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Emilie Young

Portland, OR Service range 100 miles Willing to travel


Birth Fee

$1500 to $2000

Postpartum Rate

$35 to $50

Birth Fee

$1500 to $2000

Postpartum Rate

$35 to $50

Medicaid and Third Party Insurers

Currently approved to receive payments from the following programs:

Birth Doula Experience

5 years and 20 births attended

Postpartum Doula Experience

5 years and 15 families served

Doula Training

  • DONA International-Approved Workshop, July 2018

Type of practice: Independent contractor with a doula agency

Clients per month: 1 to 2 births and 1 to 2 postpartum families

Postpartum limits/restrictions: None

Attends hospital births? All Hospitals

Attends birth center births? All Birth Centers

Attends home births? Any Home Birth

College Education


Special Services Offered

  • Childbirth education services
  • LGBTQIA+ Support
  • Newborn care and parenting classes
  • Newborn care specialist
  • Sibling support (for your older children at the birth)

Training Documentation


Languages Spoken

  • English

Fee Details

Certified Traditional Health Care Worker- Birth Doula Providing judgement free, inclusive, and compassionate birth and postpartum doula services for those in need of support. Specializing in neurospicy families, post-partum mood disorders, trauma informed birth planning, holistic & personalized postpartum care, sibling doula, and twins. OHP accepted

Service Area

Portland, OR Service range 100 miles Willing to travel

Client Testimonials for Emilie Young

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McKenzie Anderson


I knew in our first prenatal meeting that Emilie would be our doula. She was there for both our children’s birth. Our first nearly resulted in an emergency c-section. Our son was positioned posterior and the contractions were not productive for a long time. I had labored for about three days and Emilie was there, by our side through it all. I believe that Emilie's persistence, support and attentiveness was what pulled us through to have a vaginal delivery. Emilie kept me going through the exhaustion and continued to build me up nonstop. She kept my partner involved and confident that everything would be okay. Once baby boy was earthside I knew Emilie would be in our lives forever. And most certainly our one and only doula. Our daughter came much faster and was delivered vaginally without any medication or intervention. Emilie made this gorgeous physical copy birth plan with everything we wanted on it. She was there to provide those little things, keep me comfortable, was our voice of power and advocacy to make sure our birth plan was executed to the best it possibly could. We were all very relaxed and when the contractions started to peak, Emilie reminded me how capable I was and that I had been through this before. We couldn’t ask for a better doula and friend.



Emilie was with us a few nights a week for 3 months after my second son was born. While hiring a night doula was an investment, it was the best decision our family made for the postpartum period. I had been dreading the fourth trimester after a difficult time with my first baby. Emilie made the experience completely different and way better. Having sleep throughout the week allowed me to really enjoy my time with my new baby (and also with my toddler!). My husband and I were able to relax knowing our baby was well cared for. In the morning we were rested, our baby was fed and happy and our house was tidy! It was such a gift and I would do it again in a heartbeat.



Emilie was referred to us for her sibling doula services from a local midwife and I couldn't have been happier with her support! I didn't even know sibling doulas were a thing! We had a 19 month old at the time of our homebirth and with no family support in the area we needed someone to take care of our toddler during the labor and delivery. Emilie came over a few weeks before the birth to meet our toddler and us, and learn about her routine, the house layout, etc. I called her when I went into labor and she showed up with a gift bag of activities and a stuffed animal for our daughter (such a sweet touch!) She had a very calm and kind presence and our daughter just loved her! She stayed with us until baby was born and we were settled and comfortable enough to take on our 2 babies under 2! The stuffed animal she got for our toddler is still one of her favorites. She carries it around daily! Thank you Emilie for taking care of our family during such a delicate time!

Andi D


Emilie was beyond all expectations and became the bedrock of our family immediately. We had our twins very early, after a lengthy NICU stay, they arrived home medically fragile and with challenges. As mom, I also had a dangerous delivery, and came home with limitations myself. Emilie came into our lives with our twins at a time we needed someone we could trust, rely on, nurture us all, and help us get thru a very difficult period. She took such good care of each of us in a way I can't even describe, I'm so deeply thankful for her to this day. She cared for our babies like they were her own, tailoring her approach to their individual needs, she got through difficult nights with such grace and fortitude. I truly wish I could have Emilie in my life in all ways. I cannot recommend Emilie enough to take care of the little people most precious to you.

