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Canton, CT Service range 30 miles I cover the majority of CT, minus the shoreline area, furthest Eastern area, and parts of New Haven county.

Birth Fee

$1550 to $2550

Birth Fee

$1550 to $2550

Birth Doula Experience

7 years and 150 births attended

Birth Doula Certifications

  • Childbirth International (CBI) - Certified Birth Doula

Doula Training

  • Childbirth International, July 2018

Type of practice: Solo practice

Clients per month: 0 to 3

Attends hospital births? Some Hospitals

Attends birth center births? All Birth Centers

Attends home births? Any Home Birth

Special Services Offered

  • Aromatherapy
  • Bereavement doula (pregnancy & infant loss)
  • Childbirth education services
  • First Aid and CPR
  • Lactation consultant/counselor services
  • LGBTQIA+ Support
  • Reduced rates for women considering adoption
  • Reiki
  • Satellite doula (for remote and rural clients)
  • Virtual and remote doula support

Languages Spoken

  • English

Fee Details

Doula services include unlimited text and phone support, 2-3 prenatal meetings, your entire birth, and one postpartum visit. All visits and meetings are an average of 2 hours, but I am flexible and will always be considerate to spend the time necessary to make sure you and your partner (if applicable) have time to express all of your needs, desires, etc, and love to spend the time to be sure that we all have the opportunity to connect and build a relationship. :) I also offer a package that includes everything BUT the birth, for those who are unsure if they want to invite another person into their birth space. Sliding scale fees, barter, payment plans etc available upon request- please inquire- do not let financial concerns hold you back from having a doula! I am here to help!

Service Area

Canton, CT Service range 30 miles I cover the majority of CT, minus the shoreline area, furthest Eastern area, and parts of New Haven county.

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Diana Angeles


I found Dorie on May 2023, and my due date was late July 2023. I was worried it was too late to prepare for the birth? that I wanted, but with Dorie's help I was able to have a ?g?reat birth experience.? Me and my husband ?a?re from abroad ?and we were not familiar with all the possibilities available? to us, but thanks to her guidance, resources and network connections I was able to make important and informed decisions about my healthcare providers and birth preferences?, which made all the difference in the world! Also worth mentioning that with her recommendations for lactation consultant and postpartum care I was also able to set myself for success after ?the birth. I feel very lucky to have found her, she was like a guardian angel assigned to help ?me prepare and to accompany me through my labor. I will never forget her angelic face and her light touch massage between the strongest contractions. Her presence made me feel calm, peaceful and that everything was going to be ok. ?Sometimes I still cannot believe that I did it! and that my baby was born as I had envisioned. Me and my husband are forever grateful for her support. 

Alexandria Schnepp


Dorie was recommended to us from a dear friend, and it was one of the best recommenations we've ever received. My husband and I do things a little differently than the "average Joe" and Dorie helped provide us with all the information and recommendations we needed to make our own informed decisions with confidence. My goal was to have an unmedicated birth, and I knew I was capable of doing so, but I knew I needed to work my butt off to get there. Dorie helped me learn and understand ways I could relax my body and mind, pointed me in the right direction in regard to learning and getting support from other providers, like midwives and lactation consultants, and she was so attentive to all my questions and concerns throughout our time together. She approached each home visit with calmness, patience, and professionalism. When I went into labor and put all that we practiced to use, she showed up where and when I needed her to and, along with my husband, we carried out everything we talked about and planned for exactly as we intended to. My birth experience was absolutely beautiful, and while I was the one who put in the work, I wouldn't have been able to do it with our Dorie. She met us where we were and gave us the tools and guidance to help us get to where we wanted to be, and I am grateful beyond words for her. 


Christine Blais


We hired Dorie for the birth of our third child. We did not have a doula for our previous births, but felt as though something was missing. From the first phone conversation, it was clear that Dorie was that missing piece!!! Every question, every uncertainty, she was only a call/text away. She is connected with the best birthing professionals and has information at her finger tips to provide you! She educated us on SO much that we were unaware of, even after going through the process twice before. We went into this birth feeling prepared, at ease and INFORMED!! That continued into our actual birthing process. Dorie was ready and arrived promptly. She took our lead as to when we were ready for her but waited close by. Her presence in the room was calm and serene and her ability to create a tranquil environment in a hospital room is unmatched!!! She acted as the catch all of information that was being thrown our way as she was well aware of our birth plan and would advocate any and all of our needs and wishes. Having Dorie as a member of our birthing team was an absolute dream! Our only regret was that we didn’t have her for our first two children.



Dourie was amazing and added so much piece of mind to my pregnancy journey!!! I am from abriad and was very anxious about understanding birth basics in a medical system thst was very new to me. Dourie was very pacient and invested a lot of time in discussing all my fears and concerns ahead of time, helped me put a birth plan together and was a rock star during my delivery. She knew what to say and what to do to make things as close to the plan as possible! Birth requires so much mental preparation and she was key to make my desire to give birth unmedicated a reality (and I still can't believe I did it!), giving me advice and physical/mental support to my husband and I as labor evolved. She knew the right labor positions to help my labor evolve faster as the labor nurse let us know how dilated and effaced I was. She definitely made my labor shorter and the whole experience better!

Dourie will support you achieve whatever you desire as birth and always reinforces that you should choose what feels right for you, never being judgmental of your choices. I couldn't recommend Dourie enough as your Doula!

Haylee Little


As a first time mom hiring a doula was the best decision we made for our homebirth & finding Dorie was simply meant to be! From day one she was so kind, helpful & knowledgeable. Her easygoing & calm demeanor was felt through our first phone call & I knew she would be a great match for us. She shared so much information from not only experience from being a doula but from her own mothering. Through the intense moments of labor she was able to guide me to stay grounded & strong. To have her there in such a big moment of our lives was truly a blessing. 



