Sarah Osborne, CD(DONA) Photo

Sarah Osborne, CD(DONA)

Birth Doula & Birth Photographer

Tacoma, WA Service range 25 miles

(206) 719-6965

Birth Fee

$1450 to $1600

Birth Fee

$1450 to $1600

Birth Doula Certifications

  • DONA International - Certified Birth Doula

Birth Doula Experience

11 years and 478 births attended

Doula Training

  • DONA International, September 2008

Type of practice: Solo practice

Clients per month: 1 to 3

Attends hospital births? All Hospitals

Attends birth center births? All Birth Centers

Attends home births? Any Home Birth

Special Services Offered

  • American Red Cross First Aid and CPR
  • Bereavement doula (pregnancy & infant loss)
  • Cancer patients and survivors
  • Military families support
  • Pregnancy, birth and/or newborn photography
  • Reduced rates for women considering adoption
  • Sibling support (for your older children at the birth)
  • Surrogates and intended parents
  • TENS units rental
  • Virtual and remote doula support

Relevant volunteer or advocacy work

I was an ICAN chapter leader for many years and also served on the REACHE board. I have a passion for helping moms achieve VBACs. I also very much enjoy working with high risk pregnancies and clients with high anxiety. I am the lead doula at the Midwifery Birth Center at St. Joseph. I am happy to work with all birth locations and different types of birth plans. My job is to serve you and help you achieve the birth that is best for YOU.

Languages Spoken

  • English

Fee Details

I would love to meet with you to chat about your upcoming birth, go over my doula services and packet of information, answer your questions, etc. During this visit we can see if we are a good fit for each other. Birth doula services are $1600 {I offer $150 discount for active military clients and $400 discount for repeat clients} Happy Birthing!

Tacoma, WA Service range 25 miles

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Client Testimonials for Sarah Osborne, CD(DONA)

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Vicky I


Sarah is a hands-down amazing doula and birth photographer! We hired her for the birth of our second baby. She is incredibly knowledgeable, kind, professional, and super supportive. The pre- and post- baby visits were very informative. She gave us a folder with so much useful information in preparation for the birth and beyond. Sarah made the labor and delivery such a positive and enriching experience for us. She has a cool, calm, and collected personality and demeanor which was just what we needed. She was very realistic in preparing us for different outcomes all while supporting us get our desired natural birth. Sarah approaches her clients in a very non-judgmental way that builds trust for such a very intimate, vulnerable, and empowering event. She fully engaged the much needed coping strategies during labor such as, breathing through contractions, the cooling cloths (this was magic for me!), and labor positions. Sarah also beautifully captured the special moments in quality photos that she conveniently shared with us not long after the birth. Her timeliness enabled us to share the awesome photos with our family and friends, while the experience was still fresh. She was easy to get a hold of and responded to texts and messages in a timely manner. We highly recommend Sarah as a great doula and birth photographer. I could go on and on (as you can see) but let me stop right here. Get in touch with Sarah and you will see for yourself (yourselves).

Brittany Brown


We knew Sarah was the perfect fit for our birth the day we met her. She was everything we were looking for- informed, professional, kind, flexible and non-judgmental. I was in the stage where I had read so much information, my head was spinning trying to make 'decisions' on how I wanted to plan my birth. Sarah helped me realize that anything can happen, and as long as I feel empowered by my decisions as situations came my way, it would all be okay. She brought a sense of peace to the unknown, and I felt like I had someone on my side every step of the way. When I went into labor, she brought such an amazing energy to the room. She helped my husband be the most supportive he could be, and watched over every medical decision and made sure I understood what was going on. Throughout the entire process, I was never afraid (in what some would think were some scary moments) and was able to enjoy every moment knowing that she was by my side helping me through things as they came. Sarah really treats her clients like family, from the in home meet ups, to the support postpartum, I felt as though it was such a privilege to have her. From a medical standpoint, Sarah was more knowledgeable than most nurses when it came to suggesting plans of action to prevent further interventions. I really believe I was able to achieve a vaginal birth because of her suggestions, and I felt she really was doing everything she could to keep me and my child safe while sticking to my birth plan as much as possible given each situation. Having a 3 day birth was not easy, but Sarah stood by us throughout the whole thing. She was like a guardian angel and I will forever look back at my birth as a positive, empowering and happy moment in my life and she played a huge role in that.

Ana Maria Garnier


Sarah is the greatest doula our family could have ever asked for. She helped us navigate the scary world of birth after several miscarriages and years of infertility. We will forever be grateful for her knowledge, experience, and beautiful photographs she captured of our daughter’s first moments. She has become a friend and I suspect that will be true for many years to come.  



Having Sarah as our doula was a wonderful experience. When choosing to have a medication free birth for our first child, we new having a doula would be a great help. She was a comforting and calm presence while letting my husband be my primary birth coach. She was great at guiding me through the contractions and helping me know how to push correctly. We ended up having an unexpected C-section, which was very scary and overwhelming. But she was there to help us get through it. And the added bonus of her taking pictures of it all was Amazing!! I highly recommend her services to anyone considering a doula. 

