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Kathleen Wilson

Labor Enabler

Spring, TX Service range 100 miles For long distances (over 60 miles roundtrip) - a travel fee will be added


Birth Fee

$650 to $2400

Birth Fee

$650 to $2400

Birth Doula Experience

20 years and 1200 births attended

Birth Doula Certifications

  • Labor Enabler - Certified Birth Doula

Doula Training

  • ALACE (Association of Labor Assistants and Childbirth Educators), May 2003
  • Birth Arts International, August 2005
  • Labor Enabler™?Doula Training Apprenticeship Program , February 2007

Type of practice: Partnership with 2 or more doulas

Clients per month: 1 to 6

Attends hospital births? All Hospitals
I specialize in negotiating hospital births.

Attends birth center births? All Birth Centers
I attend at all birth centers in and around Houston.

Attends home births? Any Home Birth
I attend home births in and around Houston.

College Education


Special Services Offered

  • Abortion support
  • Acupressure
  • Antepartum doula support
  • Aromatherapy
  • Baby-led weaning
  • Babywearing education
  • Bereavement doula (pregnancy & infant loss)
  • Birth counseling for survivors of childhood sexual abuse
  • Cancer patients and survivors
  • Childbirth education services
  • Elimination communication education
  • End of life doula services
  • First Aid and CPR
  • Hypnosis for birth
  • Lactation consultant/counselor services
  • LGBTQIA+ Support
  • Military families support
  • Miscarriage support
  • Parenting consulting
  • Pelvic floor health education & support
  • Photography - Birth
  • Placenta encapsulation
  • Reduced rates for women considering adoption
  • Satellite doula (for remote and rural clients)
  • Sibling support (for your older children at the birth)
  • Stillbirth and infant loss support
  • Surrogates and intended parents
  • TENS units rental
  • Virtual and remote doula support

Relevant volunteer or advocacy work

Member of the Whole Heart Collective and preferred provider for Heart of Houston. Volunteer with Operation Special Delivery. Volunteer Childbirth Education course. I continue to provide low cost scholarship births for young mothers, single mothers and families with special circumstances (must apply and meet certain standards to receive scholarship money). Full Spectrum Support

Languages Spoken

  • English

Fee Details

First visit is free with no commitment. Base Fee with add-ons, payment plans and scholarships available.

Service Area

Spring, TX Service range 100 miles For long distances (over 60 miles roundtrip) - a travel fee will be added

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Client Testimonials for Kathleen Wilson

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Julie Charbonneau


There is no doubt in my mind that Kathleen was the reason why I was able to deliver my baby boy in such an empowering way. She helped me take control of his birth and provided hands on support when I needed it most. See enabled me to see what my body and mind were capable of. 

To only speak to her contributions at my baby's birth would do a disservice to the overwhelming knowledge and support she provided before his birth day. Her Rebel Birth class and our regular meetings equiped me with the tools I needed to make informed decisions about our care. Kathleen lays it all out on the table so that you can make the best decision for you and your family. 

I am eternally grateful for her and so incredibly honored to have her as my doula.??



When I first met Kathleen, she told me her job was to "make sure I have the best day of my life" while birthing my baby. As I sit here writing this, with my almost 2-month-old on my lap, reflecting on that day, I can confidently say she overdelivered on that promise. Kathleen has a special gift for this work. She's incredibly knowledgeable and wise--not only about the physiology of birth, but also about the tools and tech and practices used today in hospital settings. She took the time to educate my husband & me on everything from how my posture affected my baby's position to diet and exercise to choosing the right medical team that aligned with my birth plan. She was generous with pointing me to resources, lending me books and recommending classes and supportive people throughout my pregnancy. On the day of my birth, she helped me work through countless desicions, explaining the implications of each step and how they might affect wha came next. When she arrived at the hospital, she worked fluidly and collaboratively wiith the nurses and doctors, forming a true team around me that felt wonderfully safe and supportive. Kathleen is a magic worker with comfort techniques throughout labor, and she's especially talented at making sure you stay present, calm, informed and empowered--even while undergoing the brutal and beautiful process of labor. She helped me reframe my struggles into points of strength. She helped me make the best decisions I could for myself while also encouraging me to let go of what I couldn't control. I would not do this again without her. She's truly gifted as a doula and I cannot recommend her enough.

Heidi Nielsen


Kathleen was a delight to work with and worth EVERY PENNY!!! She was a gentle and understanding hand when I needed it and a fierce advocate when I needed someone to intervene for me. Every new or scary thing for me, wasn't for Kathleen. I was able to lean on her vast knowledge and experience. As a first time mom, to twins, recently moved far away from any family, Kathleen filled in all the gaps. If you're wondering, should I get a doula? Should I go with Rebel Birth Education? The answer is YES!!! 



Kathleen is wonderful and she helped me twice in labor. It was very important for me to have a support and attention in hospital from the person who knows everything about me and my preferences and wishes about delivery. She was doing amazing!

Kathleen also provide very sensitive and attentive support during pregnancy. Always on time and always helpful. She was in the hospital even before us. And so helpful to me get through the pain! Important support during the postpartum period.

Kathleen, thank you for being with us and our girls ♥?

Mary Claire Walther


Kathleen walked alongside me and my husband as we prepared for a planned surgical birth for my first child. She is an extraordinary listener, with practical and thoughtful advice and relief techniques for pregnancy challenges. I was terrifed to give birth and her calming and confident presence as we prepared for delivery the day-of was invaluable. I credit her with turning a potentially traumatic situation into an empowering and joyful day when I got to meet my son. I am forever grateful. 

Kate Long


I can not say enough good things about my experience with Kathleen. This was my first child and Kathleen really eased my nerves and help me feel prepared for the birth. She was straightforward about the issues we could run into, helped me advocate for myself when with my doctor and with the nurses. I had a high risk pregnancy and my birth did not go as smoothly as I had hoped. It would have been so much harder without Kathleen by my side. She came to the hospital even before I was in true labor because I needed her. She helped me feel strong and capable in those moments when I felt scared and weak. Kathleen helped my husband know what to do to comfort me and how to recognize signs of my discomfort. She educated us on literally everything and was always available when I had questions and anxieties. I would recommend Kathleen to anyone 10 times over. She is absolutely amazing in every way! 

James LaRocque


I cannot recommend Kathleen Wilson highly enough as a doula and advocate for expecting families. Without Kathleen's knowledge, support, and advocacy, navigating the complex decision-making processes inherent to the birth of a child would have been truly overwhelming. Kathleen centers the mother throughout preparing for pregnancy and birth, and provides crucial guidance to supporting birth partners. 

Tonya Vanhook


Before meeting Kathleen, I had SO many anxieties about being pregnant and having a baby. Kathleen eased our (my husband and I) anxieties and educated us in a ways that we honestly didn't even consider. My husband probably learned more through working with Kathleen than I did. Although my husband is very supportive, it is hard to offer support during pregnancy and labor when you have no idea where to start. Kathleen gives you that starting point. Working with Kathleen provided guidance during such a vulnerable time that I would not trade for the world. She gave me confidence, she gave my husband confidence, she made sure all the parts were moving during labor that needed to so that no one else had to think about it. The magic behind the curtains, truly. I cannot say enough good things about Kathleen & feel honored that she is my doula. Not only my doula, but someone I have cried with, laughed with and genuinely believe to be an incredible person. You won't regret working with her. I never will??

Kaci Juge


We loved having Kathleen as our doula! Even having been through a previous delivery, I knew that I wanted another doula. Throughout the pregnancy, Kathleen was a great coach, reminding me of the things I should be doing for a healthy body and baby, and for an easier delivery. She was a great resource when I had questions or concerns or just when I needed a sounding board. After delivery, she's been helpful in reminding me what I should be doing or look out for, and we get to have semi regular check ins when I attend the group meetings.

I probably would have had my baby in the car if I hadn't had Kathleen's guidance! I was so stuck on "laboring at home" and thinking about my first birth experience that I couldn't really tell how badly we needed to get a move on. Kathleen's coaching during labor helped me to take a step back, breathe, and relax for long enough to assess my body.  She helped me to stay as calm and relaxed as possible during the labor experience, and I was able to deliver with minimal pain medications.

If we decide to have a third child, I would definitely ask Kathleen to be our doula again, and I would recommend her to anyone wanting an extra resource during their pregnancy and delivery.

Matthew Juge


Kathleen is amazing. We had such a great time getting to know her leading up to the birth. She is a wellspring of knowledge and positivity. Her presence and influence would have been sorely missed during the birth of our second boy. Any expecting couple would be fortunate to have her on their team. While my wife did all the hard work and made it look easy, I'm certain Kathleen being involved had a lot to do with our success. As a doula goes, she's a 10 out of 10. 

Kennedy Hansen


When my partner and I began our journey towards parenthood, we were filled with excitement and anticipation, but also a natural sense of anxiety and uncertainty. We knew we needed someone special to guide and support us throughout the process. That's when we found Kathleen Wilson, a truly exceptional doula who exceeded our every expectation.

From the very beginning, Kathleen was attentive, compassionate, and understanding. She took the time to listen to our concerns, answer our questions, and adapt to our unique needs. Her presence made us feel comfortable and relaxed, even in moments of great uncertainty. 

Kathleen’s knowledge and expertise not only helped us prepare for the birth of our child but also offered invaluable insight into the world of parenting. She was always there to provide emotional and physical support, ensuring that we were well-equipped to handle any challenge that came our way. We could not be happier with the care we received.

As first-time parents, we are eternally grateful for the reassurance that Kathleen provided throughout our journey.



Once Kathleen is in your life, she's in your life forever. When I describe what Kathleen does to people, I compare her to a Mary Poppins of childbirth. She has all sorts of smart tips and tricks to help you plan for and experience child birth as close to your dreamed up plan as possible. Her course is better than any book you can buy, she provides really empowering insights into all of the pregnancy, childbirth, and postpartum stages. She helped us to bring our two children into this world safely, and we are forever grateful to have had her by our sides to give us her energy, strength, love, and support. For anyone thinking about getting a doula to support their birth, reach out to her as soon as you have a due date, she books up fast! 

Marni F


Kathleen was a phenomenal addition to my birth team. My first birth (in another state) was a traumatic emergency c section, and I wanted this birth to be a healing, calm VBAC. Kathleen provided so many tools, education, and referrals to the best people (massage, chiropractic, etc) to allow me to empower myself. We discussed all my concerns at length and came up with alternative plans and goals as needed. She helped me create my birth plan and advocated for my wishes day of. Day of she arrived very quickly to support me emotionally and physically. I had a beautiful, surprisingly quick, unmedicated VBAC and I'm so grateful for her support in helping make that happen. She has continued to support me postpartum. She is truly the best. 

Scott Powers


Kathleen is the best in the business. She is such a leader in the Houston birthing community. As first-time parents, we felt very confident in ourselves thanks to how Kathleen helped us prepare. Labor developed very quickly on us (my wife was fully dulated at 10cm when we reached the hospital). That made for a stressful drive to the hospital, but Kathleen stayed on the phone with my wife the whole time, which was crucial for getting through the experience. At the hospital, Kathleen worked really well with the nurses and doctor in the delivery room, getting us all to work as a team. We are so grateful to Kathleen for guiding us through this experience. She also connected us with our all-star team of birth and postpartum care providers: OB/GYN (she helped is change doctors after my wife's first couple visits didn't inspire confidence), postpartum meal support, pediatrician and more. Thank you Kathleen!!

Kyla Meuer


I had an amazing experience working with Kathleen.  From the very start we felt comfortable and confident with our pregnancy and birth. She has such a wealth of knowledge and resources. I would recommend working with Kathleen if you want a beautiful experience.



She listens, she informs, she encourages, she holds you up (figuratively and literally if needed). She lays out all your options for you. You are heard and you are takin seriously. To have that type of person in your corner whilst pregnant, birthing or postpartum is a powerful and wonderful thing.

Kathleen was my doula with my first child in person and virtually with my second. Her support and guidance in both those births were exactly what I needed. 

Alexa Eberly


Kathleen has been my doula for 4 births now, and there's a reason she's been my doula 4 times - she is amazing! Incredibly knowledgeable, dependable, compassionate and loving. I can't imagine a birth without her love, support, and care. I trust her opinions and know I'm in great hands with her and the birth team I have surrounding me. So grateful to have her in my life! 

R. S. Campbell


On the list of things that I never thought I would do, one item was hiring a doula. I found Kathleen when looking for a birthing class in Spring, Texas. During class, her depth of knowledge and years of experience were readily noticeable. 

Up front and honest, Kathleen was the exact birthing coach and advocate I needed. She talked me through a brutal 48 hour labor, cajoled the nursing staff when needed and encouraged my husband. Last year, I didn't know what a doula was. Today, I wouldn't go through the process of labor and birth without her. She will be there for any subsequent pregnancies. I adore Kathleen and trust her implicitly. 

Do yourself and your partner a favor you will never regret. Hire Kathleen Wilson as your doula. Period.

Bob Bowdon


Kathleen is the best doula ever! My wife and I interviewed and worked with several over the course of 3 births and she is second to none! The absolute best! 

Katie B.


Kathleen is a rare find. Five Stars. Best use of time and money throughout my entire pre and post-partum months. On a practical note Kathleen is qualified and credentialed, exceptionally bright, and very well-connected and respected professional in and around Houston. Most importantly (though we didn't appreciate how critical this would be early on in our decision to hire a doula), Kathleen is a charismatic, funny woman with a giving heart and no agenda. 

As first time expectant parents, we chose to hire a doula because we felt OBGYN care today did not provide any education and also lacked in any kind of personal support (we delivered at Texas Children's Hospital and would give 5 stars for the medical team at time of birth, this comment is mostly a reflection, in our opinion, of how drastically disconnected the healthcare industry has become from patient care and the time a doctor can actually devote to a patient). 

We thought we'd be getting an informed resource and sounding board by hiring Kathleen - which we did. But we also gained an advocate, thought partner, confidant, and a selfless dear friend we could trust deeply. As advertised, Kathleen truly provides clients with a "your birth your way" experience. 

We are eternally grateful that Kathleen was a part of our team and family leading up to the birth of our son, and wholeheartedly recommend her talents to all.



Kathleen helped educate not only me, but also my husband, on all of the many things we didn't know the first time (and everything we forgot when we got prego with the second). I felt well prepared and informed both times. Kathleen presents information in an unbiased, frank way and provides all the facets to build into your decision making framework. She does her homework to provide you with as much fact/science/stats as possible and will tell you when she doesn't know.

My first birth went beautifully with coaching from Kathleen. We were able to labor in the comfort of our own home until it was time to go to the hospital. Once we got to the hospital, she coached and advocated for me through the more difficult parts of labor, helping me feel safe, beautiful and loved along the way.

The second birth went quite differently than the first. I had predromal labor for the 3 weeks leading up to the birth which was self-defeating and challenging. Kathleen provided me a shoulder to literally cry on, gave me encouragement, reminded me of my options and took my calls and texts every false alarm  I had. The night I finally went into labor everything happened so suddenly and without much pattern. I called Kathleen and she took  pause to tell me she trusted me to know my body best. Her taking the time to tell me that in the midst of all of my self-doubt immediately empowered me. My water broke just after her kind words which led us to a quick ride to the hospital and the baby being born 15 minutes after arrival. Kathleen didn't make it to the hospital in time and apparently covid policies changed that day so they wouldn't allow her in when she did arrive. My husband took her coaching from the phone like a champ!

All in all, Kathleen is phenomenal. She's a big hug when you need it, a good laugh when you are feeling low and a kind heart always. I would recommend her 100 times over!! 

Jessica Hinojosa


I recently gave birth to my first son with Kathleen as my doula. My husband and I benefitted so much from her care - both the meetings before labor and delivery, as well as her support, coaching, and advocacy during my difficult labor. One of the main reasons we hired Kathleen (besides a general good feeling about her personality and style of education/care) was the extensive prenatal support that she provides. Having regular meetings before labor meant that she became a friend and a trusted resource - this was crucial during labor. She also has continued to stay in touch and check in with us and our baby postpartum. We definitely plan to have Kathleen as our doula again for future kiddos! We would highly recommend her!

Paula Blackwell


Kathleen was amazing!!! For my second birth, I knew I wanted to attempt an unmedicated hospital birth and after lots of researching and interviewing, I hired Kathleen to be my doula. She was amazing every step of the way, especially in the prenatal education and recommendations. She gave me tips and tricks to get the baby in the most optimal position for delivery. Upon her recommendation, I found the BEST prenatal chiropractor, who I believe got my body ready for birth.  I ended up having a VERY quick labor and delivery (delivered within 30 min of getting to the hospital). Kathleen made it just in time and was invaluable in getting me through it. It was quick and overwhelming and she talked me through every minute and made the unbearable bearable. I am so happy with my birth story and it's because I had Kathleen's help. I truly recommend her and would use her again in a heartbeat!



I have worked with Kathleen for three pregnancies - two very different births and one birth just around the corner. My husband and I both appreciate her grounded and compassionate care. It is always respectful and wholeheartedly participatory of our desires on the path to parenthood. Importantly, Kathleen is also happily available as needs arise during pregnancy and between key scheduled meetings or calls.

Kathleen is ready to meet you where you at, whether you are a totally natural mama or a Western medicine loving mama, religious/spiritual or not at all; she will honor you, your wishes and your baby diligently. We particularly appreciate her knowledge of scientific outcomes and understanding of scientific data - what they tell us and what they don't tell us.

Finally, Kathleen is plain fun. She is respectful, gets along with any and all people you need her to during your pregnancy, has a wide spread network available to you, and on and on. Having had one wilder birth experience I can also say that she is flat out one strong chickadee when the rubber meets the road and you're counting on her having you and your baby's back. My husband says the same. We can't say enough about her. 

Kristen Clark


Kathleen Wilson is truly an asset for any pregnant woman. Whether you are planning an unmedicated home birth or want an epidural at the hospital, having Kathleen there to advocate for your well being and support your birth plan, she would be so beneficial to have by your side.

My plan was to have an unmedicated hospital birth, but my little guy took his time coming out. I was in active labor at the hospital for 24 hours (after 20 hours of early labor at home) and Kathleen was there with me the entire time. She helped us determine when to go to the hospital and once there, she helped me labor while giving my husband suggestions on how to help me as well. When I was contemplating an epidural, she helped weigh the benefits and possible complications and made my decision clearer. Once I did have the epidural, she was right there by my side helping the nurses flip me every hour while also holding my hand for comfort if needed. My husband says he absolutely could not have made it without her. She supported him through a few worrisome times during that long 24 hours. 
I could not have asked for a better support person during this epic labor. I never would have thought she would stay for the entire 24 hours but once she was with us, she didn't leave. She is a wealth of knowledge on pregnancy, labor, child birth and infant care. If she doesn't have an answer, she will direct you to a person or place that will get you one. I would 100% recommend her to any family wanting an advocate in their care for any type of labor and delivery. And she also offers a separate birth course if you want to educate yourself before your birth experience. I'd recommend taking that course as well!

Mike C


My wife and I welcomed our baby boy into the world in November of 2020.  If you to rewind 6 months prior to the birth and have asked me what a a doula was or did - I would have stared at you with a blank face. I have since become a complete advocate for using a Doula and huge  fan of Kathleen Wilson.  As a career I am in the business world - and my best analogy is that hiring Kathleen is equivalent to hiring the top consultant - but in this case - a "birth consultant" that with her experience and connections will insure you and your wife have the birth that you want to have.  Prior to birth - we met multiple times, developing a birth plan, doing both ad hoc and scheduled training which really helped my wife and I become prepared and educated on all things pregnancy and birth related. She was also a wealth of knowledge and urecommmendations for different things. Example: my wife wanted a specific type of chiropractic care - Kathleen's recommendation was spot on.  

When it came time for the actual birth - I could not have asked for a better person to help support my wife and myself.  We were already well educated on all of the medical processes which made decision making more about what we wanted to do versus having to learn on the spot and make a decision.  The care and compassion that Kathleen showed my wife during birth was beyond expectations.  Truly was a member of our birth team / family.  In fact - she was at the hospital for over 24 hours with us!

To sum it all up - I highly recommend Kathleen for Doula services. She had the experience, care, and compassion that really did contribute to a successful birth for my wife.   

Brittany Henry


I cannot say enough about what an incredible doula Kathleen is. She participated in the birth of both of my daughters and hiring her is by far the best decision I made for both pregnancies. Kathleen was always just a phone call or text message away to listen to any and all questions and concerns and provide evidence-based information, encouragement, reassurance and advice. Her constant support helped us navigate the many decisions and ups and downs a pregnancy involves. She does an amazing job helping her clients make informed decisions and is never judgmental or dismissive. I can’t imagine a more invaluable resource during pregnancy and in the early days postpartum.

I had my oldest daughter with a midwife in a hospital and my second in a birth center. Each of my labors was beautiful and empowering and Kathleen played a pivotal role in that. She was a calming presence during labor and helped both me and my husband to feel confident and have fun bringing both of our girls into the world.

I am so honored and thankful for Kathleen’s role in my journey into motherhood and I can’t imagine going through a pregnancy and labor without her. If you are looking for a patient, compassionate doula who is incredibly well informed about best practices in pregnancy, who is well connected with the birth community in Houston, and who will be your fearless advocate, look no further. She is hands down the best and most experienced doula in Houston and I cannot recommend her highly enough.

Danielle Duckworth


I hired Kathleen for my second birth. After the birth of my first son and a few issues we had my husband and I knew we needed someone with a little more knowledge in the room with us. I was determined to have #2 natural without and medicinal aids. We knew upon our meet the doula and her banter with my husband she would be able to handle me in the delivery room. Kathleen was there throughout the pregnancy and we meet up frequently to establish a report. I had a rough last few weeks and she was there, we all thought I was going to be early baby boy had other plans. In the delivery room she did everything I needed to deliver baby boy naturally and made it as comfortable as she could I mean I was delivering a baby!! 100 percent plan to hire her again if number 3 should come. The support before and after were worth every penny. 



Kathleen is amazing! We have used her twice now. The first was a pretty standard labor and delivery. But with her help, we were able to go drug-free which was what we wanted.

The second time was a C-section with twins. The hospital we delivered at only allows one person in the OR, but she joined us immediately in recovery. Because of her help I was up and walking much faster than I would have otherwise been.

In both situations she was an amazing coach and supporter and guide through a new situation. I would recommend her to everyone.

Maria Jaimes


I hired Kathleen for the birth of my first child around week 36. My goal was to have an unmedicated, "comfortable" birth. Thanks to Kathleen's support I achieved this goal and had a wonderful birthing experience. Prior to the birth, I had been practicing the hypnobabies metthod. All that went out the window the moment I had my first very strong contraction. All I could feel was the immense amount of pain I was in. In her childbirth class, Kathleen taught my husband and I stretches to prepare for birth, stretches to coax baby into the right position, and methods of coping with labor pains. Kathleen was responsive and always available to answer my questions via text or during our meetings. The night of, I contacted Kathleen and she arrived at the hospital in less than an hour. She was a game changer during my birthing. My husband provided as much support as he could, but it wasn't until Kathleen arrived that we were able to put all our lessons together and feel comfortable. She coached us on what techniques to try to manage the pain, what positions to move into, and kept me positive when I doubted myself. Without Kathleen, I don't think I could have succeeded in having an unmedicated birth. I truly believe that it was thanks to Kathleen's support and knowledge that I had a good birthing experience. I would absolutely hire her again for any other babies that I have. Hiring Kathleen is pricey, but she is worth every single penny. I will forever remember and be grateful to Kathleen for helping me through the hardest thing I've ever done. Give yourself peace of mind and hire Kathleen, a true professional who will do what it takes to help you deliver your baby as closely to your birthing plan as possible.



Short story: 

Kathleen made me go from "I will never have a child again" to "I want to have more babies"

Long story:

I was terrified to give birth. I couldn't sleep at night, had random panic attacks, cried uncontrollably, and was just horrified of going again through this experience. The worst of all was the feeling of being completely unfit to become mother again. Aren't we supposed to be born for this? So why on Earth  would I start crying like a baby when merely thinking about the onset of contractions?! Shouldn't my body  just naturally know how things work? My first experience was traumatic. And 7 months down the road my second pregnancy could have ended the same way. Instead...it didn't.

