Jennese Birritteri

Blessed Journey, LLC

New Britain, CT Service range 75 miles


Birth Fee

$1000 to $2000

Postpartum Rate

$45 to $55

Availability Remarks: Postpartum can be filled w/ conflicting info, pressures of society, healing, & sleep deprivation leaving parents unsure of themselves & overwhelmed. I'm here to help you navigate this new journey.

Birth Fee

$1000 to $2000

Postpartum Rate

$45 to $55

Birth Doula Experience

8 years and 85 births attended

Postpartum Doula Experience

7 years and 47 families served

Birth Doula Certifications

  • Madriella Doula Network - Certified Labor Doula
  • Stillbirthday - Certified Birth and Bereavement Doula

Postpartum Doula Certifications

  • Madriella Doula Network - Certified Postpartum Doula

Doula Training

  • Self-trained, January 2018

Type of practice: Other

Clients per month: 0 to 3 births and 0 to 2 postpartum families

Postpartum limits/restrictions: I am currently accepting clients for four hour day shifts between the times of 9 a.m. and 2 p.m. I am also accepting clients for 1 - 2 overnight shifts per week. My overnight support hours range from six to eight hour shifts and will be provided between the hours of 9 p.m. and 6 a.m.

Attends hospital births? All Hospitals

Attends birth center births? All Birth Centers

Attends home births? Some Home Births
I am not serving unassisted home births at this time.

College Education



Special Services Offered

  • Abortion support
  • Antepartum doula support
  • Aromatherapy
  • Bereavement doula (pregnancy & infant loss)
  • Childbirth education services
  • First Aid and CPR
  • LGBTQIA+ Support
  • Military families support
  • Miscarriage support
  • Parenting consulting
  • Reiki
  • Satellite doula (for remote and rural clients)
  • Sibling support (for your older children at the birth)
  • Stillbirth and infant loss support
  • Surrogates and intended parents
  • TENS units rental
  • Virtual and remote doula support

Fee Details

The postpartum period is one of adjustment for parents, baby, and siblings. I can help care for all of you while you are on your journey to a new sense of normal by providing: *Routine newborn care including feeding, bathing, comforting, and so on. *Informational and emotional support on the healing process of the birthing person in addition to providing space and encouragement for self care. *Light meal preparation and housework as well as running quick errands. *Support through email, text, and phone for non-urgent matters, Monday - Friday, 9 a.m. - 9 p.m and 24/7 for the duration of your contract for all urgent matters. *Access to a list of reputable practitioners and an extensive lending library. *A shoulder to lean on and a sympathetic ear should you need it.

Service Area

New Britain, CT Service range 75 miles

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Client Testimonials for Jennese Birritteri

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Lauren Castro


Having Jennese as our doula was the greatest decision my husband and I made as first first time parents preparing for birth and postpartum. My husband and I were diving into the unknown with the most remarkable soul as our guide. Not only was Jennese impeccably kind, caring, and nurturing during the times we asked our anxious questions and shared our thoughts; she was steadfast in remaining informative, unbiased, and supportive with each decision we arrived at. She is incredibly well read and presented us with the latest research and resources any time we felt unsure which decision to make and needed more information on the topic. While I was in labor, Jennese knew exactly when to be our lioness and help guide us in advocating for ourselves to the medical team, and when to be our cheerleader on the sidelines when she saw that we were feeling more confident. Not to mention she was our personal comedian and kept the energy light when she saw that we were craving some belly laughs. Yes you read that correctly, she had me laughing while in labor! I never would have thought! Naturally anytime you invite someone into your life during an incredibly vulnerable and uncertain time, you hope that you can connect well and have a good experience. We truly had a remarkable experience with her on our team. She far exceeded my expectations on what she provided for us. She quickly went from being a stranger to feeling like family. I truly cannot wait until we have another and can have her right there with us again!

Victoria Doocy


Our son was born in October of 2022. We met Jennese through Your Birth Tribe in my second trimester where we immediately clicked with her through doula speed dating. We booked her the same night we met. As loss parents, this was a big decision for us as we needed someone to really understand how pregnancy after loss felt. During our pregnancy, my husband’s mom got sick and passed away 23 days before our son was born. Jennese was there to guide us through this massive loss and all the complicated feelings that came along with it. She used not only her doula training, but her own life experiences to help us navigate it all. When she came for our first prenatal visit, we ended up talking for hours - much longer than we all intended but it just felt like talking to an old friend even though we had just met in person.

It was so great to have Jennese there through a long and difficult labor. But honestly, as I was mostly in ‘labor land’ and then very weak after birth, she was an invaluable person for my husband. She was there with him encouraging him to eat, drink, and was a perfect person to talk through the feelings of suddenly being a dad after a scary delivery on top of all the events of the previous year.

When the baby blues hit when we got home, we were on the phone with her as she helped us through those feelings. And now, I just love to keep up with her as she’s just a great all-around person!

The bottom line is this: our experience was at times quite difficult and Jennese handled it with grace and helped us through at every step. Through loss, a long labor, a scary delivery, roller coaster postpartum, she was there. She encouraged us that there could be grief AND joy, difficulty AND ease, sadness AND happiness. That’s a lesson we hold with us every single day.

Jennese is an incredible person to have in your corner.



