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Lydia Robinson CD(DONA) IBCLC

Labored With Love

Shawnee, KS Service range 30 miles

Birth Fee

$75 to $2500

Postpartum Rate

Not specified

Black Doula

Birth Fee

$75 to $2500

Postpartum Rate

Not specified

Birth Doula Experience

6 years

Postpartum Doula Experience

6 years

Birth Doula Certifications

  • DONA International - Certified Birth Doula
  • Stillbirthday - Certified Birth and Bereavement Doula

Doula Training

  • DONA International-Approved Workshop, February 2017
  • Stillbirthday, May 2020

Type of practice: Solo practice

Attends hospital births? All Hospitals

Attends birth center births? All Birth Centers

Attends home births? Any Home Birth
with medical provider in attendance

College Education


Special Services Offered

  • Antepartum doula support
  • Bereavement doula (pregnancy & infant loss)
  • Childbirth education services
  • Lactation consultant/counselor services
  • Military families support
  • Miscarriage support
  • Monitrice services
  • Placenta encapsulation
  • Satellite doula (for remote and rural clients)
  • Surrogates and intended parents
  • Virtual and remote doula support

Relevant volunteer or advocacy work

Labor and delivery nurse since 2013 IBCLC Childbirth Educator Evidence Based Birth Instructor Chocolate Milk Cafe Facilitator, Monthly Community Childbirth Classes Choose "Concierge RN" services to secure OB nursing care for your perinatal journey.

Languages Spoken

  • English
  • Spanish

Fee Details

$450 non refundable fee to secure doula services remaining balance due by birth OR postpartum visit (dependent upon service package) visit for more info

Service Area

Shawnee, KS Service range 30 miles

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This was my best experience to date!! I feel everything was perfect. "The end of an era" a great way to end my childbirth experience. The peace, the support, and the level of trust i was able to have with my birth team. Lydia is a Godsend! This is the route i recommend all mothers to be take. Judgement free and understanding is always in the air. The provision of information and the constant affirmations that are given made me feel so confident in my homebirth. Working with Lydia a second time was a must after we saw how helpful she was during my previous birth. I cannot say how healing a process it has been having her for the last 2 births after having a hopital experience with our first that didnt go as planned.  Lydia really cares about what she does and my husband and i felt the love all the way through.



Having a doula was a non-negotiable for me and provided what I hoped and more. I would and have recommended this form of support to others. If I decide to have another baby I would absolutely get a doula again, specifically Lydia. The best part of the experience would be the support that was provided and the resources to make sure I was as knowledgeable as possible to advocate for myself, whether that be with family or medical staff. I do not think without the services, I would have had the experience, education, and successes I have had. Additionally, I don't think my husband would have come around to the idea of home birth without someone who spoke his language as a medical doctor but was educated on certain areas neither of us was well versed in. With all of the changes that occurred, part of what helped keep me calm was knowing I had the unwavering support from my doula, who would advocate and get things done, especially with the hospital staff. I have taken my placenta capsules daily and I haven't felt any baby blue or depression. Generally, besides being sleepy I think they have helped with me keeping a positive and calm manner.



Being a part of labored with love gave me extreme confidence during my pregnancy and throughout My birthing experience. I was able to obtain a lot of knowledge that proved to be very beneficial to my care. Feeling heard and understood was extremely helpful and healing. I would recommend having a doula and connecting with Nurse Lydia with Labored with Love a thousand times over. I will definitely be using a doula everytime that I have a child.. I will recommend it to everyone . I don't believe that I could have done it with the same strength and knowledge that I did with a doula. Realizing that I was strong enough to have a natural birth was the best part. I recanted on a couple things in the moment but I did it and that meant the world to me to feel my baby and then push him out. It definitely healed a lot of the trauma that I experience previously. I don't have the same fear of having children as I did the last four years. Thank you so much for being a part of my healing with my birthtrauma and giving me the support that helped me make it through this pregnancy. From using my placenta pills I don't feel dragged out like I did with my first pregnancy. I'm not experiencing heavy hair loss and My mood feels more stabilized

Cali D.


Labored with Love and Lydia herself offers full body and mind preparation for the birth experience. As I mention many times I feel like she educated and prepares her clients to step into and know their power when preparing for all stages of pregnancy, labor, postpartum, and breastfeeding. We worked with Lydia with the birth of our first and there was no question we would also work with her for the birth of our second baby. I wouldnt have changed anything. I believe it went well and at 3 weeks postpartum overall the recovery has been easier. I love the education she provided. I would highly recommend a doula focused on education and empowering individuals to make the best birthing plan and  know how to navigate all aspects of birth whether it be at a hospital, birth center, or at home.




I was just reflecting on my breastfeeding experience and wanted to reach out to say thank you for all your support during my pregnancy, postpartum, and breastfeeding. Your knowledge had a major impact on our journey. I breastfed River almost 18 months and her weaning process was very slow and natural. I know this success was due to your guidance. Thank you so much!

Sierra Hollins


I can honestly say to anyone who gets to experience services with the company Labored with Love and/or having Ms. Lydia as your doula are in good hands. The amount of knowledge and different resources that they have available for soon to be moms and moms in general is amazing. I really enjoyed the Zoom meetings and classes that were available to me and my family, we learned a lot and enjoyed hearing and sharing with other families from all of over the United States!! I am so lucky to have had the support from Labored with Love I would highly recommend them.

Laura Saravia


Working with Lydia has been a game changer as a first time mom. I was lucky enough to get a scholarship and have her services for free and I couldn’t be more grateful for this opportunity. As a first time mom, I went in blind on everything. Lydia helped me by providing resources and knowledge throughout every step of my pregnancy, birth and postpartum stage. She’s truly a diamond in the rough because of all the certifications she has. I felt more comfortable with her knowing that she was a labor and delivery nurse and knew the medical jargon that the doctors and nurses threw at us. With her help, I was able to have a natural birth and breastfeeding baby successfully going on two months now. I can’t say good enough things about her. It’s truly an amazing investment if you’re able to get her services!

Cierra Sabur


When I first heard about the program I knew it would be a great opportunity to learn something new but I didn't know it would change my life. Nurse Lydia taught me so many things that helped me accomplish something I never thought I could achieve she helped me through a very peaceful and easy vbac in the comfort of my own home I am forever grateful for her

Gayla Goleman



We would highly recommend Lydia and Labored with Love. We contracted with Lydia in our second trimester as anxious parents after multiple losses. Her medical knowledge and expertise was a great comfort to us. We loved that she provided in depth learning about the pregnancy, labor and delivery, we loved her evidenced based approaches, and found her preparation tools incredibly helpful. That was all just leading up to the big day.


My husband was especially thankful to feel so included and to be given so many helpful tools to be prepared to support me during labor. He was a rockstar and she helped prep him to do that.


We had some complications with our pregnancy and Lydia was there every step of the way including when we had to have an induction for medical reasons. She calmly coached me through transition and pushing. Her bedside manner was so awesome my OB wanted her details so she could refer more patients to her. Lydia is wonderful and we would recommend her!

Julie Whitsitt


Lydia was our doula for the birth of our first child. The education and support she provided throughout my pregnancy and during labor and delivery were tremendously helpful. We would not have known what to expect or been prepared to navigate our daughter's birth without her guidance. As a first-time mother, it gave me peace of mind to know that someone had our back in case we had questions or needed to talk through anything. Lydia's experience as a labor and delivery nurse was invaluable when we had specific questions about hospital/birth center procedures, interventions, etc. She also offered the resources we needed to educate ourselves so that we could make informed decisions.

