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Katie White

Denver Born Doulas

Denver, CO Service range 45 miles No restrictions


Birth Fee


Postpartum Rate

$40 to $45

Birth Fee


Postpartum Rate

$40 to $45

Birth Doula Experience

5 years and 95 births attended

Postpartum Doula Experience

5 years and 15 families served

Birth Doula Certifications

  • Birth Arts International - Certified Birth Doula

Doula Training

  • Birth Arts International, June 2019

Type of practice: Partnership with 2 or more doulas

Clients per month: 1 to 3 births and 1 postpartum families

Postpartum limits/restrictions: No restrictions

Attends hospital births? All Hospitals

Attends birth center births? All Birth Centers

Attends home births? Any Home Birth

College Education


Special Services Offered

  • Aromatherapy
  • Baby-led weaning
  • Babywearing education
  • Childbirth education services
  • First Aid and CPR
  • LGBTQIA+ Support
  • Military families support
  • Miscarriage support
  • Reduced rates for women considering adoption
  • Satellite doula (for remote and rural clients)
  • Surrogates and intended parents
  • TENS units rental
  • Virtual and remote doula support

Relevant volunteer or advocacy work

I am currently a volunteer doula at Denver Health Hospital which allows me to experience birth from a lot of unique experiences and situations. I am also a certified VBAC doula and enjoy supporting mamas who want to have their own VBAC's!

Fee Details

I've been drawn to birth work my entire life and have found such a profound calling in my work as a doula, supporting families through their own birth journeys. I am passionate about supporting families, encouraging mamas to use their intuition to meet their babies and holding space for this transformative experience. I am certified as a VBAC doula and enjoy watching families fall in love with their own unique birth stories. I support mama's with all sorts of goals for birth, whether that's unmedicated, using pain relief or planned c-sections and I think one of the most important parts of a positive birth is that the mama feels seen and heard and is an active participant in her birth. Birth Doula Fee includes 2 prenatal visits, 1 postpartum visit, continuous birth support, text/call support throughout pregnancy, a written birth story and photo/video of your birth. I'm familiar with creating invoices and documents needed for insurance/HSA reimbursement.

Service Area

Denver, CO Service range 45 miles No restrictions

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Katie is exactly who I needed on the journey to, through, and following birth!  She supported me leading up to my daughter's birth through the challenges of pregnancy, including tricks to get my baby to flip out of the breech position, ways to help open my pelvis in prep for birth, and the emotional support I needed in those agonizing last days when my body felt like it was bursting and I was trying everything I could to get labor going. Her support during labor was incredible!  She helped me try new techniques and positions I would never have even thought of and knew exactly when to give me the encouragement I needed. My daughter had some complications and was in the NICU for four hours, and I had retained placenta that was traumatic and difficult to remove. Katie stuck with us through those critical first hours and reassured me while my husband was with our baby girl in the NICU.  I would have been so alone and scared if not for Katie. We also had the privilege of some overnights with Katie in the first weeks of newborn life. It was game changing to have a night here and there where I could recuperate some sleep and trust that my baby was in incredibly capable hands. Sleep is everything and Katie gave that gift to me. I'm an evangelist for having a doula to support you through the journey to parenthood, and especially an evangelist for it being Katie!!!

Adrian Gestos


We had Katie White as our doula for my wife's labour in October 2023. Katie was incredible, I don't know how we would have gotten through it without her. Many hours into labour, once it was getting intense, i very quickly felt out of my depth and struggled seeing my wife struggle so much. Katie was the steadfast experienced hand that got us through. Of course the nurses at the hospital were also fantastic but they're only with you a short amount of time. Katie was so patient, knowledgeable and steady throughout the entire lengthy labour, her work went well beyond what you would expect for a paid service. Katie felt more like an old friend in that delivery room. Plus, meeting with Katie a couple times before the birth helped so much in being prepared and to chase away some of those uncertainty nerves. Did I also mention how knowledgeable Katie is? Constantly reading up on the latest in the field and has so much experience.

Can't recommend Katie enough.

Adrian Gestos

Liz Rosenthal


We hired Katie for the birth of our first baby and I feel very lucky that we picked Katie to be a part of something so significant in our lives.

Katie met with us for prenatal appointments and walked us through any questions we had. She was so educated and made us feel at ease about the whole process. Then when I started showing labor signs, Katie walked me through what I was experiencing. She sent over positions for me to do to help my painful back labor before we headed to the hospital. She checked on us often and was there every step of the way.

Once we got to the hospital, she helped ease my pain through contractions by helping me labor in different positions and using other pain strategies. When I decided to get the epidural, she was incredibly supportive. I felt so much guidance from her during labor. We went through a couple scary moments and Katie helped explain what was going on. She helped my husband find his role in birth as he was someone who was nervous to be a part of it.

Her presence in the room was never overbearing to the doctors and nurses. Instead, she fit seamlessly in with my birthing team. My husband and I both agree we could not have done it without her.

After my daughter was born, she sat with me at 3am in the morning, helping me latch her and teaching me how to breastfeed. I believe my success in breastfeeding is due to her. Then, she came over for a postpartum visit and answered all my first time mom questions and help calm my anxieties.

