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Montrose, CO Service range 100 miles live in Montrose, lived in Fruita CO and was raised in SLC utah, I am willing to fly or drive anywhere, if you are willing to pay for my expenses =D


Birth Fee

Not specified

Postpartum Rate

Not specified

Availability Remarks: I am available by appointment only, please contact me to schedule.

Birth Fee

Not specified

Postpartum Rate

Not specified

Birth Doula Experience

41 years and 797 births attended

Postpartum Doula Experience

39 years and 349 families served

Doula Training

  • DONA International-Approved Workshop, March 2022

Type of practice: Solo practice

Clients per month: 1 to 5 births and 1 to 4 postpartum families

Postpartum limits/restrictions: lifting over 20lbs

Attends hospital births? All Hospitals
I am willing to support you in a hospital setting if this is your birth choice =)

Attends birth center births? All Birth Centers
I would be more than willing to support you in a birth center setting =) I work along side "Blooming Babies" in Grand Junction, CO.

Attends home births? Any Home Birth
I have attended many home births, and work along side as a Second Attendant Midwifery Assistant and Monitrice with many of the Homebirth midwives on the western slope, I have had 4 babies of my own at home and I totally love home birth! I would be more than willing to support you in any home setting =)

Special Services Offered

  • Acupressure
  • Antepartum doula support
  • Aromatherapy
  • Baby-led weaning
  • Babywearing education
  • Belly binding
  • Bereavement doula (pregnancy & infant loss)
  • Birth counseling for survivors of childhood sexual abuse
  • Childbirth education services
  • Cloth diapering education
  • End of life doula services
  • First Aid and CPR
  • Infant massage education
  • Lactation consultant/counselor services
  • Military families support
  • Miscarriage support
  • Monitrice services
  • Newborn care and parenting classes
  • Newborn care specialist
  • Parenting consulting
  • Pelvic floor health education & support
  • Photography - Birth
  • Photography - Maternity
  • Placenta encapsulation
  • Prenatal or postnatal massage
  • Reduced rates for women considering adoption
  • Reflexology
  • Satellite doula (for remote and rural clients)
  • Sleep educator
  • Sleep support consulting
  • Stillbirth and infant loss support
  • Surrogates and intended parents
  • Therapist or counselor
  • Virtual and remote doula support

Relevant volunteer or advocacy work

I currently volunteer at several at our local homeless shelters, jail, for mentally disabled, & abused clients. I have volunteered my services to many families over the years as a Labor, Birth, Postpartum and Antepartum Doula. I can honestly say, I have been completely blessed in many ways because of it. A big Thank You! to those who have allowed me to serve you = D

Languages Spoken

  • English

Fee Details

My fees are flexible and totally dependent on the services I provide for you. I offer a sliding scale for those in need. additional traveling expenses if long distance may apply. please view my website https://meagerbeginnings.website/ for more information, feel free to text or call me at anytime 970-261-7555, or email me if you prefer at Vonda@meagerbeginnings.website

Service Area

Montrose, CO Service range 100 miles live in Montrose, lived in Fruita CO and was raised in SLC utah, I am willing to fly or drive anywhere, if you are willing to pay for my expenses =D

Client Testimonials for Vonda Kunz

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Mary Beth flemming


Vonda was incredibly helpful at my birth. She has a ton of knowledge and skills under her belt and came equiped with herbs and essential oils to help with the birth. She used her intuition during my birth to know just when I needed extra support and just when to lay off. She had many encouraging words and reminders to say that helped me keep a peaceful mind during birth and remeber to relax my body. I would highly recommend her for anyone looking for a doula to support in their birth!