Jordan Walker


As a husband and expecting father I wasn’t sure what to expect but having Lydia there to not only encourage me but make sure I was able to advocate for my wife went above my expectations! I was appreciate to have 1 on 1 meetings with Lydia to express how I felt through the journey. Overall I would recommend Labored With Love to anyone on their pregnancy/birthing/postpartum journey.

Jasmine W


This was my first pregnancy and knew I wanted Lydia as my doula. She not only met my expectations but went above and beyond! She made me feel empowered and that I could have anything I wanted out of my birthing experience. Once we officially hired her, we stayed on course with the guide/schedule she provided. All of the classes/videos and meetings she suggested helped during our birthing experience. She was always available by text/email with any questions or concerns. She encouraged us to make our experience our own and not cookie cutter. Having her as our private L&D nurse, doula and so much more was a huge benefit to our experience. She also encapsulated my placenta which is still helping me stay balanced postpartum,

Carmen Valentino


It's hard to review something that had such a profound impact on our pregnancy and birth journey, but we'll try and do it anyway. Working with Lydia at Labored with Love was one of the most important and meaningful choices we made during our pregnancy. Lydia was professional and compassionate from the beginning. She constantly empowered us with information and tools that helped us achieve our pregnancy and birth goals. We always felt supported with our decisions and choices and Lydia would speak candidly and honestly if she felt we might be straying or hadn't fully thought through something. It was an amazing experience from the beginning to the birth of our beautiful baby girl. Lydia was instrumental in our birth as we were unsure if we were going to be able to deliver naturally, but when Lydia showed up and went to work during our labor we knew it was going to be possible. Overall our experience with Labored with Love was beyond measure, we were empowered, heard, and cared for, and we would recommend Lydia to anyone seeking a doula in Kansas City.


Abdul Mansori


Let me start by emphasizing how incredible Lydia is as a doula. Our interaction with her was fantastic from beginning to end. She gave us the resources and instruction we required, so I couldn't picture our labor and delivery going any other way. From the first prenatal visit on, Lydia wanted to get to know us and learn how we wanted our delivery experience to go. When it was required, she gave feedback and asked pointed questions.

During our time working together, we had to finish tasks including a childbirth education class, a birthing and postpartum template, and training for birth exercises, all of which helped us get ready for birth. Through time and via meetings, Lydia began to seem like family to me, and knowing that she was by my wife's side during labor and delivery gave me more assurance. Even amid the most painful contractions, my wife's labor was incredibly relaxing. My wife needed Lydia's encouragement to keep going while keeping her final objective in mind. Overall, we can't think of a more enjoyable time with Lydia's help. My wife and I still remark about how great it was to work with Lydia and how much we appreciated her presence and expertise. I hope reading this review will help you decide whether or not to hire Lydia. She is excellent, wise, skilled, and compassionate. Do a favor to yourself and make a reservation for her right away!

Many thanks to Lydia for all of her assistance!


Matt & Claire Mueller


Our experience with Lydia was extremely beneficial for gaining knowledge about prenatal care, what to expect during a hospital birth, possible interventions, creating a birth plan, and most importantly, for her support during the birth.

The multiple online courses walked us through all the health information we needed to know for prenatal care, birthing options, and postpartum care. These courses laid the foundation for us to feel confident and informed as Lydia walked us through designing a birth plan that met our wants and needs.

Lydia was available and attentive while my wife labored at home in the middle of the night. During these hours she offered advice and exercises to foster baby moving down the birth canal and into the optimal position for birth. Lydia met us at the hospital at 3:00 AM and quickly jumped into action, requesting birthing supports from the nurse to start pushing and determine an optimal pushing position. She was extremely proactive, which was a sharp contrast to our hands-off nurse. She instructed my husband on ways to support with pushing and other comfort measures.

Ultimately, our birth went as well as it could have thanks to Lydia's guidance!

Shamika Mansori


Let me begin by saying that Lydia is the best doula EVER!!!! From start to finish, our interaction with her was excellent. I couldn't imagine our labor and delivery going any other way because she provided us with the tools and education we needed. Lydia wanted to get to know us and find out how we wanted our birthing experience to go from the first prenatal appointment. She posed probing questions and provided feedback when necessary. We had to complete assignments such as a child birthing education class, a birthing and postpartum template, and train for birth exercises throughout our time working together, all of which prepared us for birth.

Lydia became like family to me over time and meetings, and knowing she was by my side during labor and delivery gave me more confidence. My birthing experience was extremely calming, even during the most intense contractions. Lydia kept coaching and pushing me to keep moving while keeping the end goal in mind. Overall, with Lydia's assistance, I cannot imagine a more pleasant experience. My husband and I are still talking about how Lydia was a joy to work with and how much we valued her presence and knowledge.

If you're thinking about hiring Lydia, I hope this review helps you make your decision! She is fantastic, knowledgeable, experienced, and caring. Do yourself a favor and book her before it's too late!


Thank you so much Lydia for all your help!!!!

Taylor H


A lot of people find it weird that some women choose to keep their placenta but honestly, it has helped me so much! As soon as I started taking my placenta pills, my mental state got better. So far, I rarely get down and I produce a crazy amount of milk. I already have about 3 weeks worth just hanging out in my freezer. lol

If you are an expecting mommy and interested in encapsulating your placenta, definitely reach out to Lydia! She has many different services and even helped me with getting Zay to latch properly after she finished with the encapsulation. ??

Sara B.


Lydia was incredible. She came out and helped us create a birth plan and reviewed comfort measures for labor. I cannot express how informative and empowering our session was. Not only is she doula and mama advocate, she is also a labor and delivery RN! It's truly the best of both worlds. She is incredibly smart and has great experience. She knows the ins and outs of hospital labor and delivery, can explain all the different interventions (risks, benefits, what to expect during each, etc.) and help you make the best choice for you and your baby. Taking the time to review this before you get to the hospital is so helpful so you don't get caught off guard and end up agreeing to something you don't fully understand or want. She is friendly, passionate and energetic (even thought she was up with a delivery the night before!). I am so glad I connected with her.

Brianna Butler


Meeting Lydia and having her as my doula was one of the best decisions I have made in my life. Lydia is not just a nurse; she's an expert in labor and delivery, a certified lactation specialist, a teacher, a supporter, a researcher, and so much more. She is genuinely committed to her clients and serves to educate and empower them. Not only was I fully supported by her, but I was able to meet other mommas and fellowship with them as we navigated pregnancy and beyond. During my time with her, my husband and I had access to classes and other digital resources that provided detailed information about pregnancy, labor and delivery, breastfeeding, the history of doulas, and even the postpartum phase.

My labor and delivery took an unexpected turn when my twin girls decided they wanted to make their debut six weeks early. Although my husband and I had planned a vaginal delivery, the on-call doctor proposed a c-section because one of my girls was transverse. Lydia stayed in touch with my husband and me THE ENTIRE time I was in labor. Initially, after learning that my water had broken and that I would be admitted, I was emotionally distraught and panicked. Need I mention that my contractions were a bit of a distraction too…LOL Without hesitation, Lydia willingly spoke to the gynecologist, inquired about their medical recommendations, and advocated for me while my husband comforted me. I thank God for Lydia; even now, at almost 6 months postpartum, she is still very active in our lives, and we plan to keep it that way. She became family the day we met.

