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Kim Holden, CLC


Portland, ME Service range 20 miles Working, virtually, everywhere!

Birth Fee

Not specified

Postpartum Rate

$45 to $60

Availability Remarks: BE THE BOSS OF YOUR OWN BIRTH! Please contact me for a complimentary 20 minute Meet & Greet.

Birth Fee

Not specified

Postpartum Rate

$45 to $60

Birth Doula Experience

4 years and 57 births attended

Postpartum Doula Experience

4 years and 31 families served

Birth Doula Certifications

  • Birth Day Presence - Certified Advanced Birth Doula

Doula Training

  • DONA International-Approved Workshop, November 2018

Type of practice: Solo practice

Clients per month: 2 to 4 births and 2 to 4 postpartum families

Postpartum limits/restrictions: No smokers please.

Attends hospital births? All Hospitals

Attends birth center births? All Birth Centers

Attends home births? Any Home Birth

College Education


Special Services Offered

  • Abortion support
  • Acupressure
  • Bereavement doula (pregnancy & infant loss)
  • Lactation consultant/counselor services
  • Miscarriage support
  • Photography - Birth
  • Satellite doula (for remote and rural clients)
  • Sibling support (for your older children at the birth)
  • Virtual and remote doula support

Training Documentation


Relevant volunteer or advocacy work

I am DONA (Doulas of North America) trained, an ALPP Certified Lactation Counselor (CLC) and educated in Spinning Babies® labor comfort and progress techniques. I am a Professional Member of Evidence Based Birth® and receive frequent continuing education on the best practices in the field. In addition, I am a member of the Metro Doula Group COVID Response Team, providing PPE kits to birthing people and communities in need in New York City.

Languages Spoken

  • English

Fee Details

EVERY WOMAN WHO WANTS A DOULA SHOULD HAVE ONE! I will work with you to meet your budget; therefore, my fees vary depending on the type of service and level of need. I have several different packages and all of my services can be customized based on your needs and wants. My primary goal is helping you and your partner be prepared for any possible labor, birth or hospital policy scenario, and helping you feel safe, calm, supported, empowered and respected. Please visit my website to learn more. Thank you for your interest! xo Kim

Service Area

Portland, ME Service range 20 miles Working, virtually, everywhere!

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We would like to share our utmost enthusiasm and gratitude for Kim Holden, who served as a doula during our pregnancy this year during the COVID pandemic. We weren’t entirely sure what to expect with a doula but she made us feel right at home and really got to know us and our concerns about the pregnancy. She also provided us with a great deal of useful information and knowledge about pregnancy, labor, and pre-and post partum matters. Kim is really a wonderful person and was able to connect with us in a manner that we had not encountered through other pre-labor resources, and was able to distill large swaths of information for us to understand and ease our minds about the pregnancy and the labor process. Kim provided us with a birth plan template that we were able to take to the hospital with us, which served as a very useful resource for both us and the entire healthcare team involved in our pregnancy. Furthermore, even as a virtual source of support, she provided us with peace of mind by checking in on us while we were in the hospital and after we were at home. We cannot recommend Kim highly enough as a doula, and we are forever grateful for the warmth and expertise that she extended to us during our pregnancy.

Vanessa & Michael


We feel so lucky to have had Kim as our virtual doula! Kim was a great resource for us throughout our entire journey to becoming first-time parents, from reviewing birth preferences and options with us upfront to answering a million questions postpartum (just how much spit up is too much?). We really appreciate the way she explained all of our options for the birth. Kim helped us both think about our preferences in advance and adjust our "plan" in real time once Vanessa went into labor and things didn't happen quite the way we expected. Kim's support during the postpartum experience was also invaluable. There are so many classes and resources for the decisions that you have to make during birth, but it feels like fewer resources are available to truly prepare you for the fourth trimester. Those first few weeks with our son, Isaac, were a whirlwind and we would not have gotten through them without Kim's great advice. She was always available for a quick chat via FaceTime and we really appreciated that support! We would highly recommend her to any other couples going through this experience for the first time.



Kim was such a valuable partner, resource, and advocate for us as a remote doula with our first child. Particularly during COVID when in-person classes weren’t an option, she helped synthesize the vast amount of information available for us in a way that was personal and informative to what we cared most about. We are particularly grateful to her for equipping us in advance with the skills to advocate what we wanted and needed in the delivery room. Our doctor told us a c-section would likely be necessary and we confidently were able to push back and have a vaginal delivery thanks to these skills! We highly recommend her to any family.

