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Jenel Maruk


Saskatoon, SK Service range 55 miles


Birth Fee

$1000 to $1800

Birth Fee

$1000 to $1800

Birth Doula Experience

13 years and 300 births attended

Birth Doula Certifications

  • Birthing From Within - Certified Doula

Doula Training

  • DONA International-Approved Workshop, February 2010
  • HypnoBirthing, June 2016
  • Birthing From Within, February 2022
  • Innate Traditions Postpartum Care, March 2022

Type of practice: On-call doula service

Clients per month: 1 to 3

Attends hospital births? All Hospitals
Comfortable speaking up, understand medical terms, can speak and professional level educated conversation with medical team with my training.

Attends birth center births? All Birth Centers
No birth centers in sk

Attends home births? Any Home Birth
Yes I love home births when possible very comfortable In this environment

College Education



Special Services Offered

  • Abortion support
  • Acupressure
  • Antepartum doula support
  • Aromatherapy
  • Belly binding
  • Bereavement doula (pregnancy & infant loss)
  • Birth art therapy services
  • Birth counseling for survivors of childhood sexual abuse
  • Birth pool rental
  • Cancer patients and survivors
  • Childbirth education services
  • Community health worker
  • Elimination communication education
  • First Aid and CPR
  • Full spectrum doula services
  • Hypnosis for birth
  • Infant massage education
  • LGBTQIA+ Support
  • Miscarriage support
  • Mother blessing celebrations
  • Mother roasting
  • Newborn care and parenting classes
  • Newborn care specialist
  • Parenting consulting
  • Pelvic floor health education & support
  • Perinatal wellness coach
  • Photography - Birth
  • Physical therapy
  • Prenatal & postpartum fitness services
  • Prenatal or postnatal massage
  • Prenatal Yoga
  • Reduced rates for women considering adoption
  • Reflexology
  • Reiki
  • Surrogates and intended parents
  • TENS units rental
  • Therapeutic bodywork
  • Vaginal steam/peristeam services

Relevant volunteer or advocacy work

MTAS Body Ready Method Teacher Traditional Reproductive Healing Saskatoon Soccer Inc Innate Postpartum Care Practitioner The Rooted Community YXE

Languages Spoken

  • English

Fee Details

We work on a sliding pay scale between $1000-1800 Renewal Package - $1000- minimal prenatal meeting, ON CALL birth support and postnatal visit when you are ready. Essential package $1400 - 2 prenatal meetings , on cl birth support & a postpartum session. Intuitive Package $1800 - Up to 3 Prenatal Meetings, On Call Support throughout & 2 Postnatal Visits. More details on Our Initial Consult is FREE please contact us to book that at our location in Saskatoon.

Service Area

Saskatoon, SK Service range 55 miles

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We hired Jenel for our second pregnancy/birth and she made a world of difference in our birth experience. Jenel is highly skilled at sharing information, empowering families to make choices that are best suited for themselves, and advocating for the birth plan that we want and deserve! We were able to foster a really positive relationship prior to the birth through home visits and prenatal massages (highly recommend!) and that relationship helped us feel safe and comfortable during our labour and delivery. Hospitals can be scary places with lots of unfamiliar faces, and having one more familiar face in the room was a blessing. I credit my quick, natural birth with no need for pain management drugs to Jenel’s calm presence, pain management techniques and prep for labour and delivery. I wish I had connected with her for my first pregnancy/birth as well, because it would have been a much more positive experience. Jenel also empowered my partner by teaching him strategies to use during labour and delivery which resulted in him being a much more effective support to me. We really appreciated Jenel’s postpartum support and guidance as well. I can’t say enough about her making herself available to my family when we needed her! I will forever recommend Jenel to every person I know having a baby. I wouldn’t do it another way ever again. If we ever have baby #3 she will be there!

Andrea Leger


Our family's greatest gift as we welcomed our first born was Jenel!

The empowerment and support Jenel provided during the end of pregnancy, during birth, and early postpartum will be the foundation for our parenting journey. Her knowledge, resources, physical support, and attentiveness was more than I could have asked for in hiring a doula and her confidence and trust in my body during the birth process has rewritten the relationship I have with my body forever. Jenel's soothing nature has inspired a new level of care for myself and for the ones I love. I couldn't say enough to recommend her services, from the bottom of our hearts - thank you Jenel! 



