Sharea Jenkins  CD(DONA),CLC Photo

Sharea Jenkins CD(DONA),CLC

Supporting Hands Doula Care LLC

Porter, TX Service range 45 miles Will travel if gas is accommodated

Birth Fee

$1300 to $1450

Postpartum Rate

$30 to $35

Black Doula

Birth Fee

$1300 to $1450

Postpartum Rate

$30 to $35

Birth Doula Experience

6 years and 200 births attended

Postpartum Doula Experience

6 years and 50 families served

Birth Doula Certifications

  • DONA International - Certified Birth Doula

Doula Training

  • DONA International-Approved Workshop, April 2018

Type of practice: Solo practice

Clients per month: 2 to 3 births and 1 to 2 postpartum families

Postpartum limits/restrictions: No smokers please.

Attends hospital births? All Hospitals

Attends birth center births? All Birth Centers

Attends home births? Any Home Birth
I will absolutely attend a home birth with a midwife present.

College Education


Special Services Offered

  • Abortion support
  • Aromatherapy
  • Baby-led weaning
  • Birth pool rental
  • Childbirth education services
  • First Aid and CPR
  • Lactation consultant/counselor services
  • LGBTQIA+ Support
  • Military families support
  • Miscarriage support
  • Newborn care specialist
  • Parenting consulting
  • Satellite doula (for remote and rural clients)
  • Sibling support (for your older children at the birth)
  • TENS units rental
  • Virtual and remote doula support

Training Documentation


Relevant volunteer or advocacy work

I volunteer with local pregnancy centers in town and mentor at the local schools.

Fee Details

$1300.00 Is my standard fee for 2 prenatal visits, continuous labor, and delivery support, and 1 postpartum visit. As a licensed lactation counselor, I can also provide additional lactation support. Pictures and video of the delivery if the client wishes are available for an additional $50.00

Service Area

Porter, TX Service range 45 miles Will travel if gas is accommodated

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Client Testimonials for Sharea Jenkins CD(DONA),CLC

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Christine Nwoha


Sharea is the best!

She is such a great doula I was so blessed to have her as a part of my team. She was present throughout my pregnancy, and able to pivot and readjust many times to help me reach my goals and vision for childbirth.

We wanted to labor at home, but when I went past my due date and had to be induced, she was right there in the hospital with me and we labored to 9cm! Past transition! I never thought it possible. I surprised myself as she was able to redirect me and help me flow with the pain for a faster and more successful labor. She was hands on and very attentive. She’s also very personable and got along well with my husband and the healthcare team as well. The whole experience was 10/10 AMAZING!

Trust me when I say, she will exceed your expectations as a doula!

Amber Denson


Having Sharea as my doula truly made all the difference with birthing my second baby and having a positive breastfeeding journey so far. She is personable, knowledgeable, and available for all your questions. If you're looking for support, I highly recommend. 

Anita Latumena


We are so thankful to Sharea for guiding us through our first pregnancy and childbirth. We had so many questions in the beginning, and she always took the time to thoroughly answer them. During my pregnancy, she would stop by our house to show us techniques and exercises to help us calm down and make the birth easier. She also helped us create a birth plan, suggestions on rearranging our house and products that will help postpartum recovery. The day of the birth, Sharea was right by my side for over 15 hours in the hospital helping guide the nurses and myself. After the delivery, we asked her to help us to care for the newborn at night. During this time, Sharea went above and beyond. She showed us all the essential skills to care for a newborn such as how breastfeed correctly, change diapers, burp the baby, etc. Having her by our side for the first couple of days was amazing. Hiring her was one of the best decisions my husband and I ever made, and we would 100% recommend her!

Jennifer Rodriguez Wexler


Sharea came to our rescue overnight three times a week for about 8 weeks when our baby boy was born. The minute she walked in the door I felt immediate relief with her shining smile and kind demeanor. I thought "We are going to be ok". She supported our family in ways that I could never imagine.

Sharea is clearly an expert in her field. She delicately shared her knowleadge with us during our vulnerable portpartum time. She is well versed in several topics from healthy nutrition to how to hold a baby and is a certified LC. She is strategic in the way she teaches and shares her knowledge in order to build emotional trust and rapport because she cares about the wellbeing of the whole family. Because of Sharea, my mental health improved for obvious reasons like being able to get longer stretches of sleep and not be stressed about baby chores the next morning. Most importantly, she built up my confidence in new motherhood without judgement. When Sharea finishes her time with you, she leaves you feeling equipped to keep going without her. Also because of her, I never once felt alone in motherhood. It is a total life change, and she is well aware and supportive of everything that comes with this metamorphosis. Her support is shown through teaching, love, humor, attentiveness, kindness, and flexibility. She is quite the inspirational human.

Allison Ferguson


Sharea was my doula for my second baby. I had a doula for my first baby, but she was unavailable to support me for baby #2. After a lot of research and interviewing, I am SO thankful I found Sharea! She was caring, attentive, knowledgeable, and absolutely amazing in her support of me, my husband, our toddler, and our newborn after delivery. My birth experience was everything I wanted and I attribute that to Sharea’s support. Even our hospital staff expressed to me how wonderful it was to have Sharea in the room, and how she went leaps and bounds above other doulas. Sharea will be one of my first calls if we decide to have baby #3!