We were lucky enough to have Jennese present at the birth of both our children (our son in 2021, and our daughter in 2023). There are not really adequate words to express the value we placed on having Jennese there for us throughout our pregnancy, during the birth, and postpartum. Jennese was always responsive to my questions, providing reputable articles to help ensure I had the information I needed to make informed choices every step of the way. She spent the time with my husband and I to ensure we were mentally, emotionally, and physically prepared for the birth of each child. She brought an endless well of knowledge and experience to the table that was invaluable to us. During both births, Jennese was a calming presence who was tuned in to my needs through every phase of labor. While much of the birth process is not under our control, Jennese did everything she could to advocate for me and the birth experience I was hoping to have. My husband was thankful to have her by his side during both births to provide support for me and for him throughout. I truly am able to look back on both of my births with joy and pride, in large part because of Jennese's support. I wholeheartedly recommend Jennese as a doula and I am thankful to count her as a friend.

Stefanie Keohane


We reached out to Jennese just after my twin boys were born, without any advanced planning, and I am so grateful that she was available to provide postpartum overnight care right when we needed her most! Everything just fell into place and we ended up asking her to continue to provide support for longer than our initial plan of just a few weeks. As other reviewers have arrested to, Jennese is absolutely wonderful with babies, is a very knowledge resource and is trustworthy, so I want to highlight her capabilities with handling multiple children. She adeptly fed, burped and snuggled two babies pretty much at the same time to keep them on the same schedule (any twin parent can appreciate how important that is). Admittedly I was hesitant at first to acknowledge that we needed help, and then to try to find someone who would be a good fit, but looking back, I don’t know how my husband and I would have made it through those tough first weeks without Jennese’s overnight support, and general care she expressed for our entire family. I value our time spent together and know that she genuinely cares for the families that she works with. I cannot recommend her highly enough!

Eileen Mercurio


Working with Jennese is one of the best decisions I made in my journey to motherhood. I have told all of my expectant loved ones about her. She has excellent newborn care skills and provides truly valuable advice. She is incredibly saavy and intuitive in providing what both baby and parents need - from sharing reliable resources (massage, lactation, PT etc), to practical parent life advice, to anticipating babies changes and milestones, to giving emotional support just in the way you need. She has truly special skills in supporting families. 

Heather M.


I cannot recommend this incredible woman enough! My initial phone call with Jennese was meant to be an intake call for her to match me with other doulas, but we quickly hit it off, and I wanted to keep her for myself! Having her by my side was like having a best friend that I could call or text at any time to chat about all things pregnancy, birth, & motherhood. Or when I was freaking out about something and needed someone to talk me off the ledge. She is warm, empathetic, knowledgeable, trustworthy, and a true advocate for all birthing persons. She is also very well-connected to allied birth professionals in central Connecticut, and was such a great resource any time I had questions about local therapists, birthing classes, prenatal massage, placental encapsulation, etc. Trust me, you want this woman in your corner!

Shannon Ashton


I had my daughter last April with the invaluable support of Jennesse. I had a difficult year postpartum so I'm a late posting this but as we approach my daughters 1st birthday I've had time to reflect on my time with Jennesse. I decided to get a doula only a couple weeks before my daughter was born and I do believe it was fate that paired me with Jennesse. During the interview process the first 30 seconds were us laughing about something. That immediately broke the ice and made space for a very vulnerable conversation to follow. My motherhood/life journey holds a lot of trauma and she handled it with such tenderness and overwhelming care. She made me feel so seen and heard and I knew within my birth space that is exactly what I needed. One of the most important things Jennesse helped me with was educating and informing me on my rights within my birth space. I didn't have any apprehension because I knew she was on my side equipping me with choices and encouragement - never once swaying or pressuring me to make any decision that wasn't exactly what I needed and wanted. She was also amazing with encouraging and supporting my husband. She made him feel very seen and heard as well and he felt so comfortable with her. My time with her was short and I do wish I had a lot more time to get to know her because what I do know is she is fiercely supportive of Mama's and families being supported and making sure they are respected and have the birth they desire. Jennesse also followed up with me postpartum and her support, humor and time meant so very much to me in those early weeks. 
If you are looking for a Doula who will support, inform and respect you every step of the way then she is your girl! I wish I had her with me for my other births but I will hold close the time I had with her for my last baby! Jennesse, I cherish you & the environment you helped me create as I welcomed Nola into the world. Your work (and you!) is so special and needed! 

Kate Fazzone


Jennese was truly the best part of my postpartum experience. As a first time mom, I was nervous to accept help, especially overnight. I instantly felt at ease leaving my son in Jennese's care so I could get much needed rest. She is so knowledgeable and nurturing for both moms and babies. She is well connected in the postpartum community and offers endless support. I recommend her services to any family from the bottom of my heart! 

Kyle McIntyre


Jennese helped us care for our newborn following a minor oral procedure. Having the extra support (and sleep) during this period made such a difference to us as first time parents... I can't say enough good things about Jennese, she is warm and outgoing, knowledge and dependable - I would highly recommend her services to any new parents, even if just for a night to catch up on sleep. Jennese is a fantastic, and rare resource, we will definitely be engaging with her in the future.



I found Jennese in my third trimester with my second,hopeful VBAC, baby. Upon my initial chat with her, I knew I needed her on my team. She was my cheerleader, some ground to stand on and a touch of a back bone I needed. It just felt right.

