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Cynthia Barger, CPM, CLD

Wichita Birth Assistance

Derby, KS Service range 85 miles

Birth Fee

$850 to $950

Birth Fee

$850 to $950

Medicaid and Third Party Insurers

Currently approved to receive payments from the following programs:

Birth Doula Experience

27 years and 1025 births attended

Birth Doula Certifications

  • Childbirth and Postpartum Professional Association (CAPPA) - Certified Labor Doula
  • Childbirth International (CBI) - Certified Birth Doula

Doula Training

  • Childbirth International, October 2010
  • CAPPA - Childbirth and Postpartum Professional Association, October 2022

Type of practice: Partnership with 2 or more doulas

Clients per month: 1 to 3

Attends hospital births? All Hospitals

Attends birth center births? All Birth Centers

Attends home births? Any Home Birth
I will attend home births for those who have a certified midwife. (CPM or CNM).

College Education


Special Services Offered

  • Antepartum doula support
  • Aromatherapy
  • Bereavement doula (pregnancy & infant loss)
  • Childbirth education services
  • First Aid and CPR
  • Military families support
  • Miscarriage support
  • Monitrice services
  • Newborn care specialist
  • Prenatal or postnatal massage
  • Reduced rates for women considering adoption
  • Satellite doula (for remote and rural clients)
  • Sibling support (for your older children at the birth)
  • Surrogates and intended parents
  • TENS units rental
  • Virtual and remote doula support

Relevant volunteer or advocacy work

Volunteer webmaster for Kansas Midwives Alliance. I am a Certified Professional Midwife as well as a certified doula.

Languages Spoken

  • English

Fee Details

$900 fee is for those who are having their first birth and for those who have had a previous c-section. Included in my fees ~Initial meeting ~ Availability throughout pregnancy with emails, texts, and phone calls ~2-3 childbirth prep. visits including writing a birth plan ~Continuity of care during labor, birth, and postpartum. ~Postpartum visit

Service Area

Derby, KS Service range 85 miles

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Kayley Doeden


This is my first birth and baby, but I know having Cynthia as my doula had a huge impact on my birth experience. My whole team was incredible, but Cynthia was exceptional for advocating for my desires, affirming and encouraging me, and helping me achieve a wonderful and healthy delivery. All prenatal, delivery, and postpartum care from her has been wonderful. Would definitely recommend Cynthia and Wichita Birth Assistance to any mama! 

Alice Hartman


Cynthia was so helpful with answering my questions and helping calm my anxiety throughout my pregnancy and labor. I appreciate her knowledge and expertise as a midwife that could support me as a doula as I chose to have a hospital birth. My ideal world would be to have a midwife in the hospital, but since that is not an option in Kansas Cynthia working as my doula was the second best option. Cynthia was always prompt in returning/answering my calls and was present for my whole labor. I was undecided on whether I wanted an epidural and she supported me in whatever I decided. (I ended up getting an epidural). Her colleague helped me find an OB that was respected my decisions and was open to a TOLAC. Cynthia helped me decide on when/how I should help induce labor by providing excellent education and helping me feel at ease. I highly recommend Cynthia as a doula and did achieve a successful vbac with her support (my second one). 

Melissa DonJuan


Cynthia did an amazing job as our doula. My husband, who was skeptical of using a doula at first, left the hospital stressing more than once on how valuable it was to have her there with us. She brought wonderful insight and wisdom in each scenario we found ourselves in. She kept an atmosphere of peace in the room and cared for me with compassion. She was also quick to boldly advocate for me when necessary. I'm thankful for her service/ministry! 

Hannah Rood


When I found out I was pregnant, I was thrilled and overwhelmed. Thrilled because the baby boy I had been praying for was finally here, but overwhelmed because I wanted to take the best care possible of him starting in the womb, but there was so much information out there I was overwhelmed. While I would have ideally loved an at-home birth, my husband was not sold. However, I heard from a friend about the midwifery and the option of having a doula. After reaching out, I went in for a consoltation and that is when I met Cynthia who is a midwife who is also a doula.

