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Odile Penet, CD(DONA), LCCE, PES

My Birth Companion, LLC

Cockeysville, MD Service range 20 miles None


Birth Fee

Not specified

Birth Fee

Not specified

Birth Doula Experience

22 years and 550 births attended

Birth Doula Certifications

  • DONA International - Certified Birth Doula

Doula Training

  • DONA International-Approved Workshop, September 2009

Type of practice: Solo practice

Clients per month: 1 to 4

Attends hospital births? All Hospitals

Attends birth center births? All Birth Centers

Attends home births? Any Home Birth

College Education


Special Services Offered

  • Abortion support
  • Acupressure
  • Aromatherapy
  • Cancer patients and survivors
  • Childbirth education services
  • First Aid and CPR
  • Lactation consultant/counselor services
  • Military families support
  • Miscarriage support
  • Mother blessing celebrations
  • Newborn care specialist
  • Parenting consulting
  • Photography - Birth
  • Placenta encapsulation
  • Reduced rates for women considering adoption
  • Satellite doula (for remote and rural clients)
  • Sleep educator
  • Surrogates and intended parents
  • TENS units rental
  • Virtual and remote doula support

Relevant volunteer or advocacy work

Volunteer work as a translator with refugees (women's health) Positive Birth Movement (local chapter - leader)

Languages Spoken

  • English
  • French

Fee Details

HSA option - Gift certificates available for friends and family members (baby registry) - Payment plan Please call : 443-739-0113 or email me at odile@mybirthcompanion.com

Service Area

Cockeysville, MD Service range 20 miles None

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Client Testimonials for Odile Penet, CD(DONA), LCCE, PES

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Annie Payne


I had Odile Penet as my doula for my second birth, a VBAC. I labored for over 30 hours and she was there every step of the way. I can truly say, I would not have been able to do it without her. The support, her knowledge and resources are invaluable. My husband sings the same praises. He too felt so supported by Odile and felt that he was able to experience the birthing process with me as we were both taken care of by Odile. Don't walk, instead run to meeting Odile. She is an angel from heaven!!!

Nathan Williams


Odile was such an incredible support to both my wife and I. Speaking specifically as the partner, she provided me with excellent and timely suggestions both prior to and, most especially, during labor. I was never nervous because I knew if there was anything I didn't yet know (any complications or tips for progression), she was so responsive she always had my back. Her knowledge and calm demeanor are an incredible asset during such a potentially stressful and chaotic time. We were in constant contact over text, with near-instantaneous response times, all day while laboring at home and she was ready to go at the drop of a hat once we said we needed her in person. I could not recommend Odile more, and would absolutely be looking to her with our second child, should the time arise.

Lauren Keane


My husband and I were so grateful to have Odile as a part of our birth team. My birth plan shifted while in labor and Odile gave me the confidence to trust my instincts. She provided invaluable calming support to both my husband and I as we navigated the birthing process as first time parents. I would highly recommend adding Odile to your birth team! 

Alana Roach


After being highly recommended for placenta encapsulation in the Baltimore Midwife circle, I knew I was in good hands with My Birth Companion, LLC. The love and expertise that Odile has in this field is evident and felt. I can't say enough great things about her and this experience. The placenta pills and broth really work. I have felt strong and happy postpartum . I highly recommend all mamas hire her!! Thank-you so much Odile of My Birth Companion!!



My partner and I took a two day virtual birthing class with Odile and it was a great experience. I am currently 33 weeks pregnant and have a lot of anxiety about labor. This class eased a lot of my fears!! Odile is knowledgeable, encouraging and makes her class very engaging with visuals and video. I definitely recommend! 



Odile was our doula during this pandemic, and we are so thankful for her. COVID changed our original plans of having Odile’s in-person help, but regardless, her virtual assistance was still invaluable. It’s clear she cares deeply about her clients. She provided wonderful prenatal guidance leading up to my delivery, and provided an encouraging, supportive voice during my son’s birth. I had a very long exhausting labor, and when I was too tired to articulate what I needed or was feeling, I know my husband really appreciated having her virtual guidance and coaching so he could be a better support person for me. Thank you Odile for everything!



Odile has been so supportive during my pregnancy. She is always available to answer any questions we may have, or to hop on a quick call to talk through some of our concerns. We highly recommend Odile's doula services!

In addition, we recently completed a Comfort Measures birthing class which was so helpful. We got a ton of information which was supportive and empowering.



Odile was our doula for the delivery of our son in January 2020, and I cannot recommend her enough.

Even before she was with us at the birth, I attended a meditation workshop for labor that Odile taught. The workshop was wonderful and provided me with some easy-to-implement techniques to calm me down during labor.

We also sincerely appreciated Odile's level of communication prior to the birth. We had a lovely in-person meeting with her to go over our plan, any concerns/fears, coping strategies, and anything else related to the birth. Odile also stayed in touch in the days and weeks leading up to birth by sending us helpful tips via email and encouraging text messages.

Unsurprisingly, Odile was FANTASTIC when I went into labor and during her time with us at the hospital. She was critical in guiding both my husband and myself through the various stages, and she was masterful at helping rotate the baby through some techniques when he wasn't in the ideal position. We would undoubtedly have her be our doula again, and she made the entire experience of delivery (which did not really go as planned) very positive for us.

It should also be noted that the staff of the hospital really enjoyed working with her. Every nurse mentioned how much they appreciated her level of care for me as well as her respect for the hospital's policies and their boundaries. Odile is skilled at being an appropriate advocate for the birthing mother.

Finally, Odile has remained in touch following our delivery and even came by to check on me and my son during our post-partum period. I just can't say enough how much this meant to us.