Jenel is absolutely amazing! I wouldn't have been able to have such a successful birth and stick to my birthing plan without her. I struggled with GD, pre eclampsia, and hyperemisis and she has things to try to help with everything. I loved how she had documents with so much info in them to send. I was actually able to control my GD really well to where it was no longer a concern near the end of my pregnancy. She is always available and just a text away. Her knowledge of birth is so refreshing pre post and during is so extensive. She has a very calming presence and was able to reassure me when times got tough. She goes above and beyond for her clients and I would not go through another pregnancy or birth without her. If you have the chance book in with her as your doula. I can not say enough amazing things about her. 

Didem Hammond


Janel has been so wonderful to me and my husband. She helped us with our first baby. We didn't have much of an idea about pregnancy, labor, delivery, and postpartum but she helped us with all of it. She's very knowledgeable. I could text her anytime with any questions that I had. She was with me throughout my labor (and it was a long one) I also had a lot of rib and back pain during my third trimester and she's a wonderful RMT. The massages were the only things that helped with my pain. I can't recommend her enough. 

Hollyanna King


I knew Jenel was my cup of tea. She's an extremely knowledgeable, chill, caring woman. We clicked and I knew she would be the best support/advocate for me. Pregnancy is hard, but birth is crazy and scary and unknown, even after doing it 3 times. Jenel was so supportive throughout my pregnancy and my labour and delivery. I opted for a completely natural at home water Birth. Although it all didn't go my way, Jenel kept me grounded and made me feel safe and advocated for. Several times I felt like giving up and she had me changing positions and playing music and speaking calm positive words of affirmations to me. She made me feel so powerful and whole in those moments. It made me love her so much. When you feel so weak and defeated because your so exhausted  and in so much pain, you become so vulnerable and you give in to things your caregivers may be "suggesting is in your best interest" when that is not always the case. I had a few of those moments with some of my caregivers. But Jenel knew what I wanted and didn't want and she advocated for me time and time again. I love and appreciate her so much for that.  After being up by my side for hours upon hours with no rest at all I finally delivered my baby and Jenel fed me and gave me water and helped me with anything  I needed in those moments. When we were home a few hours later she came all the way over and dropped off a gift and some yoni tea which was soooo amazing to have !!!! Without Jenel I don't feel I would have truly been able to pull off an all natural delivery. I'm so so grateful for her powerful wisdom and care and love. My hubby was also extremely grateful she was there for all of us. You are amazing Jenel and I can't thank you enough for what you did for us??



Hollyanna,Amelia and Mario



We have had Jenel as our doula for both of our babies births and we would not do another birth without her birth support! With our second baby we decided to have a home Airbnb birth as we were from out of town. As we had a hospital birth for our first baby, Jenel helped us prepare for this birth by making us feel super confident, answering all of our questions and concerns, planning and most importantly helping my husband and I trust my body and my baby! We had the most beautiful home water birth and Jenel was there right by my side encouraging me and making sure everything went how I wanted it. When baby was born, Jenel made sure I was completely comfortable and nourished before leaving and then showed up the next day too! Jenel’s knowledge and passion about pregnancy, birth and postpartum is incredible and I am confident she has been put on this earth to do this work and make a positive change in the birth world. I am so blessed and grateful I found Jenel on a google search when pregnant with ny first baby ♥?



Jenel was such a valuable member of my pregnancy and birth team.  My first birth experience wasn't good and I had a lot of fear and anxiety during my second pregnancy, especially leading up to birth.  Having Jenel as a support for both my partner and I helped us unpack my first birth experience and develop a plan towards having a more positive experience our second time around.  Jenel helped me feel empowered to know what I needed this time and to trust my body.  Jenel was non-judgemental and never pressured us to have a certain type of birth.  She alone has so much knowledge but she also shares access to many other ressources so that you can do research in your own time. 

My second birth was a much more positive experience.  It was very meaningful to have someone I could ask questions to any time.  I felt more confident during this birth because I knew Jenel would be with me the whole time, someone who had much more experience than my partner and I, who would always be there no matter what was going on with the health providers. 

