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Alexis Rockey

Seed to Sprout Doula

Lynnwood, WA Service range 30 miles

Postpartum Rate

$50 to $70

Postpartum Rate

$50 to $70

Postpartum Doula Experience

4 years and 55 families served

Doula Training

  • DONA International-Approved Workshop, July 2019

Type of practice: Solo practice

Clients per month: 1 to 2

College Education


Special Services Offered

  • First Aid and CPR
  • Miscarriage support
  • Sibling support (for your older children at the birth)
  • Virtual and remote doula support

Service Area

Lynnwood, WA Service range 30 miles

Client Testimonials for Alexis Rockey

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Sara Lerner


I am a first time mom who had serious postpartum anxiety. I didn't sleep for the first 3 nights after my daughter was born - or essentially until Alexis came into our lives. She was a total lifesaver and I felt completely comfortable leaving my newborn in her care. Alexis is a total professional and has the magic touch. She could get my baby to take a bottle and go to sleep when no one else could. She made me and my husband feel completely safe and at ease. She did all of this while being very pregnant herself! She is amazing and truly helped us get through some of the toughest transitions in our life. I would recommend Alexis wholeheartedly and anyone would be lucky to have her help. She is the best!! 



Alexis has been a consummate professional and joy to work with it. She's timely, knowledgeable, dependable, and most importantly, patient. For new parents, the first few weeks can be a challenge when it comes to finding consistent sleep -- having recently gone through this myself I can speak first-hand to this. We could not be more grateful for Alexis and her countless help -- we would not have survived these first few months without her assistance. Alexis knew exactly the needs of our newborn and in just a short few days, she was able to help with getting her on a much needed sleep schedule. If we're fortunate enough to have another child in the future, Alexis will be our first call.

Alexis's trustworthiness and her dependability makes this an easy endorsement for me. I could not be more grateful for her. 



As a new parent, I cannot emphasize enough how invaluable the support and guidance of Alexis has been during the early months of my baby's life. From the very first night, Alexis brought a sense of calm and reassurance to our household. Her extensive knowledge and expertise in newborn care were evident as she effortlessly attended to our baby's needs throughout the night.

A remarkable aspect of Alexis's care was her ability to create a peaceful sleeping environment for our baby. She provided feedback to us on the nursery's conditions and noticings that she had for our baby. For example, she told us when to change out her diaper size and nipple sizes because they had become too small. She even helped us get the perfect temperature for the baby's nursery to help her sleep.

Her understanding of infant sleep patterns and sleep training methods contributed to the development of healthy sleep habits for our baby, resulting in more restful nights for the entire family. She would always be willing to try new things, and sure enough our baby has been sleeping from 11-7 by 9.5 weeks of age!

Beyond her expertise in newborn care, Alexis provided emotional support and guidance during those challenging early weeks of parenthood. She patiently listened to our concerns and offered practical solutions that were tailored to our specific needs. As a new mom, she always checked in with us beyond the baby needs. Alexis is was in constant communication via text and I will miss her daily check ins!

I am grateful for the support and care provided by our Alexis. Her professionalism, reliability, and unwavering dedication were truly exceptional. She not only helped us get the sleep we desperately needed but also played a pivotal role in laying a solid foundation for our baby's overall well-being. I wholeheartedly recommend her services to any new parents seeking compassionate and knowledgeable assistance during those precious early months.

Emily Leeton Misleh


Highly recommend Alexis! Alexis took care of baby Henry from birth to 3 months. Henry is not an easy baby - major stomach/burp issues caused potentially from allergies. Alexis was extremely patient and caring - she had to hold a very upset/sick Henry with his piercing screams almost all nights in the beginning months. I really appreciated Alexis’ guidance from all of her experience as a mom, allergies, and many many babies - she has a wealth of knowledge and shared it in a judgment free and relaxed manner. Thank you, thank you, thank you Alexis for all of your fantastic care!

