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Natalie Campbell


I cannot begin to explain what it meant for us to have Suzanne support our journey. When I brought up the idea of a doula to my partner, his response was sure whatever you need, little did we know we both needed Suzanne! From day one of virtually meeting her due to COVID, we felt comfortable and relieved. I was excited to have someone take some photos for us, especially during the birth and her doula services to me were an added bonus when we first started working together. Fast forward to my last two months of pregnancy her support and answering of questions was just what my partner and I needed as my pregnancy started to get complicated and eventually led to and induction. Suzanne prepared us with all the things she knew could happen which for us was just what we needed to feel prepared. Often she was the one to initiate contact and share information that us as first time parents had no idea we needed. With her support I was able to fully experience my birth and although it did not go as hoped in the end, I know we confidently made the decisions that were best for baby and I while giving 100% to attempting the birth experience I had hoped for. Looking back now 10 weeks postpartum, hiring Suzanne was the best decision we could have made and she still continues to be an amazing support to our family.

Alyson D


It's hard to express how much of a difference Suzanne made in my birthing experience. This was my first pregnancy, and ended up having some complications, including gestational diabetes, induction, and pre eclampsia. During our prenatal visits, she was very knowledgable and gave us good information based on her experience with our particular birthing location and what to expect given my GD diagnosis. I ended up being induced a few days ahead of my due date during a particularly busy weekend for Suzanne (all the babies decided to come at once). She stayed in communication with us over text and came straight from another birth to be there for us. I ended up in a long induction - it took three days, and Suzanne was there with us from Sunday night through the birth of my son Tuesday evening. She was so supportive throughout the entire process. We were feeling so discouraged and frustrated at how long things were taking, and Suzanne helped by providing encouragement and information so we felt as in control as possible. She walked us through what to expect and talked through different options at various stages along with pros and cons. She was never judgemental in her approach, and listened to what I wanted. She was also a great support for my husband, checking in with him and ensuring he felt empowered and informed as well. All in all, hiring Suzanne as our doula was the best decision we made for this pregnancy. I would absolutely hire her for a future pregnancy and can't recommend her enough. 

Ariana Scarborough


Suzanne is absolutely heaven sent. She cares so much and makes you feel so strong and empowered. I was in so much pain and getting so angry and she was right there to tell me that I can do this and she really made me feel like I could do something I couldn't when I pushed out an almost ten pound baby. She was there with my last birth of an 11 pounder and now this birth. I wouldn't ask for anyone else. I feel like if she wasn't here I wouldn't be able to get through what I did. She is so knowledgeable and definitely meant to be a doula like this is what God sent her to do !! I want to cry thinking about how awesome Suzanne was and is. 



Suzanne is an all around amazing person! With this being my first pregnancy, my mom thought it was a good idea for me to have a doula. With the months/weeks leading up to my birth, Suzanne was there for every question/need I had! She never hesitated to answer even if it was a simple question. When I went into labor, she was already at another birth but she made sure I had an experienced, amazing doula as her back up! Of course I wanted Suzanne there but things come up sometimes and I am definitely grateful she made sure I was in good hands with a trusted back up doula. Even though Suzanne wasn't able to be at the birth of my baby, she has made sure to check in on me regularly and answer every single little/big question I've had post partum. I am thankful I hired her because I now have somebody who is knowledgeable that I can contact at any time with any questions or concerns I may have as a new mother! I also had maternity pictures done with her and they were honestly amazing! If you can, get a package with pictures included! Memories I will have forever. Thank you Suzanne for being so hands on and amazing. I would HIGHLY recommend booking her as your doula/photographer!!!!

Yesenia & Andrew Whitney


Beyond grateful to have had such a lovely experience working with Suzanne. She is kind, attentive, knowledgeable and supportive. Our long labor would not have been as manageable without all of her support. From the beginning she was present. Always checking in, providing great tips and support for both myself and my partner Andrew. When it came to being in labor, she was right there ready to support in any way possible to make this a memorable experience. Even after delivery, she was around to support and check in on us as new parents. We highly recommend Suzanne. She is a great member and support of the birthing team! 

Claire Gibeau


Suzanne has made total believers/doula advocates out of us! We can’t imagine (nor do we want to) what our experience would have been without her. Suzanne provided us peace of mind throughout pregnancy, birth, and bringing baby home. There are so many little questions and concerns running through new parents-to-be's minds. Just knowing that she was there with her experience, candor, and knowledge allowed us to enjoy this special but sometimes stressful time so much more. When unexpected complications arose during labor, we found a true partner in navigating the inevitable unknowns that arise during childbirth in Suzanne. It is because of her that we are able to reflect on our daughter's birth story with fondness and positivity. Suzanne was also an amazing resource for us once we brought baby home, regularly checking in with us to see how things were going, being available to answer questions, and even checking in on us in person. It is clear that Suzanne genuinely cares deeply about the families she supports. Working with Suzanne is the single best decision we made leading up to our daughter's birth; we highly recommend working with her to anyone considering it!

Krima and Ryan Reilly


My husband and I agreed early on in my pregnancy that a doula was a must in our son's birth story, and we are so grateful that it was Suzanne who was alongside us in our eventful labor and delivery. From the beginning, she exuded the perfect balance between arming us with the knowledge we need in every decision we had to make, while also stepping back to let us still be in the driver seat of our journey. That is NOT an easy thing to balance at all, but she executed it so flawlessly. She is very intuitive and empathetic, and that makes her excellent at her job. Not once did we feel like we were steered in a certain direction she wanted--we only felt support and encouragement in each step we chose to take. I don't know what I would have done without her TENS machine and the multitude of pain management techniques she employed as I went through the worst of my 39-hour labor, and her support pre- and post-CS operation was so much needed as my (very tired) husband and I stepped into our new role as parents after the kind of unplanned but necessary labor and delivery we navigated. 100% would recommend her as you navigate your pregnancy and birth as well! Thank you for everything, Suzanne! 

Michael & Melissa Ong


Suzanne was a godsend! I was initially skeptical of the powers of a Doula, but my partner thankfully insisted we get one for our first birth experience. With only 6 weeks left until our due date, we happed upon Suzanne via Doula Match. We were sold within minutes of our initial chat due to her kindness, expertise, support, and calm demeanor. Our first impression was further matched during the 16 hours (out of 24 total labor hours) Suzanne spent with us during my partner's laboring at the hospital. She helped keep my birthing partner's spirits up, helped progress her labor, and kept me calm during such an extraordinary and scary time. Pre and post birth, Suzanne was merely a text or phone call away. 3 weeks after birth, we still ping her with our silly questions and she continues to respond instantly, as long as she is not in a birth. I will definitely look to Suzanne again if we decide to have more little ones!