Irini & Lampros


Jenel was the first doula we interviewed when I was about 5 months. I immediately felt like she is the one, I felt comfortable from the start. She has a calm but strong vibe. She has lots of experience, and that is one of the reasons we chose her. Jenel was very responsive to all our worries. Being our first, we had lots to ask :) She borrowed me a birth ball, which I used a lot towards the end. From developing our birth plan, to showing us specific exercises to relax and prepare for birth, prenatal massage, access to a drive with up to date information, to suggestions for specific Facebook groups, Jenel has all the tools you need. When we found out our baby was breech at 36, Jenel was informative and provided us with the information we needed. We tried different things to make baby turn (chiropractor, moxibustion, acupuntcure, spinning babies, etc), in the end we accepted he was going to be breech. Jenel was very encouraging into our decision of a vaginal birth and we were at peace knowing she had experience with breech births. During prelabour, Jenel was there every time, making sure we are OK. When the day came, I used her TENS machine and labored at home for a while, the we went to the hospital and met Jenel there. She did not leave us once for the many many hours of labor. I cannot stress this enough. She went way beyond her duties making sure I was comfortable and clean while I was laboring. You could tell she was in a familiar environment as the doctors and nurses knew her. We were luckly to have her in the OR room, where she was very encouraging. Even though she had a family emergency (which she told us after) she did not leave until after I delivered our baby. She also has excellent photography skills. She took beautiful pictures and videos. During postpartum, she visited and brought food, she even babysat when we could not find someone. Our experience with her went above and beyond our expectations and we wholeheartedly recommend her as a doula!!!

Mel Newton


Words cannot describe the comfort and support Jenel brought to both me, my husband and our baby. 
She was the voice of reason when we weren't sure what to do, guiding us through the labour and delivery  process. Her hands on support and meditations were literal life savers, I recommend her to everyone. She is the most caring person and the post partum care visits were especially special. 
Thanks Jenel!  



At around 7 months pregnant, I began to develop a birth plan and realized that I was entirely unaware of what options I had related to the birth process. I reached out to Jenel and my husband and I opted to hire her to support our birth. She was incredibly helpful to me as her involvement both leading up to the birth and during the birth process was endlessly comforting. Jenel educated me about my options within the context of a hospital birth, and helped me make choices related to this. Jenel joined us at the hospital in a prompt manner and was a strong educator/advocate throughout. I would certainly suggest Jenel to anyone looking for birth support! 



 Jenel reassured me, checked up on me, offered advice in a non-pressuring way, and ultimately attended our very happy birth. She offered a quiet, confident presence that didn’t replace my husband’s role in holding space for me. Jenel assisted my husband on how he could help me and stepped in when I needed something different. 

At moments when I doubted myself and fear set in, she reminded me of my strength and how close I was to achieving the birth we wanted. Jenel and my husband never gave up on me and helped me find the power to keep pushing towards my goal. Without IV’s, drugs, monitors, panic or hovering medical staff, I pushed for about an hour and I had the moment I dreamed of. Placing my child on my chest and discovering we had a daughter was the most special moment of my life - a moment that I didn’t get and deeply grieve from our first experience. I just remember sobbing and repeating “I did it! She’s here!” after her birth. I was and am so proud of myself. Birth tested me in ways I never imagined. My daughter was born that morning at 6:45 but I was also born and transformed. Jenel helped me feel joy and find peace in this process. Looking back at our first birth brought tears of pain and grief but as I look back at the photos and videos of my daughter’s birth, I cry tears of joy knowing she came into the world in such a good way. Our family is complete and I finally experienced the birth of my dreams. I feel strongly that birth should not be medicalized and while there are times when intervention is needed, when we provide the loving space for mothers to birth undisturbed, we will work with our babies in the way we were designed. I am so happy that we hired someone with the same outlook and her belief in me helped give me the confidence to quiet any doubts and have an amazing, healing, powerful, redemptive experience. With Jenel’s support - I did it!


Erin & Allan


We cannot more highly recommend Jenel! 

Jenel was our doula for both our children. She was an amazing resource during pregnancy, labour and post-partum for questions, information and massages!

Our first child was born at the height of Covid in 2020, and thus she was not able to come into the hospital with us. She still attended the birth via video call and still managed to be quite helpful by offering advice and being a sounding board.

She was able to be present for the birth of our second child and the difference was amazing! She used a variety of massage and touch techniques to help manage the pain. She would make a number of gentle suggestions about different positions or other things that may help (often realizing we needed something before we did). 

Her strong relationships with the hospital staff allow her to work as part of the team all focussed on "delivering" (pun intended) a positive outcome for the mother and baby. 

While we were fortunate to have a positive birth experience with our first child, having her physically present the second time made it an even better experience. 

Post-partum she was there to answer questions and check-in on how we were doing mentally and physically. She also provided a few at home massages, which my sore body appreciated especially before we had a good breastfeeding routine that would allow me to slip away.

We truly consider ourselves lucky that we found Jenel to be part of our birth experience. 

