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Amber Stewart

Mother In Bloom Doula & Childbirth Services

Meridian, ID Service range 100 miles

Birth Fee

$1300 to $1600

Postpartum Rate

$40 to $50

Birth Fee

$1300 to $1600

Postpartum Rate

$40 to $50

Birth Doula Experience

4 years and 118 births attended

Postpartum Doula Experience

2 years and 20 families served

Doula Training

  • DONA International-Approved Workshop, March 2019

Type of practice: Solo practice

Clients per month: 2 to 6 births and 1 to 5 postpartum families

Attends hospital births? No Hospitals
Will accompany hospital transfers

Attends birth center births? All Birth Centers

Attends home births? Any Home Birth
I attend home births attended by Midwives

Special Services Offered

  • Childbirth education services
  • LGBTQIA+ Support
  • Military families support
  • Miscarriage support
  • Placenta encapsulation
  • Reduced rates for women considering adoption
  • Satellite doula (for remote and rural clients)
  • Surrogates and intended parents
  • TENS units rental
  • Virtual and remote doula support

Fee Details

1/2 down for retainer remaining balance due by 37 weeks payment plans accepted. Travel fee for distance over 40 miles from Boise

Service Area

Meridian, ID Service range 100 miles

Client Testimonials for Amber Stewart

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Kristina Cleaver


We could not have been more grateful to have had Amber as part of our birthing team! This was my first birth and choose to deliver at home.  With this all being so new, we were unsure what to fully expect, but we knew we wanted to opt for more support to have at the birth. Amber came highly recommended and rightfully so! She offered support and education prior to birth, and was such a huge help during and after. Amber was by my side through the whole labor process making sure I was as comfortable as possible, offered support, suggestions in positioning, nourishment & encouragement. Once we delivered our baby, Amber, along with our midwives, helped us get situated comfortably in our room while allowing us to spend some undivided attention with our newborn. In the meantime, they helped clean up, Amber cooked a great meal for us & made sure we were organized with all our postpartum care/supplies. We were incredibly thankful to have had her here through the entire labor process, delivery and postpartum support. We highly recommend having her as part of your team as you will not be disappointed! 

Lauren Haskin


Amber was a great addition to have on our birth team. My good friend had used her services for her own homebirth, and had nothing but great things to say about Amber. I knew before even meeting or having a conversation with Amber that she was who I wanted to support me through my birth. After calling and confirming my spot on her calendar, I knew I was in good hands. I texted her my questions and concerns prior to her being on call and before actually meeting face to face, and later that night she responded with more information and heart than I had expected- she made me feel like she was a friend I had known for years. She is a Doula that cares about the mothers and their entire well-being. Amber would reach out to me constantly, and ask how I was feeling and managing through pregnancy. And when meeting her, I felt even more safe in my decision to include her in such an intimate time of my life as a first time mom. She is so knowledgeable and answered all of our questions thoroughly and with complete confidence in my abilities to perform through labor. Labor had started quickly for me and her calming voice and easy demeanor made what felt intense feel normal. Her responses gave me confidence that I was experiencing everything I needed to. Amber’s years of experience and sweetest personality makes her someone that you definitely want right beside you through a life-changing event. Thank you so much Amber, you were wonderful for our family!

Lauren Haskin


Amber was a great addition to have on our birth team. My good friend had used her services for her own homebirth, and had nothing but great things to say about Amber. I knew before even meeting or having a conversation with Amber that she was who I wanted to support me through my birth. After calling and confirming my spot on her calendar, I knew I was in good hands. I texted her my questions and concerns prior to her being on call and before actually meeting face to face, and later that night she responded with more information and heart than I had expected- she made me feel like she was a friend I had known for years. She is a Doula that cares about the mothers and their entire well-being. Amber would reach out to me constantly, and ask how I was feeling and managing through pregnancy. And when meeting her, I felt even more safe in my decision to include her in such an intimate time of my life as a first time mom. She is so knowledgeable and answered all of our questions thoroughly and with complete confidence in my abilities to perform through labor. Labor had started quickly for me and her calming voice and easy demeanor made what felt intense feel normal. Her responses gave me confidence that I was experiencing everything I needed to. Amber’s years of experience and sweetest personality makes her someone that you definitely want right beside you through a life-changing event. Thank you so much Amber, you were wonderful for our family!

Sarah Price


Amber is a such a glistening light in all the chaos. She was tagged as a back up doula for me and when my doula became occupied with another laboring mama, Amber stepped in, without hesitation. She knew all my details, talked to me in a way where I felt truly seen, even having never met her. She came to my most dire hour of need, in such a vulnerable space and lifted me up out of the mud. Words cannot express the love and gratefulness I have for her and her heart and investment in my family. Even when my doula arrived she committed to staying and seeing me through. This continuance of care is so rare. At the end, we joked how it was nice to meet each other and I am so sad we had to say goodbye. If you ever have the privilege of having Amber be a part of your birth story, you are a lucky one. From the most sacred and humble place in my heart, thank you Amber. You are a treasure. 

Richie Martinez


We had the most amazing experience with Amber as our Doula.  She was able make herself part of our team versus some who was just here to help from start to finish.

Amber not only listened but she listened with intention to make sure we were on the same page.  It would be best to say, she has the uncanny ability to become one with both mom and dad during the process.  We interviewed a few other Doulas but just felt that something was missing and Amber filled this void.

Amber was in total control of our situation when she walked in the door.  She flowed with us and was able feel all situations and guide with clear instruction when needed on using only a few words.

My wife said Amber not only knew what to do to support her but also when to do it.  She has a gift for comfort during all phases of the laboring process.

The after care is something that shows her true selfless nature.  She took such good care of us including cooking meals for us which were amazing.  

I can't say enough about how lucky we were to have Amber for our homebirth and her amazing work with our midwives to give us the blessing of the most amazing experience life.  We welcomed our baby girl in the most serene (as possible) environment and support one could wish for.

Thanks again Amber!

-Richie M.

Katie Bartlett


Amber is the absolute BEST doula! She recently supported my second birth which was a home birth and it was everything I dreamed of for my birth experience. Her presence is calming and comforting, and her knowledge and wisdom is unmatched. She met my every need whether it was keeping me hydrated, moving me into different positions, counter pressure, or feeding me a post birth healthy meal, she was there for every moment. I would not have had the calm and positive birth experience without her. I am forever grateful that she played such an important role in my birth stories. 

Chelsea McCormick


At first we were not planning to hire a doula, but I am so grateful we did, and even more grateful that it was Amber. I couldn’t have known it when we hired her, but I will always remember and hold dear the role she played in the birth of our fourth baby.

I believe our birth would have looked different if Amber weren’t there. Things went a little unexpectedly, as labor progressed pretty quickly. When it became clear that it was just going to be the three of us (me, my husband, and Amber), she filled the gap with her calm and supportive presence and we are so thankful she was there and for the way she came alongside us in that time.