From the start, I felt comfortable around Cynthia. She was friendly but professional. My appointments with her didn't feel rushed. She asked me many questions and listened. However, she was also a wealth of knowledge as she gave me links to websites as well as birthing courses. She talked me through all the options I had. Most importantly, she helped me work through my birth plan. Going into my last weeks of pregnancy, I felt as confident as one can while just waiting for this baby to make his grand entrance. With that being said, I went into labor a week early. Nothing went as planned and yet Cynthia was still there at three in the morning when I was just two hours from meeting my son face to face. I had already been in the hospital being monitored for other issues, but at the time no one knew I was actively in labor.

When I called Cynthia, she not only rushed to meet me there, she knew exactly what I needed. She rushed in with oils to massage my aching back, orange juice, and encouraging words. She got me in the right positions to help my water break. She was the one who got my doctor there, and before I knew it my sweet son had made it. I really do not know what I would have done without her that night. I joke that I would still be in labor now if it weren't for her! I am truly grateful for a doula who knew what I needed and cared so diligently for me and my son.



My water broke 5 weeks early at 3AM. Cynthia and I had met a few weeks before and talked through the details of my birth plan. Since I was wanting a VBAC I called her right away to see if I could stay home or should go to the hospital. She told me to head to the hospital to check on baby. He was fine and so was I. I checked in with Cynthia throughout the morning and called her once my contractions were becoming consistent. She came and helped me make informed decisions based on how my baby/I was responding. She offered me support and helped me know what to do when it was time to push. I would definitely recommend her to anyone looking for a doula or midwife! VBAC SUCCESS ??



Cynthia is an excellent doula. I prayed about and looked for someone who I could trust to do a great job for both my third and fourth pregnancies as a doula. My desire was to go through delivery naturally, without meds.  With Cynthia's coaching, that is just what I did!  Cynthia did a great job in each labor and delivery, and I felt confident with her expertise that she knew what she was talking about and that I could make it through (praise God!).  I highly recommend her as a doula to anyone who is interested in a natural birth and/or interested in having someone as a birth coach who has lots of experience. 

Patty Ann Friesen


Cynthia Barger was wondeful. My husband and I had a hard first birth. We moved states and needed a new midwife. She took the time to hear our story and sympathize with us. She offered encouragement and prayer and to be our doula since we wanted a hospital birth and wanted to use an OB. I couldn't have imagined not having her by our side coming out here and not knowing anyone. She was supportive, present, and helpful. She was a God send. Cynthia has a wide resource and support network. Cynthia works as a great team with Dr. Scrafford, his nurses and Via Christie/St. Joe's.

Cynthia is a great midwife/doula if you're looking for someone who can offer emotional support, years of experience, YoungLiving expertise, and resources. 



As an RN I always enjoy working along side doulas. Cynthia's passion really shined through and it's obvious she enjoys what she loves. She offered such great care and support to her client. Cynthia was so helpful with her client by offering suggestions, listening, and ensuring that her clients voice was being heard and respected during her birth. When her client became overwhelmed and exhausted Cynthia was able to provide the calm that her client so desperately needed. I would highly recommend Cynthia to anyone looking for a Doula during their pregnancy, birth, and postpartum. I hope the get to work with her again someday.



Cynthia was my doula for the birth of both our children. We were so glad she was there! We came to realize she had really good relations with the staff at via Christi (St Joseph) and knew the way around the hospital which came in handy.

She did great at explaining things to us, ( whether it was something the Dr. or nurse said or just about what was going on in the room) she helped me find a position that felt right and comfortable for me when pushing and helped me focus on breathing and relaxing my body through the contractions which greatly helped! Things that I nor my husband would have remembered  to do if she was not there with us. She is also very encouraging.

She was a comfort and it helped  put me at ease knowing Cynthia was there to help in anyway way - whether that was helping me, or reassuring my husband and answering any questions he (or I) had or the Dr. had.

Another thing I like about Cynthia is how reassuring and helpful she was in answering any questions I had during the pregnancy and helped put any concerns I had to rest.

Both my husband and I highly recommend Cynthi

Lacey Burns


We just had our 2nd baby with Cynthia as our doula. Since our first two births were unwanted csections, it is vital to my husband and I to have Cynthia for support and information during pregnancy and labor. She always makes us feel calm and helps make sure our voices are heard in the delivery room. I love that anytime I have a question or concern during pregnancy, I can text or call Cynthia and she always is quick to respond. I tell all VBAC moms I know that having a doula is one of the most important things you can do to ensure you get the birth outcome you're wanting and I always recommend Cynthia! 

