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Emily Wannenburg

MemmysMommas™ and 4th Trimester Fitness®

Knoxville, TN Service range 20 miles I charge for travel over 20 miles



Birth Fee

$2500 to $2925

Birth Fee

$2500 to $2925

Birth Doula Experience

20 years and 1000 births attended

Birth Doula Certifications

  • DONA International - Advanced Certified Birth Doula

Doula Training

  • DONA International-Approved Workshop, October 2012

Type of practice: Solo practice

Clients per month: 0 to 5

Attends hospital births? All Hospitals

Attends birth center births? All Birth Centers

Attends home births? Any Home Birth
I do not serve unassisted births.

Special Services Offered

  • Birth pool rental
  • Cancer patients and survivors
  • Childbirth education services
  • First Aid and CPR
  • Lactation consultant/counselor services
  • Military families support
  • Pelvic floor health education & support
  • Prenatal & postpartum fitness services
  • Satellite doula (for remote and rural clients)
  • TENS units rental
  • Virtual and remote doula support

Training Documentation


Relevant volunteer or advocacy work

BirthPedia Advisory Board #WalkWorkoutCoffee - Building Communities through Fun, Fitness, and Fellowship DONA SouthEast Ambassador

Languages Spoken

  • English

Fee Details

Doula Fee is 2500.00 and I am on call from the time you sign the Contract. A 50% retainer is due at signing and the balance is due at 37 weeks. There is a 150.00 travel fee for 20-40 miles from my house to yours. More than 40 miles, all expenses covered including hotel and gas

Service Area

Knoxville, TN Service range 20 miles I charge for travel over 20 miles

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Beth Posluszny


My husband and I have had the privilege of birthing with Emily for all three of our children’s births.   From the moment that we met her in 2015, I knew that Emily would be a steady, caring, and positive presence in the delivery room and I absolutely wanted her to be our doula.  After birthing our first child with Emily I then knew that I never wanted to give birth without her! Emily was amazing during labor.  She really assessed my cues and seemed to intuitively know exactly what I wanted every step of the way.  Her quiet voice and gentle touch were so soothing to me, but she was also able to provide strong double hip squeezes when I needed it!  I had three very different pregnancies and births and was so grateful to have Emily for support during all of them.  Anytime an issue or question arose during pregnancy we were grateful to be able to talk through options with Emily and decide how we were going to approach the situation.   She made us feel supported during times where we faced uncertainty and was always a positive voice offering encouragement.  Emily checks in via phone and in person during the postpartum time which is oh so needed and appreciated with a new baby.
To be around someone who finds so much joy in what they do is a very special thing.  This is Emily and her work as a doula.  She deeply loves helping mamas, she absolutely loves babies and you will feel that love and witness that joy in your time with her.  I can’t imagine a better way to bring a new life into the world.  We will always be grateful to Emily and it is truly a privilege to call her a friend.

Dani Gwiazda


I met Emily in 2012, when I was pregnant with my second child. I knew I didn't want to have the same experience that I had with my first child and really wanted to attempt a more natural approach to birthing. Emily fit the bill- she was always so accommodating and not the least judgmental when I told her I wanted a "natural" birth at a hospital.  I had a wonderful experience with Emily! So much so that I hired her again for my 3rd and then 4th child! I loved that I could reach out at any time of day for a pep talk. I can often get anxious and Emily was always there to calm me down and keep me grounded.  My last birth I decided that I wanted an epidural.  Emily was so supportive of my decision! And boy was she a huge asset during this birth. I think I worked her harder than I had in previous births. Emily was constantly switching my positions to make the most of the time I was on the bed. She was like a one-on-one nurse that made sure I had everything I needed to stay happy and comfortable. I was able to use my J breath breathing to slowly bring my little man earthside without any discomfort. 

I can't say enough about the amazing experiences I had with Emily. She is incredibly easy to talk to and always supportive. All of her years of experience and knowledge made her a huge asset to me while I was pregnant, during labor, and postpartum.  She's like a aunt to me, or a sister! Emily's half the reason I want to keep having babies! 

Jill McAlister


I knew I wanted to hire Emily as my doula the moment I met her. I was looking for birthing classes during my first pregnancy and found her Birth Ball Basics class. She has the perfect balance of science/evidence based practice and warm, comforting, birth-how-you-feel-comfortable. I wished I could hire her as my doula during that pregnancy, but we couldn't afford it yet. I took her 4th trimester recovery class and swore I would have her as my doula in my next pregnancy. 

Fast forward through a couple of miscarriages, which Emily was so supportive through, and we finally were expecting twins and knew we needed Emily. Throughout the entire pregnancy she supported me through malpositioned babies, fears of c-section and birthing during a pandemic, and exhaustion from endless Spinning Babies inversions. When baby A just wasn't flipping to head down, my husband and I wondered what role Emily would play now that we wouldn't be laboring like we had hoped. When the day came that the babies needed to be delivered, we were so grateful to have Emily by our side. We were like a deer in headlights in a hospital we had never been able to tour. But Emily knew the entire staff and guided us through each step. Her supportive words helped me through that emotional day. And in the OR she was incredible. She took a gazillion beautiful pictures, helped me breathe through the shivers, spoke warmly to me through my tears, and guided my husband through the process. 

