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Alyssa Moore


I highly recommend Leanne Bryce as a birth doula! She was exceptionally supportive, offering valuable resources and knowledge on pregnancy and birth preparation. This was my first pregnancy and birth, and I was very anxious about pregnancy and labor. With her guidance, I had a positive home birth experience! Leanne also skillfully guided my husband in providing the best support while I was in labor. Her assistance in helping me transition from a maternity clinic to a midwife practice was truly invaluable. I am incredibly grateful for her expertise and care throughout my pregnancy and birth journey! I truly felt supported every step of the way.

Maddie Miller


Leanne was a valuable source of knowledge and support in the weeks before and after my daughter was born and absolutely invaluable to have at my side on the day on her birth. This was my first pregnancy and birth - a home water birth - and both my husband and I can say without a doubt that we would not nearly have been as well prepared for our baby's arrival and that labour would have been much more difficult if not for her. She is very professional and open minded - highly recommend.



Leanne was a great support in helping us get on our feet during the first two weeks of bringing our baby home. Would happily recommend her services for postpartum care!

Erin Slomka


A pleasure to work with!

If you are considering working with a Doula during your pregnancy and delivery look no further. Leanne is the kindest human and her approach on pregnancy, delivery and postpartum are very natural and educative. Although our birth story was not what we expected, Leanne met us as soon as she could in hospital and was there to help myself and my husband cope during our labour and delivery. Not to mention she captured some wonderful photos of our first moments with our new babe. 10/10 recommend Leanne and her services. She will come to your home and she will bring the warm cozy feelings to you that you're looking for. 



From our first meet and greet call Leanne made us feel very comfortable. She gave us a wonderful intro to herself and why she is a doula and allowed us to ask any questions. Once we signed the contract with her, her warmth did not stop. She made sure we knew we could contact her at any time with questions we had. We had 2 prenatal visits with her which allowed us to connect in person. She continued to share her knowledge and always made sure we were comfortable and our questions had been answered.
When it was birth time, Leanne came over as soon as we wanted her there. She was an amazing support for not only me, but my partner. He could leave my side to get things for the midwives and know Leanne was right there to take over supporting me as my labour progressed. Things moved quickly and we made a last minute decision to give birth at home (instead of moving to Arbour Birth Center) and Leanne was there for us as we prepared for a home birth.
The birth went very smoothly and Leanne helped make that happen. I couldn't imagine having done that without her there with us. At the postpartum visit she came with a birth timeline which was amazing because there were many things I forgot/ didn't even know happened. Leanne also took pictures and videos (with our consent) and it is amazing to have these memories.
It takes a very special person to do what she does and form such strong connections with people.
I would absolutely recommend Leanne to be your doula, I am SO happy she was ours! Thank you for everything Leanne ??

Paige Olsen


My husband and I were pregnant with our first baby and looking for some additional support and information with all of the big decisions that come with labor and delivery. Leanne came to our house for our first appointment and you could instantly see the passion in her eyes and smile. She lights up talking about all things pregnancy, babies, labor/delivery and postnatal care! She is so warm and caring that I instantly felt comfortable around her and that she would be a great support to have on D day. She walked us through all of my options for delivery in the hospital, provided resources, podcasts, and online research material to read through to make sure we understood our options. My delivery was very fast and Leanne was at the hospital waiting with a wheel chair and magically our son was born 12 minutes later. She followed up with us and answered all of my questions a few days after he was born, helped with breastfeeding and set us up with a baby chiropractor for his first adjustments. We would recommend Leanne to anyone looking for a Doula in Calgary!



We are so grateful to have had Leanne's support, guidance and compassion through our pregnancy journey and birth. Leanne was always someone I could confide in when I had questions, when I as feeling anxious or worried or when I needed to talk something through. Although I had my fears around giving birth, knowing I had Leanne there to support me and my husband gave me peace and reassurance. There was a particular point during my sons birth where things got intense for us and he had to be taken to the NICU. Leanne's presence meant absolutely everything to me when my husband had to leave and go with our baby, it's something I'll never forget. Once our time together was complete, I looked forward to our home visit with Leanne because I missed her! We developed a great relationship. We are super thankful for Leanne and we would highly recommend her to others! 