A doula is an investment you will not regret. My husband and I are already planning our next pregnancy journey with Lydia.

Thank you, Lydia, for ALL you do and have done for my family and me. I feel heard, valued, and confident because of you as a Black Momma.


Jaslyn Turner


Lydia was a great help during the process of my third birth. She taught  things that were great to know about labor during each stage and how to stand up for yourself and own your birth experience. I was very determined to have the labor that I always wished after attending her educational sessions and be confident in knowing that I was far more than capable of having a natural water birth. I gave birth to my babygirl Aamira on September 1, 2022. I had a natural lotus waterbirth!! Thanks for all your help Lyida and Kelsey ????

Morghan & Paul


Ive reflected on our journey& want to give Lydia her flowers! When I mentioned a doula my husband's immediate response was "What's an Abdula can't I just be the Abdula?" LOL, NO sir.I had already been vetting doulas& had stumbled upon 1 in particular that I just knew would be "THE ONE"I scheduled a consult& we talked about my reasons for wanting a doula fears& concerns that I had as a FTM(black mother)&how I envisioned my birth.This lifted a huge weight off my shoulders.I was ready to lock her in I just needed to get my husband on board.I scheduled an appt for the 3of us to connect.He was very straightforward& wanted to know WHO,WHAT,&more importantly the WHY.Lydia shared her story with us& why shes made it her passion to help families become educated having the birth they not only desire but deserve. She completely blew my husbands expectations out of the water& it was a done deal.Lydia created a schedule to help us prepare. She introduced us to EVIDENCE BASED childbirth breastfeeding education &communityShe came to our home helped us create a birth plan. We did some very serious role playing along w/ comfort measure techniquesThe list goes on but more importantly Lydia on our birth team has given us a true sense of relief &empowerment.Shes helped us become advocates for ourselves& baby. She coached my husband on being the protector of our birth space. She's remained 1 phone call/text away, very responsive in offering support from a clinical& realistic standpoint. We Would recommend Lydia In a heartbeat. She is truly God sent& fully demonstrated why this is her calling.The birth world desperately needs more Lydia's &I pray that more women continue to invest in her support because it's unmatched.THANK YOU for being you& providing us with the support and knowledge to confidently own our birthjourney You have given us hope& it's been a true blessing having you a part of this sacred moment

Morghan Cavalluzzi


When I initially mentioned I wanted a doula, my husband's immediate response was "What's an Abdula, can't I just be the Abdula?" LOL, NO sir... I had already been vetting doula's and had stumbled upon one in particular that I just knew would be "THE ONE". I scheduled an initial consultation with her, we talked about my reasons for wanting a doula, fears and concerns that I had as a FTM (black mother), and how I envisioned my birth. The conversation lifted a huge weight off my shoulders. I was ready to lock her in, I just needed to get my husband on board. I scheduled another call for the three of us to connect. During the call, he was very straightforward and wanted to know the WHO, the WHAT, and more importantly the WHY... Lydia shared her story with us and why she's made it her passion to help families become educated and have the birth they not only desire but deserve. She completely blew my husband's expectations out of the water and it was a done deal. Lydia created a milestone schedule to help us throughout the pregnancy and birthing journey. She introduced us to a web of EVIDENCE BASED childbirth and breastfeeding education and community. She came to our home and helped us create a birthing plan that captured everything WE wanted. We did some very serious role playing along with comfort measure techniques. Having Lydia on our birthing team has given us a true sense of relief and empowerment. She's helped us develop our voice and become advocates for ourselves and the baby. She's coached my husband on being the protector of our birth space. She's remained one phone call/text away, very responsive in offering support from a clinical and realistic standpoint. The birthing world desperately needs more Lydia's and I pray that more women continue to invest in her support and care because it's unmatched. 

Keiondra Sanders


Lydia is the TRUTH! She was more than what we could have asked for in a doula! Lydia was very invested in making sure we understood  the power of educating ourselves so we could advocate for ourselves and have the birth we desired. It takes a lot more than just writing a birth plan, we role played conversations and scenarios to have with our healthcare provider from the prenatal appointments to the labor itself! She prepared us for ALL scenarios not just what we wanted because you never know what that day will bring! (Hospital birth, c-sections, Medical interventions, etc). Knowledge is not just power but freedom! Lydia’s  experience as a labor and delivery nurse is invaluable! The night of my labor she showed up and SHOWED OUT for us and made me feel so safe and cared for.

Her connections and resources she provided us not only Shortened my labor by 12 Hours from our first child but we have adopted some health habits and Practioners into our lives!

This journey with Lydia has been life changing and we are forever grateful for her and her services!



For my expecting families! Please invest in your birthing experience! It is worth it to reach out to Lydia and getting an consultation! I definitely learned so much in a very short amount of time and because of it, I helped my wife make safe educated decisions for the sake of her and our baby! And because of it, she didn't have to go under a knife and delivered a healthy baby girl ! So definitely check out the services!

LeAnna H


My 1st birth I had an emergency Csection &traumatic birth. I knew I didn’t want to go through it again& wanted a VBAC. I was shut down by my dr TWICE about a VBAC. I was devastated/discouraged so I agreed to schedule a Repeat Cesarean.I just thought “my OB has my best interest at heart I should trust her &just opt for this surgery to make this ‘easier’ I continued appointments & complied until 1day I decided my mental health was more important& c section was terrifying to me because of the birth trauma I experienced. I’m SO THANKFUL because we found Lydia.. I got to her late in the game but she reassured me from the 1st moment we spoke that I am ALLOWED to have the birth I desire. We hired Lydia &began our journey with Birth Education. It was a lot of information to learn in a short period of time but it was VALUABLE& much needed. After completing all our courses by 38 weeks, we were prepared &armed w/ information to bring our daughter into this world in the same setting we were in with my 1st birth. Now all we had to do was wait for her arrival.
The BIRTH: Mike& I head to the hospital.Because I was unable to speak, Mike was my voice. We get to the room& the hustle and bustle happens.So many questions, so many “things that have to happen” but because we were educated, we could give healthy push back on what we wanted &what we did not want. Lydia arrived& I was so thankful &at ease to have her& Mike by my side.At 442am our daughter was born via successful VBAC!Remember I said I was shut down TWICE about having a VBAC &here I was in a Labor room with the birth I desired to begin with! We learned that we went into our 1st birth completely uneducated relying only on what the staff told us. This time we were prepared& could advocate for ourselves& our daughter. I highly recommend you hire Lydia! You will thank yourself later, trust me

Bethany Sloderbeck


We are so impressed by Lydia that we hired her for a second time for the birth of our daughter. The prenatal, labouring and postpartum support that she offers is amazing! She covers so much useful information (breastfeeding preparation, hospital procedures to be aware of, additional birthing prep classes, laboring positioning and lactation support). Even though we had gone through a lot of this information with her during our first pregnancy, it was amazing to be able to go over it again for our second pregnancy. When our birthing day began, Lydia was a calming support for us. She helped offer techniques and positioning to help keep labor progressing. She helped us with our daughter's first latch and answered all our questions before leaving. She continued to check in with us via text during the first weeks. She also offered additional support in the fourth trimester: helping with breastfeeding support, troubleshooting my oversupply issues & visiting us in person. We highly recommend Lydia! 

