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MaryBeth Nance, AdvCD (DONA), CLD (CAPPA), SBD

Changing Birth


Phone: (410) 652-8833

Birth Fee: $525 to $725

Fee Details: My fee is all-inclusive and negotiable when there is financial need. Please contact me for more information.

Birth Doula Experience: 16 years and 220 births attended

Birth Doula Certifications

  • Childbirth and Postpartum Professional Association (CAPPA) - Certified Labor Doula
  • DONA International - Advanced Certified Birth Doula
  • DONA International - Certified Birth Doula
  • Stillbirthday - Certified Birth and Bereavement Doula

Doula Training

Not Specified

Type of Practice: Solo practice

Clients per Month: 1 to 2

Attends hospital births? Some Hospitals
Attends birth center births? Some Birth Centers
Attends home births? No Home Births

Breastfeeding Certifications

  • Personal experience and advanced breastfeeding training

Other Relevant Certifications

  • AdvCD(DONA) DONA International Advanced Birth Doula
  • American Heart Association BLS (Basic Life Support) Certification
  • Reiki Practitioner
  • DONA Advanced Doula Designation, HypnoBabies HypnoDoula Trained and Level I Reiki Practitioner

Specialized training or previous experience

  • Adoption
  • Cesarean birth
  • Clients on bed rest
  • Expected stillbirth
  • Families conceiving with ART and IVF
  • High risk
  • Multiples
  • Over 40
  • Postpartum mood disorders
  • Prematurity
  • Relinquishing mothers
  • Single parents
  • Special needs babies
  • Survivors of Previous Life Trauma
  • Teens
  • Twins
  • VBAC
  • Waterbirth

Special Services Offered

  • Babywearing education
  • Belly casting
  • Bereavement doula (pregnancy & infant loss)
  • Military families
  • Miscarriage Support (Before, During or After)
  • Pregnancy, birth and/or newborn photography
  • Reduced rates for women considering adoption
  • Sibling support (for your older children at the birth)
  • Stillbirthday Bereavement Doula
  • TENS units rental

Relevant volunteer or advocacy work

Former CAPPA State Rep and Director of Operation Special Delivery (international non-profit volunteer doula program for military spouses/partners), Former DONA SPAR for Maryland, Patient Safety and Perinatal Loss Advisor and Speaker, Patient and Family Advisor at University of Maryland Upper Chesapeake Health

Languages spoken: English

Service Area Map

Area of practice: Bel Air, MD
Travel Range: 40 Miles

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Client Testimonials for MaryBeth Nance, AdvCD (DONA), CLD (CAPPA), SBD

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Melanie Furrer

I had the pleasure of working with Marybeth over the course of 4 years working as a CNM in Harford county. She was such an amazing resource for our patients, and I would always recommend her to women interested in doulas. Marybeth is such a genuine, caring soul and that shows through into every interaction with her. She takes excellent care of her clients, and she always extended that love and care to me as a provider as well. She is knowledgeable, trustworthy, an amazing doula, and an incredible woman all the way around. I would happily recommend Marybeth to any pregnant woman who is looking for compassionate, intelligent & intuitive support during her pregnancy and birth journey! 

Posted 7/23/2019

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MaryBeth is a uniquely wonderful human being and a highly competent and capable doula. She has supported and empowered me through three pregnancies and three very different VBAC birth experiences (a pitocin-augmented labor with an epidural, a totally natural delivery, and an unmedicated induction ending in a traumatic delivery). She is extremely knowledgeable and one of the most caring and compassionate people I have ever met, providing unending informational and emotional support during and after my pregnancies. MaryBeth has exceeded my expectations in every possible way, and I proudly recommend her.

Posted 7/11/2019

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Jennifer Malinowski

This was my first time working with a doula, and the experience was wonderful! It was encouraging to hear from all directions, nothing but compliments and praises about MaryBeth from the team of midwives in my practice, through the entire staff at the hospital. It started things out with such a positive note to move into delivery. Both my husband and I loved having her with us through the birthing process. She was my voice when I couldn’t speak, ensuring the nursing staff was performing entirely in my best interest. She kept me in the best mental space I could be in through each contraction. I was so encouraged by her, as was my husband. It felt so great after delivery to hear him share how wonderful she was as well! I would highly recommend her to anyone considering working with a doula. She was an absolute blessing! 

Posted 5/29/2019

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amanda kaye

I can not say enough beautiful things about MaryBeth. I am so gratful to have found her. From the very first phone call, I could tell that having a doula was what I needed. However, I did not know how much I truely would appreciate making that decsion for myself. I had my first baby 20 days ago. I did not know what little 'true support' i would recieve throughout this process. You have to think, your OBGYN/midwife office is busy and have a ton of pregnant patients at once, they can't really be available to you every step of the way nor could my family support me in this process the way I wanted to be supported. MaryBeth supported me in how I planned to give birth and gave me so much advice throughout the process to support MY goals. As a first time mom, I didn't realize how many choices I had when i came to giving birth, MaryBeth gave me those choices and created a customized birthplan for me. Not only that, she educated me on what is done today and why things are recommended and why not. It is easy to be influced by friends and family that had babies 20-30 years ago... things now are much different, and having a doula allows you to learn what your choices are to make a difference in your exerience. MaryBeth coached me through the labor process, answered my text messages at 2:30am and reassured me that my intution is right. My birth didn't go as planned, however, MaryBeth made it truely special. She helped me get through the hurdle of a changed birth plan and supported myself and my husband through some uncharted territory. The experience, expertise, knowlege, and kind heart MaryBeth showed me throughout my experience made my experience one to talk about. I felt prepared, empowered, and supported as a first time mom. It was incredible. If you want a positive birth experience filled with love, strength, independence, and confidence.. hire MaryBeth to be your doula.  MaryBeth, Thank you, from the bottom of my heart. 

Posted 5/23/2019

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Eva Gray Callahan

My husband and I are so glad we found MaryBeth! From the initial consultation to the postpartum follow up, her knowledge, help, and support was invaluable. We did what any diligent parents would do. We researched, discussed, and planned as much as we could throughout the pregnancy to give our son the best possible start to his life. But life being as it is, absolutely nothing went according to plan. It was devastating and I felt really helpless to what was happening, but having MaryBeth there, working along side my husband was a huge help. She has a very reassuring and calming presence and I know, without her help, it would've been much more difficult to get through. I would highly recommend her to anyone looking for a doula. I am looking forward to working with her again when the time comes!

Posted 3/21/2019

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Kalyn Morse

We recently used MaryBeth Nance as our doula during my second child birth. After my inital phone consultation with MaryBeth, I hung up the phone and knew right away that I would be hiring her to attend my birth. She had a warm personality, didn't rush me off the phone, and took genuine interest and time listening to me and answering all of my questions. She came to my home to meet with me and my husband one time in the third trimester which allowed all of us to get to know eachother a bit better and go over additional information before delivery day. In the final two weeks leading up to the birth, she was prompt in answering my text messages and giving me sound advice. As far as the labor and delivery process are concerned, she was hands down a huge support role in helping me achieve the natural birth I wanted. I would HIGHLY recommend her to any woman looking for a doula to be an advocate for them and not leave their side during the pains of labor. We were surprised at the amazing pictures she was able to capture of my daughter being placed on my chest, the cutting of the cord, the weight and measurments, etc... it was such a treasure to have these moments documented! 

Posted 2/12/2019

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April Davidson

MaryBeth was my Doula for my 3rd birth. She was amazing! She is extremely knowledgeable about all things related to pregnancy and labor. She put me at ease and saw me through my longest labor. I loved that the hospital staff knew her and were comfortable with her. They never questioned any suggestion she made for my comfort. The nurses and midwife would come and go, but MaryBeth stayed by my side and made sure I had everything I needed. I would highly recommend her to anyone seeking a doula. 

Posted 2/9/2019

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Jackie Smith

MaryBeth is amazing.  She provides all-inclusive services which means she is available prior to delivery to answer questions and be a sounding board, is incredibly present during labor and delivery while still being able to take photos, and follow-up during the postpartum recovery period.  MaryBeth has a special way of educating you on your options but also reminds you that you alone are in control of your birth journey. She advocates for her clients beyond expectations.  And on top of her skills and knowledge, she is a kind, involved, patient, generous person that has a gentle and calming demeanor.  She will remind you that she works for YOU and is there to support your choices.  As a former doula myself, after using MaryBeth for my own birth, I cannot day enough good things about her.  She will be a huge asset to your birth experience.

Posted 2/8/2019

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A *

Wow wow wow!!! All I can say. Hiring MaryBeth was the best decision I made with my third pregnancy. I would definitely hire her again. Her support throughout my pregnancy especially in the last couple weeks was amazing. She was always a text away. I loved that she helped me with my birth plan. She knew the staff at Upper Chesapeake which made everything go very smoothly. I felt supported and in the loop throughout my pregnancy and labor. She was there to coach me through contractions and tell me I could do it just when I thought I couldnt. She was very knowledgeable about the whole process and explaining how everything worked. (In the hospital) She was an amazing advocate for my wishes. She truly cared about me and my birth experience. I wish everyone could have someone like her to guide them through the whole pregnancy, labor and birth experience. Doulas really are worth their weight in gold!!!  

