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Heidi is a great educator. She brings a lot of energy to the class.  I took the panut ball class and even with 15+ years experience in the birth world as a Childbirth Educator, Doula and Lactation Consultant, I learned so much about the use of a peanut ball and working with the person's individual body types. It was a great and fun workshop.  I was also excited as a nurse to get Nursing Continuing Education Hours for this 6-hr workshop.  Thank you Heidi for your energy and passion in the work you do. 


Cole and Taylor Marie Murley


For any couple that is interested or on the fence about having additional guidance during their pregancy process, I hope they concider Heidi Duncan. For my wife and I, Heidi was our rock and main part of why our journey with our first childs pregnancy was so positive. It was with her help, that both my wife and I were able to gain added comfort and confidence throughout the three pregnancy trimesters, labor, delivery as well as start to the post partum journey.

We had a very long laboring process that required needed adjustments but with Heidis support as well as perserverance, we welcomed our beautiful daugher December 23, 2022. Throughout our long process, Heidi continued to nurture, showcase grace and provide a positive attitude that helped my wife and I maintain a peaceful mindset. She helped navigate us through all situations as well as a huge influence in the needed preparations leading up to birth.   

Heidi was a continued resource for both myself as well as my wife throughout our pregnancy journey including needed preparation. We highly reccommend the precence of a Doula, to assist with the added informational, emotional and spirital support needed to bring a child into this world. We reccomend anyone to utilize her virtual, at home visits, Evidence Based Birthing curriculum as well as spinning babies preparation for all couples.

Thank you again Heidi for helping me and my family during such a special period. She is such a blessing to us and we look forward to refering her to other expecting couples!    



I recently had my fourth baby at home and Heidi was my doula.  She was absolutely amazing.  I had a lot of my labor in the days leading up to the actual delivery and Heidi was wonderful in supporting me and helpful in offering suggestions that were suppose to get baby in a good position.  After being in labor for a bit and messaging Heidi, she came as soon as I asked her.  Through the delivery, she was incredibly supportive by massaging and giving gentle suggestions that helped me stay relaxed.  She also had the idea to get an ice bowl with a wash cloth to help me cool down - this was super helpful since we had a water birth and I was quite warm in the bath.  The ice water made a huge difference.  She was also there for postpartum support and helping me get comfortable and managing pain.  She even surprised me during the birth and took pictures of labor and the birth.  This was such a wonderful surprise and was so happy to have them.  This was my second time having Heidi as my doula - and I wouldn't think twice about hiring her again!  She is an incredible doula. :)



Heidi was my doubla for my 3rd birth which was my VBA2C. She helped me make an informed deicision on my birth keeping in mind risks and advantages. My baby was born when COVID restrictions only let one support person in the labor room and Heidi came and helped my support person with some hands on techniques. She was available all day during my labor and was an amazing help. Heidi is an amazing support. 

Ashley Burgess


We have hired Heidi for the births of both of our children (2018 & 2021) and it is the BEST decision we could have ever made. My first birth didn't go as smoothly as I had prayed for, and through it all, Heidi was so incredibly supportive. She stayed with us for almost 24 hours and supported me through my drug induced fog. For my 2nd birth we joined Heidi in her Evidence Based Birth Class which helped lay the groundwork for a much smoother labor and birth. Heidi's teachings in the class were outstanding. Throughout the pregnancy she was there for support and questions. Towards the end of the pregnancy I had contractions at night for several nights in a row and she never once got annoyed with my texts updates. When the finale came I called her, she reminded me of some incredibly helpful movements and positions which enabled me to labor at home longer. She met us at the hospital and was there advocating for us, helping, and pouring out love and affirmations on me the entire time. Because of her guidance, wisdom and support I was able to labor at the hospital for less than 3 hours, pushed for 15 minutes and have a completely unmedicated delivery. I am such a complete wimp when it comes to pain and without Heidi I wouldn't have been able to achieve this! She is one of the kindest people I know! We will definitely hire her again if we have any more children.

miriam rose


heidi is educated, prepared, professional, kind, thoughtful, and everything I wanted in a doula. we clicked, and she couldnt have been more helpful and supportive during one of the scariest yet exciting and deifnitely the best day of my life thus far. i truly believe i had an easy labor and delivery because of heidi.i hope to use heidi if i am fortunate enough to have another baby. 

Lindsay Baumhor


Heidi was so calm and encouraging throughout my labor. She knew different positions and pressure points to try to make labor less painful. I eventually had to get an epidural, but I have no doubt, I would not have lasted as long as I did without her help. She was also a great support to my husband by suggesting ways he could actively take part in labor by supporting me. We were both so thankful to have her as a constant, reassuring presence as hospital staff came in and out and changed shifts. We will forever be grateful for Heidi being our doula.



Heidi was amazing! I can't even describe what happened once I was in labor because you sort of go in to another dimension it feels.... but I felt full confidence and total trust with Heidi by my side. It felt as though She walked into the room and she was the conductor of a beautiful symphony. She led with humility and grace. I felt as though I was in the best hands possible! Every time she would rub or touch or do a certain move on my body it literally put my whole body at ease and I was so comforted by all of her different acupressure points she knew exactly what I needed and exactly when I needed it before I needed it! She anticipated each moment so precisely it was amazing. I wasn't even planning on having a natural birth but she being by my side made me confident enough to actually do it! We had our beautiful baby boy Jackson all natural and all thanks to Heidi! It was an incredible experience and I wouldn't have done it any other way - Heidi is the only one I would choose for my labor. She makes it easy, restful and your whole body is at ease! So thankful for this woman! 

