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Jill Magoffin CD(DONA)

Jill Magoffin-Doula CD(DONA)

Simi Valley, CA Service range 34 miles No canoes



Birth Fee

$0 to $5000

Postpartum Rate

$45 to $60

Availability Remarks: Daytime hours only

Birth Fee

$0 to $5000

Postpartum Rate

$45 to $60

Medicaid and Third Party Insurers

Currently approved to receive payments from the following programs:

Birth Doula Experience

6 years and 160 births attended

Postpartum Doula Experience

4 years

Birth Doula Certifications

  • DONA International - Certified Birth Doula

Doula Training

  • DONA International-Approved Workshop, June 2018

Type of practice: Solo practice

Clients per month: 1 to 4 births and 1 to 2 postpartum families

Postpartum limits/restrictions: Daytime only

Attends hospital births? All Hospitals

Attends birth center births? All Birth Centers

Attends home births? Any Home Birth

College Education


Special Services Offered

  • Acupressure
  • Antepartum doula support
  • Aromatherapy
  • Baby-led weaning
  • Childbirth education services
  • Cloth diapering education
  • Newborn care specialist
  • Parenting consulting
  • Photography - Birth
  • Reduced rates for women considering adoption
  • Reiki
  • Satellite doula (for remote and rural clients)
  • Sleep educator
  • Sleep support consulting
  • Surrogates and intended parents
  • TENS units rental
  • Virtual and remote doula support

Training Documentation


Fee Details

Certified Doula Birth Doula fee includes 2 prenatal visits, complete care during entire birth and one postpartum visit. Continuous support throughout! Postpartum Care Includes: Physical/emotional support after birth Breastfeeding support Baby care Light meal and snack preparation Light housekeeping Sibling support Infant education Errands

Service Area

Simi Valley, CA Service range 34 miles No canoes

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Client Testimonials for Jill Magoffin CD(DONA)

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Abby Cortez Danner


We feel incredibly fortunate to have had Jill as our birth doula. From the moment we met her, Jill's positive energy and warm vibes resonated with us, and we knew she was the right fit for our journey. Throughout our third trimester, Jill was a constant source of support, always available to answer our questions about baby care and parenting.

Jill went above and beyond to ensure we were prepared for labor and beyond. She visited our home to educate us on the labor process and taught us essential skills like proper diapering and swaddling techniques. When we discovered that our baby girl was in a breech position, Jill provided us with invaluable resources and guidance to help encourage her to turn. Despite our best efforts, our baby remained stubbornly breech, leading to a C-section delivery.

During this challenging time, Jill was our rock. She walked us through every step leading up to the C-section, ensuring my husband and I were informed and prepared. On the day of our scheduled delivery, Jill transformed our hospital room into a serene oasis with soft lighting, calming music, and an atmosphere filled with positivity.

After the delivery, Jill wasted no time in joining us in the recovery room, where she assisted with our baby girl's first latch. Her unwavering support and expertise were invaluable during those precious moments.

Jill's dedication to her clients is unmatched, and her genuine care for families shines through in everything she does. We cannot thank Jill enough for her guidance, encouragement, and compassion throughout our birthing experience. She truly is amazing and we wholeheartedly recommend her to anyone seeking a knowledgeable and supportive birth doula. Jill is the best!

Cheryl D


Holy goodness, where do I start… My husband found Jill's information two weeks before my due date and we are SO grateful we reached out!

Jill was incredible! She thankfully was available at the last minute because a number of her clients had gone into labor early, so timing worked in our favor. But moving forward, we certainly would not wait so long to book her because she is a very busy Doula!

We were instantly drawn to her, not only from her bio and pics online but as soon as we met her, she had so much knowledge and grace that we knew simply from a video chat we were in good hands.

I am a first time mom and did an all natural birth. Since I was laboring at home mostly, and my contractions weren't exactly regular, having Jill there was immensely helpful to know when it was time to go to the hospital.

Being able to lean on her experience was invaluable! And she vibed out the delivery room to perfection! 

Her prenatal child care tutorial was AMAZING! And completely prepped my husband to be able to care for our baby when I wasn't able to get out of the bed after giving birth.

All of her referrals have been outstanding. I not only found someone to encapsulate my placenta because of her, we also found our incredible pediatrician! 

I cannot recommend Jill highly enough! If you're in the market for a doula or just plain curious about meeting one to see what it's all about, do not hesitate to set up a meeting with her. We absolutely adore her and it's so sad that our experience was so short-lived, although beautiful, because we truly feel like we made a new friend. 


Monica Woerner


Where to even begin! We will be forever thankful that we found Jill to support us during pregnancy and the birth of our first baby. I knew I wanted a doula but it was important to find a good match with our vibe, and Jill checked all our boxes! She has the perfect blend of knowledge, empathy, patience, humor, flexibility and confidence to support mom, dad and baby. We also liked that she perfectly complimented our hospital birth and was familiar with lots of the nurses and with our doctor. She really helped guide us throughout the labor and delivery process, helped us understand what was happening and made the hospital setting more comfortable and relaxing. After years of a bumpy fertility journey, we got the positive birth experience of our dreams and Jill was a huge reason for that. We really needed it ♥?

On top of support during delivery, what we love about Jill is her support and expertise during pregnancy and post partum. She’s been our constant expert and coach and has connected me with amazing birthing resources. It’s invaluable to have someone who really knows US just a text message away.

I would hands down recommend Jill to anyone I know, get her as your doula if you can!



Jill is an amazing, knowledgeable, and experienced doula! I am truly grateful that are was present during my last birth. I'm an experienced mom of 4 kids, all vaginal, unmedicated. This birth I was acting as a surrogate and honestly it was night and day different from my own children's labors and deliveries. I thought I was a seasoned pro and just hired Jill for the "vibes"! ?? When things went sideways she played a huge role in keeping me out of the OR. Not only did she have some tricks up her sleeve, she had a wonderful rapport with the nursing staff and even my doctor. She didn't cross any lines or step out of her scope one time. She truly won everyone's respect and brought the team together to support me in achieving a vaginal birth. Even if things ended differently, I would have known we did what we could in the moment and I would have been okay with the outcome. 

Thank you so much! (And supporting my sister through it as well. Iykyk!) ??



I met Jill at a doula speed dating event and I knew she was the one right away! I loved her energy and that she was very knowledgeable but also knows when to crack a joke. We really enjoyed our prenatal meetings with Jill and she helped us to feel more prepared. My actual birth was so fast we all barely made it to the hospital. But I was still so glad we had hired her because I did have some complications right after birth and had to spend a few hours in L&D. She stayed the whole time and explained to me what staff were doing and why, helped be there for my baby and husband, and was meeting any need of mine she could. Highly recommend Jill!

Mia Robinson


This was our second baby and second time having Jill as our Doula- but birth was a completely different experience. I decided I wanted to have an unmedicated birth and labor at home for as long as possible. When first telling Jill she immediately supported my decision and spoke words of encouragement over me. She was there for us through out pregnancy- I felt like I could rely on her and reach out to her for other birth prep team references (ie pelvic floor PT, chiropractor etc) and also ask her all my silly questions. Day of birth was fast but Jill came prepared and was quick on her feet to support us. Seeing her face running out a wheel chair for me to make it into the hospital was the ABSOLUTE best! I cannot recommend her enough - everyone needs a Jill. My unmedicated birth was a success and I felt so empowered and comforted throughout and I owe a lot of that to Jill. 



We had an incredible experience with Jill as our doula. Jill is the perfect mixture of strength and softness. She has no problem speaking her mind but she is also so in tune with the people she is supporting. She provided so much support both physically and emotionally before, during and after the birth of our child. Jill showed up with 100% of what she could give. I wanted to have a birth experience where I felt respected and empowered, because of Jill and our birth team, that happened. I knew from the moment I met her that she was the right choice. My husband was doubtful if the cost would be worth it. Now, my husband is Jill's biggest fan. We are eternally grateful for how Jill showed up for us during our journey to and through parenthood. 



It’s never too late to hire a doula! I knew I wanted a doula even before pregnancy but always felt too overwhelmed to start the search, so we didn’t end up hiring Jill until I was 35 weeks, which I initially thought was going to be too late, but it was perfect for us.
My OB wanted to induce me at 39 weeks and started having those conversations starting at 36 weeks. However it was always my goal to go into labor naturally. Jill empowered me and helped me navigate those conversations with my OB with confidence.
My pregnancy wasn’t the easiest, and I agreed to an induction at 40 weeks+6 days. However there was a big misunderstanding between my OB and the hospital that resulted in an abrupt change in our induction plans, and ended with a surprise admittance to the hospital. I called Jill in tears explaining the change, and she calmly talked me through our options and pros and cons. It was such a relief and the voice of calm and reason that I needed.
When Jill got to the hospital she decorated the room with lights and created a relaxing ambiance. She helped me labor more comfortably, like turning me and using different laboring tools like the peanut ball, and also regularly explained what was next, like what it meant for how far along I was, when we’d likely start pushing, etc. Ultimately, she was the voice of empowerment, calm, and education that we needed through labor and delivery.
My labor experience was a dream, and while much of that is out of our control, I attribute much of it to having a doula. Jill provided a significant peace of mind that we had an advocate and educator in the room. She honored our birth preferences, helped us pivot amidst a big unexpected change, and supported me through labor and beyond with post-delivery and postpartum care & follow up. While we didn’t have Jill for as long as some pregnant people probably have their doulas, we had the best experience and have no regrets!

Patrizia Levin


Interviewing Doulas is tough because you don't know how things will be until it's game time especially for your first birth.

When I first spoke to Jill over the phone I instantly knew she was my person. You could hear the smile on her face, her calm and peaceful tone. She clearly knew what she was talking about and has a few kids of her own. Being an Aquarius on top of that sealed the deal for me as they are true humanitarians and are realistic people who stay calm under high pressure situations. 

