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Joanna Guzman

Brave Doula Birth Services

Apollo Beach, FL Service range 50 miles Extra fee may apply for travel, depending on area of travel.


Birth Fee

$950 to $1675

Postpartum Rate

$35 to $55

Birth Fee

$950 to $1675

Postpartum Rate

$35 to $55

Birth Doula Experience

6 years and 160 births attended

Postpartum Doula Experience

2 years and 4 families served

Birth Doula Certifications

  • Uzazi Village - Certified Perinatal Doula

Postpartum Doula Certifications

  • Uzazi Village - Certified Perinatal Doula

Doula Training

  • Ancient Song Doula Services, August 2017
  • Uzazi Village, September 2018
  • DONA International-Approved Workshop, October 2018
  • Hypnobabies, April 2020

Type of practice: Solo practice

Clients per month: 3 to 4 births and 1 to 2 postpartum families

Attends hospital births? All Hospitals

Attends birth center births? All Birth Centers

Attends home births? Any Home Birth

College Education


Special Services Offered

  • Aromatherapy
  • Childbirth education services
  • First Aid and CPR
  • LGBTQIA+ Support
  • Miscarriage support
  • Placenta encapsulation
  • Satellite doula (for remote and rural clients)
  • TENS units rental
  • Virtual and remote doula support

Relevant volunteer or advocacy work

Sister to Sister Community Doulas of Essex County Evidence Based Birth Instructor

Languages Spoken

  • English
  • Spanish

Fee Details

HSA/FSA accepted Virtual Birth Doula Services Payment plan options avaliable VBAC Link Doula VBAC discount Hypnobabies certified Hypno-Doula Evidence Based Birth Instructor Midwife Assistant in training

Service Area

Apollo Beach, FL Service range 50 miles Extra fee may apply for travel, depending on area of travel.

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Client Testimonials for Joanna Guzman

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Francis Velez


Joanna was heaven sent - twice! She was there for me during my first birth. Even though I was induced and  had medical interventions, she coached me through the entire time of labor. For my second birth I knew I wanted things to happen differently. Even while trying to conceive, Joanna answered every question and concern. Once we become pregnant we immediately hired her again. Once labor become closer, we went over my birth plan and I was so excited to labor at a birth center in a tub. The morning of my labor I thought I lost my mucous plug and so I texted Joanna and she verified that it was my mucous plug and that labor would soon be approaching. Things quickly picked up and she was at my house as labor was progressing. She connected the TENS machine which helped with the pressure I was feeling. We made our way over to the birth center and she guided me throughout each contraction. From the shower, to the bed, to the tub, her affirming words empowered me to keep going. And before we knew it baby was here! She stayed with us the entire time until we left home. She helped me shower and helped me use the bathroom postpartum. She held my baby and she made sure I ate. She was everything we needed. Such an honor to have her bring our babies to this side of earth. 



As a first time mom and woman of color with lots of friends that had traumatic birth experiences, I knew that I wanted a doula by side and am so thankful that I found Joanna. She was very supportive of my decisions during labor (including having an epidural) while offering advice to ensure I had the delivery experience I wanted (YAY for pushing a total of 8 minutes!)  After our daughter was born, she helped me with breastfeeding and gathered all of our things so that we could focus on our new baby before we transferred to our room. Overall, she was a great resource for my husband and myself before, during and after labor. 

Taeketra Haynes-Fannon


Our experience with Joanna was incredibly uplifting and supportive. During our doula interview, Joanna never  talked over us or minimized our feelings in regards to even (what we considered) silly questions. Once we selected her, she immediately engaged us in conversation and offered support before our first in-person meeting. Prior to our meetings, my wife and I would often be anxious and full of questions like, knowing what a contraction feels like. By the end of our meetings, we felt calmer and informed. She wasn't forceful in her assertions about best practices and tips and tricks and if something didn't mesh with what we were thinking she'd find ways to blend her idea with ours or provide alternatives. Our birth experience was difficult and Joanna's presence was vital. Throughout our days long labor, she was a stabilizing force, constantly checking in with me physically, emotionally, and mentally. Having her there helped me to stay on track with things like remembering to breathe and staying calm. From my partners perspective, she felt that she could both be present in the moment and supportive of me because she knew that during her support moments she didnt need to focus on things like when to get me to the birth center because Joanna was handling that. She was able to focus on being a support to me because she knew that if she was struggling with what to do for me, Joanna was there to assist her with troubleshooting and through her knowledge of comfort measures. Joanna also embodied a level of confidence in my ability to give birth that helped me to feel confident and capable. Both my wife and I would gladly, readily, and easily recommend Joanna as a doula for anyone who is looking for a thoughtful, instructive and compassionate team member in the birthing process. Thank you Joanna and we look forward to seeing you again on our next one ;)

Kateryna Zemskova


I had a great experience with Joanna. I was planning to give birth at Brooklyn Birthing center, but my water broke and I did not go into labor within 24 hours and Brooklyn birthing center refused to accept me because of that. So I had to change the place where I give birth in the last moment. Joanna was with me the whole time, giving valuable advices. What was also super valuable is that Joanna was able to tell me when exactly to leave for the hospital. If it was not for her- I was probably going to end up giving birth in the car. Also she was very good at suggesting a position during pushing phase. After going into the position recommended by Joanna, I was able to birth my baby very quickly. I highly recommend working with Joanna. With her help I was able to have a natural birth I dreamed about. I

Shannon W.