Megan W


My husband and I were excited to have our first "ours" baby, but had very different birth stories when it came to our existing children. It was important to us to get on the same page about expectations during delivery before we got there. I had an epidural before and wanted to go med-free this time, so I knew I needed extra support. 

Enter Heidi. I'd heard great reviews about her online, and we felt good and our choice from the first interview. She is bubbly and exudes confidence, which is wonderfully disarming when you're feeling vulnerable. Despite taking birth classes (also with Heidi), we would have been floundering in the delivery room without her experience. My labor progressed rapidly and I had no time to get out my references on massage and counter pressure. She directed my husband, too, which helped us feel connected in the moment. He said afterword that she was worth every penny and wouldn't have known what to do without her.

My postpartum visit with Heidi was one of the highlights of the package. I was feeling lots of conflicting emotions, and felt that she honored them in a loving way. I have a good support system, but her experience went the extra mile in understanding how I felt and offering gentle guidance.

In short, if we decide to have more kids, I can't imagine going it without Heidi.

K Sudhoff


Heidi is amazing. I was going to have home birth and had been having contractions for weeks, so, when the time came, I wasn't even sure if my contractions were "it" or not. She said she was coming over and encouraged me to call the midwife. I am so grateful that she did that. They arrived at 10, but my contractions were sort of "staying the same". Heidi helped me with different positions during contractions and we talked in between. It was great. After about 2 to 2 and half hours of walking around outside, they started to get tougher. At this point, we went inside and I start laboring in a warm bath around 12:30. Heidi was so supportive and called the midwives to come back. In the homestretch when it was really tough, Heidi helped me stay relaxed and helped with my breathing. I had my baby at 1:47. It was amazing, but I was still in a lot of pain afterward and Heidi was there with me and helped me feel loved and supported. She is truly an incredible person. If we have anymore kiddos, I will call Heidi to be a part of it. Thank you Heidi. <3 <3 <3

Maggie Edwards


Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, only 1 support person (my husband) would be allowed at the hospital during/after labor. This was my second child & during my 1st birth, I had my husband, mom, aunt, and sister all in the delivery room with me. I knew I would need the extra physical and mental support to get through another natural delivery. Doulas were allowed in addition to your one support person so I knew this was something I needed to highly consider. Best decision I could have made! I interviewed several Doulas before deciding to hire Heidi. Her dispostion, calm spirit, experience, and knowledge seemed to be the perfect match for me. One of the best things about having Heidi was having her to text when I had questions or possibe signs of labor. I felt very comfortable asking her advice and sharing what I was experiencing opposed to having to call my doctor. I knew she could talk me through those moments. I felt much comfort in knowing I would have someone to help me decide when would be the right time to go to the hospital. My husband and I both enjoyed Heidi coming to our house and showing us positions, moves, and exercises to help leading up to labor and during labor. I know my husband gained confidence after that meeting on ways to help and support me. I will without a doubt always reccommend hiring a doula if my friends/family ask but specifically Heidi Duncan! I went into labor super quick and headed to the hospital shortly after. Heidi responded right away to my first sign of labor. Although there wasnt much time between my labor starting and arriving to the hospital, Heidi was there just minutes after we arrived to hospital. She was so helpful during labor offer physical support with massage and counter pressue. She gave position/movement suggestions. Honestly, just her attendance gave me so much peace of mind. She is so knowledgable and the best cheerleader! It is so easy to get exhausted and tired during labor but she kept me going!

Shauna Walsh


Heidi was an incredible doula! She has a very positive and calming presence which was very welcomed on our birth journey! She was always quick to answer any questions or concerns and direct us to facts/figures to help us when we had concerns. Heidi felt like a best friend with a wealth of birthing experience and knowledge to help us through the process. We had a lot of highs and lows through my labor and I am so glad we had Heidi. She knew how to adapt to handle each challenge and was a saint when dealing with a cranky momma and a tired dad! Heidi will go above and beyond to meet your needs. I also appreciated her coming to my house to provide a more personal touch. She was by far the best decision we made in our birthing journey and I can't recommend her enough!

Juliet Murray


Heidi was an invaluable resource to my birthing journey from the very first consultation to our postpartum visit. She has a healing touch and is very knowledgeable. Having her guide my partner and I as we became parents was one of the best choices we made as first time parents. Heidi's experience and kindness when I was vulnerable while birthing improved my overall birthing experience, helping me to make educated choices and processing everything when my birth took unexpected turns - and thanks to Heidi and her advocacy, we were able to overcome everything together and have a beautiful baby. I would recommend Heidi a hundred times over! 



Heidi gave me the calm confidence I needed to get through a long labor. More importantly, she was a saving grace for my husband as she assisted him in his supported of me. Best of all, her support continues even after the birth! 