If you’re questioning whether you need a doula, I would highly recommend adding Katie to your birth team. So many people I know have had traumatic birth stories and having Katie by our side helped our birth be beautiful and perfect.

As a bonus, Katie took many pictures and wrote the birth story of our daughter, something I will forever cherish. We will absolutely be using Katie for our next birth. We cannot say enough good things about her!



As a first time mom, I had the pleasure and great luck of having Katie as my doula by my side.

I reached out to her early on in my pregnancy for support and Katie regularly checked in to ask how things are going. As we got closer to the end of the third trimester, Katie visited us at our house and provided so much coaching and resources so that my husband and I felt more prepared going into the labor and birth experience.

It provided us with so much comfort knowing that she would be part of our birth team when the big day came. She was present as soon as we got to the hospital and made my labor and birth experience much more comfortable with different positioning, walkthrough of what was going on, and her warm presence.

One wonderful thing she provided at the end was a detailed written birth story which documents the events of her working with us prenatal to labor and delivery. When in the midst of labor, it can be hard to remember all the events so I'm so glad Katie captured all that in the birth story for us to have.

We are so thankful we had Katie with us during pregnancy, labor and delivery, and postpartum. If you're reading this, highly consider reaching out to her!! 

Sarah Krupicka


“I couldn’t have done it without my doula” is usually how I start my birth story. I truly believe Katie White was crucial to me having a vaginal unmedicated birth as I always wanted! This was my first pregnancy so everything felt new and intimidating. However, Katie’s sessions prior to labor were so educational and gave me so much confidence. When it came to labor in the hospital Katie seemed to read my mind! She knew exactly when I needed a snack for energy, a warmed up towel after laboring in the tub and when to try a new position. Katie was an amazing support and guide for my husband as well! She truly was the perfect addition to one of the most important days of my life and I couldn’t recommend her more to anyone considering hiring a doula.

Carrie Burgess


Whenever anyone asks about our birth, I lead by saying, "Our doula was imperative".  Nothing went as planned, but Katie supported both my and my husband so gracefully, expertly, and full of warmth. Katie was incredible knowledgeable with every step of the process. She knew how to communicate and collaborate with the medical professionals of each level in a manner both parties appeared to feel mutually respected. At the same time, she was able to make our voices feel heard and explain each step of the process in ways the medical professionals may not necessarily have time to do. One thing I really appreciated is that when everyone was focused on me and the baby, she noticed my husband was overwhelmed, and quietly pulled him aside and helped support him as well. That is one role of the doula that was especially important to us- that my husband did not feel replaced but rather she was helpful to both of us. We definitely found that in our experience with Katie. Through labor, especially while I was unmedicated, she helped work as a team to give my husband ways to support my pain and also working together taking turns to help me through each contraction. I could go on and on about the specific little (and very big) ways that Katie made our birthing experience positive. She was such a positive support through the unexpected and new. I recommend her without hesitation to anyone seeking doula support or even on the fence if you need a doula. 

Tori Huang


The support given by Denver Born Doulas is truly amazing. I believe Katie’s help during birth made it possible for me to achieve my goal of having a VBAC.

My first birth, without the help of a doula, was an unplanned cesarean section. It left me a little traumatized. I was so scared of going through childbirth again, I was unsure whether a second baby was in our future. I did ultimately decide on a second baby, but there was no way we were repeating the experience of the first birth. We decided to work with a doula, and I am so glad we chose Denver Born.

From the beginning I felt incredibly supported by Katie and Tiffany. Katie was our main doula and we got to meet and work with Tiffany beforehand as our backup. Before birth, they gave us a ton of resources to prepare. They also gave us exercises to help best position the baby. They were very available when my partner or I had questions.

I was induced at 41 weeks and there were challenges from the start. Katie helped talk us through some early decisions and understand our options. Labor took a while, 24 hours, and Katie was there to help us the entire time. We did lots of exercises to help improve the success of various induction techniques. Katie talked me through the contractions and helped my partner better support me when labor began to get painful. When the pain became overwhelming, Katie encouraged me to get the epidural per my birth plan.

Katie brought us a sense of calm and control that we lacked during the birth of our first child. As someone who can feel awkward asking others for help or their time, I felt comfortable working with Katie right away.

Katie also took some great photos of the birth and wrote up a lovely birth story. I highly recommend Denver Born Doulas to anyone looking for a doula. We’re even considering having a third now, given how well the birth of our second went. We would 100% work with Denver Born Doulas again!



Katie is such an incredible doula! You shouldn't have a baby without her. She was so helpful in our pre delivery sessions, we loved spending time talking with and coming up with our birth plan together. Katie helped us prepare several birth plans incase we needed other tools to meet our baby. I loved knowing I could reach out to Katie during my pregnancy with questions or concerns, to which she quickly gave me support and helped me make decisions that we best for me and baby. Our delivery was perfect. Baby Della came out fast once we got to the hospital, but Katie kept me calm and supported both me and my husband as we welcomed our baby girl into this world. Having her calming words and energy in the room while I pushed was absolutely necessary for our birth. The weeks following Katie supported me through some tricky sleeping issues we had, which again was so helpful and comforting knowing I had her as a resource. I can't recommend Katie enough! We love her!! 

