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Los Angeles, CA Service range 25 miles

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Postpartum Rate


Availability Remarks: My DoulaMatch calendar is not always accurate. Please shoot me an email: to see if I am available for your due date/postpartum period. Thank you so much!

Birth Fee


Postpartum Rate


Birth Doula Certifications

  • Hypnobabies - Certified Hypno-Doula

Birth Doula Experience

1 years and 20 births attended

Postpartum Doula Experience

1 years and 16 families served

Doula Training

  • DONA International, February 2019
  • Hypnobabies, September 2020

Type of practice: Solo practice

Clients per month: 1 to 3 births and 1 to 2 postpartum families

Postpartum limits/restrictions: no smokers, no driving clients

Attends hospital births? All Hospitals

Attends birth center births? All Birth Centers

Attends home births? Some Home Births
no unassisted births

College Education


Special Services Offered

  • Antepartum doula support
  • Babywearing education
  • Cloth diapering education
  • Elimination communication education
  • First Aid and CPR
  • LGBTQIA+ Support
  • Military families support
  • Miscarriage support
  • Satellite doula (for remote and rural clients)
  • Sibling support (for your older children at the birth)
  • TENS units rental
  • Virtual and remote doula support

Relevant volunteer or advocacy work

DASC Doulas of Southern California Social Media Committee Chair Lead Domestic Violence Peer Counselor Pursuant of California Evidence Code Section 1037.1

Languages Spoken

  • English

Fee Details

VIRTUAL OPTIONS AVAILABLE! Fees & info on website. Payment plans, sliding scale available.

Los Angeles, CA Service range 25 miles

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Client Testimonials for Brighid Quinn

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Monica Turner


This review is loooooong overdue. Our son was born on 06/22/2020. I enlisted the services of Brighid in December 2019. She is down to earth, knowledgeable and respectful of your choices around your birth and desired experience. Then covid came along in March 2020 and changed everything. We couldn't meet in person anymore and when it time for me to deliver the hospitals were not allowing doulas inside. Brighid was great and was available for us every step of the way.  She talked to my husband pretty much throughout my labor process which ended up lasting 3 day. She had great referrals for birthing classes and a lactation consultant when we needed them. She also helped with some post partum doula stuff and to this day is still available if I have questions or need referrals. She loves her job and it shows and is really sweet. I highly recommend a doula if you're pregnant and I highly recommend Brighid! It takes a village and is definitely part of our village. 

Cyla Fisk


Brighid was my postpartum doula following the birth of my first child. I HIGHLY recommend her to anyone seeking help before, during or after their birth. She was so attuned to my and my daughter's needs. I really appreciated her knowledge on postpartum and infant care, her warm presence, emotional support, and practical help around the house. She also provided me with great referrals when there was anything out of her scope. You will be very thankful you hired her, I sure am! 



I cannot recommend Brighid highly enough! From beginning to end, my experience with Brighid was everything I hoped for and more. Brighid went above and beyond for me, my husband and my baby. In preparation, she helped me to feel confident, informed and empowered. She answered all of my questions, taught us techniques to cope with pain, how to advocate for ourselves at the hospital, and introduced me to other practitioners (chiropractor, lactation expert, etc.) who are incredible.When the big day arrived she provided the kind of care and support that both my husband and I really needed for birth, and I ended up having the birth experience I always dreamed of. If you are thinking of hiring a doula, Brighid is your woman. 

Denise Peyre


Brighid only worked with our family for a month because she was SUPER booked, but I wish I could have had her services for longer. As a second time Mom I needed someone task-oriented who would always maximize her time with me and Brighid was perfect for our family's needs. She was able to read the household well and was open to pretty much anything I needed done. She helped with laundry, dishes, meal prep, holding baby while I showered and stretched and helped with my older sons bath and bedtime. She also was the perfect amount of emotional support when needed and snuck in a few baby Whisperer moments when my newborn had moments of her own. I went with a different doula after she left our household and I keep thinking I want Brighid back- I totally recommend her!

Nicole Vidaurreta


Being pregnant with our first child during the pandemic brought with it enough uncertainty (what would hospital procedures be like, what kind of classes would be available, what kind of support would be allowed.  We decided to invest in a doula to hell is navigate the new and uncertain landscape... and we are so so happy to have found Brighid!   She was the perfect resource for nonjudgmental advice and support we needed to make this experience amazing!   She listened to us and adjusted her advice according to our preferences without judgment and while offering several resources if information to help us make the informed decisions that were best for us.   On the day of delivery, she was like that coach on the sideline that runs by your side for the last miles of the marathon to help you finish... we are so so grateful that she was a part of our journey and would highly recommend her to anyone that is looking to make their journey easier (so that you can enjoy the important things).  