Liz H


This was my third baby, but my first time working with a doula. This was the first time that I felt like an active, rather than passive, participant in my labor. With my other two babies I felt like labor was something that was just happening to me and was out of my control. This time, with Heidi's preparation and guidance during labor, I felt like I was much more in control and like I could do something to help manage my pain, prepare my body, and speed up my labor. I had such a positive experience. Heidi also provided crucial support and guidance when my baby turned breech at 38.5 weeks. My provider merely told me to wait and see, but Heidi talked me off the emotional ledge and then sent me a lot of really helpful resources for turning my baby. A few days later, baby flipped again and I was able to avoid a c-section. I highly recommend Heidi!

Jeff Hyde


Heidi was very friendly, knowledgable and comforting during my wife's pregnancy, both leading up to and throughout the delivery process. This was our first child, so we were both unsure of what to expect (me especially), and Heidi walked us through coping mechanisms for labor, when we should plan to go to the hospital, what we could anticipate once arriving there, how to communicate preferences with the nurses and doctors, etc. She took a lot of time over several meetings in the later months of pregnancy to help us become informed about what we were about to go through, which was helpful. When my wife was admitted to the hospital after a checkup revealed that her water broke, Heidi was in communication with us giving advice on induction, and as soon as the contractions started, she met us there despite it being very early.....stayed with us, comforting my wife, and getting her to move in ways that would help the baby to move, for the duration.  My wife had a tough labor that lasted 26 hours...Heidi was very supportive through it all, and tried everything to help the baby come down on his own.  But ultimately, due to circumstances beyond our control, Heidi, along with the doctor, helped us make the final decision to have a C-section. We felt good about this decision. We're thankful she was there to help us deliver our son, and would both highly recommend Heidi to anyone considering a doula. 



I've always known I wanted to hire a doula to attend my first birth. As a first time mom it was really important to me to have a support person other than my husband to guide us through the birthing process. From the instant I interviewed Heidi I felt a connection that was different from other doulas I had interviewed. She is such a warm person, very professional, and has a philosophy about birth that is evidence based and balanced. I was also very impressed with the many resources we had available to us through the EBB parent portal. We also attended her birth class which I would definitely recommend as it helped us (my husband especially) become much more confident going into labor and delivery. My husband is now a passionate advocate for EBB and doulas! As our due date grew closer, we were notified by the hospital that only one person would be able to attend the birth due to concerns over COVID-19. I was heartbroken because I had never anticipated being without Heidi! But she was with us every step of the way. She even came over to our house the day my water broke to go through some comfort measures, positions, and brought us some goodies to help us get through labor and delivery. She even lent us her peanut ball and we were so grateful as it was definitely the most used item during labor. During labor she checked in often via Zoom calls and communicated with my husband throughout my labor. What impressed me the most was that she was always two steps ahead of the L&D nurses in her recommendations. While it was not how I imagined, Heidi went above and beyond during difficult circumstances. She displayed such grace under pressure. I am so grateful and would definitely consider hiring her again. We love you Heidi, you blessed both of us and our sweet baby boy!

Jordan farmer


It's only fitting I finally get around to posting a testimonial for Heidi on my first Mother's Day and baby is 8 weeks old. We hired Heidi very late in my pregnancy and were not sure she would even be available. My sister also hired her for her two births and had an amazing experience. We were on the fence because of our financial situation but  the experience, education and support was absolutely priceless! My  fiancé was so skeptical but I knew when it was the actual labor we would see just how important Heidis role was! We truly feel the outcome of our labor would have been different without her support. Our plan was to have a natural as possible labor. However we ended up getting an epidural at 6 cm dilated. But even after the epidural Heidi was still able to Help me through different positions in order to get baby down. Our labor was 24 hours long, and I pushed for 4 1/2 hours. Needless to say Heidi was praised by the medical team at Northcrest and we absolutely loved our experience. We will hire her again without a doubt but earlier on in the next pregnancy. 

Ceth Stocchero


I was referred to Heidi through a connection from my Chiropractor.  We met for coffee and immediately my husband and I knew that Heidi was going to be a great fit to help us achieve our childbirth goals.  She is extremely knowledgeable and experienced, but very warm and inviting!   Heidi is the type of person that makes you feel like you've known them for years and is easy to talk to!  I immediately knew it was the right fit.   She is the perfect balance of experience and friendliness.  

As my due date approached, Heidi prepped us for the possibility of virtual care due to the COVID-19 situation that was on the rise.  She was extremely prepared to ensure that we would not lack support despite her ability to be physically in the birth room with us, or via virtual connection.  

Despite her preparation, Heidi was able to be present with us at the birthing center for labor and delivery, and I'm not sure that I would have had the ideal birth situation if we had not hired Heidi.  

She provided the peaceful, knowledgeable support that we had been hoping and planning for.  We are so grateful for her support.  We will absolutely be hiring Heidi for any future births!  

Charles Lilly


I have to admit I was not sold on the idea of having a doula at first but after going through the birthing process I'll never not use Heidi.  

It wasn't until I came to the realization that I could be out of town around the time my baby's birth and the thought of my fiancé going through labor alone was all it took for me to have buy in. However I didn't become as enthused until game day. YOU DON'T KNOW HOW MUCH YOU NEED HEIDI UNTIL YOU ARE IN THE MOMENT. When Heidi showed up the room changed. My fiancé calmed down and So did I. 