When I met Kathleen, for the first time, I heard that it's ok to be afraid. It's ok not to want to feel pain. It's ok to be a human and I don't have to be some super miraculous born to be birth-machine. I gotta admit, before I met Kathleen I thought Doulas are some crazy Birkenstocks wearing aunties that tell you that hospitals are bad for having babies, epidurals are an invention of the devil, and there's only one right way to give birth and it would probably involve burning incense. Boy was I wrong(still not sure about the incense part, I'm pretty sure you can have that if you like:-).

Instead of trying to ignore my fears, Kathleen helped me tackle them. Instead of telling me what is the 'right' way to have a baby she listened to what I really feared and really wanted and made me not feel bad/guilty about it (yes it's ok to be a bit selfish! You're making a human, there's more than one right way to have a baby). She helped me prepare mentally for the birth and made sure I wouldn't just try to wing it when it's time to have my baby. So this time I was prepared. And for me this time it really was a miracle. 

(PS: nothing against Birkenstocks, they're super comfy)




I really wanted to hire a doula, not only to help me through the birthing process, but also to help my husband help me because I would be in no state to know what to ask. Kathleen came highly recommended from multiple moms at work who had her as their doula. With such resounding recommendations, my husband and I enlisted Kathleen and worked with her through pre-birth meetings, coaching about how to handle OBGYN appointments, and positioning techniques. My labor was almost 24 hours and through it all Kathleen was in touch initially via text and then in person as the contractions got closer. Having Kathleen present through the contractions, eventual epidural, and the final push to birth our son gave me a lot of peace of mind as I knew she was there to provide her expertise and support for my husband and I. She also followed up with us after the birth to check on me for post partum depression as well as my son's latch to make sure he was having no trouble eating. I intend to continue the chain of recommending Kathleen to all of my friends. I can imagine that my delivery would have been a completely different and stressful experience without her there.

Eileen Estrada


I cannot say enough about my doula Kathleen.  Being a first time pregnancy experience, I wanted to be educated on what was happening with my body and what to do to help prepare my body for the birth I wanted. Kathleen did that and so much more. She has such a positive and confident spirit that I needed desperately! She gave me and my husband confidence and support throughout my entire pregnancy and during my 22 hour labor and delivery!

Christina Gong


Kathleen is the best! I love her so much! She has no agenda or interest in my birth but only to fully support me doing it the way I want. She's so caring and understanding. She's super professional with a tons of experience. I trust her completely from giving me he best advise and having my best interest in mind. For those you are concerned about the cost. It toalky worth it! It's not just for her to show up at your birth. We had so many sessions and she's so detailed providing all the information and answering my questions. I felt so much more support from our sessions than my typical doctor appointments. You know your Dr spend 5, 10 minutes with you and ask what questions you have and you have no clue what to ask. With Kathleen we typically spent a full 20, 30 minutes. She's so detailed asking about my diet, exercise routine, how my body feels, and providing all the helpful advise to best prepare raise a healthy baby and have the birth the way I wanted. And really enjoy the entire process.I could not thank her enough for giving us so much support during this special journey! 



Kathleen was a phenomenal resource before, during, and after the birth of our daughter. From the first time we spoke over the phone, to after my baby was born, Kathleen had a calming but fierce presence. She is your biggest supporter and truly makes you feel like you can do anything you put your mind to! She's honest, full of information, and a huge advocate for you doing you.

My birth ended up being longer, harder, and totally different than I had envisioned. Kathleen ushered us through the curveballs gracefully, making sure we understood what was happening (or not happening) each step of the way, while making me as comfortable as possible. You need that type of person with you in a hospital setting; I can say that with confidence now. Looking back, I'm proud of my labor, and I'm proud of the birth of our beautiful baby girl.

All in all, I can't imagine doing birth again without her as our partner. Kathleen, you are amazing and the three of us totally love you!

Brittany Beaver


I cannot imagine going through birth without Kathleen. My husband and I hired her early in the pregnancy and took the 6 week birth class offered through Rebel Birth. It helped us both feel empowered with knowledge and more comfortable with the birth process for our first child. 

Hiring a doula is an investment well worth making. Kathleen was by my side every step of the way during my long and intense labor. Supportive doesn’t even begin to describe her role; she knew my needs before I could even vocalize them. She calmly relays all medical information in easy to understand terms to help you and your partner weigh the options. She helped softly direct my husband with ideas of how to support me and he was a rockstar during the birth. He walked away feeling like an integral part of the whole process and it will be a memory we will forever cherish. 

Kathleen has a contagious sense of humor and has so many goodies and tricks up her sleeve to make birth more smooth (essential oils, massage techniques, and most importantly a giant hand fan that is incredible!). 

If you are searching for a doula, search no more. Her years of professional experience plus her personal experience as a mother make her a wealth of knowledge that would likely be difficult to find elsewhere.

Caitlin Keller


Kathleen was recommended to us by some friends who spoke nothing but wonderful words of praise about her. We went for an interview, and we ended up hiring her on the spot. My husband seemed to click with her so much during the interview, and her statement about wanting to help him feel successful in supporting me in our home birth made me feel great, even though I didn't seem to click with her in the same way he did on day one. But since then, Kathleen feels more like a friend than someone who we hired. I trust her, I feel comfortable with her, and I'm excited for her to be our support during our birth (baby hasn't come yet!). She better watch out, because after this baby comes and I heal, I will definitely miss her enough that I will want to make the hour drive with baby to come to group sessions just to be able to say hello and hang out! In the beginning of this pregnancy, we were hesitant to hire a doula because of cost, but we can't imagine our birth team without her now! 

Christina Hallmark


I can not say enough good things, Kathleen was absolutely amazing! She makes you feel like she has known you forever and just has a way of making you feel at ease with the whole birthing process. She is extremely knowledgeable about different techniques to help with preparing for labor and the birthing process itself. We met with Kathleen a couple of times before the birth of our daughter and discussed what we did and didn't want for the delivery and felt confident in our decisions. We knew Kathleen would do everything she could to help us have the end result that we wanted...a non-medicated birth. Kathleen was right there with us for the whole birth and I feel like this was the easiest one yet and for this being my 3rd that's saying something! She just has a way of taking your mind off of the intensity and knows so many tips and tricks on how to get the baby down. We could not have picked a better Doula to be a part of our birth team than Kathleen and we will use her again when we decide to have our next little one!



We first learned about hiring a doula through a friend who used Kathleen, saying she was invaluable to her birth. We too found her to be a crucial participant in our birthing experience.

We had various meetings leading up to the birth discussing our birth preferences, and the mothers health. We talked about seeing a chiropractor and massage therapist, exercise and diet, and other various topics.

We were also allowed to read from her lending library, and got to make educated decisions on what kind of birth we preferred.

We did not end up taking her birth education class, as this was our second child. But I would definitely recommend taking part if you are a first time parent. The information is much more in depth than a hospital birthing class can provide. Kathleen and her team also provide postpartum classes to new mothers and dads, which is awesome.

Giving birth can be unpredictable and intense, but it can also be beautiful and unforgettable. There were moments when I was unsure how to stay focused during my rapidly progressing birth, but Kathleen gave me much needed guidance, for my and my stressed out husband’s sake.



Kathleen was an amazing asset duirng my pregnancy and birth. I was 36 and a first time mom. I had read tons of books and felt like I was more knowledgable than alot of first time moms but I wanted an advocate for me during my hospital birth. With her 14 years of hospital births experience, I knew I was in good hands. I am positive I would have ended up with a c-section without Kathleen. We had some curveballs thrown at us during labor like an awful on call doctor, 42 hour labor, etc that was pushing us towards the c-section. With Kathleen's presense and advice, my husband and I were able to make informed, safe decisions and I was able to deliver vaginally a healthly baby. Throughout the entire pregancy and process, Kathleen was warm, caring and always willing to answer questions. My husband was so reluctant to hire a doula at first. I had to drag him to the interview. He conceded because it was what I wanted (and he liked Kathleen) and he realized that having a doula would not be taking away from his role in the delivery room but actually helping him be able to enjoy it more. By the time my daughter was born, he was a huge Kathleen fan and was so glad we had hired her. He even tells people now that they should have a doula!  I have to agree. Kathleen was a better resource for me than my medical doctor. We will definitely be using her for our next pregnancy.

Courtney Pape


You will not regret working with Kathleen! She’s the absolute best at what she does and is very professional. She’s practical in her recommendations, on time, responsive, and makes herself available to answer questions and help (even postpartum). During active labor, she was right there with me for every contraction demonstrating incredible energy and knowledge. She was supportive and encouraging, and helped me manage the mental stress of labor, as well as the physical. I had the birth I wanted because I hired Kathleen. I have a complicated birth history, with two prior cesareans, and wanted an out of hospital birth. Kathleen was very knowledgeable about the things that contributed to my csections as well as hospital and out of hospital births. She was able to answer all of my questions which helped me make the best decision for me and my baby. I’m so thankful to have found Kathleen!

Danielle Sokol


We hired Kathleen for both of our daughters’ births. She is so experienced and knowledgeable. She made us so comfortable during my first pregnancy there was no question with hiring her a second time. She was always available via text/phone for questions and her birthing classes were so thourough that we really felt prepared for our first child. Her bedside manner was perfect. She let me husband take the lead during labor and delivery. Just having her by our side was so comforting and worth every single penny. We HIGHLY recommend Kathleen for your doula needs. 

Susan A


The best thing I did for my birth of my little girl was hire a doula. I genuinely had a positive birth experience and I believe Kathleen helped us achieve this.

This is our first little one and I had no idea what to expect from labor. Kathleen walked us through what to expect and how to handle the birthing process. I had less fears going into labor because I knew I had the education. On the big day, Kathleen helped me through each phase of labor. Because of her extensive experience, she also empowered my husband in how help me. When we were faced with complications, Kathleen was another person on our side. 

Seriously, now when my friends tell me they are pregnant, after congratulations, I ask “have you thought of hiring a doula?”

Rosalyn Williamson


Well, I don’t know where to start because my appreciation and thoughts about Kathleen are indescribable. From the moment I met her, I knew that she was the right Doula for me. We had an immediate and open understanding. That, coupled with her knowledge and skill, meant that I had the best pregnancy ever. I would go to the office with lots of questions and a fair bit of anxiety as a single, first time mum. She provided me with some fantastic resources and spent time getting to know my hopes, fears and wishes. I had an enjoyable pregnancy, minus the many symptoms that come along with pregnancy and lots of that is down to Kathleen’s expertise.

I gave birth to a healthy 7lb 1oz baby boy on 4/4/19 and Kathleen was there with me. We chatted, giggled and communicated through the entire birth. She reassured me, motivated me, explained what was happening to me and empowered me to push my baby out in 2 and a half pushes. 

She was my rock and I won’t ever be able to put into words how much she means to me. I’ve waited my whole life for this baby and the fact that she was the bright star that helped me bringing him into the world will shine on forever. I will share stories with him and tell him about a magical ‘one of a kind’ lady named Kathleen who coached me, befriended me and made his entry into the world so special. Whenever I smell peppermint oil, I will now think of Kathleen.

In our hearts for ever Kathleen Wilson,

Roz and Jack Spencer Williamson 



Kathleen was amazing for my twin c-section birth! I was attempting a VBAC and wanted the support of a doula.  Prior to delivery we discussed my birth plans and she was able to help walk me through both VBAC and surgical births at both hospitals my doctor had privileges at.  Unfortunately my little ones remained stubbornly breech and due to other health complications had to deliver via c-section.  I had a previous, incredibly traumatic c-section resulting in major post-partum complications.  I was utterly terrified and Kathleen was with me the entire time during the surgery and delivery of the twins.  My husband was skeptical of hiring a doula at first, but after having Kathleen in there with both of us, he agrees that he can’t imagine it any other way.  She helped keep me calm and focused during the birth, was there to support my husband when needed, and even helped me get the babies feeding in the OR while the doctor was closing the c-section.  She has such a warm, caring presence and an innate ability to know how and what kind of support everyone needs at the right time.  We are forever thankful for Kathleen’s part in our babies birth story and she helped facilitate a truly gentle c-section experience.  Even though these are our last little ones, I’ve recommended Kathleen to all my friends who are currently pregnant.  

Meghan Jones


I was new to the area and preparing to deliver my fourth baby when I reached out to local moms for doula recommendations. Kathleen was the overwhelming favorite and after delivery with her by my side I can see why. She is supportive, encouraging, accommodating and just overall amazing. She did a great job helping me physically make it through some of the toughest contractions and then knew just what to say when I was struggling mentally and emotionally in the height of labor. Her hugs are amazing and as a new mom there is nothing like being told you are a rockstar as you are cleaning up after delivery and probably look the worst you ever have. She truly cares about her clients and their wishes  and does a great job of guiding without influencing. She is a wealth of knowledge and truly an expert at what she does. If I ever deliver another baby, I will do everything possible to have Kathleen by my side again!



So, I can't speak too much of the actual child birthing side of what Kathleen did for us, she obviously was phenomenal. My wife could better speak to that. But what I can speak to is what she did for me. My wife chose to get an epidural after beasting labor naturally for hours. I, not knowing anything about epidurals, was nervous and scared about her getting it. What if they missed?! Kathleen sensed that. She took me down to get snacks from the vending machine and just held a conversation with me about our favorite movies and TV shows while in the waiting room. She completely took my mind off what I was worried about for those 15 minutes. She knew the moment and had control over it. It spoke volumes to me. She had me long before that moment but that definitely showed me she would be someone I would always suggest to anyone looking for support. 

Yohanna Ruocco


We are extremely grateful to have had Kathleen as our doula during my second pregnancy and birth. She made us feel immediately at ease when we met her which was really important specially for my husband. After my first birth resulted in an unplanned cesarean and subsequent complications, we really wanted to achieve a VBAC but most important to feel supported during the birth and empowered in our decisions. Kathleen is excellent with hospital births and she had an excellent rapport with my OB which speaks for itself as you want all the members of your birth team to work for together to help you achieve the birth you want. More importantly Kathleen was there to support us when things didn't specifically went as we liked. My pregnancy went past 41 weeks and the day before my scheduled repeat cesarean she came over to our house and helped me to grief and process what was happening. That alone made all the difference. I went into labor that night and Kathleen was with us through the very long labor helping me with the pain and guiding my husband. I ended having another cesarean but the support and love we received this time around made for a very different experience. The other remarkable thing about Kathleen is that she really makes you feel like family and she has build a community of support that will last beyond birth and postpartum. We love her and cannot recommend her enough.

Chela Cobra


I am so happy we hired Kathleen to be our birth Doula for the birth of our first child. I credir her presence with enabling me to give birth to my baby without any medical or Pharmaceutical intervention. She also helped keep me calm and present despite my husband’s inability to be there for most of the labor due to an extended drive to make it back to Houston for the birth. There were some tense moments given how fast my labor was progressing but she always brought it back to me and ensured all decisions were made with my explicit consent. I’m so fortunate to have happy, empowering, and incredible memories of the day my baby was born because of what I was able to achieve with her help and support. Everyone needs a Doula WITHOUT QUESTION, as I learned through this pregnancy experience and Kathleen was spectacular.

Another benefit to working with Kathleen is the Rebel Birth team she is a part of. If for any reason she is not able to help you, any and all of the Rebel Birth Doula’s are a wonderful surrogate in her place. We spent some time with Joli as well and loved knowing she was there too if needed.

Nothing but positive things to say about these experienced and capable ladies and particularly about Kathleen, who I would recommend to anyone from high-risk, to home birth.

Eric Myers


Kathleen was wonderful! Her personality was a great fit for us. She is compassionate and understanding, and very practical as well. She was always there to provide sensible and down to earth guidance. During the pregnancy she was a reassuring presence when we needed it most. She was very proactive in keeping up on how we were doing in the time leading up to the birth. She is a wealth of information, and she had an awesome pool of knowledge to draw from when we occasionally needed help in convincing ourselves that things were going along normally.

It was simply great to have someone to talk to who is so experienced, who knows the ropes so well, and who is familiar with the medical facilities and professionals in the area. We had some challenges in the final stage of the pregnancy and ended up having a long and difficult labor. When we told her the potential trouble we were facing, she recommended that we should contact a particular doctor who specializes in difficult deliveries. We did, and we were very fortunate indeed that he was able to perform our delivery. She stayed with us through it all, and we will never forget that. We are so glad that she was our doula, and would absolutely recommend her to any of our friends or family.

Shay Davidson


Here are the things you will like about Kathleen:

- she is experienced at the kind of birth you're going to have. Are you having a planned Cesarean? She does that. All natural home birth with a drum circle? She does that. Are you a surrogate? Hospital phobic? Water birth enthusiast? Yep. She does that. If it exists in the birth world, I can assure you she has done it, and done it well. Many times.  

- she's going to let you do you. From the beginning till the end, she has no agenda and is going to support you in the ways you need it.  See previous ????????

- she knows all the pregnancy and birth things in and out. She is educated and confident and will give you the facts with no candy coating. But don't worry, you're brave and capable and will appreciate her candor. 

- she will answer her phone when you call her. 

She totally supported me and my crew through the birth of our 5th baby and I am so glad she did. ??

Jess Totten


Kathleen is an amazing doula! She and her associates at Rebel Birth have created a true haven for new and expecting parents. It's a bit far to drive up there from our house, but we always enjoyed our visits for appointments, and always got a lot out of them. Kathleen was supportive, caring and knowledgeable before and after the birth, but her care and dedication during labor was a huge part of what a wonderful experience it was for me and my wife. I would enthusiastically and without hesitation recommend her to anyone looking for a childbirth doula in this area.

Nicole David Garner


What can I say about Kathleen other than she is AMAZING!! I have had the pleasure of delivering 2 babies without pain meds with the help of Kathleen. She is beyond supportive regardless of what your birthing plan is. I only wish I was having more babies so I could work with her. Having a baby is such a deep connecting experience, and even though I didn’t spend much time with Kathleen because I had short labors, I can truly say I love her!! I’m so glad she was able to help me have the most wonderful deliveries. If you do anything ”extra” for your pregnancy, HIRE KATHLEEN!!

Dee Bowdon


Kathleen was amazing to work with. My husband and I both were sold on day 1 when we met her. She is very organized, and I always felt at ease during and after our meetings. She was always great about responding to text or phone call if/when I had questions or needed advice about something. She is genuine and tells you like it is, which I loved. I felt like I could always be real with her throughout every part of my pregnancy and labor, which also meant a lot. When it came time for our baby to arrive, he decided to begin his entrance on the evening of her 20th wedding anniversary and make his official debut hours later on Thanksgiving morning. Needless to say, timing probably wasn’t ideal for Kathleen’s schedule, but she didn’t let that get in the way. She showed up as soon as I needed her and did an UNBELIEVABLE job at making me comfortable throughout the entire labor (I gave birth in the water at home). Having something to compare it to, because this was my second baby, I can tell you that my experience this time around was night and day different, in a good way! She had the right exercises, breathing techniques, pressure points, whatever it needed to be, at whatever time I needed it. I could not have birthed our baby boy the way I wanted without her here by my side, and I will absolutely be calling her when it’s time for baby #3! Kathleen was an answer to prayer for me, and I’m thankful to not only call her my doula but also now my friend and a friend of our family’s. Did I mention that my husband is also obsessed?! Lol. He loves Kathleen too and felt so at ease with her here! Do you and your family a favor and call Kathleen. She is the bomb.com!??

Marti Altman


I can’t say enough good about Kathleen! She’s the perfect balance of nurturing and being direct with you. She met with us multiple times, was a great advocate for us, will explain what the doctors or nurses are requesting if you’re in a fog of adrenalin, and honors your wishes as well as educates you on topics we hadn’t even thought all the way through until we got to making our birth plan. She is very open minded, you follow the plan you wish, she is there to simply help guide you and ease your mind (totally necessary) through it all. I highly recommend taking the birth class with her!!! Seriously, worth every penny. A hospital will simply show you videos. Kathleen educates you about EVERY little detail and teaches you how to be an advocate for yourself and your baby. She‘s great at helping your partner feel equipped to be the support you need. My husband & I couldn’t have made it through without her! She helped me calm down & focus & helped guide my husband on what to do in the chaos. You need Kathleen in your life if you’re about to have a baby! 

Morgan Brown


My husband and I cannot recommend Kathleen enough!  I'm a FTM and she assisted with the birth of our baby boy February 2018.  It was great having her support and knowledge during my last trimester and she was phenomenal during L&D at the hospital.  I was on the fence about a medicated/unmedicated birth and she didn't pressure me either way.  Not much went accoridng to my birth plan since I ended up being induced and decided on getting an epidural during labor.  With her guidance, I was able to deliver my baby boy vaginally which is what I really wanted...without her, I would've ended up with a emergency c section.  She knew all the nurses and where to find different props in the hospital.  She worked great with my husband and I felt like I had the perfect birth team!  The birth of my son was an amazing experience!  Thanks Kathleen!

Hannah Turner


My husband and I are so happy we had Kathleen there to support us throughout my pregnancy and the incredibly peaceful, joyful birth of our beautiful baby girl on January 9, 2018. As a first time mom and newly trained doula, I had my heart set on a natural birth and knew I wanted the support and expertise of an experienced labor doula. Throughout my pregnancy, she helped guide me through techniques and suggestions to help with optimal positioning of my baby and to help prepare my body for labor. I listened to all of her advice, such as excersize methods and proper posture, as well as some nutritional advice. She also worked with my husband to teach him different comfort measure techniques so he could also take an actively supportive role during my labor. We both grew to trust her immensely throughout my pregnancy. I went into labor spontaneasly around 11pm on January 8th and tried to get some rest until around 2:30 AM when contractions intensified. At that point, Kathleen headed to my house to help me labor at home as much as possible before we headed to the birth center. When she arrived, my contractions were becoming so strong that I was beginning to feel like I couldn't handle them. As soon as she got there, she had me get back in my bed on my side and put her hands on my hips and started breathing with me slowly and deeply. She told me to relax my shoulders and not fight the contractions, just to melt into the bed with each one and focus on me breathing, letting the contractions roll over and pass. I instantly started to find a rhythm and just felt myself melting into labor, feeling a huge sense of warmth and peace and I totally lost track of time. This set the tone for the rest of my labor, continuing after we arrived at the birth center at 6:30am and until my baby was born happy and healthy at 11:05am. She never left my side and gave me the support and courage to trust my body's inner wisdom without any fear or anxiety. 

Samantha Ewing


As a first time mom not knowing what to expect, I am so glad to have had Kathleen’s support! Kathleen is great to work with, she is knowledgeable and proffessional while also being very personable. Even the doctors and nurses that delivered my baby knew Kathleen and commented they were happy to be Working with her. She made me feel comfortable right away when I met her, and her presence eased and my anxieties during Labor. i Learned a lot from Kathleen’s pre-Labor meetings where she explained to me different aspects of labor and delivery and walked me through potential options  for my own birth plan. She also gave great advice on diet and exercise to prep for the labor I wanted. On the day of, she was there to help keep me relaxed, help my husband with tips for supporting me, and she helped me through key discussions and decisions with the doctor when things varied from my birth plan. Kathleen checked in with me multiple times after the birth And helped me navigate my breastfeeding ups and downs. She is well networked and has connected me with photographers, lactation consultants and a pediatric dentist. I would highly recommend Kathleen to anyone, she is and continues to be a most valuable resource for this happy new mom!

Haley Tollett


For my second (and last) baby, I really wanted to have a non-medicated delivery. I knew the only way I would be able to get through it would be with help. After several recommendations from my friends and coworkers, I met with Kathleen. I instantly felt comfortable with her and knew her vast knowledge and experience would be a great tool to have in the delivery room. She was involved with the pregnancy the entire time. Anytime I had a question about anything (glucose numbers, blood pressure issues, etc), I could reach out to her and she would make recommendations on sleeping positions, exercises, etc that I could try to manage any issues. I was preeclamptic and my blood pressure was becoming an issue. I wanted to go into labor naturally, but that didn't work out. With Kathleen's help in the delivery room, I was still able to limit the amount of medical intervention during the delivery. Without her, there would have been no way I would have known of all the other options, instead of just agreeing with what the doctors and nurses were telling me. Her pain coping techniques and tricks were extremely effective and I was suprised that I did not even miss the epidural. I ended up having an amazing experience and am so grateful that Kathleen was there to make that possible.