Leah Busenitz


Cynthia has been our doula twice. She is so helpful during pregnancy to talking and answer questions and give encouragement and advice. She is amazing during labor. She does a great job helping my husband be my support person and supporting both of us and our wishes and helping us to progress with labor and give us strength. She is very knowledgeable and is respectful of hospital staff and checks in on us after baby is born. 

Haley Davis


With both of my births Cynthia served in a capacity as our doula. She is so knowledgeable and is excellent at what she does. She makes you feel so relaxed and excited for the birth that is about to take place. With my second birth she helped me immensely by quickly grabbing the supplies for the Midwife Brew which started my contractions. My water broke but hours later nothing was happening, until I drank the brew. I was so so thankful because I did not have to use pitocin once I got to the hospital. Cynthia is an exceptional listener and meets the desires of women's birth plan with such compassion and ease. Another thing I appreciate about Cynthia is her relationship with our doctor. They both have a mutual respect for each other and it makes the birthing process so smooth when that healthy communication is there. Both my husband and I love Cynthia and highly recommend her as a midwife or doula. 

Allie Johnson


My sister introduced me to Cynthia, who was her midwife times three. This was my first birth and I decided to try as natural as possible but in the hospital. i Went to my routine appointment and they wanted to go ahead and get me going. I called Cynthia, she was immediately ready to help. Even taking my blood pressure at the Pool where I met her. She was a godsend helping me get checked in to the hospital, which was a mess, but Cynthia stayed assertive and handled the entire process With ease. She would make sure and explain  each intervention they were offering. And was great emotional support when I was just mentally done with the process. 11 hours of labor, and Cynthia Was right with us nearly the entire night. I would recommend Cynthia as a doula to anyone!

Tida Huynh


We picked Cynthia to be our doula with our son. We met several different doulas and we didnt fall in love With anyone till we met Cynthia. Throughout the pregnancy we met to go over the birth plan and what we wanted. The night i went into labor I called Cynthia at midnight unsure if it was labor or just some odd cramping. She talked me thru it and eventually I went to the hospital. During laboring at the hospital she was very involved. During the birth of my son she helped my mom feed me ice chips and once my son was born she immediately had Him latch. without Cynthia we would have been lost. So thankful for someone so caring to help me thru one of the hardest things I’ve ever done in my life.

Bridget Kappelmann


I just wanted to share a little about our experience using Cynthia as our doula at Susan B. Allen Hospital El Dorado. I have had two natural child births without the assistance of a doula and I have to say that having Cynthia's support and ideas during labor made a tremendous difference! Cynthia had a lot of different positions and techniques for me to try. It made each contraction very effective. Instead of wearing myself out, these techniques made labor go quicker and my recovery has been excellent. When I wanted to quit, she encouraged me to go further. Now I have a beautiful baby girl who was extremely alert upon delivery and I was able to walk down the hall with my baby in my arms just a few hours later. I was worried that having a doula might make the nurses and my doctor feel out of place, however, this was not the case. Instead, I had an incredible support team. The nurses and Dr. McKesey at Susan B. Allen Hospital are top notch! They all worked together to help me have an unforgettable experience. Thank-you, thank-you, thank-you!

Shelly Small


We came to Cynthia at 35 weeks pregnant after prayerfully deciding on a VBAC hospital birth. Our doctor was being less than supportive about our decision, and we knew we would need all the support we could get to have a successful VBAC. Right away Cynthia helped us find a great OB who was supportive and encouraging about our decision and had lots of experience working with VBACs. Cynthia provided emotional support before, during, and after labor, helping me overcome my fears about having a VBAC, helping me to be patient and trust the Lord's timing when my due date came and went, and helping me to find strength during a long, hard labor. She was so calming to me and my family during labor, and provided lots of wisdom for pain management, progressing labor and finally for pushing. She also made sure that the hospital stuck to my birth plan where appropriate when I was not able to think past the contractions I was having. I would recommend Cynthia in a heartbeat. She was so wonderful to work with and worth every penny and then some!!