From prenatal visits providing resources and support and spending time getting to know our family, to her pivotal support during labor, to caring for us in the immediate postpartum, I know Amber will be a blessing to any family she serves. If we have more children we will definitely be including her. Thank you Amber!

Haley Cubero


Amber was beyond amazing in the birth of my baby girl! Birth aside, the prenatal care is something that other mothers told me that they did not receive, and it totally prepped me for how the entire labor was going to go and how to manage it. I had a 36 hour labor and she was there guiding me throughout the entire thing. Providing me water and food, words of encouragement, making the space look and feel like a safe place, and mentoring movements and pain management throughout. My husband was lost on how to help me, and she stepped in as a fantastic support emotionally and physically. She was literally a shoulder to lean on in my most painful contractions. Not to mention the spiritual guidance that she embodies, like a goddess of birth and the epitome of a safe place. Because of Amber, I didn't doubt myself once throughout such an egregious labor and that is a nod to a doula who is incredible at her craft! Even the postpartum care was great - a meal in bed, loving reflection, and the processing of my placenta with really beautiful keepsakes. I almost didn't use a doula and I wouldn't have gotten my natural home birth without Amber. She was heaven sent. We plan to use Amber for all of our other children that we plan to have!! Not only that, but I have a friend in her for life. We love you!!!

Tabrie Argon


We had such an amazing experience with Amber! I really enjoyed our prenatal meetings where she gave me so many wonderful tips on birth positions. Even though this was our 3rd out of hospital birth, she still had great insight for both my husband and I in preparations for birth! She truly does have a passion for all things birth/mothering which was so important to me in choosing a doula. During the birth, she brought a very calming and peaceful presence, I felt so cared for a nurtured. She is a beautiful person inside and out and I will forever recommend her to anyone looking for a great doula!

Kelsie Leighton


Amber was such an instrumental and irreplaceable piece that made our home birth experience the most special and magical moment of my family's life. When I was in the throes of labor, Amber was my peace and tranquility while simultaneously being the steady confidence and guidance I needed to believe in my baby and I's ability to successfully meet each other earthside. Amber's touch to the environment of my birth was also something I will forever value. Her very presence was so powerful in keeping me grounded while also providing a beautiful physical ambiance with soft lighting, aromatherapy, a fan, etc to keep my comfort level at its highest level. When baby was born, we were met with an unexpected slight emergency. My sweet girl was taking her time breathing on her own and ended up needing slight intervention by our birth team. Amber was such a force in keeping the energy calm and stable, all while making sure all the proper measures were taken to ensure baby got to optimal breathing and health. Without Ambers peace and strength, I could have very easily slipped into panic mood but she made sure that panicing was never a feeling on my radar. Once baby was stable and we were all snuggled in our bed as a new family of four, Amber navigated her way through our kitchen without disrupting our golden hour all to surprise me with the most wonderful, nourishing meal I could ever dream of! She also brought me a warm, cozy cup of tea to help me refuel and nourish my body immediately after giving birth. I could go on and on about how amazing Amber was and how I will forever hold her in a special place in my heart for being such a huge role in the most amazing day of my life! Amber, thank you for your compassion, strength, peace, guidance, and overall love for my whole family! I love you forever sister! 

Brandy Miceli


Hiring Amber as our doula was one of the most significant decisions of my pregnancy and birth of our baby girl, and I believe our home birth was especially smooth thanks to Amber continually empowering me with knowledge and helping me build confidence in my motherly intuition. To know Amber is to love Amber. Her energy is so warm, she feels like family. I didn’t even interview any other doulas. We met Amber and knew she was the one.

She offered tools and resources throughout my pregnancy when things would come up that I needed support with, and when it came time for us to really dive into preparing for labor, Amber was SUCH a wealth of knowledge. Before labor she helped my husband and I practice different laboring positions that came in really handy us when it was game time. She talked to me about my fears, concerns, doubts, and really helped me feel more confident going into our birth.

During my labor, Amber helped me work through several things that were holding me back from fully surrendering into a flow. Everything she said was exactly what I needed to hear, and things picked up fast once I let go.

Immediately after birth after tucking me into bed, Amber made my husband and I a delicious hearty breakfast and literally fed it to me while I held my baby. It was the most nurturing experience!

During our postpartum visit I opened up to her about some emotional struggles I was dealing with and her motherly, intuitive wisdom was exactly what I needed to feel better about my situation. 

I had Amber encapsulate my placenta and I feel it has been one of the biggest factors in how smooth my postpartum experience has been.

I could go on and on about all the wonderful things about Amber but I will just close with saying, you will not regret hiring Amber as your doula!



Where do I even begin...

Hiring Amber was the BEST decision I made my whole pregnancy. I met with quite a few doulas, but as soon as I met Amber I intuitively knew she was the right match for me and my birth. As a highly sensitive person, I needed someone who understood my needs, my energetic boundaries and Amber was receptive to all of it. She has such a grounding presence and she sat listening to my concerns about my childhood trauma, all the healing work I've done and how it might effect labor. 
Then, when the time came and my birth began, I was truly SO GRATEFUL to have her to support me. My labor was long and hard, 8 hours of pushing my baby out, and she sat there with me a pillar of strength the whole time looking me in the eyes just saying "You can do this." I'm going to be honest, by the end of my pregnancy I was really leaning into freebirthing. I loved the idea of being alone with my partner to birth my baby. But no, I can easily say I NEEDED Amber there during labor to be with me, support me, support my partner. I couldn't have done it with our her. 
Love you Amber, thanks for supporting me during the most important time in my life. Michael, I and Evelyn are all so grateful. ????



Amber was our doula for our first child's homebirth, and she was such a grounding woman to have on our birth team. She was quick to answer any questions we had prior and was informative during our prenatal visits, especially for my husband as we all discussed perspective, mentality, and physiology. Having her expertise and overall warm presence was exactly what we needed when we called her in for the big day. She kept me present during tough moments of labor and was like a sister taking care of me directly after birth. I wouldn't have wanted any other doula there and will always ask for amber for any future birth!

Mariah Field


When I was pregnant with my first, I knew that homebirth was the only option for me. I previously had a miscarriage and another OBGYN experience was something I wanted to avoid at all costs. I craved a birth experience that would be beautiful, empowering, undisturbed and in the comfort of my own home - no interventions, no sleeping in the hospital and no nonsense! At first I was hesitant to hire a doula but when I met Amber, I knew that I NEEDED her at my birth. She is incredibly passionate about her work and she has so much knowledge to share! Every interaction with her made me grow so much more confident that I would have the birth that I dreamed of. My labor came unexpectedly early and I was in denial that it was even real. Amber showed up (just a few hours after getting home from another birth I must add) and confirmed that I was already in active labor. She stayed by my side every step of the way and sat in the bathtub cheering me on while I gave birth in my (very small) bathroom. She made sure my husband and I were settled in bed with our new baby and fed us a hot meal before she left. Amber was an invaluable part of my birth and postpartum and I will always hold her close to my heart.