Afterwards, she stayed to make sure we were comfortable latching and breastfeeding. She gave me advice on recovery, especially in the coming days that I would be bedridden. She was just wonderful and I can't imagine that day or this pregnancy without Emily. She holds such a special place in my heart. 

Tatum Lowry


Where do I begin?! I cannot even begin to find the words to express how thankful my husband and I were to have Emily alongside us through my pregnancy/birth/postpartum. To begin, we are young & new parents navigating life changes during Covid-19 and had we not had Emily I'm not sure what we would have done at times! I was nervous about finding proper care during my pregnancy and Emily pointed me to the best obstetrician. After switching practices I received the best and most encouraging treatment from Emily and my midwives up to my delivery and beyond. Emily took the time to address every small concern I had anytime of the day/night! She supported me & my husband through my labor and delivery in a way that I didn't know was possible. I ended up choosing to have an epidural and Emily knew exactly how to ensure I had the best labor experience following that by repositioning me using the peanut ball and helping me stay comfortable. Following the birth of my daughter Emily continued to check in with us and did home visits to ensure we were okay and assisted with everything from helping us learn how to swaddle to addressing all my breastfeeding questions/concerns. I could go on and on about how wonderful Emily is and could not recommend her more for doula services & beyond! She is one of the most kind & wise women I have ever had the pleasure of meeting! 

Dallas Arthur


I have had the unique priviledge of not only being a client of Emily's for my second baby, but also attending births alongside of her, as I am also a birth photographer. I chose her as my doula after seeing her calm, empowering presence at many births.

Although I anticipated a smooth, fast labor and birth at home with my midwife, husband, and mother, I still wanted the best insurance policy I could buy: a doula. Should things go off-course, I needed to have Emily by my side to help me navigate a change in plans.

Emily was a wonderful resource throughout my pregnancy. She was a shoulder to cry on when I was anxious about an ultrasound. She was a sounding board and resource when my baby still wasn't here after 41+ weeks.

When I called her the morning that I was in labor and said I wasn't sure if this was actually happening and not sure if she should come, she dropped everything and sped across town. Her deep knowledge and sharp instincts told her that she needed to run, and what to you know, my baby was in my arms less than two hours later. Her lower back counter-pressure, smooth hands across my arms and shoulders, and calming presence helped me to focus through my freight-train fast labor while the rest of my team was flying around me, getting everything ready. My birth video shows her beaming ear to ear behind me as I caught my own baby and brought him to my chest. She worked beautifully as a well-oiled machine with my midwife, birth assistant, birth photographer, and family, quickly cleaning things up and leaving my house neater than when she arrived.

I cannot recommend Emily enough and I'm so grateful for everything she does for our local birth community!



I am 5 weeks postpartum and someone recently asked me how my delivery was. I told them it was great! My baby did have to be delivered by forceps but it was great. They looked at me like I was insane and said “that’s a good birth for you?”. I said yes and let me tell you why, it’s because my doula Emily Wannenburg. My first birth was full of interventions that slowed labor and full of complications after. This time around I wanted to try to go medication free but I needed support from someone. Emily was that for me. She believed in me, empowered me, and gave me be resources I needed to be able to have an unmedicated birth. She helped me find a new doctor, one that would honor my wishes. Because of Emily I went into labor in my own home, my water broke in my kitchen. This was so empowering for me because my body and baby were able to decide when it was time for him to come into this world. I made it through 3 hours of pushing all natural which was also extremely empowering. I could not have done this without Emily by my side coaching me. In the end I did have to have an epidural because the baby needed help coming into the world but it was ok. I had been given the chance to do it on my own and feel my body work the way it was intended to do so. I would never have had this opportunity without Emily as my advocate. Emily is an extremely special person who is meant to do what she is doing. She has a passion for her work and the women she supports. She was the best decision I made in my pregnancy and my husband will say the same. Even after birth she has been a major support for me. I will be forever thankful for her for giving me a voice and being my advocate. 



Emily was recommended to me by my pelvic floor physical therapist, as a doula to interview and consider hiring due to her knowledge about pelvic floor, especially prolapse. When I called her for the first time, we spoke at length about how to labor when one has a prolapse. Emily calmed my fears about having a second vaginal birth while also having a prolapse.

As weeks went by, and I reached the last trimester and then had a 37 week ultrasound completed- we found out that our little one was breech. My OB had given me multiple options to consider, as we moved forward. Did I want to deliver breech? Or try a version first? Hope baby flips on her own? Or have a c-section?

All of this was very overwhelming, and my husband and I could not have been more thankful to have Emily to discuss all of this with. She did not just bring to the table her doula skills, but also her midwife background and her RN knowledge. Most importantly and what impressed me the most... AND what I valued and needed the most, was her non-judgemental response to us deciding on a c-section. Many factors played into this decision, outside of what is written here, but Emily’s response was that of: there are many ways babies are brought into this world- no one way is right or wrong. I couldn’t agree more. And my husband and I would have her be out doula again in a heartbeat! Thank you, Emily!

