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Postpartum Rate


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4 years and 52 families served

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  • Northwest Association of Postpartum Support (NAPS) - Certified Postpartum Doula

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  • Big Belly Services, June 2019
  • DONA International-Approved Workshop, June 2020

Type of practice: Solo practice

Clients per month: 0 to 3

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  • Sleep educator
  • Sleep support consulting

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  • English

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Seattle, WA Service range 25 miles

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Kayla has been a wonderful postpartum doula to our baby boy. She was very professional both in her communication and manerisms. I have never someone anyone being so punctual and transparent about the scheduling. We learned a lot throughout and appreciated every minute of your help in these 5 weeks! 



Kayla was a tremendous help to our family in the post-partum period, and we would hire her again in a heartbeat! She worked with our infant from <1 week old to about 3 months. She was incredibly supportive and proactive, frequently anticipating our needs and working to make sure that every minute of her time spent with us was useful. She taught us many of the basics early on (swaddling, tips for bathtime, breastfeeding troubleshooting, paced bottle feeding), and as time went on she helped our baby to learn early independent sleep skills. She is incredibly efficient and I often marveled at how much she was able to get done in a short amount of time (meal prep, laundry, making lactation bites, etc). Kayla also babysat our daughter for two date nights in the early months, and we trusted her fully to be at home alone with our infant. Do not hesitate to hire her! 



We had Kayla for postpartum support starting a few days after our first child was born, and till 2.5 months. She has a very helpful attitude. She was also kind, patient and gentle with the newborn as well as the mother. She provided us with practical advice on newborn care and shared resources for areas such as lactation. She was efficient and meticulous. We are most grateful for her flexibility with our unexpected early C-section. She was willing to work with us on changing the start dates and adding additional support. 



We recently had the pleasure of working with Kayla after the birth of my first child. She was knowledgeable, caring and we received tremendous support from her during those early weeks of parenthood. My son had spit-up problem for a while and we were really worried. Kayla provided us with so much valuable information and helped us establish a feeding routine that worked great for my newborn. With her around, the baby is comfortable and we were at ease. We really appreciate her support and highly recommend her for anyone who's about to start this new phase of life.



We are so happy we hired Kayla for postpartum support. She was very professional, supportive and most importantly loves what she is doing and does it with all her heart. She keeps checking in with us to see if we need help even while I'm pregnant. 

As a first time mom, I was very nervous and have difficulty in breastfeeding at first (no milk and latching issue). Kayla made sure to give me detailed answers to all my questions, lots of practical advices, different kinds of supports especially gave my breasts massage until my milk came so that I won't have engorgement. It was such a relief to have someone so experienced and calm by my side. 
She also cared a lot about my emotion feel and chatting with her was always relaxing and comforting. Every night she came, she took care of the baby well so we could sleep and she sent an extremely detailed notes at the end to help us learn about baby's behavior. She also included summary of the resources we talked. She is truly professional and I would highly recommend her.

Li Wang


It was great to have Kayla to support us as postpartum doula for the first 2.5 months being new parents. She was super helpful and taught us many things about newborn care from bottle feeding to bathing to ways to calm the baby/put her to sleep. She always sends us some notes on her observations with tips/resources that I find helpful. She helped us with light houseworks as well. We even went out for a few date nights/lunches while she is at home taking care of the baby. It was nice to get these little breaks from 24/7 newborn care as we all know how exhausting that can be. We were so at ease with her handling the baby as we know our baby was in great hands. Another thing I really like about Kayla is that she is so punctuate. She always shows up on time. And as soon as she shows up, I know it’s time for us to hand over the baby and enjoy our downtime. ;)

Thank you Kayla for all your support!! We all really enjoyed the time we have spent together for the past few months, including our little one. You have made our journey to new parents so much easier, both mentally and physically. I highly recommend Kayla to someone who is looking for a professional, knowledgeable, and caring postpartum doula!

Ifna Das


Kayla was a joy to work with and I would whole heartedly recommend her. She worked with my 3 month old daughter and quickly bonded with her. She was great at reading, playing, encouraging tummy time and other developmentally appropriate activities. She was always on time and was a great communicator. She also greatly helped my daughter get on a better nap schedule which helped with her overall schedule and nighttime sleep and is very knowledgeable about newborn and infant sleep. In addition she very helpful with baby related household tasks as well. 

