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Cherish Perez CD(DONA),CLE, CBE

Dedicated Doula Team

Lakewood, WA Service range 55 miles I will travel a bit farther, but just add a travel fee.


Birth Fee

$2100 to $2400

Postpartum Rate

$55 to $65

Availability Remarks: I typically just work with families that hire our Birth Doula team. This way we can really wrap around the families we serve and support them have a good and steady start in parenting!

Birth Fee

$2100 to $2400

Postpartum Rate

$55 to $65

Medicaid and Third Party Insurers

Currently approved to receive payments from the following programs:

Birth Doula Experience

7 years and 105 births attended

Postpartum Doula Experience

3 years and 60 families served

Birth Doula Certifications

  • DONA International - Certified Birth Doula

Doula Training

  • DONA International-Approved Workshop, October 2016
  • International Childbirth Education Association (ICEA), October 2019

Type of practice: Partnership with 2 or more doulas

Clients per month: 1 to 2 births and 1 to 3 postpartum families

Postpartum limits/restrictions: I usually provide postpartum services to my birth clients. And occasionally work with folks outside of my birth clients. I love pets!! When I do overnights, the focus is typically on sleep for the parents, feeding baby (chest/breast feeding support), and mostly baby-care. During the day, education, light chores, food prep, baby care etc.

Attends hospital births? All Hospitals
At this time, I do not attend births at Good Sam except in the event of an emergency transfer

Attends birth center births? All Birth Centers

Attends home births? Any Home Birth

College Education


Special Services Offered

  • Belly casting
  • Cancer patients and survivors
  • Childbirth education services
  • First Aid and CPR
  • Lactation consultant/counselor services
  • LGBTQIA+ Support
  • Military families support
  • Miscarriage support
  • Photography - Birth
  • Reduced rates for women considering adoption
  • Satellite doula (for remote and rural clients)
  • Sibling support (for your older children at the birth)
  • Surrogates and intended parents
  • TENS units rental
  • Virtual and remote doula support

Relevant volunteer or advocacy work

I volunteer with the Doulas 4 All coalition, which is a QT-BIPOC lead coalition with the mission of ending Maternal and neonatal death in black and brown peoples in Washington State, and the US. (If this is something you would like to learn more about, please reach out).

Fee Details

The continuous, compassionate support that a doula provides during your birth makes a huge impact on your birth experience. I love supporting folks through this amazing transition, helping them to have a positive and powerful birth and postpartum period. There is no charge to meet with me and see if I would be a good fit on your support team. My basic birth doula fee is $1800 including 2 prenatal visits, the birth, and 1-2 postpartum visits. In prenatal visits we discuss your wishes for your birth and help you develop a birth plan. We go over coping techniques and labor positioning. We will also talk about the postpartum period, and feeding baby etc. I am available 24/7 2-3 weeks before the birth and 2 weeks after the birth. I also teach private Childbirth Ed classes and am a certified through ICEA, and postpartum doula services (40-45$/hr). If my fee would be a hardship, I offer a flexible timeline for payment as well as a sliding fee scale.

Service Area

Lakewood, WA Service range 55 miles I will travel a bit farther, but just add a travel fee.

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Client Testimonials for Cherish Perez CD(DONA),CLE, CBE

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Zhi Yang


As a first-time mum, I had a great experience working with Cherish. While searching for a birth doula, I discovered Cherish on this website, highly reviewed. Two previous clients, one referred by Cherish and another found in a local Facebook group, gave strong recommendations, so I decided to hire her.

After switching my delivery method to a C-section, I transitioned from a birth doula to postpartum doula services. Cherish visited my home as a night doula 2-3 times per week during the first four weeks after my C-section. She was professional and incredibly helpful, taking care of the baby, assisting with breastfeeding, and supporting my husband and me. Cherish taught me numerous techniques to calm the baby, improve my milk supply, and achieve proper breastfeeding positions. She even cooked lactation meatballs for me and was very kind to my family. I could see from her eyes and behavior that she genuinely cared for my baby.

As a first-time mum, I had countless questions and concerns, but Cherish patiently guided me through everything with evidence-based knowledge. Most importantly, she provided vital emotional support for my husband and me during this significant transition. I also faced challenges with baby latching, and she tirelessly tried various methods to help. It was a wonderful experience, and I highly recommend her.



Cherish was so wonderful, especially in what ended up being a complicated birth and unplanned hospital visit.  We also had a ton if fun at the home visits; it was so nice to really connect prior to the birth and be totally comfortable once the time came.  I am so grateful and would highly recommend her!



Cherish is awesome. I had an amazing experience with her during pregnancy, labor, and postpartum. I had a long, unpredictable labor, and she actively helped my spouse and me the whole time. She helped with labor positions, stretches and massage techniques. She also provided support during postpartum and continued to check in on us. I can't imagine going through this without her. She promptly responded to our questions, shared resources, and offered suggestions during pregnancy and postpartum. The resources she provided were to the point, prompt, and saved me a lot of time. She also supported our choices throughout the journey. I would highly recommend her, as labor can involve unpredictable situations for which you can't fully prepare, and you continuously need guidance and support from a trusted person.



We cannot recommend Cherish highly enough! She was a wonderful educator and support person ahead of the birth, answering all of our first-time parent questions and supporting me through prodromal labor. She recommended different stretches and exercises which quickly progressed me into actual labor. During a long labor and delivery Cherish’s calm and knowledgeable support made me feel safe and confident, even when things didn’t go as planned. She continued to check in on us postpartum and helped troubleshoot a variety of issues. Looking back, I can’t imagine going through this experience without Cherish. Her support has truly been invaluable!

Julie Vukmer


We weren't sure about hiring a doula at first but now are so glad we did! It was great to have the support before, during, and after the birth. Once we found out unexpectedly we'd need an induction, Cherish walked us through what to anticipate and we felt much more reassured and confident with her in our corner. Having her as a resource was comforting as first time parents and we would definitely recommend Cherish as a doula!