Joanna was a great asset to my birthing team for the birth of my first child.  My husband and I educatated ourselves through an in-depth 7-week childbirth series prior to my delivery and felt that a doula would be a worthy investment for my labor.  I ended up needing to be induced, and since I progressed much quicker than anticipated, I wasn't able to benefit from the different laboring positions and support I'd hoped I would having a doula.  However, she was always in contact with my husband and when she did arrive to the hospital it was super helpful to have her identify when contractions were coming and help with breathing and positioning for pushing.  I appreciated the support she provided in between medical staff being in the room, after delivery and postpartum as well.  

J Hernandez


We were unsure on the value of a doula for our pregnancy journey but after speaking to the midwife, they confirmed it was a great support person to guide throughout the pregnancy. They weren't wrong, Joanna is amazing before! She came to our home 3X where each session was very informative of what would transgress before, during and after labor (child care). During the labor, Joanna didn't leave our side for 1 second and we don't know how it could've been done without her especially since I chose to do it unmedicated. Oh yeah...I forgot to mention, it was unmedicated. There aren't enough words to describe the gratitude we feel towards Joanna. She is great doula and I would highly recommend her to anyone.

Thank you again!

The Williamson Family

Lauren Talcott


Joanna was such a gift to me, my husband and our daughter during pregnancy and our birth.  What was supposed to be a home birth became an induction at 39 weeks due to a cholestasis diagnosis. My midwives began induction Thursday evening, and baby girl didn't arrive until Sunday evening. Joanna showed up every day. I was absolutely amazed. My birth was an absolutely beautiful experience albeit the length.  Each day I felt prepared and supported. Active labor started fast and furious and Joanna reminded me of my Hypnobabies cues. During the quick pushing stage she was the grounding force I needed.  I'm beyond grateful that I happened upon her business via Facebook. She'll always be a part of one of my most precious memories. 

Elodia Brown


As a seasoned mother of 3, during my fourth pregnancy I decided to get a doula because I wanted a successful unmedicated birth. I found Joanna on Doula Match and felt she was the best fit for what I was looking for in a doula. She hit all the check marks and during our zoom calls I liked her energy.  Fortunately for me I had a really quick birthing experience (5 hours in total from home to hospital and only 2 hours at the hospital with Joanna) but it's also unfortunate because I didn't get much time with Joanna so I don't feel we connected much personably which would have been nice but the short time I did have with her she was AMAZING with helping me manage my pain and discomfort which helped me have a successful unmedicated birth of my first baby girl! I also trusted Joanna with my placenta encapsulation, (she offer great packages) which she did an amazing job and had a great turnaround time! Thank you Joanna for your support... I would definitely recommend Joanna!

Adelaida Tavarez


My experience working with Joanna was amazing!!! She is kind and professional from the very beginning.  From the first time we spoke over the phone for an interview I knew that she was an expert in her field and truly enjoyed what she did.  Joanna was very flexible with scheduling home visits and was always available via phone for any questions or concerns, even after delivery.  Through my very long labor and delivery Joanna stayed calm and true to my wishes and respected how I was feeling.  She walked me through many hard moments up until the very end when I was doubting I could go on.  I truly believe I would not have made it to the other side without her!  I am so very grateful to Joanna for being on my side and using all her skills to help me.  Joanna is amazing and I would recommend her to anyone in a heart beat!!!

Solanny Sanchez


I am so grateful for the support of our doula Joanna. I dont have all the words to thank her for all the support she has given my family.

She met with us three times before the delivery, listened carefully to my concerns, and brought up several aspects of the upcoming delivery for me to consider that I wouldn't have otherwise thought through. Joanna was so supportive, and didn't make me feel bad for being so new and clueless.

We couldn't have asked for a better birth experience and are so grateful that Joanna was there with us!

Adelola Dow


Joanna is kind, skilled, understanding and compassionate. She stuck by me through thick and thin during my birthing process. I’m so grateful. Even during my recovery, she did not forget about me and even made dinner for our family when she last visited. Thank you for caring about and faithfully serving women with all of your being.



Joanna was the first doula my husband and I met with and the only one, we knew she was a good fit immediately. She is super knowledgeable about all things birth related and makes it clear she is on board with whatever a mother chooses for her birth. She is a warm, kind spirit who I felt totally comfortable having in my birth space! She is amazing and I will have her again if and when we have another child.