There were many moments where I thought,"I am so glad Heidi is here."

In her industry she is known as the Crem de la crem. 

My fiancé and I totally agree that the outcome of our birth would have been drastically different had Heidi not been there.

Please trust me. Heidi is the best and I wouldn't use anyone else 

Magdalena Moore


My birthing experience with Heidi was nothing short of magical. This was my second baby, but it had been 10 years. My first experience was rather rough so this time I searched for a doula, researched birthing centers etc... through a lot of a changes that happened throughout my pregnancy I was without a doula maybe 5 or 6 weeks before delivery. I heard about heidi through a friend and when she met with me, I was super lucky that she had an open space to take me on as a client so late in the game. We had an instant connection. She listened to my past woes of my previous delivery, gave me helpful links and videos to watch with my beloved, and really helped ease my anxiety of this upcoming delivery. When the time finally came, she was my best support. The helped ease my contractions with different positions, counter pressure, and incredible words of encouragement. Honestly I feel like I needed that the most. More than anything I wanted a natural birth. When I felt like I couldn't go on any further she uplifted me so much and coached me through. With heidi I got to labor at home with my family and pup right by my side, and I had an amazing hospital delivery within 2 hours of getting there. I felt empowered, fully supported, and in an odd way... healed from my last birthing experience. I can say that having her helped me have such a healthy delivery and a phenomenal recovery. Within minutes to an hour i was up, walking around, enjoying my baby. Weeks later she came by to see us and snuggle our newest babe. I highly recommend heidi to any expecting mother and if I ever decide to do this again... shell br the first person I call. I'm truly grateful to have had her as my birthing doula. 



Heidi was a very good doula. She was very intuitive and would anticipate my needs sometimes before I even vocalized them. She provided tools like a kneeling pillow that can be used in the shower during labor... this was the best! She also helped me try several laboring positions that were part of Spinning Babies that helped to get my baby in the ideal position for pushing. I had a successful drug-free vaginal birth with her help!

Courtney Smith


From day one the experience and conversation with her was everything I needed (even if I didn't know it). Heidi was a blessing that I do not think I can put into words how thankful I am for her. 

My daughter's birth was not at all what we hoped it would be. It was traumatic for everyone involved. But when I woke up from the chaos, she was there. Sitting by my side, hours after the actual birth (which was a long time). She was a constant amongst the chaos and a voice of stability as we all processed what had just happened. Even when things didn't go the way I wanted, she made me feel empowered and able to make a decision as best as anyone could in my situation. My daughter's birth may not have gone according to what I had hoped, but let me tell you this; Had it not been for Heidi as my doula, I do not know (nor do I want to think about) how much worse it could have been. When something seemed off she told me calmly what we could do about it. When someone crossed a line or said something I didn't understand she was there to step in and interpret. 

From a business standpoint: She educated us, stood by us, and helped us navigate one of the most stressful and beautiful days of my life. If I had a question, no matter how small, she pointed me in the direction of factual information and never once made me feel dumb (which was a concern of mine when looking for a doula). Her pricing was lower than almost every other doula I found (she could rightfully ask for much more than she does).

From a personal standpoint: I am happy to say that my daughter and I are both happy and healthy to this day and I truly believe God gave me her as a Doula for a reason. Her presence provided mental stability that I don't think I even realized at the time how important it was. I will forever be grateful for her. 

I do not feel like a review can cover everything. Reach out to her. Meet her. You will be grateful you did!

Shannon Groom


From my first conversation with Heidi, we hit it off and I knew I'd be comfortable with her guiding us through labor and delivery. Heidi's best mode of comfort is through her vast knowledge of all things pregnancy, labor, and delivery. She's a walking encyclopedia of facts and resources that set us up with the best possible outcome we could have. My baby was breech so we had a lot of work to do to try to get him to flip. Heidi came over and taught us some positions and exercises to try to encourage baby to spin around and also directed me to my chiropractor and acupuncturist. In the end, my little one just couldn't turn around so Heidi accompanied us to the hospital for an ECV and eventual C-section. While I never labored, we still greatly appreciated her presence and knowledge throughout the day that (of course) did not go according to plan. We would definitely ask Heidi to be our doula if we get pregnant again!

Teren Yarbrough


If I could give 6 stars I would. Heidi is amazing. She was our doula for both our births. She is a tireless servant that epitomizes her profession. Her calm manner is so comforting in the midst of the storm that is childbirth. I would highly encourage you to contact Heidi if you feel like you need direction education and encouragement for any type of birth plan as well as natural childbirth. I would absolutely recommend her.

Teren and Jay Yarbrough

Tyra Woodall


If it wasn't for Heidi, I would not have had the birth I desired. When contractions started, they took me by surprise. I couldn't remember what to do and my husband didn't know how to help. I had planned for a natural, unmedicated labor and several hours into "laboring at home" I was ready to toss that idea. But then I called Heidi and she came to my house. She knew what to do, she was calm, reassuring and positive. Heidi knew what would help and listened when I told her what worked.