Rachael Lieberman


While reading books is great, nothing is quite like having a real life wealth of knowledge at your fingertips, aka Kim! As first time parents who'd only heard other peoples (unpleasant) birth stories or seen things play out the Hollywood way, it was a no brainer to hire a doula and have it be Kim. Kim really explained (and demonstrated!) things in a way we could understand (often sharing valuable links and resources) which helped us best prepare for the birth of our son. Being cross country and remote, we really leaned on Kim pre-birth and postpartum; she checked in before and after doctor appointments to make sure we were able to ask the right questions and advocate for ourselves and she was readily available immediately following labor and delivery. I often need reminding to be kind to myself and slow down so I very much appreciate Kim's gentle way of suggesting this. She's passionate about what she does and her sense of calm (and humor) is like no other. We're so grateful for all Kim's guidance, support and love and we highly recommend working with her.



I loved working with Kim: her loving support was one of the most positive things about the otherwise confusing and potentially stressful time leading up to and after childbirth. During labor, for the most part the medical staff leave you between check-ins, so having Kim to ask questions of, get recommendations from, chat with, and get reassurance from was really helpful. In a way, because of her constant support, Kim felt like way more an integral part of my birth experience than the doctors. I loved having someone to bounce things off of and I liked knowing that even though I ended up having an unplanned Cesarean, with Kim's help I had tried everything possible to assist the baby to descend (ball-exercises, lunges, dancing, walking, various positions!). Her recommendations leading up to labor were also invaluable, allowing me to leave for the hospital knowing I was prepared.



What could have been an anxiety ridden induction was avoided because of the confidence and clear sightedness Kim instilled in me. I am tremendously grateful for the support, guidance, and wisdom Kim offered throughout our time together. She is a wonderful human and incredible doula.

I called on Kim during the third trimester while pregnant with my third child during a pandemic. Despite the physical distance separating Kim and I, her presence was very much felt by both myself and my partner. Not only did she appear on zoom regularly, but she also checked-in via text to say "hi" and simply ask "how are you doing?". What might seem like a simple question opened me up in a way that I might not have shared on Zoom or even face-to-face.

The reason I called on Kim was because I needed someone who I felt safe with. I knew of Kim from her former practice. It was because of the reputation she had as an Architect that I knew she would see me and respect how I wanted to approach delivery. I was dealing with a new Dr who didn't know me all too well and made me anxious.

Kim created a space for me to talk and reminded me that I know what is best for my body and my mind. I asked her to give my partner and I a "refresher" on labor and delivery, she brought out a model baby and pelvis and helped us visualize the stages baby would progress through as it travels into and through the canal. She also coached me on stretches and movements for getting my body ready to give birth. Every night I did them and doing so built up my confidence and led me into a very relaxed state when labor began.

Autumn Zuckerman


We looked for a doula late into our third trimester with our first baby. Having gotten pregnant at the height of the COVID19 pandemic, we were unable to attend in-person child birthing or parenting classes. We were eager to prepare for both labor and delivery and bringing baby home. My primary concern was having an uncomplicated vaginal labor and delivery. We couldn’t have found a better guide for this intimidating process than Kim! From our first meeting together, Kim was informative, professional, understanding, and kind. She was a wealth of information and shared excellent resources with additional information. We particularly enjoyed learning labor positions to reduce pain and practicing those virtually. She was also a great virtual support during the labor and delivery. We appreciated her being constantly available for questions when tough decisions arose. Though her guidance during the preparation process and labor and delivery was extremely useful, I’m not sure what I would have done without her postpartum. One particular day when our baby was about 4 days old and I was alone, our baby wouldn’t eat (she had trouble latching) and I was completely frazzled. Kim was there for me and brought me back to life. She reminded me of what was most important and encouraged me to sleep and that baby would be ok. Kim also helped with the very challenging early stages of breastfeeding, coaching me through positions and latch. We are forever grateful for Kim’s involvement in our pregnancy, delivery, and postpartum journey and highly recommend her to share your journey. She is a loving, knowledgeable, and kind soul!