GrahamandRebecca Lingg


My wife and I were expecting our first child and we did not know what to expect. My wife had a better grasp on things than I did. Having a Doula helped so much. God used Cynthia to come alongside of us and to answer those tough questions. When she started to teach us about what to expect and the questions to ask we immediately ran into problems with our doctor and had to switch doctors at the last minute. Cynthia did everything she could to help us, encourage us and pray for us. When the delivery finally arrived, she met us at the hospital. She was cheerful and encouraging. She patiently helped my wife struggle through the delivery process encouraging my wife to keep crying out to the Lord for strength. She was supportive of our desires and very helpful. She showed my wife different positions and things she could do to help manage the pain. We thank God for bringing Cynthia into our life for our daughter’s birth. If you are a first time parent or even if you have been through this before, having Cynthia present is very helpful. When you don't understand the things they are saying, she can explain it. From a husband's perspective, I would want her or another doula present at the hospital if God blesses us with another child. Thanks Cynthia!

Erin Jackson


After some searching, I came upon Cynthia's profile and something about it spoke to me. She was the only one I interviewed...I don't recommend that for everybody, but I got exactly the vibe I was looking for from our phone conversation and our face to face, and felt no need to search any further. She has 8 children of her own, and personal experience is HUGE.  She was just the right combination of motherly and professional...and I got a hug on our first meeting, which speaks volumes to me. She not only works with a CPM here in town, she is working toward her CPM, so she comes with this huge "extra" of medical knowledge. (Doulas are typically completely non-medical labor support...Cynthia is technically a montrice, which means there are some medical things she can do, which I truly think sets her apart from others.

My labor was longer than many (a total of 73 hours from start to birth), so for the first 2 days (just early labor) she came over to check on me and gave me some great advice, and was ready anytime I called.  On the "big day", I labored by myself until my husband's alarm went off at 6 am, then decided I needed some help. A quick call to Cynthia, and she was at our house very quickly. Labor went from miserable to tolerable with her help...we got me in the tub, walking around, trying different positions. I was somewhat afraid I would disappoint her if I wound up wanting an epidural, and she assured me that she would support me no matter what I wanted, but she knew I could do it and would gently push me.  Lo and behold, she was right! For nearly every contraction, she was there to provide sacral counterpressure and rub my back, and was able to guide me when things got more intense. She was there with me for a total of about 21 hours. I can honestly say: without her, I would NOT have been able to have the birth I had!  I cannot recommend her enough!

Sarah Kellenberger


When my husband and I decided to have a home birth, we were thrilled to know that Cynthia would serve as our doula.
The prenatal care we received from our midwife and doula, Cynthia, was all very exceptional. They challenged me to eat right and exercise regularly to ensure a healthy baby and, if needed, enough stamina to endure a long labor. That stamina was needed! Cynthia was at most every appointment, hands on and providing wisdom and helpful hints I hadn't considered before her sharing. She was always very friendly and ready to answer any questions. When it came time to labor, Cynthia was a steady and confident voice. She brought such a calming, peaceful presence the moment she walked in. The actions she took in keeping my energy levels high and suggestions she gave to help keep my body at rest in between contractions were all very impressive to me. I ended up delivering at the hospital, but her support was still very needed and so appreciated by my husband and I. The decisions we had to make were less intimidating knowing we had a well informed advocate there with us. Without Cynthia and my midwife encouraging me, praying for me and speaking truth over me, I would not of had the outcome that I had and for that I am very grateful. I would highly recommend Cynthia to anyone seeking a doula, and desires to have a natural labor and delivery. You are guaranteed exceptional, loving, and quality care.

Lauren Nicole Mathias


We wanted to have a natural birth in a hospital setting and Cynthia is the only way this would have happened!  Cynthia really made me feel like the baby and I were her priority any time day or night, what a warm wonderful women. She is a blessing supporting my husband and I in ways we didn't even know we needed. Going through transition labor was very frightening for me and she knew how to make me focus through the scariest pain in my life that it's self is pricless. There is no way I could write every positive aspect of her being our doula... we would have a novel. My birth was perfect and it was because of her guidance and support.



Cynthia, At first glance it is extremely difficult to tell when someone really cares about their profession and the people they serve. Many can talk the talk. The only way true way to find out if they walk the walk is to have a little faith and trust. You my friend walk the walk. It shows through your passion, caring, and knowledge that your purpose in life is helping people bring natural healthy babies into the world. As a first time dad I will admit that I was more than a little skeptical about a natural child birth let alone having the baby outside the hospital. You and Deidre put my mind at ease and we couldn’t be more thrilled with the entire process and our precious baby girl. Thank you for everything you have done and are continuing to do for us. (Especially answering our silly questions) After having Leah with you as our doula we couldn’t imagine giving birth a different way.