Sharea came to support our family with post partum night care when our daughter was 6 weeks old and I wish she could have been here from day 1! As first time parents, we needed someone that was knowledgeable, supportive, and that we could trust to care for daughter. Sharea met all these expectations but what really set her apart was how incredibly caring she was for our entire family and how joyful and energetic she was every day she was here. It was such a breath of fresh air after the exhausting newborn days and we looked forward to each night that she came. My husband and I would say to each other "whew, Sharea is coming tonight" if we had a particularly hard day - that was what a relief she was to our family.  I also had several complications post partum and we had latch issues with breastfeeding. Sharea supported through all of this offering a ton of help and advice with a kind touch. As a first time mom, opinions can be overwhelming but Sharea helped me navigate what made sense for me and our family. I would highly recommend Sharea to anyone seeking post partum care!

Sharona Dukes


Sharea is professional, punctual, kind, creative, and brings a peaceful presence to a birthing experience. When I gave birth to my daughter on 6/21/2019 she helped coached me through each contraction and provided lactation services while in the hospital and after. While pregnant she was a great resource for knowledge due to her studied and working experience as a doula. She taught me various breathing techniques, pregnancy exercises and labor inducing techniques.She was available anytime I needed and never made me feel bad for asking any question no matter how many times. She is also a wonderful advocate for you during all pregnancy visits, during and after delivery to ensure you are getting the best care, feel heard and understand all the medical terms.She not only takes care of the mom but makes sure the whole family is cared for and supported and ready to support the beautiful bundle of joy that has entered their life. Having her as your doula is a must if you desire the ultimate birthing experience !

Catherine Sorensen


Sharea was absolutely amazing from start to finish with our birth. Our little boy decided to come three weeks early and Sharea stepped in and helped us feel safe and secure with birthing our boy. She also helped my spouse with helping me and supporting me which was very important to us as a couple. After her birth she was there within 24 hours to help with breast-feeding and then was only a text away after that. I firmly feel that I would've not enjoyed my unmedicated birth as much if I had not had Sharea to help me out. And same goes for breast-feeding she made it as easy as it possibly could be ! 

Kaira Ionescu


I had a traumatic experience during my first delivery, so for my second I wanted an advocate. When I met Sharea, I instantly felt a connection. She was non-judgmental, warm, and informed. Choosing her was the best decision! She gave me a sense of calm and confidence throughout my pregnancy and during labor and delivery for which I’m so grateful. I’m so lucky to have had her by my side.



After dealing with PPD and PPA with my first child and being unable to breastfeed, we decided to hire a postpartum doula to help with the transition from one to two children. Sharea exceeded our expectations. She was friendly and supportive and made this postpartum period a breeze. She also made all the difference in breastfeeding this time around and I have been so happy with my success. I recommend Sharea to all of my pregnant friends!

Monica C


I cannot recommend Sharea enough! She was an easy choice for my second pregnancy because of her steady and calming energy. I was immediately at ease with her and confident she was the right choice to help me achieve a VBAC. She has tons of experience, is a great listener, and a wonderful support for whatever your plans/desires are for labor, delivery, and postpartum (she was essential to my breastfeeding initiation!). My only regret is not having hired her for my first pregnancy.



Our family was so glad to have Sharea supporting us during our home birth. She was helpful and responsive in the prenatal period and we loved how comfortable we felt with her during our prenatal visits. She was supportive and optimistic that we would get the birth we wanted even when we found out our baby was transverse. She helped ease any nerves that I had. It felt good knowing that we had someone in our corner fully supporting our desire to birth at home. Knowing that I had a history of quick labors she arrived shortly after labor began and jumped right in supporting/ comforting me. She also stayed in touch with my midwife making that one less thing I had to worry about during labor! Her energy and high spirits is truly hard to match and such a breath of fresh air! As an aspiring birth worker myself Sharea sets the bar for doula care and our family is grateful that she was part of our experience! 

Marissa Schrenk


We loved having Sharea as our doula! This was our first child and we felt unprepared for birth and post-partum until we had our meetings with Sharea. She help guide my husband and I through the process of birth and all the possible outcomes. Post-partum she helped us navigate breastfeeding which was a struggle for us! I would recommend Sharea to any of my family and friends!



Sharea was incredible! I highly recommend her as your doula! I have had a doula before who was great, but Sharea is next level great! She is extremely positive, listens well, she gave such a great massage during my labor (and I had no idea I would even want to be touched during labor), and she has such a calming presence about her. I couldn't have asked for anything more from my experience with her. Thank you Sharea, you made my birth experience wonderful!

Jessica and Travis Scott


Sharea is a gem. We never had a doula before and knew we wanted one this (3rd) pregnancy. Sharea was on board, sweet and ready to roll from the beginning. Going into my 2nd trimester, we found out that I was having twins and we completely freaked out. Sharea calmed my nerves, and was there for me when I needed it. She checked on me and was always kind. She always answered any questions I had, and reassured me through my worries. This was one hell of a pregnancy and she definitely made it easier! 