Taylor and Josh Silverstein


Comfort in Care

2020 brought lots of new things, including learning that we were expecting our first child. With the pandemic hitting Arizona the worst in the nation, giving birth at a hospital became a big stressor in our planning for birth. After much dicussion, we decided a doula would be an excellent choice for helping us establish a birth plan, educate us on childbirth and alleviate some of our anxieties.

We are SO grateful to have found Kim and are so pleased to have hired her as our doula! From the first moment we spoke, Kim was kind and had the warmest energy- immediately we bonded and knew she was the perfect fit. Kim did a great job adapting to zoom and teaching us about labor, delivery and post-delivery. We most appreciated the birth plan exercise as it guided us through a series of questions that allowed for us to develop a plan. 

Kim was there in the middle of the night when I was in early labor and thinking I was in active labor. She made herself available when I had questions or concerns or when I *thought* I was having contractions. Once actual labor began, Kim was vital to my success in laboring- I labored 8 hours naturally before getting an epidural- something that I 100% would not have been able to do without Kim's calm voice guiding me through breathing exercises. Where Kim truly shined though is once our son arrived to the world. The hospital's lactation consultant was extremely unhelpful and I left the hospital with no idea how to get our son to latch properly. My milk didn't come in right away and I was worried- Kim was available to assist over facetime and help us get a good latch. She has consistently checked in post-partum and not just on baby, but on ME.

We are so grateful for Kim and truly consider her an important piece of the fabric of our birth story. I fully plan to use Kim for our next child!



Kim is the Mary Poppins of doulas and explains everything in a way that was easy to take in, with clarity and a sense of humor like a spoonful of sugar that helps the medicine go down! As a first time mom, I didn't know enough to know what I wanted but working with Kim really gave me the support I needed in order to clearly define how I wanted to experience the birth of my baby. Without this knowledge, I probably would have ended up having a c-section or episiotomy. Instead, I ended up giving birth to a healthy baby girl with no tears or surgery. I think this was especially crucial during the pandemic as we navigated the policies around it. Knowing what my rights are in various circumstances gave me confidence about my decisions and helped me assert my preferences. Overall, I can look back on my birth experience fondly because Kim helped design it to be about embarking on a new and exciting chapter of my life. Postpartum, I was a bit shell shocked and I will always be grateful for having Kim readily available to talk to that first week or two as I was healing and adjusting to motherhood. Can't thank you enough, Kim!



Kim brings a really wonderful blend of knowledge and empathy to her work as a doula. She taught us everything we needed to know about the birth process and beyond, and was simultaneously so emotionally supportive and accessible to both me and my partner. Though we ar first had reservations about having a virtual doula, Kim was no less present, engaged or supportive than she would have been had our work together had been in person. She has a genuine gift for this work - not only in practical terms, but it's so evident that her spirit is completely and totally invested. She cares so deeply about her clients. It was such a gift to work with her! 



I gave birth at the height of Covid 19 in NYC, April 14, 2020. Having a high risk pregnancy, my partner and I opted for a team of two doulas, Kim and Ariel. Here, I will speak to my experience with Kim. When my partner and I first met Kim (who btw was recommended to me by a colleague that had given birth a few months prior), we were struck by Kim's calming demeanor and her self-reflective stance. Her answers to our questions were thoughtful, science-based, and it was clear that she constantly reflected on her practice as a doula. We really appreciated that self-awareness and growth-mindset because we knew that she would bring that to our interaction. We were not disappointed! Kim constantly emailed and texted to check-in with me about how I was doing (especially because I was on modified bedrest) and with new resources related to topics we discussed. I felt cared for emotionally, intellectually, and physically (Kim showed and shared resources with my partner to help me feel relaxed and ease any pain). Although it was disappointing that Kim could not be with us during my labor at the hospital(due to Covid restrictions), Kim stayed in contact with my partner in case we needed her. During the birth of my daughter, my partner and I channeled everything we had learned from our interaction with Kim, and I found a type of courage I didn't know I had. I know that especially for my partner, Kim was incredible during labor. She checked-in with him, answered his questions during the process, and coached him through how to comfort me during my labor.  After the birth of my daughter, Kim stayed in contact to support me through breastfeeding and postpartum healing. My partner and I are grateful for Kim and everything that she offered us through our journey to parenthood. Thanks Kim!