Natalie Halliwell


I am beyond grateful for Joanna Guzman. God literally found me the best doula and I could not be more thankful to Him for connecting me with her. It was my heart's desire to have a VBAC after two c sections but because of my previous history of having a preterm (c section) birth I was not even sure if I would make it to full term in my 3rd pregnancy. When I hit 35 weeks it occured to me that God was going to carry this baby to full term and I started thinking about how important it would be to have a doula as a part of my birth team. My dear friend encouraged me to only chose a doula who I felt completely comfortable with. I began to research doulas with the help of some friends who went on social media to help me find someone. As soon as I went on Joanna's website and instagram page and was reading about who she was and her passions and heart as well as what clients were saying about her I instantly had this perfect peace from God that she was the person I needed by my side in the delivery room. My  wonderful, supportive husband was completely on board and when I reached out to Joanna she was miraculously available. Joanna is kind, strong and a true servant. She is calm and professional too. I completely trusted her and looked to her for advice about when to go in to the hospital because I wanted to labor in the hospital parking lot until my contractions picked up. She helped me to get in to the right frame of mind before entering the hospital. When I was in the labor and delivery room about to push she was a pillar of strength for me. I felt so comforted by her presence and calm, gentle words when things were tough. She was a godsend. I felt so strengthened and empowered having her and my husband by myside. Its a powerful thing to have someone who you feel believes in you WITH you! I know my husband was also so thankful she was with us too. If you are considering Joanna as your doula-I want you to know I highly recommend her.

Molly Raczko


Joanna provided a motherly, nurturing presence for this first time mom as we prepared to welcome our little one in the fall of 2021. From our virtual meet and greet to our labor and delivery at Morristown Medical, Joanna walked along side us as the perfect companion with her warm and gentle temperament. I knew from the moment I met with Joanna that she was the right support person for us. She was patient with all of my first time mom questions, shared her own experiences and never rushed us. We always felt like we were in a safe space with Joanna. She provided us with an abundance of resources from her own experience and extensive research, from nutrition and exercises during pregnancy, to hard facts and data regarding medical interventions during labor and delivery. She met with us three times at our home leading up to our son’s birth and each time we felt more and more prepared. At our third home visit before the birth of our son, Joanna showed us exercises that we could do to assist in the labor process and took the time to help us practice!

On the night of labor, we contacted Joanna late at night and as promised she responded very promptly, guiding us with what to expect and asking questions to help us understand all that we were experiencing. For our delivery, we actually changed course three times and Jonna was totally understanding - the peaceful voice that we needed! At the hospital, Joanna was another advocate for us. After the miracle of our son’s birth, she stayed to make sure we were doing well. She has always been so present to us and our needs.

Lastly, it was such a joy to welcome Joanna into our home for the post-birth visit. At this point, it honestly felt like we were welcoming family over when Joanna came in and we shared stories from that incredible night. We were so blessed that Joanna stepped into our lives at such an important moment and would certainly recommend her to walk along side other expectant couples.

Aryana Rodriguez


Joanna was an incredible help and support during such a vulnerable time. I was determined to VBAC after having an unfortunate experience with a provider that did not have my best interest in mind and told me I wouldn't be able to VBAC. I was set on finding a doula and a new provider to give me and my baby a fighting chance for a vaginal birth. Joanna was so helpful in providing research based information that helped us make the best decisions for us. She was always available for any questions or concerns we had along the way. Her calm demeanor, respect and knowledge were so valuable. My experience ultimately ended in a c-section because my daughter was breech. But Joanna was so supportive through it all. If I have a third child, I would certainly hire Joanna again and attempt my much desired VBAC.  

Elyse Burks


In December 2020 I had to have an emergency c-section with my second child. The entire experience with the second birth was very traumatizing and I knew if I ever got pregnant again I would do anything I could to advocate for myself and to make the experience better. To my surprise I ended up pregnant a little less than three months postpartum. Hiring a doula was something very important to me this time around. Since I was going for a vbac I wanted to find someone experienced with supporting moms through that. When I found Joanna I found exactly that and more! From day one she was warm, welcoming and supportive. She was so knowledgeable and it was importmant for her to even educate me prior to giving birth. She made me feel confident in my decision to try for a vbac every step of the way. Even in times during labor when I was exhausted and willing to give into what the doctors wanted, she was there to remind me of exactly what I saw for myself and birth. From the moment we go to the hospital to my son being born(nearly 24hrs) she was on my side supporting me in the most patient, caring way. I could not have achieved my successful vbac less than a year later without the support of Joanna. I tell everyone who is newly pregnant to hire a doula now because of how much I loved having mine at my side this pregnancy. The care did not stop after delivery though. I am nearly one month postpartum and I am still receiving support from Joanna. I am truly thankful for Joanna and HIGHLY recommend her to anyone looking to hire a doula.

Diana Osorio


I am so grateful that I hired Joanna to be my Doula. My birthing experience would not have been the same without her by my side. From the first day I met her, I immediately felt a weight off my shoulders. She always had Baby’s best interest at heart. As new parents it felt good to know our rights and baby’s rights. We learned so much with her. She educated us on the mechanics of the body during labor and delivery, which completely put my mind at ease. She reminded me that my body was designed for this, and that me and baby were a team. There are so many details about labor and delivery that a lot of people including myself are not educated on, but after all the information I learned I was able to keep calm all the way. She was encouraging, super hands on and helpful down to helping me latch the baby after birth. Joanna helped me realize that I was stronger than I thought I was. She knew exactly what I need when I needed it.