Posted 12/18/2018

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Jamie Kim

This was the second birth of mine that MaryBeth attended. She was wonderful again. I was messaging her every day for nearly a week before my son was born for support through early labor. She provided assuarance that my body was working and that everything was alright. She helped me remain confident and calm. In the delivery room she helped keep me comfortable physically and emotionally. MaryBeth knew what I needed to hear when I became overwhelmed with fear. Her support is invaluable. 

MaryBeth also provided me support through my miscarriage. She was so kind, patient and understanding. She reassured me when I wasn't sure how I was going to get through it. She listened when I was so sad and worried. She filled a giant void when the doctor's coldness and distance left me unprepared for what my body was going to go through.



Posted 9/18/2018

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Katie Testerman

There are not enough characters in this box to express my feelings of my birthing experience with Mary Beth. I was a first time mother who wanted the magical, unmedicated birth - the fairytale birth. As my pregnancy progressed, I developed gestational diabetes and hypertension and had a breech baby that was determined not to flip. We set up a version with the doctors and they were unsuccessful with turning him so our last option was a scheduled c section - the exact opposite of what I had been dreaming of. Mary Beth kept reminding me that it was out of my hands and my baby was coming - just a different entrance into the world, that was all. We went in for the scheduled c section, which was magical - we were allowed to play music and take pictures and keep the placenta. All things I wanted to do with a vaginal birth were still possible with my c section. I had some medical issues in the hospital after my c section where I had to go back in for another surgery because I had developed some internal bleeding and I ended up in the ICU and away from my baby and husband for an entire day. Mary Beth came back to the hospital and stayed with my husband and baby until I was better. She visited me several times once we were home, brought us food and had babysit for us. I expected to hire a coach when I was looking for a doula and instead I gained an amazing friend. 

Posted 5/27/2018

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Luke Hough

Mary Beth hands down was the best person not just doula I could have ever asked for in the birth of my son. My wife had to have a c-section due to my son sitting breech. Mary Beth made it possible for us to get pictures in the delivery room, play music and coached us the whole way through. She even prepared a cloth soaked in essential oils for the smells. After the surgery my wife had to have a second emergency surgery due to blood loss into her stomach. It was frightening to say the least and Mary Beth was with me and my wife the whole ordeal through. Since coming home from the hospital she's made multiple wellness visits for my wife and son and even came over to watch him so my wife could get a nap in! We didn't just hire a doula we gained an amazing friend. Even after our birth plan went completely out the window all the way down to breastfeeding Mary Beth has been by our side. I couldn't recommend her enough. She's not just the best doula you can ask for she's an amazing person with a beautiful soul. 

Posted 5/4/2018

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Nicole Wachter

I found MaryBeth through the recommendation of a few friends. She listened to my wants and needs a developed my perfect birth plan. I ended up needing to be induced and she assured me that everything would still go as close to plan as possible and she was right! I wanted a natural birth and without her I wouldn’t have been able to accomplish it. It was the most amazing experience I’ve ever been through. She was calming, reminded me that I was one step closer to meeting my baby, and used several techniques that helped me through each contraction. My husband was a hard one to convince when it came to spending money on a doula but after our birth he said hiring her was the best decision we’ve ever made. He has also recommended her to a few friends that are expecting. This baby was supposed to be our last, but I almost want another one just so we can hang out with MaryBeth again! I wish I would have hired her for my first two deliveries! I will forever be grateful for her. 

Posted 4/4/2018

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Lindsay Myers

Marybeth was nothing short of wonderful.  After having a traumatic c-section with my first child, I knew when I got pregnant with my second I wanted to attempt a VBAC.  My coworker told me about MaryBeth and I knew I needed support to help me get through my pregnancy and birth.  She was absolutely amazing.  She was so helpful and knowledgable and put my mind at ease. She gave me the confidence I needed to try again no matter the outcome.  Even when my TOL ended with a repeat c-section, emotionally she talked to me through my fear and just having her with me and my husband in the O.R. was the best reassurance.  I cannot thank MaryBeth enough for everything she did for us.  If you are thinking of hiring a doula for your birth, you cannot go wrong. MaryBeth, however,  is simply THE BEST!!!

Posted 1/5/2018

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Keltie Burch

My daughter had a very poorly managed labor and a very traumatic c-section delivery with her 1st child, which left her with PTSD and needing counseling.  Naturally when she announced her 2nd pregnancy, we were concerned about her and her new baby’s well-being, both physically and emotionally.  My daughter researched doulas, and MaryBeth’s name came up.  I was familiar with her name and had heard good things about her, but had never met her.  Our first meeting with her allayed any fears we might have had about using a doula.  MaryBeth is such a nice person—experienced and reassuring, and able to explain things so well.  During my daughter’s recent labor, MaryBeth was there, advocating for my daughter to make sure her birth plan was followed as much as possible, trying everything she could to assist my daughter in her desire to try a v-back delivery.  When it was clear that another c-section was necessary, MaryBeth was allowed to go into the OR with them to comfort, reassure, explain, and even take pictures.  As a mother, this allowed me to relax more, knowing my daughter was in good hands, and that I could just be “mom”, and not “mom and nurse” for her.  Knowing also that MaryBeth has such a good rapport with the other staff members was definitely reassuring, and seeing them working together in my daughter and her baby’s best interest was wonderful.  Anyone who might be considering using a doula for their labor and delivery would get my highest recommendation for MaryBeth Nance.  Thank you, MaryBeth, for a wonderful experience!

Posted 12/27/2017

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Jen Wilson

MaryBeth was very caring and knowledgable.  Her support and guidence before and during my labor was vital to our succesful delivery. She was quick to respond when I had a question or concern. I highly recommend her. 

Posted 12/3/2017

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Megan Flemmens

I met MaryBeth through work as a L&D nurse. I was always marveled by the idea of having a natural child birth but didn’t get the chance with my first child. When I found our I was Pregnant with my second child I immediately contacted MaryBeth and asked her to be my Doula. 

From the moment we started talking about my birth plan and how I wanted it to go I knew she was the right doula to help me make natural child birth happen! MaryBeth was always avvailble for questions that I had or advice on how to get labor moving. She was very helpful helping me work through my contractions, change positions and support me with my ultimate goal. MaryBerh was also a wonderful advocate for me and what I wanted afrer things didnt go as planned and I ended up with an emergency c-section. She took pictures so I could document my childs birth. She was very supporitive after my delivery and visted me postpartum to check on me. I would highly recommend MaryBeth to anyone who wants to use a doula for their birth. She is a wonderful advocate and has your best interest at heart.  

MaryBeth thank you so much for being my doula and my advocate. It was a wonderful experience to work with you.

Posted 11/15/2017

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Sara Meagher BhaduriHauck

After a traumatic and disappointing first birth experience without a doula, MaryBeth empowered and supported me through two very different VBAC deliveries. Having a baby is scary and overwhelming -- especially when you've had a bad experience to start with -- but having MaryBeth by my side as a coach and advocate gave me the confidence and reassurance I needed to create the peaceful, positive births I hoped for. Her knowledge, guidance, and compassion were instrumental during pregnancy, delivery, and postpartum; it was comforting to know that help and answers tailored to my situation were just a phone call away. I trust her implicitly and am so thankful for the opportunities to work with her. I highly recommend MaryBeth as a doula and will absolutely hire her for my next birth.

Posted 11/8/2017

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Tiffany Childress

Our most recent experience with Marybeth continued our amazing births with her! We just had our 5th baby and Marybeth has been an amazing part of each experience! Marybeth is constantly supportive, knowlegale, loving and completely invested in the growth of our family through each baby. She is always supportive of me, as the birthing mom but also of my husband and our family as a unit! I cannot say thank you enough to sweet Marybeth for the hours of time and endless love that has helped make our family the beautiful thing that it is! 

Posted 11/4/2017

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Janeen Rice

I hired MaryBeth as a doula for my second baby based on the recommendation of someone who worked with her at Upper Chesapeake hospital.  She serves as a patient advocate on the board of UCH (I believe) and has quite a bit of experience at the hospital I delievered at (UCH).  Even though I had experienced unmedicated childbirth previously, there had been over a decade between my births and I felt anxious about my ability to cope in a new state, new hospital, and 10 years older.  MaryBeth is a very calm, caring individual, very well prepared and vast levels of experience.  In fact, the entire nursing staff and my OB's office had heard of her and welcomed her as a birth advocate based on their experiences with her.  She is respectful to moms and medical personnel alike.

We met before the birth to discuss my plans and she had plenty of resources to recommend, including chidlbirth education through her vast network.  She had the entire birth plan completely covered and had recommendations for the items I hadn't thought about.  If I wasn't sure on something, she provided the materials for me to educate myself and make an informed decision.

As my due date crept closer, she was in contact with me quite regularly and when the fears of induction started, she was available by phone to keep me calm and centered, as well as prepared in case I needed to push back.

My baby did come before his due date, and my water broke in the middle of the night.  She was ready for my phone call and talked me through what I should do.  During birth, she arrived at the hospital quickly and effortlessly, providing me with everything I needed without me having to ask for it.  She was there for me when the inevitable "I can't do this" crossed my lips and was there when I most certainly did do it.  I credit her as the biggest factor in my very succesful unmedicated birth.  I am very pleased with her services.