I have had 2 amazing natural births with Doula Jill at Cedars Bev Blvd. She advocated for me through and through. She allowed space for my husband to step in and knew when to take over. She brought in all the tools and created a vibe in our delivery room. She became best friends with my OB doctor instantly. Every hospital staff member who walked into my room respected and appreciated her. She was my rock (literally) as I held onto her clenching and pushing through the pain. Somehow she took amazing unforgettable photos during it all! 

I cried at our postpartum meeting as she held my newborn and sat next to my 2 year old. It was a special moment for us all. I don't know if I will have another baby which makes me miss her even more. I would almost have another child just to do it all again with her by my side. 

If you are on the fence about having a Doula, I am here to say you should most definitely get a Doula you feel connected to no matter what your birth plan is. Medicated or not, home birth or c-section. This woman is here for YOU and your partner. She will know all of your options, fears and pivots to keep your family happy and safe through this miraculous journey. 

Yoonmy Hanneman


We did not initially think to have a doula on our birth team but our friends recommended it. I am so glad we looked into doula support because we found Jill.

Jill was an amazing support throughout pregnancy, labor and delivery, and postpartum. She supported all our preferences without judgement and helped us make informed decisions on topics we did not know about as first time parents. She created a beautiful calming ambiance to the delivery room with twinkle lights. We loved her positive energy and humor. She was attentive and always available to answer any questions we had. We would highly recommend adding her to your birth team! 

Nicole G.


My husband and I hired Jill after going back and forth on whether we even wanted/needed a doula and are so happy we did! From the moment we got pregnant, we knew that we were hospital birth people. Though friends and family had suggested a doula, those friends and family were the home birth / bathtub birth, free spirited, yogi types and nothing at all like us in terms of lifestyle or beliefs. We thought do we really need to spend the extra money? Would a doula would be too hippy-dippy for us? We interviewed four or five different doulas in the area and decided we’d give it a go and that Jill best fit our vibe. She was all about empowering us and not the least bit judgmental of our desire to have an OB, birth in a hospital, and leave the epidural on the table as a possibility. All in all, with Jill’s help we ended up having the unmedicated vaginal birth I desperately wanted but was too afraid to outright commit to from the outset. And if there’s anything I can say to those on the fence about a doula because of the cost, it makes ALL THE DIFFERENCE on delivery day. For us, that doula was Jill. She provided the physical and mental support my partner and I would have otherwise never even known we were missing (massage, position changes, words of encouragement, you name it!), and was 100% the reason we were able to have the unforgettable experience we did! We wish everyone could have a Jill with them on delivery day!!

Annabeth White


I knew immediately when I first spoke with Jill that she would be the right doula for my family and me. Her extensive knowledge, practical, open-minded attitude, and sense of humor are a rare and powerful combination. The prenatal visits were so helpful for figuring out my birth preferences and she even brought a wonderful book she wrote about becoming an older sibling for my toddler. Leading up to and during the birth, Jill was an amazing resource. She provided so much comfort, calm and support. I absolutely recommend having Jill as a part of your team. 

Sarah Crutchfield


Jill is such a joy to work with. She brings so much comfort, knowledge, and humor to the prenatal and birthing experience. She will put your  birthing wishes at the forefront and will be there to comfort both you and your partner during the entire process. She is equal parts compassionate and badass. Vote Jill for president! Lol but seriously... you need her in your life. 

Veronica R.


Jill is super warm, attentive and knowledgeable in her craft. She deeply cares for her clients wellbeing, and takes every measure to make sure that they feel comfortable during the entire maternity/birthing process. I've worked as an RN in Labor and Delivery at the hospital for the past 14 years. Working with Jill is always a pleasure. She is easy to communicate with, and is extremely helpful in providing the BEST care for our patients. 
Her clients love her. Highly Recommended!! ??????????

Rachael Cappuccino


If you are looking for a birth and postpartum doula, look no further! I highly, highly recommend Jill. As a health care professional, she is the number one doula I send my clients to. Jill is incredibly passionate about helping all families achieve their birthing goals. She will validate your concerns, advocate for you, stay by your side, and do anything she can to take care of you and make sure mom and baby are safe during delivery, all with a sense of humor! I cannot thank Jill enough for making all of my client’s birthing experiences that much better.

Janette G.


Hiring a doula was always part of my plan, I just didn't know of any. I asked my doctor for recommendations and immediately she hands me Jill's card. She gave me wonderful experiences that she has had with her. As soon as my husband and I interviewed her, I knew she was perfect. Her personality is amazing. She's so funny and charismatic and makes you feel welcomed from the get go. I also loved the fact that she has worked with my doctor. Although I had an unexpected induced delivery turned C-section 2 weeks before my due date, Jill was there supporting me and explaining to me the procedures they were doing and what I was going through. Just the support I needed at the right time. 
I was also going through a difficult time where I didn't have anything for my baby and Jill and her team were kind enough to donate so many things. If it wasn't for her, I wouldn't have anything set up for my baby by the time she was born. I am forever grateful for her and for her amazing and wonderful support. You really do feel like her priority and she makes you feel very welcomed to reach out to her at any time. 10/10 Jill is the best doula out there!

Janet Caperna


Incredibly grateful to have had Jill with us throughout pregnancy, birth and our postpartum journey. Jill was always quick to respond and answer questions both big and small with thoughtful answer backed by factual information and seasoned experience. When I went into labor, Jill not only kept me feeling confident and calm, but brought me a lot of laugh and smiles, something I never thought would be possible in such an unknown new territory. As a first time mom, I am so grateful to have found and chosen Jill to make every second of this experience a positive one. Thank you Jill for helping us bring our healthy & happy baby into the world! 



We had Jill as our postpartum doula and let me tell you....one of the best decisions we made. I had some complications during birth that left me bedridden and immobile for several weeks after birth. So needless to say....we needed support. We hired Jill immediately and even had her come to the hospital to support us the day after our birth. She was truly sent from the heavens. Just her presence put me at ease and calm- especially while navigating postpartum anxiety. She is a hub of resources- and helped connect us with essential support during such a challenging time. She joined in on our family and felt a part of us and I'm so grateful. She cared for both me and our newborn with ease. We never had to ask her specifically what to do....she just KNEW what to do to be the most help to our family. Truly one of the best decisions we have made during this process was inviting Jill into our lives. Several weeks later, I still send her pictures of our daughter- since she feels part of the family now.



Having Jill part of our birth experience was the best decision we made. Her thoughtfulness, expertise, and kindness were very appreciated. When I look back on the day I had my son, I am filled with joy and gratitude. I know that having her there made the experience wonderful and helped me get through the tough moments. She had our back; she helped us know our rights and make informed decisions. She is a beautiful soul, and I would gladly recommend her to anyone who is looking for a doula. Thank you so much, Jill!



Words can’t even express how grateful I am to have had Jill by my side during my pregnancy and birth.

Jill had my back from day 1 and was always there for me when I had questions/ concerns or just needed someone to talk to. Not only is her sense of humor a 10/10, her knowledge and experience in all things pregnancy and birth is incredible. She also knew my hospital like the back of her hand & she knew the nurses which gave me a lot of comfort when I was in labor.

If you’re on the fence about whether or not you want a doula, so was I … but please reach out to Jill! You won’t regret it.

In my first meeting with Jill, she encouraged me to interview other doulas before my husband and I chose the right person for us … but I knew after speaking with her that she was 100% THE one. I’ve never looked back.

Not only was I lucky enough to have the best doula out, but I am blessed to have gained a really good friend.



We are very grateful having Jill as our birth and postpartum doula. She is brilliant. Very supportive, considerate and totally non-judgemental about our every decision. Taught us tons of knowledge about birthing and infant care. As a first time mom, I learnt so much from her and felt so comfortable with her. 

Mallory Denny Hunwardsen


Jill Magoffin was such an asset during my postpartum recovery.  As a postpartum doula and child care specialist, she ushered us through the transition into parenthood with wisdom and kindness.  She was reassuring every step and really built our confidences as new parents.  She was so helpful during my c-section recovery as well and the services she provided allowed me to focus on my physical recovery and mental health.  My only regret is not hiring her sooner for labor doula work as well,  but if we have another child in the future, she will be our first call!



     I have very thankful for Jill Magoffin's Postpartum doula services. As a single dad, navigating parenting alone was challenging, but Jill's unwavering support and expertise made it significantly easier. Her punctuality, availability, and genuine care were remarkable. Jill's knowledge and willingness to educate me on baby-related matters were invaluable. She provided gentle suggestions and different approaches without imposing her opinions. When my daughter faced feeding issues, Jill quickly suggested resources and support systems. She went above and beyond, utilizing her extensive network and knowledge. Not only did she care for my child, but she also ensured I was well taken care of and assisted with household management. Jill's teamwork and ability to work harmoniously with other staff were impressive. Her positive attitude and collaborative nature created a nurturing environment. I believe I couldn't have found a better caretaker for my daughter. Jill's love for my child was evident, and she treated her as her own. Her dedication, expertise, and genuine care made a significant impact on my daughter's development and my journey as a new parent.

     I'm grateful for the documented memories she captured through photographs. I wholeheartedly recommend Jill for her exceptional skills, dedication, and love for children. She will undoubtedly touch the lives of many families with her remarkable qualities.


Stefanie Benike


My husband and I were on the fence about deciding whether or not we wanted a Doula for the birth of our first child, but when we met Jill at an event we both instantly knew that not only we wanted a Doula but we wanted Jill. She worked with us to create a birth plan that would work for us and was available 24/7 to answer any questions, give recommendations, and advise me when social media and googling pregnancy and birth related info became overwhelming. Day of, Jill was a champ and joined us after 2 other births that day! She was genuinely happy to be there and gave me so much comfort with her presence alone. When complications arose and things couldn’t go quite as we planned, Jill was there for us to walk us through options and help advocate for us in a stressful moment. Even the doctor and nurses on staff admitted to loving Jill because she really knows her stuff and is just amazing to work with! When we are ready for our second child there is no doubt in my mind that Jill will be right there with us again. 

