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Jessica Dixon Easter (CD)DONA, bPE

Abounding Grace Birth Services, LLC

Antioch, TN Service range 60 miles

Birth Fee


Black Doula

Birth Fee


Birth Doula Experience

5 years and 140 births attended

Birth Doula Certifications

  • DONA International - Certified Birth Doula

Doula Training

  • DONA International-Approved Workshop, February 2018

Type of practice: Solo practice

Clients per month: 4 to 6

Attends hospital births? All Hospitals

Attends birth center births? All Birth Centers

Attends home births? Any Home Birth
No medically unassisted births. Non-smoking homes only. No wild animals/reptiles.

College Education


Special Services Offered

  • Acupressure
  • Aromatherapy
  • Childbirth education services
  • Lactation consultant/counselor services
  • Photography - Birth
  • Placenta encapsulation
  • Prenatal or postnatal massage
  • Satellite doula (for remote and rural clients)
  • Virtual and remote doula support

Training Documentation


Relevant volunteer or advocacy work

Marquee Whose Whose of America, National Black Doulas Association Founding Member (Tennessee)

Languages Spoken

  • English

Fee Details

Deluxe Doula Package includes • 2 private FaceTime Nutrition appointments + Nutrition Guide (pre & postnatal) • 2 In-home prenatal appointments • Assistance with birth options • On Call doula at 37 weeks • Labor & Delivery support + Immediate Postpartum Support + Backup Doula • Lactation support (within scope of practice) • 2 Postpartum in-home visits w/in 2 weeks after the birth (optional) • Pathways of preparation for your postpartum period • 24/7 Email/Text/Phone & FaceTime support for up to 4 weeks postpartum (if needed). MULTIPLE PACKAGES AVAILABLE including Virtual Doula Support ($150/month) with 3 month minimum

Service Area

Antioch, TN Service range 60 miles

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Ashley Phillips


I honestly could not have made it through the process of birthing my second child without Jessica. She is such a gifted doula and provided the exact support I needed to accomplish a successful VBAC. If you are at all considering hiring her, just do it! You will not regret it.

Adasia Jones


Jessica is an AMAZING Doula!! She is so supportive and informative, easy to talk to and get along with, GOD FEARING, and all around just a wonderful person. She advocated and was there for me in the best possible way and it resulted in me having a fantastic birth with NO epidural and NO medical interventions! If you’re hesitating let this be your sign to stop debating on it and book her. You won’t regret it!



I would highly recommend Jessica. She is very knowledgeable, and was extremely instrumental in the confidence I had going into labor. I felt empowered and well equipped for the big day. What I love the most about Jessica is the fact that she is a believer. We prayed together throughout my pregnancy, and God granted me my hearts desire. She also captured the most precious moments of my delivery, which I will cherish forever. If you are looking for a doula look no further. She is by far the best.

Jarett Collins


Firstly, I’d like to thank Jessica. There aren’t enough words to say how amazing she is. Having our Doula during the birth of our daughter made me feel like I wasn’t alone. Here presence and help put me at ease and comforted me in a way that I never thought that I needed. She helped encourage/comfort my wife when she felt like giving up. Her words of affirmation and prayer helped immensely and I am forever grateful.. She was attentive, caring, and patient. I felt more informed/prepared for the birthing experience. She went through different techniques such as proper dieting, massages, what sounds and light sources work best during the birthing process, and managing stress. If we ever had questions, she was always available. To all of the men our there, I strongly suggest getting a Doula. Our Doula gave me the opportunity to be more present and enjoy the moment. Jessica made sure of that by taking most of the stress off of our plate so that we can fully enjoy giving birth. Giving birth is a wonderful life changing event that should be enjoyed. I wish we would’ve hired a Doula with our first 2 children. I give this service a 5 star rating!



