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Joanna Guzman

Brave Birth Doula Services

Boonton, NJ Service range 50 miles Extra fee may apply for travel, depending on area of travel.


Birth Fee

$700 to $1000

Birth Fee

$700 to $1000

Birth Doula Certifications

  • Uzazi Village - Certified Birth Doula

Postpartum Doula Certifications

  • Uzazi Village - Certified Postpartum Doula

Birth Doula Experience

3 years and 41 births attended

Doula Training

  • Ancient Song Doula Services, August 2017
  • Uzazi Village, September 2018
  • DONA International, October 2018

Type of practice: On-call doula service

Clients per month: 2 to 3

Attends hospital births? All Hospitals

Attends birth center births? All Birth Centers

Attends home births? Any Home Birth
Assisted home births

College Education


Special Services Offered

  • American Red Cross First Aid and CPR
  • Aromatherapy
  • Belly binding
  • Childbirth education services
  • Miscarriage support
  • TENS units rental
  • Virtual and remote doula support

Relevant volunteer or advocacy work

Sister to Sister Community Doulas of Essex County

Languages Spoken

  • English
  • Spanish

Fee Details

Virtual Birth Doula Services Payment plan options available. Customizable packages. VBAC discount Hypnobabies certified Hypno-Doula

Boonton, NJ Service range 50 miles Extra fee may apply for travel, depending on area of travel.

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Client Testimonials for Joanna Guzman

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Bianca Campbell


When I knew my husband and I were pregnant, I knew I wanted a doula to help guide and support us through the process, being first time parents.  Joanna was more than we could have prayed for.  She is extremely knowledgeable, attentive, understanding, non-judgemental, respectful, honest and professional.  We immediately felt that she was a great fit after meeting with her the first time.  There's something overtly loving and genuine about her energy that makes you feel like you've known her for a while.  

Her immediate and helpful responses to my calls and texts always put me as ease and her evidence-based approach resonated heavily with us, as we are particular with receiving information from credible sources before making decisions in our daily life.  She is also a huge proponent for natural birth, and supported me in my hypnobirthing, breathing techniques, and other holistic prenatal practices.  I felt super empowered and more confident with her guidance and encouragement.  This really garnered our trust in her.

Due to coronavirus, I was devastated to not be allowed to have her with us in the hospital, but she was up all night ready to serve us via video chat whenever we needed her expertise, comfort, encouragement or support.  We really feel that having her as a coach and resource made a huge difference.  It was a positive experience for me personally too - her emotional support was so vital to me.

 In the end, Joanna has become a good friend and I'm so happy to have her in our lives and I would definitely use her again for a future pregnancy!

Francis Velez


Joanna was literally heaven sent. A friend of mine had hired her as their doula and raved about how beneficial it was having her part of their labor team. Prior to my friend telling me about Joanna, I had no idea what a doula was. So my friend told me all about it and when we found out we were pregnant, I knew I wanted to have a meeting with Joanna. As soon as we finished our first meeting, I knew we needed to hire her. She asked us questions like, “if it’s a boy, are you getting him circumcised?... what pain management options would you like to use? Etc.” Questions that I never thought of before so I knew from the first meeting, I needed her by my side. Throughout our meetings, she offered us advice, support, and guidance. But most importantly, she empowered us to have the birth story we wanted for our daughter. Anytime I had a worry or question, she was always a call or text away. When I called her saying we were being induced, she meet us at the hospital that very night and stayed by our side. I felt like she was my bigger sister there ready to fight on my behalf. Once she came in, I was at peace. I felt like superwomen every time she helped me breathe through a contraction. Even after we gave birth, she stayed with us to make sure we were okay. My family and I are grateful. Thank you, Joanna ??



I connected with Joanna during the second half of my pregnancy. I wanted someone to be there for me, because though this was my 4th birth, each was a completely different experience and the last had been traumatic and natural. Most thought I was crazy for wanting to go natural again, but Joanna was on board with my plan from our first meeting and made sure I was well informed about all of my choices and rights. She visited more often than she had to each time bringing something new to show or give me. At the time I attended a lot of birth related functions and often ran into Joanna working. She was just as loving with others as she was with me.

During my labor Joanna stayed by my side and was quick in action with pain management. At the hospital she was right by my side helping me to control myself in a moment where I felt so out of control. After delivery, again she came bearing gifts and a home cooked meal which was most definitely in order. It was absolutely delicious btw. During the time we spent together we found out we had so much in common and she took the time to build a relationship with each of my kids.

I would recommend Joanna to any expectant mother for both doula and postpartum care. In the end she’ll feel more like family, and that’s the kind of care a mother needs.  