Milan Clinkingbeard


Working with Katie has been the best decision of my pregnancy! After reading tons of reviews on Doula Match- I found Katie's profile. I knew right away that she was someone I was interested in working with. After meeting her through zoom and asking her many questions, I hired her to assist me with the birth of my son. I loved that Katie's services included 2 prenatal visits at my home where she taught my partner and I a lot about labor and birth and exercise/moves to do to prepare. She also helped create a wonderful birth plan for the big day.  As our due date approached she was continually checking in on us and providing amazing encouragement during that final uncomfortable stretch of pregnancy. 

The day I went into labor, things progressed extremely fast. Katie showed up at the hospital quickly, just minutes after we arrived ourselves. She jumped into action providing comfort measures and encouraging me as I dilated completely within minutes of arriving. 

She set up the room just as we discussed with dim lights and twinkle lights and essential oils. She advocated for me during the process of keeping the vibe zen in the room. She walked me through how to push and was right by my side as my son came into the world. 

She was a tremendous asset to that day and I am forever grateful to have met her and work with her. I would hire her again for future births.

To my surprise she even was able to take a few pictures and an amazing video of the birth. She typed up our amazing birth story and shared it with us. She even came by for a postpartum visit and continued to check in on us for several weeks after the birth.

I highly recommend considering Katie at Denver Born for your doula. It will be the best thing you do to prepare for your birth!! 

Cecilia, Jacob and Octavia


Katie attended our daughter's birth, and she made the entire experience memorable and healing. We had lost two pregnancies before this one, and so heading into our daughter's birth, we knew we needed someone who would support and guide us. Katie made two home visits before Octavia's birth, during which she helped us learn how to do different Positions and prepare for Octavia's birth. It was my first birth, and I was worried that I'd have to be induced. I went into labor at 38 weeks and five days, and I think the reason why I didn't have to be induced is because Katie helped guide us throughout the last trimester. During the birth, Katie was indispensable. She anticipated both my needs and  that of my husband , and she was a constant source of support as doctors and nurses filtered in and out of the room. We are so grateful we got to meet Katie and work with her, and we simply cannot recommend her highly enough. Hiring a Doula is an important and delicate decision, and it's hard to find someone that you will match with. Katie is extremely knowledgeable, loving, and caring. Simply put, she was a godsend.

Stephanie Hoffman


We were so lucky to have Katie as our Doula.  From the first time we chatted it felt like she had been a friend for years.  She walked us through the process ahead of time and made us, as first time parents, feel well prepared.  The day of labor I was having some trouble progressing and there were concerns about an intervention as my little guy had a couple heart rate scares.  Katie worked with us all day doing various positions and things moved along great!  She was such a huge support for us!!  She was also phenomenal at working with the nurses and our Doctor.  In fact, our Doctor said she was the best Doula she had worked with in her 31 year career!!  Absolutely would recommend Katie's services to anyone looking for an excellent Doula!!



I couldn’t have imagined a wonderful birth without Katie. Before the big day, I was able to share my goals with Katie. She had several sessions with my husband and I going over what to expect during labor and how various things we can do in the moment to help me reach my goals. She was also an enormous support for my husband and was able to go over some postures with Gina that would help me. Needless to say, my labor didn’t go as I had planned. She was there to tell me when it was time to go to the hospital and promptly met me at the hospital. It was a long night, but she was energetic and full of ideas as far as different things to try to help comfort me and help my labor progress. She helped me through breathing and encouraging words for all 15 hours and never left my side. Even with all this support for me, my husband says that she was more there for him, helping guide him and reassuring him when he thought I was not doing well. A few days after we welcomed our sweet girl into this world, she wrote a very thorough birth story so that we would remember everything that happened that night. I would highly recommend her and her knowledge/support. My story would have been very different if she was not there, present by us all night.

Kate H


It has been hard to find words to describe just how helpful, supportive, amazing, and necessary Katie was before, during, and after my labor. In partnering with Katie, I truly feel that I not only gained a doula, I gained a friend.

Katie met with us twice before I went into labor, answering all of our questions and helping us feel informed. Then once I went into labor, Katie came to the hospital without me even having to ask her - knowing just when I'd need her. She stayed with me for the next 12 hours and supported me with words and actions as I labored naturally. She was there for each contraction, providing my husband and I with movements that would help move the baby down and out. She also made sure I ate and drank, and kept me going. She has incredible intuition - she knew what I needed when I had no clue! It goes without saying that she also supported my husband too, helping him participate and making sure he was taking care of himself.

This experience alone made me so grateful to have Katie - before my baby was born, I was already telling her how I was 100% going to partner with her again for any future children I have.

But where Katie went from "incredible" to "lifesaving" was when I experienced complications soon after I gave birth. Doctors were rushing around me, I was in a lot of pain, and I did not know what was going on. Katie was calm. She made sure my husband had our baby (and was sitting down). She then calmly explained to me what had happened and what would happen next (the doctors and nurses were too busy to do this, but it was something I really needed). When I think back on those 20 minutes, everything is a blur except Katie's eyes. She held my hand and made me look into her eyes, anchoring me physically and mentally, calming me and helping me get through it. Katie helped make a traumatic event manageable for both me and my husband.

Thank you Katie, for everything you do for mothers. You have a gift.