Julie Fullington


Sarah did a wonderful job writing my birth story. She took careful notes the whole time, and gave me a written copy after my birth. It's so nice to have our story written down for us to look back and remember the details. 

. She also did an amazing job taking pictures after our baby was born.



My fiancé and I were so pleased with Sarah being a part of the birth of our daughter. We loved the fact that we could get Doula assistance, photographs and placenta encapsulation all from the same person! She was so helpful before the birth with making sure we had a checklist of things to bring to the hospital, and offering guidelines to help with our birth preferences, which were wonderful tools to have as first time parents. When it came to the actual birth, one of the only things I clearly remember are her supportive words and calming voice. She was so kind afterwards too, checking in and coming by to make sure we were adjusting to parenthood well. We couldn’t have been happier with our Doula choice, and if/when another baby comes, we would definitely want Sarah there with us again! 



Hiring Sarah to be my doula was the best decision I made regarding my second delivery. I had twins first with a C-section and I really wanted to try an unmedicated VBAC the second time around. She not only helped me during my pregnancy but was so amazing to have in the delivery room. She was calm and knew what I needed next. She helped wherever she could and definitely brought a sense of peace to the commotion. My husband also loved having her there. I successfully accomplished my VBAC goal and I couldn't have done it without her helping me along the way. I am grateful that I will be able to have her alongside us again as we deliver our fourth child this fall. Thank you Sarah for being there for one of the biggest moments of my life!

Jennifer A


Sarah was a Gosend for my birth. My partner was deployed at the time and Sarah provided me the support, calm and decoding of medical talk during the birth. I was induced and my daughter's heart rate kept dropping for each contraction and after 24 hours of labor, they decided I needed a c-section. Sarah walked me through everything and held my hand during the scary parts. She was the calm face for me when my partner couldn't be there. She also audio recorded my daughter's first cry after birth and video recorded her first moments so my partner could be a part of it half way across the world. THANK YOU, Sarah, for making the best day of my life even better. 



Having Sarah as a Doula for my husband and I was amazing for the support, guidance, and knowledge she brought to us. Before I had my daughter, she provided a ton of knowledge and information about the birthing process that I was ignorant on and helped walk through all my options. During labor, She helped me through a very fast labor, without an epidural, and supported me through the entire process. Having her throughout my labor helped me feel encouraged, lessened my fears and empowered me to trust my body. She also supported my husband who was unsure of what to do. Afterwards, Sarah captured beautiful pictures of me giving birth, first shots of our daughter, and us as a family. They were priceless to have. I was so thankful to have her. I cannot image giving birth without Sarah!



Oh my goodness, where to start? My husband and I feel like we couldn’t have done it without Sarah! She was such a source of strength and knowledge. We couldn’t have asked for a better person at our side through one of the most momentous and special times in our life! I highly recommend Sarah, she’s sweet, caring, knowledgeable and trustworthy!

Mandy Johnson


Sarah was an amazing doula for my surrogate baby in 2017! Having a surrogate baby can be hard but Sarah made sure I was her first priority. I highly suggest Sarah as your birth doula! 

Tiffany Salvador


Sarah is an expert in anything birth related, as well as post-partum needs. I appreciated her time discussing my needs and wants related to birth, her giant binder of information, her calming presence during the birth of my daughter, and the photographs she took during the birth and afterwards. The photos were great and it showed that Sarah paid attention to all the little details. I also used Sarah’s placenta encapsulation service. Sarah is knowledgeable on the topic and provided a quick, safe turn-around time. She also surprised me with a beautiful heart from my umbilical cord!

Nicole Gilmore


My husband and I were so happy to have Sarah as our doula for the birth of our daughter in July 2017. She is knowledgeable, kind, supportive, and has a warm personality. As first time parents, we knew that she would play such an important role during labor and delivery.  Sarah provided us with a binder full of information, answered all our questions, and always responded to texts quickly. My birth experience was incredible and I am thankful to have had Sarah's support and encouragement. Sarah is the best! I would definittely recommend her and would work with her again!

Heather Jeng


I highly recommend Sarah Osborne's doula services. She impressed us with her organization and thoroughness while getting to know us and discussing our hopes for the birth during pre-birth appointments. She brought up considerations and options we wouldn't have thought of otherwise, such as use of a TENS unit during labor.

Our birth unfortunately went far differently than we had hoped. When I got diagnosed with pre-eclampsia at 40 weeks and had to transfer to a hospital, Sarah immediately headed over. The hospital would not let her join us in triage (which I will never forgive them for). She was, however, able to join my husband as I was getting a spinal in the OR, and keep him company and provide info on how a c-section usually goes. She was present in the OR during the section and took photographs (we had requested this service during planning with her). Birth photos were the last thing on my mind in the moment, but in hindsight, I am so grateful to have beautiful photos of our little girl arriving and cuddling with my husband and me for the first time! She also took some really lovely photos once we were transferred to the Mother/Baby unit. 