Jessica and Sam


Vonda seemed to be the most powerful presence in the room for no less than 40 hours. She kept me together. Vonda single handedly helped me power through to see that my wife and child had a beautifully magical experience. Miss Vonda will forever remain an integral part of our family’s happiness. She was wonderful to have by our side and I hope will be a lifelong friend. -Sam

Vonda made all of the difference in my first birth experience. I had a very long labor and her energy, encouragement, research, and suggestions helped me remain calm, helped our labor progress, and enabled us to see our birth plan through. She was keenly aware of my level of exhaustion and when I needed to hear it the most, she told me I had the strength and that I was doing a good job. 

Vonda became my doula about 3-4 months before labor. She built a friendship with me during those months through video, phone calls, and texting. She visited our home, was considerate of our pets, consistently reached out.

When concerns were expressed about my health, or the baby - Vonda was informative and helpful. She offered reassurance and had a natural disposition that made me/us feel calm and confident. She stayed awake and by our side for more than 30 hours of labor. Despite her exhaustion, she spoke with us within hours of her departure, and every day after that for several weeks. 

Vonda has years of experience! Her rates are very reasonable (less than they should be) and she offers so many complimentary services. It is very evident that she loves what she does. You are in great hands with Vonda Kruz by your side during your pregnancy and labor. If we decide to have more children, she will be the first person we contact. 

Thank you for helping us bring our sweet baby girl into this world. You are an amazing woman and I am so grateful you were by our side for the birth of our first child. -Jess



Vonda encapsulated my placenta for me after I gave birth. Before the birth she asked great questions to help customize the oils she used during the encapsulation process. She communicated well and was very quick to process everything and get the pills back to me. I am now 5 weeks postpartum and haven't experienced any mood issues and think that the placenta pills definitely play a role in that!



Vonda encapsulated my placenta for me after I gave birth. Before the birth she asked great questions to help customize the oils she used during the encapsulation process. She communicated well and was very quick to process everything and get the pills back to me. I am now 5 weeks postpartum and haven't experienced any mood issues and think that the placenta pills definitely play a role in that!



I first met and hired Vonda one week before giving birth to my first child, since then have had her by my side for the next three births. She was such a huge support throughout every one of my births. I have had two hospital births, one at a birth center and my last and final at home. My last birth at home was most memorable,Vonda was the champ and ended up delivering my baby since my midwife didn't make it in time.I have always appreciated her calm demeanor, knowledge of birth and passion for helping women. Not only did I have a doula, but a friend. I highly recommend her for you your doula needs. 

Karin Boggan



Vonda was wonderful to work with! Quick replies and she went out of her way to make my experience extra easy! I highly recommend working with her! 

Karin Boggan


I have hired Vonda for both of my births. She is an awesome Doula, very good at what she does. With my most recent birth, she came to my house, we went on a walk to progress labor and then we didn't have to wait long to go to the hospital. I also love how she incorporates essential oils, they smell good and are very helpful. I love how she has done counter pressure on my hips and knees during labor and light back massage, since both my labors were back labor! The total amount of time that I was in labor was nine hours, super fast, we barely made it. Once at the hospital, I delivered within twenty five minutes. There were some minor complications, but she was so supportive and gentle. She has helped me achieve natural births for both pregnancies. Highly recommend her! I will have her by my side with me when we have a third child. I couldn't have done it without her.

Vanessa Bradley


My time with Vonda has been life changing. This was our second birth she has attended and I can honestly say she makes all the difference. Her calm voice, encouraging words, along with years of hands on training and healing touch leave you with nothing short of a miraculous experience! She goes way above and beyond helping mom and baby as well as helping dad be involved and allowing the best start for everyone no matter the circumstance. I would Highly recommend Vonda as your doula and believe that God has given her a talent like no other!

Emily Stutzman-Sommers


When my husband and I were expecting our first baby we decided to hire a doula to help us through this life-changing event. I was apprehensive about labor and delivery as I had never experienced it for myself and was delighted to meet Vonda and have her as my doula.

During my labor and delivery Vonda was my personal attendant which was lovely!  She rubbed essential oils on my back, helped me manage my pain, coached my husband, and offered me water to drink. It was nice to have her with me the whole time as a cheerleader and support for me.