Natalie Shatley


Emily was my doula for both of my births. With my first, I had to have a c-section because my baby was breech. Emily was nothing short of amazing in that operating room. She was there for my husband to keep him calm and to explain everything that was happening. For me she was a constant support from holding a cool cloth on my head when I was sick from anesthesia to keeping me informed each step of the way. For my second birth, I was able to attempt (and successfully complete) a VBAC. I know without a doubt that I would not have had a successful VBAC without Emily's help. She was there from the beginning, barely taking a break for the entire 3 days of labor. She explained to us what would happen each step of the way and due to some unusual circumstances with my labor she worked tirelessly to brainstorm new ideas for me to try to help my labor progression. She performed countless comfort measures, gave me encouragment when I desperately needed it, and literally held my baby in place for what seemed like hours at a time. My husband and I have said time and time again that we don't know how people have babies without a doula-and more specifically for us...Emily! Both of my births were special in different ways and it truly is because Emily was there to support me and help give me the experiences I wanted! 



As a first time mom, I naturally had fears about labor and delivery which is why we sought out a doula. Emily came highly recommended from many in the community and we could not be more pleased with our experience. Emily brought extensive knowledge, a comforting presence, and genuine care/respect for our growing family. She made herself available throughout pregnancy (easing any concerns we had), coached us through delivery, and checked up on us several times postpartum including breastfeeding support. Everyone should have access to a doula for their journey in bringing life into the world and my family feels as though we hit the jackpot finding Emily! You will not regret having her by your side. I would hire her over and over again. 



I cannot say enough good things about my experience with Emily as our doula. Our first meeting was completely unrushed, she thoroughly answered all my questions and provided additional information I hadn’t thought of. From then she made herself available to me 24/7, she encouraged me to reach out to her at anytime w/ any questions or concerns and to send pictures. She was also great about checking in on me, which showed me how much she truly cares.

Once I started labor Emily gave me a call to check in, and came to our house the second we asked. The moment she arrived my husband and I felt instant safety and security. Upon arriving at our home she quietly worked her magic; getting things in order for our midwife and for postpartum care. She was a gentle, reassuring presence, coaching me through contractions, keeping in contact with our midwife, while also including my husband. When I was exhausted and frustrated with pushing I said under my breath “I can’t” and without missing a beat, heard Emily say back, “Yes you can.” I know without a doubt I would not have had such a smooth homebirth experience without her. I am forever grateful to her and cherish the photos and videos she quietly captured. Finally, I will say she was the last person to leave making sure I was comfortable, and the first person to come back and check on us postpartum, offering again  unrushed breastfeeding support and postpartum knowledge (plus responding to a middle of the night text message)  

We love Emily and can not recommend her highly enough to anyone thinking about hiring a doula! 

Rachael and Todd Broadwater


Delivery 2.25.19 - Emily came to us as a back-up doula - when she arrived we had been laboring for almost 12hours and were a little worried because this was such an intimate experience and we had never met her before. As soon as we met Emily, our concerns evaporated. She's like a medical professional, spiritual guide, best girlfriend, sister and mom all rolled up in to one. She worked great with the nurses as a team (nurses thanked her several times) and great with my husband as my advocates for delivery. When she arrived she sat by my bedside and got to know me and my husband. when little things happened during labor that i thought were awful, she would cheer me on and tell me that it was all a great sign! (vomiting, rectal pressure, etc) and celebrated all the little wins. We pushed for 2 solid hours, every contraction. Emily coached us, tried new positions (the rotisserie!), and celebrated every step along the way. she had my husband go to the foot of the bed to pull on my arms - it was the most effective pushing i'd done and made my husband a real part of the delivery process and not just breathing with me - he had to really physically get in to it! he saw the entire delivery and we were both so surprisingly happy to have had that experience. After the 2:44am delivery, she stayed with us a couple of hours to help us breastfeed the first time and make sure we were all settled. We had a rough time the first few days home and after reaching out to Emily, she came the same day to coach us with breastfeeding again and give us some newborn tips & tricks. she then continued to check in daily/weekly to see how we were doing. We were truly blessed with the way things turned out that Emily was our doula. We are also certain we made a lifelong friend. She is so talented and kind, anyone would be extremely lucky to have Emily's partnership, friendship and expertise during any time of the pregnancy, labor and pp process. Emily is AMAZING!

Paige Nierengarten


I cannot express in words how much Emily helped my husband and I bring my sweet babe into this world. Without her I feel surely I would have had a c section, her calming tone and encouraging words got me thru 24 hours of labor and almost 3 hours of pushing. Her services don't start or stop just for your birth~ she was a great sounding board thru out my pregnancy, labor and then came by our home after birth to make sure we were settled postpartum. I also took her hypnobirthing class and birth ball clinic, both in which were full of valuable information that I know helped me get thru the most challenging yet happiest day of my life- my baby's birthday! If you are lucky enough to snag Emily as your doula then rest assure you are in great hands!

Eileen Orr


I believe the greatest compliment I could give Emily is this one very true statement: “I will not have a baby without her by my side!” I am the mother of 3 boys and Emily served as my doula for the births of both my second and third. My trust in her was always 100% because of her extensive background in women’s health and services. This alone would have been enough for me to rave about her. But when you hire Emily as your doula, you are not just her client; you become one of HER mommas and you are her friend. She knows how special and important this time is for mothers. She is a gentle presence and strong advocate. Even my husband would share that she is worth her weight in gold when it is baby time. This will be the best investment you make toward having the best birth experience possible.

Annika Eichhammer


Emily was great and such a big help for us. She is very knowledgeable and always had a great advice. She helped get through an I medicated VBAC. Highly recommend her.