She was there before and after my C-section and made sure that the babies, my hubby and I were good and comfortable before she left. She is so attentive and helped us remember things that we had forgot. I said it at the beginning and will say it again, Sharea is a gem! I appreciate her, my baby girls appreciate her, my hubby and our older kids appreciate her. If you choose her, you will not be disappointed. My OB, Dr. Dixon, even recommended her!!! 

She is now officially apart of our family ??! Thank you again Sharea! 

Amanda Queen Myers


Sharea was a pleasure!
She explained everything so well to my family and I. It made me feel more empowered on my pregnancy journey. This was my husband's and I second pregnancy, but I wanted things to go a little differently this time around. Sharea came into our home and was very personable. She felt more like a sister instead of a Doula. She ensured that we were comfortable, well knowledgeable and happy with our decision. She was a "Rock Star " in the delivery room. She kept me calm and focused this enabled me to bring a beautiful, healthy babygirl into the world! I would use Sharea again if we were to extend our family a little more. You want someone that makes you feel comfortable and has a passion for what she does. Sharea fits the bill perfectly!



I found Sharea on a google search and I never looked back since. From our first encounter over video chat I knew she would be the perfect match for my needs. She was very attentive, informative, knowledgeable, kind and overall had a positive and warm vibe. Sharea held my hand through the smallest concerns and never made me feel inferior for not knowing. She was extremely supportive through my pregnancy journey, delivery and even afterwards. I had my dream pregancy and the birth experience I always prayed for and I do not think that I would have had such a successful and positive birthing expereicne without Sharea by my side. Her calming and reassuring presence was everything I wanted and needed. If I could fly Sharea out for all of my future pregnacies and deliveries, I definately would! She is amazing and every women would be blessed to have her by their side!

Sonya Cherred


I cannot say enough wonderful things about Shareas support during my birth. I was told that I would likely have to have a repeat C-section after 9 years since my first and hired her in the hopes of having support for a VBAC. 


She was supportive kind compassionate and a fierce advocate, able to support me and rise to every question I had during the labor process in addition to being gentle and understanding.


I feel confident that I would not have had a VBAC had it not been for a Shareas support and guidance through the process. My family felt that ease with her she immediately made me feel supported and safe, and her skill set knew exactly what position to get me into to help baby descend. 


After 30 hours of Labor she helped me to push baby out in less than 14 minutes because of her guidance and my trust in her.  She is exactly the right combination of kind, compassion, knowledge and fierce advocacy. Every woman should have a doula at birth and every woman should be so lucky to have one like Sharea. 

Velvet Brown


My experience was beyond my expectations with Sharea apart of my care team. I am forever thankful for her part in my birth experience. She helped me tremendously in labor and was hand and foot behind me the whole way. Her support and encouragement was unmatched. I successfully delivered an 8lb 12 oz baby girl all natural water birth. Thank you again. If there’s ever a next time I will be in touch



Sharea was such a blessing during the labor and delivery of our second child. During our prenatal visits she made sure to find out our goals for the birth and then throughout the labor she helped keep us on track with those wishes. She is a calm and reassuring presence, which helped both my husband and I feel at ease. One of our hopes was to labor longer at home, and Sharea helped that happen. Once at the hospital she was adept at making sure I moved and got into different positions to help the baby come down. She was an integral part of helping us have another hospital birth without major interventions. I would wholeheartedly recommend her to anyone looking for a positive, confident, and supportive doula!

Khrystal Ellis


From day one I knew Sharea was going to be the perfect match for myself and my baby. On top of her extensive knowledge and experience working with expecting mothers, her warm and nurturing spirit made me feel so much more comfortable with my entire prenatal and postnatal journey. She gave me exercises and videos that aligned with my physical, mental, and spiritual needs, provided beneficial advice based on her personal experiences and professional knowledge, and assisted in early lactation services once baby boy was born that assisted in establishing my milk production while he was in the NICU. Since the birth of my son, I’ve used the tools and information that she provided throughout my pregnancy and postnatal visits. She had an answer for all of my questions and was in tune with my wants and needs as far as my personal outlook on caring for my newborn. This was my first pregnancy and I couldn’t see myself going through another without the presence of a doula, especially one with the skillset that she possesses. I highly recommend Sharea’s services and will be using her for my future endeavors.

Sarah Lindsey


Sharea, from day 1, had a calm and caring energy while expressing a depth of knowledge and expertise at all things pre and post partum. I noticed she was an excellent listener and offered empathy as wel as guidance and education on whatever I needed. Sharea was very reliable and showed up whenever and wherever I needed her. It felt more like having a friend or family member with me rather than someone I hired. I cannot thank her enough nor could I recommend her enough. Thank you, Sharea!

Anasa and Eli


Sharea did an amazing job as our Doula! During pregnancy she helped us prepare, both in terms of how to take care of my body and also what to expect with surrounding the birth itself and post-partum. She was incredibly responsive answering questions throughout the process. During labor, she helped us understand the contractions and had great advice for relaxing and using the peanut ball and other poses to get my body ready. The medical staff at TMH was great, but I’d never met them before—having Sharea there as someone we knew who also had expertise in childbirth was so comforting. Having her in the hospital made us so much more confident in the process and we truly could not imagine the experience without her.