Kenneth Weathers


When my wife and I were expecting our first child, my wife wanted to hire a doula. At first I didn't know how I felt about the idea. I thought the hospital staff would just take care of everything and didn't want to spend the extra money. Of course I told my wife if that is what she wanted that is what we will do, after all she is the one going through it all. I'm so glad we made that decision. After our first meeting with Amber, I already felt more at ease and confident about the process. She was not only there for my wife but also for me. The more I understood about the process the more at ease and helpful I could be to my wife. Amber did an amazing job guiding us throughout our journey, both before birth, during birth and after birth. I had many friends that were having babies during the same time as me and there experiences were much more hectic and stressful because they did not have an understanding of what was happening or anyone there to tell them "this is normal" or help soothe. I would incourage any husband out there who is thinking about the pros and cons of a Doula to pull the trigger and work with Amber. It will be the best decision you and your wife can make through your birthing journey! 



Our decision to work with Amber was honestly the best decision we've made. From supporting us through pregnancy and providing education to ensuring our birthing experience was exactly what we envisioned. Amber was such an incredible advocate for us in the hospital. During my labor she gave me so much support and encouragement and just having her in that space with us helped me to feel so much more safe and relaxed. I hope that we are lucky enough to work with her again someday for our next child! 

Madison Garrett


We found Amber during our pregnancy and she was the first and only doula we interviewed. We felt comfortable from day 1 with her! She not only was knowledgeable, but comforting for us as first time parents who knew absolutely nothing. Our meetings beforehand helped not only me, but my husband, to feel prepared for our natural birth of our daughter. This made all of the difference come delivery time! We happened to go into labor same time as another of Amber's clients, thankfully she was prepared and had another doula who was also amazing cover for the beginning of our labor. Amber was such a champ and went from one birth to ours immediately after the first! Not only was she verbally helpful, but physically. She helped me navigate birth so beautifully as a first time mom and I cannot say thank you enough! Amber was so encouraging during the whole process and that was so validating to hear. She did home visits to check in and help us facilitate life after birth, providing a nice meal for us and some beautiful keep sakes. I would highly recommend Amber as your doula! She was so helpful for us before, during and after our birth! Thank you Amber ??

Sara Martinez


Amber played such an important role in helping me achieve the most dreamy home birth VBAC! I could not recommend her more! Not only is Amber extremely knowledgeable and experienced in all things pregnancy and birth, but she also has that calming presence you want in your birth space. Combine that with her ability to relieve the intensity of contractions with her hands and you’ve got the perfect doula. Amber was very responsive and attentive to my needs prior to and during birth. I know my birth would not be the same with out her there. Her support allowed my husband the ability to set up the birth pool and do some last minute house prep. When Amber was not doing hip squeezes and massage, she was grabbing cool wash cloths, giving me water, and communicating with my midwives as needed. After the birth Amber made me dinner in bed, cleaned up, and stayed to make sure I didn’t need anything else before leaving. She definitely went above and beyond. My midwives even mentioned how much more Amber does for her clients than most of the other doulas they have worked with. Even during the early postpartum days Amber would check in on us. She also captured some amazing photos and videos of the birth that I will cherish forever! I am so grateful that we found Amber and plan to hire her again in any future births we have. If you’re on the fence about hiring a doula and want a home birth, you will not regret working with Amber. It's so needed and so worth it. I wish all moms received the same support I did prior to, during, and after birth.


Nikki D.


As a first time mom, who wanted a natural childbirth, I knew I would need extra support and encouragement. Amber met with my husband and I in the comfort of our own home prior to labor to get to know us and prep us for labor. She provided us with very valuable information, materials, and supplies. Not only did she provide us with the tools we needed but most importantly she provided encouragement, positivity, support, love, and the list goes on. Her info packet was such a big help when contractions started!! My husband and I were able to quickly reference the pages and labor at home as long as possible. I couldn’t have had a natural labor without her!! Her loving care and support continued after the baby was born. I am so thankful for everything she did for us.



When I found out I was pregnant with my final baby, I was certain of two things: I wanted to have a homebirth and I wanted to have a doula to support me. I started looking into different doulas that served the Treasure Valley area and Amber, with Mother in Bloom, immediately stuck out to me. She was so approachable and knowledgeable and I felt very drawn to her style (from what I could tell from her online presence). After meeting her for our initial consultation, I was absolutely sure that she was the doula for us! We booked with her that same day. Amber was very accessible, informative, professional while remaining down-to-earth and supportive during our prenatal visits. She asked about preferences that we had overlooked for our birth plan, acted out different positions to demonstrate  comfort measures for labor and made us feel so prepared to navigate our first homebirth.

When I started going into early labor, Amber made time to come and drop off some supplies and show us how to utilize them. She stayed in close contact with us and came right away when we asked her to. Amber's presence during my super speedy and intense birth was constant yet unobtrusive. She knew what I needed and what support would work best for me based on my body language and I can't imagine her not having been there. She made my already incredible birth experience extra magical. All of the little things she did after the birth (i.e make tea, made sure I was fed and had water, took photos and videos, etc.) made me feel extra cared for and allowed my husband to focus his attention on me and our baby.

Amber has exceeded my expectation for care  in the prenatal, birth and postpartum periods of our time with her. My only regret is that I didn't discover Amber's services with my previous child and that we will only get to have her attend one of our births! I will forever cherish the time we have gotten to spend together and can not recommend her services enough ??

Jen scher


I couldn't have gotten through my birth the way I did without Amber. She has a gift of making you feel like family and so comfortable in such a vulnerable time. I was able to achieve my physiological birth that I wanted so badly and she was there every step of the way-from prenatal visits to the birth, to my postpartum visit armed with a yummy meal! I would recommend her to anyone who is considering having a doula present with them for their big day. She was a big help guiding my husband as well, who did a fantastic job supporting me from start to finish. Thank you Amber!!

Sarah McBride, CPM LM


As a midwife, working with Amber is always a treat. She's incredibly knowledgeable, skilled, and motivated to help families get the birth that they want. I'm always impressed at the way she can make a birth environment better for physiological birth and how she supports the clients at our practice. If being well supported, listened to, and getting the birth that you want is your goal, I would recommend hiring Amber. 