Hannah Farrer


We are first time parents and tried to prepare as much as we could for the birth of our little one by taking all of the birthing and new born classes and reading all of the books, but nothing prepared us for our birth experience. With that said, we could not have done it without Katie and her support. Our labor was very fast and Katie’s intuition led her to show up just in time without any communication from us. She helped mama stay calm, helping with every push, she provided a sense of calm in this moment of chaos. Immediately after the birth, Katie made us feel safe. She remained in the room and talked us through all steps of postpartum and reassured us everything we were going through was part of the process.

Her knowledge helped us with last minute decisions on our birth plan and she answered any questions we had every step of the way. Katie always made herself available to which was so reassuring for us. Katie always checked in with us to offer her support and continues to do so. We are happy we got to share this special moment in time with such a positive and encouraging person. We could not have asked for a better person to be our doula!

Christine Gallager


Katie was the best birth support we could have asked for. We had a cesarean with our first birth, right at the start of COVID, and knew we needed extra support for this second pregnancy if things were going to be different. I was set on a VBAC from the very beginning, and Katie just kept telling me that this would be an entirely new story. She never doubted that I could do it! After our initial interview, Katie checked in regularly throughout my pregnancy to see how I was feeling and what other prep I was doing for birth (working with my midwives, pelvic floor PT, etc.) She praised me for putting the time and energy needed into our birth plans and it was so encouraging. We met a few times in my third trimester to review positions, early labor tactics, coping preferences, and partner support, as well as make a plan for postpartum care. Then at 40+3 the day came! We kept in close contact with Katie all morning and afternoon, working through early labor and following her guidance for positions and movements to get baby engaged and help labor become more consistent. Those things certainly worked, because things went from 0-60 at home very quickly and we rushed off to the hopsital. Katie met us there, walking into the room just as my water was breaking! From then on she was 100% the grounding support I needed. She was somehow able to physically support me, say just what I needed to hear, and keep me comfortable with cold cloths all at the same time. She helped me dig deep when things got hard and reminded me of all the work I did to get to that point. Just over an hour at the hospital total, 45 minutes of pushing, and our second baby boy arrived via unmedicated VBAC! Katie was even able to capture photos and video of the amazing moments during and after - she did it all! She stayed with us for the golden hour, checking on me while everyone tended to baby, and then continued to check in postpartum (and now!). I can't recommend Katie enough - we love her.

Amy R.


I hired Katie as my doula for my second birth as I was hoping for a very different experience from my first one. From our first meeting, Katie was so easy to talk to and I loved her energy and views on birth. She was always available for any questions I had throughout my pregnancy and provided helpful insights and advice. During my labor, Katie was a crucial part of my support team, making sure I was informed of everything that was going on and keeping me calm and comfortable throughout. One of the best parts of my labor was the tub and the atmosphere Katie created! It was like a spa and was so soothing; even the nurses were complimenting how nice it was. Having Katie there not only to support me but to help my husband through the process was also really valuable. It took a lot of stress off him and it was really helpful for him to have someone there who was knowledgeable and could help advocate for what we wanted. What I really appreciated about Katie was how she talked me through the changes in my labor and what to expect; it made a huge difference and really put me at ease and gave me the strength to keep going. I was able to have an unmedicated birth and I attribute much of that to Katie's support! I really don't think I could have done it without her guidance and calming presence! She was absolutely wonderful and I couldn't have asked for a better doula! I am so thankful for all she did for us during this important moment in our lives. 

Mikayla Pum


Katie was our doula for our first pregnancy and delivery of our baby girl. Through my pregnancy Katie was very helpful with giving my husband and I both great information around pregnancy and birth as we prepared for delivery. Upon going into labor and even the weeks leading up Katie was very present and attentive making sure she was available to us as we prepared to go to the hospital. But where Katie really came through was through my laboring and delivery. My labor was very intense which lead to a scary delivery. Katie was a calming presence through all of it. Even as we veered away from the birth plan she helped me a Dave feel confident in each choice we made to help bring our baby here safely. As I was wheeled away for an emergency c-section Katie continued to be a strong calm presence for my husband as they waited to hear from the medical staff. My husband and I are so grateful for Katie and everything she was that very unexpected day. Although we could of done it without her I'm so glad we didn't have to because she made us feel so confident, loved, strong, and calm in a time we needed those things the most. 

Jessica Beets


As we prepared to welcome our first child into our family we knew that we wanted a doula to be part of our experience, but we had no idea what an integral and important part of our birth Katie would be!

Katie came the morning after we checked in for our scheduled induction and she brought such a positive and calm but confident energy to the labor room. She guided me through every new/weird feeling, held my hand through every painful or scary moment, explained everything that was happening and prepared us for what may come next at every step. She helped us do all kinds of movements to help progress labor and always had in mind the next stretch or prop we could use.

She had endless patience as we continued doing everything we could to progress my labor for nearly 40 hours--at this point that the decision to do a c-section was made. Katie guided us through every single thing that that would entail—how bright the room would be, the amount of people in the room and the high energy, how they would put the curtain up and numb my lower half, what would happen once the baby was born, etc. which was absolutely invaluable. 

Katie was able to take a video of our daughter as she was being born and had them lower the curtain so I could see her. Katie also held my hand and talked me through what was happening as the nurses and my husband took our daughter over to be assessed. She was calm, reassuring, and collected.