Sharea is amazing, and I really don’t know what I would have done without her. From the second I met her, I felt a strong connection to her. She has such a positive, confident, and bright energy that is instantly calming. She was such an incredible advocate for my wishes and well-being and so knowledgeable in what she does. I was a first time mom super anxious about birth, and I cannot explain in words how helpful Sharea’s presence and guidance was for me and my husband. I had a long and painful labor, and she stayed with us for a whole day and a half. She also made sure to check on me after we got home, and offered helpful advice to us sleep-deprived first time parents of a newborn. We are forever grateful for this wonderful woman!

Catina Cleveland


My experience with Sharea as my doula was exactly what I was hoping for during my first pregnancy. During labor and delivery Sharea was very supportive and encouraging. She eased all my fears which allowed me to just focus on delivering my daughter. Her lactation experience and training really help me with getting my milk supply up, so that my daughter could get the nutrients that are beneficial to her. Sharea is one of kind. 



What would we have done without Sharea!?! <3 She is such a blessing!!! In September, I had my first baby, which is needless to say a new and life changing experience. I knew throughout my pregnancy that I wanted to work with a doula because I was scared of going through birth alone. My husband and I contacted Sharea halfway through my pregnancy and after meeting her, we knew immediately that we wanted to work with her! She is so real and down to earth, and so so informative about the many things that we would need to know going in to brith! My plan was to labor at home as long as possible before heading to the hospital, and Sharea helped me do that! She was there with us through our home labor (which lasted all night), our journey at the hospital (which lasted all day), and our baby’s arrival! I had a 38 hour long labor and felt so supported through all of it! It was also such a comfort to receive her support postpartum as well. I would highly recommend Sharea to be your doula! :)



Unlike others I did not have very specific birth plan when it came to interventions. I desired a non-medicated labor which began spontaneously, but I was open and flexible that things may not go that way. The only thing that I was specific about was the feeling/ vibe of the room. I wanted it to feel like any other day. I did not want added pressure which could introduce fear during my magical moment of becoming a mom. Booooyyyy, I had no idea what was in store for me. Luckily I wasn't stuck to a plan because my desired spontaneously labor turned out to be a medically induced labor for a baby that was not ready, lol. 86 HOURS of induction followed by a cesarean and Sharea was there every step of the way. A phone call away during the early stages of labor (she offered to be there, but it was progressing slowly and I was enjoying time with just my husband and I), and there once things "got real" lol. My husband was an amazing birth partner, but there was a point when I saw fear in his eyes, but when I turned to Sharea I saw the strength that I needed to keep going. She was knowledgeable about things to progress labor and pain management. She made me feel empowered to speak to medical personnel, so I didnt make any choices that I didn't feel comfortable with. Many people said, "you don't need a doula; they won't be able to help." I am here to tell you that you need a need Sharea. She was like a sister (I felt the love), a cheerleader (rooting me on), and a mom (making sure I was empowered/ protected). While my birth experience definitely wasn't just "any other day," and things fid not go as expected fear was never introduced and I remained relaxed and in good spirits thanks to Sharea. I wouldn't change it for the world. 

Emily W.


Priceless Investment for Having a Sucessful Birth 

I don't have words to describe how thankful I am that I was connected to Sharea for Doula and lactation care. She truly has a gift for assisting laboring mammas and I don't think my birth would have gone nearly as successfully without her. She is so caring and knowledgeable. Her presence and expertise gave me so much peace and the ability to just focus in a moment. It provided me a lot of security to know that I could bounce all my thoughts and questions off her if I was unsure about how I was progressing or what I was feeling in my body, ect. 

Being a first time mom, I was so grateful to be able to text her questions and have her help me as I was learning how to breastfeed. It was more intimidating than I expected! It helped me so much to have her support so I didn't feel so lost and alone trying to feed my new baby. 

Having her as a doula was one of the best decisions I made for having the birth I wanted and support for so many other things that I didn't know I needed. She's THE BEST!! 



Sharea was phenomenal!! I started researching doulas when I realized that my husband would not be in town for the birth of our daughter. Sharea came highly recommended, and did not fall short of expectations. Before giving birth we discussed a birth plan and what I wanted my delivery to look like. After being admitted, Sharea arrived shortly after. She was there throughout every single contraction. She really helped to keep me sane throughout the entire process. I know I wouldn't have been able to have such a smooth labor and delivery without her. After baby was born she took amazing pictures of me and baby. If it wasn't for her I would have had zero pictures of my newborn. After discharge, Sharea stopped by to answer questions and helped me with breastfeeding (since I had some latch issues with baby). My experience with her was AMAZING!! 10/10 recommend and I would definitely work with Sharea again for my next baby. 



From the very first phone call, she made it seem as if we knew each other forever. Sharea is there for you in pregnancy, birth and postpartum! She is amazing!

Ivana Rodriguez


Sharea came highly recommended to me by the lactation consultant I was taking a breastfeeding class with, and boy was she right! From the moment I met Sharea, I knew she was the doula I wanted on my birth team. She has a very calm and comforting presence and provided a ton of insight to my husband and this first time mama. I had a pretty long delivery, and I honestly became so exhausted at one point that I would have opted for a c-section if it wasn't for her encouragement and physical support! I can't imagine having another baby without her, and even the hospital nurses commented on her amazing work to me the following day. She's truly a gem and I would absolutely, without hesitation, recommend her to anyone in need of an amazing doula ??????