Odile was an amazing doula with her calming personality, incredible base of knowledge, and genuine affection and care for her clients. Everyone would be lucky to have her as their doula.



If you are looking for someone who is 100% committed to supporting you in your perinatal period, Odile is it. She went above and beyond in my long labor - despite initially having had another client in labor at the same time, she came to my labor immediately after (even though I was working with one of her amazing back-ups) and stayed with me...for the next two days of my labor (I told you it was a long one!) She has to have been exhausted, but you never would have known it as she helped me labor at home, eventually transition to the hospital, and cope with an undesired C-section in the end. She checked in on me for weeks before and after delivery, providing much needed emotional support as I started to process my labor, to say nothing of the pre-labor mental prep work we did together. My husband absolutely adored her and was so excited to have her on our team. Bonus: she is a placental encapsulator as well! Basically, this woman could do everything birth-related except have my baby herself...and I think there are points she would have been willing to do that for me as well. Seriously, if you are lucky enough to have Odile as your doula, you are receiving an amazing gift from the universe - you won’t regret it.



Odile was such an amazing doula for our birth! It's hard to put into words. I'm sure our experience was much better because of her and it's hard to imagine it without her.  She answered all of our questions during the pregnancy and through her experience we were able to choose the right provider for us. During the birth she knew all the right things to say to encourage me when I needed, or remind me to breath, and was always  also there. She helped my husband to support me thoughout and worked really well with the midwives and other staff. She's wonderful!

Faith Hammock


My husband was skeptical at first, but I always knew there’d be a doula to help me through labor and delivery. My goal was to deliver naturally and I was happy to hire a woman who comes from a culture where that is the norm. Odile answered a lot of questions (keeping me away from questionable Google searches) and sent resources to help through the pregnancy. She also suggested podcasts to my husband (his preferred medium) to help educate him.  I ended up having to be medically induced. Odile was by my side to help me and Jason make informed decisions as labor progressed and a huge thank you to Odile for helping me through contractions, especially when I had to get on and off the toilet. I don’t know if I would’ve been able to get up and down without her talking me through the breathing, and coaching me on how to work with the contractions, not against them. Odile was there to tell my loving, clueless husband what to do, how to provide comfort massage, and to just direct traffic in general. She also encouraged and helped me into different positions, using yoga balls and the peanut shaped ball, got me up and moving when I could and helped me to work with and listen to my body to be able to birth the baby. She did it all without interfering with the hospital staff and guided Jason to be an integral part of the labor.  When it was time to push the baby out, Odile was by my side, holding a leg, and reminding me to breathe. After Isabel was born, Odile maintained contact and continually followed up to monitor me for PPD and made sure I was healthy on this new journey.  My labor was long and hard, not at all what I had wanted it to be, and I can’t thank Odile enough for helping me get through it. I firmly believe that we were able to minimize the medical intervention that was needed because she was so adept at helping me work with my body through labor and delivery. Needless to say, Jason is no longer skeptical. 

Paola Albergate


How can I express my gratitude to the amazing Odile? She is the doula to have. I always knew that I would use a doula, so I began my search a bit later, with a list of recommendations from friends. I knew Odile would be our doula when we first spoke on the phone. She has a calm, gentle and wise presence that can be felt even over the phone. When we met in person, Odile came to our home, and my husband and I both knew in an instant, by exhanging a look, that we were in wonderful hands. My birth was a beautiful experience, becuase I had Odile by my side, supporting not only me, but provising peace and comfort to my mom and husband who were also present. Odile allowed me to birth my baby feeling strength when I thought I had none left, feeling peace and feeling love. When she came into the hospital room, I cried, it was such a comfort felign her presence enter the room. She brought me back to my center when I became tired and overwhelmed and gave such mental, physical and emotional support. After the birth, I feel so honored to have Odile in my life still providing me with her ever incredible calm, gentle and wise presence. My husband and I are ever grateful we found her, and so happy to have her in our lives. Looking back, the only thing I would change is finding her sooner! She is such a tremendous teacher and offers classes for mothers and partners that I would have loved to take! However, she also has created wonerful network for mamas after birth that offers meet ups to discuss life after birth that have been so helpful. Odile, you are the best! Thank you so so much for all you have done for Alex, baby Hugh and I. We love you!

Anna Telewicz


Wonderful experience. I would highly recommend Odile to anyone.

Sarah Chao


I don't know that I can put into words how amazing Odile is, but I will try. Odile is a professional, skilled, and empathetic doula who truly loves what she does. Throughout my pregnancy, she was there to calm my anxieties and fears, answer my endless questions, and problem solve through not so fun pregnancy symptoms. My husband expressed multiple times how glad he was that I had her to reach out to when he didn't know how to help me. Odile was always at the ready through my multiple false alarms and actually beat us to the hospital when it was the real deal. My labor was intense and didn't go exactly as planned (what labor does?). I am convinced that having Odile present decreased the risk of my needing additional medical interventions. Odile was there to explain and support every detail and decision along the way. She was there through every contraction which allowed my husband to be my emotional support and took some of the responsibility from him so that he could also enjoy the birth process. My OB has repeated multiple times that Odile is the best doula she has ever worked with. Odile also has followed up with me after the birth, both in person and via phone to provide support and answer any questions I had. I feel truly blessed to have met this woman and cannot imagine going through another pregnancy/birth without her. 

Dani Ryan


Odile was absoulutely wonderful. Since this was our second child, we were really looking for someone just to come to our home and go through some labor techniques since my labor experiance with my first child was very difficult. She understood what we were looking for and was not judgemental at all with our thoughts on how we wanted labor and delivery to go. She was kind and patient with all of our questions and gave us great advice and recommendations. I would highly suggest working with someone like Odile no matter what your birth plan is. I even had some questions come up after our class and was able to email her to get another opionion. 