We were so happy to have Suzanne's support before, during and after the birth of our son!  We hired her late in my pregnancy, and she offered us a lot of information to help us prepare for our surgical birth.  We appreciated her professionalism in working as part of our care team at the hospital, her excellent communication and her insights into what to expect throughout various post-partum stages.  Because of her experience, she can anticipate some details that you may want a heads up about, but just tell her if you don't want to know.  She also was able to take maternity, birth and newborn photos for us that we will treasure always.  If you are looking for a doula that is highly responsive, open-minded, flexible and kind-hearted, then you should meet Suzanne.

Sueann Yang


Hiring Suzanne was the best decision I made for my pregnancy. Having parted ways from the first doula I initially hired, I had low expectations on a new doula. Suzanne has never let me down for a day whenever I need her support. You can tell she's extremely passionate about her profession. She goes above and beyond to find the info I need, and her empathy for her clients is what really sets her apart from others. She hugged me and comforted me when I was so nervous in the OR getting ready for my cesarean section surgery. I would have not pulled through the surgery without her being there. (Let's face it, there is only so much a husband can do in a cold OR). She continues to check in with me and offer me tips after my baby was born. I cannot be more grateful to have met Suzanne during this stressful and significant time in my life. She is not only my doula, but a trusted friend that I'd wholeheartedly recommend to anyone without any hesitation. 

Leah Everhart


My labor and delivery didn't go as planned and I kept hitting obstacle after obstacle. Suzanne was an advocate for us when complications were thrown at us and we had difficult decisions to make. She never questioned our choices but provided helpful information and made sure we had time to discuss each decision. She brought lots of tools to help with labor and made sure I had the option to utilize every tool the hospital had available (which we did). This was incredibly helpful as labor progressed because I wasn't thinking clearly and while the nurses are a great resource, they aren't able to sit by your side the entire time. 

Most importantly, she made sure that I knew that there were no "wrong" decisions made. She provided me with a sense of confidence in our birth outcome and assured me that everything decision we made ultimately led to bringing home a healthy baby. She also stayed in contact through our entire hospital stay and came over a few days after we got home from the hospital to check in with us. That visit was incredibly valuable being first time parents and having gone through a very difficult birth.

 I am at peace knowing that we did everything we could to make our birth plan work thanks to Suzanne. I can’t recommend her enough and am forever grateful she was with us every step of the way.



Suzanne was my doula with my twins(2nd pregnancy ) and loved the experience so much we hired her again for our 3rd. She gave me excercises to help spin/ flip my baby (sunny side up). If it wasn't for Suzanne I would have had an emergency home birth or a car birth on the side of the road on the way to the hospital. She walked me through the breathing techniques that help not to push during the car ride contractions. 
Her photography photos came out beautiful as well. Glad we had the pleasure to work with her again. 

Ashley Kapioski


The real benefit of my Doula is a life relationship. I decided that I would NOT have a Doula! Then I read a friends birth story & all the ways in which Suzanne helped. Calling was the best decision (at 36wks). I was seeing an OB at Evergreen. She suggested I talk to midwives. I loved them! I rented a birthing tub! I felt a surge of relief at my birthing preferences. I had my team! Over the LONG wait she had encouragement, advice, wisdom, recommendations & more. I did it all! We headed in when my water ruptured. She joined us & helped me labor naturally in my tub. I was the lucky mom with severe back labor. Tiring, I chose to receive an epidural. The monitor didn’t cooperate so what does my Doula do..hold the monitor while I slept, for 2hrs. Then, she started working with me on positions to move labor along. I reached 9 cm & my epidural failed. She advocated for me something was wrong. A redo of epidural I began pushing. 2 hours of pushing, no progress and another failed epidural, an OB came in. Due to baby positioning, A cesarean was suggested. She kept me calm. As my daughter was born, she snapped photos of the delivery. she captured the moment I met my daughter. In recovery she put her in my husbands arms & took video and pictures. Then she was quick to introduce breastfeeding, making sure that I knew how to hold and initiate nursing. The aftercare she provides amazes me. I text her daily; Is it normal..Should I be worried..Explain to me…She is wonderful and answers with grace, wisdom & a touch of humor. Making us feel at ease with our decisions. Following the birth she will make a visit to you, help with nursing and more (I heard she will even watch the baby while you shower if needed). She also has a Facebook group for support ongoing with other parents. Suzanne, has become a part of our family. I am thankful to her for the support she provided to us. (full review on Google)

Daniel Kelliher


When my girlfriend found Suzanne and met with her, she told me she had found her doula. I thought great but what's a doula? Even after explaining it, I didn't really understand the point but she wanted it so I didn't care. After meeting Suzanne myself I thought she was great and full of knowledge but still didn't really understand the need for her and then the day came. My girlfriend was having contractions and they were getting more and more intense. I did my best to help her but felt a little lost. The app was telling us to go to the hospital but Suzanne was saying we still had time. When Suzanne got to our house, the contractions were intense and she did amazing at not only guiding Kierson but me as well. She told me how to help her and then took over so I could pack up the car. It was in that moment I was so thankful for her because without her we probably would have gone to the hospital way too early which Kierson didn't want or way too late and would have had our son in the car. 

Then at the hospital she helped us both so much. When Kierson was too in the moment to talk and I didn't know what to say, Suzanne helped us. She reminded us that we could ask for certain things and helped me help Kierson again. She also made her feel comfortable with the doctor since it wasn't who she wanted. 

Now that it's all said and done, I really can't imagine not having her there. She was what we needed even though I didn't know it. 



