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Ellen Hsu (Bilingual_Mandarin/English)

Lynnwood, WA Service range 40 miles


Birth Fee

$1200 to $1600

Birth Fee

$1200 to $1600

Birth Doula Certifications

  • DONA International - Certified Birth Doula
  • Pacific Association for Labor Support (PALS) - Certified Doula

Birth Doula Experience

3 years and 241 births attended

Doula Training

  • DONA International, January 2017

Type of practice: Partnership with 2 or more doulas

Clients per month: 1 to 3

Attends hospital births? All Hospitals

Attends birth center births? All Birth Centers

Attends home births? No Home Births

College Education


Special Services Offered

  • Childbirth education services
  • Virtual and remote doula support

Relevant volunteer or advocacy work

Before I became a certified doula, I had helped almost 100 births as a state certified interpreter. I provided qualitative communication services between families and healthcare professionals. In becoming a doula, I have the honor to expand my services directly to more patients and their families not only Chinese but others as well. By working directly with them, I take pleasure in seeing the trust and relationship grow among medical professionals, families, and myself. I love to be part of giving and caring team member! In addition to doula work and community outreach, I proactively provide resources to mothers before, during, and after their pregnancy; so that they can be well-supported by the community with less barriers possible. As a doula, I strive to provide the best and genuine services to all my clients and their families. As one of my clients commented, the birth experience with a doula has given her kind of bright memory that sticks in her heart and memory. Currently working with Swedish, Overlake, Evergreen, UW, Northwest hospital and Birth Centers.

Languages Spoken

  • Chinese
  • English
  • Mandarin

Fee Details

Sliding scale available.

Lynnwood, WA Service range 40 miles

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Client Testimonials for Ellen Hsu (Bilingual_Mandarin/English)

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Trang Nguyen


I am a mom of 2 month old boy. It has been a hard time for me and my baby since we are facing Covid-19. I especially didn't have my husband next to me when I delivered my child.   Thank you for always checking on me and my child. There are several questions that I have been asking Ellen and you always make them clear. I appreciate you effort and passion on my delivered journey. I remembered texting you in the middle of the nights when I was too close to the delivered day.  And as I mentioned, you always texted me back. Thanks again for your support. 



Choosing Ellen as our doula was one of the best decisions we made during our pregnancy journey. From a male’s perspective, and especially as first-time parents, I didn’t initially appreciate just how helpful having a knowledgeable guide by our side would be, but looking back, Ellen was the key to having our birth experience go as planned. She is one of the most experienced doulas having attended hundreds of births. Ellen also genuinely loves what she does and really enjoys helping people.

Even before the birth, Ellen was crucial in preparing us for what to expect and how to handle the early contractions. We met with Ellen several times, and her hands-on sessions were what really built our confidence.

When the big day arrived, Ellen came to the hospital as soon as we needed her which was at 10 PM. She instantly took charge in comforting and helping with labor massages. It was amazing- my wife was immediately more relaxed and able to better process everything. As the contractions grew more painful, Ellen helped us decide when to start the epidural and continued to provide emotional and physical support (through massage and pressure points) which helped both of us. It wasn’t until almost 10 AM the next day that our baby was born vaginally after my wife pushed for more than 4 hours! To be honest, without Ellen, we probably would have had to go to c-section which would have been disappointing after all of that effort. After the baby was delivered and even after being up all night, Ellen stayed many more hours making sure everything was OK with Mom and Baby.

Ellen’s support didn’t stop after the birth. Ellen still checks in with us providing recommendations and answering questions. She continues to go way beyond all of our expectations. From the beginning we have felt like close friends rather than clients. We are so happy to know Ellen and have her in our lives. We can highly recommend Ellen without hesitation!



My experience with Ellen was beyond words, and I would recommend her for any moms that are considering a doula.

My due date was April 24th, 2020, which coincided with the peak of the pandemic. Therefore, all of my birthing classes were canceled and it was quite scary feeling unprepared going into the final month of the pregnancy. Ellen gave a lot of great information and materials for me to read up, and always made herself available. Though all my meetings with her ended up being virtual, she made them very engaging for my husband and I and answered every question I had.