I found my natural labor to be incredibly challenging, I wasn’t dilating even hours after my water broke. I felt so defeated, but Joanna was there the entire time placing me in different positions with the pregnancy ball, doing hands on Exercises to get things moving, and used several methods for pain tolerance. By the time I gave into getting an epidural I was at 8cm and couldn’t believe it. If I had not had her there, that wouldn’t have been possible and I know for a facts I would’ve given up. She reminded me to listen to my body. Thank you so very much! I’ll be calling for Baby #2!

Joanne Harper


On September 26, 2021 my husband and I achieved our dream birth with the help of Joanna Guzman. We birthed our second child—a girl—through VBAC at home! My first child was born via C-section which was not the plan. I always dreamed of giving birth to my first child at home so the c-section was a traumatic experience. Due to this experience, when my husband and I became pregnant we knew getting a doula would be imperative to have a successful VBAC.

When we first met with Joanna (via Zoom) we knew she was the perfect doula for us. Joanna is kind, compassionate, knowledgeable, and upfront. We could tell that she would be kind and encouraging to us but also firm and assertive when necessary (particularly with providers). Joanna did a wonderful job preparing my husband and I for a VBAC at the hospital with resources (books, videos, meetings). She made it very clear that for us to achieve a natural VBAC in the hospital I would need to labor at home as much as possible. She equipped us with comfort measures in order to manage labor at home and also be able to refuse interventions at the hospital if needed.

I felt so empowered, and my husband was so confident, that we ended up giving birth at home with no assistance (It wasn’t planned. Labor was just so manageable that I didn’t realize baby girl was coming!)! We transferred to the hospital and Joanna met us there, making sure we had all we needed. 

I recommend Joanna for new moms and/or VBAC mommas! Her experience and confidence will give you the confidence you need to achieve the birth you desire. 

Joanne Harper


My husband and I successfully achieved our VBAC dreams with our second on September 26, 2020. Our first was born via C-section which was not in our plans at all (Ultimaltely I always had the desire for a natural home birth). This second go around we knew it was imperative to have a doula which we didn't have during my first labor. It was important for us to find a compassionate, kind, supportive, yet   forward doula to help us achieve our goal of giving birth a finally after a c-section. We knew Joanna was the right fit from our first meeting. She is knowledgeable yet works alongside you in order to prepare for the birth you want. I never felt talked down to or questioned. During the entire process I felt supported even when I questioned my own plans and ability. My husband and I desired to have an all-natural VBAC but questioned whether this would be attainable since we would have to do this in the hospital. Joanna was encouraging, letting me know this would be attainable. She provided resources (books, videos) that went over comfort measures that would be necessary laboring at home and the hospital. She also encouraged me to labor at home as much as possible. While laboring at home, she came over to help me so Spinning Babies and teach my husband additional support and comfort measures to help me. My husband and I felt so empowered through our many meetings and conversations with Joanna that he and I ended up giving birth to our daughter at home, on the kitchen floor!!!! The guidance Joanna gave my husband in supporting me through labor waves (contractions) made me so comfortable throughout labor that baby came way before I felt ready to ride to the hospital! Ultimately, my original dream of giving birth at home was attained through my first VBAC baby! It was a much better labor experience than my first! I highly recommend Joanna for first time moms and moms wanting to achieve VBAC! 


Corina V.


Having Joanna as my doula was a blessing for our family, a God sent. During pregnancy I could not convince myself I was a good VBAC candidate, if it was a safe choice for me and baby. 5 days before due date, I had a change of heart. Looking for a doula, and once on the call, we instantly knew she was the one. There is something very special about Joanna - calmness, courage and hope fill your heart when you speak to her. Joanna agreed to be my doula on short notice, she said she will be there for me and my goodness she was! In the next 10 days she was always available, helped me prepare my body and helped my baby get in the best position for labor. Also, Joanna was a great advocate as I dealt with my providers who kept insisting on a C-section. Being very knowledgeable, she educated and empowered us to make the decisions that our family was comfortable with and believed to be in our best interest. Once the labor started, she provided labor help and comfort via multiple techniques, helped deal with the hospital staff and make decisions under pressure and at rapid speed. As the labor progressed, Joanna was very resourceful, customizing her care and support to best help me and baby have a successful VBAC. All I did was to look into her eyes; they gave me the energy, power and courage I needed. Her voice kept me calm and able to power through labor; I knew she was there for me, present every second of it. Joanna helped make our VBAC birth a successful, non-traumatic and unforgettable experience. She delivered 4 babies (2 VBAC) during that week - that tells you all about her stamina, expertise and huge heart. If you can’t decide if you are a good VBAC candidate, if you are scared and feel left alone, on your own, facing all those tough decisions for you and your baby, if you want to be brave and give your baby the best chance - pick up the phone and call Joanna. We could not imagine our birth experience without her there. We are forever grateful for Joanna!!!