Illia Strikhar


Sharea made my wife's labor and delivery so much easier. She was there for us when we needed psychological and emotional support, providing insightful and helpful tips in her calm compassionate voice. The night before my wife gave birth she was having strong contractions and was panicking a little. Sharea was at our place in 20 mins and managed to calm her down. 2 hours later our son was born, natural labor with no complications. I'm sure we made the right decision to have Sharea as our doula. Much much recommended!

Madison Mall


Sharea is the BEST!!! I cannot recommend her highly enough! I firmly believe that my birth would not have gone as well as it did if it wasn't for her. Sharea has such a calming presence from the moment she walks in a room--having her with me made me (and my husband!) feel so at peace! Sharea is an amazing encourager, and made me feel SO empowered. Once she arrived at my house, I never once felt scared. Her physical support (through massage, counter pressure), emotional support (through encouraging words, coaching), and spiritual support (through prayer when I asked) was EXACTLY what I needed when I needed it! Being a first time mom, I had no idea what to expect, but Sharea was there to support me both before, during and after my birth! If I ever have any more babies, I'm calling her!! Thank you Sharea! You're amazing! 

Storm Bass


From the moment I found out I was pregnant, my husband and I knew that we didn't want to be alone in the journey of pregnancy and birth. Not knowing any one who had used a doula we started doing our own research and found Sharea, and boy did we get blessed. From day one she calmed our minds and gave us peace over everything. Sharea was always there to answer our many questions, and to just be a listening ear as well. I had to transfer care at the last minute of labor and she made that transition so peaceful and so much easier for me. I will always remember her calming spirit during labor and all of the encouragement she gave my husband and I. We will be hiring Sharea again when it is time for baby number two!  

Danielle Brown


It was an honour to have Sharea as my Doula. She was there to help guide and answer all questions a first time mom would ask. She had such a soothing and wonderful energy during our first prenatal meeting that made me confident she was the right choice. Her calming techniques were encouraging, and made the birthing process more manageable. I was glad that she was there to take pictures of our first time meeting our daughter. Sharea also helped me to get my daughter to latch, after struggling with failed attempts at the hospital. I would highly recommend her to others looking for a doula!

Becki Rutta


When Sharea walked into my delivery room it felt like everything was going to be okay. Her calm, reassuring, non-judgmental presence encouraged the confidence in me to have an unmedicated childbirth.  She helped me to take control of my birth process and encouraged strength in me that I did not know I had. I call her my delivery angel. I would recommend her to any couple going through the delivery process but especially to first time parents!

Sharea’s excellent communication skills came through during labor and delivery, working seamlessly with both my husband and I. My baby was delivered during the Covid-19 pandemic in July 2020, when only one person was allowed in the delivery room. This meant she had to swap in and out of the room with my husband during the delivery process.  Sharea found a way to flawlessly multi-task coaching my delivery while calling and Face Timing with my husband to make sure he felt included. When the time came, she made sure my husband was back in the room for the birth.

Sharea not only helped my husband and I through labor and delivery but through the entirety of the pregnancy process: from our pre-baby anxieties to tough choices when complications arose and both post-partum and lactation support. Sharea even made an extra trip post-partum to triage to pick up breast milk to take to my husband at home! She is truly worth her weight in gold and then some. 

Hope Eltomi


We found Sharea through a friend of ours who recommended her. After the first conversation with her I knew she was the person I wanted with me during the birth of our baby. She is incredibly uplifting and joyful! During our meetings she got to know us and she really became a friend to us! I had our baby at home and when active labor started, Sharea came to be with me. I remember the intensity of the contractions and when she entered the room. She came stright to me and started to massage my back. I immediately felt the tension leaving my shoulders and face. She was calm and collected and her instincts were spot on. She knew how to help me progress through labor and when it was so intense and painful I didn’t think I could go on she had the encouragement I needed. When the pain was more than I thought I could cope through and I felt stuck in one position, she instinctually knew I needed to get into the tub. I didn’t want to go, I didn’t want to move at all! But once I got into the water I felt an immediate release in my back which was giving me excruciating pain. A few hours later I gave birth to our son. While I was pushing she gave me cues and tips to make the pushing effective. Each time she spoke it was calm and confident, a gentle guiding that I could trust. Sharea has a gift as a birth doula and I would recommend her highly!!! 



Sharea and her doula services were exactly what our family needed for a successful delivery during this uncertain time. She is always willing to offer support before, during, and after pregnancy and her love and passion for supporting women is obvious in every interaction. I highly recommend her services, and would not have had such a successful delivery without her. Thank you Sharea!

Svetlana Volodina


I can’t say enough good things about Sharea and our experience! I had an unmedicated home birth with my husband, a midwife and her team, and Sharea as our Doula, and it was wonderful! Hiring a Doula was the best decision we made!

The main reason for hiring a Doula is because it is not easy for my husband to see me in pain. I was afraid that he would panic and suggest to go to the hospital.

Also, for first-time moms, labor tends to be longer. I didn't know what to expect and definitely wanted some help and encouragement.

Last but not least, I wanted somebody experienced, i.e., who knows what to do and how to help me prepare for labor and go through it.