Megan Moffa


Odile came to our house for a four hour in-home comfort measures for labor session. She arrived on time, was incredibly professional, and was a joy to work with.  The strategies she taught us for coping with labor were very useful in labor and in other situations (breathing strategies for stressful situations). My husband and I felt so much calmer going into labor and we felt empowered that we could get through it! As this was our first birth, neither of us knew quite what to expect during labor and birth, and Odile was a great educator. I highly recommend Odile Penet--she has a calming presence, is knowledgable about her field, and clearly loves her profession.

Ashley Bacco


Working with Odile was amazing. Odile came to us by accident because my original doula had to pull out due to family issues. We looked around and found another doula who we then hired for the birth of our first child, however she was going to be on vacation close to my due date. She ensured us that her back up would be there incase she couldn’t. Sure enough, I went into labor the same day she left for OBX, and Odile was the backup scheduled to take over. I had only met her once before, but after having a 36 hour labor, I truly could not imagine having anyone but Odile by my side. She was patient, calming, knowledgeable, and attentive to every single need. She relieved my husband so he could take breaks, and with every contraction she reminded me I was getting that much closer to meeting my baby girl. It was a very hard labor, and everyone was tired, but you would have never guessed Odile had been there for three shift changes in the hospital. She obviously views her job as a labor of love (pun intended!) and she was a HUGE reason I was able to persevere through the many hours and bring my child into this world.

leonardo cuello


First of all, if you are considering whether to use a doula: our advice is absolutely hire a doula. Second, if you are looking for a doula, we STRONGLY recommend Odile Penet. Odile is an amazing doula and we cannot imagine having done the birth without her. She brings experience, sensitivity to your needs, and she is literally tireless at supporting you. In our case, we had a picture perfect pregnancy and everything was going smoothly, until... When we got to the earliest contractions (unbeknownst to us and our providers) my wife shifted into an atypical labor pattern. We were trying to manage the situation at home, and we were struggling. We read a LOT of books and were very prepared, but it never goes exactly like the books say. Luckily, we had also hired Odile. When I called her worried, she talked to me for a few minutes and then said, "I'm coming over." When she arrived, everything was a mess. We weren't managing the contractions well and my wife was exhausted, sick, and starting to feel a lot of pain. Odile brought a combination of knowledge, calm, and confidence to the situation, and of course, she helped us manage the contractions. She transformed a downward spiral into a managed situation. She helped us both mentally and helped my wife with the physical pain. She worked with us at home on the contractions from 11pm until 7am -- without a break. In fact, at one point she let me take a nap and helped my wife solo for 2 hours. She gave us critical advice which led to us making key decisions. She went with us to the hospital. She was with us in the hospital until 1am (our baby was born at midnight). Yes, she pulled a 26-hour shift. It was astounding. The whole time in the hospital she was providing really important "hands on" physical help to prepare for and work through the contractions, plus emotional support. It was like my wife had a second husband there, except Odile actually knew what she was doing. Trust me: you will be very glad you hired Odile.



Odile's pressence is so very calm and supportive. My husband and I feel lucky to have had her as part of our beautiful second birth. She was hands on when desperately need and supportively distant when my husband and I were good. She helped me through 10 days of prodromal labor and a very unwanted induction, that ended up being loving, smooth, and relatively easy. I felt like I was taken care of just by having her in the room and knew that her only concern was helping me have the birth I wanted, which I did, despite all the hubub from my midwives and nurses. Thank you so much!!!

Sarah Bartfeld


We can't say enough good things about Odile! We were referred to her by another Doula we knew and while we interviewed several doulas, we immediately connected with Odile. She is unbelievably warm, supportive and so easy to talk to and work with. I felt immediately comfortable with her and so did my husband. My husband had been skeptical about whether we needed a doula but after the birth he was telling everyone how essential a doula was and how Odile was amazing in particular. She knew exactly what to do to comfort me and how to guide my husband in helping me too. She was a perfect team player and support for him and I couldn't have gone through labor without them. She really listened to my wants and needs and advocated for me all the time. While I loved the midwives and my nurses, they can't be with you the whole time as they have other patients. Odile was there for me the whole time and even stayed way after to make sure I was okay after a minor surgery I had to undergo after the birth. While we ended up npt needing her to come to out home before heading to the hospital, she definitely would have come and supported us via phone. She met with us before the birth and after and was so loving with our son. We adore Odile and would recommend her to everyone. Don't hesitate - she is amazing!!!

Sarah Chao


Odile made the encapsulation process so easy. From initial communication to paperwork to the actual in home visits, everything went smoothly. She was able to bring all of her own supplies and left my kitchen cleaner than she found it. Odile thoroughly explained her process and how to utilize the capsules. The encapsulation was perfect and all Odile was required to do but she was so much more. The first few days home from the hospital I was emotionally and physically exhausted. Odile found me in tears and at a loss for what to do. Odile immediately fixed me some tea, made sure I ate, and helped me set a plan in motion to make the next few days easier. I don't know what I would have done without her those first few days. I can't speak highly enough about Odile as a professional and a person. I feel truly lucky to have met her.