Kei S


we want to say thank you for being a special part of our birth team! Your love, energy, encouragement and SUPPORT made this journey possible! I dont know where to begin! This journey with you has been more than just safely bringing baby Kai over to earth side and keeping me in the land of the living. You have helped introduce me to a whole different mindframe of thinking when it comes to my health and my family's health. You have taught me a different way to you my "BRAIN" and its brought about a more confident version of myself knowing how to advocate effectively for myself and loved ones. The peace safety and confidence I felt throughout this pregnancy was a complete 180 from my first experience.  Im not a fan of labor lol but thanks to you I was given the tools and mindset to shorten my labor from 27 hrs with a stalled dilation to less than 12hrs of labor and 10min of pushing! You helped me manifest my desire of a shorter labor and a safe unmedicated birth. We were very blessed to have you as our doula. Lactation support with you has also made my breastfeeding experience WAY less stressful and calmed my anxiety. This whole experience beginning to end was so much better. Thank you!--Kei

Candace M


My husband and I were clients of Lydia for pregnancy, postpartum, &lactation. I wanted an unmedicated birthcenter birth but unfortunately risked out. Lydia helped me with the transfer of my care and finding a provider that met my needs. I chose to have my membranes swept to avoid medical induction. When labor contractions started I contacted Lydia and she was helpful giving me suggestions to cope with early labor at home. All the things she taught me helped with managing my pain until I felt it was time to go to the hospital. When we got to the hospital we were admitted and I was able to labor in the tub. When Lydia walked in the room a huge relief came over me and I knew I was going to be ok. She did hips squeezes which were a God send and helped me with different positions around the room and in the bed.My babys head came out on its own and the dr told me to push once for the body and then he was here. During pregnancy Lydia encouraged me and took the stress out of the situation when I had to transfer providers.She helped assist with our first latch and she helped me shower and feel normal again in the hours after birth. For 6 weeks postpartumshe constantly touched based with me to see how I was doing. This was important to me because I was concerned about my mental health during postpartum and having her to rely on with any questions or problems put me at ease. I want women to know that having a doula is not just for unmedicated birth at home, its for all births even in the hospital.I realized that the nurse and the doctor are not with you all the time and its your doula that attends to all your needs making it a comfortable experience for you and your partner. This 100% was the best money i spent on myself in years. Theres no price on the safety of you or your baby. The health system is hard to navigate and Lydia made a huge difference for my family. I only acheived my unmedicated birth because of the invaluable support Lydia Gave.



I was interested in having a doula but my fiancee wasnt familiar with what a doula was. We discussed the different options with Lydia and we had her assist us with our birth plan and also postpartum with lactation services. I was induced at 37weeks for IUGR. All the education we had was very helpful and I feel like it made my labor go by very smoothly. I wanted a birth without an epidural and the contractions with pitocin were hard. During labor i was able to think of all the options Lydia told us about and I had one dose of IV medication and I was able to get through my birth with nothing else. We had a great experience and so much of that was because we were educated and knew what to expect. We learned what questions to ask and how to advocate for ourselves. After birth I was struggling with Breastfeeding so I scheduled lacation visits with Lydia. Within my first lactation appointment with her, it was like night and day. She made a few suggestions and created a plan for me to follow and also sent me PDFs with more information to share with my family. She also discussed how my postpartum recovery was and it made things a lot better for me as a first time mom. Really having an expert to help you and not just taking advice from other people will really make a difference in your own experience. It was a huge victory for me to see my baby improving after the help we received from Lydia. It made me feel good as a mom that I was able to do this for my baby. I highly recommend Lydia as a doula and lactation consultant to other families. Im a nurse and even as a nurse I recognize I dont know everything about birth so having someone I could rely on and to check in on me regularly helped so much. Im glad we put our money towards this and invested in this service.

Tatiana B


I stuck with my birth plan and had an unmedicated natural birth. I'm really thankful to God and to you for the classes and information that I was able to obtain without it I may have went and was forced to have another csection. But instead I was granted my vbac. I'm so thankful for you today.

Averie M


Hi! I just wanted to thank you for providing us with all the tools and resources necessary to have a successful, low intervention birth story! My baby girl (Leiani Jhenai McDonald) was born July 7th at 10:25pm. My dad and her now share the same birthday lol. She weighed in at 5 pounds 13 oz and perfectly healthy! She is now about two weeks old. Thank you again, and good luck on your future endeavors!-Averie M.

Erendira K


Lydia was extremely helpful and knowledgeable when it came to helping my family plan for the burth of our second daughter. I took everything VERY slow in the beginning, but she made sure to keep myself and my partner on track. Lydia always provided multiple resources to back her claims and to provide more support. I enjoyed all the childbirth sessions she encourages us to attend. She truly emphasizes the power of educating yourself before going into the birth, or the battle field if you gave birth in a hospital like me I was able to labor mostly at home before dealing with those monsters all thanks to Lydia. and then I went off to have an unmedicated birth as planned. I always try to recommend her to my pregnant friends if I know they don't already have a doula yet

Sierra V


Lydia was very helpful and provided me with all of the knowledge I needed to have the labor and delivery experience I desired. She prepared me and told me what to expect from the hospital and my provider. Because of this I went into labor with confidence! I definitely would recommend all of the services she offers. Thank you Lydia!



We found Lydia through the Evidence Based Birth website as a highly recommended doula in our area. I was around 30 week pregnant and knew we were going to have a hospital birth so Lydia jumped right in role playing the important conversations we were going to have at the hospital upon admission as well as critical questions we should be asking our provider now. She also created a realistic, but aggressive schedule to attend other classes that would prepare us mentally and physically for the birth we wanted and were so much more comprehensive than those provided by our hospital. Lydia’s experience as a certified labor & delivery nurse is invaluable, but her connections and reputation in the doula community is unmatched. She made sure we were well connected to all the resources for a holistic education and preparation on birth far beyond what our provider could give us. She even went the extra mile to send out reminders for these classes so we didn’t miss anything. Working with Lydia taught us that we had a much bigger voice to have the birthing experience we desired and empowered us to be the decision makers throughout the entire process.  Having Lydia in the room during labor was also a huge help to my husband and her presence reminded me of how much we prepared for this day and I had everything I needed to bring our baby into the world. It was also reassuring to have her there when making difficult decision to break my water when labor was stalling. We knew the risks from our education, but having her there to explain what the next intervention might look like if it was unsuccessful and if we had other options gave us clarity to make the best decision for us. Hiring Lydia as our doula was the best decision we made for our family as first time parents. She knows her stuff, she cared so well for us, and she worked hard but made sure we did too and the end result was the feeling of peace and empowerment walking into and out of birth.

Elahé Benford


Lydia was instrumental in teaching us the most important things we needed to know for my pregnancy, labor and delivery, and postpartum. She provided us with the necessary tools to have successful relationships with providers and to advocate for myself when needed. She not only taught us what medical interventions can take place in my experience, but the risks and benefits of the medical interventions. She helped us create a birth plan that was tailored to my needs and how I wanted the birth of our child to go. She was available on call 24/7 from the moment my water broke to the moment our son was born. She was consistently available for questions postpartum when I had them concerning myself or my son. She helped me advocate for further testing and treatment for my mastitis, and cared about my situation as strongly as a family member would. She also helped create my breastfeeding plan to help me reach my goal of exclusively breastfeeding. Thanks to Lydia, my husband and I are more knowledgeable surrounding pregnancy, birth, and postpartum, and we couldn’t be more grateful for her care and support during this life changing, vulnerable, and exciting time in our lives. Lastly, we highly recommend her for any first time parents or parents who have never had a doula before. We recommend her to parents living in Kansas City or thousands of miles away. She was available to us virtually, as we currently live in Germany due to my husband’s career in the Air Force. She was just as available and just as personable to us virtually as I know she would have been in person. Don’t let the distance deter you from acquiring her as your doula. Thank you, Lydia for all of your help, guidance, knowledge, and support. We appreciate you!!!

