Lisa Lopez CD-L  Belly Binding and Birth Photography Photo

Lisa Lopez CD-L Belly Binding and Birth Photography


Litchfield Park, AZ Service range 45 miles


Birth Fee

$1200 to $1700

Birth Fee

$1200 to $1700

Birth Doula Experience

8 years and 60 births attended

Birth Doula Certifications

  • ProDoula - Certified Birth Doula

Doula Training

  • ProDoula, March 2023

Type of practice: Solo practice

Clients per month: 1 to 3

Attends hospital births? All Hospitals

Attends birth center births? All Birth Centers

Attends home births? Any Home Birth

College Education


Special Services Offered

  • Belly binding
  • Bereavement doula (pregnancy & infant loss)
  • Birth pool rental
  • Military families support
  • Miscarriage support
  • Pregnancy, birth and/or newborn photography
  • Prenatal & postpartum fitness services
  • Prenatal Yoga
  • Reduced rates for women considering adoption
  • Satellite doula (for remote and rural clients)
  • Sibling support (for your older children at the birth)
  • Virtual and remote doula support

Additional Credentials


Relevant volunteer or advocacy work

Volunteer Doula with BABS - Birth and Baby Services - providing doula support to women who are survivors of DV, physical and/or sexual trauma, sex trafficking, as well as women/teens in group homes, shelters, and low income families.

Languages Spoken

  • English

Fee Details

My base doula support packages includes two prenatal visits, my support through your labor and delivery, and up to two postpartum visits. I also offer birth photography, postpartum belly binding, prenatal and postpartum strength and recovery training, and nutrition support. Each additional service is priced separately so you can pick what best supports your needs.

Service Area

Litchfield Park, AZ Service range 45 miles

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Client Testimonials for Lisa Lopez CD-L Belly Binding and Birth Photography

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Lisa has been our birth doula for both of my daughters and I could not be more grateful we found her. For my first birth, she helped both my partner and I feel prepared prior to the experience through conversations, activity and walking me through movements. I had a placental abruption and went into preterm labor with my first baby, and she was at the hospital with me immediately to help me advocate for myself and walk me through what was going on. An experience that could have been traumatic and terrifying was actually still incredible. I truly believe that is because she was there with us. 

For my second daughter, she came to my house when I was having contractions and helped me move into different positions to help progress birth. Her knowledge helped me labor quickly and effectively. My water broke and my baby crowned before we even had time to call the midwife. Lisa remained calm, cool and collected -- she called the midwife while simontaenously grabbing my husband to deliver our daughter. She stayed with me and provided us guidance and comfort while we waited for the midwives to arrive. Because she was there and has always proved to be incredibly knowledgable about birth, I knew my daughter and I were safe. During the birth, she still managed to take incredible photos we will cherish for the rest of our lives.

She truly cares, and is invested in her clients. You will not always encounter someone as genuine and passionate about their career as a doula.  Beyond this, she has always had a plethora of resources for any concerns I had during my pregnancy and postpartum. She has remained a huge part of our lives.  I will always recommend her to everyone who will listen. 

Shaylynn Hall


My experience with Lisa was amazing! After my first pregnancy/delivery, I decided to look for more support and education to help me with the birth of my second child. Working with Lisa, I was able to gain the confidence and skills necessary to advocate for myself and my baby and take ownership of my birthing experience. With her help I was able to labor at home longer and navigate the pressures that arose from nurses and stick to the birthing plan I wanted and needed. Lisa helped me physically and mentally prepare for this birth and taught my husband different ways to support me as well. She helped me work through the fears and anxieties I had and replaced those insecurities with confidence and strength. Lisa not only took care of me during pregnancy and birth, but checked in with me multiple times postpartum to make sure I was receiving the help and care I needed in that fourth trimester. We are so grateful for Lisa and the role she played in helping get our baby here the way we wanted! I now recommend Lisa to any woman I meet that wants more support in their pregnancy journey!

Nina Maldonado


I knew that for my second child I wanted a VBAC redemption and I had to get the best team on my side. I wanted a doula that would support me like ones I saw on social media. So I went on the hunt to interview doulas from my local mom groups and birth accounts I followed. What stood out for me with Lisa was her VBAC training and the different services that she offered. After my initial in person meeting with her I felt comfortable and at ease after all of the information she shared with me to prepare for my birth. When the day finally arrived I text Lisa as soon as I started feeling contractions so that she could be on standby in case they progressed quickly. Two hours later I let her know I was being admitted to the hospital and that I would call her when it was time to come down. She arrived quickly and through out my entire labor she provided comfort and strategies to help position my baby and keep the contractions going. At one point I felt very defeated and I am so thankful Lisa was a my side reminding me that I could do this! That I had come so far and was so close to meeting my baby girl. I pushed for about 30-45 minutes and my baby girl was out! My husband and I felt at ease with Lisa present and I have loved being able to connect with her even after my daughters birth. The belly binding sessions and bone closing ceremony were a peaceful reward for me reminding me of how strong I am and how strong my daughter was. We worked as a team to make her birth happen. I would absolutely recommend Lisa to anyone needing a doula. I want more babies now just to work with her again! 