Once I arrived at the birthing center Heidi knew what to tell me to ask for and what would be helpful. It was like having a pro with you and as a first-time mom this was invaluable. Heidi supported me throughout my long labor and was in it with me. She stayed by my side until the birth of my son and then made sure I was comfortable after. It took everyone (my husband, nurse, midwife and Heidi) to help me bring my son into the world. Looking back, I am so glad they all believed in me and helped me give birth as I believed I could.

Amy Bossler


I knew as soon as I found out I was pregnant that I would need to hire a doula. My partner  in the medical field and we don’t have family in the state. I instinctively knew I’d want women surrounding me as I labored and wanted to make sure I had a highly trained doula would could deal with my opinonated partner. He had his own vision of how he wanted to support me (with Rocky quotes from Coach Mic ???????) and I knew I’d need silence and a calming environment. As soon as we met Heidi I knew she was up for the task of supporting us both.

I truly wish every laboring woman could have Heidi by their side. She was my angel leading up to and during my labor and the birth of my daughter. Heidi provided me with education, information, and encouragement leading up to labor which greatly eased my pre-baby gitters. During labor she was by my side the entire time. She provided physical support and brought a calming presence to the room. I never doubted myself or my ability to birth my baby because I had Heidi with me. She knew from experience (and I think intuitition) what I needed before I even asked. Heidi was able to support me, soothe my partner’s fears (and keep him quiet), and deal with the midwife and nurse quietly without me even noticing. She was like my grandmother, mother, sister, and best friend all rolled into one tiny package. Thank you so much Heidi for all that you are and do. I cannot imagine birthing another baby unless I can have you at my side. ??

Mermaid Bonnie


I had Heidi as my doula for two births. The first I had naturally and she came to our home and educated us on everything about pregnancy and birth. She helped me labor at home so I was only at the hospital for 2 hours before my daughter came, to avoid unnecessary interventions. For my next birth, I had a natural one planned but transferred to Vandy to have my son induced. Heidi supported my choices and went over and beyond to make it special. She decorated my room with lights and affirming messages, danced with me, massaged my back, held me up while I got my epidural which was intense and scary, and kept me calm and comfortable the whole time which meant she spent the night and was with me for about 13 hours. I highly recommend her for your next birth!!!

Alyssa Bone


Heidi was wonderful! From the beginning, she made me feel at ease with her knowledge and experience. She went out of her way to help me and be by my side (even on the day I thought I was going into labor but didn't). During labor, she helped me find positions that made the contractions manageable and helped provide a peaceful environment for a time that could otherwise be stressful. I highly recommend Heidi!

Rachel Bailey Conatser


I am so thankful for Heidi! She was such an encouragement during the birth of our son in 2014. When I got pregnant again with our daughter in 2016, there was never a doubt that we wanted her to be there for her birth also! Her calming personality helped me stay focused and her knowledge helped me stay more relaxed and my pain more manageable. My husband is also so thankful for her! Having her there put him at ease if he needed to step away for a minute during the 40+ hours (total) I was in labor. We would highly recommend Heidi to anyone and will be using her again if we are blessed with another baby someday!

Season Lee


My water broke at around 7am so I called Heidi. I was pretty sure I woke her up, but she was gracious. I waited to go to the hospital until late that night since I was having really zero signs of labor and due to that, I told Heidi to just come in the morning when they were planning to start intervention due to not progressing.  Turns out I did start laboring through the night, but with an exhausted husband who despite his best efforts, fell asleep a few hours in, I labored alone until morning. When Heidi arrived she was surprised to learn I had done so and that I didn't call her in sooner. I don't know why I didn't even think of it! When she got to the hospital, I felt so much more at peace with her calming presence.  She intuitively knew right where I needed support physically, and was my emotional rock as I ultimately failed to progress and had to get pitocin and an epidural. I think having her there to help me labor may have helped me avoid those things. I was so tense and painful even with the help of my husband while in early labor, so my only regret in my doula experience was not calling her sooner! Next time, I will ;)

Allison Mayer Brewer


During pregnancy we were very hopeful for a natural delivery and peaceful arrival for our little one. As we neared and passed the 42 week mark we were met with induction and eventually a c-section. Heidi was available for questions throughout the waiting time and during the induction and delivery. She is very knowledgable and more importantly was a source of kindness and calm during what felt like a storm of emotions and medical procedures. Upon delivery our little one required chest compressions and was sent to the NICU. My husband went with the baby and Heidi stayed by my side throughout the recovery and my first meeting with our little one. We were so grateful for Heidi's gentle presence at our birth.

Amy Graville


Heidi is the best of the best!

In our meetings prior to labor and delivery, she was easy to talk to and very supportive of my decisions and natural birthing goals. Heidi allowed me to share with her some of the trauma that I had from my first birth and prepared me for what to expect the second time with a Doula and being able to make informed decisions. The resources she shared with me (evidenced based articles, list of what to pack, how to cope with pain, Bible verses, etc.) all helped to prepare me mentally, physically and even spiritually for my upcoming “marathon”. And once that “marathon” arrived, she was on point with everything, including her wisdom of when I should leave for the hospital. Thank goodness for that because my labor progressed very quickly!