LaKeishia White


I’m a few days behind BUT I really wanted to say how much I appreciated the birth plan workshop this past Saturday. I had an idea of what I wanted to have for my birth but the breakdown and interactive scenarios we went through opened my eyes to SO MUCH MORE. Details are everything- it’s more than checking of boxes and handing to your provider. I was so excited after getting off the zoom- I couldn’t wait to share with my husband. This is our first child in 8 years and the information received helped to solidify things we already wanted but gave even more to look into. It was time well spent and so valuable. THANK YOU AGAIN! if her support as a doula/nurse is anything like the effort and care we received in the workshop you’re definitely in great hands ??

Ashley B


Nurse Lydia made my birthing experience more than I could have ever imagined. The education and preparation I received as she guided and provided me with all of the resources to make sure I had all of the information to make informed decisions. I was able to competently make each decision with proper knowledge and could not have done it without her. This time around I felt comfortable with all of her guidance. She was always patient with me and during my struggles with breastfeeding was readily available almost immediately! Had I not had her by my side, I would most likely had given up on breastfeeding on day 3. 3 months later, I am still going strong. I am so grateful for choosing her as my doula and couldn’t imagine my birth and postpartum journey any other way. Anytime I know someone planning or pregnant, I always speak on my experiences with Lydia and recommend!

Morgan Crusoe


Lydia is absolutely amazing! She cares about her clients and is always one call, text or email away. I am FTM so everything was so new to me and I had questions about everything early on. Lydia would patiently explain things and answer my questions throughout the day! She provided my husband and I with valuable education prior to giving birth. She made us feel prepared and knowledgeable and as a result we were able to make decisions and advocate for ourselves and our baby! After a successful delivery, Lydia checked on us daily and helped me with my breastfeeding journey. Not only did she provide her knowledge and her expertise, she also provided her encouragement. Now, my baby girl has a good latch and we are both enjoying the breastfeeding process. We are forever grateful and blessed for Lydia! Having her in our corner was definitely a game changer! I would highly recommend Lydia!

Kothney-Issa Bush


Lydia was absolutely God sent to us! I came across her Facebook page after moving back home to KCMO back in October 2020 and was so glad I did! I was able to learn so much about pregnancy, labor, delivery, and breastfeeding through the many resources she provided me with(this was before we even booked her). After learning so much and realizing how much more there is to learn about the process, we decided to hire her. I was able to have access to a wealth of knowledge at any point during my process. Lydia made sure both my husband and I were educated and ready for the journey we were about to embark on. I felt so confident going into the process and was able to labor at home until I was 9cm dilated and pushed my baby girl out in 19mins! You would think after baby was born Lydia's job would be done, but no! She was only getting started. I felt so safe and cared for after delivery and she was right by my side to help get baby latched on within the first hour of her being born. I truly do not know if my breastfeeding journey would be what it is now if it were not for her support. She checked on the 3 of us constantly during the first 4 weeks of the postpartum journey and helped me get over a few mental blocks during that time. Several different times my husband stated how much he appreciated having Lydia by our side during our delivery and that he could not imagine doing this without her! You can see the passion she has for helping black families get the education and services they need during their pregnancy, labor, delivery, and postpartum. She is without a doubt one of the best in the game! You will not find too many doulas with the level of knowledge she has. As a nurse, lactation consultant, doula, evidence based birth instructor, and friend, she is someone to have on your team! It also doesn't hurt that she has the best prices out there either. Thank you so much Lydia for everything you have done for us over these last months! We are lucky to have you!

Lakeshia White


I’m a few days behind BUT I really wanted to say how much I appreciated the birth plan workshop this past Saturday. I had an idea of what I wanted to have for my birth but the breakdown and interactive scenarios we went through opened my eyes to SO MUCH MORE. Details are everything- it’s more than checking of boxes and handing to your provider. I was so excited after getting off the zoom- I couldn’t wait to share with my husband. This is our first child in 8 years and the information received helped to solidify things we already wanted but gave even more to look into. It was time well spent and so valuable. THANK YOU AGAIN! if her support as a doula/nurse is anything like the effort and care we received in the workshop you’re definitely in great hands

Paige Enoch


If you are looking for a Doula. Look no more!! I can honestly say Lydia helped make my birth experience an amazing experience. From all the education she provided before birth and all of the support she gave during labor and postpartum. If there was one thing I learned, it was the importance of advocating for myself. My husband and I are so thankful for Lydia and glad God caused me to come across her page. I only wished I hired her sooner!

Brianna Thomas


Now that I’m home relaxing, i want to send a HUGE shout out to Lydia! She EDUCATED us in the Black Maternal Health Workshop she did. Being educated on various topics of pregnancy/birth. From birth planning, to educating us on monitoring, medications, comfort measures, and more! I know there is more i will need to learn but she touched some very key points that will help my husband and I begin to prepare for the birth of our baby. It feels great not going into birth without knowledge. Knowing what’s best for me and baby is key and I am so grateful to have attended that class today. You’re a true gem Lydia!

Amber Elliott


I would definitely recommend Labored With Love! It was a powerful class and I am going to tell anyone I know who is currently pregnant or preparing for birth to take this class be apart of the community. It was an awesome experience! I learned SO much. This is my second baby, having had the first 11 years ago, and I now am equipped with tools and questions to ensure a smooth delivery for me and my baby something I didn't have previously. I wish I had this class back then but am happy I was sent this class by a friend. I now know that I didn't have to have the previous experience that I did thanks to Lydia. Take the class, join the group, use her!

Andre Enoch


When my wife asked about us having a doula I was reluctant to give an answer. I wasn’t for it, but I also wasn’t against it. Of course, COVID also threw in challenges of its own. However, once we became Lydia’s clients it was amazing! The amount of knowledge she both allowed us to explore for ourselves and personally provided was priceless! I wanted to be supportive and involved with my wife’s pregnancy, but I wasn’t sure how that’d happen. Lydia gave great advice for each phase from the final months, to contractions, to postpartum support. I wondered how she’d be there for us with other clientele. However, we never felt ignored or like Lydia was preoccupied. She made sure we had the necessary tools to OWN our entire birth process. I didn’t know what questions to ask or what to look for as this was our first child. Lydia was awesome talking us through our birthing plan and even giving us scenarios to act out so that we remained in control. She gave me the confidence boost I needed to support my wife and welcome our son Vincent with NO complications. I’d recommend Lydia to anyone and I’m certain we’ll be using her again. There will be more babies! Lol. 10 out of 10!!



