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Brittney Masters

Peaceful Birth Doula Services

Spruce Grove, AB Service range 75 miles


Birth Fee

$1100 to $1400

Postpartum Rate

$30 to $35

Birth Fee

$1100 to $1400

Postpartum Rate

$30 to $35

Birth Doula Experience

6 years and 77 births attended

Postpartum Doula Experience

4 years and 5 families served

Birth Doula Certifications

  • DONA International - Certified Birth Doula

Doula Training

  • DONA International-Approved Workshop, October 2018

Type of practice: Solo practice

Clients per month: 2 to 4 births and 1 postpartum families

Postpartum limits/restrictions: Non smoking (allergies).

Attends hospital births? All Hospitals

Attends birth center births? All Birth Centers

Attends home births? Any Home Birth

Special Services Offered

  • Babywearing education
  • Cancer patients and survivors
  • Lactation consultant/counselor services
  • Military families support
  • Photography - Birth
  • Placenta encapsulation
  • Prenatal & postpartum fitness services
  • TENS units rental
  • Virtual and remote doula support

Relevant volunteer or advocacy work

Member of Doula Association of Edmonton, DONA International and ASAC.

Languages Spoken

  • English

Fee Details

Once a contract is signed, you’ll receive at least 1 prenatal support and education visit leading up to the birth. Once you go into labour, I offer in-person support from labour to birth, and up to 2 hours after baby is born (assistance in breastfeeding also offered). I try my best to take photos and will visit within the first 3 weeks postpartum for support and debriefing. Collaborating with Hope Midwives. If you are a patient of theirs, a discount is applied as incentive to book.

Service Area

Spruce Grove, AB Service range 75 miles

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Client Testimonials for Brittney Masters

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I used Brittney as my doula for the birth of both my children. She was absolutely wonderful to work with. I had quite fast births at home and it was a relief having Brittney there as she guided us through early labour and when we should call the midwife. She was a huge support to my husband in helping him through the process and directing him on how he could help me. She was also great at reminding me to listen to my body and would notice when I was getting too tense and would help me breathe and relax. I honestly think that I had such quick and easy births is in large part because of the education and information I received from Brittney and my midwife. Brittney also took some beautiful photos of both births and I will cherish those photos forever. She was kind, calm, supportive, and very easy to talk to. I would recommend Brittney to anyone and would use her again in a heartbeat. 



Brittney was such an essential part of the team going into my last birth with my daughter, born at the peak of the third wave of COVID. The staff at the Royal Alex was about to make me choose between having my husband or my doula present for my labor/birth, but doula Brit did what she does best, which is ADVOCACY, and bossed her way into the room to be with me when I needed her most. When she finally made it past the head nurses, we were so relieved! My husband was pretty much at the end of the rope on knowing how to help me and Brittney's leadership was directive, yet quiet and led by experience. The irritating nurse backed off and gave us much more space too, which was appreciated. Brittney provided reassurance that things were on the right track, even when we were totally freaked out by some of the weird things that can come up during labor. She got me into different positions for labor that seemed to speed things along, which is useful, as it makes it less likely that hospital staff are going to try to push interventions when stalling happens. I managed to get through labor and birth unmedicated, which probably wouldn't have happened without her. She also took precious photos of the birth that my husband never would have thought to capture. We are so grateful for her services and are eager to use her again now in my second pregnancy! Thank you Brittney!



Loved working with Brittney! She was such a calm and reassuring presence throughout my pregnancy and birth. She was able to get information from my midwife and immediately turn it into helpful feedback for me on how to position myself, and as a result I had the easiest, most amazing birth with zero tearing (an absolutely wonderful gift after a third degree tear during my last birth). We have the best videos and pictures of our daughter being born thanks to Brittney. My birth was absolutely perfect and she was a huge part of that!