Brighid joined our path to birthing at the perfect time -- we truly felt it was serendipity that brought us together.  I wanted to give birth in a birthing center with a midwife, but due to medical reasons, it was not in the cards.  Because of this, I wanted my hospital/OB experience to have as many of the elements that drew me to midwives as possible.  One way to accomplish this was to work with a doula who completely understood our unique situation and could tailor our partnership as such, and Brighid did that, 100%.  She listened so carefully, took the time to really understand me, my husband and our baby, and connect on what was truly important to us.  All the additional reading materials, podcasts and emails were so helpful.  And of course, she was a total star and pro when we needed her most, in the hospital for our daughter's birth.  Brighid brings a burst of energy and enthusiam, but she's also very confident in her knowledge and abilities, which is a perfect combination.  Professional yet flexible, light-hearted yet serious.


We cant recommend Brighid highly enough -- we couldn't have asked for a better doula to be with us during such a special time.

Hailee H


Wonderful Postpartum Doula

I'm a first time mom and while I felt as prepared as I possibly could, I still left the hospital in complete shock.  I was in charge of a tiny, brand new baby!  I felt so relieved that we had Brighid scheduled and ready to start right away.

My experience with Brighid was easy and helpful from the first day until the last.  Every day that she was scheduled I felt comfort in knowing I could have time to bond with my baby without having to stress about other things like cooking and laundry.  Brighid was on top of everything!

She was helpful and supportive with my breastfeeding journey and encouraged me to stick with it (which I'm very happy I did).

Also, she is super 'pet friendly' and our dog, Ophelia misses her every day.  She was great in helping Ophelia become used to having a baby around - she would have been lost with out her. 

For all of the reasons and so many more I highly recommend her! 







My husband and I had the most wonderful experience working with Brighid! After interviewing a few different Doulas, we decided to work with Brighid for many reasons. She had a great energy about her that felt calming yet exciting, she listened to what we wanted for the birth and she already had great insight regarding the questions that we asked. Right from the start, we were so pleased that we went with her. She is a great communicator, was always quick to respond to emails and messages, and provided us with a lot of information in the weeks leading up to the birth. 

What I loved most about working with Brighid was how much I felt heard with my desires for labor and delivery. I never once felt judged when I shared my fears and always felt 100% supported in my requests. When the time came to have my daughter and the plan went completely different than what I wanted, she was there not only for me, but for my husband as well. After having an emergency C section and not being able to be with my daughter initially, Brighid was there both for her and my husband, helping them through the first hour together. I'm pretty sure he wouldn't have had a clue what to do if it weren't for her! She truly has become part of our family and I can't recommend her services enough. As a first time mom, I felt more confident and knowledagble going into the experience of having my daughter because of Brighid. 

Gina Pecho


We hired Brighid right before the pandemic shut everything down. When in person meet-ups became impossible and everything changed over to virtual, we were worried hiring a doula was the wrong move, but it turned out to be better than we had expected. 

Not only was Brighid availble via text and email, but she truly helped me out in one of the hardest times of my life. Being pregnant with a toddler in a pandemic was extremely difficult and she offered more support and encouragment than I could have imagined. She also ended up voluteering to help us with our toddler when it was time to give birth ( since our family couldnt fly in and be with us due to Covid ) and that for us, meant the world.

Brighid is extremely knowledgeable and passionate about what she does - and it shines through in every aspect of what she offers each client. Brighid has helped me in my postpartum journey as well and I'm grateful for her guidence. I love where this journey has taken us, and love knowing that we are not only past clients of hers but friends as well. 

Francesca Campbell


Our family really enjoyed working with Brighid to prepare for the birth of our son and during the very stressful postpartum period. She was SO helpful in answering all of our many questions that came up on a range on topics related to newborn care, feeding, and postpartum healing. She helped us with ways to prepare for his arrival and great resources and referrals. We felt at ease having her expert opinion after hearing much conflicting advise from other sources. She helped us feel more prepared, more relaxed, and better equipped to to handle anything that came our way. We highly recommend having Bridghid as a doula and hope to work with her again whenever we have our next child! 