Colette Gormley


Leanne was amazing to work with. With twins, our birth 'plan' and postpartum needs changed multiple times, and Leanne was quick to match exactly what our needs were all the way through. She came over and did a few sessions with us before the twins were born, and those sessions made us feel more confident going into both birth and postpartum. After our twins were born, Leanne came over and did multiple overnight stays so that we could get some rest. This was so valuable to us in such a sleep deprived period of the newborn stage. There were not many people I would trust with my newborns overnight at that time, but I trusted Leanne. We woke up each time and the twins were not only happy and sleeping, but she made sure to tidy our place, clean bottles, do dishes, etc to ensure we woke up to a clean and peaceful place. She is kind, thoughtful and lovely, but most importantly she is knowledgeable and trustworthy and those are two key elements that we found important in putting our trust in someone during a very vulnerable time. We highly recommend Leanne for any and all of your doula/ postpartum needs. 

Jillian Cottam


We are so grateful that Leanne was part of our birth story. Choosing to have someone join your birth is a big decision and we couldn’t imagine a better fit. Throughout the pregnancy she was always responsive to quick questions which was comforting. On our son’s birth day she came prepared and had such a wonderful presence in the room. She was so good at reading the vibes and knew what my husband and I needed before we even realized it was what we needed. She worked really well with the hospital staff and they loved having her there! I would highly recommend you choose Leanne as your doula!



The care, comfort and support that Leanne provided us pre, during and post labour was absolutely incredible. Being first time parents we did not know what to expect at all the different stages of pregnancy and postpartum and having her kindness and loving support was a godsend! Her support for our family during this magical time was so much appreciated! 

Carolyn M.


We met Leanne a month before our due date but we immediately felt comfortable with her. She provided us with great resources, walked us through birthing scenarios and gave us the Coles Notes on what decisions we could be faced with. The process enabled us to distill down to what was most important vs. less important to us in labour and delivery. We had a couple surprises pre and post labour but we certainly felt much more prepared than we would have been. Leanne also had special equipment for the counter pressure and massage; that was a welcome relief during the painful moments! And her calm presence enabled my husband to focus on encouraging me through the contractions. We highly recommend her – so glad we went the doula route! We especially recommend her for a first pregnancy and delivery…that could have been a very stressful experience for us. Overall, we were happy with how things went. Thanks Leanne – you are amazing!



Leanne was an essential part of my birth team for my first pregnancy. The peace of mind that having her aboard gave me was priceless. She was a huge support in the planning process - prepping both me and my partner on what to expect during labour, helping me put together a birth plan, providing me with knowledge and having discussions that led me to ask the right questions to my midwife. She never rushed our prenatal meetings, she took the time to cover everything in detail & answer every question I had. Come the big day, she came over within the hour when we called. She guided us through the labour process and I believe her coaching on movement and positioning played a huge part in why my baby descended through the birth canal with ease, didn’t get stuck, and never felt stressed - which was one of the main reasons I wanted her as part of my team in the first place. Leanne’s support contributed to a great labour experience that lined up with my birth plan and allowed me to achieve my goal of an unmedicated birth. I really appreciated her communication style as well - she brought a calm presence and made encouraging suggestions to help me get through the labour process. I couldn’t recommend Leanne enough for this important & intimate life experience. I will definitely be bringing her back on for baby number two!

Allana Foulkes


The whole process from our meet & greet to birth to post birth visit with Leanne was absolutely amazing. We are so happy we were referred to Leanne when we asked our Midwife for doula suggestions.
Leanne helped us with the frame work of our birth plan and explained things we didn't fully understand when we asked her for additional insight on birth topics.
In the weeks leading up to my due date, Leanne checked in with me regularly to see how I was doing.
During labour my husband liked how Leanne worked with the Midwife really well and suggested various pushing positions, etc. She also worked really well with him and he said she was calm and felt like an old friend during labour.
Overall we are so happy we had Leanne at our first birth and would definitely use her again at any future births!