Amber Greget


The dedicated doula are an amazing team! They are kind and informative. They will support you in whatever decision you make. They are always available for questions both while pregnant and postpartum. I ended up getting induced and it ended up being a long labor. Cherish stayed with me the whole time! I don’t remember how many hours it was but it was definitely more than 24hours. I don’t know what I would have done without her there supporting me and my husband. They were helpful with each contraction and helped advocate for my wants and needs. We also had Cherish for postpartum care. Again I don’t know what I would have done without her. She made sure both me and my husband were doing well and getting sleep. She made me food and water. Cherish taught me how to wear my baby with a wrap. They truly care about the families they work for. Cherish is the best! 



Cherish was present at my birth and also came to my home for a visit four days postpartum. I could not have imagined a more supportive and helpful presence for either. As first time parents, neither my husband nor I fully knew what to expect, despite the fact that I read everything I could about the birth process and went in very informed. Having Cherish there eased absolutely everything. She came prepared, with things we had not expected to need, and she knew exactly what to do and say to help me through the labor process. My husband feels that she was invaluable as well in helping him support me. She worked well with the medical staff and helped remind me of questions I could ask so I could make informed decisions, even when I was distracted by intense pain. After the baby arrived, and in her postpartum home visit, she was incredibly helpful with figuring out breastfeeding and troubleshooting latch issues. Not to mention, her birth photography was amazing. If I could, I would recommend Cherish to absolutely anyone giving birth. 



We interviewed ten doulas and went with Cherish because I appreciated her warm vibe and felt that she'd be somebody I could trust and feel comfortable with in the delivery room. I am delighted to recommend her very highly to anybody looking for a supportive, wise doula who's fun to be around and brings a ton of experience and knowledge to her work as well as a natural facility with people. Before my due date, Cherish met with me and my partner twice. She came to our home (a long drive for her!), and brought Jenn Ruggles, her back-up doula, both times so we could get to know her as well. They made sure we were equipped with a lot of info in two super friendly sessions and stayed over the allotted time to be sure all our questions got answered. I'm guessing she gives everybody this level of care because both our meetings started a bit late-- not a problem for us, and I think a testament to how much care she puts into each conversation. When it came to the birth itself, Cherish appeared VERY quickly as soon as we needed her and then stayed by our sides through over 24 hours of labor. She was unfailingly encouraging, helpful, knowledgeable, and supportive. She brought great perspective and grace to every situation that came up, including some pretty tricky ones, and she helped me make decisions I felt good about when choices were presented. I don't think she slept at all but you'd never have known it from her demeanor-- she maintained her sense of humor and that got me through some hard moments. After our daughter arrived, Cherish made sure we were well settled into postpartum before she left. She took some wonderful photos throughout that I'm really grateful to have. But much more than that, I'm so thankful that within the very clinical environment of the hospital, Cherish managed to make the birth feel more personal and more like it was happening on my terms. I'm hugely grateful to have had her there and can't imagine what it would've been like without her.



Having Cherish supporting us through the pregnancy, birth, and post birth was possibly the best decision we made in the whole process. I did a medicated hospital birth, and since I thought doulas were mostly for home births, we didn't know what exactly she would help with. As first time parents, there was a lot we didn't know that we didn't know. She was consistently available in ways medical staff can't be: answered questions that worried us at 10 PM on a Tuesday, unearthed decisions we didn't know we would have to make, always had good suggestions for options (that even our doctors or midwives didn't mention), and was ultimately a completely nonjudgmental support we didn't know we needed. Unlike every other person involved in the birth, we didn't feel ditched afterwards either. She was still available, answering questions and sharing resources, and we now consider her a friend. Don't hesitate - hire Cherish.

Alex Farris


Cherish is so kind and passionate about what she does. When I was dealing with postpartum she was so reassuring and knowledgable. She was great at coming in and just calming the situation. Baby wouldn't stay in the swaddle, she knew alternative wrapping methods that nobody else has brought up and worked amazingly. Baby wouldn't calm down? She had him soothed in a second. Baby not feeding? She helped me get the breastfeeding positioning perfect. She helped with other crucial things like she grabbed formula for us when we thought my breastmilk wasn't coming in, or helped make soup that we couldn't get to. We talked about she was picking up treats and she reached out if I wanted anything.  Cherish was like a family member coming in and just making everything right-she's so natural about it and that made such a difference.

Yaamini Sharma


Having Suzanne, Cari, and Cherish be part of our birthing experience was the best decision my husband and I made. Best part was that we received all the support, during the pregnancy, during birth, and after the delivery, at one place.

As first-time parents, we were scared about labor and birth. From our first interaction with Suzanne, we knew we were in good hands. She is incredibly knowledgeable, kind, competent, and caring. Throughout my pregnancy and after, she regularly checked in on us, encouraged us to ask questions, and sent many helpful resources. She guided us through the experience, giving us the information we needed to make our own decisions without judgment on our choices. Once I was in labor, Cari helped alleviate the back pain I was experiencing, and also helped find the best labor positions that worked for us, staying by our side the entire time. She is extremely conscientious of your partner/support person and personalizes the birthing experience to match your needs. We are so thankful for her and would recommend her over and over.

In addition to Suzanne and Cari, we also had Cherish as our postpartum night doula. We were also extremely impressed with her. Just like Suzanne and Cari, Cherish is knowledgeable and extremely kind. She was there for us during the early postpartum weeks, when we were exhausted and stressed. We felt very safe with her watching our newborn while we rested. She cleaned and baked for us, while easing any concerns we had about our new baby. Cherish is an amazing doula and person we highly recommend.



My husband and I are so grateful for Cherish. She was our birth doula in February 2023, when we welcomed our baby girl. She seriously carried us through our 33 hour labour!

We were hoping for a birth experience with minimal interventions (unmedicated if possible). When my water broke prematurely, I called Cherish at 1am and she started supporting me via text and helping me through this unexpected event. At the hospital, she used her TENS unit and counter pressure skills to help with my back pains, and kept me and my husband in good spirits. There were some really difficult moments at the hospital and we are both unbelievably thankful to have Cherish with us through it all! Even though the physical and mental strains were immense, instead of having a traumatic experience, I have fond memories of this birth experience largely because of having Cherish and my husband working together by my side.

