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Cathy Gomez

Doula Cathy TLC

Folsom, CA Service range 30 miles serving Sacramento-Placer-El Dorado-and Yolo Counties


Birth Fee

$500 to $900

Birth Fee

$500 to $900

Birth Doula Certifications

  • DONA International - Certified Birth Doula

Birth Doula Experience

3 years and 33 births attended

Doula Training

  • DONA International, September 2016

Type of practice: Solo practice

Clients per month: 1 to 2

Attends hospital births? All Hospitals
Also yoga teacher with certification in restorative yoga and workshops for prenatal yoga. Can especially help with mindful breathing and relaxation in this setting.

Attends birth center births? All Birth Centers

Attends home births? Any Home Birth

College Education


Special Services Offered

  • Acupressure
  • Aromatherapy
  • Childbirth education services
  • Lactation consultant/counselor services
  • Mother blessing celebrations
  • Reduced rates for women considering adoption
  • Surrogates and intended parents
  • TENS units rental
  • Virtual and remote doula support

Relevant volunteer or advocacy work

Volunteered with Nursing Mothers Counsel, networked with WIC through Sacramento Food Bank and Family Services while volunteering to teach parent education classes, CHADD group leader, specialized in acute care and well child care pediatric nursing along with public health nurse certificate, recently completed Mindfulness Based Childbirth and Parenting Teacher Training Level 1 and Level 2 now working toward certification (July 2019).

Languages Spoken

  • English

Fee Details

Use a sliding scale and believe every women should have access to a doula if needed. Fees include 3 home visits, update calls/tx. and breastfeeding support if desired.

Folsom, CA Service range 30 miles serving Sacramento-Placer-El Dorado-and Yolo Counties

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Sarah Wagner


As a first time mom there were 2 things that I feared the most. 1- the fear of not knowing what to except during labor/delivery 2- fear that my husband, Donny, would not be there to help me through this experience.

My husband works out of state, I was terrified that I would go into labor and him miss the birth of his first child, and being alone especially since I don't have family near by. When I met with Cat, I discovered she completely understood my feelings, being that she too experienced a spouse working long distance. To know she could relate was extremely comforting. Cat has gone above and beyond for us helping me prepare for labor and delivery. She shared knowledge that I did not know, answered all my questions and then some. Even when I was put on pelvic rest due to pre-term contractions at 32 weeks pregnant, she came to me for our prenatal visits. Cat even took the time to bond with my over active and anxious dog, with the knowledge knowing that I may need her when laboring at home and wanted to make sure the dog was at ease with her presence. As weird as it may sound we were lucky when I went to my 37th week DR visit I was diagnosed with hypertension which lead to induction. It took out the worry of my husband not making it, once I got a hold of him, and was able to get the earliest flight out.

Even though I was terrified of the unknown, with Cat by my side she had given me the strength and confidence she knew that was inside of me to get through it all.  She knew exactly what I needed and gave me the knowledge to make all my decisions.  I truly could not have imagined what I would have done without her there with me.  My proudest moment was the day I delivered my daughter, and I know the reason that her birth was as smooth, and successful, as is was, was because of Cat!  My husband and I are so thankful to have had her on our support team.  Best decision we made. 



Cat provided us with incredible support before, during, and after the birth of my first child this fall.

When first looking for a birth doula, my partner and I were immediately drawn to Cat's calm presence and her mindfulness-based childbirth philosophy. Over the course of multiple meetings Cat came to our home and worked with us to not only prepare for labor phsycailly, but also emotionally. She even gave our rambucious dog some love and attention during her visits.

When I first when into labor, Cat was immediately available via phone. She joined us at the hospital just after midnight and stayed nearly 24 hours - awake and supportive throughout the entire time. Cat helped me to move in different positions, and showed my partner different techniques to help me cope better. When he became tired, Cat encouraged him to take a much needed rest while she "tagged in" as full support for a few minutes. After some complicating factors, we were faced with a series of decisions to make. Exhausted from a long labor, Cat made sure that we fully understand our choices by asking that the medical team clarify or add in additional information. My partner and I were thus fully in control of the decisions we had to make and well equipped with the information needed to make them.

