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Cheryl Klugmann

CD(DONA)PCD(DONA)Certified lactation specialist,

Highland Park, NJ Service range 50 miles I charge an additional fee for tolls and parking

Birth Fee


Postpartum Rate

$60 to $75

Birth Fee


Postpartum Rate

$60 to $75

Birth Doula Experience

12 years and 227 births attended

Postpartum Doula Experience

4 years and 230 families served

Birth Doula Certifications

  • DONA International - Certified Birth Doula
  • Hypnobabies - Certified Hypno-Doula

Postpartum Doula Certifications

  • DONA International - Certified Postpartum Doula

Doula Training

  • DONA International-Approved Workshop, April 2019
  • DONA International-Approved Workshop, April 2019
  • DONA International-Approved Workshop, April 2019
  • Hypnobabies, March 2021

Type of practice: Doula agency owner

Clients per month: 2 to 5

Attends hospital births? All Hospitals

Attends birth center births? All Birth Centers

Attends home births? Any Home Birth
Will support home births with Midwife!

College Education


Special Services Offered

  • Acupressure
  • Antepartum doula support
  • Aromatherapy
  • Baby-led weaning
  • Babywearing education
  • Birth counseling for survivors of childhood sexual abuse
  • Childbirth education services
  • First Aid and CPR
  • Hypnosis for birth
  • Infant massage education
  • Lactation consultant/counselor services
  • LGBTQIA+ Support
  • Military families support
  • Miscarriage support
  • Mother blessing celebrations
  • Newborn care specialist
  • Parenting consulting
  • Pelvic floor health education & support
  • Photography - Birth
  • Placenta encapsulation
  • Satellite doula (for remote and rural clients)
  • Sleep educator
  • Sleep support consulting
  • Surrogates and intended parents
  • TENS units rental
  • Virtual and remote doula support

Training Documentation


Fee Details

I am willing to work on a sliding scale

Service Area

Highland Park, NJ Service range 50 miles I charge an additional fee for tolls and parking

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Mike & Jackie


Cheryl is an incredible doula, she and her partner Justice were so helpful for us postpartum. Cheryl took the time to speak with us several times before the birth, and really got to know us and understand our needs. She helped as a lactation consultant and gave us tons of valuable advice, and was always available to text with random questions. Justice was also amazing: she helped with about a dozen overnight sessions, helping us to get good rest, providing lots of advice on topics like feeding schedules and techniques, helped us with technique for giving our newborn a bath, and took great notes about everything that happened overnight so we could log it in our apps. :)

I'd also mention that the company administering my work's doula benefit had really specific requirements for the paperwork they needed, and Cheryl was unbelievably helpful in working with me to get everything they needed.

Cheryl and Justice were there for us every step of the way, and I'd recommend them wholeheartedly!

Becki Tarby


This was our second time with Cheryl as our doula and with both labors, I don't know how we would have gotten through with our birth preferences without her. Cheryl listened, encouraged, suggested positions and comfort measures, and assured us through every step. She takes time to get to know her clients and tailors her approach. Though we were very happy with our hospital and hospital staff, there are times when the staff isn't there and having 2 support people in the room was pretty much a necessity for me to reach my goals and preferences. Our postpartum visit with Cheryl at our home was so great in order to process the labor and birth. I felt so empowered during labor and to relive it and process it positively with a professional who was there was so helpful and necessary as I worked through my feelings around my labors and deliveries. Cheryl was an amazing partner to have in our journey. We highly recommend her. 



Cheryl is very caring and empathetic. Sherespects the culture differences and would adapt to do the things in my way. She listens carefully to my feelings, shares her thoughts and supports me wholeheartedly during my postpartum recovery. She’s cheerful and energetic, bringing a lot of fun and laughter to our home. With our baby she quickly gets along, jiggles and plays with him, and she has a sharp eye to identify things to be aware of early and provides advice to help our baby feel better through her rich knowledge and past experience. Her partner Justice is very patient and respectful, who helps cover the late hours during the afternoon and evening. One suggestion would be if you have any benefits that could be applied towards postpartum care it’ll help a lot on the finance part, which Cheryl is very responsive and supportive to provide required materials say certifications, etc. Overall I think she’s very nice to work with and enjoyed working with her :)

Erica & Frank


I was advised by my midwife and best friend to hire a doula. I did my research and knew what I wanted- someone who was a lactation consultant, certified in hypnobirthing & spinning babies, and someone with experience. Cheryl had everything I wanted “on paper” so I knew the only thing I needed to do was meet her.  If we connected, she was going to be it.  In less than 5 minutes of meeting her I knew she was my doula.  She has an incredible energy and is so warm and knowledgeable.  We went over our allotted time for the first meeting because we were bonding so well and just having a good time together. 

Cheryl was there for any questions I had while pregnant. She went over my baby shower registry and gave me suggestions on what to add, what to remove and reasons why.  She was so thorough and I really appreciated it.  As wonderful as she was when I was pregnant, she was even more incredible when I was in labor!  Cheryl took great care of me and my husband. She was in communication with my nurse and midwife the whole time and made sure I was aware of absolutely everything. She made sure my husband got a nap in so he would be rested.  My labor was long, 23 hours, and I had to get an emergency procedure afterwards.  There were some complications and Cheryl stood powerfully for me and advocated on my behalf when my healthcare provider did not. She was strong for me when I needed someone to be, made sure I was getting the care I needed and was there for me through the end, which was all night.  Our family loved her, my mom and sister-in-law were so impressed by her. She was instrumental for me postpartum and helped me with latching and breastfeeding all together. She has been an endless support system. I felt so cared for and loved by her.  I cannot express in words how grateful I am for Cheryl.  My husband and I love her and know we have made a friend for life. 

