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Barbie French, CD(DONA)

Nature's Om Doula

Kingston, RI Service range 40 miles

(401) 573.4031

Birth Fee

$1000 to $1200

Birth Fee

$1000 to $1200

Birth Doula Certifications

  • DONA International - Certified Birth Doula

Birth Doula Experience

2 years and 30 births attended

Doula Training

  • DONA International, October 2017

Type of practice: Solo practice

Clients per month: 1 to 3

Attends hospital births? All Hospitals

Attends birth center births? All Birth Centers

Attends home births? Any Home Birth

College Education


Special Services Offered

  • Belly casting
  • Pregnancy, birth and/or newborn photography
  • Sibling support (for your older children at the birth)

Relevant volunteer or advocacy work

Member of Doulas of Rhode Island

Kingston, RI Service range 40 miles

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Client Testimonials for Barbie French, CD(DONA)

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Kristen Madonna


After researching and interviewing several doulas for post partum care I came across Barbie’s profile. Her years of experience were what originally prompted me to setup a call. Barbie and I spoke on that first call for nearly an hour. Something about her just made me feel very comfortable. Not only did she have years of experience but she had a wealth of knowledge on all things pregnancy and childbirth. Shortly after meeting with Barbie for the first time my husband and I decided we would also like to hire her as a birth doula. She was extremely supportive and helpful to us during a scary time- giving birth during the covid-19 pandemic. She was calm, collected and a strong advocate for us at the hospital. Throughout my pregnancy, any question I had for Barbie she was able to answer immediately and would often provide articles/ backup to help me make any decisions I needed to on specific issues. In addition to her prenatal visits, Barbie was always available by text or phone call throughout my entire pregnancy to answer my questions. She not only helped me prepare for birth with tools and exercises to ensure the baby was in proper position for birth but she was able to recommend products for my recovery after birth as well as things I hadn’t even thought of for the baby’s recovery. She provided many helpful resources such as books, support groups and lactation consultant recommendations. After I got home from the hospital Barbie was there for moral support. She was able to talk me through my emotions and anxiety that I was having after childbirth and with caring for this new baby. Anyone would be lucky to have Barbie as a birth and post partum doula. She’s knowledgeable, calming, and a strong coach to get you through the most important job of your life!

Alison Van Hemelrijck


I can’t say enough positive things about our experience with Barbie! She played such an important role during my pregnancy and the delivery of our son. She was the perfect match for us- she's very calm, patient, and attentive but also friendly and easy to talk to. She met with us several times before and talked us through any questions we had, and made us aware of potential scenarios we might not be expecting. Having the guidance of someone who has facilitated so many births gave us valuable insight into what to expect. I had a very long and difficult labor so her support was extremely helpful when we were in the hospital. She helped us navigate the whole process and decipher what was going on. My husband was very appreciative of the added support because it freed him up to be able to connect and stay in the moment more. After my son was born she checked in several times to see how we were doing, and it felt reassuring knowing there was always someone I could reach out to with any concerns we were having. I honestly could not have imagined the experience without a doula and am so glad we found Barbie!

Krystle T


Barbie is a fabulous doula. We had a different doula for my first birth and the experiences were night and day. My first birth ended up with many medical interventions we had hoped to avoid and we did not feel that our doula was helpful in suggesting new things or really being more than a third person in the room. She was also medically inclined, which perhaps pushed me towards more interventions.  My husband and I went into our relationship with Barbie being very upfront about our prior experience and our hopes for our second labor. As soon as we met her, we knew she was perfect! She has such a warm, calming energy and she was so knowledgeable. She was invaluable to have around during my labor. She (as did we all!) thought that a second time mama at 6cm would have a super fast labor, but alas! I ended up with a c-section after 18 hours of no progress and a baby in distress. But, despite having high hopes for a drug-free (and fast!) labor with my second, my husband and I feel great about our experience. Barbie was very supportive, but really pushed us to explore different options. When we finally made a decision to go ahead with a c-section, it felt like we had truly explored all options. Even though it was not the birth we had planned/hoped for, we felt incredibly at peace with how things turned out and we have zero regrets. We had a healthy, beautiful baby and an informed labor. We are so grateful that we had Barbie and we wholeheartedly recommend her! She was such a calming, supportive presence and she helped us work through the variety of options. While we were generally pretty well-informed, she taught us many things that we did not know and helped us to make better decisions.  The home visits were also great and gave us tools that we did not have. If we have another baby we would hire her again in a heartbeat which is the highest praise there is for a doula!

