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Phone: 7814053255

Birth Fee: $1000

Fee Details: I would hate for anyone to miss out on support during birth due to financial strain. Please let me know if you have trouble affording my fee and we can talk about what will work for you.

Birth Doula Experience: 2 years and 20 births attended

Doula Training

  • DONA International, May 2015
Type of Practice: Solo practice

Clients per Month: 1 to 2

Attends hospital births? Some Hospitals
I frequently attend births at Beverly Hospital
Attends birth center births? Some Birth Centers
I frequently attend births at the North Shore Birth Center
Attends home births? Some Home Births

Other Relevant Certifications

  • Spinning Babies® Aware Practitioner
  • Therapist and Spiritual Director, student of the Enneagram Personality System

College Education

  • MA/MS

Specialized training or previous experience

  • Over 40
  • Single parents
  • Waterbirth

Special Services Offered

  • Aromatherapy
  • Parenting consulting
  • Therapist or counselor

Relevant volunteer or advocacy work

I am a volunteer doula with the Connecting Young Moms group at Beverly Hospital and a volunteer doula with Birthing Gently in the greater Boston area.

Languages spoken: English

Client Testimonials for Rollyn Bornhorst

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Penny and Rick Singh

Rollyn's involvement in our birth was such a gift! Her support throughout the pregnancy was so important to our journey into parenthood - from our meetings leading up to the birth, her availability to answer questions and provide resources, she helped to put our minds at ease and did all she could to make sure our birth experience contained all of the components we desired. Rollyn's spirit is gentle, kind, and loving, she is the type of person that makes one breathe a little easier just by being with her! The birth of our dear son was intense and filled with many unexpected turns (as they all are!) and Rollyn was there for us every step of the way, providing the utmost physical, mental, and emotional support. Rollyn has gone above and beyond our expectations, visiting us after the birth and has become someone we hope continues to be a presence in all of our lives for years to come! We cannot imagine our little guy coming into the world without her there!

Posted 4/12/2019

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May Chiu

I chose Rollyn to be our doula for the births of both our first and second baby, in 2016 and 2018 respectively.

I chatted with a few other doulas beforehand but I decided that Rollyn was the best fit for us.  The reason for that was that, from our initial exploratory meeting in a coffee shop in 2016, I was struck by her positive energy.

Our experience from both births is that Rollyn will be your birth advocate, your steadfast companion, your listening ear, and your guide through the sleep-deprived days of new parenthood.

We went through a difficult time following our first birth.  Rollyn's support was invaluable through those weeks.

Rollyn brings a wealth of experience but, more than that, she is just so down-to-earth, kind and good-humored.  Her generosity of spirit makes her a very special and a very capable doula.  My husband and our parents (baby's grandparents) are also big fans of hers, and we're all grateful to her for all that she does.  Rollyn is exactly the type of person I want by my side, no matter what kind of birth I am having.  

Posted 10/24/2018

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Susan Bayer-Larson

My husband and I feel so lucky to have had Rollyn with us at the birth of our third child. In the months leading up to our due date, she met with us to discuss any concerns and hopes we had for the experience; this was very helpful preparation for both of us. On the day our daughter was born, Rollyn was a wonderful support to us. Her presence was steady, soothing, and non-judgmental, and knowing that my husband had a support person as well helped me to relax and have a very peaceful birth.  Rollyn is kind, confident, and experienced -- we highly recommend her!

Posted 9/18/2018

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Nikki Armytage

I asked Rollyn to be my doula in the brith of my first baby and she helped me have an empowered, deep and meaningful experience in my pregnancy, throughout labor and post-partum.

Rollyn is so real, loving, grounded and wise. She really listened to the birth i wanted to have - she also helped me understand what was possible and all my options. Rollyn asked me profound and beautiful questions that made me connect to my experience and also helped me debrief my brith in a way that made me feel empowered. She asked me to write out my birth story which was so helpful! She was there every step of the way and I felt very connected to her. And she is so in love with my baby!

Having Rolyn as a Doula is to have the gift of a wise, intutive mother at your side, helping you make the right decisons that are best for you and your baby. I can't recommend her highly enough!