 After our zoom call with Sharea, we immediately hired her. She was so positive, confident, and relaxing! Even talking to her calmed me down and made me believe that I CAN DO IT no matter what because my body is designed to do it.

I had a quite short active labor, but a long pushing phase (2.5 h). Sharea's encouragement was such a great help! When thought I was not progressing, she told me how amazing I was! And this encouragement and emotional support made me try again and again and eventually push my baby out.

Honestly, I’m not sure if I could have done it without a Doula, even though my midwife was amazing too. She gave me confidence and definitely made me less anxious.

If you are looking for a Doula, hire Sharea because she is great at what she is doing. She is knowledgeable, easy-going, charming, and warm-hearted.

Independently of the type of birth you are planning (home, birth center, or hospital), I highly recommend Sharea! It will definitely make your experience much nicer and easier, and you will not regret it!

Grigory Fedyukovich


Sharea helped my wife to give a home birth, and it was a fantastic experience. We are new to Tallahassee and do not have any relatives here. With Sharea, the labor became a lot easier -- she brought a friendly atmosphere and a bag of knowledge and useful tricks.

This is our first baby, and although I knew what to expect from the labor, I was still nervous that something can go wrong. As a non-expert, we searched for a knowledgeable person to be the main member of my wife's "support team", and I'm really glad that we found Sharea. She helped my wife by doing massage, suggested some positions to push and some natural painkilling techniques. Sharea collaborated with the midwife and students well -- they really operated like one team.

I would also thank Sharea for her assistance during the first couple of days after the baby was born. She volunteered to drive us around and also helped with some housework. My wife and I would like to keep in touch with Sharea in the future, and will definitely hire her as a doula for our second/third/... baby!

Meagan Caridad Arrastia-Chisholm


Sharea has the distinct gift of being able to calm a mama in active labor, taking her pain from an intense 10 to nearly nothing! She did this for me by caressing my skin during the worst of it. I went from being tense all over, praying on my knees, to relaxing and responding to the urge to push. She really helped me be present in the moment and melted away my anxieties. Sharea made sure to meet with us in person and practice hands on techniques with me to make sure I was comfortable. Then when it was time, she was able to quickly help we without any awkwardness. She is a dynamic, amazing doula helping mamas do what they may doubt is possible. We highly recommend Sharea!

Kasey Lacey


If you are on the fence about hiring a doula, DO IT! Sharea was such a blessing to me and my baby! This was my second baby/ planned hopsital birth at TMH. My first baby's birth was awful and I knew I needed help to have a better experience this time around. I am so glad I took the plunge and hired her! She was so helpful and reassuring leading up to the birth of my daughter at helping me come up with a birth plan.

When I was in early labor at home she was always available via text or phone call to talk about what was going on and how I was doing. When I told her things were getting intense she came right over to be with me at home. Once she was there her back rubs and words of encouragment were so soothing. She quickly came to the conclusion that I had labored enough at home and we needed to get to the hospital. Unfortunately, my daughter was in a big hurry to meet Mommy and she was born in the car on the way there! Sharea was so calm and confident (despite driving, making phone calls to my husband and Mom to alert the hospital we were enroute, and also helping me literally catch my daughter haha!)- I was not afraid for a second. If we decide to have another baby no question Sharea will be my choice for a doula again.

Kali Hamilton


My boyfriend and I hired Sharea as our Doula when I became pregnant early 2019. When I reached out to her through the Tallahassee Doula Co-Op, she was so friendly and personable. We met at Panera for a meet and greet and I loved her energy and enthusiasm for her profession! She helped me feel so much more comfortable about all of the unknowns with pregnancy and childbirth. As a first time mama, I was nervous and had no idea how to approach a natural delivery. She made me feel so confident and secure in my decision and reminded me every step of the way of how strong I was. When it came down to labor, she was a rockstar! From 2-4 AM calls and house visits and 30 hours of intense contractions, I can truly say she made a HUGE impact on my will to keep going. She was an amazing birth partner and now someone I call my friend. Thank you Sharea! You made my birth experience so special. 

Catherine Powell


My husband and I are so glad we chose Sharea as our doula! She is absolutely wonderful at what she does and helped us in countless, priceless ways. As a first-time mom, I was on an emotional rollercoaster, but during our prenatal visits, Sharea was able to encourage me and keep me grounded. I loved her positive, friendly, and easy-to-talk-to personality and all of the helpful information she shared that boosted my confidence going into birth. She was quick to reply to texts and emails answering random questions I had during my pregnancy, and I always felt like I had her as a resource to lean on. She was also 100% comfortable with our cat and two big, playful dogs! When labor began at home, it gave me such peace of mind having someone there with so much birth experience helping me work through contractions. I wanted my husband to be my primary support, and Sharea was the perfect complement and help for both of us. If my husband needed to step away, Sharea was there to support me. My labor ended up being a long, slow-to-progress labor and she supported me throughout the marathon event, smiling and staying positive the entire time. She was integral to helping me work through contractions on my exercise ball so that I could finally make it to full dilation. In all types of birth I experienced, from natural at home and at the Birth Cottage, to an unexpected transfer to the hospital for a cesarean, I’m so glad we had Sharea there by our side, offering her encouragement, experience, and support. We highly recommend Sharea and would choose her again as our doula in a heartbeat!