Ifeoma King


This pregnancy journey would not be the same without Joanna. Although things didn't go the way I thought they would, she was there for my family every step of the way and was flexible with the circumstances. From the very first visit, I knew her heart for what she for she does was genuine. She cares deeply about what she does and pursues relationship with those she helps in the process. I would be comfortable in saying, I did not feel like a client - I felt like a friend. I am so glad that I chose her to walk alongside us in this season and I would definitely recommend her to others. 

Giovanna Di Iorio


Joanna was a huge blessing to our family! She is extremely knowledgeable, compassionate and very resourceful. She was available when needed and flexible even though I was over due by 10 days. Having her as a doula made a huge positive difference on my birth so I highly recommend her to any Mama looking for a kind and useful support during birth. 



My experience with Joanna was wonderful. I am a second time mom who was looking for day of support and care for my first unmedicated birth. Throughout the pregnancy Joanna provided helpful insight on ways to get comfortable in my body, exercise and stretch in ways to have baby in the optimal positioning, and methods on how to naturally soften many cervix and prep my body labor. Day of our birth things moved very quickly - and she made changes alongside us as things progressed. During my prenatal we spoke about the different methods of pain management but we didn't get to use many at all. But during birth she was calmly supportive in the only pain management that I needed to get through the surges, which was counter pressure. Joanna  helped provide that counter pressure with each one so that my husband could be in a position that was comforting and helpful for me. In the last stage of labor along with the midwives, she stayed by my side and provided supportive words as I pushed. In between contractions she captured some really great pictures - which we deeply appreciate. Overall, my experience with Joanna was great, supportive, and so helpful throughout!

BreAnne Law


Joanna was the best doula we could have asked for! As first time parents navigating an IVF pregnancy, we were nervous and had so much to learn.  Throughout the pregnancy she provided fact-based information about what we could expect during the entire birth experience and explained all of our options.  She was very professional and helped educate us so we could make informed decisions for ourselves.  Thanks to everything we learned from her, I was prepared when my water broke in the middle of the night!

At the birth, Joanna was a breath of fresh air.  She supported all of our birth choices and was there to walk us through each step throughout the day.  It was so helpful to have her right by my side as she guided my breaths through contractions and helped my husband support me where he could!  Once our son arrived, she was there to help me start breastfeeding and made sure I was comfortable and had everything I needed.  Joanna was able to answer all my questions throughout the day when the nurses fired questions and information at rapid speed.  Despite a less than supportive hospital staff, Joanna’s support and presence helped make our first birth an enjoyable and pleasant experience.  I couldn’t imagine our birth experience without her there; we are so thankful for Joanna!

BreAnne Law


Joanna was the best doula we could have asked for! As first time parents navigating an IVF pregnancy, we were nervous and had so much to learn.  Throughout the pregnancy she provided fact-based information about what we could expect during the entire birth experience and explained all of our options.  She was very professional and helped educate us so we could make informed decisions for ourselves.  Thanks to everything we learned from her, I was prepared when my water broke in the middle of the night!

At the birth, Joanna was a breath of fresh air.  She supported all of our birth choices and was there to walk us through each step throughout the day.  It was so helpful to have her right by my side as she guided my breaths through contractions and helped my husband support me where he could!  Once our son arrived, she was there to help me start breastfeeding and made sure I was comfortable and had everything I needed.  Joanna was able to answer all my questions throughout the day when the nurses fired questions and information at rapid speed.  Despite a less than supportive hospital staff, Joanna’s support and presence helped make our first birth an enjoyable and pleasant experience.  I couldn’t imagine our birth experience without her there; we are so thankful for Joanna!

Michelle Suchy


Joanna is actually an angel. She recently was my doula for my first delivery and I couldn’t imagine having done it without her. Joanna educated my husband and I in the preparation and leading months to my due date and when it was party time her calm presence, labor expertise, encouragement and support got me through my long natural birth. I honestly could only describe her as magical and am deeply grateful for her.

Sarah M.


We were thrilled with our experience with Joanna. Despite the pandemic, she gave us great support beforehand, empowering us with tons of information & preparing us for what was to come, in a way that was flexible to the circumstances so that we all felt comfortable (i.e. meeting virtually, outside, or with masks). I felt so much calmer & more confident going into the birth process armed with that knowledge and her support. During labor, she was an amazing support and guide for us, and as labor dragged on, her great advice helped us speed things along and avoid an epidural, which allowed me to have an amazing bonding experience with my baby. Her support afterwards, helping us get the baby breastfeeding successfully and answering our many questions in the days and weeks afterwards, was indespensible--I'm not sure how we would have made it through that time without her! We are so greatful to her!

Marcia Salas


Being pregnant in 2020 was filled with all types of emotions and definitely came with uncertainty. I decided to hire a Joanna as my doula because I wanted to make sure I had amazing support throughout my pregnancy, during and after delivery. She was always responsive to all my messages and calls, very informative to my million and one questions, professional and super sweet. She was there for me and my baby whole heartedly, you can feel the passion she has for what she does. Women need women like Joanna especially during such a special time as welcoming a new life into our lives. 