Goodness, there’s not enough good things I can say about Jessica! Her level of professionalism is beyond superb. At first, I was on the fence about getting a doula. I didn’t think we would actually need one…..I WAS wrong. Before the delivery of my daughter, Jessica was available to answer all questions I had concerning pregnancy experience (mind you…this is my third child, but I felt like a first time mom because it’s been so long), she was very encouraging throughout the entire process, and she made me feel calm when it mattered the most. 

My delivery was chaotic and Jessica’s presence alone brought me peace. Her gentle words of affirmation, encouragement, and positivity really did calm the storm that was raging internally. She was right there providing me with a drink before I could even ask for it. She brought comfort to my husband and help take the load off of his shoulders so he could be present in the moment. I am forever grateful for Jessica! Having her as my doula was definitely the BEST decision and I encourage all the moms to hire her. You won’t regret it…not a bit! I didn’t. 

Evelyn Hidalgo


My husband & I needed to hire a doula last minute and found Jessica through a google search. We didn’t even have time to meet her before I went into labor and she ended up being the BEST person for the job! She was the sweetest most encouraging person! She guided me through labor every step of the way and brought so much peace as a first time mom who had no idea what to expect with birth. She made me feel confident, empowered and she even helped my husband feel at peace when things didn’t go as planned. Definitely recommend her and her team! We can’t wait to hire her for our next baby ♥?

Erica S


I feel so blessed to have found Jessica and that I was able to have her be a part of my pregnancy and the birth of my sweet baby. She helped me to feel seen and heard and was a constant support from our very first meeting. I felt equipped with the tools I needed to bring my baby into the world on my terms. She gave my husband the information and knowledge he needed to be the best labor partner ever. I had to be induced due to baby being growth restricted. Jessica made sure I was aware of the options I had while still prioritizing mine and baby’s health. The information she shared with me during my pregnancy allowed me to still have the, pain medicine free, birth I desired. She’s amazing and has a wonderful gift.



Abounding Grace Services is amazing and my doula, Jessica was nothing short of a blessing. I had a difficult labor and my birth plan got flipped upside down. Jessica stayed calm and supportive the entire way thru which was about 72 hours of labor and she stayed at the hospital with me for 24 hours straight with no sleep. She stayed attentive to me and my partner and was a true spiritual prayer warrior. If you’re looking for someone who extends past just the duties of their job and provides you what you NEED look no further! I can truly say I would not have made it thru all that I did without her. It actually terrifies me to think if she was not there and what would have happened. My natural birth plan may have not gone as how I wanted it to but the outcome of my labor was nothing short of a miracle and I have Jessica and God to thank for that. Thank you, Abounding Grace Services. ??

Domanek Jackson


Jessica literally could not have done a better job. She sets the standard for what a doula is. She was a pivotal part of us having only 5 hours of labor with NO medical intervention, NO tearing, NO complications and NO fear. We experienced a supernatural childbirth because Jessica helped usher this in. All glory to GOD!!

K K Chavis


Jessica is sweet, calm-inducing, professional (while somehow feeling like you've always known her personally), she is smart and capable, and a special addition to any birth. Though I had a scheduled C-section, when things took a surprise turn, she was such a PEACEFUL presence that my husband and I needed. My husband says he doesn't want to have a baby without her.

If you're questioning the investment, this is your sign: CALL HER TODAY. You won't regret it, as a matter of fact you and your family will be thanking God for bringing her to your attention. Oh yeah...that too, she carries a such a sweet and comforting presence that you know for sure is God, in a way that is so special.

Andrea King


Jessica was such a calming and encouraging presence for me right from the start. The education she provided was so valuable and I'm especially grateful she was able to provide me with direction on how to get relief from my prodromal labor, after 5 sleepless nights of false labor contractions. Her advice worked the day I implemented it! After that, I especially felt confident going into my birth knowing she'd be by my side. 

My labor came on quick and she rushed to the hospital to be there for us. It was such an incredible experience and largely due to the safety I felt in having her there. I was able to stay calm with her encouragement which helped me look at the contractions as intense but not painful- something I wasn't able to achieve during my last birth when I didn't have her. 