Melissa Wasserman


We interviewed Jill to be our birth doula and she was completely MATCHED as our number one choice. However, we went with the other option solely because the other doula had extensively worked closely with our OB/GYN. BUT we still wanted to work with Jill because we absolutely vibed. Her ability to put you at ease and use humor was something that aligned deeply with our values. So we hired Jill to run a grandparents class for our parents, and we will be hiring her as our postpartum doula as well. The grandparents class was PERFECTION. Jill came with real life baby dolls, diapers, a baby bath, swaddles and a printout of the material she was going to cover during the class. My parents and my husband's parents are a LOAD of personalities- and Jill managed the grandparent's session beautifully. She was validating to their concerns while also provided evidence based and culturally sensitive education to help support them in their emerging roles. As multiracial, multi-ethnic, and multi-religious household- it was absolutely beautiful how she navigated these cross cultural conversations with ease. She even covered labor etiquettee and how to respect the wishes of us during labor and delivery. Honestly, we left the class feeling empowered and so did our parents. I would HIGHLY recommend Jill and can't wait to continue to work with her as our postpartum doula.

Stefanie Benike


My husband and I were on the fence about deciding whether or not we wanted a Doula for the birth of our first child, but when we met Jill at an event we both instantly knew that not only we wanted a Doula but we wanted Jill. She worked with us to create a birth plan that would work for us and was available 24/7 to answer any questions, give recommendations, and advise me when social media and googling pregnancy and birth related info became overwhelming. Day of, Jill was a champ and joined us after 2 other births that day! She was genuinely happy to be there and gave me so much comfort with her presence alone. When complications arose and things couldn’t go quite as we planned, Jill was there for us to walk us through options and help advocate for us in a stressful moment. Even the doctor and nurses on staff admitted to loving Jill because she really knows her stuff and is just amazing to work with! When we are ready for our second child there is no doubt in my mind that Jill will be right there with us again. 

CJ & Lisa


Jill is absolutely amazing and we feel so grateful that she was our doula. One of the most important things she did for us was help decide when to go to the hospital after the contractions started. This was our first birth and it's definitely not always obvious when is the right time to go to the hospital. Jill helped us navigate the decision and thanks to her expert advice we arrived at the hospital at the perfect time - not too early, and definitely not too late! Without her we would have been overwhelmed with doubts on when to go.

Once at the hospital, Jill quickly vibed out our room with decorative lights and battery-powered candles. The nurses told us word was spreading that we had the coolest labor & delivery room on the floor. Jill was so courteous and respectful to the staff, making it feel like we were all on the same team. And most importantly she was a ballast of support and knowledge to us throughout the labor, which helped us be present in the moment.

Beyond her indispensable support through labor, Jill also came to our house for two prepartum and one postpartum session that were incredibly helpful for practical advice and for helping get in the right headspace.

We highly recommend Jill. She brings deep experience and expertise balanced with a fun, open-minded,  and emotionally supportive attitude that was an integral part of our birthing experience. 



Carolyn D


Carolyn D. Part 2

As stated before, words do not do justice for the impact Jill had upon my life during this transition. I learned a lot through Jill whether through conversation or observation. Jill showed me the safest ways to care for my baby boy but also she reminded me when I needed to eat or sleep. Jill went with me to the pediatrician and to see a lactation specialist. She went to Target and really did whatever I needed to help care for myself and my son. Jill referred me to a lactation specialist when I started to have problems with my supply. I cannot tell you how helpful it was to have Jill at these appointments (pediatrician, lactation) because I was tired and generally I remember things very well but not after labor. I would often leave the pediatrician or meetings with my lactation specialist and couldnt remember a thing he/she said. Jill did. And if you have to ask Jill the same question over and over because you are exhausted, she wont mind. 

My family is very supportive and helpful but Jill was by far the most helpful out of anyone around. She just gets it and understands the concerns mothers have. She takes the time to meet you prior to labor to learn what is important to you. There is no doubt that Jill will advocate for you but also she will step back if that is what you want. Jill will only make you feel confident and that you "got this." There were times when I had no idea what I was doing but Jill has a way to educate you but make you feel like you have every bit of the situation handled. 

Many say that you do not need a doula because there are nurses. This is completely false in so many ways. Nurses come and go. Sometimes they don't tell you what is going on. Some are rude. Some dont listen to you as the babies mother. The differences are endless...

I am happy to discuss more on the phone should you wish to contact Jill. There are so many positive things I could say about Jill. 

Carolyn D.


Jill Magoffin is worth her weight in gold! I was forunate to have Jill as my doula during labor and after birth. Jill lived with us 24/7 for about one month after we came home from the hospital.

When I became pregnant, my mother encouraged me to have a doula. I was apprehensive at first because I thought I could do it all on my own and I did not want to have another cost. After the discussions with my mother, I spoke to my doctor. I was given Jill's name. I interviewed Jill and two other doulas. I knew I wanted Jill as my doula given her personality, education, experience, thought process, energy and passion for this job. However, I ended up getting so much more from Jill. Jill is warm, genuine and she takes the time to truly get to know you and learn what is important to you. Jill is beyond any text book as a newborn care specialist. When Jill left after living with us, I was saddened but I also felt confident simultaneously. Jill not only taught me so much about the safety of a newborn, but she helped me to establish somewhat of a routine.  If you do not like something she is doing, Jill does not take it offensively. Her job is to educate you but at the end of the day, it is your decision (even if you have had a baby before, please note that newborn care safety has changed even in recent years). 

As a first time mother (and a single mother), I owe a lot to Jill because she made this transition for me so much easier than had I decided not to have a doula. As cheesy as it sounds, it is one of the best financial decisions I have made. I am a local attorney and I have already referred her to a colleague. My family and I still talk about how great Jill was and how much she helped me. At one point I am pretty sure my father said, "See if she can stay longer!"  Words do not do justice the impact Jill had as my doula. 





Doula Jill is a wonderful human and now a great friend. Jill supported my wife and I as we worked to welcome our first child into this world. I wanted a natural birth and Jill was ready and eager to champion - we even had a 'safe' word should I have changed my mind mid-labor. I didn't change my mind and had a magical, loving, and fulfilling birth -- unmedicated, healthy, and quick! Jill was patient, considerate, delibrate, and inclusive in every way. As two queer women, we felt seen and understood and better we felt advocated for when we needed her most. We couldn't recommend Jill more highly. 



Jill has been amazing! We originally reached out to her for postpartum care, but after chatting with her we knew she had to be our birth doula as well. She has a wonderful mix of no-nonsense expertise, warmth, and humor. She's incredibly passionate about her job. Everything you want in a person who is your advocate at the hospital and also one of your baby's first caregivers. 

Jill helped us prepare for birth and for parenthood, providing a wealth of materials and resources to make things easier. She made herself available for questions whenever they came up. She was prompt and attentive when we needed her for the birth, and helped me with the vaginal birth I wanted even after the Dr started talking c section. Since the birth, we've loved having Jill for postpartum support. She's helped us navigate the challenging first few weeks, providing helpful solutions for fussiness related to gas and constipation. It's been so valuable to have her insight! 

Highly recommend working with Jill!


Noelle Porter


We are so thankful we had Jill with us on this adventure.  She brought such valuable knowledge, caring support, and a sense of calm to our second pregnancy.  Along with Jill, we felt we had a community of help through our pregnancy with the connections she brings.  Jill helped us through some tough situations and we are so thankful that we indeed ended up having a wonderful birth experience that we'd hoped to have. We can't thank you enough, Jill. 

Elysse A


I was hooked on Jill after reading her reviews. We met on Zoom at the end of a 1st trimester plagued with doubts, on the heels of a miscarriage. Jill picked up on my anxieties and made it known that pregnancies like mine are her specialty.

From 15w Jill became my after-hours resource when my doctor's office was closed (that's when the stressful stuff happens). She gave us a list of her favorite baby items, helped us pick a childbirth instructor... she's very collaborative, and doesn't push. We got to know each other via text (and during our two prenatal home visits, where she did a super helpful nursery check and gave input on our hospital packing list), and kept her posted through the rollercoaster of pregnancy, including being diagnosed with gestational diabetes & polyhydramnios, the baby flipping breech and back again... Jill was not stressed out (& in turn didn't stress me out!) about any of these developments. 

I ended up having a very long induction. Jill smartly suggested I get an epidural at a critical decision point when we called her at 3am. When she arrived the following morning, medical interventions were not working & I was on the road to a c-section if something couldn't be done. That's when Jill made magic happen. She did energy work, encouraged me to nap, moved me into the right positions... and labor progressed! When it was finally time to push, amidst fever, vomiting and exhaustion, Jill helped me find an inner reserve of strength to push the baby out in the position that worked for me. She also took amazing birth photos that we will cherish, allowing my husband to be in the moment.

Jill has stayed in close touch since, & gifted us with a personalized copy of her book. She has a passion for birthing and for her clients that is clearly a calling. Jill says that the universe will put the right people in your path, and we're very glad to have found her. If you have the chance to work with her, do it!



Jill is absolutely incredible! My husband and I were on the fence about hiring a doula, but we are so happy we did. Jill made us feel prepared going into both the birthing process as well as postpartum life. She was an advocate for us in the hospital and also helped us avoid a C-section. She is a joy to be around and you feel like you’ve known her for a lifetime. She is an incredible resource not just leading to birth, but for all things postpartum. Being a first time mom, I was more anxious about the first few days at home, but having Jill for support made me feel much more at ease. We could not recommend her enough! 