My husband and I were very thankful for Vonda's help not only during the birth but also in the weeks after the birth.  She was an invaluable resource for me as a first-time mother learning the ropes of motherhood.  Vonda answered my questions ranging from breastfeeding to my baby's gas problems.  It was such a blessing for me to be able to go to her with all my questions and concerns.  She not only is a doula but is also very knowledgable in natural, healthy living.

Caitlin Lawshe


I contacted Vonda Kunz when I was 41 weeks pregnant for an induction massage after finding her name on doulamatch. She came over on a Sunday and what a blessing she was! She was totally professional. She is very knowledgable and offered very helpful and encouraging advice. We tried certain positions to get baby in an ideal position, reflexology, sublingual homeopathic herbal tinctures, and massage with essential oils. The massage was WONDERFUL!! I am very thankful I contacted Vonda. I had my baby naturally at home 2 days later on Tuesday!

Karin Boggan


We decided last minute to hire a doula. Vonda was reccommended to us by a friend. I have to say, that it was the BEST choice we have ever done! As this was our first child I was unsure of how I was going to cope with labor. My goal was to have our child naturally and Vonda helped me acheive that goal. I can honestly say I wouldn't have been able to do it without her1 She was spectactular at assisting myself and my husband during the whole process. She was awesome about checking in on me and the baby afterwards. If anyone is in need of a doula, I highly reccommend Vonda. She is a sweet women, and I will not be without her for the rest of our children's birth in the future. She was truly a blessing to have and we are so thankful for her!! You were spectacular :) Thank You!



Working with Vonda was truly a God-send! Her knowledge and wisdom rival that of the midwives and OBs that I've worked with...my labor, delivery and recovery have been the easiest to date (this was our 7th). Her presence was calming for everyone around and she was the primary reason I didn't end up transported to the hospital with unwanted results (interventions or even a c-section). She has been a thoughtful care provider post-partum as well. Checking in without being intrusive or pushy...I've felt cared for, safe and secure. Her list of gifts and talents is substantial...when she says that she can do something, she can. And does it really well. I would not ever want to do it again without her!

Natali Wilson


After having a very hard, long labor with my first child, I knew that having a Doula for my second delivery was a must! Vonda was my first choice, and a great one at that! My experience with Vonda for my hospital birth was special. She was so pleasant to have around when I was laboring, kept me calm when it looked like things turned for the worst, and kept me strong when the going got hard at the end. I love that she uses oils to aid for both mother and baby, before and after labor. Vonda is so sweet and down-to-earth. She was exactly what I needed for this baby..and for me! I would definitely recommend her to anyone and everyone!

Seana Greenwood


Our experience with Vonda was nothing short of extraordinary. After having a traumatic birth experience with our first we knew we wanted a doula and Vonda was so much more than simply a doula. She got to know our family and really listened to what we wanted for our home birth experience. During labor Vonda was so great about not only offering support but helping my husband help me as well. We love her and would recommend her to anyone looking for a Doula!

krysten helgeland


Vonda was a big help. She was calm andown collective all the time  she was able to be there as early as you want her to be. She is very knowledgeable and has many ways to help with pain. I would recommend her to anybody

Vanessa Kunz Bradley


I strongly recommend Vonda Kunz as your doula... I wouldn't even look anywhere else! She was my doula for our first birth. Vonda is incredibly knowledgable and so encouraging. She helped prepare me and go over everything before hand.

When the day finally came, my water broke at 1:30 am we had decided to do a birth pool at home. I called both my midwife and Vonda they borh encouraged me to get as much sleep as possible because today was the day. By 5:30 my contractions quickly progressed to 3-4 minutes apart. I called my midwife again and she was a bit shocked by the speed of things she told me she would be there ASAP, she lived an hour and a half away and cautioned me to call Vonda as well. I almost cried, to my relief she was five minutes away at the gas station!