I thought I just needed someone to help me during the physical labor.  Unknowingly, what I also needed was someone to help me through the mental labor that is processing your previous birth, truly pplanning for a new experience and navigating the emotions of adding a child to the family. Jennese, however, knew. Without ever saying what I needed, she was able to pick up on cues to help me build up my confidence and supported fully.

She was able to talk me off the ledge when I was spiraling and held my hand when I was nervous. She also checked in with my husband to answer any questions, qualm any fear and give a confidence boost when needed. When I was struggling with the prospect of dividing my time between my two babies, she listened through my tears and provided the words of support I needed. When I was scared to change providers she empathized while also cheering me on.

During my birth she was a calm, confident, force in my corner; rooting me on and holding my hand (or leg!). She helped me navigate intense contractions, position changes, comfort measures, and spoke powerful birth affirmations to reassure me I was doing great.

Her care continued for the following weeks after birth; she continued to check in on our new family. After our official time together ended, I was so sad. Jennese is truly a kind and loving soul and someone that everyone should know.

I am unsure of how my birth would have gone if she wasn’t a member of my team but I can confidently say, it happened the way it did because she was. She helped me achieve a beautiful, powerful, and successful VBAC. Jennese is the right amount of gentle, perfect dose of reality, a touch of sass and a whole lot of heart.

Jennifer Sheridan


My family worked with Jennese on overnight care a few days a week. It was the most amazing expierence to be able to catch up on needed sleep while someone trustworthy was watching my daughter. Jennese is so warm and a library of everything baby. I was able to lean on her for advice from all of her expierence. I highly recommend working with this wonderful person!!



My husband and I highly recommend Jennese after hiring her as our birth doula. We started working with Jennese early in the pregnancy and not only did she provide support and resources but acted as an unbiased and knowledgeable sounding board throughout our entire journey. My husband and I did much learning on our own regarding pregnancy and childbirth but we can honestly say the most valuable decision we made was to hire Jennese. Knowing we had her at our side during the birth was incredibly comforting to myself during labor as I completely trusted in her experience and my husband cannot repeat enough how much it meant to him to have her support as well. As a doula I anticipated how she would help during labor but her work, knowledge, support, resources and of course sense of humor and light provide much more beyond labor positions. We look forward to have Jennese on our team for any babes in our future. 




My husband and I were so fortunate to have our doula Jennese present for the birth of our rainbow baby and our newest member of the family. I don’t know what we would have done without her. She brought a sense of calm, helped me create a birth plan, helped me make informed decisions, suggested different laboring positions to help get baby in optimal position for birth and provided so much support when my anxieties hit hard. She’s talked me through so many tears, fears and doubt. I will forever be grateful for her being a part of our journey. Hiring a doula was one of the best decisions my husband and I made. We will definitely use her for all of our future babies! 

Katie & Max Johnson


As first time parents, we KNEW we would need extra support. A few friends recommended having a birth doula, and that's where Jennese came into play.

The first time we talked, I knew she was a good fit. She's so unbelievably easy to talk to,  which was super important to my husband and I (we're both pretty introverted). Not only is she direct and to the point, but she is extremely calming while remaining genuine.

She went above and beyond for my birth. She held my leg during every contraction, and continued to do so for 4 straight hours of pushing. My husband and I looked to her for reassurance when having to make some pretty intense decisions regarding the birth of our baby girl.

When we were released from the hospital and returned home, I realized we had left my breast pump behind. We live 45 minutes from the hospital, so trying to get back there to pick up the pump seemed like a daunting task when we JUST got home with a newborn.  I mentioned this mishap to Jennese and she offered to go to the hospital, pick up our pump and bring it to our house for us. I can't even explain how helpful this was in a time that I really needed that extra support while trying to recover.

Jennese came over (with our breast pump in hand!) and we discussed my birth story start to finish. She made it very clear that she was here for us, and she proved that time and again throughout our journey with her, even after our baby girl was born.

Jayme DeMers


Jennese is a gem of a human. We all have those magical experiences when the universe serves what/who you need, when you need it and that is how I feel about Jennese coming into our family's life when she did - as our birth doula for our 2nd child.

Not only were we having a baby, but we were buying a house, moving to a new state and trying to keep things as "normal" as possible for our toddler, but then we experienced some pregnancy complications, an unexpected birth experience and some health concerns with our daughter. All this to say, we were so blessed and grateful to have Jennese in our corner as a key part of our support system the whole way through. Many times, she helped to provide calm & clarity among the chaos & uncertainty.

Jennese is very well connected to other amazing local resources and providers which was so helpful in navigating changes & challenges along the way. She is also extremely knowledgeable about all things BIRTH and has a keen ability to listen and explain in a clear, easy to understand and compassionate way. 
Jennese cares for others on another level and her capacity to be present, available, to show support and adapt to each individual is like none other. She is nurturing, funny, warm, compassionate and just an all around beautiful human. 

Jennese visited me & my daughter at a "dark" time in the postpartum weeks and I look back on that visit as being a pivotal turning point in helping me shift my mindset and move forward in a more positive direction. She helped achieve this by listening, relating and connecting me to local resources as needed. 

Needless to say, I would highly recommend Jennese as a doula for birth & postpartum support. 