I started looking into doulas as my partner was not present throughout my pregnancy and knew I would be needing all the support I could get. I was looking for someone who was not only experienced, but who felt like a dear friend and family. After interviewing countless doulas for months, I was finally introduced to Kim via a doula service. She was the PERFECT fit. From our very first conversation, she felt like a long-time friend. She was knowledgable and supportive, but also kind and caring about my situation. She touched based often, and we scheduled our first sessions via zoom, as I was going to go into labor during the pandemic. She was sweet, kind, and funny... she asked me very great questions and helped me build my birth plan to bring with me to the hospital. She explained many things to me, and was mindful of when I wanted to know very in-depth details, or a bit more high-level. When I went into labor she was not in the city due to the pandemic, but recommended me to another doula who could assist me during birth. This was heartbreaking, as I loved Kim and really wanted her to be ther with me, but her suggestion was great and everything went well. She kept on checking in with me during the entire time, and also post-partum. My baby is not 8 months old and we still stay in touch. She's a part of the family to us. 



As I embarked on my second pregnancy, I thought I had everything figured out.  I mean, technically, I had already done this once! But from conception to birth, literally everything I experienced was completely different. However, this this time around, instead of asking Google what to do, I had your knowledge to rely on. What was amazing about your approach was the feeling of unbiased support. I don't know if I can explain this, but our moms are biased because they love us, are doctors are biased because I am sure they feel more comfortable doing things a certain way, and friends are biased since they have their own unique experiences. You immediately gave us what you knew would help the most: information. You fed us all the facts and let us make the decisions that felt right. And we didn't feel pressured to do one or the other thing. I just felt supported. With the information you provided, I felt I could make better decisions, I felt more prepared and more calm. That made my husband more calm too. Towards the end, he would just say "Text Kim please!" whenever a question arose.  Thank you for being there for me as a resource, mental support, and friend, when I needed it the most.

Melissa Sheppard Weiss


I am a first time mom who delivered at the end of June 2020 with a healthy 8lbs. 6oz little girl- Gemma. I have to say that under the unprecedented circumstances that I, (and many other mamas) conducted my pregnancy and ultimately birth in, was totally crazy. As a lifelong NYC resident I had very little access to my doctors, specialists..anyone really, we were totally locked down.With that I mind, and during one particularly difficult and anxiety ridden night, I  was introduced to Kim through a colleague of mine, and cannot say enough for how grateful we were to have had that connection. Kim was able to provide all of the information and support that I felt we needed to navigate this journey. She was able to very clearly explain what we should expect and most importantly how to advocate for myself as a patient- and this was all via zoom meetings! I felt completely comfortable to share my fears, concerns, and excitement with her. Kim was always available and so supportive. No question was too weird, and none went unanswered.  I would, and already have recommended Kim for her Doula services whether they are in person or teleconference. She is an excellent resource for all things mama and baby, while also just being an awesome person. Both my husband and I feel so grateful to have been able to work with her, and are absolutely smarter and more educated in the world of baby.-Melissa Sheppard Weiss

Kendra & Carl


When we began our work with Kim we were uneasy and anxious about whether we would get the appropriate care our growing baby and I needed, and we were also uncertain about what hospitalization would look like, especially during a pandemic. We enjoyed Kim's virtual support from the beginning where she provided an organized plan for how we would navigate my pregnancy, birth and postpartum experience. Kim was always kind, nurturing and fully present as she listened to all of our concerns without judgement. She offered her advice when requested, not overwhelming us with too many options, but rather allowing us to guide the conversations with our own questions.

Kim helped us realize that we had within us the tools and ability to have a successful birthing experience. We learned about all the bodily changes during the last weeks of pregnancy and most importantly during the labor, birth and postpartum periods. Kim helped us confidently prepare for each stage—what to do, what tools would be helpful, the questions to ask and how my husband could support during each phase. This was especially beneficial as people tend to forget the important role of the partner. My husband had very clear expectations and objectives; Kim taught us movements to help prepare my body for birth, that my husband played a huge role in and we especially loved the role-play that Kim initiated, which provided us with the language we needed to advocate for ourselves while at the hospital. She made herself completely available to us and she was prompt in her responses, usually with resources as support.

