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Nicki Blackwell

615 Doula Co.

Nashville, TN Service range 50 miles

Birth Fee

Not specified

Birth Fee

Not specified

Birth Doula Experience

6 years and 20 births attended

Doula Training

  • DONA International-Approved Workshop, June 2017

Type of practice: Partnership with 1 other doula

Clients per month: 1 to 3

Attends hospital births? All Hospitals

Attends birth center births? All Birth Centers

Attends home births? Some Home Births

College Education



Special Services Offered

  • Baby-led weaning
  • Babywearing education
  • LGBTQIA+ Support
  • Satellite doula (for remote and rural clients)
  • Virtual and remote doula support

Relevant volunteer or advocacy work

President, Nashville Birth Collective

Fee Details

1) Complementary Consultation 2) Phone, Text, and Email Support throughout pregnancy to share updates, ask questions, or seek resources and referrals. 3) One Video Call 3) Two In-Home Prenatal Visits - Our goal is to get to know each other, discuss desires and concerns for birth, create an A, B, and C Birth Preferences Plan, discuss ways to prepare for birth, and practice comfort measures. 4) Labor and Birth Support - On-call 24/7 starting in week 38. Phone support in the early stages of labor. In-person support throughout entire active labor until 1 - 2 hours after the birth. 5) One In-Home Postpartum Visit - Recap birth experience, answer questions, and offer resources 1 - 2 weeks after birth. A portion of every prenatal package goes towards doula support for a woman in an underserved, high-risk community.

Service Area

Nashville, TN Service range 50 miles

Client Testimonials for Nicki Blackwell

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There aren't enough words to describe how wonderful our experience was with Nicki.

Throughout my pregnancy, this never changed. Nicki was wonderful to work with, her sessions were invaluable, but I did not know just how important Nicki would be during the birth of my child until it happened.

I had an induction, and from the get go, I had a rough labor. My contractions were never more than a few minutes apart and I had a failed epidural- so that was a fun start. During the actual active labor process, I pushed for 4 hours. The whole time, Nicki (and my amazing nurse team), literally were holding my legs, helping me switch positions, coaching me through the whole process. She was my rock.

When my son was finally born, there was an issue during delivery and he was "stunned." The NICU doctor and team took him before I got to see him to try and resuscitate him. The whole time, Nicki was watching a communicating to me what was going on. They ended up rushing him to the NICU for therapeutic hypothermia treatment.

My husband and I were scared, confused, upset, devastated, everything else you could imagine. Nicki stayed with us the whole time. She helped us ask the right questions, helped us advocate for ourselves, took so so many notes when I could barely process, helped to communicate to my mom in the waiting room, and did not leave my side until my husband and I had a clear understanding of what was going on, and we were at peace. She called to checked in with us throughout our time in the hospital as well.

My son is now a perfectly healthy 10-month-old, and I cannot imagine what his entry into this world without Nicki. There are so many unknowns during the labor and delivery process, and 615 Doula will help you navigate all of those unknowns. She is so much more than a doula.

My advice to any expecting moms: Hire Nicki and 615 Doula Co.



We used 615 Doula Co for our first baby earlier this year. Nicki & Ema are both very sweet & passionate ladies. We felt a connection to them immediately upon meeting them on video chat. They seemed to really care about getting to know us as individuals, learning our wants and needs, and really listening to our dreams and concerns. Nicki & Ema, as a team, supported us during pregnancy and addressed physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual needs. They helped prepare us for our birth journey by helping us make a plan without pressure, educating us on labor signs & stages, pain management, and coping techniques. We had a very long labor and ended up having the unmedicated birth we dreamed of. Ema was there for every step of our long labor & birth. She was a calming presence for us. She never wavered in her encouragement and support of us in the hard moments. It was invaluable to have an advocate in the room vs. someone who would just tell you what you should do. Ema was there to answer questions, to encourage, and to help make sense out of the whirlwind that is labor and delivery. Highly recommend 615 Doula Co!

Sara Britton


Our family will never be able to say enough good things about Nicki and her team. To say they went above and beyond is an understatement. We highly recommend the highest package offered that includes multiple prenatal visits, birth and a postpartum visit! In the prenatal visits, Nicki and Ema educated us on all things birth, baby, pregnancy and postpartum. Not only that, they also remembered when I had upcoming prenatal appointments and checked in via text frequently to see how things were going. As I approached (and passed) my due date I began to grow a little anxious and Nicki sat with me on the phone to talk through how I was feeling and reassured me in a way no one else was able to. Our postpartum visit was so sweet as she held our newest addition the entire appointment and we talked through emotional and physical recovery. Lastly, and most important to our family, her support, knowledge, and empathy throughout the birth was unparalleled. Our birth went very different from what we had “planned/expected” and Nicki supported us through the whole journey without skipping a beat. She, not only supported me, but she supported my husband as well in a way that he said he does not know what he would have done had Nicki not been present. There are not enough good things that our family can say about Nicki and her team’s incredible support. I believe, without a doubt, that she is the reason that we took on every twist and turn of labor thrown at us with courage and determination because we had her by our side.