Rachel Dixon


Cynthia provided that warm, familiar presence when I needed it the most! After laboring that long first night alone,  I was more than grateful to see her smiling face walk through my door! My baby wasnt in the correct position, so she was able to guide my husband and I through different positions to help her turn.  She was able to support us through the laboring process without interfering and was also willing to serve as a photographer! Cynthia's sweet voice and calm demeanor is exactly what any laboring woman would want at her birth and I'm certainly grateful to have had her at mine!

Kari Rich


After having a c-section with my first baby (she was breech), and three VBACs that involved pitocin and epidurals, I knew when I found out I was pregnant with our fifth baby that I wanted a natural birth experience  A friend had given me Cynthia's name.  She was such a great help to me!  During my pregnancy she answered all of the questions I had regarding a natural birth and during labor she helped to keep me focused and calm.  I had the baby at the hospital, since I was doing another VBAC and I live quite a ways from the nearest hospital.  Cynthia met us at the hospital and helped me through my labor every step of the way.  She made sure that the hospital staff followed my birth plan.  She walked the halls with me and stopped with me when I was having a contraction.  She helped me through my breathing and provided counter pressure on my back during my contractions.  She had me change positions to help advance my labor.  When I thought I couldn't do it anymore, she asked if she could pray with me.  She definately helped me achieve the natural birth that I had always wanted!  Thank you so much Cynthia!

Kristi U


Cynthia was a Godsend for my VBAC in July of 2013.  It was my fourth pregnancy... But my first after having a csection, and she really helped me with questions during pregnancy and especially kept me at ease during my birth.  She prayed with my husband and I and kept me moving most of the day so that by the time we got to,the hospital, I was already 7 cm dilated! her highly reccomend Cynthia to anyone seeking a doula!

Tony Giles


I had a fantastic experience with Cynthia's help delivering our 3rd child!  She was calm and collected as well as knowledgeable and patient.  Having her help completely changed my experience of delivering a baby! I felt in control of my situation with her guidance and expertise and could make better decisions for myself and the baby.  Her maturity and pure love for children was evident from the first time we met.  I had never used a doula before and now will never deliver without one.  I would use her services 100% again!  Thank you Cynthia!

Damaris McClain


I cannot say enough good things about Cynthia's role in my labor/delivery experience. My labor lasted a very, very long time and I was in the transition and pushing stages each for hours on end. I can say with full certainty that Cynthia had a pivotal role in helping me achieve the natural delivery I had been hoping for, even with the odds being against me as hour after hour went by and the baby hadn't come, yet. She was with me for the better part of twenty-four hours and wore many hats during my labor experience--all for my benefit. I met Cynthia for the first time when I was in the middle of active labor, and it was hard for me to meet new people during that time. Cynthia, however, made me feel immediately at ease. She was extremely adaptable and allowed me to specify what things I wanted and didn't want. For me, a calm, quiet room to labor in with dim lights was absolutely essential. I had no idea what I would want until the moment came. Cynthia stayed beside me and helped my environment stay calm and serene. She offered suggestions when I asked for them, and she helped me try different labor positions when I wanted to try them. I remember walking down the hallway and her helping me each step and stopping with me each time a contraction came. As I tried positions that felt natural to me, she would encourage me and affirm that what I was doing would help the baby drop further. When didn't have ideas, she would gently offer suggestions and point me toward things that she could tell were helping my labor progress. She helped me to alternate positions which kept labor progressing, and I guarantee I would not have changed positions without that initiative. (Continued below)

Damaris McClain


(Continued from above) Perhaps the most significant assistance she gave came in the form of instruction and assistance with my back labor. When I say I was in transition for hours, I mean half a day. The labor and delivery nurse said she had never seen a patient take so long to fully dilate. I had no problem getting to transition, but getting past it seems endless. The first thing Cynthia taught me was how to breathe through contractions. I had practiced this, but she stayed with me through multiple hard, hard contractions and helped me understand how to breathe naturally and deeply through them. I have never liked breathing for relaxation and have been instructed to do this for other medical issues in the past. With her instruction, however, it became natural and my greatest source of endurance through labor. I had very strong back labor and used the tools she taught me to breathe as I felt the contraction coming on which allowed me to stay on top of each contraction. I did this about three times with each contraction, taking each one at a time, and I could not believe I was making it through transition without an epidural! As labor progressed, Cynthia took the initiative to take notes of what I was doing during labor and what was happening each hour. She also took the initiative to for my camera and took pictures (based on what I wanted or didn't want on film). I had no idea how precious these pictures and notes would be to me. They capture the story of our daughter's birth in such a beautiful and honest way. All in all, I look forward to telling our daughter about her birth and about the people who were part of getting her here safely, though through much work. Cynthia will always be a part of that experience and our daughter's uniquely wonderful birth story!