Even though it was the middle of the night, she spent a good amount of time with us, supporting me gently as I dealt with significant anxiety and upset. When I contacted her months later to request her notes for use during therapy, she responded promptly and with great kindness, and provided her records of that night. 

I'm sure Sarah is excellent during a joyful birth process where things go more or less as you'd hoped. I think it's even more important to feel like you've got someone in your corner when things don't go as planned. Hope for the best; prepare for the worst. Either way--hire Sarah! ;-)   


Emily Gerhard


Sarah took me on as a client on short notice and was great at communicating all through my experience. She was informative and calm and went out of her way to answer questions and make me feel as prepared and confident as possible. During the labor she was supportive to both me and my husband. What makes me eternally grateful though iare the photos she captured of our first time as parents. They are wonderful and such a treasure. 

Sarah Alexander


I delivered my firstborn, a healthy baby girl on November 17th, 2017. It was one of the most beautiful and memorable days of my life. When my husband and I first found out we were expecting, we immediately got in touch with our friend, Sarah. We've known Sarah for about 4 years now through our church, and I've also had the privilege of shawlding her on a few client meetings and a beautiful birth. When we consulted Sarah to be our doula, we knew from the start what we were getting; a knowledgeable and experienced professional with a calm, nurturing presence. Sarah took the time to come to our home for our first meeting and left us with a detailed binder of information that helped us prepare for our new adventure. She was available anytime I had a question or concern, and was an advocate for me when I found out it wouldn't be possible to have the birth plan I had originally envisioned. During my C-Section, Sarah arranged to accompany my husband in the delivery room and captured the amazing arrival of our daughter. Her photos will forever be some of my deepest treasures. Sarah stayed with us after the birth, made sure I was comfortable and assisted with the transition to breastfeeding. We agreed on encapulization, and Sarah again came to our home after we'd left the hospital and supplied us with the vitamins, beautiful photos, imprint of the placenta and some other post-partumn goodies. I can truly say that Sarah enriched our experience and strongly reccommend her guidance and services for anyone expecting! My husband and I look forward to working with her again in the near future!

Kathleen Hart


Sarah was suggested to me by a trusted friend when I became pregnant and I am so glad that I used her services! Throughout the time leading up to my delivery, Sarah was a trusted source of information (all soon-to-be-moms know that all the advice you get can be overwhelming), so it was great to be able to ask Sarah or cosult the binder of information that she loans you. But where Sarah's services were most valuable was (not suprisingly) delivery day. Sarah is amazing at what she does. She provided support and was there when I needed her throughout the entire delivery. She has a calm competence that I really admire. Both my partner and I are so grateful and thanful that she was our doula. I would highly, highly recommend her to anyone looking for a doula. 

Julianna Johnson


Sarah was great, I ended up having a csection at 32 weeks, and I am so glad Sarah was there, she not only was very comforting at such a scary time, but she had so many tricks to help out. When my daughter was born they passed her right through to the NICU, my husband went with the baby and Sarah stayed w me and im glad she did because it took 45 min after she was born before I was out of surgery, she was really comforting. Even though I didn't go through labor, I'm glad we got a doula. And she's been so helpful after she was born too! 10/10 would recommend 

Sarah Lenihan


I decided to use baby blessings doula care when I was 20 weeks pregnant. I knew that not only did I want an "unmedicated birth", but I wanted a support system outside of my family. Sarah met with my husband and I multiple times over coffee and lunch and talked about what to expect, answered all my embarrassing and weird questions and provided me with a binder FULL of any information I could possibly think of. Sarah became a friend of ours through this process. Like most things in life, my labor did not go as expected or planned. My OBGYN decided is was best for me to be induced due to high blood pressure (pre eclampcia) at 40w 3d. We went in on a Wednesday afternoon at which point I decided to wait to have Sarah join until we got labor going. After cervidil, a Foley bulb, pitocin, rupturing my bag of waters, and eventually getting an epidural all in attempt to meet my little girl, I was so far from my birth plan and a "natual birth" I felt embarrassed at this point, like I had failed. Sarah assured me that getting an epidural didn't make me weak or any less of a woman and made me feel empowered. Once we FINALLY got labour going, Sarah helped be my voice and gave me multiple tools to work through contractions. She helped me to make educated choices. 
My beautiful daughter was born happy and healthy on Friday, September 25th. Sarah stayed with me and got beautiful photos that I will cherish forever. Sarah met with me 4 days post partum, delivered my placenta capsules, my photos, a bag of goodies, and snuggled my daughter while discussing how breastfeeding was going and how I was healing.

I CANNOT RECOMMEND PLACENTA CAPSULATION ENOUGH!!!!! It really helped to balance out my hormones. I also noticed it helped my milk supply greatly. I took my pills the full 6 weeks and wish I had more, cause I'd still be taking them!!

My husband and I are now expecting our 2nd child and will be using Sarah again!

We love you Sarah!!!