Hiring 615 Doula Co was hands down the best decision we made during my pregnancy! Nicki was invaluable for evidenced-based guidance and support. It was clear from our initial consult call that Nicki was both experienced and confident in helping her clients navigate personal and sensitive decisions. We were drawn to her inclusion of current research, but also how she empowered us to make the best intuitive decisions for our family. We loved our informational meetings with her and Ema, and felt they informed us and helped us grow closer as a couple during the prenatal experience. During labor, Nicki was our lifeline! I can't say enough amazing things about her and that day. Because of the informational meetings beforehand, I knew the stages of labor, medical terms, tools, positions, etc. which helped take some of the shock away. She calmly took the lead with suggestions, positioning, coping skills, and supported my husband to do the same. We also greatly appreciated how she communicated with our medical team and advocated for our birth plan multiple times. My unmedicated labor was the best experience of my life and it was all thanks to Nicki :)

Lizzy Cornfield


From Mom: Nicki helped to prepare us for the birth experience I have always wanted. From helping to curate our affirmations, to practicing movement exercises, to being an emotional support and offering guidance, I felt more prepared going into labor than I had during my two previous births.

From the moment Nicki walked into the birth center, I felt a huge sense of relief. She gave me a second wind that carried us through the delivery of our sweet baby girl. One of the most helpful things for me was her knowledge of what was happening, what was to come, and how to move through it. It was such an amazing birth and Nicki was an integral part of it.

No matter what type of birth experience you are planning for, Nicki is a support I would recommend having with you on that journey. I would never have another baby without Nicki in the room! 

From Dad: This was our third birth and the first time that, as the husband, I was going to be asked to support a natural one. I was feeling extremely anxious for the month or two prior to the due date. Nicki's initial consults were incredibly helpful. I was able to provide support each day and night helping provide Lizzy a comfort with the moves she taught. On the day of the delivery, I felt confident that I could be the teammate my wife needed, and then when Nicki arrived in the birthing center it was like the teamwork was just supercharged. While I stayed with Lizzy, she was our advocate, helping walk the nurses through our birthing plan, setting up the setting we wanted, and ensuring all of Lizzy's needs were met each step of the way. The birth itself was an incredible experience! Nicki was supportive, attentive, ultra present and a true advocate for the family every single step of the way. The experience was truly once in a lifetime and I genuinely don't believe it would have been the same for me without her there from the first consult and all the way through the birth and after!

Kayla Saliba


I highly recommend Nicki as a childbirth doula. She helped to prepare us to cope with an unmedicated labor and delivery. She was knowledgeable about the policies and procedures of all the birthing locations in Nashville, as well as the practices of specific OBs and midwives. During my labor, she helped provide the emotional and physical support I needed, and she coached my husband in doing the same. We have used her for two births now: there was no doubt in our minds that we would use her again the second time around!

Brittani Roberts


Nicki was the perfect doula and support person. She was a calming presence and helped guide me through the whirlwind of a delivery. I really appreciate all the prep work we did and how she got to know our family and care about what would make this process go smoothly for someone who did not love their first birthing experience. I also appreciated the post-care visit- Nicki made sure we were all settling in and healing well, and gave some great breast feeding tips. And bonus- she captured some really cool moments on camera after the birth :-) Would recommend to everyone in the Nashville area.

From my husband: She took the time to get to know us so she knew when the best times were to intervene. Very supportive and caring throughout the whole process. Already recommended my friends get one for their own deliveries. And this is coming from a person who thought doulas were a waste of money originally. 



I don't think there are words to truly describe what a blessing Nicki was to my pregnancy journey.

During our prebirth meetings, she took the time to really prepare us for labor and in becoming parents. She was always available to answer questions and just to talk to.

I had a long 22 hour labor and Nicki did not leave my side. Nicki's warm personality and her bright smile was the peace I needed in labor. She advocated for my labor wishes, coordinating with the midwives so that I didn't have to.

When recollecting and telling our story to loved ones, my partner always adds "there was this overwhelming sense of relief when Nicki arrived at the Birth Center". She was that friendly face that he trusted in a vulnerable time.