Lauren Wells


I could probably write some pages about how much I appreciate what Amber did for us in guiding us while I brought our baby earth side, but I will try and keep it short! From day one, I knew she was the doula for us. She has such a wonderful golden energy about her and I truly feel that she cares about each and every birth she supports. She speaks of her work in the highest regard and I understand why, it's not something that should be sold short! Doula work is so important and Amber shouldn't go unnoticed! After our baby was born, she made me and my husband food and cleaned up the whirlwind that was our house post birth. She tended to me and also made sure my husband was okay through the whole process, and this being our first baby, we are so so so grateful for her and her guidance. She even made the most beautiful print of my placenta & umbilical cord that we will treasure forever. I could go on and say all the mushy gushy stuff which is totally warranted but I think it's important to also note how knowledgeable Amber is; she had answers to every single question we had and still, almost 6 weeks post birth, remains in contact with us and checks up on us and our little babe. She has a pure heart and all the tools in her toolbox to coach you on your journey, I will forever highly recommend her ?? 

Rylee Fleenor


I had the best experience with Amber as my Doula! The second I met her I knew I wanted her to be apart of my birth! She made me excited to deliver my baby at home, she was real and honest with everything and so informative. She made me feel safe and comfortable.  I definitely recommend Amber as your doula! You will not regret it! 



Working with Amber as our birth doula for our third babe was an amazing experience! I highly recommend her services. She was well educated, informed on all birthing questions I had and provided me with the additional support I needed. Her caring touch during my natural delivery was exactly what I needed. She had a magical way of knowing just what I needed during my delivery. She was so supportive when I went over my due date, provided additional resources postpartum as well as helped answer and give perspective when I thought my son had a tongue tie. She thinks of all the things! I’m so thankful for her and I highly recommend her.

Tyanna Potter


There was just something right from the first moment I met Amber that told me I needed her there for my birth. She was not only excellent and answering questions before and afterwards, but she supported myself and my mom's during the childbirth. I owe to her for me, avoiding a C-section, which I was very close to. I love her love for my little baby too. She was worth her weight in gold and serving me as a new mom. If I have another child she will definitely be there if she is still practicing then. She will answer all questions, no matter how small or seemingly dumb they feel. I love her! 

Samantha Simpson


Amber was wonderful to work with and met with us plenty before the actual birth to practice positions and answer questions. I ended up finding out my son had passed away and my home birth plans were changed. Amber was so supportive and showed up exactly when I needed her to and transformed my hospital room into my dream birth space and brought all right right energy I needed into the space. Several times during labor she worked with the nurses in order to maintain my preferences. After I gave birth she followed up often and brought me lactation cookies and gave me a little cooler that I ended up using to transport and donate all my milk in. I had plans to encapsulate my placenta, but was unable to so she made three beautiful prints of my placenta that I'll cherish forever. 

Holland Avetisian


Amber is a gem. She's kind and has wonderful energy. It was a pleasure having her at my VBAC homebirth. Absolutely recommend her! ??

Harley Main


When it's time to find a doula I was wanting someone who would help empower me but also was strong enough to step back as well and allow me to control my birth... i needed someone to make sure all of my wants and needs are going to be met and thankfully Amber is very knowledgeable and willing to help you with understand your options, make the best choices for you and speaks on behalf of you when/if you need it. Amber stepped up where I wanted the help and stepped back on the parts I wanted to take control, I was very confident in having Amber by my side. She's cared for me while bringing my beautiful baby girl into the world as well as after while healing which ment the world to me. Amber set the ambiance and helped me get into positions my midwife wasn't suggesting, it was exactly what my baby girl needed to come right out! She took my placenta home and got my pills back to me so quickly with a home cooked meal and delicious lactation cookies... she spoiled us!!

Charlie Watters


When Tom and I first found out we were pregnant we where surprised and excited!We set out to find the necessary resources for us to have a successful pregnancy and birthing journey. We had been told by friends and acquaintances that we should really look into having a Doula. We definitely were interested and liked the idea of having extra support and knowledge.

We reached out and met a handful of doulas to find the right fit for our personalities and preferences. For my husband and I, the vibe was just right with two of them.  It turned out they are also friends and wanted to both support us. This was wonderful for us because Leah and Amber could take turns every other week to best support us. They made the absolutely perfect team for our whole journey.

Doula Amber brought a fun loving but calming vibe to the birth team. She incorporated deferent tools to help me work through contractions. For example, she brought a Muscle therapy electrical simulator device, and I found it helpful in the beginning of my active labor.  She also kept her cool when our apartment complex had a literal dumpster fire at 2am and we had to evacuate. She found ways to involve my husband and my mother and suggested to them ways that they could support me. Amber also physically demonstrated, to me, how to do different  positions to help with my labor. These visuals gave me a better idea on how to move and position my body. She also gave me great resources for postpartum that helped with my healing process as well.

If you are looking for extra support for your  birth journey I encourage you to seek out this wonderful doula! She is someone you can trust, be encouraged, and call or text if any worries or concerns come up at any point in your journey. My husband and I highly recommend her!

Amanda Reedy


I had such a positive experience with Amber. From our first consultation  to our overnight postpartum visit Amber was so amazing. She came to the house to provide childbirth education and came to one of my midwife appointments too. When I finally went into labor she was so helpful over text and call in the night. When she arrived at the house it was a huge relief to have support and guidance. As an introvert and HSP I have a hard time feeling observed, but Amber really put me at ease. When we arrived at the birth center we really got into a flow. She and my husband worked so beautifully as a team providing hip compressions, encouraging water, using the fan and helping me stay grounded. It ended up being a long and intense labor. When my daughter was born I had to transfer to the hospital to have my tear repaired. Amber drove me and check me in, got warm blankets and advocated for me the entire time while I was separated from my baby. She then drove me back to the birth center and made sure we were okay before heading home after nearly 24 hours with me. We also had Amber come do 8 hours of postpartum care. This was so helpful! She stayed the night with us night 3 postpartum. My husband was able to sleep in the other room. She helped with breastfeeding, taught me how to breast feed side lying and co-sleep safely which has been a life saver. She changed the diapers in the night and got baby back to sleep so I could attend to my needs or not have to get out of bed. I highly recommend a night of postpartum care. I know I would not have been able to have the out of hospital birth I wanted with out her support. Amber is incredible. She also continues to send resources even weeks later. We love you Amber. Your Knowledge, warmth and compassionate presence made me feel completely safe through the entire birth experience ??

Dinko bosnjak


Up until my wife was pregnant with our second child, I had no idea what a doula was or that it was even a thing! After our experience with Amber I am sold on that fact that every expecting mother needs a doula. Not only was this birth overall a WAY better experience, it would have been impossible without Amber. She helped my wife every step of the way, from breathing exercises, different positions, constant words of encouragement, etc. I could go on forever how amazing she made the entire experience for my wife. It was a day and night difference between the first labor to this one. Thank you Amber for making this the best birthing experience ever, from the eyes of the husband. We are truly grateful for you!