Besides the magic she worked in the delivery room, by choosing Kathleen as my doula, I am now part of an amazing network of mothers and doulas. I still get to use Kathleen and her other clients as a resource for any other questions or issues I might encounter. It's very comforting to know that I am part of such a great group. 

I can't say enough good things about Kathleen. I highly recommend her as a doula. 

Heather Brush Binagia


We hired Kathleen at the start of our second trimester and from the first interview with her we knew she was exactly what we wanted in a doula. She is experienced, compassionate, and assertive. Throughout my pregnancy she was available for meetings, and phone calls and texts for support and questions. She got to know my husband and I, and we developed a strong relationship with us easily and naturally. 

Taking her birth classes at Rebel Birth helped us navigate pregnancy and delivery and the information gained there was huge.

I had to be induced at 37 weeks for medical reasons and the process was difficult. I was on a high dose of pitocin and had back labor - our daughter would not turn into position. When Kathleen arrived at the hospital we spent a few hours laboring in some tough positions to try to turn her and the physical support Kathleen provided as well as emotional and instructional support  helped us get through the most painful parts. Eventually we saw that for all our hard work our girl wasn’t going to turn around, and decided to get an epidural. Despite this being the opposite of what I wanted for my birth, Kathleen really helped me see that the decision was the right one for us. Without her support on the decision I feel it would have been a much harder one to make. After I had the epidural she continued to help with physical support by positioning me and massaging my swollen legs. When time came to push she was in the thick of it, holding a leg and giving me reassurance.

We hired a doula with the intent of having support for an unmedicated birth, and ended up with exactly the support we needed for a difficult birth with much more intervention than we imagined. As first time parents, Kathleen gave us so much confidence and support during the entire process. We lolove her and can’t say enough great things. We will be hiring her for all our births, without question. 


Liani Oistad


If you want a doula who will fight for you and support you through anything and everything, you'll want Kathleen Wilson. When I found out I was pregnant with twins she advised me on how to be seen by the best MFM in Houston. I wasn't even her client yet. Of course I hired her, and it was the best decision I made. Even my husband, who didn't see the need for a doula, will tell you she's the best money we ever spent. I had a 2 day labor. She didn't flinch. I felt loved, empowered, and completely capable of birthing my twins vaginally (which I did). She never tried to push her own agenda. She supports you and loves you right where you are. I originally wanted another homebirth, but with identical twins who shared a placenta the risks were to great. Thanks to Kathleen, I felt like I still had a homebirth type experience. I will forever be grateful for the care she provided and continues to provide me.

Therese S. Totten


I have known Kathleen for about 6 years. This is our second pregnancy (fingers crossed all goes well) and we are clients of Kathleen currently. Our previous birth was with one of her associates within her group, and Kathleen was a very close second choice, and now after wishing we had worked with her, we are finally working with her. She is great, supportive, knowledgeable, and thorough whilst still respecting my boundaries. At the same time, when she sees there is something that needs to be worked on i.e. posture/pelvic positioning, sexual trauma/inhibitions, all of which can impact birth, she is quick to zoom in on and offer solutions/tips/help, pushing when it is appropriate, respecting boundaries when needed. I am very grateful and glad to be working with her. I feel very supported and confident in her care. I know I will be taken care of, not just baby.

Polina Tsyolta


Absolutely loved my experience with Kathleen. She helped me to achieve my goal and have natural delivery at the hospital, despite scepticism of my OBGYN, friends and even my own at some stages.  I know i would not be able to do this without her professional help and care. She is also able to answer any question regaring baby industry and far beyond that. I would totally recomment Kathleen to everyone who wants the best pregnancy, delivery and postpartum support.

Kayli Dearing


I listened to birth stories and did some research and I kept hearing and seeing the benefits of having a doula, after I became pregnant with our second baby the search began, we interviewed with Kathleen and automatically felt like she was the doula that we needed for our birth. 

During my pregnancy we had several prenatal visits,  in between our visits i felt very at ease knowing she was just a phone call or text away. It became normal for my husband to tell me "just text Kathleen" because he knew she could answer my question, squash my anxiety, or just tell me "you are doing a great job growing this baby"  At 34 ish weeks I decided I wanted to switch providers and Kathleen was very encouraging and reminded me that this was my party so I got to decide who was invited.

My water broke at 40 weeks+1 at 10:30 on a Saturday morning with irregular contractions, I called Kathleen and told her what was going on so she gave me a laundry list of things to do to try to jump start labor but most importantly to rest. We kept in contact with her and my midwife throughout the day, we decided on a time that night to go in to the hospital since my water was broken for quite a while. I told Kathleen that I would text her when I felt like I needed her, I tried several herb tinctures and finally ended up on low dose pitocon. As they kept upping my pitocin i knew I needed her at that point so my husband called her and she quickly headed our way. As soon as she got there I was beginning to faulter but she quickly stepped in and started applying pressure where I needed it, letting me cry on her shoulder, and just became exactly what I needed at every turn. After our baby was born into my husband's  hands I said "it was so worth it"  that truly was one of the best days of my life. 

We love Kathleen and are so thankful to have found her, she truly is so worth it! 

Mallory Cowell


I have only positive things to say about my experience with Kathleen as my doula. she was there for my first child (who is now 8 weeks and thriving) and I honestly can't imagine going through this process without her.  

You think in the beginning that the prenatal help and education she provides is worth the money...

Then you're in labor at the hospital where everything is confusing and foreign and she's there to explain it all and you think THAT'S worth the money...

Then you have postpardum and lactation issues and she not only puts you in touch with the best lactation consultant ever, but her office also has a constant calendar full of classes and resources that you can take advantage of anytime you need.

In the end, it's all worth it!

I'm pretty down the middle when it comes to natural vs medicated birth, so Kathleen did a great job presenting all my options to me without bias so I was comfortable with the decisions I made along the way.

Will be calling her again for #2!  

Patricia Brennan


When I got pregnant with my second child I knew I wanted to try for a VBAC. Kathleen was very supportive from the very beginning. She gave me advice on exercises, ways to facilitate optimal positioning, and helped us put together a birth plan. Most of all, Kathleen was there for moral support every step of the way, even leading up to the birth. She was available for phone support when I was a week late, miserable and just needed someone to hear me out and let me cry. I can't tell you what a difference it makes to have a strong support team with you. I doubt I could have achieved my VBAC without all the love and support Kathleen provided during labor. After the birth, the nursing team and doctor had nothing but great things to say about Kathleen. She is a true gem and I highly recommend meeting her and seeing how warm and likeable she is for yourself.

Sonia Shukla


Kathleen is AMAZING!!!!! We have had Kathleen as our doula for both our babies and she helped us through everything we needed. Excercises, what to eat, how to be comfortable when sleeping, our birth plan, and most importantly the emotional support. She was always there when we needed her. During both labor and deliveries she kept me informed of what the nurses and doctors wanted to do and impacts of that. That was so helpful especially during labor. She helped me get through labor and always made sure I was getting what I wanted and needed. I really appreciate that about Kathleen. She's warm, caring, understanding, and she doesn't judge. She saw me through many vulnerable moments during my pregnancies and after and she has been nothing but a pillar of support.  I would recommend Kathleen to all my family and friends. Our family loves her so much!

Carie Dietz


Kathleen was an amazing doula! I sought her out because I felt out of control with my son’s birth experience and my goal was a VBAC. She has tons of experience with women trying for VBAC and is very knowledgeable. She is a fierce advocate for her clients before, during and after labor. During our prenatal sessions she taught me lifestyle modifications to ensure optimum fetal positioning as well as gave me exercises to work on. When she sensed I wasn’t pleased with my VBAC-supportive OB, she suggested a MFM that her previous clients had thrived under and to whom I switched. She also recommended a chiropractor who kept me in good pelvic alignment (along with my physical therapist) during the pregnancy. Kathleen was always available by phone and we made numerous prenatal visits to her at the Rebel Birth center in Spring. Well, as with my son, I went way past my due date and by 42 weeks I agreed to a membrane sweep. I went into labor and two days later checked into the hospital. I had originally planned to go unmedicated but the contractions proved too intense, then my epidural quickly failed and Kathleen made all the difference in the labor, she held my hands and forced me to breathe through contractions. My daughter, though, went into fetal distress and we had to have an emergency c-section. Kathleen stayed through the surgery and afterwards to make sure I was ok. I felt SO supported and am so grateful for everything she did. In the week or so afterwards she came to visit to followup to see how we were doing and to talk about the birth. She also invited me to participate in the postpartum group at Rebel Birth in Spring, which I attended once I was allowed to drive again. Even though it ended in a c-section, I would absolutely hire her again. Kathleen’s support was essential to having a good birth experience, she helped me cope with contractions, and her input and suggestions helped me form a superstar birth team. Thank you Kathleen, you rock!

Kristi McCarthy


Words can't express the impact Kathleen had on our entire journey -- pregnancy, labor, birth and postpartum.  First, Kathleen provided very critical advice during pregnancy about taking care of baby and me during pregnancy and preparing my body for labor. Kathleen was always available to answer even the most minor question during pregnancy -- it was much easier to ask her than call my doctor. Then, when the big day came, Kathleen was instrumental. I did everything I could to have a non-induced vaginal birth. But 2 weeks before my due date, I had to be induced, showing signs of preeclampsia. Kathleen calmed me down after hearing that news and got me focused on what was to come. She helped my husband and me through hours of unmediated labor with pitocin-induced contractions and was extremely encouraging when I decided to get the epidural. Then she guided us through hours more of labor and 3 hours of pushing only to find out that I couldn't deliver the baby vaginally. Once again, she calmed me down and reminded me that while I didn't want to have a Cesarean birth that it was a gift to my daughter. After surgery, she helped me breastfeed for the first time. She checked on me all week and made a follow up visit to my house at the end of the week. We discussed healing from surgery and scar healing, as well as my mental health, and she set up a follow up for 6 weeks later.  In the interim, she continued to check in on me and was so supportive. At the 6 week appointment, she helped me with scar healing and so much more. I would highly recommend Kathleen for any type of birth you want to have and any birth you may end up having. Kathleen helped me begin to understand that my birth journey -- while it did not happen the way I wanted -- was a totally valid birth. In short, Kathleen is full of love and support and provides a few laughs along the way. I am truly grateful that Kathleen came into my life as my doula. 

Michael Kavalinas


I would recommend Kathleen to anyone, but especially other dads. She took the pressure off of me during some intense times in labor and delivery while at the same time supported me as well and made me feel part of the experience and giving me a pillar role where and when I was needed most. Kathleen and I were able to work together to support my wife. I was nervous and so scared for my wife and baby at a few points and Kathleen was the calm that I needed. She reassured me and made sure I was ok. She showed care for me just as she did my wife. Labor and delivery is a highly emotional marathon for the guy as well, seeing your wife go through everything, and knowing that Kathleen is in it with both of us was a huge relief for me. I can't imagine going through our 28 hour labor without Kathleen.

Also her childbirth classes were great. I highly recommend them to any parents, she knows the science and medical background of all of the hospital treatment options and the pros and cons with each scenario to help us make an informed choice. Having the background of the child birth classes before labor and delivery helped us immensely.


Thank you again from the bottom of my heart

Lyndsey 'Hickman' Martin


Part 2 of 2:

Kathleen’s support and encouragement continued after our son was born. She came to see us in the hospital room, arranged for a lactation consultant to drop in and help with breastfeeding, and visited us at home during those fragile first few weeks as I was learning to navigate the strange new world of a brand-new mom. After being repeatedly told that the only thing that mattered was a healthy outcome for mom and baby, I was struggling with conflicting feelings.
While I knew that both my son’s and my own health were ultimately the most important things, I couldn’t ignore the fact that I had missed out on the birth experience I had desperately wanted. I felt selfish for feeling sad about it, which led to guilt and disappointment. Kathleen helped me understand that it was ok, and in fact necessary, to allow myself to feel whatever I felt about my birth experience.

During my second pregnancy, I had settled on a doctor who I was not happy with and did not fully trust. Kathleen stepped in and gave me a wakeup call, prompting me to switch to a doctor I loved and trusted. I took her suggestion and will be forever grateful I did.

Throughout both of my pregnancies, I was incredibly thankful for Kathleen’s kindness, strength, invaluable experience, expertise, and reassuring, comforting presence. Her desire to support and empower me and my family during this time was genuine and unmistakable.

Lyndsey 'Hickman' Martin


Part 1 of 2:

Let me begin by saying that the birth of my first baby did not go as I had hoped, planned, imagined, or expected. I spent my entire pregnancy educating myself about my growing baby, my changing body, and how to prepare to bring my baby into the world in the best way I believed possible -- without drugs and with minimal outside intervention. I read Ina May’s Guide to Childbirth, I wrote up a birth plan, I did everything I thought I should be doing to prepare for my ideal labor and delivery experience. I had read, of course, about the importance of being flexible. However, despite my months of self educating, I had naively avoided preparing myself for the possibility of my careful plan going completely off the rails. In fact, my actual experience was so far removed from my ideal, imagined expectations that it felt surreal. During those moments of disbelief and disorientation, I felt that the only thing tethering me to reality was my lovely, strong, indispensible, experienced, capable, endlessly knowledgeable doula, Kathleen.

Kathleen wasn’t only in the hospital room. She had met with me and my husband regularly throughout my pregnancy, addressed all our concerns and questions, guided us, shared her resources and knowledge, loaned us books, and reminded us that we ultimately had a choice in all aspects of pregnancy, labor, delivery, and beyond. She encouraged me to advocate for myself and my baby, and how I wished to bring him into the world. We discussed scenarios in which I might be challenged, and how, armed with knowledge, I might overcome those challenges and take a stand for myself and my baby.

Marla Arguello


This testimonial is long overdue! Kathleen is amazing!! She is very genuine and accepting of others. We hit it off from the beginning even though I tend to be a very private person. We built rapport very rapidly and I felt I would be at ease with her during the delivery. She goes above and beyond the call of duty. She helped me get into an Obgyn practice I wanted even though I was so far along that no one wanted to accept me as a patient because I had moved from another country without my medical records. She worked and worked to find an in to the practice I wanted to get into. She was always honest about my chances to get, but never quit trying. She also made smart suggestions that would make the birth go smoother even if I didn't get into the practice. Eventually she got me in, but she had already helped me set myself up to have a good experience whether I got into the practice or not. She is great about putting you first. My husband lost his job and we had to delay paying her. Not only was she completely understanding, but she also never pressured us or made us feel guilty. My daughter's birthday happened to fall on Kathleen's birthday and she had already had 2 clients give birth that day. She had been at the hospital a day and a half.  Nonetheless she came to my room and assisted throughout the birth with whatever we needed: pain management, advice, emotional support, accupressure, getting water, helping with the sibling, etc. up until baby was here and we told her we were in great shape so she could go. She is truly wonderful. If you are thinking about hiring her, do it. I would do it again in a heartbeat.  She is a smart strategist and effective communicator who forms strong relationships with others so she is very effective at helping you get the birth experience you want. She definitely puts you first at a time when you may feel vulnerable and overwhelmed.  Thank you Kathleen!!! You're amazing!!

Jenny Kavalinas


Review continued from previous post...

Kathleen and Jolie's course made us feel as prepared as we could be for the birth of our baby. Kathleen's network was also critical to our success as parents. She recommended a private baby care and prenatal breastfeeding class in the comfort of our home. A lactation consultant that was also a NICU nurse that came not once, but twice to help me get a strong start to breastfeeding. And finally after the dust settled and family left and we were truly a new family on our own, Kathleen recommended a postpartum doula to work with our family. The postpartum doula cooked for us and taught me how to soothe the baby and a lot of baby "firsts". Without Kathleen's Rolodex of contacts I don't know what I would have done. I remember calling her in tears one day when my baby was about three weeks old, I was hormonal, tired and very emotional. She said "WE will find you help, WE will figure this out together." It was so special to me. Even after our contract of services ended Kathleen was still the rock that I needed. I am forever grateful for the love and care Kathleen showed my family and would recommend her a million times over.

Stephanie Laurie


After months of procrastinating educating ourselves about the labor and delivery part of pregnancy, my husband and I finally decided on the recommendation of a friend to hire a Doula. I really did not know much about doula services, but several people in my network recommended Kathleen. Like most first timers, we were stressed out and nervous about labor and delivery; neither of us had a clue what we were doing! The minute we met Kathleen we knew she was the one for us.  My husband and I are scientists and enjoy making informed decisions based on science and data.  Kathleen's approach spoke to us because she is incredibly knowledgeable and experienced, is well-read in the research and literature, and approaches all of her clients with a completely nonjudgmental attitude.  As a team of three we defined our birth plan goals and discussed our fears and reservations. Kathleen educated us about all of the things we didn't even know we needed to know, allowing us to feel incredibly empowered as we approached our due date. When the big day came, all of my nervousness and fear dissipated the minute I saw Kathleen in our L&D room. I felt a calm and strength I never expected as our team of three got down to business! With her help we met our goals and delivered a healthy baby girl. Kathleen's confidence, experience, and wealth of knowledge were essential ingredients to us achieving our birth experience goals. I can't imagine what this experience would have been like without her, and frankly I don't want to! 

Alexandre Brousse


My wife Jenifer and I used Kathleen for both of our children's births. I have to admit that at first I was skeptical when Jenifer brought up the idea of using a doula. However, seeing how I travel a lot, I thought maybe I should think twice and entertain the idea. After the first meeting, I was sold. Kathleen is experienced, energetic, funny, easy to talk to, and has a way of putting your mind at ease. Fast forward to the 3 days of back labor pains Jenifer endured with our first daughter and I realized Kathleen was indespensible. Guys want to help but it's hard for us to know our place in this whole process. Kathleen really helped to coach me with what would be best for Jenifer and how I could help. With our second, it was a no-brainer...we used Kathleen again!

Leila Bannister


Kathleen is simply amazing. She guided us through the whole pregnancy process and explained all of the relevant situations that could have come up. I eventually came to the point that I was 42 weeks pregnant, and my doctor wanted to induce labor. I was able to consult Kathleen about the drugs / medications from a neutral perspective of someone that had seen them in action on a normal basis over the years.

Kathleen was very reassuring that the induction plans were solid, and I was induced at 42 weeks. I had previously chosen to give birth naturally, and I was able to do this with Kathleen's help. She guided me through the contractions and it made the pain much more manageable. I don't think I could have tolerated the pain without her.
After delivery I had some complications and she was there for me, my husband and my baby. Her being there for us allowed my husband to come back and see me in recovery, which he wouldn't have been able to do otherwise.

I can not put in words how much her presencce meant to us. It was the best decision that we made to have her be part of our labor and delivery experience.

Valerie de Grood


Kathleen is not only an amazing doula, she is a genuine and giving person. She was the doula for my last two births, and I almost want to have another birth just so Kathleen can be my doula again! She has a wealth of knowledge, experience, and connections. She makes sure you have all the information, guides you in your decision making, and full supports any decision you come to along your journey. During labor, Kathleen was amazing. I felt completely comfortable by having her with me. I now consider her not only my doula, but my friend and part of my family. She is really the best! 

Jenifer Brousse


There really aren't words to describe how much I loved having Katheen at both of my births. Having a husband that travels for work, left me worried about being alone when I went into labor if he were gone. Having Kathleen allowed me to relax, knowing that she would be there when I needed her! Although my husband was thankfully home for both births, Kathleen was such an amazing gift to have during labor. She was so supportive of my decisions and guided my husband through helping me, allowing him to still play the main role as my birth partner. From support during pregnancy, birth and postpartum, there isn't any other way I would do this again without her with us! She goes above and beyond in making you feel comfortable, strong and educated. The support group after birth, is a huge plus as well! I am so happy I made that phone call to Kathleen 3 years ago and that we are still benefitting from her kind and generous nature after this birth too! She is the best! 

Michelle Constantin-Pica


Kathleen was such a wealth of knowledge and an amazing supporting doula. Before 34 weeks we met a few times, always at my house so it was super easy and convenient. She always knew how to put me at ease and could answer any of my questions. At week 34 I learned that my son was breeched and Kathleen was really supportive and helped me do everything I could to flip the baby. She had recommendations for chiropractors, acupuncture, she had an inversion table I could have borrowed, she pointed me to websites and moves I could do to flip the baby, ect. And most importantly she made herself available to talk to me whenever and helped me get over the disappointment of having a breeched baby and changing my birth plans from a natural birth. She also had recommendations for doctors that would deliver a breeched baby should I choose to change doctors and go that route. She was super helpful with no judgement in whatever decision I made. My son ended up not flipping so I had a scheduled caesarean but Kathleen was still there for me. I was so worried about my body not releasing hormones that happen during labor for breastfeeding and attachment to the baby. She came to my house the night before and using her extensive knowledge of essential oils and pressure points and gave me a "massage" and helped me relax and get my body prepared for labor. The next morning she met me at the hospital bright and early at 5am even though there was torrential downpour and flooding. She helped keep me calm and ease my worries about the C-section. She was not allowed in the operating room but she waited for me through the surgery and the waiting period until I was in my room a few hours later. She kept my worried Mama company and made sure me and the baby were ok and that my son was breastfeeding and latching correctly. The wealth of knowledge, recommendations and friendship Kathleen offered helped to make my pregnancy and labor experience a beautiful and stress free one.

Raffaela Hartmann-Schorro


Hiring Kathleen as our doula was the best decision. We're new to Texas and didn't have a clue about the american health system, pregnancy care, hospital policies and so on. Kathleen provided us with a huge amount of information which helped us enourmously to make informed decisions. With her help I found a great midwife and a hospital which corresponded with my expectations. 

Delivery: I felt in good hands in each and every moment. The atmosphere in the delivery room was calm and relaxed. We worked all stages of labor through together, Kathleen supported and optimized my breathing and coping techniques and was just there for me and my husband. She communicated with the hospital team in a calm, compassionate, professional manner what helped to mantain a relaxed atmosphere. Not to mention that Kathleen and my midwife know each other and have worked together many times. I had the best birthing team I could ask for.

Kathleen was and is always there if questions arise. During pregnancy and also postpartum. I appreciate her support a lot and I'm very very thankful for my great birth experience to which Kathleen contributed significantly. I'm so happy that I found her! Love her!

Kelly Wheeler Braverman


Kathleen was just who we needed by our side before, during, and after delivery. From the start, at our pre-labor visits, she supplied us with the tools and knowledge to prepare us for the big day and helped us create a birth plan that was specific to our wishes and needs. In addition, she taught us exercises to get my body ready for labor and encourage labor when we went past our due date, and she was always available to answer our numerous questions. During labor, we were continuously impressed and felt an added confidence with how well acquainted she was with the hospital staff and how seamlessly and professionally she worked along side them. When the delivery did not go according to plan, we were able and prepared to make educated decisions on how to proceed because of her support and because she had empowered us to learn beforehand about all the possibilities of labor by loaning us books from her extensive library. During the long, painful ups-and-downs of labor, she supported and guided us with love and her expertise care. When we returned home, her care for our family continued. As a first-time mom struggling with breastfeeding issues and trying to heal from a c-section, she gave me comfort and the vulnerability to cry and let go of the disappointments I had been holding in. And in the weeks following, she continued to check on my progress and recovery. Having Kathleen as our doula was essential in our journey to becoming parents, and my husband and I both couldn’t envision having done it without her.

Much love to you KW,
The Bravermans

Asraa Rehman


Part 5: My Experience:

Really you don’t know what you don’t know – she does. Having a doula was amazing but having Kathleen was like flying first class with the best airlines – so many perks you cannot be prepared enough.
She told me her goal was for me to have a beautiful birth memory so my son could hear the story one day and also want children of his own. I can confidently say it was a beautiful experience where I felt supported 100%, my wishes were all accounted for, I was never uncomfortable, always informed and most importantly I felt in control of a situation I know I probably had no control over because I had Kathleen. We would have been a nervous wreck without you! Thank you from my family, my husband, my baby and from the bottom of my heart. We all love you.