In the days and weeks following our delivery, Cherish continued to help me navigate the new challenges that came up. Postpartum recovery, breastfeeding, etc... All these things were quite overwhelming to me as a first time mother. All in all, we are so glad that Cherish supported us and would highly recommend her!



I cannot say enough wonderful things about our experience with Cherish. We welcomed our third child into the world this winter, and Cherish was there to make the birth experience exactly what I wanted. She helped with natural pain management during labor and breathing techniques. I labored without an epidural (which was my birth plan) and felt present in the experience and with my partner.  I would recommend her to any birthing individual.

Karli Scott


I feel blessed to have found the Dedicated Doula Team to be my doulas. I don't know what I would have done without them at my birth. They were perfectly supportive throughout my journey during pregnancy, labor and birth and postpardum. I am so thankful for them!

My labor was extremenly difficult, more than I ever expected and we ended up changing our birth plan during it. My doulas support during this change in plans gave me such comfort and strength. It was a very stressful and scary experience that I was able to 100% lean on my doula for her knowledge and experience, which was exactly what my husband and I needed. I cannot express how truly thankful I am that they were by mine and my husbands side.

My doula brought her skills and knowledge to my birth that helped me cope during the pain, that helped both myself and my husband take care of our bodies to keep our strength up. She guided me through the change in my birth plan and helped me physically through each step, I know my birth would have been even more difficult without her. She emotionally supported both my husband and I so perfectly, beyond what words can express.

I would recommend them to anyone!

Shealyn Wallace


We were nervous, excited, first time parents of twins when we found Cherish around our 24th week of pregnancy. We had only found out we were having twins at our 20 week ultrasound which explains the nervous part. She was an absolute fountain of knowledge for us. Her calmness was grounding as she walked us through the numerous ways our birth could go. She made sure to use our birth plan, that she helped us create using many examples and options and experiences versus dictating what should go on it, as the reference and explained possible deviations from that. We felt heard and understood and confident when we would meet with her. As for the birth it was moving very slowly, we were going to close our eyes to get some rest when all of a sudden I’m being whisked off to have a cesarian, I have anxiety and was feeling overwhelmed and nervous when cherish showed up with lavender soaked tissues to calm my nerves, and then mint tissues to ease the nausea, she got right up in people’s business to get incredible photographs to help me remember the most beautiful, monumental experience I’ve ever had.  She was present and in the forefront when she needed to be and was quietly waiting in the background when she wasn’t. Her intuition of the situations was spot on. She helped both of my boys latch immediately following their birth and stuck around to make sure we were all set and comfortable before parting. She was a bright light throughout pregnancy and an absolute beacon during the birth. We are incredibly grateful to have had her on our journey through pregnancy and delivery. Oh and she makes the best lactation cookies ever!



It was great having Cherish as part of our team. She shared great knowledge with us during visits prior to labor. When she arrived in the middle of pushing, her voice is like gentle breeze brought me a piece of calm and peace. After birth, her lactation cookies made middle night pumping sessions a bit more easier. I'm grateful for her emotional support for me alone this journey and would love to have her again next time.

Lyndsey Bauers


Cherish was an incredible support system the day of my labor/birth of my premie twins. She supported not only me, but was also a great support for my husband. Looking back on the day she was such a huge support in making sure I was comfortable, got all my questions answered and started calm in a pretty stressful and complex birth. She was the best! 

Emily Harvey


Cherish was the best aspect of my birth that I was able to pre organize!! Birth's take their own path and she was there with me every step of the way, no matter what twist or turn or hour of the clock. And honestly, there were many many hours of the clock! I felt like I could lean on this person physically and emotionally the entire length of my 38 hour birth! The subtle wisdom exactly when you needed it or the warm remark of encouragement when you are hurting. She's wonderful and I will be reaching back out for our second birth!! 

Emily Harvey


Cherish was the best aspect of my birth that I was able to pre organize!! Birth's take their own path and she was there with me every step of the way, no matter what twist or turn or hour of the clock. And honestly, there were many many hours of the clock! I felt like I could lean on this person physically and emotionally the entire length of my 38 hour birth! The subtle wisdom exactly when you needed it or the warm remark of encouragement when you are hurting. She's wonderful and I will be reaching back out for our second birth!! 



Weeks after our delivery, my husband and I still marvel at the profound role Cherish played during our pregnancy, delivery, and even after. I was induced at 37 weeks because of gestational hypertension, which led to pre-eclampsia at the hospital. Cherish was there, every step of the way. She encouraged us to ask the right questions to providers and made sure I felt comfortable and safe. When doctors finally recommended C-section, I asked for two more hours, and in that time, Cherish worked her magic. She tried every position that could possibly help the baby come down, many of which required extreme physical exertion from her. And it was thanks to her efforts that when the doctors came ready to pull me into the OR, they were stunned to realize that the baby was in position to proceed with our planned vaginal birth. During the labor, I ended up spiking a fever because of an infection. Again, Cherish was there, holding the straw so I could drink water and rooting me on. Cherish was also there to express colostrum from my breasts when I was too weak to do so. Hours after delivery, we had to change rooms. It was 2 AM, and Cherish had been with us for a full three days. She didn’t need to be there; her job was done, after all. But she helped carry all our belongings, settle us in, and make sure the baby was doing well before she left us. Of all the amazing contributions Cherish made to our journey that moment stands out to me. It showed me that she wasn’t doing just a job; she really, truly cared about us. As you can tell, my husband and I think the world of Cherish. Her knowledge is profound, yes, but what is most remarkable is how she shows up for her clients – so completely and authentically. She is more than a doula. She is your caretaker, advocate, friend, and cheerleader. Pregnancy, delivery, and postpartum can be an unsettling time. But if Cherish is there with you, it’ll be much less daunting and a lot more meaningful.