Justine Best


We will be forever grateful for the impact Alexis made on our family! If there was one decision that positively impacted our first 3 months, it was to partner with her. She started three days after we came home. From the first moment she made us comfortable and confident in her partnership. Alexis quickly became an extension of our family and continued to be for the next 2 months. She taught us tips and tricks that made our baby sleep better, live happier and gave us more peace as parents. She helped our household function more efficiently and made our days more enjoyable. She is flexible, knowledgeable and kind. There were challenging nights where she held or rocked our baby to sleep for hours which allowed us to be rested for the following day. Our baby was always happy and safe with Alexis. Anyone who is lucky enough to work with her is in great hands!

Mary B


I had one session with Alexis as a postpartum doula. She was on-time, professional and very knowledgeable. Some the advice she gave me I use to date. I couldn't figure out why my baby would refuse to nurse in the evenings, I'd tried everything and had given up and using bottles in the evenings. She suggested it may be because the baby has gotten tired during the day. Paying more attention to sleep patterns helped resolve the issue completely! The product she suggested for diaper rash also worked better than any of the ones I'd tried before. I highly recommend Alexis.



Alexis is incredible. She’s everything you need in a postpartum doula: reliable, communicative, attentive, caring, and hardworking. I never had to explain something more than once, she knew how to operate all of our baby gear (Snoo, Baby Brezza, Doctor Browns bottles, complex swaddle technique, etc.), and she proactively asked great questions at each hand off to make sure she knew what was the same and what was different between each session (babies change fast!). She seamlessly integrated into our care routines and made it so easy for us to work with her and get what we needed: sleep. 

Some context for this glowing review: Alexis stepped in last minute to care for our infant twins overnight when our contracted doula proved unreliable. The first time I met her, I opened the door with a crying baby in my arms and another crying baby upstairs. I immediately handed her the baby in my arms and showed her to the nursery, where she fed and soothed our fussy son as I walked her through the room and our babies’ routines. She took care of our babies several times per week for two months. We've worked with five postpartum doulas throughout our time as parents, many of whom were capable and caring, but Alexis is the only one I've hired again and again and the only one I recommend without reservation or qualifiers.

Our babies were not easy. They both had reflux. One was especially screamy, and the other was especially small and did a lot of cluster feeding. They wore different size diapers, needed different formulas, and drank different volumes via different bottle nipples. Alexis kept track of it all. She took care of our kids with the same degree of care that we would, and it was easy to relax when she was here. There simply aren’t enough words to say how highly we recommend her. If you’re looking for a postpartum doula, hire Alexis. We would still be working with her today if our babies hadn’t outgrown the need.

Jordan B


We had a wonderful experience working with Alexis, and our daughter Kaia did too! Alexis was our primary daytime Doula for the first three months of Kaia‘s life. She took great care of Kaia, was a supportive friend and aide to me, and felt like one of the family when she was there.

As an experienced doula and mother herself, Alexis was very confident and knowledgeable about all aspects of baby health and caretaking. She shared examples of things that had worked (or not worked) with her own children or past clients to help us learn. She was happy to adopt our systems and schedule, and had no issues with getting Kaia to eat, sleep, play, etc. She would also go out of her way to seek out and help with jobs around the house like dishes and laundry to make our lives easier, and she helped me get better at baby skills like bathing and nail clipping.


Logistically, Alexis was extremely reliable, communicative, and as flexible as possible when we needed to make schedule changes. She mostly worked days with us, but I would recommend her to any family for day or night work (and friendship :). 

Erin Mintz


Alexis provided postpartum night care for our twins from 8-18 weeks old. She helped us get from 2+ night wakeups down to one, helped me navigate reducing pumping so I could sleep longer, and helped us get sleep when transitioning back to work. Most importantly she took wonderful care of our two little babies. She was always on time, communicated openly with us, provided useful tips and suggestions, and was very covid cautious. She made our postpartum period much less stressul and much more restful!!