Looking back, its hard to imagine getting through my pregnancy and birth without Dorie. Her wisdom and emotional support were incredibly valuable and much needed as a first time mom. She was a calming presence throughout the journey, and she tended to all of my questions and anxieties. She was thorough in creating a list of birth preferences, but she stressed the flexiblity needed at the time of delivery. She has so much knowledge about the experience of birth and all of the possiblities to consider and prepare for. During my labor, she was able to keep me grounded and informed, and she was able to lead me into a meditative state. She was my guide into a new and beautiful realm, and I feel eternally grateful that she helped to bring my baby into this world. 

Marisa Ruiz


I could never have made it through pregnancy and delivery without Dorie! She was there any time I had a question or concern and gave me so much confidence and reassurance throughout the entire experience. Even on thanksgiving when my water broke she called me right away and walked me through important steps to take to keep the labor going. She was very attentive to everything the nurses were doing during my hospital birth which made me feel so much more comfortable that I had her there to advocate for me. Now almost 2 years later we are so excited to be using her as our doula again. I would never want to go through another pregnancy without her! 

Kelly Patterson


Hiring Dori as our Doula for the birth of our first child may be the single most prudent choice we've ever made. Amid the tumult of unexpected changes from a planned home water birth to a necessitated c-section, Dori was our serene sanctuary, offering enlightened guidance, endless support, and soothing comfort. She navigated us through life's most challenging waters with her gentle yet steadfast strength, serving as our anchor when the tempest of labor threatened to capsize our resilience.

Dori's inherent traits of kindness, generosity, and honesty, coupled with her intuitive caregiving and education skills, shine brightly. Her love for babies and children, reflected in her own maternal excellence, further underscores her passion for her role. The journey of labor and delivery, intense and unforgettable, often veers off the anticipated course. It's imperative to secure the highest quality of support for the precious moment of welcoming your little one into the world. For this, Dori is unrivalled - a five-star guide through the unpredictable twists of childbirth.

Simply put, Dori is incomparable in her field.

Alex and Micaela Long


There are literally not enough words in the dictionary to express how unbelievable of a doula and overall human Dorie is. We knew we wanted a doula to help us navigate our first birthing experience but Dorie came through on another level. She is by far one of the greatest people my wife and I have come across in our lives.

Throughout our pregnancy, birth, and post partum experience, Dorie was there with knowledge that is unmatched. After trying to research many things on google, we found ourselves just calling or texting Dorie.  She has a presence that is calming and reasurring but also gives you factual information to be able to make decisions that are right for you and your family.  You can ask her ANYTHING, nothing is off the table, and not feel weird about it - she's seen it and if she hasn't she knows someone who has. 

During labor we had some scary unexpected events happen - this became even more stressful because Dr's are speaking to eachother in medical terms and adjusting quickly. Dorie was able to remain calm and break down the information for us to understand - she knew exactly what was happening at every turn and put us at ease. This was instrumental in making sure we had a great experience. 

We thought the actual birth would be the most important part of having a doula, but Dorie has gone above and beyond helping with post partum.  She has a network of resources to set you up for success before and after birth. We utilized, lactation consultants, massage therapists, acupuncture, chiropracture, and too many amazon purchases to count. :) 

Choosing Dorie to assist in your journey is a no brainer. This woman will change your life.
We only wish we could help her as much as she helped us! 

Alex, Micaela and Baby Madison



I can not say enough kind things about Dorie! She made the entire process so simple, from the first meet and greet until now, postpartum. She was so easy to talk to and my husband and I felt comfortable with her so quickly. The techniques she taught us for partner positions were what got me through 90% of my labor. The rebozo is an amazing tool that I would not have even know existed if not for her! I went into labor 5 hours from home, over two weeks early. Having someone who stayed calm and collected to talk to as we drove home was incredible. My labor progressed quickly, and at times my husband and I questioned if we were first time parents who were over reacting, but Dorie urged us to trust our intuition and helped us make all the right decisions. We made it to the birthing center with just over an hour to spare before our son was born. The birth of my son, although chaotic and crazy to start, was exactly what I wanted it to be. I will 100% be hiring Dorie again, and telling all my friends to do the same.



Dorie was an amazing doula and resource throughout my entire pregnany. From the beginning it was clear that she had an amazing reputation and many other doulas I interviewed had great things to say about her. I never felt like I was "bugging her" with any questions and our prenatal visits were very thorough and relaxed. I am a very "type A" personality so her demeanor really helped balance me and put my anxiety at ease.

Although my pregnancy was uneventful, I had a lengthy labor and delivery which is where Dorie stepped in and really shined. I could rely on her to be my "logic person" and weigh the pros and cons of each decision, and then I could count on my husband to be my "emotional support person". It was so encouraging having both of them on my team and it was a huge relief for my husband to not have to pretend to be well-versed in medical jargin :) Dorie was able to help me "keep the eye on the prize" when I was sure I would never push my baby out (spoiler alert, I DID!) and I can't recommend her enough! 

Cassie Schoenknecht


Dorie was absolutely wonderful! We had a home birth and I'm not sure I would've been able to do it without her by my side.  She gently reminded me through each contraction to relax. 

Shane king


Dorie is awesome! She really helped my wife and I with getting ready for the birth of our daughter Joanna. This being my first child,I had no idea what to expect! I was freaking out and nervous. She came over and helped us get ready. I'm not going to lie, i didn't read all the birthing books and labor exercises. They were confusing for me. She gave us a rebozo and showed us how to use it with the right excercises for laboring with breathing techniques and hypnobirthing recordings.

