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Greta Long Doula Care Services

Lowell, AR Service range 25 miles

Birth Fee

$800 to $1000

Birth Fee

$800 to $1000

Birth Doula Experience

8 years and 55 births attended

Doula Training

  • Self-trained, July 2014

Type of practice: Solo practice

Clients per month: 2

Attends hospital births? All Hospitals
While at the hospital, I will support you fully and provide you with comfort measure options as much as I can and am allowed to do. I will work together with you and the hospital staff to fulfill the birth plan that we planned and discussed if possible.

Attends birth center births? All Birth Centers
At the birth center, I will support you fully and provide you with comfort measure options as much as I can. I will work together with you and the staff to fulfill the birth plan that we planned and discussed if at all possible.

Attends home births? Any Home Birth
This is my specialty and where I feel I can serve you the best! There is more freedom in the home setting at times and I have more access to comfort measures here.

Special Services Offered

  • First Aid and CPR
  • Military families support

Relevant volunteer or advocacy work

In order to learn about being a doula, a monitrice and a birth assistant, I have volunteered my time for four years and worked beside 30 birthing mothers as well as other experienced professionals in this field. I have worked hundreds of hours going to prenatal visits. attending births as well as attending to the mothers in postpartum care along with workshops and online courses. I would love to share with you more in person about my experience! Please email, text or call me for more information.

Languages Spoken

  • English

Fee Details

The basic package includes prenatal visits (minimum of 3 visits), labor and delivery and a postpartum visit. I’m on call during the prenatal time period and during the first week of postpartum. Once one week of postpartum is over, my services end unless you specify continuation of care. If you choose the advanced package for postpartum care, I will provide in-home care after the delivery (laundry, cooking, dishes) while you recover. The cost of food is not included. I can also assist you with personal self-care, herbal baths, breastfeeding support and overall helping you get to know your new baby. I really like to support first time mothers! I want to see them succeed at breastfeeding and/or confidently care for their newborn. Please contact me to discuss your needs and for a free consultation to see if we are a good match!

Service Area

Lowell, AR Service range 25 miles

Client Testimonials for Greta Long

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Kayleigh Thompson


Greta was amazing! From our first meeting to after our baby was here, Greta was there for us. I appreciated her meeting with me prior to delivery, being available via text or phone, and preparing us for childbirth. I had a hospital birth and Greta was there from the very beginning even before I got admitted at 4:00 AM. Although my labor and delivery did not go as expected, I could not have made the progress I did without her. I'll never forget her placing warm compresses on my back to relieve my terrible back pain. I highly recommend Greta!

Taylor Smith


We hired Greta when we thought we were going to do a hospital birth but then we decided to do a home birth! She helped us prepare so much, giving us information that we didn't know with our first baby! When labor started she was there so quickly and was immediately working so hard to get everyone what they needed the entire time. She applied counter pressure to my back with hot rags without anyone asking her - it was such relief to me! 
I love Greta and am so blessed that God directed us to her. 

Katie Roetzel


My husband and I decided very last minute to hire a doula for our home birth, and we were so so thankful we were able to hire Greta! She's usually booked but thanks to vacation scheduling, it all worked out! Our midwife recommended her because of positive experiences she had with her at other births and our shared Christian faith.
Even with her busy schedule, she made time to meet with us twice in the last 2 weeks leading up to our due date, and checked in regularly between meet ups. Meeting ahead of time helped us get comfortable with each other and learn helpful comfort measures before the big day!

One thing I really loved about Greta is that she wanted to be at the birth as soon as possible, so she could help us settle in before things got too intense. 
My birth ended up being fast and intense, and Greta rushed over as fast as she could when I asked her to come. She immediately helped with comfort measures and intuitively knew what to do, even though I was too far into labor to give any feedback or direction. She also coached my husband on how to help me. She was willing to help in truly any way we needed, from getting supplies for the midwife, heating up food, making phone calls, you name it! 
She stayed for hours after the birth cleaning up, making sure we were taken care of. She even deflated and dried out the birth pool without being asked, by hand, so we could rest. 
She continued to check on us in the following days, both in person and through text. She was willing to help around the house and answer questions I had.
She was funny and personable during our interactions before birth, is a wonderful Christian women, and worked SO hard to make me as comfortable as possible during and after our birth! We're so thankful for her!!!



As a first time mom, I couldn't imagine going through this process without Greta. My husband and I could not recommend her enough! He was skeptical at the idea of a doula and now tells every dad to be to look into it. Greta made us both feel comfortable by getting to know us during the birth class process. When I was diagnosed with gestational hypertension she talked me through specialist visits and the scary unknown of my recommended induction. Delivery day she helped to keep us calm by her positive, compassionate demeanor. She helped support us in our breast feeding journey, which was difficult but still going strong 6 months later. None of this would of been possible without her support! If we ever decide to have another, Greta will be my first call!