D Sidhu


Leanne is an incredible doula. I feel lucky to have found her after a lengthy search for the right doula. Leanne is passionate about her role in supporting mothers + families. She supported me in the unmedicated birth of my third child at the Arbour Birth Center, and she will always be a part of that beautiful memory. She had all the tools, knowledge + experience to support me. I am so thankful for you, Leanne!

Tara Wakelam


One of the best decisions I made during my pregnancy was to hire Leanne as my doula! We met twice before my baby was born and she was so helpful answering all my questions and showing me what all my options would be during the birth of my first baby. When I went into labour Leanne was with me for over 24 hours and I couldn’t have done it without her! I also decided to have her come for postpartum visits and it was beyond helpful! She helped with the baby and all the chores I needed to get done around the house while I recovered from my C-section. I HIGHLY recommend Leanne if you’re looking to hire a doula!

Laura O.


I would highly recommend hiring Leanne as a birth doula. Not only did she provide much needed support during a rough labour, but she was so thoughtful and caring both leading up to and after labour. Especially during the two weeks that I was overdue and feeling discouraged about not having had baby yet, Leanne consitently checked in for updates and encouragement. Her postpartum visit also brought a sweet handmade toque, a birth timeline, and assistance with breastfeeding. If you're considering hiring a birth doula, look no further!

Amanda Soloski


I never really knew the difference between a midwife and a doula, and after doing some research, it was obvious to my husband and I, that although we had a midwife, also having a doula would be beneficial, especially as first-time parents. Hiring Leanne was truly one of the best decisions we made. Originally, our birth plan was to have an epidural when we got to the hospital because I was really nervous about the pain, I didn't think I was strong enough to go through labour and birth without medication. With the help of Leanne, I was able to labour in the comfort of our own home until I was 7cm (I could not believe it!), and then go through the rest of my labour and birth at the hospital for hours without an epidural. Of course, things don't always go as planned, so after a few hours I opted to get an epidural, but I could not believe that I got as far as I did without one. Having Leanne there with us pushed me to feel so empowered. Leanne helped me realize how incredibly strong and powerful I really am. The whole experience was truly amazing, and Leanne played a huge part in that. She made us feel so comfortable, helped manage my pain naturally, and was another cheerleader in the room. If you are thinking about hiring a doula, Leanne should be your girl! 

Avery Stodalka


Leanne is truly an angel disguised as a doula. I cannot put into words what a positive impact she had on our pregnancy, labour and delivery experience. She really takes her time  with you in your prenatal visits to get a fulsome understanding of your knowledge and help to fill in any gaps. She is patient and non judgemental when it comes to coming up with a birth plan, and will provide her recommendations based on prior experiences and research when prompted. While my husband and I took 2 separate prenatal birthing classes that walked you through labour positions and partner support, Leanne's support when I was in early, active labour and transition was invaluable. The ideas, tools and physical support she offered really helped me through my contractions and her calming presence offered reassurance that everything would be okay. As I faced a pretty long and exhausting labour, I know that my partner and I wouldn't have fared and coped as well without Leanne. She stayed with us until shortly after the arrival of our sweet baby boy and documented some special memories of our birth experience and photos that we would never have had otherwise. We also had a lovely post partum visit to debrief on our experience, as well as to answer any additional questions we had. Honestly, I was a bit unsure about what a doula could offer but I'm so glad that we hired a doula, and in particular, the amazing Leanne. Anyone (particularly first time parents) who are considering a doula should just say YES and you'll be even luckier if you have Leanne in your corner. 



Leanne provided a nurturing atmosphere during my labor and delivery. She was supportive and so caring - providing masages, helping me with breathing, and worked well with my midwife. Would recommend her services!