Most wonderful of all, however, is what Cat provided us after our child was born. During a post-partum visit, Cat gave us a full written recount of the birth story. She had detailed information and an outsider's perspective that together filled in some of the gaps in my memory of event. The gift of a birth story really cannot be overstated, especially when I had such conflicting memories of labor and the event itself.

Cat is truly a gem of a person and a wonderfully supportive doula.

Ngan Tran


In a life time, if you’re lucky, you will encounter a few very special people who changed your life forever. Cat is that special person for us. Our bond with Cat started from very beginning on our first interview with her. We stopped interviewing other doulas right after meeting Cat, since we knew Cat would be one to help us with the birth of our daughter. My husband and I wanted an intervention free birth and although we ended with anything but a natural birth due to complications beyond anything we could have prepared for, we could never imagine how we could have gotten through it all without Cat’s guidance and support. Her incredibly sweet, thoughtful, generous and kind nature helped propelled us through quite a traumatic birth and gave us so much courage that we felt as though we could conquer anything that come our way. Since this is our first birth, my husband and I had many fears about the birth process and outcome given the unknown territory. Cat was there at the very beginning to ease any fear. Not only that, she empowered us with many tools, particularly for my husband, to support me to manage the pain. She also taught us mindfulness skills to help us become mindful parents, which is an incredible gift to our daughter. Cat has gone above and beyond her role as a doula and was there for us from the very beginning, for all of nearly 40 hours of labor. No words could express how grateful we are for all Cat has done for us and for that we are forever indebted to her. Any expecting couple is lucky to have Cat as their doula.



I had the pleasure of working with Cat during my pregnancy and birth of my daughter Emilia. Cat was always so warm and encouraging and really helped me work through some of my fears around delivery. She taught me mindfulness skills that I was able to use during labor to help me manage my worries. During the birth Cat was a calming and encouraging presence. Throughout my time with her she always made me feel strong and confident in my ability to birth my daughter the way I wanted. I cannot thank her enough for all the ways that she supported me and my family during my pregnancy and delivery and I am so thankful that she was there to share in this life changing experience with us.

Marissa Krull


Where to start. Have you ever had one of those encounters where everything eerily lines up in the best way possible? When I searched for a doula for the birth of our second child and found Cat’s profile I had a hunch she would be the one and that I should look no further. When she replied via email, her caring sweet nature shined through. When we set up the phone call I was even more pleased with how much we connected! It felt like it was destiny for our paths to cross. Throughout the whole process my husband and I felt completely supported by her! My husband and I are two very different people and she was able to communicate effectively with both of us and our 8 year old. With my nursing background and her expertise in nursing I really appreciated her scientific input. My husband appreciated the natural holistic approach she brought to the equation. My pregnancy was pretty complicated and caused me a lot of anxiety, but Cat was always there with her positivity and loving support till the very end! She was always so calm and gentle and always met me where I was at, fully open, compassionate and present. I could absolutely not imagine by birth experience without her.  I truly feel so blessed that she came into our lives! The only regret I have is that I didn’t find her earlier for the birth of my first born! If you manage to have Cat as your doula you have secured an absolute gem! She truly loves what she does and is a total gift to this community! We will always hold a special place in our hearts for Cat!!! 

Marly Young


Cat helped me achieve the intervention-free birth of a healthy baby boy that I had hoped for.