Everything we learned with Kim—from what to pack for the hospital and how to plan for breastfeeding—was useful. We are so thrilled with our labor and birth experience; we felt mentally and physically strong and much of that is thanks to all the support we received from Kim. We highly recommend her services and would definitely work with her again.


Jami Saunders


What is a doula exactly? If you’re working with Kim, your doula is a lifeline, a confidant, a partner, a researcher, a safe zone, a problem solver. From the minute Kim came over for our first visit I was blown away at the knowledge she had and the fun and tangible way she could explain it to us. Her information is thorough and captivating and I learned so much from both of our sessions that was helpful for both me and my husband. I felt like we were in a really good position, prepared for our birth. However, I wasn’t prepared for a global pandemic to hit its height the week I gave birth. Kim was pivotal in helping us to navigate this scary and unprecedented situation. She was in touch with us daily as we navigated through the potential event of having my partner not with me. Though she could not be at the birth, she was on call for me and my husband the whole time. I spoke to her in the hospital afterwards as well and continue to speak to her now during my postpartum weeks. Rightly so, there is so much attention on the new baby, but there is so much happening to us, as the women that just delivered, and Kim is so attentive in that department. She checks in and does not take concerns lightly. Especially during this time of Covid-19, which can feel really isolating in so many ways, Kim makes me feel like I have a true advocate in my corner, making sure the end result of this journey is a healthy baby, a healthy mama, and a happy family. Thank you Kim. We are SO LUCKY to have you!!


The Smiths


Thirty weeks into my pregnancy, we still weren't sure if a doula was right for us.  Then we thought about the immense benefits of a doula like Kim who is also a lactation consultant, a postpartum expert and a newborn whisperer.  Upon meeting Kim we knew right away that having her in our corner would be invaluable.  We learned so much from her and she helped us to set up expectations, which gave me so much confidence going into birth, breastfeeding and infant care.  Giving birth during covid was a nightmare, and though Kim couldn't be in the room she provided the exact level of support we needed and wanted, making herself available but never intruding. Her network of in hospital doulas were able to advocate for us, and help with the birth while being in constant contact with her.  I knew she was there for me before, during and after birth.  If you're looking for a doula who is flexible, warm, knowledgeable and smart, Kim is the one.



Working with Kim throughout my pregnancy gave me tremendous peace of mind, even amid an ongoing pandemic and an already stressful time. Working together remotely, Kim helped us keep tabs of the rapidly changing hospital policies, thoroughly explained the birthing process, helped us to prepare for the hospital and ask all the right questions, recommended exercises to help me in the prenatal and postpartum recovery period, and checked in with us post-delivery to provide further support. My husband also greatly appreciated having the peace of mind to call someone when we were not sure when to go to the hospital. I would highly recommend engaging Kim's services, and am so glad that we did. I was pleasantly surprised by how much support can still be provided remotely, and would recommend Kim's services to anyone looking for a little extra guidance and support during these highly uncertain times! 

Hannah and Chris


The impact of having a doula leading up to and through labor cannot be understated. Kim helped us navigate the tough choices surrounding birth options (i.e. pain reduction, induction, etc.) by educating us in the ways that we learn best. She responded to our different styles of learning by tailoring her birth instructions to include unforgettable demonstrations (the uterus balloon and ping-pong ball will blow your mind!). For me, having this education coupled with the knowledge that Kim would be with us throughout the birth process made it so I did not feel anxious at all leading up to the birth. When things took several left turns in the hospital, Kim helped us to take a moment to review our options at each juncture and make informed decisions. She had an intuitive sense of when to step in to help with comforting measures during labor, and when to stand back. Kim also stuck it out for an extremely long labor and emergency c-section and made sure my husband was situated before taking her leave. Kim is very empathetic and grounding; she somehow makes you feel instantly comfortable talking to her about anything. She exceeded our expectations as to what a doula would be at every point in the process and we cannot recommend her services enough. 