Alice Freedman


Odile was such a critical part of my labor experience that my husband and I cannot tell the story of our daughter’s birth without singing her praises! Odile’s temperament was a perfect fit for us — she is calm, confident, warm and professional. She is extremely knowledgeable about pregnancy, labor and delivery, and postpartum care, but she does not bombard you with information. During our meetings, we felt fully respected as new parents in the learning process. We knew we could trust Odile to give us the important information and then respect our decisions without judgement. During early labor, Odile joined us at home and her support allowed us to delay going to the hospital as long as possible. During labor at the hospital (we used GW Midwives), Odile cooperated seamlessly with the nurses and midwives but also made important suggestions related to my support needs that helped guide/redirect the team. I will never forget her steady voice in my ear and calming presence in the delivery room. After our daughter was born, we felt so much joy and relief and Odile seemed to genuinely share those feelings. She clearly loves what she does and it shows. Odile is now family to us and if we are blessed with more children, we cannot wait to call her and ask for her support again!

Michelle Yue


Odile is absolutely the best!  She is such a calm, soothing presence.  Without a doubt you need to have her there to support you.  Odile stayed with me through a 48+ labor, I don't know how i would have made it through without her there.  If you are debating whether or not you need a doula or whether or not Odile would be a good fit for you, trust me, you need her!

Jenny Corbett


Odile prepared my placenta for me after my daughter was born. She came to my home the very same day. I appreciate how quickly she started the process, and love that she came to my home. My oldest was fascinated by the process and Odile kindly allowed her to watch and explained what she was doing. I am a professional placenta arts specialist myself, and was impressed with her professionalism, her sanitation protocol, and her attention to detail. Personally, she is warm and kind. I felt completely comfortable with her in my home, and experienced a much easier recovery this time around due to the placenta remedies she lovingly prepared for me. I highly recommend her services. 

Erin Metheny


Hiring Odile was one of the best decisions my husband and I made once we found out we were expecting our first baby.  Not having family close by, it was important to us to have someone we could feel comfortable with during one of our most important life events, and Odile was a perfect fit.  We completed private childbirth classes in our home with Odile as well and by the time our baby boy was ready to arrive, Odile felt like a part of our family, which is exactly what I needed as our families are not nearby.  It was important for me to have a natural birth without medication, and with Odile's support, nurturing, strength, and knowledge (and with a little help from baby boy), I was able to do just that.  She does an excellent job of understanding you as an individual and remembers those things that are important to you, even when things seem hectic during labor and in the delivery room.  For example, Odile knew that mindfulness and breasfeeding were important to me and so she sent me several resources for me to prepare.  She also remembered some of my concerns for delivery and was able to communicate them for me to the nurses when I wasn't able to or when my focus was elsewhere.  Odile was also a wonderful, reassuring support postpartum, on the phone and in person, and followed up several times by text.  She is someone special who truly cares about the moms, dads and babies she supports. Odile is meant to do what she loves, and we will forver look back at our birth story fondly with Odile being such a special part of it.    

edith platten


I cannot speak highly enough about Odile - she was a wonderful presence in my life at a time when I needed the most support.  She was not only there for me before and during my pregnancy and the birth of my son, she was also there for me afterwards when I was exhausted and at a particulalry low point.  She was by far the best thing I could have asked for during my experience and would not hesitate to recommend her.  Prior to hiring her my husband and I realy thought long and hard about whether it was worth the money....It most certainly was.  Do not think twice about hiring Odile - she is a wonderful doula and really grounded, inspirational woman.


Marta Ribeiro


I wish every woman in labor could have Odile by their side. She's absolutely exceptional! Unwavering, calm, & nurturing. Exactly the rock you need during an unpredictable time. During my 32 hour hospital labor, she slept on the floor, never leaving my sight (even though my husband & mother were also present). She helped me manage 4+ minute long contractions (ouch!) and even got my son dislodged from my pelvis so I wouldn't need medical intervention. She is non judgmental & very liked by the hospital nurses and midwives at GW. I just feel so lucky to have had her support. It’s truly one of the best decisions I have ever made.

Emily Shaw


Odile was wonderful during my son's birth. I felt very cared for and supported. Her steady, calm strength helped guide me during labor. She offers a number of coping strategies, including massage and touch, breathwork, and movement. But most of all I remember her voice telling me to focus on 'just this breath', which kept me focused on the present rather than worrying about the challenges ahead. My husband also says that her knowledge and assistance made him a more effective birth partner.

After my birth I came down with postpartum anxiety and depression, and Odile helped by checking in on me and connecteing me to resources.

We also recommend Odile's birth classes as a way to prepare for your baby. Odile's knowledge and experience helped us before, during and after our son's birht.

B Gallion


I am so happy I found Odile!  She was a blessing to our family and my birth excperience was wolderful.  When Odile came to our home for our first meeting she listened to all of my concerns and issues with previous births.  I had two children and two second trimester losses. I felt very comfortable sharing with her, like she was a good friend.  She told me about what she does as a doula and I felt like she was a great fit.  At our next meeting we spoke more of plans and she answered all my questions and helped me think through my birth plan choices, breahing, positions ect.  She also listened to my hopes/plans for this birth.  I was interested in Hypnobirthing.  She sent me a hypnobirthing book in the mail, to borrow and a link to get the audio tracks.  During my labor she really helped my relax and focus on birthing. She brought battery candles and played soft music that made the room feel comfortable.  I had my two older children (9 & 11) with me and she helped them help me in a way that seemed just right.  She remembered things that I'd forgotten and suggested using the mirror so I could see his head, which made me so happy I was smiling as he came out.  I didn't get to see my other children come out so that was a woderful joy.Odile alo did a placenta encapusation for me.  I researched it and Odile explained the process and benefits other women reported so I was excited to try it.  She made me a very cute umbilical cord momento as an added bonus.  When she prepared the placenta she saved the broth and shared information about how to use it.  I lost a lot of blood after birth and I made a soup with the broth and I think it helped with my iron deficiency.  I felt more energy and less worn out after eating the soup.  I'm so glad I had that.  I can't recommend her highly enouph, she is great!  If I ever have another baby I want her to be by my side again.