My wife and I were recommended to hire Jennese as our post partum night doula through our birth doula. She was absolutely fantastic and everything the whole family needed. She came every other night when my wife (the non birthing mother) first went back to work and then came a few other nights sporadically after that. She held our baby in her arms all night long while we slept and would bring him upstairs to our bedroom for me to nurse while allowing my wife to keep sleeping. She changed him, burped him, and soothed him. It allowed both of us to sleep at ease knowing he was in such good hands. Furthermore, Jennese was a wonderful resource for us. We would frequently talk to her when she arrived to our house for advice and we would call/text when she wasn't with us! I would highly recommend Jennese to anyone with a new baby :)



I would highly recommend hiring Jennese to be an addition to your parenthood journey! We hired Jennese for postpartum support, both day and night, and we're so grateful we did! Beyond providing excellent care for our little one, she supported us by answering questions, sharing experience, and overall providing affirmation for anything we were doubting ourselves on (needlessly, first time parent anxiety and doubt can be real!). Tangibly, Jenesse also supported us in getting some additional much needed sleep and helped out with light housework that made things feel easier, in a time where most things feel hard. If you are considering hiring a postpartum doula, look no further!





After having a very traumatic 1st and 2nd birth, we were then surprised with baby #3 which then brought a lot of worry. I set out to find the best fit doula, after 10 interviews I was appointed to Jennese to whom instantly felt a connection with and just knew I needed her on this journey. We ran into quite a few hiccups which led to an induction at 36 weeks and 5 days with a prior c-section, I was so scared it was going to end the same way my previous birth went. However, with Jennese there answering not only all my questions, keeping me company, and helping me with ways to labor. I got the VBAC I fought super hard for thanks to her guidance along the way and I can not thank her enough! 

Tanya & Matt


After a traumatic 1st birth experience with a difficult recovery, my pelvic floor therapist recommended we look into doulas for our 2nd and I am so glad we did. After our initial interview we were convinced that Jennese would be a welcome addition to our delivery team.

In the virtual meetings we had with Jennese prior to delivery we found her warm, knowledgeable and extremely supportive of our wishes. She would even welcome our daughter's frequent interruptions. I had a lot of hang-ups around this delivery, but Jennese worked with us to create a birth plan that reflected our preferences and coached us on staying flexible.

Once labor started, we quickly realized that I would be going through another prodromal labor, which triggered fears that this delivery would be equally traumatic. With our first the prodromal labor + real labor went on 4 days straight with no break which left me utterly exhausted when it came time to push. Jennese addressed these fears head on and coached me through ~2 days of prodromal + true labor. With her guidance, I was able to stay in good spirits, rest and keep my energy up. I believe this made my labor go faster. 

Once we were at the hospital, we were disheartened to learn that despite months of work our son was malpositioned (like our first). However, this time Jennese worked with my epidural to position me to encourage our son to move on his own. At one scary point, her quick thinking and expertise saved me from a potential emergency C-section. When it came time to push, I was able to do it on my terms in ways that felt natural. At my postpartum check-up my midwife described my delivery as "inspirational" and I honestly do not believe it would have been possible without Jennese's support, which continued postpartum with feeding recommendations and regular check-ins.

We are so grateful to Jennese. If we are ever blessed with a 3rd child we will definitely seek out Jennese's doula services again.



Jennesse was amazing. She was the first person I spoke with and the last doula we interviewed. There was something about her that made me feel so comfortable like an old friend.  She heard me and supported myself and my husband. My experience would have been so different without her. She made a difficult situation feel so much more safe. 
She called the hospital the night before my delivery and found a nurse that fit my needs best and made sure she would be my nurse. She helped me write a detailed birth plan. She went beyond any expectations and I wouldn't think twice about working with her again in the future!



Our family chose to work with Jennese during my first pregnancy and if we are lucky enough to bring more children into the world, we will absolutely hire her again in the future. I regularly tell those who will listen that the two best investments I made during my pregnancy were my doula and a chiropractor (who Jennese recommended, so really she gets credit for both). Beginning during my pregnancy, Jennese ensured my husband and I worked together to think about what kind of birth experience we wanted to have. She facilitated meaningful conversations between us and prompted us to think about things we wouldn't have otherwise. She also provided us with amazing resources whether it was evidence-based articles to answer questions I had, referrals to trusted specialists, or pointing us to birth classes that fit with the experience we were hoping for. We approached the birth of our first child feeling as ready as I think it is possible for two new parents to feel. I appreciated that Jennese took the time to really get to know us both and worked with my husband and I as a team, recognizing the birth was not just about me as the birthing person. Due to pandemic restrictions, we had planned for Jennese to attend our birth virtually, but at the last minute, policies changed. Although I am sure Jennese would have been an incredible virtual doula, I am endlessly grateful she was able to be there in person. Jennese and my husband were my advocates in the delivery room, suggesting different positions, ensuring I remembered to stay hydrated, and comforting me with cool washcloths and encouraging words. My husband remarked afterwards that he was impressed with how well Jennese worked with the delivery team and he was thankful to have another set of hands that was focused on my comfort and well being. If you are considering hiring a doula, I recommend Jennese whole-heartedly. Her experience, knowledge, and kind heart will make the perfect addition to your birth team!



It’s hard for me to know where to start with this or how to put into words just what Jennese means to me & my family.

After deciding on a home birth I had all but brushed off the idea of a doula.