Samar Mroue


Jill is your doula, don’t think twice about it. She’s the perfect mix of serious when needed, funny when appropriate, and knowledgeable all the time!

I am a lactation consultant and have worked with Jill and her clients for a couple years. I had always heard amazing feedback from her clients, so when I found myself pregnant, I knew I wanted her by our side!

Having a birth doula, specifically Jill, is not just about the support during the birth. The prenatal care and education, and the knowledge she provides are priceless!

She excels at her job, while making sure to let your partner be the primary support person. She didn’t make it on time for my labor (because I have freakishly fast labors), but my husband used everything she taught us to help me feel the most comfortable and make my birth as smooth as possible. Jill was there for the birth and the immediate postpartum, a bonus was that she took tons of pictures for me to keep forever.

Hire her! She’s amazing!

Danielle Dubois


Before I got pregnant, I knew that I wanted a doula for my labor & delivery. I can say now without a shadow of a doubt that having a doula for my L&D was one of the best decisions I’ve made in my life - and that’s because of the experience I had with Jill as my doula.

Jill exceeded my expectations tenfold. I didn’t even know that level of love, support, realism, and compassion could be provided by a doula. Throughout my entire pregnancy, labor & delivery, and postpartum journey, Jill has been my rock. I also appreciated that she made my husband feel comfortable, included, and heard. She never made us feel bad about any decisions we were making and even provided many alternatives to hurdles we faced. She made herself available, which I appreciate more than words can describe.

I highly recommend Jill as your doula! Every women deserves to have someone like her by your side for one of the most challenging & magical experiences you’ll ever go through in life.

Lenora Willow


Jill  was essential for the birth of our daughter. We came into our first pregnancy very skeptical about having a doula...but we are so glad we listened to our friends who recommended her. She is a phanoninal doula and woman! Having someone so knowledgable and available to us before the birth allowed us to enjoy the process more and worry less...her presence at the birth gave us confidence and stability even when complications arised. But the most surprising and important role for us came after the birth where she went the extra mile to help us locate needed equipment and resources which enabled us to spend less time at the hospital and begin our lives together at our home sooner.  We cannot recommend Doula Jill enough and will use her again. 



Jill was an amazing source of support during our birth experience. From the first time we met with her, Jill went above and beyond to understand my needs and concerns. In particular, as someone who was grappling with anxiety during pregnancy, I really appreciated that Jill understood and supported my needs in this area and helped to alleviate my anxiety a lot. She was always available to answer my questions and address my concerns respectfully, no matter how small or silly they might be. Through the knowledge we gained both directly from Jill and indirectly (through resources Jill pointed out), my partner and I felt so much more prepared and confident going into the birth experience. She was also an invaluable member of our team during labor and delivery and I felt so much better by having her guidance throughout the process. I had a really positive birth experience overall and I don't think it would have been the case without her. I recommend her wholeheartedly to anyone looking for an evidence-based approach as well as mental and emotional support through pregnancy and delivery. 



HIGHLY recommend Jill. She was absolutely wonderful. She supported me through pregnancy complications, labor and delivery, and postpartum. She is there to support your decisions, and provide her expertise along the way, in a caring and nonjudgmental way.
She is genuinely passionate about the work she does, and it shows in the caring and kind way that she supports you. 
I'd recommend Jill to all my friends and family. Having a doula during labor and delivery, should be standard. 

Caitlin Meehan


I knew from our first conversation that I wanted Jill to be our Doula.  She was warm and strong and I knew she would be a steadfast advocate for us during labor and delivery, and my goodness she was. Jill's presence was such a comfort to me and to my husband. At the hospital she made sure my husband and I had water, pillows, birth props and set up a relaxing environment (I wish I hadn't kept my eyes closed so much). When my labor stalled she knew how to get it moving again and with every medical decision that needed to be made she was there to calmly advise us and give us space to make the decision that was right for us.  My birth experience was so positive and I believe that was largely because Jill was there with us.  I just hope that she is available for baby #2!!



Jill did a great job, I would highly recommend her. My wife and I just had our first baby, and Jill taught us a lot of things that we didn't know even though we thought we had done our homework.

-She really helped us learn how to take care of a newborn a few weeks before the baby was born which really helped us after she was born.

-Jill is a great advocate to have in the hospital. She helped us get things that we didn't even know we wanted, and helped us deal with some less than helpful hospital staff.

-She offered to help our dog get acclimated with our new baby, came to our house after the birth to make sure our baby ( and the two of us) are doing well, and she said we can text her whenever we need help in the future.

Jill helped make the birth of our first child so much better.

Lauren S.


Hiring Jill Magoffin as my doula was the smartest thing I did for myself during my pregnancy. She is extremely knowledgeable, caring, kind, generous, funny, and tough when she needs to be—whether it’s in regard to advocating on my behalf or being the rock I needed during those painful contractions and exasperating labor moments. I can’t recommend her enough-my labor experience exceeded my expectations and it would not have been this way if Jill wasn’t by my side. I am a solo mom by choice, and Jill was my only support person during labor and I couldn’t have been happier. Jill was also always available via text or phone call throughout my pregnancy for any question I had and reassuring me along the way; I had tons of questions and fears as a first time mom and Jill addresses every single one of them. I hired Jill as my doula but my daughter and I have gained a life-long friend. She is truly an amazing person and incredible at what she does. 

Etosha & Justin


It's hard to know where to start, but the immediate takeaway is that if you want to feel supported in your birth journey and have so much fun, Jill is the right Doula for you. In fact, I recently shared with Jill how sad I was that I wouldn't get to hang out with her, my OBGYN, and the stellar nurses at Cedars unless we had another baby - that's how much fun we had during L&D!

We were referred to Jill by our fantastic OBGYN. She mentioned she had recently had a wonderful experience with a Doula and that her addition to the room for her patient provided a soothing and positive experience. My OBGYN flagged that her experiences with Doulas weren't always so wonderful, but Jill was great!

Immediately we reached out to Jill, and thank goodness she was available. We hit it off after our first virtual visit, and after our first in-person, we knew we had made the right choice. We greatly appreciated Jill's expertise and guidance in helping us determine our approach when it came to the delivery day. She is organized, firm when needed, and highly supportive.

While not everything went according to plan (I'm a type-A planner, and it won't go as planned so don't freak out), Jill was our constant advocate and voice of reason throughout every step. I also can't emphasize how comforting and beautiful it was to watch her combine forces seamlessly with our OBGYN and nurses. In the 7.5 weeks I've had to reflect on my labor/delivery experience, I keep returning to how peaceful and joyful it was, despite the painful contractions. Our entire family adores Jill, including our 90 lbs pup Dexter who participated in every working session. We miss you Jill. Thank you for everything!

Ambre Fontaine


Jill is an amazing doula! We immediately felt very comfortable with her from our first visit. She is super knowledgeable and provided great resources on pregnancy, birth and life postpartum with a newborn. I love how she provided two prenatal appointments and a postpartum visit! This allowed for us to get to know her and ask any questions we had as well as go over comfort measures to help with labor as well as newborn basics once baby arrived. We loved her birth plan document and packing checklists that she provided because they were super helpful to map out what we wanted for our birth experience. Even though my birth plan ended up going in the opposite direction, Jill was amazing at making me feel super comfortable with the new birth path we were on. She came prepared with all the essentials to make our declivery room a super calm environment! We can tell how passionate Jill is and that she absolutely loves what she does! Highly recommend Jill!! :) 



Having Jill as our doula made our entire pregnancy and birthing process so much better than we could have ever asked for. From the intial meeting we could tell how knowledgeable, positive, and empowering she was. She listens and advocates to help you have the birth experience you want, and is unbiased and accepting of all your choices. We cannot recommend Jill enough, and we are so happy to have such an incredible resource and person in our lives!

Aspen Arnthors


Where do I begin? I hired Jill VERY early on in my pregnancy. I had a traumatic first birth that ended in a c-section and always regretted not having a doula. So the second time around, I wanted to square that away from the get go. Jill basically supported me emotionally for 7 months. She cheered me on, called out my self-doubt, gave me resources, and helped me build my VBAC supportive birth team. I knew she was the doula for me when we had a consult and I briefed her on my first birth and I felt her empathy and understanding of how the traditional hospital system failed me. My pregnancy ended in a beautiful home birth with Jill by my side every step of the way. She was also amazing for my husband who was nervous to have a home birth, but knew he didn't want to subject me to the same trauma again. We had a scare with baby around 34 weeks and Jill was ready to come running to me. She was amazing with my older son too, getting to know him so that he'd recognize her. To summarize, Jill knows EVERYTHING there is to know and you can't go wrong with her. Not to mention her amazing personality! She is insanely funny, incredibly caring, and an incredible advocate. Even though I didn't birth in a hospital she made me feel 100% ready to tackle any unsupportive providers that I may have had to face. She gave me the validation and strength to demand what I wanted and needed in every step of my pregnancy. Not to mention she let me vent to her anytime I had a setback. If I ever have more kids I'm hiring her again in a heartbeat. She will be near and dear to my family's hearts forever!



Jill was an invaluable source of info, tips and guidance to equip my wife and I heading into labor and a constant source of encouragement when it was needed throughout. She was always available for any questions, concerns or random worries that popped up on our end. Despite it being our first pregnancy, we headed into labor with confidence knowing she would be at our side. 