I decided early on in my pregnancy that I wanted a doula to help us navigate the unfamiliar terrain of L&D. When I met Kim, I was certain that she was the one. She listened with warmth and without judgement.During our pre-natal visits, Kim was well-prepared with a clear agenda, but also attentive to listen to any concerns we had. I had decided I wanted as “natural” of a birth as possible. Kim was with me 100%; without dictating any of my plans, she helped articulate our birth plan. She also coached me through communicating these plans with my OB.When baby decided to come quite late, and the doctor decided on induction, Kim presented all of the non-medical induction methods possible. She even attended a webinar on natural induction to learn more. As it turned out, labor started on its own and I wasn't medically induced!On delivery day, Kim set up the L&D room with candles and lavender oil. She coached us through the stages of labor in the hospital. She made sure the nitrous oxide was set up, and that the birth plan was visible and followed as much as possible. When the contractions got stronger, she reminded me to focus and repeat the mantra “I am Strong” throughout the pain. I was too busy to notice at the time, but Kim was also snapping pictures throughout; it’s wonderful to relive the experience in the photos.After delivery, Kim stayed with me in the hospital through some post-birth complications until things had settled. She checked in with me by text the next day, and frequently during the following weeks to make sure I had everything I needed to heal postpartum and learn how to breastfeed. Shortly after I pushed baby out, I turned to Kim and said, “I can’t believe everything happened the way I wanted!” If it weren’t for Kim, it wouldn’t have been that way. I’m grateful to her for her support and partnership during the wild ride of birth.

Shanna Handel


I was drawn to work with Kim as our doula because of her particular combination of warmth and attentiveness, competence and knowledge, teaching and listening.  She was wonderful during our prenatal visits, providing lots of thoughtful and organized information and really hearing what we wanted and what was important to us.  I felt reassured that she would support us however we needed as labor unfolded, and that her presence would be calming and helpful and not distracting.  While my labor ended up being so short that I didn't need Kim's support for very long, she was just what I hoped for during the couple of hours we had leading up to my delivery, and then immediately following the birth.  She was quietly there to bring me the comfort items I needed, remind me to breathe, to use hands-on pressure as I wanted it, and encourage me gently throughout.  My husband also appreciated Kim's ability to be helpful in a non-intrusive way.  It's amazing that we could feel so comfortable with her in such an intense time - she felt like a close friend even though we'd really only known her briefly.  We love having the photos that Kim took during my labor and delivery.  And I found it so affirming to hear her reflections on the experience and to debrief together after the birth.  I would 100% recommend Kim to anyone looking for a doula - I don't plan to have another child, or I'd look forward to going through the birth experience with her by my side again!




My first birth experience left a lot to be desired and I wanted to make everything possible to have a better one the second time around. I chose a midwife practice as a starting point and then found out about the path that Kim was starting on. It was serendipitous for sure. I felt so lucky to have Kim on my team. From the first visit on, she was supportive, caring and thorough in educating me in the different options and scenarios. When the time came, her calm and reassuring demeanor helped me stay focused and gave me confidence to stick to the plan of having a natural birth as much as possible. Kim also has a lighthearted and funny personality and being able to smile through the pain at times was quite the experience. I very much appreciated the postpartum visits  too, where she came bearing goodies for body and soul. She's a great listener, a good advice giver, a friend and a cheerleader, whatever one might need. I will eternally be grateful to her for being there for us and for being such a great friend!

Alyssa Simpson


Kim was an irreplaceable part of our birthing experience. Going in as a high risk patient I knew I would need a calming supportive voice on my side. Before even going into labor, my husband and I were comforted by her prenatal meetings and teachings. 

Once in labor, Kim supported my decision to ask the doctor to wait on certain interventions. When the doctor pushed without evidence to stand on, by having Kim in my corner and create space I was able to make the decision my husband and I were comfortable with.
After having a bad reaction to certain medications, I was shaking uncontrollably and couldn't even keep water down... this went on throughout the entire night. Kim was by my side the entire time, calming me, using massage and essential oils. She also continued to make sure I was eating ice chips and even had the swift hand with the puke bucket! (Sorry Kim!). She helped me adjust my peanut ball throughout the night to encourage labor and was just a constant comfort. My husband was able to get a little rest knowing Kim had it under control.

When it was time to push, Kim was by my side feeding me ice chips between pushes, encouraging me, and  and taking pictures along the way.

Once our little guy was born, Kim ensured my wishes were met with skin to skin and latching ect.

I tell anyone and everyone that a Doula (more specifically Kim!) was one of the best decisions I made around my birth experience and I would hire her again in a heart beat!