Best Regards, Asraa and Faeez!

Asraa Rehman


Part 4: My Experience:

e. I got super nauseous at one point, Kathleen was able to use some aromatherapy to help alleviate it and make me comfortable. I did eventually need to puke and she ran and got me a bag. There was no nurse in my room when I needed the bag, my husband doesn’t know where bags are… if Kathleen wasn’t there, I would have been in a mess and then had to wait 30 mins before someone came to help clean up. She is available even when a hospital staff member is not. Non stop. No matter what time of day you deliver.

f. I was extremely nervous when I reached 10 cm. it was time to push. I was shit scared!! My immediate reaction was I wanted more pain medication but they don’t let you get more because they need you to “feel” where to push. Kathleen really helped me overcome my fear. We had a pep talk with nobody in the room. She told me how more drugs could lead to me not pushing well and probably a C section. She encouraged me to try for one push and one push only, promising she would get me medication if I felt like I needed it. At this point I had too much trust in her, so for her sake I pushed once, the rest is history because my son was born 45 mins later.

g. Constant support. She was there for my husband and gave him breaks which was ok because I was never alone this way. She made sure she kept my family informed in the waiting area of every progress I made. My family is so grateful to have had her otherwise as family they would have just had to wait around…

h. She is still available to me post delivery and makes visits to make sure all is ok.

Asraa Rehman


Part 3: My Experience:

4. LABOR DAY – this was an 18 hour experience more or less. Quick summary:
a. This was an overwhelming day for me as I am a first time mom who hates cervical check ups by the way. Certainly not if you have large fingers and long nails, Kathleen made sure the right people did my tests and explained to staff on my behalf that I was sensitive down there and everyone needs to be extra gentle with me, as a result they were very careful with me. I don’t think they would have been otherwise. She held my hand for every check up and locked eyes with me. I could see compassion in her eyes when I teared up from fright or discomfort from the check ups, it was great to have her one side and husband on the other. Can never underestimate what a calming and familiar face can do for you.

b. Post the epidural, Kathleen constantly made sure I was turned left and right, never flat on my back. Again something only a doula will do for you. Nurses may leave you flat on your back with baby against you which can suck post-delivery. The constant movement from side to side helped me not get any bed sores. She also kept me informed of my BP and if it fluctuated she was quick to inform the nurses. I would hate to wait around for help to come after alarming sounds went off …and they did. I needed BP medication at one point, I needed extra oxygen at another point, etc etc.

c. At one point I needed more pain medication, hitting the nurse button is not as effective as having Kathleen march down halls for you and get what you need and get it fast.

d. There was a time I was “advised” to rupture my bag and I just didn’t want to. Frankly I was in and out of sleep and I just wasn’t ready and needed more time, with Kathleens help I was able to tactfully deny the recommendation and let nature take its course.

Asraa Rehman


Part 2: My Experience:

1. VISITS – first of all she does the most visits I have seen offered by a doula before and after delivery. My first visits were detailed where we talked about exercises to keep my baby in head down positions, we heard the baby’s heart rate, talked about labor and what it feels like, when to call her or go to hospital, send her photos of whatever was questionable (I did send her what I thought was my mucus plug) and my favorite statement “Asraa if you need me, just say the words I NEED YOU and I will be there” – AND SHE WAS.

2. EXPERIENCE - I delivered at Texas Children’s. my doctor know her but the staff at the hospital knew her and were very comfortable working with her. This benefitted me in so many ways during labor. Kathleen was my no 1 advocate for what I needed and when I needed it. If I needed pain meds, she got it for me… if I needed a break from invasive checkups she made sure nobody touched me… if I wanted a different nurse, she arranged it. If I needed more explanation or more time, she made it happen. she gets what you need without being rude to the staff

3. PRE LABOR - I was lucky to get a sneak peak of what my labor support would look like. We had a false alarm 3 days before delivery and I was in the hospital, hooked up to monitors and very scared because nurses would pop in and out and say one liners “oh your BP is high, we need to bring it down because its not good for baby or you cant be sent home” – wow scary! thankfully I wasn’t alone after nurses left because Kathleen was there to coach me and my husband and help me calm down. I can’t imagine just hearing fragmented statements and just waiting around. Having Kathleen and her experience was invaluable because she explained in more details what was going on and how I can address it, as a result, my BP did go back to normal and I was allowed to go home.

Asraa Rehman


Splitting Review due to space issues:

Part 1:

I cant even begin to express how amazing my experience was working with Kathleen. After my very first visit I forgot we hired her because she felt just like family and I felt instantly connected to her.

Let me begin by adding, I did opt for an epidural. It was always part of my birth plan. So I was often asked “why are you getting a doula if you’re getting an epidural?” There is a huge misconception about what a doula can do and how she can benefit the expecting mom, her husband and the whole family. I cant speak for others but let me tell you how fantastic it was to have Kathleen despite my decision to get an epidural.

She was extremely supportive of my choice from day one and helped me create a birth plan to support my choices. She asked questions I had not even thought about, for example “if it comes down to it, do you want to rupture your water?” – I would have just assumed I had no choice but to do so, but that’s the thing, a doula knows more than you know and she can help prepare you for things leading up to the day so you feel “oh I DO have a say and a choice”.

Alexa Eberly


I always knew I wanted a natural unmedicated birth and once I was pregnant I immediately saught out a doula to help me get there. Kathleen was recommended to me by my midwife, Karen Brock, and she said she was "the best," so she was the one I contacted. I instantly felt comfortable with her. I felt like she was the right combination of nourturing, compassionate and tough, which I is what I knew I needed. I loved meeting with Kathleen throughout my pregnancy for checkins as well as going to her 6 week class with Jolie. I studied pregnancy in college to do birth/child development classes with teen moms and felt like I knew what I needed to know, but I was wrong and found the classes so beneficial, informative, and necessary. I learned so much about what happens in the hospital, which helped me create a birth plan I felt confident in. Kathleen also was a great about recomending different resources and people such as a massuse, a pediatrician, labor photographer (that I aboslutely love) and much more. My labor and birth happened exactly the way I wanted it to go, and I give Kathleen credit for much of that. She labored with me through every contraction, and pushed me to try new positions that I really believe helped labor progress and helped me to stay calm. She was constantly encouraging helping me believe that I was strong and capable even through the bleekest moment where I truly wanted to quit. Labor is exhausting but she didn't let me give into an epidual (because I told her not to let me) and she helped get me there. She also was so helpful to my husband and mom, who wanted to help me, but didn't exactly know how or what to do. Kathleen gave them ideas on ways to help me stay comfortable, and help my husband stay calm and support me. Looking back on the birth of my son I am so happy with how everything went. I can't imagine doing it without Kathleen and she will be one of the first people I call when I decide to have baby number two.

Simon Hartmann-Schorro


How do people give birth without a Doula? Well apparently it's possibl, but I would not have wanted to even try without Kathlee.

She was with us shortly after we checked in at the hospital and made the whole experience just grea. Since I don't know yet if we will have a second one, I won't say she charges way too little for the support she gives:)

I would recommend her to everyone who wants to listen.

Megan Manning


I had my first son in November, and Kathleen was an amazing doula! I decided late in my pregnancy to attempt a natural childbirth at a hospital and I was concerned about being prepared for labor with only a few weeks to go. Thank goodness Kathleen was recommended to me by a friend! She worked with my husband and I to make sure we were educated and prepared in a short period of time. She provided enough information to enable us to be comfortable with all of our decisions, and yet not overwhelmed.

During the delivery Kathleen was my rock - helping with pain management, mental support, and making sure that I kept with my birthplan. She was able to provide information at key moments to help me decide how to move forward in the labor process and I ended up with a very smooth (<12 hour) delivery. I know that people give birth naturally without the assistance of a doula, but after working with Kathleen, I know that this is the better route! From start to finish, I couldn't have been happier with the support she provided.

I continue to rely on both Kathleen and her network for post-labor support, and they have provided better support than any of the healthcare professionals I worked with across this pregnancy journey. I am (and will continue to) recommend Kathleen to all of my expecting friends/family going forward.

Thank you, Kathleen. You are the best!!


Jerrod Hildebrandt


When my wife first suggested that we get a doula for the birth of our first son, I was like most husbands thinking why should we spend any more money than we had to. After doing some research I gave in and we found our doula. That first doula we hired ended up being useless and we let her go. We found Kathleen after that and after 2 weeks we realized even more how useless our other doula was. Kathleen took her time to get to know us and really understand what we wanted. When the day actually came she was a huge part in making that day perfect and she was as big an advocate as we could have asked for in the delivery room. She's tough as nails and doesn't take shit from anyone at the hospital. I liked having her there so much that we used her for our second son and, of course, that day went even better than our first. I cannot express to you enough, she's worth every dollar.

Cali Hildebrandt


I've sat down to write this testimonial at least five times, and every time, I sit there at a loss for where to begin. It's so hard to put into words how grateful I am for her and her services. She's incredibly supportive and non-judgmental. She becomes your best friend, mother, sister, your breathing, your relaxation, everything you need to get through what's arguably the toughest thing you'll ever do in your life. Kathleen supported my husband and I at the births of both of our boys. She tailors prenatal support to what you need and want (I'm a minimalist and went with a more "let's just see what happens" approach and she was totally cool with it, too). Kathleen is so knowledgeable about birth and really helped guide us to make the decisions for our births that we were comfortable with. Not only does she build a great relationship with her clients, but she has a great rapport with the midwives at Texas Children's (and several other hospitals/birthing centers). Knowing that your midwife, doula and husband all know, respect and love one another is so comforting during such an uncomfortable experience. Kathleen was not just the doula for my births, she's my friend and has become my labor "security blanket". I'll never birth a child without her by our side. I've been lucky to have smooth, uneventful births, but should anything ever get crazy, there's no one I'd rather have by our sides to advocate for us. Rebel Birth also offers phenomenal post partum support as well. Being a new mom is hard, the classes they offer are great! I love her, I love what she does, I tell anyone who will listen about Kathleen. She has absolutely found her calling in life!! 

Cali Hildebrandt


I've sat down to write this testimonial at least five times, and every time, I sit there at a loss for where to begin. It's so hard to put into words how grateful I am for her and her services. She's incredibly supportive and non-judgmental. She becomes your best friend, mother, sister, your breathing, your relaxation, everything you need to get through what's arguably the toughest thing you'll ever do in your life. Kathleen supported my husband and I at the births of both of our boys. She tailors prenatal support to what you need and want (I'm a minimalist and went with a more "let's just see what happens" approach and she was totally cool with it, too). Kathleen is so knowledgeable about birth and really helped guide us to make the decisions for our births that we were comfortable with. Not only does she build a great relationship with her clients, but she has a great rapport with the midwives at Texas Children's (and several other hospitals/birthing centers). Knowing that your midwife, doula and husband all know, respect and love one another is so comforting during such an uncomfortable experience. Kathleen was not just the doula for my births, she's my friend and has become my labor "security blanket". I'll never birth a child without her by our side. I've been lucky to have smooth, uneventful births, but should anything ever get crazy, there's no one I'd rather have by our sides to advocate for us. Rebel Birth also offers phenomenal post partum support as well. Being a new mom is hard, the classes they offer are great! I love her, I love what she does, I tell anyone who will listen about Kathleen. She has absolutely found her calling in life!! 

Cristy Kelly


I cannot say enough amazing things about our overall experience with Kathleen.  She's helped deliver two of our babies and if we have more, we'll use her again (and again and again). 

She is with you every step of the way during the pregnancy. She fielded every anxious question I had (even at 4am) and was always warm and open. During labor, she's irreplaceable. She gave me techniques to help calm down, gave my nervous husband things to do to be helpful (without ever being dismissive of him or making him feel displaced), and spoke to the medical team to translate what was happening for us.

During our first birth, I had an epidural and she never judged me for getting it. My second birth went exactly as I wanted - completely unmedicated. When I was on the floor in labor (apparently that's what helped me get through it) she was on the floor too: coaching and supporting.

Kathleen is the coolest. She'll joke with you but tell you when it's time to buckle down. Love her and all she does. 

Vanessa Patterson


For my third and final child, I knew I needed a healing, natural birth and wanted to "go out with a bang!" Unfortunately, because this was a 2vbac and I had skeletons in my delivery closet from #2, I needed a doula who could handle anything that presented itself. Kathleen was everything and more than those who recommended her said she would be- she was just what I needed- able to handle all my quirks and questions during the pregnancy, knew instinctively exactly what I needed during my fast and intense delivery, and most importantly, was the key to the successful birth experience that I needed in order to achieve the healing I so desperately sought. A pleasant surprise was Kathleen's placenta encapsulation expertise- she is amazing! I highly recommend talking to she about it. I'm so glad I did! 

Kathleen is professional, warm, extremely knowledgeable, savvy, builds rapport with hospital staff and doctors instantly, goes above and beyond, and is basically the entire package. She has strong intuition and trusted me and my birth plan. I was so blessed to have had her by my side during the pregnancy and my daughter's delivery. There isn't a day that goes by since that my husband and I don't look back on our daughters birth day and think about Kathleen's role in it. She was pivotal, essential, KEY to making that experience happen the way we had envisioned. We are honored she was one of the first people to meet our daughter and Kathleen is forever family because she gifted us peace through a beautiful experience. There's not one thing I would change about Kathleen's work. Rebel Birth is the only way to go!

Melissa Trivette


If I had to choose one word to describe Kathleen's role during my labors, it would be ESSENTIAL. Kathleen was my Doula for the birth of both my children. With my first, I was in active labor for 20 hours from the time my water broke. The labor was long and strenuous because his head was 14.5 inches and asynclitic. When Kathleen came over during my labor she immediately knew something was up with the baby's positioning, and had me start doing different exercises and positions during contractions to help correct it. She stayed by my side the entire labor, comforting and motivating me to keep going when I didn't think I could take anymore. She worked with the midwife and my husband to make sure my needs were being met, even when I couldn't communicate them. I am thankful to Kathleen and credit her for giving me the birth I wanted. If she hadn't been by my side, things would no doubt have turned out very different.

Luckily, birth #2 went much smoother, but the same goes for her essential role in my labor. She even helped to take care of my son when he woke up while I was pushing (had a homebirth). I've been lucky to have had Kathleen as a Doula for both my labors. I can't emphasize enough how invaluable it is to have someone as knowledgeable as Kathleen, who you can truly trust, to advocate for you and your needs at a time when you're at your most vulnerable. I couldn't imagine not having her by my side, and am beyond thankful for all the good she's done for me and my family. 

Mackenzie Reeves


As soon as I found out I was pregnant with baby #2 I knew I wanted to hire a doula. When I met Kathleen I knew she was just the right fit for my needs. My first pregnancy resulted in a hard labor and a c-section. I needed someone who could help get my baby in an optimal position. But I also needed someone who could help me navigate the right path to a hospital VBAC. Kathleen was perfect for both. She helped me push through some of my own fears to figure out exactly what I wanted and how I was going to get it. She also gave us wonderful knowledge and techniques to get my baby in prime birth position. He was stubborn, but Kathleen always had something else to try and he finally turned at 39 weeks! I achieved a hospital VBAC and will definitely use Kathleen again if needed!!

Christina Venegas


I am so happy and thankful that I chose Kathleen to be my doula. She was the first and only doula I contacted. After meeting her I knew she was the one and that I didn't have to search any farther. It was the best decision ever. Even though I made my decision to have a doula very late into my pregnancy, she made the most of our limited time. She gave me helpful homework and advice and prepared me well for my son's arrival. When I went in for my induction, she was available to me by phone and was by my side the whole time when it was time for her to come to the hospital. She was my rock throughout my labor pains and all the craziness going on. I don't think I could have gotten through the experience without her. Without her, I really think I wouldn't have tolerated my pains as well and would have had to been taken in for a c-section. I'll never forget my worst labor pains and locking eyes with Kathleen, breathing and moaning together in sync. It may sound funny, but you can't imagine how much help those moments were to get me through what I was going through. She will always be my angel and favorite person ever. She's just the coolest person ever, so smart and she just gets you and you just feel like you vibe with her so well. I really hope that with all the other laboring mom clients that she may have when it's time for my next baby, that it works out to where she can be by my side again. I don't want to have it any other way.

Nicole David Garner


What can I say about Kathleen other than amazing!!! I probably had one of the shorter labor and deliveries and even with her only being there 25 minutes before the baby was born, she was worth every penny!! I had an extremely quick delivery and from the moment Kathleen arrived she jumped right in and completely changed my birthing experience. Before she arrived I was tense and didn't think I could make it without an epidural, but once she got there I relaxed and just followed her instructions. She made me feel completely comfortable like we had done this before. This may sound weird but I feel like we somehow connected in a deeper way, I guess that happens when someone helps lead you through one of the most memorable, wonderful experiences of your life. I didnt end up getting the epidural and I wouldn't change anything anout my experience. Kathleen gives you the focus and tools to labor just the way you want. I will definitely have Kathleen at my side if I have any more children and I recommend her to everyone I know that is expecting. Thank you Kathleen for giving me something I never thought I would have, an unmedicated birth. Without you I don't think I would have had the strength to do just that!

Kate Vošta


Kathleen is an amazing Doula! Being that I am a Postpartum Doula, I get to spend a lot of time with parents after they have experienced their labor and the birth of their baby. I hear about why they loved their Doula and why they didn't; with Kathleen, it's always rave reviews! Every time I am invited into the home of one of Kathleen's clients, I know I am walking into a very positive environment because Kathleen ensures her clients are respected and heard throughout their entire journey together!

In the world of birthing babies, nothing is set in stone. We all have an ideal birth experience but, sometimes unexpected things may come up. When you are a client of Kathleen's, nothing is unexpected! I say this because she prides herself on educating her clients and their partners about every facet of pregnancy, birth, and post birth. No stone is left unturned. Even during a difficult labor, Kathleen takes the time to make sure her clients have a positive outcome. The care and dedication she pours into each individual she comes into contact with is like nothing I have ever seen before!

In short, hiring Kathleen is one of the best decisions you will ever make in this beautiful birth experience!

Charity Williams


Of all the choices I made for my birth,  hiring Kathleen was the best and most beneficial. I can honestly say I would not and could not have achieved my HBAC without her expertise and guidance. I fell in love with her during our initial phone conversation and I dubbed her my dream doula. She's about the most honest and real person you'll ever meet. Her confidence is contagious and even if you're terrified of birth, her calm presence will help you be brave.

During my birth she was exactly what I needed - funny, real, gentle, strong, firm, and tough. Somehow she seemed to always know what I needed, sometimes before I even knew. She listened and honored my wishes.  She was my shoulder to cry on and the one to push me the hardest when I needed to be strong. I would have caved and gone to the hospital for medication had she not been there to help me with her bag of doula tricks and expertise you manage my pain.

Kathleen has her finger on the pulse of birth resources in the Houston area. She knows where to go, who to see... She possesses a wealth of knowledge that made my husband and me feel so at ease that we would be cared for. Her post partum online and in person resources are also great. Kathleen truly cares for each of her clients and goes above and beyond. When my son spiked a fever at 3 days old, Kathleen met me in the ER and brought me food. She checked on us in the weeks that followed and continues to offer support months later.  

I respect her deeply as a person, as a parent, and as a doula.  I will be eternally grateful for the kindness, love,  and care she gave to me and my family. 

Sarah Crist


I highly recommend Kathleen and feel so lucky that we found her.  I like to plan and prepare for things, and as a first time mom I wanted help from an expert.  Kathleen certainly is an expert in pregnancy and child birth and helped ease my mind countless times, but she also took great care of my body and spirit.

Although I hoped for an unmedicated labor and intervention-free birth, it really didn't go that way for me - I was induced early, had complications during labor, and ultimately had a c-section.  Through it all, Kathleen was responsive, supportive, calm, nonjudgmental, and helpful.  She worked well with the nurses and doctors and was a great advocate.  Even before she arrived at the hospital, my husband and I were able to ask good questions and stay empowered when things weren't going according to plan because of our preparation with Kathleen.

The thing I like most about Kathleen is that she'll always be honest with you.  Pregnancy and birth are emotional, loaded life events that everyone has opinions about.   With Kathleen, you will have at least one person in your life who will give you zero BS during this time!



Arnel Saludares


Kathleen Wilson has been an integral and important part of, not one, but both of our birth experiences of our two sons. Both my wife and I feel that we would not have had such successful experiences without her.

When we were searching for a doula, we decided that there were three things we were looking for most in a doula: knowledge, experience, and the ability to make us feel comfortable. Kathleen has all three of these things in spades.

When we first met Kathleen at a Panera Bread in 2014, we immediately knew that we had found our doula. Even from just the first 5 minutes of speaking with her, she had shown us that she had the experience and knowledge. She shared such a wealth of information and advice just in that first meeting. And not in a pedantic, know-it-all, judge-y kind of way. It was in a very comfortable, very helpful kind of way. It made me feel that I had known her for such a long time and was comfortable around her in the way you can only be with people you've known for a long time. This feeling of comfort was important to us because she would be in the room with us at such a private, intimate, vulnerable experience.

Both my sons were born at a time where we had to contact Kathleen way, WAY early in the morning. And she was so responsive and so willing to put our needs ahead of her own that it made for a less frantic experience.

And when she arrived at the hospital for both of my boys, she just had this gift of putting me and, more importantly, my wife at ease. She had techniques to ease my wife both mentally and physically. She knew exactly what to do when I did not. Plus, she had great rapport with the hospital staff. 

If you are looking for someone who will be part of your team for a successful birth experience then look no further—Kathleen is your doula. She is family to us now, and I know that she will be there for us for every birth in our family.

Tiffany Rene


Shortly after my c-section, over 3 years ago, I knew I was going to want a doula for my next pregnancy. I started doing my research and came across Kathleen's profile on DoulaMatch. Approximately 2 years later, I ended up pregnant and Kathleen was one of the first people I called. We had one face to face meeting with her and hired her on the spot. 

Kathleen was wonderful my entire pregnancy. I could always contact her with questions, and she was always eager to help me. Throughout my pregnancy, it was Kathleen that helped give me the confidence I needed to follow through with my unmedicated VBAC. She was also able to refer me to some wonderful resources for chiropractic care, accupuncture, massage therapy, etc. 

My baby was born just a little over 2 weeks ago, and I can't even imagine what my labor would have been like without Kathleen. She carries such a sense of calm and confidence everywhere she goes. As soon as she walked into the room, I immediately felt a sense of relief. She calmly talked me through my contractions and helped me to stay focused. My baby's heart rate had slowed and wasn't coming back up, and some of the hospital staff had started expressing concern. Kathleen handled the situation like a pro, kept me informed, and helped me to remain confident in my body when I needed it most. I had a successful unmedicated VBAC, and my daughter was immeditaly placed on my chest after she was born. In my eyes, it was the perfect delivery and everything I had hoped for. I can truly say that having Kathleen's calm voice talking to me and coaching me throughout the entire process is what gave me the strength and confidence I needed. 

Kathleen's presence is truly priceless. I would highly recommend her to anyone considering hiring a doula. I guarantee they won't be disappointed! 

Jessica Perrone


  Had our daughter 10 weeks ago and have had time to reflect. Simply cannot express how pleased I am, not just with Kathleen, but with TLC as a cohesive unit.  After a ton of research we decided on natural birth and a doula was the next step. I read every testimonial, interviewed a few, and  spoke with previous clients. Kathleen was knowledgeable and chill, which is right up our alley for our first rodeo. 

  After several hours laboring at home with my husband I was ready for some added support and a feminine presence.  As it happened, Kathleen was already at a birth. No worries however, her fellow doula Dorin lives right near me and is ready and waiting to step in. Dorin was INCREDIBLE and quickly made me feel at ease and much more comfortable working through the contractions as well as getting them closer together with different positions and gentle massage.

  We moved to the Birth Center and I was 9-10cm in the tub when Kathleen got there just in time for me to start pushing. Both of these fabulous women stayed with us and added their calm spirit and expertise to Olivia's birth.  I felt enveloped in support.