 I was very skeptical and confused. But they helped my wife while she was in intense labor. It's funny when my wife's water broke it's like Dorie knew! She came busting through those doors like she owned the place! (While i was shocked at what my wife was going through and trying out the excercises and breathing techniques) she made it like it was nothing and that baby JoJo was coming today and everything was going to be great! She had fans, snacks, waters and positive vibes. She is awesome! I am forever grateful for what she did for us and helping my wife,daughter and I through this intense experience that i will never forget!



Dorie and I have been friends for years. Unfortunately I moved away so she wasn't able to be my full service doula but she was an incredible source of support throughout my pregnancy and postpartum period from afar. She talked me through what to expect with each stage, assured me that the things I was feeling were normal, and clued me into some ways to make things easier. Dorie is incredibly knowledgeable and passionate about this work and you couldn't ask for a better person to have in your corner.



I met Dorie about a month before my due date, during a pandemic.  I was pregnant with my first baby and was really nervous and had a ton of questions.  I knew I couldn't have a lot of family support in the hospital and I was worried I didn't have enough time to establish a connection with a doula.  Then I met Dorie!  She showed up for me in every way.  She answered all my questions and supported me through my entire labor and delivery (30+ hours).  I feel so lucky that I had the chance to have the type of support that Dorie shows up with, truly, she is magical and I can't imagine a birth without her.  



Pregnancy and birth is something to be celebrated as women's bodies and the idea of making new life is incredible! Dorie will celebrate with you, be your biggest cheerleader, and at times seem like the best friend you didn't know you needed. Her endless positivity will help you work through all the joys and challenges that come with pregnancy, birth, and postpartum. Even for a second time mom, she has been an amazing resource and sounding board. She is both highly respected within and connected to the CT birth community. Her encouragement, enthusiasm, and ability to recommend an independent midwifery group gave us the confidence to make the switch from a planned hospital birth to a home birth at 33 weeks. While Dorie was able to attend our birth and provide invaluable in-person support, doulas are currently limited in their ability to attend hospital births. Despite the inherent limitations of a virtual communication, I think you would find that her bubbly personality shines through the screen and you will never regret choosing her to be a part of your team.




My husband and I cannot say enough about Dorie!  She provided us with grounded support and peaceful energy that was so helpful as we planned for the birth of our first child.  Dorie is a wonderful listener and made us both feel empowered through this process.  Dorie's presence and coaching through what ended up being a very preciputous labor was a heaven sent!  Her gentle confidence shines through even during the most intense and chaotic moments.  

Dorie stayed in close contact with us in the the days and weeks following our daughter's birth, offering us the perfect balance of space and support.  Even now after 3 months have passed I know we can always call Dorie anytime to ask a question, express a concern, or celebrate a victory.   



Dorie is amazing!  My husband and I are so thankful we had her by our side for the birth of our daughter.  We delivered at a birthing cIenter and I felt very prepared and calm because Dorie educated us on what to expect for a birth at the birthing center as well as at a hospital- she explained all possible scenerios and answered all of our questions. She was very encouraging and calming throughout the entire birth.  My husband and I both agree that this entire experience would not have been as amazing as it was without Dorie.  We can't recommend Dorie enough and we hope to have her by our side in the future! 

Rachel McGee


I shared my birth experience with some friends at a cookie swap. My friend has had two children. The first was an emergency C-section after two days of labor and the second a planned c section. Her births sounded like trauma events and she was pretty jealous of mine. I was sad for her. She said it sounded magical when I described my birth and frankly it was because we had Dorie to guide us. The last meeting I had with her before birth erased 99% of my fears surrounding the event which was huge because I have severe anxiety around doctors, hospitals,etc. She was a constant comfort to me, my husband and my best friend during birth and guided them on comfort measures they could provide during my labor. She helped me through some of the most difficult parts of my labor by providing breathing techniques, position changes, essential oils and flameless candles in the shower and helping me stay focused when it was time to push. She even helped move labor along quicker by having me get into a position on my side to realign baby. Dorie was a friend, confidante, coach and angel the day of my birth and I am so very glad I met her. I wish I could scream it from the rooftops how amazing and empowering my birth experience was thanks to Dorie. Angels do walk among us on this Earth and Dorie is definitely one of them. I would highly recommend Doula Dorie.



Dorie is an incredible doula. She made myself and my husband feel so supported during our homebirth turned cesarean section. While I labored at home she helped in every way we needed, from entertaining my toddler, to helping set up our bedroom for the birth, to making sure I was hydrated and everything else in between. She was so respectful of our wishes and our space. Once we transferred to the hospital she was even more amazing. Our transfer, and eventual cesarean, would have been so much more stressful without her assitance and guidance. Dorie went above and beyond my expectations in every way, and I would highly recommend hiring her as your doula for any birthing environment. The heart and soul she puts into your family and your birth experience is beyond compare. 

Christie Uipi


My husband and I owe our beautiful birth experience to Dorie and we could not be more grateful.  Dorie went above and beyond to make us feel supported and cared for every step of the way.  Dorie had a wonderful way of teaching us about all of our options and backing our choices.  While she truly is an expert in pregnancy and birth, she helped us feel like experts of our own care and of our child.  

We felt immediately comfortable with Dorie and loved having her to our home for our prenatal visits.  She walked us through logistics such as creating a birth plan and explaining to us what to expect from the first contraction to the final push!  Beyond those details, the emotional support that she provided both my husband and me was invaluable.  She consistently checked in with both of us and helped facilitate some difficult conversations and choices, while maintaining a very positive and loving environment.

When it came time for labor and delivery, I really felt like we were a solid team!  Dorie has an unparalleled ability to read the room and step in where appropriate and step back when needed.  She simply knew exactly what to do to keep us all calm and to keep our energy focused on our goals.  I had a beautiful birth experience.  I can't imagine giving birth without Dorie's love and support.  Truly can't say enough good words about this wonderful woman!