Jocelyn Burke


I found Brittney when I was around 35 or 36 weeks pregnant with my second.  I was hesitant that I even needed a birth doula as I didn't really know what I was needing at the time - but I did know that I desperately wanted a natural water birth (location still undecided).  I found myself faced with a second (and potentially final) chance to "get it right", as I trusted my first pregnancy with an OBGYN via the health care system that ended in a labour and delivery that left me very much scarred - both physically (via a C-section) and mentally.  It was everything I didn't want from A to Z.  I felt robbed.  I was sure to find myself a midwife this time around, and when I chatted with her about a birth doula and whether she thought I might need one, she told me to book a consult and chat with one.  She felt that I would know if it was for me or not and recommended Brittney.

Well after my initial consult with Brittney, I was sold!  I knew I wanted - nay - NEEDED her on my team.  She shared that she had gone through a similar birthing experience for her first child and went on to have a successful unmedicated home water birth for her second.  She was the dream that I had for myself - to be brazen and bold enough to say that I didn't need a hospital, and that I trusted my body could do what it was designed to from the comfort of my own home.  I wanted to not be afraid of the raw experience of birth and Brittney was the support I needed.  Her desire for all women to have the birthing experience they dream of is highly evident in her coaching.  She is so in tune with her clients and unbelievably caring and supportive.  She is deeply knowledgeable, fierce, bold, strong, and confident - everything you NEED in the room when you feel you can't do it anymore.  She was one of two angels that gave me the greatest gift of all - my dream home water birth - and I NEVER could have done it without her!



We had a fantastic experience with Britney. she is calm, confident, and professional.
My labour was fast, 2.5 hours from start to finish. I felt overwhelmed with how quickly things went, but when Britney showed up at the hospital, her calm presence was exactly what I needed. She was a great help coaching me how to breath through contractions, and got some great photos of us and baby. She was really helpful with assisting me latch Lydia for the first breastfeed.

Though she didn't have to, I'm sure she would have reminded me what I wanted and given me courage to advocate for myself if needed.

10/10 would recommend as a doula. 

Meagann Johnston


Brittney was our doula for our first baby! She is so kind encouraging and knowledgeable. We were given a lot of information on how to advocate for our birth experience hopes and was a great support when we needed to make decisions. She gave my partner a lot of confidence to be helpful when needed by her words of wisdoms and advice. Brittney is the perfect combination of calm aund confident but also your biggest cheerleader with her upbeat personality. We can’t say enough about her as our doula and hope we are privileged enough to have another child one day and hopefully have her by our side.



My VBAC success had so much to do with the support from my team (midwife and Brittney).

My midwife referred me to Brittney, and she was an amazing fit for my needs. My first birth was difficult and ended in a cesarian. Second time around I was crossing my fingers and toes for a VBAC. Having someone who has been though a similar situation and helped others have successful VBACS was such a blessing. Having a hospital birth the first time I knew I wanted someone else to help advocate for my needs should something go wrong, and my midwife wasn’t there. Brittney gave me many resources to help with my mindset on pain, which was vital to my birthing process as epidurals don’t work for me. When I went into labour and we had decided it was hospital time, she answered right away and was there at the hospital in no time. While admitted she gave her unwavering support to myself and my husband. I am very hands off when I am in labour but never once did I feel unsupported or that she wouldn’t be there for me the minute I needed it (she is very intuitive). She walked me though some of the rougher moments in my labour. Brittney helped us out so much after birth as well. My son was rushed into the care of the neonatologist and she was there for me so my husband could be with our son. Having a doula is so much more than having someone to advocate for you in situations you might not be able too. Their support is something every mom should feel when going through the birthing process. I would recommend Brittney to all my family and friends. She is an amazing compassionate person who supports you through the whole processes and brings so much knowledge. The level of care that Brittney brings to her practice is astounding.