My first pregnancy ended up in an unplanned c-section due to ignorance/lack of support. With my second pregnancy, I decided to try for a VBAC and never had any experience with a doula before. I had been told how helpful a Doula was with the birth support and especially with VBAC, so I was determined to have a doula to support me during the labor and delivery.
After searching through profiles/interviewing several Doulas, I contacted Suzanne and knew immediately after the long phone conversation with her that she would be the perfect Doula for me. Suzanne is so knowledgeable, kind, and understanding. I felt very comfortable with her from the beginning. 
I delivered after 41 weeks, and Suzanne kept me motivated, helped me prepare for labor, shared different exercises on daily basis and checked with me after every doctor visit. When my labor started, Suzanne came over to my place to help me decide the right time to go to hospital. During labor, Suzanne kept me moving and worked hard to help me accomplish my goals. She stayed with us for more than 24 hours and was a continual source of encouragement, positivity, and hand holding. She made a wonderful calming labor environment and made me feel so supported in any decision that I made. Although I ended up with c-section for other reasons, I know I got as far as I did because I had a birth doula present.
Suzanne was also a great comfort/support to my husband. I am so lucky to have Suzanne support me for the birth of my second child. She was always available to answer my questions and wanted me to have the birth experience I wanted.   
Suzanne’s support for birth, postpartum, and more was simply a life saver. For anyone seeking a doula who is experienced/VBAC supportive, super knowledgeable, and will support you to the end, then Suzanne is who you want. 

Paul Gray


Thank you so much for being there for us for the past few days. What we went through was one of the hardest times I have ever gone through. Every turn we made people congratulating us for going to labor and delivery not knowing that we weren’t taking a baby home. Going to the gift shop to buy my wife a stuff animal so she could bring something home after this ordeal and the attendant telling me congrats not knowing what had really happened. It is a very lonely feeling being the dad knowing there is nothing you can do but sit beside your wife praying that she at least comes homes with you. Having you there made the difference. It allowed my to vent my worries, feel the support, know my concerns were being heard. When they had to rush my wife to the OR you were there to make sure I felt supported but knew I need the time for quietness to process and pray. Thank you will never be enough but please know I appreciated you so much! — with Chanteil Gray and Suzanne Ledbetter.



Suzanne is one of those people that when you connect with in life that you are genuinely deeply blessed by. From our first conversation she has been so kind, warm, attentive, sweet, and knowledgeable in every possible way. She was a joy to have on my team and I am grateful to know her. If you are looking for an awesome Doula, choose Suzanne!

Kierson Wilfley


I found Suzanne when I was 15 weeks pregnant and I am so glad that I did. From the first time we talked, I felt so comfortable and connected with her that after our call I went to my partner and said she's the one! I was so excited and couldn't wait for him to meet her and get onboard as he didn't really understand the need for a doula. 

From the very beginning Suzanne was there checking in on me, asking if I had any questions or concerns, providing resources and most importantly just someone to talk to who understood and was not judgemental. I needed that without even knowing I did. 

Then when the time came to have our little bundle, she had all the right things to say and all the support not just that I needed but my partner too. It was the day I went into labor when my partner finally understood the need for Suzanne not just for myself but for him. She provided him a sense of comfort as well as confidence. We couldn't imagine not having her as a part of our journey! She was absolutely amazing and continues to be to this day, 6 weeks postpartum. 

Thank you Suzanne for being you and loving what you do so much. 



We hired Suzanne when we were around 28 weeks pregnant. At that point I was changing obgyn as we just found out I could not give birth in the hospital we had in mind due to some issues with insurance. This was super stressful for us as not all doctors were willing to take new patients who are that far along in their pregnancies. We hired Suzanne around that time and it was the best decision we made. As she was such a support for me and my husband since the day she was hired. She helped us find a new doctor and hospital by sharing her experience and honest opinion about different options we had. She patiently listened to me, answered my questions and simply was there for me whenever I needed a support.

During labor and delivery, she was with us all the time. She guided and supported us via texting and phone call for the initial phase and came to our place as soon as we asked her. She was with me through every single contraction I had and offered super helpful exercises, stretches and breathing techniques to cope with the pain. And finally in the hospital, she not only continued supporting me during the whole delivery, but also made sure my husband was doing good too. I still remember her voice reminding me to breathe to every contraction which you may not believe how important it is unless you are in labor. Thanks to her constant support, I had the healthiest birth for which, both my husband and I are so grateful.

Her angelic help did not stop there, until this day which is around 5 weeks after birth, she is still texting me to see how we are doing and offering help if we need. She is simply an amazing doula who loves what she is doing and she makes sure to do it the best she can.



I am so beyond thankful that I found Suzanne! From the very beginning she was so kind and understanding and knowledgeable. She takes beautiful photos, she helps you be mentally, emotionally and physically prepared to give birth, and there's no one else I would've rather had with me during labor and delivery. She does everything in her power to empower you and support you, and I'll be recommending her to everyone I know!



Suzanne was an absolutely amazing support for both the birth of my daughter and the postpartum experience. Due to unavoidable complications, many things with the birth did not go the way I planned, but Suzanne talked me through each step of the process and explained exactly what was going on when things moved fast. Knowing she was just a text away both before and after the birth has been a tremendous relief when we seek answers to all the questions new parents have. 

Neha Chinchanikar


We found out about doulas at the birthing and parenting class my husband and I attended. I looked online for doula services in Seattle and reached out to Suzzane. Luckily she had an opening to take us up around our baby's due date. We got the doula + photography services package. At Suzzane's first visit she recommended things that were very critical for my delivery experience. This visit also included the maternity photoshoot which we loved, I got dressed up after a long time. I was having apprehensions about my changing body and stretch marks but on the day of photo shoot, it took a back seat. It was reassuring and securing to have Suzzane's support.Contractions started four days before I delivered, there's no way I would have been able to manage those days without suzzane guiding us. As a FTM, I was confused if the pains were contractions or just general pains of pregnancy. Everytime I would I have a question I would text or call Suzzane.Through the waves of pain, which was a whole new territory for my husband and me, Suzzane was the voice of reason telling us what to expect and providing suggestions of things to do. Through the day or night, I (or my husband) would text Suzzane and she would tell us what to do and we would follow. Whatever suzzane recommended we did, if she said take a brisk walk I would, if she said take a shower I would, if she said hydrate I would drink a glass of water, If she said curb walk I would. I was so tired that I only had the bandwidth to take instructions and follow them.On the delivery day, Suzzane came home and spent time with me at home helping me relax and breathe. At the hospital suzzane was there every step of the way. She guided me through the delivery. I can still hear her calm voice "relax your shoulders, hip, legs, feet, toes". I can't believe I was able to have a normal delivery without epidural and it wouldn't happened without Suzzane's support. If we have a baby again, I will reach out to Suzzane again. 