Emily Redman


I am beyond grateful to have had Emily as my doula for both of my births -- she is a rock, a guide, a wise woman. She is quiet when you need quiet, steady and strong when you feel unsure, friendly and warm and a mama/grandma to her core. My two births were so different, and for each one she made me feel so cared for, she empowered me, and she helped me have the birth I wanted. The first time I wanted to arrive at the hospital pushing and that's what we did! The second time my labor slowed and she found a way to help me rest when I needed it, at a time when I would have said it was impossible for me to be able to rest. Both times she always had a solution to whatever I needed, and most of the time she thought of the thing I needed before I did.

She helped my husband be involved and helpful during labor, and also knew when to step in and help me herself. She also provided us with so much knowledge about the whole process of pregnancy and labor, and helped me to find the best way and place to have the birth I wanted.

I can't say enough wonderful things about Emily as a doula. If you are at all considering a doula, I will tell you that I would never want to give birth without one, and frankly, I'd never want to give birth without Emily. She's incredible at what she does!

Katie Alberti


Emily is THE BEST DOULA EVER.  What more can I say?  Her energy is positive, uplifing, soothing, reassuring...and everything you would want in a doula. She has such an instinct and knows exactly what a laboring mama needs at every moment.  For example, during my home birth, my husband had not eaten anything that morning so he decided to quickly grab some yogurt.  Well my transition phase came on pretty fast and he rushed back to my side. While he was being so sweet and loving, he was also breathing yogurt breath into my face as I am going through the most intense contractions.  So not good for me in that moment.  She quickly realized from the look on my face that something was not right and let him know "yogurt breath" and all was great again :) 

I just love Emily.  She is an amazing human being.  Her passion for birth and all things related to birth is inspirational.  Her knowledge in this area is even greater.  I am amazed each time I hear her speak about post partum recovery and her in depth knowledge.  I recommend Emily to any and every mama looking for a doula!

Ashley Deel


I first met Emily in 2012, she was my HypnoBirthing instructor. My husband and I weren instantly drawn to her calm manner, intelligence, and birthing passion. We decided to hire her as our birth doula and man was that a good decision. My first labor was 30 hours water break to delivery and she was with us every step of the way, helping to navigate the choices and decisions we had to make. My second pregnancy was in 2015 and we again hired Emily (she was the first person we told we were expecting). That labor was 40 mins from water break to delivery and again Emily was there as our beacon of calm light as the hospital staff were in a flurry with the speed of the labor. My third pregnancy was in 2018 and although we moved to out state, we still had Emily’s reassurance with us for the 29.5 hour labor, water break to delivery. She called, texted and video chatted with us throughout the entire process. I’ve also attend her 4th Trimester Fitness classes (post partum recovery and birth ball basics). Every woman deserves to have Emily’s presence with her on her birthing day as she truly adds to the special day.

Caitlin Baiata


Really, I just can't say enough about Emily and my incredible birth experience. Emily was my doula with my first homebirth and I can't begin to tell you how fortunate we were that she was there. There were some minor complications after delivery, and it was Emily's calm demeanor that just put all my worries to rest. She is confident, calm, collected, perhaps she's a mind reader too. She knows when to give you space and when to look you in the eyes down to your core, and tell you, "Mama, you got this." Her strength is like nothing I've ever seen- only matched by her patience. She is, forever- the birth shaman. 

Mandy D


I am so thankful I had Emily. We were new to FL and had no family or friends yet. My husband stayed with my oldest son because of that but I never felt alone with Emily there. She anticipated my needs and when I wanted to give up, she knew exactly what to say to me. She was help through the whole Beautiful event. She even took pictures for me because I had no one else! She really cares about her mamas and her babies. Love her!

Kristin Tartaglia


Emily was my doula for the birth of both of my sons. One was a hospital birth and one was a home birth. She was supportive and encouraging for the entire pregnancy, delivery and post partum experience. During both deliveries, her presence brought peace to the delivery room and her techniques helped to empower me and give me the confidence that I needed to stay the course. She knew exactly what to do to comfort me during contractions and make adjustments as needed. Emily's presence and support were invaluable to me during two of the most important days of my life. 

Elizabeth Vanden Houten


Emily was such a strong, comforting anchor before, during and after my birth.  i Wanted someone that really knew what they were doing, knew how to confidently yet lovingly advocate for me and my wishes and still maintained a low key presence. Emily was perfect.  She helped me make decisions when I was in another world during labor and she also was very supportive to my husband appreciating his important role in everything.  I could not have been happier.  She really helped me have the birth that I wanted. I cannot say enough amazing things about her!!

Portia D.


Emily was my doula with my second birth, first home birth. Her warmth, unending encouragement, and reminders to trust my body and the process of labor empowered me in ways I didn't know I needed. She is flexible, creative, and radiates a level of love and strength that eliminates any room for self doubt or anxiety. Her presence at my birth made it a calmer and more comfortable experience for my entire family. When I picture that magical day I see her reassuring smile, feel her warm hand on my brow- reminding me to relax my face, and can only remember the calm and comfort, and none of the pain of my unmedicated water birth. Emily's wisdom is still a treasure, as is the community she's created of women who have all been blessed to work with her. 