Hannah Monroe


Sharea has such a wonderful calm, positive energy. She was the first doula we met with, and I canceled my meet-ups with other doulas after meeting her because we hit it off so well and I liked her so much from the start. She was available and supportive throughout my pregnancy and always encouraging. 

I had a long and somewhat strange early labor pattern that lasted a couple of days, and she made herself available to me even in the middle of the night to talk with me and support me through it. Once in active labor during my home birth, her calm, reassuring presence and gentle touch helped me immensely. She would remind me to let my tension go and helped me relax through contractions. She also helped my husband and mom feel involved in supporting me through labor. 

Our sweet baby needed to come out quickly at the end. I was never scared but there was a sense of urgency in the room. I remember clearly Sharea in my face, calmly telling me that the baby needed to come out so to give it all I had with the next pushes. I don’t think I will ever forget that powerful moment right before our baby girl was born. 

I am so thankful Sharea was a part of our birth team. I am also grateful for her help with breastfeeding during our first post-partum visit. We are big fans of Sharea! ??

Keyerra Wright


I am so proud that my husband and I chose Sharea as our Doula! She started with us at 6weeks pregnant and has been amazing every step of the way! Prenatal visits with Sharea was always fun and exciting from learning all breathing techniques,massaging and learning about breastfeeding! Sharea is very passionate about what she does and makes sure she goes to extra mile to make sure your birthing experience is the best! Sharea’s aftercare is also amazing when she comes to visit mom,dad and baby! She’s always checking to make sure everything you ask for is done properly and in order! If you choose anyone as your Doula please choose Sharea! You will definitely be satisfied!! 

Miranda Manning


I can not say enough good things about Sharea. We requested her services toward the end of my pregnancy. She stepped right in and helped me to feel comfortable and more prepared for labor. My labor came on very quickly and I was pushing within 45 minutes of my water breaking. She helped all of us to feel calm and supported through the whole process. Sharea’s kind and joyful energy is exactly what I needed. Thank you Sharea!! Indigo is doing great! :)

Abigail W





Sharea is incredible! You will be in very caring and capable hands if you hire her as your doula. She helped me to relax my body, utilizing items like birth balls,and even showed me how to use the hospital wall railing to squat and make contractions easier. With Sharea’s help and my family I was able to go 40 hours with no medication before having a c-section. I know that I would have never lasted that long without Sharea’s help in teaching me how to relax my body and experience contractions instead of letting them control me. She helped me to feel empowered ,and to endure! I am so grateful for her support. I was impressed with her stamina and continued care through those many hours. 

I highly recommend her services! The visits before and after delivery, she was informative and encouraging! Her positive attitude and contagious smile truly make her perfect at her job! 

Tanya Hansen


Sharea is fantastic and I'm so glad we had her as part of our birth team fory fourth baby but first home birth and first unmedicated birth. She helped me through my contractions, helped me change positions when needed, and constantly reminded me I could do it. She helped calm my 3-year-old when he ran into the room traumatized just in time to see his baby brother being born. She provided support via text prior to the birth, and was so kind and patient with my children during her visits, even when they were being a little extra. She helped me feel empowered and I only wish I had her with my first three deliveries!


Alyssa Selker


Sharea was amazing through the whole experience of pregnancy and birth and it was certainly a whirlwind experience! I don't know how I could have done it without her - her knowledge and reassuring presence helped me get through a long labor, hospital transfer and eventual C-section. I'm so grateful for her and would highly recommend her to anyone searching for a doula!

Shannon B


Sharea was absolutely incredible throughout my pregnancy and labor. During my pregnancy, she checked in often to see how I was doing and always readily answered my anxious questions. She always made my husband feel comfortable during the prenatal visits and we loved all the techniques and suggestions she offered. During the labor, Sharea was incredibly supportive with encouraging me through each contraction, providing gentle massage, and suggesting various positions. After our baby arrived, she took pictures on my husband’s phone that we’ll cherish forever. Soon after the birth, Sharea had to go to support another client, which really showed me her level of dedication. Even when she had to leave, Sharea checked in on me to see how I was recovering and how the baby was doing. I also appreciated her support during the postpartum visit a few weeks later. Overall, I’d recommend Sharea because she’s dedicated to supporting mothers with whatever birth they choose, she offers excellent strategies before and during birth, and she has the type of personality and sweet spirit that makes everyone comfortable. 

Rachel Solomon


I HIGHLY recommend Sharea as a Doula! She was loving, kind, attentive, and just all around comforting throughout my whole labor journey. She encourages you and helps you find your inner strength. I could not of imagined my birthing process without her. Sharea was also wonderful with my whole family, my 3-years old toddler and husband. As she would help communicate my needs to them as my labor progressed or stalled. She arrived at our door right after helping another mother labor at a hospital. Therefore we know she was exhausted BUT was still dependable and quite committed to us. I have no doubt she will give the best of her ability to all the mothers she helps, as she will do it  with  such natural love and care. 

Jarvis Maxwell


She was a lifesaver I don’t know what I would’ve done without her. Listen if there’s any guys reading this it’s definitely worth the investment. Seriously, you’ll need the help. Especially if you’re baby’s due during the playoffs nba/nfl/nhl. And if you’re a first time dad like I am. She was great I was able to catch the game and get some sleep during early labor at our home, that was great. She was great at showing me how to position myself to soothe my wife during contractions, she’s very knowledgeable about the entire process of pregnancy. I highly recommend Sharea! She’s awesome she brings good energy! And she’s great at what she does! Thanks Sharea!