Posted 11/3/2017

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Melissa Stutzman

It was wonderful having MaryBeth for the delivery of our baby girl.  It was great to be able to ask MaryBeth any questions we had.  After our first meeting with MaryBeth my husband felt very relieved, we didn't know what would happen during labor but at least with MaryBeth there we would have someone there just for us that has done this many times.  As labor started at home I found a lot of comfort just running things by MaryBeth.  MaryBeth was a wonderful support during labor and delivery. We love that MaryBeth took photos after the birth!

Posted 6/27/2017

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Jonna Stone

Of all the choices I made surrounding the birth of my third child, the easiest one was hiring MaryBeth Nance. Honestly.

At the first meeting, I *knew* she was exactly the advocate I needed. Someone to reason with me when I was at an eight and starting to get frantic that I couldn't possibly endure anything more. 

Birth rarely goes according to "plan". It was such a comfort to know that no matter how the day unfolded, I would never be alone. That, at every contraction I had reassurance and at every question, an answer. At every fear, a reassurance. 

Best of all, my husband truly understood the worth of a doula after witnessing MaryBeth interact with me and the staff at Upper Chesapeake. His only regret is not knowing such a service existed with our prior births. It was a great comfort, knowing that someone with experience could guide me in a way that is beyond the scope of any partner. 

It was one day of my life. But oddly, that one day I was born again as a mother. As if there was only "before baby" and then a totally new life after. The best beginning to this "new life" was the doula by my side, as I pushed the last time and suddenly, in that euphoric moment, there was the baby I had waited for. I will never forget the feeling. 

Posted 3/8/2017

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Eleni Lampadarios

MaryBeth Nance served as our doula for the births of both of our children.  Even though both births had to be done by c-section due to medical reasons, MaryBeth's presence, advocacy, and physical and emotional support helped me deal with the disappointment and nervousness that came with having a c-section.  MaryBeth helps create an environment that is calm and positive for the trials of labor to unfold and I appreciated her warm touch and soothing tone in coaching me through the contractions.  Even when I decided to get an epidural for my second labor, MaryBeth remained supportive and patiently waited with me for labor to progress, and when it became clear that I would need to have a c-section, MaryBeth, comforted me by saying that the birth is going to happen how it needs to happen.  This was also something she told me during my first labor which ended up in an urgent c-section.  MaryBeth is a great resource for women before, during, and after labor and I highly recommend her services as a doula. 

Posted 2/1/2017

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Emily Reinke

It has taken me a long time to actually get this written, just because, surprise, having a newborn is a lot of work.  However, even 6 months past, I can't say enough how wonderful MaryBeth was as our birth doula.  She was supportive every step of the way, and was a calming influence for first time parents, even after we brought the little one home and couldn't soothe her at 3AM.  My husband was very skeptical of getting a doula for our birth, thinking that he'd be perfectly capable (not that I doubt him) of being the support and coach that we thought we would need.  He agreed to meet with MaryBeth and walked away from the first meeting completely in agreement that we should work with MaryBeth.  She helped us come up with our ideal birthing scenario, but was consistent to remind us that despite all of our best efforts, not every birth comes out the way you plan.  I was lucky in that I was able to have about 90% of what I planned, with a minor exception of not starting labor on my own.  But even with that, MaryBeth was fantastic in providing us the best explanations of what would happen with the induction based on standard practices at the hospital.  Because she has worked so closely with the staff and providers at the hospital, she has a great rapport with all of them, which only helped to smooth our own experience as well.  

I can honestly say, if we do end up having a second child, if my husband isn't home when I take the test there's a good chance that MaryBeth may be the first to know; so I can make sure we have her at that birth as well.

Posted 1/7/2017

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Amy Vaughan-Roland

With Mary Beth I've experienced 2 beautiful all natural birthdays for my 2 girls! There are not enough words to describe the peace and family centered atmosphere she creates in the room. With both deliveries there were a few hiccups that could have been stressful for me and the baby, but with Mary Beth there was never a second I doubted the power of my body, the knowledge of the team of midwives, and the love everyone shared to make a birthday! The greatest blessing was how it allowed my husband to truly be an active participant in delivery as we worked together to begin parenthood  with a stronger bond then I ever imagined!

My heart owes so much to Mary Beth ?

Posted 1/1/2017

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Dominique Reynolds

MaryBeth and I started working together when I was about 26-27 weeks pregnant. She helped me make my overall decision to switch care providers! So happy I did! She works closely with the doctors/midwives(Susquehanna OBGYN/midwives) I switched to, and the hospital(Upper Chesapeake) I planned to deliver at. She educated me on so many things including midwife care, Upper Chesapeake ins and outs, and other decisions to make for my baby. I'm so glad to have used her as I had a very traumatic emergency cesaedean with my first born. We originally planned a beautiful repeat section, but it was scheduled, and to be very gentle, family centered! I continously opened up to MaryBeth about my feelings of wanting a VBAC, but fears of ending up with emergency section again. When I started having early labor, I finally decided to cancel my section! MaryBeth educated me, and gave me the courage! I knew we all could do it! i had her full support, although I was weary of her suggestions to use a midwife. I'm so glad we did end up using the midwife when I went into labor early morning of the day my section was scheduled! We had the most amazingly beautiful successful, and intimate VBAC! She was there as was my mom and amazing husband to talk me back up when I wasn't sure I could do it any longer! If we decide to have any more children, MaryBeth will certainly be apart of our experience again!<3

Posted 1/1/2017

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Kathryn Graber

I knew from the beginning that I wanted to give birth as naturally as possible with minimal intervention. I had looked into hiring a doula but didn't contact MaryBeth until the last minute (36 weeks). Thankfully she was available and able to meet quickly. In addition to asking about our ideal labor plan, Marybeth provided documentation (hypnobirth, vaccination schedules, etc) and recommended a few pediatricians in the area.

I went into labor at midnight in my 39th week. I texted with her over the next 24 hours to determine when I needed to leave for the hospital. She provided me with tips to help with the contractions and answered my questions as labor progressed.

After 24 hours of laboring at home we decided it was time to move to the hospital. She met us shortly after our arrival. She worked with the nurses and midwives to ensure I was comfortable and helped me with different techniques (birthing ball, shower, tub, squat bar, etc) and positions for handling the contractions as they got stronger. One tip was that we did not use the word "pain" - the nurses did not offer me pain medication and did not ask me my pain levels. We used words like "pressure" instead.

After 9 hours of contractions it was time to push! MaryBeth and the midwife guided me and my husband during this part of labor. They kept me hydrated and monitored the baby and helped me into different positions for the birth. We gave birth to a baby girl 3 hours of pushing later!

I had wanted a medication free labor and she made that a reality! I highly recommend her!

Posted 12/9/2016

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Lucas Walther

My wife and I used a doula for the birth of our daughter, and found her to be a great help in preparing as first-time parents. That actual delivery was such a smooth experience, that I felt we didn't need much assistance during the process of welcoming our first daughter into the world.

At the recommendation of a friend, we asked MaryBeth to be our doula when my wife became pregnant with our second child, and were delighted to learn that there was still much more that she was able to offer to us as we prepared to welcome our second. MaryBeth's help was critical in planning/preparing. She was always easy to contact, and kept us "in the loop" over the weeks and months leading up to the birth.

Ultimately, this birth turned out to be full of complications, but MaryBeth was there for us every step of the way, running the gamut between offering background support or taking charge, somehow always anticipating exactly what we needed at the moment. My wife had a very fast, precipitous birth, and after a quick phone call to MaryBeth, she took care of working with the staff at Upper Chesapeake to have them prepare for our arrival... one less thing for us to worry about. When we arrived, MaryBeth was able to recognize the signs that things were moving along quickly, and helped to expedite the process of getting my wife through triage. My wife's experience was very unlike the birth of our first daughter, and she was losing the confidence she'd had during that birth. As a husband, I was able to focus entirely on being my wife's main support, while MaryBeth advocated for us in every other way, and was there for my wife when she needed a little extra support that I couldn't offer, as well. There were also complications post-birth, and MaryBeth called and checked in with us through the following days, making sure everything was taken care of. Her help was absolutely invaluable through the whole process, especially the birth itself.

Posted 10/18/2016

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Lianne Appelt

MaryBeth assisted the birth of my third baby on 9/10/16, and from the moment I went into labor until our sweet baby girl joined our family (and beyond), Marybeth was integral and critical to the process. She came to our house the night I went into labor and stayed with me, helping me calm down because I was getting very anxious, and helped us decide when we should start making our way to the hospital. She let the midwife on call know that we were on our way and what my status was, so we were able to focus on other things. MaryBeth was my biggest advocate when we went into the hospital; she made sure everything happened the way it should, and that I had everything that I needed. She knows the hospital, the staff, and the midwives, which is so helpful in maneuvering and getting settled in. When things got intense with my labor, MaryBeth was so helpful in keeping me calm and encouraging me. She also went to get the nurses or the midwife when I needed something or wanted to be checked. That was huge, since my husband could stay with me while she was gone and I was never left alone. When the baby was delivered, MaryBeth took beautiful photos for us and helped get anything I needed/wanted. I had planned to save the placenta for encapsulation, and MaryBeth made sure it was saved, put in the ziploc bags we brought, and refrigerated immediately. She even called the woman who was doing the encapsulation to let her know that the baby had been delivered. All of the helpful and wonderful things she did made the experience so much better, and took a huge amount of stress off of me. I would more than highly recommend MaryBeth to anyone. She is knowledgeable, helpful, and a calming presence; my experience was so much better with her assistance. 