Katie’s experience and expertise was the most incredible guiding force through our entire time at the hospital but most certainly at the critical moment of meeting our daughter via an unplanned c-section. We would have felt lost without her and looking back now we can’t imagine her not having been there to be a part of our birth experience.

Katie feels like a member of our family and we are so incredibly grateful for everything she did for us and our daughter.

Mallory McCamy


Having Katie as our Doula was a dream come true! As first time parents, she made us feel capable and confident in caring for our son leading up to his birth, during and after. With all the unknowns of going thru my first birth - I told my husband she was like a yoga teacher or guide through the whole journey that I didn't know I needed. She did such an amazing job comforting me, educating me and advocating for me.  She made us feel prepared as a couple after our prenatal visits as well as cared for us in postpartum. So grateful for her, her services and friendship as I navigate motherhood. Already looking forward to hopefully using her for our next birth! 

Taylor Joy


Katie is incredible and hiring her as our doula was the best investment we made! From the moment we first spoke, I felt at ease and comfortable in her presence. I knew she had to be a part of our journey! I was very set on having a natural unmedicated birth and Katie supported me and made sure I was prepared for the arrival of our daughter. My labor was long and Katie stuck by my husband and I's side the entire time (over 24 hours in the hospital). She kept us calm and coached us the entire way. The confidence she had in me kept me going and I was able to have the birth that I had hoped and prepared for. 

Katie was very responsive for any questions I had, even post-birth. My husband and I couldn't recommend her more! She has become a friend and will always be special to our family. 

Anna Zimmerli


I highly recommend Katie as a doula. I chose her because she is a VBAC certified doula and has had a VBAC birth hersef. As soon as I met Katie she made me feel comfortable. She is caring, knowledgeable and has a calm demeanor. I truly believe I would not have been able to have a successful VBAC without her by my side. Katie never doubted I could have successful vaginal birth and made me believe in myself. She made me feel safe, calm, and strong. Also my four year old absolutely loves her! Thank you Katie. I will forever be grateful that you were part of my birth story. 



Katie is THE best! I found her after doing some digging to find a VBAC supportive and knowledgeable doula. I wanted to make sure I had the best support possible for this second pregnancy (my first one I felt lost and pushed out of any decisions that should have included informed consent). 

Long story short--- with Katie by my side, I got my unmedicated VBAC as planned! However, I know that had things not gone my way, I would've felt confident and supported by Katie in making the best choices possible to make sure baby and I were safe.

She's warm, kind, and I was instantly comfortable with her after our first meeting and consider her a friend now! 

I highly recommend her and anyone from Denver Born Doula and will definitely be using them again for any future pregnancies. 

Christina Abbott


Hiring Katie was one of the best things I did for my birth experience. I credit her support for having my successful home VBAC! My husband is great support, but I knew I needed an experienced helper with me who was very calm, knowledgeable, experienced and supported me 100% in whatever decisions I made. Katie was all those things for me! She believed in me, maybe even more than I did :) She helped during pregnancy as I made decisions about my birth place and during labor hes helped me with positions I could try for comfort and to help baby’s position. My labor was long, I labored one night for 10+ hours, then it all stalled for the day, and picked back up the next evening. So I needed Katie to come twice, and even with the long drive to my home, she was happy to come both times we called her. You can tell birth excites her and makes her come alive, I just love that about her! She even wrote out my birth story, written as a letter to my daughter, and it is a gift we will always treasure!

Thank you, Katie, for empowering me, for telling me your own successful VBAC story, and for how encouraging you were for me and my husband. 



I would highly recommend Katie as a doula! From our first meeting I knew she would be amazing. She is very knowledgeable, sweet, kind and strong in spirit. I needed someone to strongly but sweetly guide me through labor and delivery. My husband and I loved having her with us as we had our second baby (naturally) and if we have anymore I know Katie will be right there with us for those as well! 

Sarah Sommerfeld


Katie was our doula for the birth of our second child. Our first had been breech and was a planned c-section and I had hopes of having a VBAC the second time. I knew we needed support and as soon as I found Katie I knew she was the perfect fit.  Katie's knowledge, calmness, and positivity was felt by everyone in the labor and delivery room, including the nurses and doctor, as we welcomed our daughter via a successful VBAC. I can confidently say we probably wouldn't have been successful without Katie; she was instrumental in making sure not only myself but my husband had the support we needed before and during labor and delivery. I wouldn't change a thing about the support we received from our first meet and greet until our final postpartum visit. 

Ashley Day


Katie was AMAZING!!!! We met with Katie for the first time in my second trimester and from the first zoom meeting I felt totally at ease with her - like an old friend. She was always available for questions leading up to my due date as I began to question everything as a possible sign of labor. Every time I reached out she always comforted me by saying  my body is doing amazing work and everything is happening in my body's own unique time. On delivery day she talked me through early labor and advised on the best time to go to the hospital. As my husband and I arrived at the hospital we saw Katie's smiling face, ready to help us bring baby into the world! About 5 seconds after seeing Katie I started a contraction and from the very start she was so incredibly helpful. When we got up to labor and delivery she immediately started with counter pressure on my hips and back and coached us through different positions all while keeping the vibe lighthearted and easygoing. I opted for an unmedicated delivery and I genuinely do not think this would have been accomplished without Katie's support. She was a freaking angel and I pray she is available for any future births I may have. You will be so thankful if you make Katie a part of your birth team, I assure you! <3



I had the most wonderful experience with Katie! Leading up to the delivery, she was prompt and thoughtful when following up with me and always super knowledgeable on all my questions!

on delivery day she offered all the best advice and I truly felt her guidance and movements helped baby come quicker! To be honest, my favorite part was receiving the Birth Story after the delivery! It was so nice to go back and reminisce and see the story through her eyes.