If you are looking for a motherly, friendly, caring, loving, selfless, supporter, and Godly Doula then Greta Long is your person! I knew immediately after meeting her that I wanted her to be my Doula for my first home birth. She went above and beyond to build a strong and comfortable relationship before my birth so that when that time came I could trust her completely and did not feel uncomfortable in any way. She knew exactly what I wanted to happen during my birth and made those wishes come true and gave me the most beautiful birthing experience. I am so thankful to have had her and if we were planning to have more babies I would without a doubt choose her again. You are in good hands with sweet Greta!


Annie Samaniego


Peace Maker

I could not recommend Greta enough to be your doula. As first time parents, she helped us Dee so confident in the life change that was happening for us by providing birthing classes before we had our baby girl. She was so personal as well and wanted to know us as people before anything, because being involved in a birth is a very intimate thing. During our home birth, we stalled out for quite awhile, and she never showed signs of panic or fear but instead brought a peace and confidence that my husband and I needed. She cheered us on, was everything we needed and more during the labor, and afterwards made us a meal and cleaned our home for us so we felt so at ease. Even after birth, she checked on me frequently, even making a late night home visit after a call from me concerning breastfeeding and my worried mom self. She is a gift to all those she is in contact with and the best way I can describe her in the midst of a hectic, intense labor is a peace maker. We love her and hope to have her with us with all of our births to come. 



As soon as I found out I was pregnant I wanted to have a natural labor and to prepare for labor we decided to find a doula. When we interviewed Greta we felt a connection. We shared the same passion for our faith and her character was very outgoing, which I wanted in the labor room. Greta brought over books to prepare for labor and we did some education. She was with us since we checked into the hospital all the way until the baby was delivered (it was a LONG time). We were close to having a c-setion and we didn't receive a whole lot attention from nurses at that specific time and the clock was ticking. Thankfully Greta was on our side and used the rebozo technique where we were able to move our little boys head in the right direction. I am positive if it wasn't for Greta's presence, coaching and assistance we would have had a c-section. We are very thankful and it is worth the investment.



My experience with Greta was nothing short of exceptional. I wasn't a new mom but a new to the "natural birthing process" mom. I had some questions and anxieties about the process and all that was involved. Greta's knowledge and understanding was such a comfort and blessing for my husband and I. She was always there for any questions or pep talks leading up to the birth and never made us feel like a bother or silly for asking the simplest of questions. She made sure we were prepared for the marathon of birthing our baby and I felt confident going into it. The day our baby arrived was an amazing experience and Greta's service to us helped make that experience perfect! She was right there beside me, helping me along and coaching me for what stage we were in and preparing me for what would happen next! She was helping me to remember to relax, bringing me things that made me comfortable, laughing, crying, and moaning with me.  She helped my husband just as much and was right alongside us both.  It was a long process but her drive and determination helped me through some of my hardest moments. She believes in the process and her clients and her strength helped me when I felt like I couldn't go any further. Her services are truly exceptional and anyone that hires her as a doula for their birth will be abundantly blessed by her encouragement and amazing personality. She is there for you before, during, and after and I highly recommend her for your birth experience. You will NOT be disappointed!!

Kathryn Armas


Greta was a great doula during my birth and overall a super friendly person to have beside you in such an important time. My birth was during COVID so we weren't allowed to have family by my side in the hospital. My husband and Greta were only allowed in. Unfortunate as that was, Greta made up for that gap. She came when I called her, even when it was three in the morning! She applied pressure to my back, kept encouraging me during contractions as well as after, and helped wherever she could. I would definitely recommend her to anyone I know! If only she was a midwife now! That would be amazing. Overall, if you are going to be spending money in this area, Greta definitely will make every penny count during labor. 

Sydney W


I’m so grateful to have had Greta on my birth team. As a first time mom, she took the pressure off of my husband and me needing to remember the phases of birth and different positions to use to alleviate pain.  Because Greta knows the ins and outs of the birthing process, I could focus on relaxing and enjoying the process. Greta provided amazing care and expertise well before delivery and postpartum too. She has a calm and caring demeanor. Greta is an exceptional doula and I highly recommend hiring her.



Greta was an essential part of my pregnancy and birth. She was exactly what I needed her to be and then some. She’s the calm in the chaos and the light in the dark. I would highly recommend her to anyone, but especially first time mommas. Enternally grateful for everything Greta did for us leading up to, during, and after the birth of our son. 

Valarie Chin-A-Sen


My husband and I are so very grateful to Greta and absolutely trust and recommend her. My husband travels for work and I was in dire need for help as a new mom without a support network. Being a new mom can be very isolating and no book prepares you adequately. Her help was so critical for me through the first few months postpartum and in preparing me to go back to work.

My husband was connected with Greta for postpartum doula services through recommendation. From the beginning we were very impressed with her professionalism and warmness. She took wonderful nurturing care of my son while I could catch up on much needed sleep and she was happy to help with light cleaning and laundry. It was wonderful to know my son was safe with Greta and was being taught new skills and experiences. But moreover she and I talked and I learned from her. Her knowledge and mentorship absolutely helped me to take better care of my son and my postpartum healing, emotions, and breastfeeding and know-how to be ready for the future once my son was in daycare. She taught me natural ways of boosting my immunity and taking care of a sick child and pointers for continuing my breastfeeding journey while working.