Ari Zwartjes


Cherish was our birth doula and we also worked with her as a postpartum doula. She is really knowledgeable about birth and evidence-based birth practices. Cherish met with us twice at our home before I was due, and then she was there for my super-long induction and birth. She was really helpful during my labor, and stayed in close touch both before my induction, and in the weeks after, as well as coming to our home for at least one visit to see how I was doing and offer support. We also hired her for a couple nights of postpartum doula support, and she was amazing and really helped us get some sleep(!), and has also helped us find some resources we needed. During my five days of labor, she went above & beyond, bringing us food and homemade lactation cookies, and coming for a visit during the early part when we didn't need her there full time, and then camping out in the room with us for the long active labor. I absolutely recommend Cherish as both a birth and postpartum doula!



Reaching out the Cherish when I was searching for doulas on the DONA network was easily one of the best decisions I made during my pregnancy. Not only is Cherish a great voice of calm and reassurance during tough periods toward the later parts of my pregnancy and then postpartum, she has also become a wonderful friend with wisdom about babies, the new born period, postparum, and new-mom-hood that my husband and I still find valuable today (now 4 month in to new parenthood). Cherish went out of her way to ensure I was feeling empowered and well supported during my pregnancy. She even helped calm my husband's anxiety to give him an idea of what labor could be like, and more importantly she gave him ideas on what he could do to help me during labor and after birth of our daughter. Through Cherish, I was introduced to other amazing doulas in her collective, the Dedicated Doulas group. Having a network of new moms and other doulas to connect with has been wonderful during the post partum period.

Michelle Castle


Cherish was a great doula.  She is very reponsive and supportive.  I loved all the tips she gave me throughout my pregnancy such as the stretching and sleeping positions which made a hug difference in my comfort during the last month of pregnancy. Her knowledge of excerises to help promote the progression of labor was very helpful and I credit it with helping me have smooth and quick delivery with my daughter.  I also loved her photographs and support during the weeks following my delivery.  I recommend her to all my pregnant friends and would seek her out agian if I decide to have any more children.  

Brooke Reinke


We found Cherish and the Dedicated Doula Team on doula match. Immediately we knew she was experienced and aligned with what we were hoping our birth experience to be. She met with us several times beforehand and checked in with us many times to ensure we were as prepared as possible. Prior to birth she helped us with our birth plan, exercises for birth, breastfeeding, our concerns and just overall helped prepare us for the experience. During birth Cherish helped support me with words of affirmation, breathing support, massage, exercises and humor. My husband felt like she guided him in order to be the best partner he could be during birth. Cherish helped us make difficult decisions when our birth didn't go as planned. She helped us see all sides and never judged or had any biases. Cherish was there through it all and we always felt like she was apart of our team. Afterwards, she checked in several times, came to see us, helped with breastfeeding and was just overall there for us through the whole process. We can't recommend Cherish and her team enough. 



When I was struggling in the weeks after the birth of my first child, Cherish made a HUGE difference for me and my family. I was immediately at ease upon meeting her and felt safe within her presence. I loved how she left notes about her time with baby while I slept and also how little chores around the house were just magically done when I woke up. Her kind words at 2am when I was having a hard time with nursing and the way she was able to hone in on what I needed to hear when I didn't even know what I needed was amazing. Although I felt ready for anything before I gave birth, I needed more support than I anticipated and having Cherish there is help me through that time was such a game changer for me. From now on, I will always recommend Cherish to everyone I know who is having a baby! Thank you, Cherish!

Maribeth Lysen


Cherish is magical. We worked with Cherish after the birth of our son to help us with postpartum care overnight and she was amazing support. I can’t imagine how we would have managed those first few weeks without her. Cherish even made me homemade lactation cookies that were delicious. Cherish took care of everything when she was here and she just “knew” what to do so we could get some rest. Two weeks after giving birth, I developed mastitis in the middle of the night and I am beyond grateful Cherish was there to help while I was so sick. Her calming presence made me feel better and I knew my baby was in excellent hands. I can’t recommend Cherish and the team highly enough. 

Joylaxmi Saha


Anything that I say will not be enough to express how we feel about Cherish. Even though my family was here to support me during child birth, we decide to get the help of a doula.

I am glad that we decided to hire Cherish as our birth doula as she is knowledgeable and has been a friend to us. There were times when I had to call her in the middle of the night and she always answered and she also decided to come over.

We cannot be thankful enough for the care she has given me in the hospital. She was with us for 3 nights in the hospital and made sure she provided me with mental and physical support during labor. She did a beautiful photo shoot which will always be a memorable part of our life. One most important thing that I can never forget is, she prepared lactation cookies for me and got it when she came to see our baby. 

I highly recommend Cherish as she is an amazing person & very knowledgeable. 




It's taken me a bit of time to write this because I've been busy with our newest family member. But I wanted to drop a line to say that now that things are settled, I still think about my birth experience regularly because it was such a positive experience thanks to Cherish. I felt supported & validated throughout our time together. She's funny and kind and nurturing. She always gave me good things to think about when faced with decisions. She reminded me of my options. She looked for answers. She encouraged me. She was so good with my dog. She got along wonderfully with my partner. She supported him and anticipated our needs. Her energy is calm & positive. She knew when to step in and when to give space. We truly felt like a team embarking on an adventure, the 3 of us. She was so enthusiastic and loving about the arrival of my son. I will forever be grateful to her. If I have another child I will absolutely be inviting her (even if it ends up being a scheduled c-section! What she brings to the table as a support person made for a wonderful postpartum experience for me!) I don't know when or if that will ever be, but regardless she is like family to us now. Thank you, Cherish, for being there on the days that changed our lives! We appreciate you! 



I am so thankful I had Cherish as my Doula. She was supportive no matter what my decisions were and always let me know what options were out there so I could make informed decisions. I had hoped to have a second VBAC but ended up with a C-section and never realized how beneficial having a Doula could be even during a C-section. She was a huge blessing that made the transition smoother than I could have imagined. Not only did she support me during the C-section but she also supported me post-birth and stayed connected with me until things were going well. She definitely exceeded my expectations and I would highly recommend her to anyone who is searching for a doula.