Amy Anscher


My husband and I were given the most amazing gift imaginable—a night doula for six weeks. We didn't even know they existed! We did some research and were referred to Alexis. We were so so lucky to find her. She was absolutely wonderful with our newborn and it was an indescribable feeling to get full nights of sleep knowing my little guy was being so well cared for. Alexis was a perfect fit for our family. She even stepped in to help during the day on an odd weekend when we needed it (I was by myself with my newborn and 2.5 year old for the first time). Alexis is kind, compassionate, and flexible and we recommend her with highest regard.

Sue and Jeff


We booked Alexis to be our doula at about month 5 into our pregnancy and she was great.  She was down to earth - realistic, not idealistic - and she listens instead of tells.

She is responsive.  Of all the doulas we interviewed, she was by far the most responsive to emails, texts, and calls - always answering or getting back to us within a few hours.

Throughout the rest of our pregnancy, she made us feel more than welcome to bother her about anything.  She answered our questions about baby care, her scheduling process, how she operates, breast feeding tips, her vaccination records - anything.  She made us feel good about all of our concerns and choices - and that was the more important thing to us, before-birth.  At no point did we feel judged about birthing choices, feeding choices, or medical choices.

Due to unfortunate circumstances, our baby ended up premature and immunocompromised, so we ended up choosing to take time off work to care for baby ourselves, not wanting to risk the possibility of bringing in any outside respiratory illnesses or Covid.  Alexis was completely understanding.

If you go with Alexis, you'll get the best in,
1. Responsiveness
2. Understanding
3. Non-judgement

We highly recommend Alexis!

Brooke and Helena


We had Alexis helping at night with our baby when he was 1-2 months old.  Alexis had great communication with us and we trusted her 100% with our baby. She seemed to genuinely care about our baby and even stuck with us when he had some feeding complications and had to use a feeding tube.  We highly recommend Alexis as a night doula.



Getting to know your baby is a joy for sure. However, to proper enjoy the experience you need to get some sleep and take care of yourself. Alexis really saved us there - we were looking forward to her weekly visits that allowed us to recharge and feel like humans again. Alexis took great care of our newborn daughter, she is professional, very knowledgeable and responsible. I would recommend her to anyone who is looking for a postpartum doula!



I originally contacted Alexis to be the sibling doula to be with my toddler son while I give birth but then decided to switch to birth and postpartum doula, I'm glad I did. Alexis was quick to answer texts whenever I had questions, we met a few times to discuss expectations, she checked in after each appointment, offered great tips as of how to induce natural labor. I was trying really hard to have a VBAC so that was really helpful and I felt supported. 
During labor, Alexis often reminded me to breathe slow, along with the talking and joking between contractions definitely helped easing the pain. I was able to have successful VBAC and I could relive and process that experience with her postpartum because everything was a blur to me but she was there to see everything first hand.  Also just the talking and sharing of birthing experiences was so needed in the immediate postpartum period. Alexis also stayed to hold and comfort the new baby while I had a medical problem after being transferred to the ward, which I am so thankful about.

Alexis also has great resources, she suggested an acupuncture place to induce labor for me, a tongue tie doctor when my baby had trouble feeding. My daughter also had problem with her umbilical cord falling out and Alexis shared her own similar stories so I didn't feel like it was a big deal nor that I was alone in the situation. 

This is my first time having a doula and Alexis had made it a positive experience. I would recommend her both as a birth and a postpartum doula!

Laura Handa


My husband and I are first time parents and living away from family, so we wanted some extra help to navigate pregnancy, delivery and postpartum life. We knew right away after first chatting with Alexis that her calm and personable demeanor were what we were looking for. She was prompt in setting up visits, always responsive and consistently checking in with us to see how things were going or if we had questions. She also kept track of some of my appointments and checking in with us after which was especially nice. It was also great that she was experienced with hypnobirthing - which I was planning to use for an unmedicated delivery - and although our plans changed to having a scheduled C-section, she was still there with us in the hospital before surgery, in the operating room and during recovery- helping us stay calm, answering questions, helping with breastfeeding and even taking pics in the operating room! Alexis continued to check in with us in the first couple weeks as those were especially challenging and was so knowledgeable and offering suggestions to help with breastfeeding, sleep, etc. We could not have done it without her!