Rachel I


When describing my pregnancy and labor/birthing experiences with my friends and family the first thing I always say is how I couldn't have done it without Odile and having her by my side was the best decision I made. She was ALWAYS available when I needed her and so quick to give me advice and information when I needed it. During my labor, it was Odile who kept me relatively calm and able to continue. My husband tried and was great, but having a woman with experience and great knowledge was what I needed! I would absoutely recommend a doula to anyone about to have a baby or thinking of it, and especially Odile!!

Gareth Wishart


Odile is exactly the kind of person you want around during such an intimate period of your life. Her visits before the birth of our child were comforting and made us feel confident and well prepared for what was to come. During the birth, the minute Odile walked into the room the atmosphere change to one of surety and calm. We are forever greatful to Odile for making our pregnancy and birth such a wonderful experience. I could not recommend her more highly. 

Jennifer Chiang


After my husband and I made the decision to go with a natural birth, I read up on doulas being integral parts of making that goal happen. He was skeptical but agreed to go through with it. We met Odile and found her to be the best mix of what we were looking for--professional, experienced, positive, assuring and gentle. 

She came through 110% on the day of our first kid's birth. She had been tied up with another client when I started early labor at home (it was the full moon after all!), and sent a backup to me. While I was disappointed, she ended up still making it to my birth after an already long day and in rush hour no less--but never showed less energy for being there with us! She was present and with us throughout my 24 hour labor. How she lasted that long with my wails, hand squeezes, cries and bad breath was beyond me. 

Throughout my labor, she reassured me verbally through every contraction that I was doing fine and that it would all be over soon enough. Even when I was in so much pain and questioning natural birth, or begging her to make it stop, she remained calm and guided me through massage, counterpressure and simply holding my hands nonstop. When it came time to calm down or push, or I really needed to slow down or listen to my midwife, Odile was able to connect with me eye-to-eye through the craziness of what I was feeling, switch tones and be firm with me; my husband reflects that he was wavering at this point, but seeing Odile's resolve got him through it too. 

When baby arrived, she immediately had juice ready for me to drink. It was the best drink I ever took in my life. It was as if she knew exactly what to get me every time! After my birth, I felt such a connection to Odile and am so happy that she was a part of our birth. She is my kindred spirit and one day baby will hear a lot about her. If we ever have a second child we are undoubtedly going with Odile!


Lisa Henderson


Odile helped us during the birth of our first child. I originally thought I was in active labor the day before I gave birth. I called Odile and she came to my house to be of support and check up on me. When she quickly realized that I was in early labor (since I was easily talking through contractions) she immediately started to coach me on my breathing techniques to get me more relaxed. Once I got the hang of how to breathe through the EASY contractions I told her that she could go since I had an OB appt that day. She was always easy to get a hold of through the whole process.

The doctor told me I was not dilated at all and I could be in early labor for days. She had me schedule an ultrasound for the next week. I did not have to wait too long because the next morning I woke up in so much pain as my water broke. I called Odile and she was able to be at the hospital quickly after we arrived. She immediately went into action getting me to focus on breathing as I was really starting to panic. She knew just what to say and how to say it. She has a calming energy even when the situation is a stressful. I found her to be warm, caring, and assertive when needed. She was able to help me work through very difficult leg contractions. She was also accepting of my decision to get an epidural. She made it clear that every decision was mine and that she respected all the decisions I chose to make. She also empowered my husband to help out even when he was nervous.

Bottom line is: Hiring Odile was the best decision we ever made. I know I would have made it through because I would have had no other choice but Odile made it special and meaningful, and I was able to push past my fears because of her. She is definitely part of the family now!

Eileen Batterberry


Odile helped us after our twins were born. From the moment we met her, my husband and I knew that Odile was going to be a great fit for us. Her calm demeanor was exactly what we needed during this somewhat chaotic time. Odile was very flexible with our schedule. Before they were born, we had asked her to do days with us, but we quickly learned we needed some help at night so we shifted our plans with her. Odile did a number of nights with us, which allowed us some much needed sleep. I went to bed feeling completely confident that my boys were in good hands. When we woke up in the morning, we always had well-rested, happy babies (and we were well-rested, happy parents). What a relief! 

Odile also came for some days when my husband returned to work and our family left town. I was petrified to be left alone with the twins, but she helped me with this transition. I was always so relieved when she arrived! She made me feel calm and confident in my abilities as a new mother, and I always will be grateful for her help during our early days at home with our sons. 

I would highly recommend Odile as a postpartum doula! 

Anya Castillo


Odile was integral to our wonderful labor and delivery. What makes me love Odile so much is that she respects your beliefs, does not try to infringe her beliefs upon you, and supports your beliefs every way she can.

Although I was in labor for a full 24 hours, she did not wane and was fully there and supportive, and her presence did not detract from the intimacy of the occasion for my husband and I. Given that I had so much work-related travel during my pregnancy, I wasn't at home enough sequential weeks for my husband and I to take a birthing class together. She coached us through a natural birth, and she had many techniques to deal with pain, to create a soothing ambience in the hospital suite, made sure I kept hydrated, and helped us to remember and sort through all the information that was coming at us in that 24-hour span. I'm very pleased to have had the type of birth experience that was aligned with my beliefs, and I can imagine the outcome being quite different if Odile wasn't there for us.