We absolutely love Nicki. 11 out of 10, I would recommend her to an expecting family. I won't do Baby#2 without her!



I couldn't have picked a more kind, loving, calm, skilled Doula than Nicki!!  Although my birth experience was different from what we had planned, Nicki was still there every step of the way virtually. It felt like she was still there in person, that's how great she is. 
Before and after the birth she was super helpful. From the initial meeting to the final home visit she was a great communicator, super knowledgeable, a great listener, and very caring.
 I thought going through pregnancy alone would be scary, but having that emotional and physical support from Nicki made my journey so much better! I definitely recommend reaching out to her if you are considering a Doula for your birth!


Briyanna Crawford


Nicki is the BEST doula to have she is very caring, loving, honest and sweet person she so hands on and knows her practice she gives great comfort and make you feel as if she is family she always so understanding and and makes sure you’re comfortable and that your needs are met before during and after labor she’s always by your side and on your side I would definitely recommend her to any new mother or and mother in general wanting that extra support and knowledge.
She’s the best person to have by your side when expecting a child especially if you’re new to it she’s gonna handle the business when it comes to the safety of your partner and your child she makes you feel included during all sessions and so sweet, she makes sure the father has a clear understanding of everything from beginning to end I love her ??I actually was recommended to her from my midwives at baby and company after experiencing a not so great doula experience in the beginning of my pregnancy with a private practice. She was most helpful during labor I had a very hard long labor that didn’t go as planned but every step of the way she never left my side she made sure I was comfortable, aware of all my options and I when I couldn’t actually speak for myself from being out of it she was there speaking for me making sure my labor was how I specifically wanted it to be no matter if it wasn’t as planned she made sure I wasn’t pressured to do anything I didn’t want to do and made sure my partner understood everything that was taking place. Labor was very hard for me but Nicki pushed me through it the whole 48 hours and I felt like a champ after it because of her I don’t know if I would’ve done it without her honestly she was like a guardian angel.She all around perfect wouldn’t ask her to change anything !

Sara Koly


Nicki quickly became a critical part to our birth experience. She was the support system we didn't know we needed. She was full of knowledge about what to expect in the hospital, tips to prepare physically, had connections to many resources, and was the person who kept us together emotionally throughout our pregnancy and birth.

From Husband:

Nicki is, first and foremost, very kind and an invaluable emotional support. I felt very comfortable asking questions and voicing concerns when they arose. Her connectedness, knowledge, and transparency were stable pillars during a new and nerve-wracking experience. We were blessed to have her with us.

Emily Tempels


If you are looking for a doula, look no further than Nicki. We interviewed several wonderful doulas but ultimately chose Nicki due to her peaceful yet strong presence. We felt like we could count on her to both calm us down and motivate us during challenging times, and she certainly delivered. She is patient and compassionate, and she takes a data-driven, evidence-based approach to childbirth. She will be your advocate throughout the labor and delivery process, and she will do everything in her power to ensure that your birth plan is safely followed. She is competent in a wide variety of labor coping mechanisms and will be by your side every step of the way – before, during, and after birth.  


As a first-time parent, having Nicki with us was both emotionally comforting and physically practical. Once labor began, Nicki arrived at the hospital shortly after us and was able to provide reassurance and insight into what would happen next. During active labor, Nicki helped us try different comforting measures and provided some of the comfort measures herself, while being really respectful of the moment and allowing my husband and I to work as a couple. Having the extra set of hands was very beneficial during hydrotherapy (bathtub/shower) and as labor dragged on well past 24 hours. My husband was able to rest for a few hours while Nicki provided excellent support, allowing my husband to better support me throughout the entire process. Toward the end of labor, we faced a key decision. Nicki was there to help us work through the pros/cons and once we made the decision, Nicki supported us all the way. Nicki's calm attitude throughout the process kept us calm and focused. She was the experienced friend that anyone would want to have in the room during labor. We highly recommend her for all birth experiences; we certainly will call her for the birth of our future children.

Matt McCue


Nicki allowed me to be fully present in the moment and with my wife, Steph, since I didn't have to worry about everything else going on. It really is a whirlwind of an experience and having someone there who is advocating for both of you and taking away little stressors was a game changer!

Stephanie McCue


Hiring Nicki was the missing piece to our birth experience we didn't know we needed! I heard more about Doulas later in my pregnancy and I am SO glad we decided to bring her on. She adds a layer of support, guidance, and insight that every couple should have. Nicki masters the balance of taking a back seat when necessary and being FULLY present with you. There were so many moments throughout my birth where Nicki's wisdom, experience and assurance were a lifesaver.