Carolyn H


Overall, my partner and I had a fantastic experience working with Cherish as our postpartum doula! She's a compassionate doula who clearly cares about supporting families, and has the expertise that will help you with both labor and in your early days caring for a newborn.

Additional details on our experience: Cherish was very communicative leading up to our delivery, and did a home visit to learn more about our family needs and house set up. After our baby was born, she was a huge help starting in the first few days when we were facing challenges with breastfeeding. Cherish came by on short notice and helped out with our baby latching and helped me get my breast pump set up. In the next several weeks, she did 1-2 overnight visits each week. This enabled my partner and I to get longer stretches of sleep (so important as new parents) as Cherish would care for our baby before and after feedings. She was also there to troubleshoot new postpartum challenges that popped up (breastfeeding, gassy baby, etc) and helped us get comfortable as new parents with things like bathing our baby. Additionally she helped out with a few items around the household like laundry and meal prep. One thing I really appreciated was her flexibility as it's hard to predict what you'll want/need in the postpartum stage and what your schedule will be like. While we only worked with Cherish as our postpartum doula, I have no doubt that she would be an amazing labor doula as well. HIGHLY recommend working with Cherish! 

Maggie L.


We had our first child this past March and had interest in hiring a doula but were a little apprehensive about it. We interviewed several doulas, and found Cherish to be professional, honest, funny, and it was evident she was truly passionate about her work. We decided to give it a shot. 

A month after my delivery, I can confidently say: hiring Cherish was one of the best decisions we made. 

Before labor, Cherish was proactive with check ins and always available. She was well organized, punctual, and obviously took time to prepare for each visit. She spent a lot of time with us during her visits, never seemed in a rush, listened to us, was very knowledgeable and genuinely enthusiastic about the labor process. She had excellent follow up after each visit with information and resources that were tailored to our questions and discussions that came up during her time with us. 

Importantly, during my labor, her experience and expertise became very evident. She was calm, confident, adaptable, and extremely skillful in communicating with someone experiencing a stressful and intense life event. She pivoted right along with me as my birth plan changed to adapt to the situation as it developed in real time. She provided immeasurable support and comfort during my labor and never left my side. Physically, she helped with various positions and helped us make use of the resources available in the delivery room we would have otherwise not utilized or knew how to use.  

After labor, Cherish continued to support me through my initial breastfeeding struggles with encouragement, practical advice and resources, and even cookies(!). 

Cherish’s involvement and impact on our experience was immeasurable and hands down we would absolutely recommend her.

Nikki Dyer


Cherish was fabulous from the beginning to the end. She really helped us understand the process of labor and birth, and prepare for it. My husband is so thankful that we had her present, especially as we had several unanticipated complications arise. He felt empowered in his role to support me and our son, including after the birth with time in the NICU and the transition home. I would absolutely work with Cherish again if we have a second child.

Helen Turnbull


Cherish was my doula for the birth of my second child. Our whole experience with Cherish was a great one. From the initial interview to our postpartum follow up appointments Cherish was caring, honest, encouraging, supportive, and very knowledgeable. Although I have given birth before, I needed a different type of support this time around and Cherish was able to meet my needs every step of the way. She was flexible and reliable with our appointments. She was able to meet me where I was at physically but also emotionally and she was available by phone call or txt whenever I needed her.

About the birth. My daughter was born in January 2022 while the hospitals were experiencing a surge in COVID cases. My birth was very fast. I first called Cherish at 2am that morning and told her I was having contractions. By 3am my midwife instructed me to go to the hospital, Cherish met us in the ER as soon as we arrived at 3:30. The hospital was VERY understaffed and not prepared for my arrival. They were scrambling to find staff to assist me. For a few minutes there I thought my husband or Cherish might have to deliver my baby! I was SO grateful in that moment to have Cherish there with us. While the hospital staff was scrambling, Cherish assisted me through contractions, helped me change positions, held the emesis bag, cooled me with wet washcloths etc. The situation was so much more calm and I felt more confident with her there, I knew me and my baby would be ok.

After the birth she followed up with me multiple times to ensure breastfeeding and bonding was going well. She even stopped by our home with a care package and lactation cookies! Cherish is truly an amazing person.

I would recommend Cherish to anyone needed a calm, confident, knowledgeable, and reliable doula to support them during pregnancy, birth, and postpartum.

Laura C


We had an excellent birthing experience thanks to Cherish! We interviewed several doulas, and Cherish stood out as the one we were most comfortable with from our first video chat. She was calming, and easy-going, while at the same time equipped with a wealth of information to help us navigate the birth and the various pregnancy complications I was dealing with. Working with her during our prenatal appointments was fun and informative. During labor, she was present the whole time after things started to get intense, offering calm, comforting support and suggestions for different things to try. I wasn't sure if I wanted an epidural or not, but thanks to Cherish's suggestions for coping techniques I had a completely unmedicated birth with no interventions!!! She also took photos during the birth that captured the moment our son was born so beautifully that it makes me cry just thinking about it. After birth, she stayed with us in the birthing room, made sure we had snacks and hydration, and helped with breastfeeding. She also offered us so much breastfeeding support postpartum and gave us delicious lactation cookies! I would not hesitate to hire Cherish again, and I hope she is still offering doula services if/when we have another child!

Stassy Petkova


Cherish was my doula during the birth of my daughter Nora in September 2021. She was recommended to me when I was already 7 months pregnant and I contacted her last minute. She was able to accomodate me and fit in 2 in-person visits during which we got to know each other. She helped me and my husband write our birth plan, recommended questions we need to clarify with my OBGYN, and also showed us exercies we can practice in advance. On the day I got into labor, I texted her in the middle of the night and she responded immediately with advice on how to handle those early contractions. She came to my place in the morning, when my contractions were still manageble, to help guide me through them. We spent 4-5 hours at home before we headed to the hospital. She basially carried me through early labor and most of active labor, equipped with a plan on what positions and coping techniques to try and when is the right time to do them. By the time we reached the hospital I was already 9.5cm dilated and deliverted my daughter an hour later. 