Sofia Hubbard


Cheryl was so instrumental to us having a positive birth experience even when everything seemed to be going sideways. From helping us feel confident in the choices we made in the final trimester to making sure we knew how to even think about the choices that were important to us during birth, she was thoughtful and a breeze to talk to. Then on the fateful day when I had to get a surprise induction and went from 2 to 10 cm in less than two hours, she was calming down my husband, making sure we knew our options, and was completely judgment free when I went with an epidural. Cheryl's spirit really matched ours and she knew when to push us and when to let us come to conclusions on our own. Would recommend her 10/10!!



I first met Cheryl when I was a sleep-deprived first time mother desperately in need of rest after being up night-after-night for 3 months with a crying newborn. From the moment Cheryl walked in, I was instantly at ease. Cheryl has such a calming presence and a special instinct for what babies need. My son instantly took to her.  She even got him to sleep in his bassinet rather than in my arms, which he had never done before. We all got the best night’s sleep we had in months! 

3 years later, while pregnant with my 2nd child, I called Cheryl right away, knowing that I wanted her help right from the start this time. And I am so glad that I did – I cannot overstate the difference that she made in our lives. Cheryl stayed with us from the first night we were home from the hospital to a few days every week for 12 weeks. The support that she provided was incredible. In addition to allowing my husband and me to get much needed rest, she also helped us establish good sleep routines with our baby right from the start, figure out breastfeeding issues that I was having, and navigate the ups and downs of caring for a newborn. I truly believe that Cheryl's support enabled my postpartum recovery – both physical and emotional - to be so much faster this time around.

Most importantly, in every moment that she was with us, no matter how fussy my baby was, I felt that Cheryl loved and cared for my son as if he was her own.



Cheryl has an incredible knowledge base to draw from and over the course of my pregnancy + postpartum period she provided care for my family. When my delivery changed to a planned c-section due to my baby being breech she helped me rethink my birth plan and still acommpanied us to the hospital for delivery. She stayed with us until we were settled in and helped us with skin to skin and the first feeding. She also provided excellent care to my daughter our first few nights at home which allowed me to recover and my husband to get some sleep as well. Later on her and Jessi provided support during the day and helped us with tummy time and bathing. Both Cheryl and Jessi are in high demand so scheduling can be a bit of a challenge but they always came through for us and we have complete trust in their ability to provide excellent care. 

Sarah Mahmoud


I honestly can’t even imagine going through labor and delivery without Cheryl by my side. Before birth, she provided me with much needed knowledge and tools that I would need for labor. During birth, Cheryl was everything we needed and more. She not only supported me but also supported my husband and guided him so he can best help me. She helped me make important decisions in a short period of time and helped me reach all of my labor and delivery plans. After birth, Cheryl made sure baby was latching and left me with the tools I need for a successful breastfeeding journey. Cheryl is absolutely amazing and knowledgeable. I’m 1000% glad I chose to have Cheryl by our side.

Yuki & Taku


Cheryl and Jessi helped us take care of our first baby as a postpartum doula, and the experience was amazing! We came from Japan and were looking for someone who could help us, since our family could not come to help us. Before meeting Cheryl, I was a little bit anxious about asking someone outside of the family to take care of my baby, but talking with Cheryl during the interview and getting to know her caring and warm personality completely eliminated my anxiety.

When she came for the first overnight support, she immediately provided me with relief and comfort. She taught me how to breastfeed, to use breast pump, and to soothe the crying baby and let her sleep. At that time, I was concerned that my breastmilk supply was low, but she has extensive knowledge and experience as a lactation specialist and helped me understand how to increase the supply over time and stop worrying. The way she took care of the baby showed me she genuinely loved and cared about my baby, I could trust her completely and go to sleep without worrying about the baby at all.

Also, we loved her friendly and cheerful personality. Because of exhaustion and change in my hormones, I felt I was on edge sometimes. But whenever I talked with her, I started to feel relaxed and feel as if I were talking with an old friend. I highly recommend her. You would not find a better doula!

Rachel Beyer


My experience with Cheryl was nothing short of amazing! I truly believe I could not have had such an empowering and life changing labor and delivery experience without her. She was the exact support I needed during labor and helped educate me along the way. I would 1,000 percent work with Cheryl again if I were to have another baby. Thank you so much! 

Rui wu


Cheryl came to help this month and we had a really nice and helpful experience. Thanks to Cheryl, our 7 weeks old baby girl ???? can sleep 6 hours straight at night now??. This is amazing cz the first month she used to woke up about an hour after feeding at night, which made me feel exhausted and couldn't sleep.. Tips that Cheryl has provided to us were super super helpful, and works like a magic! My baby girl likes Cheryl, and we look forward to have more sessions with Cheryl in future. If you are looking for help with your newborn, I definitely want to recommend Cheryl ??



I wasn't sure that I wanted to hire a doula for our first baby, but upon speaking with Cheryl I was immediately convinced. We interviewed a few doulas and chose Cheryl because of her incomparable experience and knowledge. We met with Cheryl both before and after the birth, as well as reached out to her whenever we had questions, all of which was helpful and comforting to know we had that resource. Having a certified lactation consultant by my side was particularly helpful once I started the process of breastfeeding. The biggest help, however, was having Cheryl with us during the labor and delivery.

From the moment Cheryl walked through the door in the hospital, we knew we were taken care of. She took over when we needed someone with experience to guide us, and stepped back when we needed some quiet time. I can't even imagine going through delivery without Cheryl there with us. She taught me what to do, reminded me to keep doing it, encouraged me when I was overwhelmed and exhausted, and stayed by my side the entire time. On top of all that, she helped my husband know exactly how to help me, and ensured that he was an equally important partner in the labor and delivery process.

I'm 100% glad we decided to have a doula by our side through our first birth!



I hired Cheryl and Jessi for four postpartum sessions and they were great! Taught us a lot about taking care of newborns. For example, choosing a bottle with an appropriate flow rate really helped my daughter feed well. You can tell they love children. Definitely pricier than the typical nanny or babysitter but probably much more experienced. Would recommend!