Once at the hospital, Heidi really orchestrated and worked in unison with my Midwife and my other support people. She kindly instructed my Mother and Husband how they could help and even could tell my water was about to break and warned the staff so I didn’t make a complete mess of the room (It was in fact Christmas Eve, so one less thing to clean up was an added plus.) Heidi coached me through every step of the way and said just the right thing to motivate and comfort me to keep going. My husband held my hand and was by my side, while Heidi helped with technique to ease pain and her words were exactly what I needed to hear to stay strong.

In short, Heidi was an answer to prayer. I highly recommend her to anyone expecting, no matter if it’s un-medicated, medicated or a planned C-section. Heidi has great integrity, passion and heart in all she does and I am so thankful we made the choice to have her as our Doula. It made every bit of difference!

Hayley Stell


July 23, 2015. The day that my world changed forever and my son was born. Leading up to that day there were many questions and doubts that I had about achieving my "perfect birth". I wanted to have the right birth team to help support the natural and Unmedicated labor and delivery I wanted. When I hired Heidi as my doula I knew that she would play a role in my story but I didn't know how big of a role. i had been in labor for hours fore Heidi actually came to support physically, but she was always a text or phone call away. Ehike I was home she gave me different things to try that would help labor and contraction along, and it made the world of a difference. Eventually when my contractions picked up Heidi made her way over to my home and we assessed the situation. We headed to the hospital where she there became my voice. My husband was great at supporting with words and touch but Hedi supported in such a different, much needed way. She was the gentle voice, the light or heavy touch whenever it was asked for. She helped me stay calm, she applied pressure whenever it was needed. She spoke up when something could be happening differently, I have happy to have someone there who was so knowlegable about evidence based birth. She was the perfect kind of support. Once my son was born, I thanked my husband for all of his help and attention, but I the looked over at Heidi and said, "I couldn't have done this without you". It's true, i feelbhings could have gone completely differently if not for Heidi being present. I will be forever thankful for the birth experience that she helped me achieve and the calming presence that she brought to the experience. I was able to have a birth that I can look back and remember how beautiful it was and be thankful I had her there.

Michelle Fuller


Hiring Heidi as our doula for our second pregnancy was the best decision my husband and I could have made. She was a wealth of knowledge and information. The resources she provided for us in one on one coversations and a birth class that she led were priceless and gave my husband and I a whole new perspective on labor and delivery preparation. We did not have a doula with our first pregnancy and did a lot of research on our own to prepare. Despite that, we learned way more information this time around once we started working with Heidi. I was honestly amazed at all the great info she gave us because both my husband and I poured over books to prepare on our own.

Heidi was a calm, supportive, and strong presence in the hospital and was able to meet needs I didn't know I had. Her attention and sensativity to even the tiniest thought I had was so kind and thoughtful and unexpected. For example, I jokingly wondered why there was a mirror directly across from me in a delivery room. I didn't want to see a reflectlion of myself at that moment! Heidi went right over and taped some paper over the mirror. On a larger scale, Heidi gave me confidence to be assertive enough not to allow my baby to be taken away during the Golden Hour to be weighed, etc, and that is something I am grateful for, especially after missing out on it with my first born.

I felt absolutely taken care of with her there along with my husband and never once felt that his presence was being overshadowed (which was the main fear I had the first time around and why I didn't hire a doula then). I am so graetful for Heidi and thankful that I was able to hire her. My labor progressed so quickly the second time that I barely made it to the hospital to have my baby. So Heidi was not able to get to the hospital in time for my delivery. That is how amazing she is. We didn't get her skills at the hospital and I still feel she was a crucial asset to our birth story. Thank you, Heidi!

Meg Adams


Having Heidi as our doula was one of the best decisions we made as soon-to-be new parents. My husband and I were looking for someone to help make the birth of our first child a beautiful, calm experience. We knew exactly what we wanted and Heidi made it possible. We had two meetings with Heidi before the birth to go over our birth plan. She provided us with a ton of resources to back up our choices for our birth. She was also available at anytime if we had any questions throughout my pregnancy.

Our son didn't come into the world exactly as planned. We had a few bumps in the road. Heidi was right by our sides, even as things changed as labor progressed. She gave us all the information we needed to make informed decisions and kept us focused on the light at the end of the tunnel, our precious baby boy. I know my husband also appreciated having Heidi there once labor started. Anytime he felt uneasy or had questions, he could turn to Heidi for answers and insight.

We couldn't have asked for a better doula to help bring our son into the world tha,kHeidi. She was such a blessing and we couldn't thank her enough.

aimee bailey


The first time I met Heidi I was in labor and 7cm dilated.  She greeted me warmly and showed up ready to support me in any way.  I immediately felt comfortable around her and trusted her completely.  At the hospital, I was met with resistance from the on call physician and hospital staff due to attempting a vaginal delivery after two cesareans.  She was able to keep me calm and reminded me to  focus on my body and my baby, depsite the opposition around me.  She talked me through each contraction with encouragement and recommended changing positions when she saw me struggle.  She supported my husband and gave him suggestions for helping to manage my pain.  Heidi stayed by my side through the entire labor and showed amazing intuition by knowing exactly what I needed and when.  At one point, an unexpected fear came over me- a memory from a previous attempted VBAC- she intuitively picked up on this and helped me to work through it.  She encouraged me that this was a different labor and my body was made to deliver my baby.  My beautiful baby girl was delivered vaginally and unmedicated, she came out pink and screaming.  I am confident that I could not have had such a positive birth experience without Heidi.  She made such a difference in my mood and focus.  She has a gift with laboring women and I am thankful that she was there during such an important event in our lives.