Karyn and Noah


Working with Kim was an amazing experience and provided an incredible benefit to the birth of our daughter.  Kim's knowledge and calming, centered energy helped guide us to the birth experience we were hoping to have.  We delivered in an academic hospital, yet wanted to do a natural delivery and avoid medical interventions as much as possible.  We relied heavily on Kim to help us understand the stages of labor, and to work with the hospital staff to let the labor progress naturally.  

Kim's guidance extended beyond just giving us information and keeping us calm and comfortable, as she was incredibly engaged physically during labor.  She and Noah worked tirelessly for the better part of a day to help me find positions that made the intensity of the contractions bearable and advanced the baby through the stages of labor, all the while adding massage and applying pressure to make me more comfortable.  Kim really understood the balance of energy and effectiveness of touch, and we do not know how we would have made it through labor without her calm presence and endurance.

Above all, it was so obvious to us from the first time we met Kim that she is genuine, caring, and loving, and that proved more than true during our birth experience.  She became an incredible member of our family - if only for a brief period - and we will always have so much gratitude for the time we spent with her.  Kim is amazing!

Jimena Techera



I had an extremely disappointing first labor and delivery experience ten years ago that ended with an “emergency” C-section, separation from my newborn son and no skin-to-skin contact, despite the fact that both my baby and I were healthy.  While I was grateful to have a healthy baby, the lack of support and respect that I experienced undermined my confidence in myself .
I knew that I wanted my second birth to be different, but realized that I needed support. I worked closely with Kim to gain knowledge and understand what my options were so that my husband and I could advocate for our birth.  I chose a “baby-friendly” who supported my desire to attempt a VBAC .I worked with Kim in the last few weeks of my pregnancy to learn more about VBACs, gentle cesareans, informed decision making (very important!), labor comfort measures and the strong mind-body connection.  We talked about ways to keep my birth space as private, safe and as stress free, as possible.  In addition, Kim recommended books and videos for our family so that my 10 year old son could understand the process of labor and birth, as it was our plan for him to be with us during my labor .A few days before my due date in late May, I vaginally delivered my beautiful, healthy baby girl and was able to have immediate skin-to-skin!   Within an hour of the birth, my baby instinctively did the newborn crawl to the breast to begin breastfeeding.  This entire labor and birth experience was completely different from my first birth - it was positive and empowering and most importantly, it was healing.  I am grateful to Kim for her support, for her encouragement and for helping to assuage my fears and understand that my body is designed to give birth.  Her guidance helped me to have the healing birth that I never knew was possible.



Nadine Vroom


Hiring Kim was the BEST and most IMPORTANT investment we made as part of our pregnancy experience. We initially had the “we can do it on our own” feeling, but we’re so happy that we chose to hire Kim as our doula.

Kim was always highly prepared, bringing along props and resources for every question we had. She tailored to our learning styles and attentively followed our cues for things we might need or want. She also attended our hospital tour and asked questions we didn’t know we had. She went above and beyond – even before the baby!

When it came to the actual L&D experience though, there are no words to describe her role. She took our birth preferences to heart and lived them in every moment. She transformed the delivery room into a spa-like environment, ensured I continued moving and stayed hydrated, massaged and coached me through every contraction, partnered with my fiancé in the most supportive way, and held space for the conversations and decisions that needed to be made along the way. She encouraged me when it all felt impossible, held my legs when I needed all my strength to push, and stayed on after an impossibly long day in the hospital to ensure we were all ok and that our baby girl had someone to hold her in the moments in between. And she captured our experience in a series of beautiful and raw photos, which absolutely means the world to us!

Our experience was not easy, yet it was as close as possible to what we envisioned, and that’s a direct result from having Kim with us. Three days of labor, a tough delivery of a 10lb baby with no epidural, and a slow postpartum recovery – yet, it was a wonderful and empowering experience. Kim supported us both in ways we didn’t know we needed, or could ever articulate we needed. She is so deeply intuitive and knew exactly how to care and support us through our entire experience.

   -Nadine & Scott 



Kim brings warmth, enthusiasm and positive energy to the labor & delivery experience! She was engaging the moment we met her and actively listened to our story and our birth plan during the pre-natal meetings which prepared her for L&D and a post-partum visit. She is passionate about the doula practice and incorporates different techniques (i.e. breathing, massaging, use of props) that made my husband & I comfortable and at ease each step of the way. We hope to work with Kim again (baby #2!) and would highly recommend her to be part of your birth story!


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