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Lauren Tyler

A Zest For Birth

Fair Lawn, NJ Service range 20 miles


Birth Fee

$950 to $1150

Birth Fee

$950 to $1150

Birth Doula Experience

2 years and 31 births attended

Doula Training

  • DONA International, November 2017

Type of practice: Solo practice

Clients per month: 0 to 3

Attends hospital births? All Hospitals

Attends birth center births? All Birth Centers

Attends home births? Any Home Birth
with a licensed care provider

Fee Details

My fee includes 2 prenatal visits, emotional and informational support throughout pregnancy, continuous support during labor and birth, and a postpartum visit. For births in NYC my fee is $1150.

Fair Lawn, NJ Service range 20 miles

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Jessica Crystal


Lauren was very kind and reassuring, she accompanied me and my husband to my C section and I felt very relieved to have her by our side. She is lovely and knowledgeable and I highly recommend working with her.

Orchid Bellefantie


I am so grateful that the universe paired us together.  I was just 4-5 weeks away from my due date when I met Lauren and we agreed to work together.  She understood my concerns in relations to the my reservations about delivery and my lack of confidence and comfort with my doctors.  With all the recent talks in disparity of care for African American women I was scared as h@ll!  I was a patient of a multi-doctor practice and therefore whoever was on call would deliver.  I was extemely nervous and wanted to avoid being forced into a C-Section. I really WANTED to have a doula to help me though the process.

From our initial meeting we sat and chatted for hours as if we were old friends.  Lauren is down to earth, relatable, and a great listener. Lauren came to my house and met my spouse, son, and MIL. She did a wonderful job at explaining her role for my husband.  She bought with her different tools and explained each one and even demonstrated with my husband how they would work together to make the laboring process as comfortable as possible for me.

Fast forward to delivery. I called Lauren and she responded right away.  We met at the hospital in the evening, once we established that my contractions were consistent we went ahead to get admitted. I labored for 20+ hours and honestly it was not as bad as I thought it would be.  I was comfortable with Lauren and my husband but my contractions slowed down and I contribute it to my issues I had with the doctors.  Lauren was very supportive the entire time and tried everything to make sure I was comfortable.  We walked, talked, bounced, listened the music, had candles, smell goods, laughed... it was a pleasant experience.  Finally in the last hour I agreed to have my water broken and in about 30 mins my daughter was born vaginally...  NO C-Section yay! 

My husband and I tell everyone about how awesome she was/is! 

Erin Schilstra


We are grateful we came across Lauren! She provided so much peace, wisdom, information, and support to the weeks and days leading up to birth.  She was willing to help out in any way possible. She was reliable and willing to make phone calls on my behalf of any concerns or worries I had. She went out of her way to check in on me through home visits, phone calls, or text messages. On the day of birth, she was extremely calm and prepared with anything I requested or needed. She was a great support for my husband as he was able to go back and forth to our home since she was always by my side. She provided not only great physical support, but also emotional support. I feel like not only had I had a doula but that I found a friend in Lauren. We would highly recommend her as an amazing asset to anyone's birth support team. 

Alexandra Barrantes


Lauren was such a great support person throughout my pregnancy and during my labor. I was lucky enough to have a quick labor, but having Lauren provide physical pain relief techniques was invaluable. Her chill personality and sweet demeanor was exactly what I needed to have my positive birth experience.

Renee Shegoski


Lauren was highly recommended to us by family members that had her help with the birth of their son several months prior to our son's due date. I never really thought about how my birthing experience would be but as my pregnancy progressed I grew really nervous to the point of avoiding any research/becoming knowledgeable about all possibilities that could happen on the big day. Lauren was kind, knowledgeable, detail-oriented, and had our best interests in mind from the time we met until the post-partum period. She tailored her interactions to our concerns and wishes making our time with her priceless. She impressed my husband by doing small things that he would've never thought about such as bringing straws for me, having a hot/cool neck pack, frozen washcloths, gum, healing oils, etc. I was in labor for over 20 hours...Lauren kept me her primary focus for the entire time. While my husband, my mom, or I napped she was by my side pushing my hips together, applying pressure to my back, coaching me to breath/groan, and keeping the birth process special/positive. She helped us keep focus when the medical team tried to push us to make decisions that we knew we didn't want. Our experience with Lauren was amazing and when we have future children, she will be by our side again.

...Lauren was hands-down wonderful and easy to get along with. Anyone who is under her care is lucky and in wonderful hands!

Elyse Perry


As first time parents, my husband and I were hesitant about a doula but after our experience with Lauren we are extremely thankful we did. I was determine to have an all natural birth and with the help of Lauren I was able to achieve it. She not only was attentive before/during labor but she also gave position suggestions to my husband to help me through each contraction. She also has great tips and information for pregnancy, labor and postpartum. She is truly a blessing and we could not have asked for a better doula experience. We will definitely call her when baby #2 is on the way.

Michelle Moore


Lauren is AMAZING!!!!!! She is incredibly supportive, caring, and thorough. EVERYTHING you want and need in a doula! I used her for the birth of my second daughter and would totally use her again if there's a baby #3. Her knowledge of rebozo and relaxation techniques helped me so much during those last few weeks of pregnancy as well as during labor. I do not think I would have had such a relaxing and perfect birth without her. She. Is. AWESOME.

Renée LoCascio


I had a wonderful experience with Lauren! I knew from the beginning of my pregnancy that I wanted a natural birth, but I never considered having a Doula. Just by chance, I was introduced to Lauren, and I knew at once that having her be with me during my first birth seemed a must. She’s had two natural births herself, so I felt comfortable and confident with her experience. She was always there for me when I had any questions, and she offered lots of helpful advice and wise words in the months leading up to my birth.
I birthed my son at a hospital, and Lauren was respectful of the medical staff, but she did not waiver in her work. Besides my husband of course, she was my rock during labor and helped me through with lots of tools for pain relief, mental stability, and overall comfort. She stayed with us after birth for an hour or so, which was refreshing. We laughed about the amazing miracle that just happened. It seemed very natural to have Lauren there with my new family. I highly recommend her. 

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