Alicia Hatch


The second biggest miracle of this pregnancy was choosing Suzanne as our doula! When we started looking for a doula, all we knew was that we wanted someone with a lot of experience who could tell my husband tricks to help soothe me in labor, and coach me to endure the pain and look to the end goal. And she delivered! Pun intended. She set up a phone call and met with me in person to make sure I thought she was a good match for our family. I was reassured by her years of experience and certifications in emergency cases, since I chose to have a home birth. She gave us a tour of her Mary Poppins bag with everything she uses to take the mother's mind off the labor pains, as well as recommended some exercises to begin prior to the due date that would help prepare my body better. We met regularly leading up to the due date. At one point, she was out of town but connected me to a substitute doula she trusted just in case I went into labor. Throughout my pregnancy, she encouraged me to text or call her if I had any questions or concerns, which I took full advantage of and felt very comfortable talking to her about anything. I even sent pictures without receiving any judgment. She was responsive, informative, and reassuring. Sadly, she couldn’t attend the birth because I went into labor a week later when she was scheduled to be present at an induction, but she was sure to find us another substitute who was phenomenal! She continued to be my support postpartum and visited regularly to help me when I felt overwhelmed and/or exhausted, or just needed advice. I am so thankful for Suzanne's help and friendship!



Suzanne is a great doula. When we found out we were pregnant our search for a great birth team was on. Originally a doula wasn't top on my list, we didn't even know if we planned on having an assisted birth. We wanted a fairly laid back, low pressure, intimate water brith. 


However a photographer was top on my list. This was my second baby, and I had little pictures from my first delivery so I really wanted to have those memories this time. We originally opted for Suzanne because she was a photographer doula. That being said we interviewed quite a few doulas and everyone else just seemed adequate until we talked to Suzanne. Suzanne seemed to be able to accommodate any birth plan, and was very flexible, we immediately clicked. 


We told her our dream birth plan and style and she was immediately on board. We originally hired Suzanne for her photography skills, however if we end up having another child, we will hire her again for her overall skillset. She was there for my entire pregnancy, she checked in regularly until it was time, and was also there for us after the birth. I didn't know I would get so much amazing support and just someone to talk to before and after my brith.


 We ended up opting to birth in a birth center, with my daughter and father present. Luckily the whole team was on board with my plan and mostly let my husband and myself labor together with occasional check ins. Suzanne only chimed in when it seemed appropriate to try a new position, or different type of pressure... Etc. Otherwise she sat back, took pictures and helped walk my daughter through the steps of labor. While ready to help in anyway needed. 


Overall, I would highly recommend Suzanne and echo that a good doula is that one birth friend and helper you didn't know you needed.

Justin & Rowen


Suzanne is an absolutely wonderful doula -- in addition to being a great photographer! My wife and I had our first child in December 2020 and Suzanne was with us every step of the way. In the months leading up to the birth, Suzanne was very supportive and very responsive. She was available anytime we needed her and has a really wide range of knowledge and experience to pull from. We did a pregnancy photoshoot with her and the photos turned out great!

It's obvious that Suzanne loves what she does and takes it very seriously. It shows! We always felt like we were in great hands before, during, and after our birth. I highly recommend Suzanne!

Kayla Knudsvig


We were late in the pregnancy when we decided we wanted a doula and we're so glad we found Suzanne. She was quick to respond to my initial inquiry and kept the open communication going through out the process. We appreciated that she didn't require communication but was always available when needed. She let us run how much we wanted to communicate and how involved we wanted her to be.

I was nervous about having a stranger so deeply involved but Suzanne made the whole experience very comfortable. I am SO grateful we utilized her photography skills as well because those pictures were amazing! Photography wasn't something I was looking for when searching for a doula but I'm so happy to have those pictures to look back on. Suzanne was open with information but not pushy. She was a lifesaver in many ways.





I did not have a doula for my first labor and delivery. After that experience, I decided for my second that I wanted a doula's support. Based on reviews, I decided to work with Suzanne. I got to meet with her virtually for our first session and then she did an in-home visit and photo shoot several weeks before the birth. She showed me her toolkit of things she brings to labor and delivery and gave me ideas for things to add to my birth bag. In the weeks leading up to birth she gave me exercises to get baby in the optimum position and help prepare my body for a smooth labor. I wanted to try for an unmedicated birth again but also play it by ear, and Suzanne was okay with whatever type of birth I wanted. She mentioned to me if I were to have an epidural, then she would be actively moving my body as labor progressed to help things move along. My OB wanted me to be induced right at my due date and I hadn't gone into labor yet, so we all headed to the hospital knowing I would be hooked up to IVs and monitors the entire labor. Despite all the cords and plugs, Suzanne kept me active and moving to ensure labor was progressing. Right before I hit transition labor I moved into the tub, she already had it rinsed out, filled up and ready for me to get in as soon as I wanted it. She had many additional comforts set up that I wouldn't have thought to bring to help me through the intense contractions and the nausea. During pushing, she was at my side offering encouragement and giving me tips to help my pushes be more effective. For the whole delivery she was also taking photos of those precious moments so my husband could just focus on me and enjoy the birth of our daughter. My OB and the L&D nurse were impressed by her, I had a great birth team! I am so glad I hired Suzanne to help through my pregnancy, delivery and postpartum. She has been checking in on me regularly. All the photos from her are fantastic and an added bonus!




Suzanne is an absolutely wonderful doula and I 100% recommend her. Knowledgeable, funny, warm, and just such great person to have by your side during this big moment in life. She helped me with various relaxing techniques during active labor!

The type of support Suzanne offers is very unique, she made me relax via different positions and movements during labor. I feel like doctors and nurses are not focused on supporting you until the pushing portion of labor, Suzanne helped me emotionally, mentally and physically in labor and delivery and also continues to check in on us till date.

Suzanne went above and beyond in every way, I'm glad our hospital allowed 2 support persons so I could have her even during the COVID pandemic. I texted and called Suzanne several times(still do) outside our scheduled meetings and she was so helpful and open to talking any time.

When I was at 40w my hospital scheduled an induction for 41w 1d, Suzanne recommended various measures to help get labor started so I could avoid the induction and I naturally went in labor at 40w 4d.

Her labor pain relief techniques, tub bath etc got me through 4h of active labor before my water broke and I decided to go with the epidural. My labor progressed well, but baby wasn't exactly in OA position so Suzanne helped with ambulation even while I was on epidural.