During the short time we had in the hospital, Cherish was an advocate for me. She kicked out the resident doctor from my room and requested the on call physician. She distributed my birth plan to everyone present in the room and asked them to actually read it. She talked me through the option of getting an epidural and I decided not to take it, which was my original desire. I owe it to her that I managed to deliver my daughter entirely unmedicated. 

In addition to her professionalism during the entire labor, it was very important to me that I was able to establish a connection with her and feel comfortable talking to her. Cherish is extremely kind, warm and caring and made me feel at ease in a situation that was anything but easy. My husband felt the same way around her, she was a great support for him too, and he is extremely grateful that we found her! I recommend Cherish without a doubt!



Hard to put into words how much Cherish means to our family! When we first interviewed doulas, we instantly clicked with Cherish. Her easygoing nature and experience as a mom herself, alongside her genuine interest in connecting not just with me but also with my partner, made it a no-brainer to hire her. During my pregnancy, Cherish was available via text/phone whenever I needed, and as a first-time mom I had a lot of questions. When I went 10 days over my due date, you can best believe I was asking for natural ways to induce labor and Cherish always sent me great evidence-based resources. She came over more then 2 times before my labor to help with positioning of baby. For birth: because of the new Delta restraints, we had to fight to get Cherish in before I was in active labor. Tuesday evening, she arrived after being very communicative with my partner and suggesting things to do while we waited to induction to take effect.  She even came and brought us some zucchini bread and things to make the room more chill, like lights and essential oils. Then, she was with us sleeping on a pad until Thursday afternoon when baby finally made her debut. Along the way, she helped me labor in the tub, and once I got an epidural helped with spinning baby moves to turn baby’s head towards my spine (it worked!). She allowed my partner to feel he could take a nap or get coffee.  She helped get us situated after the birth and sent us amazing birth photos and videos afterwards! After birth, I struggled with the baby blues as well as breastfeeding.  Cherish came to support me with that more than a few times, and even now at 2 months postpartum I am still utilizing her as a resource and support. I forgot to mention that she also was so patient and adoring towards our first baby, our fur baby Cedar, who needs a LOT of attention. We truly appreciate her and IF we decide to have another child, we will most definitely use Cherish again as our doula.  ??

Caiti T


I can hardly express how grateful I am to have had Cherish with us for the birth of our daughter! We found Cherish on DoulaMatch at the end of my second trimester and after interviewing several options felt Cherish's calming presence and easy-going nature were the best fit for us. Boy did we hit the doula jackpot! Cherish was not only there for the birth itself - she was available from the time we hired her until six weeks postpartum (and beyond). Her wealth of knowledge on all things pregnancy, birth and postpartum is unparalleled! It made a huge difference to have such an amazing resource only a quick text message or phone call away, especially since this was my first pregnancy. I can't imagine what my experience would have been like without her. Thank you, Cherish, for helping bring our baby girl into the world! But mostly thank you for being there for me throughout the third trimester and postpartum - your support was invaluable! You will definitely hear from us when it's time for kiddo #2 :)

Sarah Graham


We were fortunate to find Cherish as we had interviewed with some others, but felt impressed by Cherish as it was not about the business side, and about empowering me as much as possible to create the birth experience I wanted. I found it easy to talk to her even with the awkwardness of Zoom! Her gentle, warm and genuine demeanor never ceased to put me at ease when we met in person the two times prior to delivery. She showed us techniques helpful for birthing, covered breastfeeding and what kind of support system I would have afterwards.

During labor, Cherish was in constant communication and making sure to ask the right questions. The Covid protocol at the hospital made it challenging for things to go “according to plan” as I was separated from my support people during triage. However, once Cherish was on the scene I remember her diligently making sure the nurses knew my birth preferences, that I was as comfortable as possible, and helping my husband to relax. The rapid labor turned into a rapid birth and I know having the calming presence/affirmations spoken by Cherish during labor were what helped me to accomplish the hard work of pushing a baby out!

The help did not end once labor was over. I did not know how lost I would feel at times, especially when things started to get more difficult with our newborn and feeding. A text would come from Cherish at just the right time, when I was feeling defeated and crying about how I wished I was better at knowing what to do for my baby. She would tell me many times that I was doing a great job, and the perfect mother for him, and offering recommendations for the things I had concerns  about. I know we will be forever thankful for her part in his birth story, and her caring so much about supporting me when I was not able to receive help from any one else but my husband. I think I would be in a very different place if it weren’t for her messages and visits and encouragement!



Working with Cherish has been really fantastic. Being first time parents is never easy, and we were thrown many curve balls during the course of my pregnancy. Due to COVID, social distancing, and stay-at-home orders, we unfortunately were only able to meet in person one time. However, we were able to adapt our prenatal meetings over Zoom, which still provided my husband and me with invaluable information. We also were unable to have Cherish's physical support during my labor, but again we were able to adapt and have her coaching and emotional support by Zoom. I truly feel my birth experience would have been much worse without her guidance! Cherish is very easy to work with and very knowledgeable. My only hope is that she is still practicing and available (and for no pandemic) when we are ready for baby #2!

Nicole Lewis


My wife and I were unsure about working with a Doula but upon meeting Cherish it was evident that she was the right fit for us. She was compassionate, kind-hearted and patient. She took the time to get to know us and even signed up for Hypnobirthing classes to support our journey. Her visits to our home were always helpful in which she provided insightful and useful information for the both of us. Massage techniques, stretching and how to prep for postpartum. For us, pregnancy is more than a physical journey. It's very much about the mental + emotional support and Cherish provided endless amounts of encouragement. And when our birth plan took an unexpected turn, Cherish was right there with us in the hospital for several days reminding us that even though this experience is not what we intended, it did not mean the birth was any less special. She created a beautiful environment for us in the hospital and it provided such comfort and warmth for each of us. It's hard to describe how much support Cherish gave to my wife and I throughout our pregnancy, labor, birth and postpartum. We felt empowered with the information that Cherish provided. With her support and experience we were confidently able to make decisions without feeling pressure from anyone. We appreciate Cherish greatly and still talk about all the wonderful times we were in her presence. We definitely recommend working with her.