Tayler Lackey


Where to begin... I will start by saying, we love Jill! My birth was anything but predictable, but Jill helped my husband and I through the whole thing. Jill made me feel safe, informed and loved when I needed it most. There were times during my birth when I was very emotional and felt as though I had no control over my body; it was during these times that Jill was able to hold space for me and comfort me with her loving and calm presence. My husband was so greatful to have Jill by his side to coach him on comfort measures as well as to explain any medical procedures we needed to consider. Jill was also available before my birth to field any questions and worries, and continues to be as I juggle the unknown territory of newborn care! Jill will forever be part of our family. Hiring a Doula is one of the best decisions I could have made. Don't hesitate, utilize Jill and her immense gift. 



If you are thinking of hiring a doula, do it! Hire Jill! She will be there to support you. 

Jill was by my side helping me stay hydrated, calling me on my breathing when contractions were happening, helped fill the hospital tub, rubbed my lower back and just made me feel comfortable. Not only was she there for labor and delivery, but she is available after for random parent questions! 



We enjoyed the experience with Jill through and through. From the very start she prepared us as well as possible for first time parents and was extremely helpful in answering questions early on. The birth experience was actually quite traumatic and long and we were really greatful to have Jill by our side. We highly recomend!

Kacy G


We sought out a doula because we read that it would statistically increase the chances of having the birth experience we hoped for. When we met Jill for the interview, we knew instantly that she was the right doula and person to support us and that it was not about statistics. All of the education and support Jill provided myself and my partner was helpful and easy to understand. In the last weeks of my pregnancy, when complications arose, Jill supported us in advocating and arriving at the decisions that allowed us to have the most positive birth experience possible and have a healthy baby. The support that Jill provided after our baby arrived also showed her incredible level of expertise and dedication. We are eternally grateful for her and wish everyone could have her support to help make their birth experience empowering and positive.

Laurel and Ewen


Jill was FANTASTIC! When we interviewed Doulas, the thing that stood out was her sense of humor and her balance between Western medicine approaches, and more midwifery-informed approaches. What was clear throughout: she is not there to judge any choice about the birth you want or the advice your provider gives, but to support your ultimate desires and well being above all.

From the moment we hired her she was always super available and we were in close touch about our plans when changing hospitals, dealing with Covid protocols, etc. she always weighed in accordingly and remained flexible and optimistic to the shifts we wanted and those out of our control. She had a wealth of insights as we put together our birth plan, helping inform our choices from an evidence-based approach while always respecting our vision and priorities.

Her home visits laid the groundwork for us to be ready for the birth we wanted, but also to be prepared for whatever birth we ended up having!In labor and delivery, Jill was a dream - she prepared the room with such thoughtful considerations that really helped the nervous system. She made sure that we both were hydrated and fed, and that we always knew what options were available to us. When we had to reposition baby she had a bag of tricks ready to go to get him into place. She was an amazing, level-headed and compassionate coach throughout all stages, especially pushing, striking the right balance between pep talks, hilarious jokes, nurturing care and, as needed, a little dose of tough love. She knew exactly what my body needed to do to get baby out!

We all made an amazing team, and together advocated for our vision every step of the way to end up having the type of birth we wanted. She was full of love, for us and our baby, from beginning to end, and we recommend her to anyone hoping to round out their birth experience with a grounded, supportive, knowledgeable and profoundly positive presence and energy!

Crissy Quaid


Jill is EVERYTHING.  She wasn't actually my doula to start with, but the week I gave birth my doula ended up in the hospital and she referred me to Jill. I believe Everything happens for a reason and I instantly connected with Jill over FaceTime 2 days before my birth. She made me feel so comfortable and at ease. Almost like I had known her for years. Jill was in constant contact from the second I was referred and always available. She made me laugh when I needed to laugh and gave me confidence when I didn't think I could go on. When I think of my birth with my daughter, I think of Jill. Her voice while I was pushing and counting for me gave me the strength and courage to continue and when my baby wasn't tolerating the pushing, I got so scared and Jill put me at ease and told me how to get through it and walked me through step by step. She was also a HUGE support for my fainting risk of a husband. She was as much there for him as she was me. I literally don't think I could have given birth without her. I am forever grateful and feel like she will always be in my life. 

Mark Zavislak


From the husbands side of child birth:

Jill did so much to take the edge off of child birth. There is so much I didn't know. My wife understood what a Doula was, and I didn't. By the time our child was born I was so thankful to have had her by our side.

In the planning stage, she walked us through what was normal and what wasn't. She went over the process step by step, explained things that the doctor didn't. We watch a lot of Youtube, which is great, but even after hours of videos, she gave us so much more needed information we didn't get from our research.

In the lead up to birth, she answered mine and my wife's questions at all hours. Who texts back at 2am? Jill! We were so thankful for her dedication and knowledge at all hours of the day.

What was the game changer, was when we had a complication. She pushed for us to get a second opinion. We understood why the doctor went the way they did, but with her help we were prepared with the right questions. And that is when we found out what the issue was. My wife had to be admitted to the hospital at 31 weeks until she gave birth. Sadly we had to throw out half the birth plan, but Jill kept working with us on what we could and couldn't do.

Once we got close to the big she was right there checking in every day. She visited us multiple times in the hospital. We had some big desigins to make. Jill was there to help guide our choices, but she never pushed in any direction. Jill gave us the information we needed. We are so thankful for her support in a stressful time.

Jill showed me how to help with labor. Different massages, and how to help keep my wife as comfortable as possible.
When the birth came, she was there talking my wife though the pushing and breathing. She took so many wonderful photos for us as well. We couldn’t have asked for a better birth experience.

In conclusion, she was amazing and would recomend her to anyone!!!

Rachel Draves


My partner and I got the wonderful pleasure of working with Jill and Lauren. Our beautiful baby girl was due right around Christmas so both Jill and Lauren had to be on call. We had and unexpected change in our birth plan and instead of delivering at the calming birth center we had to change our plans to the hospital to deliver via C-section. Jill met us there and was a big advocate for the transition while we were there. She helped make the process still so special by setting up my room while I was waiting to go into surgery and making us feel completely comfortable and distracted from the major change. She made us feel at ease and happy and we are so grateful that we had her there for this experience. She took so many wonderful pictures of our family that we will cherish forever and she was so patient  with all of her questions that we had. If she wasn't there for this experience we would've been 10 times worse off. We love her so much and she is now part of our family. Thank you so much Jill. 

Regina Le


Jill is a very knowledgeable, friendly, and professional doula and newborn care specialist. Her knowledge as a doula helped me relax in the delivery room and have the confidence that we did everything we could before I had to go for an emergency C-section. She has an easy going personality yet she is confident and deliberate with her actions. Jill also shines in sibling support by making sure my daughter still felt special even with a new baby in the picture. She's always doing something to contribute to her professional development and to her profession. I highly recommend Jill!

Amelia Robinson


It’s hard to find words that would equate to the way Jill made myself and husband feel throughout pregnancy and our birthing experience. She is the ultimate hype woman, a wealth of knowledge, a friend and the best support person. She made me feel so confident going into birth. She came over and spent time with both my husband and I beforehand to ensure we felt that way. Then day off - she made the room feel so calm and made sure it was perfect for us. She coached and cheered me on and made me feel like the ultimate bada** while pushing our sweet baby out. She helped remind us of the little things - like music to set the mood etc. she also took the most incredible photos of us that I cannot stop looking at. Jill is a friend for life. 

Allen Shih


Jill Magoffin was magnificent doula for myself, my fiancé Danielle, and our daughter Luna.  I immediately knew we were a great match from our first meeting. Jill asked what expectations I had of doulas and if I had any apprehensions as a father who didn’t know what a doula was until just a month prior. My fiancé and I were so surprised after the meeting when we realized neither of us had contacted Jill about my list of concerns beforehand, and yet, she listed everything I wanted to ask without me initiating the question. She continued to impress with her work ethic and newborn advice, and the delivery itself was glimmering with decorative lighting that changed the entire experience. To any fathers who are still on the fence about doulas because you want a simple birth with minimal outside help, I have been there. Trust me, Jill is an investment you won’t regret and the support you never knew you needed.



The best investment my partner and I made during my pregnancy was choosing Jill as our doula. I am a first time mom and the first of my entire group of friends to have a baby and am so thankful for the emotional/mental and physical support Jill provided throughout my pregnancy and labor/delivery experience. She was always there to answer any questions my partner and I had and ease any anxieties I had about becoming a parent. When I was in labor, she turned my hospital room into a cozy space with string lights/tea lights and told my partner and I stories that had us laughing through the night. She also made sure that I was an active decision maker in my hospital experience and made sure the staff knew and honored my birth plan. When it was time to push, Jill made sure that I stayed hydrated and cheered me on and helped keep me feeling encouraged and safe. We were listening to to 90’s/2000’s R&B when my daughter was born and with Jill and my partner in my room, it truly felt like a celebration. I had a wonderful labor & delivery experience and having Jill as my doula was an integral part of the support system that made that possible. I cannot recommend her enough!

Alexandra Kaufman


Little Ava was able to enter this world via the birth canal thanks to Doula Jill! From the way Jill came over the house to educate us before labor even started to the unbelievable endurance and strength she displayed during a very long labor, we cannot imagine having gone through any of this life hanging experience without her. How she had the strength to massage and squeeze my hips with the most encouraging attitude after spending two nights sort of sleeping in the hospital chair is hard to believe. She was our rock. During it all she managed to capture priceless moments on camera, keep us laughing, made the room feel cozy and calm. She eve danced with me through contractions that were out of this world painful. We felt incredibly lucky to have found Jill to hold our hands through this magic time. 

Lauren Siefer


When I think of the intention I set with the birth of my second, I knew I wanted to feel more physically and emotionally present. Jill helped me laugh and breathe my way through an unmedicated induction and I'm so proud of how we did!! From her prenatal visit to the twinkling lights in the delivery room and every thoughtful touch, Jill was the foundation of the most beautiful experience of my life!!