I highly recommend Denver Born and especially Katie! I'm grateful to have met her and look forward to being friends now after!

Danielle cifelli


Katie was such a wonderful addition to my birth team. It was my first pregnancy and I was very anxious about how my labor would go. She was so knowledgeable and reassuring which helped so much when my labor did not go as planned. She also worked so well with my husband, doctor and delivery nurse. I could not imagine having gone through labor without her and will 100% use her again if we have a second child. 



Katie was an encouraging, kind and calm voice throughout my labor. I went into labor several weeks early and she dropped everything and met me at the hospital without hesitation. I'm still amazed that she promptly made it to the hospital when my labor was so unexpected! Throughout the process of interviewing, pregnancy, labor and postpartum Katie was a consistent resource for any questions I had. I would absolutely recommend Katie to anyone looking for a wonderful support team during labor and delivery!

Lily Davis


Been thinking of our doula, Katie, lots as we approach our baby Juniper's first birthday in just three days. Katie, thank you so much again and again for holding space for me during those minutes when Juniper needed help breathing. I don’t pray to a traditional god and I’m not sure what happens when we die, but if there are angels on earth then you certainly are one of them.

Lili Foltz


We couldn't be more grateful or happier to have had Katie on our birth team! Katie was a huge support to me throughout my entire birth and pregnancy. Katie helped me above and beyond to achieve a successful water birth VBAC. She spent so much time educating me about birth and had great advice and encouragement along the way. She was extremely knowledgeable, always offered resources, and had such a positive and calm energy with all of my questions. I'm so thankful to have had to most awesome and perfect doula ever! She is the best! Thank you, Katie!



Katie was our (AMAZING!) doula with our first baby, so when I got pregnant the second time, one of the first things we did was book Katie! She brought such a calm and reassuring presence to our birthing experience that took some unexpected turns. She is so knowledgeable on different positions etc to help with optimal positioning of baby which was a big deal with this labor. Katie is wise in so many different ways, I cannot sing her praises enough. Thank you Katie for holding space in the most intense parts of labor and then genuinely celebrating all the hard work and the sweet baby that came from it all! 

Zoe Monteith


We had Katie as our Doula for the labor and delivery of our first child and words cannot express how truly amazing and supported we felt throughout the entire process. She was a rock for my husband and I through such an emotional journey for us both. Katie was a light through tough decisions, advocated for us and made us feel safe and heard. For 25 hours Katie had energy and optimism and was open to everything - applying counter pressure, spinning babies techniques and kind words and affirmations - to keep the room in the environment she knew we wanted to bring our baby into. To top it off she wrote the most beautiful birth story for us to remember it all through. Our birth did not go as planned and Katie was there every step of the way to make it the most beautiful birth we could have imagined. 

Olivia Nelson


Words cannot describe what a gift Katie was to my husband and I as we welcomed our sweet daughter a few weeks ago. From the beginning she was so easy to get along with. She came to our house twice before our due date to help us prepare and discuss our goals for birth. She also gave us exercises to prepare mom‘s body and baby's body for birth, which was a great help. When we were told that an induction was likely going to be needed, Katie helped us navigate changes to our birth plan and gave us resources to help educate and prepare us for induction. When it came to the birth process Katie was an amazing advocate for our goals. She anticipated our needs during labor and was an incredible support for both me and my husband. Katie gave constructive coaching during labor to help me work through contractions and helped me visualize exactly what I needed to be doing with my body. For my husband she gave him ideas and coaching during the labor process to support me. She helped my husband know what he should be doing as the father and was a fantastic support for him. Katie was thoughtful with taking notes and pictures and videos. She wrote a personalized birth story for us that we will always cherish to help us remember the events of that day. Katie came to our house a few days after our baby girl was born to follow up with us and discuss her birth story and answer questions. Throughout this entire journey she was quick to answer questions via text and was always readily available. If there was an instance where it looked like she could not be a part of our birth, she was great with connecting us to her partners in the practice. Katie was always kind, supportive, reassuring and encouraging. We are so blessed to have had her alongside us during the most special day of our lives and we are so grateful for her! 




