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Seattle, WA Service range 10 miles no ferries

Birth Fee


Black Doula

Birth Fee


Birth Doula Experience

5 years and 131 births attended

Birth Doula Certifications

  • DONA International - Certified Birth Doula

Doula Training

  • DONA International-Approved Workshop, October 2017

Type of practice: Solo practice

Clients per month: 1 to 2

Attends hospital births? Some Hospitals

Attends birth center births? All Birth Centers

Attends home births? Any Home Birth

College Education


Special Services Offered

  • Abortion support
  • Bereavement doula (pregnancy & infant loss)
  • Miscarriage support
  • Placenta encapsulation
  • Sibling support (for your older children at the birth)
  • Surrogates and intended parents
  • TENS units rental
  • Virtual and remote doula support

Fee Details

Hi, my name is India and I am a full spectrum doula here in the Seattle Area. Growing up in the Seattle with teen parents as the oldest sibling, my passion for supporting families began at a young age and feels woven into my lifestyle. As a doula I bring a grounded and uninterupted presence to the birth space. Together we can navigate information, a comfort 'menu', and all of the birth tools available to you. As a Black birth worker and mom of two, I am constantly inspired by my community and am often found reading, researching, and growing plants/food. (See website for full packages) (Serving First Hill and Ballard location)

Service Area

Seattle, WA Service range 10 miles no ferries

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Reflecting back on my birth and postpartum experience, I can easily say that it was so positive because of India. I appreciated her knowledge, confidence, and ability to listen even before I went into labor. We interviewed rather late in the process because my husband and I were unsure if he would available for the birth of our son and we wanted to make sure I had support. Speaking with her was like speaking with a sister— very supportive, very real, no beating around the bush. I was especially impressed by her commitment to programs that make doulas accessible to more people. Mothers, no matter their background, need this kind of support. During labor, she listened to what I wanted to do and how I felt, and when one position wasn’t comfortable, she immediately said, without judgement: no problem, we’ll try something else. We laughed and listened to music. She has a lot of tools and experiences to draw from, and so much compassion. She knew what to say to encourage me to keep pushing. I felt very supported. And even after the birth, her check-ins were a welcome moment to connect during a pretty chaotic first few weeks with an infant. It’s apparent to me that India is called to be a birth doula, and I hope we can work together again in the future.

Claire L.


India is an amazing doula and human being. From the moment I met her I felt at ease in her presence. She was extremely supportive, real and open to our wishes and experiences. Communication was very easy and she always seemed to know the exact right thing to say to reassure me when things went... not acording to plan A. I'm so grateful that India was with us when we welcomed our baby to the world. We ended up having a scheduled C section and India was wonderful about explaining what was going on to me and my partner during the birth and being wonderfully supportive and present during the entire experience. And she somehow did it all and took some beautiful photographs of our baby's arrival as well. 

Kerry Zimm


We wanted to work with a doula for the birth of our first child because we didn't know what to expect and wanted someone there to advocate for us.  India was a perfect fit!  I interviewed several different people and was immediately struck by India's depth of knowledge, sense of humor and compassionate personality.  She met with us before the birth to go through our birth plan, educate us about different options available and to ensure we were comfortable with her.  I was worried about knowing when to go to the hospital once going into labor and she assured us that we could call her as soon as contractions started.  I ended up needing to be induced and she came to the hospital quickly as soon as the actual labor started.  I wanted to give birth without an epidural and she helped me stick to that even when the pain was bad.  I couldn't have done it without the amazing back rubs - thanks India!!!



When looking for a doula, we had prepared questions but ultimately I knew I would go with my heart. I really wanted someone I felt connected to and comfortable with. A few minutes into our initial conversation with India I knew I wanted her there with me. As our first pregnancy, we wanted someone who could advocate for us through the process and be direct with us when needed. India was exactly that. It felt like having my best friend in the room with us. We had expected to labor at home for as long as we could but she saw me progressing quickly and made sure we headed to the hospital (we honestly wouldn't have known!). While we were there she talked me through everything and partnered so well with our nurse, knowing when to step in and when to move out of the way. She made sure I ate my jello and got me tea...I don't know how many women can say that their birth experience was truly enjoyable but mine was  and I can't imagine having done it without her. If I have another she better be there again!

Danny Hartnell


My partner and I couldn't have been happier with India as our doula. Sharing my experience as a first time father, India was invaluable to the process.