Hilary Libman


We feel so lucky to have had Emily as our doula for both of my children's births (hospital and birth center).  We initially hired Emily because we felt we wanted a little extra guidance and encouragement for our first birth.  From the moment we met, her experience and calm nuturing presence was obvious.  She was very open to whatever birthing options we felt were best for us and we never felt pressured to do anything but follow our own choices.  She prooved to be such a wonderful voice of calm and reason in what can be a stressful and overwhelming process.  Her calm and confident presence on the days of our births were exactly what my husband and I needed to feel empowered to welcome our babies into the world.  There were moments in both of my births that I remember looking into her eyes and her saying the exact thing I needed to hear.  She was the buffer between the chaos and comotion of giving birth and my ability to focus on what I needed to do to labor succesfully.  I can not imagine a birthing experience without her and recommend her with complete confidence!!

Brittany Beimourtrusting


Emily was my doula for both of my births that I chose to do at home.  The calm and nurturing personality is just what I needed both times.  The first time my birth resulted in an unexpected emergency and Emily was by my side through it all.  She checked in after the births and was a source of support as my husband and I became parents. She's wonderful!


Claudia Nunes


Emily was a wonderful addition to our birthing experience, both before and after. As first time parents we had lots of questions and feelings of uncertainty. Emily went over the top to answer all of our questions and put our minds at ease. She taught us many useful techniques (breathing, massage, etc), things that you can really only learn properly with the help of someone. During the birth, Emily was a big help in relaxing me and getting me focused to deliver so I could have the natural birth that I was hoping for.

We also had postpartum visits that were very helpful as well (changing, bathing, swaddling) all things again that really help when you have someone there who knows what they are doing. It was a pleasure to work with Emily, that we used her again with our second baby, and quite honestly I can't imagine being able to get through it all without somebody like her. 

Soonjung Thiesen


Words cannot describe what Emily Wannenburg did for me at the birth of my first child, but I will recount the event in an attempt to convey it. While I was laboring during the birth, I was utilizing techniques I had learned in hypnobirthing classes, and I was trying to breathe the baby down, and not push. Apparently I wasnt progressing and I needed some help, my midwife and doula knew this, thank goodness, because I couldnt think or see myself and what was happening. All I remember was looking up and Emily was right there, giving me instructions on how to move the baby down. She was clear and direct and at the same time she was gentle and completely supportive, its like she took charge at the same time she was yielding and supportive, it was completely indescribable. With her direction and support, I birthed my baby minutes later. Emily truly brings something special to every birth she attends, I hear testimonies about her over and over again, and I know exactly what my fellow moms mean when they have had the immense privilege of having Emily at their birth. 

Ashley Sobolewski


I will never foget how Emily helped me every step of the way in a challenging and long labor & delivery!  Emily was exactly what I imagined her to be like from her website - calm, confident, encouraging, caring and supportive. Largely due to Emily's encouragement, I was able to achieve with my goal of delivering a large baby naturally (no pain medication).  Emily helped me stay comfortable and was a wonderful complement to the team of midwife, delivery nurse, and my husband.  To this day, I still meet up with Emily and many of the fellow moms I have met in her postpartum classes. I highly recommend Emily without reservation! In fact, my family and I love and appreciate Emily very much!<3

Malaika Underwood


Working with Emily was one of the best decisions we’ve ever made. Her guidance leading up to the birth and support during labor was priceless. She was amazing! She knew just what to do in every moment. She made both me and my husband stronger and more confident through the process! And when life threw us a curveball, and our daughter was whisked away to the NICU, she stayed right there and helped make things less stressful. We are forever grateful. 

Jennifer Schurke


I had the absolute pleasure of having Emily present for both my births. My first was a home birth, where she was at the time also working as a birth assistant for the birth center I birthed through. The moment she showed up in my home my birth atmosphere shifted. I was floundering and feeling a bit overwhelmed by my "transition" phase. Emily gave me four or five different positions and was firm and loving in having me try them and get out of just leaning over my birthing ball. My stalled labor began progressing again and I had my healthy daugher within three hours of her arriving at my home. It was such a shift having Emily in the room. My mother, husband and I all expressed to ourselves later what an amazing gift it was having Emily on call that night. 


A year later when I was three months pregnant with my son, we found Emily and got to experience her as a doula throughout our pregnancy. Her guidance, knowledge, patience and willingness to be involved in the pregnancy was such a gift. I was having severe hip pain and from just a few simple stretches she gave me, felt complete relief. Our birth of our son was so different from our first. We birthed at a birth center to follow my favorite midwife from my daughter's birth. The length wasn't a massive shift, but my state of mind was. Having Emily with my from start to finish, tending to my contractions, quietly suggesting a shift in movement to give relief or to progress the labor, was unparalleled. I had the birth of my dreams. 


In both my labors with Emily, I felt comforted, safe guarded and challenged by her presence. One of my births was straining, hard and felt complicated and the other peaceful, assured and had a natural ease to it. In both I appreciated her comfort and guidance as she assisted me to the best of her abilities. 


My husband and I would both insist on Emily always being our doula here foreward!

Evangeline Hooie


Emily is a gift from God during your birth experience!! She is an amazing doula, her vast experience and knowledge put you at ease and you wont want to have a baby without her there the next time you give birth. Our family loves Emily and she meant the world to us as we had our daughter London!