 I would recommend Lydia to anyone. I had a very tough pregnancy luckily I was blessed with awesome nurses. Her service was exceptional I was terrified to deliver my son but with her constant support, prayers, and reassurance everything was going to be ok I was so blessed to have a happy but most importantly safe delivery of a handsome little prince. So if you're looking for a great doula who will make sure all your needs are met, you're informed of everything that's going on try her out you won't regret it. 5 Stars all the way






Greatest experience ever!!!! My daughter just had her second baby, my second gbaby! I was nervous because she had to have a c-section. Lydia was there from the beginning to the end. Her knowledge and bedside manner was the bombdigity! I had questions and she had answers! The comfort she gave me was awesome. I’m the gmama watching and waiting, so you can only imagine how the mother to be felt. Total awesomeness is what I experienced!!!!!!

Javon Swopes


Labored with love is fantastic. Very helpful and caring. I would recommend to any family that is about to bring a little life into this world. Thank you so much for your support and service to me and other families.



Labored with love was one of the best decisions my husband and I could have made! We took many of the classes, videos, and anything available to educate us for a healthy labor, delivery and birth. Having Lydia R. as our doula was a true blessing! She walked us through everything from the mental to the physical sides of labor and delivery! Our experience was SO beautiful and amazing! I can honestly say that the journey was easy! Believe it or not, it was almost painless! I did struggle with my daughter latching but because of Lydia, I am over three months with a breast milk fed baby! We will definitely be doing it again! Much love from the Roddy family!

Shanae Brown


This program Taught me everything that I need to know when it came to laboring and breast-feeding and was an amazing support group when I felt my Lowest. I will definitely Be using them again for my next child. Lydia was sooo much help an never gave up 



I had the most empowering birth experience. Was it a lot of work and preparation? Yes! But I owe a lot of it to Lydia. She helped guide my husband and I throughout the whole process before I was actually in labor. She gave us realistic situations to work through, which helped us create the birth plan of our dreams. She also helped us through any possible scenarios, which helped us feel 100% confident walking into the hospital, or in my case running into the hospital before our sweet baby was born. When my water broke at home in the late night hours she was responsive to my husband via text and walked him through different questions. Once we arrived at the hospital in the very early morning, she was there! She was there to help me with my son’s first latch and stayed with the three of us for hours after he was born. I will note that our birth was during COVID so we were limited on some items but Lydia made it all seem so normal. I would hands down hire her again for our next birth and highly recommend her. She is professional, knows her stuff and is very prompt on communicating. She continued checking in on me for several weeks after the birth too!

Jayla Villarreal


Lydia is the truth. Coming to her at 36 weeks after completing and receiving the Laboured With Love Scholarship was the biggest blessing I have ever received. Not only did Lydia work her butt off to get me all the information I needed regarding birth and how to achieve my dream birth unmedicated, but she pushed for getting me prepared knowing we were in a time crunch and at full term that's no easy task because it was literally any day that I could've gone into labor. She was truly there for me from checking in, reminding me of childbirth classes, answering my questions at odd hours of the night, checking in to see how I was feeling etc. Lydia took all the fears that the doctors were trying to plant in my head and squashed them and continually made sure my voice was heard because they were just there to assist. My baby boy came out 7 pounds 4.5 ounces and I only pushed for 15 minutes and for a first time mom I think that is AMAZING. Lydia checked on me every 2 hours if not every hour that I had began early labor until well after I had given birth and even was there to answer all my questions about how my breasts were changing once I got home and continued to support me. Lydia is truly amazing and if not for her I don't know how my birth experience would've turned out. Book her at

Cokeeshia Simpson


I'm almost 3 months postpartum. I gave birth to my baby girl 10/18/2020 and when I say Lydia mad it possible for me to have my birth the way I want it I mean just that! If I didn't have her I wouldn't of know I had so much control, And not just that I was able to go natural again but this time on purpose! I was able to do cordless monitoring, no medicine, use the tub, etc. I'm just thankful for all the information and education I was giving. I will defiantly have her again if I was to ever get pregnant again! 

Marissa Webb


Soo blessed to have Lydia Robinson as my doula. She taught me so much and gave me a peace of mind knowing I had someone to turn to with educated answers to my questions. Although my birth experience was almost completely different than my birth plan, I still felt like I took charge of my birth experience and made the things I wanted happen. It meant so much to be able to make my birth MY own, and I didn’t feel like I was being pushed over. I took my time and made decisions I believed were logical.

Thank you again!!! I was so blessed to be able to turn to you as things changed and I had to made different decisions.

Danielle Starks


Lydia was awesome in helping my husband and I make decisions for our birth. She enlightened us on the labor and delivery process as well as the medical manipulation tactics that are commonly used in the hospital setting. Lydia eased my labor anxiety and allowed me to regain my confidence in having a successful labor and delivery. With her services we were confident in navigating through the medical tactics and achieved our desired birth plan. We were able to make decisions and changes based on the knowledge acquired from Lydia and the evidence based birth training. During postpartum, Lydia provided me with the information and advice to successfully breastfeed. She gave me the much needed support and encouragement to continue breastfeeding. We plan to request her services again for our next pregnancy. 

Justin + Danielle Starks


We highly recommend Lydia for your prenatal/postnatal experience. We remember the very first phone call being warmly welcomed as Lydia provided a continuous flow of information and wonderful assistance throughout the entire experience. Lydia is very informative and hands on. Most importantly, in the beginning we had extreme anxiety regarding labor, especially with this being our first baby. As soon as Lydia answered any of our questions and concerns, our nerves were eased tremendously. Lydia always replied quickly and never let our questions go unanswered throughout the entire experience. We were able to  experience a beautiful, peaceful, natural vaginal birth because Lydia helped us gain the knowledge needed when it came to knowing our options during birth months prior of our actual delivery. Being the husband, I really enjoyed that she was there to assist in ways that I couldn’t, but loved how she incorporated ways I could help during this process. The videos on her platform were highly information and the research were well conducted. Even after delivery she answered all of our new parenting questions when it came to our little bundle of joy, which was really beneficial to the both of us as we were transitioning into our new roles of caregivers.  Lydia genuinely cares about what she does and it reflects in her character & professionalism.  We can tell she does this for the love of caring for others and not because of some dollar amount. Without a doubt, we received top notch A+ experience & we highly recommend Lydia for all of your doula needs! Yes, we will be hiring Lydia again once we decide on baby number 2! Overall, amazing!

Anne DeSalme


For our second birth, I knew I wanted a doula to help achieve an unmedicated hospital birth. I wouldn't be able to have a doula accompany me to the hospital though, because during the pandemic our hospital only allowed one support person. Lydia offers many different services, one of which is helping couples prepare a birth plan. We thoroughly went over the risks and benefits of hospital procedures that are routine during labor, birth, and newborn care. After that discussion my husband and I created our birth plan and felt much more informed of our options and prepared to advocate for ourselves if needed. We then chose to continue working with Lydia so we went with the virtual doula package. It was so comforting during the last weeks of pregnancy to be able to ask her any and all questions, all of which she answered promptly. Knowing that I would be able to call or text her during labor eased my fears. In addtion, we had access to the Evidence Based Birth site and all of its resources. When I did go into labor, Lydia helped with pain management by telling my husband how to do counter pressure which ended up being what helped the most with easing pain. We were able to have the birth we envisioned! Once the baby was delivered Lydia gave advice on my physical recovery, and cared about my mental health as well.  She also helped breastfeeding get off to a successful start by troubleshooting a painful latch. Hiring a doula made the 3rd trimester, labor, and postpartum seasons a smooth transition for our growing family. I will always be thankful to Lydia for being an important part of this special time. 