Kimberly Palmer


Where to about 3 day's before I delivered my son. It was around 1130p when I first started feeling low back pain accompanied by possibly the loss of my mucus plug. I texted Barbie and she responded immediately. She calmed me down, we talked about my symptoms and she gave me other symptoms to keep a look out for that could signal that labor is approaching. She reassured me that I was probably not going into labor that night, but that delivery day may be approaching. I felt at ease after speaking with her and I fell back asleep. Barbie called in the morning to check on me. She had a hunch (she was right) I was having back labor and sent me information on spinning babies. Three days later, it was baby time! My husband and I chose the alternative birthing room at women and infants. Barbie was so supportive the whole time and guided both my husband and mom through pain reducing skills that they could perform on me during my contractions. She was always right there, guiding and encoring me when I desperately needed it most. When I started to doubt myself, she refocused my mindset and helped me stick to my birth plan. Barbie has a calming personality which is exactly what you want while in labor. We tried different positions when it came time to push. She encouraged me to lean over the top of the bed, which at first I did not like because I just felt so tired and this position felt draining. However, by trying this position, we helped our baby get into a better position. I went back to my most comfortable position, and very shortly after, our son was born. I truly believe that the position change that Barbie suggested made all the difference! Barbie took some great photos of our sons' delivery which we cherish! Our son was born at 1123pm, and Barbie stayed with us until around 2A. We are so incredibly grateful for her kindness, encouragement and overall awesomeness! We can't imagine going through this experience without her! 



My wife and I highly recommend Barbie French's Doula services.  Barbie provided support and guidance throughout my wife's pregnancy for both my wife and I.  My wife wanted to learn about the process and develop a detailed birthing plan.  Barbie met with us several times to develop a plan that my wife was comfortable with.   She provided various tips and tricks that my wife utilized throughout the third trimester.  During the pregnancy she cleared her schedule to accommodate a two week birthing window.  This put several of our fears at ease.  During the pregnancy she advocated for my wife and answered all of my questions that I couldn't ask the nurses.  Barbie generally enjoys what she is doing, and is excellent at what she does. 

Heather Murray


SO MUCH GRATITUDE! We hired Barbie as our doula and truly feel we would not have had the birth experience that we did without her. She is amazing.

This was our first pregnancy and when I found out I was expecting, I knew I wanted a doula when it came time for labor. What we discovered was that by having Barbie by our side early on, we were able to equip ourselves with a lot more information and access to things, which allowed us to feel confident each step of the way.

As a first time parent, you don't know what you don't know. Barbie was a tremendous help when it came time to navigate birth class options, what to do when our baby was still breeched at 37 weeks, and how to encourage our little one to make his way out when we exceeded our expected due date.

Barbie was our champion when labor started! Our goal was to have a non-medicated birth and one of the most helpful coping techniques Barbie provided at this time was how to breathe differently through the various phases of labor. She was a constant advocate and source of encouragement to get us through the most intense moments.

Selecting the "right" doula is critical for such an intimate and life changing experience. Barbie served as an emotional, physical, and educational resource throughout our pregnancy and we were so thankful to have her!

Anja Lee


Barbie was an invaluable part of our birth journey. From the moment we met her at a "Meet the Doula" night, we knew she would be the perfect guide, support and coach through our brith process. She was patient, kind, informative and extremely responsive. She helped us prepare our birth wishes and put our mind at ease as we prepared for the birth. During the labor, she made sure my husband and I were comfortable and suggested different ways to manage the pain. She asked questions to the hospital staff to help decipher various parts of the process. Ultimately, our birth journey ended up not going as planned as we required an urgent c-section. Barbie was calm and helped us navigate the chaotic process of preparing for the c-section. She even contacted our families for us and tidied up our hospital room when we were in the OR. 

We truly could not have imagined going through our birth jorney without Barbie. She is one of a kind and we will be forever grateful for her support, knowledge and guidance through this process.

Alysia D'Urso


My husband and I couldn't be more happy with Barbie! She is a very attentive, knowledgeable, compassionate doula and helped make our birth journey as smooth as possible. She helped me understand what questions to ask and what to expect when it came time to go into labor and delivery. In addition, she helped me become more aware of prenatal care and options. With her help, I felt educated and ready for the birth of our child. 