To anyone on the fence about choosing Jessica to be your doula, do it!! You won't regret it!

Destiny Mercer


It is so difficult to put into words how much of a blessing Jessica was to me and my husband during my labor and delivery experience. My husband and I planned for a natural/unmedicated birth and knew we would benefit from having the support of a doula. When I found Jessica, I was so encouraged by her heart and passion for serving mothers in their birth experience. Leading up to delivery, I was growing more anxious about birth and Jessica was faithful to encourage me with truth and point me back to Jesus. When I was finally in labor, Jessica’s presence brought so much peace, confidence, encouragement, and strength to me. She made sure my husband was involved and never made him feel like he was being replaced as my birth partner. Not only is she incredibly knowledgeable about how to labor effectively, but she is a calming presence that blesses everyone she comes in contact with. I truly could not have made it through my intense labor and delivery without her wisdom, prayers, and comfort.

Julia Gentry


Jessica gave us so much peace and confidence going into our first birth. She invested a lot of time with us during our prenatal visits going over relaxation techniques and taught us the double hip squeeze along with other coping skills.

I had so many friends who didn’t invest in a doula with their first pregnancy, but did on their 2nd pregnancy. It seemed worth it to me to do whatever I could the first time around to have a positive experience–and thanks be to God, we did! Hiring Jessica took so much pressure off of my husband and I. We rested in the fact that ultimately we wouldn’t have to bear the weight of remembering every single technique and skill all alone because we would have her by our side!

We had a pretty quick first time labor, and Jessica brought a calm, knowledgeable and reassuring presence to our home and gave my husband total peace during what could have otherwise been a very chaotic situation. Things really ramped up quickly and while we were still at home, I felt my body involuntarily pushing! While my husband rapidly finished packing the car, Jessica massaged my back and helped me stay calm.

She remained so calm while helping us get out the door and in the car. When we got to the hospital, Jessica was at my head, encouraging me and helping me breathe, and my husband was squeezing my hips for every contraction. We delivered the baby 4 pushes later in triage only 17 minutes after arriving at the hospital! We also loved the time she spent with us in the hospital postpartum, helping us with breastfeeding and taking our first family photos together!

I attribute so much of how straightforward and peaceful the whole experience was to the time we spent preparing with Jessica. When the time came, we were ready. We’re so grateful to say God blessed us with a healthy baby boy, a beautiful birth story and a new friend in our doula Jessica! Hire her and you will not be disappointed!

Lauren Ruben


My experience with Jessica was beyond my expectations. She’s professional, relatable, and so comforting. Labor was intense but once Jessica arrived I felt supported and empowered. I definitely recommend her for all of your doula needs. You’ll be in great hands. She is truly a blessing!

Sara + Shawn


Jessica was exactly what I needed in a birth doula. When I found out I was expecting our third son, life was busy with 2 toddlers, and I didn't get around to booking the doula we had worked with twice before until it was too late. Fortunately, she recommended Jessica, and I'm FOREVER grateful. From the minute I met Jessica, I knew she was special -- she radiates joy and an inner peace. After 2 quick and "easy" labors, I was prepared for something similar the third time around. Instead, Baby Boy was 12 days late! Those last weeks (and labor itself) proved to be very challenging. Jessica was worth her weight in gold during many moments of doubt and anxiety. She knew just what to do, say and pray to help bring me comfort and peace. She was incredible support to me and my husband throughout labor and delivery. I cannot recommend her enough! / Thank you, Jessica, for following where the Spirit leads you and to sharing love with all of these mamas. You are such a gift!