Holly B.


We hired Kayla for some help with sleep training our then 11 month old in Sept 2022.


Kayla was very thorough with her questions in our initial interview call, so I felt she got a good feel for our child's sleep habits. She made sure to outline our main goals so we could address them specifically in the sleep plan, which she wrote out in a really clear document for us. She also provided a document on breast health while weaning, which was also good info to have as we cut back significantly on the number of night feeds. She was really easy to connect with through text with questions and she checked in daily in the first week. 


Our girl was fighting a bug for part of the time, so it took closer to 2 weeks to get our new routine established with her. I imagine if she had been healthy that time would have been shorter. We went from her waking wanting to eat every few hours to just one or two times a night. She also now can be fed and put down awake and will snuggle her lovey and go to sleep, whereas before she wanted to be rocked for 15 minutes even when done nursing. We definitely met our goals with Kayla's help and guidance!



We were so appreciative of Kayla's support on our infant sleep journey. She came in at just the right time when we were making our own strides but hitting road bumps along the way. It felt like we were spinning our wheels. But Kayla's careful listening and research (after a phone consultation) helped us to understand why we were hitting a plateau and then set a path forward. She offered attainable goals that included options so we could figure out what worked best for our family. And her check-ins (via text) were appreciated as well, as they were both empathetic and encouraging (to stick to the plan or revise, as needed). Our little one now sleeps 10+ hours every night and is more consistent with his naps because of Kayla's guidance!



We hired Kayla as a postpartum doula, we were not unsure and unconfident about many things as new parents, Kayla was proactive and knowledgeable, she was able to notice the cues really matters which made us more confident with our baby.

She helped with laundry, walk my dog and some other light housework as well, we feel safe to leave the baby with her. In the last week of the contract she worked hard in order to put up some habbit for the baby so we get easier when she's not here.

One of the thing I feel really comfortable about Kayla is that she helped whatever our decision is and give advice on top of that, which is a huge relif for first time mom.

I will recommand Kayla to my friends as well.

Hillary Bui


Kayla was our postpartum doula for our second child and supported us for the first month after she was born. Kayla was so helpful during this first month as we were adjusting to a new way of life. She was great at handling our newborn and I was often impressed at how quickly she would calm/fall asleep under Kayla’s care. Not only was she great with our baby but she also helped out with doing the dishes and folding the laundry as well as providing us with tips and resources on tongue/lip tie, breastfeeding, reflux/gas that I did not know about with my firstborn. We are so glad we found Kayla and the chance to have worked with her.

Elaine Markham


Kayla was our doula for 6 weeks when we first came home from the hospital. As first-time parents, we were overwhelmed with everything that went in to caring for our newborn son.  Kayla was extremely proactive in helping us set up systems and get organized to make life easier as we made the transition.  We often wondered how she got so much done in the hours she was with us! When we ran into challenges with feeding and sleep, she provided her professional support but also referred us to several great consultants and doctors.  Kayla's warm personality and genuine care made her such a blessing to our family. She really took care of all of us, not just the baby.  My husband and I highly recommend Kayla to anyone seeking an extremely hard working, organized, and empathetic doula.  She really made all the difference during a challenging time. 

Christopher Tidball


We hired Kayla (via a recommendation from our birthing doula) when we quickly discovered we needed some help post-delivery. From the start Kayla fit in very well with my wife and I (and my newborn son.) She has a very kind and empathetic approach to learning about us and even suggesting how she can best help us out while at the house. She did everything from showing us how to bath our son for the first time, showing us tricks of the trade with swaddling, helping my wife with some latching issues, and keeping our son happy when we needed some sleep. She was extremely knowledgeable about a broad range of topics... and when she didn't have an answer to a question we asked, she used her vast network of peers to get back to us with some advice. She almost immediately felt like part of the family when she was with us, I could not recommend more.



Kayla helped us with our second child for about three weeks in March 2022. She was very supportive of my breastfeeding goals and dealt with several household chores like laundry, dishes, etc. Kayla provided lots of tips and support for dealing with a very gassy newborn, pumping to build up supply, and lactation in general. She also provided great recommendations for lactation consultants and massage therapists that made our lives so much easier. She was great with my older child, and she was also able to alter her schedule when needed. I would recommend Kayla for post partum doula support as we had a great experience with her, and are also considering working with her again. 