I eventually ended up having a C section after 4hrs of pushing but Suzanne was very supportive of every decision of mine and she would make sure to advocate for me every single time. She'd ask to explain what every procedure meant and made sure I get the birth I really want. She helped with initial latch and stayed for a while after we had the baby!

During her postpartum visit, we had a wonderful chat with her and she taught us baby massage and baby bath.

I can't imagine how I'd have been able to  pull through labor and delivery without her.

Thanks a lot Suzanne!!!

Riti Bedi


Suzzane had been a rockstar during my labor. I can't express how much strength she brought to me during my labor process. Just knowing that I would have her by my side during my labor gave me courage to delay the epidural for a longer time. She had so many positions and exercises which helped me transition quickly through my labor. I had to go through an emergency c-section and she was helped me go through it. During the pandemic when my husband has to leave me and go home to take care of our older son, Suzzane stayed with me the 1st day after my surgery and thanks to her I was able to take rest while she kept taking care of my baby. She is a great human being and jolly natured. Everything was perfect and she helped me and my husband a lot. I was so glad that I had her by my side. Thank you for doing what you do. You are amazing!

Suma G


Suzanne was a very knowledgeable, experienced, friendly and yet professional companion through the late pregnancy phase and the labor and delivery. She met us before the due date to learn about our preferences and advised us on different scenarios that helped us to be better prepared for the delivery. When we headed to the hospital, although it was early morning hours, she responded to our text almost immediately and was present at the hospital before we could finish the check in process. She educated and guided me through a number of highly effective techniques to endure the process of labor and was a strong mental coach to help navigate the stress and anxiety through the process. 

In addition, she took very memorable pictures that we will cherish for the lifetime. 

She practices social distancing and other safeguard measures which was extremely reassuring for us given the current times.

She continues to be in touch and available to help/advice after delivery.

In short, we couldn't have asked for a better companion/coach and are glad and grateful for her help.




Hiring Suzanne was the smartest decision my husband and I made during my pregnancy. I was having my first baby, and despite all the research and prep, having Suzanne around was a tremendous comfort. She is a wealth of information, always responsive, and just generally a wonderful human being. My labor was not quite what I had expected, and Suzanne was there helping us think through every decision point. She was a true advocate for us and our preferences, and we both felt empowered about the decisions we made. On top of all that, she's a great photographer! 

Evan S.


If you're considering getting a doula, hire Suzanne. It may sound weird coming from a husband but I wouldn't have made it through my wife's labor without Suzanne. Four specific things Suzanne did that stand out in my mind are:

1. Suzanne has a 'bag of tricks' that contains all sorts of items that helped make my wife more comfortable. From calming electric candles to hand-held fans for when my wife was too hot, literally anything we needed was in the bag. It reminded me of Mary Poppins's bag where she just reaches in and pulls out what's needed.

2. My wife was quiet throughout labor and wasn’t vocalizing what she needed. Suzanne knows lots of things to try from massages and positions to scents and lighting. She was constantly helping us try new things until we could pinpoint what my wife needed.

3. Suzanne helped communicate with hospital staff. When a nurse was trying to give my wife an IV Suzanne noticed a contraction had started and asked the nurse to wait until it was over. I would've never thought to do that. If we needed more pillows, Suzanne got us more pillows. Anything we needed from the hospital/staff Suzanne made sure we got.

4. Labor is tough and emotionally draining, even for husbands. There were times when I was scared and Suzanne noticed and would explain to me what was happening medically. There are normal/common parts of labor that look scary and having someone reassure me that everything was normal helped calm me down. I was able to take breaks and naps because Suzanne was there and I knew my wife was in good hands. 

If we decide to have more kids, we will be hiring Suzanne again without question.



We were on the fence about getting a doula and even more hesitant about birth photography, but we are so glad that we did both. It was a comfort having Suzanne with us during labor and delivery and it was so helpful to have her as a sounding board when making medical decisions during the process. We would definitely recommend Suzanne and would hire her again ourselves if we have another baby.



Suzzanne is an awesome doula and working with her was my best decision. She was really helpful during pregnancy, at the time of labor and delivery and postpartum.As this was my first pregnancy I really didn't know what to expect from labor or what I really needed for support. She was kind, gentle and comforting during the entire process. She guided me through several coping techniques like breathing nd tens unit  that were truly helpful. I ended up needing a C-section and she was supportive. She made sure all our questions were answered.Whenever I had any concern I just messaged her and she replied right away even in night time. She has done my Maternity and new born photography and she has done great job in that also. My husband and I were glad we found Suzanne. We are forever thankful for her kindness and support. If we plan our second baby we will surely hire her.   



Suzanne was actually a back up doula to the doula I had hired, so I went in to my labor and delivery knowing nothing about her or how good of a fit she would be for us. Thankfully, I was not disappointed.

Suzanne came over to support me after I had been laboring for 24 hours. This was my second pregnancy, but I had a long early labor. Suzanne was very knowledgeable when it came to techniques to help move my labor along while also listening to what I was willing to try. Sure enough, my contractions started getting closer and closer together over about 3 hours until we were ready to go to the hospital. About 2 hours later, we welcomed our baby girl to the world. I had a whirlwind labor and delivery once I went in to active labor and Suzanne was super supportive and helpful all the way through.

She genuinely cares about the well being of her clients and will listen to your wants and needs. You can count on her to make helpful suggestions to aid in your labor without being pushy. Her helpfulness will also extend beyond birth if needed, even if all you need is a caring ear to listen as you adjust to motherhood. 



I hired Suzanne to support me and my partner at the birth of our twins. This was very new terrirtory for us and knew that we would need the extra support. Little did we know that the support we got from her would be price less. We had many scares with false labor and she was there for us each and every time. When the day finally came to have our twins we called her in an sense of emergancy as I was being sent to the hospital via ambulance. Little did we know that Suzanne was all the way in Seattle and we were birthing in Tacoma. She supported my partner via phone almost the whole time and rushed to Tacoma just as soon as she could. By the time she arrived I was being preped for a emergancy C section and terrified out of my mind because we were only 31weeks and 4 days. She stayed right by my side and helped walk me through my spinal block as seeing I was scared that it would not work due to having three failed blocks with my last birth. Due to complications I had to be put under general and she stayed with my partner and helped him focuse on our twins. When one twin came out not breathing she still continued to reasure him and support him. She stayed right with him the whole time and it took awhile seeing how I was taking a while to wake from the general. After returning to the recovey room she continue to stay with us and make sure that not only I had every thing I needed including making sure I at least took a bite of food, she also made sure that my partner ate as well and asked several times if we needed anything and if we would like for her to stay longer. In the days to follow she checked in with us to make sure that things were going ok and asked several times how our babies were doing because she knew that they were sent right to the NICU.