Cara Mancinelli


I am so glad I found Joanna to guide and assist me during my first pregnancy and birth center delivery. Her experience, compassion, and technique helped make it possible for me to achieve the unmedicated water birth that I wanted. If you are looking for someone to answer all your questions, ease your anxieties, and give you strength when you most need it, look no further than Joanna.

Jamie B


Going into labor at 36weeks was terrifying at 1st. I had all sorts of worries...Like what if the baby doesn't make it or what if i dont make to hospital and i have to delivery alone...I had contacted my doula Joanna at 2am and to my surprise she responded right away...She helped me calm down and got me through the rest of that night before going to the hospital and even the hours in between she was checking in with me making sure i was ok...By the time i was in actual labor at the hospital, it all went so fast, Joanna was there for it all. She held my hand, gave me the calming encouragement i needed to bring my beautiful baby girl into this world...She even documented my birth for me. I was so thankful for her support and being able to speak for me when i was in too much pain to do so myself.She was truly a blessing during my delivery and afterwards.I dont know what i would have done without her patience,care and service?????? doulas  are truly essential  and Thank You So Much for making my delivery so much easier with your help??


Erika Zapata


Desde que escribi a Joanna para hacer una entrevista online ella nos atendió al instante, fue muy amable y estuvo para aclarar cualquier duda. Sin dudarlo la escogimos a ella para que fuera nuestra doula
En 3 visitas ella nos aclaro cualquier duda sobre el parto, ella nos facilitó material y herramientas  para hacer el parto una mejor experiencia, Ella siempre estuvo muy atenta a cualquiera de mis mensajes y llamados.
Por semanas estuve en trabajo de parto y ella siempre estuvo ahí para dar buenos consejos para que el nacimiento avanzara, cuando finalmente llegó el día la contacte y ella vino rápidamente hasta nuestra casa e hizo lo posible por ayudarme con el dolor, fuimos hasta el centro de nacimiento y ella eestuvo siempre ahi para ayudar con la intención de hacer todo más fácil para mi siempre estuvo para sostener mi máscara de gas, dispuesta a hacerme masajes, y con sus valiosos instrumentos que facilitaron un poco la experiencia. Luego a la semana de haber nacido mi bebé ella vino de visita a nuestra casa y contesto cualquier pregunta que tuviéramos, nos trajo una rica cena y un jarabe muy bueno. 
Por eso si están buscando ayuda de una buena doula no puede haber una mejor opción sin duda la escogeríamos una y otra vez, espero que ella sea nuevamente mi doula en un par de años en mi próximo parto...Gracias por compartir el nacimiento de nuestra bebé con nosotros estamos muy agradecidos

Katiusca Mercado


Once I found out I was pregnant I knew I wanted to have a natural birth with the help of a doula. The thought of having to find one and hoping they were a good fit felt a bit stressful, but luckily Joanna came highly recommended by my sister in law. She was the first and only doula I spoke with. I just knew after meeting her that one time that she was the perfect fit for me. 

Joanna is truly amazing at what she does! As a first time mom I was not sure what to expect or if I would even be able to accomplish a natural birth, but she definitely helped me believe in myself and what my body was capable of doing. She has a way of making you feel so safe and secure with her soothing voice! I felt empowered with her coaching me every step of the way. She was there for me for whatever I needed and at times I did not even have to speak a word, she just knew. My birthing experience with her by my side felt calm and peaceful and I felt very well taken care of. 

Because of all our previous appointments and how attentive she always was to any of my questions, concerns and wants, I felt comfortable and confident that she understood all that I needed and wanted. Joanna is incredibly knowledgeable and was always available via text or phone call for anything I needed. She provided tons of information and I took any and all advice which I truly think helped my first labor go as well as it did. 

I don't know if I would have remained as strong as I did had I not had her laboring with me the entire time. If I were to do it again I will definitely without a doubt choose Joanna to be my doula again. She becomes more than a doula, she becomes family! 

Shanice Casseus


I had the privilege of having Joanna as my doula. My husband found her online and surprised me with a consultation and we couldn't be more grateful for her. It was our first pregnancy and we had so many questions. Joanna was extremely knowledgeable and she was always available to answer any questions anytime we reached out to her. She is very skilled at what she does and was a great support to have during my pregnancy and birth. My birth experience didn't quite go the way I anticipated and we experienced a few hiccups but Joanna was there every step of the way and afterwards to provide support. I would highly recommend Joanna and will forever be grateful for the support and knowledge she provided during my first pregnancy. 

Bryanna Grant


OMG!!!! Joanna is such an amazing individual inside and out. My first experience with her as a doula was amazing. Being that it was my first time giving birth to twins, she gave me so much information, care and concern. She also shared her experiences from her pregnancy with twins as well. She was always there when I needed her. She was my doula for my twin and my last pregnancy this year. I may need her for another pregnancy soon. I would definitely recommend her to anybody that is looking for a doula for their pregnancy. It will be the best experience they'll ever have. 