We especially valued her expertise during our time at the hospital. She knew exactly what was going on and helped us stick to our birth intentions. She gave guidance on how to best deliver our child and helped me feel in control during the most challenging moments. Our birth experience was everything we could've hoped for and we attribute much of that to her. 

We'd recommend her to anyone who would like support, guidance, and knowledge. In summary, she's amazing!!!

Ben Spiller


My husband and I are so grateful and blessed to have had our doula, Barbie, be part of our second son’s birth. We would highly recommend having the support of a doula to every expecting couple; it truly made a huge difference in our birth experience. The birth of our first son didn’t go as smoothly as we had hoped, and unfortunately I ended up having a C-section after a long 36+hour labor.  We knew that a VBAC was going to be a challenge and we felt the need for more support for the birth of our second son. I carried a lot of fear and anxiety with me from my first birth experience. Several prenatal meetings helped us create a bond and connection with Barbie – this was one of the biggest concerns of my husbands– it’s hard to envision welcoming an “outsider” into this sacred time in your life, but we’re so glad we did! Each time we met with Barbie and our Doula Team, they helped us feel more confident and prepared. In the early stages of labor at home, Barbie and our Doula Team were in constant contact with us. They provided advice and asked the right questions to make sure everything was going well and were especially helpful when it came time to decide when to going to the hospital. During labor at the hospital Barbie was always by my side - providing physical relief (counter pressure during contractions was very helpful!), getting cold wash cloths, keeping me hydrated, suggesting walks or different positions, and motivating me to keep going. It’s amazing how helpful having an experience, knowledgeable advocate on your side can be. It really helps you stay on track! In the end, we had a successful natural VBAC and honestly do not think this could have happened without Barbie’s support.

Dan Madnick


We first met Barbie at a "Meet the Doula" night hosted by Doula's of RI. We felt an instant connection to Barbie as she is down to earth, easy to talk to, and shared a number of things in common with us. Even though we only had a few minutes to talk with her at the event, she was at the top of our list. After the event, we scheduled an in-home meeting with her in which we spent a few hours discussing our birth wishes and what she could provide to us for a successful birth process. After this meeting, we were convinced that she was the doula for us. Barbie offers two pre-natal visits, each of which were multiple hours long. She helped us put together a birth plan and offered great insight and advice for the remainder of the pregnancy. Barbie is the reason we were confident in our birth plan and the labor process. As this was our first child, there was a lot of trepidation and concern of the unknown. Barbie was fantastic at answering all of our questions and helping us navigate the birth process. The day that labor started Barbie was in constant contact with us and helped answer any question we had. When the time came to leave for the hospital, we felt comfort in knowing that Barbie would be there with us through the birth. During the final stages of labor and through birth, Barbie was there every step of the way offering advice and coaching. After birth, Barbie stayed with us until everything settled down and we could relax. Even though the birth of our child was late at night, she came back later that day to check on us and offer any assistance we needed. We’re very fortunate to have had Barbie with us through this process and could not have done it with out her!

Katherine O. Firestone


Barbie was sinply fantastic. I can't imagine giving birth without her. She helped us prepare for birth and establish a birth plan that was right for us. She helped us feel prepared and reduced my anxiety about giving birth. During labor, she helped my husband know what to do. I think people worry about doulas taking over, but she helped my husband to be a more involved participant in the birthing process. And then when she needed to get involved, she did. When the going got tough, she helped me stick to my birth plan. I really wanted a natural birth. But then birth happened and it was really hard to stick to that plan! Barbie helped me make my dream of a natural birth come true. I can't thank her enough. 

Katherine Anderson


Barbie was the linchpin of our care team. She brought positive and bright energy, wisdom, support, calm, and compassion to our birthing experience, which could otherwise have been chaotic and without direction. She helped me feel my birth story and experience was my own instead of a medical event that happened to me and, after the dust had settled, helped me reclaim and make sense of my experience so that I was left feeling proud and at peace. She also provided support and assistance to my husband, who could have otherwise felt overwhelmed and lost. I can't overstate how important it is to have a doula as part of your birthing team - and I feel confident that Barbie was the absolute best match for us. I'm so grateful that she will be part of our story forever. I cannot recommend her highly enough and I do so without a single reservation. 

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