Kassidy Bosnjak


When I decided to have a home birth my midwife highly recommended a doula and gave me a list of names of doulas she thought I would feel comfortable with. Amber was the first person I reached out to and felt an instant connection. Our consultant went way over a normal consultation time because we just chatted like old friends. I knew I wanted her with me when I brought life into this world but she has gone above and beyond my expectations. Not only is she an incredible doula but she is also an amazing friend. My home birth would have been so so different without her. She is wealth of knowledge, knowing exactly what position/ movement I needed when I needed it. She empowered me from day one to know my strength and find it. She was the first to show up and the last to leave. When she arrived she set up my house to have the perfect relaxing setting. She talked me and my husband though everything making us both feel calm and empowered. She was the last to leave and before she left she made sure to make me breakfast, tea, water and snacks. She also cleaned the house, did any dishes and put a load of laundry in. Then she made us the most delicious postpartum dinner and cookies. She also gave me a priceless gift, a reminder of the 9 months my body worked to grow and sustain life. Although what she did was so thoughtful and above and beyond any expectations it’s more about who she is as a person. I wouldn’t want anyone else to be by my doula for my birth. I have never felt more loved and supported. Amber will be my forever friend ??

Sullivan Davis


Let me start off with saying that Amber was a blessing for us. I had started the search for a doula and wasn’t having any luck when I saw a post by a friend that had hired Amber for a home birth. I read all the testimonials about Amber and just knew, even before we met her, that she was going to be the doula we needed.

The birth didn’t end up going as planned. I ended up transferring to the hospital from a birth center due to complications that were out of my control. With having medical trauma I really wanted a doula that was going to help advocate for me. Amber was that and more. I felt supported not only physically but mentally and emotionally through this whole process. Even with everything that happened, I was able push through and give vaginal birth because of Amber. She fought for me, made me feel empowered and confident in giving birth to our son. I couldn’t have done it without her!

Amber is extremely knowledgeable, sincere and loving, and goes above and beyond. We not only had an amazing experience with her, but made an amazing friend. I know that we want her there as we continue to grow our family.

Sean Cornell


One of the most important things to me as a husband going into the journey that was pregnancy and delivery was making sure that my wife felt as supported and cared for as possible. Queue Amber; Amber was the embodiment of that support and care, going above and beyond to ensure that my wife was taken care of, assured and confident in approaching labor and motherhood. That's to say nothing of the support she provided during labor and delivery, however, and that is where Amber truly shined. My wife ended up having a difficult physical delivery for reasons she couldn't control, but Amber was there the whole time, encouraging her, providing physical and emotional support to allow my wife to go through labor the best ways possible. As my wife waxed and waned in energy, Amber simulataneously continued to support her as well as champion on her behalf to ensure that both out of hospital and hospital staff stayed as true to my wife's birth plan and health wishes as possible, consistently and vigourously advocating on her behalf.

Overall, Amber was everything we could have ever hoped for in a doula, and we feel like through that process we not only built a fantastic professional relationship with her, but a life long friendship, and hope to have her there when we grow our family yet again!

Daniel Murphy


Honestly, I didn’t even know what a doula was when my wife mentioned she was looking into getting one. I thought that the doctors, nurses, and her own intuition would be all that was needed for a positive, successful birth. I remember thinking “what do we need that for? Seems unnecessary.” I could not have been more wrong.

Having Amber as our doula was such an overwhelmingly helpful and positive experience. I cannot stress enough the value and insight that she gave us before, during, and after birth. She is incredibly knowledgeable, understanding, sympathetic and professional. She knows her business. She was always there to answer any questions we might have had, helping with tips/tricks and suggestions on how to make our experience our own. We loved our doctor, but having Amber as our doula made all the difference.

As a husband and my wife’s main support during birth, it’s sometimes hard to know what to do and how to be. You want to be there for your wife the best you can, but it can be difficult to figure out what that looks like. Amber helped me navigate the entire journey so that I could be the best supporter possible for my wife. She didn’t make me feel like I was out of the picture, she made me feel like the most important member of the team. Between her and I, we were able to support my wife in ways I would never have thought of. Amber supported us physically (her counterpressure stuff is amazing), emotionally, mentally, and was our biggest advocate at the hospital for the staff to follow OUR plan.

To all the men out there: Suggest to your baby mama to GET A DOULA. Better yet, get AMBER as your doula. She’s the best, I can’t recommend her enough. You will not be disappointed!

Katrina Murphy


I'm a first time mom and no one in my family ever had a doula as part of their birth team. However, I'm holistically-minded and prefer as little medical intervention as possible. Also, my OB, chiropractor, and nurses highly recommended one so I looked into it and sought one out in hopes of achieving a natural birth and having an advocate in a hospital setting. I was also excited about the concept of having prenatal and postpartum support in addition to the birth. Lastly, I wanted to have a resource to empower not only me but my husband too. When we interviewed Amber, my husband and I knew right away that she was the one. We all clicked and she seamlessly joined my pregnancy journey. She geared up for my birth by getting to know me, my past, goals, and values. After making it to the other side and achieving a natural birth, I reflect and can't imagine not having Amber as my doula. I can't say enough about her. From her frequent check-ins, to how organized she is, to being available at the wee hours of the night for calm support, to adovcating my wishes, to postpartum care, she's been an amazing resource and I feel so fortunate that our paths crossed. She's truly amazing at what she does and it comes so naturally to her! Her passion for this work is undeniable. Thank you, Amber!

Amanda Montierth


I honestly don't even know where to begin. My love and admiration for Amber has continued to grow as time has gone by. We've only known each other for a few short months but it feels as if we've been friends for a lifetime. I had originally wanted to hire a different doula who turned out to be unavailable and ended up referring me to Amber. I was disappointed because I had heard such good things about that particular doula. I remember her saying to me, "don't worry, everything happens for a reason". Well, it turns out, that reason is that Amber was meant to be in my life. From the moment we met I knew she was a perfect fit for me, my husband, and our baby on the way. I always felt so great and confident about my birth team after each pre natal visit with Amber. She always is so comforting and wise and is equipped with so much knowledge I never felt more prepared. 

Unfortunately my beautifully crafted birth plan we created went completely out the window when I arrived at the hospital. I was preeclamptic and it turns out the baby's cord was twisted tightly around his neck and stuck under his arm so it was advised to do an emergency c section. All the while Amber did her best to never leave my side. She made sure I knew I was doing an amazing job handling the deck of cards I had been dealt. 

She continued to be a pillar of support for me after we got home. From watching the baby while I napped, to bringing lunch, dinner, cookies, coffee, doing dishes, the list goes on. 

Amber and I have become great friends and I couldn't be more thankful for her love and support during such a special time in my life. 