  If you are choosing natural or assisted, home or hospital,  having a doula is a smart move. My husband and I loved Kathleen and her postpartum visits proved invaluable for breastfeeding tips. She also delivered my cleaned/prepared and frozen placenta for smoothies. HIGHLY recommend this option, the benefits have been incredible. 

Mackenzie Cota


We recently had our second child with Kathleen as part of our birth support team, and we definitely recommend her! We gave birth via an unmedicated hospital VBAC and we were glad to have her help. Kathleen gave us lots of attention and support in the months/weeks and hours leading up to the birth, guiding us by phone even in early labor before we knew what would soon happen. At the hospital she helped communicate with the hospital staff while also giving me and my husband the physical support and guidance we needed in labor. It was so reassuring to have her there- someone who knew us and would advocate for us and help us understand anything thrown our way. Knowing I was so well supported was key in easing my anxieties and trusting the process of birth, which cannot be understated as important in natural birth. I would say I was extremely having to have had a dream birth, and we know that having such a knowledgeable and experienced doula, Kathleen, played a huge part in that.

Danielle Sokol


When my husband and I first started our pregnancy journey I was lost, confused and overwhelmed. I'm honestly not a huge fan of doctors or hospitals so we decided to use a birthing center. At that point I learned what a "doula" was. After interviewing 3, Kathleen was definitely the option for us. My husband was a little skeptical at first, but he was happy that I was happy. After our first meeting once we hired Kathleen, I felt a huge sigh of relief. She was “in control”, but not controlling, and I could tell that if at any point during my labor and delivery, if things weren't going right, she would be my voice when I couldn't be. That ALONE was worth hiring her. She educated us on posture, baby positioning, nutrition, that sex was super important during pregnancy, and that above all, she was there to HELP my husband be there for me, NOT take over his job. We always felt important to her and always had her undivided attention. We also took her Rebel Birth class and WOW, was that an eye opener. It was empowering to know that WE had a voice about how we wanted our delivery to go…that we had options. We didn’t just have to go along with the mainstream and accept it if we didn’t want to. During L and D, Kathleen was cool as a cucumber. She fed me, gave me water, and tried her best to alleviate the horrendous back labor I was having, coached my husband through the hard parts and helped us deliver our beautiful baby girl. We are convinced that without Kathleen, this whole process would not have gone as smoothly. My husband was very happy we hired her and isn’t a skeptic anymore. Her Friday mom’s group is awesome as well. I would HIGHLY recommend Kathleen to anyone who wants a beautiful experience. She is a wealth of information and her knowledge base is just enormous. We have become good friends though this whole process and we will certainly be using her again on baby number 2.

Tiffani Taylor Dillon


Kathleen was amazing! Her knowledge and advice during my pregnancy, during labor and delivery and even post partum was invaluable to both my husband and myself. She gave us the tools and the confidence to have the birth WE wanted to have. She also has an awesome network of people to get your mind and body ready for labor. I had a pretty quick labor and I can't imagine not having Kathleen there with us. She was a calming presence in what was a chaotic and stressful time. She communicated well with hospital staff and was great advocate for us. Not only did she help me through the rough parts of labor (it was an unmedicated birth) she also helped with my 3 year old son who was in L&D with us. This is certainly Kathleen's calling. I would highly recommend her. I promise you will be very glad that you did. 

heather sherrod


I cannot recommend Kathleen highly enough. Kathleen was my doula for my first birth a few months ago and now that I have had time reflect, I can confidently say her assistance  and advice throughout my entire pregnancy and labor were invaluable. She has a library of books she is happy to loan out, a wealth of resources and recommendations for yoga, massage, acupuncture, and other services, and she is willing and able to assist with whatever birth experience you want to have or need to have. 

Sara Black


I really wanted the support of a doula. My husband was skeptical but after one meeting with Kathleen, he was on board too. We loved Kathleen's home visits. She always made us feel like we were her only clients. She is genuine and gives great advice. When it came time to have the baby, she was right there at the hospital getting us through it. She is extremely supportive and knowledgeable. I know that our experience was better with Kathleen by my side. We would absolutely use her again! 

Jessica Boswell


I've been thinking for weeks and weeks about what I wanted to say in this testimonial. I have so many positive thoughts regarding having Kathleen by our side through our pregnancy and birth of our son Gavin. When we met Kathleen for the first time my husband and I both knew she was the doula we wanted. From the moment we hired her she began to help empower both he and I in our journey. She helped us become informed. She helped me focus on what type of birth I wanted. I changed my mind about where I was going to birth shortly after hiring Kathleen and I was feeling anxious, she was able to calmly talk to me and help me with my new decision. Never did she make a decision for me, but she would just be there to give suggestions and information based on where I was leading things. My husband really took to Kathleen and absorbed all the information she gave us like a sponge. We also took her Rebel Birth class which only helped to further prepare us for everything. The way Kathleen has set up her practice is truly so helpful, besides her being there as our doula she also offers a slew of other resources. She has a group that meets at her house every other Friday where I have been able to meet other moms who are going through the same new changes as me which really has helped becoming a new mommy not be quite as isolating. My sons birth went pretty much exactly as I hoped it would. Without Kathleen helping us I think things would have turned out not nearly as exceptional as they did. She helped me be conscientious about my posture in regards to the baby's positioning, she helped guide us on when to go into the hospital and she helped me focus during labor on sticking to my plan of going drug free. Kathleen is such an excellent doula and a beautiful spirit. If we do have more children we will definitely ask Kathleen to do us the honor of being our doula again.

Lilliputian Seifried


This was my second time to hire Kathleen. After my first birth I really wasn't sure I would really need a doula... Then I became high risk. During that time I was trying hard to stay calm and collected but inside I was panicking, I wasn't sure what to do and I wanted to have control over this situation. With my first birth I studied all I could, thanks to Kathleen and the amazing support I had no fear of the pain or my abilities. However, with this unusual complication I was frightened and I was at the mercy of what everyone else thought was best. Kathleen was my rock. She was the person that kept me on my warrior path of getting the information I needed to keep this complication in check and having my baby at home safely. 

But Kathleen wasn't just amazing during my pregnancy. when my little boy decided to finally come Earthside he came in fast and hot. I progressed quickly and painfully, it was harder than my first labor in a completely different way. But Kathleen was there. She curbed my nausea, whispered guidance to me, helped me through my contractions and never left me. 

After I delivered she stayed with me and acted as backup to the midwives in helping me get situated, fed, cleaned up, and rested. Kathleen is wonderful in more ways than can be described. She is someone you can rest all your faith in to help you, guide you, and fight for you with the best intention. 

Andrea Morrow


Kathleen was a monumental support to myself and my husband during the pregnancy, labor and delivery of my second child. I was trying for a VBAC after having my first via emergency c-section at 32 weeks. She helped me prepare the best I could to be able to labor unmedicated and I was successful with her help to get all the way up to 9 cm! When I had a complication during labor, she was right there telling me how amazing I was. She stayed the whole time and was there to greet me after my emergency surgery. I couldn't have done it without her! I wish so much that I would have thought to hire her with my first; I didn't realize how unprepared I really was. If you're concerned about finances she will work with you, but she is worth every penny!

Alicia Chappell


Kathleen helped my sister, Joli Ammons, at the birth of my second son, Simon. They are both amazing at what they do and while Joli mainly focused on me, Kathleen played a special role. She helped out a lot with me, but the main thing that I am so grateful for is what she did to help my 5 year old son, Quinn. She made sure that he was calm and comfortable and eased any fears that he was experiencing. Any time he would get worried that I was in pain, because of the sounds I was making, she redirected his fears and showed him how fun it was to make animal noises with mom.  When she could tell he was getting overwhelmed, she'd go in the other room and play with him. Even while she had her hands full entertaining him, she still foung the time to check on me and help Joli with repositioning Simon. When Simon finally made his debut, I remember looking up and seeing Quinn in Kathleen's arms, looking over everyone elses head so he could see his new baby brother. Kathleen made sure that he could see, and that hel felt safe and included. He was clinging to her in the sweetest way that told me that he trusted her, and that made me feel calm. Knowing that he was taken care of so well enabled me to focus on doing what I needed to do to deliver Simon, instead of anxiously worrying about how Quinn was handling things. Because of her, Quinn was able to be a part of the birth of his brother. She helped him understand what was happening so that he didn't feel scared. Anyone that would like their older children to be present for the birth of siblings should definitely consider having the Kathleen and Joli power house team present. They make everyone feel safe, calm, and strong. And also Kathleen is just a fun person and knows how to get you laughing, and in my opinion a good sense of humor is the key to getting through... well life in general. 

Clare Simmons


I was a little apprehensive about hiring a doula – I wasn’t sure it was for me, and wondered if it would be strange having someone other than my husband and myself in the delivery room, but decided to do some research so as to make an informed choice. When we first met Kathleen, my husband and I immediately took to her warm and fun personality. I appreciated her down to earth nature and straight talking, as well as her great sense of humor about what can be slightly awkward topics! Towards the end of my pregnancy, Kathleen identified that baby seemed to be in a less than optimal position, so showed me some exercises to help baby to turn into the LOA position to help with an easier and faster labor, to try and help with my goal of remaining unmedicated through labor. These exercises ended up working, and baby was lined up perfectly in the final weeks of pregnancy – I was so grateful for the advice received! Once labor got going after my waters were broken, I called Kathleen who arrived quickly and set about helping to make me comfortable with acupressure techniques, and assisting in my breathing and visualization techniques. In the end labor was calm, comfortable and quick – made quicker I’m sure by Kathleen reminding me to change positions frequently to help baby move down (I’m positive I would have forgotten to do this on my own), and guiding me into those positions. The positions certainly worked, with a pushing stage of only a few minutes! She also made sure that I had everything that I needed at all times – it was wonderful having someone who was there just for me! At no point was her presence intrusive on this special time for my husband, baby and I – we were very grateful to have her with us, and for her part in helping me to have a wonderful, empowered and unmedicated birth. I would highly recommend Kathleen to those considering hiring a doula!!

Andrea Morelock


Kathleen is an amazing doula, mother, and friend. I can't imagine having any other doula. She is like a sister to me. This was my first pregnancy and I had no idea what a doula even was. I had interviewed, had one appointment, and talked with her at a post partum group meeting at her house before I went into labor at 31 weeks. I had planned a home water birth with a midwife and ended up having a natural birth at a hospital with an on call obgyn. She was in contact with me all day while I was in the ER giving me advice through texts and telling me to let her know when I needed her.

When I told her to come she was there in an instant. The hospital staff was so impressed with her and the nurse thought so highly of her work she wanted to become a doula. Kathleen is magical! She could make contractions almost entirely disappear with her massage, use of pressure points, essential oils, music, calming words, etc. She was a knowledgeable advocate for us, spoke with my parents in the waiting room, helped me with breastfeeding as soon as my baby was born among other things. She had my placenta encapsulated within a day after delivery. She also checked up on me in the days following.

My baby passed suddenly at a week old and she was much needed support in our time of need. She dropped everything for us and came right over. Of all the people in my life, besides my husband, I found most comfort from her. Even though you know she is a very busy woman she will always find time for you. I honestly can't say enough nice things about Kathleen. She is one of the most amazing people I've ever met. I love her like a sister and I'm so thankful to have her in my life.

Andrea Morelock


Kathleen is an amazing doula, mother, and friend. I can't imagine having any other doula. She is like a sister to me. This was my first pregnancy and I had no idea what a doula even was. I had interviewed, had one appointment, and talked with her at a post partum group meeting at her house before I went into labor at 31 weeks. I had planned a home water birth with a midwife and ended up having a natural birth at a hospital with an on call obgyn. She was in contact with me all day while I was in the ER giving me advice through texts and telling me to let her know when I needed her.

When I told her to come she was there in an instant. The hospital staff was so impressed with her and the nurse thought so highly of her work she wanted to become a doula. Kathleen is magical! She could make contractions almost entirely disappear with her massage, use of pressure points, essential oils, music, calming words, etc. She was a knowledgeable advocate for us, spoke with my parents in the waiting room, helped me with breastfeeding as soon as my baby was born among other things. She had my placenta encapsulated within a day after delivery. She also checked up on me in the days following.

My baby passed suddenly at a week old and she was much needed support in our time of need. She dropped everything for us and came right over. Of all the people in my life, besides my husband, I found most comfort from her. Even though you know she is a very busy woman she will always find time for you. I honestly can't say enough nice things about Kathleen. She is one of the most amazing people I've ever met. I love her like a sister and I'm so thankful to have her in my life.

Kelly Holan


Kathleen was a wonderful doula!  I hired her for my attempted VBAC that ended in a CBAC.  She is knowlegdeable and compassionate.  She was a tremendous help during labor and served as an advocate for us with the doctors and nurses.  With her counsel and advice, I truly felt like we tried everything to achieve a VBAC.  Although it did not end in the way we wanted, she helped us achieve a positive birth experience.  I would highly recommend her to anyone seeking a doula for their birth experience.

Ginny Watson


Kathleen is awesome!  She assisted with both of my hospital births.  She was a great asset to both me and my husband.  My first birth was about 12 hours.  She came to my house and supported me and my husband for a few hours before we all went to the hospital.  She was great at the hospital talking to the staff and making sure they knew exactly what I wanted.  My 2nd baby was born very quickly, and she helped race me through the back halls of the hospital.  She is so easy to talk to and understands exactly how you want your birth to go.  With her help I had 2 natural births in hospital.  She is a great Doula!!

Nicole Boudreau-Nichols


Kathleen was so amazing with everything involving the birth of both my sons! She was instrumental in having 2 successful vbacs with my 2 huge boys! I hired her after meeting with a few doulas back in 2012 to assist in the birth of my first son. Everyone was a bit worried because he was measuring pretty big. I don't remember her exact words, but 'if you built it, you can birth it' comes to mind. She was working two births at the same time and her apprentice (at the time) attended our birth! She was trained well by Kathleen and was amazing support! I truly believe that this could've ended in a section without Kathleen, Joli and my OB on my side!

Fast forward to this past year and the birth of my second son. I was measuring 'big' again and also was trying for a more natural birth this time around. She directed me to a great hypnobabies instructor in my area and we ended up with another successful vbac. This time I got my unmedicated birth! 

The whole experience was amazing. She is such a wealth of knowledge and has a great bedside manner. I love that she always kept me informed, even if it was less than pleasant, I never felt in the dark. I always felt prepared with every change or challenge that came our way before, during, and after labor! 

We love Kathleen like a family member and appreciate everything she has done (and what she still does) for our family! 



Nicole Boudreau-Nichols


Kathleen was so amazing with everything involving the birth of both my sons! She was instrumental in having 2 successful vbacs with my 2 huge boys! I hired her after meeting with a few doulas back in 2012 to assist in the birth of my first son. Everyone was a bit worried because he was measuring pretty big. I don't remember her exact words, but 'if you built it, you can birth it' comes to mind. She was working two births at the same time and her apprentice (at the time) attended our birth! She was trained well by Kathleen and was amazing support! I truly believe that this could've ended in a section without Kathleen, Joli and my OB on my side!

Fast forward to this past year and the birth of my second son. I was measuring 'big' again and also was trying for a more natural birth this time around. She directed me to a great hypnobabies instructor in my area and we ended up with another successful vbac. This time I got my unmedicated birth! 

The whole experience was amazing. She is such a wealth of knowledge and has a great bedside manner. I love that she always kept me informed, even if it was less than pleasant, I never felt in the dark. I always felt prepared with every change or challenge that came our way before, during, and after labor! 

We love Kathleen like a family member and appreciate everything she has done (and what she still does) for our family! 



Dorothy Wagner Strachan


My delivery with my first child did not go as planned. While it ended with a happy outcome and a healthy baby girl, the delivery itself was far from what I was hoping. I had planned to have an intervention-free drug-free delivery, and ended up being induced and having an epidural. Nothing wrong with that, it's just not how I wanted things to go. Granted, the induction may have been unavoidable, and I may have gotten the epidural anyway, but I felt that had I had someone there as my advocate, someone in my corner, events may have gone somewhat differently. (My husband was there of course, but he was just as clueless as I was, despite all the preparation we had done).

When I found out I was pregnant again I knew right away that I wanted a doula. Kathleen was the third that I met, and we immediately hired her. She was open to whatever kind of labor I wanted to have, not judgmental at all, and laughed a lot.

During our prenatal appointments, Kathleen seemed to have the answers to all the questions I could come up with, and raised issues I never even thought about before. She came to our house, which was so convenient, and got along tremendously with my 3 year old. By the time I reached the end of my third trimester, I felt really ready. I was a bit nervous about delivery, but knew I would have the support of both my husband and Kathleen at the hospital.

Well, baby had plans that did not involve the hospital. My labor from start to finish was 1 hour 20 minutes, and baby girl #2 was born in the car only a few blocks from home. There was no way that Kathleen could have made it to the birth, but she was in touch from the first contraction on, and arrived at the hospital shortly after we did. I got my intervention-free drug-free delivery (though in a somewhat extreme way). I will hire Kathleen again for the next baby. I was grateful for her support, even if she wasn’t able to be at the actual delivery.

Eric Rommel


Kathleen helped us during the birth of our daughter and she was an amazing Doula! She made the entire experience so much smoother and took a lot of the stress out of childbirth (which is a pretty stressful time). As a dad trying to help out my wife she helped me be exactly where I needed to be and took care of the things I needed to do. 

For any future dads reading this, hiring her is the smartest decision you can make. It is pretty much delegating out all the mundane things you're prone to forget and get in trouble for to another, far more experienced person. She'll get the ice before it's needed, she'll fluff the pillows when your wife begins to look uncomfortable, and she'll keep on top of the anesthesiologist so that you don't forget or miss the epidural and thus get reamed by a very (understandibly) upset wife. 

From one dad to another, hire her. It's the smart thing to do and it will make your day so much easier. 

Jennifer Davis


Kathleen played such an important role in my birth experience. I signed up for a Bradley class about halfway through my pregnancy. Around 28 weeks, I discussed my birth plan with my doctor and we were not on the same page. She had a 25% surgical birth rate. I panicked. I felt like I was too far along to switch doctors. I decided to look for a doula instead. I talked to three by phone, but only interviewed one in person: Kathleen. Her quirky self arrived at my house that evening; she gave me a big hug as she walked in. It all seemed a little too "hippy-dippy" to me at first, but after spending over an hour with her, I felt confident she was the right person to navigate the hospital setting with me. Many doulas don't have the hospital experiencd she does. She talked to me about how she was there to support me and to provide information, but not to make decisions for me. I hired her on the spot. She helped me switch doctors and hospitals at 32 weeks. At 40 weeks and 3 days at 2am, my water broke. Though I thought I was much further along, I was only 4cm when I checked in. My entire labor went this way. After 14 hours, I was only around 6cm, so the doctor started talking intervention. I ended up receiving a small dose of pitocin, which made my contractions very strong and close. I firmly believe that had Kathleen not been there, I would've received a much higher dose and probably would've accepted medication. Every time I would tell Kathleen, "But it hurts!", she would validate that for me and say, "Yes it does." When my baby was ready, the labor nurse called for the on-call doctor but he was busy and so, though she doesn't like to admit it, Kathleen, along with the nurse, caught my baby. Kathleen provided comfort, massage, affirmation and information throughout my labor, which was invaluable to me and my family. I couldn't have chosen a better doula. Even my husband, who balked at the expense, now tells all his dad-to-be friends that they need a doula. 

Andrea Rafiei


I'm certain I would have been forced into having a c-section, if not for the support of my family and my doulas (Kathleen and her backup Joli), and the amazing nurses we had at TCH Pavilion for Women. My son was born sunny-side up after an unusual labor lasting 53 hours (my contractions never went to less than 5min apart on their own). The doctor on call was determined to perform a c-section which thankfully we proved that was unnecessary. I'm so glad we decided to hire Kathleen as our doula. She offered so much valuable advice and assistance during my pregnancy and postpartum. 

Kira Ramdas


Kathleen was an amazing Doula. She met with us before the birth of our twins at least three times and even though we knew she was going on vacation at the end of my pregnancy I was so confident in her and her team we decided to hire her anyway. While Kathleen was not present for their birth, prior to that time she taught me how to pillow, about reflux and taught my husband how to do foot massages for the swelling. She helped us create birth plans for a normal and a surgical birth and when we weren't comfortable with our doctor she helped us transition to a Doctor that could provide the level of care that we needed. She ensured that we met with a substitute Doula on her team before she went out of town and that we were comfortable with her and we absolutely loved Jolie I can't imagine having the twins without her there. As my husband likes to say, our Doula was worth her weight in gold! Thanks so much Kathleen!

Tami Ernst


Before getting pregnant, I had no idea what a Doula was. I just thought I would have a baby like most people do, until I discovered natural childbirth & began to educate myself. By the time I knew I wanted to try it, I was already 32 wks and with an OB & hospital that were not inclined to help mothers birth naturally & also had high C-section rates. It was HARD to get transferred to a new OB at 32 wks, but Kathleen's referral was the golden ticket! After talking to 20 different doctors I got in with a wonderful OB at Texas Children's Hospital who would let me have my baby as naturally as possible.

Having Kathleen was a blessing, she was the liaison between the medical staff and helped me keep things as minimally invasive as possible. Babies all come in their own ways, mine took 21 hours and Kathleen was there by my side for almost all of it, she had crossed town in the middle of the night to come be with me. I decided to get an epidural after 11 hours of labor, and my daughter was born 10 hours later. It was the most beautiful, miraculous experience of my life. Kathleen was friends with my nurse and they took amazing care of me the whole time. She had also delivered several babies before with my doctor who was equally amazing. They took such great care of me that I did not get a single stitch and Kathleen showed me how to have my baby latch on to nurse within the first five minutes of her life.

Even my (initially skeptical) mother said that Kathleen was worth her weight in gold and she was so grateful to have her there helping me! Kathleen also has a wide network of people I used for acupuncture, massage, chiropractic, photography, post-partum support group, and even a book club. I loved getting to know Kathleen and her beautiful family. She is kind, she is strong, and she will help make your pregnancy & delivery better than it could ever be on your own. My baby is 10 wks old now. We LOVE Kathleen! 

Ewa Kissner


Kathleen is a great doula with a lot of experiance! She was an awesome support through our whole pregnancy and of course at our birth! She knows what she is doing and will always be very honest with you - exactly what we wanted! We are very happy we met her and would always ask her for her help again!!!

Allie Abilez


I can't even begin to say how amazing Kathleen has been for us. Before I met her, I honestly thought I was about to go through this pregnancy without a guide. This was uncharted territory for me. I am not close with my mother, I don't have any sisters, my family is all 4 hours away and my best friends live out of state. The women in my life that I should be able to turn to, I simply couldn't. However, Kathleen came into our lives and we instantly knew it was a perfect match. She is much more than a doula. She is my sister. My friend. I turn to her for motherly advice. She is a superhero in my eyes and radiates empowerment. Who wouldn't want someone like that in their lives and holding their hand in the delivery room?

We discussed everything throughout my pregnancy. Our meetings with her were much more thorough than with my OB. We were honestly unaware of how much we hadn't covered with our doctor until we started having our meetings with her. When I went into labor she dropped everything on a Friday night and rushed across town to be with us. She stayed by my side the entire time once we got to the hospital. She made sure I knew exactly what was going on every step of the way. She was my strength. We had a birth plan, but my son wanted to enter this world in his own way. Nothing went according to that plan. I remember having contractions while getting my epidural. She was sitting in front of me and holding my hands. I looked into her eyes and saw strength when I felt my weakest and thought "I can get through this."

Kathleen was there for me throughout my pregnancy, the entire time I was in labor, and even after when I had a case of the baby blues. My baby boy is 8 weeks tomorrow and I couldn't have made it this far without her help. I already know I'll never be able to repay her for all the good she has done. So I'll just end this by saying she is the best thing we could have done for our baby and for ourselves. She's family.

Mellissa Atle


Kathleen has supported my family with the birth of my son in December 2012, the loss of a pregnancy in 2014 and the birth of my daughter in April 2015. We are so blessed to have her in our lives.