Tanys Kowalski


Nearing 3 years of being in Jenel’s space, she never ceases to amaze me with her ever-expanding wisdom and depth of the sacred feminine and connection to women’s bodies. I met her in my third trimester during my first pregnancy, and in true Jenel fashion she provided me with free resources, tools and tips to aid in my pregnancy and birth journey. Recognizing the impact she had in my transition to motherhood, it was obvious she needed to be our doula for our second pregnancy. Jenel’s gentle and compassionate guidance allowed me to connect deeper into my womb space and hold space for what she had to say. It was because of her endless support and trust that I was able to trust the wisdom in my own body and have the natural, interference-free vaginal birth that I knew my body was capable of. She was an advocate for my needs while laboring at home, and delivering and post birth in the hospital. She always made herself available for check-ins, on-call support and provided resources and nourishment to prepare myself physically, emotionally, and spiritually for bringing another soul into the world. She made me tea and yoni steam blends, bone broth and soup, and her famous post partum perineal tea spray. I’ve had the pleasure of working with Jenel in many different facets; massage, wombcare (internal and external work), cranio-sacral, birth prep, post partum care, sacred feminine workshops and moon circles, all of which are potent with her wisdom. Her magic lies in the medicine she channels and the service she provides to women. She really is the gate keeper of knowledge and provides women the support and connection that is so often lost and forgotten in the modern world. She’s a firm believer that the body can heal itself, and will provide women a safe space to tap into their own intuition in order to do so. She’s truly a gift to the world and it’s an honor to share space with her. 

Laura G.


We had Jenel attend the birth of our fourth baby. I'd never had a doula before this experience and I would very highly recommend Jenel. My entire birthing experience was completely different from the first three. The first three were long, drawn out deliveries. This time, Jenel kept things moving with massage, pressure, and position changes at the right times. She just knows what you need without you ever having to say a word. It was absolutely amazing. I didn't know what to expect going into it, but she was exactly what we needed to bring this baby into the world. I think every birthing mother should have a doula by her side. 

Ali Rogers


Jen prepared us well and helped us meet our birthplan goals. She especially helped me work through my delivery nervousness. She was by our side through the whole labour process and advocated for what felt right during delivery. She continues to be supportive and informative!



Having a doula was the best choice I made, and finding jenel just made it that much better !!!  She has so much information to share, and made our entire birth experience so much more enjoyable! 

She knew exactly what I needed during labor and was very helpful In voicing my needs and wants to the medical team so I could focus more on myself and connecting with baby. She not only brought so much comfort to myself, but my husband as well. Giving advice and guiding in a way that wasn't over bearing. 

We couldn't be happier with the entire experience and can't wait to have her join us with future pregnancies! 




Amanda Peters


Having Jenel present for the birth of my second child was the best decision I made in my birth preparation. Jenel was a pillar of support for me to lean on. Her knowledge, wisdom and beautiful energy was exactly what I needed for the birthing of my beautiful baby. Jenel has a calming presence   and her massage and positioning  techniques helped me more than I can even put into words. I was able to deliver my baby girl with no medication and I wouldn't have wanted to have anyone other than her present for such a magical moment. 

Jaycee and Ray


Jenel was an absolute pleasure to work with. She made our birthing experience such a positive one. My daughter came 5 weeks early, and we had a lot of concern around that but Jenel put all our worries at ease. During labor I’m not sure what I would have done without her. She knew exactly what I needed without me needing to ask her, she guided my husband in how to support me as well as massaged and moved my body in a way that I was able to stay comfortable. At 5 weeks postpartum I found I had retained placenta and again, she was able to ease my worries and give me a lot of great advice on how to manage.  I highly recommend her services. I don’t think we would have had such a great experience if it weren’t for having her there! I will without a doubt be hiring her again for my future pregnancies. 