Crystal Rucker


I was lucky enough on my 30th birthday to win a doula virtual package. I was filled with so much information about this pregnancy that I didn't know about my last pregnancy 7 years ago. This pregnancy took me on a long journey from doctors telling me he had an irregular heartbeat to hes measuring small to the my last 2 weeks telling me my fluid level looks too high. But because I pushed the issue of having a medical reason each time they set up a date for me to be induced I declined and just kept going to my 2 weeks appt until I was 30 weeks I went 2 times a week to be monitored. With my doula by my side and her helping me understand my choices I declined any unnecessary things I didnt need. At 39 weeks and 5 days my water broke and my husband and I went to my mom's house since it was closer to the hospital than where I live which is 45 mins away. My contractions were 8-10 mins apart for about 3 hrs more after that it started to progress once I was resting and getting myself mentally prepared all while updating my doula. Decided to go to the hospital after I was 5 mins apart because I felt weird but still updating my doula when I could. Once I got to the hospital to get checked out they read my birth plan and I thought it was all a go until I realized I felt too much pain and pressure and when I got up for a contraction to move around I started to bleed and the doctor wanted to check me out. My placenta abrupture causing me to bleed and after contraction I had which was now 3 mins apart they gave me a shot to try and slow down the contractions but that didn't work. I had to have a csection.It wasn't what I wanted to experience but things happen for a reason and he was born 6lbs8oz and overall im happy with the choices I made.I'm so thankful for the knowledge she gave to me and for understanding my needs. I can't thank my doula enough for all the information and everything she gave to me to help make my journey better! My voice was heard and Lydia was great!



I used Labored of Loves virtual Doula service and it was very convenient, especially during the current world pandemic. Lydia was very informative and knowledgeable about all things birth, baby and breastfeeding. She's great at following up and checking in on you through the entire pregnancy and the postpartum period. I would recommend Lydia and her virtual Dpula service to anyone in need of a Doula. She's also kind and easy to talk, always encouraging you to ask questions if you have any. 

Brittany-Anne Gray


Working with Lydia Robinson and Labored With Love made my birthing  experience wonderful. I didn't meet Lydia until towards the end of my pregnancy, and I was unfamiliar with the roles of a birth doula. Due to us being in sepearate cities, all of our interactions were virtual. 
When Lydia first offered her services to me I had no idea what I was getting into; but I'm glad I accepted. Our first Zoom conference Lydia was very welcoming and friendly. She explained in detail who she was and her job as a birth doula. She provided me with information and courses on Evidence Based Birth, and made sure I knew and fully understood my rights going into labor. She was very attentive and understanding of my high-risk pregnancy, and she offered much support and encouragement. With Lydia as my doula I was taught how to speak up for myself when it comes to my medical care and the care for my child. She assisted me in creating a birth plan to take control of my labor, and to make sure I could voice my consent and denial of medical practices to the labor and delivery staff. When at the last minute I was informed I would be getting induced, Lydia adjusted with me and educated me on the process of induction. 
Because of our distance she was not able to attend my birth, but she was there every step of the way. She texted me frequently to check in and made sure I was comfortable and the hospital staff was following my birth plan. Once I gave birth to provide breast feeding and post partum support; checking on me and baby frequently to make sure we were adjusting to our new life. Currently I still remain in contact with Lydia, and I am eternally grateful for her services. Before I went into labor I was terrified and didn't know anything about birthing a baby. With Lydia's help I was able to relax and enjoy my birthing experience; because of her expertise and knowledge I had a smooth , almost pain-free labor. 

Jasmine Garcia


My experience with Lydia, was great. She is extremely knowledgeable. Her background in nursing truly helps her as a doula. She helped me understand everything that was going on while she was there. I felt I could ask questions, and they would be answered. If I had any doubts I knew I could get an evidenced based answer. Lydia is warm and friendly. She is strong willed and determined to help you get the birth you want. She helped me with getting me walking, getting into different positions to progress my labor, we did birth ball excercises and more. Although my birth did not go as I had imagined it would and prepared for, I am perfectly happy with the way it did. I felt so close to my husband even though it was extremely hard at times. It's an experience I'll always have in my heart. It matters to have support and someone to keep you on your feet and Lydia Robinson helped me with that! Thank you Lydia!

Lovie Buie


Lydia has been a huge blessing for my first first pregnancy. She reassured me in all of my concerns and made me much more comfortable with delivering my baby.  

Myshia Franklin


Hi my name is Myshia. Me and my partner asked for Lydia's help after finding out she was a doula via Facebook. This was baby number 3 for me and 3rd c-section. She helped us plan out a birth plan and gave us knowledge about our rights during the process that we didn't know before. She was patient and gave us the tools we needed to for our c section. We had a successful play out of the birth plan for our daughter. Thank you Lydia 



I told Lydia plenty of times that she was godsend and I really mean that. I didn’t connect with her for doula services until I was 32 weeks pregnant. I thought it was too late but clearly that wasn’t the case. The amount of information that she provided my husband and I with was incredible. Another bonus was that this was a virtual service. Everyone knows what has been going on with Covid, so having meetings in person was not an option. Lydia met with us numerous times via zoom to make sure we had all of the tools to help us succeed. She informed me about all of my options throughout my pregnancy and reassured me to use my voice no matter what doctors or nurses said. They’re working for me, not the other way around lol. She definitely gave me the confidence to not allow them to do what is routine for them and tell them what works for me. She was there for us anytime we needed her. During my doctors appointments, during labor, and now postpartum. She checks in all of the time to make sure we are ok. Thanks to her, my husband was able to learn how to support me mentally and physically during labor which also helped me progress and able to have a delivery with no epidural. I would recommend her to every single pregnant woman it’s so important to have someone advocate and support you. I’m just thankful I was blessed to be able to work with her through my pregnancy.



Working with Lydia has been an amazing experience from beginning to end. Although we had a virtual experience, both my fiancé and I felt as if she was right there with us the entire way. We learned so much and because of her knowledge, we were able to speak up for ourselves in the delivery room and have a positive birthing experience. This was our first pregnancy and first experience with a doula, and I would highly recommend Lydia and her services to any expecting parents. Having a doula is a great asset to have in your birthing toolbox.

Marc Boyce


Lydia was awesome as a first time father I knew very little about the labor process. With her tips and guidance I was able to not only support my wife verbally but physically as well. She is very personable and professional, and understands that everyone is different and I appreciated that she took the time to understand our concerns and help us through any questions we had.

Lakisha Brandford


Working with Lydia was such a wonderful experience, she gave me so much knowledge that I hadn't experienced with my child birth process. She made sure I had direct contact with her for any questions being the support person this go round and walked us through all the way past the labor stage... I would recommend her to anyone expecting and would definitely use her for any future child birth experiences.

Lisa Asuncino


Lydia is too helpful and patient with all of my questions and concerns. Honestly, working with Lydia was the best decision ever. I am normally a really anxious worry wart and was extremely anxious about delivering ESPECIALLY during this Coivd-19 crisis. After multiple check ins with Lydia, I felt confident heading into the Hospital. Needless to say my introductory into Mommyhood has been amazing and not as hard as I had imagined.

Even though we may get awesome gems of information from other Mothers, a Doula adds even more benefit and individualized coaching throughout pregnancy and after!

Thank you Lydia! =)

Deaira Robinson



Working with Lydia was nothing short of amazing! Lydia was kind, caring, concerned, and gave us so much information that I am certain I had the best possible birth experience for me! She was always available to answer any questions we had as a family! Lydia embraced my partner and made sure she was just as informed as me , which allowed my mate to make the best choices for me when I was to far into labor. If you are thinking about using Lydia as a doula, please please just book now!!