Jovan Richardson


Please do not hesitate to book Jessica as a doula! Her services during my labor were absolutely stellar. My daughter came a week early so Jessica was actually my back up doula. I was a bit anxious as this was my first labor and delivery, but she was so professional and her energy was so warm and welcoming. I felt comfortable with her instantly. She coached me so well through contractions, helping me with breathing correctly and implementing various techniques to manage pain and aid labor (ie. birthing ball, hip rotation, aroma therapy, music etc.) So many things stood out with Jessica. She really made me feel empowered during labor and helped me with my confidence. She consistently encouraged me through contractions and gave me compliments on my strength and stamina. It was a huge help for me mentally. As a first time mom I really needed that comfort. She was also so attentive to my needs throughout the entire process. She made sure the doctor and nursing staff was aware of key requests in my birth plan, and asked clarifying questions. She also made sure I was hydrated in between contractions and used cold compresses on my forehead. My labor was a bit lengthy at over 33 hours and Jessica was with me through it all. Her support, service and positivity during my process was constant and I cannot say enough about her. I kept saying over and over duirng my labor that I was so thankful for her. She truly helped make my birthing experience a postive one and one I'll never forget. Jessica is amazing and any mom would be lucky to have her!

Tajanel Goodwin


Jessica is the truth!! She actually DELIVERED our baby girl unexpectedly last week. I had a Doula with my first child and this experience had surpassed that one, but for her to be so knowledgeable, Holy Spirit led, passionate and understanding, this has been a priceless experience. Once again, my at-home-delivery was not planned, but because of how prepared my body was to have my baby, my contractions came quickly. I started laboring @4am, we called her around 6:30am and my baby was here by 8:40am.

From our first consultation, Jessica has been honest and has shown she wants what’s best for the person. Even after hiring and meeting her for the first time, she seemed real and genuine. I’m an athlete at heart and the things we would discuss, I made it a point to do exactly what was asked of me. I even added a few things to my routines and as a result, my baby girl came exactly one week early, in our home, with the greatest support system around. Throughout my labor she made decisions, on my behalf, that she knew I wanted as well. She worked extremely well with my husband and did phenomenal at preparing him as well. She told me exactly what I needed to feel safe and empowered during the most critical time of my life. Jessica spoke life into me during delivery, she never left my side after delivery and now we have a different, more spiritual, bond.

I can’t thank this woman enough. If you can book her, do it! If you are not in the area, I will always suggest getting a Doula. I’m so grateful to have had positive experiences with both of my pregnancies and knowing I made the decision to hire someone to help me.

Honestly, this experience has given me the confidence to have a planned, natural, at-home delivery for our next child. I can literally write a book about this mind blowing experience, but I just want to say thank you Jessica, I am forever grateful!

Anna Sudberry


Jessica made such a major difference in my birth experience! I didn’t know much about doulas but I did know I wasn’t very prepared for the birth of my first child. Jessica met with me many times during my pregnancy, sent me affirmations, called me regularly to check on me, and was always there for support and questions. When my water broke early at 35 weeks with no contractions l, she talked me through going to the hospital and met me and my husband there, helping us in a situation where we were totally panicked - and for that alone I’ll be forever grateful. I ended up leaving the hospital and coming back that night, and once again Jessica was there, helping me labor, helping me know what to do and what to expect. She helped me breathe and my labor was about 4-5 hours! She walked me through my fear and my husband even said she was the best choice we could have made. The hospital staff even commented on how great she was. So grateful for her care and highly recommend her to any expectant mom - especially first time moms like me who don’t know what to expect.

Niiajia W.


If I could give Jessica 10 stars, I'd want to give her 20! Since I first spoke to Jessica, I knew she was the doula for me. I contacted her via her website and got a phone call from her within the next 24 hours. In that phone call, I expressed my wants and concerns about labor – Jessica provided me with additional resources (including from possible "business competitors") that aligned with what I wanted. I ultimately chose Jessica because I felt like I was speaking to a friend that day on the phone – without being intrusive, Jessica made me feel comfortable and like I was speaking to someone I've known for years. [She thanked ME for even considering her services :')]

In the months leading up to birthing day, Jessica provided me an immeasurable amount of comfort with the information and coping techniques she shared. I wasn't afraid of labor because I knew what to expect from her as did my partner. She was nothing short of amazing – a blessing to have by my side. She helped me feel empowered and at peace. She reassured me that I knew my body best and I could have the birth experience I wanted – she made sure of it!