Paul Uipi


My wife and I moved from Los Angeles to Simsbury, CT while my wife was 32 weeks pregnant. Moving across the country had its own challenges, but changing our prenatal care team was more difficult than we expected. We spent months building rapport with the midwifery team in LA and felt like strangers to the new midwifery team in Connecticut. Prior to moving to Connecticut, we asked friends and family for doula references and were so lucky to be put in contact with Daurie. As we struggled to adjust to living in Connecticut and re-establish a new relationship with our prenatal care team, Daurie was extremely helpful to us.

Daurie understood the stress we were experiencing and was a constant source of support. Each time Daurie spent time visiting with us she gave us so much time and energy making sure that we were in a good place as we approached our daughter's birthday. It was so refreshing to know that we had Daurie in our corner anytime we had questions or needed guidance through the challenges my wife had during the remaining weeks of her pregnancy.

One challenge we faced was discovering our daughter was breech at 36 weeks. My wife and I prepared in several ways for a natural birth. The birthing center we were delivering at would not allow a natural deliver while our baby was breech, so this added an extra layer of stress. Daurie was a huge resource for everything we could do to help our baby turn right side down. My wife went to a chiropractor, acupuncturist, masseuse, and also tried at-home exercises to help our baby flip around, which was all suggested by Daurie. In the end, we were successful in getting the baby flipped through a version procedure and Daurie volunteered to come and support us during that appointment.

My wife was able to deliver our baby naturally exactly how we planned. I could not be more grateful to have Daurie helping us along the way and will highly recommend Daurie to anyone looking for an amazing doula.



I remember being on the doulamatch website and when I saw Dorie’s warm smile in her picture & read her amazing reviews I knew that we had found the right person to help through the process of welcoming our baby into the world! I’m quite picky but our choice to work with Dorie was further confirmed after meeting with her for the first time. She was exactly what we were looking for in a doula. She’s extremely knowledgeable, kind, supportive and down to earth. (She’s also pretty funny, but that was just an added bonus.) She truly went above & beyond for me during my pregnancy. I experienced a previous miscarriage, so I was quite on edge about being pregnant again. Without Dorie my pregnancy experience would have been so much rougher and anxiety provoking. I was full of questions and concerns during my pregnancy and Dorie had so many encouraging words & words of advice, as well as resources to provide to me. She truly cares about her clients and their well being. She was there every step of the way & treated me more as a friend than a business arrangement, which was truly appreciated. Having a baby is such a meaningful & personal experience and my husband & I were truly blessed to have had Dorie by our side! Hiring her was priceless and I’m forever grateful to her. 



Where do I begin with amazing Doula Dorie? After "interviewing" with several doulas, my husband and I knew that Dorie would be the one we wanted to work with. The amount of knowledge she has and the support she provided us during our journey as first time parents can't even really be explained through this testimonial. The thing about Dorie is that she is passionate about being a doula and it SHOWS! We learned so much during our meetings with her leading up to the birth (hat I barel ever asked my doc questions). Being that this was our first time going through this we didn't know what to expect. But after our two meetings, she educated us on what to expect in the weeks leading up to the birth, the childbirth process, and what to expect postpartum. In addition, I wanted to complete childbirth naturally with no medication. Dorie was so professional, nurturing, and supportive during the big day! While laborig at home and while at the hospital, Dorie was quick to suggest laboring positions and to ask questions and make suggestions that were in my best interest. To have had someone in our corner explaining things to us during labor was so helpful. Docs & nurses just move so quickly since they do this day in & day out, but Dorie was always professional in slowing things down and explaining things to us and then allowing us to make a decision. In addition to her active coaching, Dorie also provided music, essential oil diffuser, candle lights and massages. Dorie helped us achieve our ideal labor and delivery. Arya was born naturally as I wanted. Dorie was a great cheerleader in moments where I thought I could no longer go on with my natural birth.  Not only has she been so informative and supportive before and during birth, but also postpartum. I txt her with a million questions and she always responds and has visited us twice to check in on us. Dorie is amazing, nurturing, passionate and we recommend her HIGHLY!! 



First,  if you are on the fence about hiring a Doula, do it!  Dorie helped us with the birth of our little girl - our first.  She was fantastic.  From the up front information and helping us get prepared, to tireless support through a very long induction and labor.  Even post-partum, Dorie has continued to help us figure out our new world.

As the new dad, a couple things stand out to me.  During labor and delivery, Dorie's presence and experience was empowering.  I think it increased my participation and allowed me to be a better advocate for my wife.  Post-partum, as issues arose, Dorie had a contact in her network that could help!  In a way, the access to that newtork has been just as valuable as the labor and delivery support.

I can't imaging a better experience any other way!  Thank you Dorie!

Zack O


Dorie was an an invaluable member of our birth team! From the first time we met Dorie, we knew she'd be a great fit for us. That time and every other time either my wife or I had questions, Dorie always took the time to answer all of them. In the lead up to our birth it helped keep us both sane to have someone to reach out to for all the random questions that come along with pregnancy. On the day my wife went into labor, Dorie was there through it all. She was an AMAZING support to both my wife and me. Throughout labor, she made sure that we both had everything we needed and I can say confidently that the experience would not have been as positive as it was without her. I can't recommend Dorie highly enough! I wasn't sure if we needed a doula when my wife first found out she was pregnant, but after experiencing pregnancy and birth with Dorie on our team, I wouldn't change a thing.