I am so thankful to have had Leanne as my doula during my pregnancy and birth. Her knowledge during my pregnancy was amazing and having someone to always talk to and know where I was coming from helped me beyond words. She truly was our saviour while I was in labour. My labour came on so fast and having her on the phone on the way to the hospital helped me and my partner so much. Once at the hospital having her support was amazing and made my labour so much more comfortable. I will always recommend a doula and especially Leanne. Her presence during my birth meant so much to us and I will always cherish the birth timeline she made us. 



I will be forever grateful to Leanne as my doula. She checked in with me leading up to my birth and sent me lots of great resources and was available to answer my questions. During my home birth she stayed by my side and seemed to intuitively know when to help with a hip squeeze and talk me through contractions. She also used rollers on my back, suggested alternate positions, reminded me to restart my hypnobirth tracks and to drink water. Together with my midwives, it was such a blessing to be surrounded and supported by such strong and caring women as I brought my daughter into the world. She took photos and videos as my daughter was born and captured some truly precious and emotional moments that I otherwise would never have to review. Leanne also came for 3 postpartum visits and helped with holding the baby so I could shower and eat, bathing baby, doing laundry, vacuuming and other light chores, playing with my toddler. Not only was her support wonderful through these actions, but also her advice and guidance (and adult conversation) were a light in those hectic days. I was so sad to say goodbye to her on her last visit. Leanne has a positive, calm, and loving demeanor that made her so easy to get along with, it felt as though I'd known her a long time.

Braedie Larocque


There is too much to say about how much we loved having Leanne as our doula but here is some key things as to why we loved Leanne as our families doula♥?. Not only is she super awesome at advocating for her families but she is a fountain of knowledge!. When looking for a doula I not only wanted someone to support myself as the mother but my spouse and daughter as well since our first child was not as I had wanted due to being high risk and caused a lot of anxiety in not only myself but greatly within my partner for fear of what kept being spoken over me within the hospital. As I laboured Leanne knew exactly where I needed pressure and comfort without me even needing to speak and for that I'm forever grateful for her as in the moments without her felt like an eternity and when she was with me time went quickly with her words leading me through each wave peacefully. Our eldest followed her around and Leanne was so kind and had endless grace with her and involved her in all going ons and emersyn still speaks of moms baby helper often ??. I spoke often that we would have two children and be done but my 2nd labour was as I always wanted and so peaceful I'm now considering a 3rd and if it happens Leanne will be by our sides again. 

Marina Resende


I hired Leanne's as my doula and I had an amazing experience. She was very knowledgeable, guided me with breathing techniques and helped a lot during contractions. She was also an emotional support and advocated in my favor the whole time. I highly recommend her services and will definitely hire her again for my next pregnancy. 



I don't even know where to begin. From the very beginning when I came across Leanne's website I felt a different energy about her. She came across as extremely caring and was doing what she loved to do because she genuinely loved to do it. When I met Leanne I was not wrong. Throughout the whole process Leanne made sure I felt confident and supported. With a half present partner I was beyond grateful to have Leanne during my labour. Typically I am shy and closed off but right away I was able to relax with Leanne. She is so personable and is amazing with my baby. I have had her in my home for care after having the baby and she is a real lifesaver. I am able to get a few extra hours of sleep and wake up with my laundry done, my dishes cleaned and a happy baby. If I ever decide to go down the pregnancy road again I will defiantly be having Leanne back. 
Thank you Leanne! 

Keltie Mastre


We hired Leanne off of a recommendation from another Doula and we are so glad we did! Our little one has been struggling with sleep and only sleeps on husband or myself - while we love this, it makes for some long nights and sleepy parents. We hired Leanne to come help for a night shift and already have scheduled another! Leanne is so kind and the moment she walked in our door you can just feel the caring and nurturing side of her. She has lots of knowledge and I like the fact I could  go to her website and see her certifications.  Even our dog took to her quickly. Leanne is thorough and sent me her notes later that day and even checked in on us that night.  I only wish I would have hired her for my pregnancy too. 