Posted 8/29/2018

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Greg and Melissa Lowther

We are so glad we decided to work with a doula and Rollyn in particular! From the first meeting, Rollyn was so friendly and excited about our pregnancy and birth. She came to our house to talk through our expectations and desires, including helping us put together our birth preferences. We had planned to have a natural childbirth, but after finding out our baby was breech, we had a scheduled C-section. Rollyn was so helpful as we sought information about techniques for turning breech babies, including Webster chiropractic, moxibustion, and an External Cephalic Version (ECV). It gave us so much peace to have her help us process the emotions and information when we were facing a birth experience we didn't expect. Rollyn came with us to multiple appointments as we were figuring out what to do in the final few weeks of pregnancy when our baby was breech. During the intense ECV procedure, she provided support and helped us with relaxation techniques. She also came with us to the C-section and helped us prepare for the procedure emotionally/mentally. She was not allowed in the operating room, but she kept our parents informed about all that was happening in the prep and recovery room. She also took pictures of us with our newborn when we were all together in recovery, helped us verbally process our experience, and stayed with us until we were ready to have time with family only. Throughout the entire process of pregnancy and delivery, it was such a relief to know Rollyn was with us and there to help us plan and process all that was happening. She was so supportive and encouraging and she also was so excited about our baby once he was born! She was a calming presence who undersood what we needed and wanted and was committed to us throughout the whole experience. We would recommend to anyone - no matter what kind of childbirth you plan to have - to work with Rollyn as your doula!

Posted 8/17/2018

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Amberly Wood

Rollyn was such a great fit for our family as we welcomed our third child into this world. Before the birth of our daughter, Rollyn spent ample time getting to know my husband and I. She made sure to understand my two previous births and how that had shaped our feelings and emotions around labor and birth. She asked great questions to gain a better understanding of how she could best support us. Rollyn came to a prenatal visit with me and had a chance to meet my midwife before the birth.

Our darling April came into the world fast and furiously. Rollyn jumped in the car as soon as we said “go.” Luckily she made it just as I was about to push.

While there wasn’t any time to experience Rollyn’s coaching during labor and birth, I did experience her ability to support me during a postpartum hemorrhage. It was scary and the procedure was painful. Rollyn stayed at my head and held my hand while my husband cuddled our new baby. Seeing my husband holding our daughter and having Rollyn’s full attention on me gave me the strength to mentally get through the next few hours while the physicians assistant and nurse controlled my bleeding.

About a week later Rollyn was able to talk with me on the phone as I put some pieces together about the events that took place. Being able to hear her perspective and gain pieces that I was missing allowed me to heal from the trauma that occurred.

I highly recommend Rollyn as a birth doula. She is calm, intelligent, patient and understanding. Her ability to relate to a variety of personalities and support those people accordingly is a true gift.

Posted 7/9/2018

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Emily Broderick

Rollyn was incredible. I engaged her quite late into my pregnancy (within weeks of my due date!) and she helped me feel totally supported throughout those final weeks of anticipation. In the days leading up to going into labor, she was encouraging and reassuring. I needed in because I was a more than 10 days overdue and starting to freak out about when the baby was going to come. When labor did start, she was waiting at the birth center for us with a warm smile. She made the experience feel supportive and nurturing for my husband and me during the whole birth process. We both couldn't imagine having another baby without her!

Posted 6/15/2018

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Eliza Knowles

I quickly realized that it's true what they say that every pregnancy is different - and that perhaps I needed the support of a doula with my second child even more. Rollyn was attune to the emotional and physical challenges of balancing care for myself and my baby with my toddler at home. She was critical in connecting me with resources to help address the unique needs of this pregnancy and this baby. My whole family benefited from her help throughout my pregnancy and while preparing for birth. When it came time for G's arrival, Rollyn's steady hand and encouragement were pivotal in guiding me through a difficult labor into what ultimately was an incredibly joyful and empowering birth experience.

Posted 6/7/2018

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lindsay k

When I first met Rollyn, I had no idea what a doula was.
It was quite the crash course.
Almost instantly though it was as if I had known her for years. Rollyn made a point of having lunch dates with me up until the birth to ensure I understood everything and had every question answered so to feel as comfortable as I could for my first child.
She was there every step of the way right through the birth.
I ended up needing to be induced and Rollyn helped me with the difficult decision of needing to deviate from my original birth plan. Through Labor she held my hand like a close family member (apologies if I broke any fingers )!! And made sure to take pictures of all the moments important to me.

For many reasons my pregnancy was not very emotionally positive, but Rollyn helped change that and i could not have had a better experience bringing my little girl into the world!

Posted 6/7/2018

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