Posted 9/20/2016

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Lisa Blas

MaryBeth was truly a blessing!! My waterbroke and Marybeth was there to help guide me and make suggestions on what to do. In addition, my husband was deployed and not here to support me. He actually wasnt able to fly in until afer the birth so, MaryBeth became my support thru the whole process. From the moment I arrived at the hsopital, she never left my side, helped me with importnat decisions and was there during our c-section. She was even able to facetime my husband in so he could hear our babies first cries and moments. Without a doubt, having MaryBeth at our birth was the best decision. She has a kind, nurturing soul and helped me to stay calm, relaxed and confident while I had our son without my husband there.

Posted 7/27/2016

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Niccole Pippin

We absolutely loved having Mary Beth as our doula! Her support was instrumental in me having the natural drug-free birth that I dreamed of. She was there with us every step of the way, from pregnancy to labor and delivery and beyond. As a first time Mom, there is alot to take in as you make choices for your pregnancy and baby's birth. Mary Beth helped to put our minds at ease and support us through all the decisions along the way. During labor, she was there by our side through some scary times, and I don't know what we would have done without her.


We would hands-down recommend Mary Beth, she is a wonderfu, caring and informed person and doula!

Posted 5/26/2016

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Rachel Eash-Scott

MaryBeth was a wonderful mix of professionalism and humility. We lived elsewhere for our first birth and had hired a doula who was absolutely fantastic--my husband insisted on a doula again for our second son's birth. We both felt comfortable with MaryBeth from the first time we met her. My labor went quickly and with much less drama than my first delivery, and MaryBeth did a wonderful job of staying to the side but anticipating needs. She took photos that we cherish. Afterwards, she said, "Well, you guys really didn't need me there!" But I disagree--having her there helped me relax, helped my husband feel confident in his participation and support, and gave us peace of mind. We're grateful for her services, even in a delivery where everything was easy and quick!!

Posted 3/19/2016

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Sara Meagher BhaduriHauck

Having MaryBeth at the birth of our son was one of the best decisions we made surrounding the pregnancy and delivery. AFter a negative experience with my first birth, I knew a doula was the best option to help me achieve the peaceful VBAC I wanted. MaryBeth provided the encouragement, guidance, knowledge, and compassion I needed to empower myself to have a successful vaginal birth. She was a constant support from the time my labor started until my baby was safely in my arms, making me and my husband comfortable and confident during the entire process. I highly recommend MaryBeth as a doula and sincerely hope she will be by my side for my next birth.

Posted 3/16/2016

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Donna McElheny

I cannot even begin to explain how invaluable MaryBeth's services have been for our family. This is the second time that we have hired her to assist with the bith of our children. We had such an amazing expirience with her the first time, that as soon as we found out we were pregnant this time, our first thought was to hire her once more. She makes every single step of the process so much easier from pregnancy right into the post partum period. She is so compassionate, caring, and knowledgeable, that she has allowed us to have birth expiriences that we can not only be happy with, but treasure for the rest of our childrens' lives. This time around, we were so upset to find out that we would have to have a cesarian birth, but even with a csection, MaryBeth helped us to have a beautiful, stress free, family centered expirience. I would advise anyone who is looking for a doula to hire MaryBeth on the spot, but after one meeting with her, you will come to the same decision on your own. We will never be able to thank her enough for the gift that she has given us.

Posted 12/4/2015

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Christina May

MaryBeth is amazing! She was my Doula for both of my children and I could not have gotten through without her. My second birth was a pitocin assisted labor since my water broke but my body wasn't cooperating--she was the voice of calm and reason and with her help and my husbands I managed to birth without an epidural for the second time. I recommend MaryBeth to anyone who is seeking the support of a Doula during their birth--she will support you and make sure that your birth plan is followed as much as possible. She is wonderful!

Posted 10/9/2015

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Brittany Kesterson

I was so thankful to have MaryBeth present for my third child! This was the second time we used her. As soon as I found out I was pregnant she was my first call. She is always such a great support throughout pregnancy and certainly during labor and delivery! I believe she goes far beyond standards to help you reach your goals for delivery whatever that may be! I would highly recommend her to anyone!

Posted 8/25/2015

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Lesley Cyford

This was my third birth with MaryBeth.  There are no words great enought to describe what her presence at the births of my sons have meant to my husband and me.  I could not have had 3 amazing drug free births without her support and encouragement.  If it was not for MayBeth I would not have been able to achieve my dream delivery of going to birth center and delivering in water.  The pictures that she took during and after my deliveries are something that I will always cherish.  I highly recommend MaryBeth. 

Posted 6/30/2015

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Sara Baker

After a traumatic c-section, I sought out MaryBeth to help me have a VBAC. She was supportive, understanding and so helpful throughout my pregnancy, working with me in times of doubt or fear. As my due date neared and my anxiety about a possible second c-section increased, MaryBeth worked with the doctors, nurses and midwives at UCMC to get a plan in place for as gentle a c-section as possible, if that was what I ended up having. Having a plan in place helped to calm my fear, since it was a plan for a very different experience than my first birth. Communication between MaryBeth and my doctor and widwives was amazing as well, because of her excellent working relationship with them. That was so helpful because it kept me from being the middle man when I was alreafy stressed.


My water finally broke after 41 weeks, but my labor never really progressed. MaryBeth was calming and reassuring throughout, and helped me come to peace with a decision to have a second c-section. She was permitted to stay with me during my spinal, which I'm so grateful for. During my c-section, she kept me focused and helped to calm me. Once my baby was born, she was held up over the curtain so I could see her. Moments later, she was on my chest for skin-to-skin while I was being stitched up. This was one of the most incredible experiences, and completely took my mind off the rest of the surgery while I bonded with my baby. Soon, MaryBeth helped facilitate breastfeeding right there in the OR.


I was so scared of another c-section, but after my experience with MaryBeth, I would do it again tomorrow. I do not think I could have had such a healing birth without her. My husband and I view her as an invaluable part of our experience.

Posted 6/11/2015

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Jamie Kim

I hired MaryBeth for the birth of my 3rd baby. Right from the start MaryBeth was able to achieve a beautiful balance between professional and personal. Her experience working with the Susquehanna midwives and the OB/GYN nurses at UCMC is an amazing asset. We had a birth plan meeting in which she helped me compose a birth plan and organize it in a way that the nurses and midwives I was delivering with were familiar with. The day I went into labor we remained in contact throughout the day until I was ready for her to come to my house. She provided me with confidence and reassurance. When she arrived at my house she provided a calming presence and helpful suggestions for working through my contractions. She was instrumental in helping me make the decision of when to go to the hospital and she was right on- I arrived 7 cm dilated which is what I wanted. Prior to my arrival, MaryBeth contacted labor and delivery and my midwive to notify them I was coming and my current status. Upon my arrival, they were able to take me right into the room I requested because of MaryBeth's update. This was amazing- being able to skip triage, etc. Throughout the rest of my labor and delivery she was by our side. She has an amazing presence and is very in the moment with you. She remained with me after the birth to make sure I had food, was settled with breastfeeding and was comfortable. MaryBeth has an amazing ability to just know and do what you need. Her experience is invaluable. If I have another baby I will be calling MaryBeth right after I get the positive test.

Posted 5/27/2015

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Jess Sparwasser

so this is a little bit late. We had our 3rd doula expierence with marybeth october 13th 2014. We had a c-section and i thought man if i had known i needed a c-section i wouldn.t had needed a doula. I mean if i dont need to be coached through labor whats the point...shew i couldnt have been more wrong. We were so lucky to have her. She made the whole process better. She worked with staff to help us with things that we wouldnt have asked for. She helped me when I was panicking through the csection. I was feeling very strange things that i didnt feel during my first c-section. She kept me calm when a nurse made me feel real uncomfortable during the process of getting my epidural. I cant possibly say enough about this lady. She is quite the advocate for making sure her clinets get the supreme best treatment possible. She handles mothers who have delt with a loss with intergrity and honor. She makes them feel "normal" and yet addresses concerns and worries even if they are excessive like they are routine. We love this lady and would use her for every kind of birth every time. -sincerely the sparwasser's

Posted 4/18/2015

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Kari Haravitch

I couldn't have had the unmedicated birth I desired without MaryBeth's support and presence. She helped us during the prenatal period and dedicated much time and effort to thoroughly answering every question and worry I had. She was my advocate and support person throughout my third trimester alol the way through the delivery of my son. She guided me thtough options but always let decisions be mine and my husband's. During L&D she was so present and mindful, continuously providing me the encouragement and reminders I needed to remain relaxed and focused onediting my baby. MaryBeth empowered me by encouraging me to stay in touch with my body and baby - she followed my lead and truly helped me dictate and have the birth I wanted. I am so pleased with MaryBeth's work and I woold absolutely hire her again!!

Posted 3/25/2015

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Lisa Haines

I don't think words could accurately describe what MaryBeth did for us. Though I had a failed induction, she helped my husband and I work through all the decisions leading up to the csection. Having her in the OR while I was being prepped was incredibly comforting. And having her take those first photos of our little boy was priceless. I am so happy that she was with us. She is AMAZING!!! And I would recommend her a milion times over.


Posted 2/2/2015

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Julie Miley

MaryBeth was phenomenal! She was more then supportive and encouraging throughout my entire pregnancy, labor, delivery and postpartum. You won't find a more kind, caring, loving and talented person to support you through this incredible journey. She was always prompt in responding to any questions I had and she helped me to have the birth I prayed for. We will be hiring her again if we are blessed with another little one in the future! 