Leanne was an amazing postpartum doula for us when we had our second baby. She intuited our needs and was so emotionally supportive during the postpartum rollercoaster. She was awesome with our 3 yr old and so loving towards our newborn, wearing him around in the mobi while she took care of things around the house. Leanne is genuine, reliable, knowledgable, and an overall gem!

Jenna Phan


Leanne played a critical role in helping me have the birth I desired. I apreciated the time she took to meet with my husband and I in our home to discuss our birth preferences prior to delivery. She supported all of our birth wishes and helped us to feel confident in our plans. 

When our big day finally came Leanne was there to help me cope with each contraction and wave. Her role was very physical and would undersandably be tiring after awhile yet she never once left me alone when I needed counter pressure to make it through a contraction. Leanne stayed with me from 10 AM on Friday until Baby O arrived on Saturday at almost 1 AM. Leanne's emotional support was also invaluable, especially in the moments leading up to pushing.When my labor stalled at a critical point, she was a rockstar for being with me as I lunged up our staircase while low tone yelling/ moaning nonsense in her face as each wave overtook me.

Leanne used all the tools in her doula kit to bring me comfort during my labor. She always had fresh new suggestions to keep me as comfortable as possible. Her support also extended to my husband as she educated him in how he could best show up for me during the birth. Leanne went the extra mile in so many ways- even our midwife commented on how Leanne actively did more to support me than she has seen other doulas do for their clients. I can't recommend her enough!! I will be hiring Leanne again for the birth of our future babies. 



Leanne is a beautiful person inside and out. Her assistance with the birth of our son was totally priceless. Her emotional and physical support was everything we needed - exactly when we needed it. She is truly doing what she's meant to do! I highly recommend her. 

Ann Wallace


Working with Leanne was a delight right from the very beginning. I felt empowered and confident moving through my pregnancy and I was able to start and move through my labour and delivery without any anxiety or fear. Prior to speaking with Leanne I felt confused, and unsure of entering motherhood but Leanne helped me prepare and feel confident in my choices. I never felt judged, I only ever felt supported and listened too.

Leanne was a necessary part of my birth team. I was able to achieve my birth plan and have an unmedicated birth and I truly believe I was able to do this because of Leanne. She is a cherished part of our story as my husband and I move into parenthood. 



I gave birth in the middle of a pandemic under extremely stressful and unideal circumstances. My family couldnt get to me in time for the birth of my son due to border restrictions. Leanne was my savior! I liked and appreciated that from our first virtual meet and greet, she was not in any hurry, she was dressed well and neat, and she was very open about my getting to know her. I was not familiar then with what hiring a doula entailed as well as how our meet and greet was supposed to go but she picked up on this and took charge. As a first time mom, I was lost on a lot of things. Nothing prepares you for motherhood and Leanne was just there guiding me. She was available for my random queries any time of the day or night. During the birth she would remind me to do things that would slip my mind as I had a lot of things on my mind being alone. She held my hand and that meant the world to me. She also made sure my family was there virtually for me during the delivery!

When I got home from the hospital, I was recovering from a C section and my husband was still under mandatory quarantine having just flown into the country so the entire burden of caring for the baby and managing the household was on my shoulders. I loved how when she was around she would just insist that I rest and she would take care of everything. She reminded me to take care of myself as well. 

I appreciated the initiative she had to get things done while still respecting the manner in which I wanted to get things done. I will never forget Leanne. She will always have a special place in my heart for all that she did for me during my most difficult time. And I would highly recommend her as a birth and postpartum doula :) 

Kayla termors




I am so thankful for you, so appreciative and greatful. After my first birth, I never even imagined I could have the birth I did with my second.