Ling & Bailey


I have worked with 4 different doulas so I have experience and Alexis stands out from the rest. Here are the major differences: 


Hustle: She used every minute of her time with me to help out around the house or with baby, and was proactive in finding things to work on if I couldn't think of anything. I've had other doulas who were happy to sit back and relax 

Prompt: She was always on time! This is one that you *really* need when you are counting down the minutes till help arrives, and not all doulas value being on time so much. 

Practical: She brought arts & crafts for my two older kids to help keep them occupied. Previous doulas have brought flowers which is pretty, I guess, but *not* super helpful. She knows what help new moms actually need. 

Dynamic: I have three kids, so every single day in my house is chaos. Crying, dirty diapers, kids needing lunch, toddlers fighting naps etc. She can effortlessly partner to tackle the most urgent issues and is fine with each day being different. 

Communication: She is an effective communicator in person and over SMS. She always kept me in the loop on everything, asked questions if she wasn't sure how I wanted a task done, and was in general fun to hang out with and talk to - which is even more important during those early lonely days. 



Jillian Nakai


It's so hard to put into words how thankful I am that Alexis came into our lives. I remember debating on whether or not I felt a Doula would be helpful or necessary to guide us on the pre/post pregnancy journey. We have a lot of friends and family that all have kids, so I thought I knew what to expect. Wow, was I ever wrong. We hired Alexis as our birth and postparturm doula. From the moment I started corresponding with her, she was nothing but kind, compassionate and thoughtful. I could tell from our first interaction over zoom that she was the person I wanted. The more I got to know her, the more I found myself thinking of her as a friend, then someone that we hired. She makes you feel so comfortable, that you can't help but want to talk to her and seek her advice. We had a really challenging time as first time parents, with a colicky/gassy baby among other things, and Alexis would always check in on us on days where she wasn't with us just to see how we were managing. Alexis is the person you want by your side, I can't say it enough. 

Rachel E


Alexis is WONDERFUL. She worked with us as a postpartum doula for overnight care with our second child. It has been incredible to have such a capable, kind, caring and nurturing person in our home, and tending to our newest addition, to provide some much needed rest for both of us. Alexis is incredibly good at what she does. She is a natural with babies, and so supportive as a doula. She thoughtfully brought me lactation cookies when I shared my previous experience with breastmilk supply issues, and she has been endlessly flexible with our needs in terms of extending our time with her. As our baby gets a bit older, Alexis has been wonderful at encouraging our little one to extend her sleep cycles between feedings (per our wishes), which is promising for the months ahead. Honestly, it will be hard to let go of Alexis, as she has been the best thing ever in these blissful yet challenging early months!

Sarah Crystal


Alexis was a fantastic post-partum doula for our family. She started working with us the day I came home from the hospital with my twins and provided overnight care for the twins for 15 weeks! She was extremey flexible and started 2 weeks before our contract was schedueld to start because I was induced at 36 instead of 38 weeks. She was also willing to extend our contract when it was clear we needed help for longer than we initially thought. Alexis was always on time, willing to help out with whatever, and communicated clearly with us around our needs with the babies and the other doulas we had working with us. She is extremely caring and thoughtful and brought me lactation cookies when initially my milk was taking longer to come in. I cannot recommend her highly enough!  