I was trying to go into this home birth very low key. I just figured I didn’t need another person in my house while I gave birth. But my midwife suggested I give it another thought. We virtually interviewed with 4 doulas & I knew instantly I needed her by my side.

I loved that she listened to not only all of my wants & needs but also wanted to know my husband’s expectations. She took the time to get to know us.

I labored on my own for 20 hours before having her arrive for what I thought was “go time”, it was not.

She helped me labor at home for another 20+ hours. She was by my side through each contraction. She encouraged different positions & techniques.

Unfortunately our sweet babe had other plans & was not progressing. We had to make the difficult decision to head to the hospital.

Now, Jennese knew I did not want a hospital birth. I had no hospital plan because I was adament I was having that baby at home.

So she packed up her things & met us at the hospital. That was not something she had to do. She more than fulfilled her duties helping me labor at home. 

She was my advocate at the hospital. She helped me as I tried pushing for 2 hours & she comforted me when I was told he would be born via cesarean.

She went above & beyond her duties & I cannot thank her enough. As challenging as my labor was, having the support of Jennese made it all doable. My birth story would not be what it is without her.

From the bottom of our hearts thank you so much for helping me bring our sweet, but stubborn boy into this world.
I knew I didn’t need a doula for this birth, I just needed a Jennese.



Jennese is a wonderful and caring doula, and thanks to her I had the birth I dreamed of. From the moment I reached out to her, I felt that I could share anything — from traumatic aspects of my previous birth, to all that I aspired to in birthing my second baby, to the mundane details of daily life whilst pregnant during a pandemic. Jennese listened over so many Zoom calls, FaceTimes, and text exchanges, and offered compassionate advice that left me uplifted, confident, and so very present and prepared for every stage of my pregnancy and birth journey. I always felt that I was in the competent hands of a seasoned doula, while also basking in the comfort of a genuine mama friend. Every woman deserves to feel this good in pregnancy!

While my husband and I made the decision to use Jennese’s services virtually, due to the Covid situation, I absolutely feel that we received a complete doula experience. From our scheduled prenatal meetings to all of the impromptu chats that Jennese graciously made time for — always to suit our schedule — I cannot imagine that an in-person interaction could have made me feel any more cared for. In the end, Jennese communicated through my husband for the duration of my labor, and what a blessing and boost it was for me to have a confident, knowledgeable partner by my side, facilitating stretches, suggesting positions, and providing gentle and comforting massage to get me through to the birth of our baby. The tools and resources that she provided me throughout my pregnancy gave me the strength and assurance that I could have the physiologic birth that I wanted, and in the end did, but perhaps her greatest gift was to support and encourage connection with my baby. Not only did this serve us well at his birth, but it has helped us to ease into breastfeeding and the postpartum period together, blissfully. Virtual or otherwise, Jennese is a true blessing to expectant parents.



I couldn't have been matched with a better doula to guide me through my perinatal experience. A friend recommeneded Jennese and after meeting her, I knew she'd be the one. Jennese has a calming demeanor and truly cares about family and baby. From the moment I met her, she wanted to know what I wanted out of my birth, and she made sure that it came true. She involved my husband as well, so that he could be the best support person he could be. Throughout my pregnancy, Jennese had a toolbox filled with resources from recommendations to chiropractors and pelvic floor specialists, to teaching me methods from Spinninig Babies to make me the most comfortable. In addition, Jennese gave me items that would help me through labor and delivery, as well as postpartum. Not only was she available during our prenatal appointments, but she also checked in via phone call and text whenever I had a question or needed reassurance. Her presence at my birth was invaluable and she helped make it a positive experience (I was lucky enough to get her approoved to be present at my birth during COVID). She gave me strength and calm in moments where I felt defeated. The photos that she took will be cherished forever by my family. At our postnatal appointment, I told her this is not the end of the road for us! She is not just a doula- she is now considered family.

For any first time, second time, or even sixth time mom, Jennese is the doula for you.



This is the message I sent Jennese after the delivery- "I don't think I can express in words how much your support meant to us and to me". But I have to try and share with you the difference she made to our journey from couple to family.

In addition to the testimonials, it was the way my husband and I just clicked with her at our first meeting that did it. Jennese was easy to talk to & her confidence reassured and comforted me. While working on the birth "plan", she was non-judgemental, providing information but leaving decisions to us. She helped us articulate our hopes and fears so we were on the same page regarding birth preparation. I wanted a doula to ground us and help my husband help me so I could focus entirely on the process as no close friend/family member was going to be there. She gave us exactly that, mentally equipping us for the birth. After a pregnancy plagued with nausea, anemia, dizziness etc, I was finally starting to feel confident about the last stage.

Then the pandemic restrictions hit. I was perturbed by how things I was drawing my strength from were slipping away. However, with changing times Jennesse adapted as well. Our prenatal sessions went online. She observed us using the rebozo (a beautiful gift from her) and we practised how to use it while pushing. She was available via phone and text and guided me through the initial false alarm and the real deal of labor. When admitted at 2 am, she stayed on the phone with my husband for hours until our son was born. She coached me through him and I could feel the energy change when he started to worry and she calmed him down. The support and comfort of having someone experienced in our corner was invaluable. This continued postpartum where she gave me a safe space to share my rollercoaster of emotions while I made sense of it all.