Jya Dawson


Joanna was definitely the best doula anyone can ever ask for. Although we only met once before I gave birth, in that one meeting I learned so much from her that I hadn’t knew before. When my water broke she helped me stay calm and helped me be ready to give birth. We did different exercises, home remedies and other stuff that helped reduce the pain of child birth and help take my mind off of everything. She was at the hospital with me the whole time without getting any sleep and encouraged me throughout the whole process. Every time I said “I can’t do this!” Joanna was right there in my ear telling me that I was doing great and etc. She really made this experience a lot easier for me with all the information she was giving and encouragement and she is very genuine, nothing felt forced or fake, I was very comfortable with her and if I twas to go through this experience again I would definitely pick her as my doula.

Diana guzman


My gosh where do I start?? Sometimes there are just no words for how amazing this doula is. Joanna Guzman was my doula and she was absolutely incredible. She was the exact support I needed throughout my entire pregnancy. She cared for me like family. Any question or concern I had she handled it with the utmost care, shes was incredibly knowledgeable and kept me well informed so I can make the best decision for myself and baby. She is so attentive, she answered every call and was by my side whenever I needed her. Shes funny, caring, loving, and tough. I was in labor for 45 hours and she was there every step of the way and didn't sleep. She was there before I even went Into the hospital, at my house helping me through every contraction, timing them, keeping me comfortable and confident, advising me on different positions to help ease the pain. Then she drove me to the hospital and never left my side. Every intense contraction she was so supportive and comforting..from massaging me to throwing me in the shower lol telling me to not think negative, this is what my body is suppose to do this is a healthy pain and her breathing techniques were a huge help. Then when it came to pushing.. she was so attentive, comforting and tough when I needed it. She told me to look her in the eyes and focus on her and made me breath with her while holding my hands. She was so incredible it makes me emotional. She helped make my pregnancy and labor go smoothly. I would have had such a hard time without her because this was my first child and I certainly had no idea how to go about anything or what to expect. She even helps me now and my baby is now 5 months old. If I have questions about myself or the baby she again keeps me well informed. Having Joanna as my doula was the best decision I could have ever made for myself and my baby.

Stephanie King


There are times in your life that are undeniably epic. Milestones that leave indelible marks on your mind and heart. Becoming pregnant, growing a child in your womb, giving birth and adjusting to motherhood is a phase in my life that has been exactly that. With this journey, aside from faith in God and the support of my husband, what I needed most was courage. Courage to trust that I everything my baby needed resided in me. That I could do it: safely carry, deliver and care for my child. Courage to be a mom that was informed, unafraid to speak up for the experience I desired and aware of holistic and scientifically-backed medical approaches for prenatal and newborn care. Joanna Guzman, of Brave Birth, helped instill all of this in me and more. The journey to motherhood is deeply personal. She gets that. Never pushy, but always available- she is a knowledgeable professional who isn’t a mere sterile presence, but a warm and gracious birth coach. And what does a coach do? Train, guide, and cheer you on. Joanna did just that from the moment she saw my first sonogram, to following up with me after each doctor’s visit, to periodic check-ins on my mental health and so on, all the way to assisting during labor and visiting me at home during those first few weeks with my baby. She was always just a text or call away. I am forever grateful for all she has done for my husband and I. Joanna helped give us the tools we needed to march into parenthood aware and feeling capable. She is also one of the greatest reasons I am a confident mom. I know I won’t always have the answers, but I am empowered to seek them and weigh my options because of Joanna. Enjoying time with my baby and trusting my vital role in her development is a more peaceful experience because of Joanna. Looking back on my initiation into the wonderful sisterhood of motherhood was full of encouragement and wise counsel All.Because. Of. Joanna. 

Jasmin Negron


I usually don't write reviews but this was a must! I always pictured myself having a baby but when the day actually came, I was in shock, partially because I knew nothing of the journey that was up ahead.  I knew I needed guidance but didn't know where to start.  When I met with Joanna at Brave Birth, I was surprised at how much information she offered me.  My labor was painful yet she was there for me every step of the way helping me cope with the pain and soothing my every need.  Now I cant imagine going through another pregnancy without a doula.  She was knowledgeable, gave me advice and gave me so much physical and emotional support.  She really was outstanding! I'm so grateful she was by my side. I mean from aroma oils to massages to Tens machine, etc, just everything was so helpful.  I would've gone crazy without any of it! Thinking back, I seriously would've been so lost if she didn't coach me through everything even simply understanding what the nurses were telling me.  Joanna not only assisted me, she also helped calm my mother's nerves.  My mom tends to be erratic when anxious and she knew the right things to do and say to help my mom, which then again helped me calm down.  She also taught my partner massages, which he didn't do as well as she did but it was good enough to soothe the pain.  Lol  I even fell asleep in between my contractions which I thought was merely impossible! It really was such a great experience because of her and I recommend using a doula especially Joanna to anyone and everyone.   It is definitely worth it!

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