Morgann Burres


My husband and I had our first child a few months back. We hired Sarah as our doula for her expertise, warm personality and her experience. I myself am trained as a doula and my husband and I were able to manage much of my labor without support. We stayed in contact with Sarah throughout and she listened so well to what our needs were even though they were different than what we anticipated. We didn't end up needing Sarah to do as much hands-on labor support like we thought, so Sarah offered to come to The Birthing Inn when it was time and document our birth in beautiful pictures. Sarah embodied what it means to be a doula - she supported us, listened to us, let us make decisions, and was willing to do what we needed even if it wasn't part of the original plan. Sarah served us in the BEST way that we could have asked at the time - photographing our baby girl's entrance into the world. Sarah even did follow up visits with me, provided an album of pictures, provided 24-hour texting support as I learned to breastfeed and encouraged us along the way. We are so thankful for Sarah's help. We will absolutely hire her again!

Rosslyn Clark


Sarah was an integral part of my daughter's birth. She helped ease my fears and was very knowledgeable in helping me investigate my options during my pregnancy. I had a lot of anxiety going into labor as I was attempting a VBAC and strongly wanted it to be successful. Even though my daughter's birth did not go as we wanted, Sarah was there for support the whole time. My husband felt confident having Sarah to go to for help and assistance during our 33 hour stay in the delivery room and in the surgery room. She also took beautiful pictures for us during the cesarean section that we will treasure forever. I cannot recommend her more!

Andrea Buggy Brown


Sarah is an amazing doula. She took the time to meet with us multiple times before our due date, so that we felt comfortable with her and she understood our ideal birth plan. During these visits, Sarah answered all of our questions, reassured us and listened to our concerns and hopes. She took ample notes about our ideal birth plan and was respectful of our wishes and opinions. When I went into labor, Sarah was on call while we labored at home and met us at the hospital where she stayed with us until after the birth of our daughter. While in labor, Sarah was a calming presence for my husband and I. She reassured us and answered our many questions. When we needed to make decisions, she presented the pros and cons in a neutral manner. She was positive throughout our long labor and was a good liaison between the nurses and us. She respected my wishes and took tasteful pictures when my daughter was born and wrote a detailed and sweet birth story that I will treasure forever along with the pictures of my new family. Overall, Sarah was everything we could have imagined and I wouldn’t do it again without her. She is the best!

Alayna Ahmad-Benson


After looking at what seemed like an agonising task to find the right doula, my husband and i were thrilled to come across Sarah. After the initial meeting with her, we knew immediately that she would be a perfect doula for our family. This was my first pregnancy and i was nervous about a hundred things including labour. Sarah came to our home and met with us, she reassured all my concerns and kept in touch with me via texts. She would promptly return all my messages and i really felt i could talk to her about anything. During my delivery there were some complications and nothing really went according to my birth plan. However, Sarah was there to advocate our birth plan as much as possible to the midwives in the hospital. My husband felt a great relief with having her there as it enabled him to take a break and also get some rest. He was assured that i was not alone and Sarah would stay with me. During my tough labour, she gave me words of encouragement, massaged my back when i was in dire pain and helped with pain coping techniques. She encouraged different pushing techniques and positions but unfortunately i had to have an epidural, which unfortunately only numbed half by body. Despite being tied to my bed, Sarah encouraged me to get some rest, and never stopped giving me encouraging, positive comments. She also took pictures when our son was born and of the first few moments of his life into this world. Looking back now i don't even remember her taking those pictures. She was not intrusive and we really felt like she was a part of our family. I am so relieved we picked Sarah to be our doula and that she shared with us, something precious and memorable which shall stay with us for the rest of our lives. Thank you so much Sarah. I could not have done it without you!! xx

Melissa Ford


We're so glad that we chose Sarah Osbourne to be our doula. As first time parents, we had no idea what the labor and delivery experience would be like. During our initial meetings with Sarah, she was super informative and helpful. She left us with a binder of really applicable information about all aspects of pregnancy/labor/delivery and post-natal issues.

She balanced warmth, calm and professionalism throughout the entire experience. Sarah seemed to have an impeccable sense of how to be present with us in a helpful way during our labor and delivery. She was available with suggestions and assistance when we needed it (for example offering me ice water or juice when I didn't even realize that I was thirsty!) and then stepped to the side and let us do our thing when that's what we needed to do. She wasn't obtrusive at all and followed our lead. My husband really appreciated that there was someone present (other than the two of us and the medical staff) who could provide us with support/guidance if needed and guide him in how to support me when he wasn't sure what to do. Knowing that Sarah was there helped us both be present and relaxed throughout labor and delivery.

Sarah was at our home within 20 minutes of our 1:30AM phone call that labor was getting intense and she stayed with us for 18 plus hours! Sarah stopped by a few days later to check in on us and provided us with a written story of our birth as well as great photographs documenting the whole experience. I am so happy to have this experience documented for our family in this way.

I was able to have the birth that I had hoped for, unmedicated using hypnobirthing techniques, and I believe that Sarah's presence played a big role in helping me achieve that. We strongly recommend Sarah as a doula for other expecting parents.

Thank you Sarah!