Posted 12/29/2014

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Mandy Harry

I hired MaryBeth for a second time for the birth of my 6th child. She attended the birth of my 4th child, who was born at home. I decided to have a hospital birth this time for various reasons and I was very happy to have her support throughout that decision since she is very familiar with the care providers at Upper Chesapeake Medical Center and has worked with the midwives I chose to work with as well. I hired Susquehanna OBGYN midwives for my care. MaryBeth was very accessible throughout my pregnancy for my questions and concerns. She was reassuring and helped me think through the many concerns I had coming from a homebirth to a hospital birth. I wanted the birth experience to be as hands off as possible and without unnecessary interventions. During the birth she helped me with offering suggestions for position changes, and natural pain relief options. I labored in the shower, in the labor tub, and in and out of the hospital bed. She was a very calming presence for both me and my husband. I am so very happy that she was there to be a part of my last birth! MaryBeth took pictures for us in addition to supporting us at the birth. She stayed several hours after our little boy was born, and even had gifts for my other children, which was so special for them!! If you are looking for a doula to help you navigate your way through a hospital birth, you will not be disappointed with choosing MaryBeth. She is very experienced and knowledgeable!

Posted 12/14/2014

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Jill Moore

Mary Beth is amazing and was an integral part of my children's births. She provides excellent prenatal education, support physically, mentally and emotionally during labor as well as a special postpartum visit. I wouldn't want to have a baby without her. 

Posted 8/31/2014

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Laura Terziu

MaryBeth is a gentle, encouraging, strong and very attentive advocate who has been an essential part of our birth team for the last three of our four births. We have been able to give birth without pain intervention each of those times, for which we owe a great deal of gratitude to MaryBeth's support. MaryBeth has a great reputation and fantastic working relationship with the nursing staff at Upper Chesapeake and the midwives from Susquehanna OB/GYN who deliver there. When you have MaryBeth on your team, it feels like you have an "all access" pass to what the Upper Chesapeake Family Birthplace has to offer. Not only will you have an effective advocate and a friend, but a skilled doula who will encourage you and walk you through the toughest points of labor. MaryBeth is highly knowledgeable about what your body is going through in all stages of labor and the information she shares is very reassuring and empowering. If you want to experience natural child birth at Upper Chesapeake or anywhere else she serves, we highly recommend that you make MaryBeth a part of your team! You will not regret that decision! - Jack and Laura Terziu

Posted 4/22/2014

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Shannon Tucker

After experiencing a long labor resulting in a c-section with the birth of my first child, we decided that a doula was a must for the birth of our second child if we would have a successful VBAC. At my 38 week check up, I was sent to L&D due to high blood pressure and protien in my urine sample.  After a weekend urine study I was diagnosed with preeclampsia and the OBs recommended I deliver soon.  I scheduled a c-section for 39 weeks (a few days later).  During this time we were in frequent contact with Mary Beth.  She was a helpful ear and provided another resource to discuss our concerns and expectations.  She was willing to continue as our doula for the c-section if we wished.   

24 hours prior to c-section, I went into labor.  During the day we were in contact with Mary Beth and discussed our renewed plan for a VBAC.  Labor progressed and we were admitted in the late evening.  I was offered the option to proceed with my scheduled c-section due to my high bp, but I elected to try a VBAC.  My midwife recommended an epidural be administered during labor to help lower my bloodpressure a bit.  I asked for this to be prepped as soon as it could.  Mary Beth arrived soon after I was admitted.  

Since it had been a little over two years since our last delivery, Mary Beth was very helpful keeping us focused and relaxed.  This was very helpful for my husband who was nervous.  During the delivery she worked with the nursing staff and midwives to keep me comfortable. However, the extra moral support was very helpful when my bp dropped during delivery and we had to stop until my vitals and baby's vitals stablized.  Having someone there looking out for us was such a comfort!  In active labor for 6 hours, I was tired and ended up using vacuum assit to help in the last mile. Mary Beth made sure we had a voice all along the way.  Her help was priceless!

Posted 4/21/2014

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Michael Childress

Our expereince with MaryBeth has been completely filled with blessings!  The Lord has used MaryBeth throughout the entire process of our pregnancy, labor, delivery and postpartum season of life!  MaryBeth is always available whenever we have questions or concerns; before, during and after the birth of our twins. She has never made us feel bad for asking questions, seeking advice, or checking in with her.  During the birth of our sons, she was constantly supportive! She acted as a liason between us and the medical staff and explained necessary information to us.  While we were delivering, MaryBeth held my hand and never left my side, all the while, encouraging and supporting us during the process. Our relationship with MaryBeth is forever a special one, and we are so very grateful to have her in our lives and in the birth story of our sons!  

Posted 3/23/2014

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Christina May

MaryBeth was an incredible help for the birth of our first child. Her recommendations on prepping for labor and delivery including relaxation techniques and exercises were critical to the successful delivery of my baby girl. A first time delivery found me pushing for more than five hours and MaryBeth was there with my husband coaching me through the whole thing and making sure I didn't give up.  My husband is also very thankful for her as she helped coordinate things and made sure that our wishes for the birth were being fufilled (as much as they could be).  MaryBeth truly made my first birth experience wonderful and completly natural! Many thanks!!

Posted 1/27/2014

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Littlemamma McElheny

I cannot say enough positive things about our expirience with Marybeth. From start to finish, she made our birth expirience amazing. We were going for a VBAC and had had a previous tramatizing CSection birth expirience. Marybeth helped us every step of the way to have the healing birth that we so desperatley wanted. She was knowledgable, compassionate, and helpful, and we could not have done this without her. We will most likely be hiring her again for our next birth. She was worth every penny spent (and much more).

Posted 12/20/2013

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Brittany Kesterson

I came from a previous home birth experience and this time had to have our baby in the hospital!  MaryBeth was with me every step of the way encouraging and making sure everything was going exactly the way I wanted it to get as close to the home birth experiences as I could at the hospital! I believe without her I would have had a terrible experience but because she was there it was great!

Posted 11/7/2013

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Judith Del Mastro

Working with MaryBeth was such a great experience. She was very helpful and supportive in so many aspects of my pregnancy, labor, delivery, and recovery. Her presence and knowledge during my labor and delivery was invaluable in helping me stay calm and be successful in a natural birth. I highly recommend MaryBeth to anyone looking for a Doulah to work with.

Posted 8/31/2013

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Nicole Fidalgo Volrath

My husband and I had the honor of utilizing MaryBeth's doula services for the birth of our third baby.  MaryBeth was truly a pleasure to work with!  She made us feel as though we had known her for years!  Throughout my labor, and the weeks leading up to, and following it; MaryBeth provided guidance and support.  She is warm, compassionate and extremely knowledgeable about the labor & delivery process.  MaryBeth is is an advocate for her clients.  Although, it was not my first delivery, every baby is different!  MaryBeth helped my husband and I through every step of my labor and delivery.  When I was unsure, or needed support, MaryBeth knew exactly what to do and say to keep me focused on my goal of an unmedicated, natural delivery.  MaryBeth ensured that i received the best care possible from my doctors and nurses and for that I am forever grateful!  Every Mommy deserves to have the best care and support during this very special, emotional time in their life, and I believe that MaryBeth is the best person to help provide it all!

Posted 6/5/2013

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Lesley Taylor Cyford

This was my second birth using MaryBeth.  There are not enough words to describe just how much MaryBeth's support during both of my labors meant to me.  She is amazing.  I never had to ask her to do anything during labor it was like she automatically knew exactly what I needed.  After I was home and settled MaryBeth presented me with the beautiful pictures she took before, during and after my birth and she wrote out the story of my son's birth.  I would have never been able to have a natural drug free childbirth without the help of MaryBeth and I will hopefully use her again. 

Posted 5/14/2013

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Amanda McGhee

MaryBeth is simply amazing. I cannot find the words to describe how wonderful she truly is. From the moment I met her, it was very clear to me that MaryBeth has a heart for serving women and families. She touched base with me throughout my pregnancy.  She genuinely cared about me, my baby, and my family.   As my due date approached, and the time for labor and birth was nearing, she blessed me with birth affirmations, reassured me in trusting my body and my baby, and supported me emotionally. Having her by my side as I labored was imperative. She was calming, reassuring, and seemed to intuitively know exactly what I needed in the moment. She blessed my family tremendously with her presence as we welcomed our third son into the world, providing emotional and physical support that I needed to birth my baby. If we are blessed with another baby again, MaryBeth will be among the first we call.  She is professional, loving, and kind.   There is no one better.  

Posted 4/2/2013

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Tiffany Childress

We had a wonderful experience with MaryBeth!  Not only did she meet with us and support us before our son was born, she was with us at the hospital helping us make decisions, and she was supportive after we came home!  I never felt bad for asking MaryBeth questions or for advice.  My husband and I trust her and appreciate her friendship as well as her professional knowledge and guidance!  She was never invasive during any of the process but was always available for us!  One of the things that she does, that I LOVE, is that she takes pictures during those first few moments when your child is born.  I now have pictures from those first, precious moments with our baby!  She also documented for our son a chronology of his birth.  This is amazing becuase there are many things that I don't remember or didn't realize during the intense times of labor, and now I can look back on them in this written account!  I would absolutely recommend MaryBeth and am so grateful to have had her with us during the process of our sweet son's birth... and beyond! 