Shaqueal Coote


My experience with Lydia as a doula for my wife was great. We were unable to meet with her until my wife was 8 months pregnant due to my work schedule. She was very flexible and patient. My wife had a complicated delivery and although Lydia wasn’t there physically she was readily available via call and text to guide us in making informed decisions. I definitely would recommend her service and believe that a doula is definitely needed for new and experienced moms. Lydia provided us with more information than the doctors did so that we could make an inform decision and not just take what was given to us. She helped reduce the stress and overwhelming feelings of making important decisions when it comes to my wife and my baby’s health.

Luvvly Coote


Lydia was great, our initial appointment I was 8months pregnant and was use to being told by doctors what would happen instead of being presented with options for me to choose. Through working with Lydia my husband and I learned that we can say no and speak up about what we want. After my prenatal appointment with my doctor Lydia walked us through everything the doctor stated. I had complications with my delivery and Lydia was available to answer any questions my husband had on making decisions to move forward. A week after delivery I was rushed to the hospital due to loss of blood and blood clots. Lydia was available still to help us make decisions and made sure we advocated for ourselves when the hospital skipped steps to discharge me. I definitely would recommend her service and believe that a doula is definitely needed for new and experienced moms. Lydia provided us with more information than the doctors did so that we could make an inform decision and not just take what was given to us. She helped reduce the stress and overwhelming feelings of making important decisions when it comes to me and my babies health.

Luvvly Coote


Lydia was great, our initial appointment I was 8months pregnant and was use to being told by doctors what would happen instead of being presented with options for me to choose. Through working with Lydia my husband and I learned that we can say no and speak up about what we want. After my prenatal appointment with my doctor Lydia walked us through everything the doctor stated. I had complications with my delivery and Lydia was available to answer any questions my husband had on making decisions to move forward. A week after delivery I was rushed to the hospital due to loss of blood and blood clots. Lydia was available still to help us make decisions and made sure we advocated for ourselves when the hospital skipped steps to discharge me. I definitely would recommend her service and believe that a doula is definitely needed for new and experienced moms. Lydia provided us with more information than the doctors did so that we could make an inform decision and not just take what was given to us. She helped reduce the stress and overwhelming feelings of making important decisions when it comes to me and my babies health.

Candice Cooper-Lovett


What can I say there's so much goodness to share! Lydia is amazing! She was so helpful and very resourceful when it came to everything that my husband and I needed. When it came to the feedback session it was easy to say all of the amazing things that she did but we struggled with finding an area of growth outside of my husband wanting her to be in Atlanta lol...the biggest part that I took from this experience is that I have consent to everything, if I don't want to do something I don't have to. We learned about the different things used during birth if needed and or necessary as well as what to expect out of the process whether it be vaginal or c-section delivery. She was available to us the entire time and we reached out to her during late times in the middle of the night and she was there for us every step of the way. She is very passionate about what she does and also has a very genuine spirit and we felt the care and support that she had for us. I have already recommended some pregnant women to her, getting a doula was one of the best decisions I could have made!! The last cherry on top was that she and my OB were on the same page with pretty much everything and it made me feel even more at ease especially when it came to advocating for myself!!

MarQuayzia Harrison


I found out I was having twins super early in my pregnancy. Having Lydia as my Doula was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made, I was terrified throughout my pregnancy. When i was in labor I actually got induced and Lydia was there from the time I called her to the minute I was being rolled into OR. Her support and reassurance through EVERYTHING was phenomenal!!! It was a great experience for me and my family. I recommend Lydia to any and everyone looking for or interested in a doula she’s truly amazing at what she does!

Ariel Kittling


We decided to have a Doula after we reflected back on the roller coaster ride of our first birth. Although we knew it was a serious need, we didn’t realize just how much of an impact it would have on the pregnancy and delivery. Lydia was an amazing support throughout the pregnancy. She utilized her knowledge as a Doula combined with her knowledge as a L&D nurse to help me understand all the medical things I was experiencing and help us prepare for the birth. For our home visit Lydia brought the exact tools that they used in the hospital. Having seen those tools prior to experiencing them made it so much less overwhelming in the hospital for delivery. She was a phenomenal support of advice, a guide, and advocate in the hospital. Her knowledge of ways to help labor progress and different ways to physically manage a low intervention birth was exactly what we needed. Although we wound up needing some interventions Lydia helped us stay flexible and focused to reach the ultimate goal, our baby girl. We are so entirely grateful for her presence in our life during that time. If another baby comes along she will first person we call to take the journey with us.

Brekail Brooks


I needed help with coming up with the right birth plan for my first child considering I am high risk due to several medical conditions but Lydia assured me that she would help me every step of the way. I dont know how I could have delivered my baby without her. I highly recommend her to anybody who has questions about a birth plan or pregnancy in general. She was amazing!

Lydia Haynes


At first, I wasn’t sure if I should hire a doula, but I’m SSOOOOO GLAD I DID! can’t imagine having done this without Lydia by my side! She was very attentive throughout the whole process and me feel as prepared as one could be for their first time. Her background as a nurse also made me feel like I was in the best possible hands! I just can’t say enough about her as a person and a doula!

If you are considered a doula for your labor, seriously look no further!!

Jare'a Miles


Lydia has now helped me with both pregnancies and deliveries. There were some discouraging moments with my pregnancies but Lydia assisted mentally and physically to push through. With breastfeeding and my options with delivery, Lydia was very helpful. It seemed as if I was too busy to keep track of the things happening the day of my deliveries but Lydia was there to help keep track of that and now I forever have a keepsake and timeline of a beautiful day. So very grateful and more than satisfied with my Doula experience

quinci hanna


She was a great resource and even better support system during my pregnancy and i would definitley recommend her to any expecting mom.

Toria Freeman


Lydia was beyond amazing! She was very helpful from the moment I chose her as my doula at 4 months pregnant in October 2017. I was busy going to school and working full time, and she made sure to check on me. Lydia was available to answer ALL my questions any time of day. I went from having 0 questions to millions a week. She was and still is very patient with me and always remained calm when I would stress or freak out. I was able to work with her and create a birth vision for me and my baby, while working with her I became more comfortable if my vision did not go as planned. Lydia attended doctors appointments with me and would help me come up with a list of thorough questions to ask. She advised me what to look for in a great and not so great OB/GYN. When asking questions I was able to feel comfortable with my choice of doctor. When it came time for labor Lydia exceeded all my expectations! Lydia met me at the hospital and from then on we started to implemented my birth vision. I am grateful for her also being a labor and delivery nurse. I listened and communicated with her more than my real nurses because I trusted her 100%. During labor she reminded me to take care of myself and make sure I rested, I was so anxious and excited that I was wide awake. Having her there eased my mind because she was able to help break down all the medical terms. While in labor she pushed me past my level of comfort, made me change positions and do things to help my labor progress. I was stubborn but I did what she asked because I knew she was going to help me get my baby. I never realized without a doula present the doctors and nurses are rarely in the room and if you don't have anyone knowledgeable you are stuck laboring by yourself. Lydia has also helped me postpartum especially with breastfeeding, even when it seemed like the hardest thing to do but she would not let me give up I would recommend Lydia. I would definitely choose her for my future pregnancies!

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