Sasha Sandoval


Amber is absolutely amazing! I was planning to have a home birth and was hesitant on hiring a doula but I am so glad that I did! I ended up going in to labor three weeks early and was not as prepared as I would have liked. I called her around 4 o'clock in the morning and she immediately headed to my house. She brought and set up multiple lights, candles and diffusers making the birthing space feel cozy and peaceful. She stayed with me the whole day and night through a tough labor. She was incredibly helpful for me and my husband. She was able to teach my husband where and how to apply pressure to help me with pain management. She suggested and assisted with different positions and made sure both my husband and I were fed and hydrated. She brought so much knowledge and support and we are so grateful for her guidance and encouragement. After hours of labor, I had to transfer to the hospital due to the position of the baby. She stayed with me through that transition and was an advocate for us at the hospital. When a procedure/medication/etc was recommended she made sure that we were informed and asked the questions that we did not even think (or were to exhausted) to ask. Even though I was not able to have the birth that I had prepared for, I was still able to have a vaginal birth, which I am extremely proud and grateful for. I do not think I would have been able to accomplish this without having Amber as part of my birth team. After the birth, she stayed in contact with both my husband I and continued to advocate for us and provided us support during our stay at the hospital and whenever we had questions. When we got home, she brought us a delicious meal and lactation cookies (which are incredible!). She also went above and beyond and brought me a print of my placenta! Amber’s passion for her work and the love she has for her clients really shines through in everything that she does. I could not recommend her more and am so happy she was my doula!

Sarah Stewart


We chose Amber to encapsulate my placenta and homestly she blew us away at every step! I had to be transferred from my home birth to the hospital. After I had baby the hospital unexpectedly gave us a short time limit on how long they could store my placenta. I don't think I had even had the chance to give Amber a warning but she came and grabbed it right away! Despite just leaving another birth. She was in contact right after keeping me updated with the process. When she came over to drop it off she surprised us with extra goodies, placenta art, and recourses for me as I'm a first time mum! Her energy is unmatched and she truly puts so much time and love into what she does. My only advice is to book her quickly for any service because she goes fast!!!!!

Jacquie Wagner


Amber did such a wonderful job for us in our postpartum journey. She picked up my placenta during our hospital stay and had it processed and encapsulated shortly after I returned home. She delivered my capsules along with a tincture, imprint of my placenta and a gift of lactation cookies. I believe the placenta capsules played a big part in my recovery and would highly recommend Amber’s services for any expecting mother!

I still reach out to her for advice and guidance :)

Snookie Seipler


Before we begin, let me say: I honestly don't believe the birth of my second son would've happened without the experienced guidance of Amber.

My experience: after a HBC (homebirth cesarean or planned homebirth resulting in a hospital transfer that ended in c-section) with my first child, I did my best to ensure a homebirth was successful with my second pregnancy. And that included hiring a doula. I knew from our first meeting Amber was the missing piece to our birth team: she was professional, knowledgeable and empathetic.

She met with me (and husband and midwives on different occasions) frequently and helped me to navigate exactly what I wanted for the birth of my second son. She listened and encouraged, offering her wisdom and knowledge to fill in my gaps. She never passed judgement on my choices and always supported me in my decisions (even if the decisions were different from the advice of other members of my care team).

She was always available via text or phone from the moment she agreed to take me as a client. And once labor started threatening at 35 weeks, she was ready whenever baby decided it was time.

During my actual labor, she came ahead of the rest of my birth team and set up my master suite beautifully, making it a haven of peace and safety. When labor failed to become established due to baby's position, she guided me through hours of exercises and positioning, knowing when I needed to be active and when I needed to rest.

Once labor was established, her experienced eye knew what positions to gently suggest and when the midwives needed to be called back. During transition and pushing, she suggested different pain management techniques that helped me to focus on the work that needed to be done without becoming distracted by the sensations my body was experiencing.

In the end, thanks very much to Amber and her wisdom, my son was born exactly as I wished: at home, naturally.

Lena Williams


This was my first pregancy, so it was recommended that I look into getting connected with doula support. While at first I was reluctant to do so, I am so glad I did and that I was able to have Amber Stewart as my doula. Throughout pregnancy many questions arise and as someone experiencing it for the first time, it was an absolute blessing to have someone there to answer any questions I had. She also acted as another reassuring voice reminding and showing me that everything was on track, going well and according to plan. Amber was always in my corner, getting to know me and my birth plan. She not only conducted several home visits where she covered everything from the process of labor and childbirth, to simple comfort measures and stress relief, to also helping me feel empowered as a woman who was and is built to endure childbirth. Amber kept in constant communication. Despite her busy schedule there was never miscommunication regarding meeting times or visits. The evening I went into labor Amber stayed in close contact and was quick to respond to any updates up until the point where she came by and followed my husband and I to the birthing center early that morning. Amber went above and beyond at every turn to make me feel supported and comfortable. She brought with and set up multiple lights, candles and diffusers making the birthing space feel cozy and peaceful. Of course I have to mention her follow up even after arriving home with our newborn son. Amber reached out and scheduled a time to come by for a post partum check up at home and made sure I was doing alright and talked over some things with the two of us, checking to see how we were settling in. She even fixed us up a hearty meal and lactation cookies for myself before leaving our home. I could not imagine going through this birth without doula support. Amber was truly wonderful to have has my doula and I would reccomend her to anyone who may be looking into getting doula support for their pregancy.



First things first: Amber is an incredible doula & human being. I HIGHLY recommend her services. 

My experience:

When I met her, I had already interviewed several doulas & had pretty much decided not to hire one at all. I just hadn't met anyone who I felt truly comfortable having with me in my labor. But when my husband & I met Amber, we felt comfortable and connected instantly. 

Amber is warm, friendly, and makes every conversation comfortable. She went above and beyond for us in our prenatal care. She is knowledgable, passionate, and thorough. No questions are off-limits and she educated me on many things I wouldn't have thought to ask about.

When the time came for my labor, she was with me every step of the way-- for all 32 hours. My labor journey started beautifully, but we encountered unexpected difficulty which slowed and endangered my progress. I can't imagine my experience without her. She kept me calm, hydrated, and fed. She made sure my husband drank water too. Through all the pain and difficulty, Amber always had a new comfort measure or technique to suggest, and she always empowered me. She came with me when we ultimately had to transfer to the hospital, and was a beautiful advocate when the doctors tried to introduce interventions I didn't want. She kept a watchful eye on every part of the process, & blocked several unnecessary procedures that were outside my birth plan. With her help, I was able to realize my vision of a fully unmedicated labor, despite the complications. 

After the birth of my son, she volunteered to go fetch food for us so we didn't have to eat hospital food. From there, her postpartum care has been amazing. Amber is WONDERFUL with my son, & her postpartum doula services have given me much-needed breaks just when I needed them. I feel so cared for and understood with Amber. 

A zillion stars. Would recommend. You will love this woman. 

Ada Harris


When we originally met with Amber we were planning a home birth. We got some scary news and late into our pregnancy had to change to a hospital birth. This was a hard hurdle for us and Amber was a much needed element as we navigated the challenge of maintaining a natural birth in the face of many obstacles.

