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Kelly had to step in at a moment's notice - at 11pm on a Saturday night - when our (more local) doula had to go to another birth. What are the odds? Kelly drove over an hour (in what I imagine was an invisible jet) to get to our house as we prepared for our trip to the hospital, drove to the hospital with us, stayed overnight with us as we went into labor and stood by our side for the birth of our daughter. It was tremendously comforting to have her with us for the delivery and the entire night leading up to it. She also stayed with us overnight during our first week with our daughter. It's taken me a few weeks to really appreciate what Kelly did for us - a family that she didn't even know before two weeks ago - at all hours of the night at a moment's notice - her dedication to her work and clients and the babies that she helps bring into the world on full display. 

Erin Hurr


Kelly was so kind, supportive and wonderful to work with! She has a wonderful energy that puts you at ease, even when tense situations arise during the birthing experience. We feel so lucky to have worked with Kelly as our doula! Thank you Kelly! 

Megann Mitchell


Kelly is a kind and caring person. She provided for the needs of our newborn twins during both day and nighttime hours, allowing us to sleep and engage in meaningful activities. Our girls were calm and content during their time with her and we appreciated Kelly's peaceful and tender approach. She was also informative and encouraging, a true gift during such a challenging life transition. We highly recommend her to anyone considering her services. 

Sulamita Ellison


When we found out we were pregnant with baby #2 I immediately started my doula search. I has a great doula with baby #1 but she moved away and I wanted to make sure I found someone I was really comfortable with. I remember meeting Kelly for the first time and I could tell we would be a good fit. My pregnancy had some minor complications and Kelly was so supportive and offered to help in any way I needed it. I could reach out with any questions I had and she would spend time making me feel comfortable. My birth did not go as planned. My epidural failed and I remember feeling so scared of the pain and the experience that was happening. But that didn't last long because Kelly remained calm and stayed right by my side, doing the breathing exercises we had practiced during pregnancy. I can confidently say that I would have had a traumatic birth experience if Kelly wasn't there. You can't plan how your pregnancy and birth will go but you can make sure you have a valuable person like Kelly to help support you for whatever comes up. I would recommend Kelly to every expecting parent. 

Melissa Amora


I am not a client of Kelly's. I am a L&D Nurse with Multicare Covington Medical Center, and I have worked along side this woman many times now. She is amazing. The birthing room is always so relaxed and welcoming when she is present. Kelly is a wonderful support to her clients and so fluid to each moment. I witnessed her supporting her clients in a way that extended and embraced the laboring woman in an acceptance of their own strength. I watched these women bring their babies into the world with a focused determination that was inspiring. I now use some of her techniques ?? I can honestly recommend her with no hesitation. She is judgement free and will support you in making your birth story your own. It never hurts to have extra support, trust me!



Kelly is an absolute life saver, and a sanity saver too. Not only did she give me and my partner the opportunity to sleep through the night, she also gave me tips & knowledge about breastfeeding, bathing, swaddling and wearing my baby. I've never done this before, and none of it came as naturally as I assumed it would. Kelly did my laundry, washed my dishes, and even made baby wipes for us. They were soft, gentle, all natural and durable! 

Hiring Kelly was the best investment we made for my immediate postpartum. You cannot put a price on this kind of support. I cannot recommend Kelly enough. She is kind, trustworthy, thoughtful and knowledgeable.  I looked forward to her overnight visits with an almost desperate anticipation, that's how much she helped my partner and I during what was a bewildering time.  A great gift certificate idea for any expecting Family.



We can’t say enough wonderful things about Kelly. Hiring her as our doula was the smartest thing we did to prepare for our little one joining us. We were nervous first time parents and she reassured us, giving us the support we needed again and again through visits, calls, and many, many texts.

Kelly is an endless source for all things baby. She helped with breast feeding, connecting me with a great postpartum massage therapist, and directed us to informative and helpful websites regarding several concerns and questions we had. Her vast knowledge and experience is amazing.

Kelly is full of compassion and calmed me while laboring at home as well as at the hospital. My husband and I were both able to relax more at hospital knowing we had someone in our corner who would help ensure we received the birth experience we were hoping for.

We decided to purchase the Birthing With Sound + Photography package, and we are so pleased with the experience and the turnout of the photos that we have recommended Kelly to all my friends and after sharing our experience, even friends who are not first time moms or who had gone private said they would like to hire her in the future. I will continue to tell everyone who asks that I have a great doula I would recommend. Thank you Kelly for making our birth experience what we wanted it to be, and for taking such good care of us!

Hannah Hitson


As first time parents we were pretty scared about the birth process. Kelly helped us be relaxed and open to the process. Kelly does a great job supporting you through labor so that your nurses can focus on their job of monitoring yours and baby's health. She also helped my husband support me and feel included in the birth process. She is versatile and does what is needed in the moment without hesitation. Kelly was really good at anticipating my needs and was able to repeat my requests so I only had to say something once. Thinking about how painful it was, and how scared I was, my labor could have gone SO MUCH DIFFERENTLY without Kelly's support. Kelly would be a lovely addition to any birth team.

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