Nina K Schiffer


Cheryl came to my rescue twice, most recently when my son was about 6 weeks old and she set me up with the most amazing doula to help me and my husband get some sleep. We knew our baby was in greaf hands and we were never too far away from several hours of solid sleep, which changed everything for us. Cheryl also remained available to answer questions and share her expertise. I highly recommend her services!!

Madalyn B


Cheryl was incredible.  I used her as my birth doula and my postpartum doula.  My birth was very fast, and Cheryl got there quickly and helped me through the most difficult parts with different positions, and she defended my golden hour with my new baby.  She was a huge help with breastfeeding.  She helped me with our very first latch in the hospital, and was great with troubleshooting afterwards and setting me up for success.  Cheryl's postpartum night support was the best.  She not only gave us support to help my husband and I get a good night's rest, but she set us up with good sleep habits right from the start (and we are clueless first time parents so we needed a lot of help).  Our baby gave us six/seven hour stretches at night from week three, and now at eleven weeks she is sleeping through the night every night.  It's incredible!  Another one of the best things about Cheryl is that she always made sure to check in with me to make sure I was getting what I needed in regards to my postpartum recovery.  I could not recommend Cheryl more- she will help you have a smoother birth, a smoother breasfteeding experience, and a smoother transition into parenthood!



Cheryl was extremely helpful and supportive on our prenatal and postpartum journey. From day one, she was warm, supportive and kind. She took the time before our birth to understand our postpartum plan. She provided support and encouragement when things got tough or didn't go as we hoped. She shared a wealth of information and was always available to us. Whenever I texted she responded quickly. She validated all of my feelings and listened to my thoughts and concerns. She was instrumental in helping us figure things out as a family of four and gave us the confidence we needed to get things done AND get some much needed rest. From the first bath, to breastfeeding, bottle cleaning, sibling support and being able to take a nap… I highly recommend Cheryl. She is the best and we are so glad that we hired her as our postpartum doula!

Justine Ferraro


I am a first time mom to a 7 week old boy, Enzo. Just 1 week after he was born I was back in the hospital with preeclampsia leaving my husband and son at home. It was difficult for everyone. This was a wake up call - we needed help!! We found Cheryl and were able to set up a call with her that night. As soon as we spoke to her that first time, we felt at ease. She was able to start working with us right away and was so accommodating. She wanted to do anything she could to help us and that is just what she did. Cheryl and her team are compassionate and love the work that they do. That was clear seeing them with Enzo and the Information and advice they shared. They are truly angels. We were able to get the rest and help that we needed to be the best parents to our son. I would tell any new mom -- don't wait to ask for help and don't hesitate to work with Cheryl and her team. We are so thankful we were able to work with her. Our son is thriving and I am healthy and confident. 



I am so glad I found Cheryl. From the beginning she made me feel supported, informed, and empowered to have the best possible pregnancy and birth experience. I am especially grateful for all of the support she gave me the last few days of my pregnancy, when things felt more confusing and stressful than I would have liked them to be. She spent time listening, validating, and supporting as I navigated preparing for birth. I could not be more grateful to have had her as an essential part of my pregnancy, labor, and postpartum journey. There's nothing like being supported by someone who so clearly loves the work they do. Thank you Cheryl!



Cheryl is kind, caring and compassionate.  Before birth, she gave us great advice, answered all our questions and helped ease our fears and anxiety.  After birth, she was there supporting us, helping us learn to care for our daughter  in  a positive, supportive manner.  She is compassionate to what a special but vulnerable time bringing home a new baby can be.  With her support, our daughter is thriving and we are cherishing parenthood.

Melissa & Jason


We hired Cheryl as our birth Doula for our first pregnancy and we are so happy we did!  Cheryl and her team thoroughly explained what we could expect during labor & delivery, helped us construct our birth goals and prepared us to advocate for ourselves in situations where quick decisions may need to be made.  I was induced, and because of my sessions with Cheryl prior to, I felt very prepared going into labor, and much less anxious than I likely would have been without her.  Cheryl arrived once I was in active labor and not only supported and advocated for us, but also helped me into the right labor positions to move our baby girl into the optimal position for a vaginal birth.  It was really beneficial having someone else there who was on our side, supporting us every step of the way and cheering me on as I pushed.  We were fortunate to have the birth experience we wanted and Cheryl played a huge role in helping us achieve this.  She also was able to capture some beautiful moments through video and photos, which we would not have had without her there.  She has been incredibly supportive postpartum, came by to visit our baby and discuss any questions we might have as we move into this next chapter.  I highly recommend Cheryl if you're considering a Doula for any phase of your prenatal or postpartum journey.  She is amazing!



I can't express enough how grateful my husband and I are for Cheryl and her amazing team of Doulas. We hired Cheryl for 100 hours and my only regret was not booking more time with her. She was there for us starting the first night we got home from the hospital and she instantly helped ease my anxiety. She was a total pro and showed us exactly how to care for our baby. Since this was our first, we really wanted a hands on learning experience / emotional support (not just a baby nurse) and that's exactly what we got. The fact that she's Lactation Certified was invaluable to me. Hiring Cheryl was the best decision and I can't imagine surviving those first few weeks without her. She felt like a friend right away and we can't thank her enough for setting us up for success as we started our journey into parenthood! 



Cheryl is very warm and sweet. She loves her line of work and she sure is great at doing it. With her help, we know how to take care of a newborn well while still remains sane.

We really like how cautious Cheryl is given the craziness of COVID-19 virus. She and her team members received boosters, and they wear masks during every visit.

George and Xiaoyu


Cheryl is an amazing doula, and we cannot thank her enough for her help in guiding us throiugh our first month of parenthood. She arrived the first night after we were discharged from the hospital, and through a combination of night and day shifts, she helped teach us the ropes of how to best take care of our baby (feeding/burping, holding/swaddling, establishing good sleep environment/conditions for the baby, giving baby's first bath, etc.) and allowed us to catch up on much-needed sleep. We especially appreciated Cheryl's help as we navigated some early medical challenges with our baby (overcoming jaundice and a diaper rash/bacterial infection); Cheryl gave us invaluable tips and strategies for how to ensure our baby was drinking enough (to flush out the bilirubin) and keeping the private parts dry. Moreover, we loved Cheryl's recommendations for all the various things to buy (and not buy). 