Kayla Suderman


We had the privilege of using Cynthia for the birth of our second baby.  Our first baby was born at the hospital and we knew we wanted to experience something better and different for our next one, so we chose a home birth. Cynthia made the environment fun. I was surprised at how relaxed everyone was, including myself. Her bubbly personality made me want to join in on the conversation between her, our midwife, my husband and good friend. Though my labor was longer than with my first baby, it honestly seemed to go by quicker because I felt very secure with and supported by Cynthia. She also was a very efficient assistant to our midwife. The care she provided our infant afterward was also great. She weighed, measured, cleaned, and dressed our baby and was conscious about asking if we wanted each moment photographed.

The aspects I appreciate most about Cynthia as a doula are her fun and openly friendly personality, her professional as well as personal experience with natural childbirth, and her gentleness during labor and knowing when to assist and when to hang back.

We will most definitely be using Cynthia again for future children!

Kecia Waipa


Cynthia is an amazang doula!  She was with us during the birth of our second child.  She is very encouraging and great at giving inststruction at just the right time when you need it.  There was a time during our birth that I didn't know how I was going to keep going but she prayed with me and from that point on I was able to calm down and stay focused.  She was good at getting me to do things that I didn't feel like doing at the time but that were very helpful and I needed the push to do them. She helped me remember to relax, read scripture to me, prayed for me, massaged me, and enlisted others to pray for us as well.  I felt very cared for and supported.  I don't know how I would have gotten through this experience without her.  Thanks Cynthia!

Alexis H.


My family and I had just moved to the Wichita area from out of state - leaving behind my mid-wife that I used for two of my children.  I was not looking forward to finding a new one. I contacted Cynthia, and she made me feel at ease.  She helped me connect with a mid-wife and stayed in contact with me throughout my pregnancy. The day of the birth of my 4th child I called her  to let her know that I was having contractions. She called me throughout the day checking on me, and came to my house when I wanted her there. She got things ready, gave me massages, spoke kind and calming words over me, and prayed over me. Having Cynthia at my side was such a blessing. Her loving, kind spirit was definitely welcomed. She told my mid-wife that it was almost time and to go ahead and come over. With my mid-wife's guidance, Cynthia got to help me deliver my daughter. I wouldn't change a thing about that day.

Jessica Tarbell


 It was my wish to have a natural birth (at a hospital) with no drugs or medical interventions. This was my first child so I really didn't know what to expect.  I did a lot of research and decided that it would be best to have the support of a doula for my hospital birth. When my husband and I met Cynthia, we knew that she was a good fit for us. I was impressed at her ability to bond with us (even my husband) so quickly and easily. During the last couple months of my pregnancy, I had the freedom to call her or email her about any questions or concerns I had and she always provided quick answers or advice. 

To our surprise, my water broke at 2:15 am a month early! I woke up very scared and it was so nice to know that I could call Cynthia in the middle of the night. My labor ended up being 17 hours long and I know that if Cynthia hadn't been there with me, I would have asked for something to relieve the pain. Thank God I had her there to help me focus and manage my pain. She helped me by providing massage and counter pressure during contractions, having me get in the warm shower and making me walk and change positions even when I didn't want to. 

Looking back, I wouldn't have changed anything about by labor and delivery. It was everything I wanted it to be and Cynthia made it possible. My husband and I will recommend Cynthia to all our expecting friends and family looking for doulas. 