Danielle Richter


Where do I even begin. My husband and I were so blessed to have Jill as our doula during our birth experience. From the first zoom interview, I knew this woman had amazing energy. She was straight forward, listened to my needs and desires for birth, and took time to make a connection with my husband and listen to his thoughts and feelings as well. (Which was really important to me.) Jill made herself available to answer any questions we had in the months leading up to our birth, and we had a great in person meeting before our due date to learn some basics. It really helped us gain confidence going into everything.


Even though I wasn’t able to labor at home, Jill meet us at the hospital. She transformed our room and helped make it more comfortable and calm. Between Jill and my husband I felt soo supported through all of my labor, and all the hard decisions we had to make along the way due to complications. Jill eased my stress more times than I can count, and thanks to her amazing energy in the room, calmed me down most of the time without me even knowing it. She was really good at fielding things from the nurses and doctors, and helping to get us time to talk privately when needed. All in all I could write a book on how amazing this woman is. I highly recommend her as a doula. She’s definitely apart of the family now.



Jill is the perfect combination of someone who can get serious when need be and someone who can light up a room with laughter, happiness and snappy jokes to ease stress, to keep the positive energy up or if things just happen to get slow.  Unfortunately, I had to get an emergency C Section and Jill literally arrived at the perfect time to ease a difficult and stressfull situation with her knowledge and and her amazing energy.  It was so beautiful and serene afterwards going into my recovery room, which she so carefully decorated with soft lit LED candles, which was so calming considering the surgery I just went through.  I am ever so thankful for her help.  Her follow up with checking on both the baby and I afterwards and her care and support will never be forgotten and will always be deeply appreciated ?? ? ?? 

Susie Cobb


Jill went above and beyond the call of duty as doula to our family. She was available at a moments notice when my water broke at 1am and maintained a wonderfully positive energy throughout my labor despite having just been at a lengthy birth the night before. She also stayed overnight with our baby when I had to unexpectedly be admitted to the ER. Jill's knowledge of newborn care and willingness to share selflessly with me in the months leading up to my birth were remarkable. She was a patient ad steady presence throughout the ups and downs of pregnancy and helped me feel I was ready for new motherhood. Thank you Jill for all you did for us, we are so very grateful for you!



I am so happy Jill was by my side during during this journey! She comforted me during birth and encouraged me every second of the way!  Thankfully she helped with nights for a few weeks and helped me get much needed sleep! She is funny, knowledgeable and I trust her completely! I recommend her to anyone who wants the best help and care! Love you Jill!

Jack Cutmore-Scott


Jill is, in a word, fantastic. We feel bad for any first-time parent who doesn't have her around throughout pregnancy, labor, birth and beyond. She was a limitless source of information, support, comfort and advice- ready to be a vocal advocate, a silent supportive presence or the world's best foot-masseuse as needed. And to have our own doctor give such positive  (and unsolicited) feedback about Jill's knowledge, presence and approach in the delivery room was just further validation of how special she is and how lucky we were to have her there. Neither of us can imagine attempting this process without her support and  guidance- and we would unequivocally endorse her to any expectant parents, first-time or otherwise.

Osmara Aryal


Jill was a godsend during our first delivery and birth. She was chosen by our doula as her replacement and we're so glad we met her. She was able to arrive within a moment's notice to the hospital and she stayed with us long after delivery. Jill is gentle, attentive, caring, and funny. She holds your hand through every part of the process and helps you understand what is going on and what can be expected. She is your advocate in the chaos. Her energy is very soothing and the fact that she also practices relaxation techniques such as reiki and aromatherapy is a big bonus when you're sleep deprived, stressed, in pain, and afraid. My husband and I already feel like she's part of the family and we are so grateful for her presence during a challenging birthing! She kept in touch in the days and weeks after and has displayed a real interest and care in our well-being as a family, and to us that is just priceless. 



Working with Jill has been a wonderful experience. After going through a very difficult pregnancy my husband and I felt we needed  extra support  both before and during labor. Jill put both my husband and I at ease and my anxiety about labor reduced SO much after our initial meeting. There is something so comforting about her presence and confidence. Having Jill during labor changed the enitre experience for me and my husband. We both talked about how much better things felt having Jill there. She took the time to explain what and WHY the nurses and dr were doing what they were doing. She also used different techniques to help with my shaking (from the epidural) and I felt so taken cared of throughout the whole process. After our baby was born I didn't want Jill to leave! She stayed as long as I needed her there which I really appericated. I would highly recommend using Jill as your doula. 

Jenn Graham


Jill was amazing from the very first conversation. We met and she encouraged me to meet several doula's before deciding on which one was the right fit..... but I knew she was the one. I did however appreceate that she wanted me to be sure because the birth of my first child was a special event. In my second trimester, I signed the contract and it was the best decision. From the very start, Jill sent me tons of helpful information on exercises, diet, referrals, etc. We had several meetings in my home with both myself and my husband. Jill has such a fun and inviting personality that my husband felt comfortable to ask questions and started being involved which was very special for me. I felt from that moment that my husband and I became a team, a birthing team. 

Fast Forward to the third trimester..... Jill came to my midwife appointment with me which solidified my complete birthing team: Midwife (Robyn), Jill, Husband and myself. Jill prepared me and my husband for what to expect when labor starts and she ran right over when the big day came. Jill was with me through early labor and when the time came, we headed to the midwifery where the hard labor continued and 6 hours later my son was born. It was the most amazing experience of my life. I cannot express enough how special having my team was. Together we did it. And to make it more special, Jill (with my permission of course) took pictures and video of the birth which I will forever treasure. 

Overall, Jill was an integral component to making my birthing experience the most amazing experience of my life. I am eternally grateful. 

Crystal Cast


Jill is a rare gem.

She was our doula for this passed pregnancy. 
Although this was my third time being pregnant, it was my first time being a surrogate, and I needed help navigating through the waters of all the new challenges that came along.

Jill didn't only offer and deliver the best support throughout our whole pregnancy and labor, but she also supported the intended parents as well. 
Knowledge and experience-- two qualities Jill possess that I look for in a doula, which saved me from a long and difficult birth, and a low stress pregnancy. 



Jill was a joy to work with! She took on 12 hours/day, 7 days a week, and it was such a pleasure to have her support and fun-loving attitude throughout our first couple of months as parents. Jill is defintely very knowledgeable about infant care, but respected our own opinions and preferences as well. She never made us feel like newbie parents, even though we are! That was paramount to us. Our favorite thing about Jill was her killer sense of humor. She has a quick-wit and rolled with the humor in this household, which always helps cool down stressful situations. We can all agree that having a newborn can be pretty stressful!

Jill did sleep while our baby slept, which was agreed upon beforehand. If we choose to having sleeping care as opposed to fully awake care for our second baby, we would definitely consider Jill again! The way our baby smiled for her, and the way she made us laugh really made the whole experience fun!

I can also say that we employed a strict set of procedures to get our newborn on a sleep schedule, and it worked like a charm! Jill was very respectful of our preferences and sleep ideologies, and our baby started sleeping through the night at 6 weeks, and was sleeping 11 hours a night by 10 weeks when Jill's service concluded. At almost 4 months old, I can say that she hasn't had any regression! Still sleeping 11 hours like a champ at night and I know that our hard work as a team (with Jill) made all the difference. 

We are very grateful for the help and support she gave us!




Unfortunately, due to covid restrictions, Jill was not allowed to stay with us during the postpartum portion of our stay at the hospital, but she was available at any moment for us to call or text which gave us even more relief as we embarked into this new world with our beautiful daughter.  She visited us during our second week back at home and made sure to answer any other questions we had and talked to us about the whole experience we had together in general since it seemed like a blurry dream.  It was so great reconnecting with her.  We feel like we have shared an experience that will bond us together forever.

If you made it this far in the review and are considering collaborating with Jill as your doula, don't wait any longer!  Jill far exceeded our expectations and made the entire experience so much easier than we could have ever hoped for.  We love you Jill!!




We checked in and settled in to the labor and delivery room.  Jill set up the room with lights, filled the air with lavender scents and I started playing songs by Laraaji on our bluetooth speaker.  My wife was experiencing stronger and stronger contractions but was not dilating.  Jill stayed by her side, talked to her calmly, walked her through breathing techniques and massaged her.  She helped her get in to different positions to help speed up the labor naturally.  My wife continued to go through these contractions for another 12 hours at the hospital until she decided to get an epidural.  Jill never took a break or left our side once.  We were all in this together.

When it came time to push, the three of us found some energy reserved and tapped in to it.  This was the moment that we put everything we had learned to use.  As my wife pushed, Jill and I were at her side coaching her through it and being as motivational as we could possibly be.  It was very tough watching my wife go through what seemed to be excruciating pain, but having Jill's energy and presence there gave us strength. 

After 90 minutes of pushing, our daughter was born!  We were all incredibly emotional and tears of joy were streaming down our faces.  With our approval, Jill quickly grabbed her camera to start snapping photos and videos to document the joy of the first minutes of our daughters life.  This allowed my wife and I to be present and enjoy every second without worrying about capturing it on camera.

*Continued in Part 4*




After going back and forth a couple of times to make sure we were on the same page, the birth plan was complete.  This gave my wife and I a huge sigh of relief.  It was the first time we felt like we had someone on our side that was going to stand up for us in any moment of uncertainty.  Our nervousness about what labor and delivery was going to be like was quickly starting to vanish.

In addition to the practical, educational and collaborative nature of our experience with Jill, she was honestly such a joy to be around.  She has a great sense of humor and knows how to break the tension by talking to us like she's our friend.  We found ourselves talking about movies, tv and music which was very refreshing and humanizing.  We also love that she practices reiki and that she connects on a spiritual level with us in that way.  She told us that she was going to make our labor and delivery room "vibey" with lights and fake candles which is yet another thing we wouldn't have thought of that made the experience so much more comfortable.