Christy & Jesse


Sharea is amazing! She made my husband and I feel confident about giving birth naturally to our first child. Our prenatal visits with Sharea were great and helped us get to know each other better and prepare for labor and delivery. She is a very positive and joyful person and this helped me feel very at ease around her. During my labor she helped me breath through my contractions well and took care of calling the midwife when things were progressing. She was very willing to do whatever it took for me to be comfortable and so glad we had a doula. Whether you are a first time mother or this is your tenth rodeo, Sharea is great and we highly recommend her! 



Wow! What can I say other than great support, care and service from Sharea of Supporting Hands Doula Care. I honestly was doing just fine getting through my second pregnancy despite it being a high risk pregnany with lots of discomfort I had not experienced with my first child. Nevertheless, a family member gave me a gift certificate for Doula services as a birthday present. It was in hope of getting a little more support as I finished out the 2nd and 3rd trimesters. Needless to say, my husband and I found more than that. Sharea made sure to check on me every step of the way as a listening ear, a sounding board, as well as a resource for any questions or concerns I had nearing the end of the pregnancy. In addition, she provided a pregnancy back massage that alleviated the lower back pressure and made sure to show my husband what to do so he can give me. She also helped me stay on task in preparation for my C-section...thinking it through from pre-registration, packing my bag, etc. And, after the baby arrived she visited at the hospital, provided breastfeeding support at the hospital, in the home and also continued to check on me via phone/text as she did through out the pregnancy. Overall, Sharea was an amazing support even for someone that already had support from family and friends. She provided a level of expertise that made the latter part of my pregnancy, delivery and bringing baby home a smooth transition. Sharea's support filled the gaps I didn't know existed in my planning and preparation for my 2nd child. She even helped what seemed impossible and discouraging in breastfeeding a wonderful addition to my success story; she was the extra push that got me over the hump. My husband, son, and newbon are extemely thankful for her sincere care and concern and would recommend her services to anyone seeking that type of support.

Sara C


I cannot recommend Sharea highly enough. She was actually the back-up for the doula I hired, as I knew ahead of time my doula would be gone a week at the end of my pregnancy. When I went into labor that week, I felt perfectly comfortable knowing she would be the one to support me, even though we had met just once. What I felt immediately—and what helped me throughout my labor—was her ultra calm demeanor. She continually helped me relax and breathe through my contractions. Without her, I would have given up on a drug-free labor/delivery immediately. As important, she helped my husband to feel confident and engaged throughout the process. As hard as it was, I’m so happy with my labor & delivery experience, and I couldn’t have done it without her. I would recommend Sharea to anyone. 

Erika J. Williams


Sharea was so loving and attentive during the lengthy 72 hour labor/delivery of my precious baby girl. Sharea stayed by my husband and I’s side from home to hospital while keeping a smile on her face and positive spirit throughout. We truly felt that we had a strong advocate who made sure our wishes were met throughout the many challenges birthing brought. We adore Sharea and will definitely work with her again for future pregnancies.

Chinoah Kelley


Words can not begin to describe how grateful I am to have had Sharea as my doula. I was very nervous& anxious due to the fact of having a stillbirth last year. I knew going into this pregnancy I was going to have a doula. Meeting Sharea at the Community Baby Shower was a blessing. From the first conversation we had she made me feel very comfortable with her. She was always available to answer any questions or concerns that I had. When I realized I was going to go in labor earlier than my due date she was there. I delivered almost exactly a month earlier. I knew I wanted to have a natural birth and she made sure that happened. I was able to deliver my baby 100% natural, no medicine used at all for pain. I recommend to any mother that having a doula is one of the best helps during labor. Even though many of my family and friends either didn’t know or didn’t know why I would hire a doula, they completely understand now after my labor.

Thank you so much Sharea for being there for me and my little prince. Again words can not describe how grateful I am to have you apart of my labor

Thank you


Catt Jernigan


I had a wonderful experience with Sharea during labor and delivery. She helped me cope through a rough transition and was attentive to my 3-year-old daughter the whole time without taking her attention away from me. I would recommend her services to anyone looking for a very hands-on physical and emotional support person during labor.

Jill Hanks


Sharea was such a blessing for me! Her availability was so convenient and she was willing to meet with us at short notice, only a week and a half before I delivered. I had a failed induction and cesarean after 14 hours of labor, but having Sharea with me was so comforting and helpful. She has a magical touch and I can honestly say she decreased the pain of contractions at least by half with her massage. She was with me and my husband every step of the way and provided so much positivity, and physical and emotional comfort. I would strongly recommend her to anyone considering a doula!

Jessica Clements-Brown


Sharea is an excellent doula! Actually, she was more like family during my pregnancy! She was there for us during and after the pregnancy! She taught us several ways to cope with the labor from her advice to different massage techniques! We were very thankful to have her by our side. She was there for the entire labor process (32 hours) and afterwards. Whenever we needed her, she was always just a phone call away! One of the best to have on our team!

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