When Vonda arrived all my fears and anxiousness quickly disappeared. She helped and directed my husband to get everything ready. Working through my labor pains with oils, massages, cool wash clothes, hip presses and most of all soothing words. I had no idea what to expect but Vonda made everything run so smoothly that time just flew by like a blissful dream. Vonda knew what I needed even before I did. My midwife almost didnt make it she arrived about an hour before the birth; had she not made it I would have been completely comfortable with Vonda's care alone.

To top it off I was able to climb into my own bed and know that everything was taken care of. Vonda's postpartum services were just as helpful as in the birth. She even capsulated my placenta and kept in very close contact for weeks to come; always being available if I had any questions or concerns.

Vonda goes way above and beyond any requirements and will be the best addition to any birth!

This was one of the most amazing experiences of my life and I wouldn't have done it with anyone else!

Thank you thank you!!!

Cassi Moreno


  • Vonda was my Doula for my first child, my fiance and I didnt know what to expect, but she helped us so very much.
  • Vonda was amazing, she is sweet and caring and has such a wonderful personality.
  • She came to meet me and my family in the hospital as soon as she could. She stayed with me almost the whole time.
  • She helped keep the atmospher warm and peaceful and easy going.
  • She was able to video tape my labor, delivery and birth upon my request.
  • she used oils in a defuser and she would give me oils to try and help start my labor.
  • She gave me advice on medications and proceedures.
  • She spent time on explaining everthing I had questions on.
  • She never rushed me, but was there for my fiance and I.
  • She helped keep me moving.
  • Vonda focused on me as a person as well as my daughter.
  • She kept the health of my daughter and I as the main focus in the labor and delivery.
  • She helped keep the communication going and my wishes understood between the midwife and nurses.
  • She was exactly what I needed in the delivery, she helped me focus, breathe and stay calm and centered  among other things, and wasnt overbearing in anyway.
  • She helped coach my coach so that he was able to help me.
  • She was able to work well with everyone in the room. (my mother, fiance, midwife and nurse.)
  • She did not make any suggestions that did not benefit myself or my baby.
  • Her postpartum services were helpful as well. She made placenta pills for me, it took me alot to get to take them, but they made my postpartum better. I went a week without taking them and the effects showed. I would highly recommend using that part of Vonda's sevices.
  • I highly recommened Vonda as a doula. She was so helpful and knowledgable in all that she did. She was respectful and courteous. i would love to have her again.

Marnie Macey


Baby Rayne Part 2
On January 20th we were scheduled to visit my hometown of Salt Lake City for a baby shower my family had planned for me and baby that weekend. Vonda had decided to go with us to visit some family of hers. A few days prior to leaving I had been experiencing some mild cramping and decided to see my midwife to get the ok to go out of town. I was checked and everything looked great, so we headed to Salt Lake City. On Saturday morning I was getting ready for the baby shower and my water broke. I was shocked!!! Frantically I called Vonda, who was already on her way to the baby shower, and asked what I should do. She calmly told me to contact my midwife and ask for instructions on what she would like us to do. My midwife instructed us to proceed to the hospital in Salt Lake. My husband and I had nothing for the birth with us. Everything we had planned and prepared with was back in Colorado, including our birth plan. We were shocked and scared. Despite our crazy emotions, Vonda remained totally calm. She walked us through everything and helped us prepare for the work ahead of us. Because of the sensitivity of a premature birth, the hospital staff was not exactly thrilled with my birth plan. They immediately wanted to induce my labor and give me every drug possible, as well as a C-section. Vonda stood by us through this challenging experience. She fought right along with us to keep as many of our wishes possible and bring our baby into this world healthy. The next thirty-six hours were some of the hardest of my life. Vonda was there right by my side coaching me through the challenges of the birth experience. She used all kinds of natural techniques to induce labor and to lessen the pain of childbirth. Our beautiful baby girl was born naturally and totally healthy and happy. Having Vonda as my Doula was wonderful and I would do it again in a heartbeat.