At 4 am a month before my due date, my water broke. As instructed by my doctor, my husband and I headed straight to the hospital to have it checked out. When your water breaks, it is advised that you deliver within 24 hours to avoid infection so the pressure to be induced is very high. I did not want to be induced as I feared it would lead to a cascade of medical interventions. I requested a few hours to let my labor progress on its own. But by 8 pm, I was checked again and I was only 2 1/2 cm dilated. My doctor said she would induce me by 12 if I didn’t show significant progress by then. I felt very discouraged so we called Cat and asked her to come to the hospital. She arrived with lavender scented oil, tea lights, calm music and other tools to help set the mood. She got me out of the hospital bed and into various positions to help my labor progress. She showed my husband how to apply counter pressure and other ways to support me through the now painful contractions. Three hours later, when I was sure I couldn’t take another second, I was fully dilated and it was time to push. I was completely shocked that we had made so much progress so fast. 45 minutes later my son was born! 

I am so proud of my birth story and I have Cat to thank for helping me achieve it by keeping me calm and focused on the moment, not my fear of future pain. She also took incredible photos that captured the most meaningful moments like when they first handed me my son, my husband cutting the cord and my husband and I gazing in disbelief at our new baby. I still get emotional when I look at those pictures. 

Cat transformed my birth experience from one of fear and pressure to one of empowerment. I am extremely grateful for her kind support and encouragement. 





Working with Cat undoubtedly made our prenatal and birth experience more successful, mindful, and joyful. We wouldn’t have been nearly as successful with our intention of a natural birth without Cat’s support and guidance through the whole process. Cat provided incredible education and support from the moment we connected.  Her pre-birth education is thorough and very helpful for understanding the birth process and what to expect.  We were especially pleased with her background as a nurse, comfort in the hospital setting, and dedication to evidence-based recommendations and interventions. She is incredibly kind and mindful and always wants to hear and respect your wishes and perspectives.  She is not only a wealth of knowledge but also tools and experience to make the actual birth process go more smoothly, from essential oil diffusers to fans to balls to yoga and breathing, she helped transform our hospital room into a safe and comfortable space. We cannot speak highly enough of our experience, we could go on and on. We feel incredibly fortunate to have had Cat as our doula and blessed to have her witness and support us bringing our beautiful baby boy into the world. 

Emily C


Working with Cat through my pregnancy, labor and delivery, and postpartum was absolutely such a gift and privalge for me and my family. While my husband had initially been somewhat hesitant about the idea of hiring a doula, he now says that he can’t imagine our experience without her, and we are so thankful  we had her as part of our team. Prior to birth day, Cat she was such a great support answering all of our many questions and providing the best evidence based information so that we could always make an informed decision. She never pushed her own views or agendas, which we really appreciated! As this was our first pregnancy, we felt so clueless and nervous about many things, and Cat was so wonderful, kind, and understanding. I had a lot of anxiety as my pregnancy progressed, and Cat was always a calm and reliable presence. She supported me in discovering and practicing maechanisms to help manage my worries.She really puts so much time and energy into to learning and developing her knowledge, it is so clear that it is such a passion for her, and you also feel that passion and comittment during every interaction with her.  When the big day finally came, there are no words to fully describe how wonderful it was to have Cat by our side! She was an amazing support, not only for me, but for my husband as well. She was such a constant calming and peaceful presence, while also being so skilled at gently, but steadfastly, helping me to focus and endure through those really tough moments. Following labor and delivery, Cat continued to be an unwavering support as I juggled the joys and many challenges of being a new mom. She checked in with me often and always made herself avaialable to speak over the phone. We highly recommend Cat to any family considering having a birthing doula! Her knowledge, experience, and generosity of spirit is absolutely priceless!! 

Tara Tesa


Cat was amazing! She was recommended to us by close friends who had used her services the year before. She is soft-spoken, kind-hearted, generous and has a wealth of knowledge at her fingertips. We met several times at her house and our house, and each time she made us feel more comfortable with becoming first time parents and I felt she really prepared us for the birth. Once the day came, she was right there by my side the whole time and listened to what I wanted (and needed) and really made the whole labor process an amazing experience!   She guided me through everything and I couldnt have imagined going through it without her. After my son was born, we met 2 weeks after for a postpartum follow up and she greeted us with our birth story which we will forever cherish. It captuted everything from a few days before the birth, right up until my son was born. I highly recommended Cat and would use her again in a heartbeat! 