In addition to caring for our baby, Cheryl also provided invaluable advice for Mom to recover (addressing early anxieties about postpartum swelling, what foods/teas to eat/drink for postpartum recovery, etc.). 

Thanks Cheryl for all of your help, and I'm sure we'll keep asking you for more advice in the future!



I can not speak highly enough on how absolutely amazing Cheryl was to have by me and my wife's side. We hired Cheryl for both birth and postpartum and although it was an investment it was worth every penny! Cheryl is an expert on birth, postpartum, sleep conditioning/ training  as well as lactation, but anyone Cheryl  brings in for support is amazing and well educated  as well. And when she told me she takes it very seriously on who she chooses to use as a backup or who she partners with, she means business. Since we needed support days and nights I was super impressed by her team.  We now have a 3.5 month old that sleeps soundly through the night and never had to go through the cry it out method. Plus in all seriousness is there anything that Cheryl isn't certified in! If you are looking for loving and knowledgeable support, look no further Cheryl is it!

Joshua Markovitz


It was great having Cheryl "on our side" as we navigated the US medical system for the first time. Whenever we didn't know how to respond to the doctor or nurse's requests, Cheryl knew how to clarify the situation for us so we were empowered to make the best possible decision for ourselves (and our new baby).

M. Crawford


Cheryl dove right in when she walked through our door! She wasn't phased by the chaos of our house with our three day old baby. She stopped by as a lactation consultant as I was unable to nurse by day 3 from pain. She set us up with a plan and helped with the latch... our little one went from being formula fed to now being exclusively breastfed. We are so happy we had Cheryl to support our breastfeeding journey! 



Cheryl got us set up on a solid sleep schedule at 14 weeks (I only wish I called her sooner!) Our little miss has a nice 7pm to 7am sleep schedule with a dream feed or two... or 3!... we have a snacker! She helped us stretch the time in between overnight feeds as well. Cheryl gave great advice on sleep, baby skin care, swaddling and breastfeeding. Baby girl loved her sleepovers with Cheryl and my husband and I loved our own sleep filled nights as well!! Book her and enjoy the lasting benefits!! 



I'm so happy we had Cheryl by our side during the adventure of becoming first time parents. She was an trusted resource of information and a calming presence pre, during and post delivery. Her experience as a lactation consultant was incredibly valuable during the golden hour in hospital after my delivery, and in the days/weeks following. She helped set me up for success for breastfeeding, and pumping too. I can't imagine our experience without Cheryl.

Brian Kaszuba


Cheryl Klugmann was an amazing help and comfort to our family after the birth of our second son Connor. As a husband/father, having someone available to help care for my wife and son was very much needed.

Cheryl was someone that both my wife and I could rely upon to provide the best post-partum care for my wife, and give her the breaks needed for her physical health and also mental/emotional health. Cheryl was someone we could text, call, sit and talk to when we needed it the most - especially during a Covid era when its hard to open our doors to friends and family.

She cared for my family as if they were her own, and she supported us all in a compassionate, non-judgemental way that we needed.

Anyone would be fortunate to have Cheryl help them. I give her my full recommendation without any hesitation.


Funda Engi


Cheryl helped me in taking a big step towards saving my breastfeeding journey with my twin boys. She is very helpful and knows what she is talking about, I wish she could just live with me for the next few years! So happy to have met her.



We were expecting out third baby. Since we did not have a doula before, I was on the fence of working with a doula this third time. However, it was the best thing we ever did and we could not have been more lucky to find Cheryl! I unexpectedly developed preeclampsia and immediately entered an induced birth, which was definitely not part of our birth plan. In this nerve-wrecking situation, it was so helpful to have Cheryl there. She always stayed calm and provided a source of confidence that everything would be fine. In moments of a break (yes, those did happen), it was fun to chat with her to get my mind off the induction process. And during the actual pushing process, an extra pair of helping hands and motivation were super helpful. Based on this experience, we also used Cheryl's post-partum support. In essence, we can highly recommend working with her!



My family retained Cheryl for post-partum doula services for the birth of our second child. After a rough birth experience with my first child and very little family support, a friend recommended I find a post-partum doula.  I had never heard of a post-partum doula before, but it sounded amazing!  Let me tell you.....I am so incredibly thankful for Cheryl!  The very first day she came to the house I was in the midst of struggling to feed the baby.  My husband opened the door and Cheryl immediately jumped into action!  From providing overnight relief so my husband and I could get a full night's sleep, to helping me figure out nursing and pumping, to helping us navigate this transition with our 2 year old, to teaching us how to care for a newborn again she has been a godsend!  Cheryl has been a reassuring presence, a non-judgemental voice of reason, and now I hope I can say a friend.  Cheryl not only helped me heal from this birth, but she also helped me heal emotionally from my first.  I wish I had know about post-partum doulas, and more so I wish I had known Cheryl for my first pregnancy.  I can't recommend her enough.  She is downright amazing.

Dana LePage


Although I was working with a birth doula during my pregnancy, I wasn’t aware about postpartum doulas until a friend suggested that we work with one after our son was born because it was very helpful to her. I was just two months or so away from my due date when I did a brief Google search and found Cheryl‘s website. She used inclusive language which was important for me as a queer person. I wasn’t sure what to expect and only thought that I would need a few visits.

Right away I had a lot of challenges with breast-feeding and low milk supply and didn’t get the support that I needed from the hospital and lactation specialists. Cheryl was a godsend and thankfully our first visit was scheduled the same day that I woke up very engorged and in a lot of pain because I wasn’t able to pump properly, not knowing how to use my breast pump. As soon as Cheryl arrived we immediately felt comfortable with her; she has an ease and friendliness about her that is so welcoming. She was extremely helpful in educating us not only about breastfeeding and pumping but also about our son’s sleep patterns and ways in which we could help him to have a more consistent feeding and sleeping routine.