Sydney & Colton


Jenel did such an amazing job supporting us during pregnancy, birth, a NICU stay and when we brought our baby home. We reached out in early pregnancy and luckily Jenel could fit us into her client roster. We can’t recommend her enough. During pregnancy, she was able to answer any questions we had for her regarding symptoms, baby, test results, pain, etc. She offered pregnancy massage, prenatal yoga classes and her business offered acupuncture, which we took advantage of, as well as other services. During a rather difficult 34 week delivery due to PPROM, Jenel was with us every step of the way. Since we couldn’t have our midwife deliver baby as we were under 35 weeks, it meant the world to us that Jenel was able to support us. She helped mom stay calm and focus on breathing, her body and baby, and helped dad stay focused on mom and helped him stay calm. Even when things seemed to turn to a panic, Jenel kept us calm and helped us stay focused on the safe arrival of our daughter.  Although she couldn’t be there for our c section, we couldn’t imagine being as calm as we were leading up to it without her there. Following the arrival of our baby, Jenel followed up, checked in on us, brought food, gave postnatal massages and celebrated every milestone our baby hit in the NICU with us, and all the ones she’s made at home so far. She’s not only an amazing doula but an amazing friend, one who feels like family. Jenel offers so much more than just doula services. She brings with her a plethora of knowledge on fertility, pregnancy, birth, post pregnancy and we are sure so much more we didn’t ask about. We highly recommend Jenel’s services, and gladly will have her alongside for our journey with any future babies we may have. 



Our experience with Jenel was fantastic! As first time parents in a pandemic where in person classes weren't happening, she was a wealth of knowledge. Her background and experience are so valuable in providing massage and calming affirmations through labour. With her assistance, I was able to deliver our baby unmedicated, and am confident I wouldn't have been able to do that without her. I will always recommend her for anyone giving birth, and I know I will have her by my side for any future babes!

Marnie Walliser


I found Jenel online and was thrilled to find someone with a multitude of training and specialized courses related to birth.  I was particularly interested in how she could support me with my goal of having a natural birth. She was knowledgeable, affirming, easygoing, and straightforward.  She brings a positive attitude and energy. 
I think we met when I was 7 months pregnant and she was an amazing resource and support  through the end of my pregnancy when I had questions or concerns.  Her help continued into the postpartum period, as well! Where Jenel really was most invaluable however, was firstly  in helping my partner, who was a first time dad, know better what to expect going into labour and be prepared how he could be the best support to me while laboring.  He stated she was well worth her fee for how she helped him wrap his mind around the birth process, and his role.  Secondly, Jenel really helped me to birth my baby without interventions.  When was in labour, Jenel accurately interpreted every body movement/cue and communicated what was happening for me  to my partner and the hospital staff when is didn't have the energy to do so (because I was in between contractions and wanting to conserve my energy by not talking).  She provided physical comfort measures that were invaluable and guided my partner through doing these as well.  Jenel also communicated my birth plan/intentions to the hospital staff in an effective manner. Lastly we really appreciated that she took photos and video without us even realizing she was doing so, so we will always have those memories of how our baby came into the world to meet us.  I am recommending Jenel to anyone who wants a doula! She is amazing!!



When I got the news that my unborn child has a congenital heart defect and that I would be giving birth at the children's hospital in Saskatoon I sought out a local doula for support and guidance. I was looking for someone who is experienced with high risk pregnancies and NICU babies.  After a quick google search, Jenel's name popped up on my screen and ultimately became by first choice.  Her combined experience as a doula, yoga instructor, massage therapist and reiki practioner makes her the whole package.  She is also a blend of sugar and spice meaning she can be nurturing and comforting at the right time and still have a strong voice to inform and advocate. She has a grounded presence and works with confidence.  She has a wealth of knowledge and I benefitted for the resources included in the doula package.

I built a relationship with Jenel for several months leading up to labour by booking massages and having prenatal consults.  It was important to have trust in each other. When I went into labour in the middle of the night she was readily available. She guided me through the most intense and empowering birthing experience. Her presence alleviated some pressure/stress from my husband while at the same time keeping him fully involved.

Jenel provided post natal care by bringing goodies and frequent checkins.I  also received videos and photos of labour and delivery.

I am fortunated that our paths cross and she was able to support me on this journey.

I highly recommend working with a doula and Jenel is an excellent choice 

Breanne B


As a nurse, I know labour is a crazy intense experience. My fiance and I live 5 hours north of Saskatoon but had decided the best decision was to deliver there. When I first mentioned hiring a doula my fiance wasn't too sure of the idea... he thought it would be weird to have someone present during such a big moment of our lives and worried his role would be diminished. After meeting with multiple wonderful doulas we knew Jenel would be a great choice for us. Her outgoing and open nature was a perfect fit. Her ability to talk about the hard stuff with ease was a big asset for forming a relationship with us. Quickly my fiance came around to the doula idea and after having a long labour with a few complications he will be the first to tell you how happy he was she was there. Realizing now how busy the hospital is (where hours go by without seeing a nurse) I can't imagine not having Jenel around to be that knowledgeable presence and my advocate. I keep telling all my friends it was the best decision we made. With the pandemic and living in small town  a lot of post partum services being suspended, it was great to have Jenel available to reach out to when I was having a meltdown. She always took the time to talk things out and give me suggestions. She would check in regularly and I was so grateful to have her as a lifeline. 