My labor with my son was 37 hours in total and Kathleen stayed in my hospital room for the last 24 hours supporting me the entire way. I believe I would have ended up with a C-section if she wasn't there. Her extensive knowledge, guidance, and patience was invaluably.

When I got pregnant again we didn't hesitate to hire Kathleen again. Unfortunately we lost the baby at 13 weeks, but she was there supporting us through this hard time in our lives.

I got pregnant with my daughter and we hired Kathleen immediately. She was always there to answer questions about the doctor visits or concerns we had. When she would visit, she would play with my son like it was her son. She recommended yoga classes, eating better, and exercises. Late in the pregnancy the baby was still breech and she discussed options for us, so we could be fully informed. Luckily the baby turned. The day I was induced was very emotional and she was there coaching us and explaining everything to us that the nurses failed to explain. I had my daughter in 4 hours, unmediated and couldn’t have done it without Kathleen by my side. After the birth she helped me get right to breastfeeding.


Julie Gantner


My son is currently 19 months old. The reason it’s taken me so long to write a review for Kathleen is because A. I’m not very good at writing, and B. I didn’t think there were words in the english language good enough to describe her. Until I finally found the right word: Superwoman. That’s right. Kathleen is a superwoman. In addition to being an amazing doula and person, she is an encyclopedia of knowledge, you may as well call her Google. In addition to my own birth being amazing, I have had the opportunity to observe her with a friend of mine and her birth. My friend had a bit more of a difficult time than I did and I literally thank God every day that she was involved with that birth, because I don't know how it would have turned out had she not been. Kathleen was there for me when my own doctor didn’t happen to be on call when I went into labor. Because of that, when I daydream of that day, all I see is my husband, my son, my mom, and Kathleen. My dream was to have a 100% natural labor, and I don’t know that I would have made it all 14 hours without her. My husband and mom were great, but Kathleen knew exactly what to say, what to do, and how to act to make me the most comfortable. She had all these tricks and suggestions that really helped that I would never have thought of. But the thing that I love most about her is to this day we are still friends. I talk to her all the time, not only about advice for my toddler, but just about life in general. I will always consider her a dear friend, something I would never be able to say about my doctor. She is the kind of person that if you just met her on the street one day, you would instantly become friends. She’s very down to earth and will tell you exactly how it is. When you choose to have Kathleen as your doula, you will not only have an amazing doula at the birth of your child, you will also have a friend for life. And for that I am forever grateful.

Amanda Motley


I'd always known I wanted to work with a doula, but my husband was skeptical.  He thought having someone else in on our birth would be an invasion of privacy and take away from his role.  I reached out to Kathleen on the recommendation of a friend, and she spent an hour on the phone with me, no strings attached.  Once she came over and met my husband, his concerns melted away.  She made it clear that it was OUR birth, WE were the decision makers.  We hired her in my first trimester, signed up for Bradley classes, and were ready to go.

Then, at 33 weeks, my baby turned breech; one of my biggest fears.  Kathleen kept me sane; her robust network of professionals and constant listening ear were my saving grace.  At 37 weeks, with a still-breech baby (after trying EVERYTHING) and a failed attempt at an external version, I felt in crisis.  My options as a first time mom were limited, and I agonized over my decision.  

She put me in touch with midwives, moms, and OBs, and reminded me all along that my job was to make the decision that felt right for my baby; that this was about becoming a mother, not just the birth.  There was no judgement; only support.  Unlike many in the 'natural birth' community, she assured me that a cesearean birth could be every bit as beautiful as the birth I'd always dreamed of.  I'll never be able to thank her enough for this reassurance, which she clearly believes wholeheartedly.  

In the end, we ended up with an absolutely incredible unmedicated, vaginal breech delivery after 23 hours of labor, largely thanks to Kathleen. I couldn't have done any of it without her - and my skeptic of a husband agrees. Yes, we ended up with a dream birth, but the most important thing she did was help us feel truly empowered.  She is a passionate, loving doula and friend, and I'm better for knowing her.  I hope she'll be by my side for my next birth, too!

Melanie Sweeney Bowen


Kathleen was my doula for my twin pregnancy, and she was the single most important choice I made in preparing for their births. My pregnancy began with the surprise of twins and a transfer of care from my midwives to an OB and a planned hospital birth instead of a birth center. Kathleen helped me stay focused on the things I could still control and on what was most important to me -- a vaginal birth. When my doctor left his practice at the end of my pregnancy, and both my babies flipped breech, she was the one who provided the name of a doctor who would still deliver them vaginally. She was the one who helped me advocate for myself and my family and, ultimately, avoid unnecessary and unwanted surgery. I had a beautiful birth experience, thanks to her help in the months prior as well as her presence during the labor. Although I changed care providers, hospitals, and my basic plans at the last minute (about a week and a half before my twins were born) Kathleen helped me feel confident in those plans. Without her guidance, I am sure I would have been scared to change everything when I did, and although she would have supported me through whatever birth experience I chose, I am so grateful she provided the information and encouragement I needed to make the decisions I did. I trusted her completely and felt bolstered by her belief in me, especially since, unlike my doctors, she was the one whose care spanned most of my pregnancy and births. I can't imagine how I'd have gotten through such a physically and emotionally difficult pregnancy without her.

Kathleen won my husband and me over within five minutes of meeting with her. She's warm, funny, and passionate. She's also professional and worked seamlessly with the doctors and nurses at the hospital. My whole family loves her, and I look at her role in the births of my girls as a great blessing. I gladly and enthusiastically recommend her to be your doula!

Dusty Labby


I'm a first time mom and Kathleen was my doula for the birth of my son in March '15. I researched doulas, found her, set up an interview, connected with her right away and never looked back! I don't even have the words to describe how much of a blessing she was to me and to my family as well! I always looked forward to our visits during my pregnancy. It was like visiting with a close friend. Kathleen is very knowledgeable and always made herself available to me for questions over the phone, no matter what time of day or night. I had a home birth and the position of my baby caused me to have horrendous back labor. Kathleen was so nurturing and caring just like a mom. She kept me as relaxed as I could be with massages, counter pressure to help ease the back labor, soft reassuring words and touches and she did it all in a way that no one else could have done. I'm so in love with Kathleen and can't even imagine having to go through that without her! She truly has a gift and I believe she was born to bring comfort to others. She had recently had surgery on her wrist and wouldn't allow me to even consider the condition of it when it came to her helping me walk from the bed to the tub many times throughout my labor and also with the massages and counter pressure that she gave. You would have thought her wrist was in perfect working condition! She is completely selfless and was there for me 100%. My family is so in love with her as well. My mom said that Kathleen alone takes the place of a mom, husband, boyfriend, sister, best friend...anyone that brings you joy and comfort and nurtures you, Kathleen is all of that rolled into one beautiful and amazing woman! I'm SO blessed and thankful that I had Kathleen to help and guide me throughout my pregnancy, labor & delivery. She is the perfect doula and comes HIGHLY recommended by this mama! My plan was/is to have just one child but if I ever decide to have another, Kathleen will be the first person that I call! =)

Courtney O


Kathleen was my doula last year, with my second baby...my VBAC baby! I was recommended her by a good friend, and I'm SO SO thankful that I was! She and her apprentice, Erin, were completely invaluable to me, not only while I was in labor, but also throughout my pregnancy! She really opened my eyes to the CHOICES I had in my pregnancy, labor and delivery, that I never knew I had. Who knew that a mom actually has choices, and doesn't have to be forced into things, even if they choose to have a hospital birth.  It was so nice knowing someone would have my back.

I chose to have a hospital birth, and am so thankful that I found a doula who was fully supportive of that.  I always had this preconceived notion that doulas would only work with home-birth moms, and was so happy to find that thats not the case with Kathleen!  Also, while it wasn't in my original plan, I did end up asking for an epidural during labor.  I remember my sister asking me "did you really even need a doula, with an epidural?"...the simple answer: YES!  Kathleen provided SO much support and comfort to me, even if it was just assuring, and reassuring me that everything was going well.  I was especially thankful for her when my epidural wore off! She and Erin were definitely put to work after that point!! 

Moral of the story: I know that I COULD have rocked my VBAC without Kathleen, but I wouldn't WANT to! I definitely hope to have her by my side again, whenever we welcome our future children!

Kaylee Lamothe


My husband and I are first time parents.  When we found out that we were expecting I knew I wanted to have the most natural labor possible.  After researching local doulas Kathleen's name was the one we kept coming across the most.  After meeting with Kathleen we knew she was what we wanted to help assist and educate us during our pregnancy.  Kathleen provided such valuable knowledge during our pregnancy.  She was always there to help with tips and suggestions to make things easier.  During our labor she was an amazing coach and there is NO WAY I could have made ith with out her, my husband and I highly recommend her has a doula!

Elizabeth Travers Rookstool


there are no words to express how i feel about kathleen. kathleen was our doula for our third birth. i had never really considered using a doula, but after two medicated births i really wanted an unmedicated birth. i knew enough to know i needed someone special in the room with me to make it happen.having kathleen on my side gave me the confidence to trust my body and make the experience what i had always been able to articulate but never achieve.

kathleen was available whenever i needed her (and i needed her a lot!)…even though this was my third birth each of my pregnancies have been completely different and i had my share of questions and uncertainty. she kept close tabs on me, and i felt like i could go to her with anything at any time. and she was amazing in the hospital. she made sure i knew what was happening each step of the way. and when i wavered at the end of my labor her words gave me what i needed to bring my little girl into this world.

kathleen is the real deal. she provides support, compassion, education, confidence, love, reality, and amazing knowledge. i have never met someone who radiates capability like kathleen does. i feel privileged to call her my doula, neighbor and friend.

Aubrey Heimbaugh


My second experience with Kathleen as my birth doula was even more incredible than the first. Sometimes I feel like the first never ended because Kathleen became a part of our family during my sister's births and then my own. 

My second pregnancy brought about many hurdles and a range of emotions throughout those "9 months".  From a broken arm, surgery to repair the break to keep the arm usable, to repeated ultrasounds to check our baby's heart, and finally to the diagnosis of a heart defect that would require surgery, Kathleen assured us she would be by our side. And she was. Through chats on the phone, meetings in person, hugs, tears, and sharing her own experiences and extreme knowledge throughout our entire situation, Kathleen allowed us to never feel like we were alone in what became our new normal: a life in pediatric cardiology. 

Kathleen was an invaluable resource for us. My heart baby was my intended VBAC and I could feel my own heart shutting down as I prepared for his birth and what I believed would be disappointment in ending up with a repeat cesarean. Kathleen never lost the faith and continued to instill her knowledge and experience to help us with positioning, rebozo exercises, spinning baby techniques, chiropractic and nutritional advice and what was probably the most important part, helping my husband calm his fears, answer his questions, and give him the courage to be my support when labor finally began. 

Kathleen's journey doesn't just begin and end with a baby. You become part of her life. She was with us and checking on us through surgeries and hospital stays and continues to be at the forefront of my mind when I think of our warrior's birthday and pregnancy. I'm forever grateful for Kathleen and have been truly blessed by her addition to my life. <3

Sara Arnold


My husband and I sought out Kathleen after our first daughter's birth went nothing like how we had hoped it would.  Kathleen helped us to educate ourselves and make a plan for the kind of birth we wanted.  While I did not get the VBAC I so dearly hoped for,  I did get a birth experience that felt completely different from my first.  Kathleen helped my husband and I to have a voice and to make our daughter's birth be the kind of birth we wanted even when things didn't go "according to plan".  I cannot express how grateful I am to have had Kathleen at our birth!  Her knowledge and skills as a doula are exceptional and the support she provides helped my husband and I both to be the best we could be during our daughter'a birth.  

Emily Bintz Guerra


I gave birth in Oct ’14 and have yet to write this because I’m not sure I can put into words what Kathleen has meant to our family-I’ll try. I learned about doulas through my research on all natural births and decided we should at least look into it (my husband wasn’t convinced). Kathleen was the first and only we interviewed-I felt completely at ease with her, like I had known her forever. Kathleen took the time to get to know us (being very patient with my still unsure husband) and made it clear that her role was to support the birth we wanted. I took great comfort In knowing that she would be there to help decipher scary medical terminology and remind us to take our time in making decisions when things can move so fast. From a scheduled checkup, I was sent directly to the hospital since my water had broken, even though contractions hadn’t started-NOT the plan. My not-so-sure husband’s response was ‘We have to call Kathleen’. He was right-she kept me calm and gave me tips for starting contractions on my own. It worked and I avoided Pitocin! During labor, Kathleen kept me moving and breathing, massaged me and used acupressure. She helped me into different positions, into the shower, etc. With no drugs, these things were painful but necessary to avoid interventions. On my own, I never would have done these things, but I trusted her implicitly. Her calm and soothing demeanor kept me focused and feeling confident. She helped my husband work with me as well (by the way, he was a total believer at this point!) and we had some very special moments. I achieved my all natural unmedicated birth thanks to Kathleen and her expertise. She is a wondering, caring person who is an absolute professional. She visited me post-partum to recount our adventure and helped with breastfeeding. In a word, our experience with Kathleen was beautiful. I recommend her to everyone and if we are blessed with more children, she’ll be our doula again!

Stella F


I'd recommend Kathleen highly to anyone. A friend told me she was the best in the business, and that she really helped ease her mind during delivery and definitely was the #1 factor preventing her from having a c-section by engaging well with the doctors. So I set up my first appt with Kathleen and feel like we really clicked. She is an awesome listener, and really took my concerns and wishes into account. She drove well over an hour each way to my house for quite a number of very helpful visits. Anytime I had questions, she gave thorough, informed answers. I read the books she recommended, and took her advice to get training for our rambunctious dog to help her adjust to life with the new baby. We worked with the trainer and our dog ended up being perfectly safe and friendly with the baby from day 1. Kathleen also referred me to a wonderful prenatal massage therapist in her doula group, Rowan TwoSisters, and I had 5 massages. I can't imagine a better massage therapist; she has strong hands, is very knowledgeable, and great to talk to. When I was induced because of my bp, I was in touch with Kathleen and she offered to come to the hospital anytime, even knowing it might take a while. I gave it some time on my own with my husband in the hospital, but she stayed in touch. She came the next day, with her wonderful partner Joli. The drs had said I needed to have my waters broken, and I was concerned about that because the baby and I were not in distress. Kathleen helped me understand that I could choose to have it done later in the day, and that is what I did. It was helpful that Kathleen knew a lot of my doctors and nurses; she'd worked in my hospital many times. She stayed overnight with us and took turns helping me all night. Then when he was born we celebrated!

Elizabeth Steiner Godsy


First, Kathleen was born to be a doula. No other way to put it. She is awesome

I had a VBAC (vaginal birth after c-section) with Kathleen and Erin last May.  Without Kathleen, I don't think I would have ended up with another c-section.  We had many obstacles facing us - increasing BP toward the end if pregnancy (pre-e in a prior pregnancy), an OB who was out-of-town, PROM and not progressing.  Although I had been having contractions for 3 days before my water finally broke, I was only 2 cms dialated when I got to the hospital, I was only 2 cms dialated...and my OB was out-of-town!  Kathleen walked the halls with me for hours.  We tried massage and many other things.  Still I was at a 4.  Due to being a prior c-section, the on-call doctor was not at all crazy about giving me pitocin...and then I didn't even progress with a low dose of pitocin.  And I had a resident who kept trying to check me every hour--I finally had to start refusing cervical checks.  Finally, they increased my pitocin with internal monitoring, Kathleen helped me get in positions to aid the baby decending and I went from a 4 to an 8 in a couple of hours.  Then my baby started having heart rate decels, but by then I was complete and I was able to have my vbac!   Kathleen stayed with me the entire time--23 hours from the time my water broke until I finally gave birth.  We dealt with a lot of set backs and she was encouraging the entire time.  I truly don't know if I could have done it without her!

She was also great during the pregnancy. I have a tendency to freak out and she was always a calm, soothing source of information.  

I can't say enough great things about her.  My experience with this pregnancy and birth were completely different (better!) than with my first--which was a borderline traumatic experience--and I think much of that is owed to Kathleen.

Rebecca Ray


Kathleen is amazing! She is a strong voice and compassionate caregiver. She talked me through a few downs I experienced during my pregnancy and helped me through labor and delivery. She used high quality essential oils during my labor and actually staved off several vomiting episodes. She is a powerhouse and packs a sweet tribe of fellow doulas and therapists to help pregnant women.

Tina Chakrabarti


Kathleen is one of the most knowlegeable and experienced doulas in the Houston area. I interviewed several doulas and chose Kathleen because I felt the most comfortable with her personal and professional experience, her communication style, professionalism and background. She is very practical and reasonable and listens to her clients.  She is not dogmatic in her approach but adapts based on the mother's desires. She is open to all lifestyles and birthing and parenting preferences and is a very caring person. Also, Kathleen is a very warm and kind person and her warmth is ultimately what drew me to her as a doula. Kathleen also has a lot of personal and professional resources and provides mothers with post partum support and advice as desired. Kathleen was there during my entire birth process and served as an advocate for me. When I was confused, she explained what was happening and what my options were. Having Kathleen at my daughter's birth was a comfort that I cannot place a pricetag on.  I cannot recommend Kathleen highly enough.

Sarah Rae Ashley


The minute we met Kathleen, we knew she was the doula for our family. I immediately felt at ease with Kathleen and knew I could trust her. Throughout my pregnancy, she was there for us in any way she could be. She answered any questions I had with full honesty and we greatly appreciated the HUGE amount of knowledge she has. She really became a part of our family! When it came to the birth, she was amazing. Kathleen knew exactly what to do and when to do it to make me feel at my best and to help baby enter the world in the fastest, easiest, and safest way possible. She offered a huge amount of prenatal support, support during labor and birth, and now postpartum as well. Can not say enough good things about Kathleen and what she does to help a family welcome a new baby.

Margaret Franks


It has taken me over seven months to write this review, because I honestly do not feel like I can do Kathleen justice with it.

My birth did not go as I had planned.  My water broke and I did not go into active labor, my VBAC supportive doctor was headed out of town on vacation that day, I failed to progress, even with pitocin and I ended up with an emergency c-section from a dr I was uncomfortable with.

Kathleen kept me sane and calm through all of this.  She was an amazing support through the physical pain - constantly encouraging, massaging and comforting. She was also an amazing emotional support. When everything about the hospital experience seemed unfamiliar and out of control with my doctor gone, her knowledge of staff members, other doctors and hospital protocol was extremely reassuring.

She was with me for more than 24 hours and, although they would not let her in, was getting text updates from the nurse during the surgery and filling my family in.

I have highly recommended her to everyone I know.  I think I am done having children, but I really wish I had known and hire Kathleen during my first pregnancy, as I might have been able to avoid both c-sections.

She really is an amazing woman and I cherish the time I spent getting to know her.

Jennifer Skinner


I have had the privilege of having Kathleen as my doula for my last two births-my two daughters. I decided after habing two hospital births, that I wanted to birth at home. I feel more safe and secure in my own home environment and wanted little intervention. I wanted to allow my body to do what it needs to do. Kathleen helped make that happen! She helped provide the support I needed to breathe, surrender, and ultimately help my husband. As he puts it "Kathleen is my rock!"  She helped assist with our middle child, who is only three! She sat on Kathleen's lap with piqued interest in watching her sister come into this world via water birth. In addition to the amazing support, Kathleen is extremely knowledgable in the world of birthing, anywhere from hospital procedures, to going the natural route. I recommend Kathleen as she provides the expertise that any new mom and dad need. I would not have been able to do it without her! She beleives in the power of what a woman's body is capable of. 

Valerie Lawhorn


Kathleen is amazing and I cannot praise her enough. She provides mental and emotional prep/ support during pregnancy, labor and post. She is extremely knowledgeable about anything and everything surrounding childbirth. My husband appreciates the support he gets from her and demanded that we use her again as soon as we found out I was pregnant with number two. She helped me have two natural childbirths. How you mighI wonder ... She makes position recommendations, supports your instincts, applies pressure to help counteract the pain, and remains a positive force until you little one makes it into the world. I would recommend her to anyone and wouldn't give birth without her!

Clay Clements


What is a Doula? I honestly had no idea when my wife asked me about wanting one for her secound pregnancy. After some research and our initial meeting with Kathleen we decided that it was very important to us that she be there for us during labor. She put us in a very comforting mind set and it was a very refreshing experience compared to when we had our first child with no Doula. She is simply THE BEST at what she does. We woulnd't have done it any other way and words cannot express our happiness and joy that my wife was able to deliver via VBAC.

Betty Hackworth


Kathleen was a lifesaver. She made a very long pushing process totally bearable. From the beginning of the process she made the whole birthing experience pleasent and a ton less scary. She is very kind and knowledgeable. She became part of family, she even gained the respect of my super conservative father.  If I get pregnant again Kathleen will be one of my first calls!  Thanks Kathleen, much love!

Andrea Clements


It's hard to find the words to communicate what an amazing doula Kathleen is. She's one of those people who have a winning combination of competence, passion, and crazy charisma. 

With my first pregnancy and subsequent c-section, I did not have a doula and regretted it. Once I got pregnant again, I started searching for doulas to help me VBAC. Kathleen's many years of FULL time experience, expertise in "hospital negotiations," and connections in the field made her standout. She talked to me several times to help me understand my options and recommend care centers and providers supportive of VBACing (and even other doulas). I felt like she wanted the best for me whether or not I was her client. Another reasons that we chose Kathleen is that she apprentices other doulas. We thought it spoke to her character and commitment to the profession and women.  I had no idea at the time how much we would benefit from having two doulas for the price of one!


Additionally, she ensured that communication with the hospital staff went much more smoothly and orderly. I felt "heard" and respected, not dismissed or lost in the chaos. She established an easy rapport with them as she has a great reputation, but I always felt like she was on our side.

I am certain that her skills and "tricks" - accupressure, postion, etc. - jump started my stalled labor and prevented pitocin augmentation. I also credit her advice during prenatal visits to why our baby was in the ideal position this time. I would not have had a successful VBAC with a bigger baby if it hadn't been for her. 

Christiana Siqueira


Kathleen, I am so glad I met you!!! You made me believe In myself. thanks for helping me being confident enough to change OBs on my 30 week of pregnancy, while I was so insecure doing it, I knew that having you in my team would make a world of difference which now I know it did! all your knowledge just made me calmer which by 40 weeks of pregnancy I could still go for a little while longer. I was afraid of being bullied into meds ( epidural, stadol , and others), you garanteed me that you wouldn't let that happened, which didn't. I am so glad that my sweet baby Amanda came to the world without any meds and fast which thanks to you!!! Without you I don't believe that my pushing time would have gone so fast. Thank you for your encouragement. I wish every pregnant women could have a Birth Doula like you! . I mentioned to someone about having you as my Doula and she said: if you are going to a hospital and want to have a natural birth, you have the best Doula on your side. I agree with that statement. You are great and a very kind person!!! God bless you and your beautiful family!

~m s~


I love Kathleen!  Her presence at the home birth of our son was invaluable.  Her calm, steady encouragement made what felt, at times, to be impossible to become possible.  And she provided placenta encapsulation services and a placenta print, which we framed and hung.  Highly recommended!

Lilliputian Seifried


We discovered Kathleen after being pregnant for 30 minutes. She was our first and final doula interview. We signed the contract that moment because we knew she was the support we wanted and needed. 

Kathleen was everything I needed. Support was hard to come by as a first time mom wanting a home birth. Kathleen helped pioneer my way through not only natural childbirth but also in love, support, and acceptance for all mothers I met as well as provided the support I needed througout my pregnancy. We even discovered she had been recommended to me 3 years ago! 

When it came time to give birth though, I was one of three brought on by a cold front. Kathleen couldn't be with me so she matched me with another partner. However, she stayed in contact the whole time and has stayed with me everyday since and provided more help than even promised. 


She he is amazing and my husband and I miss her all the time. Thinking of her... It's time to have another baby! You will never regret having Kathleen as your support. 



Christy Rommel


I can not say enough good things about Kathleen! I am a very nervous person and I was very afraid of child birth. She was more than helpful and comforting the entire pregnancy. She helped me through being diagnosed with GD as well as small panic attacks at 1 in the morning. My husband and I agree that hiring her was the best money we ever spent. I can not believe how helpful she was through the pregnancy, birth and after! I feel like I have made a friend for life. Having her in the delivery room is like having a second much more knowledgable  mother! 