Christina Ceisel


I was unsure about hiring a doula, because I knew I was delivering in a hospital and not opposed to an epidural, but several friends and prenatal caregivers suggested I look into it. "The doula is there to take care of you" was what I was told. I am SO GLAD that I did, and that I found Brighid. This was my first delivery, and I was in no way prepared for the onslaught of choices and decisions that need to be made in the final months, and during the delivery itself.

Brighid helped my husband and I think through our preferences and understand our options when it came to developing a birth plan. During our initial meetings she gave us excellent information and context that we did not get in the birthing classes we attended. When she did not know something (we had a question about the placenta, and a few others), she asked her colleagues and did the research. At all points in developing the birth plan we felt very supported by Brighid.

I went in for a scheduled induction, which lead to a 3 day delivery. Brighid was indispensible during that time. She helped us reason through the many decisions that needed to be made, understand and weigh our options. She kept the mood light, and helped my husband and I find ways to support each other in the process; while also advocating for me with the medical team. During contractions, she was right there providing mental and physical comfort and support.

Out of all the things I did to prepare for my new child, working with Brighid was by far the most invaluable.

Ashley Drummy


At first I wasn't sure (and neither was my husband) that I wanted to hire a doula. As I got closer to my due date, I began thinking about it more and more. I was attempting a VBAC and hoping to go with no epidural. I looked into a few doulas and started interviewing...I was 36 weeks! I met with Brighid and she was so warm, friendly, knowledgeable, and was able to make me feel so comfortable. She had a lot of great information to share, had worked at the hospital I was going to be delivering at, and understood my desire to want to go unmedicated. She was very supportive, non judgemental, and had a lot of good research backed information. She has a nice balance of a doula who is an advocate for her client and what they want, but also, being sure that we're safe and listening to recommendations from the care providers. When I went into labor, she was at the hospital just before we arrived and was ready to go. She stayed with me and helped me through contractions. It was great to have her suggest different positions that would feel better, provide counterpressure, get wet washcloths and ice chips. She did so much to support me! I am very grateful that we decided to move forward with getting a doula, speficially Brighid! My husband and I would highly recommend her to anyone looking for a supportive, knowledgeable, warm, non judgemental, and friendly support person for your labor and delivery!



Brighid was my postpartum doula after the birth of our daughter, Zoe. I hired Brighid  because she seemed highly knowledgeable, down-to-earth, caring, and nurturing. Boy, was I correct in this assessment and I'm so glad that she was with us for the first few weeks post-partum. Brighid was extremely well-attuned to my needs and to those of our newborn, Zoe, and our household. She was an unobtrusive but warm presence who helped us learn the basics of newborn care and who assisted me in my recovery from a c-section. She has great energy, is extremely professional and I highly recommend her!

Beth G.


I'm so happy I used Brighid as my birth doula! I knew I wanted a doula, so I'd have someone who'd had training and was in my corner to support me during labor and delivery. She is attentive, warm, kind, calming, and incredibly knowledgable!  Brighid taught my husband and I some very useful comfort measures, and she was responsive and communicative as soon as we decided to hire her!  Our prenatal visits gave us a good chance to get to know each other and talk about my pregnancy and what to expect in labor, delivery, and postpartum.   I especially appreciated her professionalism, sincerity, and her work when my labor did not go according to plan, as I needed an induction.  Brighid was a clear-headed souding board, and helped to ease my anxiety.  She was encouraging and helped us anticipate what to expect, and she was amazingly helpful during the delivery!  Our postpartum visit was a comfortable space to process the ups and downs of the birth.  I wholeheartedly recommend Brighid!

Michaela Sanchez


Where do I start?!? When I found Brighid I was a nervous new mom of 2 month old twins. I wish I would have reached out for Brighid earlier but honestly I didn't realize doulas help after birth?! 

Brighid has been such a huge help to our family but especially me. She is constantly offering resources and is always so respectful of my parenting style. Having Brighid in your home is like having your sister over. You don't feel the need to entertain her, how it often feels when you have people over. She also makes you feel like everything you're going through will be okay. She has no problem holding your hand through it all. Brighid is great with babies and has so much great advise to offer! If you have the chance to hire Brighid, do it! You won't be disappointed!! 



Brighid impressed me right off the bat with her professional but very friendly demeanor and high level of preparedness. She takes her position seriously in the best possible way. Throughout the entire process, she was organized, thoughtful, fun, and extremely knowledgeable. Thankfully I had a great birth experience overall, in no small part thanks to Brighid’s support. With her help, we boosted my confidence that things would turn out alright and instilled in me a positivity that I really needed. She communicates very well too. I appreciated her help enormously and will miss her!

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