Rena Clark


Jenel was suggested to us by a friend when we were looking for a Doula. We had initial consultations with 5 Doulas.  When we asked Jenel if we could work with her; thankfully she said yes. We started meeting with Jenel around 35-36 weeks pregnant with our first child. We were both really nervous because I am over 40 years old. Jenel helped prepare us mentally and physically for our hospital induction/epidural birth. Jenel is very knowledgeable, practical and super caring.  She demonstrated how the baby will exit the pelvis, pain management techniques and different ways to labor to make it easier.  Jenel assured us she would advocate for us and our baby. We went into our birth more confident.  Jenel came to the hospital with us and was instrumental in assisting us with comfort, massage, music, afvocation, pain management and labouring positions.  We wouldn't have wanted to attempt our birth without Jenel!! Jenel took priceless photos of us meeting our sweet Baby James for the first time. Jenel stayed after the birth to help latch baby for feeding.  Jenel visited our family, days, weeks and months afterwards to make sure everyone was thriving.  We would highly recommend working with Jenel.  

Alana Sanden


Jenel is MORE than everything we imagined in a doula. She was such a calming presence and wealth of knowledge during pregnancy with always being just a text away to answer a question or give support and prepared us with so much information during our meetings before our babe came. During labour she was AMAZING spending so much time with me making sure I was as comfortable as possible, expressing my needs to the staff, massaging THE WHOLE TIME ??, and suggesting different postions and coping mechanisms. Jenel was also so helpful to my husband during labour and birth explaining what was happening, calming him down and helping him with supporting me and making sure he was also resting and supported. Our baby boy was born over 6 weeks ago and Jenel still texts me to ask how I am doing and offering her expertise and advice! We are so blessed to have found Jenel and will definitely be having her as our doula for our future babies! ♥?

Jill Stuart


Working with Jenel helped make our birth experience so positive. She is a wealth of knowledge and was incredibly supportive of both myself and my husband prior to labour and  especially during. She helped me have the birthing experience I wanted and I couldn't recommend her more. Her postpartum support is something I didn't even know I needed but Jenel continues to support me which has been a huge help in the transition into motherhood. I would highly recommend her to anyone looking for support during pregnancy, delivery, or postpartum. As Jenel said to us, it's never too early or late to call her! 

Kayli Arsenault


I meet Jenel while pregnant with my first child while looking for a massage therapist. I quickly became comfortable, as she was always so positive and welcoming. I knew if I had another child she would be my doula. Having Jenel in the delivery room  made me less stressed ,as I knew she would be that voice for us when needed. Getting the massage while waiting for baby to arrive was amazing. It was the only thing that helped me relax for a bit. I highly recommend working with her she is very knowledgable, and will be able to set you at ease.



We hired Jenel for my second birth, which was a vbac. Due to my first labour and birth being so long, with back labour, and ending in c-section due to positioning, there were specific qualities I was looking for in a doula and that I found in Jenel. Jenel had lots of knowledge about positioning/spinning babies, as well as strong hands from being an RMT. Thankfully I didn't need the counterpressure that I did with my first! Jenel's prenatal visits were extremely helpful prepare me for birth and put my mind at ease, and during labour she was invaluable. She beat us to the hospital and her reminders to slow by breathing between contractions, and guide my partner how to touch me were especially helpful. I enjoyed the opportunity to debrief with her following the birth, and the closing of the bones ceremony and the food she provided us were wonderful postpartum. I would definitely recommend Jenel as a doula if you are looking for a knowledgable support person for birth and everything before and after it. 

Sadie B


My labour and delivery was a fantastic experience due to Jen and Kiana. They were absolutely awesome. They cared for me and  supported me throughout my entire L & D. Even after my baby was born, they reached out and offered support and help. Jen has so many different techniques to help ease labour, and her wealth of knowledge is substantial. I highly recommend them as doulas!!

Emily Wur


There are not enough words to describe how much of a positive impact Jenel had on our pregnancy and birth! In the first meeting with my husband (who was sceptical on why we needed a doula) Jenel said "I am here to help you help her" and boom she won him over then and every meeting after that. She answered all my FTM questions when I was panicking and need reassurance everything was progressing normally over those last 20 weeks and went over and above giving support and massage during labor and helped us determine when it was time to get our butts to the hospital to have a baby (huge fear of mine not knowing when to go) and during birth she kept the positivity coming helping keep me in the zone and not doubting myself 

after our little man was earthside she made sure my husband was fed and checked in on all of us the next few weeks
I couldn't possibly have asked for a better person by our side and my husband now says we will be calling Jenel again for every pregnancy! 