Vanessa Eng


Sarah was my doula for the birth of my first child.  My son was breech so she offered tons of suggestions for ways to turn him around.  When he refused to turn & we learned that I would have to deliver via c-section, her role changed from supporting me during labor to helping me prepare for the c-section & for the birth of my son.  She was very knowledgable, supportive & upbeat, even when I unexpectedly went into labor at 11:30pm a week before my scheduled c-section.  She rushed from her home in Tacoma to my hospital in north Seattle & took great photos, answered my questions & offered suggestions for starting breastfeeding.  I also valued her support & availability after my son was born.  I had some questions & she responded quickly & thoroughly to my emails.  I had a great experience with Sarah & would recommend her to anyone needing an experienced & caring doula.    

Gretchen Jorg


I had a surprisingly quick first labor and Sarah barely made it to the hospital in time.  I was at the hospital less than an hour when my baby was delivered.  I delivered at Northwest Hospital and Sarah lives in Tacoma, so it was a haul for her!  But I knew she was there as I was pushing and felt some nice cool cloths on my neck and forehead.  It was like an angel was soothing me.   I'm sure she would have been wonderful had I had a longer/normal labor.  I really enjoyed her presence and balance of professionalism and sweet demeanor.  The photos that she took alone were worth her fee.  They are absolutely beautiful!  I would absolutely recommend Sarah to anyone who is delivering a baby whether it be at a hospital, birthing center or at home.  She is extremely organized, knowlegeable and comforting.  She must be a GREAT mom!!!



Chelsey Hawes


Our experience with Sarah was great. She a great resource, very supportive and had a relaxed energy, which was a good fit for us. With this being my second labor and delivery, I had few questions and didn't need a hands-on sort of doula and Sarah picked up on this and let me do my own thing while gently guiding me through the process. I would strongly recommend Sarah to anyone looking for a doula.

Carrie Tennison


Sarah did a great job as my doula.  I had a very fast labor, and she arrived quickly at the hospital after my husband let her know my water broke.  She was prepared with a fan when I got really hot, she applied counterpressure to my back during contractions, and took great pictures of the birth of my daughter.  I have a photo of me meeting my daughter for the first time and it is a favorite of mine.  Sarah is very reliable, quick to respond to communication, and supportive during labor.

Erin Kuhnhenn


With Sarah's support I was able to have the birth experience I so desperately wanted.  Both of my labors were long and stalled part way through but having Sarah there for my second birth, to reassure me and let me know everything was going to be okay, gave me the courage to push through instead of giving up and heading to the hospital earlier than I had planned.  In the end, I spent the majority of my labor in the comfort of my own home and when we did finally head to the hospital I felt we were prepared to continue with the experience I had hoped for.  With Sarah's encouragment I had prepared a list of Birth Preferences for the hospital staff to review and thank goodness she had a copy of it because we forgot it!  Super Sarah to the rescue!  And thanks to her bringing her camera along, we have pictures of the first several moments of our daughters' life.  I am so happy we chose to bring Sarah into our lives and I would recommend her to all of my friends and family!

Mayna and Jason & Cora!


With Sarah’s experience as a doula and her own experience having three children in almost every possible scenario, I felt confident that she would be helpful regardless of how my first delivery would go. And of course not everything went as planned, even though Sarah helped me create a great birth plan and was with me as I labored almost 24 hours, ending in a C-section. It is in those moments I was SO THANKFUL we hired Sarah. From the beginning, she answered ALL my questions and was so organized, which helped relax me since I was so overwhelmed with information and fear of being unprepared. And when labor began, Sarah brought the TENS unit in which helped me get through the first few hours almost pain free. When things got more intense, she was able to relieve my exhausted husband so he could get some much needed rest. He probably wouldn’t have eaten if it wasn’t for her thoughtfulness. Even though I had some great nurses in the hospital, Sarah was essential in creating a smooth transition between shifts, updating the staff on my birth plan. I thought I would forget everyone’s name, but Sarah had taken such careful notes to include this among the many other precious details in my birth story. When I had to make the decision to get a C-section, it was so wonderful to have a trusted neutral person among the hospital staff and family members to talk to. When I received the photographs she took from the operating room and during our first few moments with our baby girl, I cried with delight. Everything was such a blur during the birth and those photos brought light and amazing memories back – I will cherish them forever. Sarah’s post-partum visit was so helpful during such an emotional time for me. I still think of her every time I burp my baby (she showed me some helpful techniques). I HIGHLY recommend Sarah as a doula and I wish for you many blessings for a safe and happy delivery!


I'm so grateful to Sarah for providing doula services to me and my husband. She was professional, sweet, and competent, and she helped us achieve the natural birth experience we wanted. Sarah helped to instill confidence in us and she provided a much-needed sense of safety and support during the whole process. I also appreciated that Sarah was flexible with our appointments and available when I needed her during pregnancy.

The photo book Sarah created for us (using beautiful candid pictures that she unobtrusively took during labor/delivery) is an indescribableTREASURE that we will cherish for a lifetime!