Those final months leading up to the birth come with a whirlwind of information. Having India as a resource put my mind at ease and allowed us to focus on the elements of our birth plan that mattered most. She was a calming influence throughout the pre-labor process, keeping my partner in as much "comfort" as possible during back labor. When we got to the hospital, she was a rockstar, kindly assisting in every way.

To any fathers-to-be out there unsure of whether a doula is the route to take, I'd highly recommend India. Her energy and wealth of knowledge paved the way to a fantastic birth of our baby boy!

Sara & Mark


India was our doula and attended the birth of our first baby. My husband and I are both kind of anxious so we wanted a support person who would be sensitive, intuitive and calming. As soon as we met India we knew she was the one! She instantly made us feel supported and at ease, and her warmth and positive spirit only made us feel better and more excited for birth with each pre-natal visit. During labor she anticipated my every need and helped me feel confident and at peace with the process. She advocated on our behalf and had a great rapport with the hospital staff. We've kept in touch since she attended our son's birth and I can't imagine doing any of this without her. India is a very special woman who we appreciate so much. 



After interviewing with a few doulas, we chose India because she was really easy to talk to, had a  flexible approach and was very knowleageble about all things pregnancy and birth related. She was very supportive leading up to my birth, and I couldn't have asked for a better partner and coach in the delivery room. India was with me for over 8 hours straight in the hospital and kept me focused and sane when I was exhausted and frustrated with my lack of progress. She had a great rapport with the hospital staff and worked with them to make me more comfortable and advocate for my needs and wishes. After we brought our son home, India continued to be a huge support, helping me as a first time mom manage breastfeeding and teaching us new ways to soothe and comfort him. I can't recommend India highly enough- she's a kind and supportive Doula and overall great person! 

Katie Burt


I feel so fortunate that in one of the biggest moments of my life in bringing my daughter into the world, I was able to have India by my side.   When I was pregnant I talked to multiple doulas and instantly felt a connection with India.  She is calm, warm, funny and incredibly knowledgeable and I knew we were meant to be a team.

Leading up to the birth we met multiple times where India explained her role, my options and completely supported all my birth preferences.  It’s important to note that the actual birth experience that your doula is the only professional constantly with you during the birth.  The incredible doctors and nurses are making the rounds and checking in but your doula is there the entire time which is so comforting.  

During birth India helped explain the stages of progression, kept me as comfortable as I could be, advocated for me when I needed it and made sure my husband felt involved and informed as this was a big journey for him too.  She kept the mood light when I needed it and also recognized when it was go-time to focus and shifted into calm powerful doula goddess mode to help support me bring this little one into the world.  Having an advocate during such a high emotional and physical time brought me such peace leading up to and during the birth.   

I cannot recommend India enough, she is part of the family now!

Mira Suleiman


When I got pregnant I knew I wanted a doula so I started my research early on. Being in a large city like Seattle, there were many to choose from! I carefully and meticulously went through many profiles before I stumbled upon India. When I read about her, something just clicked! I reached out to her and was so happy she had availability. Our first visit in my home was so comfortable- it was an immediate connection. A few weeks later, I unexpectedly went into labor 5 weeks early. India was by my side the entire day. As you can imagine, giving birth early was overwhelming but India was my guiding light. She kept me calm, cool, and collected in the most stressful of times. I will forever be grateful for her presence during the birth of my beautiful baby boy. A few days after giving birth I was having trouble breastfeeding. She immediately came to my home with oatmeal and soup in tow. She made me feel so taken care of. If you want the most personal touch during a life changing event, look no further. She has my absolute highest recommendation. 



What an experience! I am so thankful that we were able to have India for the birth of our first baby! India was thorough in asking what my birth preferences were, outlined hospital procedures/preferences and really got to know my husband and I. India was an advocate for my preferences throughout the birth (Ex: no IV pain meds) even when my Dr and nurses were pushing them. India was also great at guiding my husband how to help me through the birth, hot/cold compresses, the tub, massage and aromatherapy. The Tens unit that she has is also super helpful in managing contractions. 

India followed up postpartum with Sushi and a lactation check in which was wonderful - its tough to know what’s right as a first time mom and she was a welcoming comfort post partum. I've reccomended India to our friends and will continue to do so, she's a great example of the important role that Doulas play in the birthing process. 