-Aimee Bailey

Lauren Dotson


Heidi was hands down the best part of my home birth!

Heidi checked up on me regularly the last weeks of my pregnancy and the day that I was in labor. She came over immediately when I texted her. I didn't have a doula with my first baby, but I would never birth without one again! She was really invaluable. Heidi helped me work through contractions, gave me wonderful advice on how to make the most of my contractions and stay comfortable, and most importantly she advocated for me when I needed it most!

She was a solid, cool and collected, and just immeasurably knowledgeable part of my birth experience!

Also, I know Heidi is a very devout person, and my family is not so much. She asked if that was something that I wanted in my birth and when I declined she was very respectful. I have a deep, deep respect for her professionalism.

Lisa-John Zaehringer


Our deepest gratitude is felt for our doula, Heidi Duncan, who we affectionately refer to as our Guardian of Birth. Heidi's enduring wisdom, guidance, and compassion before, during, and after Oliver's birth allowed us to welcome Oliver from womb to world in a loving, confident, safe, and healthy way. We would recommend Heidi in a heartbeat to folks seeking a doula as part of hteir birthteam.

Sonia Geny


Heidi was a huge support for my first born's birth. She stayed with me the whole 2 days I needed her, coached my husband, helped me ease the pain, prayed with us, and helped me address the fears. Heidi also supported our decisions and educated us before hand to help us have the birth we wanted. She was an integral part of my birth team!

Rebecca Le


Once you find out that youre expecting a little one, finding a Doula should be one of the top things to do on your list! i was a little skeptical( especially my husband )at first but when i talked to my close friends who have had one by their side, said it was the best decision they made for their birth plan,so i did some research! Heidi was recomended to me by friends that have had her for their births. Being my first time expecting, Heidi had no problems answering all my questions whether day or night she was really good to text or email me right away! Besides her abundent knowlegde and experience her true talents are shown in the delivery room! This is when you realize she was worth every penny and more! It was great to have my husband their along the journey but having Heidi their made every thing less scary. Her methods helped my delivery go as smooth as possible from her breathing methods, knowing when to use essential oils for certain situations. I truly believe that if it wasnt for her i wouldve been pushed to have a c-section. i was stuck at 8 cm for quite a while and the positions she put me in to help baby move down worked. The most memorable thing she told me during all the craziness was when i decided to get a epidural even though i was trying so hard to go without it was that she told me that it was okay, that this birth needs to be as enjoyable as it can be and it doesnt mean i failed. She wanted us to have a wonderful birth journey and that is what we got. Heidi knows what she is doing and is always in your best interest! Her time and knowledge is priceless and i would most defnitely recommend her to everyone and anyone! If it wasnt for the Army moving us around i would have her for all my pregnancies! 

Christine Scutt


I was blessed to have worked with Heidi on two separate occasions. First was with my daughter Capri. My water broke on its own but I didn't have contractions. She was there every step of the way. I did both births completely natural. She helped with massages and oils and helped me through every contraction and I loved all the advice she gave me when I was trying to dilate faster.  She kept me calm and made it an amazing experience.  With my son Camdyn my water broke naturally again and Heidi was there as soon as I went to the hospital. She walked me through every contraction and kept me focused until his arrival. She's just an all around beautiful individual and she knows exactly what she is doing. I would work with her again in a heartbeat.

Katie's Page


My experience with Heidi was such a wonderful blessing! My husband was deployed around the time of our daughter's birth, and since we weren't certain he would make it home in time, hiring Heidi was a no-brainer! We loved meeting with her before the birth and having a crash course in the natural birth curriculum she offered (this was natural birth number two for us so we just needed a refresher). Along with the great rate for military, Heidi offered a la carte options that suited us very well. During our (super fast!) labor at home, Heidi arrived sooner than I expected, and it was a wonderful experience. I wish we would have had more time at home, but baby girl arrived 10 minutes after we arrived at the hospital, and Heidi was a wonderful support and advocate alongside my husband. I highly recommend Heidi, and I would love to share another birth experience with her if we have the chance again! She was a very knowledgeable and caring doula, and she brought her strong relationship with Christ into her role as doula when we requested it. I loved having a postpartum visit with her to re-introduce her to our daughter and talk through the lightning fast birth I had! Heidi is very active in our city's birth community and I refer any pregnant mama to her that I can!

Karine Silva


My experience with Heidi was wonderful. This was my first child birth experience and eventhough i only got to enjoy her presence twice, i had her for the most important day, my day to give birth! I was new to the doula world, but she helped me understand a lot and she answered any questions i had or directed me to an answer even before i would see her. At the hospital, she was so helpful and everything she did worked so well. I could tell she is VERY experienced and secure with her great methods! She didn't judge any decisions i made and was so understanding and kind throughout my labor. She was my only other support other than my husband and she was amazing during and after i had my baby! She left me with lots of useful information and just a calm confidence in what had happenned. I will definetly have a doula with every child i have from now on and I am glad my journey started with her!