Posted 3/26/2013

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Jessica Herzog

I love her!! Being a pediatrician myself, I attend deliveries regularly. The mood of the room is important. MaryBeth brings a peaceful calm energy. She was our doula for the birth of my daughter and my son (2 yrs later). She was key in my success in having natural child birth, both times! She helped Dad understand what was happening with my body, so I could stay focused. We felt we had known her for years even after our first meeting. I have had the pleasure of working with her professionally and personally. She is one of those very special people you only meet a few times in your life. I am so thankful that we could share our most precious life moments with her.   

Posted 2/13/2013

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Jennifer Cornely

MaryBeth was an amazing doula.  I had a quick, natural labor with my first so I was not sure I would need a doula for help with the birth of my second child.  But I was so glad we hired MaryBeth.  To prepare we had an excelllent family meeting where my husband and I explained our concerns and MaryBeth set up an excellent birth plan.  She also provided us with some Hypnobirth techniques to work on to help prepapre for a drug-free delivery.  I was 3 days late with my second and MAryBeth was so encouraging and helpful.  She contacted me frequently before and after my due date and was reassuring.  I had a few false alarms and MaryBeth helped me navigate through those as well so I was not running to the hospital with every contraction.  Once I was actually in labor MaryBeth was an amazing help.  My husband and I were experiencing our first birth together since he was away with the military when our first was born.  She was so helpful in explaining what was going on to my husband and continued to assist him in helping me through labor.  We had a hard time getting my labor to progress and MaryBeth was fantastic in coming up with plans to help push things along.  I was especially concerned about interventions but MAryBeth ensured I was only doing what was necessary to help the labor progress.  I was especially concerned when the midwife suggested using pitocin to help labor progress.  I had heard so many terrible things and was very nervous.  MaryBeth explained that we would just use it to help the contractions become more regular.  It worked exactly like she said and I was finally having regulalr productive contractions.  She provided such amazing assistance throughout the night and was an invaluable resource during the process.  We both credit MaryBeth with helping us have an amazing brith experience with our second child! 

Posted 9/7/2012

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jess sparwasser

Marybeth is outstanding. She has an endless amount of knowledge and experience. She taught my husband and myself alot. We have used her twice now. She helped us deliver a full term stillbirth and a 2.5 week early infant. She kept us calm.  she was very nurturing. She made us her number 1 priority and made sure every one else did too. She is veyr patient and is concerned with the birthing parents needs and desires. She makes sure whenever possible these are always met. She offers so much support before during and after a birth . She is all around amazing. We wouldnt dream of using anyone else and strongly recommend her to any one interested in having a doula work with them.

Posted 9/2/2012

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Marcy Starbuck

We had a wonderful experience with MaryBeth and cannot say enough nice things about her. We decided to hire a doula for our third baby after having two bad epidural experiences with our first two childred. She has a wealth of knowledge about childbirth that she will share with you before you go into labor and during labor she will support you with that knowledge, experience, and most of all compassion as you bring your little one into the world. Without a doubt, she helped me have the natural birth I wanted with my third child. It was amazing, and she was a big part of making that happen.

Posted 8/7/2012

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Sheila M Brown

My birthing experience was amazing because I had a great supportative team, especially my husband and my doula (MaryBeth).  I went into Labor in the morning so, I called MaryBeth to let her know and she greeted me over the phone with such enthusiasm.  I had her meet me at the hospital because I was having a fast labor.  When I got to the hospital I was already in active labor at 4 centimeters.  I went from 4-9 centimeters in about 3hrs.  I was able to have such a calm birthing experience up till time of "pushing" because I used HypnoBirthing techniques and worked with my body instead of against it. MaryBeth was very supportative of my decisions of having a natural birth as much as possible.  She was by my side the whole time taking care of whatever I asked of her.  Anything from getting me water, checking in with the staff, pouring water over my abdomen, massaging my shoulder, and helping me get through difficult parts.  When it was time to push it was more difficult for me because my son was posterier.  MaryBeth helped me get through that difficult time by encouraging me the whole time.  Having that constant support from not only my husband but also my doula, helped me give birth to my son naturally.  I felt so empowered after the birth that I wouldn't do it any other way!!!  Thank You, MaryBeth! 

Posted 6/26/2012

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Amy Griffin

MaryBeth was a wonderful support before, during, and after our son’s birth. The final month of pregnancy was stressful due to the possibility that my baby might be large. The midwives told us about the complications that could occur during a vaginal birth and we had to decide if a C-section would be a safer option . MaryBeth consulted with the midwives and made recommendations to us. I felt I could trust MaryBeth's advice because of her experience and her familiarity with the midwives. It was obvious the midwives had a high level of respect for her and were comfortable discussing their concerns with her. I chose to try to give birth to my son naturally and did so without any complications. The feeling that she believed in me helped me keep an optimistic attitude! During labor, MaryBeth was very helpful with pain management and decision making. After my son was born she gave me great advice regarding an injury to my abdominal muscles when I really didn’t know where to go for more information.

Posted 5/23/2012

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Ashley Eichel

What a blessing to have MaryBeth Nance as our Doula not once, but twice!! She helped my husband and me experience the two wonderful births of our beautiful girls. I don't know what I would have done if she was not there to give us the support and care we needed.  We felt very blessed to have MaryBeth there and still to this day am lucky to have her in our lives. She is not just a Doula, but a life long friend. We continue to keep in touch from time to time. One of the wonderful gifts MaryBeth gives to you is a birth story of your child. With all the  excitement that is going on, you don't realize what you have missed out on. But, with MaryBeth as your Doula she will have a birth story to give to you afterwards. It's nice to have it to refiect back on from time to time and add to your child's baby book, which I have done for both of my girls. What is even more wonderful is to see their expressions and hear their thoughts as I read them their birth story. They get such a kick out of it! I am truly grateful and blessed to have had MaryBeth as our Doula. I just wish she would have been able to be with us with the third birth of our son! Unfortunately we moved from Maryland  back to our home state of Ohio. I support Doula services to anyone having a child and actually some of my friends have had a Doula with their births. What is nice about knowing a Doula is that MaryBeth has helped with assisting those friends locate Doula services where they live. I thank MaryBeth for being there as my Doula and again am so blessed!!!!

Ashley Noretto


Posted 3/5/2012

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Maria Lampadarios

 We hired MaryBeth Nance on the recommendation of my mother, a midwife who worked with her.  She delivered both of our children.  With our first daughter, MaryBeth was instrumental in helping us through a difficult labor and eased my disappointment with having to undergo a c-section.  She was reassuring and encouraging and never failed to do her best to advocate for us.  With our second daughter MaryBeth was just as supportive, always suggesting ways to help me through what I had hoped would be an unmedicated birth.  She kept insisting I could do it, but she never pushed so hard that it made me uncomfortable.  When I ultimately chose the epidural, MaryBeth was just as supportive and she never suggested I had somehow failed.   I believe she is one of the reasons I was able to have a VBAC which was my goal for our second child.  Another thing Ienjoyed are the pictures she took for us right after the birth as well as the birth stories she sent us which are now in our daughters' baby books.  I truly appreciated MaryBeth's calm, warm, and knowledgable presence during our labors and births and I would highly recommend her as a doula.

Posted 10/23/2011

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Leah Bennett

MaryBeth is one of the kindest, most tenderhearted, careing, and special people I have ever met.   Her faith is amazing.  Her spirit is so sweet.  Her love for family, God, and children is deep.  She is so knowledgeable and experienced yet humble.  As a doula I not only value her for her knowledge, patience and kindness but also because she is amazing at knowing exactly what you need while in labor and knowing just what to do and when.  She has been my doula for two births so far.  In 2009 I had her assist with my daughter Audrey's natural/vaginal childbirth and just recently on 7/3/2011 she was my doula for the fast and furious natural/vaginal birth of Eliana.  Without her I would have never been able to get through either of those births naturally and so succesfully.  With her my birth experiences were amazing.  When our second daughter was born with some medical complications she was the voice of calm and experience.  So important is that you can trust her.  You know she is prayerfully concerned about you and the baby and will do anything and everything in her power to ensure a succesfull birth, whether that is natural, with meds or c-section.  You can ask her opinion and based on experience and the situation you can trust she will give  you an honest answer and direction you can follow without worrying that it is wrong or not the best choice.  Her pre and post baby contact is great too.  She did my birth plan, took pictures and did the birth story for both my girls.  Lastly, I don't believe there is a judgmental bone in her body.  She supports you whomever you are, whatever your birthplan is.  She provideds guidance but is not pushy at all.  I am blessed to know Marybeth and to call her not just my Doula but my friend.  Leah, Chris, Audrey and Ellie B.

Posted 7/16/2011

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Natalie Ellison

My sister actually referred Mary Beth to me when I was expecting my first daugther in 2009. Considering the circumstances that I would most likely be in labor alone, she thought the use of a doula would be necessary. She was right. From the first time I met MaryBeth, I was so excited to have join me in this expereinece. She is was close to helping 100 babies at that time. Having given birth 3 times herself and with her experience of all those other mother's and babies I had complete trust in her from the beginning. We worked to plan my ideal birth plan and stayed in contact throughout my pregancy. I was induced at 41 weeks and MaryBeth arrived late at night when acutal labor had begun. She came with all her tools to help assist me in everyway. I had discussed having a natural birth and along with MaryBeth, the Midwife and nurses on staff i was able to do just that. I may not have had the strength to do it without MaryBeth. As part of her service she took wonderful pictures of Ryann and myself and family that came in after the delievery and wrote a timeline of the events from my arrival at the hospital until just after Ryann's arrival. If I still lieved in the MD area and were planning to have another baby, there is no doubt I would work with MaryBeth again! I highly recommend her services!