Panini Mom


 Emily was our Doula for our second child. We planned to do a homebirth and VBAC. Ultimately the birth of our healthy baby boy resulted in a cesarean. The decision was made, and I was devastated, but Emily was our biggest support. She stayed with me until the C-section and after… For hours on end at the hospital. Honestly, if it weren’t for Emily and her vast knowledge  and experience in childbirth,  I’m not sure I would’ve taken the doctors advice. Her advice was hard to take in at first, but she was so calm and so confident, that I knew we were making the right decision to have a C-section. I’ll always be grateful for Emily; she taught me a lot (and CONTINUES) about myself as a mother, wife and friend.  I wouldn’t recommend anybody else! 

Kelly Louis


Emily has an amazing sense of calmness about her.  Just her presence alone would help me relax, but she would never stop there.  She would do whatever it is you needed her to do in that moment; she is truly dedicated to helping each mama experience the most peaceful birth possible.

Prior to my son's birth, each time we would meet with her, she would just gently rub my belly, almost as if she, too, were connecting with my son.  She trained me in Hypnobirthing, where you train your body to respond to cues (affimations, music, colors) that help your body automatically relax.  To be completely honest, I wasn't sure if Hypnobirthing would work for me, but it truly does work!  You have to believe in yourself.  Emily always had the utmost confidence in me, and her reassurances helped me trust myself and my body more to do the job it was meant to do.

My son's due date came as went, as most due dates do.  At ten days overdue, she gently suggested acupuncture, an ancient Chinese medicine.  She had someone that she worked with that she trusted, and sure enough it was another wonderful experience.  The acupuncturist had an 100% success rate of women giving birth within 24 hours, and that was our case as well.  My body knew just what to do, and all I had to do was put on my Rainbow Relaxation music and relax my body.  Emily came to my house at 1:30 in the morning to check on me, and we went right over to the birthing center, where things sped up quickly.  She worked to get me very comfortable in a warm bath and continuted to pour warm water over me, while pressing cold washclothes on my face and chest.  She encouraged my husband to be right there with me, always making sure that he felt needed and included.  

We had a beautiful water birth at 4:27 that Sunday morning, and I will be forever grateful to Emily for the role she played in our son's birth.  

Stephanie Chatham


When I met first met Emily I was not looking for a doula nor did I really know what a doula was. I was uneducated all around with the birth of my first child and did not have the best experience. I believe meeting her was nothing short of a divine connection because she made it possible for me and my family to experience an amazing and unforgettable birth the second time around. From our first meeting I felt encouraged and supported. Not once did I feel judged for the lack of knowledge I had or for me wanting to keep my options open regarding use of pain meds or epidural. I used to think (and OB’s will tell you) people only need a doula if you want a completely natural labor and that is just NOT the case! I opted for the epidural after laboring, with Emily’s help, to 9cm and her support did not stop there. She was there for anything I needed, helped reposition me and even shared her knowledge with the nurses and OB for signs to look for when it’s best for me to start pushing. Not only did I feel supported, but both my mom and husband did as well. Emily went out of her way to involve my husband in pain reliving massage and calming techniques so that he was able to be a part of the labor experience. He loves to tell his friends how skeptical he was at first but now he couldn’t imagine not having Emily by our side. Every mom loves to give expecting moms advice, and the first advice I always give is to hire Emily as your doula! It is the best decision we made for our family and our baby. 

Jamie Sullivan


EMILY is the best! She’s the real deal! We hired her for the delivery of our third baby. Baby #2 was a super quick-perfect home birth so I thought baby#3 would be similar BUT little did I know she would come earthside via emergency csection! She kept me (and my husband) calm and positive. Never left our sides. Even stayed with me so I wasn't alone as the drugs wore off while my husband stayed with our newborn. She is family now. Always makes my other kids feel included and special. She has such angelic presence and energy. It’s hard to explain. Just meet her and you will know!! She is extremely knowledgeable in all areas baby-labor, birth and postpartum fitness!! We trust her...completely. which is so important when you are bringing new life into this world. I texted her with concerns From my csection. She immediately FaceTimed me to give me her professional opinion and referred me to someone who could help me since she was in a different state. She cares about her Mommas and babies. Hands down, she’s the best!! 

Angela Schneck


I highly recommend Emily as a doula!  I was a military spouse far from home, due with my first child, and she was so warm and caring.  Her vast knowledge was apparent and made me feel like I was in the best care possible, no matter what happened during labor.  I was set on having a natural birth, and although she fully supported that (or any birth plan you may have) she was also truthful and reminded me that i must be ready with a plan b  as you never know what will happen during labor.  Emily checked in throughout my pregnancy and then when my water broke, she helped me labor at home, providing helpful tips for my husband to help ease my pain, talking me through the breathing exercises during contractions, etc.  When I was ready to go to the hospital, she again was very supportive.  At no time did she take control, only answered oro questions directed at her, explained things we didn't quite understand, always allowing us to make the choices.  After the birth of my daughter, she slipped out and allowed us to enjoy our family, but checked in again a few times, along with making a house visit once family had left.  My husband was not on board originally, but once labor started, he was more than glad to have Emily there and have her provide him with ways to be involved.  I was disappointed, to say the least, that when we were expecting my son, we were states away and did not get the job of having Emily assist us with that pregnancy.  We would have loved to have her as our doula again!  Can't say enough about what a wonderful choice Emily is as your doula and how fortunate you would be to have her there.  Xo

Elizabeth Kerns


Having Emily by my side gave me confidence, stregnth and empowered me to birth naturally. I can attest to her wealth of knowledge and experience. She is also very genuine and easy to connect with. When I first met Emily it was like we were old friends.  4 years later and we still keep in touch.  When I reflect on my birth experience it was not only joyous but comfortable and manageable. I want to be a part of the collective voice that changes the way that we view and experience birth. Emily "walks the walk", so to speak, with regard to advocacy, education and transforming the birth experience for women and their families.  I admire her for that. 