Prior to meeting with Odile in person, my husband was skeptical about us getting a doula because he thought that we could do it on our own, together. However, after the labor and delivery process, he was extremely appreciative of her presence with us and he felt that she was there for him as well. He asked her questions through the process, and Odile would provide my husband with guidance; she also would make she he was eating and staying hydrated, and taking rests himself! Her emotional support to both of us was tremendous, especially since emotions went high and low throughout our day of labor. 

I didn't reach out to her until my eighth month (I recommend finding a doula sooner if you can!), but luckily she wasn't booked. She visited with us during the last month of pregnancy, we were in contact frequently via email/text/phone (she works with whatever works best for you), and then she visited and checked in with us post-partum. 

Erin Ritch


I'm not sure how many times my husband said "we could not have done it without Odile." I also don't think we would have wanted to. Not only was Odile critical to helping us through labor and delivery, she was an integral part of our entire experience. She was there for me for all of my questions during my pregancy all the way through now helping me with questions that come up around breastfeeding, bottles, you name it. She provided me with confidence and assurance in her gentle, easy going way. She has been such a special part of such an important part of our lives, and I'm so grateful to have chosen her to be our doula 

Jessica Snyder


I am so thankful that I chose Odile as our doula. Durging our initial meetings, she was knowledgeable, supportive of our birth plan and receptive to our questions. When my baby was breech, she provided a list of resources and suggestions to flip her. Once I went into labor, I was able to reach Odile easily. She came down to support me in early labor when I was struggling with contractions. Even though she lives north of Baltimore, it was never an issue for her to come to Rockville. At the hospital, she was very supportive. She and my husband make a great team and made me feel like I was this powerful, amazing woman. Throughout the experience, Odile made us feel like we were her only clients, her number one priority. We couldn't have asked for a better team member! 


Melinda Wuellner


I highly recommend Odile as a doula. We wanted assistance with the birth of our first child from a doula, but we wanted a medicated birth. Odile was very understanding of our wishes, and while she made us aware of the potential repercussions of a medicated birth, she respected our wishes and assisted us along that path. Throughout our interactions with her, she was extremely warm, considerate, gentle, and informative. When I went into labor one month early, I was so greatful for having just had our second pre-natal consultation with her. We went into it feeling informed of our preferences, and with options for managing the pain. While in labor, Odile did an excellent job of knowing when to get involved and when to stand back and let the father or the doctors take over. I think the medical staff at Sibley especially appreciated that, after having opposite experiences with other doulas! She coached me through the pain by applying warm compress on my back, giving me shoulder massage, and explaining what was going on in the labor in non-medical terms. Having Odile with us during our first labor and delivery was the best decision! We are so grateful to her for helping us through a very difficult time.

Sarah Hutcheon Mancoll


I cannot recommend Odile enough! My husband and I took to Odile right away because of her warm and calm demeanor. During the interview process, she thoughtfully answered all of our questions and talked through how she might support us. After we hired her, we had a great long meeting with Odile to go through our thoughts on how we envisioned our labor and delivery, how we might approach obstacles, and what we might do to prepare in my final weeks of pregnancy. Odile was especially helpful in working with us to figure out ways my husband could best support me through the process. When the big day came, Odile was continually available by phone to counsel us on how we might deal with my progressing labor. (She was also able to come to our apartment at any time during my labor, but we didn’t feel the need for in-person help until we were on our way to the hospital.) When my water broke early in the morning, she made a great recommendation: take a long walk around the neighborhood to get your contractions going. It worked! She also planned out her travel into DC ahead of time, knowing that afternoon traffic might be bad, and knowing that my labor might kick into full gear around that time. When we met up at the hospital, Odile helped me try different labor positions, made tea for me (a special blend for labor), and helped my husband and mom support me as contractions got worse. She made a great suggestion to get into the shower when my contractions started to get really bad, and gave me the space I needed when I wanted some alone time during active labor. When I felt the need to push, she supported me and helped my husband to support me. She was also very attentive to me once the baby came out, staying by my side while the doctors finished their work. In the end, my husband and I were able to have exactly the kind of labor and delivery we had hoped and planned for, and we strongly believe that it wouldn’t have been possible without Odile.

Umm Sumaya


If I had to choose one word to describe my experience working with Odile it would be “fantastic.” From the very start I felt at ease by her calm demeanor, friendliness and reassuring guidance. I was terrified of having a c-section and wanted to have the most un-medicated, natural birth possible. My daughter however had other plans and after a long slow 3-day labor I ended up in the hospital after all. I would have been a nervous wreck if it was not for Odile being by my side the entire time. She coached me through 4-minute long contractions (!) and helped me to stay focused on allowing my body to do its job. Her familiarity with my birth center and the hospital was an added plus. And she really helped my mom and husband stay calm and supportive as well. I highly recommend her and hope that we have a chance to work together again soon.

Jamie Spotts Mays


Odile Penet is a very special woman,  she is kind,  empathetic, hilarious,  deep,  nurturing and full of positive energy.   In short- she is everything you could want in a doula!   We just love her!   Like many women,  I wanted as natural a birth as I could achieve. Unfortunately, I developed Preeclampsia and so it was out of my hands.  I had to be induced and given magnesium to prevent complications.   Had Odile not been there,  had she not been there with my husband and I.. Well,  I think I might of had an anxiety attack or two because I felt very out of control of my birth interventions.. .  BECAUSE of Odile I had a BEAUTIFUL BIRTH (with as few interventions as was possible due to my scary circumstances)  I was actually extremely calm during my entire birth because of Odile and my loving husband and my dear mother!  the moment my daughter was born was the highest, most euphoric, most beautiful moment of my life!   I do think that the way your child is born does impact your bond- at least at first and I was one of those lucky mothers to feel only overwhelming love when my daughter was born! I'M SO GRATEFUL FOR THAT! :)   Odile is a treasure and we want her to be at all of our children's births,  she started out as our Doula but is now our friend.  <3