Kayla is amazing! Kayla supported my partner and I with our baby boy from week 1-8...and then we kept hiring her for more. We had so many challenges at the beginning, including a traumatic birth, latching issues, "colic," baby acid reflux, a baby casein allergy, and PPD. Even though we had family in the area who could theoretically help us, they didn't know how to always be there for us emotionally (without judgment) or practically (you need someone to hold the colicky baby for hours and someone who will happily take the trash out). Kayla helped us navigate every step objectively and with genuine kindness. She did extensive research herself, and connected us to medical specialists as needed. When Kayla was here, we got much-needed rest because she is the type of person who wins your trust and heart very quickly. She is reliable and will fall in love with your baby in the best way. Even our dog, who really doesn't like most people, loved Kayla. I wholeheartedly recommend Kayla for your postpartum journey. 

Jen & Chris


Kayla helped out my husband and I when we were in need of childcare coverage for a couple days ones week. Even though she was only with us for a very short time, she jumped right in and took excellent care of our son, as well as our whole household. She was able to read G’s moods and cues during a particularly fussy time and didn’t let his fussiness discourage her. She managed our two dogs, and helped out with household cleaning and cooking as well. I feel confident recommending Kayla for postpartum doula work based on my experience with her. 

Ann Milliron


Kayla came to help us evenings and days shortly after our daughter was born. She is a caring, intuitive, responsible, communicative, knowledgeable and wonderful person. I felt our daughter was completely safe and well-watched while I caught up on much-needed sleep. Absolutely reliable and hands-on, Kayla took great care of our family. I appreciated her suggestions of things she can help us with around the home so I didn't feel guilty asking for help. Her helpful tips considering our daughter's care and development were much accepted and again, appreciated. Kayla was such an integral part of our daughter's first months we consider her a friend. We highly recommend her services. 

Riley Jones


We hired Kayla to support us for the first month of our twins lives - and my only regret is we didn't hire her for longer.

As new parents with two newborns at once - Kayla was phenomenal. Knowledgeable, transparent, and most of all, loving and sweet with our babies.

Would absolutely recommend her to any new parents!






Kayla did an amazing job! As first time parents, we didn’t know what we were doing and both of them really helped guide us and went the extra mile to ensure our baby girl was well looked after. They kept in touch during our pregnancy and made sure we were comfortable with their care. I would recommend them to anyone looking for doula services; you will be in capable and excellent hands!



We hired Kayla as our postpartum doula and she came the first time right after we got back from the hospital. She has been such great help, especially during our first month as first-time parents. We got lots of useful tips for newborns, she took amazing care of our little one and also helped us with laundry and meal prepping. She has a very calm and warm personality and really shows her care for the whole family. We enjoyed working with her a lot and highly recommend her to other families!



We hired Kayla as our postpartum doula and she came the first time right after we got back from the hospital. She has been such great help, especially during our first month as first-time parents. We got lots of useful tips for newborns, she took amazing care of our little one and also helped us with laundry and meal prepping. She has a very calm and warm personality and really shows her care for the whole family. We enjoyed working with her a lot and highly recommend her to other families!



Kayla was our postpartum doula to took care of our newborn from week 1. Kayla was extremely good with our baby. She knew exactly how to calm him down and get him to sleep right from the first few days after he was born. She always sensed the baby's needs and mine and helped us with those chores even when we didn't explicitly ask her. In fact, she would do the baby's laundry and fold the clothes each night, which was a pleasant surprise. She would always be on time, find helpful resources on the internet whenever we had a question, follow up on questions and set up all the new baby gadgets. Seriously, we didn't have any energy to deal with a mountain of baby stuff that was getting delivered and dealing with the instruction manuals. It was a huge help when Kayla set up my breast pump, bottle cleaning paraphernalia, sterilizers etc . In fact, she helped me to start pumping and made sure that I was doing it right and encouraged me so much in my breastfeeding journey. It was always nice to talk to her during the middle of the night feedings and these chats really helped with my mental health (it can get incredibly lonely if you are trying to feed a baby in the middle of the night and I am sure I would have been miserable if I didn't have someone to talk to). She would constantly check in with us after the pediatric visits and made sure things were going well and we felt supported as a family. Kayla was always on top of things and was super organized right from the beginning. She initiated a doula share that helped us use the services of another doula when she was not available. I was impressed by how active, organized, professional and, entrepreneurial Kayla was. I would definitely recommend her services. Getting postpartum doula help is the best baby gift you can give yourself and your family. I cannot emphasize how important it turned out to be in the process of recovering physically and mentally from the pregnancy and labor. 