Cara Piper


Having Emily during my pregnancy and birth of my son was a priceless experience.  Her presence made me calm, confident, and actually excited to give birth!  She is so knowledgeable and respects each individual mom and her wishes.  Having the support of someone like Emily is essential during pregnancy and birth (and the postpartum period).  I could always rely on her to answer my questions and guide me through the process. It was such a magical experience and that is due, in large part, to Emily.  

Romina Sines


Emily was my doula for my second birth, which was a homebirth. I’m so glad for her because she was so hands on. Midwives and doctors tend to have a more hands off approach to emotional encouragement, or offer very little,  so having Emily for not only emotional, but physical support helped my second labor progress quickly. She also helped during the post-partum period with guidance on pelvic floor exercises and checking for distasis recti. I highly recommend her!! Wish I had her for my first birth. 

Katheryn Arnold


When I was scheduled to be induced, my original doula was at another birth and unable to make it. She said Emily was her backup and I knew I was in good hands. I had taken Emily’s birth ball basics class, and knew that her expertise, along with my husband, could help me achieve the unmedicated birth I wanted. My first baby was a very long induction, and I was worried about that happening again. When Emily arrived she was so attentive and helped me dig deep. I will never forget her telling me to tell myself that I “AM” doing this, not I “can” do this. Because I was! She has such a calm energy, I had no idea the midwife wasn’t in the room when my baby was crowning (I was in hands and knees in my own world). Emily’s passion and knowledge go beyond just childbirth. I also took her postpartum recovery class and will carry the things I learned with me for the rest of my life.

America Croft-Ullah


What an absolute blessing it was to have Emily as our doula. Not only was she there to support us during the birth of our daughter, but she also provided support in the weeks leading up to delivery. She answered questions, shared wisdom, and helped me to know that she had my back! During the actual delivery, she supported us in ways that we could not have done without! She was not only encouraging and kind, but she provided real, tangible support by having hospital staff ready to help me as we arrived with little time to spare! She helped to greet our new little one and excitedly celebrated her perfection along with us. I am forever grateful for her mothering heart and peaceful demeanor. She was the perfect addition to our birth story! 



After having a traumatic birth with my first, I wanted to set myself up for success and find the most experienced and knowledgeable doula I could for my second birth. I compiled a long list of local doulas and quickly narrowed it down to Emily. I tend to be an overthinker and indecisive but this was the easiest decision I ever made! We chose Emily because of her resume and expertise but after meeting her we had the best feeling. She instantly makes you feel comfortable and like you've known her for years. She's completely reliable and I always received a text or phone call back right away. When I told people who my doula was, including my midwives, I heard back multiple times "You got the best". I couldn't agree more! My second came unexpectedly quickly and I almost had him in the car. And let me tell you from experience, Emily can stay calm in even the most stressful situations! I was able to relax and have the birth that I wanted because I knew she was by my side to help. I highly recommend Emily as your doula!

Kristin Lack Wolke


I had taken Emily's hypnobirthing, birth ball & post partum fitness class for my son & daughter.  My first, I had naturally but experienced a pelvic separation.  I waited years to have my second & after rehab, switching OBGYNs & hospitals, I felt ready.  Going into my second birth I knew it was important to have a birth team that understood my previous birth issue and how to mitigate it from happening in the future.  I was placed in the hospital early after popping high blood pressure multiple times and was able to have my water broken/induced without medicine.  My doula I hired was part of a doula group with Emily and Emily happen to be her back up.  My doula had another client put into the hosptial at the same time so Emily was called in to tag team with my doula to ensure both of us mamas had the support we needed.  This team was unbelievable as they briefed each other on what was going on/needed.

Emily is an unbelievable doula ensuring 1. the induction could be tried naturally pending any spikes in blood pressure 2. The monitors were set up (and stayed on me) & not giving the nurses incorrect data 3. My birth ball was set up safely & helped me to try different movements to move things along/provide comfort. 4. I was hydrated, had my honey sticks  5. Minimized my back labor with the double hip squeeze (best thing EVER) & pressure/massage on my sacrum.  Without this, I would have had a hard time with my natural birth since I had the aid of a tub with my first.  She also got my hubby involved which is a huge deal since he is very quesy and did not get involved with the first birth. 6. I labored on all fours and delivered side lying/legs not spread wide to help not repeat my first birth injury.

I would highly recommend Emily as your doula as she is caring, knowlegable, calming and a wonderful person who will support you in the birth you would like.


Angela Caneva-Muller


Emily was very attentive to my needs and was a fabulous coach for both me and my husband. I was in prodromal labor and she stayed for a day and a half with me. Also, the community that she has created on Facebook with other moms she has worked with is very comforting and helpful! Emily also teams with other amazing doulas that she hand picks if she’s unavailable or needs to sleep! I highly recommend Emily to everyone.