Initially, I looked into finding a doula to help me ease my anxieties about childbirth. I was hopeful that a doula would be someone who would advocate for me during the delivery (reducing the stress/burden on my husband) and to help us to feel informed in the event that birth did not go as expected.  Although I envisioned doulas being huge advocates for completely natural childbirth, it was also very important to me to find a doula that would be supportive of my choice to opt for the epidural when the time came. Katie was all of the above and more. She is hands-down the BEST decision I could have made. In early labor, she kept me calm and, at times, laughing. She gave me various positions and to alternate through as the contractions progressed to help expedite labor and better position the baby. This made time pass quickly.  As the pain intensified, she offered convincing reassurance. She encouraged me to trust my body and to to stay top of my fear - nudging me to request the epidural that she knew I wanted when I felt ready and before I reached the point of panic. Once getting the epidural, my body relaxed and I progressed very quickly - almost 7cm in just under 3 hours.  If not for Katie’s attention to my quickened breathing, we would not have known that it was time to summon the nurse who checked - and confirmed - that I was 10cm dilated. Katie confidently and calmly coached me throughout the pushing phase without in any way diminishing the importance or necessity of my husband’s role by my side, and when my daughter was born she captured the most beautiful raw photos of the moment as well as a video of our daughter’s first cry.  In the end, our daughter’s birth was everything I wanted, and it is now a beautiful memory that will always make me smile. From the bottom of our hearts, thank you Katie!

Natalie McGinnis


My experience with Katie was fantastic! She is truly a special person and a wonderfully gifted doula. My husband and I met Katie (via FaceTime) about half-way through my pregnancy with our first child. After interviewing 3 other doulas before Katie, we knew she was the perfect fit for us after just a few minutes into our call. Her calming, caring and comforting demeaner are quickly apparent.

Katie was available throughout my pregnancy for questions and advice and checked-in after each Dr. appointment. She was also very supportive and helped ease my concerns about switching care providers at 22 weeks (providing midwife/OB recommendations and ultimately encouraged me to listen to my gut). Katie met with my husband I twice before delivery, each visit getting us more prepared and confident for labor and post-partum. As my due date approached and passed, Katie provided exercises, maneuvers and techniques to help with beginning labor to avoid an induction, which I very much wanted to avoid.

While my plan was to have an unmedicated birth and to begin labor at home before going to the hospital, our son had different plans! Katie talked me through my uncertainties and ultimately helped me come to terms with a scheduled induction at 42 weeks. Katie arrived at the hospital and we immediately felt a sense of calm and comfort even amidst incredibly intense contractions with little time between. Katie explained what was happening at each phase and supported myself and my husband during the next 12 hours until our son was born. Katie took lots of pictures capturing so many emotions during the delivery. Katie also wrote up our son’s beautiful birth story with all the details, many of which I had forgotten and was unaware of, which I’ll cherish forever! We feel so blessed to have found Katie and had her support during our son’s birth. We can’t imagine going through this process without her!




Hannah Vogel


My experience with Katie was wonderful! My husband and I connected with her halfway through my pregnancy. When we first met Katie we felt really comfortable sharing ourselves with her, and about our hopes for our child's birth. We kept in contact over the months and met a few more times closer to my due date. Katie always made herself available to us and would check in to see how we were doing as the pregnancy progressed. Months before the birth even happened, I felt cared for by Katie -- knew that she was thinking of me and hoping I was doing well. Four days before my due date, my husband got a positive COVID-19 test and we decided to have him quarantine away from me. Katie showed a lot of empathy and care for me during those stressful days, and I knew she was pulling for us to be able to come together for our son's birth. Thankfully, my husband was okay, and our baby waited a little while to come! It was a very long and intense labor for me. Through the hours Katie helped make our space warm and comfortable, talked me through the contractions, provided counterpressure and held my hand. She had a lot of good strategies for helping the labor along as well as helping me cope. Her presence was comforting and encouraging to both me and my husband. After many hours we decided to get an epidural, and Katie helped us talk through that decision. When I was ready to push, once again Katie encouraged me all the way through and celebrated with us as our son was born. She even took lots of pictures! A week or two later we met with her again to process the birth, which helped me continue to make meaning from this positive, but incredibly intense, experience. She wrote a beautiful birth story for us too, which I treasure! I can't quite imagine my son's birth happening without Katie. She helped us tremendously and truly contributed to the birth being such a positive story for us. Katie is very gifted at what she does as a doula, and I am thankful for her!



Katie will always hold a special place in our hearts, because she helped ensure the safe delivery of our healthy baby girl. Pretty much from the moment I learned I was pregnant, I started worrying about labor and delivery.  I was concerned about how I would handle labor pains, and I wanted to make sure that we would have a voice in the process. Choosing Katie as our doula immediately put my mind at ease. Her extensive experience with labor and delivery--both from attending births as a doula and her own experience as a mother--made it so easy to trust her. Given how anxious I was for months about delivery, I really valued Katie's calm and easy-going nature. I would not have made it through 12 hours of labor without Katie's positive presence. She helped me work through painful contractions, and somehow kept me and my husband laughing and talking throughout it all. 

After we got home, Katie sent us the story of our daughter's birth. It's amazing how much we had forgotten just days after delivery. We will forever treasure that story, and I can't wait to share it with our daughter when she's older. Without question, we would recommend Katie to anyone interested in a doula.