Karen Kartes Piatt


As someone who chose to have a child later in life, there was -- and is! -- a lot that I didn't know about birth and motherhood.  Choosing Sarah to be my doula was one of the smartest things I did during my pregnancy.  I gained insights and confidence that you just can't find in books.  Not only is she incredibly knowledgeable, she has a charming, warm personality and makes you feel so supported and understood.  She knows what's important every step of the way, and the pictures she took for us confirm that visually!  They are a real treasure.  I would recommend Sarah to anyone, especially if you are feeling overwhelmed.  She is a calming presence and very trustworthy guide.

Kimberly Hotchkiss


To sum up my experience with Sarah in one word it would be PRICELESS! She was there for me in a way that really cannot be explained, But I will try :) I decided to Hire Sarah as my doula because my husband's job ended up taking him far away from home five days out of the week, So I knew I was going to need MAJOR support given the chance that I went into labor during the week and he wouldn't be able to make it home in time... The unique thing is that I had a scheduled Repeat C-section , I ended up going into labor early, on the Tuesday morning before my c- section ( scheduled for the following Monday) and Sarah was by my side the whole Journey. She was there as emotional support as I had to call my husband and let him know and face the fact that he wasn't going to be there when our daughter was born... She took extra care to make sure I stayed calm and was an extra set of hands keeping a watchful eye on our four and a half year old daughter... I had a basic birth plan... C-section.... but I was very adimate about trying to breast feed and Sarah was there as an advocate to let all the doctors and nurses know what I wanted and made sure they didn't supplement her with anything not even a binky... that alone was priceless...I truly believe because of this I was successful and now am breast feeding full time and I am happy to say my daughter has never needed to be supplemented with formula! ... However I must say the most priceless thing of all is the wonderful memories and special moments she was able to capture on film ... They are truly a blessing to my husband and I. They are able to give him the feeling that he was there and for that we will always be thankful. We cannot thank her enough for being there It was not only a support to me but also it gave him a peace of mind know that She was with me and that he knew I was in the most capable hands!


The Whole Hotchkiss Family! 

Jackie Herring


I had a wonderful experience with Sarah as my Doula.  Sarah was with me during my entire labor process, which was almost 24 hours!  She was wonderful at comforting me and always remained by my side.  Sarah provided great support before, during, and after labor.  She also provided a priceless birth story with photographs that are irreplaceable! I highly recommend Sarah as your Doula.  She has a warm personality and is such a nice person and comfortable to be around, which is important for being a part of something SO important and intimate in your life.

Katie Rojas


So, I will just start by saying I had my dream birth. I know, I must be lying, right? No meds, labored in water, no iv. True story:  We found Sarah online and immediately liked her style and demeanor. She was very knowledgable, calming, and supportive at the same time.  She helped us with our birth plan and answered all of our questions.  At the birth, she guided my husband on how to support me (I was a dragon) and she gave me words of advice, ice chips, and smiles.  She also was my voice and translator, since I was in focus-mode.  Our baby was born happy, healthy and with no drama.  Sarah was so amazing and comforting throughout the whole labor experience.  We are so thankful to have found her for our birth and would highly recommend her for yours.

Martha Metzler


Sarah is very sweet. It was nice to have someone to meet with prior to the birth of our son and talk through my birth plan. The pictures she took during my labor have become priceless!

Lisette Alicandro


 My birth  experience with Sarah Osborne could not have been better. Not only is Sarah an excellent doula, but also a good friend. Her expertise and knowledge of the hospital staff was so useful during my v-bac. We were able to try as long as possible to continue with a v-bac, leaving me and my husband with no regrets when a c-section was imminent. If it wasn't for her persistence on getting the right answers from the right people on the hospital staff, we would have left this birth with regrets when having to have a csection again. I would highly recommend Sarah to any of my friends or family. She brings a safe,fun and laid back style to birthing-and everyone needs this when bringing a little one into the world! Thanks so much Sarah! 

April Allsbrook


 My experience with Sarah was excellent.  My husband and I decided on a doula after attending birth class and realizing we might need some extra support in the birth and labor process.  I chose Sarah after looking at her web page and having her over to the house for an interview.  I was a little weary about hiring a doula, thinking that they might try to sway me to do one thing or another for my birth.  I told her about my birth plan, vaginal delivery and epidural were the basics.  She was very pleasant and professional and gave me lots of information on labor and interventions etc.  I was 36 weeks pregnant when I decided to hire her, luckily she was available.  When I was 40 weeks and 4 days the doctor decided I was going to need a C-section because baby was transverse and the fluid was looking low.  Sarah met us at the hospital that morning and somehow after doing an ultrasound before my C-section the baby turned head down.  We discussed our options and I decided I still wanted to go ahead with a vaginal birth, so we started induction.   Sarah lives very close to St Joseph's Hospital so we discussed that I would keep her updated through text and phones calls on the progress of my labor.   I was given Cytotec to thin my cervix and then started pitocin later that night.  My water broke around 630am the next morning and Sarah came back to the hospital.  We starting pushing around 3pm that afternoon, Sarah was by my side and so was my husband.  After 36hrs of labor and 3 hours of pushing, I had a beautiful baby girl.  Sarah came to my house a week after my baby was born and had a photo album of the birth and a written story about the entire birth.  I would hire Sarah again, she was very pleasant and calming to work with.  Thanks again.  A & C and Baby =)