Lisa Georgiou


Cathy was born to be a doula. She brings years of experience as an RN and a yoga teacher, and she is deeply passionate about her work. Her skill-set and services are unmatched — Cathy is a treasure.

After a long and challenging labor with my first child, I knew I needed more support with my second. I've known Cathy for many years — we met through yoga teacher training, and she later educated me about breastfeeding, mentoring me as I nursed my daughter. Since then, our friendship has grown and I was blessed to have her by my side.

One of Cathy’s most unique qualities is the way she listens. During our prenatal sessions, she listened so intently to our needs, wants, fears and hopes. I felt safe and understood throughout the entire experience. 

Cathy checked in regularly to offer support and motivation. She would often send meaningful quotes and articles, and was always available to talk if I felt discouraged or worried.

Our son arrived a few days late and the labor escalated quickly. As soon as I saw Cathy's calm, confident face, I knew everything would be ok, and I knew I had the strength to do this. She made eye contact while guiding my breath, and her voice kept me grounded in the present moment. When I decided to get an epidural, she gently stroked my arms and legs while holding a safe space for me to move through each contraction.

Luca was born into the most tranquil environment. It was a beautiful birth and I'm so grateful.

Cathy continued to support me in the weeks after I gave birth. I experienced some breastfeeding challenges and she went above and beyond to get me through some of the early struggles.

Cathy is an outstanding doula and she cares deeply about each of her clients. When you hire Cathy as your doula, know you are also gaining a very special friend.

Sidney Gall


To say that Cathy is an incredible doula, is an understatement. Simply, she has been a massive blessing in my life. I would not have gotten through my labor and delivery without Cathy's graceful attitude, care, & support. She exhibits everything one would hope for in a doula. 

My husband and I did not have much room in our finances at the time I was looking for a doula. Cathy's heart though, is so pure. Her passion is that every family could experience the supportive role of a doula; for that reason she graciously met us halfway. Oh, how grateful I am. 

During the time leading up to birth, Cathy provided a wonderful service; she prepared us so well. Cathy did not overwhelm us with information, rather she carefully selected information that was evidence based. This was especially helpful because the amount of information on all things pregnancy & baby can be quite daunting. We were so appreciative that Cathy sifted through this for us, because trust me it is exhausting!

Cathy was a wonder woman when it came to answering my 2:30 am call about losing my mucus plug, to meeting me at the hospital & coaching me through every contraction. Cathy was an integral part of this process. She gave my husband support through the entire process & helped him to help me! It was truly inspiring & such a unique bond. When the labor & delivery did not go as hoped, Cathy responded to the situation gracefully & with such a loving heart. 

The sweetest most precious part was Cathy's postpartum visit when she cared for my exhausted, baby blues, overwhelmed state. She is a woman of integrity, care, & love. Her intentionality is unmatched & it is a true gift to be the recipient of it. It is my utmost recommendation that Cathy be considered as your doula. 