I decided to have an induce labor as my baby was past his due date, and went into the hospital the evening of April 26th. Everything went as planned until early morning on the 27th, when my baby experienced heart rate de-acceleration twice during mild contractions and I was becoming emotionally unstable as I was afraid that something was going to happen to the baby. I called Ellen and she rushed to the hospital right away (4 in the morning). I was so thankful to have her (her massages and supprotive words) through painful contractions and uncertain time. In the end, I had to make the decision of having a cesarean delivery due to my baby unable to deal with contractions, but I was so glad to have Ellen by my side. Although she didn't have to, but she insisted on staying after the surgery (which was about 11p) just to make sure I was doing okay and helped with breastfeeding.

I'm now 7 weeks post partum, and Ellen still checks in with me. I couldn't be more thankful for everything Ellen have done!!!



Ellen made a world of difference during my labor and delivery, a process with many unknowns especially for a first time mom like myself; I had prepared myself by taking birthing classes, talking to family and friends, reading books and other material online, but these could not replace Ellen, an experienced, professional, empathetic doula.
I opted for an unmedicated birth. When contraction pain became intense, Ellen tried several techniques, at the right timing to greatly relieve my physical pain and emotional stress, making labor bearable. At my most unpredictable pushing moments, working seamlessly with the healthcare team, Ellen gave me clear instructions on breathing, which resulted in stablizing my baby's heart rate at a very critical time; her calm demeaner, encouraging words, clear and effective instructions guided me to focus and push effectively, which contributed to a very short pushing time. In addition, Ellen has also helped answer many questions during my pregnancy and postpartum. It's a blessing to have Ellen as our birth doula!

Yijing Sun


Ellen' professional suggestions did benefit me a lot, for instance, the yoga poses she tought me shortened my laboring time. Also, Ellen encouraged me to keep my own pace and listen to my body, which eliminated my anxiety and fear. I recommend Ellen to you whoever wants doula service.

Xue Yin


As a professional doula, Ellen has lots of experience and rich knowledge. She is also caring and considerate. We really lucky to have her to support us in such special moment! Highly recommended! 

Xue Yin


As a professional doula, Ellen has lots of experience and rich knowledge. She is also caring and considerate. We really lucky to have her to support us in such special moment! Highly recommended! 



Thank you Ellen!! Thank you for being with me when I had my baby. You are so professional and kind. With your help, I am more confident and comfortable during the whole process. I will definitely recommend you to everyone who wants to have a baby!

Jasmine O


Where do I even start? Ellen was a godsend!

During her first visit about a month or so before i was due, she stayed for a couple of hours and took me through the journey of all the different things I can expect from labour and what i can expect from her. She even brought stage items to show how the pelvic changes during birth etc. It was a great first meeting.

I had mild-medium contractions about 3-4 days before the actual labour. I texted Ellen and she came over to the house a couple of times to take me through some breathing exercises, massages, among other things to make myself more comfortable. It was scary to navigate the situation as a first time mom and i was so glad to have someone with in-depth knowledge to take me through the entire process, like how to properly time the contractions etc. 

During the actual labour, that's when Ellen really shined. I was so thankful to have her there. She was an advocate for me from the start, making sure i was as comfortable as possible, despite painful contractions. It was a long labour that lasted almost 24 hours and Ellen was there every step of the way. When contractions were "i can't talk right now" bad, she knew the right pressure points and positions to get into to help me get through every minute of painful contraction. When i wasn't sure of something the nurse or doctor suggested, Ellen would talk me through the options to the best of her knowledge. She also gave the best massages! She was a cheerleader for both my husband and I during the actual birth and we know we couldn't have done it with her. 

She did a follow-up visit and was there when i had questions about breastfeeding. She still occasionally checks up on us to make sure all is well.

Everything above is only about 50% of all the things she did during our time with her. I blame mom-brain and writing this 10 months too late.

I highly recommend Ellen. 

Jonathan Han


Highly recommended! When my wife first talked about a doula for childbirth, I was skeptical, we had a great doctor and her team, my family and I are also very involved, didn't seem like we needed an extra service.  Ellen blew my mind with her professionalism, knowledge and dedication toward her work. Her being there made our childbirth experience so much easier, made my life so much easier! The amount of support and patience is impeccable. Truly appreciate all you do!