Susan Kathleen Tracy


I contacted many Doulas and Sarah was among them.  I really liked her website and she looked incredibly sweet.  After meeting with Sarah we knew we had picked the right person.  Not only was Sarah very nice but she made us both feel at ease.  She came incredibly prepared.  She had lots of information and questions for us that really made us think about what we wanted during the labor experience.  From that first meeting Sarah was totally available to me anytime to answer any questions or concerns I had.  My pregnancy was quite normal but I did have hypertension and an odd cord placement, Sarah did research on both of these problems and gave me a lot of information and questions to ask my doctor.  We worked out  a labor plan and she met with my entire family to answer any questions.  I was six days overdue when I decided to be induced and Sarah was literally at my beck and call. When I got to the hospital I was actually starting to labor and didn't need to be induced.  From the moment she arrived she was completely professional and amazing.  She helped me feel comfortable and explain things to me when the nurses and doctors were too busy.  She was by my side throughout the entire labor, she played an active, intergral role and I'm very glad she was there.  A few weeks after the birth of my daughter Sarah came back out to our house to meet with us.  She brought my personal birth story printed on beautiful paper as a keepsake.  Sarah has remained in contact through email and Facebook, even as my daughter grows and I encounter new questions she has always been there as a friend and expert.  I an very thankful to have had Sarah by my side throughout my pregnancy and labor and I would recommend her services and friendship to anyone.

Shannon Kitchens


We hired Sarah because this was our first child, and we live far from our family.  We were anxious about the unknown experience of labor/delivery and wanted an expert and friend to guide us though the most intense day of our lives.  Sarah visited us twice before delivery. During those visits we made a birth plan and discussed our fears and hopes about delivery.  I was really nervous about needles, epidurals, and pushing the baby out! .  Sarah helped me feel better about the labor process by recommending a great book by Ina May. The book definitely restored my faith in the female body. When I went into labor, Sarah met us at the hospital. It was great to have someone there who knew what was going on since my husband and I had never been through this process. Her presence allowed my husband and mom (who flew in that morning!) to go to the cafe and get food or step out for fresh air without feeling guilty about leaving me alone. Sarah helped me with different labor positions and answered the many many questions I had during labor. In the end, we had a beautiful baby girl! My husband, my mother, and I were all glad and thankful that Sarah was there to guide us.  At the postpartum visit, Sarah gave us my birth story--something I will cherish forever. Sarah also gave us the pictures she had taken. I didn't notice her taking pictures at the hopsital but she gave us alot of great pictures, maybe 50 or so. They are great pictures too, she even had some developed in black and white, which I love!  Overall, I highly recommend Sarah to anyone searching for a doula.

Chelsea Lindquist


My husband and I were so happy and pleased with Sarah. She was there for me every step of the way during my pregnancy. Her calming presence coupled with her knowledge helped my labor and delivery go smooth. By the time I got to the hospital, the pain was so intense that I chose to have an epidural. Even though I wasn't able to take advantage of all the items she brought with her, she was still eager to help me and did so by dimming lights, placing a damp washcloth on my forehead and encouraging me to sleep whenever possible. I was humbled by how much effort she took to make me feel comfortable during my labor. She stayed with me every step of the way, throughout the entire night and into the early morning following the delivery of my healthy baby girl. A week or so following the birth, she brought over the best gift: photos she took and the birth story she had written. I cherish these memories of my baby’s birth and am so happy Sarah documented the details of the labor. These are true keepsake items, and I’m happy to have them for my daughter. I wholeheartedly recommend Sarah to anyone who is considering hiring a Doula. She was truly a blessing.

Tim Andrews


I had such a great experience with Sarah. She has a very calming and understanding presence. Her calm reassurance through the labor of our first child was wonderful. She had a way of putting everything into perspective, allowing me to focus on the present. She's a wealth of knowledge.  By the time we got to the hospital, we felt so well informed there was no feelings of anxiety.

My husband highly regards the way she diffused some very tense moments in ways he never imagined.

I was very touched by the attention to detail she put into the birth story. Her photos of the delivery and our son's first moments made me cry. I highly recommend Sarah to anyone looking for a doula!

Kimberley Lambert


Sarah was wonderful to have as a Doula!!  I originally hired her because I had planned a natural birth (with no/minimal interventions) using movement, hydrotherapy, massage and other forms of pain relief... of course nothing went to plan!  I was a week and a half over due with a projected 10lb baby in my guts and the induction was on.  After the induction, I developed PIH and was no longer allowed off the monitors/out of bed!  Barely dilated to 3, my membranes ruptured and I started having back labor.  Looking at another 14-ish hours of labor, I decided to get the epidural.  I was lucky this relaxed my body enough and I progressed much more quickly.