Bailey Griscom


We had the pleasure of working with Emilie as a postpartum doula and she is an absolute angel. So great with our baby, and so supportive to me when I was having a really hard time with lack of sleep and PPD. Emilie is a wonderful listener, and there if you need to talk, or she will also just melt into the background to take care of your newborn and laundry. She would show up and everything would feel better and easier. I recommended her to 2 of my friends who worked with her and loved her as well. If you are considering hiring Emilie - do not hesitate! 

Dana Gantz


Emilie is fantastic!  I was nervous to give birth, but she made me feel capable and confident.  She provided a wealth of information that helped me understand what to expect, think through my preferences and limits, and process my fears. Her enthusiastic and positive demeanor allowed me to relax and focus on my body and my baby. And when my birth didn’t go at all as planned, I felt prepared for this possibility and thankful to have her there for advice and to support my decisions.  After the birth, she continually checked in on us, and though I didn’t know what help to ask for, just knowing she cared and wanted to make sure we’re doing well meant so much!

Zoe Sullivan


Emilie was essential to my birth. 

Labor is hard and It was one of the biggest workouts of my life. My husband was my mental support and Emilie was my labor foundation. She kept me hydrated, not waiting for me to ask for water but offering me water with a straw every so often. She tracked down my protein shake and even managed to find me some fruit to snack on when we had forgotten our own snacks. She never left my side without first making sure that someone else was there to take care of me.

There was a lot of time when my husband and I were laboring together and working hard. There wasn’t anything for her to do at those times, but she sat there with us actively waiting for when she was needed. I have never felt that kind of unconditional support in my life.

I ended up having a non-emergent hospital transport after my delivery. I had a third-degree vaginal tear. When it came time to be transported to the hospital Emilie offered to come with me and there was some pushback from others on my care team saying that she didn’t need to come. But Emilie had already asked me what my preference was before transport began and she knew that I wanted her with me. She was polite but firm that she was going to come, if she wasn’t able to come in the transport with me then she was going to meet us at the hospital. I was in no shape to have that conversation and she took the reins advocating for me. 

At the hospital, again she stayed by my side. She was able to text my husband exactly what was going on. I was not in good shape and didn’t feel up to operating a phone. She reminded my hospital care team about my desire for minimal medication and once again was right there with the water keeping me hydrated. Before she left, she asked me how I felt about her leaving and made sure that I was taken care of before she left.

I look forward to having Emilie with us for the birth of our next child!

McKenzie Anderson


I was Emilie's first birth mama. It was my first time giving birth. She owned the doula title with gentle, yet assertive guidence. Her ability to assess my needs as I was internally processing my labor was astounding. It was a festival birth of 3-4 days of labor and 3 1/2 hrs of pushing and she was there by my side every step. She led my team and advocated for me with grace and diligence, all the while being mindful of my ideals. I am eternally grateful for her unwavoring support throughout. I and my partner would not have been as confident through the journey without her. Even when she wasn't physically holding my hand or hugging me, her energy was a foundation for me, my partner and team. I love her sense of humor, her vibrant style and bright personality. I love her as a person and friend. I would love for her to be my doula again. 

Angela Hodge


I had the pleasure of working as co-doula with Emilie. I highly recommend her as either a birth or postpartum doula. She is both light-hearted and wise. She brings such a warmth to her work! Emilie shared excellent resources in the prenatal appointments and helped the client make an easy-to-read birth plan, which all the nurses loved!

During the birth, Emilie provided continuous encouragement. She suggested different positions and provided gentle comfort measures. She is very knowledgeable and explained the hospital processes in a clear way. She did a wonderful job validating the client's emotions at all times. I am so glad I had the opportunity to work with her! Any family who gets to work with her is a lucky family!

Buthaina Zaid


Emilie came into my life when I was very depressed and in need of any kind of support.

Having had to deliver my first baby alone in the US, and away from my husband and family, through a c-section too, I had to go through a lot on my own which drained me physically and emotionally. I was in pain and depressed the whole time, and cried everyday.

Emilie's presence in my life changed everything. I didn't know well what a doula can do to help, but what I know now is Emilie just made it all better for me..

Emilie's warmth, beautiful soul, genuine love and care were more than I could ever ask for.
She's amazing with babies! Her genuine love towards babies is simply mesmerizing and my baby loved her a lot..

Having Emilie there to talk to, hold my baby while I nap, shower, or do anything in the house made a lot of difference..
she was so helpful and would do anything to help..
I started feeling better from her first visit and it kept getting even better until I traveled back to my country.

Emilie was there till the last second helping me pack and making me feel ready to travel alone..

I would forever appreciate her role in my postpartum period, and would want her to be my doula next time I get pregnant.
She's a person whose presence, soul, support can make all the difference any person, especially a mother, can ever need..


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