Sumi C


Odile attended my hospital birth in June 2013. This was my second birth and as always things didn't go as I had "planned". My water broke without contractions and after several hours of trying to walk the baby out, I had to be induced, which I hoping to avoid. This was the most emotional part of my labor and I was overwhelmed with the anxiety of not knowing how I would do on pitocin and having the time pressure of having the baby (after water breaks you have 24 hours to birth the baby, per hospital policy). Odile was integral during this phase of my emotional roller coaster. I'm not sure that without her I would have been able to get past my fear and move on. She was both gentle in letting me cry out my emotions but so strong and confident in her words and actions that everything would be ok. I think she is the perfect balance of gentle strength.

Once labor got started she really took care of everything to keep me calm and comfortable. If you know her, you know she oozes with comfort, the absolute BEST asset in labor. She thinks of everything! Scented oils to calm and comfort, massage to ease the pain, encouraging words when you need them, suggestions for different positions and coping techniques, and everything in between. One thing I have to note about her is how open minded she is. She has no preset notion of what childbirth should be and supports you no matter what you decide. I told her my goal was to have an unmedicated labor and that is what we worked towards. When I started to doubt my capabilities, she was there to cheer me on. Once the baby came she even stuck around to make sure we were all settled and everything was well. It was by no means a short labor and she was so supportive and helpful from the moment she walked in the door until the moment she left. You can tell she loves to do what she does and I can't think of a better person to be by my side for the birth of my children. We will see you for the next one Odile! Thank you!

Theresa Stubblefield


Odile was the right choice for our birthing experience. I attempted a VBac after twins. Odile was with me every step of the way. 

She helped me labor at home much longer than I imagined I was capable of doing. She helped me through each contraction comfortable. Most importantly she helped my husband and I connect in a way that we were not able to do during the birth of our twins.

Odile stayed with me through my labor, c-section, and recovery. I have no regrets. She helped me stay calm and enjoy the experience.

In addition, she was the only member of my team that understood how important it was to breastfeed my baby after delivery. I was so out of it, but she held my baby to my breast when I didn't have the strength. This was the most wonderful gift she could have given me. I am still exclusively breastfeeding my son 11 weeks after his birth. 

Odile came to visit me post delivery and was supportive to my recovery and understanding of my needs and emotions. I can't thank her enough for giving me a great experience and helping me welcome my son into my life.







My husband and I decided to hire Odile, because, without external family help in town and my husband having to go back to work immediately after the birth, we thought it would help us recover! And it did! Odile is awesome: she has a French diploma and American certifications for taking care of newborn and infants. She is soft, well-educated, reliable (always on time or early) and has a magical touch to put babies to sleep. She helped us for a couple of weeks (from midnight to 6am) by taking care of the baby all night and just waking me up for breast feedings. She also did the baby's laundry and helped with keeping the baby's room organized. The additional great advantage to hire Odile was that by having a newborn expert with me, I was able to address a lot of worries and questions. Odile was great at putting to rest some of these nagging questions that we, new moms, all worry about. As an example, Odile was great at removing the fears of giving the first bath to our son. I smile now thinking back, but it was stressful when we did it for the first time. I recommend Odile completely, especially if you don't plan on having anyone to help you at home after birth.

Kristin Finkelstein


 My birth experience was everything I had hoped it would be, thanks entirely to the wonderful guidance of Odile. I gave birth in a hospital, which is not always the easiest place to have a natural birth. At almost 42 weeks, I was given pitocin to induce labor. With Odile's help, I was able to make it through the painful Pitocin contractions. Luckily they were able to turn off the Pitocin, and my labor progressed on its own without any other medical intervention. 

From the moment that I found out I was pregnant with my first child, I knew that I wanted to bring my baby in to the world with minimal interventions or medications. I wanted to feel in control of the process, and to be mentally and physically present the first time that I held my baby. 

Thanks to Odile, I was able to have the birth experience that I had hoped for. She was so calm and reassuring, and I never felt scared or overwhelmed. She helped guide me through a number of pain management techniques, all while making sure that my husband felt like he was part of the team. We were both so grateful to have her!

Giving birth to my son was the most important moment of my life, and I was so fortunate to have Odile with me that day. My birth experience gave me more confidence than I have ever had, and the "I can do anything" feeling is still with me 5 months later! 

I can never thank Odile enough for giving me the gift of a natural, peaceful and loving birth experience. I hope that I will be lucky enough to have her by my side for future birtths!





Annie Greer


We were lucky enough to find Odile for the birth of our third baby. It was my first experience with a doula and honestly I felt a little silly about seeking one out for my thrid. But oh my goodness it made all the difference. I had to rush in for an emergency c-section for my second, a birth story I most definitely had not planned on. I wanted to make sure that for my thrid and final baby I got as close as I could to the birth experience I really wished for her. I could not have done it without Odile. Thanks to her and her ever present calmness and clairty, her utter nowness, her connection to me and the birth of my baby was easy and so very genuine. I wanted a natural birth and I did have a  successful v-bac at 41 weeks and 6 days all because of the support and encouragement from Odile in the weeks before the birth and in the long hours of labor. I got the birth story I have always wanted. It was so very perfect. I would be honored to have her by my side at 100 more births and I'm positive she would bring something new and inspirational every single time. She is a treasure. 