Samantha Johnstone


Nicki was amazing! We just moved to Nashville and were first time parents so we were a bit lost when we found out we were pregnant. Nicki was our anchor and helped us through the whole process and made us feel so safe and comfortable with every decision we made. It was also so nice to have someone in the delivery room who could help advocate for us. She was organized, punctual, informative, and extremely supportive. I had a very difficult pregnancy and birth and having her there truly made all the difference!



Nicki is the best support person! She provides guidance and information to help support you in the decisions you are making. Very quickly did I feel like Nicki was a friend and someone I was willing to have a vulnerable relationship with in regards to my pregnancy and my birth experience. She was wonderful at acknowledging that I was making decisions that were best for both my baby and myself. She also affirmed me when I advocated for myself.

When initially meeting Nicki she provided an at ease feeling by asking questions of me and actively listening. She supports working out while pregnant especially lifting weights which is very important to me. Not only does she support it but she has lifted weights and understands the benefits. She actively speaks of family and how to support the partner as well!

Nicki's responsiveness was incredibly helpful. When I had questions and when my birth experience started changing before I was even in labor, Nicki responded. She provided information when requested, a listening ear, and reassurance of my choices and reasoning. I constantly felt supported and informed with Nicki. She guided us through a birth plan, provided research to help answer questions, and taught us comfort measures as well as movements to help make pregnancy more comfortable.

I highly recommend Nicki to anyone seeking a doula! I was so happy with my experience both pre and post natal and plan to use her for all future births! She is our person!

Kayla S.


Nicki was an absolutely essential part of my birthing team! She helped me prepare physically and emotionally, and she provided the continuous support I needed throughout my long labor. Her calm confidence reassured me in challenging moments, and I cannot imagine going through my birthing experience without her.

DeeDee Melton


Nicki was easy to talk to, had expierence, was open to working with us even if we decided we wanted a medicated birth. When we researched all the doulas we had met, Nicki's website mentioned her investment in the community and volunteering for those in need. As local teachers, invested in the community, we loved that Nicki was also just as invested in educating and helping our diverse community.


Alicia Krawczak



Testimonial: If a best friend was considering a doula, what specifically would you tell them about Nicki?
I appreciated that Nicki is knowledgeable about evidence-based pregnancies and birth and not too crunchy. She is laid-back and approachable, yet professional. I wanted support and empathy during delivery without feeling patronized and Nicki was awesome for that as well as being there for my husband.

For the partner or husband: The experience of the partner is also a focus of my support. From the partner perspective, what would you specifically tell a friend about Nicki as a doula?
She was great to communicate with the nurses and keep my wife and me on track with what we were supposed to be doing to keep my wife progressing through labor. She's very kind and understanding and easy to relate to/work with.

Initially, why did you choose Nicki as your doula? Was there an obvious advantage or anything specific that made Nicki stand out?
I met with a few doulas and I found Nicki the easiest to talk to and almost as importantly, someone my shy husband felt comfortable with. She knows so much about pregnancy and birth, but didn't give me information overload.

What, specifically, was the most helpful parts of Nicki supporting you and your partner? Why?
During pregnancy, she shared resources that I wasn't in the mindset to look for myself. During delivery, her communication with the medical staff about my birth plan and my progress was something neither my husband nor I were capable of at the time and was invaluable.

In what ways could Nicki be more helpful as a birth doula? (anything missing, do more of, do less of)
Check in by text more often (sometimes I felt like I didn't want to bother her, but could have used some encouragement at the time)

Anna Berryman


Nicki was an angel in my hour of travail. I had a long labor with a hard delivery and her support and wisdom guided me through. She not only provides excellent care during labor but is a helpful prenatal and postnatal source. She helped me think through my birth plan and gave me great suggestions for preparations leading up to the birth. Our postnatal session was just as helpful. She has an excellent eye for stuff your tired, new mommy brain isn't thinking of yet. She gave me great suggestions like trying newborn sleep pods to help my baby sleep more soundly and safely and the best room placement for her bassinet.

She has very balanced style, one perfectly between time-tested, holistic methods and mainstream medical data. And that balance was exactly what I was hoping for. I couldn't have found a better doula to fit my style and needs. She's also very knowledgable yet gentle and approaches everything without judgement. She has been a godsend for sure. Nicki is just the person you want in your corner when facing the hardest and most important day of your life

Shawn D. Jackson


Knew she was good, but when my wife and I found ourselves battling with our doctor about wanting to naturally induce rather than using the chemicals, Nicki's value became priceless. When Nicki had arrived to our house four hours earlier, she tagged me out, I got into my car and looked over my shoulder and began to back down the driveway. As I did, I glanced back at her and my wife and I was worried and felt helpless because I knew my wife did not want to be chemically induced. I did not want my wife to have the traumatic experience of what I imagined to me more of an intense birthing experience with amplified contractions because of the chemicals.