When my wife's water broke at 1:30am, Jill answered her phone and talked us through what to do next.  The contractions began a hour later and Jill came over to our house without hesitating.  After I made sure that we were ready to leave for the hospital at a moments notice, Jill suggested that I get rest and she stayed up with my wife for the rest of the night.  Even though Jill wasn't in a rush to go to the hospital, she let us know that any time we wanted to go we should go.  Later that morning, as we were walking around the neighborhood trying to speed up the contractions, my wife decided it was time to go.

*Continued in Part 3*



TL;DR - Jill is an incredible doula, wonderful human and was an essential part of our team when bringing our first child into the world!  I can't recommend her enough, she went above and beyond our expectations!


My wife and I had our first baby this year and I can't imagine what the experience would have been like without Jill.  We were a bit on the fence about hiring a Doula until we started to have some communication issues with our OB.  Our OB was without a doubt professional, albeit a little too professional if you catch my drift.  We felt like the whole experience so far was feeling cold and dehumanizing.  It was being treated more like a medical situation and less like a beautiful, transformative moment in our lives.  We needed someone to help create more balance in this experience, so we decided to take the leap and collaborate with a Doula.

The reason I say collaborate is because it is exactly that, a collaboration.  You don't simply sit back and let someone else come in and make decisions for you, nor do you let a stranger come into your home and give you unsolicited advice.  Jill quickly made us realize that we were forming a team with a plan of action.  This team building was built on communication, research and finding solutions together.  Jill listened to us and answered all of our questions about what to expect in the days and weeks leading up to our daughters birth. 

We created a birth plan together by going step by step through all of the possible scenarios we would or could encounter and what our decisions would be.  We talked about the pros and cons of the different choices we would have to make and Jill provided the evidence and research behind every single aspect that we needed more information about.  She never pushed us in any direction we were unsure of. 

*Continued in Part 2*

Shayleene MacReynolds


Our experience with Jill was fantastic from start to finish.  She was always available and responded immediately to any questions we had.  She offered support to both my husband and myself, meeting each of our unique needs and ensuring that she addressed our experiences as both a couple and as individuals.  It was important to me to have someone in our corner that could relate to not just me, but my husband as well so that when the time for birth came, he would be supported in his role as my support person.  While much of the birth was a blur to me, I do know that Jill helped coach my husband into being a phenomenal support person for me, and we would have had an entirely different experience without her.  She is incredibly knowledgeable and I cannot express the comfort in having someone with such a wealth of information in your corner come game time.  I highly recommend Jill's Doula services.  She easily slips into your life and fulfills a support role free of hiccups, and the transition from stranger to intimate acquaintance is immediate and comfortable--you'd think you'd always known her.  If you are giving birth and are considering a doula--which you absolutely should be considering (seriously, don't try it alone)--give Jill a call.  

Kayla Bramante


Jill was our doula at our home birth! She came around 3pm and I was super grateful to have her there. It was nice I didn't have to worry about when to call the midwife because Jill and Robyn Pool (our midwife) had already discussed when to contact each other. Jill brought lots of tools to cope with contractions but I really enjoyed when she held my hips during contractions and when she sat with me in the bathroom as I labored in the shower. Thank you Jill! It was such a great experience having our baby at home and we were so grateful for your extra set of hands. 



Let me just start by saying I wouldn't have had the birth experience I had without Jill. 

I first met Jill at 3am while in labor (she was the backup to my original doula). She immediately made me feel safe, taken care of, and like I was in knowledgeable hands. My daughter came three weeks early so I hadn't done any research on the type of pain management I would like to do (I had a natural, unmedicated birth at a birthing center). I was completely unprepared for what was to come but wow. Jill was there for every single contraction. There were a couple times I lost focus and got overwhelmed with the pain but she brought me back each time. She gave my husband tips on how to apply counter pressure and truly made me understand that a doula is there to support both partners. To be honest, I wasn't quite sure what a doula would add to my experience but after Jill, I can't imagine not having had her. 

I love my husband but without him AND Jill, I wouldn't have made it. I am so ridiculously happy to have met her and you can be sure she'll be there for baby #2! 

Dana Baker


Wonderful experience! I was very concerned about giving birth during the pandemic. I chose Jill because of her experience, obvious common sense, and wonderful balance between respect for science and use of alternative approaches. We had fantastic prenatal visits and she was very available over texts for concerns and questions as my pregnancy went along. She was with me during my entire labor and delivery and until my daughter and I checked out of the hospital. She is a dedicated and brilliant professional as well as a great human being to have your back!

Dana Zajaros


I cannot say enough amazing things about Jill! First she is a bright shining light who really loves her job. The support and help she provides is everything a first time mom like myself needs to feel like they are not in this alone! She came over and went through everything I had gotten for the baby, then gave me vital suggestions of other things I may want to consider getting.  She taught us how to change a diaper, how to swaddle and safe sleeping suggestions. She is a friend, and a great human who I just love to pieces. I would trust my daughter with her day and night! 

Lindsay Tattersall


We would highly recommend Jill for her postpartum care and knowledge! She was extremely helpful during  the first few nights with our newborn. We are first time parents and so grateful for Jill and her guidance during this special time! 



Jill was hired as a Newborn Care Specialist for my second child and continued to help my family part time over the last 8 months. My family loves Jill and now considers her part of our family. But that's Jill, any one that's worked with her would say the same. She's professional, trustworthy, hardworking, a great listener and I value her opinions and feedback.

She's constantly educating herself and a reliable source of knowledge. Her support helped me become a more confident and calm mother. I am forever thankful for her love and wisdom during this life transition. 

Ps. She had my daughter sleeping through the night at six weeks old! But please don't hire her so she'll come back to me and help through the teenage years...;)

Natalie Rodriguez


We highly recommend Jill for all your doula needs.  We wanted a doula to help us given all the uncertainty surrounding COVID.  From our first (Zoom) meeting with her, we could tell she was passionate about her work and a warm and caring person.  With all of her pre-labor visits she helped us feel confident about the process.  She was responsive to all our questions and provided helpful recommendations.  She was respectful of our boundaries given then pandemic as well.  We delivered at Los Robles and learned that Jill would be allowed to be with us just the day before I went into labor...it's like it was meant to be!  Jill came to our home and helped me labor there before going to the hospital.  She provided tremendous support and stayed with us for almost 48 hours, only leaving after accompanying me to my room after an unplanned c-section for failure to progress.  She was extremely comforting when things did not go as planned.  She was a relief to my husband when he had to leave me to accompany our daughter to the NICU, as he knew I was in good hands.  She even went back to our home to show my parents some photos after I had given birth!  Jill would be a great choice if you are looking for a doula!



Jill has been a blessing to us. Having twins during a pandemic is stressful, however we are so pleased we were able to have Jill for 6 weeks enabling us to get adjusted to our new life with the boys. Jill has extremely good child care skills and was able to teach us how to manage twins and schedule them with feedings and sleep. The transition from the hospital to home would of been very difficult without Jill being there for us. Jill took COVID very seriously as we do and her outside lifestyle made us comfortable having her enter our  bubble while maintaining a COVID free enviorment. In addition to being a child "whisper" Jill was very professional and helped with the cleaning of bottles and maintaining a  clean and tidy presence while in our home. You can rest assured that you and your newborn(s) are in amazing hands with Jill as your Doula. 



Jill has been a blessing to us. Having twins during a pandemic is stressful, however we are so pleased we were able to have Jill for 6 weeks enabling us to get adjusted to our new life with the boys. Jill has extremely good child care skills and was able to teach us how to manage twins and schedule them with feedings and sleep. The transition from the hospital to home would of been very difficult without Jill being there for us. Jill took COVID very seriously as we do and her outside lifestyle made us comfortable having her enter our  bubble while maintaining a COVID free enviorment. In addition to being a child "whisper" Jill was very professional and helped with the cleaning of bottles and maintaining a  clean and tidy presence while in our home. You can rest assured that you and your newborn(s) are in amazing hands with Jill as your Doula. 



I had a wonderful experience with Jill; she was there for me from the very beginning and helped make the transition into motherhood a smooth one. She not only took care of me, but also helped me learn about my baby and helped put her on a routine. Jill is not just a doula or NCS; she is a close friend to me and my little family of 2. I am incredibly grateful for all of Jill's advice, time, care, insight, and attention & love given to my little baby. She is incredibly kind, patient, and understanding. I would absolutely work with Jill again if baby #2 ever enters the picture!

Jessica Granados


I interviewed a few doulas for my upcoming birth.  All were knowledgeable, but I went with Jill because I felt like I could totally be myself with her.  
Jill encouraged me and was my advocate during labor.  She had no judgment when I got an epidural and continued to support my husband and I through the labor.  There was even a moment where I was uncomfortable with an intervention, though I knew it was best.  When I said under my breath that I still wasn't comfortable, she was sure to stop everything to be sure I was heard and reassured before proceeding.  She didn't want anything to happen without me being 100% on board. 
Eventually it was time for baby to be born.  Jill had been taking photos the whole labor and had some really beautiful shots of my husband helping me drink water and care for me. But as the baby started crowning, Jill started filming.  I'm so thankful to have a 1 minute video (taken standing near my head) of the birth of my daughter.  My husband and I didn't find out the gender beforehand so having him on video announce, "It's a girl, babe. It's a girl," is a moment that I can relive over and over again.
What really makes Jill a ride or die doula is that about an hour after the birth, I suddenly became nauseous and needed to vomit. With an epidural, you can't walk anywhere. With no trash can was in sight, Jill, without hesitating, grabbed a towel and let me throw up basically in her hands.  I know it went right through that towel.  I felt so bad, but was so grateful I didn't just puke on my hospital bed.
Jill has continued to help me and after the birth and we even had her help us overnight with newborn care.  We trust her with our questions, our birth, and our daughter.  She’s the best. 