Probably most important to me was how empathetic and non-judgmental Cheryl was when I really struggled my first two weeks postpartum with intense “baby blues.” I was feeling a lot of guilt because I missed my old life and was so exhausted and hormonal that I was crying often. I also felt extreme stress about breast-feeding. Cheryl helped me to understand that my mental health was the most important thing and assured me that our son was well and healthy, regardless of how he was fed. She listened and offered so much support, affirmation and validation. I've already booked extra visits with her. I highly recommend Cheryl to any new parents! You won’t regret it.

Becki and Kyle


Cheryl was an irreplaceable part of our baby's birthing team. Before the birth, she was available for questions and reassurance. She was beyond helpful in helping us through days worth of early labor through texts and calls. She came to our house to help in the last stages of early labor and help us come to a decision to go to the birth center (since our midwife was not being very helpful in that regard). Cheryl took the initiative, but did not take over control. She had a fun and calming presence throughout the whole journey. Once we were in transition, she was great with offering suggestions, but letting my husband and I take the lead with comfort measures. After the birth, Cheryl was instrumental in helping us process the labor and birth and get settled with some tips and tricks for the first few days. Some say doulas are worth their weight in gold-Cheryl is worth her weight in platinum. 

Meghan & Dave


Cheryl is an absolute legend in our household. We hired her for postpartum support after we had our baby in summer 2021. She was with us the first night we came home from the hospital, when we were in a total new-parent daze, and we immediately felt so comforted by her presence. Throughout our time together, not only did she care for our little one as her own, she also helped us with things like ensuring our setup at home was comfortable and efficient for us and the baby, teaching mom how to breast pump for the first time, and giving us all sorts of advice and encouragement. She even looked after our baby overnight when we had to unexpectedly return to the hospital a few days after discharge; we'd never expected to leave our little one so early and we trusted her completely to look after her for us. Cheryl became part of our little family -- we loved her and so did our baby girl -- and we would recommend her services 100x over!

Shirley J


We hired Cheryl to have our back during labor because I lost my mother to covid19.  I didn't really know what I wanted from a Doula, definitely knew she couldn't replace my mother.  But Cheryl came into our lives at the right time. She cared for my little family like we were her own family.  She kept me calm when things started to get intense physically and emotionally. Cheryl will be a part of our family for years to come.  I am thankful we found her.  We were/are a great match!! Thank you Cheryl from the J & L family!!!

Amanda and Tim


We had an amazing labor and birth experience with Cheryl! Prior to delivery, Cheryl helped us put together our birth goals and helped us set realistic expectations. We felt as informed as we could be as first time parents going into labor/delivery. Our goal was to have a non-medicated natural vaginal birth. 

While the pregnancy had no complications, my water broke prior to starting contractions. The doctor wanted me to get to the hospital right away to induce labor. We were in constant contact with Cheryl during this time and she guided us in these ways:
- reminded us that the doctors recommendations weren't our only options
- provided alternative solutions and suggestions
- gave us questions to ask the doctors that we didn't know to ask

With her help, we were able to avoid a medical induction while monitoring mom/baby ensuring no one was in harm.

When contractions started to intensify, I wasn't sure if I could stick to my birth goals. This is when we called Cheryl to give us in-person support. It was a huge turning point when she arrived and she supported us in these ways:
- Showed us a bunch of techniques to reduce pain from contractions. If one thing didn't work, she had another suggestion up her sleeve!
- She asked the nurses for extra supplies/equipment so we had access to anything we needed to be comfortable
- She instructed us to eat/sleep/hydrate at appropriate times (which sounds like a no-brainer but so easy to forget to do!). She also knew all the best food places in town :)
- She always knew what the next step was (we did not) so she constantly prepared us for what was to come and provided explanations along the way
- She was positive, calm and encouraging - a true birth cheerleader!

We had a really positive birth experience and Cheryl played a large role into why it was so positive! With an experienced person like Cheryl in the room, we felt safe and confident.

Isabella Freay


Looking for a Doula can be hard and I was nervous, how do you choose someone to welcome into your home and trust with your newborn!? Well as soon as I saw Cheryl I immediately knew she was going to be a great fit. Her profile said to me that she was all around an inclusive and caring person and after the first time we got to speak it was confirmed. Working with her over the last few weeks and getting to know her has been so enjoyable.  knowing my son has someone who cares the way she does is so wonderful. She has helped us in so many ways and we are so happy to work with her and build a lifetime friendship. 



We worked with Cheryl in the Spring of 2021 as our post-partum Doula for our first son and we were so glad we did! Cheryl first spent time with us on our second day home from the hospital during the day to help adjust to life with a newborn and figure out the many things we didn't know! Even though both my mother and mother-in-law were home with us helping out, Cheryl's knowledge was invaluable and what started off as a super stressful day worrying about breastfeeding, wet/dirty diapers, swaddling, etc. etc. ended in a more confident set of parents and grandparents and we had a plan for how to interpret our newborn's cues.  Additioonally, Cheryl gave us the peace of mind that all of the new and unfamiliar things we were experiencing with our son were totally normal and if there was a way to mitigate or improve the circumstance, she was able to provide us with the tools we needed. 

We did a few more days with Cheryl to get into the swing of our day routine and help me with breastfeeding, which was invaluable. In the beginning, breastfeeding didn't come naturally to me and was quite unconfortable (my experience at the hospital was super unhelpful) but with Cheryl's support, I quickly gained confidence and she gave me tools to make the experience better for me and our son. We then worked with Cheryl for several nights spaced out between 3-8 weeks and this was a total game changer for improving our son's night sleep. He was generally a good sleeper and good eater, so Cheryl helped us tweak small things early on and helped us get him pretty consistently sleeping through the night by 10 weeks. 

Cheryl was incredibly helpful but also so caring and nurturing of momma and baby. Her approach is calm and measured and totally customized to you and your baby. I couldn't recommend Cheryl enough to support any family in those first few days and months! 