Jennese- thank you. You really helped me and us navigate the biggest change in our lives in one of the most challenging times.



Hiring Jennese as our doula started as a way to keep my husband and I calm through the anticipation of our son arriving and the physical birth, but it quickly became so much more. Jennese was with us every step of the way to provide us with her knowledge, research, and tools we needed to calm our fears, question the doctors, and to help us lean into our situations as they came. I called her late in the evening and she helped me labor at home a few hours before heading to the hospital where she quickly met us. Jennese transformed the hospital room into a place full of twinkling lights, great relaxing aromas, and created an environment that fit the needs of my husband and I. There were complications with my epidural, but I knew Jennese would be able to support me in ways no one else could. When I felt I couldn’t get through the pain; when the fear of things going wrong consumed me; when the anxiety set in that I may need an emergency c-section, she was always there and knew exactly what to do. She held my hand every step of the way providing me with words of wisdom and encouragement that kept me fighting. She gave me tools to use to help push through the pain. She helped my husband and I stand up for ourselves and ask for time when doctors pressured us to make quick decisions about my labor. She wouldn’t let anyone take advantage of our vulnerability! Jennese was our safe haven, our cheerleader, our support system, until the minute our son was born, then she became FAMILY! We will forever be grateful for her and our son will always know the role she played in his birth. One phrase I will treasure is this, “Let love be enough today!” These words have helped me through being a first-time mom during a pandemic, they have helped me in times of doubt, and in times of fear! Jennese has a wonderful way about her, one full of life, love, hope, and determination. I highly recommend having her as a doula because she forever changed our lives!



Jannese is amazing, caring, proactive and experienced. We were lucky to have her support for a couple of weeks -- we got more confident about taking care of our baby, felt calmer, and were able to count on her support for things we didn't even know we needed. It was great having her calming presence in our home, and have someone proactively offer information and hands-on support that were completely customized to the different days and decisions and we were going through. 

Laura Medeiros


I feel so grateful to have found The Birth Tribe. I interviewed with six doulas and clicked with Jennesse right away!

 I can't say enough about what her knowledge and energy brought to my husband and myself during the birth of our son.  

She offered so much support  and insight right away with pregnancy issues. She was a text or call away when I had questions or needed clarity when I was confused after an OB appt.  

She was so attentive and present.   Whatever I wanted for my birth plan she helped educate and supported me. When I would waiver or changed my mind she would pivot right with me.  

Her vast knowledge and gentle approach brought so much comfort to the overwhelming uncertainty birth brings.  

I credit her knowledge and insights  moving my labor along naturally with different laboring positions.  She kept me focused and encouraged relaxation through every contraction.

The warmth and support she offered just from who she is was an amazing comfort. Then her knowledge in all things birth and pregnancy put my mind at ease so many times. 

Jennesse is there for YOU and the birth experience you want.    She has no agenda expect honoring yours.  

It was my experience that hiring Jennesse you get a knowledgeable and passionate Doula who is all in for you, your partner and your baby with her whole heart.




Meagan & Miles Dobbrow


Miles and I had a wonderful experience with Jennese! We clicked with her right away and knew she was going to be an awesome Doula. During my second trimester I ended up getting symphysis pubis dysfunction. Extremely painful… But Jennese gave Miles and me exercises using the Raboso cloth that helped relieve a lot of the pain! I was very thankful for that. She helped us prepare for a natural birth mentally but also prepared us if something else were to happen. And guess what?! It did! A week before our sons due date we found out he was breach. The doctor had to schedule a C-section at 39 weeks. They said the morning of the scheduled C-section they would take a ultrasound to see if he had flipped. He did not. Jennese came to the hospital in the morning with us and our operation kept on getting pushed back for hours. She helped me keep calm by massaging my feet, keeping my spirits up and using essential oils to keep my mind at ease. When it was time for me to go into the operating room she stayed with Miles as he prepared himself as well. Since Danbury hospital doesn't let doulas into the OR, Jennese stayed with my mom in the waiting room. I am so thankful for Jennese and how helpful she was to me and my family during this time. I honestly could not have done it without her support.  Even after our postpartum visit I would text Jennese and ask her questions about being a new mom, dealing with family post partum, and sometimes just to see how she was doing. Finding Jennese was the best decision for us and I wouldn't have had it any other way. 

Katy Phillips


Jennese is an amazing person and doula. She combines empathy and skill to provide a positive experience for mom, dad, and siblings. She expertly helped me with the birth, medical decisions that came up during pregnancy, and guided my husband through the birth process, supporting all of us on this journey of pregnancy and birth. She even engaged my other children during her pre and post partum visits. She is compassionate, caring, and knowledgeable. I highly recommend her. 