Posted 7/8/2011

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Laura Terziu

I hired MaryBeth to assist me in having a natural childbirth with my second child. My first experience with childbirth was difficult and I believed that having a doula the second time around would improve my experience. Indeed, my expectations were met and exceeded. MaryBeth was there to answer my many questions during pregnancy. She was gentle, reassuring, and very knowledgeable. I could trust her from the moment I met her at our initial interview. I was admitted to the hospital at 42 weeks to be induced. Upon admission, not only was Marybeth in correspondence with me over the phone but also with my nurse. She followed my progression of labor and arrived at the hospital at the perfect time. She could see how nervous I was that my birthplan would be ignored due to the induction. That was when she became the best advocate I could have hoped for. MaryBeth ran small errands, assisted in pain relief measures, and consistently communicated to my nurse and midwife how I was progressing. With her advocacy, I was permitted to come off of the medicine and allowed to walk the halls. She instructed me in how to position myself to allow my contractions to work optimally. Eventually, I was able to get in the shower and then the labor tub. Before long, my baby girl entered the world. MaryBeth captured beautiful pictures and wrote a very detailed birth story for my baby to read one day. I was successful in reaching my goal of a natural childbirth because MaryBeth was there every step of the way. My husband states over and over that her services were worth every penny. We were highly impressed by the great rapport MaryBeth has with the medical staff at Upper Chesapeake.The nurses and midwives alike told me how much they enjoy working with MaryBeth. We are definitely going to hire MaryBeth to assist with the next one, coming soon!



Posted 7/6/2011

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Paige Evers

MaryBeth was a vital part of our two childbirth experiences.  She supported, coached, guided, and encouraged me during labor and childbirth. My husband and I are so thankful for her great work.  With MaryBeth's assistance, I delivered my children naturally.  With my first child, MaryBeth was a great help in communicating with our midwife, who was called into another delivery room to assist with an emergency C-section.  MaryBeth was able to go in and out of both rooms and let the midwife know when I was ready to push.  While she was doing that, my husband was able to stay by my side.  In our second birth, MaryBeth coached me while I relaxed in the large tub in the labor room, and then continued to guide me through the delivery.  I especially appreciated that MaryBeth was calm and peaceful during the entire process.  She worked well with the midwives and nurses that were in the room and helped create a supportive atmosphere.  My husband and I enjoyed the process of meeting with her ahead of time to create our birth plan, and it was wonderful to see her post-partum to receive our birth story, photos, and to have her visit with our new baby in our home.  I whole-heartedly recommend MaryBeth Nance as a doula and I will always be thankful for her presence at the birth of our children.

Posted 6/5/2011

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Jill Moore

MaryBeth was an excellent source of comfort and support during the birth of our second child.  She was professional, timely and reliable during the entire labor.  Her relationship with the midwives at Upper Chesapeake allowed us to have an easy check in and labor experience.  We were very fortunate to be introduced to MaryBeth, she is a blessing to any expecting mom. 

Posted 5/6/2011

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Jocelyn Healey

My husband and I had a wonderful experience with MaryBeth! We planned to use her doula services for the birth of our son in 2005. We met with her several times leading up to the delivery. She helped us develop our birth plan and was available for any questions as my pregnancy progressed. My son decided to make a dramatic entry to the world 4 weeks early. MaryBeth was not "on call" for us that far ahead and was not able to attend due to a scheduled doula workshop she was already attending. But, she sent her backup doula which worked out really well for us. I was so happy with the service she provided! When I was pregnant again last year there was only one person I would call for doula services, MaryBeth! This time we were so excited to have her in the delivery room. She was very calming and reassuring when things were not progressing as I had hoped that they would. Eventually, she joined us in the OR for a C-section. She held my hand the entire time! My husband was able to enjoy the birth experiences knowing that I was being taken care of by loving hands. Additionally, she was willing to work with our budget to make doula services affordable for our family.

Posted 5/6/2011

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Kim Wisler

 MaryBeth was such an amazing blessing to my husband and I during the end of my pregnancy, labor & delivery of our daughter, and post-partum period.  Her experience and contagious personality made us feel comfortable and confident that we could do it!  We felt as though she truly knew us and would do everything in her power to advocate on my (and our daughter's) behalf.  MaryBeth was not only a blessing to my husband and I, but also to our family/friends anxiously awaiting at the hospital!  She kept them up to date and educated about every step along the way.   After our daughter was born, MaryBeth came to our home for a visit and she presented us with a beautiful written account of our daughter's birth.   We reflected on the birthing experience and discussed some of the struggles I was having with nursing.   When her job was technically finished, MaryBeth continued to support and educate, providing me with suggestions and resources to promote a smooth transition to parenthood.  

MaryBeth is dedicated to excellence and will take on whatever role you're comfortable with, in the birth you're hopeful for.   She is wonderfully compassionate, funny, and experienced.  I recommend her to every expecting Mommy or Daddy that I meet, and like our family, you will be SO pleased that you chose MaryBeth!!

Posted 5/6/2011

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Trish Kuhlman

MaryBeth was such a comfort during the birth of our daughter.  I was really worried about feeling manipulated by doctors, or not feeling in control at a time when important decision decisions need to be made, but not being in the right mindset to make them.  MaryBeth helped my husband and me understand the different options available to us, made us feel confident with the decisions we were making, and allowed us to have the best birth possible for us.  Not only did we love her, while I was pregnant, all the midwives I spoke with about having a doula know who MaryBeth is and were very glad we chose her.  I would absolutely recommend her to anyone considering a doula and would love to have her be our doula again if we have another baby.

Posted 5/5/2011

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Christina Savage

I cannot say enough wonderful things about MaryBeth.  I found her randomly by doing an online search and I am so glad I did. We labored for 26 hours - 18 of those hours was without an epidural and with having massive back labor... but MaryBeth kept me focused and used some amazing tricks to get me through one at a time. She helped cordinate the staff and my family. She made sure my husband was as involved as he could be. And when labor wasnt progressing and we had to go for a c-section - not only did she come into the OR with my husband and I, but took some AMAZING pictures of my sons birth. While my husband went to be with our son immediately after the csection, Marybeth stayed right by my side holding my hand until we were out of the OR. And best of all - the birth story written from her to my little man.  My husband was initially alittle skeptical that we needed her or the cost involved - afterwards he said he would have paid anything to have her there! 

Its now 4 years later and we are pregnant with number 2 and are attempting a vaginal birth after cesearean (VBAC). The first call was to my midwife to make a pregnancy confirmation appt. The second was to Marybeth to make sure she was free... we couldnt imagine doing this without her! 

Posted 5/5/2011

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Lesley Cyford

In my opinion I could not have had the natural childbirth that I had been planning for without MaryBeth on my team.  From our first meeting she was so possitive and helpful.  If I had any questions during my pregnancy she was quick to answer them.  While I was in labor MaryBeth was such a calming presence.  One of my fondest memories of being in labor was MaryBeths calming voice as I had contractions while laboring in the tub.  After the birth of my son MaryBeth sent us beautiful pictures that she took while Landon was being born and also wrote an amazing timeline for Landon of the day he was born.  I would highly recommend MaryBeth and I will 100% be using her services for my second child. 

Posted 1/5/2011

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Kelly Ann Risley

I worked with MaryBeth in our first pregnancy in 2007/2008.  Our first thought when we found out we were pregnant again was to call MaryBeth infact she was the first one to know besides my husband and I.  MaryBeth and I communicated via e-mail and facebook throughout my pregnancy at my request.  She was able to provide support through emotional moments and facts when I had questions.  She helped coach me with questions for my providers.  I was scheduled for an induction on my due date but my daughter decided she wanted to come a litle earlier.  My waterbroke the day of a snow and horrible traffic. My husband immediately relaxed when MaryBeth got there as now the person he knew he could talk to was here.  My husband isn't someone who is comfortable talking to people and MaryBeth always made him feel that his questions were important and expected.  MaryBeth provided me the calm support that I needed.  She helped me relax.  As my labor intesified MaryBeth talked me throough each contraction with visualization and positive thoughts.  Her caring and professional demeanor was appreciated.  The staff of the hospital very much likes and respects MaryBeth so when she communicates with them a suggestion or a need they listen. MaryBeth knew I was bearing down without me having to say anything.  She took beautful pictures after the birth that my husband and I didnt  notce she was taking and are priceless to have.  She stayed after the birth to help me breastfeed and to make sure I was okay.  She even sent my older daughter a big sister card. I would recommend MaryBeth to anyone.  She will be our first call if we get pregnant again.