Having Cherish as our doula for the birth of our son was just wonderful! To have her support leading up to, during, and after our birth experience was invaluable. Even behind her support, the knowledge she shared about breastfeeding techniques and positions was so helpful. Cherish never tried to influence any decisions my husband and I made and was so helpful at making sure we knew all sides to any decision which was SO great. I can't say enough how much having Cherish as our doula made our birth experience just wonderful! 

Chantel Wieber


I found Cherish on doulamatch early on in my pregnancy along with a few other doulas whom I all had interviews with. I decided to choose Cherish as soon as I met her, she had a calming presence about her and I knew she’d be a great fit! Throughout my pregnancy, Cherish offered support in many ways and answered any questions I had while making me feel at ease. My biggest concern about having a home birth was my own mental state and it was really important I had someone that would keep me calm and positive during my labor time which is exactly what Cherish did and beyond! When labor had started for me- I called Cherish who came before my midwives and was by my side every moment! She is simply the best! My birthing time and labor was so calm and positive with her being there! She helped me i every contraction and helped take my mind off the pain. She assured me every step of the way with affirmations and keeping me focused on my breathing. I honestly cannot imagine my birthing time without her! She was such a special part of it and got me through! I will be forever grateful and thankful for her. She has a heart of gold and loves what she does. We can’t wait to call her when we’re pregnant again!

Thank you Cherish for all you do and supporting women in one of the happiest and vulnerable times in their lives. You’re an angel on this earth!! 

Rachel Mcpheron


Cherish was a vital part of my support system during my pregnancy and scheduled c-section. Because of emergency c-sections and 1 misinformed doctor, it took 3 VERY early appointments to get to the birth of my daughter and Cherish showed up ready to be my advocate every time. Going into surgery I was overwhelmed and she informed my anesthesiologist of my medical condition that could have complicated surgery.

I will always be grateful for her presence during that time and I recommend her to anyone interested in having a doula. 

She also took beautiful pictures that I will adore for the rest of my life! 

Llana Ward


Cherish was so wonderful to work with! I knew the first time we met her that I wanted to work with her. She is so easy to talk to and so friendly. The appointments with her before the birth were so helpful not only in preparing for the birth, but she also helped with some pain and discomfort I had with my pregnancy. It was such a comfort to have her as our doula. She gave me peace of mind before, during and after the birth of my son. She also helped my husband by showing him different things he could do to help me during my pregnancy and delivery. My husband and I are so thankful for the privilege of working with Cherish!

Jessica Booth


The first night we met Cherish, my husband and I felt as if a huge weight had been lifted from my our shoulders. We both got home and took a deep collective sigh. When I became pregnant I started heavily researching about doulas in a hospital setting. I wanted as natural a birth as possible, but I also work in Pathologyand this was my first pregnancy so I was extremely nervous to have the baby at home. We immediately felt at home with Cherish. She is extremely knowledgeable and you can see her eyes dance when she talks about all things birth related. She went through everything that could happen during labor and delivery...which, for us, was invaluable bc we were like little lost puppies. She came to our house and taught us stretches and massages to help with labor and delivery. She baked us tasty treats before and after the birth too! Unfortunately, she was not able to be at our birth due to a family emergency, but her backup doula was PHENOMENAL! Even though she wasn't physically there, she was still apart of the birth..her backup was texting her throughout. I feel pretty lucky to have not 1 great doula in my life, but now 2. If you are at all on the fence about hiring a doula....DO IT. Best money we ever spent!!! Thank you Cherish for being such an integral part of our birth story. We will remember you always. 

Grace Harrison


We hired Cherish after a friend highly recommended her to us and we're so glad that we did.  She met with us before delivery to help us prepare physically, mentally,  and practically.  She gave support to me and my husband throughout the whole process.  From us asking her questions all along the way,  all through delivery,  and even still post partum. We give her a ton of credit for us being able to avoid a cesarean. Between changing position and trying different exercises she helped us deliver our sweet baby girl. The hospital staff and doctors worked really well with Cherish and she helped us maintain our birth preferences and ask the right questions when needed. We never felt as if she was pushing her own thoughts or opinions on us. Her entire goal is to support you and your preferences and help you understand all your options. We feel truly cared for by Cherish and she is still supporting us as we learn to be parents with our Zoey. My husband and I are beyond grateful to have had Cherish with us and would highly recommend her. 

Maudie James


Cherish was an advocate for me during my birth and was able to remind the hospital staff of my wishes while my husband and I focused on bringing our baby girl into this world. Throughout labor I felt Cherish’s calm presence and gentle touch and knew that without a doubt she understood what my husband and I wanted. I could trust her to manage the big picture while I relaxed into each contraction.

Cherish used her expertise and empathetic demeanor to guide and support us in an authentic way. She went above and beyond when our daughter was two weeks late and we were struggling to manage the wait. I knew that at any point during my pregnancy Cherish was there for my questions and would promptly help me find an answer.

I took note of Cherish’s professionalism when we first interviewed her and was constantly impressed with how quickly and thoughtfully she responded to my questions or concerns. She was always present when I needed her and assisted me with difficult decision making. She never pushed her own agenda, timeline, or personal beliefs. Cherish thoughtfully presented the facts that she knew and made sure that I questioned things thoroughly before I made the best choice.

I am very grateful that I get to sing praises about Cherish Perez and her work as a doula. Cherish was essential in making my birth the phenomenal experience that is was.

Jude Erum


My wife (Jessica) and I have interviewed a few doula's prior to meeting Cherish and about 5 minutes into our first meeting with Cherish, we knew she was the one!  Cherish is a natural and has that natural instinct for wanting to help mothers & fathers to be.  She did a really good job preparing Jessica and I for labor, went over our birth plan, rushed to our home during labor and helped Jessica with most-things post partum.  She even baked Jessica lactation cookies!  Cherish helped us tremendously and we don't know how we could've done any of it without her.