I am thankful for the support you offered (and continued to offer throughout my pregnancy), I am not someone who likes to ask for help or feel like I might be disturbing your time, so the fact that you continued to offer really made me feel seen! I am appreciative that you offered tips and tricks for stress and feeling antsy while waiting for signs of labour! I am greatful that I had the chance to meet you and spend time with you, it's amazing to see how one person can be so open minded and loving!

I felt really alone my first birth and just having that reassurance that everything would be okay, and to have another person connected and invested really made so much of a difference! You really showed me I have options and not only told me, but explained to me in a way I understood and felt empowered. 

I love the videos and photos you took of my family and our newest baby coming eartside! I will treasure those photos forever! Zoey definitely made a great first friend ??????

Alex Lianne Carter


Leanne was absolutely amazing and we couldn’t have had the natural birth that we wanted, without her! Initially, we were on the fence about getting a doula and we left our decision to the last minute; however, we didn’t really know how last-minute it was. We had messaged and booked Leanne about 2.5 weeks before the due date and 4 days later, we had to go to the hospital, where we found out that my water had broken and I needed to be induced. So we called up Leanne after speaking with the Doctor, to let her know the change of plans and within an hour, she came to our rescue! From the time she arrived, she took charge and made sure that we had everything that we needed, from snacks and water for me to coffee for my husband. She helped us with our bags, find our hospital room, and began taking pictures and videos to help capture our special day. After I was induced, my delivery was quick but intense. Leanne was extremely helpful in making me feel comfortable with massages and reassurances, setting a nice calm ambiance with candles, and by keeping us informed with the status of the baby. I was determined to have a natural birth, and Leanne worked very well with my husband, the nurses, and doctors, advocating for us and always keeping our best interest at heart, while also capturing everything with photos and videos. Unfortunately, I experienced a couple of complications post-delivery and Leanne was there, holding my hand, while my husband cared for the baby. After delivery, Leanne continued to support me, texting me daily, checking in to see that I was on the road for recovery. Being our first child, we really didn’t know what to expect and Leanne really came through for us, making it possible for me to have a natural birth. We couldn’t have done it without her and with the birth story that she helped document, we will never forget it. It was a game changer having a doula like Leanne with us during this incredible journey.

Leslie Barr


When we began our journey with Leanne we never expected to have received such a tremendous impact on our journey through our pregnancy, and our lives really.

The guidance and support Leanne provided from day one was truly amazing. We had a few hiccups along the way, Leanne was there through every step.

There is no way our delivery would have been as manageable without Leanne. We feel she kept the room together, ensuring our message was kept clear to the hospital staff and that we were emotionally and physically supported.

Having Leanne available to ask questions was a huge asset as there are so many pros and cons to everything. Leanne knew our intended path and was able to provide support based on that path.

Never will we forget the support Leanne provided us. And never would we been able to get through our pregnancy and delivery as well as we did without her.

Maggie O


*This was a surrogacy pregnancy*

When I contacted Leanne, I had recently broken up with my partner and had planned on having him their for the birth. I too am a doula and also had the thought that it might be nice to have the experience of having a doula myself! 

At the meet and greet, I knew Leanne was the one for me! She just had this overall sense of positivity, lightness and passion about birth which drew me in. When I gave birth to this baby, it was during the Covid-19 pandemic (definatly a weird time to be born!), during this time Leanne's support did not falter. We had our second prenatal visit via phone call and she took all the necessary precautions on her end so she could be their at the birth with me. 

When the birth took place and we met up, she immediately jumped right in and was hands on. She knew what I needed before I did! She spoke words of encouragement to me and helped me achieve the natural birth I wanted in the first place. 

Throughout the pregnancy, she provided me with resources about labor and delivery, tips for "drying up" and made sure I had lots of support in the postpartum period. 

I am so so happy I had Leanne at my birth, and am so grateful to have just met her in general! When I have another baby, I will definatly be hiring her again!!



My husband and I were not sure whether we wanted a Doula at first, so I suggested that we look online and see if we could find a match.  Leanne, was the first person we met and was just so easy to get to know that we went ahead and booked her on the same day. 