Hailey Smytaniuk


Jenel is incredibly knowledgeable and intuitive in all things related to pregnancy/labor/birth/bodywork. I had major anxiety having a hospital birth, and she was able to effortlessly make sure that the environment was as calm as possible. She gently reminded me to surrender to the experience, and supported and encouraged my husband in supporting me. She has an amazing ability to just know what comfort measures were needed while laboring and bringing my baby earthside. I'm so grateful that she was our birth doula! 


Tayler Prokopets


I was on the hunt for a doula before we even tried to conceive our second baby. After a very tramatic first labor and delivery/post partum I knew I wanted more support this time around. Jenel provided 24/7 support to us throughout our pregnancy from day one. We had birth defect scares and a gestational diabetes diagnosis that jenel supported us through. She gave us resources, tips, and so much love and support. She eased so many of my fears and anxieties. We had an amazing labor and delivery with no complications with jenel by our side. Post partum I am feeling great with a happy, healthy and content baby. Without jenel I know my anxieties would be higher which would lead to a harder recovery. We are so grateful to of had jenel be apart of our birth experience and highly recommend her. With jenel you don't just get a doula you get a forever friend ??




We had an amazing experience with Jenel as our Doula! Being first time parents we had no idea what we were doing or what to expect. Jenel took a calm and educated approach with us so we felt well taken care of and relaxed. She offered support by text or phone throughout my pregnancy and was on call as our due date got closer. My contractions started at 2 am and Jenel was able to chat with me all through the night! She came to our house to support me through labour for the whole day before coming with us to the hospital for the delivery. I felt empowered and encouraged through my entire birth experience. Her background in massage therapy and knowledge of the human body is a huge benefit for anyone wanting to do an unmedicated birth. The level of individualized care and support that my partner and I received blew me away. Jenel really took the time to get to know us and all our special requirements. She made me feel loved, valued, and strong in my journey to motherhood and I am forever grateful. 

Tara and jon


For my third pregnancy, I enlisted the help of the Jenel as I wanted to be more informed and involved in the labour and delivery of my baby. After two less than ideal hospital births I chose to have Jenel present at this birth; I honestly wish I could go back in time and have her support me through the deliveries of my first two children. It’s impossible to truly describe how wonderful the experience was with Jenel there to guide me through my labour by supporting and empowering me. With her love and support, I was able to deliver this baby in a calm, peaceful setting without pain medication - something I never thought I would be able to do. It was a wonderful experience thanks to jenel l. I love them so much.xo Tara

Hiring Jenel has been the best parenting decision yet. Her ability to help us dig deep and question what we want and how to achieve it as a team really made me feel involved. I felt confident supporting Tara and knew I was doing it right for her as we talked about so many scenarios and how I can help in all of them beforehand. Post birth I knew how to support and encouragement for breastfeeding as well knew what healing post birth is really like and how important I am in all of that! -Jon



Thank you ??. Man I know I keep saying this but that WAS powerful!

Thank you again for that. M's birth would not have been the same if you weren't there and I'm grateful every single time I remember it. It's wild because with the other two, I've kind of blocked them out a bit but with hers I was in control and remember it all. Amazing.


Stefanie Bohn


When I found out I was pregnant I knew I wanted a doula (Drew agreed) so I started looking online and came across Jenel. We got to have a FaceTime chat with her first because we live 2 hours out of the city. As soon as we hung up the phone Drew and I knew we wanted her along for this journey and we couldn’t be happier with this decision. We met with her multiple times each time leaving with more information and feeling more confident in what was to come. I also received massages that helped with the pains of being pregnant and felt so good afterwards. All of this was above and beyond our expectations and then came the big day and we honestly couldn’t imagine not having her there. She was such a rock for Drew and myself during the 24 hour labour. Giving me so many affirmations and using her massage background to relieve some of the pain. She did so much for us and we are so happy that we found her. It’s been 4 weeks since and she still checks up on us, we definitely now consider her not just our doula but our friend.



Terrific, brilliant at what she does! Both myself and my partner felt supported and cared for. Way beyond my expectations and I feel my birth would have ended differently had Jenel not been there.