Ashley Olson


My husband and I found out we were pregnant before the 4 week mark. I told him right away that I wanted a doula. Being someone who likes to have all my ducks in a row, I went searching immediately, and we met with Dorie around 5 weeks and knew right away that we wanted to work with her. Although it was early on in my pregnancy, I was so happy to have someone I could ask all my questions to for 35 weeks. When it came time for our delivery, I quickly learned that each stage of labor did not go exactly according to what we had learned in birthing class. For me, birth was almost an out of body experience. I knew there were a lot of conversations going on around me, and people were giving me a lot of information and options that I couldn’t always focus on.  However, while I don’t necessarily remember what was said to me, I remember how I felt. Dorie jumped right in and knew what I needed before I did based on getting to know us through our meetings. She also took some wonderful pictures for us which I did not know how much I would value until after our daughter was born. While I was adjusting to my first month of motherhood, Dorie was checking in and connecting me to resources which helped my daughter and I be successful in our breastfeeding journey. I am so thankful we had Dorie in our lives for the past year to educate and support us. We were new to Connecticut and Dorie became one of the most important people we met during our time here. We love her dearly!

Christina K.


Dorie provided exactly what I needed during my pregnancy, the birth of my daughter and even afterwards.  It felt more like having a trusted friend by my side who had all the knowledge to teach me and soothe my fears as a first time mom. I absolutely can not imagine having gone through the experience without her and if I ever have another child, I will use her again. She is kind and has a genuine soul that shines through her work. I am better off in many ways as a mom, having had her as my doula.




My birth experience would not have been the same without Dorie. Not only was she present to help me get through labor, but she played such an important role throughout my pregnancy- always there to answer any questions, and to help my husband and I to prepare for what to expect during and after labor. Once at the hospital, she made sure I stayed focused on getting through contractions and helped tremendously at progressing labor. She always made a point to keep my husband involved, and made sure I fully understood everything that was going on. As first time parents, I am sure that my labor would have lasted much longer without her there, and I am so grateful we had her. She will definitely be a part of our next pregnancy and birth! 



I remember saying to my husband ‘If we hire a doula and end up needing a c-section it’s going to be a waste of money.’ Dorie proved me completely wrong. Our goal was to have our baby unmedicated in a hospital. 

With Dorie’s support to guide us throughout the day I was in labor we were able to do over 24 hours of labor in the comfort of our home using techniques Dorie taught us during our 34 week meeting.

At the hospital we realized the baby was in the wrong position and the vitals of both myself and the baby started to drop. While my husband watched the vitals of his wife and unborn child drop he wasn’t alone as Dorie was right there next to him. When the doctor mentioned a c-section Dorie kept us calm and suggested some moves with the rebozo to switch the position of the baby to avoid surgery. Before eventually having to make the tough decision to move forward with a c-section Dorie looked me in the eyes and made sure I felt this was my decision and didn’t feel forced by the doctor. She made sure I felt I was in control of my birth.  

Once again my husband was not alone while I was pulled away and prepped for surgery. Dorie was there with him until he was allowed to enter the OR. And again when they were finishing up the surgery he had someone to wait in the recovery room with for me to return.  

Not only did my husband get to be completely involved in the laboring and birthing process like he wanted to be, we had someone to support us through the entire experience. Dorie wasn’t just there to help me accomplish my birth goals, she was there to coach us and guide us BOTH through the best day of our lives. It didn’t quite happen the way we pictured it, but without Dorie we wouldn’t have been as prepared and felt as comfortable with the decisions that were made that day. It’s so hard to put into words just how grateful we are for Dorie.

Derek Green


From beginning to end, Dorie went above and beyond to help my fiance and I with our child birth.  Starting at the day we secured her services, she was responsive and willing to be there for us any time we asked during pregnancy.  As a father, my number one goal was comfort and ease for my fiance's birth.  Thankfully it didn't take long to be conviced. I enjoyed knowing we had someone as knowledgeable and helpful as Dorie to assist with our child birth. 

Once the time came, she was at the hospital quickly, and stayed the entire duration (over 24 hours).  Our goal as a couple was natural child-birth (no c-section) with as few drugs as possible.  Dorie did her best to get us to that goal using various different techniques and methods that she learned as a Doula.  I can say that we were succesful in our goal and had no complications.  All the while, Dorie was there for my fiance and made her feel as comfortable as possible in some of the most extreme pain I've ever seen.

Dorie's rapport with the nurses and doctors was great.  She was a good compliment to them;  didn't get in the way of the hospital staff and even assisted as much as she could.  The nurses were glad to have Dorie there and it lent to a more friendly and fun atmosphere.  There was no argument between the doctors and Dorie's methods, we knew we were making the right calls and we used Dorie as an advisor for anything we weren't exactly sure of.  

Due to all of this, our child birth went perfectly.  Obviously, we were lucky as well, but Dorie helped us know that we were making the right calls, and made sure things we as smooth as possible from our end of things.  As a father my mind was completely at-ease and the mother of my child was as comfortable as possible.


Victoria Ladd


Trying to put into words how much Dorie helped us and means to us is a little tricky, because it’s SO much. She got us, and we instantly loved her. We had a couple of great prenatal meetings where she asked us questions that helped us shape our wishes for how labor and delivery would go. She got to know us and our family. She was there with every text we sent, and she checked up on us regularly. A week before my due date, my water broke, but I never went into labor on my own. Dorie was so reassuring and positive, and helped me pull myself out of the discouragement and nervousness I was feeling. She came over and we tried some things to kick my body into labor, and though that didn’t do it, I felt so good knowing that she was there with us each step of the way. The following morning, we went in for induction, which had never been part of our wishes, but Dorie’s calming presence helped us take it all in stride. We had a few hours of down time at the hospital before everything kicked in, and we got to just hang out, which was so fun, and the perfect distraction. Dorie is just chill and so easy to talk with. Once things started progressing, she had some great suggestions for how to move labor along, and she presented it all in a way that was very relaxed and without expectation. She got my husband involved with some beautiful ideas that helped me, and helped us connect even more. She knew exactly what to say and when, and she was so steady in her support that it helped us all to stay present and grounded, even when it got really intense. Dorie laughed with us, cried tears of joy with us, comforted us, goofed around with us, reassured us, educated us, and we have only the highest recommendation for her. If you’re looking for a doula, you’ll feel so well cared for in Dorie’s capable and compassionate hands.