We were first time parents, so had also signed up for the birth and babies classes with AHS, but I found it helpful to have Leanne explain about the different options, specifically, at the first meeting we discussed what we could expect from labour and delivery, went through our preferences.  At the second meeting we chatted more about the actual event and the plan for when I went into labour.  As my date approached and then passed Leanne was very supportive and checked in with me often to see how I was doing. 

When I went into labour I checked in with Leanne right away, and we checked in regularly until I felt that I had moved along enough for her to join us.  When Leanne arrived, she was great at helping me to relax and focus on my breathing.  She was able to help me feel as comfortable as possible, while also making sure that my labour progressed enough for us to go to the hospital.  Once we arrived at the hospital, Leanne really shone, it helped me so much to have her and my husband as a team.  Leanne did lots of hip presses to help ease the pressure and helped my husband to keep me moving and standing, my most comfortable position!  When I was feeling like I couldn't do it anymore she helped to come up with new positions for me to try and suggested when to rest.  After the birth we had some minor complications and I appreciated it so much that Leanne waited with me and checked in over the next few days.

Without Leanne, I'm not sure how we would have done it! We are so incredibly grateful for her support, guidance, and care throughout this experience. We highly recommend Leanne!

Breton Bonner


Leanne was a life saver for the birth of my daughter. My husband and I hadn't organized having a birth doula, but after 12 hours of labour, we were so lucky to have Leanne available to support us. She was kind, knowledgeable and helped us through one of the most challenging days we've ever experienced. She guided me through contractions, rest and supported us at the hospital. In retrospect, I would have organized Leanne to be with us from the very beginning. We were so glad she was with us and we highly recommend her service to anyone expecting a baby! 

Melina Vallee


Leanne is not only my cousin in law, but was my guiding light during my son's water birth. I wanted to give up and die many times, but her words of encouragement and bubbly positivity got me and my hubby through this incredible 7hr adventure. She was a godsend to us! 

If you are looking or thinking of having a doula for extra support during your pregnancy/birth journey, then I would highly recommend her services. I'm so happy she became a doula and that i got to have her by my side during this amazing time. 





As a first time mom, I had no idea what to expect during labour and kept going back and forth with whether or not I wanted a doula to help us through the process. I found Leanne after some quick searches online and contacted her. She was quick to respond and we set up an initial meet and greet. She was very kind and thorough in her answers to all my questions about what having a doula is like. I eventually decided that I wanted to have a doula after all and proceeded to convince my husband that it was worth the investment. He was skeptical at first and wondered if it was necessary but eventually he came on board if that's what I really wanted. After the birth of my daughter, he exclaimed "I am so glad we hired Leanne. I don't know what I would have done without her!" I agree with my husband. Leanne was a great support not only during labour, but in the weeks leading up to it. She would regularly check up on me and see how I was doing. Although for me, a lot of my labour was a painful blur, I do remember that she was there speaking calmly and gently to me coaching me along throughout the whole thing. Her reassurance and support helped me keep going even when I felt like giving up. Another thing I appreciate was her taking pictures (with my camera) documenting my labour with husband by my side. I couldn't remember a lot of it - besides the pain - and I love how I was able to look back at the pictures and see how it all unfolded with my husband by my side. If you are on the fence about whether you should get a doula, just do it! And if you are lucky enough to get someone like Leanne, consider yourself blessed! Thanks for everything, Leanne!