I am really glad I was fortunate enough to have Joanna as my doula. I am thankful for her I was blessed to give birth how I planned it. She truly helped me and my partner during my labor with tons of advice, techniques to help manage with pain, and supportive through it all. In the two days I was in labor, Joanna made sure to check on how I was feeling making sure things were going well for me. Just when I believed I could not handle anymore she suggested one more technique and it helped us break my water! I don't think I can thank Joanna enough, for all of the support and wonderful experience she allowed for us. 

Noelia Capellan


In summary, couldnt have asked for a better doula.
This was my 1st pregnancy therefore many other firsts. Covid made things very challenging and nonetheless Joanna was beyond my expectations. Always a phone call or a text away, before and after giving birth. I would recommend Joanna with my eyes close. I had no idea doulas were such a help to mom. Thankful and grateful to have had Joanna as my doula. 

Olga Lira Arbe


I contacted Joanna because I wanted to have a VBAC with my second baby. After my initial interview, I knew I had to hire Joanna  to be my doula because of her experience. She is very knowledgeable and has tons of good resources to help you during pregnancy. She shared so much information and I have learned a lot during the process. Unfortunately, I ended up having a second cesarean because I never went into labor naturally and my ob gyn didnt let me go past 40 weeks nor he wanted to induce me. Even though Joanna couldnt be there with me during the cesarean because of COVID, she was in contact with me always and was willing to answer all my questions and attend my concerns. She has been a great support during my pregnancy and also postpartum. I highly recommend hiring her as a doula, she is very supportive, caring and empathetic.



The Lord strategically placed Joanna in my life when I was pregnant with my third Child. Having Joanna as my Doula was a tremendous blessing! Joanna used techniques that eased my natural birth pains. In comparison to my other child births, this one was the easiest. She was truly God sent and I am looking forward to having my fourth child with the Lord and Joanna right beside me. In addition to much knowledge, Joanna has a very positive peaceful ora that definitely sets the atmosphere for the arrival of the new baby. I would highly recommend Joanna to anyone. 

Bianca Campbell


When I knew my husband and I were pregnant, I knew I wanted a doula to help guide and support us through the process, being first time parents.  Joanna was more than we could have prayed for.  She is extremely knowledgeable, attentive, understanding, non-judgemental, respectful, honest and professional.  We immediately felt that she was a great fit after meeting with her the first time.  There's something overtly loving and genuine about her energy that makes you feel like you've known her for a while.  

Her immediate and helpful responses to my calls and texts always put me as ease and her evidence-based approach resonated heavily with us, as we are particular with receiving information from credible sources before making decisions in our daily life.  She is also a huge proponent for natural birth, and supported me in my hypnobirthing, breathing techniques, and other holistic prenatal practices.  I felt super empowered and more confident with her guidance and encouragement.  This really garnered our trust in her.

Due to coronavirus, I was devastated to not be allowed to have her with us in the hospital, but she was up all night ready to serve us via video chat whenever we needed her expertise, comfort, encouragement or support.  We really feel that having her as a coach and resource made a huge difference.  It was a positive experience for me personally too - her emotional support was so vital to me.

 In the end, Joanna has become a good friend and I'm so happy to have her in our lives and I would definitely use her again for a future pregnancy!

Francis Velez


Joanna was literally heaven sent. A friend of mine had hired her as their doula and raved about how beneficial it was having her part of their labor team. Prior to my friend telling me about Joanna, I had no idea what a doula was. So my friend told me all about it and when we found out we were pregnant, I knew I wanted to have a meeting with Joanna. As soon as we finished our first meeting, I knew we needed to hire her. She asked us questions like, “if it’s a boy, are you getting him circumcised?... what pain management options would you like to use? Etc.” Questions that I never thought of before so I knew from the first meeting, I needed her by my side. Throughout our meetings, she offered us advice, support, and guidance. But most importantly, she empowered us to have the birth story we wanted for our daughter. Anytime I had a worry or question, she was always a call or text away. When I called her saying we were being induced, she meet us at the hospital that very night and stayed by our side. I felt like she was my bigger sister there ready to fight on my behalf. Once she came in, I was at peace. I felt like superwomen every time she helped me breathe through a contraction. Even after we gave birth, she stayed with us to make sure we were okay. My family and I are grateful. Thank you, Joanna ??



I connected with Joanna during the second half of my pregnancy. I wanted someone to be there for me, because though this was my 4th birth, each was a completely different experience and the last had been traumatic and natural. Most thought I was crazy for wanting to go natural again, but Joanna was on board with my plan from our first meeting and made sure I was well informed about all of my choices and rights. She visited more often than she had to each time bringing something new to show or give me. At the time I attended a lot of birth related functions and often ran into Joanna working. She was just as loving with others as she was with me.

During my labor Joanna stayed by my side and was quick in action with pain management. At the hospital she was right by my side helping me to control myself in a moment where I felt so out of control. After delivery, again she came bearing gifts and a home cooked meal which was most definitely in order. It was absolutely delicious btw. During the time we spent together we found out we had so much in common and she took the time to build a relationship with each of my kids.