Hiring Suzanne was by far the best choice we could have ever made with this birth. I would 100 times over not only recomend her but would rehire her in a heart beat. 



We had a need for a Birth support person at last minute and we are glad that we found Suzanne. We had to have an induction due to some medical condition and Suzanne was very gracious in setting up meeting quickly answering our questions . She also shared various information about Cholestasis, Epidural, narcotics etc. she is very knowledgeable. I had anxiety about pain during labor and Suzanne was there to help calm me down. She helped bear pain by massaging back, changing positions and other exercises.Evergreen did not allow an alternate person after birth and so we requested Suzanne to stay for longer than usual 2 hours after delivery. She did not think even once and told us 'she will stay as long as we need. She has lot of contacts for other services we needed like post partum massage. Overall we are very glad that we found Suzanne . You can not go wrong by choosing her.



Suzanne was great! She was very helpful through a long induction, giving advice and support without being overly intrusive. We appreciated her calm presence and are excited to see the birth photos. We will definitely be recommending Suzanne to any friends or family looking for a doula/birth photographer!

Leann Lopez


Suzanne was such a huge help to my daughter and myself throughout her pregnancy and delivery. We are located in California and she was able to provide virtual support to us. My daughter is young and it was her first pregnancy. So much has changed since I had kids and navigation in a COVID world is even more difficult. Suzanne provided the support we needed but without pushing my daughter in any particular direction. She gave her all of the information and tools she needed to make informed decisions about her care and birth plan. My daughter was always in charge and Suzanne made it clear that her role was to educate and support my daughter in whatever she chose. This was so important to my daughter as because of her age so many others were telling her what she "had" to do. Suzanne helped her gain the confidence she needed to take control of her pregnancy and delivery. 

Lynsey Lopez


Suzanne was a blessing to our family. As a younger first time mom, I had no idea what to expect. Not being able to have support with me in doctor appointments due to COVID caused a lot of anxiety. Suzanne stepped in with amazing virtual support. She helped both my mom and I navigate through the pregnancy. I had a lot of complications from HG, pre-term labor that was stopped and a fall that caused a chronic abruption. Suzanne was there via phone, FaceTime and messanger. Her support was amazing and because of her help I was able to feel comfortable and confident when I went to deliver. I can never thank her enough. 

Andy and Val


We were an out of town family in Seattle for the birth of our daughter. Our amazing surrogate arranged for newborn photos and we are so glad she did! We had a wonderful time during our photoshoot with Suzanne! The pictures came out amazing and truly captured the joy, happiness, and (sometimes) humor of the occasion:) Suzanne was totally flexible and accommodated our last-minute and narrow timeframe that we had. The photoshoot was outdoors, and Suzanne’s photos perfectly captured the love and gratefulness we have towards our daughter and our surrogate. We treasure the photos  and could not be happier with the results. We highly recommend Suzanne!



Suzanne is a great doula. She helped me through my unmedicated home birth that was supposed to be at a nearby birth center, but for which we didn't have time to transport me, so I had to do it in my tub. She is very knowledgeable and available. She goes above and beyond the call of duty, stopping by to check in and checking up by text to see if we need anything. We have been very blessed by the service we have received from her.

The Hansen’s


We hired Suzanne for our second pregnancy and we are so glad we did! I labored really hard at home during my first delivery and wanted to have the support of a doula the second time around, assuming my experiance would be similar. It was not! Suzanne was available for what seemed to be around the clock support as my due date approached and passed. She visited us at our home to assist me with exercises to get labor started and provided more emotional support than I could have ever asked for (or even realize I would need).

After I moved my induction date four times, I finally was ready to have my baby. Suzanne provided me with the encouragement I needed to do the induction when it felt right for me--not anyone else. During the final hours of my labor we were met with some challenges that could have resulted in a birth plan I had not mentally prepared for. Suzanne offered emotional support and offered suggestions to help mitigate some of those challenges. If it wasn't for Suzanne, I truly believe my labor would have gone differently and in a direction I did not want it to. The nurse even commented on how impressed and experienced and helpful Suzanne was. 

We really bonded with Suzanne during our experience-- she became part of our family and I am forever greatful for her. A huge bonus for us was the photography Suzanne offered-- maternity, birth and newborn photos. The birth photos were especially meaningful  and Suzanne even offered to do a second round of newborn photos to ensure our entire family was able to particpate in those. 

Without hesitation, I would hire Suzanne again. Heck, I'd even pay her just to be part of our family and visit us from time to time! 

Carrie Walker


We had a wonderful experience with Suzanne!  I ended up having an emergency c-section and Suzanne was able to get to the hospital before my husband even made it!  She helped me keep calm and understand what was going on!  When my husband did arrive directly from work, she arranged for him to get a shower and pair of scrubs to wear to do skin to skin with our baby, something I never would have thought to ask!  We had her take photos as well and were able to get intimate photos before and after the birth, which we would have missed out on without her!  She stayed with me in the hospital even after my husband fell asleep and made sure I got some food (which the nurses didn't even offer!)  Her after care has been wonderful as well!  She always responds quickly to texts!  We're very happy we decided to go with Suzanne as our doula and highly recommend her!

Alejandra Rubii


My experience with Suzanne was excellent. She was god sent at a time I didnt know I needed someone like her. I didnt think i woukd get any benefit form advice from a doula especially as this was my second child and my pregnancy was very smooth. I was wrong. She helped me tremendously navigating a hard breastfeeding (and feeding) journey. She gave me advice, support and put me in touch with the right people and tools when she didnt have an answer. Anybody would be lucky to have her in their life.