Jenifer Brousse


There aren't enough words to describe how wonderful Kathleen is! Although we did not get to see her as much as we would have liked because our little one arrived 5 weeks early. So now we visit with Kathleen and bring the baby along. With my husband traveling for a living, I felt so comfortable having Kathleen and knowing she would be there for me when I went into labor if he was not home. My husband was so impressed with how calm and organized she is and how smoothly things went during the birth. I know he loved having her there as well. Now he even reccomends her to his friends that are having children soon! We look forward to having her at our next birth down the road and are so thankful we found her!

Erika Mandel


Kathleen was amazing.  She helped me take my entire birth- and the months leading up to the birth- to a level I didn't know I was capable of reaching (i.e. letting go of control!)  I hired her mostly to help with all my millions of questions and paranoia, and she was everything I had hoped for in terms of offering comfort and peace of mind during my pregnancy.  However, I didn't realize how integral of a role she would play (along with Erin her apprentice) in the actual birth day.  I didn't have the birth I planned for, but because of Kathleen, the tape I play back of Jack's birth is filled with mostly good memories on what could have been a very scary playback.  I would definitely recommend that you consider hiring Kathleen.  For my husband and me, it was clearly one of the best decisions we made along the way!

MJ and Dan Parker


We are so thankful that we chose to have Kathleen to be a part of our birth experience.  She was knowledgable, supportive, and comforting.  She answered all our questions and helped us to feel prepared and ready for the unknown.  She made herself available when we needed her and she helped to make the entire birth experience positive. I would highly recommend her to anyone and I will definitely plan to have her as our Doula again if we decide to expand our little family in the future.  

Amy Grizzle Kane


Working with Kathleen was one of the smartest decisions we made during our first pregnancy. We hoped to be able to have a natural childbirth and I credit Kathleen for helping make that possible. Prior to the birth, she helped us prepare and educate ourselves so we felt more knowledgeable and confident. When I had a bump in the pregnancy road with some testing, she was calming, caring, and more helpful than the nurses had been at my Drs office. Her years of experience helped give us and especially my husband confidence. Rookies that we were, I only figured out I was in labor when I was vomiting with every contraction. Once Kathleen arrived, she used aromatherapy and the vomiting stopped so I was relieved I wouldn't need fluids at the hospital. My husband was elated she was there to help care for me while he figured out what to do with the dog, loaded bags in the car, etc.  She was the rational one for us both and gave us both a lot of comfort. It made a world of difference at the hospital knowing Kathleen knew us, knew what we wanted and could help communicate that collaboratively rather than combatively with the drs and nurses.  Her follow up visit helped us figure out that we needed and helped us get assistance with breastfeeding.  Kathleen was the most expensive Doula we interviewed and worth every penny. If our son has a sibling, scheduling Kathleen to work with us will be our first call.  We are so thankful that we stumbled upon learning what a doula is and found Kathleen to walk with us.

Tina Bullard


Kathleen is such an amazing woman! She is someone I felt comfortable with immediately. She has been a wealth of knowledge and support throughout my pregnancy, birth, and now postpartum period. Being our first birth, my husband and I could not imagine the experience without Kathleen to guide us through. Her care for families is apparent in every interaction. I could not have asked for a better match and would highly recommend Kathleen to anyone considering working with a doula!

Amitty Gregg


It is a rarity to find someone like Kathleen out in the world these days. I could never imagine having anything bad to say about her. She is one of those poeple that you automatically feel safe, comforted, and drawn to. It is hard not to feel the love and comfort raidiating from her, whether it is during a birth, or out in everyday life. It only takes a second to fall in love with this woman and trust her completely. She is very intuative, responsive to your needs, and exudes such a calm and peaceful way about her even in a stressful situation. I will gladly use her again again for every birth and recomend her to countless others.

Shannon Pena


From my first meeting with Kathleen I felt very comfortable around her, which was my number one priority when selecting someone to be involved in the dlivery of my first child.  She encouraged me to interview other doulas before making a decision, which I did - confirming that she was the right match for me.

Throughout my pregnancy she was informative and supportive and gave me confidence about my ability to deliver my son the way I wanted to. During my labor she was amazing, and I credit her with me being so happy with my birth story.

I also had her encapsulate my placenta for me, and am so glad that I did. I healed quickly and have felt great, both physically and emotionally, since delivery.

My husband and I were both thrilled with Kathleen, highly recommend her, and will definitely use her again when we're ready for Number 2!

Jenna Pashley Smith


Kathleen was exactly what I was looking for in a doula: a strong, funny, knowledgable woman whose confidence would be contagious. She was absolutely brilliant before, during and after our planned natural hospital birth. I called or texted her way too often in the last few weeks, paranoid labor was starting, only to see the contractions stop altogether. When we finally went into labor, Kathleen was just coming off of a long night assisting another woman's birth, though you wouldn't have known it from looking at her. 

When I was researching doulas, I was impressed by her use of apprentices (others had backup doulas, but no one they seemed to be actively mentoring), and the reviewers who mentioned Kathleen's good interactions with hospital staff. My doctor was prepared for an antagonistic relationship when I mentioned the word "doula"...but that never materialized. Both Kathleen and her apprentice were well-received by the initially skeptical staff (or as well-received as one could hope for!) and thanks to their care and encouragement, I had a completely unmedicated, uncomplicated birth, which was AWESOME. Meeting our daughter that way was priceless and I'd use/recommed Kathleen in a heartbeat. She is a doula rock star!

ady king


Kathleen was in one word an 'angel'. This is the only word I can use to describe the woman who helped make my birth experience possible. Yes, my baby wuold have been born with or without her, but it is her involvement that made the experience all the more rich and meaningful. I decided to hire a doula because I wanted a knowledgable advocate, I wanted a woman to lean on, to hold me and to support me through all the high and low moments of my birthing experience. My husband was part of the process, but I knew that when 'push came to shove' (haha literally), that he would not be the person to best support me through the tough spots of labor and delivery. The best place for my husband was at my side, loving me, being there for me emotionally and supporting me as only a husband can. But as far as being my labor coach, I knew he would be a fish out of water, even with all the education, books and coaching we Both received.

As soon as I met Kathleen I knew she was for me, with her - bright smile, her open energy, and her warm and loving demeanor. I believe thats how it should be when you choose a doula, you need to feel an instant connection. She will be with you at the point in your life that you are most strong and most vulnerable - so you need to feel that instant connection and trust.

Kathleen helped me through my very long labor process. I labored for almost 48hrs and pushed for 3 hrs...while I was on crutches. She stayed with me (slept on my sofa) and lovingly (rubbed my back) and patiently (breathed with me) through my long hours of laboring until we finally reached that momentous moment, "It's time to go to the hospital." When that moment arrived she dressed me, massaged me (I had some back labor), and escorted me to the hospital, where she proceeded to breathe with me, push with me, and massage me - until finally my beautiful baby was born.

She was my angel!


Shelby Stratmann


I cannot say enough great things about Kathleen.  I truly could not have gotten through childbirth without her.  Seriously, I think I might have just rolled over and quit.  Kathleen is strong, loving, supportive, and amazing.  I initially wasn't sure that I was going to do an unmedicated, natural childbirth, so I wanted a doula who would not put undue pressure on me.  Kathleen was perfect.  She provided me with helpful information and support and I never once felt that she was pressuring me into one camp or the other.  We met several times before our son was born and each time was a pleasure.  When my water broke, Kathleen came over to my house.  Surprisingly, I escalated quickly and so we headed to the hospital pretty shortly thereafter.  Kathleen rode in the back seat of the car with me and massaged my back and coached me the entire way to the hospital.  I seriously do not think I could have made the car ride without her.  When we got to the hospital, she calmly helped me inside and coached me through the rest of my labor (which was only a couple of additional hours).  There was a point where I thought I might give up, but Kathleen helped me through it - including 2 hours of pushing.  She provided loving support and guidance for my husband to help me as well.  6 hours after my water broke, I gave birth to a healthy baby boy (9 pounds and 1 ounce), all naturally and unmedicated.  The doctor told me that had I had an epidural, I would have likely had a c-section.  I am so glad that we went the natural route, but I cannot emphasize enough that I could not have done it without Kathleen.  She is amazing and I will be using her again for number 2!!  

Katherine Stanglin


I am long overdue in writing this testimonial, but that does not diminish my thankfulness and appreciation of Kathleen. I had a wonderful doula for my first birth in Dallas but found myself in a new city and in a new birth community when expecting my second baby. I was planning an HBAC and had met Kathleen at a local doula event. Being a doula myself, I know how important and helpful it is to have the care a doula provides, not just for me but also for my husband who was not as certain about our HBAC. We chose Kathleen for her knowledge and experience but also because she was so positive and energetic and we clicked with her right away. Our prenatal visits were always so much fun. On the day of birth she was that calm, reassuring presence my husband and I both needed. As it turned out, I needed my husband for every pressure wave and by the time we asked Kathleen to join us waves were coming so frequently that my husband couldn't leave my side. When I was in the birth pool and needed reassurance, it was wonderful to look up and see Kathleen there. Near the end of the birth she switched gears and became our videographer, per my request, and captured the birth of our daughter.

And ultimately Kathleen gave us something I didn't even know we needed. She helped my husband find a place of trust, something I think he was uncertain of with our first birth, and that was definitely shaken because of the resulting cesarean. He told me that he was concerned about us trying for a homebirth VBAC but that he could accept and let go of his concerns knowing we had a really midwife and a really good doula. Although I had been preparing my husband for 3 years for our homebirth, what he really needed was someone on the outside who was knowledgeable to say that our choices for birth were reasonable and that we would be carefully watched over, and that's exactly what Kathleen and my birth team did!

Bobbi Michelle Bates-Gordon


Kathleen has been my doula with all three of my kids and I don't think I could give her enough praise to equal the amount of love and passion she put into me and my babies! You feel it the moment you meet her. She has traveled well over an hour to two of my births. She has great knowlege and experience. She is absolutely a 5 star Doula! 

Jennifer Meaders


We were lucky enough to have Kathleen be our doula for the birth of our first child. My OB/GYN highly recommended Kathleen as they had worked together on numerous births and she was therefore very confident in Kathleen doula skills. When we first met Kathy, we hadn't yet interviewed any other doulas- but after our first visit, we knew she was the doula for us and we were never disappointed. She was so supportive and informative throughout my pregnancy. Then when we found out we were going to be induced instead of just letting nature take its course, she spent the next two long days with us in the hospital while we labored without much progress until we finally went for a C-section. Every step of the way until our daughter was born, Kathleen was there with her soothing words and calming touch. Even after she was born, Kathleen was there to make sure we were on the right track with breastfeeding.  My husband and I can't imagine our birth experience without Kathleen and will be contacting her the minute we find out we are expecting number 2! 

Julie Watson


Kathleen was the perfect birth partner, and my husband and I could not have asked for a more amazing doula. From the first meeting we were reassured by her brilliant combination of compassion and strength. She is wonderfully kind and nurturing just when you need it, encouraging and strong when you need that, and goes in to bat for you if need be with medical staff to help you to stay on track with the birth you want. Though we had planned to be at a birth center, I felt safe knowing that Kathleen also had so much experience with hospitals and their procedures, so that if we ended up there she would still be our guide, birth goddess and protectress. And she was! Though we had an unexpected transfer to hospital, Kathleen was right there winning everyone over and getting us the best care. We were still able to enjoy some of the natural birth experiences we wanted because of her. In the middle of a long night of labor, with husband flagging, she is there for you, with her calm strength and her endless warmth and support. I cannot recommend her more highly.

Ellen De Man


We used Kathleen for the birth of our first son. Although we opted for a hospital delivery, I wanted to have a fully natural unmedicated birth. Kathleen guided us through the process from start till end with great devotion and sheer practical expertise. Since we just recently moved to the US from Europe, we were not familiar with any of the medical practices or birthing customs. Kathleen laid out every step of the process with great clarity and we felt we quickly got up to speed on many different possible scenarios. She is always available and willing to guide you through every hurdle you might face.

Kathleen was there for me and my spouse when we labored for 22h, and was of invaluable help to try out different labor positions, pressure points or aromatherapy. She helped my husband guide me better through each contraction, so we were able to have a truly intimate experience. When the verdict of the doctor was to give me a C-section because of medical reasons, she helped me cope with this 'change of plans' and understand that getting a healthy baby was the number one goal of our entire birth plan in the first place.

she helped me with lactation advice and got me all the right contacts to make this experience as enjoyable and effective as possible. 

Ultimately, even though we didn't get the full natural birthing experience as we expected, both my husband and I feel very satisfied with our labor experience. 

I would recommend Kathleen to anybody, for whatever birthing experience you're looking for. She knows all the right people and tricks to make any delivery your very own private event.

Camarie Young


Being a birth doula is not a learned skill, rather a gift that some people are born with. Kathleen Wilson has that gift in spades! Kathleen made our birth experience beyond amazing. My husband, Pat, and I are older, first-time parents and we were more than a little nervous about taking this journey alone. Someone recommended a doula and when we met Kathleen, we knew we had found our new guru, counselor, peace, and most importantly--friend. She answered all of our questions including some really ridiculous ones, lol. She helped us navigate the decisions that we didn't even know that we needed to make in order to welcome our little girl in the way that we wanted and valued. Kathleen was not only helpful, she was caring and kind and made us feel comforted and empowered on the road to parenthood. We were honored to have her as a part of the birth of our beautiful baby girl and we couldn't imagine our lives without her. She is still a part of our family and we look forward to our daughter growing up with Kathleen's beautiful influence and presence. If we are lucky enough to have more children, there's no question that Kathleen Wilson will be a part of their births and lives, too! Thank you, Kathleen, for your love and support!!

Stephanie Shirley


My testimonial is a bit different than what most people would give for Kathleen since I have not personally used her or any other doula for that matter. BUT, I have witnessed her in two VERY special scenarios that leaves me compelled to write about her. The first time I was lucky enough to not only witness the birth of her last child, but capture and commemorate it. I have never seen so much emotion, triumph and shock from someone who has given birth and witnessed birth time and time again. It just goes to show that each encounter is THAT amazing to her. The second time I got to spend time with Kathleen was when she was helping a couple through the birth of their first child. The amount of support that was given for this couple goes unmatched. It was such a journey during this birth that ended in a way that wasn't planned, but Kathleen was there with them every step of the way, coaxing and aiding them through their birthing journey. I feel extremely blessed to have crossed paths with this amazing person and doula. I personally regret not having the support that I have witnessed when being around her through each of my birth stories. No matter your journey, Kathleen is sure to provide an incredible amount of support.

Stephanie Shirley

Stephanie Shirley Photography

Lee Becker


My wife and I cannot express our gratitude and admiration for the job Kathleen did with us. The pre-birth meetings were laid-back and informative, and gave us just what we needed to be sane and prepared. Plus, thanks to the exercises she showed us, our son was in perfect birth position when the time came. And when it did, Kathleen was amazing. Especially because the birth center was very busy that night and our midwife needed to be out of the room off and on. Having Kathleen with us was a godsend. We felt cared for and safe, and very capable of doing what needed to be done. The birth was smooth and beautiful. On top of all of this, Kathleen is just plain cool, smart and fun. Our kind of people. The fit was perfect and we will remember her sensitive, skilled help with great fondness always.

Kila Savoy


All I can say is that Kathleen is the doula of all doulas! She truly was a vital part of my birth team. This was the second time we've used Kathleen and I wouldn't even consider birthing without her. She is constant support for you as well as your spouse. She really was our rock throughout our whole birth. She is there for you whether it be 3 hours or 24 hours! She kept me calm and helped me to relax during labor. She knew all the right techniques and words to help me get through the toughest parts. Also, my kids adore her and it amazes me to watch her interact with them. I recommend her to everyone I know who wants an informed and supported birth! We love Kathleen!


Helen Tarr


 The obstetrician-led birth of my first child was a genuinely negative experience, so hiring a doula was one of many things I did differently during my second pregnancy. Kathleen was one of several doulas recommended to me by my midwife. I spoke to a few doulas and Kathleen offered to meet us at our house the very next day. It was a no-brainer to choose Kathleen: among many reasons, she has had children of her own both in hospital and at home, she has attended births as a doula for over 12 years, she has 4 other doulas in her practice who are available as backup and importantly I felt our personalities were a good match. Kathleen met us at our home 3 times before I went into labor where we worked on a birth plan, looked at aromatherapy and discussed many different birthing scenarios. Kathleen made it clear that no matter what your vision is, your birth can be an amazing experience, and she is supportive of whatever path you choose. On the day I gave birth, Kathleen labored with us for a total of about 12 hours. She was an extremely calming and positive influence. I truly believe that one of her techniques helped my labor progress when I got stuck. She also got me through the psychologically difficult parts of the labor. Ultimately Kathleen was one of the main reasons I was able to have the natural childbirth I so desired, and I look back on it with happy memories. Thank you Kathleen!

Dara Sosa


My baby boy is turning 1 this week, and looking back upon his birth a year ago, there is no doubt in my mind that I would not have been able to have the birth we wanted without Kathleen.  She was wonderful and supportive, and I would recommend her to anyone.   



Where do I begin... Kathleen was an awesome doula. I really couldn't have done that without her. I knew when I met her that she was my lady. She really  knows her stuff. I knew I wanted a natural birth with a midwife, but being that this was my first baby I had no idea what to expect. I knew that I was going to need someone strong by my side especially if interventions or transport became necessary.

When the day arrived I had a beautiful natural birth, but it took so long I nearly gave up! I'm so glad that Kathleen did not let me give up! I recommend her and the other doulas she works with all the time.

Jeanine Turell


I had a wonderful experience with Kathleen Wilson.  Before the birth, meetings with her were very informative - I learned a lot of additional things from her that I didn't cover in my Bradley Method class and hospital tour.  She also gave me great referrals to books, midwives, chiropractors, lactation consultants and others that helped with both pregnancy and parenthood.  

During labor, her help was invaluable.  My husband and I weren't sure what to do and talking with her helped us focus.  Then, when we had to rush to the hospital, my husband had so much to do and I didn't want to be left alone.  Kathleen was there to help my husband juggle all of his tasks while staying with me and keeping me calm and focused.  At the hospital she didn't let me give up on my ideal birth plan even when I asked, and I am very grateful.  Her coaching and encouragement kept me focused and as calm as possible.  At the end of the day I got my med-free birth and had no IVs, no extra internal checks, no stirrups, no pitocin afterwards, etc.  I didn't even know you could refuse most of these procedures until Kathleen brought it up!

Also, I feel as if I received VIP treatment at the hospital because Kathleen knew the midwives, nurses, etc. and so they listened when she told them I was in active labor and I didn't even have to go to triage.  She worked so well with the hospital and it's staff, which was very reassuring to me (as opposed to the vibe I got from the Bradley class, which seems to view the hospital as an adversary).

She came to check on how we were doing as a new family post partum, which I thought was nice.  She even gave us a quick tutorial on a breast pump, which up until then seemed really confusing to me.  She also gave us advice and natural remedies to help with healing.

The entire experience was wonderful and I will definitely use her again if I have another child!

rblantond rblantond


I had a very emotionally traumatic birth via unnecessary c-section with my first child, so when I was expecting my second child I wanted to attempt a VBAC and knew I need all the support I could get.  Kathleen came highly recommended from the ICAN (internation Cesaran Awarness Network) as someone who had worked with women who were attemptin VBAC and who was comfortable working in a hospital setting.  I wanted as natural a birth as possible and Kathleen helped me prepare for that goal.  I ended up having a surgical birth but was able to labor for 40 hours (after my water broke and being GBS positive) with Kathleen's support.  She helped my DH and I understand what medical personel were telling us and helped us walk through making decisions.  She helped me keep my focus on relaxing and letting my body work so even though I didn't have the birth I planned (because when do babies ever let you do what you plan) I had such a positive and empowering birth experience I will be forever grateful for Kathlee.  She helped me to understand that birth has so many ways of happening and no way is any more right than another.  She helped me work through the issues I had from my first birth experience and I will be forever grateful for that.  She has so much to offer counselor, knowledge, aromatherapist, calm presence, positive energy, humor at just the right moment, hair dresser;).  Kathleen will always be near and dear to my heart as the one who helped me heal from my son's birth and helped find the courage to make the best decisions for my daughter's birth.  Thank you Kathleen.

Brenda Rajan


Where to begin? Kathleen Wilson was born to be a doula. She is the mother of ALL doulas. Kathleen is gifted with patience and a big heart. My husband and I were so impressed by her professionalism and knowledge. I can't imagine birthing without her. Prior to meeting her, I had many fears that are common with a first time pregnancy. She made me feel at ease and gave me the confidence to believe that I would have a vaginal birth in this era of c-sections. She is worth every penny!! She is a doula with obstetrical knowledge which is a HUGE plus in my book. Her proven track record in assisting pregnant women speaks for itself. Thank you Kathleen for doing what you do!!

Sara B.


 I knew as soon as I met Kathleen that she would be the perfect fit for our family. After a few home visits, it felt like she was a big sister. I'm so thankful for her sense of humor, down to earth practicality, and her skills as a listener. She made my husband and I feel completely supported and like we could handle this whole new venture. She was able to put us in touch with great resources for things like Lactation consultants, she helped us discern what baby gear we actually needed, and she was indespensible the night of the birth.  It was a crowded night at our birth center when my son was born, and I'm so thankful that she was there for us when the staff had to leave and check on others. I had a really magical, centered birth- one that made me feel like I was always in the driver's seat. I know that I have Kathleen to thank in part for this experience. I highly recommend her services. 

Peter Ehlers


Fitting Kathleen and the experience of working with her into 1800 characters or less is absolutely impossible, so please understand there many amazing things left unsaid.
The experience with Kathleen was amazing from our first meeting. We met with multiple Doulas in an effort to find the best fit, and Kathleen fit the bill. She impressed us with her vast experience (200+ births), and the ease with which she fit into conversation and our lives in general. Kathleen came to our house multiple times before the birth, and spent quite a bit of time at each visit cultivating our relationship with each other.

By the time that labor began, it felt like Kathleen was a part of the family. Labor began on Friday, and Kathleen came by and was available by phone and text while we labored at home. She came by on Sunday for a visit and escorted us to the birth center on Sunday for a checkup and came back later that evening for the main event.

It was at this point that things birth-wise started to not go as planned, and we were transported to the hospital because of concern for the baby. Kathleen was calm and collected, and helped us make the transition to the hospital. She was our advocate with the doctors and staff when portions of our birth plan could be maintained, and she was a source of explanation for us when things could not.

Kathleen made the birth beautiful and amazing, in spite of the transport and added stress of possible issues with the baby. She guided my wife through the contractions and pushing, while at the same time keeping me as involved as possible, despite my squeamish nature. In the end, we had a beautiful and healthy baby girl! We left the birth experience with joy and pride, despite the rocky road, and this is attributed entirely to Kathleen’s presence. We will never have a birth without Kathleen, and we only hope that by writing this, some other mothers will have the joy of working with her.

Catherine Wood-Sponsel


 Kathleen was, without question, the most important aspect of my recent successful VBAC. From our first visit with her, I knew she was the right doula for us. My husband was skeptical about having a doula at first, but she won him over. I know he would now be the first to recommend Kathleen to anyone preparing for a birth. She was prepared and professional at every visit and clearly took the time to get to know us. As a result, there was a comfort level between Kathleen, my husband and myself that made us a great team. During my labor, she went above and beyond to support us, even parking my husband's massive truck in the hospital parking garage! She deserves a medal of bravery for that one! Inevitably, I had moments during my labor where I felt discouraged and Kathleen didn't let me give up. I felt like she knew what I needed in any given moment. I would recommend Kathleen as a doula a thousand times over. She is AMAZING!