Amanda Slater


Having Cheryl as our postpartum doula was literally like having a guardian angel appear on our doorstep no exaggeration . She came to help us with night care for our daughter Shea this August. Not only was she knowledgeable , kind and had amazing instincts but she put us so at ease as new parents. Besides the tips on helping the baby sleep and eat she introduced us to some great products we would have never known about . Cheryl just gave off such a great aura and made me feel totally confident in my abilities as a first time mom. Besides gaining us some much needed sleep she gave us amazing skills and friendship. I highly recommend her to anyone needing a doula whether pre birth or postpartum . She is amazing

Amanda and Joe Slater



Cheryl is a life saver. She is fantastic and very educated. She helps my family so much. High recommend her. 

Rebeca Wyrostek


Cheryl is absolutely the best! Going into my first pregnancy, I had a lot of questions- Cheryl guided me and my husband with the best resources on how to prepare for birth physically and mentally. She answered all our questions and walked us through what to expect. After every conversation with Cheryl, I always came out feeling more confident.

 My birth experience was definitely a memorable one, filled with nothing but love and support. We  could not have done it without her support on our special day. Cheryl was there for us through it all. I would recommend her to everyone who is looking for a doula. :) 



Cheryl was a great support to my wife and I from the moment we hired her. We learned a lot about what was needed for a good birth plan and some things to expect in the delivery room. As the husband, Cheryl gave me things that I could do to support my wife.  While on the delivery room she had me use a Rebozo to help my wife through contractions and showed me places to massage to help relieve some pressure. I felt more involved in the delivery and Cheryl helped me provide more support to my wife. Cheryl took photos and videos for us as we got to meet our son and we will always cherish those photos. 

I would highly recommend Cheryl for anyone who is looking to use a doula. 

Sarah V.


We had a very positive experience. Cheryl Klugmann came on as a postpartum doula on short notice because of complications after delivery. I was hospitalized with a kidney infection and sepsis less than a week after giving birth. I needed an extra hand as I healed. She was with us for a week while my husband was at work. Cheryl not only helped me with my newborn, but also assisted with my 2 year old son (they became best buddies). Cheryl assisted with my self care, breastfeeding, diet, and techniques to keep the baby calm. She helped me see that I cannot take proper care of my children without taking care of myself. I consider her not only an expert I can still call on, but also a friend.



We worked with Cheryl for a series of sessions after experiencing some lactation and sleep challenges with our baby. From the moment she arrived, Cheryl was a calm, confident, and knowledgeable presence. She immediately identified some small but important changes we could make that would improve our and our baby's schedules. She encouraged us to rely on our instincts and helped us learn to better observe our baby's cues. Cheryl supported and coached us as we acclimated our baby to new habits and helped us troubleshoot curveballs that came up along the way. We asked her a million questions, and for each one she had a thoughtful answer. We're leaving our time with Cheryl not only feeling like we're on a better path, but that we've learned a number of foundational principles that can be applied to the future.



Cheryl was truly amazing! She was knowledgeable and supportive and had all the qualities you'd look for in a doula. I would highly recommend her. Not only was she amazing at the birth but she is an amazing postpartum doula as well. She supported my wife but she also supported me. Who says men don’t need doulas!!



I highly recommend Cheryl If you are looking for a birth or postpartum or lactation support. For my home births she was absolutely amazing! From the moment that we spoke in the interviewing process it was clear she was passionate and knowledgeable, and absolutely loves being a doula and supporting families whole heartedly. I love the fact that she’s all about supporting whatever it is “you” want and doesn’t go in it with any preconceived notion’s of how it should be only to make you feel empowered.

After we hired Cheryl, I would reach out with different questions and she always took the time to answer with a wealth of information. 

At my home birth she was she was so intuitive in my needs and was a wonderful asset to my birth team. Cheryl made me feel safe and new how to just hold space whatever that may mean. The midwives loved her as well and said they wanted to bring her along to all their home births. After the birth Cheryl supported us with her postpartum skills and I think she my be a baby whisperer! No but really she was amazing. Also I don’t think I would have been successful with breastfeeding without her guidance.

And to boot she is delightful person to get to know and just naturally puts you at ease. I once again highly recommend her. 

She will be a loving calm presence at any birth and postpartum support. 



Hi I just wanted to take a moment to to give my own personal testimony on how amazing Cheryl truly was to myself and my wife Erin. As the father one of my concerns was that I was going to feel useless. Cheryl made me part of each and every step. Not only did she make me  feel like I was a crucial part of Erins  recovery. She also made me feel equal in having such an important roll in my son’s development and bonding. Cheryl had me do tons of skin to skin taught me how to change and swaddle my son and reassured me during those fussy times to not take things personally. Also knowing that the baby was in good hands it gave my wife and I the opportunity to nap together and even go on some nice walks in which we bonded on. She’s incredibly charismatic and kind. We plan on having more kids and definitely booking Cheryl in the future! Thanks!


Erin Astuni


Cheryl is incredible!!  She recently helped us with our first child and we wholeheartedly recommend her.  She came to our house the first day we were home from the hospital and we felt immediately at ease with her.  She is incredibly knowledgable, communicative, and so warm.  She is amazing with babies and definitely has the magic touch. We decided to go with the option of à la cart even though we definitely surpassed the amount of hours that it would've been in a package we liked the idea of the flexibility that came along with it. We divided our time into days and nights. She was able to teach us so much about how to care for him making us go from terrified to confident.  It was so helpful to have Cheryl come to our house and she made being a new parent much less scary.  She helped us think through our parenting decisions and also helped us with sleep training and all of the speedbumps along the way.  Cheryl also helped me a tone with breastfeeding since she is a lactation specialist and Immediately noticed that my son wasn’t latching correctly leading to insufficient intake and very sore nipples, thanks to her I exclusively breast-feed! We can’t say enough good things about Cheryl! I feel like I hired the best doula in the world. Don’t hesitate she is fantastic and worth every penny if not more! Thank you Cheryl.