Molly Tidwell


Emily was with me for both of my births—the first was an unexpected cesaerean and the second was an unmedicated VBAC. In both cases, Emily was invaluable! Her presence brought such calm during the stress of preeclampsia with my first (she was also the one who identified the symptoms and sent me to the hospital before it advanced farther). She was there during the c-section, helped my husband know what to expect, and took some priceless photos in the moments after his birth! My second birth (a VBAC) was the calm, natural birth I’d wanted the first time around. Emily’s support and coaching (alongside my husband) was pure gold and I have said a thousand times I couldn’t have gone unmedicated without her reassurance and support throughout labor and delivery. Emily‘s support does not begin or end with L&D. She helps you prepare for birth, supports you afterwards with breastfeeding, sleep questions, postpartum recovery, etc. and becomes a dear friend along the way. Her experience, midwifery training, and emphasis on evidence-based practice make her an incredible doula (the best there is, in my opinion!). I can’t recommend her enough!! 

Sarah Gledhill


My husband and I cannot say enough positive things about having Emily as our doula. Honestly we could have birthed with just her and would have felt 100% confident that we were in competent hands. She is so knowledgeable and hands on. The hospital staff all respect her too which you know is a good sign. Our only regret was we didn’t seek out Emily for our first born. She helps empower you to trust your body and let your body birth your baby the way it needs to. If you choose Emily to be part of your birth team, you will not regret it! 

Morgan Mattson


I can't imagine going through the labor experience without Emily by my side. Throughout my pregnancy, Emily was always available to answer questions about labor, preparation, my body, and babies in general. She recommended a wonderful birthing class to me, and checked in regularly to see how things were going. When I found out my baby was breech at 35 weeks, Emily informed me about some exercises I could do to turn my baby, and recommended a great chiropractor in the area who was essential in getting my baby to flip before labor. When I went into labor, Emily came over to my house and helped my husband and I understand the progression of events. She talked us through what was happening and suggested different positions to help move the process along. She taught my husband different massage techniques to relieve some of the pressure I was feeling during surges. It turns out that my baby was OP (sunny-side up), so I was experiencing most of my discomfort in my back, which I did not know how to handle. I seriously doubted if I would be able to achieve the unmedicated birth I desired. Each time I expressed my doubt, Emily continued to tell me that I could do it and I was doing it. Once we got to the hospital, Emily worked in step with the nurses and doctor to continue to move my labor along. I truly appreciated the great relationships she had established with the hospital staff. It was clear that she was well-respected by everyone in the room and they welcomed her involvement in the labor process. She kept me moving throughout labor, trying many different positions, and getting my baby to move down little by little. In the end, I was able to deliver my 9 pound, OP baby in six hours without medication-something I truly don't think I could have done without Emily's constant encouragement and expertise. 

Amanda Dunagan


Emily was such a blessing to me and my husband as we prepared for and welcomed our first child!  She is extrememly knowledgeable in pregnancy, birth, breastfeeding and postpartum and I honestly don't know how I would have survived without her.  She was with me every step of the way and advocated for my wishes in a firm but loveable manner.  All of my doctors and nurses knew and respected Emily. She was involved the enitre time.  Her presence alone was of inexplainable value but add to that her skills and talents during birth-I have no words.  Postpartum, I participated in Emily's PPR recovery class and again, she got be back to my old self in a healthy, fun, and encouraging way. I can't say enough about Emily.  She will always hold a special place in my heart for all she did for me as I made lifes biggest trasition-motherhood!

Jaimie Shires


Having Emily as our doula was amazing! We met her by taking her hypnobirthing class & my husband quickly pointed out that the couples in the class having their second child all had her lined up as their doula.  We decided they must know something we didn't. Emily's presence gave me confidence in myself & in how to communicate with the medical staff at the hospital. She helped us navigate finding an ob that fit the type on birth we were hoping for, helped us create a birth plan to communicate our wants & then brought comfort & peace during labor. I labored at home until I was 5 centimeters & baby flipped sunny up. He gave me immense back labor. If it weren't for Emily's double hip squeeze I'm not sure how I would have been able to have a vaginal birth. Then when it came to pushing him out her calm & direct instruction & encouragement made it seem really easy to birth my little boy. Emily was the mother I didn't have & felt like a lifelong friend. She has such a gentle & easy presence that put me at ease even through the toughest parts. I fully recommend her as your doula! 

Nichole Causey


Emily was our doula for both of our kids. Her calm energy and vast knowledge of both birthing and after birth is why we chose her the first go around! To our surprise, when our Doctor started to stray from our birth plan she spoke up at the most perfect time, asking me what it was that I prefered and if we could try for a few more minutes. At that time I was tired and barely listening to my doctor so THIS is why it’s important to have someone in your corner! I didn’t even realize what he said as I was in my own land! ;) She gave me strength and energy in that moment to finish naturally pushing our first out. The second babe came quiicky but we honestly didn’t feel nervous because Emily was with us again, calm as can be and gently guiding me through the stages of labor. Having Emily as a doula is not only comforting but also reassuring because she has such a vast knowledge of evidence based research and her resources are plentiful! 

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