Rema Zawi


I had Britney for my 4th child at the hospital.  It was during covid and they didnt allow very many people (only husband or mother for example). Although my husband was there, she was the one who advocated for me. I was lucky to have a nurse and obgyn who welcomed a doula and werent intimidated by Britney. It was because of her who suggested I try pushing baby standing after i had been pushing for almost 2 hours on my back with no success.  She was the encouraging voice and she even tied my hair up when it was falling over my face.  It's those little things sometimes that are so appreciated. I am an experienced mama so I didnt need much help with baby but she is able to help in that as well.  The best part and gift was after visit when she had recorded the whole experience. I had no idea about half the stuff that was happening especially after the baby came out and my husbands reaction.  I recommend Britney especially for those who would like to have a "sister" support and advocate for you. For those who have no family and especially for those first time mothers.  Thank you :)

Lisa Van Drunen


We decided to get a doula as we were doing a water/home birth. I knew that I would need emotional support as this was my first birth. It was well worth it. Brittney was so good! So calm and supportive!!

She helped me with my mindset throughout the whole labour/delivery. Had me get into different positions to help me with the contractions. At one point I was about to throw my whole plan out the window but Brittney was there to help me through the pain mentally.

I truly believe that I would not have gotten through my labour naturally if it weren’t for Brittneys help. When I wanted an epidural, she talked me out of it, which is exactly what my wishes were. If I had given in to getting an epidural,  I would have had some regrets.

Thank you :)



I hired Brittney for my July 2021 birth. From the moment I spoke with her, I knew she was the right person to join my partner and I for the birth of our daughter. For the months leading up to the birth, Brittney answered every question I had and made phone calls for me about what I was able to bring with me to the hospital (covid). She was also up to date on all of the covid updates for who was allowed into the hospital. I lucked out, and she was permitted to join my partner and I. Brittney was an essential person during my labour. I was induced and labour started MUCH quicker than anticipated. We called Brittney and she was on her way immediately, in the middle of the night. She helped me through active labour when I was ready to give up. She advocated for me and ensured the doctor followed my birth plan. I was set on a non-medicated birth and she helped me to achieve that. She took some beautiful photos during the birth, that initially I didn't want, but am so thankful she took them! I had complications after the birth and she held my hand through some very painful, non-medicated surgery, while my partner tended to our daughter. After I went home, Brittney followed up and visited. She answered questions I had about baby carrying and showed me some techniques. I highly recommend Brittney as a doula. She is calm, motivating, knowledgable, and encouraging. I would hire her again for my next baby.



Brittney was a great support person during my labour and delivery. She was quick to respond to my text and calls . She was calm and composed which made me feel comfortable with her . And her positive thinking and gentle approach helped me relax during labour . She was anazing!



I had a doula for my first pregnancy and delivery and it was such a supportive experience. When I became pregnant with my second daughter I knew I wanted a doula again but my previous doula want available. I interviewed several doulas before meeting Brittney. I am so thankful I found her. Her calm presence and positivity about birth were perfect for me. I know it was a great relief to my husband to feel I was in competent hands while he cared for our older daughter and caught some sleep during my early labor.

With Brittney's support I was able to labor at home as long as possible before heading to the hospital to deliver. She was with me right up to the entrance of the maternity ward (only my husband was allowed in with me due to COVID restrictions at the time).

I delivered my daughter about 30 minutes later!

Post partum Brother was able to normalize my adjustment to having two children by pulling on her own experience as a mom.

I'm done having children but if I wasn't if want Britney to support me again!

Loan Nguyen


Thank you, Brittany for being there for me for the birth of our little Winnie! You made my journey so magical from pregnancy to birth. When I had questions or concerns, you always had the answers for me! Your quick communication meant a lot to both myself and my husband. During labour, you supported me through each contraction and made me feel so empowered. My husband appreciated you explaining what I was going through and it meant so much to us when you were able to talk to the nurse when I couldn't. You documented my birth with notes and photos for me to see after and even baked me cinnamon buns! I couldn't have asked for a better doula. Thank you so much for being part of a very special chapter in our lives! 

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