Keisha D


I have known Dorie for over a decade, so when I found out I was pregnant three days after Mother's Day 2018, my fiance suggested that she be my doula. As a first time, mom, and someone who doesn't handle change well asking her was a no brainer. We reached out to her and met her for a consultation. After leaving our initial meeting, I knew she was meant to help me, and she helped ease my fears. Dorie was everything I hoped a doula would be and more. From the beginning, she would answer all my questions, even the ones that were silly with professionalism and no judgment; she used personal stories and science-based information and helped me write a birth plan. However, after unforeseen issues, the hospital of my choosing was no longer an option, and I had to go to UConn. Dorie arrived not too long after I was admitted and stayed with me the entire time. She advocated for me when I didn't have the words to speak. She helped me stick to my birth plan for as long as possible, and helped me weigh the pros and cons to the options I was given. Here we are, 16 weeks after my sweet girl was born, and Dorie is still here to support me through visits, phone calls, and texts. I recommend Dorie to all my friends who are pregnant, whether they are first-time moms or moms who have had multiple children but never experienced a doula. There will never be enough "thank you's" I can give to show my appreciation. I am forever grateful for the love and compassion she gave me during the most vulnerable time in my life. 

Carrie Walker


As a first time mom having a home birth, I could not have asked for a better doula by my side during my pregnancy and labor. I initially sought out a doula, feeling like I just wanted someone to emotionally support me during my pregnancy and birth, but I got so much more! Dorie and I met for a consultation around my 25th week of pregnancy and we connected on so many levels-- I knew I found my doula! It was important to me to find someone who would be open and nonjudgmental to my "crunchy" lifestyle. It was also comforting to know that Dorie had attended other home births and had had one of her own. Throughout my pregnancy, Dorie checked in on me and was always knowledgeable and informative when I had questions. When my midwife suggested I go in for an ultrasound I morally did not want to have done, Dorie helped me make a decision that would give my midwife the answer she wanted whilst keeping my ultrasound exposure to an absolute minimum. Her insight made all the difference! Dorie is so bubbly and friendly and never made me feel like our relationship was strictly professional. I felt like I was working with a friend throughout my pregnancy, which was exactly what I needed! During my labor, Dorie helped guide me through my contractions. She suggested different positions and used a rebozo to help my baby get into the best birthing position. It was so comforting having her there and allowed me to relax knowing she was taking care of me and that I was in good hands. My birth went so smoothly and I attribute that to having people I love and trust in the comfort of my home. Dorie was able to take some really special photos before, during and after the birth. In the days after I gave birth, Dorie took the time to check in with how my new family and I were doing and gave me some great insight and advice when I was having trouble breastfeeding. Dorie was such an important part of my pregnancy and birth and I feel like I made a new friend for life out of the deal ??

Jessica Cholewa


It’s been 5 days since Levi Walker came into this world fast a furiously. Back in 2014 when his big brother Colton was born I left the hospital feeling mistreated, taken advantage of, and ultimately a little broken. So when it came time for baby number 2 I knew I wanted and needed something different. Hiring a doula was part of that change and one of the best decisions I ever made. Dorie Seger Calos was there for me every single step of way. There was not a minute I didn’t feel supported and cared for. From choosing my providers to creating a birth plan… even just to text all hours of the day she was there. Levi’s birth was more than I could of ever hopped for. I felt loved, supported, and most importantly safe. Dorie coached Kyle and I through the whole thing and we were able to bring this little guy into the world with minimal interventions and no pain medication. I felt like superwomen holding Levi for the first time and was so proud for what we had all accomplished. Also a huge huge part of this was Dorie's advice to switch care providers to (With Women Wellness) from my previous provider because she knew they would be a much better match for my wishes and my personality. They were absolutely amazing and the care I received was far above any other medical care I’ve ever gotten. It was incredible to have someone with me through the whole pregnancy AND labor experience and not a stranger running into the room last minute to deliver my baby.

Kaitlin Grenon


I’ve been waiting a little while to truly put into words what having Dorie as my doula meant to me. Throughout my pregnancy journey she answered EVERY question with such informative grace and she truly became a friend during one of the biggest journeys of my life. But where she became like FAMILY was with how huge her heart expands while you’re in the most vulnerable place of your life. Her soothing voice and her support for you during a birthing journey that went different than expected, was one of the only reasons I was able to comfortably make decisions that were heartbreaking and hard for me. Due to a very terrible fibroid, after about 30 hours in labor I ended up getting a C-section. This was something we all know I didn’t want, but Dorie still managed to make the process beautiful. With her ambiance, my soft music on, all of the wonderful things she does to assist in birth. She still helped me know that I did EVERYTHING possible to have a natural birth so I wouldn’t have any guilty feelings. This was unavoidable and she helped capture moments that helped me see the beauty despite the pain. Afterwards, during a postpartum meeting.. she walked me through all the moments that felt foggy to me. She helped me reclaim my experience and cried tears with me for the loss of what my expectations were. Her ability to make you feel like a superwoman despite the circumstance is an amazing quality. I am so grateful for her support and knowledge, and true empathy during the most vulnerable time of my life. Thank you Dorie, for being there for women and helping them to feel empowered in their births. I know it deep into my soul that if it wasn’t for my fibroid we would have the exact birth that was intended because you were by our side. But what’s even better is that I still had you by my side for an even HARDER journey and I needed you even more than I would have. Thank you, thank you, thank you. You were destined for this job.