During labor, Jessica was exceptionally thoughtful and anticipated my needs. She made sure my voice was heard even when I spoke so low that only she could hear me. At one point, my mom became lightheaded and almost fainted – Jessica took a moment (upon my request) to look after my mom to make sure she was ok. She also was able to record the birth of my sweet baby as well as get some beautiful pictures.

Since labor and delivery, I've had two visits with Jessica where she washed dishes and folded baby clothes. I ordered the package to have my placenta encapsulated and made into a tincture – I received those within a week. (This review will be way way too long if I go into the benefits of those items.) Hire Jessica – you won't regret it!

Sarah Lee


Jessica is simply the best. I can’t say enough how compassionate and caring she is. She came prepared for everything and really knows her stuff. Baby boy wasn’t in the optimal position she assisted/ directed me in spinning babies. My labor wasn’t the quickest at 40 hours long and she was there every step of the way. Making sure I got plenty of fluids and changed positions to really optimize the contractions. At the end when I was starting to doubt myself she made helped me push through with encouragements and different positions. I could not have made it without her.

Dana Lay


Jessica is an AMAZING doula! Our experience was wonderful and she was so helpful. We started as a home birth and had to transport to the hospital for an emergency c-section. She spent 12 total hours with us during labor without sleep and even went in to the operating room with us. Jessica is more than doula. She is a friend and a huge support system! She cared about us personally every step of the way and look forward to having her apart of our next pregnancy when the time comes!

Marcia Topiwala


Jessica was fantastic as our doula! She was extremely responsive and empathetic before I went into labor, and was incredibly supportive during and after labor. My husband and I didn’t have the best doula experience with my first birth and I almost didn’t have a doula with my second birth (the one Jessica attended) but I’m so glad I ultimately decided to — and that I chose Jessica! She’s great, and I can’t speak highly enough of her — or recommend her enough!

Sarah Vargas


Jessica was one of the best parts of my birthing experience! I was attempting a TOLAC (trial of labor after cesarean) for a VBAC (vaginal birth after cesarean), and even though Jessica had not been a doula for my specific type of birth, it didn’t stop her from doing everything she could to support me in my decisions. She asked the important questions while in the hospital that my husband and I didn’t know to ask, she made sure we had everything the hospital had available to assist with the type of birth I wanted. Jessica never hesitated to step in to help, whether it was providing comfort measures for me during labor/delivery (allowing my husband the chance to sleep, so he could be all hands on deck later on), or assisting the nurses in providing care for me. I think we all would agree that Jessica’s calm presence absolutely changed the room. She has a true gift from God as a birth worker and I can’t imagine ever experiencing another labor/delivery without her! I could truly go on and on! My husband feels the same, and made the point that the value she added to our birth team far far far exceeded the monetary cost of her services. You would be making a game-changing decision by adding Jessica to your birth team. ??

Mandy S.


 I found her on a website and the first time we met I knew that she was the Doula for me! She radiates Joy and she is so personable. I felt so comfortable and completely loved and cared for by Jessica. The Experience leading up to the birth was great! She was always available by phone or text. When I went into labor she was there as soon as I got to the birth center and stayed with me the entire time until an hour or so after the baby was born and she massaged my back and legs and feet and brought essential oils and encouraged me and brought me water and food and helped me find new birth positions. I could be at peace because Jessica knew my ideal birthing situation and she was my advocate . Having Jessica there also allowed my husband to be fully present with me and also feel like he did not have to bear the entire burden of helping me through Labor. You should get Jessica because she's amazing!