Melissa and Nick


When my husband and I were interviewing doulas we still weren’t exactly sure what their role was- I just knew I wanted one. The moment we met Jennese we had an instant connection. Her personality is amazing and she is so easy to talk to. She provided us with information about the role of a doula and some of her specialities. With this pregnancy being our first after we had a miscarriage, we knew we needed someone who would understand all of our anxieties. When we shared this during the interview, Jennese empathized with us and understood which made us feel very supported.  She did home visits prior to the birth of our child and during these visits discussed what we wanted for our birth plan. She was very supportive of our decisions and also provided us with any information that we had questions about such as delayed cord clamping. We also felt like we were making informed decisions considering prior to having Jennese we weren’t really sure what everything was. During the actual birth she supported me and gave me words of encouragement and brought a bunch of items to help make the experience more relaxing. She often checked in on my husband to make sure he was okay and taking care of himself as well. She would explain things to me if I didn’t understand what the nurse or doctor was saying which was helpful. She also kept my family in the waiting room informed about the progress I was making. After the birth she did a post partum visit to check in on us and provided emotional support and made us feel like we were doing a good job as parents. Throughout the whole experience she was always there to answer questions and to support me when I was having a difficult time emotionally. Overall, we had a great experience and absolutely love Jennese and would definitely use her for our future babies!

Renee Vandenwallbake


Jennese is a knowledgeable, strong and compassionate doula. Chosing her as my doula was opening the door to someone who truly cares and supports me.  I shudder to think what would have happened had Jennese not been there for us during our emergency home birth.  You never want to have to call 911 when pregnant but Jennese knew immediately what my body was doing and advised my husband to do just that. Because of her decisive action, the EMTs arrived just in time. She raced to my side in the middle of the night and was also there just in time to calm me, my husband, and make sure my wishes were still heard and respected. My husband was so relieved when she arrived! Before birth, her instruction of Robozo help my husband and I connect through its use and was instrumental in getting baby in the right position for her speedy exit. After, during a painful repair she helped distract me and encouraged me to be strong. She did big things and little things to make me feel supported. Jennese is our guardian angel and I cannot put into words how grateful I am that she came into our lives.

David & Caitlin Spatcher


We absolutely loved Jennese as a Doula.

My wife and I had decided right from the outset that we wanted a home birth and went looking for someone that we felt would support us through our journey to birth and be a strong emotional support for us during labor.  We were immediately attracted to Jennese because of her warm personality, her strength of character and her amazing calming presence.  'Here,' we thought, was the woman for the job.'  I myself was immediately reassured by the quiet dignity and competency that she carried with her, like she would know what to do no matter what.

We needed that strength because, after a long difficult birth, our daughter had complications at birth and had to be transported to the hospital for a lengthy two week stay.  When everything seemed to be falling apart, Jennese was there to hold our hands, fight for our rights and cry with us when we needed release.  And Jennese has never stopped visiting, checking in and sending us all the love we could have possibly asked for.  

I have never had a doula, but I wouldn't pick anyone other that Jennese.  When I think about the roller coaster that is pregnancy, labor, the complications we had after, plus the challenges of being first time parents, I know that Jennese is a huge reason we're in the good place that we're in.  She went above and beyond what anyone could have asked for her and I am so grateful that she came into our lives when she did.  

You'd be a fool not to pick Jennese for your doula.  Her emotional strength, intelligence, patience and sense of humor will help you find the strength within yourself to over come and finally meet your beautiful baby.   




I was beyond lucky to have Jennese as my postpartum doula. Not only was she wonderful with my baby, but she was also kind, helpful, knowledgable, and easy to talk to.

The first night in my home before we had even met Jennese brought soup and bread for my husband and I! This was an above-and-beyond kindness but even more so because Jennese knew that we are vegan and went out of her way to research a healthy, delicious food that she could bring for us! We were so thankful - it is hard to prepare healthy meals when you have a newborn.

Jennese also shared her thoughts and insight into questions and concerns I had about the baby as well as breastfeeding and recovery. She encouraged me to go to a postpartum mom's group and recommended a baby class at a local wellness center. I really appreciated being directed towards these awesome resources! It was so nice to be able to chat with another mom about my birth experience and to get some perspective. It was also therapeutic! Jennese even checked on me days later, via text, asking how my baby and I were doing. I had only hired her for a few nights, but she was still helping me long after her official job ended. 

When I first hired Jennese, I thought I just wanted someone to care for my baby so I could get some sleep. What I didn't realize then that I know now is that the comraderie and emotional support that Jennese offered were at least equally important as the sleep!

Sasha Elwell


My husband and I heard great things about Gennese from friends and family. We were thrilled when we met her and she instantly bonded with our 7 week old daughter. We had baby nurses before that were not compatible with us or our daughter and with Gennese we were instantly in love. She also stayed in touch with us when we were away from our baby be kept us updated so we were even more comfortable on how our daughter was doing when we were not home. Gennese is the type of baby nurse where you feel like she is instantly part of your family. She also taught us some things about our baby and helped adjust her to formula which we were having difficulty with her taking. She’s absolutely wonderful and wish we could have Gennese in our home more. 

Sarah Hann


My husband was very skeptical of what a doula could do for us as second-time parents. We went to an interview set up with 3 different doulas with Jennese as 1 of our options. All were qualified and respectful, but Jennese immediately stood out as the one for us. My husband was asking which doula we were going to pick- before the door was closed! Her warm and inviting nature and sense of humor helped us make the decision initially. And each visit we had with her cemented our confidence in her ability to help us and ease our anxieties. As we navigated a very stressful last trimester, she was there with words of support and encouragement. I had additional medical concerns that popped up and could have potentially changed our entire birthing experience. She was thoughtful and helped by sharing her own birth experiences and knowledge. We were less anxious knowing that Jennese would be there with us through labor and delivery. 
Once labor started (induced), it was a whirlwind of activity. Before labor, Jennese had discussed my preferences regarding an epidural with me, which greatly helped with my confidence in asking for one when I was ready. Unfortunately, something went wrong with the epidural and I ended up with side effects. Jennese was our rock. She helped assure us that everything was going to be ok and talked me down in a moment of panic. The numbing agents had to be turned off and, by the time they could be turned back on, it was time to push. Jennese supported me through a med-free natural birth that I had not expected and was the voice of reason, helping to coach me at just the right moments. Not only was Jennese our hero during labor and delivery, she took amazing pictures (I don't even know WHEN during the super intense 5 hour labor or 15 minutes of pushing!). After the shock of having a baby arrive so quickly, she stayed with us until things started to settle down and the realization that we had another baby sunk in. HIGHLY recommend!