Here are 10 reasons why my hubby and I loved having Dorie as our Doula for my first VBAC!
1) Dorie’s positive energy was helpful as she coached me through my worst fears weeks before giving birth. It completely prepared my mind and eliminated my anxiety.
2) She has so many informative resources for birthing exercises and techniques to get the baby into the perfect head down position.
3) Dorie was able to get my husband involved during the labor process.
4) I initially wanted to avoid the epidural, but gave in and asked for it later due to my low tolerance of pain. Dorie never made me feel guilty for changing the plan. In fact, she got me to move around in different laboring positions even though I was restricted to staying on the hospital bed.
5) Dorie remembered to do things that made me feel comfortable such as turn the lights down in the room. I didn’t even have to ask.
6) She had a great relationship with the hospital staff and advocated for me in every decision during the delivery. We were able to refuse certain interventions without any uncomfortable altercations.
7) I was 8 days overdue and went into labor without getting induced. Dorie was a big part of my decision to delay induction as long as possible and let my baby girl come naturally.
8) Dorie got the the hospital shortly after we arrived. She was on time and prepared.
9) A couple weeks after the birth, Dorie followed up on some concerns I had over breastfeeding. We were able to conclude that my baby probably had a tongue tie. She did in fact have one. Shortly after getting it fixed, baby girl started nursing wonderfully.
10) I am beyond thankful to have had such a caring and helpful doula assist me in the VBAC I always wanted. The experience literally healed me from emotional pain and fear I carried from the traumatic c-section with my first child. I could not have done it without Dorie! Thank you!

Samantha Wanagel


Let me begin by first saying I went into my third trimester having never heard of the term "doula".  After reading countless blogs and other sites I decided to look further into it.  I never imagined the reward I'd find by coming across Dorie in my search for the perfect doula.  Like every new mom, I was faced with so many unknowns when having my first baby.  Dorie made the entire experience magical, by meeting with us before hand to answer any and all questions we didn't even know we had!  Her jovial and calming personality immediately put my husband at ease as she prepared him to be an active participant in the labor and delivery process.  She broke down so many hospital terms for me and helped me find the path that I felt was right for me and my baby.  She served as an advocate for me and my husband in a world where doctors unintentionally tend to intimidate their patients.  She provided us with the education and mindfulness to step up to the plate when the time came to bring our baby into this world.  She stayed by my side through the entire process and like a coach, a mentor, and even a best friend, she never waivered in providing the support I needed. 

The labor process can be a LONG one and at times when I felt I was making no progress, she was there cheering me on, rubbing aromatherapy oils on specific pressure points, and even in the hospital bed with me, performing rebozo work in order to position the baby right for delivery.  My entire family was in awe when they saw her dedication and passion for her work, not only for my sake, but for my husband's as well.  She helped keep him focused and provided him with the sanity needed to support the entire process from start to finish.

I pray Dorie will be a part of our daughter's life for many years to come.  She is, and always will be, an important part of this family.  Thank you for everything, Dorie!!!  XOXO ???

Amanda Mottola


As a first time mom and project manager by profession, I was very anxious and frustrated that pregnancy, child birth and parenting did not seem as easy and predictable as my day job.  Not to mention my husband was away for work Monday-Friday which intensified my feeling of loneliness and  the looming fear of the unknown future. In my third trimester, I decided that having a doula meant having a knowledgable companion through this journey which ended up being one of the best decisions I made. I immediately connected with Dorie! She was down to earth, gave great advice, attentive, easy to joke around with and she not only has experience with other clients but she is a mommy herself. She kept me calm before, during labor and postpartum.  You can really tell that she wanted to help and spend time with me and my family. My labor was no where near ideal or what I had planned but Dorie helped to make the experience better and I am so glad I had her with me. I  appreciated her texting me when I needed someone to talk tI and her help postpartum which afforded me the opportunity to get some bills paid and just relax. Dorie thank you so much  from Luca, me and Peter!! Xoxo

Jessica Maher


I truely can not imagine giving birth to my daughter with out Dorie by my side. She kept me calm and was a ray of light during my labor. She had this sweet, reassuring smile on her face that seemed to say, "you got this" throughout the hardest of moments. She listened intently to my needs, she offered suggestions when i needed things to change. Dorie's energy was exactly what I needed that day, she matched the energy I was hoping for when planning my home birth. She kept me focused and always made me feel like I could do it when i hit moments of uncertainty. I felt nurtured and taken care of when i needed it most. She intuitively knew when i needed her close with her eyes on mine, i specifically remember needing to stare into her eyes knowing she was there for me and my baby. She stayed connected and present. Her calm, gentle touch eased me through my labor. Dorie was simply an asset on my birth team, to picture the day with out her there is is just unimaginable. If you have the chance to hire her for your birth, do it right away, you will be so happy that you did!

Becky LaPlante, L.Ac


I am so grateful that I found Dorie Seger Calos for my Doula. She was full of knowledge, support, understanding and reassurance while I was pregnant and during labor. She made sure My husband and I knew that she was available for support and questions at all hours. When I went into labor she was their for me the whole time being gentle and grounding force, reminding me of who I am and my strength. I don't know if I could do it without her. She also helped my husband both with his anxieties and to be a support for me through the labor. I am a pretty reserved person and was able to trust Dorie and be vulnerable with her when I was in the most vulnerable place of my life. I highly recommend her.