Mackenzie Rankin


I met with Leanne when I was 18 weeks pregnant. I had had an awful experience with a midwife team, and decided to switch back to a team of OBs. I still wanted to have the support of a natural health practitioner, so a doula was a great option. I had met with many doulas, but Leanne was the one I most related to and felt comfortable with. She was great at answering questions, checking in, calming my fears and giving me support as we lead up to the big day. My labour started fast and furious with intense back labour at 7:30 in the morning, we called Leanne at 8:30 and she was a our house by 9. My contractions were 3-4 minutes apart at this point and very intense, but I still failed to believe I was in labour. When Leanne came in, she jumped right into action and made the decision that we should be heading to the hospital. When we got to the hospital after a quick assessment she recommended the shower, the shower was a wonderful birth tool, with contractions strictly in my back and the hot water and pressure was wonderful. When we came out of the shower my contractions were 30 seconds both Leanne and my husband were alternating with hip squeezes, but honestly Leanne was the real MVP and didn't falter, and took over when Dallas couldn't do anymore. One of my biggest things I wanted out of my labour was trauma free, and I got that completely, although intense, I would have a baby over and over again without fear. Leanne was a necessity on our birthing team and my delivery would not have been the same without her. Not to mention she got some amazing pictures and a video of our daughter coming into this world, which I will cherish and watch for years to come. Thank you Leanne for supporting us through the amazing journey that is childbirth. 



I had originally hired a different doula for the birth of my baby this past june. I also had booked a birthing suite here in calgary, but things did not go as planned! My midwife couldn't make it so she sent another midwife filling in for her, my doula couldn't make it due to unforeseen circumstances and I was progressing too fast to make it to the birthing center! My entire plan had gone out the window. Here I am at home pacing around my house riding out every contraction not knowing if anyone would make it on time for the birth, it was a tad stressful for sure but once Leanne arrived (sent by my original doula) I could finally relax and get into the zone. I can say with 100% certainty that I wouldnt have been able to stay as calm and confident in myself if Leanne had not been there. With things being so fast paced since I was 10cm when the midwives arrived, nothing about the situation was as calm as I wanted or imagined it to be. But with the reassurance and words of encouragement from Leanne, I felt relaxed and confident in myself. She was right there with me holding my hand, pushing on my back during every contraction, leaning over into the tub to support me (you're a trooper btw) getting me cold cloths and water, she was there for me every step of the way. Without her it wouldnt have been such a wonderful experience. I am forever grateful she arrived at my house that day. She is incredible and I would 100% recommend her again and again. Thank you.

Kyle McCaffrey


I first contacted Leanne through her Instagram page, and from the get go, she was very easy to communicate with and was able to provide a wealth of knowledge with pre/post pregancy and what we should expect. My wife and I had some complications with our pregnancy at the start, and Leanne was nothing but supportive and walked us through the next steps. During our delivery, we were in the hospital for over 24hrs and Leanne spent the whole time with us at the hospital. She assisted with breathing techniques, massages, and best of all acted as a friend for my wife and I. 

Leanne has always been available to contact either by phone/text/email and at all hours of the day. I would highly recommend Leanne for anyone going through a pregnancy. Being a Doula is something that she absoutley loves and its evident in the way she deals with families going through a pregnancy.

I can't say enough good things about Leanne and if we plan on having another child, she will be one of our first phone calls!



Leanne helped me through my labour and is so knowledgable. she gave me lots of emotional support and help through a difficult labour. She is great!Leanne not only supported myself through labour, before being induced but she supported my partner. As first time parents and full of anxiety and the unknown she helped us to navigate questions and be able to advocate for us to have the most positive birth experience. At the start of the labour induction, we were set on having a vaginal delivery, but things changed and we ended up having a c-sectuon for the birth of our son. She helped us ask the right questions so we would be able to make an informed decision. She is an absolute gem of a human and I would not hesitate to hire her again.

Kayla Wilson


Leanne was amazing with the birth of our second child this WEEK! My husband and I are so grateful for the support Leanne has provided us before,durning and after birth.

She has really made this experience even more unique, she is very intuitive through out the whole process! Not to mention Knowledgeable, a wonderful personality and a great sense of humor. All things you want/need and more in your doula!

Leanne has changed the way we thought about doulas, we were unsure if we needed one(since this was our second round) after this experience we cannot imagine doing this again without a doula and specifically without Leanne!!

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