Jennese was our postpartum doula and took such great, loving care of our newborn. Jennese is not only a skilled doula, she is a wealth of knowlege, a kind and compassionate listener, and worked so hard to take care of not only our baby, but us as brand new parents. She was there for our whole family and helped us through the difficult first few months. We relied on her to care for the baby at night and she was also there to answer questions during the day. Jennese is warm and friendly, and quickly became a member of the family, keeping in touch long after her work was done.

Chelsea O'Donnell


We couldn’t be happier with the service from our Doula Jennese. We chose Jennese after a “speed dating” process, where we got to meet a number of different doulas.  All the women were special in their own ways, but Jennese was the perfect match for us and throughout our entire pregnancy we felt as if we had a guardian angel sitting on our shoulders.  From our first postpartum visit, we knew we had somebody that we could rely on to help us navigate the birth process and to give us the information we needed to make the best decisions for our family.

When it came time for our baby to arrive, Jennese was the ultimate support person for both myself and my husband, comforting us with the expertise of a professional and the love of a sister. She helped to make our entire delivery truly special, instead of something to be feared.  Even in the days and weeks after our baby’s birth, Jennese was constantly checking in to see how we were doing and making sure that we had a smooth transition into parenthood.

To anyone who is newly pregnant, especially for the first time, forget the fancy gadgets and everything you think you need for a new baby. Hire a Doula. I can guarantee that it will be the best investment you can ever make in your journey as a new mother.

Adam Lewis


I had never heard of a doula until a few months ago. My wife explained what a doula is and what they do and suggested that we hire one. That's when I was introduced to the Birth Tribe. 4 doulas were chosen for us to interview with. They were all wonderful, but our connection with Jennese was unmatched. I have 3 boys from a previous marriage, and this was my wife's first (although we suffered 3 losses previously). I was kind of freaking out on the inside, as the births of my first 3 were very processed. I felt sidelined and useless. Whatever the doctors or nurses said was how things were going to be. I had no say. It didn't feel like i had any place in it and frankly, it sucked.Everything this time around was different. Jennese was a god-send! She taught us various positions and techniques on how to soothe my wife in the weeks leading to labor and during labor. Her guidance and advice was on time every time! Her compassion and ability to get inside of our thoughts and souls still moves me to tears. During the many hours of labor, her support was key. Not just for my wife, but she was there for me also. She helped me be heard. She showed me how to be involved, and boy was I! Ultimately, decisions needed to be made, and they weren't the kind found in our birth plan. During these moments, Jennese was able to call for a time-out, giving us a chance to discuss these very drastic changes. Pitocin was needed to augment labor. 12 hours of contractions led to 3 plus hours of pushing...only to result in the need for a C-section delivery as the baby was getting stuck. It was worst-case scenario for us. Jennese kept my wife comfortable while she helped keep me grounded and centered. She may not have realized, but she helped me fight through my own quiet insecurities- and helped me find my place as a father and partner during the birth of our little rainbow. It felt too personal to just be a "service". Jennese is nothing short of an angel!

Ailish McMahon-Lewis


There is so much to say about our experience working with Jennese with the birth of our rainbow baby. So much so, I don't even know where to begin because every aspect was pretty amazing. To start, my husband and I had 3 losses in the past so my anxiety was pretty high throughout my pregnancy. I just always felt like it was too good to be true. We had reached some pregnancy milestones that I had never reached before and it finally felt like it could actually be real. That's when I realized we needed some extra support. With wanting a more natural birth, I felt like we needed an advocate, good education and comfort as well. I reached out to Melissa at Birth Tribe and interviewed with 4 doulas at 30 min increments. Although I loved all the doulas I met, I instantly felt very connected to Jennese and we hit it off flawlessly. From the very start, she always knew exactly what to say and how to encourage me to let out those anxieties so I could enjoy my pregnancy. I could call or text her at any point that I had concerns or a bad Dr's visit and she was there to guide me through. She included my husband in every discussion and made him feel so included and empowered to help me. We instantly became a team and it showed in the birthing room. She was with me in my labor through every step and was showing my husband what he can do to help. We used the beautiful Rebozo she gave us and she always had a cold wash cloth on my face. She helped me find comfortable positions, helped with pain and I always heard her encouraging words and reminders to breath and relax. She helped to implement my birth plan and let the staff know our story. She integrated so well with staff and was so respectful to them when my birth plan had to change. She also allowed time for me to make informed decisions about those changes. All the nurses and my doctor complimented that she was an amazing doula. I'm so happy our little rainbow baby was brought into the world with such a loving person.

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