Elyse Wittman


Alexis is caring, knowledgeable & genuine. When my husband and I first reached out to her, she answered all our questions and was very kind. She made a point to really get to know us, our preferences and our history so that she could provide the best care. Alexis was timely and diligent when making appointments and was very flexible with dates and times. There was great communication throughout my pregnancy & postpartum period. She helped me navigate where I wanted to deliver based on my preferences and encouraged me to ask questions. When asked, Alexis is quick to recommend great resources and makes a point of checking in and asking about appointments throughout pregnancy and postpartum.
Alexis was very supportive with all my choices and preferences during pregnancy, delivery & postpartum. We chose to utilize hypnobirthing for labor and she was able to help us navigate our delivery this way being familiar with it herself. When we had a last-minute unexpected change of plans she was great at helping us keep calm and embrace the change. We still ultimately where able to achieve the birthing experience I had hoped for with her knowledgeable, kind and supportive care. I can honestly say, that I do not think I would have had the birth I envisioned and hoped for unless we had Alexis there! She kept me focused during my unmedicated birth and with her gentle care and emotional support my husband and I had a great birthing experience with her.
Postpartum with Alexis was great too! She made sure that I was getting the support I needed to breastfeed and that I was feeling taken care of! My husband and I really enjoyed our postpartum visits with Alexis! After everything she is the kind of person that feels like a friend and I cannot recommend Alexis enough! She is someone you need on your side to navigate the intense, beautiful and sometimes scary business of pregnancy, childbirth and postpartum care!

Brianna Lanier


This was my second child birth and every nurse and doctor made it seem like "oh this is the second time around you got this" really I was just as nervous and scared, my first birth was over 7 years ago. Early on in my pregnancy I was diagnosed with IUGR, after that first appointment I knew I needed extra support, and a doula was the key to that. Alexis made me and my partner feel comfortable, at ease something we did not feel before we met alexis. Due to Covid she was unable to attend appointments , but she checked in before , during and after making sure I had the right questions to ask, I understood completely what my OB was saying. I felt comfortable being open and honest with her.  My OB kept bringing up C-Section because of my baby's growth and I was very against it. Alexis made sure she would do everything in her power to ensure the safety of the baby and making sure I did not need a C-Section. I ended up needing to get induced and because of COVID Alexis was unable to be in the room physically but she was with us every step of the way, from check in, to making sure I had what I needed to be comfortable. When labor started to get painful she was right there giving suggestions on positions and massages for my partner to do for me. She made my pregnancy so much better and less stressful. Alexis has a passion for this and you can tell that when she is talking to you. She puts so much effort in her work and we appreciate her so much. I'm not sure how my last pregnancy would have went if it wasn't for her. I highly recommend her and her services.



We originally weren’t sure if we wanted a doula, but after meeting with Alexis for a consultation we knew we had to have her at our birth. She has a calming, open demeanor, has been through the birthing process first-hand with her three kids, and she is so obviously passionate about being a doula. She came over two times prior to the birth to get to know each other and try different coping techniques together, and she also must have answered thousands of questions from me over text prior to labor, at all times of the day and night. Once labor began, she came to our house in the middle of the night and helped with pain management through hip squeezes and applying heat. Afterwards, my husband commented on how glad he was to have her there because otherwise he felt like we needed to head to the hospital immediately vs. laboring at home for awhile as planned. Throughout labor she had a great balance of providing relief while also letting my husband and I have time together. I’m so happy with my birth experience and credit so much of it to her presence. Now that baby is here, she has been over multiple times to help with breastfeeding and general new parent concerns. Alexis has become a great friend and I highly recommend her as a doula.

Shreve Harlow



I have two older kids and just had my third two days ago. I never used a doula until this time around and Alexis was the help I had been missing in my last deliveries. She was hands on during each contraction allowing me to get through each one with some relief. She was an amazing advocate for me when it came to what I wanted and didn’t want and was never pushy about what I should be doing. She kept me calm and put me at ease. I would 100% recommend her to anyone looking to better their birthing experience!

Alicia Lopez


As a registered nurse and mother of two kids(an one due June 2020), I can attest to the great care my kids and I have received from Alexis. I am sure training is good but nothing can replace natural good common sense and the ability to truly care for your clients. Alexis has the ability to approach delicate issues with love and sensitivity but also has the voice to advocate for all parties involved. Alexis was my nanny and also supported me as a mother and got me through some hard times all while maintaining a professional relationship. I am not surprised that she is going on to bigger and better things. I was blessed to have had her and her family in ours lives for a time.

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