We hired Kayla as a night and postpartum doula after our daughter was born in December. Between Covid and not having family in the area, we were really struggling. She came in and helped us get the sleep and rest we needed. She is very responsible, easy to communicate with, genuine, and on top of everything else our dog absolutely adored her! We would definitely use her again and recommend her to anyone looking for night or postpartum care.

Monica Barnard


Kayla has been my post partum doula since my baby was a month old. Kayla has always been incredibly kind to both myself, my husband and my baby and has cared for both myself and my baby while we transitioned to being alone once family left. Kayla has been incredible from helping me get sleep, answering my questions and sending me things to give me more information and most importantly, she has cared for and been amazing with my baby. My little girl smiles and lights up when she sees Kayla and that means the world to me. Kayla has helped me through the most life changing experience of my life and I am forever grateful for her help. I could not recommend Kayla more and will one hundred percent hire her again if we have another baby. Thank you for everything Kayla!

Wisam H


Kayla worked as a sibiling doula for my 5 year old, then we brought her on as a postpartum doula for our newborn. She provided excellent care in both of these situations. Kayla is prompt, cheerful, considerate and has a great can do attitude. She found really creative ways to engage my sometimes stubborn 5 year old and greeted us upon arrival from the hospital with a welcome banner they had made together. She is also fantastic at newborn care. She could get my son to nap when few others could, and she is very willing to adhere to your instructions or come up with her own. I have the utmost confidence in her judgement and capability and would recommend her to anyone who is looking for sibling or postpartum care. 

Becca S


I hired Kayla to watch my 2 year old daughter, while I delivered my son at Evergreen.  Kayla was a huge blessing as we had just moved to Kirkland during the pandemic and our families live too far away to offer support.  My daughter had never spent more than a couple hours away from us prior to the birth of my son, so I was a little nervous.  But with a little encouragement, my daughter warmed up quickly to Kayla and loved spending time with her.  Kayla was able to put her down for her naps and bedtime without issue.  While we were gone for 24 hours, my daughter had so much fun with Kayla that she did not ask once where we were!  

Kayla is very professional, a great communicator, and excellent with little details.  My daughter talks about Kayla all the time.  I strongly reccomend working with Kayla!  She's patient, curious, genuine, and great with kids (and parents too)!  We will never forget how much she helped us when we went from being a family of three to a family of four.  Thank you, Kayla!  

Christie Olson


We were fortunate enough to work with Kayla Olson at Vitality Dolua Services when we brought home our 32 week premature son.
Our son had quite a rough start and we were overjoyed to bring him home from the hospital after two months in the NICU.
He had some significant feeding challenges related to his prematurity.
Kayla competently stepped in to assist us in patiently supporting his unique care needs.
I fully endorse that the knowledge and genuine care Kayla applied to our unique situation directly impacted our son's successful start out of the hospital.
Caring for a new baby with two other kids at home was not easy.
We couldn’t have done it without Vitality Doula services postpartum care.


Erin Dunsmore


We hired Kayla to provide sibling care for our two older children while we welcomed our third child in the hospital. She has such a calm and confident demeanor, and my kids immediately fell in love with her and were eager for their special time with her. We had total confidence that they were receiving the best care, and it allowed us to focus 100% on our birth. She was an invaluable resource during a momentous time in our lives, and we are so grateful for everything she did!

Kaela Chong


Our baby was born a month early so didn't have anything lined up for the placenta I know I wanted to keep somehow. My doula gave me Kayla's info and I messaged her just a few hours after he was born, late in the evening. She promptly replied and was able to come to the hospital to pick it up. Not even knowing her or her services, I was blown away when she returned capsules, beautiful prints of the placenta and a cord keepsake shaped to make the word LOVE - it all brought me to tears. She did an amazing, last minute job and was courteous, flexible, professional and super responsive. So glad to have found her and will send others her way for sure. Thanks Kayla!