Posted 1/5/2011

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Marie Cronin

I have had the most wonderful experiences with MaryBeth as my doula. MaryBeth arrived with all her doula tools ready to coach or lend quiet support, whatever was needed. I called her many times with questions about the pregnancy, labor and breastfeeding and she was eager and happy to help. She lent me books and CD’s from her collection. Our meetings were always very encouraging and she took her time to get to know us. At my first birth, MaryBeth arrived at the hospital and helped by sharing our birth plan with the staff, keeping the room quiet and suggesting different laboring positions. Helping me to try different positions and understanding my body cues was most helpful during the labor. She was also comforting to my husband and allowing him to help apply pressure to my back or suggest feeding me ice chips and answering any questions he had during the labor. She explained what was happening at each transition to help keep me calm and focused. After I started pushing and was close to delivery she was ready with her camera and took the most amazing pictures of my daughter being born. It was so nice that my husband didn't have to worry about this part and enjoy the miracle of her birth. At my second birth, MaryBeth arrived at our house early, since I wanted to birth as long as possible at home. She suggested different positions and was ready with her birth ball and heating pads. After studying Hypnobirthing at her suggestion, I had a relaxing and enjoyable labor. When we arrived at the hospital I was fully dilated and ready to push. MaryBeth stayed with me while my husband parked and checked in. They took me immediately to labor/delivery. My husband was stuck at check in, and MaryBeth requested the nurses to get him right away. If she wasn't there as my advocate he most likely would have missed the birth! After both births MaryBeth wrote the most amazing birth story describing the entire birth day. Not just a doula, she will become a trusted friend.

Posted 1/5/2011

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Erica Fisher

Mary beth Nance has attended the birth of both my sons. We originally contacted her for a baby we micarried at 12 weeks. Even though she wasn't going to be our doula then she provided us with emotional support, understanding, and encouragement for future pregnancies. We contacted and hired her for the pregnancy of our oldest son Braden a few months later. It was a complicated pregnancy with a marginal placental abruption at 24 weeks. She was available to us whenever we needed the rest of the pregnancy with any questions we had. She was in attendance at the birth, with many helpful suggestions for pain relief and relaxation excercises. My labor was less than 5 hrs start to finish. She helped me with breast feeding and took pictures of our first minutes with our son. When I became pregnant again7 months after the birth of our first son. We immeadiatley contacted marybeth. We definently wanted her to be part of our birthing experience again. We again had a complicated pregnancy, when I went into preterm labor at 28 weeks and was put on complete bed rest. Marybeth called or emailed me almost everyday to check on my status. She even brought me dinner one night. She also made her library of pregnancy books available to me for reading. I made it to 37 weeks and she net me at the hospital, and walked the halls with me until I had to put in a bed for low blood pressure bouts. I had my son Emmett in 3 and 1/2 hours start to finish. With mary beths encouragement and faith in me I was able to have both my children without pain medication, and very short labors. The pictures and birth story she provided us were wonderful keepsakes of two of the most special days of my life. She stays in contact with me on a regular basis and even sent a birthday card to braden for his first birthday. She is a wonderful person, doula and friend. I feel blessed to have met her and have her in my life.

Posted 1/3/2011

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 Marybeth had assisted my husband and myself through the births of both of my boys.  My first birth was very traumatic ending in an emergency c-section and my second birth was a successful vaginal birth.  Marybeth provided us with invaluable prebirth support, labor/birth support, and post support.  At times her voice was the only one I heard.  What I heard was "you can do this, focus, and stay grounded."  Those were not always her words but that is what I internalized.  We will be trying for a third child soon and Marybeth will be called to be our doula again.  When I think of giving birth apart from my husband I need her there to guide me through.  Finally, she was an amazing support for my husband as he felt helpless in the first birth to help me.  Without her helping him I think the first birth may have been our last birth.  We have healed enough to have a second child and will be working on a third.  Marybeth loves what she does and it REALLY shows.

Posted 9/8/2009

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Tina Chumley

What can I say... MaryBeth is just the best!  During pregnancy she is such a calming support system to turn to.  She's an amazing person & doula!!  She helped prevent a c-section which nurses in the hospital were leaning towards because I had such a long labor.  I was totally willing to wait out & have a long labor if it meant preventing having surgery (of course as long as the baby was ok).  She slept in the hospital with us for 2 nights and looked after me & my husband.  Who does that?!While we were at the hospital, my doctor & a nurse or 2 all said "You have one of the good doulas.  We like MaryBeth."    Also, there were several times that nurses used hospital terminology that we weren't familiar with and she would do the normal person's translation for us.  She is truly just a good hearted person & a blessing on this earth.  I treasure the birth story she wrote for us as it really captured the experience.  I can't wait to go through my 2nd birth experience with her which is coming up very shortly.  She is just awesome!

Posted 6/11/2009

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Amy Prowell

MaryBeth attended the birth of my son.  My only regret is that I didn't hire her for the birth of my first child!

She was very calm and patient throughout the entire experience.  When I was having some complications with the pregnancy, she reassured me that everything would be fine and we'd handle it if it wasn't.

I was interested in going natural, but ended up getting pain medication and an epidural anyway, and she was fully supportive of my decision.  She was very familiar with the hospital and was able to get me water, a nurse, the midwife, and anything else I needed right away.

I ended up being whisked back very quickly for an emergency c-section.  So fast, in fact, that the doctors and midwives weren't going to take the time to explain.  MaryBeth was able to  step in and quickly explain to me what was going on, and that I hadn't done anything wrong and that they needed to do the c-section to make sure the baby was okay.  While I was in the OR, she was supporting my husband and extremely frantic mother.

She took a bunch of really nice pictures after he was born, and wrote a beautiful birth story as well.

Should we ever have another child, I am booking MaryBeth immediately!

Posted 5/27/2009

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Erin Prokop

Althought MaryBeth has attended both of my births, I didn't hire her for my first birth.  She was getting her certification at the time, and needed one final birth to obtain her certification.  She was very attentive, came to my house in the middle of the night and stayed with me, eventually following me and my husband to the hospital.  I had a very long labor, and labored naturally.  She supported me through it all.  After my son was born, he had some complications and ended up in the NICU.  Her own personal experience with a NICU gave me great support and comfort. I felt so fortunate to have had her as part of my birthing team.  When I got pregnant with my daughter, I knew I wanted MaryBeth to be there.  In addition I wanted to try hypnosis for laboring and delivery.  MaryBeth recommended an excellent home study course.  Once again, she came in the middle of the night, followed us to the hospital and stayed throughout the whole event.  She was aware of my needs, and my preferences during labor.  It was nice not to have to worry about anything while I was hynobirthing. I can't imagine having a baby and not having MaryBeth present.  She truly has a gift for what she does.  

Posted 5/20/2009

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Becky Benner

MaryBeth recently helped my husband and I welcome our daughter into the world.  We didn't hesitate to hire her after the wonderful service she provided at the birth of our son 2 years ago.  Once again we were more than delighted to have her present.  I had two long labors that required a great support team.  MaryBeth was calm, attentive, sympathetic and more than knowledgable in answering any questions my husband and I had.  When I opted for an epidural after many hours of tiring labor I felt that MaryBeth understood and supported my decision fully.  Her familiarity with both my hospital and care provider was also a great plus (someone who can find the orange jello at a moment's notice is of great value, I can attest to that!)

I am more than confident in my willingness and desire to recommend MaryBeth to anyone seeking an attendant for their labor and delivery.  She truly provides a priceless service to her lucky mamas-to-be.

Posted 5/18/2009

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Lisa Argo

Marybeth attended the births of both my daughter and son.  My husband and I are active duty military and were not sure my husband would be home for my daughter's birth because of the travel demands of his assignment.  Being in a new town, far from family, and not sure whether my husband would be there, I was very nervous about delivering our first baby.  My midwives recommended Marybeth and love working with her.  it really showed.  Her presence relieved a lot of worry for both myself and my husband, who wasn't able to attend a lot of my appointments and childbirth classes.  She helped support me through all of my concerns, lowering my stress and helping me to deliver following a medical induction completely without pain medication.  It was such a fabulous experience that I knew I wanted her with us for my son's delivery, which I also did without pain medication.  With her help, both my deliveries have been incredible memories for both my husband and I.  I absolutely love the pictures she took and the birth story she wrote for us.  I tell all the new moms-to-be to call Marybeth because I know she'll answer all their questions and help them to make the best decision for themselves, even if it's not to hire a doula.  She is a true gem and anyone would be blessed to have her share that special moment.

Posted 5/16/2009

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Hollie Paine-Dodge

1800 characters is not enough space to sing MaryBeth's praises. After a horrible non-doula assisted first birthing experience, I hired MaryBeth, mostly b/c I was terrified of having to go through the whole birthing experience again. MaryBeth reassured me through complications in my second pregnancy, and she supported my need for an eqidural to push. With my 3rd pregnancy, I was determined to go natural, and MaryBeth helped me prepare for that; and, when I panicked during the very last few minutes before pushing, she told me exactly what to do and reassured me the entire time. I liked that I could ask her any question, any time (she's always available). The pictures that she took post-delivery were wonderful b/c they allowed my husband and I to really just enjoy and be in the moment. Her birth stories are overwhelmingly wonderful. I owe two of the happiest days of my life to her.

Posted 5/12/2009

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Nicole Kerr

MaryBeth was a huge help to me last year with the birth of my daughter; long before I even knew I wanted a doula.  Her experience and recommendations put me very at ease (I'd told her up front I wasn't getting a doula but she spent a lot of time answering questions through many emails anyway) and I decided to hire her.  I have always been glad that I did-- she is amazing.  She does whatever she can to make your birth a beautiful and wonderful experience and she's attended so many births, her experience really shows.  I'd recommend her to anyone!

Posted 5/11/2009

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