What can I say - India is amazing! From the moment we met her, we knew we wanted her by our side when our little girl was born. She took such care in meeting with us ahead of time and really bringing a sense of calm, but also energy and - most importantly fun to the preparations. 

The delivery all went a bit differently than any of us could have imagined ahead of time. My water broke three weeks early and baby was breach. We called India and she was there - right by our side - straight into the OR for a c-section at 3am. She was by my side holding my hand distracting me when I needed it, while dad was with baby and she stayed much after the birth to make sure we were settled. 

So no, we didn’t have the “typical” experience... but! India - we couldn’t image this moment without your spunk and grace right there with us. And - should we be having another in the future... we know who to call!


Jennifer Evans


We loved our experience working with India! When we met India we immediately liked her professionalism, passion for her craft, and committment to expanding doula services to underserved communities. As older, first-time parents we were a combination of very informed and have-no-idea-what-we-are-doing. India brought the real life experience of assisting in many births and a calm voice of experience in the room which we knew was going to be a big support for me and an even bigger support for my husband who would be challenged by...ahem, some aspects of the birthing experience. He's a fainter!  Because our birth experience got fast tracked we didn't get the experience of laboring at home with her support. Instead we had to call her and say we were already at the hospital.  Seeing India arrive in our room was such a comfort. She showed up with her kit of support items, good cheer, and calm and set to work right away.  From creating a spa environment by the birthing tub, to doing countless comfort strategies, to guiding me through positions to help move the baby along, to giving my husband suggestions for support and tasks, to even just being another person to talk to between contractions, she did it all.  At one point I remember her telling my husband that the contractions would progress to where I wouldn't be making cheery small talk in between contractions anymore. From my child's pose position on the bed squeezing a pillow, I distinctly remember thinking, wow she really knows every stage of this process.  India was there for us every step of the way. She is indefatiguable in one of the most exhausting human endeavors possible. We cannot recommend her enough if you are looking for an incredible level of support in your birthing experience.

D Carter


India was great to work with. She spent a good deal of time in our initial interviews to understand exactly what we wanted in a birth experience. She brought wonderful perspective when we had questions and was awesome during the actual birth experience. I had a scheduled induction and India was right there...for 56 hours. She kept a cool head and was a calming influence when things started to pick up. I would definitely recommend India. Best of luck and congrats.

Charlotte Maines


India was the perfect doula for me. I chose to have a doula because I did not want to use any pain meds and thought that having an advocate who was there for the whole process would help with that - not to mention provide continuity even as doctors and nurses changed shifts. Meeting India, I immediately appreciated her straightforward but personalized approach. She had lots of experience and it was evident she’d be a sure pair of hands, but she never tried to overly assert herself or trump my ideas or questions, instead sharing her experiences and ideas for my consideration.

The most important part of our time together and where she truly shone was the delivery. my labor was farther along than the medical staff realized and I was in tremed pain (no meds). She helped keep things under control even as the doctor was still being paved by talking me through breathing and pushing and helping me channel my energy into pushing not screaming. For the duration she was as involved as anyone in the process, positioning herself alongside my husband holding my legs for support as I pushed.

She helped me realize goal of no meds and it didn’t hurt that she treated me to sushi a few days later when she came by the house to provide lactation support and ”formally” meet the new baby. I am very much a type-A, intense personality and I highly recommend India!

Bonnie Frye Hemphill


Thank goodness for India! Ahead of our baby's birth, I was pretty sure I wanted a doula - sure enough, at least, to spring for it. Then afterwards, we both thought "thank goodness for India." Here are just a few reasons why.

1 - For the long haul

Our kiddo happened to time his arrival to fit with a given shift of hospital staff, so we didn't have to experience a shift change mid-labor. But even if we had, it was incredibly reassuring to know that India would be by our side - quite literally holding our hands - for the long haul.

2 - Translation and communication

The hospital team was outstanding, and both my husband and I had "studied up" extensively on labor and delivery. But still, there were many, many instances where the 2 of us were too adrenalined to understand or communicate well. India was the cool, calm translator that made everthing smoother for everyone.

3 - Expert support for the supporter

I knew that the hospital team would take great care of me physically, and that my husband would do his best to support me emotionally. But I also knew that this would be a challenging day for him as a first-time dad. I worried he'd be confused, isolated, or terrified, and I was concerned that if he felt anxious, I'd have trouble keeping my own "head in the game."