Amanda Cartner


I hired Heidi as my Doula for the hospital birth of my second child. What attracted me to her was her level of experience, calming presence, and I really liked that her views on child birth are faith based. I had my daughter at Vanderbilt and I feel like selecting Heidi as my Doula was hands down the best decision that I made regarding birth preparation. As soon as she arrived at the hospital, Heidi became worth her weight in gold. My labor progressed quickly and since we were shooting for our second unmedicated natural birth, my contractions were intense and becoming very painful. My husband was able to relax as well since she immediately went to work comforting me and relieving the pain with essential oils and hip pressing techniques. Although my wishes for only the midwife and a nurse or two in the room were made clear in my birth plan, when it came time to push there were MANY nurses and interns present. Heidi 's strong presence however so lessened my awareness of this that I didn't even realize how many people were in the room until a few weeks later as I was looking at our birth photos.  She never left my side and I felt deeply connected to her throughout the entire process.  While the presence of so many hospital staff initially made me feel like something traumatic was happening to me, Heidi helped me remember that I was in control, I was safe, and my baby and I were on this journey together---I became unaware of everyone else. I successfully delivered my daughter Ava in eight hours naturally and medication and intervention free. I largely credit Heidi with my success---I couldn't have done it without her given the setting.  If you are considering hiring Heidi as your Doula,  I HIGHLY recommend her to you. I can't say enough good things about her!

Lindsey Stone


My husband and I talked a lot about what the birth of our first child would be like. We planned to take a birth class to try to prepare as much as possible but we hadn’t made any decisions yet about what options we wanted to pursue. I was referred to Heidi for her Alpha Childbirth class and upon meeting with her, we decided that we not only wanted to take the class but we also wanted to utilize her Doula services for my labor and delivery. Because Heidi was playing two roles, we combined our classes and pre-natal visits, which was great as we were able to “kill two birds with one stone”. I had the labor experience that I never would have thought possible for myself. From the start of my first contraction to my final push, my son was born in just under 5 hours. Everything happened so fast that Heidi wasn’t able to come to our house; we had to meet her at the hospital. She was there waiting for us when we arrived and in that final hour of labor, she was a tremendous help. Heidi knew just what to do, what areas to massage/apply pressure and she had the right words of encouragement at just the right times. Even though I’d imagined hours upon hours of labor with Heidi by my side, I would have done it all over again just to know that she would be there for that short hour. I highly recommend Heidi Duncan as a doula and would encourage all women to consider hiring a doula for additional support throughout your birth experience. What an amazing and special time giving birth is and to have a trained and certified professional there, totally dedicated to supporting you and your goals, can make your experience that much more positive.

Jeff Stone


My wife and I felt very strongly about a natural and drug free birth for our first child. We saw all of the benefits of this choice but also recognized that it meant harder work and more discomfort for my wife. I felt very inadequate and unqualified to be able to truly support my wife the way she would need. When we made the choice to hire Heidi Duncan as a doula, it was a huge relief to me and felt like a burden was removed. I had a lot of concerns about being my wife’s primary support system and knowing that Heidi would be there with us made me feel so much better. Heidi’s presence at our son’s birth was just what we needed. She was able to take care of my wife’s physical needs allowing me to be by my wife’s side to hold her hand, capture the experience on camera and be an emotional support to her. I wouldn’t have changed a thing about our experience and I would hire her again in a heart beat, even if we knew she would only be with us for an hour.

Trevor Mathiesen


I must admit that I was reticent of hiring a doula at first. I had the not uncommon desire to want to do it all and be it all (as it relates to support) for my wife throughout the labor process. However, it didn’t take long for me to realize the huge value our doula Heidi Duncan had. There was simply no way that I could have done everything on my own that we were able to accomplish together for my wife. Heidi was humble, knowledgeable, encouraging, patient (comes in handy in the middle of the night), and worked wonderfully with the medical staff at our hospital. The later is very important because if you are planning on having your baby at a hospital, it really helps to have a doula that can get along and work with the doctors and nurses who do not always have gleaming opinions of them. I would recommend Heidi to anyone and our OB doctor said the same thing...

Meredith Hotard


I recommend Heidi to all expecting mothers.  She was a true gift during my labor and delivery.  She was able to work around my husband and I's schedule and took all the time necessary to make sure we felt prepared and comfortable in our prenatal education sessions.  

During labor, she provided support to both my husband and I throughout the entire process.  She assisted me physically, in massaging my back and helping me be as comfortable as possible.  She also assisted me emotionally, helping me stay in the moment, relax my muscles, and stay calm through the harder parts of labor.  Heidi was invaluable in helping my husband and I understand what was going on with my body throughout labor and in making sure I understood the things the hospital staff was telling me.  

My husband and I are very grateful that Heidi attended our natural birth.  We're really not sure how we would have done it without her support.  The birth of our daughter was an amazing, positive experience, and we thank Heidi for contributing so strongly to making sure it was a positive, non-frightening experience for us.  

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