Hire this doula!



When I didn't think I could press on, Jenel was able to support me. Keep me calm and also my husbandd. I felt empowered going into birth with many resources and other suggestions to tap into my instincts. Very creative process with a variety of tools to use for both myself and my partner. Worth every penny! I will be hiring her for all my future babies and telling all my friends and family about how amazing it was having Jenel as your doula! 



We decided to hire a doula a few month before baby girl’s due date.


Jenel was wonderful. She helped us with positions, videos and exercises to get our head in the game in preparation. Baby was also breech so we spent a week working on movements to help her turn - which she did!


I was induced after having high blood pressure. Jenel helped during early labour with massages and techniques to help me relax and rest. And then when things really got going she confidently advocated for us to help me with positions that allowed me to be more comfortable and still let the nursing team monitor baby. My husband said after the fact when things got intense how grateful he was Jenel was there - she knew so many ways to support me and he never felt like she took his place. Rather that he was supported too.


All in all what likely could have ended up as a c-section was a drug free natural birth. We are so thankful Jenel was there for this amazing experience. We’ve encouraged every other pregnant couple we know to give themselves the gift of hiring Jenel.

Maria Arcellie Agad


Hiring Jenel as our doula was one of the best decision we did in preparation of my childbirth. Since me and my husband lives alone, Jenel became a great company and an outstanding support. Her experience in being a doula was exemplary. Her service was top notch and she is very reliable. Getting her service got me a Doula and friend. I will put my best effort to recommend her to those in need.

Brittney Perez


Best doula ever! I feel so supported already. I know the best is yet to come. I started seeing her for arvigo wombcare, and here we are on this new journey to motherhood. Get a doula and make sure it's Jenel!

Lisa Slominski


Without Jenel my pregnancy would have been so uncomfortable. I started seeing Jenel for massage therapy on my glutes, hips and back at the start of my third trimester and after only ONE visit my pain decreased. With routine visits I was able to sleep comfortably most nights until the delivery. When I heard Jenel was a doula I quickly asked if she had availability for my due date. She helped me keep calm, relaxed and confident while she patiently and respectfully waited for labor to progress. When the pain was almost unbearable Jenel always said exactly what I needed to hear make it through. Her attentive and supportive energy was immensely beneficial. Jenel also provided healing bath soaks during my recovery that were definitely healing and relaxing. She also charges a very fair fee for her services. I highly recommend Jenel for your home or hospital birth. 

Erin Smith



Jenel was our Doula for our first child. I was nervous about giving birth, and in particular the long-lasting negative effects I had heard horror stories about. Jenel gave helpful and practical suggestions on how to prepare (e.g. stretches, visualization, resources to review) to ensure I felt ready to tackle things. She was always available to answer questions and was indispensible during my labour. She also did an excellent job of ensuring my partner was part of the process and knew what to do to help support me.

My interpretation of Jenel's approach is that she wants to help guide you to have the birth you want with support, but no judgement. 

I certainly recommend her!



I guess it’s never too late to thank my Birth Doula Jenel from StoonRMT who did a superb job through emotional support, she even cleaned my throw ups, provided ice chips while I’m losing all my strength, physical engagement such as giving me a massage, breathing techniques to endure every pain and assisting in birth ball/exercises for comfort and motivated me during the 15-hour labor at the hospital 2 weeks ago.
Plus she took all the unforgettable videos and photos during my delivery. ??

I can’t imagine how I was able to make it through without her help as I only have Jumong on my side, and since it’s our first time, we’re a little bit clueless about childbirth scenarios.

I wouldn’t regret getting her service, she’s highly recommended! ♥?♥?♥?



Having Jenel as our doula was a wonderful experience from start to finish. Her knowledge and experience made us feel comfortable and supported through what was a difficult birth. I would highly recommend Jenel to anyone considering a doula.



I am so incredibly grateful that we had you with us to bring baby into the world. You constantly went above and beyond and we cannot thank you enough. You have a permanent place I our hearts and our most profound respect. Thank you thank you thank you. ?? hi



I can't thank you enough for how much you helped my wife and I physically and emotionally over the last month. We would have never had such a positive birth experience and start of our kids life if it wasn't for you. You worked tirelessly. You truly cares about us and it showed every step of the way. Thank You! 




Your continued support throughout my pregnancy and especially in the last month of pregnancy is more than j could've ever anticipated. We will forever be thankful for all the support your provided. Our birth was a joyous, beautiful and amazing event. 

Deepest gratitude.



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