India served as my husband's #1 ally in the labor room. She was ready with breathing, positioning, and massage techniques to help him help me through the contractions. Not only did he no longer feel helpless. Instead, India showed him how to be an essential part of bringing our baby into the world.

Without India, I'm certain labor would have taken longer, and been a whole lot harder for everyone. But within ~12 hours, a happy, healthy kiddo arrived without any complications or interventions. Thanks goodness for India!

Madeline McKee


I'm so glad we chose to work with India. She was a calm and encouraging presence during labor and a valuable and gentle resource in the first chaotic weeks after birth. When I went into labor late in the evening she patiently worked with me until early morning allowing me to do much of my labor (un)comfortably at home. At the hospital she helped make sure I had food and water when I wanted it, and worked with the nurse to help me push. Her confident encouragement helped me immensely as I labored. Overall I remember labor as a painful but positive experience, and I owe much of that positivity to India.

During India's post-partum visits she was so patient with my daughter (walking with her for almost an hour to help her get to sleep!) and so kind to me that I was able to hear gentle suggestions from her that would have made me (tired, overwhelmed, and defensive) bristle had they come from anyone else. For example, she was the one who convinced me that my healthy, thriving 2-week-old was not going to starve if I moved from scheduled 3 hour feedings to on-demand feeding. Since my baby could often go 4-5 hours with demanding a feeding, this allowed me to get a few extra hours of sleep- the most valuable gift in those early weeks. Her other gentle suggestions postpartum were similarly helpful- even if they were things I had already heard, they sounded better when she said them!

Thank you for everthing, India!

Mikaela Nichols


I interviewed 5 potential doulas and India was the last one I met - I knew I saved the best for last. I had great conversations with each one of them. The Swedish Doula program has some really amazing doulas with great experience! However, India stood out to me in some ways that are hard to describe but what I can describe was that she simply had a calming sense/aura about her. I never felt rushed or judged for all the questions I asked during the interview and prenatal process and her answers and words of advice were always so positive and reassuring (even though I had no clue what I was doing!)

When it came down to D-Day, we called India after I was laboring for about 4 hours (I honestly thought I had really bad cramps half the time otherwise I would have called sooner as she suggested!) and then we finally decided to call India and head to hospital. She arrived just as we were getting into triage and boy was I happy to see her as my husband was about to vomit during each of my contractions! While he took a breather, she was right by my side helping with breathing exercises and putting pressure on my hips while having contractions. She rubbed soothing oils on my face when I was resting to really relax before the next one hit me. After about an hour, we finally get into a room. I am happy to say my labor process was only 16 hours and I only had to push for 30 minutes! No complications with baby either!

I owe alot of the ease of one of the most physically challenging times of my life to my doula! Her calming words of advice and support helped me immensely. I don't know what I would have done without her.

Our post-natal appointments were outstanding. I have never known a better baby whisperer! For someone that has never had a child herself I must say I was very impressed as I closely analyzed how she got my baby to stop crying!

Highly recommend India not only as your doula but as your friend, confidante, and baby companion.

Luen Choo


The moment I met India I knew she would be someone that I'd feel comfortable supporting me in my birth experience. India asked a lot of questions, provided a lot of variety in the different pain management techniques she was familiar with that we could use, and most importantly I got a strong sense of confidence from her.

During my birth experience, I had a lot of false labors and India provided me with great recommendations for how to help induce labor along, one of which I think really did the trick. India showed up right away when I got to the hospital and helped me set up the tub where I labored and talked me through my contractions and through the pushing stage. She was positive, reassuring, and was a nice addition to having my partner with me in the room.

I'd recommend her to modern moms to be that want a natural, loving experience!



We had a wonderful experience working with India and highly recommend her. India impressed us with her knowledge, experience, and professionalism and delighted us with her warmth and passion. India always made us feel comfortable, gave us the confidence we lacked going into delivery, and was extremely resourceful and capable when answering our many questions. During the birthing process, India thought of everything down to the lighting and calming scents; she was always at work making us and family members comfortable. She is up on the latest techniques for mom and baby care, and she is quick to offer helpful ideas, suggestions and referrals. She makes herself wholly available to her clients and is diligent with her follow-through. We really enjoyed her energy and curiosity for her line of work. India’s personality is fun and genuine, and the love she’s shown toward our baby has truly touched us. We are so glad that she was a part of our beautiful experience and will miss having an excuse to have her around!

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