Janessa Lewis


Jessica is truly a gift from God. From our first meeting, I knew that God sent her to help me through my birth, before I even knew how hard it would be. I was admitted for an induction 10-31-19 and Jessica was there later that night to check in on me. After laboring unsuccessfully for over 48 hours, I opted to have a c-section on 11-02-19. Jessica was there with me in the OR helping me cope with my birth plan being turned completely upside down. I ended up having some complications and had to go back to the OR. When I returned to the room, who was there? Jessica. She went above and beyond her duties and I am so happy that she was in my birthing process. I would recommend her 1000 times over. If you use her, you will be truly blessed. Thank you again for everything!!

Victoria Martin


Omg, what can I say about my doula, Jessica from Abounding Grace Birth Services? Let me start by saying she was a “God send.”
First…she is 100% sensitive to the spirit; therefore she receives wisdom on how to be sensitive and attentive to the needs of her clients. She has such a sweet way about her... she knows when to speak and when to execute. She is very observant and can tell what her clients need even before they ever say a word.
Secondly... she gives 100 percent and her passion runs deep. It is evident that being a doula is not just something to do but ministry for her. She is “all in” with her clients and shows support every step of the way. For her, it is not about telling her clients what to do but listening to understand their needs and then acting accordingly.
Thirdly.... Jessica knows how to set an atmosphere. To have a doula that brings peace and serenity to a birthing room is so necessary. During the laboring process with my son, I can still here Jessica’s sweet voice in my ear saying, “Take a deep breath” and “You’re doing so good.” In those moments I knew that I could finish as peace and serenity enveloped me. In those moments I became even more appreciative to have a spirit filled doula who was just as interested in my supernatural child birthing process as I was.
Preparing for the birth of my son was such a sweet experience for me, and I have to credit my doula for the part she played. We had home visits that were both educational and technique driven. She was always patient, never in a rush, and interested in getting to know us on a “heart” level.
After delivery of our son, Jessica did home visits to check in with parents and baby and to see if we needed anything. Jessica is always ready and willing to go beyond the “call of duty” for her clients. Jessica is my doula that ROCKS!!

Amaris Burnett


Early on in pregnancy, I knew I wanted to hire a doula. As a young, black woman, I am aware of the statistics of lack of quality care provided to black women surrounding maternal health. I knew that working with a doula would help cultivate and protect the birth that I desired and deserved. 

Jessica has such a gentle spirit and a servant’s heart. From the first day we met her, I knew she would advocate for me and my choices. I love how her energy just kind of “matched” perfectly with what my husband and I were searching for in a doula. 

Long story short, my delivery did not go exactly as planned due to factors outside of our control. My husband and I had to make some tough decisions during a high-stress time and very long labor. 

Jessica was there for us in so many ways. She helped to maintain a peaceful environment and protect our personal space. She never overstepped her boundaries, but simply supported us and provided advice and ideas when asked. 

It was so helpful to have someone there by my side when my husband needed a break or simply to provide extra hands. They worked together as an excellent team! She held my hand through contractions, made sure I stayed hydrated, encouraged me to try different positions, rubbed my back, and showered me with positive affirmations during moments of frustration. Just to name a few. 

I can’t think of one reason why I would not hire her as a doula, or hire a doula in general. The relationship my husband and I built with Jessica over the course of my pregnancy did not end at the delivery of our son, I feel like we have gained her as a friend for years to come. 

Ebony Edmonds



Words can not express how grateful we were to have you as our Doula. We initially thought midwives and doulas were the same thing, but oh no ma'am, you have delivered an unforgettable service that states otherwise. I knew from the beginning that once we connected as spiritual sisters in Christ, that trusting you to be my Doula would be all worth it. We are also thankful for you snapping beautiful memories of our daughter's birth. I am sure that mother's have appreciated this kind, thoughtful, and unexpected gesture from you. Especially those who don't have photographers in the room. So much is going on in those present moments and surprise, you managed to support, massage, and encourage me while taking the time to capture my most precious moments. You exceeded beyond my husband and I expectations. Your services were EVERYTHING!

We humbly thank you and will always recommend Abounding Grace!


Chris & Ebony Edmonds

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