Not being your average heteronormative couple we were searching a specific kind of doula, and that doula was Cheryl! She was attentive, sensitive and supportive and simply was incredible to have by our side. Cheryl assisted me through an unmedicated birth where she and my partner were the sole sources of help for the majority of my labor. Pregnancy as a trans man is a wild journey and Cheryl was there to support me and my partner throughout. I felt so cared for and heard. She also was extremely helpful in soothing my anxieties while pregnant and after the birth of our child. She is very knowledgeable about birth, breastfeeding, health, LGBTQ+ issues, and emotional well being. I highly recommend Cheryl and am super grateful for her support and love.




Cheryl is an incredibly special person and we were fortunate that she was available during our pregnancy and the birth of our first child. We were told by our friend that also hired Cheryl that she was amazing and to book her early because she books up quickly. After having our hour phone consultation we new she was the right doula for us! Cheryl is super professional all while being so warm and genuine. Cheryl made us feel very comfortable as new parents to be with her profound knowledge of pregnancy, birth and postpartum topics.  Due to Covid Cheryl met with us through zoom and helped us come up with a solid birth plan and was readily available for any questions that arose along the way. She asked us questions that helped us think about and pull together a plan for our child’s birth, and gave us information that we wouldn’t have otherwise known to ask about. She also taught us pain management and comfort strategies, which we found incredibly helpful. She kept in constant contact with me and answered my (many!) frantic questions. It was so great to be able to check in with her and to know she was there to help me.

During labor, I felt supported, calm, informed, mentally strong and empowered while giving birth. Thanks to Cheryl’s Supporting me I can say I had an amazing birth experience and feel empowered now in away I have never felt before. Also the amount of guidance she was able to give me on breastfeeding alone was extraordinary. Especially during postpartum visits.Most of all Cheryl has a very warm personality and great sense of humor to boot! She really is like family to us and we are so grateful. Her constant support, thoughtfulness and intelligence makes her an excellent doula and source of support during the pregnancy, birthing and postpartum experience. Do not hesitate to book Cheryl she’s amazing! I do not know what we would have done without her help and expertise.  Forever grateful!




Cheryl was an essential member of my birth team . I don't know that I could have navigated my hospital birth without her resourcefulness and help. While doctors and nurses came and went, Cheryl was a consistent and positive presence. Throughout she provided the extra support that nurses weren't able to give me, She was also knowledgeable about my Indian culture and customs and even did some chanting with me that really soothed me when I started to get frightened. We talked about Ayurvedic foods and that it fuels not only your body but the mind body and soul. She just made me completely at ease. She was a great advocate for my birth plan. When unexpected detours to the birth plan were necessary, she was especially supportive and she validated my decisions and made me feel safe and held space for me to let go. She brought a wealth of insight to my birth experience and she was especially strong in guiding my husband and me to practice different positions and techniques when the contractions were most forceful." I am so grateful, and my husband it beyond grateful too! thank you Cheryl we will be sure to recommend you to everyone you are special in every way!




I am so thankful I found Cheryl to be my doula. I was looking for someone with a ton of experience in the hospital setting so I would feel my doula was capable of advocating for me. We also wanted a postpartum doula for after the birth so it really was a great fit. This is one of the many reasons why we picked Cheryl. With Covid we weren't sure if she would be allowed in the hospital at the time of labor. In her contractual agreement she had a clause that went over the what if’s due to Covid which left us feeling comfortable. Thankfully she was allowed. In preparation for labor, Cheryl gave us countless valuable tools, positions, and ways to cope with the contractions, During labor her experience shined through she was a strong yet gentle advocate for my needs, but beyond that she was so much more: in tune, calm, nurturing, insightful and a guide in helping me navigate the healthcare system when the unexpected came up. Through out my pregnancy she helped me feel empowered, make choices and trust my intuition. On the birth day, she guided  me, gave me courage and gave me the most beautiful visualization that set the tone for the birth. She also helped my partner feel more calm and at ease. I can’t thank Cheryl enough for her warmth and support and would highly recommend her to any mama, whether they are having a birth at home, in the hospital or via cesarean. As our postpartum doula she was absolutely the best. She no joke seemed to have a magic touch. The baby would be having a all out fit and the moment she would pick her up silence and pure content. She was also helpful and knowledgeable regarding infant health issues(gas) yikes!  feeding, and baby sleep; The amount of knowledge she had on products breast bumps was really exceptional not to mention breastfeeding support. Cheryl left us feeling strong and confident as new parents.  I would hire Cheryl again in a heartbeat!



Cheryl helped us with the birth of our twin daughters and postpartum care.  There are really no words that can express my gratitude. During the birth she was exactly what we needed a balance of calm cool and collective but also above and beyond nurturing.  Her knowledge and guidance 100% is what kept me from not having to have a C-section. After the birth as one could imagine we wereincredibly overwhelming she gently guided us into parenthood and really helped with the transition. Not only did she help with our babies but she helped with my recovery by providing so much love and care and breastfeeding support. Most of all I was at ease knowing that she was there.  If you are looking for Birth or postpartum care Cheryl is your Doula you won’t find anyone better!


Jessica Abreu


Thank God for Cheryl! I was on the fence about a doula in general, considering the support that was provided at the birth center I was to deliver at (plus say, a pandemic?)  However, we met Cheryl and I knew it was a good fit, she was open-minded, intuitive, and took her experience seriously. Before the birth, she attentively coached and helped me process my concerns, answered any and all questions I had about symptoms and offered great suggestions on products. During the birth process her support proved invaluable when things took a more complicated turn than I had ever imagined; she was right there to guide, comfort, coach my husband and be an advocate for us. Her unfailing support as I labored the night before the birth made me feel like I wasn't alone in such a big transition, which translated to the hospital room itself as things became more serious. Post-partum she held the space for me and my new family's well-being, checking in, calling, offering good advice and tips for a new mom who is finding her footing as she navigates these brand new waters of breastfeeding, sleeping, routines, mental health, you name it. I know I can count on Cheryl and her steady, knowing presence now and in the future. Thank you, thank you!!