We went past our due date and decided to attempt a gentle induction. Amber was there with us every step of the way during the induction. She busied herself making our hospital room feel peaceful as we waited to see if the induction would work. She hung affirmations and placed candles and encouraged snacks and walks. As the induction took hold things started to move very quickly. She helped with ideas for comfort measures when things got intense and kind of scary quickly and got the tub ready just in time! Between my water breaking and baby being delivered it was only about an hour. She was right there with me when it was time to push. 

When we got home she came a couple days later with our placenta capsules and made us a delicious meal and some energy cookies to support me as I nursed and recovered. She's checked on us and been an absolute rock for our growing family. I cannot say enough about her passion and clear love for what she does. It emanated from every thoughtful step in her process.

She brings so much professionalism to what she does, but never loses the touch of nurturing compassion and care. She was exactly what we needed and I would recommend her to anyone I know and love- more specifically for those encountering challenges and needing to navigate elements that are less than hoped for. Thank you Amber from the bottom of our hearts!

Kara Howell


If you are looking for a doula who will go above and beyond for you before, during, and after your birth, Amber is your woman. 

We were blown away by the amount of time she spent with us prenatally to help us feel prepared for birth. She shared so much valuable info that set us up for success and I know that her preparations with us are a major reason I was able to have a beautiful, empowering, magical birth at home. 

During birth, Amber thought of every detail. She was constantly suggesting new movements, activities and comfort measures to help labor progress and to keep me calm and comfortable. She helped me find positions to encourage baby to turn anterior. She kept me fed, hydrated, encouraged and confident with the beautiful environment she set up. Her presence was extremely calming and helped me feel confident and secure. She talked me actively through doubts and fears as they arose and also helped my husband find more ways to support me. There was always something in her bag of tricks (metaphorically and literally) for every situation that arose! She shared in our joy and tears when our baby was born. 

Postparum, her care has been phenomenal. She truly thought of everything. From a home-cooked, nourishing meal, to teaching us tricks for newborn care, to lactation cookies, to constant texts of support and advice, we turned to her so much in those early days and she always came through.

We truly love Amber and we're so glad she was part of our daughter's beautiful birth. We consider her a dear friend and she'll always hold such a special place in our hearts. She is the definition of a wonderful doula. 


Cristin Wondergem


I have so much to say about Amber as a Doula and how she made my labor and birth truly magical, so I will just start from the beginning! My husband and I had been going through Doula profiles and both landed on Amber and scheduled an interview. Not only was Amber quick to respond, but she made us both feel so comfortable right away and answered questions with so much empathy and zero judgment. I always knew I wanted an unmedicated birth and wanted it to be as natural as possible, but I truly didn't know how to prepare and Amber guided me and my husband to truly feel as prepared as we possibly could as first time parents. She was a guiding light to empowering us to have the birth experience that we wanted for the birth of our child. During the birth we had a lot of interesting things happen at the hospital where we delivered and she helped advocate, inform and help us make the most calm and informed decisions at every step of the way. Emotionally and spiritually Amber was exactly the person I needed to help birth my baby aside from my husband. And trust me when I say that my husband needed Amber just as much as I did! Both of them worked together to allow me to just fully be present in labor vs. having to make decisions or talk to healthcare providers when they came into the room. Amber will forever have a special place in my heart and I will never forget the kindness and empathy and calm presence that she was during such a life changing experience! If I could relive my labor again, I 100 percent would because it was absolutely that amazing because of Amber. I can't imagine giving birth again without her and will recommend her to any of my friends about to give birth. I could honestly go on and on about her and her services, but In short, hire Amber and your birth experience will be enhanced in a positive way absolutely! We love you Amber! 

Katy Rawlins, CPM, LM (ID), LDM (OR)


As a midwife in the Treasure Valley, I love recommending Amber for a few reasons - she is so likeable and a great communicator. She takes care of all the little details in birth plans, to help ensure families get everything they could wish for. She knows her role during birth and keeps families hydrated, bladders emptied, snacks offered, and comfort measures coming in a wide variety of ways that soothe and comfort. I really respect that Amber encourages the family to keep their provider updated throughout the course of labor, and that she is so willing to partner with families during those early-labor/prodromal contractions, without any thought or hesitation of how long that stage may last. She is committed to being with you from start to finish. I've seen Amber intuitively encourage position changes to facilitate progress and I've never had a client who wasn't anything but thrilled they chose Amber as their doula. She has such a great energy and my clients often speak of her in their prenatal and postpartum visits, telling me how much they appreciate how she helps them prepare for birth, cope with birth, and recover from birth. Very glad she's a part of the doula community in this part of Idaho!



My wife and I could not have imagined a better Doula to help us with our first birth. Her just being there was so amazingly helpful. I'm happy to say that when we have another baby we will be using Amber  again!



Amber is a wonderful doula who made the birth of my surro baby everything I wanted it to be. I knew after the birth of my son that I would not want an epidural and knew I would need some help sticking to my plan. Amber was a godsend! We had prenatal visits where she showed me techniques and excersises I could do to help relieve pelvic pressure and hip/back pain. My husband worked out of town and on the days he was gone she even came with my to my hypnobirthing classes! A couple weeks before my due date I was having lots of contractions, she was here in a heartbeat to help me through them and even drove me to the hospital. She was there with me until they sent me home. Due date approches and she was beyond helpful! She reminded me to breathe through contractions and helped keep me centered the whole time. Every vision that I had of a doula and how helpful and wonderful it would be, she fulfilled. I will never ever have another birth without her! I am pregnant again and as soon as we knew it my husband said we needed to book her ASAP to make sure she was available for this pregnancy/birth as well!!

Katie Bartlett


I recently just had my first baby and hired Amber as my Doula which was the best decision I ever made. She was an incredible resource leading up to my birth and made herself available for any questions/concerns I had. She made me feel comfortable, supported, and empowered. During my birth, things did not go fully as planned, but her physical and emotional support throughout my labor and delivery was invaluable. My husband and I would not have had the same birth experience without her and we are beyond grateful. Amber also came to visit post partum and brought food, lactation cookies, and helped with any breastfeeding questions I had. Truly a wealth of knowledge, support, empowerment, and love. I am excited for my next baby and will absolutely be having Amber's support again. She's the absolute BEST! 



My chiropractor recommended we go through Amber to get my placenta encapsulated after birth and I'm so so glad we did! She made the whole process so easy! She came to the hospital to pick up my placenta and when it was done she dropped it off at our home, even offered to bring us coffee!!! It was an amazing experience with her! I wish we had known about all her services ealier. We will definitely be using more of her services for our next baby! :) 



We were immediately interested in working with Amber because of her grounded, intuitive energy. She absolutely loves what she does and her comfort and trust in the birthing process is contagious. Amber encapsulated my placenta and was very prompt and went above and beyond with snacks and check ins postpartum. We appreciate her so much! 