A few weeks ago I was home on leave due to Covid and 9 months pregnant.  I found lots of peace being home, we were safe and healthy and I was able to take care of my family and housework, but there was this feeling- anxiety, fear- fear of the unknown- fear of covid affecting my pregnancy, fear of birthing a BIG baby.  I had turned to Facebook groups and other moms looking for ways to ease my anxieties, answers to my questions, Google was overused and scared me often (do not google symptoms! haha) many emails to my doctor seeking reassurance. You name it I was searching.  Then one day I came across a post on my local community Facebook page from Suzanne.  A doula who was offering an ear to listen, to answer any questions, to just chat about Covid or fears around your pregnancy, She was offering to be of service to pregnant women- free of charge during a time this world needs to see kindness most.  Of course i reached out to her and immediatly felt a connection and some weight lifted. Over the next few weeks I was able to speak to her daily.  I was trying to prepare my body to birth an  assumed 10lb baby.  She offered many excericses to do and refrenced me to a chiropractor, she made a house call and checked in on me dailly.  When the time came to meet my beautiful son she made sure I knew that although I had not officially hired her she would be available to me to call, text or even come down to the hospital if I needed her.  I am so grateful to have conistantly been blessed with the right people  in the right place at the right time in my life.  Suzanne was a treasure.

Rupali Nagpal


We hired Suzzane for our delivery and postpartum support. She's phenomenal and I wouldn't have been able to do it without her genuine support! She's a caring, genuine person who never left my side during the process. Even after the baby's birth, knowing she's always there for us is a huge peace of mind for new parents like us. I will definitely recommend her, we loved our experience with her. Thanks so much Suzzane, you're amazing!!! Lots of love ?? 

Anna and Derek J.


Suzanne has been very kind and caring throughout this whole process. She is extremely  knowledgeable and eased any questions and concerns we had since the beginning, with our natural birth plan. Though our birth plan did not go as we anticipated, she has stayed by our side and continually followed through to make sure that we are doing well. We would absolutely recommend her to anybody searching for a Doula and needing support!

Elizabeth Phrathep


Suzanne was patient with our choices that led to a long wait, and was very quick to arrive which turned out great for an actual quick labor! Pictures were great and super timely, we even had previews day of the birth. We had lots of options for our favorites and she picked out some excellent moments! One shot was practically in my lap and I don't remember her even being behind me

She was Not intrusive, didn't distract from the family moments , which was a big plus for me. -Direct from Dad



Suzanne was wonderful to work with. She listened carefully to our hopes and desires for our son's birth, asking questions that helped us prepare before the big event. As it turned out, my birth was very fast. Suzanne was there quickly and she was a calming force when we needed it most. I felt very well cared for. She thought of ways to help comfort me, like giving me a weighted blanket, fizzy drinks, and just holding my hand, when I was in shock after things hadn't gone the way I'd hoped. Both my husband and I agreed that we were so grateful to have Suzanne there as part of our team. I would highly recommend her to anyone as a caring, intuitive and skilled doula. 

Brent Cartier


We hadn’t even considered a doula until a couple of weeks before our due date, but honestly of the 1000 decisions my wife and I made in preparation for our baby to arrive, hiring Suzanne was probably the best one. The Birth Photography services she provided were icing on the cake.

With this being our first child, as a naïve first-time dad, I really didn’t know what to expect from a doula, but Suzanne went above and beyond, and throughout a grueling 50+ hour labor was a steady, guiding hand. I was blown away by her attitude and knowledge. She kept my wife as comfortable as possible, and encouraged her to keep moving with various techniques and positions to try to help move things along. Her bedside manner was impeccable and she was an invaluable intermediary between us and the hospital staff, often asking things we may not have thought of or known to ask.

I was also very impressed with her ability to provide a wealth of information, while not pushing her views on us.

I can wholeheartedly recommend Suzanne to anyone in the greater Seattle area considering a doula. She was an incredibly valuable asset to our birth team, and I can’t say enough good things about her. I’ll forever be grateful for her support and for the first photos we have of our little one. I can only hope she’s available if kiddo #2 is in our future.



Suzanne is sent from above . I never even knew what a doula was and once I read up on how they can help, I was well determined to get a doula . Choosing Suzanne was the best decision we made . First my husband was a bit skeptical due to the cost but now he's the one who is more glad that anyone that Suzzane was with us during the birth. She has been part of my support system since the day we decided to move forward . I have leaned on her for advice , opinion and just to learn about different topics like newborn care and self care . One thing I'll be forever grateful for is that suzzane never left my side from the time I was induced . She provided me strength and energy to push through the process in a positive manner . Believe it or not , most of the labor we spent laughing through the pain (naturally). 
She provided SO much support in navigating not only through pain but mentally as well . She also supported my husband to ensure he is there to support me as needed.  Even after post birth she's been there to help me with any question or concern I have . She's part of the reason I am more confident with my baby today.
She's a positive soul with great energy, who'll go to any extent to make sure you get the experience you want during the birth . I highly recommend her . 



Suzanne is everything we wanted in a doula and more.  My partner and I had taken several courses (including hypnobirthing) but it was our doula, Suzanne, who really made our experience manageable and enjoyable. After a 30-hour labor and an epidural with complications, Suzanne was not only critical to the success of our labor, she felt like family.   

The doula we had originally hired came down with the flu and had Suzanne as a backup to support us. We had not met Suzanne until that day and she quickly got to know us and adapted to the support style that we needed. Our initial plan was for a natural labor unless labor was taking too long, in which I would get an epidural to allow myself rest before going into active labor. After the induction I lasted about 15 hours before deciding to get the epidural and I found Suzanne to be so helpful throughout the entire labor. During the first 15 hours she coached us and jumped in to assist in pain management approaches. During my contractions we used various breathing techniques, applied pressure to alleviate pain, and I took several baths per her recommendation, which were so helpful. We couldn’t have done it without her and looking back I wouldn’t have wanted to do it without her. Suzanne soothed me when I was scared and needed help catching my breath but also pushed and encouraged me through labor which helped keep me going. Initially I was not sure how helpful a doula would be if I were to get an epidural but because this was my first child, I found Suzanne to provide both comfort and knowledge that I desperately craved. If you are looking for someone to help guide and support you (through a natural or medicated labor) with a calm demeanor and a great sense of humor, Suzanne is the one! Thank you, Suzanne, for supporting us and helping to make our long and challenging labor a beautiful one.






I wasn't sure if I would hire a doula or not, but as I searched profiles on doulamatch, Suzanne's profile stood out to me. Knowing I should interview potential doulas to find a good fit, we connected and I knew upon our first chat that I was 100% comfortable with her and confident that she was the only doula I needed to talk to!

She was an amazing resource before, during, and after having my baby. She is so knowledgeable and experienced. It was awesome having a resource to ask questions of throughout the journey (weeks leading up to delivery, while I was in the hospital, and since coming home). She was an amazing help and comfort to me (and my husband) during my labor and delivery. I felt so much more confident and comfortable going into the hospital to deliver with her by our sides.