Marnie Macey



Baby Rayne Part 1
Vonda Kunz is my Mother-In-Law and I knew when I was making decisions about my birth plan that she would be an integral part of it. I had not heard of a Doula until I met Vonda. As soon as I found out what a Doula was I was sure I wanted one at my birth and I knew I wanted it to be Vonda. While preparing for the birth of our baby, my husband Shelby and I had ideas of what we wanted but nothing set in stone. Vonda had meetings with us and walked us through the process. She gave us very helpful information and suggested various readings that would be helpful in our production of a birth plan. Vonda always stressed that it was our choice to make the decisions in our birth plan, not her choice or anyone else’s. We were grateful for the vast knowledge that Vonda had of the birth process. I was seeing a midwife here in Grand Junction and planned on having a natural birth free of any drugs for pain relief or to induce labor. This was a personal choice I had made and it was very important to me that it was followed. My husband and I had been to St. Mary’s for a tour and to get my pregnancy passport. We were all ready for our special delivery to come around March 1st.

Michelle Long


Vonda has such a caring and calming presence, and her encouragement was wonderful!

We were referred to Vonda thru another doula who was unavailable for my due date. I was very late in deciding to use a doula, so my prenatal experience was very limited with Vonda, but after meeting with her, I felt confident in her knowledge & abilities, and very pleased that we were going to experience my labor together. This was my third child, and I had gestational diabetes with this one, and also desired a VBAC. Vonda was so encouraging to me regarding the VBAC. My water broke on a Tuesday afternoon, but with no contractions or progression of labor for almost 24 hours. With a previous c-section, I was not to be induced artifically, so Vonda helped me by using massage & accupressure, herbs & essential oils to help progress labor. With contraction pain, she was so calming & skilled with helping me through each contraction. She also included my husband as much as possible, and advocated for me with nurses to relay my wishes for our birth experience. My husband initially feared he was being replaced at my side, but he was also very grateful that Vonda was there to help us out, and he felt included and valued throughout the process. I truly believe that Vonda helped me in avoiding another C-section, and helped us to have the beautiful birth experience we wanted! 

Adria Holden


Vonda was amazing!

She was always there for me before during and after my pregnancy.

She was very knowledgable about everything I had question about or information I needed.

I don't think I could have done it without her.  She was a wonderful support for my husband as well and caring of his needs as well.


Amy Tendick


Vonda Kunz was an alternate doula whom I had had one phone conversation with previous to my labor experience. I called Vonda around 7 pm and let her know that I was having signs of early labor. By 9:30, I was pretty sure it was the real deal and called her again to let her know that my contactions were 6-8 minutes apart. Vonda arrived at 11:30 pm (lives over an hour and a half away), just when the pain was starting to get really intense. She stayed with me and my husband at home for the next two hours and massaged my lower back, squeezed my hips through contractions, suggested different positions to try, and calmly remined me through contractions to breathe out and relax my hips. She also had me use the Tenz (spelling?) Unit, which was really helpful. By the time we got to the hospital (1:30 am), my contractions were right on top of each other (1 minute apart). I was shown to my delivery room, hooked up to the baby monitors, and checked by the nurses (at which point it was determined that I was fully dilated). Vonda stayed by my side through this most intense part of labor and suggested that I stay upright and off the monitors as much as possible. The doctor broke my water, and had me start pushing sitting on the bed. After two tries like this, Vonda suggested squatting, which felt much better, and after 2-3 tries in this position, my baby arrived at 2:22 am (20 minutes of pushing). Vonda captured the experience with pictures. She was a huge help with pain relief, easing the burden on my husband, reminding me to relax and breathe out through contractions, and encouraging me the whole way! She stayed a couple hours after the birth to make sure all was well and checked in the following days by phone.  I was so glad to have Vonda there through the birth experience and would recommend her to anyone!

