it all the way.  Everyone I have spoken to that has met Roseanne only has amazing things to say - and many wish they had her during their births.  This woman has a huge heart and has truly been called to this work.  Cant say enough good things!!  

Nadia Saoud Goncalves


Roseanne has been by my side for both of my pregnancies and I couldn’t ask for a better doula. The first time I met Roseanne was at a Valley Hospital baby shower. Prior to that meeting I can't really say I was looking for a doula, didn't really think I needed one. But within the 20ish minutes we were talking that all changed! Roseanne is an open book and that is exactly what I needed, someone who could talk me through the biggest unknown of my life at the time. I got to know Roseanne over the next few months. I’d talk with her after every doctor’s visit and she would further walk me through what was going on with me and my baby. I never once felt rushed with Roseanne, even with three children of her own she spends quality time with her mommies. An hour+ long conversation wasn’t uncommon. When I had my first child she was there with me laboring every step of the way at the hospital. I think she was only 10 mins behind me getting to the hospital. Not only was she there for me, but she was a huge support for my husband. She calmly talked both of us through the process and instructed him as to how to help me. She had me up, in the shower, on a birthing ball, dancing with my husband; she even took pictures for us while I was laboring! She also had her bag of goodies, oils, teas, etc. that helped me relax. Not to mention that the nursing staff (and my OB) LOVE working with Roseanne. When we found out we were pregnant with #2 the first thing my husband said was, “So you’re calling Roseanne right?” Again with my second pregnancy she was just as attentive. I remember she had come over one afternoon to go over my birthing plan; she lit up when she saw my son. She held him and couldn’t take her eyes off him the entire time. She genuinely loves “her babies" & her mommies! I really can’t say anything but praises for Roseanne. Any and every woman would be lucky to have her by their side.

Jennifer Hallan


Roseanne walked me through a very challenging first pregnancy and birth. My son was stubbornly transverse and she stepped through every possible method to ask him to turn. When he did not, she attended my c-section and was the voice of calm, reason, and beauty in the operating room. Recently I gave birth to my second and was heartbroken that we have moved out of state and couldn't use her again. She still checked up on me, more frequently than my local doula! Roseanne is that perfect blend of fun, energetic, practical, and spiritual.

Katie Scheidt


One thing is true about pregnancy and childbirth, it is what it is and never goes the way you think it will. What an amazing gift to have Roseanne there to guide us through it! When you are experiencing everything involved with becoming a parent for the first time or after, there are always new things to learn and new experiences to be had.

We had the amazing journey of bringing our daughter into this world with Roseanne. I cannot put into words how much we love and treasure her! Three years later she guided us through my son's birth also. Unfortunately we made her work so, so very hard for both of our children. Even with the best intentions both were difficult births and I credit our survival of these events to Roseanne. She worked beautifully with the hopsital staff and my doctor, she was always loving and respectful to me and my partner. She has become part of our family. The part that we never get to see because she is always helping deliver babies :)

I can honestly say that hiring Roseanne to be our doula was one of the best decisions I have ever made in my life about anything.  If you are considering hiring her, please feel free to contact me. I couldn't say more wonderful things, what a blessing she is to us!

Doreen Elizabeth


Roseanne is a great person to have by your side throughout your birth journey. She is calm, cool, and confident and is there every step of the way. I loved that she encouraged me to call her after every ob visit to check in, and it was nice to feel the consistent support of her being there throughout the journey. She was always available to advise, inquire, or extinguish any fears. When it came time, she was at the hospital immediately and provided constant care and support. She offered advice and knew exactly what positions to put me in and when. She was a knowledgable source throughout the process. When people ask why I had a doula for my birth I always say, "giving birth is like climbing Mt. Everest, you wouldn't do that with just a map and your husband, you would pay for a sherpa to guide you - thats what a doula does." Roseanne helped me navigate the uncharted waters of preganancy and birth, and assured me that unmedicated, vaginal childbirth was not only normal, but completely possible. A doula is a small investment compared to the truly large pay-off, and after meeting and interviewing with several other doulas I knew that Roseanne was the one for me. Our personalities clicked, and her calm and self-assured nature made me feel confident not only in her abilities, but in mine as well. When it seems like the whole world tells you that you cant, a doula tells you that you can. They are your biggest cheerleader, your shoulder to cry on, and your voice of reason. As soon as you find out your pregnant - find yourself a doula! Roseanne is an amazing woman who is truly dedicated to and worthy of that job!

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