Also, she is a photographer and able to take beautiful pictures, capturing your labor and delivery. I opted for this and I'm so glad I did. Though I won't likely share these pictures with tooooo many people (given their nature), she took amazing photos that I will treasure forever and delight in looking back upon!

I highly recommend Suzanne! I have even recommended her services already to a couple friends that hope to have children in the next couple of years!



Suzanne is very professional, dedicated and a compassionate doula. She was very Resourceful. I had contractions that were 2 mins apart for 7 days before getting induced. She helped with exercises, updating family, and most importantly breathing. She has great communication skills and follows up multiple times.
Glad she got to be apart of the journey with our family. Fiancé and I were very impressed and couldn't have had a better experience. 



Suzanne is amazing! I had to be induced and as soon as I told her, she was there for me through it all. She explained everything that was going on and helped me through everything. She was amazing even though we hadn’t known each other long she was there during my whole birthing process. The moments I thought I couldn’t do it cause of the pain she was there to give me all the support and advice I needed. Thanks to her I didn’t even need an epidural, her guidance got me through whole birth. Im just grateful for her and all her help. Thank you from the bottom of my heart!




I had an incredible experience with Susan. Going through a pregnancy alone is never easy but she helped keep me positive through out and she truly cared she was such a huge support person for me. Anything I needed or had concerns she was there for me. Whether it was pregnancy blues or just because I was feeling lonely or sad she would come over and we’d go for a walk. 

She made my pregnancy better because she reminded me of my worth and value and that I can do it without a partner. 




Suzanne was my doula and I couldn't have asked for a better experience. She really listened to what I wanted, and I felt fully listened to and supported. Suzanne did an amazing job of encouraging me when needed and also pulling me together when I felt like I couldn't labor any longer. My husband felt very guided and coached by her on how to help me labor which was so helpful! I couldn't suggest using her more! 



I did not have a birth photographer with my first birth and I wish I had, so after seeing Suzanne’s Birth Photography services posted on one of the community pages that I am apart of, I decided to message her about the details. We met up and talked about things that I did/didn’t want during my labor/delivery. I felt so comfortable talking with Suzanne and she made me so excited for my birthing process. During the day of my delivery, Suzanne came to the hospital and was there at my bedside, before, during, and after the birth of my daughter. She captured so many amazing/beautiful moments throughout the whole process, and I am so thankful for the memories that will never fade due to the pictures she was able to capture throughout the time my daughter was brought into this world. I am so thankful to have had the opportunity to have Suzanne as my birth photographer and I highly recommend her and her services!



Suzanne is absolutely wonderful . Not only did she document the birth with beautiful photos and video, she was a much appreciated additional support during labor. We highly recommend Suzanne as both a birth photographer and Doula!

Heather Goetz


Suzanne is incredible! I had a hard induction & c section. She made sure my voice was heard, tried to keep me calm, gave me advice, and really helped me and my husband out. I cannot day enough good things about her. She stayed all night with us, stayed with me after my c section when my husband had to go with our son to a different hospital, and even came a few days later to photograph us with our son. I never thought I would want or need a doula, but now I wouldn’t want to go through another birth without one. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts!

Laura Curtis


Suzanne has been a wonderful help through my third pregnancy and delivery. I had no idea how much help a doula could be until Suzanne offered her services. 

There were so many pieces of information and emotional support that Suzanne provided that it's difficult to name all the things she did to help. The biggest part for me was having someone I could trust and rely on to be available if I needed it...she did just that and more.

My first two pregnancies had deliveries that resulted in c-section (full sedation) and episiotomy (3rd degree tear),  respectively. I didn't have a doula with either of those pregnancies and was hopeful maybe a doula could help make a difference. This delivery I was very phobic of being cut on again since the first two experiences weren't what I felt should've happened (I had bonding issues with my first and an extremely long and painful recovery for my second). With my third pregnancy I got diagnosed with gestational diabetes, so was not feeling too optimistic about having a positive birthing experience. I'm happy to say that with the advice Suzanne provided I had a successful VBAC without episiotomy and no 3rd degree tear. 

I highly recommend her whether you're a first time mom or experienced mother. 

Ken Curtis


After arriving at the hospital my wife asked me to send a text message to Suzanne to let her know that she was going into labor. The reception there was really bad so I didn’t get any of her replies asking if we wanted her to come in; this was around midnight. She came in just to make sure we didn’t need anything, I’m glad she did. Her help and company was great and not only did she contribute to our best delivery experience by far, but the pictures she took were fantastic. I couldn’t be happier with how everything turned out.

Keith Goetz


This was my first experience going through labor, with my son. At first I wasn’t sure about having (a doula) someone else in the room to go through the induction process with us. I suppose I was nervous or feared being judged for the decisions we’d make. All my fears were basically instantly eraticated once we met, and got to talking about the process, and how we wanted to go about it. Suzanne was tentative, supportive and very knowledgeable about each and every step of the process. She was also very helpful when things got hectic and I had no idea what to do. If I were to have another kid, I would definitely call Suzanne to be my doula again. Thank you so much for everything! 

Valerie Bachand


I am so thankful for Suzanne & the beautiful photographs she took during the labor & birth of my second child!! I was not planning on having a birth photographer, so much so that at the recommendation of my mother in law I contacted her the day before I went into labor. We had planned to meet the next day at noon to discuss everything, with the caveat that I might go into labor before then. Sure enough I met Suzanne for the first time while in labor at the birth center at 1 AM. She is everything you'd want in a birth photographer because she is talented, professional, not intrusive & kind. You will not regret having her there with you and forever capturing those moments.

Nicole Lockard


Sweet Suzanne was right there by my side through my home birth. Once I started getting contractions, I gave her a call and she quickly came right over. She also took lots of beautiful pictures of the experience. She stayed with me the whole day. I think I labored for like 8 hours. Suzanne is such a wonderfu person and I am so grateful to have had her help me the day I gave birth to my 5th child. I will have to have her come back to help me for my 6th child's birth as well. 



I had a wonderful experience with Suzanne as my photographer she even stepped in at times as a Doula. I never had hired a photographer in the past so I didn’t know what to expect, but she by far exceeded my expectations. Also loved how my photos turned out can’t wait to make a baby book soon

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