Sheri Lee


Dorie was my doula throughout my first time pregnancy- with identical twins. This was a time in my life that was a major shock and also a very high risk situation. Between the risk of many complications with twins, specifically identical, I also fight a battle with an auto immune disease. Dorie was understanding, supportive, and educational about all of my options throughout this journey. She directed me first to a midwife and then to my wonderful doctor who was able to better handle the risky pregnancy. My experience with a doula was not traditional. After much research on my situation I grudgingly accepted a cesarean section was the best option for me. Dorie provided me with mental support and guidance for creating control through this “sterile” experience through my birth plan. She was waiting in the recovery room to help teach me how to breastfeed my baby and fought tooth and nail with the medical staff to make sure my placenta would be released, to dry it as I wished. She even took my placenta to the certified professional who made the pills right from the hospital for me. In conclusion, Dorie is supportive, educational, and helps you feel safe in a scary situation called birth! She also learned along with me everything there is to know about a twin pregnancy- I highly recommend her!

Sarah Born


I cant say enough about Dorie. This was my 2nd all natural birth and the first time I was a mess and it qas slightly traumatic. The difference this time was HER! Not only did she help me switch hospitals so I could have a water birth and midwives, she put up with my million questions and was so reassuring and knowledgeable.

Dorie's energy, words and encouragement during labor had me so calm and even smiling, dealing with each contraction as it came by breathing and visualization. This birth with her as my doula was an amazing experience. I have never been happier and felt more supported by someone with what I wanted for my birth. I highly recommend Dorie to anyone wanting support for their birth coming up!

Angela Cocchi


Before I was even pregnant, I knew I wanted Dorie as my doula, never even knowing who she was except for the reviews from many other women locally. I contacted her and asked how this doula thing worked. I didn’t know what they did but I knew I wanted and needed one. I met Dorie at my favorite coffee shop in Avon and she took the time to sit with me and my husband and answer any and every question I ever had about what a doula does and how I should prepare. She was thorough and sweet and I felt like I knew her already for ages. I felt very comfortable with her. I felt I knew her already. She stayed in contact with me here and there throughout my last couple months of pregnancy making sure I was all set with any questions / concerns and anything I needed. She even went out of her way and brought me a yoga ball to my home! The day came where I went to the hospital to have my baby boy, she came and waited in the parking lot until I was ready for her to come in. She stayed by my side , she taught me how to stay calm, she showed me positions that helped my labor pains fell less painful, she talked me through everything ! She only did what I felt comfortable with. She stayed with us the entire time until she knew I was okay and I was comfortable .This was the next morning. She slept in an uncomfortable chair in the corner of the room while I was able to rest . Once my baby arrived she was there by my side telling me I did great, that I did it. And I did. She took the first photos of the baby and us. She made my birth the best it could be. She was right there. She was my coach, my soft spoken coach. Now 7 months later I still communicate with her. I still ask her advice on things . I made the right choice by hiring a doula, I made the right choice by hiring the BEST, Dorie. I will be using her again for my next baby. She was amazing and I can’t recommend her enough.

Ashley M Underwood


Two words  come to mind with my first birth...tramatic, and uncontrollable. An experience, while nessecary was not something I wanted to repeat.  When I found out I was pregnant with my second child I was going to do everything in my power to change my birth story.  I looked at a few different people to be my Doula, however, something drew me to Dorie.  Immediatly upon meeting with her it was like we had been friends for years.  We talked so effortlessly, and I knew that I had found my match.  With the due date coming closer, Dorie calmed my fears im sure hourly and helped me make informed decisions about the coming days.  Having to be induced again was an early blow to what I had hoped would be a different story, however, Dorie was right there to remind me and my husband that this changed nothing.  She supported both myself and my husband as we birthed for what seemed like days!  After lots of walking, position changes, oxygen, and finally giving in to an epidural she again assured me that I still had control.  After a long time pushing my little girl had finally arrived.  With the help of Dorie supporting my husband and myself I was able to succesfully accomplish my goal of a VBAC.  Not only was Dorie an amazing part of my birth story, she has also become a life long friend.  Added bonus she captured some amazing photos that my husband and I cherish!

Nicole Mulhall


My experience with Dorie as my Doula was an irreplaceable one. She was there for me in the weeks leading up to the birth of my son and promptly there the day he decided to make his debut. Although a new mother can only anticipate what will happen when her baby arrives, it is in fact an unpredictable furure no one can actually foresee. While it’s great to have a birth plan in place, which she helped me put together, you never know if that’s how it will go. There were many moments I reached and called for her and she would bring me right back down to earth and back to focusing on what I needed to do to make everything go smoothly. Later checking back on me many times in the weeks following as a friendly courtesy, to make sure I was adjusting to motherhood and our new life as parents. I couldn’t have asked for better coaching and guidance.

I can honestly say that with her there to guide myself and my husband through all the ups and downs that birth can bring, she helped create a very special experience and gave us the peace of mind and calmness I always imagined having during my birth. If and when we decide to have another I hope to have her present again and I don’t feel we would have had the confidence and knowledge we gained without her. I am forever grateful for Dorie and all she has done for us.



Dorie is the most wonderful Doula and Birth Coach. As a young mother (23 years), I was terrified of labor and of motherhood. My fears diminished with Dorie's presence. After 16 hours of difficult labor, including a failed (dislodged) epidural, Dorie kept me centered and calm. She held my hand through it all, motivated me and kept me focused on the excitement of my son's arrival. She even had me laughing throughout!

Most importantly, when I ultimately had to deliver via C-Section ( my son was 10 lbs and sunny-side up), Dorie re-directed me away from my disappointment and gave me the gift of entering surgery with a clear head and open heart. This made the procedure so much more relaxed and less painful.

Overall, this positive birth experience would have been IMPOSSIBLE without Dorie's loving presence. I recommend her without hesitation, for any birth setting. She will add such positive emotional value to the most important day of your life. I will forever be grateful to her for not allowing the challenges of my labor cloud an otherwise miraculous experience. When I look back, I remember how joyful and excited I felt about childbirth because of her kind words and sunny disposition. She is THE BEST! If you're at all nervous about childbirth, or just looking to enhance your labor experience, let this woman into your life. I promise that you will never regret it.

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