I would recommend Joanna to any expectant mother for both doula and postpartum care. In the end she’ll feel more like family, and that’s the kind of care a mother needs.  

Jya Dawson


Joanna was definitely the best doula anyone can ever ask for. Although we only met once before I gave birth, in that one meeting I learned so much from her that I hadn’t knew before. When my water broke she helped me stay calm and helped me be ready to give birth. We did different exercises, home remedies and other stuff that helped reduce the pain of child birth and help take my mind off of everything. She was at the hospital with me the whole time without getting any sleep and encouraged me throughout the whole process. Every time I said “I can’t do this!” Joanna was right there in my ear telling me that I was doing great and etc. She really made this experience a lot easier for me with all the information she was giving and encouragement and she is very genuine, nothing felt forced or fake, I was very comfortable with her and if I twas to go through this experience again I would definitely pick her as my doula.

Diana guzman


My gosh where do I start?? Sometimes there are just no words for how amazing this doula is. Joanna Guzman was my doula and she was absolutely incredible. She was the exact support I needed throughout my entire pregnancy. She cared for me like family. Any question or concern I had she handled it with the utmost care, shes was incredibly knowledgeable and kept me well informed so I can make the best decision for myself and baby. She is so attentive, she answered every call and was by my side whenever I needed her. Shes funny, caring, loving, and tough. I was in labor for 45 hours and she was there every step of the way and didn't sleep. She was there before I even went Into the hospital, at my house helping me through every contraction, timing them, keeping me comfortable and confident, advising me on different positions to help ease the pain. Then she drove me to the hospital and never left my side. Every intense contraction she was so supportive and comforting..from massaging me to throwing me in the shower lol telling me to not think negative, this is what my body is suppose to do this is a healthy pain and her breathing techniques were a huge help. Then when it came to pushing.. she was so attentive, comforting and tough when I needed it. She told me to look her in the eyes and focus on her and made me breath with her while holding my hands. She was so incredible it makes me emotional. She helped make my pregnancy and labor go smoothly. I would have had such a hard time without her because this was my first child and I certainly had no idea how to go about anything or what to expect. She even helps me now and my baby is now 5 months old. If I have questions about myself or the baby she again keeps me well informed. Having Joanna as my doula was the best decision I could have ever made for myself and my baby.

Stephanie King


There are times in your life that are undeniably epic. Milestones that leave indelible marks on your mind and heart. Becoming pregnant, growing a child in your womb, giving birth and adjusting to motherhood is a phase in my life that has been exactly that. With this journey, aside from faith in God and the support of my husband, what I needed most was courage. Courage to trust that I everything my baby needed resided in me. That I could do it: safely carry, deliver and care for my child. Courage to be a mom that was informed, unafraid to speak up for the experience I desired and aware of holistic and scientifically-backed medical approaches for prenatal and newborn care. Joanna Guzman, of Brave Birth, helped instill all of this in me and more. The journey to motherhood is deeply personal. She gets that. Never pushy, but always available- she is a knowledgeable professional who isn’t a mere sterile presence, but a warm and gracious birth coach. And what does a coach do? Train, guide, and cheer you on. Joanna did just that from the moment she saw my first sonogram, to following up with me after each doctor’s visit, to periodic check-ins on my mental health and so on, all the way to assisting during labor and visiting me at home during those first few weeks with my baby. She was always just a text or call away. I am forever grateful for all she has done for my husband and I. Joanna helped give us the tools we needed to march into parenthood aware and feeling capable. She is also one of the greatest reasons I am a confident mom. I know I won’t always have the answers, but I am empowered to seek them and weigh my options because of Joanna. Enjoying time with my baby and trusting my vital role in her development is a more peaceful experience because of Joanna. Looking back on my initiation into the wonderful sisterhood of motherhood was full of encouragement and wise counsel All.Because. Of. Joanna. 

Jasmin Negron


I usually don't write reviews but this was a must! I always pictured myself having a baby but when the day actually came, I was in shock, partially because I knew nothing of the journey that was up ahead.  I knew I needed guidance but didn't know where to start.  When I met with Joanna at Brave Birth, I was surprised at how much information she offered me.  My labor was painful yet she was there for me every step of the way helping me cope with the pain and soothing my every need.  Now I cant imagine going through another pregnancy without a doula.  She was knowledgeable, gave me advice and gave me so much physical and emotional support.  She really was outstanding! I'm so grateful she was by my side. I mean from aroma oils to massages to Tens machine, etc, just everything was so helpful.  I would've gone crazy without any of it! Thinking back, I seriously would've been so lost if she didn't coach me through everything even simply understanding what the nurses were telling me.  Joanna not only assisted me, she also helped calm my mother's nerves.  My mom tends to be erratic when anxious and she knew the right things to do and say to help my mom, which then again helped me calm down.  She also taught my partner massages, which he didn't do as well as she did but it was good enough to soothe the pain.  Lol  I even fell asleep in between my contractions which I thought was merely impossible! It really was such a great experience because of her and I recommend using a doula especially Joanna to anyone and everyone.   It is definitely worth it!

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