Jessica G


My partner and I were so happy that we were able to have Ellen as our doula. As many of her other clients write, she was engaged from the very beginning antenatally and was so helpful postpartum checking in with tips and other ideas about things that would make our lives easier (for example, a list of items to put in a "to go" bag for when we leave the house with the baby). While my labor took an unexpected turn and we had to go to c-section which I had hoped would not happen, Ellen's prescence was one of the primary reasons that I had such a positive experience. Because of her (and of course a great medical team) I felt satisfied that going to c-section was the right thing to do and that all options to prevent it had been explored. She was wonderful in guiding me and my partner through our nerves as we got ready for the operation.

I also want to specifically note that while Ellen's language skills make her particularly attractive to Chinese clients, we didn't select her based on that quality. Both me and my partner were born in the US and fluent English speakers. As someone who works in the obstetrics field deliverying babies, I approached Ellen after watching her interact with many of my own patients. I think she strikes a perfect balance of labor support, emotional support, patient advocacy, and giving the medical team their space to do what they think is best as well.

I also wanted to note that the unfortunate reality is that prenatal/obstetrical care is an area where our society really emphasizes gender and a heteronormative culture. I am a cis-woman and married to a cis-woman. And while many of the people that we encountered through our pregnancy journey did their best, there were many times that it was glaringly (and sometimes painfully) apparent that we were not the norm or what they were used to. We never felt this way with Ellen.

Chen Chu


I'm so glad I choose Ellen to be my doula. Everyone works in the hospital told me I got the best doula, and I admit it now. She is very knowledgeable and helpful. She helps me a lot before during and after my delivery. She answers my questions even after her job done. I will definitely let her be my doula again for my next baby. she makes my mood better every time we talk.

Suyun Lin


I am very grateful to have such a Chinese-speaking and experienced doula. She followed up with me for a month prior to my birth, and cared for all my conditions in a meticulous manner.

When I started contractions at 4:00 in the morning, I went to the hospital and called Ellen. She arrived 20 minutes later which was very supporting. When I was contracting, my stomach was very painful and my lower back was extremely sore. She helped me to ease the pain and massaged my back with very firm squeezes. I was also have my two-and-a-half-year-old son at the birth with me, Ellen helped me to take care of my son.

Before I gave birth to my second, She continued giving me a chicken soup, so that I could have energy to push and not being hungry. She also coached me with pushing efficiently. She was very caring and encouraging the whole time. She made me feel warm and loved.

Finally, the child was born very smoothly after half an hour, I very appreciated her, my doula, Ellen.

Tian Lan


Ellen helped me achieve the birth experience that I've dreamed of. We get to know each other well before the birth, I was offered clear instruction on when to contact her and when to go to the hospital. She also gives knowledge about birth that boosted my confidence in labor.

During the labor, she encouraged me to stay home longer, and helped walked around at grocery store to cope labor. We arrived at hospital at perfect timing, and she continued help me coping labor untill I decided to use epidural, and she helped to convey this decision to the nurse so I got it on time, right before 7 cm open.

I'm very thankful to her for a happy birth, she is very caring and compassionate for her patient!


Xiazi Li


Ellen is very patient and knowledgeable. She taught me many gestures when I'm having contractions, which helped me relieve the pain and smooth the birthing process. I went to the hospital at midnight. I'm so surprised that she can answer my call and arrived at hospital soon. During the labor process, she also taught me a lot. Even after the birth, she was very patient to answer all our random questions like feeding and child issues. Our family all like Ellen!



Zhen Xu (Angel)


We were not sure if we need a doula until we met Ellen. She is professional, patient and caring. She started answering all our questions months before the D day. I became very anxious the last month, she was able to comfort me with her bright personality and skills. 

She made my labor an delivery process so joyful, and she is more than just a doula for us, she is a family friend. 

Bohan Shao


I could never thank Ellen enough for her help when I was giving birth to my daughter Anna. My delivery experience was way better than I expected because of her. The way she explained all the complicated medical terms/process patiently to me and my family made me feel relaxed and know that she was on my side no matter what. It was her who gave me the strength and courage to believe that I can do this. And when we we have any question, Ellen was reachable and diligent. If anyone is looking for the help of a doula, I will definitely recommend Ellen. 

Chen Xu


We are very lucky to have Ellen as our doula. She is professional, passionate and toughtful to ensure my delivery happy and smooth. She also guided us about how to nurse baby in the right way. We became good friends now. Highly recommend her as your doula.

PuiKei Ng


First of all, I’d like to give thanks to my doula, Ellen, who is vey thoughtful and patient. Her profession greatly helped me throughout my pregnancy, labor and postpartum.