Shelby Hill


Katie is the kind of doula every woman deserves. From our first FaceTime call, I knew that she was someone I wanted on my birth team. The way she listened to me and truly heard my needs and wishes gave me strength and confidence to prepare and plan for my the kind of birth I wanted. She always made sure I knew I was in charge of my experience and provided so much emotional support as well as high quality and research based advice. During the three weeks leading up to my daughter's birth, Katie was on call for each night of prodromal labor  and offered me immediate feedback and strategies to help with my discomfort and to start labor naturally. When my provider began to push for a formal induction, Katie stood by me and encouraged me to wait and try all other options to start labor spontaneously. Her voice and evidence based practices gave me strength to advocate for myself and eventually helped spur on spontaneous labor that led to my daughter's arrival. During labor and delivery, Katie helped create a calm and supportive environment for me and my husband. She used her voice to support my wishes up until the last moment before my c section. Katie worked to seamlessly with the nurses and doctors at the hospital to ensure that I was safe and that my baby was born healthy and for that I am so grateful. Despite some complications with my delivery, I believe having Katie as my doula played a huge role in healing past birth trauma and turning a new leaf of confidence and self advocacy in my life. Katie is a true gem and someone I will always consider a trustworthy friend and support. She even went the extra mile to type a letter to our daughter telling each beautiful detail of her birth that she hand delivered to us at our postpartum appointment. If you are in the process of searching for a doula to be part of your birth team, look no further. 

Perez Ansah-Mensah


I want to give a huge shoutout to @kate_white for such an AMAZING JOB she did for us, as our Doula! I’d admit, I truly did not understand the services of doula and why we needed one. But upon more research: Black, American Indian, and Alaska Native (AI/AN) women are two to three times more likely to die from pregnancy-related causes than white women – and this disparity increases with age, researchers from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). My wife @jasmineansah and I wanted to make sure we had a strong Birth Team! And Katie was an Integral and vital piece to our birth team! She made us feel comfortable and she help us understand the process, came to our house and helped us labor at home for a bit, rode in the car while Jas was laboring for support and also advocated for us when we had to make a decision during the birth process and gave a us another prospective. Katie also captured moments of the birth process we will cherish for the rest of our days! She went as far as writing Afia Marie’s birth story as a letter to her and got her a book called Ada Marie that reminded her of Afia. To say we were pleased to have her as a birth support will be an overly understatement. If you a need doula please contact @kate_white @denverborn

Gypsy Pietz


Katie was not our original doula - she was a back-up provided to us when we went into labor early and our original doula was still occupied with a birth! Naturally, we were quite worried about not having a doula, so we were so grateful that Katie agreed to come help us with our birth. Katie is very friendly, experienced, helpful, assertive when she needs to be (with the hospital staff), and above all, very positive! Birth is obviously stressful, but we were able to stay upbeat with such a positive force around to help us. We were very pleased with Katie and her service, and we're so glad to have met her and made a new friend in the process. Thanks, Katie!



We had an increible natural birth with Katie as our trusted and well loved doula. I truly believe Katie was instrumental in the whole experience being so magical. She was very knowledgable on positioning, when it was a good idea to get in the tub, talking me through contractions when needed etc. It was so nice to have her with us at all times during labor - at home, on the way to the hospital, and at the hospital -- she was a constant and steady presence for both me and my husband. Her unwavering support gave me great courage in the throes of active labor. Katie was an invaluable source of strength to me -- she believed in me and my body and my baby every second of the journey. Our family has been greatly blessed by Katie and we are hopeful to hire her for the births of our future babies. :) 

Monica Davern


Katie was an absolutely amazing source of support leading up to, and during the birth of our first child. I have known Katie for many years and she has always been an incredibly positive, reliable and inspiring friend. As our doula, she guided us through pre-natal classes to help us gain an understanding of what to expect throughout labor and delivery, and helped us create a birth plan that both my husband and I felt comfortable with. Our birth story is a VERY long one (over 36 hours, closer to 48 if we are counting prodromal labor) and Katie provided her positive energy, knowledge and experience every step of the way. When I was having contractions but not making much progress, Katie suggested squatting during contractions which almost immediately helped move things along. When we were admitted to he hospital, Katie came right away and brought a fresh presence into our birthing space. She advocated for us to have the experience we had hoped for in our birth plan, which was awesome. She provided so much support for my husband and me, especially when things became more intense. When I started to struggle and doubt whether I could continue, she was there reassuring me and making sure my husband felt supported, too.  She was with us for a long, grueling night that turned into the happiest morning when we finally met our son! I cannot think of anyone better to have shared this experience with us and I’m so glad Katie was there for it. I highly recommend her to anyone looking for support, positivity, and someone they can completely trust during this special experience. We will definitely be reaching out to her with our next pregnancy as well. Thanks Katie!



Having Katie as our doula was a great experience and I'm so glad she was a part of our birth story. I desired a natural birth experience and my husband and I were feeling like we'd need extra support during labor. We were connected with Katie just a few short weeks before my due date. Katie instantly set us at ease and encouraged us in the birth journey we decided on. In the last couple weeks of pregnancy, Katie was very encouraging and gave great ideas how to intentionally spend our time waiting in baby. When the time came, Katie was a huge asset to our delivery. She encouraged me throughout the birth with a calm and confident manner that helped me believe I could do this. She was a great support and knew the best way to ease my back labor. From a logistical stand point it was also helpful to have a 3rd member of our party at the hospital, which allowed my husband to stay with me at all times. Through our entire pregnancy and birth journey, Katie was encouraging, flexible, respectful, and knowledgeable, all of which made our experience with her wonderful. I highly recommend Katie and Denver Born. 

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