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Martha Widing

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Brookline, MA Service range 25 miles Parking


Postpartum Rate


Postpartum Rate


Postpartum Doula Experience

10 years

Doula Training

  • Childbirth and Postpartum Professional Association (CAPPA), July 2017

Type of practice: Solo practice

Clients per month: 1 to 4

College Education


Special Services Offered

  • American Red Cross First Aid and CPR
  • Babywearing education
  • Childbirth education services
  • Lactation consultant/counselor services
  • Virtual and remote doula support

Brookline, MA Service range 25 miles Parking

Client Testimonials for Martha Widing

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Martha Widing was a huge asset and I am so thankful to have worked with her. We used Martha for pre-birth classes and as a post-partum doula (primarily at night).  She was an invaluable resource.  Martha was a wealth of knowledge and either knew the answer to every question we had, or was able to refer us to a top notch expert.  Martha was also so so sweet with our daughter and we felt 100% secure with trusting her with our daughters care.  She’s honesty such a treasure.



I have only positive things to say about Martha, who has helped us as a postpartum doula.

In terms of her character, Martha has a reassuring and confident aura about her. She listens to her clients, gives advice or shares resources when asked, and draws from years of experience raising her own children and working as a doula.

In her role as our doula, Martha has been punctual, professional, and dependable. She values our rest as much as the baby’s, and the nights she is with us are as rejuvenating as possible. When she is not soothing, changing, or bringing us the baby, she is tidying up the house or even cooking for us, which makes the next morning that much easier.

In sum, I have always felt incredibly comfortable leaving my son in her hands. She is a caring and very warm soul who goes above and beyond because she loves what she does. Thanks for everything!

Ellie Drawas


With the birth of our first baby, I had no idea what a post-partum doula could do for me. Nobody I knew had ever worked with one, and I figured the help of family and friends would be enough. I am so, SO glad we made the decision to get support, and beyond lucky to have found Martha!

Martha is the whole package – kind and supportive, super hard working and extremely knowledgeable about babies, childcare, parenting, and any relevant topic in between – from breastfeeding, to mental health to postpartum exercise,

In addition to completely taking care of me – preparing delicious food, doing laundry, making sure I was hydrated and giving me precious time to sleep and shower, Martha didn’t just help care for my newborn, she taught me invaluable skills of how to take care of my baby as a (pretty clueless) first time mom: How to breastfeed, how to decipher her cries and understand her needs, and how to deal with the multitude of unexpected issues that I wasn’t even aware could affect new moms and their babies.

Her guidance, encouragement, and wisdom increased my confidence in my ability to take care of a newborn baby and removed much of the anxiety of becoming a first-time parent, which allowed me to focus on enjoying this special time with my daughter.

I cannot say enough wonderful things about Martha. She sets the bar really high and is more than just a doula – she is a trusted advisor and now, a dear friend. Looking back, I cannot imagine how we would have gotten through the first few days, weeks and months without her. In fact, now at 4+ months postpartum and being back at work for over a month, I still cannot “let go” of Martha and continue to seek her help with our family on a weekly basis.



Martha came to help us when we were in a very tough place postpartum.  My baby was about six weeks old, I was struggling with post partum depression, not feeling well and my husband was sick.  She just jumped right in and supported us how we needed. — which meant practical help around the house,  help caring for our baby so I could rest and support for me both emotionally and practically.   She helped us both during the day and overnight.  She was wonderful and nurturing with my baby girl and I felt very comfortable with her in Martha’s care while I napped or took a shower.  Martha ended up helping us for about a month and half, and I really don’t know how we would have gotten through it without her support!  I would absolutely recommend Martha for someone looking for postpartum support.

Ilana Seidmann


I cannot say enough wonderful things about Martha. She happily and without asking does anything and everything you would need as a new mom- holding the baby while you take a nap, preparing a delicious lunch, getting the baby to stop crying, laundry, dishes, toy pick-up; not to mention, general advice about mother's wellness, getting the baby to sleep, breastfeeding, swaddling, bath time, even dealing with issues such as helping you find a nanny and what to do with your older child's art projects. She gives fantastic advice on baby products that have proven helpful, and she will accompany you to the doctor's office/grocery store/drugstore so that you don't have to worry about the baby during an appointment or errand. She has also been helpful in allowing my husband and I to spend time together without the baby. She is always cheerful and happy and eager to help you, and she will offer judgment-free advice and gentle suggestions that will allow you to be be your best self. She is a true newborn expert and remarkable at getting baby to calm down and to go to sleep! My life as a mom of "2 under 2" would have been vastly more difficult without her-- I don't even want to imagine it! If you are remotely considering getting a postpartum doula, I would advise calling Martha and not looking back- I promise you will be thankful!

Kerianne Panos


Three weeks after my son was born, I fel that I really needed extra help and support.  I wasn't sure what I needed, so I started looking online and found Martha's website.  From the moment I heard her voice, I knew that she was the right person to help me through the first few weeks of motherhood.  Her kindness, compassion and many years of experience both as a doula and a mother immediately put me at ease.  From the first day I met her, she provided me with great tips on how to better interact with my son, and most importantly, helped me through the first few weeks of breastfeeding when things weren't going well.  She was a reassuring and kind presence whenever she was with us and she guided both of us through a few very rocky and challenging weeks.  

Three months later, my son is thriving and I'm really enjoying motherhood.  As I prepare to go back to work, I'm confident in my abilities as a mother, thanks in large part to the support and advice from Martha.  Having someone be available by text or phone at anytime relieved my fears and gave me the knowledge I needed to take of my son.  She took time outside of our regular meetings to answer my questions, and when I was going through my most difficult period, she was there for me whenever I needed her.  Both my son and I will really miss seeing Martha every week, but I know she'll always be around if I have any questions or need parenting advice.  She's a wonderful person and truly a gift for moms and families!

Lily Altstein


Martha helped me overnight with my third baby. She is a wonderful, caring person. I relaxed from the moment I saw her because I knew that my baby and I were in experienced, gentle and calm hands. Martha has so much experience with mothers and babies, and she is very much dedicated to her clients success -- not just to get babies sleeping well but also to care for mom, dad, other siblings, the home, etc. She is an extremely hardworking and trustworthy person. I would be happy to speak directly with any families considering working with Martha.

kruti thakkar


Martha was a godsend for us! I was in a pinch after an unexpected postpartum complication. I was bedridden and in an absolute moment of desperation went online to find help. I cold called another Doula who refered Martha. I spoke to her that same night and felt an instant connection. I so looked forward to her coming over to help the next day. The first thing I felt when I met her was - She is compassionate, organized and someone who I could trust my baby with. Those were very important components. My husband also felt extremely comfortable with her. Martha helped us with me, baby, Laundry, organizing our home and our somewhat disoriented life and most of all emotional support for me. She really felt like a friend i could talk to as I lay in bed from these complications.

I would recommend Martha many times over to anyone who is thinking of getting a Doula. More than anything else, you want to be able to trust the person entering your life and home and helping take care of your baby and we felt that instantly with her! I am more than happy to refer Martha to anyone who is considering getting her help.  

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