Chloe Johnson


Lisa was a wonderful addition to my birth. She's reliable, knowledgeable and fierce! She answered my husband's call right away in the middle of the night and swiftly met us at the hospital. She's not afraid to advocate for what you want and is such a great support person. She was wonderful to have postpartum too! She answered all my questions and made me feel at ease. The meals that come with her package were such a treat and such a help. I'm so thankful Lisa was recommended to me and I'm so excited to recommend her to others. We love Lisa!



I came across Lisa's profile through the West Valley Birthing Expo. Lisa was actually the third doula that I met with and instantly I knew she was going to be part of our family. She made me feel so comfortbale, and talked about how it was not her job to tell me what to do but that she would give me all the information and tools that I needed to make an informed decision. From the beginning I was set on having a natural birth and Lisa supported me all the way through. She came to our home a few times before our babe was here and we talked about EVERYTHING. From what to expect to building my birthing plan. Lisa was always a call or text away no matter the time of day or night. She gave me all the exercises, tools, and resources that I needed to help prepare my mind body and soul for birth!

August 20th was my due date and that came and went. Lisa encouraged me to have something to look forward to everyday past my due date and I did. Until my water broke on August 22nd at 1am. We shot Lisa a text and I went back to bed. 20 hours later my husband and I headed to the hospital and Lisa was not far behind. After settling in Lisa arrived and I remember seeing her walk through the door and a huge weight was lifted off my shoulders. She was my biggest cheerleader and stood up for me on multiple occasions while I was in labor at the hospital. She was not kidding when she told me that contrations would rock my world. And while I was in transition I remember just looking at her and saying what if I can not do this....And she looked at me and said you can and you will! Just a few minuets after that our sweet baby girl entered this world! Lisa stayed with us during my golden hour and helped me latch her for the first time. 

After coming home Lisa cam over to check on us and bind me a few times. She will forever be a part of our family and still to this day checks in on us. we LOVE Lisa!!! My birth would not have been the same without her. 



One of the best decision I made during my pregnancy was choosing Lisa as my doula, my advocate, my mentor, and incredibe supporter. She provided me not only education (my first pregnancy and did not know pretty much anything about pregnancy process!) but also continuous compassion and care. She was THERE for me in-person and via phone/text whenever I needed. She had her own baby few weeks before my due date, and still, she showed up every time, with her sweet angel by her side, and was present throughout my birth process. My birth process was rather traumatic one, and I cannot imagine getting through it without Lisa. She was there, advocated for me when I couldn't, fought for me when I couldn't, and also helped and supported my partner so he could support me. She has been there for us even post-birth and continued to support and educate us (first time parents!). She will be the first person I will reach out to if I get pregnant again, so I can go through this process again with her by my side!!!



I had two postpartum exercise sessions with Lisa and they were both great!

She asked me exactly what I wanted to work on and catered our time together based on my requests.

She is very knowledgeable with postpartum recovery. It was comforting to know she was only giving  me exercises that were safe for me to do without causing any damage during my postpartum period. She is a great coach! I imagine her coaching skills are amplified when working as a doula with laboring moms.

David Ramirez


Lisa has been the doula for all three of our births. She brings a calm demeanor and a positive attitude to an experience that can be chaotic and sometimes ambiguous. For our first birth I had no idea what to expect and Lisa was able to help my wife and I plan for the day. When the day came, she ensured our plan was followed and helped be our calming voice for the 29 hours my wife was in labor. I cannot imagine going through that first experience without Lisa by our side guiding us through.

With the next two births, while we became more comfortable with the experience and what to expect. Lisa always went above and beyond to ensure we were comfortable and made aware of our choices every step of the way.

Lisa flew from another state with only a moment’s notice to be our doula and while I am not expecting any more kids (have three already!) I highly recommend Lisa if you are in need of a doula.