The 2 prenatal visits we had were a great learning experience. Cherish used them to get to know us, know our birth plan, showed us positions to help cope with pain, breastfeeding techniques and much more. During labor (1 wk early), Cherish was very responsive via text and calls and once she knew our contractions were fairly close, she came to our home.  She helped with the bath, doing exercises on the birth ball, massages, packing the hospital bag and calming both of us down! Once at the hospital, she was attentive to both of us but especially my wife. She kept encouraging my wife, massaged her, gave her water to stay hydrated and took pictures. Cherish stayed with us until we were settled with our baby!

We had 2 post partum visits but we were constantly texting once we were home.  She answered all of our questions and concerns with compassion and empathy.  Her visits were helpful, informative and inspiring! Cherish is an awesome doula and I would use her again in a heart-beat.  She's a natural and has the right personality for it.  I also think she would make an awesome post partum doula as well:)

Cherish brought experience, knoweldge, a sense of family & security and we highly recommend her.

Thank you Cherish!

Nick M


I was moved to write about Cherish given the important and essential role she played in the birth of our daughter. I had met a Doula's before but had not connected as I'd found their appoach to over the top & quite domineering.

What I most loved about Cherish was her extraordinary emotional intelligence.  This cannot be learned from a book.  She has it.   She made her presence known when required and she totally comprehended what was required of her during the pregnancy, during the labor and then after the birth.  There were moments during the birth as the father where I was able to take a step back in awe at how she was gentlely orchastrating what was happening in the room based on the mothers' requests.

Her energy was calm & confident.  She chose her words & encouragements carefully which the mother responded to perfectly.  Her emotional intelligence allowed her to read what was required and when / how best to act on her instinct.  For example, there was a playlist of music and we had a moment where we were all individually singing the lyrics (not a pre prepared sing-song I should point out!!) and I saw Cherish standing with the mother during heavy contractions and she knew every word of the song. That's a memory I'll have forever.

She sensed the mother would not be someone who responded well to corny one liners so she found her own unique way to bond and say the right thing at the right time to help progress the labor.

It was absolute magesty to watch.  We left the birthing centre that night knowing that we'd all shared the most increbile and intimate experience and Cherish's role within that was flawless.

Bringing the right Doula into such a private and life changing moment is essential. Cherish is a gift.

Austina Garrett


Our experience with Cherish was very good!

She was very thorough and answered questions we had.

She made me feel at ease about some of the fears I had with this being my first baby.

She was very flexible with scheduling and in the birth experience

She was very helpful and calming. Making sure I was heard about the things I wanted.

would definitely recommend her.

Rachel Tilghman


From the start, Cherish was kind, encouraging, and knowledgeable. She encouraged me throughout my entire pregnancy and birth. She has been so thoughtful and helpful. When my labor stalled and didn’t go as planned, Cherish was here to walk through it with me and to encourage me to keep my mind on my end goal. This includes literally walking with me through my neighborhood at 3am to get contractions going. Cherish helped me to have the birth of my dreams. Without her support and encouragement, it never would have happened. Cherish helped my husband be a support throughout my labor and birth as well. She was such an asset to the both of us. Cherish helped me to feel empowered and strong. Because of her, this birth will always be a beautiful memory. Cherish started out as my doula, but ended up really becoming a part of our story. She will always be special to us.

Daisy Clapper


If you're reading this it's safe to assume you're seeking a doula for this amazing journey you're about to embark. I have to say if you've chosen Cherish as your doula you've made a wise and beautiful choice. She's amazing. I would like to take some time to share my experience with you to give you an idea of how amazing the support from having Cherish on your birth team can really be beneficial and wonderful.

Cherish approached me and offered to be my doula. Oh my. At the time I had no idea how crucial it was to have her on my birth team. The plan was a home birth. The pregnancy, birth, and after birth was all the total opposite of what I planned.

Cherish provided me emotional support for more than half my pregnancy. We discussed at great length breast feeding as that was my biggest concern postpartum. She gave me ideas on how to plan and educational tools to be prepared for breast feeding. A few hours after my water broke Cherish came over in the middle of the night around 1am to provide guidance and support. There was a small hiccup in my birth plan and I was relocated to the local hospital for the birth of my baby boy. Cherish has permission to share the story at greater length should you like to know more.
Basically things were a little off for me, and Cherish was right there the whole time. She even packed my bag for the hospital as I arrived in only a tank top covered by blankets. She was there during the delivery and helped me through the birth. I had her in one ear and my mid wife in the other ear encouraging me and helping me focus and complete the last step that would give life to my tiny human.  In the end I can't imagine having the experience I did with this challenging pregnancy, birth, and postpartum adventure with out her by my side. Cherish has one of the kindest & genuine souls I've ever encountered. She was so valuable to me and I will always be grateful. Daisy Clapper

Carrie Bush


My husband and I can't say enough great things about Cherish! From our first meeting, her sweet, caring demeanor and warm presence made a big impression. It's obvious this is a labor of love for her. Our prenatal appointments were wonderful; she answered all our questions and we practiced laboring positions, coping techniques, and discussed preferences during labor. As soon as she left from our first in-home appointment, my husband said, "I'm glad we hired her!" When the day came, my husband and Cherish were my support people, and Cherish was the best either of us could imagine. As I entered active labor, she busied herself around the room setting up LED candles, dimming lights, playing the cd's I had brought, posting affirmations around the room. Between contractions, she gave me essential oil massages and offered me sips of water and juice. She took over when my husband needed to step out and get something to eat, and helped me remain calm, reminding me of the things we had practiced to cope with the contractions, suggested new positions at intervals to keep labor moving, and was just a wonderful encourager when things didn't go as planned. She was key in getting me through my delivery without any pain medication. Since giving birth, she has checked up on me frequently, answer questions, offered advice, and continued to encourage me. If I had it to do over, I'd pick Cherish every time to walk through this journey with! You won't find better hands to be in.

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