Anne-Gaelle Heliot-Javelle


We were extremely lucky to have Odile with us for the birth of our son. We were well prepared after attending a Bradley Class, but we found that Odile's support was necessary to apply the skills we had acquired. We would never have been able to have a fully natural birth without her ideas, experience and encouragements. We will always be thankful for her dedication and friendliness through the tough experience of a particularly long labor...

Andrea Stansberry


We hired Odlie to help us with our second son.  Odile came when we got home from the hospital and worked 3-5 nights for us weekly until our son was about 4 months old.   Having Odile's support at nighttime was so important to my recovery (cesarean) and to the overall wellbeing of my entire family (husband and 4-year-old son.)  She would bring me my son to nurse through the night.  It was fantastic!  Odile has a ton of very useful wisdom about breastfeeding, schedules and sleep routines.  She also listened and empathized at some very emotionally trying and challenging times.  I would hire her again and again.  My son is sleeping through the night now but I still miss Odile and her wonderfully nurting and caring presence in my home.  Odile is like a great mix of Mom, sister, best friend, nurse, healer and psychologist!  We love her! 

Melinda Goodman


Odile is wonderful!! She was a huge support to my family, and me, and helped me to have the birth that I wanted. I would not have been able to have a natural childbirth with out Odile assisting me through the process. She assisted me both physically and mentally. She would massage my back, help me to get into more comfortable positions, and had me lean her during my contractions. Additionally, she provided constant encouragement and helped me to maintain my breathing. I had my birth at a hospital and she worked well with the hospital staff and OB and helped me to voice my desires to them. I hope to have Odile with me at the birth of my second child.

Ariana Bock


Odile was an incredible source of support and encouragement during my pregnancy, especially during labor and delivery. She is a great listener and every question or concern I had was greeted with care and compassion. She never pushed her own opinions or judgements about my pregnancy and the decisions I had to make. She offered advice when I asked and just listened when I needed her to. I wanted a doula that was objective and 100% on my side during labor and delivery and she was. I delivered naturally because she was a great coach and I trusted her completely. Odile is gentle and open-minded. She is also very knowledgeable about pregnancy and babies and turned out to be a great resource for other services, such as chiropractors and acupuncture. I almost want to have another baby so she can be there again. She truly cared about me and my family and for that I am so happy I chose Odile to help me deliver my baby.

Tiffany Perrin


Odile was absolutely amazing and we highly, highly recommend her!

My husband and I decided to use a doula since both of our families are several states away and because this was our first child so we really wanted someone there who knew what they were doing! It was important to us that our doula be kind, encouraging, supportive and understanding to both my husband and I. We didn't want it to be just about me. Odile absolutely provided this - from the first meeting it was clear that she would be an awesome support for the whole family.

Ultimately we had a somewhat complicated birth and I know that we wouldn't have made it through with smiles on our faces had it not been for Odile. Throughout Odile was a calming, confident presence. The doctor, nurses and my husband were all reassuring but I knew the medical staff had a vested interest in telling me everything was ok and my husband, bless his heart, had no idea if things were really ok or not! So I kept turning to Odile for the reassurance and information I needed. 

When our daughter was finally born it was clear that Odile was as overjoyed as my husband and I. It sounds weird but Odile really ended up feeling like family! We would be more than happy to provide greater detail on our experience with Odile if it would be helpful. She's amazing and we're so, so grateful to have had her be a part of our daughter's arrival.

Stephanie Schilling


We loved working with Odile! She was an invaluable support to both my husband and I during my labor, making sure we were working as a team and always offering guidance and encouragement. We would recommend her as a birth doula to anyone.

Shanna Russ


 Odile supported me in my birth in exactly the way I needed. Things went differently than I expected, but she was able to adapt to my changing needs beautifully. I had a wonderful birth experience, in large part because of Odile, and I couldn't recommend her more. She's a fabulous doula.

Emily Fisher


I knew I wanted a doula at my child's birth, even though I had a midwife (they perform separate services - midwife delivers the baby and does medical things; doula supports the mom). When I spoke with Odile I felt immediately comfortable with her and her birth philosophy  - essentially, you never know until you get to the birth what you will feel like or what you will need, at which point parents and support people should be open to different options. She was supportive of the things my husband and I wanted (minimal medical intervention if possible, but the potential for epidural or other medical comfort measures if necessary). She was supportive and reassuring in the weeks as we prepared for the birth, checking in with emails every so often and offering to talk by phone or in person if I wanted to. After the birth she kept in contact and came by for a visit to help with breastfeeding and check on my recovery. The day of my son's birth my husband and I were already at the hospital when I knew I was in labor (we had a previously scheduled appointment). Odile came right down when we called, arriving at 1 pm and staying right by my side until after the birth and all the procedures after (about 6 pm - yes, it was a fast labor. No epidural - there wasn't time!). She was so supportive and helpful, encouraging me when I needed encouragement, suggesting different comfort measures, and offering my husband suggestions for what he could do to help me. She was especially supportive while I was being stiched up afteward, which was more painful and took longer than I had expected. I think going through labor and delivery and the aftermath would have been much scarier and much more difficult without her.  I felt like she truly cared about me, my husband, and my baby.  I would highly recommend Odile to anyone looking for caring support through the final stages of pregnancy, labor, delivery and post partum.

Sara Russell


 I am normally a very private person and was not interested in having anyone other than my husband in the delivery room, but after meeting with Odile just to 'test the waters' I was 100% on board for having her there on our big day. Odile is such a sweet, kindhearted person and fully supported every decision we made along the way. Her son was due to graduate from high school the day our little girl was born, and she missed it because she promised she would be by our side to help us! She listened very well to everything we wanted, even to those things we didn't vocalize. I would absolutely recommend her to anyone and everyone looking for a doula.

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