Mike Mahoney


Having Lisa as our doula was amazing. She was so supportive and caring. She came up with ideas we hadn't thought of or had forgotten about. She also helped remind us that amid so much anxiety and at times feelings of helplessness, my wife and I were ultimately in control. We felt understood and supported, not pressured, because she helped ensure that we had time and privacy to discuss our next steps in the labor and delivery process. As the husband, I felt like I was given tools to use in connecting with my wife and being what she needed in such a vulnerable situation. Before going to the hospital, Lisa helped to facilitate discussions that deepened my knowledge and understanding of my wife's preferences and needs. Although I was on the fence in the beginning regarding whether we really needed a doula, I do not regret it at all. I would definitely recommend having a doula for your birthing journey, and specifically Lisa  was everything we could have asked for. 

Endiana D


I believe God has sent Lisa with a great team in my life during my pregnancy. Lisa is very understanding, a very sweet personality and gave me more than I expected. She made me feel like she was a family and a strong supporter when I needed it most at home during my pregnancy to the hospital room and my recovery birthday cake surprise, and even after my baby was born she is still a supporter.  I'd recommend her to any moms out there looking for a Doulas. Thank you so much from my family to yours! We appreciate you lisa Lopez! God bless!



I cannot begin to explain the amount of comfort, support and love that Lisa brought to not only our birth, but the weeks leading up and months after! 

Through an amazing line of midwives and other doulas, we were put into contact with Lisa. With COVID she offered many different ways of meeting, but within a week was over to our house, were she answered questions we didnt even know to ask (SIDENOTE: even though I'm overwhelmingly happy of the support us pregnant women get through this process, she made sure my partner was included in everything we did. She made it clear that they would be a team to support the birth that I wanted). The simplicity of someone answering questions I never thought to ask, personally, makes me super relaxed and relieved. But then she asked us some of the best questions, the simple question of, in 3, 5, 10 years from now, how do you want to tell your birthing story. From then on it was love.

Lisa helped us prepare for our birth with stretches, exercises, we practiced different birthing positions, and different visualizations and breathing techniques. She showed videos, recommended and let us barrow books ranging from what we should expect from birth, to a biased book regarding vaccines.

Without getting to dramatic, my birth was perfect. And in no exaggeration, we owe that to Lisa. She put us in touch with our midwives, she was there through my prodromal labor, she was first to the scene when my water broke, and after 4 hours of pushing, her support and love helped me finally push our baby out into the world. I was never scared, for the entire 48 hours, not once.

We cannot thank Lisa enough for EVERYTHING. 

Morgan Blanchard


Lisa is an amazing Doula!! As a new mom it was so helpful to have someone there with you to help facilitate and make sure that my wants and needs for my birth plan come to pass. She was a strong support system for me when my fiance got tired or needed rest.. She helped me to understand different options that are available, that the hospital might not promote, and she encouraged me to ask my doctor many questions that I wouldn't have thought of prior to delivery to help me prepare. My daughter was delivered (after almost four days of inducing and labor) to a stress free Mama who's sole focus was getting her out safely and loving on her, and Lisa played a huge role in keeping me calm and relaxed. I will forever be in debt to Lisa for the work she has done to make sure my first delivery was a positive experience and I will make sure to have her by my side for any future births I might have. Thank you Lisa!! You're awesome, the Solis family loves you!



I had no knowledge of what a doula was until I became pregnant. Lisa gave me information about the topic, and after reading about it, and speaking with my husband we figured we would take the step and see how everything worked out with a doula. All I can say is that I am incredibly happy with the choice we made, and bonus: Lisa was our doula. She provided me with any information needed. She was there to help answer questions, she was very knowledgeable, and most importantly she supported our decisions. Lisa would check in on me and helped me come up with a plan that both my husband and I felt comfortable with. When it came time for delivery, things went a little different than what we had planned for, but Lisa was there for my husband and I every step of the way. Lisa checked in on our new family several times, and I still get check ins! She made us feel special, important, and comfortable the whole time. I can’t imagine the process without her, and I’m already planning on Lisa being a part of our next pregnancy journey. Lisa is not only incredibly knowledgeable on the topic, but she is one of the most kind and caring people I know! 



Lisa has supported me through two births and will be supporting me through another birth in a few months. She has shared knowledge and resources to help me decide on the kind of birth that was ideal for ME and my family. Once my birth plan was established, she was there to give me the encouragement and coaching I needed to carry out MY plan. Since I wanted a natural birth, she applied counter pressure to help me get through intense contractions. Her guidance was not only helpful for me, but also provided support and peace of mind for my husband. My husband was able to focus on being my emotional support and let Lisa advocate for us to any of the hospital staff or family members if need be. After the births, Lisa was happy to answer any questions I had regarding nursing or recovery. Lisa is awesome! It is an invaluable service to have someone who is so knowledgeable and passionate about helping you on this amazing journey of bringing a baby into the world.















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