Because this was my first pregnancy and not being very understand about laboring, I was always uneasy. However, Ellen helped me. From our first home visit, she explained what I need to know including what is doula and their scope of practice and rights. She then explained to me in detail what I should expect and pay attention before, during and after labor. This was very helpful to me that I know what I should do and what I should be paying attention to. She also explained clearly what I would be possibly facing when unexpected happens. Our first home visit was thus very pleasantly ended.

In the morning at 3 o’clock on April 5th, I started to feel my baby is ready. I contacted Ellen right away. She told me very patiently of each step I should be taking even though she should be sleeping at that time. We then met in the hospital at 7am. I had more frequent contractions when waiting to be examined. Ellen’s comforting words and massage made me more relaxed. Then, in the long waiting process, she has accompanied me until the birth of the baby. In the whole laboring process, not only did she do a wonderful job, she comforted and encouraged me which greatly helped me. Lastly, everything went well. Ellen also followed up my conditions even after discharging from hospital.

I’m very grateful for Ellen’s help. I encountered an excellent doula. She is a very professional and thoughtful doula. This was a great doula experience. Thank you, Ellen.

Taco Luo


What can I say about Ellen? She is awesome, caring, relaxing, well knowledged, and everything else and more! I can't imaging not having her help with this wonderful experience. Painful but with the expertise from Ellen it was tolerable. I was able to contact her with question or concerns 24/7.  She gave me confidence and lots of tips on nutritions, posture to reduce pain, recovery from postpartum and Newborn care. She was able to gave me informations that lots of newborn class not able to answer for me. She will text me constant to remind me what to caution about and even when the job is over she will continue to follow up with me on the well-being of my baby angel. I will highly recommend her to moms who wants to make the journey lot smooth and stress free. 



Ellen came to my last 3 prenatal visits with me. She made sure all my concerns and questions answered. I felt so secured when she was around.

During the two days and nights I was contracting in early labor, she guided me to ease pain. It was a bad snowy day at my birth in February, she was still there for me.

Ellen is a very professional and enthusiastic doula. Her passion with hard working attitude and cleverness make my labor experience comfortable and peace of mind.

I strongly recommend Ellen as a doula for every pregnant woman for she will make your labor a more comfortable experience.



I am glad that I had Ellen as my doula to support myself and my family. Ellen has been a great help during my pregnancy and a strong support to myself and my family when I was in labor. Ellen and I worked together on my birth plan, and followed up with me on a weekly basis in my third trimester to get an update from me after my weekly OB appointments. I was well prepared for what would come next. After my water broke, I got accepted by the hospital - Ellen arrived at 10PM on Friday when I just started to feel the cramps from labor. She taught and helped me by using non-medical method to ease the pain with encouraging words and clear instructions. She also stayed at the hospital for the entire night even though I was not yet in active labor. When I was in active labor the next day, she was with me for the whole time and provied both morale support and professional service, espeically when complications occurred. Ellen was eventually with me in the OR per my request as I felt that she would watch out for me and my baby. 

Ellen is fun to work with, and is good with communication in a timely and responsive manner. She's proficient in both English and Mandarin, and is capable of interpreting medical terms to human language. Being a mom herself, she cares a lot about moms and newborns and is very commited to the work that she's doing. I would definitely recommend her to my friends and mom-to-bes. 



Ellen is an excellent doula,She will give me a lot of knowledge and emotional help before and after labour,Very useful for pregnant women?Ellen is a conscientious, professional, patient and enthusiastic doula.She can give pregnant women the right knowledge of labour, shorten the whole process of labour, and make pregnant women feel better.I'm really lucky to have doula in my delivery.Thank you very much for her service.I sincerely recommend Ellen as doula for every pregnant woman


Xiulan Li


Ellen is very careful, and explains everything to us very clearly and professionally. This is my first baby, so I don't understand at all. I come from China and my English is not very good, so I was lucky to meet her. Thank her for her company and patience.

M. Yang


Ellen was a big help to me and my husband during the third trimester and the labor process. She visited us at home twice at home before labor, to answer our questions and provide some light training on how to address pain when labor comes. She's always available by phone or message, which is very helpful during the last few nervous days before labor. I was in doubt whether or not my water is broken and she gave me good detailed information to confirm. My actual labor was pretty fast, thanks to Ellen's tips.

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