Hannahsarah Cameron


There is so much to stay about Amber! I knew the minute we had our consultation, she was the one! Our visits were packed with info. She gave me books to read. And she was always a text away. She gave so much good material to check out, always sharing so much knowledge I never knew. I loved our visits to go over plans. My husband said she was worth every penny. She was so present in every detail. I loved the meal she brought after baby (which she has a wonderful menu for you to pick from!). She was a wonderful support before, during & after. I would have her apart of another birth in a heart beat. 

Karra Forbes


Amber was the single most valuable asset to our birthing experience! Not only did she ask questions and listen openly, but she involved both me AND my partner in the conversation which was so mindful! She was supportive and present the entire time and prepared us for a multitude of outcomes (since plans sometimes change). I truly don't think I could have had such a phenomenal L&D experience without her involvement and support. Her postpartum care is strategic and accommodating, and made our transition home so much easier. Her home cooked meal and lactation cookies were amazingly delicious (I even ordered multiple batches afterwards to help establish my milk supply!). After coming home and getting settled in, my partner and I agreed that hiring her to be a part of our journey was worth every penny, and an absolute necessity for future births. She is the definition of empowering, motherly energy. 

Megan Briggs


After meeting with Amber for the first time (what was supposed to be an hour meet up ended up being several) we knew we had made the right decision for our family.

Amber not only coached my husband and I through our birth but went above and beyond throughout my pregnancy. She gave us excellent recommendations on classes that actually work and are beneficial. Amber gave us reading materials to use and made it possible to have open communication of personal coping styles. She spoiled me with epson salts and a tens unit to help with pregnancy aches and pains. And continually checked in on me through my pregnancy.


I can’t recommend Amber enough. She helped create my dream birth experience. I was extremely prepared for this birth and a large part I have Amber to thank. I went into my labor so confident and calm. Between Amber and my husband I was able to have such a smooth labor. I had a beautiful water birth with 10 Minutes of pushing. Amber consistently was a calm voice coaching me through my breathing and my sounds helping with hip squeezes and knowing my body cues to guide my husband on what to expect.To top it off her caring doesn’t stop. After our birth we made the decision to do placenta encapsulation (which she rocks at). She made us an amazing dinner and spoiled me yet again with amazing lactation cookies and sitz bath salts. She continues to check in not only on me but my husband as well.




Her constant coaching throughout my pregnancy, labor, and post partum has the best investment we made this year.


When we choose to have our next child we know who our doula will be.

Brittany Dobson


Amber was an amazing doula! My midwife suggested that my husband and I hire a doula. We debated on hiring one because we didn't know what a doula could do for us. But we are so happy we hired Amber! I don't think I could have made it through my water birth without her. She made sure all our wants and priorities happened. My husband wanted to actively be involved in my labor, so she helped him on what to do. After my son was born, he had to be transported to the near by NICU. So my husband went with our son and Amber stayed with me until I was able to head over to the hospital. Since the hospital had strict regulations due to COVID-19, no one was allowed to go in the hospital with me, so Amber checked in on us everyday day while we were in the hospital and offered to bring anything we needed. If you are looking for a kind, caring and supportive doula, hire Amber! 

Robin Donovan


Amber is an absolutely wonderful doula. Never having used one before, and unsure what to expect, I was blown away by how thorough, knowledgeable and caring she was before, during and after the birth of my son. She used all natural techniques during my labor and delivery that made my contractions/surges bareable. So much so that I felt confident giving birth without medication. It was a beautiful birth experience and I feel lucky to have had Amber be part of it. I highly recommend her to anyone looking for a doula.

Leanna Marie


The memory of my birth-day is a blur. The months preceding my emergency C-section were some of the hardest to bear, in my life. I was pregnant with twins, freshly broken hearted, and single. Enter Amber. I checked myself into the hospital three days before my babies arrived. Between complications with Twin B, strep throat, and freshly diagnosed preeclampsia, I was having a really difficult time being alone. When we learned that the "dad" wouldn't be there, Amber went above and beyond to make herself available to me. Due to my new circumstances, she even went as far as to drive me to every appointment. She helped continuously redirect my thoughts to my fast approaching reality. When we learned it was time, Amber was scrubbed out and at my head, coaching me and taking a video, at my request. She was my calm in the chaos. She helped me focus and made sure I never felt alone. She even cut both of my babies umbilical cord's. Amber was a mom to my girls as much as I was in those first 72 hours. She advocated for me when I couldn't advocate for myself. She helped me navigate the NICU and her knowledge of the hospital procedures and protocols was invaluable. She volunteered herself to change every diaper to allow my body to rest and somehow in all of this, managed to snap some of the best photos of my fresh babies. She had all of the work, with none of the hormones. Looking back; I was in survival mode and she was my level-headed, skilled, seamless partner before, during, and after my birth. When I was discharged, she ensured that I was well adjusted, by preparing after-birth nourishment. Amber even arranged for a lactation consultant to come to my house when I was struggling with one of my babies latches. I truly cannot imagine my birth without her. She has a passion and a clear, natural gift and words can't express how thankful I am for her. 

Jenna Luther


Amber was our doula for the birth of our baby girl on October 30th. She added a level of calmness that helped me through some of the hardest parts of labor. She has an instinct that was so keen, it was like she knew what I needed when I wasn't able to express that need! It was so great having Amber as another support person at this birth so my husband was able to focus on providing the love and support that I needed. I'm so grateful for her, this birth wouldn't have been the same without her! She also took some pretty amazing pictures that I will forever cherish. If we ever decide to have another baby, I would be honored to have her as our doula again! 

Naomi Cooper


Amber was my doula for both of my births. My first birth experience was quite traumatic, it was not a live birth. She was so invested in my pregnancy, both of them. When I discovered that I had miscarried my first, Amber was the first person I wanted to tell and knew I would find safe comfort in her arms. I don’t know what I would have done had I not had her by my side for the most emotionally trying time of my life.  At the birth of my son, my second birth, Amber was my rock before, during, and after my labor and delivery. She was my voice when I was not coherent to say what I wanted and needed. She cared for my physical body as well as my emotional and knew how to get those needs met for me.  Whether is was showing the others in the room how and where to massage me, or whispering in my ear, “You’re doing amazing!! One more centimeter and you can push!”  She was hands-down the most important memeber of my five person birthing team, which included my midwife, my partner, and my mother. I know in my heart, Amber’s support in the birth of my son, is the reason I did not get an epidural. Had I not had her there, I truly believe I would not have had the strength to carry out my original birth plan to not get an epidural. Amber is a natural healer. This is not the first lifetime this woman has carried this gift. Not only is she knowledgeable and educated in this field, she has a grounding and energy that can be felt immediately once you share space with her. That cannot be taught. I love this woman and everything she has done for me and other women who need female support during one of the most pivotal moments of their entire lives. She carried me through the doorway of Maiden to Mother. 

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