Cristina Eikevik


Having a doula for the delivery of our first child was one of our first parenting decisions we made. I think I was about 11 weeks pregnant when I started reaching out to Doula's. Jill was the first doula I met with who really clicked with both myself and my husband. She is warm and friendly and felt like someone I could trust and immediately open up to but also is extremely educated and was able to joke around with my husband so he felt like he could trust her opinion through any challenges we may face and speak frankly with her without offending. We do not have any family in California, but Jill made it feel like we did. She went above and beyond to help us have the birth we wanted, even in a pandemic. We labored at home together as a team for the majority of my labor and she helped instill confidence into my husband for the part at the hospital that she was unable to attend due to COVID. She knows just what to do to get you through to the next contraction, whether it's a laugh, counter pressure, a walk, she just gets it. Having Jill as our doula was one of the best decisions we made for our birth process. We love you Jill <3



Jill helped us with our twins after they were born.  Extremely knowledgeable and kind, the boys loved her and you could tell she loved them.

Jill was always on time and always communicated in a clear and consise manner for those who are new to parenting.

We'd highly recommend!

Amber Murphy


I was lucky enough to be gifted Jill's postpartum services by my siblings. It was the most thoughtful and useful gift and I was so incredibly moved by it. Jill came into my home and immediately made me feel at ease and taken care of. She offered really helpful guidance when warranted but also encouraged me to trust my instinct and helped me figure out what worked best for me and my baby. She is all about honoring the family and the baby and helping them find their way. She is also basically the baby whisperer. While calming my baby, she taught me how to properly implement pace feeding, swaddling, shushing, rocking, and helped me find the right combination to put my little guy to sleep (even when he really really didn't want to). 

Jill is incredibly generous with her time and has kindly taken my questions in between visits and helped me feel safe and find solutions for whichever curve ball (or sleep regression) my little guy threw me. She is patient, kind, funny, generous, and easy to be around. I tend to have an anxious and perfecitonistic personality type and it has been so incredibly comforting to have Jill by my side. 

I think what I appreciate the most about Jill is the way she honors me and my relationship with my son. She never makes me feel bad or judged but instead validates my experience and really curates her responses and services based on our specific needs. 

We are so grateful to Jill and we feel so lucky to have her as an integral part of our fourth trimester.

Michelle Massi


Jill was awesome. She was professional.  She arrived on time (even early) for her night shift.  She communicated well and kept clear records.  She was flexible and took everything in stride.  She was a pleasure to have around and you could tell that she was passionate about what she does and her love of newborns.  



Jill was recommended to us as a friend of a friend, and from the moment we spoke on the phone I knew she was the ONE. That feeling was further confirmed when my husband and I had the privilege of meeting with her in person- she had to be our doula! But none of us could have imagined then that that would be our only in-person meeting as CA ordered us all to shelter in place not long after, and also found out that Jill wouldn't be allowed to accompany us during labor. Jill is such a gem and put our minds and hearts at ease by staying in constant contact with us throughout the end of my pregnancy, answering any questions and providing support through facetime and over text. She's kind, generous, down to earth, and feels like family (which was so meaningful to us). From being pregnant during the intensity (an understatement) of a global pandemic to a difficult labor (unsuccessful induction for 3 days and unplanned c-section) and hard recovery (breastfeeding is no joke), Jill was there every part of the way to lend an ear and offer advice and suggest resources. We will forever be grateful to her.

John Kim


JIll was amazing,  like a friend you've known forever.  She's real and genuine and has a true passion to help you with your birthing process.  I didn't think we needed a doula until I experienced Jill.  This isn't just a job for her.  She really cares.  

John Kim


JIll was amazing,  like a friend you've known forever.  She's real and genuine and has a true passion to help you with your birthing process.  I didn't think we needed a doula until I experienced Jill.  This isn't just a job for her.  She really cares.  

Vanessa Bennett


Hiring Jill as our doula was one of the best decisions we made along this journey. Even though our birth story turned out to be different in every way than anticipated we could always count on Jill's unwavering support and loving, calm, and nurturing energy to keep us grounded. She went above and beyond during a long 5 day birth. I turned to her not only for pain management and support during the birth but also in the weeks after the baby was born. She has become a friend. I would recommend her to anyone looking for a doula with a sense of humor and a deeply grounded and innate sense of what her mamas need. 

Suzanne Crawford


Jill was absolutely fantastic from start to finish. She helped me write out a birth plan, addressing factors that hadn't crossed my mind. She was supportive of all of my decisions and when I felt unsure about things, she offered evidence based research on issues to help me make an efucated decision as well as what was best for me. I ended up having a C section and she was my guardian angel. Shortly before she and my husband entered the operating room. I had a panic attack, due to being unable to move and feeling very alone, despite the medical staff in the room. She talked me down from it and gave me a play by play of everything happening, making sure my wishes were observed and I had that first precious skin to skin moment with our son. Thanks to Jill, my birth turned out beautifully. I would recommend her to anyone looking for somebody compassionate, caring, funny, and responsible. She is simply the best! 



Jill is much more than a Doula, she is a friend, supporter, care-giver, coach and a PRO at what she does. She says this profession is her passion which was more than evident. From the moment we met her, we immediately loved her and felt very comfortable around her. She explained her services in detail and set down with us at length to answer any questions during our first in person meeting. We knew instantly that she was meant to be our Doula. In the weeks leading up to our daughter's birth, Jill checked in with us on a regular basis to see how we were doing. The prenatal appointments were fun and informative and Jill took her time guiding and supporting us. She helped us write our birth plan, helped prepare the hospital bag, told us in detail what to expect during our hospital stay and what her role would be. She went above & beyond by stopping by one day to bring a delicious home-made chicken soup when I was under the weather as well as to give me an ankle/foot massage to help the labor process when I was past my due date. And when labor started, she was at our home in no time and never left our side until after our baby girl was born (a day later!). I was experiencing very strong and painful back to back contractions and Jill massaged me through each contraction using counter pressure which definitely helped ease the pain. She was relentless, never leaving my side (aside from very quick breaks), held my hand, asked my husband what he needed and reminded him to drink water, continually asked me if I was OK, reassuring me that I was doing great and boy let me tell you, I don't know what I would have done without her....she was an angel and a rock throughout! We are so thankful for Jill and grateful that she was recommended to us. Please, if you've read this (lengthy) review, do not look any further. I guarantee you will be as happy and thankful for selecting Jill as your Doula as we were. A terrific Doula and all around amazing person. 

Tiffany & Megan Phelps


Jill provided amazing support for my wife and I prior to the birth, during the birth and after. We choose Jill because we felt so comfortable with her energy and vibe. Jill is down to earth, honest, and is a great resource of knowledge.  My wife labored for several days and Jill was there every step of the way helping to relax my wife and providing support. I highly recomend Jill and our family will absoltely be calling her in the future. We feel so lucky to have had Jill be part of birth team. 



I am so gratefull that I met with the wonderfull woman Jill. Thanks to her I had a great birth experience. Jill's positive and high energy, lovely smile, and soft hands are priceless. Her touch is so soft, that u feel on the clouds. She massaged me trough the night, thanks to her I got over the contrations easily. Also she established a great relation with the nurses in the hospital which helped a lot. She is the one, I definetly recommend her. 

Veronica Akhnazaryan


Jill, it is an understatement to say that our birth experience would not have been the best that it could have been if you weren't with us. You were a guiding light that gave so much; comfort, strength, kindness, positivity, laughter, and sincere companionship. 

We met at a Doula traing class, and if all that comes of my training is the chance to have met you, it was worth it. Our new little family is complete with our twin girls but if we were to have more, we'd ask you to be our Doula every time. 

You are a gift to the birthing community. 
Thank you for loving what you do and thank you for having been our Doula. 

We love you! XOXO
Veronica, Zhora, Olivia, Vivian 



Jill was absolutely critical in us having a good birth experience. She was extremely flexible and was willing to adjust on the fly as our daughter was initially going to be induced but then came naturally, late at night.

She helped my wife with a bunch of comfort measures, helped coach me on things that I could do to help while my wife was in pain, and was key in making sure we knew all of what was going on was normal and expected.

Once we went to the hospital it was really helpful to have her coaching us, bringing her bag of comfort tools, and making sure my wife was able to move around and have the delivery that she wanted. She was also a strong advocate for us during the process, making sure that we were informed about what was going on, that I was keeping myself hydrated and fed, and that my wife's voice and preferences were heard.

We would recommend her without question. 




Back in 2010 and before Jill became a Doula she was there for me when I had my 2nd child, she helped me with my extreme anxiety that I was having right after having my 2nd child. She made sure we were alright, helped calm me down, and called to check on me and the baby to see if we needed anything. Even though she wasn't considered a Doula yet you could tell where her passion was in helping the process of mom and baby bonding and giving them the feeling they aren't alone in this process. I always have appreciated her support. Thanks, Jill Magoffin!

Sharon Campbell


Jill was one of very few people I would ever feel comfortable with during one of the most vulnerable times in my life - childbirth. She was present for the birth of 2 of my children. Her positive energy is always uplifting, especially after several hours of waiting and waiting. If I ever did it again, Jill would be the first person I would call to help me get through labor again.

Rachel Bouhaddi


jill is tied with my husband for the most important person to have with me in the delivery room. She was so helpful, understanding, patient, and wonderful. She walked with me, got me food, demanded more heat packs, made me laugh, and helped my husband after my little sweet angel was born. You can say anything to Jill, she will never judge you. Anyone would be lucky to have Jill as a doula, and I can guarantee that you will start with her as a doula but leave with her as a friend. Oh- and Jill I'm still sorry I cursed at you during my labor, I didn't mean it...well I meant it at the time, but not anymore. 

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