Her genuine care and concern for moms and their babes is so heartfelt. Any mom would be lucky to have Greta in their life.

Thank you Greta!



The circumstances of my labor left me in unexpected need of extra help. Greta immediately dropped everything to come be there for me. It was a relief to have her in my home. Her presence and assitance created a calm, relaxing environment to labor in. She worked long hours to help in the delivery of my darling son. I am forever grateful and honored to recommend her to anyone who wants to have a sweet birth experience. She is wonderful.

Meredith Barr


I had the unique experience of having Greta's help from another state. I unexpectedly pregnant with my first and was a little uneasy and very unknowledgeable. I've known Greta a while so I reached out with a few questions. I will never forget how much peace came over me after speaking with Greta just once. She is very knowledgeble and helpful in every part of the whole process. Anytime I texted her with a question she would call me right away to talk me through it. She was so helpful from afar, I cannot imagine how amazing it woud be to have her at the birth. She was also very helpful postpartum. She really has a gift for this and I would HIGHLY recommend her to anyone in Northwest Arkansas. She is amazing! 

Kali Campbell


Greta was a source of encouragement, knowledge and strength to me throughout my pregnancy and birth. She offered sound advice and answered many of my questions regarding the birthing process. As a first-time mom, Greta’s services were instrumental in helping me to feel prepared for birth. She was present during my labor, providing me with multiple comfort measures which were effective leading up to the birth of my son. Greta also remained a valuable resource in the weeks following the birth to answer questions as I began the journey of motherhood. I highly recommend Greta’s services as a Doula!



My experience with Greta was a special one. She is a dear friend of mine and has been for years now, so when my midwife told me she was going to be attending our prenatal appointments and assisting in our birth, I was ecstatic! My prenatal started later than most- around 16 weeks- but since this was my fourth pregnancy/delivery, I kind of knew the ropes and everything was going smoothly. So when our first appointment actually took place, I was very impressed with Greta and how in tune she was with the whole process. She is the kindest, most genuine and attentive human I’ve met and I knew she would fit in perfectly to the environment I had planned for our delivery. I did not, however, know just HOW intricate her role would be until a few weeks later. 

At 18 weeks, I miscarried our sweet girl. It was the hardest labor and delivery I have ever been through in every way possible. Greta, however was amazing. She took care of me in ways I didn’t even know I needed. She was gentle and intentional and encouraging through it all. Even when my body was refusing to fully let go and we were all waiting for hours on end for everything to completely release- Greta was there. Even after everything transpired and we were all exhausted, Greta was there, cleaning up and making sure we were all okay before she left. Even for days afterward, she was there, calling us and checking on us to see if there was anything we needed. She. Was. Amazing! 

When you choose Greta as your doula, you’re getting so much more than just a’re getting an amazing human being that truly and genuinely cares about YOU. 

Kara Armas


Greta is amazing. She has a way of making you feel so comfortable. She is a calming presence during labor. She came into My labor and immediately figured out what would help me get through the next contraction. When the contractions intensified, she figured out what would help me continue on. She communicates in a loving way to get you the help you need in all phases of labor. She is also good with family members, making everyone feel comfortable. I honestly don’t think I could have had a natural birth without her. She was a God sent!

Jenny Holden


Greta is a rock. We cannot say enough good things about her! She geuinely cares for the people she assists. We were first time parents; and we cannot say enough how much we appreciated her help through a very scarey time. She is patient and sweet. God sent her our way and we are very thankful He did. You'll love her!

Jessica Kramer


Greta Long was absolutely wonderful! She is very kind and thoughtful. She was at my side every time I needed her, asking if there was anything I needed  and how I was doing during my birthing process. Greta was very calm and encouraging, the perfect qualities and personality for those assisting in child birth. I was so blessed to have Greta with us during our latest home birth. She was very pleasant and assisted in all my needs. She is very friendly and talking with her during labor gave me joy and put my mind at ease. She is very professional and orderly. I would highly recommend her to anyone in search of a doula!

Sharla Beauford


I highly recommend Greta! She is a great person and someone you immediately feel comfortable with! She worked by my side the whole time I was in labor! Never missed a contraction. She was always right there ready to put hot compresses on or get me to another position. She did Whatever she could to keep me comfortable and didn’t stop working until I was done. She is wonderful!

Jessica Kiehn


I asked Greta to be a doula at my birth because I could just tell from seeing her here and there that she is steady, smart, and quick. She’s zero drama, makes it all about you and never about her or anyone else. She’s smart and calm, gentle and kind. I absolutely LOVED having her at my birth. Anything I needed- she was already handing it to me or working on it. I’d recommend her over and over again to anyone. I also loved that she’s had her own experience having 2 home births (to huge baby boys!) so she really knows what you’re going through. She played such a huge part of my home birth being an amazing success with only the best memories!

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