Kim Coppola


During our first meeting, we knew that Cathy would be our Doula. We instantly felt connected to her warm and reassuring presence. Throughout the pregnancy, Cathy made herself available to meet with us to develop our birth plan, answer questions, and practice deep breathing and stretching exercises to get ready for labor. She consistently checked-in after doctor appointments and was encouraging as we got closer to our due date. On the “big day”, Cathy exceeded our expectations. Her expertise and reassuring nature is contagious and helped us stay calm throughout the process. I had a long labor and Cathy was available via text/phone calls up until the time we asked her to join as at the hospital (which she gladly did at 4am). From the moment Cathy arrived at the hospital, she did not leave our side (and she was there for 24 hours). Throughout the labor/delivery, Cathy displayed the utmost competence and professionalism. During the challenging aspects of labor, Cathy had an unbelievable way of anticipating my needs before I even knew it was a need. From encouraging me to change positions to offering counter-pressure to offset the pain, Cathy was fabulous. Her knowledge and compassion helped put me and my husband at ease so we could make the best decisions for our situation. Once our baby arrived, Cathy thoughtfully documented our experience so my husband and I could be present with our daughter and not have to worry about taking pictures. I can’t overemphasize how crucial it was that Cathy anticipated so many of our needs without us realizing they were needs. Postpartum, Cathy made herself available for questions and her support helped us cope during our first days/weeks at home. Cathy’s expertise and knowledge was especially helpful in fostering my choice to breastfeed. Overall, Cathy is an unbelievable Doula and anyone would be lucky to have her be apart of their birth experience.



Our experience with Cathy was nothing short of amazing. I don’t even know where to start! She was recommended to me by a friend. Cathy is so devoted and you can really tell that pregnancy and birth is her passion. Cathy has a huge heart and is so supportive in so many ways, just talking about her I can get emotional, because she helped us so much. She was so attentive to every one to my feelings, and answered every of our questions in the most complete way. She helped us with the overflow of information and questions pregnant women can have.

She also knows really well what it is to be pregnant. She gave us emotional and physical support and tons of useful information. I am so thankful we met her… I had my baby on Halloween and she was so efficient. She provided me so much comfort helping me relax through labor, helping me with breathing exercise, gentle pressure, touch, and positive affirmations. My husband was really happy she was there to help, because he was very overwhelmed himself, and he feels as emotional and grateful as me when we talk about Cathy. I wanted a totally natural birth and I had it, I don’t think I would have done it without her. After our daughter was born and it was time for Cathy to go back to her house, I cried because of I was so thankful.

Cathy also helped us postpartum.. Breastfeeding wasn’t easy for me, and she gave me a lot of useful advice and tricks and ideas and now my baby is totally breastfed. I will always keep Cathy in my heart and I am so happy I have the beautiful glass star she made as a memory of our crossing path. I look forward to tell my daughter about the wonderful person that helped us bring her to this world. Meeting Cathy is like having a guardian angel who looks at you with care, and love, and help you to have the most amazing experience of your life, and I wish to all pregnant woman to meet her.

Elena Sleys


As a first time mom I was extremely scared of childbirth. I reached out to Cathy and immediately I knew she was the doula for me. She is soft spoken, calm, and sweet. Cathy went above and beyond to help ease my anxiety. She is very passionate and genuinely cared about me and my family. She was amazing during the birth. My husband was able to relax and get some rest while Cathy sat next to me while I slept. I loved the positive energy she brought to us. I highly recommend her services.

Tay Jackson


Christian and Taylor’s Testimony:
Speaking from Taylor’s point of view

I found Cat through a friend I trust, and called her right away- very early in my pregnancy. I was a little bit nervous, as this baby was not initially a planned event for us! Although, I did feel in my heart, that he was a gift, and wanted to surround myself and Christian with support through the pregnancy and birth process. Upon our first meeting, I knew Cat would be a wonderful person to help me learn what to expect through this process.

Cat is a gentle, kind, compassionate, and very knowledgable Doula. She is truly passionate about what she does, and is also very present. I always felt she was committed to our sessions 100% and wanted me to have the best birth experience possible. She also made sure to include Christian along the process so he could learn also, and know how to be supportive. This was amazing! I learned more about birth than I could have possibly imagined and felt very inspired by each session I had with Cat.

I could not have asked for a better person to have by my side during labor. I have been joking that I wouldn’t have been breathing at all, if it weren’t for Cat being there to help guide me (and I am a yoga instructor after all!). The experience of labor is one I will now carry with me in a positive way and I feel very grateful for the support I had through Cat and my family.


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