Denae Keutzer


 I am currently pregnant with my 2nd child and a midwive told me that a doula was a luxury and not neccesary. She is a crazy person. Before birth, Kathleen was the rock that helped me through all the emotional crazies that comes with anticipating your first birth. Her knowledge of the birth proccess and baby positioning was extremely helpful in the months leading up to my daughter's birth. During birth, she was the ever present support my husband and I needed to make it through labor. My husband was the rockstar that was at my side 24-7. I NEEDED him. Kathleen was the reason he was able to be at my side 24/7. She quietly took care of everything, reminded me to relax and breathe for the baby, massaged my leg when it lost circulation and I paniced. Her ability to anticipate my needs, keep me calm, and reinforce my Bradley pain management training, was the #1 reason I adore my birth experience. No family member, doula-trained nurse, or friend could have done what she did. After much discussion, my husband and I decided we couldn't live without Kathleen for our second birth. She must be there.

Meggan Wehmeyer


 I enthusiastically recommend Kathleen to anyone looking for a doula. She is supportive, kind and genuinely cares about you. There is a reason she attracts so many clients! Kathleen is non-judgemental and supports YOUR decisions. She never tries to push her values for birth onto you, but is full of ideas,options,  suggestions and resources if you need them. Her experience is amazing and really shows. During my pregnancy, she was very available to answer questions and had excellent communication. During my son's birth, she worked very well with hospital staff. I felt that when she was there, there was someone who was really on my side and had my best interests as her priority. She provided emotional support as well as physical support during labor. She provided massage, gave position suggestions, helped to involve my reluctant husband and helped me to navigate the entire process. I am confident my son's birth would not have gone so smoothly had she not been present. With her help, I was able to avoid an epidural and pain medications as I had hoped even though I ended up being induced. I highly recommend Kathleen Wilson, labor enabler! If you have the opportunity to work with Kathleen, take it!!

Krista W.


I would have never had the opportunity to accomplish the wonderful birth experience that I wanted without Kathleen by my side. Not only is she compassionate, intelligent, kind and resourceful, she is tough and kept me focused throughout the entire process of pregnancy through delivery. She was always there and always knew the right thing to say and do no matter how many times the circumstances and plan changed. She is awesome at focusing your thoughts and energy from negative and pain to positive and encouraging. I am so grateful that Kathleen was a part of my journey and helped me to appreciate my experience to the utmost. No matter what type of birthing experience you plan to have, Kathleen is the right doula for you!!

Valerie Nguyen


PRICELESS!!!!!  We hired Kathleen to work with our surrogate starting at about 30 weeks gestation.......She was THE most important decision we made for the benefit of our surrogate, and for ourselves.  As birth parents, we live 5 hours away from delivery hospital and surrogate, so Kathleen's role was instrumental in the delivery of our son.  She coordinated so many logistics for us, including which hotel was the closest and best to stay at near the Texas Women's Hospital!  She spent many, many hours with our surrogate, making her feel very comfortable with every aspect of her birth plan.  She also went over the many details in regard to what WE wanted for our newborn,  right down to the brand of soap we preferred for him to be bathed with!  I cannot stress the value and importance of Kathleen enough.  If you are able to pay for a doula, look no further, Kathleen is extremely smart, efficient, and AMAZING at what she does.  We are so grateful.



Dr. and Mrs. Tan Nguyen

Amanda Paul


I really have no idea what I would have done without Kathleen by my side. Without Kathleen, I would have been alone through my labor. I choose to be induced because my husband was not able to be there. I do not doubt that without Kathleen by my side I would not have been able to have a normal delivery. I am so grateful that I have met Kathleen and choose her to be part of my birth experience. If I ever have another child, I am hoping that Kathleen will be by my side again. I highly recommend her. She is a saint.

Joanna Whitsett


Hiring Kathleen as our doula was the best thing I did for me during my first pregnancy. From the first meeting she made us feel completely comfortable and started the process of guiding us through our planned waterbirth. She gave 1000% in each meeting and was available for phone calls anytime I had questions. My labor lasted 40 hours and I ended up being rushed to the ER to have a c-section. She was by our side every minute and waited at the hospital until our little boy was born. I cannot express how valuable and meaningful her presence was during this stressful delivery. She went above and beyond her commitment to us. For anyone having a baby, no matter what type of birth you want to have, I highly recommend hiring her.

Seanna Harrington Fallon


I can't sing her praises enough. When I met Kathleen, I was about five weeks from my due date. She was wonderful to take me on at such a late date. I knew it was the right decision from the moment we met. She was very organized and confident. I felt very comfortable with her. She explained her part in the birth process and clearly explained what she expected from myself and my husband. She was also a great listener and did a fantastic job of making sure my birth went as close to my birth plan as possible. When the day came, she was there the moment I needed her. Her calm demeanor along with her mental(and physical) strength gave me a better birth than I could have imagined. Her massage was better than any epidural. I never once thought I would not make it with out medical intervention. She kept everyone calm and focused. Honestly, because of Kathleen, I would consider another baby. My birth was the BEST part of my pregnancy and she had everything to do with that.

sherri shafiei


 My birth experience was amazing! I couldn't have done it without Kathleen. She helped me through the whole birth from coming to meet with us before to the birth to after. Her knowledge, experience, and skills made it possible for me to have a natural birth. She is truly amazing and I am so happy I decided to have her as my doula. She played a vital role through the birth when I was ready to give up, she gave me the motivation and belief that I can do it. 

Kathryn Connelly


Kathleen helped me achieve my goal -- an unmedicated VBAC.  The best part about her attendance at the labor and delivery was how she observed what was going on and made sure I was aware of what the doctor was planning to do, so I could make my own decision about agreeing to or declining procedures.  She was a coach and encourager, holding my hand and redirecting my thoughts and words (yells!) from the negative (No! I can't!) to the positive (Yes! Open!).  I loved having her there on my side, even though I trusted and liked my OB.  My husband loved her, too.  Thanks Kathleen!



Kathleen, she's amazing. She was my sister's doula when she was pregnant with Reid, her third. From the point that my sister was recovering after giving birth, she began saying that Kathleen was going to be her gift to me. I'll admit, I thought she was crazy at first. I'd be "epiduraling" it up.

Then I got pregnant.
Then I started researching in the few days before I told my sister.
Then Kathleen became my doula.

We met with her monthly. She calmed my irrational fears (what was I going to wear during labor or should I to donate the cord blood) and covered everything in full detail with us. It was like we were her only client. She spent hours with us if that was what we needed. And we never seemed like a hassle. During labor, even though she was 25 weeks pregnant, she was a solid rock. She had to be tired, exhausted even, and hungry and just getting worn down. She counter pressured my back when I was in positions that were so uncomfortable. And then she showed Matt how to duplicate what she was doing. Even during pushing, which lasted 3-4 hours, she was there at my leg with pressure helping me along (with my sister, my mom, and my hubs as well). She'd sit down in between, but stayed right next to me.
She walked me through options and outcomes when something new was thrown our way. She was patient with me. She told me I could when I said I can't. Bot not only was she telling me, she was making me believe. Her words were what I needed.  My birth did not go how I had envisioned, but through my work with Kathleen prior to and during my birth, I still felt empowered in the decisions I was making to bring my beautiful son into the world. 

Kathleen is a rock star. She not only coached me (and my sister in her labor) but she has coached our family. I think I can speak for us all when I say she is such a blessing and has really guided us all. We love her for what she has provided us.

Trish Klenow


I don’t know what I would have done without my doula Kathleen. I was heartbroken at 36 weeks to learn that my baby was stubborn and refused to turn from her frank breech position. I had two choices; get a cesarean or home birth. I chose to give up my wonderful birth center with midwives that I trusted and switch to a new midwife (recommended by Kathleen) and a home birth. I was bound and determined not to get cut open! My husband and I loved the new midwife and quickly embraced the home birth idea.
Kathleen was the perfect companion for my 36+hour home birth. From recommending the birth photographer, to giving me water when she knew I needed it, to back massages, to calming down the midwives; Kathleen did it ALL! She knew when to be by my side, and when to leave. She kept everyone in-line, and kept everyone optimistic in spite of the length of my labor. I had an amazing water breech home birth, and my baby, Heidi, is a joy. The birth was so exotic, in fact, that a full page picture has been published in Midwifery Today (summer issue 2011). I know for a FACT that without Kathleen I could not have had such a magical drug-free, intervention-free birth.

Shannon Miller


Kathleen is a wonderful doula who truly loves what she does. I wanted a doula for the birth of my first child to assist me in my attempt to have as natural and intervention-free a labor as possible. My husband, however, was very skeptical and was not sure that the extra expense of hiring a doula was worth it. My labor turned out to be very challenging and lasted almost 24 hours. Kathleen was there with us throughout the difficult labor, and I was able to avoid what the doctor thought was an imminent c-section due to my baby's poor position in the birth canal. My husband and I are convinced that it was Kathleen's suggestions for positional changes during labor that helped our baby move into the right position for birth so that I could avoid the c-section. Kathleen was a calming presence in the delivery room, and she deftly handled dealing with my doctor, who is a very skilled and knowledgeable doctor but who was less than 100% supportive of my natural birth plan.  She also has a great sense of humor, which really helped keep things light during a hard labor!!  Kathleen is a wonderful person and a skilled doula who is extremely passionate about what she does. We appreciate everything she did for us, and she even made my skeptical husband a true believer in the power of a good doula!

Kelly Strome


Words cannot fully express my gratitude for all Kathleen has done for us over the past few months.  I had known that my midwives would make every effort to be with us throughout our labor, but something in the back of my mind kept pushing me to hire a doula so that I knew for sure I would have an experienced woman by my side. As it turned out, my midwife was tied up with another birth for the majority of my labor and my husband and I are eternally grateful that Kathleen was there with us. She truly has a passion for what she does and it shows in every visit we had with her leading up to the birth and during my labor.  She really became a part of the family and even after our son was born she continues to visit and be a part of our lives.  She has great suggestions and advice regarding all my newborn questions, but I think the most important thing is she is always available to support me in any of my postpartum fears, anxieties, joys, and milestones. She really has a gift for making you feel like you are her only client and it warms my heart to see how much she genuinely loves my son. I will never be able to thank her enough, but I hope she knows how much we cherish her being a part of our little miracle.

Janel & Houston


I chose to have a Doula because I wanted a natural childbirth and thought the added support would help me accomplish my goal. I'm most certain my experience would not have been what it was without Kathleen. Over the months prior to giving birth, she spent time talking me through the process, answering any and all my questions, and ultimately getting a good handle on me and how I envisioned my birthing experience. At the hospital, Kathleen kept me calm and focused...she is remarkably in tune and highly capable. For what I consider to be the most precious and incredible experience a woman can go through, I not only completely trusted having Kathleen by my side, I was truly happy to have her part of the experience.

Kila Savoy


Having Kathleen as our doula was an amazing experience. I met her at the BIRTH fair and planned our meeting right away. My husband was reluctant at first to having a doula but told me if I needed to have one that he would go for it. Through all the prenatal visits and throughout my birth, Kathleen changed his mind! He has told me he will be the one demanding to have Kathleen at our other births. I only wish I would have had Kathleen at my first birth.

She met with us every month throughout my pregnancy to help plan and prepare for the birth of my daughter. She worked with us to create a birth plan so that all our wants and wishes could be fulfilled. This also helped us learned more about each other so that by the time the birth came it felt like I had a close friend there supporting me.

During our birth Kathleen really was our ROCK! Kathleen came to our house and helped me labor through my beginning contractions just like we had planned. I had a very fast birth. Once we decided to go to the hospital I went through transition very fast; within minutes. Kathleen rode with me in the car while my husband drove 95 mph down the highway. She helped me breathe through each and every contraction helping me not to push. She was very calm and in control the whole ride. It was the hardest thing I have ever had to do and I wouldn’t have been able to do with without her!

After arriving at the hospital she was right by my side while I pushed my daughter out! She was there to help assist my husband in every aspect of my aftercare; from taking video shots to feeding me juice and yogurt. It was a very intense birth but it was EVERYTHING I wanted it to be, because of Kathleen. I was so happy with my experience and I sit here thinking about how great my next birth will be with Kathleen.

Janet Attisha


Our experience with Kathleen  Wilson was completely rewarding. It was everything I expected it to be and more. She was supportive and attentive to me. I think that best thing about our experience with Kathleen was how much she helped my husband. She modeled to him how to help me through the birth process and he was so grateful for her presence at the birth of our second son. I would highly recommend Kathleen as a doula.

Johnna Hensley


Our birth experience was everything we'd hoped for thanks to Kathleen. Her support and availability during our pregnancy was amazing. Knowing that she was willing to discuss any concerns or nervousness my husband or I were feeling throughout my pregnancy really relaxed me and made the experience much more enjoyable. During my labor and birth Kathleen was unbelievable. Her presence in our home during labor was extremely calming and her expertise in counterpressure massage and aromatherapy made my natural labor and delivery possible. Her reassurance during the pushing phase was just the encouragement I needed to bring my baby safely and naturally into this world. Having Kathleen present during our pregnancy, labor, delivery and post partum made our entire birth experience perfect. We are so thankful to have been clients of Kathleen and now to call her a friend. 

Lisa K Mack


My experience in working wih Kathleen as my doula was incrediby positive, transformational and healing for Me. Kathleen is so dedicated and so passionate about the work that she does. She is superbly  talented at guiding her clients to a place of pure clarity about their own perfect birth experience. She is unbiased and extremely honest, stright forward and genuine. While in service of Me as her client she was so exclusively focused on My Care.This was a healing experience for Me to be cared for in such a steadfast way. It has lead to profoundly positive changes in my life. I am happier than I have been in a very long time. I am enjoying my new son so much. I am proud to say that Kathleen has played a huge part in the positive state of my life after pregnancy. I highly recommend her doula services.

Jennifer Hasche


I can say, with no doubt, that Kathleen made my non-medicated, hospitalized VBAC happen.

Desperate for a VBAC, we interviewed a handful of doulas.  My husband, whom I fully expected to say "pick whoever you want, honey" said "I think we both know Kathleen is the right doula for you."  She has a very special talent for being supportive of your preferred choices, while preparing you for all possibilities all at the same time.  She absolutely does not judge your choices/decisions; she wants you to have YOUR best birth experience.

Additionally, Kathleen helped me through my VBAC at a hospital that does not have a good reputation for supporting VBACs, or frankly non-medicated births, at all.  This was one of my biggest concerns, and I can honestly say there was not an ounce of tension in my labor and delivery room at any time; she worked calmly and professionally with my nurses and the doctor who delivered my baby.  I received many compliments from my doctor's staff after my daughter's birth and our doctor said she thought our birth did a tremendous service at that hospital, as there had been 'buzz' about it for a few days following.

Please do yourself a favor and request an interview with Kathleen!  You won't be disappointed.

Jennifer Skinner


Fantastic experience! Very professional and knowledgable. I couldn't have done it without her!

Tracey Medford


I first heard about doulas back in college (a friend did a study about the bonding between mother/baby when a doula was involved). Listening to her 15 years ago planted the seed that a doula (whatever that was), was for me. 

I met with Kathleen and new quickly she was the doula for me.  Her vibe is great - calming, reassuring, educational, a listener. I couldn't "sign-up" for her services quickly enough. She educated me on all the decisions of labor/birth/post-partum...things I never thought of.  Kathleen had met my OB (known in the doula community for performing elective c-sections) and was excited to work with her.  Kathleen attended a doctor visit with me -- my doctor seemed surprised since no other doula had ever made an office vist before.  

When I started labor I called Kathleen to give her a status update. She sounded exhausted, but asked me if I wanted her to come to me.  When she met me at the hospital you would never have known she had just attended another client birth 8 hours earlier (I later learned I was the first time she ever attended two births in 1 day, let alone 12 hours). She quickly got me focusing on the task at hand.  We worked on the birth ball (great invention), counterpressure on my back, aromatherapy, breathing exercises and guided relaxation. When I had my first sign of transition I remember telling Kathleen I couldn't do this, her response was that i WAS doing it & would continue to do it to bring that baby down.  

I can't say enough about the constant support Kathleen offered me & my husband.  With her help I was able to have the birth experience I always wanted. Thanks Kathleen, you hold a special place in my heart -- one that can never be matched.   

Kayla Porche


From my very first conversation with Kathleen, I knew she was the right person to help guide my husband and I through the birth of our second child.  After a very scary and difficult Cesarean birth with our first, we were determined to have a positive birth experience whether we got to have a VBAC or had to have a repeat Cesarean.  Kathleen was not only encouraging and nurturing, but provided so much great information and help from relaxation techniques to breastfeeding support.  She helped us establish a birth plan for both birth scenarios, and made it clear she was there to help us achieve the most positive birth no matter what.  While we did end up having a second Cesarean, Kathleen was with us every step of the way.  We had the best Cesarean birth I believe could ever be possible and will cherish that day for the rest of my life.  She was more than our doula, but truly a friend that we felt genuinely cared about what we were going through.  Having her as part of our birth experience was one of the best decisions we could have made, and we would not hesitate to have her there again!

Bonnie Collins


I recently gave brith to a beautiful baby boy and labored with Doula Kathleen Wlison.  She was awesome!  From the first day we met I knew we would have a great birth experience.  Kathleen was incredibly thorough during our prelabor meetings.  She ensured all my questions were answered and we discussed everything that could possibly happen so I could be prepared and think about any unexpected decisions ahead of time.  I was a few days past my due date and pretty anxious for the baby to come.  Kathleen was great through this: very reassuring and full of great advice and resources.  As far as the birth itself, it was incredible!  It was my second birth and I was determined to labor at home for as long as possible.  She was a rock, encouraging and comforting me throughout my labor.  The labor went pretty fast and when my water broke we rushed to the hospital and I mean RUSHED!  Kathleen talked me out of pushing in the car a few times and after running me down the hospital halls in a wheel chair and into a Labor and Deliver room, we had a baby in 3 minutes.  It was extremely exciting and an incredibly beautiful and empowering experience.  I would highly recommend Kathleen for a first time mom as well as an experienced mother....she is a fabulous person and Doula!

Jeanette Lopez


No one ever seems to truly understand the value of a doula until first experiencing a hellish labor and delivery without one. Laboring without a doula is a lonely, directionless, vulnerable and painful endeavor. After interviewing three Houston area doulas, choosing Kathleen was a no-brainer. I was determined to have a second chance and get the birth I wanted. Kathleen protected me. She protected my birth plan, she protected my body, my baby, my choices and my dreams for the birth I wanted. Kathleen has mastered the art of tact when negotiating with hospital staff. She proved that it is possible to get the birth YOU want- even in a hospital setting. Kathleen is priceless.

Ginny Watson


Kathleen was reccomended to us by our Bradley Method teacher as we were preparing for our first child.  Even before I was pregnant I knew I wanted a doula and try a natural, drug-free birth.  Meeting Kathleen for the first time was like seeing an old friend again, my husband and I instantly felt comfortable with her.  (She and my husband bonded over a shared love of Quentin Tarantino movies.)  During our first meeting she asked us what we wanted and were planning, and never forced her beliefs on us.  We knew we would be having a hospital birth and she was more than happy to accomany us.  Kathleen said and did all the right things to help me during labor.  She was able to get me to refocus during the worst parts.  I know we never could have had a drug-free birth without her loving help.  She is a wonderful, kind person and a first-class doula!

Shannon Abel


Our son's birth did not go as planned. We wanted to go natural but ended up with every intervention possible including a c-section. Though he is healthy and happy, I remained bitter about the experience and felt cheated out of the birth I wanted. We needed to make some changes this time. We switched hospitals, doctors and doulas. Kathleen was everything our first doula was not. We felt instantly connected to her. She understood my feelings about the first birth and knew this birth could help me heal. I began to despair when it seemed we were headed for c-section #2, but Kathleen never gave up hope. Surprisingly, I awoke in labor on our due date. Afraid to get my hopes up, I took my time notifying people and getting ready, but soon we couldn't wait any longer. Labor was hard, fast and painful. Baby was face up, which meant back labor. When we got to the hospital, I was 6 centimeters. Kathleen got there in time to help me through transition with no epidural. Without her, I probably would have given in to the pain. I was not a graceful laborer, but Kathleen, my husband and the doctor patiently encouraged me. 3 hrs and 40 mins after we arrived at the hospital, our beautiful baby girl was born - a non-medicated VBAC - just like we hoped! Kathleen advocated for us, made sure we knew what was going on, and took amazing pictures of our baby's first moments. She stayed until we were settled, called to check in and came for postpartum visits. Later we learned our daughter shares her birthday with a day of personal loss for Kathleen, yet she never let her emotions interfere with her professionalism or the care she gave. She will always have a place in my heart for the role she played in such a significant event in our lives.

Ilya Martinalbo


Kathleen was very knowledgeable, passionate about pregnancy & birth, a great help to us during the birth, as well as before and after. She was very reliable and a lot of fun to be with too.

I had an easy natural birth experience, and I owe that in part to Kathleen!

We will use Kathleen again in the future as a doula and we definitely recoomend her services to anyone wanting a doula.


Heather Dominy


Kathleen is an amazing woman! She entered our world for our third baby. I was a crazy mother who called Kathleen when I was BARELY pregnant, not even 10 weeks. I had two previous medicated births, and I knew I needed a head start to have the courage to do it all differently. Kathleen listened to me and my husband so well. She was unbelievably encouraging when I had told her my other birth stories, and how I came to my desire to do it all differently, and find her.

At 20 weeks we found out news that was hard to swallow. Kathleen was a rock in my life with my husband that made me know that I did not have to give up anything that we wanted for our birth of our son. We could do it all while being aware of any health concerns for him. Kathleen did her homework within days of finding out about his check up and had encouraging facts to make me not loose momentum.

She was always available, never too busy, and so supportive. She became my fast friend, and I felt comfort when she was near. She has so much knowledge that makes you feel at such ease, her strong confidence is such a part of who she is.

My amazing hospital birth with my 3rd son would of never been had it not been for Kathleen! He had a kidney disorder, a cord wrapped around his neck, and a true knot...things that I am surely would of lead to this or that concern without Kathleen's strong, calm and knowing presence.

How I wish I could turn back the clock and had Kathleen for my first two births. I recommend her with a shining smile to anyone I know...and have already promised Kathleen to my sister for a perfect baby shower gift (a baby that hasn't yet to be conceived :) 

Anna Nettles


Kathleen was really incredible!

Meeting with her several times to create a birth plan and help me define my expectations and desires during labor was very helpful.  It also helped her to get to know my likes and dislikes and helped me to bond with her.

During labor, Kathleen was great at reading what I needed.  She gave me space and peace to concentrate when I was doing well, and gave me excellent coaching when I was not doing well!  She was great at creating an atmosphere of calm, even during the chaos of leaving for and arriving at the hospital.  She just radiated peace!  Kathleen was an excellent advocate for me with the hospital staff. When their usual procedures would have distracted me during some difficult contractions, she was great at communicating my be left alone for a few minutes.  My obstetrician said that he would recommend Kathleen to anyone because of how smooth our labor and delivery went.  She was very encouraging during the pushing phase and helped me focus on WHY I was choosing an unmedicated birth when I was convinced that I couldn't do it anymore.  Her reminder that it was for my son was just what I needed when I started to feel overwhelmed.

Kathleen was also been great about checking on me postpartum.  She has come by for a homevisit, given me some "sitz herbs" to help promote healing, and kept in touch by phone.

Overall, Kathleen really helped me create the birth experience that I wanted and I firmly believe that I could not have achieved my goals without her.  I would highly recommend Kathleen to anyone looking for a doula. 

Kelly Harrell


I can say without a shred of doubt that Kathleen is THE doula of doulas. With her calm demeanor, pragmatic advice, and 'earned wisdom' ways, my pregnancy and birth of my 2nd child were in the most capable of  hands. She even won over my skeptical husband and had him fully participating with lightness and joy in the delivery room (which the doula who I hired for the birth of my FIRST child was not able to do).

Without Kathleen, I never would have attempted a natural, drug-free birth. (Note: Kathleen will fully support you either way - epidural OR drug-free). But, I'm so thrilled that I did because it was the most PERFECT birth I could have ever imagined.

Interview a few doulas if you wish. However, I'm confident that you will ultimately choose Kathleen for all the reasons mentioned above. She truly is the doula of doulas.

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