Amanda and Nicholas Smith


We are so blessed that Vonda came into our lives and was there for the birth of our second daughter.  Having had our first daughter with no doula and having Vonda there for our second I will never go without someone as knowledgeable and kind as Vonda for another birth.  As soon as she walked in the room everything seemed better - the creams and oils she used got rid of my back labor instantly and the knowledge that Vonda has seems to come from a place that cannot be taught.   I truely believe that Vonda was born to help women through labor - I had a non medicated wonderful birth and I believe that Vonda was a big part of that. 

Jed & Emily Brinkley


Vonda was great after we had the baby. She called and checked up on me and was available when I had questions. Vonda came the house and gave me a much needed postpartum massage. I'm so glad that she was there for us even after the birth.

Emily Brinkley

Jed & Emily Brinkley


I'm so glad we had Vonda at our birth. She knew just what we needed and was a calm and caring presents that made me feel confident. She really helped me stay focused on the things that were important. I will be forever grateful to Vonda for her support during my labor and birth. Our 9lbs 10oz baby boy was born at home, gently into the hands of his father with lots of love and support surrounding us.

If you are thinking of having Vonda attend your birth know that you are in good hands and I pray you are as blessed as our family has been.

Sarah Kjellerson


On a scale of 1 to 10 (10 being the highest) I rate my experience with Vonda Kunz a 10. She was our Doula with our first child and I hope she will be for the three or four still to come.  I chose Vonda because of her positive attitude and easy communication style.  I found her presence very calming. Vonda is a VERY GOOD listener; we appreciated the way she discussed options with us.  We asked LOTS of questions and after telling us the pros and cons, let us decide for ourselves. No matter what choice we made she was happy and supportive. That was very important to us. 

I had assumed that my husband would be the primary person to comfort me during labor and delivery. I was surprised to find that was not the case.  He did a wonderful job, and didn't do anything wrong, but knowing that she had been through this and could relate was what made me believe that I could do it and I trusted her when she said that everything would be okay.  It was her coaching and her encouragment that made all the difference.  Looking back on it now, I suppose I could have done it without Vonda's help, but I wouldn't want to.  She made a very special experience even more special.  I still keep in touch with her and give her regular updates on how our family is doing.   I  wholeheartedly recommend Vonda Kunz.  I honestly can't imagine anyone being better suited to the tasks and responsibilities of a Doula.

Sarah Kjellerson

Debbie Blanchette


To whom it may concern,

     My experience with Vonda Kunz being my doula was exceptional!  She rubbed my back during labor, held a wet cloth over my head, and stayed with me in the tub at the hospital.  She was intune to every need I had.  She was very gentle and unobtrusive.  She knew what my every need was,  and was graceful and kind.  I used Vonda Kunz in not just one of my births, but in two of them.  I would reccomend her to anyone who wants a great personal experience with a very kind and gentle woman, who is educated and loves what she does.  

     Just a side note, I love my husband very much.  I told my husband that Vonda Kunz was going to be at the second birth to be my doula, no matter who was there, EVEN him!!!  lol He didn't like that much... However, It is true!!!   You won't be disappointed... She is the Best!!!

                                                                                                                                                                   Thanks, Debbie

jamie blackman


Vonda Kunz is not only a personal friend, but she was there to coach me thru the labor and delivery of my first child. I was only at the hospital for 2 hours before my son was born, but Vonda was there to help me remain relaxed, focused, and to help me remember to breath! She was peacefull and calm, but at the same time was very focused on my needs and keeping me on track when the contractions became very strong. During that time she remained upbeat and positive. When my son finally did come, I was very glad that she was there and had come to be a help to me and my family. I would reccomend Vonda to anyone looking for a Doula who may be a first time mother. She was very helpful and needed, since it is a lot harder to remember to breath and realx, and remain focused with your first child. Even if it is not your first birth, it's helpful to have someone who is there completely for you and concerned with your needs, and not only that, but she knows what is needed, what helps, and what works.

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