Mary Jo


We hired Kayla as a sibling doula for a due date in September 2020. My almost 3-year-old was very happy to play with her and the peace of mind of having an on-call professional to watch him whenever it was time to go was such a relief. My labor did go awry a little bit, and she was very flexible in that regard, which we appreciated. She went above and beyond doing some extra tasks for us as well. Recommended!



Kayla was my doula as we brought our son into this world last month. She was helpful during the pregnancy by providing books and articles to read on topics I had expressed interest in learning more about. She checked in regularly and always made sure we knew how to reach her if anything was needed. During my labor she was very helpful with getting me through some intense back pain with every contraction. Had that been the only thing she helped with it would have been well worth it! She also made sure that I felt comfortable whenever things were straying from my birth preferences and her encouragement helped me to have a natural labor without an epidural. I’m very grateful for her services!



While there are doulas aplenty in the greater Seattle area, our highly experienced and established doula gave us a childcare during birth recommendation. Kayla has a relationship her as a mentee and apprentice. My partner and I were beyond thrilled to have Kayla as part of our team of providers around us. With no family close by, we've said that we wouldn't want to have another baby without her!

The planning stages to welcome our second baby looked quite different than it did for our first, since we desired another home birth with a midwife and a doula, but we now had a 3-year-old daughter running around. Kayla's primary duty was to take care of our daughter, which included feeding her, helping her use the potty, playing in the backyard, reading books, and tucking her in. She went above and beyond by bringing some of her own activities--basically a modern day Mary Poppins whom our daughter quickly adored.

As time allowed, Kayla popped into our bedroom, where I spent most of my time laboring.  Our daughter would check in with us and Kayla would explain in age appropriate language what was going on. Since she was lso a mentee to our primary doula, she would also check in with her about techniques and nuances during birth as time allowed. Our daughter remained her first priority throughout.

As an expectant mother, I understand the desire to find a doula who has vast experience and deep knowledge. Kayla is on that path. She actively attends trainings, forges relationships within the greater doula community, and deeply cares about mothers, children, babies, and birth. In short, she is mature, in tune with children, and a calm presense at birth. We continue to keep in touch and I will happily share her information with my expectant friends for care during and after birth. Consider this my word of mouth referral.



As first time parents the notion of birth was very overwhelming for us. We had no idea what to expect. We were on the fence about hiring a doula but once we met Kayla we knew we made the right decision. Kayla is so kind and professional. She is truly passionate about what she does and is an incredibly skilled doula. She got to know us and made us feel comfortable and confident going into the labor and delivery experience. Her recommendations throughout labor helped me progress and ultimately have a very smooth unmedicated vaginal birth. My husband and I both felt so well supported and would highly recommend Kayla.

Austin & Maquel Bradbury


Our experience with Kayla was phenomenal to say the least. She was the best coach for my wife as well as myself throughout the labor process. My wife had quite the difficult labor that involved many curveballs and relocating a couple times while lasting 43 hours. Kayla was there for and with us through it all. She offered techniques and exercises that assisted my wife progress while also providing her relief. I truly believe that we could not have done this with such an amazing outcome without her help. 


Kayla, when baby number two comes, we'll be calling you!



Kayla was a wonderful doula. This was my second birth, but my first home birth and I found Kayla invaluable. She was extremely attentive, kind, reliable, and supportive. She approached my birth ready to help me and my family (including my four year old and my visiting mom). She checked in with me often as I reached the final weeks of pregnancy, was accommodating regarding the time/location of our prenatal meetings and was very skilled with the rebozo (and willing to step into my shower when needed) during my very quick and efficient labor. I found her to be indispensable (and I was very on the fence about hiring a doula for my second birth, wondering if I would need additional support). In short, I said both during and after my labor that she was instrumental in speeding my labor along and easing my pain and I could've have done it without her. 



Kayla was wonderful! She is calm and direct. We were looking for support with the birth of our third child. She was knowledgeable about planning, supporting through birth - a birth that didn't go as planned - and postpartum. We had more difficulties with this baby's birth and postpartum, and Kayla was very supportive - checking in frequently via text, offering lots of support both in the hospital and afterwards. If we were having another child, we would definitely work with her again!

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