Kyle Parish


Cynthia was my doula for my homebirth and I am so thankful that she was there! She helped direct my husband and kept me calm and relaxed in between contractions. My labor was fantastic, but my delivery was very hard and in the times that I wanted to give up and felt like I couldn't do it anymore, Cynthia reminded me that, "the Lord is your strength! He will never forsake you!". After crowning for nearly half an hour my midwife suggested we pray the baby out. Cynthia joined with my husband and midwife in calling our baby forth and with one push he was in my arms. Our baby was brought into this world through strength and prayer and that is a delivery I can assure you would not have happened without their faith. I don't see my delivery as rough or hard (though it was), I see it as a blessing and display of God's faithfulness to those who believe. Thank you, Cynthia!

Melody Phelps


Cynthia was with me for the birth of my second child Abby. I was in labor for about 12 hours and she was there to assist for nearly the whole time. It was wonderful to have her. She is a great support. She has a calming presence and was especially wonderful during transition. My husband needed a break to go eat so Cynthia held my hand and spoke calmly to me helping me get through those really tough contractions. She really knows just what to do and I'm so grateful for her. She is a blessing! I highly recommend her to anyone looking for a Doula. I look forward to having Cynthia again should the Lord bless me with more children in the future. 

Cheryl Thomas


Cynthia was great! This was our first baby and so we were a little nervous but everything went really well. We had such a good experience with Cynthia. She seemed to know just what I needed at just the right time. She knew a lot of different positions to help ease the pain a little. My husband said, “Cynthia was relaxed, attentive, and brought calm to the situation. She was easy to work with, and ready to serve us in any way possible.” Cynthia was such a comforting and encouraging presence when the pain was at its worst. I could tell she was experienced. She worked with my husband well, and let him know of ways to help me. After the birth she assisted me in getting our baby to nurse. We would HIGHLY recommend Cynthia.

Sarah Sneath


I am so grateful for Cynthia and her ministry as a doula. In January I gave birth to my fourth child (third VBAC). My labor was rather quick and I had a great deal of back labor. In the early stages of labor Cynthia was alert to my breathing and body language and how it changed as I made transitions into stronger labor. She knew that it was time for us to get serious about what was happening. When my husband had to leave the room, Cynthia would stay with me helping me relax and stay focused. It was a blessing having someone beside me when my husband couldn’t. Cynthia knew exactly where to rub my back and put pressure to help relieve the pain of the back labor so I could concentrate on each contraction. She also helped remind me to relax. Cynthia was a great encouragement through the labor. I appreciated her quiet yet very positive spirit.

Erin B.


Cynthia was the doula for the birth of my first child in July 2010. I had opted for a natural birth with a midwife and knew it would be challenging! From the very start, I felt I could trust her, as she has 8 children of her own and understood what I was going through. Even though we had prepared as much as we could, I knew that most of our "plans" would go out the window when labor began :)

She was never intrusive - allowing time for my husband and I to be alone together but stepping in when he needed a break or we needed to make a change. She could tell when I needed a new position or breathing technique, and her firm but gentle approach kept me from losing focus when things got really difficult. Each time I started to lose hope, she was right there encouraging me and giving me the words and direction I needed to stay on track, and I am SO grateful to her for helping me to have such an amazing birth experience!

Shana Matheny


I have known Cynthia personally for the past twenty years. When it came time to deliver my second child, I knew I wanted to do it naturally. I also knew that I wanted help, and Cynthia was the first person who came to mind. Being a mother of eight herself, I knew she really understood childbirth! Cynthia is patient and kind. She is also confident and strong and very conscientious. I knew that she would be fully engaged in the process with me and be a tremendous support. She was exactly that! She was positive and encouraging and did a fabulous job reading my body language and making suggestions to help my comfort level. She helped me focus and breathe and not feel like giving up! She was a huge source of strength for me and she helped me be courageous enough to stick to my birthplan! It was a great experience delivering with Cynthia as my doula. I would highly recommend her assitance to anyone. You'll be blessed by her presence!

Kathy Brace CPM


Cynthia is a very caring and wise doula. I have know her for 17 years. I had the privlige of helping her and her family and friends with there births. Cynthia has helped me with births as an assistant at several births and is a blessing to the moms. She is willing to give her time and energy. Cynthia has learned many tricks of the trade and is willing to do research when she doesn't know the answer, that is a great gift to have. She is also very tactful in working with other health care providers which is very important in dealing with Doctors or hospital staff. I have been a midwife for 22 years in the Wichita area and worked with many doula's, Cynthia has been very helful and is always ready to serve women in chilbirth. She has a heart for serving families and especially educating them to have the best birth possible.

Kathy Brace CPM

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