Lauren A


Cheryl is a fantastic Post Partum Doula. She helped my husband and I calm down and understand how to build a newborn schedule with the goal of gaining my sanity post C-Section. She helped me through my breastfeeding questions and anxiety,  helped my husband through his questions of best way to support myself and the baby while I also try and heal. She is very sweet and calming and very clear and direct, while supportive during an emotional time. Cheryl would be a great addition to helping new families figure out how to manage through the first weeks Post Partum to help set a family up for success. We highly recommend her. 

Rachel DeNardo


Cheryl is amazing! My husband and I started working with her the day after returning home from the hospital with our 5 day old son. From day one we immediately felt comfortable and supported. Over the 2 weeks that we worked with her we were able to gain more confidence as first time parents, get everything set up and organized at home for baby, c-section recovery, learn different ways of feeding/breastfeeding/sleeping/comforting our baby and making sure that we were taking care of ourselves to ensure that we remain healthy as well. She's truly a gem and I would not hesitate to reach out to her for any future help!



Cheryl is AMAZING! I don't like to think what my birth experience would have been like without her, having her there was such a comfort and I'm beyond grateful for her support during that time. Before the birth Cheryl was always available for any questions and to talk through any worries. Her post partum support has made all the difference and my family is so thankful for all her help. It's hard for me to really convey how awesome Cheryl is, but if you're thinking of having her with you during or after birth. DO IT! It's the best money you'll ever spend!

Judy J


Cheryl was a FANTASTIC night doula for our twins, we are so grateful to her for all of her help. My wife and I hired Cheryl for about 16 nights throughout the first two months of our babies' lives. Cheryl worked with us to figure out a schedule that made sense for my wife breastfeeding versus Cheryl giving the twins bottles in the night, and it worked really well to maximize our sleep as well as help the babies begin to get on a sleep schedule. Cheryl also taught us many different things to try to help the babies sleep longer and was affirming and encouraging to us as we navigated the new-ness of being twin parents. 

My wife and I also appreciated that it was always easy to reach Cheryl via text with questions--she always made us cared for and supported. I highly recommend Cheryl to any new parent that needs support whether in the evening or the daytime. We would hire Cheryl again in a second.



When Cheryl asked if I would be willing to write a testimony I was thrilled to share me experience. Cheryl was my doula 2015. I should really say our doula because she was incredibly helpful explaining and having my husband feel comfortable and be super involved. There are a lot of things I could say about my birth experience with my second child, but the first of thing has to be how happy I was to have Cheryl by my side, she was truly amazing! Cheryl comforted and encouraged me throughout my labor and delivery and made what had previously been a frightening experience into a joyous one. Cheryl’s experience with laboring women, doctors, and midwives, was made evident in the support she was able to provide for me. Her calming encouraging and knowledgeable presence, and her respectful, intuitive nature, truly contributed to our positive (and positively unmedicated) birth experience." I am forever grateful - Miriam

Anna Gusel


Cheryl was a huge help for me after the birth of my 2 older sons.  With my first, she was instrumental in guiding me through a difficult adjustment to breastfeeding, providing instruction and support at each step of the way.  She helped me learn how to care for the baby, gave great advice and was super sweet and supportive all the way through.  She is a wise, calming presence and I heartily recommend her to all of my friends. 



Having Cheryl help and support in the first 2 weeks of my daughter's life was absolutely invaluable.  Not only was she able to care for the baby when I tried to get some much-needed rest, but Cheryl also gave my husband and I the knowledge we needed to be the best parents possible. Cheryl is well versed in soothing techniques, nursing methods and all spects of infant care such as bathing, burping, and changing. The most important value Cheryl brought, however, was the confidence she gave me as a new mother. Every evening we would excitedly await her arrival so we could plug her questions-she was a living, breathing baby encyclopedia!  I look forward to working with Cheryl again when we have our second child. She is so warm, loving, and generous, and we all felt so comfortable and safe when she was daughter included. Thanks Cheryl we couldn’t have done it without you!!


Andras Csogor


I seldom write reviews but in this case my experience was so extraordinary I had to. My wife gave birth to my beautiful son two weeks ago we heard amazing reviews about Cheryl through numerous friends and we hired her as our postpartum doula.... I wish we new about her for the birth. I must say we enjoyed every moment of the experience she was educated informative and most of all was able to support us and guide us into this new world of parenthood. Cheryl patiently guided  and we learnt so much she has so many tricks up her sleeve that helped us sooth our baby and not to mention my wife. She was fantastic with my wife in guiding her when it came to nursing our son. She has such a loving  and nurturing demeanor that is honestly radiant. There was one night that our son wouldn’t stop crying and we where at a complete lost. With just one call Cheryl came to the rescue if you are looking for a doula look no further! She’s the best!

Jennifer B.


Cheryl was our doula for the birth of our son in 2012. Although he was our second child and I knew more about what to expect this time (our first had been born in a different city, with a different doula) I knew from having a doula the first go-around that it was essential for supporting my labor. Cheryl was attentive throughout the pregnancy, staying in touch and being a calm presence as the end neared. She was knowledgable, supportive, warm and caring. She was much like a friend who I could gripe to about the aches and pains of late pregnancy, and who also kept me calm and clear, focused on the big picture and always affirming my strength and ability to push this baby out! When the day came, it was much faster than it had been for my first child - a fast and furious labor. She was there with calm words, positive affirmation and firm support. She was just the cheerleader I needed to make it across the finish line. As painful as it was, I'm so thankful for how my son's birth went, with Cheryl's help.

Nikolett Mohos


Having Cheryl to help me out with her experience was very helpful and made me much calmer than with my other labor experience without a doula help. She has all the acknowledgment and kindness what I needed to have for a nice birth experience. I can’t say thank you enough time to be with me all the time and giving me positive energy!

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