Although I didn't get to "use" Sarah in the way I had thought, she was so great to us in our experience.  She was supportive during my pregnancy, in respecting my wishes and answering all million + of my questions!! Knowing she would be there took a lot of pressure off of my husband, so he could just be a part of the experience rather than have the weight of "coach" on his shoulders.  Sarah was very supportive when my labor took a U-turn, and was excellent to have with us during delivery.  She fed me ice (and let me drink when the nurse's head was turned!), cheered me on while I was pushing, got me the mirror when my baby was crowning (the best motivation EVER!!) , and took some amazing photos of our new little family the moment my beautiful girl was born.

We had to stay in the hospital for eight days as my Daughter developed a fever and had to have a week's course of antibiotics.  Sarah came to visit us in the hospital, and then again once we were home and settled and privided us with a wonderful birth story.

My husband and I really enjoyed our experience with Sarah, and reccomend her for any birth scenario!!

Katie Webb


 Sarah was great!  From the beginning she made us feel like we were her only clients..... that no matter what she'd be there for us.  I felt comfortable thinking about being in labor with her.  With all the unknowns I had about having a baby (since this was my first child) I knew I could count on her for support, position help, and keeping my mind sane!  :)

It was so nice to have her there, knowing what to do, knowing the experience, staying with me so my husband could leave the room for food and to visit with family in the waiting room, keeping me comfortable and all the support that came with having her with us!!!  She was great!

Michelle Bolen


I perused a lot of doula's websites and decided to meet with Sarah. After our first meeting, My husband and I talked it over for a few days and felt that Sarah would be a good match for us. At our second meeting and we talked about what we would like our delivery experience to be like. and Sarah provided me with a sample birth plan so I could customize my own. Sarah called to check on me b/c I was overdue. Once my water broke Sarah met us at the hospital. She helped me to make informed decisions about recommended medications. and taught my husband how to do the hip squeeze to reduce back labor, which was awesome, so they would take turns during contractions. Sarah helped immensely during the whole of the labor, getting water, helping me in and out of the tub, rubbing my back, providing some aroma therapy, recommending different positions, and trying to make sure that my birth plan was followed as closely as possible. After over 24 hours of labor and 3 1/2 hours of pushing I ended up with a C-section, b/c our little guy's head was tilted and could not get repositioned or allow for any extraction devises. I was so dissapointed, but Sarah tried to make sure the rest of the delivery went as well as possible. She was able to come into the OR with my husband and took amazing photos of our son being born. Sarah made sure my birthplan was followed again for me to be able to nurse during the Vitamin K shot. Soon after that she left. Later I found out she declined to hold our baby in the recovery room, b/c she did not want to hold him before I got to. That was so sweet:) At our postpardum visit Sarah finally got to hold our baby, and gave us a wonderful birth story. There was so much detail in it. I was so incredibly greatful to have Sarah there, as was my husband. He said he could not imagine going through all of that without her help. We plan to use Sarah again since I would like to try for a VBAC. Sarah is great!

Laura Fox


My husband and I chose to use a doula for the birth of our third child for a couple reasons.  First, I had used a doula for a previous birth while he was deployed and had only good experiences with it.  Also, we were not certain whether or not we'd have childcare for our other two children.  My husband wanted to ensure there was someone there with me, just in case.  After interviewing a few doulas, I decided to hire Sarah because I liked her best.  It is really intangible and undescribable.  I went into labor around noon on Easter, although I wasn't really sure that I was actually in labor until about 4-5 pm.  I called Sarah and had her on stand-by notice, that I'd continue laboring at home and call back in a couple hours.  Since it was a holiday, I didn't want to take her from her family dinner.  (Mine had frozen pizza, not the feast I'd planned)  By then, I decided to go to the hospital.  She met us in the labor-delivery-recovery room, getting there just before I was transferred from the triage room.  We were in the process of settling in for what we expected to be an hours-long wait for the baby to be born, when my baby decided she was ready to be born.  All in all, she was a great comfort, since our sitter was unavailable, my husband's attention was divided between me and our two children (one autistic).  We'd planned that he'd get me settled and take the kids home, but I progressed too fast for that--which is good for not having time to fight "hospital protocol".

Manuela Schwab


We had a very good experience with Sarah. Although labor and delivery happened quickly for us, it was very comforting to have Sarah present in the hour before our baby was born and shortly thereafter. Sarah was very supportive and calming. Once we met with her a few days after having come home from the hospital, Sarah gave us the birth story she had prepared as well as pictures she had taken immediately after our baby girl was born. We were very moved by her attention to detail and by her thoughtfulness to capture this special moment so well for us. Thank you Sarah!

Mary Webb


My husband and I liked Sarah right away.  She is calm and resourceful.  She offered suggestions to help us prepare for labor and was supportive during labor.  She stayed with us from Saturday morning through Sunday morning when my son was born.  I was very touched by birth story and photos of my son's first minutes that she brought to us a few days after he was born.  I recommend Sarah to anyone.

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