Moreover, I did not want my wife to have any feelings of having lost anything in her experience or feeling as if she had failed because she couldn't do it without being chemically induced. Were this not to work, there would surely be a long, silent drive to hospital admittance and that sad place in both my wife and I for having had fought and lost. After exercising they walked. I didn't say anything out loud but I saw hope return to my wife and in those moments, that meant everything. 

When we finished, we had contractions and a steady rhythm of them! We went to the delivery room where Zuri (our wonderful daughter) was born. So, it is with tears in my eyes and pressing back the tears when I write that hiring Nicki Blackwell as our doula was the deciding factor I feel in coming out with the birthing experience my wife and I fought so dearly for. And there is absolutely no way we would have had our child totally naturally as we did without Nicki's medical knowledge, her ability to cognitively coach me and wife when we were both scared and her commitment to us and to our unborn child. Hire her. Period.

Zaia Thombre


A person who embodies service is Nicki Blackwell, our doula. Nicki went above and beyond to ensure that I had the birthing experience I wanted. She used data to help me make decisions and was always checking in to make sure I was doing okay emotionally, physically and mentally. She was a true partner to my husband and me--she never overshadowed him, but rather used her kind demeanor to support both of us in the birthing journey together. When I reached a point in labor when I didn't think I could do it anymore, Nicki put all my fears to rest and encouraged me in a way only she could. She came to the hospital prepared with little goodies for me along the way and during our meetings, she provided activities that strengthened the bond and commitment to our birthing process between my husband and me. She's a natural servant leader and knows the right way to communicate so that her clients feel empowered to make their own decisions. Throughout my labor, I felt a sense of gratitude that we had her with us and relief knowing that I had someone beside us that we could trust and count on. I would highly recommend her to any one and everyone.



I chose Nicki as my doula because she was a perfect blend of science and granola. She was so knowledgeable on the research around birthing in general, that I felt safe planning for an unmedicated birth, but knowing that scientific data was supporting my decisions and that the hospital was right around the corner should it be needed. 

The most helpful part of Nick supporting me was that she forced me to write a "Plan C". I was certain there wasn't going to be a c-section. This was my 2nd baby. This was going to be fine. Instead, I had an emergency c-section and because of Nicki I had already thought through this situation in my mind. With my first baby our birth plan also went out the window, but I harbored guilt and confusion around it after. This time, the I had already begun to process these unforseen change and had no guilt after. It was simply what had to be done in that moment for my daughter.

Not having a doula with my first baby is a huge regret. I believe the birth would have been different if I'd had someone there advocating for me. I cannot recommend having a doula (specifically Nicki) enough. In the chaos of a birth, neither you or your partner are thinking clearly. Everything you learned in those birthing classes may as well have been in another language. Having someone knowledgeable and there to represent and advocate for YOU can make a world of difference. She presented options to me that the hospital staff had not. I felt fully informed in every decision I made because of her.  



A friend recommended Nicki; and then after meeting her, we thought she was a great fit for us.  She is amazing and has a lovely personality.  

We did a lot of research on our own but really felt lost and overwhelmed.  I was actually terrified to be pregnant and give birth (even though it was 100% planned).  Nicki seemed to really know her stuff and she made us feel at ease.  I don’t know what I would have done without her especially when things didn’t go according to plan.  

Even my nurse stopped to tell me that she is one in a million.  She said that they see doula’s often but none seem to be as knowledgeable as her.  The nurse said it was really great to witness how Nicki truly had our best interest at heart.  

We will definitely use her next time.



We chose Nicki as our doula because she was very personable, knowledgeable, organized and communicated well with us during the interview.  

She thoroughly answered all our questions, and was present before and after birth for information and suggestions we otherwise wouldn’t have known or thought to research.   

Nicki was everything we could’ve hoped for and fulfilled all our needs.   Nicki is fantastic! She is incredibly supportive, knowledgeable and on top of her game. She went above and beyond and provides five star service. We will definitely use her again.

Robin Eckert


Nicki was an invaluable resource throughout my pregnancy, and her support during labor contributed to a positive experience for my partner and me. We both recommend Nicki without reservation, and we would definitely retain her services again in the future

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